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Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.

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Izar Yunhaai: “..You feel lighter. I am glad for that.”

Synnove Northwyght: “A little, yeah. I can’t do jack shite about the things that are upsetting me except what I’m doing already, and that’s the worst thing possible. Being /helpless./” She scoffs. “This place is antithetical to that feeling. Like I’m not helpless, ever– like I can always change my fate if I work at it hard enough.”

Synnove Northwyght: “C'mere. You’ll like how it feels better under the boughs, I think.”

Izar Yunhaai: “You can,” they tell her in one single, lyrical note from behind where she stands. “I believe it so.”

Izar Yunhaai: “..What lies in front of us?”

Synnove Northwyght: “An old altar. From the days before the occupation, long ago when this was built. The words are scratched out, mostly, but– they’re where I got the text from before. ‘Cleanse your mind, hone your flesh, redeem your soul.’”

Synnove Northwyght: “It’s what being a red mage is all about, at the core of it. Redemption.”

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Pattern Language, built in a video game engine, is a rhythmic, strobing composition in richly patterned black and white. Employing cellular automata and crowd-simulation algorithms, this work envisions human life within a labyrinthine “Dirtscraper” – an inverted, underground skyscraper. Indistinct, nongendered figures in shades of grey walk through endless generative levels of lights and right angles, while others fill the screen with dots that bloom or wilt according to the classic “Game of Life” model developed by mathematician John Conway in 1970. Part of a larger project of the same name that has appeared from Kiev to Berkeley to Amsterdam, this work overtook Times Square in New York City every night in May 2018 as a part of Times Square Arts’ Midnight Moment program. Viewers were immersed in the endless labyrinth which mirrors both the pointillist quality of Times Square’s LED billboards and the patterns we ourselves trace through the megastructure environment of New York City.

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