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Video footage of Vine Zeki from RWBY: Amity Arena. (Posted January 21, 2021)

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odd little village that generated into the mouth of a cave

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Good news!

I passed the test!

Which means I can now forget all the information I have been cramming into my head for it! And maybe get some sleep!

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Doing more testing with Better Camera, the most difficult part is getting the angle right (Larian please gimme a photo mode).

Still in love with the underdark. The light makes Astarion’s hair extra poofy-looking.

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Only her gratitude towards Kyojin for what he’d done, for the help he’d given, gave Jenefra any patience for the Gold Saucer. 

…and the remarkably uncomfortable boots that’d come along with the dress he’d insisted on.

Trying to keep her feet from aching by shifting her weight back and forth, Jenefra sighed, hearing the raucous clang of machines, the loud voices of winners and losers alike, the announcements overhead that boomed against the high ceilings. It blurred into a continual, overwhelming noise that rattled her horns and gave her an increasingly painful headache. 

Kyojin’s pleas, colored with a hint of guilt trip, brought her here and once he’d found a suitable spot for her ‘to wait,’ he’d just vanished. And Jenefra couldn’t even begin to guess how long she’d been standing and waiting for him. Or why he’d bothered asking her to accompany him if he’d intended to gamble by himself all night. 

“Ah. You must be Jeni.”


Through her hair, she saw glossily polished shoes, crisply pleated slacks, and a hand lowering itself, a cigarette letting off a trail of smoke tucked neatly between two long fingers. 

“You need to come with me, Jeni. We have a bit of business to discuss, thanks to your friend.”

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The girls are back in town, the girls are back in town ~ ♪ and Oliver. 

I swear there’s a happier route for him this time round. We ignore what we want to in this house.

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between the clinic and misty’s shop

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I forgot to share this, but I built a big apartment building with way too many nice facilities - they have a gym, daycare, laundry, library, it’s the sims!

Also, just really excited to have been able to use the TOOL mod to make the windows match up with other buildings in San Myshuno

Speed Build

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