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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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Neither of us spoke the others language and I believe it’s for the best.

There is a great terror given by words, a pressure that begins in our cavities and bubbles to the surface of our throats. Our words are great and planned things, constructed with meaning and delivered with an icy intention that strikes an adverse kind of fear into me. I don’t recognize my own words half the time. To speak is to alienate your soul from your very thoughts, to look into a twisted reflection in a swamp; where the reeds and the murk pierce the face that looks back at you. I swallow brimstone and fear; the flames of my tongue aren’t mine.

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sure! send me 🏳️‍🌈 + any character for a lgbt headcanon and a doodle!


to be more specific with akina, they used to id as bi/pan and now id as gay (only attracted to masc aligned people) bUT their attraction is… a very very hard thing to earn. so they just go with gray-aroace in terms of labels

and with the burning in space cast, it’s all pretty loose as i just kinda mold stuff with them as i go, so stuff is subject to change ^^ andras for instance i had down as gay and then i was like “but wait…him and verdell would be a cute ship” asdfghj also i just decided on bi indigo with this ask lolol

in general i uuusually (with some exceptions) dont make concrete oc sexuality decisions until i actually get used to playing/writing them and its not smth i think on often so a majority of them i just rub my bi hands all over til i decide on smth hehe 

thank you for the ask!

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