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maranello · 20 hours ago
WHY FERRARI CHOSE TO DEBUT THEIR CAR ON THE 17TH (a very bad no-good unlucky number in Italy):
the car is so good they don’t need luck
the car is shit so they might as well just make that clear from the launch
they are trying to cancel out last year’s (and every year before that) bad luck
the 18th is for enzo ferrari only bc it’s his bday, but this car is like a bday present for the founder
they are choosing a late date comparatively bc they’re the final boss
they are choosing a late date so they can check out the other teams and adjust accordingly
if the car is bad, we get to blame it on the date
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rysmatias · 2 days ago
Lando, being emo: *sigh* no one really loves me...
Carlos: Are you sure about that?
Lando: yeah :c
Carlos: *aggressively jabbing his own chest* ARE YOU REALLY SURE ABOUT THAT
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boilingtyres · a day ago
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fjorditahirllari007 · a day ago
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sharleclerc · 2 days ago
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Charles Leclerc at the #LeMansVirtual broadcast, January 15.
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realnosts-blog · a day ago
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f1stuffpsd · a day ago
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Charles Leclerc Icons
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only suggestions!
credits on twitter: @f1stuffpsd
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f1mvln · 6 hours ago
I’m bored so here’s some of my unpopular F1 opinions (don’t kill me💀)
Mostly about the younger drivers as there’s more to say
Lando had more raw talent than a lot of the younger drivers on the grid his junior career proved it
People say Lando is overrated just because they don’t like his fans 90% of the time
Pierre Gasly is a good driver over 1 lap but his race pace isn’t as good
Red bull take on too many younger drivers and not enough seats
Lando would have won F2 if he had a more reliable car
People only began to talk about George winning titles after his Mercedes performance
If Ferrari nail the new regs it’s possible both Charles or Carlos win the WDC but Charles is the No 1 driver still
Pierre Gasly won’t have the Mercedes seat after lewis leaves
People don’t realise how young Lando is compared to George Charles and max George is the closest in age to him and there’s 20 month between them. All 3 having more years in single seaters experience
2 years and a month between him and Max and just over 2 years between him and Charles
Charles has one of the best 1 lap pace on the grid but also good race pace
Red bull wasted Daniels talent
Lando is Mclarens number 1 driver ( which he should be) they just don’t advertise it as much as red bull and other teams
Daniel thought Lando would be an easier teammate to compete against than he thought
Red bull promoter Pierre too early
George seemed to dip after his Mercedes contract was announced
Landos junior career was better than George’s despite him coming 2nd in F2
Andrea’s seidl is one of the best team principles and is a huge part of mclarens turn around
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stevejobsinaskerleriyiz · 2 days ago
I am watching drive to survive season 2 and I don’t know whether to be angry at red bull for bullying Gasly or angry at Ferrari for making the absolute worse decisions to ease Leclerc and Vettel rivalry.
I think I am just gonna be angry at Netflix for barely showing sir Lewis Hamilton and making the Max the villain every season
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chasingseb · 22 hours ago
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badeliawineproblem · 4 months ago
in these trying times may I offer you a picture of michael schumacher dressed as a bride dancing with rubens barrichello at a party with no context. your teammates could never.
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picture by Thais Lessa Carneiro, around 2003.
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maranello · 2 days ago
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VALENCIA, 2012 — Fernando Alonso, race winner, celebrates on the podium with champagne. (Photo by Sutton Images)
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rysmatias · 20 hours ago
Seb: Where's Charles?
Max: Doing... stuff.
Seb: *sighs* that's not good, where are Mick and Lance?
Max: Stopping Charles from doing stuff.
Seb: *crossing his arms* Okay... What about Lando and Pierre?
Max: Stopping Mick and Lance so Charles can do the stuff.
Seb: You?
Max: .... Distracting you so Charles can do the stuff.
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danielricciardof1mx · 4 months ago
Spa ‘21
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luxferens · 3 months ago
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16/10/21 Auguri Carletto ❤
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juncosracing · 3 months ago
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CHARLES LECLERC October 16, 1997
[Insp.  –  Lykke Li - so sad so sexy | Charles album covers by @pinsaroulettes​]
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sizaaa-fromthevault · 4 months ago
No plssss i just watched the new spider-man trailer and all I saw was
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redbullwin · 2 months ago
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Carlos being overwhelmed with loving compliments from Mexican fans | x
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exilestappen · 4 months ago
pov charles tries to murder max, and daniel Investigates
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anniee · 2 months ago
We all know that Carlos will be so Mad about this 😬
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