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The next 5 chapters for Project Runaway!  Sheesh, I forget how long some of these take to setup. 😂What on earth was I thinking, this is almost as labor intensive as writing the actual fic the first time!

Ch. 1-5 | Ch. 6-10 | Ch. 11-15 | Ch. 16-20 | Ch. 21-25 | Ch. 26-30

Chapter 31 - She Loves Me
“She loves me,” Harvey said shakily, the corners of his mouth twisting up in an uncontrollable smile.  Saying it out loud made him feel nervous and excited all over again.
“Well of course she does, I coulda told you that,” Maru said with a smug smirk.


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Como eu sempre falo, as pessoas ás vezes não compreendem o processo que tem tempo pra ser realizado, muitas vezes a ansiedade tem impedido de cada um de nós ouvirmos a voz do Senhor, acredita? Por exemplo: Eu passei por um momento que eu estava completamente ansiosa, sabe porque? eu acabei dando ouvido a pessoas, e não a Deus. E ai você se pergunta como assim Andressa? Você deu ouvido as pessoas. Tem tempo que passamos por isso, Deus já nos prometeu mas não queremos aguardar e acabamos indo pela cabeça de alguém, por favor a primeira dica .

1: Não vá pela cabeça de ninguém. 

Porque no final você vai reconhecer, que perdeu seu tempo pensando daquela forma que os ‘’outros’’ colocaram pra você pensar. E agora eu vejo, que valeu a pena eu saber, que quando parece que não esta acontecendo nada é ai que Ele chega e nos surpreende. 

-Andressa Paiva

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Ok so i was playing stardew and i decided to hoard every profitable thing i had until the end of the second year spring (so crops, forageables, animal products etc) and when i sold it all on the first day of summer i got over 100k dollars so i think that was pretty fucking sick of me

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Fizzy pulled her jacket tighter around her, chewing mindlessly on the inside of her cheek. The gravestones were interesting, that was obvious, but they didn’t have the energy she felt. She opened the Jojo cola she had brought with a click and a fizz. Fizz. It was how she got her nickname, after all. She kicked lightly at the dirt, humming. Why had she even come, anyway? Just following a whim? Her whims never led anywhere, and this graveyard in absolute nowhere was just as much of a dead end. She shuffled out, her hands in her pockets, and started to walk back to the bus.

That is…if she could find the bus again. 

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I wanted to make a side blog for all of my Stardew Valley stuff? I plan on posting screenshots, fan fiction that I have been working on, and eventually starting up a Let’s Chill sdv stream!

I would love to make some friends! Please feel free to add me as I would love to be welcomed by this small and lovely community!

Much love!

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It was a cold rainy morning and it was only the second week of spring, but Elliott had found himself once again pacing the floor of his cabin. The sounds of rain hitting the structure and the waves outside did little to distract the swirl of thoughts in his head. The uncertainty of the future kept it’s claws sunk firmly into him, even if he had his book published there was no guarantee it would take off, and there was no guarantee the royalties it produced would be enough to sustain him. There wasn’t a lot of guarantees in his life, though he knew that long before he moved to Pelican Town to pursue creative writing. I mean, really, what could you do with a bachelors in English? Nothing, or at least that was what Elliott found himself with before moving out.

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Got into Stardew Valley lately. Figured I’d draw a sad!Shane but decided that he probably has had enough of that to last a lifetime! So here’s him with Jas instead.

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