reallyghostlydinosaur · 2 days ago
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A sequel to a little comic i made a while ago :) i might just turn this into a series lmao
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mollyk · 2 days ago
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Harvey 220618
Harvey on a cold morning in a sweater.
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chelsealtoons · 2 days ago
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Hat Mouseee 💗
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pepperedstars04 · 2 days ago
therapy isn’t enough. i need to kiss harvey stardew valley on the mouth.
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littleamoux · a day ago
Demetrius: Good Dude, Bad Dad
I’d like Demetrius a lot more if he were a stand alone character, or even if he had better writing. At first I saw him and Sebastian’s relationship as emo son and step dad doing his best,,,,but the more interactions I had I realized it was more than that. Especially as a kid who had issues with their sibling when their parents favored one child over the other, I know how it causes depression and anxiety and low self esteem to the point where you think no one cares about you and if you disappeared “would it even matter” as Sebastian puts it. Where you just become so depressed you isolate yourself and don’t even try to fix things because after so many years of the same behavior from your parent, why even try changing it because it never has. 
The first thing that hit me was actually a scenario between Robin and Demetrius. Not the tomato one—in which it’s clear that Demetrius being right matters more to him than someone’s feelings—but the one where Robin is proud of her four poster bed. 
In this scenario Demetrius argues that the aesthetic is useless and an inefficient use of materials, which obviously hurts Robin’s feelings because she was showing it off to the family after being so proud of it. If you agree the aesthetics are beautiful and well done, Robin is very happy, so is Maru, and Sebastian vocally supports his mum, meanwhile Demetrius gets angry and storms off.
If this was a stand alone incident and they made up after it, fine, but it seems like Demetrius cares more about being right and logical than his wife’s feelings. Be proud of your wife dude. She’s trying to make you happy. 
And in rebuttals to this incident I see people diagnosing Demetrius as autistic, which is a possibility, but there’s a difference between explaining and excusing behavior. It doesn’t excuse the behavior as an over a decade married man putting down his wife and making her feel bad about something she is proud of. 
The second thing I noticed was the incident with Maru. We all know what happens here. Over protective dad, blah blah blah, but what bothers me is after. After he straight up lies to Maru and says that “I just didn’t want to embarrass you” and something like that. And she believes it. When it clearly isn’t at all what happened. 
Finally, his relationship with Sebastian. It is not abusive, but it’s just,,,so toxic and unhealthy. Between Demetrius never talking about him unless it’s the comment where he says that he’s so relieved Sebastian is out of the house, and that he was worried he was never going to get out, set off the first red flag. The second was how it seems as if Sebastian is uncomfortable in his own house and later state how he did not feel appreciated in his own home. He comes out of his shell and starts becoming more happy and optimistic when he moves I with the farmer—showing what he’s like when he’s in an environment he’s comfortable with and feels safe in. Not one where someone favors another kid over him, never talks to him, only nags him, and seems to want him gone. A man who also makes him mum feels bad. Favoring one child over another is so mentally damaging to the less favored child that that alone made me not like Demetrius. 
Yes Sebastian is a young adult who should be standing up for himself, but when you’ve isolated yourself out of depression and anxiety given to you by your step dad favoring your sister over you? You’re not going to stand up for yourself because a) you know nothing is going to change b) you don’t think it’s worth it and c) you don’t think you’re worth it. It’s awful. 
That’s why I wish Demetrius was a stand alone character. I love his passion for science and how he loves bringing his daughter into his passions. When my dad did that we only became closer and it’s honesty such a good parenting move. And I’m a scientist and seeing Demetrius geek out over everything or observe the local environment is so awesome!! 
And it would be so much better for representation too: showing a black (possibly autistic) man with a passion for science who is overly friendly to the farmer and such a kind man to others? YES PLS 
Oh my god and all the funny quests he has you go on too? Killing crabs, giving him random things to dissect, learning about what he likes and dislikes? I’d love his character so much more if we focused on him as a stand alone too. 
But I cannot get past how bad of a family man he is. Because I don’t see any other good interactions between him and Sebastian or him and even Robin besides them dancing at the saloon or standing near it each other at events. I do love Maru and Demetrius father daughter science tho. Adorable.
Demetrius: good dude, bad dad I guess. 
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martiraio · a day ago
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because we're married, babe.
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hometownbard · 2 days ago
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70s Harvey, best Harvey (Brought to you by @petchsmoothie and @hannahstumble)
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coindraws · a day ago
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chill evening with the girlfriend 😪
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nowlbowl · a day ago
Hello! If I may make a request, a cranky Harvey from SDV, he has no coffee!
Thank you! 🥰
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Give this man his coffee asap
ok but as soon as I saw the ask I thought of Harvey's angry sprite so I gave it a try with my style :D
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diadrawsblog · 2 days ago
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Abigail on the 13th of Spring 🌸🌻🦋
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largeintestines · 2 days ago
the way some of ya'll draw shane makes it apparent that you had an undertale phase with a sans obsession
and no i am not clarifying
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strawberry-artini · 2 days ago
small stardew headcanon of mine: if the cord of the mermaids pendant were to accidentally break, Harvey would 1000% have it made into either a lapel pin or a tie clip so he can still wear it everyday.
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daisytrails · a day ago
i was playing stardew valley the other day and it was a trip
i went into the saloon and triggered elliot’s four heart event where he buys the farmers drink and drinking the wine made me drunk
and then it ended and dropped me in front of the saloon. but me leaving triggered abigail’s six heart event where she’s in the cemetery with her swords
so im in the cemetery with abigail watching her yell at her father and then ending up stuck in a bush with her while my character is completely drunk
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spw-art · a day ago
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it’s krobin time
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lizardfootman · 12 hours ago
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A piece I did for @stardew-atlantis !! Based on her brilliant one-sided enemies-to-lovers AU fic idea that she's putting together for Farmer SJ and Elliott 💖
I'm super excited for more content of this AU, and this was such fun to draw 💕😭
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rouge-the-bat · a day ago
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Tumblr media
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sdv-mushroom-hunter · a day ago
"he's suuuuch a malewife" I say as I'm twirling my hair and kicking my feet at the thought of Sam stardew valley
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kiekiewannakai · 17 hours ago
Someone waiting for you to come home and make out naturally until the color of their lips matches your lipstick
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sorry folks, i brain rotted fluff again. :pensive_yeehaw:
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spiders0up · a day ago
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started playing stardew like 2 weeks ago :]
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skynapple · 2 days ago
I'm drawn to Sebastian cause he has full time job, smart, loves games, Emo on Purpose ™️ and with a healthy dose of care doesn't think life is pointless, wears black skinny jeans constantly
I'm drawn to Alex cause has the most drastic change overall going from narcissistic jock to open-minded, hard working warm and friendly with reorganized priorities and goals not for the lime light but with realistic focuses and like becoming a family man, keeps up his hobbies, isn't self-centered, and wants to be a family man despite having a traumatic childhood like. Sorry that gets me. Also. He's pretty I'm sorry I'm not immune to the hot himbo energy.
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