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#sdv abby
reineydraws7 months ago
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i got the cliques achievement in stardew and realized my "clique" was made up of sammy, seb, abby and WILLY 馃槀
ive decided that we, pelican town's very own local edgy youth, have adopted willy as our fisherman father and we go fishing at night sometimes to talk about life and philosophy by the ocean
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eldritch-disco3 months ago
stardew valley headcannons:
everyone is trans because i鈥檓 trans and i said so
harvey listens to will wood
abigail would love tma and her favourite character is melanie
sam made abby a can tab necklace from all the joja cola鈥檚 he drinks
sebastian used to eat worms as a kid
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v0id-time10 months ago
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prismatic-shard4 months ago
Hi I love your writing! Can I ask for Abigail headcanons dating a female reader?
Thank you!
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Abigail x Female Farmer
She always insists on you two going to the mines. She wants to go all the time, on stuff like dates, adventures, or even just a walk.
You help her dye her hair and in return she鈥檒l do yours. She does it at least once a month.
She loves adventuring out into the woods, she gets up early and just explored the farm and the deep woods.
You two will go to Clint and have customs rings made from the gems you two find in the caves.
You help her make all desert treats for the festivals. Pumpkin pie, Banana Pudding, Cranberry Candy.
You two play video games together all the time, she gets competitive at Mario Kart.
Speaking of competitive, she still doesn鈥檛 go easy on you at the Egg Festival. She also gives you the silent treatment if you beat her. It鈥檚 all in good fun though.
At sunset, you two go on walks near and around the farm, holding hands and talking about ghosts and horoscopes.
She brings you to the cemetery often to just chit chat and take a moment to reflect on life.
She has a hard time sleeping, if she can鈥檛 sleep she鈥檒l just hold you and squeeze you tightly in bed.
She doesn鈥檛 like talking to other people outside of Sam and Sebastian so she鈥檒l usually stay near your side at bigger events in town.
You two have definitely pranked the Luau soup before.
She hates the summer time and doesn鈥檛 like to go outside. In winter time she鈥檚 always outside helping you with the animals and greenhouse.
She makes custom scarecrows for your farm!
You guys go over the Pierre鈥檚 a couple of times a month to go have dinner, per her mother鈥檚 request.
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crab-in-a-pocket4 months ago
Would you match up the bachelor and bachelorette couples differently than the game does? Instead of Elliott/Leah maybe Elliott/Haley and Leah/Emily for example. Feel free to pull in the other characters (Clint, Rasmodius) and romances (Lewis/Marnie) if you want!
IM SO GLAD U ASKED!!!!!! i have like 8934289483 other asks but i was just thinking about this recently so! here鈥檚 my line-up!聽 - elliott/haley聽 - elliott/sebastian (i read a fic w/ this it was GREAT) - gunther/marlon (check out this post聽for more) - rasmodius/marlon聽 - rasmodius/gunther - shane/alex (*chef kiss*) - abby/leah - emily/penny...maybe - harvey/elliott supremacy - marnie/marlon - caroline/rasmodius in a utopia with a very specific set of special circumstances - lewis/getting his ass out of his head - marnie/anyone but lewis - willy/gus JHDSJ a bit of a crack ship - mr qi/rasmodius ALSO A CRACK SHIP mr qi is ras鈥 magic sugardaddy no sam n maru im sorry they鈥檙e just itty bitty teenagers in my head unfortunately
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lakemizua month ago
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They are discussing harvest moon strats and how they can apply them to operation: Make the New Farmer Fall in Love with Abigail.
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undedturtle6 months ago
Rating Marriage Candidates in Stardew Valley but I鈥榤 at low/medium hearts with all of them
this will be chaotic and have tons of hot takes because i am a chaotic bi. unrelated but this game could use some nonbinary characters.
Alex: 6/10 - i dont talk to him much and he seems kinda boring but he gave me a pumpkin pie and i probably would have thought he was cute in high school.
Abigail: 20/10 - she eats rocks. i would die for this alt bi gamer girl with cool hair. everyone i know loves her.
Elliott: 8/10 - huge chaotic/flamboyant bi energy but i can never find him. But he鈥檚 nice and looks cute so its ok.
Emily: 7/10 - she鈥檚 cute but she鈥檚 a mystic without being an astrology bitch or seeing the cute apple jumino spirits so is it even worth it?
Harvey: 3/10 - too old for me and kinda bland. Sprite art ranges from ok to i鈥檒l steal his lunch money. He gets points for being smart and having a mustache.
Haley: 8/10 - people say shes mean but shes so cute and has such high femme sapphic energy. I want to give her flowers and cheek kisses.
Leah: 10/10 - huge sapphic energy I love her and I know nothing about her.
Maru: 9/10 - i love a sapphic black woman in STEM. looses points because she wants expensive gifts but gains them back because i spend every day in the mines.
Sam: 5/10 - i genuinely can鈥檛 think of anything about him idk sorry. He鈥檚 just another white guy.
Sebastion: 7/10 - i like that he鈥檚 a programmer and emo but also he鈥檚 just another emo white guy. He also doesn鈥檛 like Demetrius for some reason and I have the most hearts with Demetrius. Demetrius has books in his bookshelf on how to be a good stepfather. He鈥檚 a black man who loves his wife and kids and that defies so many stupid and toxic stereotypes. I don鈥檛 know this game just has so many white people.
Shane: 5/10 - i know everyone loves him because he has a cool character arc apparently but the amount of shit I have to put up with to get there. he鈥檚 such an ass. also why does the game encourage you to give alcohol to an alcoholic? thats so fucked up.
Penny: 4/10 - you know what i said about this game having too many white people?
coop players: 1000/10 - you can marry your s/o and friends! you can dance with them! you can share your money and go mining together or do farm things together! I love it!!
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stardewvalleyenjoyer9 months ago
饾晸饾晵饾晹饾暀饾晼饾暆饾暊饾暎饾晼饾暐饾暐饾晼 饾晵饾晼饾暏饾暐饾暀饾晼饾暐饾暁饾晹饾暏 鈾
here are some aesthetic moodboards i made for each of the stardew valley bachelorettes. i had a lot of fun making these, i hope i did them all justice :) my favourite ones are probably haley and penny's, and i'm not really too happy with emily's tbh :/ it was a bit difficult to make but i hope you like it nonetheless! bachelors coming next!!
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v0id-time10 months ago
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霃勳劀甏 韥( 馃摃馃摉馃摂馃摎
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plasticartona year ago
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Abby is using her planchette as a weapon, and the monster is designed after the one that attacks during the 14 Heart event 鉁岋笍
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sdv-jukeboxfever11 months ago
wlw solidarity is abby鈥檚 dialogues at 6+ hearts
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