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bizarrebeasties · 2 months ago
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The 6 Bachelors of Stardew Valley
(left to right, top to down: Harvey, Sam, Sebastian, Elliot, Shane & Alex)
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nymku · 7 months ago
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I am back to feed people some more shane content, enjoy<33
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gruvu · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
I really like that event you can get with Harvey and HONESTLY it’s been so long since I’ve drawn him. Recently got back into stardew. It is just as charming as I remember.
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kaiischa0tic · 4 days ago
i will forever be upset that sebastian's bong was removed from stardew and now this mf will just stand infront of a vase for like 5 hours.
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obsidianedge · a month ago
songs i associate with the bachelors:
[bachelorette version]
buttercup - jack stauber
lust for life - girls
a-punk - vampire weekend
freaks - surf curse
after dark - mr. kitty
Судно (Борис Рижий) [sudno] - molchat doma
vanished - crystal castles
acid - dream, ivory
i hear a symphony - cody fry
flightless bird, american mouth - iron & wine
pink moon - nick drake
i’d like to walk around in your mind - vashti bunyan
lazy eye - silversun pickups
outer space - lsd and the search for god
my iron lung - radiohead
1979 - smashing pumpkins
sunflower - post malone
forrest gump - frank ocean
dead of night - orville peck
earfquake - tyler, the creator
calico skies - paul mccartney
norman fucking rockwell - lana del rey
good old-fashioned lover boy - queen
here comes the sun - the beatles
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cottagekrobus · a year ago
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noticemedeku · 2 months ago
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some sdv bachelors & bachelorettes <3
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fishstix-and-skulls2 · 8 months ago
Sebastian NSFW headcannons
warnings: BDSM, brief mention of blood and pet play, knife play, breeding, Somnophilia
Sebby is the “secret” horn dog of the valley. Mans has two whole boxes of p0rn magazines under his bed. We’re not even going to get into his search history.
Speaking of boxes under his bed he also has a bigger one full of all sorts of toys. Some  for him to use on you. Some for you to use on him. And some for the two of you to use together.
Sebastian is a Dom leaning switch with a high ass sex drive. What I mean by that is he might bottom for you about 3 times in two months.
Let's talk about sub Sebby first. Oh boy he is a whiny brat and it’s so cute it just makes me want to put him over my knee and spank him till he’s sobbing and being me to fuck him.
On the topic of spanking him. He LOVES it when you spank him then make him kneel in front of you as you get yourself off. He just sits there begging and whining for you to let him touch you and how he wants to be a good boy and please you.   
He owns 3 different strap-ons and at least 2 cock-rings. Please use them together. 
Now on to Dom Sebastian. The best way to start is to list his k!nks. Including but not limited to mild knife/blood play, Roleplay, BDSM, pet play, breeding, overstimulation, edging, Somnophilia(both ways), and cock-warming.
He’s not a fan of being called daddy but he is a slut for master or sir. He’s favorite pet names for you are kitten/puppy/bunny, baby boy/girl, pretty boy/girl, prince/ss.  
If you like to spend the day tied to the bed all you have to do is wake him up with his dick in you mouth
He just want to spank you tie you and fuck his baby batter in to you. And if he's in a really good mood he’ll keep you on edge until you're sobbing and begging when he finally lets you cum he’ll make sure to make you cum until you can’t anymore.
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myharveyhoney · 8 months ago
the bachelors and why i didn’t pick them
please don’t be offended if i’m mean to your fave i’m sure they make a wonderful spouse
shane - mean when we first met. i know he has shit going on but if a man is mean to me it is impossible for me to be interested im sorry
sam - i literally thought he was a teenager for a while. like i didn’t realize he was a bachelor i legitimately thought he was a minor
alex - i thought he was cute at first but the third time i talked to him he said he wanted to go to the beach with me and asked if i had a bikini. it was too on the nose in regards to my experiences dating men irl
sebastian - reminded me too much of myself as a teenager
elliot - i don’t like romance for the sake of romance. romance me because you like me, not because you just like romance
harvey - we got married i luv him
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definitlynotnico · 4 months ago
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I may or may not have gigafied ur favorites
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violentbirds · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Been thinking about Stardew valley a lot lately.
[ID: fan art of Shane and Jas (from the Stardew Valley video game) sitting outside with a chicken. Jas is reaching for the chicken and Shane has a small smile on his face, but otherwise looks ghastly and exhausted. End ID]
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agentbobr · 2 months ago
Once he moves in with the farmer, Shane starts making pancakes every morning, he always burns them horribly but slowly overtime he gets better at it! he starts making different kinds to! blueberry, chocolate chip, maybe even making his own recipes? his favorite that he's made so far is probably the famous 'caramel chocolate swirl', no one knows how he makes them and he wont tell anyone the recipe. thats his. no ones elses.
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afictionalwhore · a year ago
Tumblr media
SDV Bachelors’ Love Languages (hc) and a little bit of kinks
Who said they were never going to do headcanons again? Not me!
Why? Because I’m addicted to Stardew. Also finding pictures of these men to make good headers is difficult. I just gave up.
Some of these are NFSW!
───────・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚.─────────
Shane: Acts of Service and Physical Touch
Shane is worried that you’re going to think he thinks you can’t handle yourself when he tries to make your life as easy and comfortable as possible. This isn’t true at all. He thinks that you work incredibly hard and wants to be there for you to take the break you deserve.
He likes to wake up early to help you with the animals like how he did on his aunt’s ranch. The stability and routine of it is comforting to him because it’s life with you.
If you’re not up and watering crops by the time he’s done with the animals, he’ll make breakfast for you
He loves making you breakfast in bed, typically an omelette made with fresh milk and eggs. He’ll do hashbrowns too if you have potatoes in stock/ready to harvest.
A service switch. His biggest turn on is getting you off, so he wants to make sure you’ve cum several times before he starts working on himself. If there’s anything new you want to try, just talk to him. He’ll try anything once if he thinks it’ll make you happy. He usually doms, but if you want to be on top, don’t hesitate to ask; he’ll gladly let you.
───────・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚.─────────
Sebastian: Quality Time and Physical Touch
Isn’t really one for showing affection in any way until he really is sure that his feelings are reciprocated. Once he’s sure of how you feel, this man is nothing short of romantic.
While dating or before, just when he realizes he’s starting to fall, he tells you to come visit anytime. He likes when you’re just there. This carried over into married life.
Sebastian is still a loner and an introvert. He wants to spend time with you but he feels smothered if the two of you are always doing something together. He wants to be in the same area as you and loves sitting with you and reading his comics while you scroll through your phone. Before you were married, he loved when you’d visit while he was working, even if all you did was take a nap on his couch after mining all morning.
He’s not one for PDA, but will hold your hand at festivals if you really want to. When you’re at home, or in his room before you’re married, this man will absolutely cling to you. He wants to snuggle during movie nights. He falls asleep spooning you. He wants to hold you and watch while you cook dinner. He wants to lay in your lap and have you play with his hair.
A little bit of words of affirmation, but this is because he’s not sure how to show how he feels and wants to make sure you know. He also wants to be reassured of how you feel and hearing it is nice.
Body worship. Seb loves every part of you. While he may not be very vocal about it, he’s not gonna leave any part of you unloved, smothering you with kisses and soft whispered praises. Seb loves going down on you and making you feel good.
He’s a bit of a masochist. He loves when you’re rough with him. Pulling his hair and scratching his back. He also has a sadistic streak though, if he gets the okay from you. He enjoys pulling your hair and edging you until you’re crying for him.
Seb is also probably into bdsm because of the level of trust. There’s a lot of things he wants to try and he’s excited to finally have someone he trusts enough to try it with. Fully trusting someone is very important to him. Once he had the okay from you, nothing is off the table. This man wants to try everything from bondage to choking to knife play.
───────・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚.─────────
Elliot: Words of Affirmation and Physical Touch
This man is a writer, so there is no shortage of love notes in your lunchbox/tacklebox/backpack.
You’re his muse. You inspire all his writings. Even if a poem looks like it’s about the sea or some other part of nature, it’s really about you.
Elliot is really going for that Jane Austen type feeling of romance. Leaning into that, Elliot loves dancing with you in your home.
Hearing how you feel is very important to Elliot. He likes to start the day with a kiss and hearing “I love you!”
Pet names! Elliot is going to call you “honey”, “sweetheart”, “cherie”, “darling”. He’ll call you his turtle if he thought he could make it romantic.
Elliot finds warmth in your touch and he’s obviously going to tell you this in the most poetic way possibly.
Elliot is one to mindlessly trace patterns over your skin as the two of you are cuddling and he loves having his hair played with.
Praise. Kink. He’s going to shower you in praises. He’s going to call you his good girl/boy. He’s gonna tell you that you’re taking him oh so well. “You’re doing great baby, just like that.”
Elliot is also going to smother you in kisses. Elliot’s kisses are very passionate, as is sex with him. Elliot prefers heavy passionate love making.
The praise kink goes both ways. He loves when you tell him how good he feels and beg him not to stop, right. “You’re so good, daddy,” will make this man feral.
───────・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚.─────────
Harvey: Acts of Service and Quality Time
Harvey is very busy as the only doctor in town, so his time is incredibly precious to him. That being said, any time spent with you means the world to Harvey.
Harvey loves trying to help make your life easier. He also appreciates when you do little things for him, like pack a lunch for him to take to the office.
Harvey is very awkward, so words and touch don’t mean a lot to him. He’ll tell you how he feels if he wants you
Role play. I’ve had so many people tell me this one and ya know. I cannot disagree. Harvey absolutely goes nuts when you call him “captain” and when you bought that flight attendant outfit.
He’s also not above going down to his office after hours and “curing your hysteria.”
───────・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚.─────────
Alex: Words of Affirmation and Acts of Service
Like Alex always needs to hear about how he’s gonna be a great sports star, he always needs to hear that you love him.
But Alex is also going to tell you every day how much he loves you, how much you mean to him.
You never have to worry about what to wear because Alex thinks you look beautiful in everything and let’s you know it.
Alex isn’t really one for touching. With his past, he’s probably adverse to touch at first, but will eventually relax into your touch.
While it may have started out with him having to prove his masculinity, Alex found that he genuinely enjoys doing things for you. He’s learning how to fix things and do farm work to make your life easier.
Alex is the least kinkiest here. If you ask to try something new, he’ll probably just be like “a new position?” Not that he wouldn’t be excited to try a new position.
I think he could also be convinced to do some light bondage.
───────・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚.─────────
Sam: Physical Touch and Gift Giving
Sam is very touchy-feely from the get go. He’s not afraid of PDA at all. He wants his arm around you at all times. He’s stealing kisses at every opportunity.
Sam wants to be all over you. If you’re sitting, Sam will somehow find his way into your lap. He’s like a puppy. If he fits, he sits; if he don’t fit, he will make himself fit.
Sam doesn’t necessarily go out and buy you gifts. Instead, he gives you flowers he picked and things like that.
Sam would absolutely get you matching stuffed animals he won at a festival.
Sam would also write songs for you! He’s just so excited that he runs straight for you, guitar in hand, and starts playing.
Sam, like Alex, probably isn’t as kinky as the others. Sam probably likes to tease and spank, but with Sam, sex is definitely goofy. It’s a great time when you’re both laughing.
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reesestar15 · a month ago
Tumblr media
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unhinged-with-no-gender · 29 days ago
Can I ask for a bachelor's x delinquent! reader. If you have a character limit you can just choose any bachelor you want and the reader can be fem or gender neutral
dfhskjfgkfhdakgsdf an ask B))) okay so basically this is gonna be a long one
I feel like he's pretty indifferent to it fdshkhjf
Before you two got together he didn't think very highly of you
"oh god there they go"
Once you're together though he's a lot less bothered
depends on the kind of delinquent activities.
Petty thievery from jojamart? I think he might enjoy the adrenaline
I don't think he's very fond of vandalism.
I know when I hear delinquent I think strong, and I think Alex would enjoy a strong partner.
Overall I can see it going either way with him.
Elliot doesn't take is as well as Alex
again, Why???
You two never really crossed paths until you got close, so before he got close with you he didn't really know your true nature.
He got close before he even realized tbh
once you have something established he just kinda has to accept it.
He'd like trespassing though, especially with his s/o. I can totally see him exploring old abandoned places, it's inspiration! He definitely just likes the quiet with his s/o.
He's not gonna join you in any other delinquent "activities" though.
Quite possibly takes it the worst.
Before you two get together he is very troubled by your presence.
Mans a doctor after all, he wants to help the community, not add more problems by raising crime levels.
He likes a quiet town without crime and drama, and you bring all that to town.
I can see him getting over it, especially if it was targeted towards jojamart, but then again I'm not too sure. He would definitely try to encourage you against it though.
If you two (somehow) get close he just learns to live with it. I don't see him trying to change someone too much, maybe just influence them on a better path?
DEFINITELY won't join you.
Ah hell yeah
This mans for it
Before and after you two have anything established.
Little skater bro already has Lewis up his ass about skateboarding everywhere
His mom would probably flip out if with you around, you're a bad influence!!!
I can see you two spray painting the tunnel out of stardew together with your initials grrbrbrbrbrbrb
He'll join you, so long as the crimes stay petty and there's no real victim.
Dudes also here for it
He might not join you as often, he doesn't really leave the house like at all
(you two probably met when you were doing something shady and he just shrugged it off fhhdkghgkjf)
He might graffiti the tunnel with you tho
He doesn't want you getting hurt, so he'll make sure your "adventures" stay tame enough, but he's not gonna try to change you of your ways or anything.
you definitely intimidate him a bit though LOL
He thought sam was a bit of a menace sometimes
oh god now there's two
Again, I don't see him joining you but he won't discourage you.
He's not exactly a pessimist once you two get together, but he's down for a little chaos sometimes (especially if he doesn't have to cause it)
You're running from Lewis trying not to get caught while he's hiding somewhere nearby pumping his fist in the air and cheering you on silently LMAO
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honeyros-e · a month ago
i think it would've been pretty cool if they gave one of the bachelors/bachelorettes a child from an ex or late partner on sdv like becoming a step parent is part of your journey with them yknow
like i'm thinking someone like leah or harvey, maybe even emily, i just think it would be cool having that little bit of diversity with the dating options if that makes sense
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phishycrackerz · 8 months ago
Sdv Bachelor Autumn Headcanons
Tumblr media
"And the sun took a step back, the leaves lulled themselves to sleep, and autumn was awakened." — Raquel Franco
Falling in love with the sdv bachelors during spoopy season:
Loves pumpkins and tries to play grid ball with them
Invites you over to bake with him and Granny Ev
Loves going for hikes or jogs to admire how pretty fall is
Fall is poetry season
Takes your coat for you like a proper gentleman
He carries extra gloves for you and will take your hands in his to warm them up
Recreating your own autumn coffee shop romance - you guys meet up for coffee whenever you can
Making warm soup for each other on cold days and to help with colds
Making cinnamon rolls together
Purposely steps on the leaves for the cronch
Obsesses over costumes ideas every waking minute
Books a group trip with you, seb, and abi to a costume shop in the city
Plays spoopy songs
secretly loves scented candles - you buy some for each other have the other person guess the scent
He’d make a challenge of trying to scare you (popping out from behind things) you finally have enough and decide to get revenge. He’s so spooked you feel bad and hug him for a second too long
Charlie would lead a lil chicken parade all the blue chickoons following single file
Pumpkin Spice is a guilty pleasure
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crispyalien · 4 months ago
Primary (elementary) school bachelor/ette headcanons
Sam got along with most of his classmates. Being a loud and rambunctious kid he struck up a friendship with Alex and they played sports activities together during breaks.
Abigail didn’t seem to mind not having any friends, she would happily play adventure games in the back fields using a fallen branch as a sword.
Haley tried to befriend Abigail for a while but due to them having wildly different interests, nothing came of it.
Sam was very excited and intrigued when the new kid joined the small school despite no one else really paying attention to him since he was very reserved and kept to himself. The kid in question was Sebastian. 
Sebastian moved to the valley school in grade 3 when Robin and Demetrius first moved in together.
Sebastian spent most of his breaks sitting under a tree or laying in the field, didn’t like the outdoors much but the oval was always too busy for his liking. Abigail came across him watching a frog one day and struck up the lasting friendship by building a house for the frog out of sticks and pebbles.
One afternoon on the bus back to Pelican town, Sam decided to sit next to Seb instead of his usual spot with Alex. He asked him why he never saw him during break, Seb didn’t really give much of an answer other than ‘just a quiet place’ but he felt warm connection to Sam despite his extroverted intensity, and it was nice not sitting alone after his 1st grader sister Maru had made other friends.
And now some for the older bachelor/ettes
Shane was already starting to mix with wrong crowd, him and his friends regularly got caught for bullying other children and mild vandalism, 
Elliot got teased a lot in primary school. It usually boiled down to; his long hair, his lack of friends or his one friend being a girl (Leah). He never seemed to mind though, he just kept to himself most of the time, unless it was drama where he could let his guard down and people would finally praise him.
Leah and Elliot spent a lot of time in nature together pursuing the beginnings of their artistic passions. Leah hadn’t started carving sculptures yet, she got her start just in watercolour painting. Elliot loved writing from an early age. He hadn’t yet found love in playing piano, at this stage it was still an annoying chore his parents had forced upon him.
Emily was in her Peak Random phase™ during primary. 
so this one contradicts my personal hcs for character ages but I see most people on here hc Penny as around Sam’s age so I imagine in that universe Sam had a childhood crush on Penny. (maybe even whatever 8 year olds consider a romantic relationship to be as well)
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its-the-cat-queen · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The gang's all here... again. Remember my first ever Stardew Valley art I posted here? No? Good. In all seriousness, though, it was really time for me to redraw all the SDV bachelors and see my own improvement. Here is the original, if you'd like to compare the two: [x]
(click for better quality)
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stella-welly · 8 months ago
I made soup for dinner and naturally I thought:
( these are just soups/stew I know and that I personally think they would like. If you have any other soups PLS let chime in. I’d love to know and try new soups) ((I luv soup))
Shane: albondigas ( Mexican meatball soup). I don’t have the greatest reason why, besides maybe he went to Zuzu and had it at an Mexican restaurant and loved it. Can totally see him learning to make it and it being a huge hit at the ranch house ( makes little meatballs for jas bc cute <3)
Elliot: Cioppino. He makes it all from scratch too. Takes a few days since he’s got to set the traps the day before for the assorted shellfish and go fishing (unless he goes to ask the farmer that is). Definitely invites Willy or takes him some. Honorable mention: clam chowder in a bread bowl.
Sam: chicken noodle soup with the wide egg noodles. A classic and I think He would have learned to make it from jodi because she strikes me as a woman who can make a good chicken noodle soup.
Alex: tomato soup. I don’t know why but he just really strikes me as a tomato soup kinda guy. But the good, nice and creamy tomato soup. For ✨wow factor✨ puts a fresh basil leaf on top. Pairs it with a very cheesy grilled cheese.
Harvey: strikes me as a French onion soup kind of man. Fancy and elegant. He indulges with lots of cheese and a big ol’ piece of bread when he makes it. Honorable mention: broccoli cheddar. The man loves his veggies.
Sebastian: yes, pumpkin soup but also may I suggest pho? It’s so comforting on a cold or rainy day (especially when you’ve been standing in the rain a majority of the day…). He puts all the toppings and go to is chicken or tofu. Honorable mention: arroz caldo or lugaw (Filipino rice porridge). Just really filling and warm <3
Like I said: I love soup 💖
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