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sexovampiro · 22 days ago
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The most awful lineup of bachelors I’ve ever seen…
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bizarrebeasties · 2 months ago
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The 6 Bachelors of Stardew Valley
(left to right, top to down: Harvey, Sam, Sebastian, Elliot, Shane & Alex)
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pacisparrae-stardew-valley · 4 months ago
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keep seeing people make these so I thought I would with the marriage candidates + Vincent
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reallyghostlydinosaur · 6 days ago
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We NEED more content of them. Sorry if the first frame looks weird lmao, had a hard time trying to fit these to just 10 images :)
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snuffysbox · a year ago
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it’s them boys yet again
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loueeki · 12 months ago
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lord-ozymandias · 10 days ago
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elliot my bestie elliot
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zippity-zope · 5 months ago
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ricekrispbee · 9 months ago
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Did some Six Fanarts on Instagram, but Stardew Valley edition! These were the bachelors + bachelorettes sent to me, had a lot of fun with this one! C:
Since I did 4/6 of the bachelors, I’m gonna do another Bachelor only version with Alex and Harvey soon! (Harvey really grew on me, so now I need to draw him too, hehe)
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karrvio · a month ago
Stardew Valley Character Playlists
one of harvey's songs inspired all of this ngl. every marriage candidate included <3
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・・・・★Sebastian★ ・・・・
Devil in Disguise - Autumn Kings
What You Need - Bring Me The Horizon
Don't Talk [to me] - Stand Atlantic
Exoskeleton - VANT
Desperate - Fireflight
Loose Cannon - Set it Off
The Sharpest Lives - MCR
For Myself - Autumn Kings
Enough is Enough - Get Scared
Take It Out On Me - Thousand Foot Krutch
・・・・★Harvey★ ・・・・
Beat the Love - Autoheart
Arabella - Arctic Monkeys
Don't Rain on My Parade - Louie Zong
Nothing Has Changed - The Polar Boys
Miles - Mother Mother
Social Climb - IDKHOW
Atlanta - With Confidence
Beautiful Drama - The Faim
Disco! in the Panic Room - Bug Hunter
・・・・★Elliot★ ・・・・
The Fix Up - State Champs
Dark Necessities - Red Hot Chili Peppers
If Only My Heart Could Speak - Cody Fry
Dark Side of Your Room - All Time Low
Glue - The Pale White
Sweet Tangerine - The Hush Sound
Angel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene - Hozier
・・・・★Shane★ ・・・・
Falling Apart - Midnight Skies
Blurry - Stand Atlantic
Tell Me I'm A Wreck - Every Avenue
Branded - NateWantsToBattle
Chasing It Down - Mother Mother
Chlorine - Twenty One Pilots
Sober - FIDLAR
Just Kidding - Waterparks
Big Cat Judgement Day - With Confidence
・・・・★Sam★ ・・・・
Butterflies - Between You & Me
Childish - Makeout
Cupid's Chokehold - Gym Class Heroes
She's Kinda Hot - 5 Seconds of Summer
Kicked in the Face - A Step Ahead
Get Used to It - Ricky Montgomery
ALIENS! - Autumn Kings
The Fortunate - Cartel
・・・・★Alex★ ・・・・
Cabo - Ricky Montgomery
Save Me A Spark - Sleeping With Sirens
This Side Of Paradise - Coyote Theory
Rare - Waterparks
Why Do I - Set it Off
Fake Love - Cemetery Sun
Frozen - State Champs
Help - Papa Roach
Run For Cover - No Love For The Middle Child
・・・・★Abigail★ ・・・・
Daughter - Doll Skin
What Happened in Wyoming - Envoi
Time Keeps Running - Get Scared
Wolves at the Door - Bad Seed Rising
Failing on Purpose - Arrows in Action
Misery Business - Paramore
What the Hell - Avril Lavigne
Lonely Dance - Set it Off
・・・・★Penny★ ・・・・
Let the Flames Begin - Paramore
Put You Through Me - Arrows in Action
I Am Not a Robot - MARINA
Level of Concern - Twenty One Pilots
Rust - Eat Your Heart Out
Falling for U - Peachy!
Lemon Boy - Cavetown
Burn In The Afterthought - Stand Atlantic
・・・・★Leah★ ・・・・
Chasing Fire - Lauv
Devil Town - Cavetown
Emergency - Paramore
Our Way Out - Nico Collins
StopRewind - NateWantsToBattle
Tired of Me - Daisy the Great
Checkmate - Conan Gray
Ride - As December Falls
Last Young Renegade - All Time Low
Simple Things - No Love For The Middle Child
・・・・★Haley★ ・・・・
Paper Rings - Taylor Swift
Lowlife - That Poppy
Cruel - Chloe Adams
Space Girl - Frances Forever
Bust Your Kneecaps - Pomplamoose
Little Miss Perfect - Write Out Loud
Crushcrushcrush - Paramore
Welcome to New York - Taylor Swift
You Don't Love Me Like You Should - Hey Violet
・・・・★Emily★ ・・・・
Butch 4 Butch - Rio Romeo
Snap Out Of It - Arctic Monkeys
Better By Myself - Hey Violet
House of Glass - Eyes Set To Kill
Overthink - Addison Grace
Crush Culture - Conan Gray
Crave - Waterparks
Alone - Halsey
・・・・★Maru★ ・・・・
Bloodclot - Stand Atlantic
Can't Help It - Anarbor
Business Man - Mother Mother
Complicated - Avril Lavigne
Hello, World - Louie Zong
Rät - Penelope Scott
Space Song - Beach House
Jesus in LA - Alec Benjamin
Rhinestone Eyes - Gorillaz
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rotttendecay · a year ago
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Star dew valley redesigns, there wasn't enough diversity so i fixed it Emilys design is inspired heavily by Lo.battery 
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eequius · 2 months ago
hello SDVblr!! Im calculating the ‘real life’ birthdays of the bachelor/ettes :)
I’ve been wanting to celebrate my faves bday but ‘Fall 5’ doesn’t work irl very well.. — and celebrating every sdv bday on the first month of the given season isnt ideal!! sooo i was thinking about pulling out the sdv season months into real seasons!
So, i did the math and if we go on a regular non-leap year, these are the days in the seasons:
Winter: 90
Spring: 92
Summer: 92
Autumn: 91
To keep it easy to understand, we’ll round it all down to 90 days — this works better because there are no birthdays on the 28th. So we need to pull 28 days outwards into 90 days. This is ALMOST perfectly 30, so each sdv day will get pulled out by 3!
Tumblr media
this is how I’ve sorted it. this is 90 columns, separated into 28 coloured days (obviously it doesn’t fit perfectly, so the 28th day is one day short, but this is fine since no sdv bdays)
now, obviously, we need to sort birthdays into these new extended days. There’s really no ‘proper’ mathematical way to do this, so my method was:
For each sdv season, assign the irl month categories their months (dec/jan/feb for winter, etc)
Count up to bachelor/ette’s birthday in the sdv days, the coloured segments
Then, count from their last digit inside the sdv day to find their irl day (think, if someone’s birthday was 16th, I’d count 6 times in one of the coloured segments, and go back to the first day column when it got to the last day column. Confusing, but effective!)
Whichever irl month their number landed in from 1-30/31-60/61-90, that would be their bday month, and counting inside of that month would be the day (42nd overall = 12th in second month)
And done!!! Put the number and the month together and you’ve got a irl-converted bday :)
And so, i am proud to announce, the new and real-life calendar-adapted stardew valley bachelor/ette birthdays!!!
Tumblr media
(Post with Just The Birthdays, here!)
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lizardfootman · 3 months ago
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“Oh dear! My shoes are filled with sand. That's the trouble with living on the beach.”
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unnocturnal · 5 months ago
Marriage Candidate Hand HCs 😂
Sebastian: Long fingers, deep nail beds. Paints them black and actually takes care of them pretty well. Kinda boney and skin is semi-translucent from being inside all the time, allowing you to see his veins under his cool toned skin. Masculine in a feminine way yk? Has a mole on the back of his hand, near his wrist. Has small hands n is right handed.
Sam: Stronger, somewhat long fingers with bitten nails. Has callouses all over his fingers n his knuckles from work, as well as a few scrapes. Not uncommon to see him with a couple bandages on 😂 He’s kinda clumsy. Doesn’t really care for his nails that much so they look kinda messy. BUT still lets Vincent and Abi paint his nails in whatever color they want from Seb’s stash 😂 Has prominent veins hehehe…. also!! has a writer’s wart on his middle right finger from writing his own music so often. Plays guitar with his left hand but is a rightie! Has light blonde hair at the base of his fingies <3
Elliot: The longest fingers of the bachelors LMFOAJDJS looks almost uncanny, even. (Gotta be to play the piano somehow lip bite) Nails are clean with short nail beds, doesn’t take care of them but because he doesn’t do much hard labor they don’t look that bad. Has a big writer’s callous on his left ring finger (hc that he’s also left handed).
Alex: Strong looking hands! kinda veiny and has short fingers, long nail beds, and big palms. Has somewhat big hands. Hands are very very calloused from practicing gridball and im sorry alex stans but probably dry as fuck too 😂 like. honestly they look kinda scary but the juxtaposition of him being soft and kind with his grandma while making cookies kinda hit different ngl also!! left handed.
Harvey: Stubby hands haha soft looking and that’s cuz he makes an effort to lotion his hands!! In med school he was kinda. an aggressive hand washer to the point his hands got so dry they bled so. He doesn’t want that to happen again 😂 A bit of a germaphobe so his hands are still on the drier side despite his efforts but still. Surprisingly soft. Writer’s callous on his right middle finger!
Shane: Short fingers, gets shit stuck under his nails and has short nail beds. Long thumb though! Has hair creeping up from his arm onto his hand and also a little sprouting on his fingers. Very calloused n rough looking. Tons of a little scars from years past on his hands. Also dry as hell because he doesn’t give a fuck 😂 Anyway- his hands look like they’ve experienced a lot— think of the hands of carpenters or mechanics! That kinda vibe. also. Ambidextrous <3
Abigail - Short, chubby fingers. Really cute and soft looking! Lotions every now and then but doesn’t take care of her hands as well as Seb does. Paints her nails in glittery black, purple, or blue! Loves nail art and probably the best at doing it on other people. Her nails chip often though because of (limited supplies) but also because of her training! Right handed.
Haley - Pretty, long fingers. Barbie-esque and thin. Long, naturally grown out nails. Doesn’t wear polish often but tends to go for clear, blue, or pink! Soft looking because she definately takes care of her hands 😂 probably has the best cuticles out of all the marriage candidates. Could damn near be a hand model tbh. Ambidextrous!
Maru - Long, delicate fingers with wide palms. Very minimalistic and only wears clear nail polish and short nails— since she finds it hard to work with when she’s tinkering with her machines. Not opposed to pampering herself though and she and Penny sometimes ask Abigail to do their nails for them 🥺 Also super super soft looking! Always has a bandage or two on since experimenting can get a little crazy 😂 But picks the cutest bandaids <3 Left handed.
Leah - Kinda masculine looking! Always has paint under her nails despite how many times she tries to wash it out </3 Hands tend to be on the dryer side just because she works with her hands a lot on so many mediums! Hmmm somewhat long fingers and deep nail beds me thinks. Kinda calloused and very experienced looking hands. Prominent knuckles. Doesn’t do anything fancy since she’s mostly focused on her work. Also, ofc, drawer’s callous on her right ring finger. Ambidextrous!
Penny - Cute, tiny, soft hands. Sometimes has clear, yellow, or baby blue nail polish on! Has bandaids sometimes since she’s a little clumsy. Has the mom-hand kinda vibe where she’s very gentle but very skilled and efficient at what she does. Also hc she runs naturally cold so she needs to wear sweaters often n that causes her hands to seem even MORE tiny peeking out from her oversized cardigan 😭
Emily: Has a mix of short and long nails. The Lesbian look, yknow? 😎 LMFAO loves changing her nail colors often and always has crazy colors. Nails are all natural like Haley’s. More… experienced? Looking hands than her sister’s. Kinda rough and boney with some callouses on her knuckles. Shorter fingers compared to her sister but is double jointed in her both hands and likes freaking people out with it 😂 Right handed!
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duckie-saurus-valley · 28 days ago
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Darling, I miss you terribly. I pen this letter in the middle of the night hoping that you’ll come home from the island sooner than expected.
Tumblr media
I miss you, in every sense of the word. I miss the whir of the sewing machine as you magic new clothes for our daughter. I miss the sound of you going through the many chests that line our farmhouse looking for Yoba knows what. I even miss the way you would play around on the piano, making sure to hit the wrong keys for the wrong notes, just to lure your husband into sitting and playing along with you.
Tumblr media
My loneliness has caused me to make a nest of pillows on our bed for Calli to sleep in instead of her sleeping in her crib.  Everywhere I look, in each part of our little home, there is an imprint of you. 
From the mismatched colorful mugs and the handpainted sunflower murals on our walls to Calli’s crocheted blueberry dress, all I see is you. The love of my life, The home in which my heart resides.
Tumblr media
I shamefully admit that you are stronger than I. You survived a week of my reading tour, while I can’t even last three days without your presence. 
Come home, my love.
- Elliott
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youmatterbitchloveyourself · 4 months ago
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went and made this because why not
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loueeki · 11 months ago
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no i’m not going to stop making memes about his purple shorts
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lord-ozymandias · 3 days ago
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more elliot’s
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zippity-zope · 5 months ago
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i’m not wrong
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under-the-spectral-gaze · 4 months ago
While Vday is nearing, I couldn't help but picture Sam trying to woo @carpsurprise oc Mallard singing Dean Martin's "Thats Amore," except he forgets the lyrics. I didn’t think such a song would perfectly encapsulate their relationship dynamic then a typically overused romantic song. And yes that is Elliott's boat that he stole, what a gangster. Mallard doesn’t sound the least bit amused.
Tumblr media
The pissed off mariner, Mallard belongs to @carpsurprise
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