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I am having big corona depression, as this is going on as well as a lot of other sad things in my life. Was wondering if I could trade info with some people and we could play Stardew Valley co-op?

Would be willing to do discord/whatever, I’m a wonderful forager/farmer/decent miner!

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Choose between original art!


And then new art!


This mod comes with seasonal outfits for Lyell, Custom locations, Custom events and Custom music!

If you’ve grown tired of the same people in Pelican town and are looking to romance a brand new npc. Consider downloading Lyell Halkias as a addition to your game. Lyell so far comes with  different expressions and different heart events; with more to come in later updates. 

Lyell is a introverted older man from the Gortoro Empire.  After being discharged from the  Ferngill military. having joined after his immigration, he has decided to settle in Pelican town, making a small self sufficient farm for himself. Lyell loves animals and is generally well mannered. But while he works towards living a normal life. He has secrets that he’s been keeping from everyone around him. 


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Would anyone be interested in doing a stardew valley playthrough, like recording it and everything with my mods installed? I’m trying to get….noticed more

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You are a magician! All you create is pure perfection. Thank you for creating and sharing that tasteful soulful pixel beauty (can’t even begin to imagine the amount of effort and time that goes into making it so detailed and thought through) and bless you, have a wonderful day!

Thank you for telling me this. I’m recently badly discouraged by illegal websites stealing my mods. I made them pixel by pixel for hours I cannot count, it’s hurtful that websites like this can easily direct 18% of the traffic away, and I can’t do anything to resolve the situation when the violation happens(Contacts and DMCA notice ignored). I’ll be taking a break and be irl focused for a while but kind people like you will always remind me it’s still worth the risks and efforts, and hopefully I’ll be back soon and making more beautiful mods for you.

Please download all the Nexus Stardew Valley mods on Nexus only. They’re able to exist for years is because they can profit from your visit and downloads, let’s starve them to death so no one will be hurt again.

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Surprise! Hi everyone, I know I’ve been gone for a while, but I have some great news: that secret project I kept alluding to in my update posts has finally come to the point where I published it!

I’ve created a brand new mod that adds… 

  • Two fully-fleshed, romanceable NPCs 
  • New map areas 
  • A functional cafe shop

The characters’ names are Tabitha and Theo. There’s a whole lot more information about the mod on its Nexus page, so head to the link below if you want to learn more!

Download it here!

I’m also happy to answer questions directly on this blog or in the mod’s comments section.

Here are their portraits for anyone curious:


(The portrait art was done by the amazing @president-peach​!)

This mod originated as a school project last year and has come a long way. I’m very proud of it and I almost feel like Tabby and Theo are my kids. :’) Please let me know what you think if you download it!

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