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ketzel · 2 days ago
Fake Movie Poster Starring Shane, Farmer, Emily, Gus, Jas, Harvey, and other Stardew Villagers
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Made this for a school project where we had to draw a poster with multiple characters, and what choice did i have other than my beloved husband?
it doesn't really look that much like a movie poster but i still like it anyways! The movie is a role reversal where the farmer is the depressed salty asshole but shane loves them either way (and they love shane back)
here are some zoom ins:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
and here is the sketch XD which i find cute lol
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cyberg0thlite · 2 days ago
Hii, do you think you could do headcanons on how the bachelors (or if thats too much, just Shane) act when they have a crush on the farmer (fem pronouns)?
Stardew Valley Headcannons: How the bachelors act when they have a crush on you
Warnings: f!reader
I decided to do all of the bachelors for this one, so enjoy! Sorry if there’s errors here, it’s midnight for me and I wanted to get this out before going to bed. Thank you so much for your request!
When Sebastian has a crush on you he acts much more shy yet also clingy to you
At least at first
He hides his face whenever you get him flustered and blushing, and stumbles over his words more often than he would ever admit
But at the same time he starts to spend a lot more time with you
His mom and friends definitely pick up on this quickly, but for his sake they never tease him in front of you
When you aren’t around though…
“So… what’s the deal with you and the farm girl?”
“She has a name Sam. And nothing! Can I not be friends with a girl?” Defensive
When you first met Seb, you would have to come to him, only seeing him on the rare occasion that he isn’t holed up in his room
But once he gets a crush on you? That’s over
He leaves his house way more often, taking paths that he knows he’ll run into you on
He also begins to invite you over not only to his house for some Solarian Chronicles, but even to Sam’s place to attend their band practice
Not to mention he sends you at least one meme a day
Like Sebastian, Sam definitely becomes more clingy once he develops a crush on you
However, he is a lot more bold about it
He will often invite you to his band practices or to the bar with him and his friends
Whenever he notices you at the saloon on a late night he stops whatever he’s doing to walk you home, making the excuse that he just doesn’t want his friend to get hurt
But everyone knows that he doesn’t walk Abigail or Sebastian home
His mom definitely notices and teases him for it
“That girl has been coming around the house a lot. You two better not be doing anything inappropriate in your room while Vincent is home.”
He’s blushing for ages after that
Even when he has a crush on you, Shane is not one to be all head-over-heels for someone
He doesn’t think that you would ever feel the same about him
You’re young and healthy with a bright future ahead of you and he’s a sad guy with a dead end job and an alcohol dependency
Yeah he certainly thinks you’re out of his league
Despite this, he still acts nicer to you than he does most of the other villagers
He’ll start to show you some more of his personality, cracking jokes every once and awhile just to see you smile
One time he actually brings you your favorite gift, shrugging it off when you ask how he knew
“I just found it and figured you might like it.”
He definitely went out looking for it after you mentioned it one time in conversation
Harvey becomes very shy when he gets a crush on you
He always tries to converse with you, but sometimes he just can’t get out the words that he wants to say so he ends up saying some medical nonsense instead
He gets embarrassed really easily
Like, if you notice he has some hair out of place or something he says comes out suggestive on accident he becomes so flustered and red
If you compliment him it’s even worse
He’ll stutter out a thanks while his cheeks turn red, rubbing the back of his neck with a shy smile
He takes notice of what you like and often goes out to get you gifts, telling you that he thought you would like it and trying to hide the pride that swells in his chest when you tell him how much you love it
Like Sebastian and Sam, if Elliot has a crush on you he will find a way to see you just about every day
He isn’t overbearing, and he doesn’t often invite you places
Instead he starts to go places that he knows you frequent more often, in hopes of seeing you there
Surprisingly, it works
Of course there’s the odd day where you don’t come into town and are in the mines all day instead, but he doesn’t get too worried unless you’ve been gone more than a day
At that point he drops by your farm, telling you with no lane excuses that he was worried about you once you open the door
Once he is convinced that you actually do enjoy his company and don’t simply let him stick around for the fun of it, he becomes a little bit of a flirt
He’ll bring you beautiful gifts like seashells or flowers, telling you that they remind him of you
He’s also a big fan of walks along the beach
He definitely opens doors for you too
There’s one word to describe Alex when he has a crush and that is flirty
He doesn’t go out of his way to see you most days, since he doesn’t want to come off as desperate
He hasn’t been in a relationship since high school so he really isn’t past that mindset
However, when you two are around each other? Total flirt
He makes comments on your outfits or looks often, careful to make sure it doesn’t come off as rude or creepy
Alex would like to act like he doesn’t get butterflies when you flirt back, or when you hug him for just a second too long, but that would be a lie
Another thing is that Alex becomes protective when he’s crushing on you
Someone looks at you wrong? He puffs up and stands right by your side to scare them off
At the end of the day, though, he also shows you his soft side, kissing your hand before going your separate ways on a night when he’s feeling truly bold
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sunnysmileysblog · a day ago
people will do anything to remove any sort of fat from Harvey and Shane. Shane has got to have a dad-like bod. With his diet and depression that's the only way.
Harvey literally eats junk and microwave meals, and even says he's out of shape and wants to exercise.
They.... have... MEATTTE
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lizardfootman · 2 days ago
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love of my life 💖
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the-masked-hunter · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Page one.
This is going to be way longer than I originally thought :/
Very lore heavy though.
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mothmansdominatrix · a day ago
i have a lil headcanon that Shane was in a serious relationship before the accident with Jas’ parents.
i started thinking about it when listening to Tell Me I’m a Wreck by Every Avenue and like idk. it makes sense.
just like imagine Shane with his life together in a loving and committed relationship, living in an apartment in the city. he and his partner hanging out with Jas’ parents on weekends.
but!! oh no!! stormy night and The Accident™ happens and Shane absolutely loses himself. he spirals down a pit of despair and he and his partner part ways. i imagine that’s where his alcoholism really started and his partner realized that Shane was no longer the man they fell in love with.
thus Shane and Jas move into the ranch with Marnie.
just a thought.
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blacklight-garage · a day ago
I still can't get over this one file I had on Stardew Valley where I was married to Shane and one morning I woke up and HE CHANGED THE BEDROOM FLOOR TO STONE BRICKS OVERNIGHT!
Immediately, I was like "what the FUCK?!" but I kept it like that cause I like to think he worked really hard installing those bricks and not waking up the farmer during the process
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vidtape · a month ago
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the stardew valley subreddit has been so ridiculously funny these last few days
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mcpippins · 14 days ago
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some folks requested more beta stardew comparisons sooo here's uni shane vs present day shane
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prettyinaccurate · 19 days ago
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i imagine this scenario would be a lot more concerning in real life
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milokchan · a month ago
Charlie is coming-
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cat-terpillar · 3 months ago
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i just like him ok
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vancoor · 3 months ago
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this is the Funniest line in the game
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sexovampiro · 23 days ago
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The most awful lineup of bachelors I’ve ever seen…
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holograham-crackers · a month ago
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His character animation in the farmer’s journal is my personal favorite (“bouncing with Charlie”). I keep giving him peppers and pepper flavored jelly even though I’m already at 8/8 hearts because I like this man very much
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threeleggedcrow · a month ago
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a man after my own heart
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sdv-said-what · 2 months ago
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cautism · a month ago
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kisskissstupid · 2 months ago
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i think im in love with him
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itsgwem · 26 days ago
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first post on tumblr!
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