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Hii, do you think you could do headcanons on how the bachelors (or if thats too much, just Shane) act when they have a crush on the farmer (fem pronouns)?
Stardew Valley Headcannons: How the bachelors act when they have a crush on you
Warnings: f!reader
I decided to do all of the bachelors for this one, so enjoy! Sorry if there’s errors here, it’s midnight for me and I wanted to get this out before going to bed. Thank you so much for your request!
When Sebastian has a crush on you he acts much more shy yet also clingy to you
At least at first
He hides his face whenever you get him flustered and blushing, and stumbles over his words more often than he would ever admit
But at the same time he starts to spend a lot more time with you
His mom and friends definitely pick up on this quickly, but for his sake they never tease him in front of you
When you aren’t around though…
“So… what’s the deal with you and the farm girl?”
“She has a name Sam. And nothing! Can I not be friends with a girl?” Defensive
When you first met Seb, you would have to come to him, only seeing him on the rare occasion that he isn’t holed up in his room
But once he gets a crush on you? That’s over
He leaves his house way more often, taking paths that he knows he’ll run into you on
He also begins to invite you over not only to his house for some Solarian Chronicles, but even to Sam’s place to attend their band practice
Not to mention he sends you at least one meme a day
Like Sebastian, Sam definitely becomes more clingy once he develops a crush on you
However, he is a lot more bold about it
He will often invite you to his band practices or to the bar with him and his friends
Whenever he notices you at the saloon on a late night he stops whatever he’s doing to walk you home, making the excuse that he just doesn’t want his friend to get hurt
But everyone knows that he doesn’t walk Abigail or Sebastian home
His mom definitely notices and teases him for it
“That girl has been coming around the house a lot. You two better not be doing anything inappropriate in your room while Vincent is home.”
He’s blushing for ages after that
Even when he has a crush on you, Shane is not one to be all head-over-heels for someone
He doesn’t think that you would ever feel the same about him
You’re young and healthy with a bright future ahead of you and he’s a sad guy with a dead end job and an alcohol dependency
Yeah he certainly thinks you’re out of his league
Despite this, he still acts nicer to you than he does most of the other villagers
He’ll start to show you some more of his personality, cracking jokes every once and awhile just to see you smile
One time he actually brings you your favorite gift, shrugging it off when you ask how he knew
“I just found it and figured you might like it.”
He definitely went out looking for it after you mentioned it one time in conversation
Harvey becomes very shy when he gets a crush on you
He always tries to converse with you, but sometimes he just can’t get out the words that he wants to say so he ends up saying some medical nonsense instead
He gets embarrassed really easily
Like, if you notice he has some hair out of place or something he says comes out suggestive on accident he becomes so flustered and red
If you compliment him it’s even worse
He’ll stutter out a thanks while his cheeks turn red, rubbing the back of his neck with a shy smile
He takes notice of what you like and often goes out to get you gifts, telling you that he thought you would like it and trying to hide the pride that swells in his chest when you tell him how much you love it
Like Sebastian and Sam, if Elliot has a crush on you he will find a way to see you just about every day
He isn’t overbearing, and he doesn’t often invite you places
Instead he starts to go places that he knows you frequent more often, in hopes of seeing you there
Surprisingly, it works
Of course there’s the odd day where you don’t come into town and are in the mines all day instead, but he doesn’t get too worried unless you’ve been gone more than a day
At that point he drops by your farm, telling you with no lane excuses that he was worried about you once you open the door
Once he is convinced that you actually do enjoy his company and don’t simply let him stick around for the fun of it, he becomes a little bit of a flirt
He’ll bring you beautiful gifts like seashells or flowers, telling you that they remind him of you
He’s also a big fan of walks along the beach
He definitely opens doors for you too
There’s one word to describe Alex when he has a crush and that is flirty
He doesn’t go out of his way to see you most days, since he doesn’t want to come off as desperate
He hasn’t been in a relationship since high school so he really isn’t past that mindset
However, when you two are around each other? Total flirt
He makes comments on your outfits or looks often, careful to make sure it doesn’t come off as rude or creepy
Alex would like to act like he doesn’t get butterflies when you flirt back, or when you hug him for just a second too long, but that would be a lie
Another thing is that Alex becomes protective when he’s crushing on you
Someone looks at you wrong? He puffs up and stands right by your side to scare them off
At the end of the day, though, he also shows you his soft side, kissing your hand before going your separate ways on a night when he’s feeling truly bold
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b-o-e · 6 months ago
SDV Bachelors love language headcanons
Warnings: food, very very brief mentions of injuries and not in depth, fluff and cuddles and love and eWw
Giving: acts of services
Alex enjoys showing his love through doing favours. He especially enjoys it when he’s able to show off his strength and how reliable he is, lifting up heavy crates full of the seasons produce, carrying in piles of wood for the fireplace, pushing things around in the wheelbarrow, moving furniture and so on. He especially loves it when you praise him for his work and compliment his muscles. On top of this, he likes to cook you protein packed meals occasionally for breakfast or dinner.
“Here you go, baby,” Alex placed a steaming plate of food before you. “It’ll promote muscle growth so you can keep getting bigger like me! Either way, I can't have you working on an empty stomach!”
Receiving: words of affirmation/physical touch
Alex really enjoys words of affirmation in the form of assurance and compliments. He loves it when you tell him that he’s doing good at something or tell him that he’s doing something just right. With compliments, he loves hearing how nice you think his hair looks or how big and strong his muscles are. When it comes to physical affection, he really loves having your hands on his body. Touching his muscles, massaging him when he’s sore, cupping his face and giving him a smooch… he adores it. He likes it if you hug his arm, and he may or may not flex whenever you do so.
Giving: words of affirmation/physical affection
It’s not much of a surprise that Elliot shows his love through words. He is a writer, after all. He enjoys pouring his heart out to you through poems and love letters, along with murmuring sweet nothings into your ears as you two lay in bed. He loves to show affection through gentle, delicate touches as well, holding you close in these moments and slowly rubbing his hand up and down your back. The feeling of your body laying so close to him is so precious to him, reassuring him that you’re right here and will remain forevermore.
Receiving : acts of services/quality time
Whenever you wash, brush, and style his hair, rub his sore neck and shoulders, make him food when he forgets to eat, he really appreciates it. He occasionally has a hard time remembering to take care of himself when he gets sucked into his own world while writing. Whenever he manages to pull himself away and take a break, he likes to make up for lost time with you. He likes to take candle-lit soaks in the bath with you rubbing his (expensive) shampoo into his scalp, making small talk in lowered voices and figuring out plans for later in the week. He likes when you two go out for picnics with wine and crab cakes you made just for him. It makes him feel so good to know that you care enough to do these sorts of things for him, to take care of him the way that you do, to help him with his routines and to make sure he sticks to them.
“Thank you, my love,” Elliot hummed, resting his head against your shoulder. “You mean more than you could ever imagine to me,” he pecked your cheek.
Giving: acts of services
Harvey knows that you have a lot of work to do on the farm, so whenever he can, he likes to lighten the load for you. He finds pleasure in getting up extra early to ensure he’s awake before you to feed the animals or water the crops if needed, cleaning up around the house, or just making a healthy nutritious breakfast for you to eat in bed. He takes pride in being able to clean and patch you up whenever you get an injury (although a bit of scolding is bound to come along with it) and being able to take good care of you when you’re sick, making sure you don’t push yourself too far. Sure, it is his job as a doctor to do those things for anyone, but as your partner it makes him feel good to know he can provide you with the best possible care and be sure you’re healthy and happy.
“Of course you had to go get hurt again,” Harvey huffed, carefully placing a large bandaid over the cleaned wound. He leaned down, pressing a gentle kiss to it. “What would you do without me?” He joked, flashing a sweet smile.
Receiving: words of affirmation
Harvey had a bit of a hard time when it comes to self-esteem when your relationship started. All that his life mainly consisted of was school, studying, and work before he met you. Never in his life did he have much time or opportunity for anything else, so sometimes with his lack of experience when it came to relationships he was scared he wouldn’t live up to your expectations. In his mind he’s old and boring, unattractive compared to the other men in town, so he had a hard time understanding why you chose him if all people. Whenever you tell him how much you love him and why, he really, really appreciates it. It helps build up that self-esteem and his confidence, and allows him to return his love for you full force as his doubts fade from his mind.
Giving: physical affection/quality time
Sam is a man with lots of golden retriever energy who just loves touch. He’s very comfortable with PDA and showing you off as his partner, always having your hand in his or an arm around your waist. He is obsessed with cuddling and will initiate it any chance he gets, spooning you and holding you to his chest or sometimes the other way around. As long as he’s close to and touching you, he doesn’t mind. He especially loves it when you run your hand through his hair. He loves to have movie nights together and for you to accompany him on hangouts with Sebastian and Abigail. If you play any instruments, he loves to have jam sessions with you too, or will teach you guitar if you’d like. On top of that, he wants to teach you how to skateboard if you want as well. He would do anything to be close to you or hold you.
Receiving: receiving gifts
Sam finds it really sweet whenever you give him a gift, especially if it’s one of his favourites. A fresh baked pizza you made or picked up from the saloon, a cactus fruit you nabbed during your visit to the desert, a Tiger’s eye from a geode you had broken, even just a can of Joja cola will make him one of the happiest people on earth. It makes his heart swell to know that you were thinking of him, and eyes never fail to light right up whenever you give it to him. If it’s a shareable item, he will offer you some without a doubt and give you lots of hugs and kithy kithy’s as a thanks.
“You got this just for me?” Sam’s bright blue eyes lit right up with joy. “Thanks, babe! Here, why don’t you have a couple slices? I can’t eat this all by myself!” A definite lie, but it was sweet.
Giving: acts of services
Sebastian recognizes that sometimes he isn’t the most vocal person in the world. He struggles sometimes to express how he feels about you and how much he loves you through words. So, instead, he shows his love through actions. Although it may seem like he’s not paying attention, he is always listening to what you say. With all the info he soaks in, he gives you stuff to show although you may have thought otherwise, he’d been paying attention to all your little rants. You complained once about having holes in your socks? He buys you new heavy duty ones. You’re visibly groggy or tired? He makes you both a cup of coffee. Your body is sore and aching? You’ll be coming home to a warm bubble bath, and maybe he’ll join you to release some tension as well.
Kicking the door shut behind you, you stretched with a hefty sigh of relief. “Long day?” Sebastian’s voice rang out, the man leaning against the bedroom door frame with an amused smirk. “Come on, I ran us a nice bath. Hurry up before it gets cold,”
Receiving: quality time
Sebastian is more of a reserved and quiet guy. He’s a bit introverted, not the kind of person who’s into social events and gatherings, or many other people in general. You are a different story, though. Instead of feeling drained after spending time with you, he feels more energized and relaxed. He feels replenished, at peace, and content, so whenever he can, he basks in the warmth of your presence, soaking in all of the positive feelings. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing. He can be on his computer working with you on the other side of the room reading a book. You can be cuddled up on the couch watching a movie. Maybe out on the porch, eating away at some snacks and looking at the farm. As long as it’s with you, it doesn’t matter. Nothing matters but you.
Giving: physical affection
Shane isn’t always the best at words, especially when it comes to expressing his love to you. He’s quite the touchy guy too, although not so much in public. Around the house though he loves to do things like cuddling on the couch while watching the Tunnler’s game, hugging you from behind whenever he gets the chance, peppering gentle, sleepy little kisses along your neck in bed when he wakes up, that sort of thing. He finds comfort in holding you or touching you in some sort of way, and he really likes it when you lean into him whenever he shows you his love.
Receiving: words of affirmation/physical affection
Shane lacks self-confidence and self esteem, not so positive thoughts often nagging at his brain in the beginning of your relationship. They’re only with me because they pity me, I’m not good enough, I don’t deserve their love and so on. It isn’t until you catch him in a mood like this and you take the time to explain each and everything you love about him that his doubts actually seem to begin to fade. He was awestruck at first that anyone, especially you, could feel that way for a bum like him. It only makes his love for you stronger though, and allows him to feel and accept your love as well.
“I never knew I could feel so happy before you came along,” Shane’s arms wrapped around you squeezing you tight. “I’m so thankful that you stayed,”
Hi, it’s been 592 days since my last sdv thing lmfao, hope y’all are well. If anyone still indulges in stardew valley stuff like this, I hope you enjoyed lol. I have a couple more bachelor hc’s in the works, so those will be posted sometime soon. Likes and reblogs are very appreciated :))
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ss-aquarium · 3 months ago
 SDV Sebastian + “I’m In Love With You, Idiot”  >--(((°<
Pairing : {Sebastian x Reader} Word Count : [549] Tags : (Fluff, Bulleted Oneshot, Friends to Lovers) Warnings : *Smoking, Cursing*
Tumblr media
“I love you, {Y/N}.”
He sheepishly smiled at you, then turned to take his cigarette out of his mouth while slowly exhaling the smoke into the sky
“You remember when I was being an asshole and was like, ‘oh, of all the places to live, you chose here?' I’m so fucking happy you moved here. Y'know, I was considering packing up and hauling ass to Zuzu. 
Another drag and exhale
Now I, can't see myself anywhere without you."
Taken aback, you felt a rush of heat to your face, finding it difficult to meet his expectant gaze. You flickered between nearby bubbling fish and the eyes of the man who’d just confessed to you
Heart pounding and anxiety simmering, you shoved down the hope of this being romantic and took it as friendly in context
"Aw, thanks, dude! I, uh, love you too!"
You emphasized the casualty of your confession by lightly elbowing him in the arm, throwing him ever so off balance
Sebastian's expression was nothing short of incredulous
He flicked down his cigarette with a huff, grinding the toe of his chucks to stifle the remaining ember. The tension in his shoulders set and released before he turned towards you 
He didn't spend weeks building confidence and planning that mini speech for you to be dense 
He tucked one hand into his hoodie and intertwined the other with yours, pulling you closer. The moonlight reflecting off the lake illuminated his side profile, and you could see how flushed his face was
“Not like that, {Y/N}. I mean- obviously like that, but that isn’t what I meant.”
He did a full body rotation, taking both your hands in his own: you could feel how sweaty they were, but obviously you weren't going to comment on it
Sebastian inhaled two deep breaths, eyes glued to his feet while internally reassuring himself that he could, in fact, do this. After that calming ritual, he lifted his gaze to peek at you under his eyelashes and tilted his head
“I’m in love with you, idiot.”  
If you thought you were warm before, it felt like he’d taken his lighter and set you on fire. You couldn’t fight back the smile erupting on your face. Still not meeting his eyes, you tugged him into a bone-crushing embrace. 
He almost choked from the intensity
“Urmf, hey, is this reciprocal or a consolation?”
You finally looked at his face, noticing how scared he looked. Face flushed, eyebrows furrowed, eyes so incredibly vulnerable: he’d braced for rejection but was still visibly grasping at the hope you’d just say. something. 
That felt impossible when your mind was going a mile a minute
You cupped his cheeks, his hands immediately shooting to your wrists in reflex. His eyes flickered between your eyes and your lips, shutting them as you placed a feather-light kiss to the corner of his mouth
Off-center as it may be, he received it with open arms, hands sliding down your forearms and hovering above your waist as he chased your lips
Seconds passed and the two of you separated mere inches from each other
Sebastian seemed dazed, eyes crossing your face at a snail’s pace and you lazily smiled at his love-struck expression 
“I’m in love with you too, emo boy.”
Tumblr media
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randoimago · 4 months ago
May I request an sdv headcanon on how the bachelors react to their spouse farmer fainting in the mines? You don't have to so them all, I just love your other writings!
S/O Passing Out in the Mines
FANDOM: Stardew Valley
Character(s): Elliot, Harvey, Alex, Sam, Sebastian, Shane
Type of Request: Headcanons
Note(s): Aw thank you! I can do them all but they'll each have 1 headcanon (I do multiple headcanons if the amount of characters is 5 or less)!
Tumblr media
The Bachelors
Alex is freaking out when he learns that you had passed out in the mine. Literally drops everything to go to the clinic to check up on you. You better be ready for a scolding and how Alex is going to go with you next time to keep you safe.
Elliot is so worried when he heard the news. He is quick to take you back to his house after Harvey lets you go. You are going to be on bedrest as Elliot is feeding you natural foods and making sure that you're alright. Complain all you want, he is taking care of you until he thinks you're fine.
Harvey is the one that found you in the mine. He heard mentions of people not thinking you made it back home so he had to go check. Is in a panic as he quickly gets you to the clinic. Harvey takes a deep breath before calming himself as he gets out medicine and bandages to patch you up. You can expect a bill later and a scolding. Hopefully that convinces you not to stay in the mines too long.
Sam is panicking but doing his best to appeal nonchalant. His best isn’t that great though as he’s just staying by your bedside as you rest up and get better. When you wake up then he’ll ask you if you’re okay and ask that you please not go back into the mines anytime soon because he was really scared.
Sebastian will call you an idiot when you wake up, but he says this because of how terrified he was. He did act nonchalant about it but that ended up going away for him to just be angry/scared instead. Seriously, if he had lost you? Just please be more cautious. Or better yet, don’t stay in the mines so late.
Shane is such a wreck when he hears that you ended up passing out in the mines. He’s probably unable to even go to Harvey’s clinic to see you because he’s too busy trying to calm himself and keep him from having a panic attack at his house. You’re okay, you’re alive. He has to keep reminding himself that. He’s already lost so many people, please don’t go adding yourself to that list.
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introverted-scribblings · 5 months ago
"You're going to catch a cold..." || (Shane)
I haven't written anything for Stardew Valley in a while so this was kinda fun once I got into the swing of it.
I hope you guys enjoy!! (wc: 1550)
Tumblr media
It was another day of work for Shane. Another day of stocking shelves at JojaMart. It was a soul-killing job but it helped pay rent. He couldn’t really complain about that. As he left Marnie’s ranch that morning, he spotted the new farmer by the river with a fishing pole in hand.
You heard footsteps on the cobble path behind you. Turning, you saw Shane presumably on his way to work. The two of you caught eyes for a moment. You smile and wave to him, watching as he frowns at you and continues walking. Your shoulders slump and you turn back to the task at hand. Fishing.
As Shane approached the building that was JojaMart, he noticed gray clouds rolling in. Grumbling, he stepped inside before it began to rain. It was just a drizzle, but it was enough to certainly be an annoyance on his way home that evening.
It felt like hours upon hours stocking the shelves of the store. And once the clock hit 5pm and his shift was over for the day, Shane stretched his back and planned on heading to the Stardrop Saloon for a drink or two.
Leaving the building, he was irritated to find that the rain from that morning had only gotten worse. Going from a drizzle to an outright downpour. Cursing quietly to himself, he began his walk through the abysmal weather towards the warmth and shelter of the saloon.
After a few drinks and a stern look from Gus, Shane decided it was probably time to head back to Marnie’s and sleep off his buzz so that he could work the next day. Leaving the saloon, he found the rain to be as bad as it was earlier, if not worse. With a sigh, he trekked through the cold towards home.
As he walked past the river, a figure caught his eye once more.
You were still there, fishing pole in hand as the bobber floated in the rippling water.
He couldn’t help the thought. Had you been there all day? Why the hell were you still out in this weather? And so late at night too. He shook his head and continued on his path back to the ranch.
“Damnit!” You grumble, perhaps louder than intended, as the fish at the end of your line escaped you. With a sigh, you reel in the hook and reach into your bag to grab more bait.
Your exclamation caught Shane’s attention as he walked by, stopping once more despite the rain and looking in your direction. It was hard to see your expression, the light of the streetlamp only reaching so far. The weather certainly wasn’t helping either. Though he could only assume it was a look of frustration.
The thought of you standing there all day crossed his mind once more. Alone by the river out in the rain for Yoba only knows how long. Maybe it was the alcohol, but his mind was suddenly swarmed by thoughts of you. Every time you tried to speak with him, only to have him brush you off. Every time you gave him a gift for seemingly no reason, a smile on your face. A pang of… guilt struck his heart. And he felt the need to… check on you? Apologize for being an ass when you were only trying to be nice? Either way, he found himself approaching you.
You were surprised when someone cleared their throat beside you, nearly dropping your pole. You were even more surprised to see who it was. His expression still sour, yet it seemed to soften at your startled squeak. The two of you stared at each other for a second before you spoke. “Hey, Shane,” you started. “What brings you here?” The confusion was evident in your voice.
Shane opened his mouth and shut it again, trying to find the right words. “What are you doing out here?” He asked. He winced inwardly at his harsh tone.
You look at him and back to the tool in your hands. “Um… fishing?” You say with a sheepish smile.
“In this weather?” He asks.
You shrug before feeling a tug on the line, your attention brought back to the river. Quickly, you attempt to reel in the fish that took the bait only to curse once more as it escaped once again. You hang your head and sigh heavily.
Shane watched your shoulders drop and even through the haze leftover from his drinks he could see the exhaustion beginning to weigh on you. “How long have you been out here?” He asked.
You shrug again as you reel in your line and reach for more bait.
Without thinking, Shane reaches for your hand. Grabbing your wrist before you could open your bag. “It’s fucking freezing out, you should go home.” He says. Perhaps it was the chill of the night or the stinging of the cold rain that was causing him to sober up. Or perhaps it was the growing concern for this kind farmer who he suspected had indeed been out here all day.
You roll your eyes. “It’s fine, Shane,” you laugh. “Catfish only show up when it’s raining, so I have to stay out here if I want to catch one.” You try to tug your wrist from his grasp only for him to hold on tighter.
“The only thing you’re going to catch out here is a cold,” he frowned.
Your eyes widen before you begin to frown as well. “I’ll be fine,” you say.
“Bullshit,” he replies. “You’re going to end up sick if you stay out here. The weather is only going to get worse.” As he spoke, the distant sound of thunder rolled across the night sky. He gives you a look that clearly read ‘I told you so’.
You sigh. “I promise, I’ll go home as soon as I catch this fish. It’s important,” you mumble. You think back to the community center and the strange creatures that need your help. You had to catch this catfish for them, you had to repair the community center otherwise it would be torn down. And you knew in your heart that you couldn’t let that happen.
Shane scoffed. “Important how?” His question was dry. He clearly didn’t believe you.
You look away from him. “You wouldn’t understand,” you murmur. How on earth would you explain that magical sprites need your help and that catching a catfish would repair the community center. Even while drunk you were sure he would think you’re crazy… if he didn’t already.
Shane didn’t say anything, he only shook his head. He hadn’t let go of your wrist, your skin felt like ice. “It’ll rain again,” he grumbled. “Just go home… please…” His voice barely above a whisper.
You were about to argue again when a sneeze overtook you. That seemed to be the final straw for the man as he bent down, using his free hand to grab your bag before tugging you away from the river and towards Marnie’s ranch. You tried to fight his grip, but waves of exhaustion were hitting you like bricks. “Where are we going?” You finally ask.
“Marnie’s,” he replies. “You need to get out of the cold.”
“You can sleep in my room, I don’t need you passing out trying to get back to your farm,” he says, cutting you off. Shane wasn’t sure where this was coming from, but the very thought of you not making it home… the thought of you hurt out in the rain… it made his heart ache.
“But what about you-?”
“Don’t worry about it,” he cut you off again.
You could feel your vision growing blurry, and the thought of a warm bed was so appealing. Even if it wasn’t your own.
Twisting your wrist in his grip, you manage to wriggle it free enough to grasp his hand in yours, lacing your fingers together. “Thank you, Shane…” you whisper, barely audible above the pouring rain.
Shane could feel his cheeks flush at your words. He blamed the alcohol still in his system. However, the thought did cross his mind of how natural it felt holding your hand. He felt the warmth on his face grow. “Don’t mention it,” he mumbled as Marnie’s ranch came into view.
Everything was a blur after that. You were given a towel and some dry clothes, your eyes heavy as you changed in the bathroom before making your way to the kitchen where Shane was waiting for you. By the time he guided you to the bed and your head hit the pillow, you were out like a light.
Shane watched you for a moment, the peaceful state you were in was comforting in a strange way. He shook his head, planning on taking some painkillers for his inevitable headache in the morning and crashing on the small couch in the corner of his room. With one last look at your sleeping form, he left the room to go grab those painkillers.
As he readied himself for sleep, his thoughts were filled with you once again and his heart felt… warm. He’d apologize for being rude to you in the morning. And hopefully, this would be the start of making up for it.
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stardew-snailmail · 2 months ago
Hi there!!! I am so excited to see all the flower dance event posts!!! I was wondering if I could request HCs for Sebastian at the flower dance 👉👈 thank you so much! Your blog is amazing and brings me a ton of joy!
Sebastian at the Flower Dance HCs (Event Request)
A/N: Hello hun! Aaa tysm it means so much to me! I hope you enjoy these HCs for Seb!!!
Tumblr media
- Sebastian is gonna be a little hesitant to attend and dance at first, but it’s his family and you have grown to expect this. It’s hard for him to spend a quiet evening alone in his room or with you on the farm and then be surrounded by a bunch of people the next day.
- Nevertheless, he tries his best to get over his nerves and be there for you! You’ve helped him grow a lot more comfortable around others and he wants to return the favor and ask you to be his partner!
- Now if you’re the one to ask first, then I’m gonna go with his in game interaction and say he pretends like he doesn’t wanna dance, but he’s actually secretly happy you asked him! And if he’s asking you to be his partner… well, expect a lot of awkward stuttering and blushing! Not that you’d probably mind though, it’s cute!
- When he actually takes your hand and leads you to the field with all the others, you’re surprised to find he’s quite skilled with the dance moves! He’ll smoothly sway closer to you and all the other girls with the guys, take your hand and gently spin you.
- When the initial dance is over, and all the pairs start to move around the field, he’ll pull you off to the side so you can dance and talk! He keeps one hand on your hip and the other on your shoulder, and you two discuss the latest on your farm and about your adventures as you move to the soft music!
- And finally, when you’ve done with dancing, you two will crowd around the food table and chat again! Seb will even offer to walk you back home, and maybe even stay the night if you invite him to! Only then will he admit to you how great a time he had, and you’re glad to have gotten to experience it with him!
Tumblr media
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rotttendecay · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Star dew valley redesigns, there wasn't enough diversity so i fixed it Emilys design is inspired heavily by Lo.battery 
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cheekyredwillow · a month ago
Finding You in the Mines HC ~ Shane, Harvey, and Alex
Requests are still closed for the time being as I am getting back into writing. Warnings for major and minor injuries. Some spoilers for further into the game.
You and Shane have been getting close ever since learning about his depression and alcohol addiction. You would come by the saloon to make sure he ate Pepper Poppers you made so he didn't feel like he needed to fill on beer. You two also discussed what was next in life since Shane decided to take Harvey up on the counselor.
Since then, you two have been talking a lot more. Shane invites you over for dinner or playdates with Jas. You invite him to help out at the farm since Joja was no more.
Well today was the normal day you went to Shane's to have dinner with him, Marnie, and Jas. Shane had noticed you hadn't come by and remembered you were "going to the mines to get some iron ore" and would be back before. You didn't know this at the time but Shane's stomach dropped something happened.
He told Marnie where he was going and immediately went to the mines. When he got there, he saw Linus dragging your body at the entrance.
"I found her deep in the mines. It seems she exhausted herself. There are minor injuries but nothing deadly." Linus explained as Shane immediately ran over.
The sight of you not awake for Shane made his heart clench in so many uncomfortable ways. Those thoughts he was working through were coming back.
"Can you take care of her?" Linus asked and Shane nodded his head.
"I'll bring her home with me." Shane said softly as he picked you up and carried you to Marnie's.
Once he got home, Marnie immediately went to find some energy tonic that Harvey gave when Shane would be down low. Shane had you laying on his bed and Jas brought a stuffed animal to put by your side.
"She'll be okay right Shane?" Jas asked softly.
"She'll be okay. She needs some energy. Why don't we let Shane watch over her while we wait okay Jas?" Marnie said as she took Jas's hand. "She'll be fine Shane."
When you started to wake, you felt a hand wrapped around yours. You looked and saw Shane sipping on a Joja cola and smelt some food. Weren't you just in the mines?
"Oh Y/n you're up! I'm so happy to see you're okay. You passed out according to Linus. You don't normally pass out, why?" Shane immediately said and you stayed quiet to process what he said. "Oh right, here Aunt Marnie had some energy tonic to give you. It will help."
"I didn't realize I had gotten tired. I wanted some iron ore to make iron lamp post so you didn't have to walk home in the dark. I could put lamp post down to light your way." You explained as you heard him sigh.
"Y/n i know I cannot tell you to stop going in the mines but please be a bit more careful. Seeing you not responding, I got terrified. What if you were worse?" Shane fretted.
"Shane... I'm sorry for worrying you. I didn't realize it would worry you." You said softly.
"Well I- I- Yes I would be worried. I care about you a lot Y/n. Crazy to say this but I really do love you." Shane sighed. "And it's okay if you don't feel the same, I'll still be by your side without getting in the way."
"Shane i love you too. I was terrified when I saw you on that cliff because I could have lost the person I love that day." You said as he scratched the back of his neck and smiled.
"I guess this isn't an elaborate prank then?"
"Of course not. I was going to give this to you later." You reached in your pocket and grabbed the Bouquet. "Do you mind if we make this official?"
"Of course Y/n! I accept." He said and immediately hugged you tight.
While the two of you were hugging, Marnie and Jas were watching with a big grin on their faces. They finally decided to confess.
You were making a weekly run to the mines to get some gems. Emily wanted an amethyst so you went to grab it. You and your best friend Harvey usually hang out today but he needed to work so you went to the mines.
You decided to go deep in the mines to find the amethyst. You found one and immediately got it. But you weren't paying attention to your health and a Shadow Shaman shot you with a spell. You were extremely low and ran out.
When you exited the mines, you heard someone call your name but you couldn't look up. Robin found you outside the mines before going in. She saw you were bleeding and picked you up to get you to Harvey.
Harvey was about to close up till he heard Robin. His stomach dropped and his hands shook when he saw you bleeding.
"Get her in quick." Harvey snapped.
Robin helped to get you to a medical bed. She paused and noticed how frightened Harvey was.
"She has a little bit of health left. I felt like you could take care of her. Please let me know when she recovers." Robin said as she patted his shoulder. "I know she's in good hands."
Robin left as Harvey began to fix your wounds. His hands would not stop shaking as he took care of you. It reminded him the fear of being in that hot air balloon but you were awake then. You were his rock then.
He just finished cleaning your wounds and stabilized you. He pulled a chair over and sat down.
You woke up and turned your head to see Harvey was asleep in a chair by your bedside. You also took notice you were in the medical clinic.
"Harv?" You croaked.
"Y/n you're awake! I'm so happy to see you're awake. What were you doing in the mines? You almost died." Harvey said quite loudly.
"Harv, slow down."
"Y/n don't you get it?! You could have died. My hands would not stop shaking at the thought of that." Harvey said and you noticed some tears in his eyes.
"Harvey, I didn't know you cared so much..." you said softly as he slid the chair closer to you.
"Of course I worry Y/n. You became friends with this lonely, quiet man and now he's fallen for you. He can't even think of a day without you." Harvey paused. "I just rambled there."
"Harvey, I'm so glad you feel the same way. I fell for you as well." You said softly as he was blushing.
"I'm glad you feel the same. You'll need to stay here for the time being till you recover. Some of those wounds are too deep." Harvey explained. "Please be more careful Y/n. I cannot lose you."
"I promise to be more careful Harvey. For you." You said as Harvey squeezed your hand. "Bend down for me."
He looked confused but still bent down. You kissed his cheek. He jumped back and had a goofy grin on his face. You giggled and squeezed his hand back.
You recovered in the medical clinic for a few days. Harvey went to your farm and watered some crops/fed animals so you had nothing to worry about.
You and Alex have been married for a few months. He moved onto the farm and you were getting used to being with someone. You told him you wanted to go to the mines to get some gold ore.
You left that morning while Alex went to help with Evelyn and George. Alex was already worried when you mentioned going to the mines. You literally have come home exhausted from the mines.
But when you hadnt come home after a few hours and that he had beat you home, he started to panic. He knew that he needed to go to the mines. Alex grabbed an older sword in one of your chests and some torches.
"I'll bring her home." Alex said as he patted the head of your dog/cat.
But as he opened the door, you limped up to the porch. He dropped the sword and immediately ran to you.
"Here let me pick you up. I'll take care of you." Alex said quickly.
"It's okay Al-"
"You're injured and exhausted. Please let me take care of you." Alex begged as you nodded your head.
He picked you up bridal style as carefully as possible. He took you to your shared bedroom and sat you on the bed. He grabbed some lounge clothes and looked at you shyly.
"Do you mind if I help you change?" He asked as you nodded your head.
He got you into your lounge clothes and ran to the kitchen. He pulled out some of the food you prepared yesterday and heated it up. As it was heating up, he grabbed some bandages.
You noticed how his hands shook as he took care of your wounds.
"Y/n do you know every time you go to the mines, I worry? I worry whether you'll make it out alive. I dont want to lose another person I love." Alex whispered.
Your heart clenched as he fixed your wounds. You noticed his eyes were somber and the way his breathing was shaky. He went to the kitchen and came back with spaghetti.
"Here you missed dinner. You're going to be hungry." Alex said as you began to ate.
Alex got into bed and sat as close as he could to you. Once you finished eating, you went to get up.
"No. Don't worry about the plate. Let's lay down." Alex said.
"Okay Alex." You said softly.
You sat the plate down and began to lay down. Alex already pulled you close to him carefully. He was holding you tightly and had his face buried into your neck.
"I'll be careful next time." You said softly.
"I know you will. I'll just always worry for you because I love you." Alex said softly.
"And i love that you do. I love you too Alex." You said softly.
You turned to him and shared a kiss. You two stayed in each other's arms till you two fell asleep.
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clickclackclickityclack · 6 months ago
Sebastian relationship HCs
Characters: Sebastian
-Before you’re in a relationship, if Sebastian found a frog while out smoking by the lake, he’d vent to it about just how in love he is with you. He’s not willing to vent to his friends or family about it, so this is the next best thing.
-Abigail and Sam take awhile to realize that he’s in love, but they’re the first to notice it. He is one of their closest friends after all.
-Abigail teases him a bit about his crush on you, but never goes too far.
-Sam always asks when he’s going to ask you out on a date, to which Sebastian tells him that he doesn’t know yet and that he has to think about it.
-Still, how much he loves you isn’t something he brings up by himself pre-relationship. Sometimes it slips, him telling his friends how cute you look today. “(Y/n) looked really cute today. Damn I love them.” he’ll say as he looks at his cigarette in thought. Both of his friends jump into action, telling Sebastian that he should totally ask you out and that you two would look cute together.
-He does confess eventually, buying a bouquet from Pierre’s. A blush is on his cheeks as he buys it, he can feel the weight of peoples gazes on him. There’s no hiding that he likes somebody now.
-He manages to get to you before news reaches you. “(Y/n).” he takes a deep breath as he walks up to you. “I think I’m in love with you and if you’re willing, I’d like to go out with you.” he says as he presents the bouquet.
-Sebastian’s love languages are physical touch, words of affirmation, and quality time.
-He’s not too into PDA besides holding your hand or wrapping an arm around your shoulders or waist.
-He’s fine giving you a hug or a kiss as a greeting or a goodbye in public though.
-In private, he is much more affectionate.
-He loves cuddling with you.
-His hugs are comforting. He likes to wrap his arms around you and place his chin on the crook of your neck or nuzzle into it.
-He’ll shower you with kisses in private, usually when you first see each other in the morning or after a long day of work.
-Sebastian likes to hear that he’s doing good, he likes to be reassured that you love him.
-He feels like he pales in comparison to other people in town, so it’s important that you reassure him that he doesn’t.
-He’ll always praise you after a hard day's work, telling you that you did well today as always and that he’s proud of you. When you’re dating this might be via text, but when you’re married this is in person before you two go to bed as he lightly squeezes your hand.
-Quality time is important to him. He wants to spend time with you, he wants to be with the person that he loves.
-He enjoys that you two can just sit in silence sometimes and chat endlessly about random things other times.
-If he was a song from my fluff playlist, he’d be I Love You, I Love You. It’s Disgusting by Broadside
    Sebastian loves you more than anything in the world, that’s something that he will never doubt. You set him free when his mind was in a prison and you would listen to him when nobody else would. You’re the one person he’s able to open up to, the one person he will tell all of his secrets too, because he knows that you won’t judge him like he won’t judge you. You make him feel complete and he’d follow you anywhere.
    When you collapse into his arms, he’ll do what he can to comfort you and show you just how much he loves you. He knows life can be hard, he’s gone through some hardships of his own, but he will be by your side through your highs and lows. He would gladly spend his dying breath convincing you of how amazing you are and how much he loves you. You’re simply just so lovely to him. He feels like the luckiest man in the world with you.
    He feels incomplete until you’re with him. He really does love you and will spend his life trying his best to show that fact to you.
-Cooking! Baking! He loves doing both with you. He’s not the best at either, but he enjoys the time together with you.
-He’ll learn how to cook new dishes to surprise you.
-One time he bought you sweets and you commented on how sweet they were, to which he said “They’re not as sweet as you.” before stealing a kiss from you.
-Kisses. First kiss? The two of you were cuddling on the couch together when he tried to get up, resulting in the two of you tumbling to the floor. You fell right next to him and you couldn’t help but laugh. Yes, the fall hurt a bit, but it was too funny not to laugh about. His heart swelled with the love he held for you. Your laugh was always so precious, your smile meant the world to him. He knew that he was in love and all he could think of was how beautiful you were in that moment. “Can I kiss you?” the words slipped out of his mouth before he got the chance to even think about them.
-His kisses are usually soft and gentle and last a few seconds. They’re always enough to get the fact that he loves you across to you.
-Relatively jealous, but not too jealous. He’s fine with you having friends, he’s fine with you hanging out with them, but if he feels like somebody is getting too close to you he’ll intervene. This occurs when people are getting too handsy or are clearly developing feelings for you. He can’t help but also feel jealous when you pay more attention to other people than to him, to which he’ll tug your hand a bit to get your attention.
-He has anxiety, so he’ll be understanding if you have anxiety too. He’ll find ways to help you cope with your anxiety and he’d be more than willing to speak up for you if you’re too nervous to do so yourself.
-Sometimes he just tells you how much he loves you, bringing it up suddenly in the middle of a conversation or breaking the silence with it.
-Makes sure to tell you how beautiful you are every day, because he wants to make sure that you’re aware of just how beautiful he thinks you are. He never forgets to tell you this.
-You could be wearing your nighttime clothes with the most messy hair and drool on your cheek and he’ll just look at you with the fondest eyes, “You’re beautiful.”
-Arguments with him are fairly rare. He loves you and doesn’t want to argue with you, so you two are more likely to have a confrontation than an argument, sorting things out as smoothly as possible.
-If you’re sick, he’ll take care of you. He’ll make you the most delicious soup, because that’s one of the dishes he’s great at making. He’ll get you a cool washcloth or blankets if needed.
-Sebastian’s a great friend, a great boyfriend, and a great husband.
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l0s3rkid · 7 months ago
Gesture, Sdv Sebastian x Farmer
Themes: Fluff, monogamy, Gender-neutral reader
Warnings: None
Summary: Sebastian having recently moved onto the farm decides to make a gesture to show his appreciation from you
This was requested privately, the requester asked me to not associate their username in post
Sebastian had only moved in 3 weeks ago. After packing, unpacking, and just plain getting used to a farm schedule he thought he finally got it. And, all through it, you were there. You somehow made moving fun, and really, what a feat. He wanted to do something, something to show he cares. He started with little things, he made you cofffee very morning, give you a kiss, but he still felt like he could do more.
One morning while looking out the porch he had an idea. It hit him as he watched you chase a blue chicken, you had forgotten to close his pens gate. He tried to stand In front of the chicken, with you behind, the chicken went to the right. You two went on like this for awhile before you caught him ending in laughing fit. God, he adored you.
After promptly helping you get the chicken, he began to plan. A day or two later, you had gone to the mines and come home exhausted. Sebastian let you sleep, brewed a cup of coffee, and picked up your copper watering pot. It wss heavier than he expected.
Nonetheless, he got to work. You had 10 of every plant for the season, he counted. And that’s not including the greenhouse, which was full of strawberries and coffee beans. He started around 5, and finished by 7. He saw why you liked this, it was therapeutic. At some point he just blacked out, it was peaceful. he went back to the porch to see the finished product. He was proud. before long, you came out of the farmhouse door.
“I got up early and watered some crops for you. I hope it makes your job a little easier today.”
You smiled and have him kiss muttering a quiet, sleepy, “thank you”. The two of you returned to the home, Sebastian, now motivated decided to start his work early, to finishing sooner. You only returned to change your boots. With a quick goodbye you left to begin your day seeing the sprinklers go off as you left. You wondered if he knew, in the end, you didn’t tell him
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xxivmmxix · 6 months ago
i just love this man):
elliott does not know or understand subtlety.
stealing glances of you from over his novel, trying to read the same page for 15 minutes now, somehow always interrupted by the sound of your laugh. the happy form of evelyn at your side, her withered hands taking strawberry starts from you with an aged delicacy.
he was no stranger, baskets of pomegranates sat on his table from your visits. eyes always bright when you looked at him, the way you livened up his little shack with your presence alone.
he'd be foolish to deny his affections for you, something he's spilled to leah after too many glasses of wine(a gift from you, of course.)
the warm breeze knocked your hat from your head, musing your hair and outfit. honeyed eyes soft with mirth lifted once more, meeting yours for a brief second, the way your eyes crinkled in a smile made his face grow warm.
a light tap at his foot casted his eyes downward, a straw hat with a blue ribbon landed at his feet. nimble fingers scooped it up before the wind could carry it away again.
"I believe this is yours?" his heart stuttered as you looked at him with that bright smile again, a small thank you tumbled from your strawberry stained lips, brushing your fingers against his as you took your hat.
maybe he's in a little deeper than he thought.
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cyberg0thlite · 7 days ago
Stardew Valley Headcannons: When the bachelors first meet you
warnings: none
100% a grouch at first
Seb probably didn’t look forward to having someone new move in, because that means having to meet and talk to a completely new person
But he completely forgot about how much he hates people when he saw you
“Woah.. um, hey. You’re the new farmer here right?”
He plays his shock off as being surprised that someone new ACTUALLY came to Pelican Town
After your first interaction he doesn’t really know how to feel
How does he even talk to someone new?
And extremely good looking
It takes him awhile to open up and get comfortable with you, but give him a chance. It’s definitely worth it
The exact opposite of Sebastian
Sam is stoked that someone new is moving in
Someone new that he can make friends with and maybe even for get into his music? Great!
He was so confident that your first meeting was gonna go great
That is until he saw you walking over to him
Poor boy turned into a blushing mess
Nobody told him that the farmer was hot
It’s been years since Sam has had a crush, so it’s safe to say he has no clue what to do with himself
He manages to not embarrass himself when you introduce yourself, surprisingly not stumbling on his words as much as he was expecting
Once you leave he puffs up a bit, confident that you didn’t notice his flustered demeanor
You definitely noticed, but he doesn’t need to know that
When Shane was told that a farmer would be moving to town, he quite honestly didn’t care
Someone new to ignore him like everyone else? To judge him for his bad habits?
No thank you
The first time you talk he still hasn’t given up that sentiment
“What? Leave me alone.”
After a few days of you greeting him whenever you cross paths, he begins to realize that you’re different
He slowly begins to open up, but the back of his mind still wonders if you judge him like everyone else
Elliot was happy about you moving to town
Not overly excited, but definitely looking forward to the arrival of someone new
Someone different and exciting
Not to mention the (hopefully) delectable crops that would come with a farm
He was certainly shocked when he saw you
He was not expecting this new farmer to be so… beautiful
Unlike many of the other bachelors, he shows you his poetic personality fairly quickly
Using quotes and fancy words that fly over your head
Elliot knows the importance of first impressions
And he definitely made a good one
Like Sam, he was happy to hear that someone new was coming to town
A new friend AND a new patient?!
Sign him up!
Even after you introduce yourself to him he has a hard time being genuine with you, his awkward personality shining through in all of your conversations
It doesn’t help that he thinks you’re like… really pretty
Like REALLY pretty
You’re so beautiful and so gentle to him…
The moment that you left he let out the biggest breath and wiped the sweat from his forehead
He swears you’re going to be the death of him
Alex was pretty indifferent to a new neighbor
Like, yeah it’ll be nice to have a new person around, maybe even someone closer to his age
But at the same time he would be just fine staying in his current little circle
That isn’t to say that he didn’t start getting antsy when he heard that you were in town and introducing yourself to the villagers
When you do introduce yourself he finds himself much more excited than he expected to be
“Hey, you’re the new farm girl/boy aren’t you?”
Yeah that definitely came off as chill
Yes he starts off just talking about sports and his work outs with you, but he’s really a big puppy behind his jock persona
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lemnonbones · 4 months ago
It Starts Here
A Stardew Valley X Farmer Series.
Concept: you’re done with Joja, you’re done with corporate and you’re done being worked to the bone. You finally decide to open the letter that your grandfather left for you all those years ago, finally deciding to do something for yourself for once.
Little note: things in this fic aren't going to go according to how you progress in the game (ex: you get a horse early on and whatnot) and I grew up on a farm, so I'm going to try to clarify what some items are the best I can as I know some people may not know. But I hope you enjoy reading! - LemnonBones
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You sigh as you lean back in your office chair, stretching your arms up to the ceiling, trying to find something interesting to look at other than the blank walls of your cubicle. As you stretch you can hear your back pop, ‘work in corporate they said, it’ll pay well they said. Well it doesn’t pay enough for the chiropractor appointments I’m going to need.’ you think to yourself bitterly. You look at the time at the bottom of your computer, 3:30 looks back at you in black bold font. ‘Great, yep, totally a-okay staying here another 3 hours. Yep, uh-huh, no animosity here. Me? Animosity? No never, totally impossible’ you thought sarcastically with a less than amused expression on your face.
In your search for looking for something, anything, interesting to look at, your eyes land on your desk drawer. Ah right, the letter. You had forgotten when you put it in there. I guess you decided to lock it away, for Joja, for a company that saw you as little more than a pawn in their game of corporate scams. After all, you barely open your desk drawers at Joja. So little actually, that some of your coworkers started a theory that they were there just for aesthetics ‘the sad, depressing grey aesthetic maybe’ your growing animosity for the company becoming more than just a little annoyance. Your emotions telling you to reach for the letter, that there ‘has to be something better than Joja, right?’ you deice to listen to your emotions. Maybe they were right this time, maybe there is something better than a corporate scam. Reaching for the letter you retrieve it from the drawer, holding it up just enough for the light of your computer to make the details legible.
You look at the letter with a bittersweet expression. You remember the farmhouse and your grandfather, just barely, but enough to make a solid picture in your mind. You remember building sandcastles along the beach, and your grandfather rolling his eyes as you came into the house covered in wet sand and saltwater. You remember helping your grandfather tend to crops, even if your help was just getting muddy while watering the crops. You remember being fascinated with the neighbor's farm animals, so much so that your grandfather got a small pony for you. As sassy and stubborn as that pony was, you remember the love both you and your grandfather held for her.
You sigh longingly, wishing for that childlike freedom again, instead of sitting in a corporate office slowly wasting away for the likes of Joja. You contemplate, going back and forth between staying at Joja and opening the letter to look at its contents. Before you allow yourself to overthink anymore, you bite your lip and open the letter, hoping for the best. Reading the carefully placed ink that strung itself into words on the old paper, a smile makes its way to your face ‘grandpa always was blunt. Wow, I wonder where I got it from’ you reread the letter, again, and again. Contemplating once more, weighing pros and cons, trying to think about careful decisions. You only get yourself lost deep in thought before you finally think ‘you know what? Fuck it, you only live once. How bad could this possibly go anyways?’
From that moment on, your life would change, what those changes would be and what the future holds is unknown, but you had decided to take all of it head-on.
Tumblr media
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saturnscribe · 9 months ago
But First, Dessert
Harvey x Reader; established relationship. 18+ minors DNI
A/N: This is an ao3 mirror. I won’t be linking it, I’d like to keep the two accounts separate. I don’t have any warnings, I had just meant to write a fluffy drabble where SDV Harvey... has dessert before dinner.
Tumblr media
The doctors’ usual steady fingers trembled slightly as they played over the fabric of your underwear. He’d seemed so confident up until now, surprisingly so. The way he pushed you into the room with a searing kiss, how he tore at your blouse, nearly popping a button off it. Harvey’s mouth was hot as it trailed down your chest, leaving the occasional mark you wish he’d make darker. His hands were hungry as they slid into your bra, down your sides. He was quick to pull your pants off, thrown into some corner of the room. But now, with you clad in your panties, he seemed unsure.
“What’s wrong,” you push yourself off the bed, weight resting on your elbows. Your question seems to snap him out of his thoughts, and Harvey looks up with a heated stare.
“Nothing,” he licks his lips and hooks his thumbs into the cotton material of your underwear. The shake in his hands slowly ebb. You shift your weight to help him work the last bit of fabric off your hips and down your legs. As it reaches past your knees’ he tears it off and throws it behind his shoulder, lost to the rest of the room. Not losing momentum, Harvey hooks his hands behind your knees, pulls them apart and pushes them up, up, up to where it’s parallel with your head. There’s little to no strain, you’ve always taken pride in your flexibility. But this was new.
Without thinking, you clasp your knees together. You’ve never been so exposed, and it comes as a shock. For once, you feel heat bloom in your face and work its way down your chest.
“H-Harvey!” A hand darts to cover your sex. You’re not sure what’s gotten into him. You trust him, but you’re confused and exposed. Confusion and anxiety swim between your ribs, but you make no move to break his hold. While Harvey’s grip is firm, you know he’d let you escape if you wanted. There seems to be a moment where he expects you to push him away, but after a beat the doctor smiles at you and moves to press a kiss into your thigh.
Your hips buck and thighs press tightly together. The spot is sensitive, just under your knee. Some unknown feeling swirls in your chest. It’s a mix of too many things and you can’t put a word to it until Harvey presses his lips onto your skin again. It’s lower this time, and your breath hitches in your throat. You look down at him, and you nearly jump as he meets your gaze. 0 You fist the blankets beneath you as you suck in another breath between your teeth.
The doctor frees a hand, and you keep your leg in held place. He moves to take his glasses off, but stops to take you in. There’s a sheen of sweat over your exposed skin. Your hand still covers yourself, but the way you hold yourself open, just as he left you, does something to him. There’s a hard look in his eyes you’ve never seen before and you feel yourself twitch. It’s definitely something you’ll have to explore at a later date. This whole thing was something new to explore. Harvey has come at you with an energy like this before, lustful in a way you wouldn’t have expected. But this was different; there seemed to be something new sparking between you.
“Thank you,” he hums, returning to you without his glasses. His hand returns to the soft patch below your knee. Harvey thumb rubs a small circle into your knee in a show of appreciation, followed by a nip into the underside of your thigh, taking note of the way you twitch beneath him. He presses a gentle kiss to the same spot, and begins to work his way down with another, and another. Harvey revels in the way you shake and gasp in his hold and eagerly skips few inches down your open thighs to press a final kiss to your knuckles. It wasn’t hard to guess where he was working towards, but the gravity of it still knocks the breath out of your lungs. He doesn’t ask permission with his words, but the slow and gentle kisses he presses to your knuckles is question enough. Your fingers twitch with a moments’ hesitation before falling away.
He sighs hard in relief, eyes dropping from yours to the wet heat between your legs. Harvey takes a moment, almost admiring. The intensity of his stare eats at you. You were never comfortable enough to really explore yourself past your fingers and the occasional toy, and you wished he’d move a bit faster. It was uncomfortable having him watch you so closely, but before you could show your discomfort, Harvey leans in. His tongue is thick and wet, the heat of his mouth searing. He licks you from your entrance to your clit, a groan falling between you as he passes the exposed nub. Harvey moves closer, throwing your legs over his shoulders in a fluid motion. His free hand holds your hips tight, feeling and trying to restrain the buck of your hips at the action. You pant hard, squirming in his grip. He repeats the action slow and purposeful, trying to read your reactions.
It’s hard to think as he laps at you, taking note of every hitched breath and moan. Harvey always watched you carefully and worked hard to make you happy, but in this moment, it was paying off in ways you could have never imagined. The way he pressed you into the bed was maddening, you wanted to move into him, to get more friction, to guide his mouth to where you needed him the most. But he took his time with you, perhaps reveled in the fact he was solely in charge of your desire. His tongue works in circles and slow drags, enjoying the way your legs tense around him.
Your moan echoes through the cabin when he sucks at your exposed clit. Over the last few minutes, all you received were teasing passes, along or against the nub, or the faintest pressure against your opening. All teases, until now, where he feasts like a starved man. Your hands fly into his hair, finally giving into your desire and tugging him closer. A growl forces itself between your sex and up the expanse of you, a desperate moan meeting the sound in return. Harveys' tongue works you in broken rhythm, but his eagerness makes up for any inexperience. You throb, and clench around nothing, before giving his hair an experimental tug. Another sound pours from him, and he presses your hips further into the bed.
Your head knocks back with a loud whine, head pressing further into the mattress as he moves from your sensitive clit to press his tongue against your entrance. He pries you open slowly, moving in a rhythm meant to tear you apart. You had expected him to move as quickly as he had done before, but Harvey takes his time with the push and pull of his tongue and lips, working you open wet and sloppy.
Your fingers curl tightly into his hair as you begin to break. It was a wonder how you managed to last this long, never having someone’s mouth on you before. He was a bit clumsy, but he more than made up for it. Harvey was eager and paid close attention to you for so long, and it felt so good, but this was something else entirely. He fucks you on his tongue, spurred on by the way you squirm against him. Your fingers tug on auburn strands as pleasure twists in your gut. You need more and you don’t know how to ask for it. You’re not even sure if you can ask for it. His actions pull you apart, and your thoughts are hazy. He’s doing so much for you and you’re not sure you should ask. You didn’t want him to think what he was doing wasn’t enough, and there was no way you could really express yourself in this state.
He moans into you again, slowly pulling out of your heat. His tongue finds itself on your clit again, body convulsing with sensitivity.
“Please,” you whine, the sound thick and desperate. You fix yourself on the word and repeat it again and again, begging without real direction.
Harvey moves a hand from your hip and glides it down across your thigh. Your stomach flips as he pets the inside of your thigh. You’re suddenly aware of how damp the space is between your upper thighs is, and you move to cover your face out of embarrassment. Your boyfriend allows the action with a dark chuckle and moves his hand slowly between your legs.
“You’re so wet,” he purrs, fingers teasing your folds. “All this for me? Well, I can’t say I’m surprised. You make the most beautiful sounds. I can tell you’re loving it.” He nips the inside of your thigh, and you cry out again. You’re hips shake, but you press yourself closer to his face now that you have the room to do so.
“Patient, love.” Deft fingers dig into your hips and a shaky breath leaves you. There’s a lot to explore outside of tonight, you decide.
Kisses are pressed into the soft skin of your thigh, and he works up to the place you need him most. Harvey’s fingers begin to part your lips. He works slowly, taking time in building the moment up.
“Let me take care of you,” he whispers between your legs, fingers finally sliding in. There’s a slight burn in the stretch of his two fingers, but you’re more than ready for them. Your moan breaks off as the heat of his mouth returns to you. He’s true to his word, as he gives you exactly what you were asking for. The push of his fingers is almost enough to get you off, but you do your best to keep together. The doctor had quite a way with you, and you knew there would be a reward for waiting.
He doesn’t make you wait long. Harvey’s mouth continues, spurred on by the way you cry and thrash about, all because of his mouth and fingers. The hand at your waist no longer holds you down but wraps around the fingers of your free hand. The other lays in his hair, pushing his head to wherever you need him most. He lets you guide him as he moves his fingers, looking for that sweet spot against your inner wall. He knows he’s found it when you sob, clenching tightly around his fingers.
“Oh fuck, oh fuck,” You cry as his fingers work purposefully against the spot deep inside you. Your resolve crumbles quickly, and you rock in tandem with his ministrations. This is what you’ve needed. He knew how to find that spot with ease. It might come from his profession, or previous partners but that didn’t matter. The only thing that did was his precision, eagerness, and ability to absolutely drive you wild when he found that spot.
Sounds pour from you unrestrained. Each thrust of his finger, every curl of his tongue, brings you closer to the edge. Your body strings tight, legs tensing at Harvey’s shoulders, your hand gripping tightly at his hair. Your voice pitches higher, hips pressing firmer into him. He notices the signs and doubles in his efforts. Fingers moving rough into you, mimicking the pace he’d set if he was fucking you properly.
It doesn’t take long after that for your orgasm to rush over you. It hits harder than you expect, your body arching sharply off the bed with a broken cry. You’re faintly aware of Harvey holding you tight with both hands, pressing your hips flushed against him as he works you through your orgasm. His tongue continues, hungry to milk you of your release. A second wave washes over you, a sob escaping your parted lips. You tremble against him, the only thing keeping you upright is his hold. Half your body is slumped into the damp mattress, your grip still tight in his hair. It takes a moment, but with your free hand you manage to pat his forearm in a silent request for no more.
Harvey pulls off you with a gasp, the sound lost in your breathless pants. You continue to tremble, sensitive in all the best ways and still halfway on some other plane. He takes notice and can’t hold back a smile, knowing he was able to bring you to this point. The man slides up your body, presses a wet kiss to your cheek and pulls you into a gentle embrace. He then pushes the hair out of your face and peppers kisses to the newly exposed skin, wanting to shower you in affection.
“Are you doing alright?” He asks softly, hands roaming your body. Harvey always made sure to stay by you until you calmed, post orgasm. He’d clean you if the opportunity arose. Made sure you were hydrated and loved. It was another thing about him that made you feel so lucky, this night aside. You nod in assurance, words still escaping you.
He pets and kisses you as you slowly come down. In the beginning, you had assured him all the attention wasn’t necessary, but you’ve grown to appreciate it. It was a welcome routine. When Harvey was sure you were with him, he offers you a slow kiss, and leaves the shared space of your bed. He wasn’t gone long and returns with a glass of water. He offers to help you sit upright, but you turn it down. You lift yourself upright with wobbling arms, your strength having left with the force of your orgasm. Harvey stands in front you as you drink your water, and when you sit it down, he’s on you again.
During your kiss, you feel a heavy weight against your thigh, and you know there’s business left unfinished. But when your fingers brush against the side of his length, Harvey chuckles and pulls his hips away.
“Not now, love. I wanted to take care of you. Don’t mind it, it has a mind of its own.”
You whine into the kiss, finding it unfair. Taking care of him wasn’t a chore, and Harvey knew it. He knew how much you loved to drop to your knees and service him. Loved the weight of him on your tongue, the feel of him pushing into the tight channel of your throat. The thought of it alone was getting you excited.
“Are you sure?” You ask, fingers brushing along the outside of his thigh.
“Yes.” His laugh is hearty, and it fills you. You love him so much, every little thing about him. His giving nature, how unselfish and loyal he was. You loved each shared cup of coffee, intimate look, and hold. It might be early, but you had plans to visit a certain merchant the next rainy season.
“Now that we’ve had dessert, let me get started on dinner for you.” Harvey kisses you deeply, taking your breath away.
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randoimago · 3 months ago
Would love to see some more headcanons for Alex, Sebastian, and Sam for their spouse fainting in the mines, I love your post with all the bachelors!
S/O Fainting in the Mines
FANDOM: Stardew Valley
Character(s): Alex, Sebastian, Sam
Type of Request: Headcanons
Note(s): Aw thank you so much, and I’m happy to write this for you!!
From These headcanons
Tumblr media
After you came home from fainting in the mines, he’s going to ask you to work out with him. Just do some basic exercises in hopes of getting your strength and stamina back.
Makes sure you are taking energy shots and whatever prescriptions Harvey might have recommended. Daily vitamins as well. 
He wants you to be back to full strength before you tackle the mines again (because he knows you aren’t going to stay away).
Seriously doesn’t want you going back to the mines, but he knows you’re stubborn and want to get to the bottom. So he’s just going to go with you!
Might not go inside the mines, but you better believe that he is hanging in the top level by the elevator. Will give you a time limit that if you’re not back by then he will start going through the mines himself.
Probably tries to compromise with you as well. Like only go to the mines on these days because he really doesn’t want you pushing yourself because he cares so much.
You know, he plays Dungeons and Dragons. How about you just roleplay dungeon delving instead of worrying him with actually going through the mines.
He doesn’t care if you want to get him more frozen tears or other cool things only found in the mines. It’s not worth it if you’re risking your life.
Of course you’re stubborn and so he flat out tells you that you better be back by a certain time because he doesn’t know if he can constantly be worried about your safety. 
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spiders-on-the-walls · 5 months ago
Duck Feathers (SDV Elliot x Reader)(150% SFW I’m sorry)
I am horrified out of my MIND to actually post but here we go.
Alright, I have a few things to say
1, this is my first attempt at anything like this, please don’t bash it too hard.
2, this isn’t anything sexual, its purely a romance (With kisses tho)
3,it’s actually mostly a buildup of my idea of Elliot’s backstory and character, mostly because I wish we got more of it in the actual game.
4, it’s probably kind of clunky and the dialogue is probably not great, but I really tried. I’ll get better the more I write, as well.
5. I am aware this is very cliché and not great, but honestly, I just wanted to start with something simple.
6, I am aware Elliot already has a heart event where you kiss him, I just wanted to do this for fun.
It was the 100th time you had walked into that dark old cabin. Somehow, though, the calming atmosphere never once changed. The bit of sunlight peeking through the window, the candlelight flickering from the desk, the old piano standing proud.
The centerpiece, though, was Elliot. Being a writer, you would expect him to have horrible posture, hunched over that old wooden desk all day. However, the exact opposite was true. He sat straight up, pen gliding across the paper with ease, his hair gracefully falling over his shoulders as his eyes moved across the paper. It’s like he was consumed in his own little world at that desk, one which he had handcrafted himself. He didn’t even notice as you opened the door and stood staring at him for a moment.
Eventually, he put down his pen atop the paper and leaned back in his chair, running his hand through his hair as he let out a long sigh. He then turned to you, finally seeming to notice you as you shuffled closer quietly. “Oh, hello.” He said kindly, smiling gently. “My apologies, I didn’t notice you come in.”  He stretched out his entire body before interlacing his fingers and placing his head atop them. “So, what caused you to visit my humble little Cabin today?” He asked, just turning his head enough to meet your eyes.
“Oh- nothing, really! I was just in the area, figured I’d swing by,” you said, caught off guard by the sudden attention you had just received.
“Oh. Well, that was very kind of you.” Elliot replied gently. “Pardon my manners,” he said, standing up and straightening out his vest. “I’ve just been so involved with this novel lately, it’s hard to tear myself away from it. That, and I wasn’t expecting anyone today.” Elliot paused before chuckling lightly. “Although, I guess I should’ve expected you. You’ve been visiting a lot recently.”
You felt yourself blush slightly. “Well, in my defense, you told me I could come over whenever I want. That, and the door is always unlocked, so I just let myself in.”
Elliot laughed lightly. “I suppose that’s right.” He said, looking down and smiling to himself.
You looked just over his shoulder at the mess of papers on his desk. At this distance, you couldn’t read what was on them, but his writing looked neat- almost like a cursive font poured over the pages.
“What’s it about?” You ask, looking back to meet Elliot's eyes.
“Oh, my Novel?”
“Yeah. I mean, you’ve been working on it for a while, what’s it about?” you repeat, clearly curious.
“Oh, well, I actually recently began this one.” He said, turning slightly to look at the pages himself. “I ended up getting rid of my previous pages in favor of this new idea.”
He walked over to the desk and gently ran his fingers over the paper. “It’s actually a…” He dropped off before clearing his throat. “It’s a romance novel.”
Your heart skipped a beat as soon as he said that. “Really?” The words nearly slipped out of your mouth. However, you immediately thereafter realized how ridiculous of an assumption that it was that he would be writing a whole Novel about you. It could just as realistically be about Leah, or any other of his previous relationships, as much as you secretly hoped it wasn’t.
“Heh.” Elliot smiled lightly. “It’s not exactly the type of Novel I imagined myself writing when I moved here in pursuit of my dreams just a year ago.” He sat down on the piano bench, letting out a small sigh as he did so. “However, as many others before me have said, inspiration strikes when you may least expect it.”
You let out a small chuckle before looking around the room once more, putting your hands in your pockets. Then, all of the sudden, you feel something. “Oh, right! I almost forgot-” You take the feather out of your pocket and you attempt to realign the soft strands into order. “This is actually for you! I heard you liked duck feathers from someone, so I just figured I should, um, give this to you.” You hold it out for him, and he gently takes it from your hands, attempting to smooth out the fluff himself. “I’m sorry if it got ruined from just sitting in my pocket. I-I didn’t mean to mess up your gift.” You apologized, looking down, slightly embarrassed.
“It’s beautiful,” Elliot said, ignoring the apology entirely. You look back up at him as he turns the feather delicately in his hand, seeming to admire every detail as he ran his fingers across the tip. He then held it in the sun shining through the window, allowing the turquoise and blue to shimmer as sunlight passed through them. As weird as it seemed, it was honestly kind of inspiring, watching as his eyes traced every little detail as if it were something truly treasured to him.
“Just so you know, I am aware of how strange it may seem to somewhat admire such a strange object,” he said, bringing the feather back down into his other hand. “But to me, they represent much more.”
“Why?” you asked, without even thinking, before following up with “Only if you want to tell me, that is.”
“Oh- Well, of course.” He said, placing the feather on the top of the piano. “You see, when I was little, my mother used to leave me at my aunt’s house quite a bit. Where she lived, she had all kinds of bird feeders hanging from the big tree in her backyard. In addition to this, she had chickens, so she would have me lay the feed for them at the base of the tree. One day, as I was set to complete this task, a flock of ducks was eating the rest of the feed from the day prior.” He shifted slightly in his chair as he began to stare up slightly, seemingly beginning to daydream.  “I was hesitant on what to do at first. Do I approach them? Do I wait for them to go? After a moment’s debate with myself, I decided to approach them as quietly as I could, as to not disturb them. Just as I was getting close enough to start laying down feed, my aunt’s dog saw me and ran straight for me, loudly disturbing the flock.”
At this point, Elliot closed his eyes and took a deep breath in. “The ducks flew straight over my head, blowing my hair in their direction as they flew just above me. I stood in shock for a moment, as I watched them disappear into the big blue sky. It was a feeling unlike any other I can describe to you just through the use of words alone.” he let out his breath as he once again opened his eyes.
“After that moment, I combed through my hair with my fingers and retrieved a single duck feather, just like this one.” he looked back up at the feather atop the piano.
“I think that’s why I became a writer. To try my best to explain that exact feeling.” Elliot paused for a moment, clearly thinking about something. “Anyway, it is not my intention to bore you with long stories about my life. My apologies.”
You suddenly snap back into reality. In a mixture of listening to the story and watching him tell it, you’d gotten caught in the same type of daydreaming Elliot always seemed to be engaged in. “Wait- no, it’s ok!” You reply quickly. “Seriously, I don’t mind learning more about you.” you think for a moment. “Plus, for what it’s worth, you did a great job explaining that feeling to me just now.”
Elliot laughs gently. “Thank you, I truly appreciate it.” There’s a pause as the feeling lingers in the air for a moment before Elliot speaks again. “I used to think there wasn’t a more beautiful thing in the world. A more wonderful feeling than that experience. It felt like, for just a moment, that maybe if I jumped, I could fly. That the birds could carry me with them. It’s a feeling of pure euphoria. I figured nothing else in the world could feel quite the same.” Elliot paused before chuckling slightly to himself and messing with his hands as he looked down at them. “Come to find out, life is full of those sorts of unexpectancies.”
Something about that made your heartbeat a little faster. A picture here was forming, but it wasn’t quite clear enough to make out. So you ask, “Like what?”
“Heh, well,” He pauses as he fidgets with his hands once more. “You see, I met someone.” Beat. You can feel your heart beating harder in your chest. You attempted to calm yourself down as Elliot stood and continued. “I met them on the bridge one day, and it seems it’s changed my life. Made me capable of things I never before thought possible.” Elliot once again closed his eyes and took a deep breath in. “They made me feel that same way every single time I saw them. That feeling of flying, the pure euphoria, and infinitely more complex emotions that I couldn't even begin to explain.”
After a brief pause, Elliot lifted his head to meet your eyes. “Listen, I…” He reaches out his hand before hesitating, pondering a moment, and then fully committing to the action as he places his hand softly on your cheek. He takes a deep breath in before pursing his lips together slightly, and then saying “I think- I’m in love with you.”
The sentence seems to roll off his tongue as sweet as honey, and it somehow hits gently. And yet, it’s still sinking in slowly.
“Can I-” Elliot looks away for a moment, once again pursing his lips softly. “May I kiss you?”
Without even thinking, you lean in to meet your lips with his own.
His lips are soft and he’s sure to be gentle, just as he is with everything else. You feel him adjust himself to get close to you, until your bodies are now pressed together. He delicately puts his hands at your waist, until fully wrapping his arms around you.
After a moment, he pulls away. He seems to admire your face for a moment before softly moving your hair with his hand and then smiling. “So this is what it feels like to fly, then,”  he says, quietly.
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stardew-snailmail · 2 months ago
Would you mind doing H/C with Sebby with a farmer that's super supportive of his freelance programming/indie game developing because it's literally canon and so little of it with the frog boy 👉👈
Sebastian with an S/O who Supports his Freelance Work HCs
A/N: Hi there anon, I wouldn’t mind at all! I really wish we got more time to see him explaining his work, but this is a very cute prompt, thank you!
Tumblr media
- Sebastian mainly did and does his work in order to help support himself and later you financially, but he does take pride in what he does!
- And you’re more than happy to see him work at it! Whether or not you’re into computer programming/game design or know little about it, you’re there watching in amazement as he types away. He likes explaining what he does/is doing too, so ask him questions!
- You really encourage him with his work too! Before you head to town some mornings you’ll tack a post-it note with a sweet message for him on his computer screen!
- And for nights when you’re home together and he’s working, you let him know it’s alright to take breaks, and bring him snacks and/or dinner you know he’ll like.
- You also help to let his friends from town know his job is serious. When Sam or Abigail swing by with the hopes of taking you both out to the Saloon, you politely decline and tell them you’re both busy. Though disappointed, they respect your privacy! Because of this they start messaging Seb before coming by so he knows, and it’s a lot easier to manage than before.
- Seb is really glad you support him with his work! Though it may not be a full-time job, it helps you both out, and gives experience none the less! Sebastian is super thankful for your attitude too, and hopes to encourage you with whatever work you do in return!
Tumblr media
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thelovelyscenarios · 5 months ago
Stardew Valley Bachelorettes: Where They Keep Wedding Photos
I had to do a sequel for the ladies!! Ugh love them so much
🌹 Abigail
Secreted away. Behind her drum kit, in her pocket, wherever she can find that few others can. Your wedding was public, obviously, but she wants her memories of it to be private. You’re her dearest treasure, how is she expected to share with you?
🌹 Emily
Beneath her crystals, taped to her sewing machine, on the wall. She likes having pictures of you in the most joyful places for her, where the aura is the best. The aura of a place is improved by the pictures, and she always has that wistful smile of hers on her face when she looks at how happy you were.
🌹 Haley
In a scrapbook. Don’t fight me, I’m right, Haley scrapbooks. She had professional pictures taken, but took her own pictures of you on the day of, and all of them have gone into a wedding scrapbook that she keeps on the coffee table. If anyone even looks at it, she’ll open it up and start telling stories.
🌹 Leah
Taped to the fridge. She loves looking at the pictures when she goes to make meals for you and her to share, and it always gives a little sway to her hips, a pep in her step. She also paints a replica of your wedding photos, making you look so incomparably incredible - very much on purpose.
🌹 Maru
All around her lab. She saves the most precious pictures for her wallet, but everything else is everywhere. Her computer monitor, her microscope, everything in her lab is littered with pictures. Demetrius does not approve of all these pictures and she doesn’t care.
🌹 Penny
In a locket around her neck. She has plenty of pictures absolutely everywhere, but the picture of your first kiss sits over her heart, so she’ll always carry that feeling - and you - with her. She rubs over the locket when she gets nervous, so much so that she’ll need to get it remade soon.
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cheekyredwillow · a month ago
His Insecurities and You Comfort ~ Sam, Elliott, and Harvey
Requests are still closed for the time being as I am getting back into writing. Some post game spoilers for those who haven't completed the community center
You and Sam have been married for about a year. He dotes on you a lot and is getting used to the farm life. He sure doesn't miss Jojo Mart and there is even a movie theater there! He loves staying with you and watching how hardworking you are at keeping the farm going.
But there are some unsettling thoughts that follow in his head. He knows he does not have much farming knowledge so helping out is harder for him. He also doesn't know much cooking since he did not help out at home. And he tends to joke around a lot where sometimes you end up ignoring him to get back to work. He loves you dearly but he wonders if he really is enough? And if he is, should he not joke around as much and maybe give you some air to breathe?
He was quietly plucking the strings on his guitar when you got back from some fishing. You were struggling with a fish and were soaked with water. He peeked his head around the corner and saw you pulling some clothes out of the dresser. He also took notice in how aggravated you were.
Maybe he could try cooking again? Neither of you had gotten any instant pancakes but he could try to make a fried egg or sashimi. They don't seem that hard? It would at least help you feel better.
Well it was much harder than he expected. The stove was warming foods quicker than he imagined and as he was trying to make the fried egg, it began to smoke. He panicked and was trying to clean it as quickly as possible. He did not notice where his hand was and burned the side of his hand. He yelped and fell down.
"Sam? What happened?!" You yelped as you saw black smoke and Sam holding his blistered hand.
You immediately went over and cleaned the stove off. You opened the front door a smidge to get the black smoke out and put the pan in the sink.
"What happened Sam?" You asked and he was not making eye contact with you. "Sam?"
"I thought about trying cooking again. You seemed to be exhausted and aggravated from fishing all day so I wanted to at least be helpful." Sam sighed. "I still fucked up."
"Sam honey. What has gotten into you?" You asked as you pulled him up. "Let's go to the chest in the living room. I have some medicine and bandages Harvey gave me."
"Well I am extremely happy that you chose me to marry. But I begin to wonder if it was your best choice? I can't help out as much as any of the other bachelors in town. I tend to do my own thing and it's not quite neat." He hissed as you were putting burn ointment on his hand. "I just don't feel like I'm doing anything for you and I really want to."
"Sam. I chose to be with you because of how happy you made me feel. I loved how you make me feel so much love. I also love you still try to do things for me no matter how hard it might be. You are my best choice because I love you. Okay?" You said as he nodded his head slowly. "How about this? You can either pick cooking or farming and I can teach you something? Then you can help out in your own way."
"That would be nice Y/n. Thank you." He said as you wrapped his hand. "I love you too so much."
Elliott was so thankful you agreed to date him. He knew many of the other bachelors were wanting your heart and you chose to be with him. He wanted to make sure you knew how much you loved him.
Here's the thing. The town gossips. You knew that as much as the next person. And the town really gossips on new relationships. And Elliott is quite eccentric. Especially with the way he talks so elegantly yet doesn't have a lot of money.
It's the reason he does ask about money from time to time. He doesn't want to see either of you worried over finances. But he's heard the town gossip. He's heard about some of the bachelors and bachelorettes speak about how you are more well off than he is. He really worries if all his flagrant words are just that , words. There's nothing really special there. Just flagrant to impress.
You found him at the beach after looking for him in the morning. He was staring at his old cabin and kicking the sand.
"Hope you aren't thinking of staying here. I think I'd miss you too much." You teased as he sighed.
You walked over and took his hand while he continued to stare at his cabin.
"Why are you dating me?" Elliott asked softly.
"What do you mean?" You asked. The way he asked made your heart feel like it was breaking.
"Why did you chose me? I know you have tons of friendships with the other bachelors. I might be more adoring that some of the others but they could support you. You don't have me breathing down your neck about finances or me with my eccentric talk. Why me?" He asked as you squeezed his hand.
He turned to look at you and you hugged him hard. It made him gasp from the sudden hug. He felt you shake.
"Elliott, the reason I chose you is because of how much passion you have for writing and how much you have passion for our relationships. I look forward reading your love letters everyday. I cannot wait for you to move in and for us to live together because I think it will go even better. I don't mind you asking about the finances of the farm, you are caring about my job as well. I love you so much Elliott. I might not be as eloquent with words but I want to show you if you'll have me." You said and shuffled a hand in your pocket.
"Y/n? What is-" You pulled out a Mermaid's Pendant. "Y/n..."
"I meant what I said about us. Let's marry and move in. I want you. I chose you Elliott." You said as he took the pendant and kissed you there.
"Thank you so much Y/n. I love you so much that I hope I can prove my words mean more." Elliott whispered out as you two shared another hug.
The quiet and warm doctor Harvey. The one who you became best friends with and immediately married when you two could. He shared all of his strife with you. His fear of heights. The real reason he became a doctor. How sometimes he's not confident in that position.
But some things he doesn't share with you. Like how he always worries for you and the relationship. He was so used to being alone. He was even afraid to get to know you. Part of that was how his heart raced about you. Even when he first met you, he would worry when he saw a new scar from the first round of the mines.
But he also worries that he doesn't give you the spontaneous that maybe some of the other bachelors could. He's very used to his way of life and now that you two were married, well some things changed. But most stayed the same. You might surprise him with a bottle of wine for you two to share that night or even come home early for you two to have a night to yourselves (even though you have to drag him from work). But what has he done for you?
You were changing into your farming clothes to harvest some fall crops. Your corn and pumpkins should be done today. You found Harvey sitting on your shared bed. He was nursing a cup of coffee looking at his feet. You plopped down beside him.
"What plans do you have today? I know it's Monday so you don't have to be at the hospital." You said as he took a sip of the coffee. "Harv?"
"Darling, am I too boring for you?" He asked as you cocked your head to the side.
"I really would like to know if I am too boring for you. Maybe not enough. I understand you had made it your mission to become friends with me and then we ended up dating. But is it enough?" He asked as he took a final sip from his coffee.
As he sat the coffee cup down on the table you had by the shared bed, you took his hand in yours.
"Harvey you are not boring to me. You help out with so many things on the farm even when you don't realize. You always make sure I'm healthy after a day in the mines or skull cavern. You also make sure I don't get as exhausted. You are so caring for me. Sure we don't do a lot of spontaneous things but I don't think we need that often. We have each other." You said as he sighed.
"I still can't believe I used to be afraid of you."
"Well part of that was to blame for your feelings for me. Aren't you glad I developed a friendship that turned into something more?" You said as he blushed.
"Of course I am Y/n. Of course. I love you so much Y/n." He said as the two of you shared a small kiss.
"How about I harvest the crops for today and do the needed chores and then we have a day to ourselves?" You said.
"What about the fishing day you mentioned last night?" Harvey asked as you shrugged your shoulders.
"I don't mind doing it tomorrow. It's suppose to rain so I'll get better fish then. And no worries, I'll take care of myself." You said as he chuckled.
"I just worry. How about I help you today?" Harvey asked and you agreed.
So the two of you got ready to harvest crops and have a day to yourselves.
A/N: I think I'm going to write more Stardew Valley headcanons and one shots. I have a list of what I want to write and I am going to add more of these in. Even some with the bachelorettes.
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unhinged-with-no-gender · 29 days ago
Can I ask for a bachelor's x delinquent! reader. If you have a character limit you can just choose any bachelor you want and the reader can be fem or gender neutral
dfhskjfgkfhdakgsdf an ask B))) okay so basically this is gonna be a long one
I feel like he's pretty indifferent to it fdshkhjf
Before you two got together he didn't think very highly of you
"oh god there they go"
Once you're together though he's a lot less bothered
depends on the kind of delinquent activities.
Petty thievery from jojamart? I think he might enjoy the adrenaline
I don't think he's very fond of vandalism.
I know when I hear delinquent I think strong, and I think Alex would enjoy a strong partner.
Overall I can see it going either way with him.
Elliot doesn't take is as well as Alex
again, Why???
You two never really crossed paths until you got close, so before he got close with you he didn't really know your true nature.
He got close before he even realized tbh
once you have something established he just kinda has to accept it.
He'd like trespassing though, especially with his s/o. I can totally see him exploring old abandoned places, it's inspiration! He definitely just likes the quiet with his s/o.
He's not gonna join you in any other delinquent "activities" though.
Quite possibly takes it the worst.
Before you two get together he is very troubled by your presence.
Mans a doctor after all, he wants to help the community, not add more problems by raising crime levels.
He likes a quiet town without crime and drama, and you bring all that to town.
I can see him getting over it, especially if it was targeted towards jojamart, but then again I'm not too sure. He would definitely try to encourage you against it though.
If you two (somehow) get close he just learns to live with it. I don't see him trying to change someone too much, maybe just influence them on a better path?
DEFINITELY won't join you.
Ah hell yeah
This mans for it
Before and after you two have anything established.
Little skater bro already has Lewis up his ass about skateboarding everywhere
His mom would probably flip out if with you around, you're a bad influence!!!
I can see you two spray painting the tunnel out of stardew together with your initials grrbrbrbrbrbrb
He'll join you, so long as the crimes stay petty and there's no real victim.
Dudes also here for it
He might not join you as often, he doesn't really leave the house like at all
(you two probably met when you were doing something shady and he just shrugged it off fhhdkghgkjf)
He might graffiti the tunnel with you tho
He doesn't want you getting hurt, so he'll make sure your "adventures" stay tame enough, but he's not gonna try to change you of your ways or anything.
you definitely intimidate him a bit though LOL
He thought sam was a bit of a menace sometimes
oh god now there's two
Again, I don't see him joining you but he won't discourage you.
He's not exactly a pessimist once you two get together, but he's down for a little chaos sometimes (especially if he doesn't have to cause it)
You're running from Lewis trying not to get caught while he's hiding somewhere nearby pumping his fist in the air and cheering you on silently LMAO
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