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Big Brother wil zo min mogelijk troepenbewegingen, maar hij moet ons dit heerlijke middagje aan zee maar vergeven. Ontspannen uitwaaien is heel belangrijk om deze bijna opgesloten tijden door te komen. We will be back! #zee #sea #sunset #dunes #silhouette #lovedones #katwijkaanzee #strand #horizon #wandelen #stravaphoto #beach #instanetherlands #igersholland

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Design 1

•To start my initial design process I considered the movement of water as a whole, from its crashing waves to the calm flowing tide. I decided to incorporate this theme through drapery. I modeled a wool blanket in various ways to discover the feel, form and shape it took on my body as it moved. I really admired the loose flowing energy it created on my body which I believe mimics the calmness of the low tide. I came to my final design through trial and error in which I documented in a collage.
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