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Teller’s Cove Chapter 22

Teller’s Cove Chapter 22

by R.W. Van Sant

Chapter 22

It was his first time alone in the old house. He found it unnerving. It was quiet; he could hear every creak as the house responded to the wind that was growing outside. He could even hear the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks in the cove. Jerry walked over to the stereo, put on an old Eagles cd and turned the music up. He did not see how Ted survived in…


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‘Some say the creature comes back from time to time, looking for his friend. Some claim to have seen it over the years… but the boy never saw it again.’

The Water Horse (2007)

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From Western Reserve University’s 1923 yearbook.

Japan and Japanese art of old: see my Japan gallery.

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The other night as I was falling asleep I had an idea to do a piece of a ship on a stormy sea being attacked by a sea monster with an angler fish head… So here it is!

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Teller’s Cove Chapter 21

Teller’s Cove Chapter 21

By R.W. Van Sant

Chapter 21

A long hot bath soothed Jerry’s aching stomach muscles. The warm water removed the residue of the sea salt and the tensions of the day. Lying in the tub, his head mostly under water, he contemplated the events of the day. Ellie had taught him quite a bit more than Ted had. It was no criticism of his brother; it was just that she noticeably had much more experience.…


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Sea creature design for ‘BLUE’

Student film at Falmouth University 

ART BY: loulardoodle_art (Olivia Peters)

film sadly unfinished due to pandemic

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A sp00ky lad for my Ghosts of Saltmarsh campaign.

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