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#sea shanties

this is such a good report and Natalie is hilarious

great stuff

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Watching TikTok become obsessed with sea shanties is so weird. Like yea I’ve been listening to sea shanties for years… it’s not new. Welcome. Let me sit here and watch you take over and make sea shanties popular. And I selfishly don’t want them to? It’s like I’m huddled in the corner with my arms around my sea shanty playlist trying to keep these clock people from loving sea shanties more than I do. Like no, I been here for years back of. Don’t tell me how to shanty my sea. I’m the captain of this ship and you’re walking the plank. Bye.

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Currently listening to that “sea shanties to fight God to” playlist that was going around a bit back, and it is a Whole Mood. 

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I discovered eret’s sea shanty playlist.

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earlier I head a sea shanty describe women as “skinny and tight as catfish gills” and I still haven’t recovered from it

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what if you were a selkie… and i fell in love with you on the shoreline but I couldn’t join you because I’d drown, and you couldn’t join me for fear you’d die on the land……. BUT (hear me out) my great grandmother buried a seal coat which meant that you could be my bride……and then I joined you in your underwater realm???? haha jk jk,,,,,, unless???😳😳😳👉👈

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There are three categories of music

1)story telling

2) party music

3) gay yearning

And sea shanties connect them all

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So, this random idea came to me, to make soaps, candles, and body butters based on sea shanties.

Possibly “sugar and tea and rum” playing on a loop in my head has done some kind of irreparable damage.

Anyway, here’s my first draft of thoughts. Some of these aren’t really as balanced as I’d like. And full disclosure, I’m no expert on mixing fragrances. I’ve also not actually smelled all of these oils, I just know they’re all available from a specific company on Amazon, so… easy to get hold of.

Brown Sugar, White Tea, Bay Rum

Drunken Sailor
Teakwood, Beer, Metal

Blow the Man Down
Campfire, Gun, Leather

Roll the Old Chariot
Pipe, Dirt, Honeysuckle

Fiddler’s Green
Fresh Cut Grass, Ocean Breeze, Tobacco Vanilla

Rose, Night Air, Oak

Haul Away Joe
French Vanilla, Fresh Cotton, Lavender

Sugar in the Hold
Fresh Cotton, Fresh Cut Wood, Brown Sugar

Old Maui
Tahitian Vanilla, Coconut, Awapuhi

Randy Dandy O
Balsam, Apple Cider, Cinnamon

Hoist The Colours
Smoke, Rain, Bamboo

Drink Up Me Hearties
Clove, Sandalwood, Vetiver

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what do you do?

what do you do?

what do you do?

early in the morning?

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I just found out that there’s a lesbian sea shanty

Twiddles by misbehaving ladies

It Lowkey slaps

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Asking the real questions:

The boyfriend and I are arguing over sea shanties. All he said was “I want to listen to sea shanties.” I put on a playlist I have of acapella Viking chants AND sea shanties. He then got exasperated because “Viking chants are not sea shanties. Pirates need to sing them. They’re from the Caribbean.”

We then spent time at a world map with me pointing out that there were and are pirates in all areas of the globe and that Vikings were literal pillagers and thus pirates from the north. Viking chants should count and be included! His rebuttal was that “Viking chants are dark and sad.” SO ARE SEA SHANTIES! They’re literally about dying at sea without women or love. But he adds “Yeah but it was warm, so they were happy about it.”

So… Viking chants? Should they be considered sea shanties?

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