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#seal pup

Oh goodness sorry I never got back to you!

Truth be told I get exhausted quickly from typing long informational paragraps, but! I can give you point forms

1. It has been illegal in Canada to hunt seal cubs or nursing mothers for almost 40 years. Most of the hunting is done by Indigenous peoples of Canada and the US for meat, oil, and skin for the harsh northern winters

2. Seals clap their fins underwater! It’s a natural behavior that they do to communicate

3. Seal social structure:

But! Leopard Seals are excluded because they’re usually solitary animals! Like how lions hunt in packs but most big cats hunt solo!

4. Super fat seals are still healthy seals! I see videos of very fat seals at zoos and I used to worry they were eating too much and being improperly cared for. Nope! Its fine for them!

5. Seals are annoying scientists because they’ve learned to use the scientists’ sonar to find fish!

6. Leopard seals are extremely dangerous. And scary. And really cool. Oh and they sing under water!

6.5: the above link’s #7 talks about how a nice leopard seal tried to feed a photographer. I know the video so I’m linking it too! Its an interesting story! (Warnings for animal death and big scary teeth)

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Serafina enjoying a salt water flood of her cubicle!

When seals are injured/ill, on medication or not eating for themselves, they are inside in a cubicle. Once they are strong enough they are moved outside to an intermediate pool where they can build muscle, and then onto a big, deep pool with other seals, before being released

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