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#seamus finnigan
randomfandomimagine · 2 days ago
They React To You Sleeping With A Stuffed Animal (Harry Potter Preference)
Characters: Harry, Ron, Draco, Cedric, Neville, Seamus
Requested by anon
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Tumblr media
Harry is very surprised to see you have a stuffed animal that you cuddle at night, and he gawking at you when he saw you holding it. Embarrassed by his staring, you began making excuses and explaining that it was so nice to hug something as you fell asleep. Harry smiled at you and explained himself. “I just thought it was cute, actually. I never had a stuffed animal, but I would definitely cuddle one too if I had it, even now”. Enedeared by his comment, you bought him a stuffed animal of a white owl which he absolutely adored.
Tumblr media
Ron openly laughs when he finds out you sleep with a stuffed animal, finding it childish and silly. You obviously get mad at him, explaining that it’s comforting and it helps you sleep better and not have nightmares. After the argument, Ron feels guilty and goes talk to you. “Sorry that I was a jerk, I shouldn’t haved laughed, especially not if it’s helping you” and asks you about your stuffed animal.
Tumblr media
Draco would laugh at first, amused and surprised that would sleep with stuffed animals. “Really, Y/N? A stuffed animal?” However, after seeing that it hurt you when he laughed at you, he would feel bad. He cares about you, after all, and he might even buy you a stuffed animal to make up for it and as a way of telling you he doesn’t actually mind it. Sure, he would still tease you a bit about it (all in good fun now) but you still have the stuffed animal he gave you.
Tumblr media
Cedric would laugh at first, but before you can feel self-conscious about it, he lovingly smiles at you. “That’s adorable, Y/N, just when I thought you couldn’t be any cuter” and he asks the story behind the stuffed animal he caught you cuddling. Do you have it since you were little? Did your parents buy it? Does it have a lot of emotional value to you? He wants to know!
Tumblr media
Neville would fondly look at you and smile, endeared that you’re so tender as to sleep with a stuffed animal. He would then take an interest on it and start a conversation about it “does it have a name? I remember this teddy bear I had when I was little” and you two would talk about your stuffed animals and about how he sometimes misses having one, and about how emotionally valuable they were to you both.
Tumblr media
Seamus laughs at first when he goes to wake you up one day and catches you holding a stuffed animal. “I can’t believe you sleep with a stuffed animal!” but then you become really grumpy and hurt and he rushes to correct his mistake. “Hey, don’t feel bad, it’s okay, I was just surprised” and might even amke a comment about how it’s actually kind of cute.
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acciorxses · 2 days ago
since i've lost the ask (in my defense i have like 200 in there and it's all fucking spam)
@g1nny-p0tter said:
ronarry texting fic with the prompt “Did you seriously just get your foot stuck in a toilet?” “Maybe.”
word count is almost 2k words so *shrug*
read on ao3
Harry + Ron (3:34 PM)
wildhairboi: hhi ron
kingofchess: helo
kingofchess: u still at that pizza placE?
wildhairboi: nah im at home now where r u
kingofchess: w hermione in the cafe we’re playing chses
wildhairboi: u mean ur winning at chess?
kingofchess: king of chess for a reason
kingofchess: some1 called her tho so we’v paused for a bit
wildhairboi: oh ok jsjx93s gg
wildhairboi: anyways i had a question
kingofchess: shoot
wildhairboi: do u ever just take off ur engagement ring and hold it for a bit to stare at it bc it’s so pretty
kingofchess: yes actually r u stalking me
wildhairboi: ron what we live in hte same house of course i am
kingofchess: true
kingofchess: continue
wildhairboi: yh so i was in the bathroom washing my hands
wildhairboi: the ring was on the counter thingy bc i was using soap ykykyk
wildhairboi: then i moved my hand and BOOM
wildhairboi: it flew off the counter :(
kingofchess: it fucking what now
kingofchess: it’s gone :(
wildhairboi: nooo it’s ok i got it
kingofchess: why did u make it sound so terrible then
wildhairboi: have patience child
kingofchess: we’re engaged????
wildhairboi: then have patience you fucking bitch of a fiancé
kingofchess: okay.
wildhairboi: yeah anyways it fell near this place so i went near the place and got it but then i couldn’t and stuff happened but the point is
wildhairboi: my foot is in a bad position rn
kingofchess: what?????
kingofchess: also hermione’s asking me why i look so confused what do i say
wildhairboi: tell her
wildhairboi: tell her that her best friend got his foot stuck in a toilet
kingofchess: you got ur ehat stuck in the where
wildhairboi: my foot
wildhairboi: my foot got stuck in the toilet
wildhairboi: actually don’t tell her anything
kingofchess: this is hilarious
wildhairboi: no
kingofchess: everyone in the cafe is lookkng at me rn
wildhairboi: ron
kingofchess: hermione looks cocnerned
kingofchess: they might call the ambulanc wait
wildhairboi: [gun.jpeg]
kingofchess: [hearts.gif]
kingofchess: Did you seriously get your foot stuck in a toilet? (This is Hermione)
wildhairboi: maybe.
kingofchess: Harry
wildhairboi: [confusion.gif]
kingofchess: I know how to backread
wildhairboi: fine i did don’t make fun of me just tell me how to escape
kingofchess: yous makeieIT sounD lik ur LIf is in danger LMDOAPSOod
kingofchess: That was Ron he’s crying right now
wildhairboi: i will throw a rubber duck at u both
kingofchess: You gotta admit it’s pretty funny
kingofchess: What about chess?
wildhairboi: fUCK CHESS wtf herminoe HELPME
kingofchess: Lol
wildhairboi: ykw give ron his phone bck
kingofchess: But he’s gonna laugh at you too?
wildhairboi: .kvkfkeodovovoosld do it anyways
wildhairboi: ok how do i get my foot out
wildhairboi: ?
kingofchess: ttry to take off ur shoe
wildhairboi: how
kingofchess: curl ur toes?????
wildhairboi: won’t work it8s still stuck
kingofchess: guess there’s only one thing left to do
kingofchess: ee’re goin back home rn
wildhairboi: what r u gonna do
kingofchess: cut ur foot off
wildhairboi: WHAT
kingofchess: jk
kingofchess: hopefully
wildhairboi: uh
kingofchess: :)
wildhairboi: :)
wildhairboi: r u gonna pull my foot out
kingofchess: i don’t see any other options
wildhairboi: um
wildhairboi: hermione must have SOMETHing
kingofchess: she
kingofchess: she said try to press ur foot in further and then flatten it and pull it out???
wildhairboi: IT’S STUCK EVEN MORE
kingofchess: she said sorry lmao
wildhairboi: [smile.gif]
kingofchess: that’s not a very nice smile
wildhairboi: i know
kingofchess: ah
kingofchess: ok so u have ur phone right
wildhairboi: no i’m textng thru my laptop
kingofchess: just ASKING u sarcastic little shit
kingofchess: anywyas why can’t u search it up
wildhairboi: because google having the answers to how to get your foot out of a toilet is VERY high
kingofchess: just search it up
wildhairboi: [ss.jpeg]
wildhairboi: should i try to get my foot out in the same way hes unclogging
kingofchess: what would u even do
wildhairboi: lol idk
kingofchess: please just
kingofchess: just wait for me and hermione to get there
wildhairboi: whatever
wildhairboi: im gonna watch cat videos in the meantime
wildhairboi: goodbye
kingofchess: what
kingofchess: harry
kingofchess: hArry
kingofchess: fuck
the unhinged flamingos (3:48 PM)
toadcolouredeyes: how do u get ur foot that’s stuck in a toilet out of said toilet
toadcolouredeyes: asking for a frien d
jennyvra: u dont
urlocalgay: cut it off
arteest: pour paint into the toilet
toadcolouredeyes: where is luna
jennyvra: she’s baking us a CAKE with flowers
urlocalgay: what
jennyvra: what?
urlocalgay: uh nvm
toadcolouredeyes: of ALL TIMES TO BE OFFLINe
jennyvra: lol
toadcolouredeyes: @tallerthanu WHERE RU
jennyvra: while we wait for him
jennyvra: how did u get ur foot stuck in a toilet
toadcolouredeyes: i was asking for a friend
arteest: literally no one believes that
toadcolouredeyes: your the worst dean
jennyvra: you’re
toadcolouredeyes: my foot s stuck in a fucking toilet
toadcolouredeyes: so forgive me for not caring about that
jennyvra: forgiven
jennyvra: but i have to take every chance i can get in making fun of u
toadcolouredeyes: i will cut off ur eyelashes
urlocalgay: thats the best u can come up with?
toadcolouredeyes: MY FOOT IS IN A TOILET SeamUS
arteest: a pitiful excuse
toadcolouredeyes: i will block u all
tallerthanu: even me :(
toadcolouredeyes: MY SAVIOUR
toadcolouredeyes: i could never
toadcolouredeyes: [heart<3.gif]
tallerthanu: [gun.gif]
jennyvra: whatsup with the gun brohter dearest
tallerthanu: WHATS UP is thati cant open the door to my own house
arteest: u what
urlocalgay: break the door
arteest: pick the lock
jennyvra: get a hammer
tallerthanu: how about no
toadcolouredeyes: YOU’RE TELLING ME
toadcolouredeyes: IM STUCK HERE for ETERNITY
jennyvra: yes
jennyvra: mum will b pleased to hav u back at the burrow, ron
tallerthanu: lmao
urlocalgay: dw harry ronns gonna break down the door for u
tallerthanu: i am?
arteest: he is?
jennyvra: he what
toadcolouredeyes: uh quick reminder we live there
tallerthanu: we can fix the door. ccan we attach ur legs back together?
toadcolouredeyes: my legs are intact?
tallerthanu: with u being harry, not for long
toadcolouredeyes: what
toadcolouredeyes: nvm im not gonna ask
jennyvra: i say we break his kneecap and very gently pull his leg out
jennyvra: then we go to the hosptial to try to reattach it but fail and come back with harry having a broken knee
toadcolouredeyes: where is ur gf
jennyvra: still making the cake
toadcolouredeyes: pls tell her to hurry up
jennyvra: no
arteest: this is entertaining
urlocalgay: yeah sure it is but are we breaking his kneecap
arteest: how about his ankle
jennyvra: how about BOTH
toadcolouredeyes: why
urlocalgay: it’s for ur own good
arteest: ur foot’s stuck right??? so we break ur ankle and pull it out but ur knee might get in the way so
arteest: hey ginny’s right
arteest: let’s do both
jennyvra: do it do it do it
urlocalgay: but what if his shin gets in the way
arteest: kill the tibia
jennyvra: if you’re gonna corerct me at least be direct about it??? like. fuck you
arteest: i...i wasnt correcting u?
jennyvra: sure
arteest: uhm sorry?
jennyvra: u should be
urlocalgay: did harry and ron die lol
jennyvra: maybe ron’s trying to rbeak in
jennyvra: knock knock bang bang door gets pang panged
arteest: what
urlocalgay: [visibleconfusion.jpeg]
jennyvra: lmao
toadcolouredeyes: MY SOUL SHALL BE FREED
arteest: ur foot isn’t stuck in the toilet anymore?
urlocalgay: aw
urlocalgay: we don’t get to crush his kneecap shin and ankle
jennyvra: [headpat.gif]
toadcolouredeyes: sorry what
toadcolouredeyes: it’s still stuck but
toadcolouredeyes: ron kept banging on the lock
urlocalgay: strong boi hejdjdjejwjksjdkskakldoc
toadcolouredeyes: and when that wasn’t very sffective
jennyvra: harry trying to use big words <3
arteest: [clap.gif]
toadcolouredeyes: fuck you all
toadcolouredeyes: anyhoo
toadcolouredeyes: then they realised hermione had a hair pin
toadcolouredeyes: and now they’re the stabbing the keyhole
jennyvra: i don’t think it works like that
jennyvra: i should go there
jennyvra: or you’re gonna b stuck for a loooong time
toadcolouredeyes: they opened it
jennyvra: tf???
arteest: how
urlocalgay: this is fuckinh ridiculous lol
toadcolouredeyes: ok so they took my engagement ring
toadcolouredeyes: kinda rude
jennyvra: it might be because ur ring is in danger of falling and meeting ur foot in the toilet
jennyvra: but yes
jennyvra: very rude of them
arteest: what abou your phone
urlocalgay: hello????
jennyvra: lmao did his phone drop into the toilet HHAHHa i’m gonna make sm fun of him
arteest: why did he even have his phone in the first place?
toadcolouredeyes: i was washing my hands and my phone was in my pocket and then i dropped my engagement ring and then i speedran to where it was going and stuff happened and then my foot got stuck in the toilet lol
toadcolouredeyes: then i took out my phone and yeah
urlocalgay: kk
urlocalgay: why were u ignoring us
jennyvra: >:(
toadcolouredeyes: because they’re getting my foot out
arteest: how’s that going
toadcolouredeyes: they’re probably gonna not let me go there without ron-supervision ever again
jennyvra: ron supervision
jennyvra: i just choked on my water
jennyvra has changed toadcolouredeyes’s display name to toiletsmyenemy.
toiletsmyenemy has left the group chat.
jennyvra: DID HE JUST
arteest: he did
urlocalgay has added Harry Potter to the group chat
Harry: no
Harry: add me back when my foot’s out
jennyvra: why then
Harry: i can kick ur door off its hinges
arteest: as if
Harry: don’t underestimate me :)
Harry Potter has left the group chat.
urlocalgay: sounds ominous
jennyvra: the audacity that has tho???
jennyvra: like
jennyvra: just leaving after saying ur gonna break a door down
arteest: i wonder why he went to the unhinged flamingos and not 1991 bitches
arteest: all of the sane people are there
arteest: this place was specifically made for idiots like us with the exception of luna
jennyvra: he’s in the group for a reason
urlocalgay: lmao
urlocalgay: how’s the foot removing going @tallerthanu
arteest: i cannot begin to explain how wrong that sounds
urlocalgay: [troyshrugging.jpeg]
tallerthanu: almost out
jennyvra: woohohoho
jennyvra: hey wait the cakesdone
jennyvra: :o
jennyvra: bye
arteest: i want cake
urlocalgay: ???????? she just
urlocalgay: left
urlocalgay: rude but ok
tallerthanu: IT’S OUT
tallerthanu: the foot and the ring are ALIVE
arteest: [clapping.gif]
urlocalgay: good job. We knew u could do it
tallerthanu: you wanted to crush his knee shin and ankle because you thought it was the only way
urlocalgay: that is not the point
tallerthanu: pretty sure it is
urlocalgay: be grateful to us
tallerthanu: why
urlocalgay: if we didnt start talking about how we were gonna break his knee and shin and ankle u’d have never gone to save him
tallerthanu: i went to our house before u said any of that
arteest: he’s got a point
urlocalgay has kicked tallerthanu out of the group chat.
jennyvra: that was some good cake
jennyvra: luna’s asleep now she’s tired
jennyvra: why did my brother get kicked out of chat while i was gone
urlocalgay: he was giving himself too much credit
arteest has added Ron Weasley and Harry Potter to the group chat.
urlocalgay: we’re getting a divorce dean
arteest: we are not married
urlocalgay: yeah but we’re dating so i can do that
jennyvra: what is going on
Harry: idk but IM FREE
Ron: can i shove seamus’s foot into a toilet
urlocalgay: im innocent. I have never done ANYTHING to war ant hat kind of treatment.
jennyvra: it’s warrant you dumb fuck
urlocalgay: uh typo
jennyvra: [whyyoualwayslyin.gif]
urlocalgay: YOU
Ron: hey let’s go get some cake at lun a and ginny’s house
urlocalgay: oooooo let’s go
jennyvra: uh wtf sudden much
jennyvra: who said u could coem
Harry: no one
Harry: but i did say im breaking someone’s door down didnt i :)
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jennybobenny36 · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
🍻🍾Dean, Parvati, Lavender, & Seamus!🍾🍻
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wingardiumhogwartsosa · 7 months ago
Ron : Now that snape is DADA professor, who will teach potion?
Y/n : I heard it’s Gordon Ramsay
Ron : Who is that?
Hermione : Oh no!
Harry : We are screwed
Potion Class
Prof. Ramsay : COME HEREEE DONKEY! Look! What is this?
Draco : Dragon, sir
Prof. Ramsay : This fucking dragon is still raw it can still fly! Fuck Off!
Prof. Ramsay : WHERE IS THE LAMB SAUCE!?!?!?!?!?
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ameliaofasgard · 24 days ago
Those Damn Gloves (F.Weasley x OC) *smut* ((18+ only!!)
Tumblr media
Summary | Fred & oc are close friends who love to tease each other. But when Amelia catches Fred in a.. um.. compromised position, things get a bit… steamy. 18+ ONLY INTERACT
Warnings | smut, mentions of piv, masturbating, cum, hand kink, choking, alcohol/drinking, voyeurism, oral, riding,
Fred Weasley is a son of a bitch. Slytherin had been off to a great start this match, and of course my very attractive friend and long-time crush and the rest of Team Potter just couldn’t let us win ONE bloody game. The ginger menace himself had actually left his beater gloves in the great hall yesterday and i hadn’t gotten to return them before the match, so when i looked into my binoculars all i saw was those hands.
I clenched my teeth and swallowed tightly. The muscles of Fred’s arms stood out as he brought the bat back and aimed a bludger at Montague. The lack of gloves meant i had a perfect view of the veins standing taught against his skin and he gripped the bad with such force I was surprised it hadn’t splintered.
“You alright there, A?” Blaise peered at me, “looks like you’re going to pass out.”
“M’fine, just irritated.” I sat back,
“It’s happening again,” I said, turning to him.
He smirked and looked back down at his book,
“The Potter effect knows no bounds.”
I snapped around to the pitch again as i hear the telltale signs of Gryffindor about to score again. Fred just so happens to zoom up to our stands and hovers for a moment, so close i could reach out and grab him. Giving me a cocky grin, he tightens his grip on both the broom and the bat. I reflexively smile and roll my eyes, as his dart back to the game.
My cheeks feel hot. I imagine those hands cupping my face as he kisses me, squeezing my breasts as he places his mouth all over my chest. My friend Fred putting just the right amount of pressure on my neck. Those strong, long fingers threading through my hair and tugging. Pulling at my shirt and my panties-
“HARRY POTTER HAS CAUGHT THE SNITCH! ANOTHER GREAT GAME BY THE GRYFFINDOR TEAM-“ and as Lee drags, on the roar of the lions den drowns him out.
I say my goodbyes to Blaise and head down to meet Team Potter. Blaise comes to games to support our house, but crowds aren’t his thing. I step carefully around bystanders and look around for Seamus or Dean when sweaty arms wrap around my torso and a rough voice whispers in my ear.
“You stole my lucky gloves.”
I stop breathing for a second, but then i smile and turn, pulling away from Fred.
“Lucky my arse, you seemed to be doing fine without them.”
Fred grins,
“Which is tough to do with your pretty little eyes following my every move.”
“And what makes you think I meant to look at you? Maybe i got you confused with George again,” i teased.
Which is an absolute lie, i’ve known the boys long enough to recognize their differences. But Fred doesn’t mention that, or the fact that they have different numbered jerseys.
He just leans on his broom and rolls up his sleeves,
“You know, i heard there’s going to be a party tonight. Can i interest you in entering the lions den with me tonight m’lady?” his usual accent becoming a bit more posh than usual.
I pretend to consider it, then assume an air of superiority that comes almost too naturally to me.
“Well Sir Weasley, if thou would escort me- i may be so inclined.”
“Then it’s on, let me just go shower,” he laughs.
When i start to turn away towards the castle, i feel a hand on my wrist,
“Wait! Just- wait for me by the lockers, i’ll be quick.”
He isn’t quick. Weasley’s definition of a quick shower is 24 minutes and 17 seconds. After the first two i walk back out to the pitch to congratulate some of my other friends, and Hermione asks if I’ll come to the party to discuss books with her. I nod and hug George, telling him I’ll walk back with Freddie. Harry awkwardly laughs and side hugs me after i tell him it was a great catch, even though i’ll have to hex him for beating my house. Everyone slowly meanders off and i head back towards the showers.
I can hear the water and see the steam, but all that fades away as i hear Fred Weasley groan longingly.
“Ugh Amelia, fuck.”
My breath hitched. No way. No fucking way. He’d known i was waiting for him- he told me to! Unless.. maybe Fred heard me leave to say hi to the others, but hadn’t heard my return as he now seemed.. busy. My legs moved of their own accord and brought me around to see him in all his glory.
Naked, facing the tiled wall with one hand braced against it, the other frantically jerking himself off. More moans and grunts fell from Fred’s lips as his hips reflexively thrust into his hand.
My teeth catch my bottom lip and my hand traces a path from my lower belly to be breast, then down again to my center. The heat building there is radiating into my palm as i squeeze myself, desperately needing friction. Needing release. Needing him. Before i realize what i’m doing, my left hand joins my right and they unbutton my jeans, dragging my panties down with them.
If Fred were to turn around now i’d be naked from the waist down, practically salivating at the sight of him bare and wet in front of me. My legs back up slowly until my calves hit a bench behind me. But i can still see Fred, and hear every curse leaving his mouth. I spread my legs and slink a hand up to grab my breast’s and pinch my nipples. I feel possessed. Anyone could walk in, see this- hear us. But i don’t care. This carnal need for my good friend Fred Weasley to sink me down onto his cock and choke me with those hands- it’s too much.
My eyes slit, almost closing as i start easing one and then two fingers into my dripping hole. The steam billows more and more as Fred fucks his hand. No longer saying my name anymore, just “fuck yea” and “so good for me”. My knees spread wider as i bring my hand away from my center just long enough to taste myself, then i bring it back down and start to circle my clit with hard precision. Chasing a high that only thoughts of *him* can give me. My eyes finally do slip closed, but i still hear the wet sound of skin slapping as he tugs harder at his cock. My mind still conjures pictures of Fred making those noises while inside of me, his tongue circling my clit as i whimper and scream his name. Those hands gripping my ass, and mine pulling his flaming red hair as i ride him. I bite the inside of my cheek, a sweat beginning to break out along my skin.
“I’m-I. I’m close. F-fuck fuckfuck-“
My eyes snap open and I realize the reason Fred’s voice caught. Not because he finished, like id thought, but because he *sees* me. Brown eyes locked together, neither of us move. Neither of us stop, either. His hand only slows a bit, and mine doesn’t at all. Instead of feeling embarrassed, i feel all the more aroused. Fred’s face is a mixture of shock and awe as he drinks in the sight of me spread over the benches, my fingers frantically pressing into my clit and dipping inside of me.
*I should stop. Maybe say something.*
But what is there to say? “Sorry,”? I’m not. I’m not sorry. I’m- I’m- horny. I want him to run over and fuck me into the lockers. Ruin me. Jam his fingers down my throat, and bruise me until i can’t walk. So i don’t stop, i don’t speak. I just- raise one eyebrow at him. A challenge. Freddie is never one to back away from a challenge. This one is simple, whoever comes last loses. Eyes trailing from those brown orbs to the white skin stretched taut over his abs and arms. That thick cock, still being gripped tightly and pumped.
“Faster, baby. Do it faster for me,” Fred calls.
The showers are loud, but not enough that he has to yell. There’s no crack in his voice, no hesitancy- only urgency. So i go faster, plunging my fingers deeper. Staring into his eyes. I let out a whimper, and i know he’s heard it when i see his face twitch and his hand tighten around himself.
I smirk, “Why don’t you come over here and help me out, Weasley?”
Fred says nothing.
“My fingers aren’t long enough,” I whine.
“Fuck, i want your cock in me Fred. I- I want your strong hands in me. Holding me down while you fuck me so hard I forget my name.”
“I bet you do.”
I’m close, i can feel it.
“Fuck, Freddie.”
“Harder, love. Shi-shitfuck i bet you’d feel so good around me. So tight. My hands around that pretty little neck of yours-ah,” he inhales as he begins to tip over the edge.
But it’s too late. I frantically keep circling my clit as i feel myself tighten around my right fingers. The moan i let out is almost pornographic, but i can’t bring myself to care. My eyes close and roll back as i hear Fred groan across from me.
“Fuck,” we both say.
I take a shaky deep breath and open my eyes. He’s staring. Open-mouthed, hands on his knees, trying desperately to catch his breath. I slowly pull my hands from my center and close my legs.
Merlin, I don’t think either of us have even blinked yet. I’m honestly so unsure of what to do next. What the hell do you do after a mutual orgasm given to you by one of your best friends? Say thanks?
“We’re gonna be late.”
I blinked. Shit.
“R-right,” I swallow and lean down to pull up my panties. But i hestitate, because i’m literally dripping and sweaty- which isn’t an ideal party look. I hear Fred shut off the shower and his footsteps fade as he leaves to get dressed. So instead of pulling up my pants i strip off everything and turn up the water again. My mind is racing, but at the same time it’s so empty i almost feel dizzy.
When i’m done, there’s a towel on the rack next to me- which definitely wasn’t there before.
“You can borrow my jumper, and Angie has extra leggings in her locker,” he says.
I numbly walk over and take both out of his hands and slip them on, along with my still wet panties.
Then we leave that steamy, sex smelling, locker room. And that.. is when my thoughts hit me all at once.
Why the hell isn’t his voice shaky? Why aren’t his knees weak? Should I tell Hermione? Is Fred going to tell George??? Fucking hell. I trail my eyes up from the grounds to the 6ft ginger next to me.
Frederick Gideon Weasley looks to be the epitome of calm. Not the epitome of someone who just jerked off in front of his friend in the Gryffindor locker room.
A sudden rush of heat hits me, and the smell of alcohol- as well as someone physically hitting me,
“AMES! Where the hell have you been?” Dean yells, arm around my shoulders.
“Nowhere, but it smells like *you’ve* been in the bottle,” I laugh, reflexively turning to Fred- who STILL hasn’t spoken.
But he’s walking away, weaving his way past a sea of drunk Gryffindors towards Lee and George- who both wave at me. I weakly wave back while trying to hold Dean up.
This is gonna be one hell of a night.
Notes | hi! so this is my first time posting a one shot type of thing like this so pls be gentle with me. also i wrote this as an oc bc i guess technically it is, but this is just a series of my shifting stories so yea.. lmk if anyone wants a part 2!!!
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rainydayathogwarts · 4 months ago
Second person p.o.v Warnings: Um well I think the title kind of gives it away Characters are: Harry, Ron, Oliver, Cedric, James, Percy and Seamus. The wattpad world hasn't seen the seamus one and it's probably the best one. Tell me if you want other characters, or one with the girls😌
Tumblr media
Harry: You hadn't realised that you had done anything wrong. Everyone was sat having dinner in the Great Hall when you made eye contact with Harry. You winked at him, and turned back to face your friends.
You smirked, remembering how things got a little bit heated in an empty classroom before your last class. You bit your lip and shook the thought out of your head. You risked another glance at Harry's seat only to find him rushing out of it and speed-walking out of the Hall. Your eyes widened and you stood up to follow your boyfriend, worry bubbling in your chest.
"Harry!" You called out, breaking into a run when you spotted him. He abruptly stopped in his tracks, turning around to face you. He visibly sighed in relief. "Are you-" You cut yourself off when you saw an evident tent in your boyfriend's trousers.
He tugged at his trousers uncomfortably, taking one of your hands and dragging you down the hallways. "I sure hope Ron didn't cause that." You joked. "Ha ha, very funny. Somehow, it was actually you who caused this, and now since you're here, might as well fix it, don't you think?"
You gulped and nodded quickly, gasping when Harry pushed you into the nearest broom closet and ordered "On your knees, princess."
Ron: Staying at the Burrow with Ron and his family at the end of the summers became a normal thing. You all were going into your sixth year now and you and Ron had been together for just over a year. You both had done some stuff but never actually gone all the way and done the deed. Of course, with your horny excuse of a boyfriend, you assumed that it wouldn't be long until you did.
The lot of you had just finished dinner. Bill and Fleur had joined you and were currently helping helping Mrs. Weasley tidy up the tables from the garden. You walked into the Burrow, grinning when you saw Ron sprawled out on one of the armchairs with his eyes closed.
You pranced over to him, plopping down on his laps. He opened his eyes, lazily smiling at you. You wiggled a little bit to make yourself comfortable but were stopped by one of his strong arms. "Baby, no." You furrowed your eyebrows, turning to look a his face properly and give him a confused glance but he put his hands on your hips, stopping you from doing so.
"Ron wh-" You gasped, unable to finish your sentence when you felt what was most definitely a growing hard-on in between your thighs.
Right at that moment, the twins, Bill and Fleur joined the two of you in the living room.  Ron was only becoming harder under you and you adjusted yourself once more, making him suck in a sharp breath. Ginny stepped out of the kitchen with Hermione by her side, both of them heading back outside. "You coming (Y/N)?"
"I-" "No!" Ron interrupted. That earned him weird looks from his family members. "He's just jealous that I've been spending much time with you guys is all." You lied swiftly. You felt Ron stiffly nodding his head from behind you. You could only imagine how red his face was.
You looked down at your hands, a blush creeping onto your own cheeks. Out of the corner of your eye, you could see Bill smirking. You scratched the back of your neck nervously, hoping to change the topic of conversation but alas.
You heard  loud wolf-whistle coming from George as Fred let out a yell. "Boner! Ronniekins has a boner!" You felt all the blood rushing to your head as Ron dug his face in between your shoulder blades. Bill finally broke, letting out a loud laugh that he failed miserably at hiding. "In my defense-" You squeaked as Harry came into view and Fleur tried hiding a smile "I-I didn't mean to?"
Oliver: You stood in the Gryffindor changing rooms with your arms crossed on your chest. You leaned on the wall with a small smile on your face as you listened to Oliver give his team a motivational speech.
Usually you'd also be needed on the pitch, but because of a shoulder injury, your healer told you not to play Quidditch for the school year. It was unfortunate, it really was, especially since it was your last year at Hogwarts and you wanted to win the Cup for your House team.
As Oliver brought his speech down to a close, you pushed yourself off the wall and walked over to him. His team cheered, excitedly rushing out of the room to get ready for the game with a little warm-up.
You grinned, pulling Oliver closer to you by the belt hoops in his pants and placing a soft kiss on his lips.  Before he could deepen the kiss, you pulled away, peppering his neck with light kisses as you spoke. "You're going to play well today Oli?" He nodded, his eyes fluttering close.
"I always play good." He whispered. You hummed against his neck, telling him "Well I'll tell you what; if you win the game by a lot, you might get a little surprise after the match."
His eyebrows shot up and his eyes widened. He visibly swallowed and you took one of his hands in yours and slipped it under your pants for him to feel your lace underwear. He slowly brought his hand back to his side and he rearranged his red Quidditch robes around him as he walked out of the changing rooms.
"I'll see you on the stands?" He asked, stopping in the doorway. "'Course you will." You chuckled, smirking when you heard him mutter to himself "Now's not the time Oliver."
Cedric: "Oh come on Ced, what's the worst that could happen? Whoever she is, I'm sure she likes you back." You spoke, taking a left. You saw him shake his head out of the corner of your eye and groaned. You halted in your step, turning towards your best friend.
"Cedric Diggory, you look at me in the eyes." Reluctantly, he did as you told him to, "You could get any girl, guy or non-binary person in this castle! For fuck's sake you could probably get Professor Dumbledore if you wanted to, so go get the girl you're crushing on! Lord knows it's about time you've moved on from Cho!"
A small smile formed on his face, "Well what about you?" he asked. "What about me?" You repeated his previous words. "Could I get you if I wanted to?" Your entire face flushed red but you nodded nonetheless. "Oh yeah you could totally get me if you wanted to."
Cedric's head shot up in shock and he grinned widely. "Really?" You mumbled a bunch of incoherent words and took bigger steps to the prefects' meeting room. He grabbed your arm, tugging you back and pressing his soft lips to yours roughly.
One of his hands cupped your cheeks and you sighed in the kiss, your small hands gripping his Hufflepuff robes. He pulled away and you bashfully smiled up at him. "We can't be late to a prefects' meeting Ced, come on."
His hands gripped your waist from behind and he pulled you in closer to him. He pecked your forehead, saying, "We're early, there's still 20 minutes before the meeting." "What do you suggest we do, then?" You asked, looking him up and down with a cheeky grin.
Cedric's eyes widened as he zoned out for a moment, and you saw the blood rush to his ears as he shifted uncomfortably on his two feet. "Fuck you (Y/N)." He muttered, turning around and heading in the direction of the men's bathrooms. You laughed loudly, shouting after him "Don't be late!"
James (marauders era): James smiled at you lazily from where he laid on the bed. One hand went behind him as he blindly searched for his glasses on his bedside table. "I've got the best parents in the world." He whispered when he found them, placing them on his face. You laughed, sitting up and stretching your back slightly.
"I mean I'm not going to complain that I get to sleep in the same bed as you." You managed to say mid-yawn. "Nor that I can peacefully get a morning kiss from you." James beamed, his muscled arms opening wide to expose his bare chest as he welcomed you in his arms.
You snuggled in his warm hold, placing a small kiss on his chest. "For a chaser on the (H/H) team, your aim is terrible." He joked and puckered his lips slightly. You leaned up, giving him a proper kiss. "Mhm, yes please." He muttered against your lips, pulling you closer to him by the hips.
Your crotch accidentally grinded against his as he deepened the kiss and he gasped, though he didn't pull away. He bucked his hips into yours for some more friction and you let out a quiet moan into his mouth. You could feel him smirk into the kiss as one of his hands made its way past your hips and down your lower back.
You broke away from James's kiss when you felt his hard-on poking the inside of the thigh. You moved your lips to his neck, pressing little kisses all over it, occasionally sucking, but not hard enough to leave any marks. His eyes fluttered shut and his grips tightened on your hip and backside.
"James, (Y/N)! Sirius is here, get out of bed!" Euphemia yelled from down the stairs. James let out an almost inaudible gasp and you shot up, your eyes immediately going to the door. "No, no, no!" James whined quietly, reaching out to you.
In mere seconds, the door to the room burst open and Sirius Black stood with a wide smirk on his face. It only widened when his eyes scanned the situation. Swollen lips, messy hair, panicked faces, and more importantly, James's hard bulge fighting against the thin fabric of his boxers.
"I'll let you guys finish," he said, slowly leaving the room, "EUPHEMIA!" he then shouted, his fast footsteps heard through the closed wooden door.
Percy: "Perce, hey Perce." you whispered, running a hand through his red hair to try waking him up. He moaned, turning to his other side. You giggled, leaning over to press short kisses on the side of his face. "Baby, wake up." "Noo" he whined, dragging the word out.
"We're needed down in the Great Hall, c'mon." "But I don't wanna." He continued, still half asleep. Sleepy Percy was the cutest Percy. "My love, there's been a Sirius Black situation. They're saying he attacked your brother." At that, he shot up.
"What? Which one? Is he okay? Did anyone check if he's okay?" He rushed in, his eyes taking in all the details in your face to make sure nothing too bad happened. "Don't worry about it my love, I checked up on him already, but they need us in the Great Hall, Head student duties."
He took your face in his hands, kissing you passionately. "Thank you, thank you, thank you." He hugged you tightly, and you could hear him taking deep breaths. You moved one of your hands to gently rub his thigh, but you misplaced it, instead accidentally putting his right over his crotch.
He lifted his head off your shoulder, giving you a look of shock and you pulled your hand away, a blush blooming on your face. "Perce I'm-" "It's fine!" he squeaked, also turning red. You took a glimpse down at the problem you caused, your eyes widening when you noticed how hard you actually made him. Damn teenage hormones.
"I think I just-wait outside." He nodded frantically and you got up, leaving outside to let him deal with his, uh, problem.
Seamus: Seamus had a bad habit of not being able to stay away from you for more than a half hour  when you didn't have classes and was always immediately on the search for you after those minutes passed. It was rare that you both had free periods at the same time and Seamus would be sure to use those to his advantage.
That's how you both ended up in his dormitory, you on top of him, peppering kisses all over his neck, and occasionally sucking on the soft skin. Seamus used his strength to flip the both of you, breathing heavily. "Already having trouble breathing?" You teased, "We haven't even gotten to the good part." And you knew that he'd make you pay for that. He grinded his very prominent hard-on into your fully clothed heat, making you let out a moan.
He smirked, leaning down to capture your lips in a rough, passionate kiss. Your hand trailed down to open his fly and unzip his zipper. You took your time undoing his button and pulling his trousers down, even as he rushed to remove yours. The tent in his white boxers was evident and just before you went to pull them down, you went back up to take his shirt off. Seamus growled, hurriedly unclasping your bra, having taken your button-up shirt off long before.
"Seamus mate!?" Came from the dormitory door, accompanied by loud knocking. "Professor McGonagall is seriously going to get mad if we're late again!" "Fuck." Seamus muttered, dropping his head in the crook of your neck, his hips bucking into your teasing hand. "Is (Y/N) in with you as well?" Dean continued, "I really don't want to go in there right now mate, come on, we're all going to be incredibly late!"
"Seamus?" You asked him, when he didn't respond or move. "Darling." He breathed out. "Yeah, give us a second and we'll be out mate!" He got off the bed, leaning down to help you clasp your bra and put the rest of your clothes on before putting on his own, struggling to button his pants. He groaned at the discomfort and tugged at his trousers to try and give himself space to breathe.
He give you one last kiss before running a hand through his hair and picking up both your bags, holding yours out of reach so you wouldn't try to take it from him and carry it yourself. You took his hand in yours, tugging him back for a moment as he went to open the door. "I'll make it up to you, I promise." You whispered to him, giving him a  look of reassurance and he let out a noise that resembled a whine, tugging at his trousers once more.
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thequibbler1437 · 2 months ago
Disney relationships that remind me of hp boys
Warnings: none just pure fluff
Summary: just relationships from Disney that would remind me of them in a relationship.
Includes: Harry, Ron, George, Fred, Lee, Oliver, Cedric, Seamus, Dean, Neville,
Harry: John Smith and Pocahontas
Tumblr media
Harry would be the very awkward boy he always is at first but soon he wouldn’t be. But he would always get himself in trouble it would always be a fight or something stupid he did for you.
Ron: Cinderella and Prince Charming
Tumblr media
I think he would see you and try talking and before he could ask your name you left. and he tried to find you and once he did you guys became friends and soon you fell for him as well and soon enough you guys started dating.
George: Flynn Rider and Rapunzel
Tumblr media
I don't know what it is but I feel like he would be just like Flynn Rider. He would most likely take you with him to prank filch or anyone in fact. I feel like you guys would be close friends then he would admit his feelings to you after a couple years of pinning. Nevertheless, he reminds me of Flynn.😂
Fred: Lady and the Tramp
Tumblr media
I mean who doesn’t believe that these two were made for each other. In the beginning Fred of course would be to wild and reckless but once you show up he is calm and not so reckless.It was meant to be honestly.
Lee: Aurora and prince Phillip
Tumblr media
I think that Lee would most likely save you from something like a prank or etc and he would catch you attention and he would always worry you would like someone else but as fate has it you are head over heels for him and only him.
Oliver: Tarzan and Jane
Tumblr media
I think that Oliver would be in love with quidditch. Then one year you show up to a tryout and he has never felt this way before and he can’t understand it. And once he sees how much you love quidditch he finally realizes that he’s in love with you and he asks you out on a date and soon you turn into lovers.
Cedric: Meg and Hercules
Tumblr media
Maybe you have gotten your heart broken to many times to love so when he comes around you pay him little to no mind but soon he’s giving you all of this attention and for the first time in a while you feel loved and you start to return those feelings.
Seamus: Todd and Vixey
Tumblr media
He would be quite shy at first and clumsy probably during potions you make eye contact and he blows it up but more than he usually does and this is what most likely made you fall for him. Once he finally musters up the courage to ask you out and you say yes he’s over the moon and tells all his friends about you.
Dean: Robin Hood and Maid Marian
Tumblr media
I think he would treat you as if your the only girl in the world and love you to bits and pieces. You would become great friends with his friends and it would feel like you are one big family.
Neville: Bernard and Bianca
Tumblr media
He would be so shy to ask you out so imagine his surprise when you asked him out. He would be over the moon that you liked him back and then would wonder why your with him instead of all of the other guys you could have but you chose him that was when he knew you guys would be together for a long time.
Let me know who else I should do.🥰
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chaoticbritishqueen · 2 months ago
Seamus: Hello, want to play a game?
Dean: Uh, sure?
Seamus: It’s called Ron or Ginny
Seamus: I’ll give you actual quotes I’ve heard Harry say, and you have to guess if he’s talking with his girlfriend or his best friend!
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avia-tyra · a month ago
They’re not gay? Really? J.K, dude, even the actors, directors and the readers thought that they were gay!
A lot of people shipped them, and to keep them apart you-
Killed off Sirius (who was one of my favourite characters, and I’ll never forgive you for that)
Married Remus to a woman, and gave them a child.
Honestly, I can imagine Tonks as pansexual.
Next you made them die… holding hands and their child parentless (what is with you and children who are traumatized for the rest of their lives?)
Finally, after you wouldn’t name any of your characters to be queer, you declared that Dumbledore …. DUMBLEDORE! ALBUS PERCIVAL WULFRIC BRIAN DUMBLEDORE was gay.
Truth be told, I think Remus and Sirius had more sense than Tonks and Remus did. Just telling you basic information.
You can’t tell me that Dean and Seamus wasn’t gay for each other. You just can’t. Book Ginny has got to be at least bisexual! And Charlie! Don’t get me started on him!
The point is that you could’ve made some of the characters a part of LGBTQ+ community but you didn’t. So we ship! And what happens when we ship? They die!
They’re as straight as a rainbow… please.
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jjuuppiter · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i finished the sorcerer's stone book! it was so fun and cute!! i love their interactions even tho harry and ron was kinda mean at hermione at first. i forgot that kiddos can be so mean to each other! also draccie is such a lil corwardy boi (i like him lol i think he secretly really wants to be friends with harry :p)
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the-aggressiveshipper · 9 months ago
HarryPotter Characters As People I found on Pinterest
Harry Potter :
Tumblr media
Ron Weasley :
Tumblr media
Hermione Granger :
Tumblr media
Draco Malfoy :
Tumblr media
Pansy Parkinson :
Tumblr media
Blaise Zabini :
Tumblr media
Seamus Finnigan :
Tumblr media
Dean Thomas :
Tumblr media
Ginny Weasley :
Tumblr media
Luna Lovegood :
Tumblr media
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jennybobenny36 · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Dean and Seamus in the common room :-)
My commissions are always open!
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drew-winchester · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
New chapter illustrations!
Featuring Rey, Ginny, Seamus, Luna, Neville and Draco! ovo
Link on the side! > "BATTLE FOR HOGWARTS"
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nicosdefensesquad · 2 months ago
i would hate to be neville longbottom imagine having to share a dorm with two sets of boys living out the greatest friends to lovers stories of their generation
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moonynpads · a year ago
harry potter sexuality headcanons
harry is definitely bi. huge crushes on bill, cedric, DRACO, cho
ron is heteroflexible (bc krum obviously) but just generally smitten for hermione
hermione has pansexual vibes (maybe had a little bit of a crush on ginny but who knows)
ginny is definitely bi she and luna are a thing change my mind
on that subject luna is a lesbian, have you seen her earrings?
draco is GAY
dean is bi, seamus is gay, they are in love
neville is ace and him and luna have an epic bromance
sirius black is GAY it’s pretty much canon at this point
remus lupin is a soft bisexual nerd and head over heels in love with sirius (sirius loves him back shh)
i don’t have any explanation but james potter is bi
lily evans is straight but the biggest ally ever
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