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#season 1

The Weeping Monk in every episode

       1x05         The Joining

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Cara Dune

      — The Mandalorian, Season 1

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I found a great screensaver on ig today. I completely forgot who it was who posted it though. I took a screenshot from their story highlight. I wanna credit the artist!

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Julia(blushing and smiling) thinking looking at Carmen at the top of a building rooftop with full moon on background

and from afar Zack and Ivy as the two were patrolling

Zack; Is that Miss Argent, what she looking at?

Ivy: Carmen, mostly….

Zack: Oh, why is that! big sis?

Zack:  I knew that these two work together in most cases.

Ivy: Yes they did.

then Zack noticed something again as Julia  still stares in the air even though Carmen is gone thinking and blushing

Zack: Wait is she blushing?

Ivy: Yes Zack, she is! apparently Carmen has taken something that belongs to her.

Zack: An object with high value Ivy?

Ivy: No, her heart! (blushing)

Zack: Oh, OH……. (surprised and blushing)

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Lysa: Sorry, I don’t mean to be quiet. It was very kind of you to get me home safe, and make sure I was ok in the morning. I mean its creepy in a way but, you know…

Jimmy: Yeah, I didn’t mean to spend the night here in the chair, but, I was carried off to dream land and they didn’t bring me back till mornin’. Your friend is… troubled…, there’s a buncha issues there, just be careful huh? Might not be another doorman like me around next time.

Lysa just considered what he said. There was no denying Lilith was troubled. She didn’t get on with Angela her twin, and there was issues with her parents too…


Jimmy: Anyhoo, before I go, I guess I got nothin’ to lose right now, so uh… is there any chance I can take you out for some coffee and maybe a cheeky pastry too?

Lysa: Why would you want to do that?

Jimmy: Well I hoped you might wanna go get a coffee or something? I need to make it up to you after dodgin’ your punch and you fallin’ over. And, uh, truth is, I ain’t blind so… 

He smiled. Lysa thought about it for a moment, and it WAS extremely tempting for sure…

Lysa: I’m sure you’re a nice guy Jimmy and I appreciate the compliment, but I’m basically Marilyn Munster. You don’t want to bother with me like that. I just, do casual y’know… simple, uncomplicated, and uh, no strings attached you get me?

Jimmy had a bit of a surprised look on his face.

Jimmy: Well, thing is darlin’ my daddy always said to respect a woman, even if… well, you know, just be respectful he said. So uh, I’m hopeful we can do this nice and proper like other people do. 

Lysa sighed, that felt dangerous somehow. 

Jimmy: You think about it an’ lemme know when you get your head clear, I’ve left my number on that paper there by the laptop.


Jimmy got up and put his coat on and headed to the door.

Jimmy: Now, you gotta excuse me, because I gotta get home. Petey is gonna wonder just what in tarnation happened to me.

Lysa: Hey uh, who’s Petey?

Jimmy: He’s my best friend in the world darlin’ my little Jack Russel. Love him to pieces. Wouldn’t be where I am right now advancin’ in the world were it not for him. 

Lysa: I’m training biology to become a vet. 

Jimmy: Are ya? Well, that’s just aces darlin’. I hope you get it done! Hopefully, we’ll see each other around, who knows, he’s getting older, might need your services some day. I’ll see ya round.

Lysa: Yeah, and thank you.

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I’m working on making playlists of the music featured on the show (according to Wikipedia…!), and I’m sure someone’s done something like this before but I still thought I’d share.

Seasons one and two are coming first because those are the seasons I’ve actually watched some of, three and four may come later :)

Due South Season 1 Featured Music on YouTube Music

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Episode 2:

Got worms?

And the boring middle aged man is still boring in general, but I do like that he’s committed to not spreading an infectious disease, and that he can admit his own faults.  

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<div> —  <p>@stephenstilwell </p><figure data-orig-height="169" data-orig-width="300" data-tumblr-attribution="manders1984:rEZxYmJ-N9B7r8bbPCQ3kA:ZK76Um2DXZz2v"><img src="" alt="image" class><p><a href="" target="_blank" data-peepr="{&quot;tumblelog&quot;:&quot;manders1984&quot;,&quot;postId&quot;:&quot;151960670393&quot;}">Originally posted by manders1984</a></p></figure> </div><span>The electricity between us was like lightning in my veins.</span>
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Lysa grabbed Lilith’s cigarettes and lit one. She seemed to just instinctively want one… It was the first time she’d ever had one sober it seemed… or hungover anyway.

Lysa: Do you want one?

Jimmy: Thanks for the offer. But I ain’t had a puff for years, my drill sergeant wouldn’t stand for that! Besides, that shit’ll kill ya! 

Lysa: Lots of things could kill you. Red meat, driving, your twin sister…

Jimmy: Twin Sister? There’s two of you?

Lysa: *nervous chuckle* Yeah, sadly. We’re non identical… thankfully. Also she’s dead.

Lysa took an uneasy drag on the cigarette, and immediately regretted what she said. Even hungover, there were damned secrets to keep.

Jimmy: Shit, sorry to hear that darlin’.


Lysa exhaled a little plume of smoke and picked up her coffee.

Lysa: Thanks for making me coffee.

Jimmy: Was the least I could do. I mean, things did get a little outta hand last night. So, yeah, had to make ammeds.

Lysa took a sip of coffee and tried to think what happened last night. It was all a bit blurry, she remembered being here in the house her and Lilith getting high, then she remembered going to the bar, having a few drinks, and playing a game of beer pong and then after that it gets fuzzy…

Lysa: Ah damn, I played beer pong… what an idiot. Lilith rarely loses at Beer Pong.

Jimmy: Your friend has one hell of a temper. Lemme tell you, I dealt with a few troublesome students but she’s got an attitude on her like I ain’t seen. Still, even with the punch you’re quite reasonable at least.


Lysa looked at the redness and swelling under Jimmy’s left eye and sighed regret. 

Lysa: I am really sorry about punching you. But you did grab Lilith.

Jimmy: I barely touched her, she got a flare for the dramatics your friend, but, I gotta give you credit that was one helluva right hand you got there. Somebody teach you how to fight? Or is it just natural talent.

Lysa: My dad taught me a few moves, he was in the UDM (United Districts Military) as well.

Jimmy: Really? What branch? 

Lysa: Uh, he was in the Agency, space division.

Jimmy: Ah, a spaceman huh? Some guys in the Sky Force want to go to the Space Agency, for me Ground Force was my only option, I mean, I get sea sick so the Sea Force was totally out. Anyway, I’m ramblin’ on. 

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