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#season 3
poweravalance · a day ago
Just wanna share my other obsession....
Crdts to the owner of the photo😉
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disneystheweekenders · 2 days ago
“I’m not broken. I have just decided that emotions only cause trouble, so I’m not going to have them.”
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simpforpaulson · 2 days ago
part 1 , 2 and 3 [short series]
Synopsis: Cordelia Goode is in need of the reader's help more now than ever. Suffering and pain is causing a great strain on the Supreme herself. The reader must push back her intrusive thoughts so that they have to fulfill the ritual.
Tumblr media
The impatience of us both lingered heavily in the air, you spent 5 minutes of fumbling trying to get Cordelia to lay flat on the bed." Cordelia I want to help you..." you tired to calm the erratic woman. However Cordelia just kept squirming on the bed whimpering softly.
"Y/N it's hot and I'm in pain." Your supreme cried out. Her voice was rough and dry from all the struggling and crying that she did. You felt sorry for her and truly wanted to help her with whatever this Circumstance was.
"Yes I know Cordelia but let me help you." you lowered your voice which seemed to work since you felt her body relax under you. She didn't speak just simply nodded softly at your words. The jealousy in you still didn't subside, at the back of your mind still projected images of Misty being intimate with the woman you love.
Now wasn't the time for that , you tried your very best to push those thoughts back of your head and focus on the fact that right now Cordelia needed you not Misty. Choked sobs and subtle moans squeezed their way out of the sexually frustrated Supreme.
"Touch me y/n please.." tears of agony were prickling at the corner of her eyes, threatening to fall onto her pillow as she stated up at you in hope. Her words were so sudden and a shock to you, they rang and bounced in every corner your head.
You didn't even have to react to her command when Cordelia hastily removed her cotton dress which smelt slightly of sweat and arousal. She was radiating stress and yearning. She sat up slightly and threw the dress that she wore across the room into the lush carpet. Flopping into the mattress below with a soft and satisfied sigh. Her rosy tits bouncing as she made contact with the mattress.
Cordelia Goode was completely naked as the day she was born. Her golden hair sprawled across the pillow , you couldn't help but let your eyes unwillingly wander lower... her neck was covered with a light sheen of sweat, her chest dusted with brown freckles however her skin had a undertone of pink. Both a sign of arousal and the slight fever she currently has running.
You fought the urge to look at her breasts which were almost pressed up against you, only contact they made with you was the heavy rise and fall of her chest which caused you to feel her nipples brush against yours through the thin material of clothing you wore.
However she noticed the way you held back, "You don't like the way I look?" more tears gathered in her eyes this time they were one of sadness not frustration. Never had you ever thought that the day you would finally have Cordelia would be so emotional. Her bottom lip and chin wobbled as her cheeks and nose go slightly red. It was cute...
"We don't have to do this, Misty can find a spell or ano-" you interrupted her sentence with a kiss, which Cordelia quickly reciprocated. The fire of jealousy burned inside you, there were two things you wanted and that to 1) satisfy your Supreme like you are supposed to do and 2) Make the name Misty Day never leave her lips for the night. The abrupt kiss was filled with passion and lust but for you it was also filled with love. It was so out of character for Cordelia to be so needy and dependent even she knew that, but right now she didn't care.
In the midst of kissing you felt her doing little shimmies with her body to bring your attention elsewhere . Her arms wrapped possessively around your neck as her lips remained locked into yours. Kissing her was like mind control, anything that she wanted you knew you'd give selflessly.
Cordelia separated her legs gradually causing you to alter your position, you went from straddling her midriff to her legs being on the sides of you. All you felt against your leg was how warm and inviting she was, the small jerk and thrust of her hips had you smiling into the kiss.
Finally giving her what she needed you steadily lowered your hands to the south of her body. You craved this moment for so long, all the nights you spend in your room pleasuring yourself with your hands between between your own legs with this same scenario that was now reality.
You swore that all the pent up sexual frustration was coming off of her in the form of heat. As you ran your fingers over her slit, Cordelia pulled the away from the kiss, not for spite but from how painfully sensitive she was. A mix of a gutteral groan and a moan perforated the still air. "Y/n...please."
You could feel how swollen her clit was as you passed your fingers over her slit. It was poking out slightly from her folds. As you gathered arousal from her pussy you slipped your fingers through her to separate her folds. This resulted to Cordelia digging her nails into the skin of your back through your shirt. Even though you hissed in pain. It was good pain that elicted electrical shocks directly to your own core.
You couldn't help but admire how beautiful her facial features contorted into ones of pleasure. Her bottom lip trapped underneath her teeth whilst her eyes were squeezed so tight that a few tears managed down the side of her face. The room was filled of the duvet ruffling underneath Cordelia, as much as you loved her squirming you wanted to hear her.
How good you made her feel, how much she enjoyed your touch. As Cordelia enjoyed the sensation of your fingers finally touching her, you began to rub her clit in circular motions. Still she refused to untuck her lip however you did notice that she was fighting against doing exactly that.
"Let me hear you..." your voice dipped to a lower octave, you had no idea where it came from but it did cause the Supreme to acknowledge you by fluttering her eyes open and staring back into yours. So sweet and innocent almost as if she never done anything bad her whole life. Pure.
She didn't bother to hide her pleasure anymore, her bottom lip and teeth were slowly being separated showng all of Cordelia's delicious moans and mewls to perforate the air. With how close you were you could have felt her warm sweet breathe kissed your face with each short exhale she did.
"You can let go Delia. I am here" with those few simple words you felt her cum all over your fingers, her back arched as her chest and stomach was pressed against your. Tiny tremors of pleasure and relief rolled its way through her body. You were gentle as to not hurt her. Cordelia's prestine nails deliciously into the skin your back through your skirt as she rode her high, you smiled knowing that it will leave indents that will stay for a few days.
You waited a few minutes to pull your fingers out of her when you felt her velvet walls stop fluttering. "It's okay.." you peppered kisses all over her face, which earned you a weak smile of appreciation from the Supreme.
It was an intimate moment that you shared. "Y/N...?" she called kut softly to you. Both hers and your skin were covered with light sheen of sweat, but that didn't deter you from thinking that she was still the most beautiful person you ever met. "Yes Delia?" you whispered as you brushed away the small whisps of hair that was stuck on her face.
"I want more..." Cordelia's tone soften almost as if she was embarrassed to say that sentence. She didn't even make eye contact. "Oh baby don't be ashamed" You listened to the way her breathe hitched in her throat. How sweet and dependent she was on you.
You once again kissed her face, neck and chest. Her skin warm to the touch of your lips, she was still running a low grade fever. Not that she was ' contagious' it just meant that the ritual wasn't complete. Cordelia Goode wasn't relaxed all the way.
You were getting lower and lower on her body when you felt the hair on the lower back of your neck pulled. " I want you up here with me... please " she rasped out. You complied with anything she wanted. " I have another method.." you smirked and looked into her brown set eyes. which seemed to shift every once in a while from how flustered she was.
With quick work you wiggled off your shorts and settled back between her legs however this time you slowly lifted Cordelia's leg into your shoulder. "Oh my -" Cordelia choked out." I've never done this before.." she commented a bit surprised but it was clear that her voice was thick with arousal.
Cordelia swallowed hard from what to expect. "It won't hurt. I promise" you struggled really hard to keep your smile to a bare minimum. The fact that Cordelia never did this before immediately made you think one thing. She's never so this with Misty Day.
" Are you ready ?" You asked before you proceeded. You wanted to make sure that she was fine with what was going to happen. Cordelia simply quickly nodded her head in reply.
The space between the birth of your bodies closed as you lowered your pussy onto hers. It was a new sensation for her but not for you. Nevertheless it still felt as pleasurable. You've had countless hook ups with other women in hopes of getting over Cordelia..all ended with you never calling them back.
The bed creaked and groaned softly as you grinded against her. Cordelia's head was thrown back aside the pillow and twisted from side to side as her plump lips were left ajar allowing for her moans and mewls to be heard.
She didn't bother to bite her lip hiding how she felt. It wasn't long enough until Cordelia's hips matched your own pace. You could feel it, the way her clit throbbed against yours whilst both of yours and her arousal mix and spill onto the bed below.
It was no bother, you loved the sight of it. It was your dream come true to have Cordelia Goode under you, moaning your name and having her hands hold you. As your rubbed your clit with her you placed a small kiss into her ankle. Every single part of her you basically worshiped. A Goddesses trapped in a mortal body. That's how you saw her.
"Y/n..Y/n-" Cordelia cried out in a breathy voice, her hands blindly searched the bed. You didn't know what she wanted," Delia I told you I'm here..." you reassured her as you felt your own orgasm approaching , however she kept slapping her hand randomly on the empty side of the bed. " Please..- Y/n.." her voice was tight and high pitched. A sign you knew she was going to cum again any second.
Her lower stomach cramping with her abdomen tensing up. You could have felt a greater amount of wetness being created against your clit . Her chest and face flushed with pink,, it was a beautiful sight. With a sharp and quick thrust the sounds of both you and Cordelia were heard as you came undone. Voices mixed in such perfect harmony. Cordelia grasped your hand and interlocked with it tightly with her nimble fingers. "One more.. please.."
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spidergirl3145 · a day ago
They're not just a comunity they're a family
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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thediamondabovemyhead · 2 days ago
They introduced Dominykas the Dreadful and then he opened his mouth and I was like
David CROSS? What the hell are you doing here with your sugar baby girlfriend lol
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fuckyesdobiegillis · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Move Over, Perry Mason" aired 60 years ago today! (October 24, 1961)
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yahoo201027 · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Day in Fandom History: July 19…
In this musical-filled episode, when Greg received a $10 million check from Marty, he and Steven, along with Pearl, take a trip to Empire City. But during the trip, Pearl lets out her emotions in song, which upsets Greg, and Steven has to patch things up. “Mr. Greg” premiered on this day, 5 Years Ago.
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