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I get where you’re coming from but honestly I’ll take what they give us because we have each other to give us what we want if, in the end, they decide they don’t really want to give us what we want or what the boys want. 

We’ll always have each other, we’ll always have fics, we’ll always be able to make it right because these characters are just as much ours as they are theirs. 

We’ve gotten so many beautiful fics because of all the ‘flirty’ scenes in the show and honestly, we’ve written them so much better and more meaningfully than the writers on the show could have ever written them for us. 


Send me your thoughts/ideas/speculations for Season 4

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Hello guys!

Today, we’re going to get a better look at the trailer for the last season of Attack on Titan. NOW, before you start questioning why on earth I’d choose this topic as my first post when I haven’t even talked about the three seasons before that, I’m telling you, I can explain;

This trailer has been out there for a while now, and all of us AoT fans were expecting the season to premiere in October until the universe decided that it’s playtime and dropped this pandemic on our heads. As you all know, everything stopped, plans were canceled, the release date for ‘Venom 2‘ was pushed back a whole year…sigh… and among this havoc, the season’s premiere was postponed for a later date. Now, the end of this godawful year is approaching and since I happened to hear the season’s release date in Japan has been announced for December the 7th (and probably this will be the official release date for all countries), I thought to write this commentary first to be ahead of things. Now that you’ve had enough of my rambling, let’s get to it!

The long-awaited trailer was released, and after watching it, we all thought the same thing;



Seriously, are they kidding? This is supposed to be Levi? They’ve got to have some nerve to release this to the public. Ugh, no matter, let’s move on.

In case you find the animation slightly different, that’s because it was undertaken by another studio. From Wit Studio, which gave us the three seasons up to this point, it was passed on to Mappa Studio. And now, I’m left to wonder why did the producers feel the need to do this change. I haven’t read or heard any complaints about the animation in the previous seasons, so why take that risk? Don’t get me wrong, the studio has made some amazing productions such as Kakegurui, Yuri on Ice, Inuyashiki etc. Then again, if we were to criticize one of its latest works like DoroHeDoro… Well, AoT might not maintain that first good impression from season 1.

The trailer starts off with the heartwarming scene of a battlefield littered with corpses of dead soldiers. Among them there’s one soldier lying on the ground, dying slowly and thinking out loud;

SOLDIER: Wow, this place is dangerous…

ME: Of course it’s dangerous, genius! You went to war, not Spaceland!

After that, there are a few scenes that don’t give even the tiniest amount of animation and then we are presented with a few new characters. If they are the main cast for this season, -because they promoted them a lot in the trailer- they look far too obnoxious individuals.

Alright, this guy maybe not so much…


but those two girls, definitely.


Then the trailer realizes that it has started to annoy us all with characters we don’t care about, so it moves on to the main cast we all know and love.

So, it throws in Zeke who’s looking from the window of a zeppelin the war beneath him, and behind him is Reiner, who… look, Reiner, some people simply aren’t meant to have facial hair so I suggest you don’t make such fruitless efforts. I mean, you look a tiny bit ridiculous.


Come on, I can’t be the only one who thinks he looks ridiculous, right?

And after that, we get to meet our first new Titan addition, who attacks some Turkish people and rips out their train tracks. This looks like a hidden meaning, honestly, that Greek people will someday get Instambul back or something. 

Anyway, the second Titan -who, I believe is called ‘Cart Titan’- has, for some reason, a small gun emplacement on his back. Wait a minute, the whole point about the Titans isn’t that whoever owns them is automatically over-powered? Then, what do you need the gun emplacement for? Besides the zeppelin, we haven’t seen any kind of airplane, so this whole gun idea is useless. Not only that, but the Titan in the trailer instead of firing with that thing on its back at that small fortress or fort (whatever it is), he headbutts it.

Meanwhile, the first half of the trailer so far has been showing us a bunch of soldiers trying to get into a small city. Who is this city anyway? Why go through all that trouble with the army forces to conquer it? 

And who is this guy?!


What- Sasha?! No way…For the love of God, why did they do this to her?

There’s also a suspicion that Reiner fills a gun and tries to commit suicide. To be honest, so far in the anime, I haven’t known anyone who ever cared for this guy. Maybe Berthold, but that’s it. Is he even that good of a character? I mean, yeah he is the Armored Titan but, he’s a bit boring as a character. Moreover, he’s too dumb. The whole plan that took years for them to put together, it took him seconds to reveal it to Eren, for some reason, on top of the walls. Might as well say this;

“So, Eren, I’m the Armored Titan and this here is the Colossal Titan. We are the reason your mother died and your whole town was destroyed. Come with us.”

In that moment Reiner made a worse approach than Jehovists. Well, when this character is that stupid and then in the final season, where he has gone this far for some reason, you see him killing himself…meh, I’m like finally.

The trailer continues with a new Titan, white in appearance and holding a hammer. As usual, Eren is in a corner somewhere collecting strikes, and we get some scenes from the old, favorite cast.

For all of you who don’t know this, there was a time skip in the last season and that’s why we see most of the characters with different haircuts and ridiculous attempts at growing beards (yes, I’m referring to Reiner). Armin finally changed his haircut after getting bored of the Boku no Pico style. For some reason, the creators cut Mikasa’s hair and drew her like a character from Banana fish. As for Eren, they made him…well, kind of hot.

The one they ruined is Levi (soulless bastards). If I were them, I’d be careful. Do they have any idea how many fans Levi has?

The only mitigating factor I’m giving them is that the whole trailer consisted of Key Visuals. Essentially, all of those scenes are pre-animated, so they simply gave us a promotional trailer. I’m hoping they’ll fix this mockery.


And of course, I can’t accept that they’ve taken one of the biggest franchises of all time and they give us this completely still headbutting. 


Just look, they headbutt each other and they don’t even move their eyes, to look around them or something!

Another thing I just noticed, as if making Levi’s face look like trash wasn’t enough, they are trying to make you believe that he’ll die. First, they show him diving into a bunch of Titans and in the next scene, he’s full of blood and laying on the ground. 


Nobody has the nerve to kill Levi. It simply cannot happen.

Towards the end of the trailer, we get a lot of short scenes about what’s going to happen in this season, and in the last scene we have Titans falling from the sky. Of course, since they tried parachutes, Titans with gun emplacements on their backs, so what was left to try? You guessed it, let’s just drop what’s left of them all from the sky.


This scene would have been funny for me if it weren’t for the knowledge that these human-eating things are raining down on people. Frankly, even if they were harmless, having this thing (here I’m referring to the Titan in the bottom right corner) falling towards you from the sky is a nightmare by itself. I mean, just look at it! I bet Asterix’s village people wouldn’t worry about the sky falling on their heads if they could watch this scene…

Side-note from me, I’m also hoping we’ll get to see Annie again. Don’t mistake my wish for interest, I honestly couldn’t care less about that girl. It’s just that, last time we saw her was two seasons ago and in a crystallized (or whatever that is) state, so nobody could get answers from her considering the whole Titan situation. I sincerely believe the creators will have to address Annie’s case at some point, I mean the girl killed Levi’s squad and destroyed half a city and never paid the price. She’s just hibernating in that piece of crystal, for the love of God! They can’t just keep her there forever!

I’ll be honest with you, besides a few things I’m praying they’ll fix, the trailer is breathtaking. It’s professionally made in a way that draws your attention and is more than pleasing to the eye. A while ago we didn’t have a release date for the season, so we were left with the trailer to console Levi that there are worse things than what happened to him. Sasha’s haircut is a good example. Since the release date was unknown and there was Covid-19 all around the world (which is still the case, of course), I was certain the producers wouldn’t exactly be in a hurry to release the premiere. I thought if we were to get it before the end of 2020, it’d be great. Actually, it wouldn’t be great, it’d be a miracle… which is why I’ve started to believe in miracles after this announcement.


So, that’s it, guys! Tell me in the comments if you liked this post, if you noticed something in the trailer that I didn’t or if you disagree with me about something, and tell me if you’d like the next post to be about the first season of AoT or something completely different. BUT, I’m begging all of you manga readers, DO NOT GIVE ME SPOILERS.

Until next time, people!

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Day in Fandom History: December 1…

Greg tells Steven about his first winter as a baby: when Steven was only a few months old, the Gems were still struggling with learning to understand that Rose Quartz had given up her form to allow Steven to be born and wasn’t coming back. “Three Gems and a Baby” premiered on this day, 4 Year Ago.

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Ok so season 4 of Bones first of all this season is long. longest of all the seasons, 26 episodes. I’m pretty sure that’s because they weren’t expecting a season 4 so when it happened they tried to put in a bunch of loose ends.

The intern rotation is the funniest and best thing about this season. Not all interns are super smart and extremely competent like Zach was so having interns of all different backgrounds and personalities was great to see.

I love Sweets. He has my dream job which is wild too think about since I just learned what my dream job is. The fact that everyone keeps going to Sweets for advice especially Angela is hilarious. No one likes the psychologist until you need a psychologist.

Ooooo this season has a weird relationship with gender. The women that was murdered in one episode was trangender and there was a constant joke of man!?! Women!?!? Both!?! But also people calling others out for making the joke so it was weird. Then there was the episode with the forensic anthropologist from Japan who practiced Kei. The constant fight over he or she was ridiculous. But then again Sweets spoke up and said it doesn’t matter we should be above gender. Like was everyone okay.

The finale of season 4 is the best, like the re-evaluation of all the characters of they had everyday jobs is hilarious. And so on point

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