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#season 4

Um did anyone else notice that the balloons they show on the ground are the colors of the Bi pride flag????

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Listen I loooove the songs from that episode. They’re all so good. My favorites are probably Don’t Speak and The Scientist but every single one of them goes off

That being said I am the bitchy little grinch who hates every episode where Klaine has to be paralleled with another couple lmao sorry about it. I’m only here for Klaine. And only seeing them having sex or breaking up or getting married when another couple is doing the same thing just makes me roll my eyes

Also this ep was 56 in my ranking which isn’t awful but idk. One of my complaints was that it was just the episode of zero brain cells lmao. I mean Kurt and Blaine were both dumb, Finn was big dumb, and Santana isn’t totally dumb here but she is in every episode she comes back to Lima after this lmao

Idk obviously I’m not saying I dislike it and YOu shuold TOO i mean to each their own lol those are just my opinionsss xx not my fave but by far not the worst

send me your unpopular opinions!

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omg is this in response to my girls & boys on film ranking post just going up?? bc yes i agree no matter what. its the best song of the ep, of the season, one of the best duets on the show i love it so muuuch my boys are so soft and kurt is pining and ugh it’s perfect

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attack on titan/shingeki no kyojin - season 4 episode 12 icons + some random screenshots i took of armin

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I couldn’t see the #carmen Sandiego panel today. : “( I’m sad. Could you tell me if you commented on something important or a summary of the panel, please, TvT. I hope you do not ignore me, thank you for your attention.


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2 Days and 1 Night
Season 4 - Episode 64:
AirDate: February 28th, 2021, 06:30 PM

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there’s something so funny to me about the scenes in season 4 when angels are like “we can send you back to hell.” like, based on what Anna says it might not be hugely widespread knowledge that he’s Michael’s vessel, but he’s obviously important?? and I feel like kicking his ass back to the pit probably isn’t helpful no matter what they need him for

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