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#season 5 speculation
littlespooneven · a month ago
sheltered as you take my heart
this is....not what i was supposed to be writing tonight aksjhfs will this show ever let me (or eddie) rest?????  
title: take my heart - birdy
potential spoilers/speculation for 5x07!
“Buck, don’t.”
Buck’s feet stumble beneath him as he lurches to a halt. “Eddie,” he chokes, horror cracking his voice open into something raw and too fucking familiar.
Eddie talks a steadying breath but Buck can see the way he’s trembling, can see the tension in his shoulders where the gunman grips him. His fist covers the spot that conceals Eddie’s scar from the last time and Buck feels sick.
“You promised,” he says, voice quiet but it’s too loud in the static of Buck’s head. “One of us has to go home to him.”
“So let it be you,” Buck urges, vibrating with the desire to keep pushing forward, to tackle the man away from Eddie.
Why does it have to be him again? Hasn’t he fucking been through enough?
“No trades,” the man barks, jostling Eddie’s shoulder and waving the gun around in front of him. Eddie inhales sharply, eyes closing as if he’s expecting it to go off. “And no funny business.”
Buck’s hands clench into fists at his sides. He knows his odds and he knows they’re bad but if he can just distract the guy long enough to get Eddie to safety he wouldn’t care what happened to him next. It’s a thought he’s had to entertain far too many times. But he knew it in the well and he knew it in the middle of the street six months ago and he knows it now.
Putting himself in danger isn’t even a question if Eddie’s the one in the firing line.
He’s weighing up his options, trying not to buckle under the weight of Eddie’s pleading eyes when chaos descends.
It happens too quickly for Buck to keep up – SWAT surrounds them seemingly out of nowhere, disarming the gunman between one blink of an eye and the next and pinning him to the ground. Eddie staggers out of the way, watching in disbelief, and one of the SWAT team moves to check on him but Buck is already barrelling forward.
Eddie turns at the last second, just in time for Buck to crash into him.
He nearly lifts Eddie clean off the ground but Eddie hardly reacts besides clinging to Buck that much harder.
“I’m okay,” he breathes, chest heaving and mouth cold where it’s pressed against Buck’s neck. “I’m okay.”
Buck nods against him, panic seizing in his chest and preventing him from getting any words out. He can feel Eddie’s heart racing where their chests are pressed together and he’s sure his own must feel the same, beating so hard he’s convinced it’ll leave an imprint. He wraps his arms more firmly around Eddie, one hand splayed over his back like his own version of a shield and one buried deep in his hair.
Eddie’s shaking in his arms and Buck doesn’t think when he kisses his shoulder, his cheek, his temple, just knows he needs to feel him. Alive. Safe. “You’re okay,” he stutters, pushing their foreheads together and cupping the back of Eddie’s neck.
“Yeah,” Eddie mumbles, moving so their noses bump and his breath ghosts over Buck’s mouth. Buck closes his eyes, emotion shuddering through him. It’s too much. It’s too soon. It’s too close to world almost ending again after the last time.
He swallows hard, forcing his eyes open to catalogue the fact that Eddie really is in one piece in front of him. Eddie’s brown eyes stare straight back at him, wide and glassy and full of something Buck thinks he recognises but is too afraid to hope for.
“Don’t let go,” Eddie requests, hardly above a whisper, and Buck forgets everything else. He folds him back into his arms, curls them together so tightly he can almost convince himself they’re melded together.
“I won’t.”
He’s never letting go ever again.
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vessel-full-of-stories · 2 months ago
Buck holding Eddie's face as he helps him down from his panic attack, Eddie still insisting he's fine (he's really not):
"You trust me to look after your son. Now, trust me to look after you."
Tumblr media
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sevensoulmates · 6 months ago
Thoughts on Taylor and Buck (and Eddie) in 4x14
For people worrying about bucktaylor.....I just want you to think about the moment Taylor first shows up in this episode. This is coming off half of season’s worth of episodes of Taylor and Buck building up a friendship. A close one too.
And yet...
When Buck is reeling, panting like he's on the verge of a panic attack, still blinking back tears (and failing) like he's gonna break down sobbing at any moment. It's the most vulnerable moment of his life and he steps out of the hospital and spots Taylor near other press trying to get in.
And he doesn’t think "this is Taylor my friend, my safe space, who I go to when I'm vulnerable and need someone who loves me". He took one look at her and saw the moment she stabbed him in the back and was going to turn Bobby's worst moment into a news story. He looked at her and his face fell and his voice shook and he turned around to leave and he said "no comment".
I was surprised by this because we've seen Taylor become a close friend to him this season and for him to be pushing her away so hard in this scene, like he couldn’t allow himself to have this breakdown in front of her because she could potentially use it against him. It proves to me that although they are becoming friends, Taylor has not yet earned his entire trust back from her season 2 betrayals (and from her season 4 rejections). (Remind us of anyone else we know? *cough* Eddie and Shannon)
Taylor wanted to drive him to Chris and he refused. She had to push him, had to tell him he couldn't see Chris like this, bloodied and shaken, for him to agree. And even still when he’s in the presence of Christopher, one half of Buck’s ultimate safe space, he fucking loses it. I have more thoughts on Buck and the significance of him crying with Christopher later. 
More under the cut:
Taylor is worrying about him the whole episode, but after this first moment he addresses her really nonchalantly. She's pissed at him for being reckless, she obviously is showing him she cares, and Buck is flirting. He's smiling and teasing Taylor and she's like??? I'm mad at you?? For endangering yourself?? Buck, who has been on the brink of collapse all episode, is putting on a brave face and pretending he's alright, even in front of Taylor.
And yeah it ends in a kiss but when it comes to the choice of chasing after Taylor (who’s essentially just shown that she does have feelings for Buck) or going to Eddie, Buck makes the choice to go to Eddie.
The very next scene we see Buck opening up to Eddie. Telling him that he broke down in front of Christopher, that he's sorry he failed Eddie and Chris like that, and that he wishes he had been shot instead of Eddie. Buck cracks open his heart and shows Eddie his insecurities, his darkest thoughts, his failures, his regrets. And how does Eddie respond?
He gives Buck the ultimate gift. But more on that later.
The next scene with Buck and Taylor involves Taylor coming back after she left after refusing to talk to Buck about her feelings for him.
Buck says "You came back. Wasn't sure that was going to happen." And that's because everyone who Buck has had a romantic relationship with thus far has left him, and he didn't think Taylor would be the one to break the cycle. Already she's fallen in line with everyone else having left the first time. 
(Speculation: This is why I think Buck will be the one to end their relationship next season, or it will be implied that’s he the one who ended it.)
And again, how does Buck conduct himself in this scene? His face is light, he's laughing. And although he admits that "he spent a long time feeling like he wasn't enough" and although he attempts to be vulnerable here, this scene is still all about whether TAYLOR wants him. Whether she chooses to be with him. And even though Taylor says she does....she hasn't (yet) done anything to prove it. And I doubt in Buck's heart of hearts that he truly believes her.
Now, we get to Buck and Eddie's last and most powerful scene together. Because Eddie doesn't just say it. He proves it with his actions. Actions he made a whole ass year ago. And he decides to tell Buck now when he didn’t tell Buck then, because he saw this whole episode how Buck was consistently devaluing himself and his life. Buck thinks he’s expendable, thinks he’s a burden, thinks he doesn’t matter, thinks no one wants him (even AFTER the bucktaylor moment, mind you). And Eddie tells him to his face: “YOU’RE WRONG.”
By making Buck Christopher’s legal guardian should anything happen to Eddie, Eddie has not only proven how much he trusts Buck, but he has told him you’re essential, you matter, you’re a gift, and we want you in our lives no matter what.
Eddie has seen Buck at his worst. He’s seen Buck being petulant and childish and territorial, he’s seen Buck being reckless and diving into danger head first, he’s seen Buck being kinda dumb sometimes, he’s seen Buck after (to Buck) he lost Eddie’s son in a tsunami, seen Buck furious at his parents, and seen Buck feeling like all he was good for is “spare parts”.  Eddie loved and trusted him through nearly losing Christopher, through the lawsuit, through the street-fighting, through nearly dying underground, through nearly dying on the street after getting shot. And Eddie still chose Buck through all of it. Each and every time. Still said, you are who I want for my son (and as it’s heavily implied: for himself).
And you can see it in Buck’s face in that last frame. When Eddie says it, Buck believes it. 
So although the two bucktaylor kisses may feel like a loss to some, I think the whole of bucktaylor’s scenes in this episode just show such a stark contrast to the strength that is Buck’s relationship with Eddie. And I think that next season if Bucktaylor becomes a full on relationship, it will not last, and I still think we’re headed towards Buddie endgame. 
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moonstonediaz · 6 months ago
i’m wondering if eddie is going to tell chris about buck’s legal guardianship?? i’d LOVE to see that scene, but i have a feeling it’ll be something that happens off-screen 😒
i’m hoping they do a lot with that next season. just think of the potential!
buck being reckless and eddie yelling at him afterward like “and what if you get hurt?? what about christopher? did you even think about him?”
carla and/or the firefam finding out about it and being like “interestinngggg 👀” *money exchanging hands*
an obscure Bobby Talk
alternatively, an i-am-so-Tired-let-me-spell-it-out-for-you Bobby Talk
ana finding out and asking something like “would that change if we were to get married?” and eddie immediately balks, “who said anything about marriage?!”
chris being so excited when he finds out that he starts calling buck “dad 2.0”🥺
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toughpaperround · 4 months ago
Scene Ext - Day. A Hollywood Boulevard area is deserted and strewn with litter. SMOKE/HAZE in middle distance. We see the 118 team walk away from camera, led by Capt NASH.
Eddie: Is that... a camel??
Buck (fashioning a light rope into a shape): Let me see to this, everybody stay back, stay quiet and don't make eye contact or break apart.
Chimney: No eye contact? With what, you? Or each other?!
Capt. Nash: What are you doing, Buckley?
Buck: No worries, Cap, I got this. Did two seasons working a ranch in Colorado and these beasts are just like cattle. Uglier, humpier cattle.
Hen, Nash, Chim: ... 'Humpier?'
Eddie: hnnngh
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hmslusitania · 3 months ago
For the sentence thing: Buck has about five second to think maybe this wasn’t such a good idea and then it’s too late to turn back.
Buck has about five seconds to think maybe this wasn't such a good idea and then it's too late to turn back. He has the lasso in his hand, and the camel is coming right towards Eddie and the patient he's tending to, and so Buck really has no choice but to twirl the rope and get it over the camel's head.
Of course, the most experience Buck has with camels is nature documentaries, so when it bellow-honks at him up close and personal, and then spits at him, he's unprepared. On the bright side, he catches the thing in his lasso and is able to steer it away from Eddie and the patient, and even manages to hitch it to one of the decorative trees in the plaza. Once he's got it secured, he realises Eddie is staring at him, just the slightest bit impressed.
"What?" Buck asks. "I used to be a cowboy."
Send a sentence for a fic, and I'll write the next five.
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jackles-coded · 2 months ago
There is no buddie coding. There are no hints leading into s5. There is no buddie except inside of your head. People aren't posting anything, because every single fucking time they do, you fucking asshole buddie shippers make it ALL ABOUT BUDDIE. You make EVERYTHING all about buddie. Bobby and Athena have a clip? The comments are all BUCK'S PARENTS and BUDDIE WHEN and shit. Y'all have harassed the actors, the producers, the writers, the set workers, SO MUCH, about buddie, that they are AFRAID to fucking post. You're all deranged, delusional fucking cunts.
Tumblr media
I'm sorry, that was my genuine reaction reading this ask. Oh, anon. Are you feeling okay? Do you want to sit down and talk? Here, have a seat and come talk to me:
Tumblr media
So, let me start out by saying that going around and leaving anon hate messages with name-calling is very third grade. Are you a third grader, anon? I sincerely hope not given the content on this site at times.
Secondly, while I understand your impassioned defense of the cast and any hate they endured, I can assure you that I am not someone who has ever interacted with the cast at all. As a matter of fact, I think I've left two (positive and supportive) comments for two different celebrities on their IG's in my whole life. So for you to come out swinging without knowing who I am as a person makes that part of your argument invalid and detracts any sort of intelligence from your ask as does the use of the word cunt (a very derogatory misogynistic word mind you).
Thirdly, I feel bad for you, anon. I truly do. Did you pay any attention at all to the last season or even the season before that? The show has been leaning heavily into Buddie for some time. Starting with 3x01. They have actively been weaving the two characters' story lines together from the surface down to the very core. Buck and Eddie may have started out as two sides of the same coin, as partners and friends, but it's grown much more into that. The show has repeatedly displayed for you not only the Buckley-Diaz family unit (which they just double-downed on in the end of 4x14 mind you) becoming more prominent in the story but also Buck and Eddie as well. Why else would they have the whole scene in 4x13 play out the way it did?
Do you know how storytelling works, anon? And not just general storytelling but storytelling in a film and television production capacity? Do you know how parallels, framing, dialogue choices, camera angles and movements, music cues, subtext, props and themes, costuming, lighting, and edits (like voiceovers and transitions) work? Do you? Do you truly understand just what goes into each of these departments that work these devices in order to assist telling the story that you're seeing on screen? If you don't, I suggest you read up on them and then rewatch 4x13 and 4x14 at the very least and I guarantee it'll blow your mind.
But given the narrow-minded ask that you've posted here, guaranteed you won't do that because you've already closed yourself off to something you don't want to see or even consider. Instead you tell yourself that anyone who sees something different to you, right or not, is delusional and it's all in their head. Because it's much easier to call those people crazy and say they're pulling something out of thin air that doesn't exist than to consider the possibility that maybe something is actually there and you (and/or the show) might have to actually give it a moment's thought and maybe, just maybe, deal with it. Which brings me back to why I feel so sorry for you, anon. Because you are absolutely 100% incorrect in your assessment.
And while I will not write a dissertation on the subject (though I definitely could and maybe still might), I'm going to break down your little assertion here, piece by piece:
"There is no buddie coding."
Buck and Shannon parallels - i.e. 2x10 vs 3x10; "forgive me" dialogue
Abby and Shannon parallels - both left, both came back and wanted to move on in the end; both are considered to have taken a piece of each guy with them that the guys will never get back; "having the back" dialogue; Buck learning from Abby's situation and applying it to Eddie's situation
Taylor and Eddie parallels - i.e. 2x06 vs 3x15
Eddie and Abby parallels - season 1 vs 2x04 & 3x18
Synced movements
Framing & Actors' Marks
Costuming - not only is this used to show synchronization but also when they're not syncing (meaning not on the same page)
Lighting - i.e. 3x09, the reunion scene with Abby in 3x18
Actors' performances
Buck and Eddie either finishing each other's sentences or always replying to one another in some way (again shows synchronization)
Contrasted relationships: Buck and Chim & Chim and Albert (brothers), Buck and Albert (friends), Chim and Hen (partners and best friends), Bobby and Michael (an actual bromance mixed in with family), Buck and Maddie (family)
What's all this then? (and that's just the tip of the Buddie iceberg that's going to sink your hatred cruise)
"There are no hints leading into s5."
So I get that you might not know how all of this works and just how intelligent Tim and the writers are and how well thought out this whole show is for the story and each and every character but did you ever question why Buck has a "5" on his shirt in the legal guardian scene in 4x14? Or that the scene starts out with a "4" behind Eddie's head before Buck walks in? That Eddie is framed in that shot with that behind him? That if it was something the show didn't intend to be in there, they very easily could have done a different camera angle, blocked the # with another prop, or had Eddie sitting on the other side of the bed? Nothing is an accident when it comes to TV, dear. Especially not on this show. And let's not even talk about how they inserted the number "5" heavily into the dialogue in season 4, especially in 4x12.
"There is no buddie except inside of your head."
That's strange, I could have sworn that I've seen other users on here making gifs, posts, and video and TikTok edits about Buddie. 🤔 I mean, I suppose it could all be a fantasy of mine but kind of weird that seeing said gifs is what caused me to check out 911 in the first place. Maybe I'm psychic, too? 😀
"People aren't posting anything, because every single fucking time they do, you fucking asshole buddie shippers make it ALL ABOUT BUDDIE."
Well, I mean, how can us "fucking asshole buddie shippers" not? Have you seen the show? Oh, right, sorry. You haven't.
Welp, I could be wrong here but I'm fairly certain I've seen many posts on here about Bathena and Madney and Henren, while also about each individual character and the 118 fam as a whole. I have no idea what comments people have left, say, on Oliver's IG posts in the past or Angela's or Aisha's, but I didn't realize that I would be made to answer for every single person who left comments in the form of Buddie all over the internet. Quick question, quick question, do I need a Buddie lawyer? 🤔
"You make EVERYTHING all about buddie."
Not really. About 98% of the time rn, sure, it's my current point of passion and I love the ship. But don't be misinformed, I sometimes post Destiel, Jonsa, Daensa, Fuffy, Truepenance, Petramos, Bensler, Saileen, Caryl, Harmione and other stuff, too. I mean, surely, not everything is about Buddie when it comes to my blog. A high percentage, yes, but not 100.
"Bobby and Athena have a clip? The comments are all BUCK'S PARENTS and BUDDIE WHEN and shit."
It sounds an awful lot like you spend a fair amount of time in the YouTube comment section of said clips. May I recommend you don't? YouTube comments are just as bad as Twitter. Only pure hatred and vitriol come out in those comments, a topic you're obviously all too familiar with given this ask. Plus, tbf, I'm sure there were other comments on say a Bobby and Athena clip, about Bathena, their characters or Angela and Peter. Not everything is about Buddie in an ensemble cast. Angela and Peter have fans, too. Come on, now.
"Y'all have harassed the actors, the producers, the writers, the set workers, SO MUCH, about buddie, that they are AFRAID to fucking post."
Okay, I call bs. Sweetheart, once again, do you know how Hollywood works? Oliver might be taking a break from SM, maybe Ryan too, but do you really think every single cast member and crew member is shaking in their socks, fearful that if they post anything the Buddies will come for them? Do you think that someone as strong and down to earth like Angela is holding back for fear of someone mentioning Buck and Eddie on one of her posts? Or Aisha? Or JLH? Not to mention, regardless of whether they want to post or not, if the directive comes down from on high (meaning the network/studios) that they are strongly encouraged to post bts pics on SM aka promote, that they won't do it? Not that they can be forced (like Oliver) but do you really think that all of them would go see the corporate bigwigs and say "Gosh, we'd love to share bts pics with Angela and Peter but the Buddies scare us?" Those bigwigs would literally turn around and tell them tough freaking luck, get posting, get an intern or an assistant to do it, I don't care. And the best part? That wouldn't even happen because the cast would never ever freaking do that nor would any other cast on any other show. Because once again, that's not how Hollywood works. Hollywood is a well oiled machine and it's there to make a profit more than tell a story. Actors and writers and directors and music makers and certain departments are the creatives. Everything else is numbers.
But I do have to wonder, since you seem so certain in your assertion that Angela, Peter, Kenny, JLH, Aisha, Tracie, Ryan, Oliver, GW, Megan, Bryan, Corinne, John, and all the rest will blow to pieces if one Buddie-related comment breathes on one of their posts, does this mean you know them personally? Because if so, hook a fan up. If you know Ryan, can you send him my way? I have lots of questions about Eddie's character's back story and how he tailors his performances for certain scenes that I would love to talk to him about. If you know JLH, can you please tell her how much I love her? If you know Angela, can you just tell her that she's my goddess and I worship the ground she glides over in all of her perfection? If you know Kenny, can you ask him to give me a shoutout through JLH's Insta? If you know Peter, can you tell him that I need a firedad hug and advice and that I will pay Cameo for that if he's willing? If you know Oliver, can you please tell him that I will literally pay anything to have him record my voicemail box greeting? Pretty please with a jar of cherries on top? Thanks, pal.
"You're all deranged, delusional fucking cunts."
Hey, hey, hey! No one has ever called me deranged, let's get that straight right now. How dare. The sheer audacity.
Tumblr media
Right, so you see, anon. Every part of your argument is invalid. And while I'm glad you slurped this sparkling turd into my ask box and not someone else's, your hatred and vitriol has been found...well, quite honestly, lacking. I think you really have to ask yourself what bothers you so much about two male fictional characters getting together romantically in the possible near future that bothers you so much that you feel the need to go on the defensive and attack any random person you see on the internet who may ship the pairing, and do your best to invalidate the pairing as a possibility at the same time. As an SPN veteran, I've seen these exact tactics used before and it usually has to do with a word that rhymes with jomophobia. Some serious self-reflection on your part appears to be needed.
Tumblr media
I hope you have a nice night, anon. Tomorrow, go outside, enjoy the sun, touch some grass, drink some water, and try not to let the door hit your on your homophobic ass on the way out.
Tumblr media
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gayofthefae · 20 days ago
Okay, here are my multiple speculations of how this season will go:
1. Taylor sticks around, BuckTaylor is stronger than ever (for now), she comes to the Christmas party. Eddie sees her with Buck at the Christmas party. Cue pining look, but this time, CARLA’S HERE TO SEE IT. AND SHE CALLS HIM OUT. Now, 5B is dedicated to pining Eddie hours. BuckTaylor beaks up in like 5x14 to give the end of the season time to adjust for Buck and Eddie to drift back to each other. (Also, a 5B breakup after the current Taylor storyline is resolved could allow for Taylor to call Buck out like “It’s Eddie, isn’t it”. I’m not expecting much there, but it would be nice and is an option.) Season 6 is about Buddie. (also, I think it would be cool if before the 5B breakup, Taylor cuts Buck off from ranting about some hyperfixation - contrasting how much we know Eddie loves when Buck rants from 5x02 and 4x03)
2. Everything is the same as 1 except Carla doesn’t call him out, she just tells him to follow his heart again (they wouldn’t need a follow up/catch up conversation bc she obviously would know that he broke up with Ana) and he just looks kinda confused like “i did??? I broke up with her???” and she walks away with that same smug smile Maddie gives Buck in 2x06, and he’s left to think about THAT.
3. Whatever this Taylor thing is leads her away from Buck, maybe similarly to Abby, she needs to leave to find herself/answers and this time, he doesn’t wait for her. They break up in 5x09 or 5x10. If it’s in 510, He will say goodbye to Taylor then go to the Buckley-Diaz’s (most of these predictions are under the assumption that they will have a firefam Christmas party like in 310, but it would be amazing if he went home to Chris and Eddie after his breakup, paralleling Eddie coming home from his date in 4x08). 5B is reserved for trauma processing, and therefore Buddie.
I’m currently thinking that 1 is most likely, especially given that showrunners typically want to keep their show...running, and a more drawn out storyline here would do that. So my best bet rn is BuckTaylor breakup in 5B, Eddie’s feelings confirmed in 510 or 5B, Buddie in season 6.
At this point, I’m not getting my hopes up too much about Carla in 510. She could just be there for...well, Christmas, and I don’t wanna be disappointed.
Edit: crossover callout in 5B? Maybe Tarlos assume Buddie are a couple? I mean, Buck never corrected TK when he assumed he was gay, so it would be an easy mistake to make.
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wilddragonflying · 4 months ago
Yknow what we need in s5
We need an episode where the Buckley-Diaz family goes to the beach
Like, they avoid the pier bc that's just Too Much, but they find a small beach that's relatively private(maybe not visited a lot bc the waves aren't big/there isn't much actual beach), and Buck and Christopher are both clearly nervous about being at the ocean, bc a river, a lake, a pool, they're all different than the ocean, yknow? The ocean is big and vast and just. doesn't give a shit about you, and there's a voice in the back of your mind that always whispers that reminder
And I need Buck and Christopher deciding to do this, to face their fears together, but maybe they freeze right at the water's edge - and then Eddie steps up, one hand on Christopher's shoulder, the other between buck's shoulder blades, and promises he's got them, they're all here together, they'll do this together.
And maybe for extra Buddie Flavor, Buck and Eddie share a long look while Christopher has his arms wrapped around buck's waist, and then Buck takes a breath, maybe bites his lip for a moment(and Eddie's gaze flicks down but then back up, too fast to be sure it actually moved), and then Buck nods, determined, and Eddie gives him that soft, supportive smile, nose scrunched just a little like it did when he and Buck were pushing Christopher on his skateboard
And then, as one family, they take the first step forward
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littlespooneven · 2 months ago
if the entirety of 5x05 isn’t buck and eddie struggling in their new partnerships and constantly saying different variations of “eddie normally does x” or “buck and I would usually do y” then what’s the point
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Send me your biggest wish for the premier & your one fear.
My biggest wish: we get to see everyone finding out about Eddie’s change to his will 😁
My one fear: Eddie and Buck both appear happier than ever with their respective girlfriends 🤢
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perfectlynervousbeard · 2 months ago
Omigod, I need there to be a callback to Eddie telling Buck to take Chris to the zoo from season 3 when they see the animals in the streets in season 5
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eddiediaz-buckley · 6 months ago
Thoughts on BuckTaylor
Okay, now that I’ve slept and can form more coherent thoughts, I’m still pissed about the way the BuckTaylor stuff was handled. Although I do want to also say this is not a hate post. I’m not completely opposed to their relationship, which I will explain.
I’m pretty sure all of us hated Taylor after 2x06 cause well, she was just an asshole to the 118 (and Bobby in particular). When 911 brought her back for season 4, I actually started to warm up to her cause it looked like she had grown a little bit as a person and was being developed as a friend for Buck to have outside of the 118. Of course, Buck was still attracted to her and hinted at wanting a romance with her, but I can’t blame him for that cause who wouldn’t? She’s hot and as a bisexual person I’m extremely attracted to both of them.
But she stated multiple times in Treasure Hunt that a romantic relationship wasn’t what she wanted. And I loved that the show seemed to be going that direction. Because I thought it was showing that Buck could have a female friend his age without sleeping with her and also I wanted him to have a friend outside of the 118 cause we’ve seen that basically those are his only friends.
But now once again, the show has reduced a recurring female character to just a love interest. Great.
There’s two main reasons I don’t like the specific way they did this. One, it just seemed weird to do all this while Eddie was still in the hospital. I will say that narratively it does make sense. If Taylor really does care about Buck more than she was letting on in 4x12, then I get why she would react this way while Buck and the 118 were in danger. But the kiss just caught me so off-guard that my first reaction was to cringe.
The second reason I have an issue with it is just the whole way Taylor handled the situation after the first kiss. As I just said above, Taylor told him repeatedly just two episodes ago that she didn’t want a romance. Now she kisses him and then immediately leaves and when she comes back she says “you didn’t chase me.” Like ma’am, it would have been really creepy and disrespectful if he did. You literally told him you didn’t want this.
Regardless of all this, I am still not opposed to the relationship as a whole and am hopeful the writers are purposefully writing this in a way that shows it will be short-term. I do think it’s important for Buck to have another relationship after Abby, so we can see more of his personal growth in that aspect of his life. And Taylor is somebody the audience already knew so that part makes sense.
But it was shown at the beginning of the ep that Buck still doesn’t trust Taylor completely, as he thought she was there for a story. They got together at a time of significant trauma for Buck. And I think they are too similar. All that together shows me this will probably last till 5a finale at most and then they’ll break up.
911 has shown they can’t write good love interests for Buck and Eddie and I’m really hoping that’s purposeful as a way to show us that Buck and Eddie are really meant for each other and not anybody else. I look forward to season 5 to see if that hold true! But I still wish Taylor was treated better and I’m gonna mourn the developed parts of her character.
And just a quick note on EddieAna: she has barely been developed, kinda like Ali in season 2, so I really think (and hope kinda) that 911 will just pull that again and have them breakup off screen between seasons. Cause it’s clear the writers are not invested in that relationship.
Feel free to stop by if you have any thoughts!
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buddiecanon2022 · 6 months ago
How about in season 5 we get middle of the night calls (or FaceTime calls) from Buck to Eddie (or vice versa) to help them heal from what happened.
So they can share with each other (be their own therapists) what they went through (during and after the shooting) and heal together instead of apart.
Tumblr media
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honestlydarkprincess · 4 months ago
I hope this makes sense but top 3 buddie scenes you want to see next season? Like what are 3 scenes you hope to see with them?
However this time I want it to be domestic Buddie grocery shopping with Christopher! I want these fools arguing over the best brand of spaghetti sauce while Christopher giggles and eventually takes Buck's side because I love you, Dad, but Buck's spaghetti is the best.
Maybe we even get a similar scene to the Christmas Elf and have another customer stop them saying "You two are so sweet and you have an adorable son"
Give me Buck and Eddie looking at each other, blushing, while Christopher has a wide smile because yeah, his dads are awesome and he is quite adorable, if he does say so himself
2. Jealous!Eddie/Pining!Eddie
I've said this before and I'll say it again: petty, jealous, pining Eddie is my SHIT. Give me my man being petty while Buck is totally oblivious.
Hen is just shaking her head at their combined tomfoolery, Chim claims that he's staying out of it but everyone can see him staring at Buddie with 'What the actual fuck, guys, how are you this oblivious' eyes. Bobby has the exact same look.
I'm desperate for a scene where Buddie shares a bed. Maybe Buck's had one too many nights on the couch and his back can't take it. Obviously he's not going to ask Eddie to take the couch and he can't go home, he promised Christopher he'd make pancakes in the morning. Eddie, fondly, nervously, is like hey there's definitely enough room for two. We'll share. It'll be fine.
Or maybe they have to travel for something, a fire-fighter conference (are those real? I've seen so many in fanfics) and they have to bunk up cause there's not enough hotel rooms. They accidentally get only one bed. They share a braincell so why can't they share a bed?
Give me accidentally cuddling during the night and waking up comfortable, warm, and happy before realizing they're hella spooning.
I could keep going but you only asked for three scenes, so...
sleepover time!
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toughpaperround · 4 months ago
Rec list of Buddie 9-1-1 fics with blackouts, part 2
Part 1 | Masterlist
'Stuck In Love' by Ravens_Words (T, 2k) in which Buddie are stuck in an elevator
'the magic of the moment on a glory night' by lecornergirl | @phonotactless (G, 2k) in which Buck needs help during a blackout - so who does he call?
'Day or Night, I've Got You' by FandomLife54 (G, 2k) in which Eddie has a fall when he gets surprised by a blackout
'if i told you that i loved you (tell me, what would you say?)' by eddiediazisascorpio (G, 2k) in which Eddie works some things out (and it's more important than his starsign 😉)
and a sweet Madney fic by @oneawkwardcookie , 'Light in the Sky' (G, 500 words)
And, as before, sharing now some blackout fics that were published before that teeny tiny Blackout promo:
'There's Nothing Going On Here That We Can't Handle' by @doctornineandthreequarters (G, 3k) fluff with Chris, Buck and Eddie.
Tumblr media
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*puts on mask & uses a voice app* for the prompt thingy umm, how about they're heading home after shift when it happenss and they've gotta either got Christopher after Carla leaves or they picked him up or he's with staying with abuela and they go over to check on them before getting some sleep before they have to go back on shift (the blackout could take a day or two to fully restore the grid everywhere?)
Tumblr media
Thanks @justsmilestuffhappens for sending me this idea that I got very carried away with 😆 I promise the Chris fluff is still there! Hope you enjoy ❣️
In a Blackout
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jackles-coded · 2 months ago
Like what's going on this season?? We're not getting anything from the production and actors? No interviews promoting the season, but what's most baffling is no stories and pics from the cast while filming? Aisha used to post all the time, oliver too (I know he's trying to do no social media thing but I can't imagine that's good for his career and his agents would approve of it for so long. I mean i get Twitter, it's easier for fans to "bother" him, but he could post stories on ig and turn of comments and dms) I miss seeing them have fun on set, and also getting bits and pieces from cast and crew and making headcanons based on them. And the trailers we got were basically nothing, we know theres gonna be blackout and trouble with the zoo animals, that's basically it. It's all very quietttttt
Hi, Nonnie! Oooo good question. I have to admit, I was unaware of just how closely the show is playing everything to the vest for this upcoming season until another Nonnie had pointed it out recently. This will be the first season for me that I'll be watching live so I truly had no idea how open the cast had been and how much they used to post and let us in to see bts and things like that while filming previously (I don't really follow the actors and I know this is a crime but I had no idea Oliver or Kenny existed until binging the show). The only thing I can think is it's either a promotional tactic to go along with the theme of "blackout" (because they know how badly we want content rn so they're hoping it increases the number of viewers tuning in September 20th) or it's because there's something that they don't want people knowing about or guessing at or reading between the lines on yet.
I'm thinking it might be the latter. Though I can't imagine what they would want to keep so close to the vest
Tumblr media
that they don't want us to know about just yet
Tumblr media
or just what that could be.
Tumblr media
Can't imagine at all
Tumblr media
And I hope we do see more Oliver soon when he's ready to come back, and I am hoping beyond hope he curates his SM experience (like you mentioned, IG might be a good option for a return as it would allow him to turn comments and DMs off) for himself and what makes him happy and more comfortable. Do miss him, though!
Thank you for the ask, Nonnie!!! I hope you have a lovely rest of your weekend!!! <3
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