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The season premiere of All Rise this week had some really strong moments and even a shocker at the end. 

The season premiere of All Rise titled, “A Change is Gonna Come” really should the changes that have gone on in the span since the season one finale. We learn in flashbacks of Judge Carmichael stopping a cop as he had drawn his weapon as the girl was trying to look for her phone in her bookbag. 

That point and time set off a chain reaction into the present with Lola and Mark’s friendship; as Mark seemed to be on the other side of what Lola was thinking, even though the cop didn’t believe that she was a judge and didn’t ask for I.D. 

Meanwhile, Mark was battling with Rachel on a case that hits close to home with Carmichael with a white man charged with a hate crime for hitting black and mix people with a baseball bat. We learn the meaning of the judge’s difficulties when talking to her new law clerk, Ness Johnson. 

Sara deals with a family situation where her grandparent’s store was distorted during the protest but the insurance wasn’t going to cover it because it was under the COVID-19 lockdown. I think we’re gonna see something in the new episode about that. 

Two things to be taken out of this episode: one what’s going with Luke and Emily as they seem distant yet still helping each other with a case to get her client out of jail and to the hospital; due to COVID-19 but died. They took a break during the COVID-19 and yet it seems that Luke has moved on with Sam. Wow!

Second thing: While Carmichael not only was dealing with that cop situation and case, there was something else going on as well. Her husband had been quarantined at the time of the cop situation, but there was something that we see back and forth during the flashbacks. 

We come to find out that Judge Carmichael is expecting a baby. And come to find out that there’s a viral video of her standing up against that cop, which doesn’t look too good right now.

I have to admit that I enjoyed this season’s premiere. I thought they really addressed the Black Lives Matter really well and even the COVID-19 stuff as well. I thought that Simone Missick gave a great performance in this season’s premiere. 

The tension between Mark and Lola was so good with each other having different opinions of what had happened that night during the protesters and cop. Could their friendship still be in jeopardy? 

Meanwhile, seeing Emily and Luke being distant from each other (besides for COVID reasons), until they tried to help her client. I was like was it me but weren’t they on great terms dating and having a nice evening with a meal and a glass a wine? Apparently, time really did pass and they’re on a break. Wow! That took me a bit surprised. 

As for the shocker (depends on what the shocker would be in this case), the viral video was a shocker over the pregnancy. That doesn’t mean I was shocked but I did figure it out as we see certain moments like Sherri helping her with ideas to calm down and finding a new law clerk. But I can’t wait to see what comes with this story arc with her Lola and her husband and even her judge career. 

Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

What did you think of the episode? Leave a comment below!

You can catch All Rise Mondays at 9/8c on CBS.

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The season premiere of Superstore brought us much need laughs but also left us with a cliffhanging moment. Here’s a recap!

The season premiere picks up where we left off with a short recap of Amy informing the staff that she and Jonah will be leaving for California for her new position. But here comes the COVID-19 and all things don’t go anyone’s way, even Marcus, who decided to go to a spring break party and caught the COVID. 

The episode shows off serious moments like when the staff learned about George Floyd’s murder. While Amy tries to handle both managing the store and being on zoom calls with corporate that’s pretty much taking a lot out of her. 

But after a crazy day, Sandra and Cheyenne’s idea to store extra stuff for them in the ceiling didn’t go so well as it became too heavy and collapse. Later on, Jonah learns that Amy will be going to California but he corrected her saying that they are going to California. That moment ends with Jonah hugging Amy, she gives a worried look. 

“Essential” was a very good and funny episode. The episode should some really good moments in the chronicle order during the months that we missed out on. I couldn’t get enough of Gleen and Dina but mostly Sandra and Cheyenne stole most of the episode with their crazy idea of storing items from the customers. And that Tom Hanks scene was another treat in this episode, the second time goes so well (with This Is Us). 

The 100th episode will be a special one no doubt about it. I think it will be a tearjerker, to say the least, but an episode that probably would throw some flashback moments, wouldn’t you say? The tear-jerking moment will be Amy saying goodbye and leaving Jonah and the Cloud 9 family. 

Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

What did you think of the season premiere? how do you see the 100th episode will go? Leave a comment below and tell us your thoughts!

You can catch the 100th and Amy’s final episode of Superstore Thursdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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I have to say that i’m not surprised that TPTB brought back Melendez as a ghost, but I didn’t think it would be so soon. As good it was to see Nicholas/Neil,  it also really infuriated me. It’s very obvious that TPTB saw our anger about Neil’s death and decided to bring him back as a ghost to appease us. However I see right through that and think it’s a way for them to cover their asses for making such a terrible blunder. They did what they did and no amount of nice moments between Ghost!Melendez and Claire can make up for it. Melendez still should be alive. The worst part about this is the impending heartbreak when the storyline eventually concludes.

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Yeah this here’s Cobb Vanth on Mandalorian. Cept I’m quoting Seth Bullock from Deadwood cause it’s the same actor. Yeah. Saw this man on the subway one time. True story.

That was the final Inktober of the month. Now I will hibernate until election day aka hell on earth.

If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve seen here this past month please consider throwing me a lil change:

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Working on an Eric Andre drawing for Inktober today. BIRD UP.

BTW @ 7 pm EST I’ll be hosting a virtual portrait drawing event.

Go to for the deets.

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The signature lines of a 9-1-1 call play, and the scene starts with a time card of how long has passed since we last saw our characters. There is a montage of what everyone is doing:

It starts with The Grant-Nash family FaceTiming May, who is at college.

Maddie (who is still pregnant or already gave birth) and Chim are moving into a new place and are taking some time to say goodbye to their respective homes.

Hen has been admitted into medical school and can be seen is struggling a little, but she’s determined to finish with her supposed system behind her.

The camera then slows down to Eddie, who is sitting in a cafe, waiting for someone. He looks up and waves to a person off camera but pans to him smiling and hugging a mysterious woman. She sits down and they get to silent talking as the camera pans to a different direction.

We then see Buck lying in bed, looking up at the ceiling. A body under the covers next to him emerges and we find a mysterious man, smiling at Buck. Who returns the smile and laughs as the man pulls Buck under the covers with him.

The camera then pans to everyone, sans Hen, in the fire station. The man that we saw with Buck, is next to him as they eat breakfast that Cap prepared. Eddie then comes in and sits on the other side of Buck. Who asks on how the date went, and is about to answer when the alarm sounds out.

*insert emergency here*

We then see Eddie, Buck, and Chris (who is older) hanging out and having fun together. Buck then accompanies Chris to the bathroom and we can see Eddie’s look of fondness and…something else? Then the woman who we saw Eddie with earlier approaches him and Eddie begins to panic. Because he hasn’t called her back, and somehow she found him. After the situation blows over, Eddie and Buck are alone in the kitchen, talking.

“Maybe I’m just not good at this dating thing” Eddie says as he takes a sip of his beer. 

“Maybe you’re not giving yourself the chance”


“You’re afraid you dating is going to crash and burn, just like Ana and you did, but not every woman is Ana, give yourself the chance Ed. You deserve to be happy”

“So do you”

“I’m good. I got you and Chris” Buck says shrugging, and that same look on his face from earlier. 


Time Skip to a baseball game that Buck, Eddie, and Chris are attending. 

“You’re right…I think I’m going to give myself a chance to be happy” Eddie says before looking over to Buck. But then before Eddie can say something, Buck has a bout of courage before telling Eddie that he’s seeing a guy. 

Eddie’s face falls, he lost his chance 

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