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Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warning: Daddy Kink, Smut Talk

A/N: DAY 6 OF KINKTOBER!!! I know this doesn’t follow along the character lists accepted by the SS.HBC but iven it’s late anyways… I couldn’t think of this prompt being with anyone else so it’s a little thing just for me



135: “You keep acting like a little brat and I’ll take you over my knee right here, I don’t care how many people are watching.” With Sebastian and a daddy kink VIA: @hannahshattuck​ from THIS LIST


Being a brat was your forte as of recent. The sarcastic tone in your voice, the way you would roll your eyes at the jokes he made, the way you’d walk away from him with that extra little sway of your hips… Sebastian loved it though he’d refused to admit that to you. But today you had been a little extra of a spitfire.

Working on the same film as your partner had its upsides. You didn’t have to wait months to see those sparkling blue eyes of his or impatiently wait for what seemed like an eternity to feel his beard tickling your neck… or your thighs.  

But, it also had its lows. 

You never had much privacy for just the two of you, not with his best friends also being apart of the cast. He’d have maybe 5 minutes alone with you every now and then when you crept into his trailer under the excuse of needing to re-fit his shirt or hem his pants a tad. As soon as you both made sure the coast was clear it never failed for one someone to burst into the small area, scaring you both half to death each time. 

“I think this shirt is a bit tight. What do you think?” Sebastian whispered as he stood behind you, grasping your hand and placing it over his muscular chest. The smirk that arose to his lips could make you do anything that man wanted… but today you were needy, which only led to attitude. 

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