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#seb speaks

fucking OBSESSED with that one fucking noise women can make when they’re singing where they sound essentially like they’re breaking their throats to make it but it’s actually a perfectly healthy high pitched belt

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ANYWAY nothing will ever top the amount of emotions i feel thinking about people being soulmates like i will always stan

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ranting about this here because whenever i rant about my eating disorder on the other site i use they always call me selfish

why is it so fucking absurd to my parents that i want a piece of cake??

yes dad and stepmom whom i hate sl much, im aware it was my little brother’s birthday cake

why do i want it so much you ask??

maybe because it’s an actual cake, bought already made with nice icing, not that shitty, home baked mess you lazily put together for *my* birthday because it was “healthier for me”

i’ve already lost more weight because of you than i liked.

why do you care about a piece of cake entering my body so much?

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i am fat everwhere but my cheeks and arms, for some reason they don’t retain fat

i devoloped an eating disorder that causes me to not control what or when i eat

if i want noodles, but im offered something else i can no longer eat

if i do ill throw up

my dad has repeatedly called me fat in a negative way, body shamed me and forced me to not eat because of my weight

to the point i stress binged until it got worse

i still sometimes can’t finish the last bite of food without barfing

it’s hard for me to eat

i am trying so hard to love myself

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me watching me continuously writing the mcu cast (mainly seb and anthony) into ocean eyes even if they have no real reason to be there other than me loving them and their interactions 🤡


do y'all even like them being around someone tell me i’ll stop if you want

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