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Silent Words - Chapter 5

Word count: 1583

Warnings: minor character death (duh), angst, the fluff is building up y’all


Bucky made his way back to the living room and picked up the envelope. He spaced out thinking about how guilty he felt for snapping at her like that, he could’ve told her how he felt in a much more collected way. She looked so shocked and scared. I’m such an asshole. He suddenly looked at the envelope and an idea shot through his head. He picked up his phone and called a friend for more information on this Jackson Frazier.

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Word count: 1418

Warnings: cursing, angst and fighting, a little more fluff (i’m starting to go soft on y’all)

A/N: lmfao y’all 💀 I apologize okay, I don’t have anything to say for myself. I promise better times, better chapters and more frequent updates for the future 😳


Upon arriving at the safehouse, Y/N got out of the car before Bucky could park. She felt so relieved by fulfilling her father’s first wish that the young woman felt happy, so happy she could cook. In the meanwhile, Bucky was slightly startled seeing Y/N in such a chipper mood. The last time he checked, she had the blood of a man on her hands; literally. Even he always felt some sort of dreadfulness after killing the evilest people, and he’s killed a lot of people. After parking the car, he entered the house and heard the clinking of pots and pans and a hummed melody. He gulped, something must be seriously wrong. Is this her way of dissociating from what she just did?

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