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Pairing: Destroyer!Chris x Reader

Warnings: Smut… not toooooo in depth but smut, talk about possible past “problems” , Chris being a fucking lovely man because I could

A/N: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR REQUESTING THIS!!! I really liked writing for him and I have never done this… definitely WON”T be the last 😉

Prompts are via THIS LIST

#90: “You’re more than just a one night stand.” with Destroyer!Chris VIA: @jhangelface0523


Tossing and turning for the past 20 minutes, you finally sit up in bed. Your mess of hair falling into your eyes as you stare down at your feet. The cold wooden floor below sends a shiver up your leg and to your spine. The bed was so warm… and the man laying in it was so inviting, but you knew what this really was. You didn’t want to stick around in the awkwardness as he tries to ask you to leave. 

You’d rather do it on your own terms.

Dantily, your feet pitter-patter across the floor, grabbing the pile of garments by the door and ever so slowly turning the doorknob. Everything was silent… until you heard the sheets move behind you. Your eyes clench shut, a desperate attempt at staying as still as possible and just hoping he’d fall back asleep and not notice your figure against the pale white door. 

“Where do you think you’re going?” A tired, hoarsed voice pipes up from behind you as the sheets move once more, this time followed by heavy footsteps walking in your direction. 

“I figured I’d see myself out,” turning around, you face the man that caused you to exude so much joy and happiness just hours prior. His feet stop only a few feet away. His arms crossing over his chest as his head tilts downwards, a disappointed look laced in his blue irises as you finally met his gaze. “I know how this works, Chris. And I’m not too good at the “morning after goodbyes” and all that.” 

His eyes don’t leave yours, his shoulders tense for a few moments before his hands drop to his sides, and then cross the distance between you both. His hands grip the pair of boots you were trying your best to juggle on the pile of clothing in your arms, taking them and tossing them to the side of the bed which he came from. A shy smile rises to his lips when he takes the over-sized sweatshirt and jeans from your hands, tossing them with the boots and grabbing your free hands immediately before you had any time to react. 

The look of confusion glazed over your features. This wasn’t what happened… ever. As he pulled you close to his body, his eyes became soft, yet dominant.

“You’re more than just a one night stand.” You searched his eyes, looking for any sign of him not speaking his truth… and you found none. This territory was new. It was unfamiliar and terrifying. But it was also comfortable. 

In his presence, you felt safe… in all ways. He made you feel mentally safe as though you could tell him your entire life story and he’d not spill one drop of judgment for anything in your past. And he made you feel physically safe from anyone who would ever try to cause you harm. 

Your eyes begin to light up, like they were the night before when you would look down into his soul as you rode him to the point of absolute ecstasy. 

Like the way the looked when he ran his calloused fingers through your hair while you talked about the book you were writing and how absurdly passionate you were about it. All while leaning up against his bare chest, your naked form between his legs as he relished in the warmth you gave off both physically and emotionally. 

It was also the way your eyes lit up when you met, when he took you away from the men that just caused more harm. When he saved you from them and yourself.

“You sure about that? I am a handful ya know?” You questioned with a smirk pulling at the corner of your raw lips. A yelp escapes you as he pulls you deep into his embrace, his hands cupping dramatically at your ass cheeks, his entire hand engulfing your semi-bruised flesh while his smirk mimicked your own. 

“These handfuls… YOUR handfuls are exactly what I want.” 


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