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#seb talks trash

Going to be semi hiatus for a while from Tumblr, especially in the GW2 community, unless it’s involving my close friends.

So, why the reason for the sudden semi hiatus?

Well, mainly work. I’ve started to actually put my 100% devotion to work, which is important, since I want to stay in a job for a while.

The other reason is my lack of interest in gw2. It’s a nice game and all, but at some point it became an addiction.

A unhealthy and economically bad addiction. Fashion wars and the gemstore got to my head, so I had to stop that. Which is one of the multiple reasons why I stopped playing GW2 completely.

My focus and love only goes for ffxiv rn. I mean, interactable emotes, nothing can beat that, and endless content, ingame mounts to obtain, no ingame store, story dungeons, free company communications etc. I could go on and on.

Idk when I’ll go back to gw2, but it probably won’t be for a long while.

Either way, I hope you all take care~ ❤️

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Sorry for not really being a Dragon Age and DnD block these days.

Been kinda out of it (depression sucks ass!), bet it’s the unhealthy food and self loathing getting me down.

Haven’t drawn in days, simply because I… just don’t have the energy nor the motivation.

I’m currently at the bottom of the mountain I should be climbing.

Don’t worry, I’ll get my ass up again after I’ve gotten my ass out of this house and to the library again.

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A small confession:

Lately I’ve felt rather disconnected to the Dragon Age Inquisition game and it really bothers me.

Because I still really love it, but I get bored too quickly. It’s kinda a bummer when I’m finally at home, but my fav game feels… boring and distant.

I want to finish Balder, Thelvin, Adahlen and Hallalin’s play throughs so badly.

Guess I have to wait until I feel bored enough and inspired enough to play the game again. (Even when my mind begs me to play it, but I already know the outcome…)

Going to go through the mass effect Triology again, in an attempt to revive my passion for these games.

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Since it’s Christmas Eve here in Norway and I have no idea if I’ll have time to be online today, I’ll just say it now;

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year, everyone!

And to everyone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas;

Happy holiday and I wish you a brilliant New Year!

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I’ll be very inactive from 15th this month until the 2nd next month (and year.). 

I’ll be spending time offline, with my family, stressing around since it’s cristmas time. I might be online on the 24th (Norway’s christmas day~), but other days I won’t have any internet. 

I’ll be online today and tomorrow.

Feel free to still send me things and such. I’ll try my best to still communicate with the great friends and mutuals I have here. ^^

I do hope you all have a good holiday, even if you don’t celebrate christmas. c: 

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Thank the Maker! 

Feeling better today. Yesterday was hell. 

But I guess getting the (not so shocking) news that the meeting thing I have every week WON’T BE ANYMORE AFTER NEW YEARS! 

Which gives me more time to focus on bettering myself, my art and my life. The job hunting continues, but it’s in my own hands, and I won’t get judged by the company’s workers, who act like they’re gods and we’re idiots. 

Finally the mentally and physically draining hell day is over!

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Tomorrow, I’m just going to… practice realism, anatomy and such tradiotionally. My brain won’t function with the tablet anymore, sadly. I’m trying to fight this hellish art block as hard as I can. 

I guess I’m also struggling with self doubt of my own art skills and such. I let myself down by comparing my own art to greater artists and brought myself down in a ditch, which is not good and I regret it. 

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*Drama rises about a certain future game and fans not liking ‘politics’ in it* 

me: Is it bad of me to not know a shit of what’s going on? Why is this new person in the game’s dev team talking about this? Why are people worked up about it? 

I honestly don’t get it. DA:O, DA:II and DA:I all had politics in them of some kind, it’s what makes those games, well, THOSE GAMES! I love the as they are. 

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