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who let me do this !? i still have my current fic to write & here i am fulfilling my omegaverse/marry days au lool anyways i just started writing it not even an hour ago but im f hype so heres a little sneak peek

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This is a masterpost where I’ll post links to my fanfiction, and will be organized in reverse chronological order. All are posted on my AO3.

Though I’ve written for several fandoms, the main ones I focus on right now are Banana Fish, Black Butler, FFXIV, and MDZS.

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“Once upon a time not too long , there lived a demon together with One hell of a butler’. The demonic master, who once was human, hated to eat human souls, which caused him to become weak. Not wanting to let his master die no matter what, the demon butler worked out a plan, using a technique to bestow his own life energy upon him, he somehow succeeded in ‘feedinghis master.”

Ayy this is my first time that I posted something (≧∇≦*) This edit looks simple, but it took me some time :3 I hope y'all like it!

The name of the doushinji is Mimipara and the artist is Colobocs.

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I actually always say that in my eyes, S2 is a love letter from Sebastian to Ciel! It has ellipses and missing words, sometimes missing sentences; some pages were left intentionally blank, but ultimately, it’s all about feelings. 

Sebastian allows Ciel to become a demon. He was told clearly that the moment Ciel wakes up, he’ll do it soulless. Rather than killing him on sight, Sebastian cradles him in his arms and waits. He attacks afterward, when it can’t actually hurt Ciel. Instead of still killing him, Sebastian goes along with the charade and keeps doing his butler duties. Demons can kill their masters without serious repercussions, we saw that on the example of Claude and Alois. Sebastian has every right to kill Ciel - more than that, he’s in direct proximity to the sword that can help him with this. And yet, he stays. 

Ciel acts like he’s in control, Sebastian acts like he has to obey him, but they both know it’s a charade. It’s so palpable in the moment where Sebastian pretends to make tea and Ciel pretends to drink it. They try to stick to their routine desperately because they feel lost, confused, and scared. Ciel knows what could happen to him any moment - he saw what became of Alois. Sebastian knows he doesn’t have to do anything anymore, but he can’t bring himself to kill Ciel to terminate their bond. He can’t face the idea of being invested in someone so much either, though, because this is it - he told himself countless excuses before to prolong the contract, but now there are no lies left. So he’s miserable and lost, going through motions and unable to make a decision, incapable of admitting he needs Ciel yet equally incapable of killing him. 

It’s such an open ending, but I find it extremely beautiful! 

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In my opinion, they care about each equally, in dark, twisted, and atypical ways. I believe that Sebastian’s feelings for Ciel could be more evident because he is placed in situations to display them more often. Ciel is frequently in danger; he keeps doing things that genuinely take Sebastian aback. As a demon, Sebastian is not used to having to hide his emotions. He never saw people as his equals, they were an amusing insect he was interested in dissecting, so his masks leave a lot of to be desired. It does not even occur to him to develop an instinct to hide his reactions because he’s never been concerned about how others perceive him. That’s why it might be easier to notice that he cares about Ciel.

Ciel, in turn, holds himself in his own iron fist. He constantly controls how and when he reacts; he hates the idea of being seen as weak or inferior, so he models himself after some parts of Sebastian. He’s actively cultivating his coldness and cruelty - he tries to methodically cut out any other feelings from himself. Sometimes he goes out of his way to humiliate Sebastian or be curt/harsh with him because it compensates for those times where he lets go of his control and shows that he cares. Ciel is very concerned about how others and especially Sebastian see him. For Sebastian, a loss of control is a confusing and embarrassing experience, but for Ciel, it’s a chilling disaster. That’s why he fights harder to mask what he truly feels. 

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Warning Spoilers? I mean some spoilers.

Sooooo lemme give my thoughts on Kuroshitsuji and the ever loved yaoi fanbase.

Let’s start with interpretation. I read somewhere in another’s response that Sebastian and Ciel’s relationship somewhat surpasses master and butler but not in any conventional way whether it be: familial, friendship, romantic, etc. They appear to have an understanding that more connects their inner beings than anything else. I’ve seen it in some of the moments where they’re simply conversing (e.g. Book of Circus last episode on the train).

Ciel is ruthless, cynical, prideful and is very good with strategy. He is a good leader but not inherently on the side of good. He’s a boy that’d already given in to the dark side the moment he made the contract. At such a young age, governing who lives and dies by order of the Queen. He appears to be neutral and his moral scales seem to always be wobbling. That said, he still has his innocence, childishness and a dormant wish for ‘things to be better’. He lies without really thinking and surely feels guilt and regret despite saying he won’t and forcing himself not to. He’s brash, forever moving forward and conditioning himself not to look back if necessary. Very intelligent and rather self aware. The things he tends to deny are only conventional positives e.g. caring for people or generally being a nice person (unless he has guests.)

Sebastian has no limits. Instead, he gives himself limits to fit his job. Not short of perfection, he’s long suffering and has next to immaculate endurance. A brilliant performer and employee yet we don’t know much about his emotions. If anything, Claude appeared to be the perfect example of what a demon was supposed to be. Perhaps Sebastian is like that without the smoke and mirrors.

Now the both of them seem to bond over sin. Ciel being so accepting of his own flaws as a human and being so aware of what makes one; I feel like Sebastian really admires that about him. He who has no morals, who kills with no remorse and sees things generally through black vision. Both him and Ciel are in the darkness, eradicating smudges from Her Majesty’s ‘great vision’.

Towards the end of season 1, when Ciel flinched and decided not to take his revenge right then and there, when he’d begun making excuses and trying to run from it, Sebastian had lost the glint in his eye. Disappointed. It was probably rather anticlimactic, like seeing a dessert you’d longed for grow too watery. Ciel, being prideful, found his way back to being himself eventually after realising the main goal that he’d lost sight of and understood that his soul in that condition, wavering like that had become unappetising.

Revenge is the fire that keeps Ciel’s soul as delectable as it is; What lead him to the path he now walks that he can’t return from. As such, all his other ‘sins’ can fall neatly around him as he can pick whichever card he pleases to help him move forward. This is the aesthetic that keeps Sebastian tied to his hip— the perfect meal for a perfectionist.

Okay so I’ve rambled on a bit. Now onto the yaoi aspect. A lot of the ways in which I’ve seen people portray the relationship becoming a thing is Ciel letting out his weakness and or exposing his feelings somewhat. As much as it probably works, to me, the thing I keep saying when I see it is “Ciel would n o t let that happen”. Exposing his feelings?? HAH as if. I know he cares about Elizabeth a lot and plans to marry her out of duty (but also out of his own feelings too). That is the canon part of it. Thing is, this boy is so damn hard to read.

Before y’all start yelling, I’m not into the pedophilic 10000 something year old demon ending up with a 12 year old. That’s a no.

I like watching the relationship between him and Sebastian develop. Whatever it is, it’s a bond of some sort and if I’m honest, I see it. Some slight hints and the attachment. In another universe it could happen (just not in a conventional way). The way sometimes Sebastian is so careful and delicate when handling or holding him. I don’t see a father or brother, I see a caretaker or a tutor. But even so, I still don’t see that. Some scenes look like it’s almost past that?? It’s hard to explain but it’s never conventional. The typical ‘oooh~ blushy blushy I have feelings’ or tsundere ‘nooo! Don’t touch me you idiot!’.

It’s just. I can’t put my finger on it. But if I had to see it happening, I would imagine that they’d continue their business/teasing/friendship up until a point where it becomes possible. Whatever deeper bond is kept underneath a bunch of leaves until Winter comes and reveals everything. What I mean is: Ciel will grow up. If he doesn’t go through with the contract, he’ll grow up and whatever was dormant will start coming through. Needs or rather what he didn’t know he needed (don’t think of it like that -.-) will start coming through. And Sebastian is literally riiiight next to him. The comfort. The go-to. So. Needless to say. In my mind, I feel like the boy will be very confused.

As a duo, they’re adorable. I love seeing them together and it just works. The aesthetic, their ideals, their personalities (I use the word loosely) etc etc.

This was a huuuuge ramble and I didn’t really go anywhere but I guess the easiest thing to conclude all this with is: Yes, I can see them together. No, not right now. When Ciel is older and has his mind opened to other things? Yes. I don’t blame the yaoi fanbase but I don’t condone the pedophilia. No matter what, Ciel is a minor. The demon ending is a different story. But the boy is a boy.

Unless you wanna go into darker and realistic territory, yes it could happen but no I wouldn’t condone it. It would be the ‘it is what it is’ shrug moment bc idfk. Real life is messed up. If it ever went there, I wouldn’t be surprised- things get complicated and Sebastian is a demon. In terms of characters, I don’t think so…unless the ‘needs’ thing comes early (which is a eughhh no) but would I blame anyone for writing it? No. Just don’t romanticise it. It ain’t right.

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Thank you so much, I’m glad you’re enjoying it! Whenever I think of Ciel and Sebastian, my heart feels fuller - I love these two so incredibly much. Sadly, I can’t give the estimate because I have to finish the update to my other story first. I might also take a week of break after it. If to talk in very loose and approximate terms, then I’d say the next TGSTLTH chapter might be done in about 1.5 months, though. 

As for midnight guarding, it has everything to do with Angela, her interest in Sebastian, and her desire to toy with him :D 

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Prepositions: Chapter 16

In which Sebastian does a lot of observing. And thinking. Too much thinking. And serves a lot of drinks.

The rain came down, a spatter over the windows in the hallway as earl and servant paused at the top of the stairway. The courtyard beside the house was busy with coaches. The front door was open, and the hum of voices drifted up to them.

What is the best way to descend into a certain trap?

‘Well,’ said the boy. He tapped his cane on the floor beside him. A sigh of resignation. 'Shall we?’

Sebastian watched him descend, his small head held high, his back straight. A rider’s posture. A nobleman’s son. And he fell into step behind his master as they went downstairs to meet their guests.


The update is over HERE. 

It’s late. But it’s long, too. I hope you enjoy it ^^

–art is by the lovely @lushslug​ –

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I’m definitely participating for the October 26 costume one <3 

SebaCiel has soooo much potential, which made it was so difficult to decide on one. I considered Bonnie and Clyde, but had another idea in mind. ;)

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