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gotta be real with u i completely disagree with this. 

agnis the type of person to see the good in everyone, because he knows first hand that people can change there ways if given the chance. i also think that if sebastian revealed himself as a demon he might be…somewhat empathetic in the sense that angels and demons co exist to keep balance in the world and seb is just doing what he was born to do and arguably doing some good things in the process (aka ciel n seb solving crimes). even if he liked seb it doesnt mean he agrees with all the choices hes made u kno? in most cases i imagine agni rubs off on seb n makes him act nicer!

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Let me introduce you to…

The Sebagni “Do these people know how to read?” AU

(it’s going to be a long one, but it’s semi-humourous with clichés, so bear with me)

…in which Sebastian “I’m allergic to stupidity” Michaelis (who may or may not be human, who knows) is a tired teacher who hates his colleagues so, SO much, so he spends a lot of time in a library, which is huge, but old and the location (it’s near a very creepy graveyard, for the vibes :D) doesn’t help, so no one really goes there as much as he does. He has his habits, his spot (a very sturdy cold gray sofa which seems out of place in the worn-out yet warm browns and golds of the library) and a very precise routine. Nothing interrupts his routine. (Only cats are allowed to. Anything can be interrupted for cats.)

Until the day he finds a tiny brat (hi Ciel :)) sitting in his spot. He seriously considers committing infanticide (which would’ve saved him many headaches, but he doesn’t know that yet), but doesn’t, because at least the child is quiet. And the day gets worse because the tiny ball of vague anger sitting in Sebastian’s beloved sofa somehow transforms into a ball of (probably affectionate) rage as Ciel gets bothered by the exceptionally bright, sweet and LOUD sunshine boy we all know as Soma, who somehow knew he was going to this library??? Soma’s bestie radar is powerful.

Kid’s are loud, Sebastian hates his life, and decides to leave, borrowing a book (which he couldn’t read because c h i l d r e n) on his way out and guess what? That doesn’t go that smoothly either. The whole “you gotta tell the librarian you’re borrowing that book so they write down your name probably in order to chase you down and kill your family if you forget to give it back” thing is much easier to do when said librarian isn’t busy having a chat with someone.

*insert everyone’s favourite cliché “oh the man is hot AND respectful” kinda thing as Seb and Agni finally meet, small talk, they immediately like eachother because in this house Sebagni is a slow burn romance but friends at first sight*

After spending ten minutes ✨looking respectfully✨ while talking, Sebastian finally leaves.

Life is messy, he’s very busy, he somehow ends up lowkey adopting the brat, who’s a pupil in his school, though he’s not in any of Sebastian’s classes. (“You can’t eat a whole cake for lunch????” “Yes I can??????” “No you can’t????????” “What are you, my mum??????????” “If it gets you to eat an actual meal instead of this- how did you even get that dessert, I- anyway if it works,I might as well be.” “You want to be like her? Then perish.” “…” “…anyway…”)

A whole week goes by before he can go to the library again.

You know where I’m going with this.

✨Oh no, Mr. Hot and Respectful is the new librarian so now Sebastian gets to see him very regularly and there will be many conversations about lots of things!✨

Anyway that’s like, 1% of the many many thoughts I have on this, but I realised halfway through that I did not feel like writing a whole novel in a tumblr post, so that’s it for now. I might mention it again someday. Who knows.

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Me wants to write stuff: “Please oh sleeping brain cell would you be so kind as to grant me your time?”

My brain cell: “Wha- oh yeah uh here….Lewvithur, Hisui and Moroha….Sebagni….hhhh….Kalim and Jamil….”

Me in confusion: “But those are ships….I need actual plots-”

My brain cell: “Shhh….no thoughts, head empty rn. Enjoy ships, I go back to sleep now kay bye.”

Me sobbing: “I love these ships but why do you do this to me???”

My brain cell: “zzzzzz…”

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You’re right to say Sebastian acts very different with them. As well, no two pairings SHOULD be exactly alike, hopefully.. It wouldn’t be much fun if pairings were all the SAME. :P

Most of the differences are linked to Agni and Mey Rin and how they are. From their backgrounds, to how they met Sebastian, and how they interact with him.

Agni used to be a sinful high ranked individual back home, and almost was KILLED for all the bad things, until Soma rescued him, gave him a new name and purpose. And thus Agni’s entire mindset as we know is a sweet man, who is filled with only pure thoughts and ideals now, and even after someone puts him together with Sebastian in a story or something, and they’ve obviously had some *time* together, he still is very pure and not changed nor swayed into acting any different. 

Agni might also fight and attack, but he only does so when given orders by his prince, or to rightfully protect friends or loved ones.

Other than that Agni likes being calm and discussing things if possible. He likes justice and doing the RIGHT thing, as we’ve seen in the manga when he TRIED to turn himself in to the police after the curry contest, while Ciel and Sebastian were trying to PROTECT him and keep him from getting arrested. And then LATER, a few arcs after that, he truly sees how dark and gritty things get for Ciel and Sebastian, and tries to talk to his dear friend about it, only to get brushed off with just a smile… And then he tries to sway his prince to leave and go home, afraid of all the dark things he’s finally noticing happening!

Then we get to how Sebastian is with HIM.. and I mean like.. usually fanon Sebastian since clearly manga canon Seb is way more cold.. TwT… Fanon Sebastian practically swoons and blushes at the strong and pure khansama, and flirts and begs for kisses and to be ah taken when they are together. He pretty much acts similar to how Mey RIN acts about HIM… XD So the demon is VERY thirsty for the Indian Butler in this pairing, and Agni finds himself in love with the pretty shorter butler.. much more romantically inclined than sexually.. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t passionately take the other butler when finally giving in!!

NOW with MEY RIN… She had it rough in her backstory, and learned from the lesson of dealing with being trapped in the Chinese Mafia, stuck doing as they wished of her day in and day out, that fellow human beings could be CRUEL. VISCIOUS. MONSTERS. And you were on your own to survive.

So she grew up having to turn into a human weapon, not even caring about her gender, as she had not a second of her own free time or free will to even THINK about her changing body as she grew up in the place she grew up in.

And when she was finally caught for the first time ever, all she could think of was the fact that she WOULD die if discovered having failed, and.. SHE ALMOST DID when she tried escaping from her failed attempt! If not for Sebastian catching up to her somehow and killing the man who’d snuck up to do the deed himself!

Mey Rin then learned she really had no choice but to accept learning to become a maid of a nobles house, and thus learn to be a very different person all together than what she was used to.

There were now pros and cons. The Pros being: She WAS free to think for herself, to breathe easier, no longer tense and afraid every day, surrounded by nasty wicked people, and free to explore her body, to see herself… ESPECIALLY when she was finally given GLASSES so she could FINALLY see her own reflection! And thus becoming more self aware than ever that she was a young woman… The CONS being however: She had to learn a whole new set of skills from the ground up, to speak english better, to learn to READ and to write! Do CHORES! To CLEAN! To ACT a certain way around certain people! But really.. seeing both pros and cons, it seemed the pros definitely outweighed the cons.

We obviously don’t know ALL the details of what happened after THAT as she adapted to being a maid, all we know for SURE is that Mey Rin grew to LOVE being a maid much more than her former job. And likely for more than one or two reasons: She got to be PRETTY.. to grow her hair out.. to put it in PIGTAILS to be more girly! To wear dresses and gowns and skirts! To have her own personal room to retire to.. and to read likely now that she knew how! And finally.. to see the handsome butler every day! To watch HIM work and enjoy HIS company and to have the TIME to think wild fantasies of him or her confessing their love.. just like in the books she read!

Yeah, Mey Rin was CANONICALLY amorous towards Sebastian, unlike Agni, and a few times we even see her thinking very BOLD things about like what Seb would look like in bed without clothes.. thinking wild things like about the vampire carmilla and the possibility of vampires being real!!

Mey Rin is way more imaginative and voracious than Agni, with a libido almost as crazy as a DEMONS, and though she grows very very blushy and bashful and embarrassed, she still cannot help herself with STILL thinking of such things!! 

So on the other end with Sebastian here he can MATCH her in this lust, and boy does it get them in trouble! ;) But since Mey Rin is also a blushy pretty girl who is only just getting INTO being a blushy pretty girl, Sebastian likes going along with that, being the chivalrous gentleman he can be, whether as a butler or otherwise~.. He turns into a Victorian English version of Gomez Addams, absolutely adoring Mey Rin and deeming her a worthy mate for what she had almost accomplished, not to mention the fact that she loves him. In the purest form of the word. And in our fanon verse, he accepts this, and loves her back! 🥰

Not to mention, as they get in deeper, he trusts her enough to let her explore her thirsty side.. and have him, a demon, in bed. >:3

Ahem.. so I hope this… helps somehow… in explaining the differences in pairings??? 🙈 I’m so sorry if not, I’m a bit loopy with a cold and having taken medicine for it.. But I hope this answer is good anyways!! Thank you for the question!!! 💖💖💖

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Okay Sebagni is actually a really good ship and I’m angry at myself for not realizing the absolute shipping potential between them. Like as friends I saw this chemistry and adored it and my blind ass did not see beyond this for some reason and I wanna kick myself shdgdgdgdhj. We need more Sebagni for real. The chemistry between them would be amazing and I’d pay to see more of it.

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i love soma and agni being actual family!! i like 2 think that soma is agnis nephew n soma moved to the uk and stayed with him n agni treats him like his own son 😭 but if agni and seb dated then ciel is forced to deal with soma who he doesnt like at first but they become rlly close and both bitch about seb hioerahgoieghoriger

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