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Awww, thank you so much for this ask! <3 I’m so glad you enjoyed the HC’s last time. I had a ton of fun brainstorming and writing them. But, man, this fluff one was a bit of a challenge, lol. 

Fluff isn’t something I typically write, other than some brief moments, so coming up with something that was almost completely fluff was an interesting creative exercise. I hope you enjoy these as well. :) And also thank you for being patient while I waited to feel up to working on this. :) 

So, without further ado, here are some fluffy Sebard and Sebagni headcanons. 


  • Neither man is particularly given to traditionally romantic gestures. Bard, because he’s clumsy at best when it comes to those sorts of things. And Sebastian…well, because he’s Sebastian. Both, in their own way, are men of action so whenever they do something thoughtful, it ends up being an act of service of some sort. Like once, when it was a particularly busy day, Sebastian’s prized pocket watch stopped working. So he set it aside to work his demon magic on it later when he had time. However, when he returned to his office late that night (after the last of the day’s tasks had been seen to and his young master had been tucked in for the evening) he realized it had been fixed. A smile came to his face when he caught a faint whiff of cigarette smoke on the silver watch, immediately knowing who had repaired it.
  • Bard is also very secretive about his gestures. He doesn’t handle compliments well, especially in the moment. Whenever he does get caught in the middle of doing something for Sebastian or when Sebastian thanks him later, Bard’s face and ears immediately go red and he stumbles over his words until he only manages to mumble a soft “You’re welcome” in reply. This is something Sebastian likes to take advantage of whenever the opportunity arises. He finds the cook’s ability to be easily flustered adorable.
  • The time the two get to spend together (when they’re not fucking each other senseless) is usually quiet. Their days are so loud and hectic that they enjoy nothing more than the simple reward of each other’s company. Sometimes they’ll talk with soft, low voices as they share a bottle of whiskey or a smoke outside. Though, even then, Sebastian usually doesn’t contribute much, save to give a brief comment or ask a probing question about something Bard said. Bard doesn’t mind, though. He appreciates someone who doesn’t have to blurt out everything that comes into their head. And he respects Sebastian’s desire for privacy as well.
  • Though he’d never admit it, one of Sebastian’s favorite things is physical contact. And not just sexual contact, either. Both his role as a butler and his status as a demon maintain an unspoken barrier between him and those he’s around. Even in the demon realm, he hadn’t found much connection with his own kind. So he treasures the time he gets to spend with Bard, touching his skin, running his fingers along the scruff of his stubble, and carding his fingers through his soft blond locks. And sensing the reactions that contact garners.
  • Bard is also a huge cuddler, something which he had been embarrassed to admit at first. He enjoys being either the big or little spoon, though there’s something about falling asleep after a particularly taxing rendezvous with the butler, with his perfectly sculpted arms holding his war-scarred body against his.


  • Sebastian and Agni are like night and day. Though, it has been said that is why opposites attract. In fact, it was this difference that drew Sebastian to the kind-hearted kansama in the first place. After all the depravity, selfish ambition, and weakness he had seen from humans, he was dumbfounded by Agni’s selfless, caring, and loyal nature. And he was curious to find out more. What had started out as nothing more than a study of human behavior ended up morphing into something like a relationship.
  • Agni, unsurprisingly, is very caring. He quickly learned Sebastian’s routine and regularly ensures he joins the other butler during his day to assist with his duties. He also acquires or makes gifts for Sebastian that he thinks he would enjoy, such as a new book relating to a topic they had recently discussed or flowers from the garden to brighten his office with their beauty and fragrance. 
  • Sebastian enjoys such doting behavior and has learned to mimic it as best he can. Though his inability to be away from his master’s side for long has limited what he has been able to do in return. Most of his gifts to Agni are related to food, whether that be a new dish of Indian cuisine he learned how to make or a rare fruit or spice he was able to acquire. Agni once broke down into tears when Sebastian presented him with a mango (his favorite fruit), something which stunned the demon butler. It took several minutes of emphatic insistence that he loved the gift for Agni to convince Sebastian that the fruit hadn’t been a terrible idea.
  • Though they are quite opposite in personality, they are equals in many ways, something that Sebastian finds both intriguing and satisfying. And, unlike most humans he’s encountered, Sebastian actually enjoys talking to Agni. It never seems like the two run out of things to talk about. No matter what topic they’re discussing, Agni is able to provide a perspective that provides Sebastian with plenty to think of during the long, sleepless hours of his nights. Or Sebastian is able to enlighten Agni with new information that transforms his understanding on a topic. Their conversations vary widely, from the mundane to the deeply philosophical and they both enjoy all of them. More than once, the quality of Agni’s companionship has caused Sebastian to wish Agni himself was a demon. However, he also knows that such a transformation would destroy the attributes he so admired in the man.
  • One of Agni’s favorite ways to pass time with Sebastian is in the kitchen, unable to do anything but admire him for his abilities and his flare for theatrical cooking. Watching Sebastian cook is like watching an artist paint or a musician compose. Though, if he’s entirely honest, his greatest reason for Agni enjoying being in the kitchen with Sebastian is it is the only time in public when he can freely touch the other man without garnering suspicion. Something Agni takes full advantage of…and something about which Sebastian never complains.
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Their song is “Sex On Fire” by Kings of Leon


It was Friday night. Tanaka offered to supervise Ciel in case he had a night terror. Sebastian was invited out on the town with Finny, Wolf, and Bard. It wasn’t every night that they could all go out and have a few drinks.

The night rolls on and so do the drinks. Finny and Wolf are chatting it up while Bard and Sebastian have a drinking competition. Hazy vision, drunken laughter, and clanging of beer mugs and liquor glasses.

Wolf and Finny left hours ago. Bard and Sebastian stagger out of the bar; hot under the collar and tight in the pants. Teasing eyes and thoughts of crossing a line that should not be crossed.

Bard shoves Sebastian against the wall outside of the bar, clenching his jaw as his eyes float down to Sebastian’s soft lips opened in surprise.

All rationality leaves his mind as his hand stables himself against the wall, stepping forward. He presses himself up against Sebastian and growls lustfully.

Sebastian wastes no time, capturing Bard’s lips in a fiery passion. His lips are like the flesh of a juicy peach. It was addicting. Their frantic hands pulling and tugging as they dance drunkenly over towards an alleyway, lips locking and parting only for oxygen.

The second Bard hears his zipper unzip in the dark shadows, he realizes that he is in for a devilish treat.

The end?

*watch your profanity meme* and *surprised Pikachu meme*

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A bit late… And a terrible quality image, because my laptop has been out of commission, and my scanner is broken #unluckygirl. But I finally finished the late birthday present for the wonderful @plague-of-insomnia

As their self proclaimed number 1 Sebard fan girl, I just had to draw something from their ‘Promise’ Series. Specifically the one they dedicated to me, for my birthday last October.

I really hope you like it, sweetie xx

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“What the actual hell.”

Bardroy uttered aloud when his pack of cigarettes turned up completely missing. And there was no way he’d smoked them all yet! He’d gotten them yesterday!!

He’d nearly torn up his and Finny’s shared room looking by now, and groaned as nothing, not even one cigarette, came up!

Well damn, guess he’d have to try and do an extra good job today, somehow, so he could go out and get some more again with the Butler’s permission.

Sighing, Bardroy trudged out of his room and back down to the kitchen, only to see… The pack of cigarettes lying right there in the middle of the kitchen table.

Instantly he grabbed them, inspecting them instead of just taking a new cigarette out. Why else would they disappear suddenly and then show up again if not because someone clearly decided to take one or two for themselves? Not to mention the fact that they really bother hiding that they’d done it, like they didn’t care if Bard knew or not. Huh. Who could it be?

The back door swung open and the butler quietly came in, sighing as he stood there with two pheasants under his arm and his suit loaded with bullet holes.

“Bardroy, could you please go out and dispose of the bodies littering the yard out there?” He asked casually, heading over to put the pheasants down on the counter.

“Oh yeah, sure.” The chef mumbled, putting his pack of cigarettes back in his pocket.

He headed for the backdoor himself, grimacing as he opened the door and saw the massicre littering the yard.

“Jesus, they came pretty close this time, huh?” He commented.

“Yes, as to do expected when they double their numbers.”

He wasn’t even looking up from preparing for dinner.

Bardroy rubbed the back of his head and sighed.

“Y'know, Sebastian, you coulda asked me if-”

“I didn’t need your help, nor were you around in the vicinity when they attacked so I wasn’t going to leave and go fetch you only to risk them breaching the building. We’ve had this conversation, Bard.”

“Right, ‘cept I was actually gonna say you coulda asked me if you wanted to borrow a smoke.”

Sebastian didn’t respond at all to this.

Bardroy smirked.

“Might wanna change yer uniform, that shit stinks more than gunpowder and blood, just so ya know.”

And then he left out the door to get to his job.

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So sally's more human than demon?

YUP, she likes to insist otherwise herself, though. XD It sort of goes to her head, not to mention she things “hellish” and “demonic” things are cool! So there’s lots of times where she tries to express how much she likes it by swearing on Satan or going “HAIL SATAN!” or flipping off local churches… 🙈 If a demon’s hair could gray from stress, Sebastian would be as white-haired as Agni. 😂😂😂

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(put sebagni to the side one sec bc sebard fits this so much more)

  • imagine bard owning an old british farm deep into the country side with the help of meyrin and finny
  • theres a small village near by to which he supplys produce to and hes well loved within it ☺️
  • then imagine rich bitch seb who designs clothes for futoms clothing line
  • now imagine sebs car breaking down at night in the middle of nowhere during a storm with no signal so he seeks shelter from the nearest place which happens to be bards farm
  • seb wouldnt volentarily stay at a farm so oh no he cant contact anyone and he cant leave till his car is fixed which is going to take a week! and the inns are full so he has to stay with bard!!
  • to make a long cliche story short seb gets to know bard and they eventually shag
  • heres where the plot goes out the window because im here for sex in a barn babey!!!!!!! sex in the hay!! (WHICH BY THE WAY U CANT SAY SEB WOULDNT BECAUSE SEB BANGED THE NUN IN A BARN)
  • bard and seb fucking in a tractor and seb keeps honking the horn whenever bard hits his prostrate
  • bard and seb fucking in a wheat field on a picnic blanket (no they didnt bring anyfood because they both knew eating wasnt the plan in the first place)
  • bard wearin boots and dungerees with no shirt underneath and seb wearing heels in the mud because he is an idiot
  • bard be out there choppin wood shirtless and sebs like ‘oh fuck i want his wood’
  • both of them being caught in the rain so they run into the barn for shelter and sebs shirt is see through n u can see his nips 😳 u can also see the outline of bards dick through is pants bc he kept starin at sebs ass
  • they fuck like animals!! in the barn!! in the hay!! in the summers heat!!
  • seb: treat me how you treat your cows
  • bard: what
  • seb: milk me and shove your hand up my ass
  • did i say fucking in hay
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apocalypse au with seb n bard who work together to survive and one night there drinking (they found alcohol while scavenging) and bard mentions that its been over a month since hes seen an attractive women and that his dick will shrivel up if this streak continues so sebs like ‘u can use my thighs if u want’ and at this point bard is too drunk to say no but what he didnt realise is that behind sebs rifle backpack is a very nice ass and muscular thighs so you bet that he goes to town on sebs offering and fucks sebs thighs like hes the last living being on earth

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You can't just vaguepost about housewife!Seb like that! Where's the flirtatious woman who flusters all the men? Who flirts with her husband's friends shamelessly? Who is an absolute goddess who would probably make you clean up the mess after she's made you nut like 3+ times???

this reminds me of a webtoon i read where a housewife keeps being left alone by her husband and shes really lonely so she fucks the guy that delivers her chicken and now just keeps ordering chicken so the guy will come over and they would bang and i stopped reading it because it was fucking terrible however its fem!seb and bard

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