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Originally posted by thevirus15

  • Throughout the centuries sebastian has surely learned any popular instrument of that currently time, learned multiple music genres of different periods though what he seems to always come back to is classical
  • Sebastian appreciates all the ways humanity seems to create different sets of noises into a form of music, each one being slightly different yet inspired by the other. He’s learned, played, and basked in multiple forms of melodies but even in more modern day youll see him preferring simple music from 19th century england
  • You’ll hear him play it on slower days, ones where you’re laying down taking your second nap of the afternoon while sebastian decideds to add in background music to sooth you into rest, playing his violin besides you as a expression of love in all its many ways, focusing his skills for your overall comfort
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Originally posted by touoru

  • Sebastians much more comfortable and well known towards the more victorian inspired goth, but modern is just as fine
  • He’s on management duty at all times, cleaning your jewelry as a act of love and ensuring that no infection comes to all the piercings you might have, making sure you wear high ankle socks with your platformer boots and extra padding around the areas he knows you get blisters on. If you give him the pleasure of helping you in and out of any corset you possibly have he’d certainly appreciate it, an absolute privilege to help you in something that can be considered so intimate
  • Sebastian is also going to be there to help you change out of all those layers you possibly put on, sneaking kisses on top of your skin within every article of clothing. He doesn’t particularly mind any type of clothing you choose to wear but whether you like it or not he’s going to be the one to dress you up, consider it an act of love.
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Hey everyone…I know its been a while… heheh. SORRY! I got so caught up in things. But enough about that. (I even used annoy Sebastian gif because I am sure thats how some of you feel).

I have updated both black butler fics, the holiday special Mourning Star and Devil’s Melody. Some of you might notice Mourning Star has been complete for some time now, I just have forgotten to let you all on tumblr know. Sorry about that. 

I am also introducing a new short story. Now if you all remember, the reason why I rewrote Devil’s Melody is because the original just had too much going on and way to many plots. I also mentioned I was picking these plots apart for additional stories and one-shots. Well one of them is 70% done so I decided to post it now. It will only be updated once a week, that way it does not compete with my other uploads. So without too much delay, here are the links to everything!

Links are with the story below each header.

Devil’s Melody


Life as a celebrity has it’s ups and downs; in the beginning, all there is to experience are the highs of fame. At least, that is how it should be. Since the first release of the bands songs there have been tragedies connected to your music. While some say it happens to every artist, the number of victims keeps increasing day by day, making you wonder if it is more than just a simple case as coincidence. Encouraged to go on tour with the band, you try to keep these thoughts at bay, however, destiny plans to have its way and before long you are lost in a time not of your own. The worse part about all of this?

You attracted the attention of a demon.

(Those who have read the story before will want to reread or you will be lost. Also read notes please).

Updates every Wednesday and Saturday.

Chapter 9 Preview -  Land Of The Lion and Home Of The Phantom

“He’s just really busy… coming to visit would mean closing shop for a few weeks and preparing for that.” You tried to defend. Tried. It was hard to defend when Remiel hadn’t given you an answer one way or another.

“You’re making excuses for him.” It was as if Nate could sense the insecurities. “He could have just told you he was busy… but you could be right. He could be busy, with someone else.”

With a sharp inhale, you froze. Ace spoke up in defense to your boyfriend. “Nathaniel!” The man called with hard authority. “You don’t know that, nor should you be putting those kinds of ideas in her head. The man could have more valid reasons.”

“An affair is a pretty valid reason.” The ginger stated coolly. “I mean, has he even gone out of his way to check up on you? Because I have seen you messaging him.”

Your heart started to pound in your ears. He could be right. I am always the first to send him messages as of late… but he knows I’m busy. He could just be considerate to my work and schedule… but there are times the time zones wouldn’t clash.

Sweat started to form on your brow. You could have been easily over thinking things, or Nate could have been right.

Chapter 9 here -> CLICK

Those who are new, Story starts here -> CLICK!

Mourning Star 


All you wanted was to help a friend, a sibling, a loved one. You never expected things to change so much, for so many others to be lost and to be tossed away from everything you knew. Unable to control anything, you went into a slumber that lasted until you finally collided with another force. Awake and in a strange place, your goal remains the same. To help the one you lost and hopefully bring balance back to the eternity of existence.

(Holiday Special)

Chapter 3 -> CLICK!

Chapter 1 -> CLICK!

Reaping Willows


The old saying is ‘time flies when having fun’, a rather true statement. But if it is true then 'a time watched pot never boils’. Watching was all you ever did and time moved painfully slow. Forgotten and disconnected from the world, you come to the conclusion that life was not meant for you. Far from your sibling, and alone, you wonder while watching the people and creatures around you as the longing inside you grows. But maybe…just maybe… it doesn’t have to be this way. A chance encounter with eyes of emerald has granted you a blessing you were not expecting. Only one thing now worries you. How long will this blessing last before it all comes crashing down?

Also why on Earth is a demon playing butler?

Updates every Saturday

Chapter 1 -> CLICK!

Pewwww! Thats all of them! I hope everyone enjoys the reading!

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@emeraldlily this was funny to write! Let me know if you like it^^

Female pronouns ‘cause you specified it in the DMs


- Grell was surrounded by his colleagues, shinigamis who didn’t care much about love. Sometimes Ronals was seen flirting with some girls, but he wasn’t looking for anything serious while William has always been a workaholic. Nobody could actually help Grell with her romantic struggles

- What she actually needed was a friend she could talk with about Sebastian and how charming he was

- And this is how Grell started looking for a random human she could befriend

- And then she found (Y/n)

- Yes, (T/n) was the perfect friend. The one she had been looking for so long

- Now, how was she supposed to talk to the girl? 

- “Hi, I’ve been stalking you for the past two months so I could tell if you can be my best friend.” that didn’t seem like the best way to introduce herself. Maybe a more casual approace would’ve been better. 

- So Grell started following (Y/n) around, until the latter noticed the red-haired’s presence. It was pretty awkward.

- “Your dress is awesom! It suits you so much! What’s the stylist name?” 

- (T/n) didn’t know how she became the best friend of the shinigami, but it was pretty cool. Also she found herself helping said shinigami with her one-sided love towards a demon

- “Do you think Sebastian will like this new scarf I bought?”

- “Last time you’ve seen each other, he tried to kill you. Are you sure thing will work out?”

- “Which color suits me better? Crimson red or carmine red?” “GRELL IT’S 3 AM WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE”

- “Grell… what happens if the Count finds us here?” asked a worried (Y/n) while hiding in a bush just outside the Phantomhive’s manor

- “Why did Sebastian offer you to have some tea with him? No fair, (Y/n)!” shouted Grell after (Y/n) was caught by Sebastian 

- “I think we should just following him around…” muttered a sleep deprived (Y/n), while being carried around London by her red-haired friend

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Originally posted by silvercrystal

  • Sebastian never had a particular preference towards body types of his lover considering he never thought he’d end up with such a sweet darling, with that said he doesn’t understand why you might be uncomfortable with your chest, they’re still useful in all the ways bigger ones are, though that’s probably not why youre insecure about them
  • The only reason he’d ever focus on just one part of your body is if you ever mentioned it in particular, which means the more you express your discomfort the more sebastians going to put genuine effort into having you feel better
  • One example of this is how suddenly sebastian, a obvious dominant in most situations, decides to be a little spoon during cuddle sessions instead of being the one to engulf you in his arms. Head rested against your chest pulling you in closer to him with a firm grip so there’s no escape, no way to squirm out of his showing that he admires your body just the way it is in hopes it’ll ease your anxious thoughts
  • Of course due to how inappropriate it may seem he’d have to admire this part of your body in private, which he doesn’t mind it just gives him another way to bond strongly with you, kissing over your chest gently loving the feeling of your hands in his hair along with the softness of your skin, admiring you especially with how flustered you get trying to tug him away darling you’re nothing but heavenly to him, sebastian can take all the time he must to make that rather obvious with how many butterfly kisses that’ll land amongst your breasts.
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Originally posted by issa-ree

  • Oh kitten sebastians willing to supply you with everything you could ever imagine, from basic necessities to all the materialistic wants of yours. From his years spent with humans something he finds to be certain is a place a human considers to be home is where they settle down, may seem a little too relaxed in sebastians opinion but nevertheless it brings him the opportunity to build a whole building for you, be it a small cabin in the woods or a cottage not to far off from a nearby civilization, whatever pleases your aesthetic wants. Surely it keeps you comfortable for the long run but it also keeps you besides him, a way to contain you, though of course if you’re not the type to settle so well sebastian is just as well prepared to travel as he is to make a home
  • Sebastians cooking is always something to be praised, centuries of recipes and teachings to ultimately make a meal for his darling love, while he isn’t opposed to cooking for a crowd sebastian certainly puts more pride and effort into what’s just considered a simple lunch to you. How spoiled you’ve become certainly shows when you start taking advantage of the snacks and meals he makes, while it never takes long with his power it’s still certainly the most delicious thing many people could ever have the privilege to
  • Amongst the demons skills and ultimate protection all dedicated to you sebastian doesn’t hesitate to comply with whatever wants of yours that’s physically possible, from all the wealth this country can produce to all the treasures nature could possibly hold, having a inhuman creature as your love sick mate couldn’t be better. Of course there will be times where none of these grand things hold meaning to you anymore, nothing to take your attention but the man who willingly gave you everything he could give to pace your entertainment. At some point within all of this you must realize that none of these forms of spoiling you could possibly compare to the love he holds for you, the true treasure within all the items presented to you, dont take advantage of him.
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Originally posted by silvercrystal

  • His true form as a demon isn’t exactly a sex specific creature, it’s not until he had to take place in the human world that the idea of gender, sexuality or anything else a person might define themselves as was introduced to him
  • Within his own kind there’s no specific gender to be attracted to so he’s never had a preference particular to a whatever sex nor gender a human is. Not to mention he never thought his mate would end up being human
  • Technically speaking if you were to label him he’d be pansexual and gender queer, both his sex and gender identity being set to make the owner of his contact comfortable along with giving him the social acceptability of whatever jobs are expected of him.
  • Of course Sebastian prefers his current body for it gives him the power to move around society much easier due to the power white men hold but in all reality he could appear however he’d like to, which means if he ever runs into the problem of his darling mate just happening to not like men he could easily fix that issue
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Originally posted by sonybuzz42

  • This man can persuade and charm many and has done so multiple times throughout his very long life span, Sebastians rather confident that he can get along with your family just as well as he does everyone else
  • It’s rather ironic that your parents end up having such a nice time with the gentleman you brought home, since after all one of sebastian’s plans to claim you as his mate was to steal you away from all those you know, yet here he is with rather convincing laughter at one of your parents jokes
  • Your parents would be easy, not only are you obviously smitten with sebastian but he also lived during your parents whole generation, he knows what historical events they’ve witnessed and what was popular so needless to say he’ll be able to get on their good side without fail
  • The siblings however are an obstacle he’s been waiting to face. It’s as if they can see his possessive behavior through what’s supposed to be presented as loving and adoring pecks on the cheeks, of course Sebastian wouldn’t react in a strong way when they yell at him to back off, he keeps playing it innocent with a smile they just know has evil etched into it until your parents eventually get fed up with their children treating their future son in law like some type of demon
  • At some point even your brothers will be convinced they’re over reacting even if they see the obvious victorious smirk on his lips when sebastians steals a kiss from you. You’d probably noticed how he was acting and decided to just let it pass this one time, if you end up lecturing him for playing your siblings like that sebastian will change his attitude towards them, but needless to say he’ll certainly get them to mind their own business one way or another
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Starting Black Butler I know absolutely nothing but i’m assuming Sebastian is some sort of devil or demon.

I also know no ones name except for sebastian

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Originally posted by yandereaffections

  • Sebastians not entirely one for social media or anything the involves the complex network of the internet, with that said he doesn’t completely understand what worth you see in the comments people make over technology but nevertheless he’ll address how upset you are and bring you into his arms
  • Darling there’s always going to be people like this, dismissive or aggressive towards what you express to be personally important, of course it’s no excuse to hurting your feelings especially if you gave them your trust.
  • Sebastians going to keep you away from whoever may have ridiculed you, both online and offline, simply by pulling you outside hand in hand when reassuring that out of anyone he adores each part of you, whether you’re figuring out how to define yourself or already know take comfort in the fact that sebastians always here to support you, it may not be the exact persons reassurance you want but nevertheless he’s here to comfort his darling kitten
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Originally posted by pinktrouble

  • Sebastian could never come close to understanding this irrational fear of yours, do you even see how they stretch themselves out in patches of sunlight? How they use their body to communicate complicated emotions to eachother? Not to mention the fact they have a whole way of interacting with humans that’s very similar to how they’d act with kittens, how could you not see the beautiful complexity of these cute creatures?
  • Out of pure doubt anyone could actually have a true fear towards these fluffy little felines sebastian may just bring one up to you in hopes he can show just what your missing out on but he quickly realizes that he was wrong to do that when you start freaking out
  • It’s certainly quite a shame that you don’t see the same preciousness in cats as he does, sebastian would hate to push you to overcome your fears but he does mention it a lot for it would allow him to be in the presence of both his favorite things in this world at the same time, of course if you refuse he’ll stop asking until the next day
  • If this fear of yours is rooted in a past events rather than a phobia Sebastian could easily guide you through the trauma you’ve endured and support you as you take the steps to interacting with a kitten properly, yes this will be a priority on sebastians part by the way, he can’t live having to separate his time between the two of you.
  • You getting closer to cats as a whole is very good progress in Sebs eyes though that doesnt mean he’s suddenly going to allow a bunch of the stray cats inside the house to obsess over them, though he will start putting out food bowls a little ways off from the house so he never has to go too far from you to bask in the fluffy love of a cat, and you can easily drag him back inside when you get jealous of how much love he gives the feral cats
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Originally posted by silvercrystal

  • Be aware sebastians going to assume if you dish it out you can take it all the same, which means he’s going to get all up in your face with his best seductive game until your cheeks are obviously burning up
  • You’re certainly going to trigger his sadistic tendencies within just one small pick up line, suddenly Seb is holding your wrists down as he hovers over you, head in-between your neck and shoulder inhaling the scent of his mate whispering out on how long he’s had to wait to get you into his possession, deep smooth voice vibrating right across your skin as he places soft kisses up your neck talking about how easily he can ensure you give yourself to him with no one powerful enough to possibly stop him, a demon from taking their rightful mate every few seconds he stops nipping at your throat. Now he doesn’t mean to out do you or have you go completely silent on him due to how stunned you are, Sebastian just can’t help but take the chance to tease you and with how flirty you can be it’s very easy to take advantage
  • Despite sebastians very seductive ways he can be just as sweet in his romancing too, since he knows just how much his sweet kitten enjoys the more tranquil type of dates from time to time Sebastian will prepare times in the day where it’s only the two of you, nature surrounding with a natural feeling of restfulness. Tea, pastries and a nice comfortable checkered blanket to lay back on and watch the clouds float by together Sebastian makes sure you’d get the type of romantic date that’s sure to have you clinging to him in satisfaction, possibly even getting a snuggly cuddle session under the warm rays of the sun while you admire how nice the land looks around you
  • He is indeed quite use to being the one that usually does the romancing so it’d be a bit shocking to him when you go out of your way to write him love letters of sorts or even arrange flowers for him to admire, this man has never received a gift from any human he had known in his life so this is definitely a first, not that it’s bad it just reveals another side of sebastian, one more vulnerable and grateful that seems to only be brought out because of you and your genuine love towards the beast
  • As a true gentleman Sebastian is obviously the best mate to match up with this romantic trait of yours, from surprise tea parties in the beautiful glow of early morning to waltzing around the living room during the late hours of the night your loving demon will put you through the most heavenly events with his hand intertwined in your own of course
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@justasmallhuman Requested this sweater be drawn on Sebastian from Black Butler, and I could not resist doing it for them cause the sweater is so… HIM! So this is for you Small! I hope I did it justice! 

Ps. my head cannon is Sebastian got this from his modern time traveling s/o and O!Ciel isn’t too thrilled. 

Working on fanfics today, don’t kill me xD

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