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#sebastian black butler

Ok but hear me out,

I had a dream last night where they made a 3rd season of Black Butler.

(Spoilers for those who haven’t seen season 2)

Ok so at the end of the season Sebastian ends up eternally bound to Ciel bc of reasons.

In this dream-created 3rd season, a new male character shows up with no ciel in sight, Sebastian is our new main character and we see things from his perspective. The whole season was about them falling in love with each other. It was beautiful and gay and amazing.


Anyway here’s my very good pitch for a official 3rd season with no subtitle (book of circus etc.) please take my very good idea A-1 Pictures.

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goretober day 1 : yandere

I couldn’t think of a character I could work with for this prompt, so one of my friends suggested fem!seb ! thank you to @nadohunter for helping me with the proportions, and @butlercult for the character idea ! ❤️

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I dont write for Edward so the other request im sure was you will also just be sebastian, sorry ~ Admin B


- Sebastian often has bad days, servants tend to be hectic and his young master can be a brat so the days are common.

- He doesn’t often need comfort but some days when you offer and your shy self comes walking up to him to try help him out he just can’t reject you.

- Sometimes asks you to tell him a joke, he doesn’t get them half the time but he like the way your face lights up at the thought of being helpful.

- Enjoys your blushing and shy demeanor even more when you try to cuddle him to make him feel better, which by the way he always does when you’re involved

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Fireflies is now up on my Ao3!

It was then that Ciel realized he had been wrong all along, this was the most splendid the courtyard had ever looked, and for oh-so many years he had been blind to it–lost in slumber while the world outside changed into something entirely ethereal, made ever-more beautiful by the devil’s lingering presence. “It’s peaceful,” he whispered, voice full of emotion that he himself didn’t entirely understand even as they coursed through him in blinding waves. And as if that was not enough, his attention was suddenly drawn away from his lover for the briefest moment by a sudden spark of amber to his right. It flickered and flashed and swirled with the wind, courting another similar glow before gradually joining in with a larger group forming to his left, all gliding throughout the flowers like the unwithering sparks of enticing flames. Fireflies…


I’m posting this at 3am so technically it’s still September for me since I haven’t slept. Not sure it works that way, but we’ll pretend… Also, this is my 70th Sebaciel fic, woohoo for being in fandom hell long enough to write this many! (Sorry for using my June art instead of making a cover, I was too tired)

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