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#sebastian michaelis

Sketch time baybee

Rushed because I wanted to finish before my iPad died. I got finished at 1%

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Black Butler #322 - It’s funny as hell because of Sebastian’s actual reaction! This coming from a demon who isn’t supposed to have human like emotions. XD ~ LoveAnimeHateReality

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Just felt like drawing Sebastian today while listening to his character songs…

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So I think we just got bards last name? I’m not sure, it could be an undercover name but there would really be no reason for that since he’s not important socially and would have no reason to have an alias so-


So if this is what I’m thinking his full name is

Baldroy Burgh

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Sure, I can help with that!

He always says: Watashi wa akuma de shitsuji desu kara” The correct way is I’m simply one hell of a butler” But he also makes the emphasis many don’t pay closer to his actual context of the phrase: “I’m a butler and a demon”.

Because desu kara(ですから) is a an emphasis to what something else some else is. Sebastian is meaning that he is both a butler and a demon, but people don’t pay closer attention to his context. So I like to think, Sebastian is always saying his true identity but people don’t get his real meaning behind those words.

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More 613!sebaciel stuff!


Here’s a blank one if you wanna do it!

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Additional part of my carrot headcanon:

When Grelle moons over Sebastian, he doesn’t have to shoo her in the violent way he always does, just shows her a huge pot of carrots and she screams in terror and flees.

Grelle: Ara, Sebas-chan~!!

Sebastian: Ah, Grelle, the one I wanted to see today. Care for a pot of some delicious… *opens the pot* Carrots?

Grelle: GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! I AM COMING LATER!! *leaps up the nearest stand and flees, breaking through the window*

Sebastian: *sneers* Well, well. It worked.

Now Seb has an anti-Grelle spray, hehe.

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Imagine someone asking what your favourite ship is

And you have to turn around proudly and say it’s sebaciel

How embarrassing 😌🖐

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