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God, I ship these two tightly, Frances is like the warrior goddess Athena that this list to kick anyone’s ass, even Sebastian’s, also that’s fucking hot demon Sebastian is the god Eros of sex (the one lustful guy) such an underrated couple, should be more fanfics of them, please!

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Pairing: Sebastian Michaelis x Reader

Words: 1,136

Prompt: 7. “You didn’t heed my warnings, so I guess I should make it clearer for your human brain.”

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Tall flames fluttered on the soft blow of the wind and the shadows danced along on the walls, swirling between the painted flowers and ivy. It was difficult to focus your vision on any particular object, although you knew the room you were in perfectly well—you could clearly recall the location of the old furniture; heavy, wooden wardrobe right in front of you, the set of armchairs at your right with a small, round table in between and the enormous, magnificent painting of the landscape of some distant land hanging above. There was a dressing table at your left, the one you admired for a long time, often imagining that it could stand in your bedroom instead of the guest room, the addition so stunning and practical you almost felt the regret because of how useless it was there. Sometimes, when you had too much time for yourself, you would come to this room, sit down and observe yourself in the mirror, the design allowing you to see yourself from three different angles.

It did not seem as much as an innocent fun now, that you realized that the mirror held no reflection. No candle light could reach the silver surface, as if it became empty all of a sudden, a portal to the different, dark world—a void.

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Sebastian the first time upon Lucille being taken in: you are only alive because he allow it 🙃

Sebastian the next day: I only had Lucille for a day and a half but if anything happens to her I will kill everyone in this Mansion and then myself.

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I was surfing the net and saw a set of cards, that is called “Victorian hints”. The text below this headline (translated from Russian):

“Hint №3: in any unclear situation call the butler”


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