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Metanoia Headcanons

@bapydemonprincess recently requested a few soft Sebagni headcanons from the Metanoia AU, as well as “what they like from each other.” I hope you enjoy! >w<

  • Sebastian’s love for Agni inspired him to compose several solo pieces for violin in the khansama’s honor. These works chronicle the demon’s emotional journey over the course of their relationship, from the giddy rush of first love to the quiet, melancholy acceptance of Agni’s inevitable demise, and their otherworldly beauty enthralls the listener. At first, Sebastian would only play them in private (because he tends to keep his feelings locked inside), but he gradually worked up the courage to perform them for Agni. The khansama was moved to tears, and told the demon that he’d never heard such wondrous music. To which Sebastian replied: “That’s only natural, dear. It was inspired by you.”
  • In Chapter 9 of the fic, Agni makes Sebastian a small wooden carving of a cat. It becomes a tradition for Agni to carve him a new one on important holidays or anniversaries (each one with a unique design), and the demon soon has a whole shelfful. They’re among Sebas’s most prized possessions.
  • Sebastian tries to learn as much as he can about Agni’s culture because it’s a vital part of his husband’s identity. At his request, the khansama taught him Hindi, which he learned to fluently read, write, and speak in less than a month, and it’s normal for them to hold entire conversations in Agni’s language when they’re in private. Despite the low esteem in which Sebastian holds most deities, he and the rest of the Phantomhive household pitch also in to help Soma and Agni celebrate their holy days.
  • Sebastian loves brushing and playing with Agni’s hair; it’s the perfect tactile stim for the demon and a great way for the two of them to relax together after a long day’s work. Sebastian styles his hair in all sorts of braids (plus accessorizing with the occasional flower crown). The extra attention makes Agni a little bashful, but he thinks it’s sweet that this simple activity makes Sebastian so happy.
  • Unless extenuating circumstances prevent them from doing so, they always set aside time to have tea together. Sebastian’s typically the one who prepares it because he insists that the khansama should relax and let someone wait on him for a change. As expected, he always makes Agni a perfect cup.  
  • Soft hand kisses? Soft hand kisses.
  • Early in the morning, while they’re getting dressed together, the khansama helps fix Sebastian’s tie, while the demon (carefully) assists Agni with his turban and the bandages on his right hand. Neither needs the other to do this, but it’s one of the little intimacies they use to show how much they care for each other.
  • At any given time, they have several cats. Seb and Agni raise numerous generations of kittens together over the course of their marriage, many of whom are her (Sebastian’s favorite kitty) descendants.
  • Although Sebastian tries to live in the moment and treasure the time he and Agni have together, his husband’s mortality weighs heavily on the demon’s mind. As a result, he tends to fret over Agni, scolding him if he “overworks” and becoming visibly distraught if the khansama falls ill or is wounded. Whatever mishap has befallen him, Sebastian will be at his side until Agni has recovered, tending to his needs, passing the time with stories and lively conversation, or just holding his hand.
  • Sebastian will sometimes “borrow” Agni’s nightshirts because of how comfy they are. Agni will gently tease him about how adorable he looks (since they’re a little too big for the demon), and laugh when Sebastian gets all blushy and flustered.
  • They love cooking together, and are so perfectly in sync that it’s almost like a dance. Agni sings quietly to himself while they work; since he has a good ear, Sebastian often joins in with the harmony, which makes Agni smile.

As far as what they like from each other

Trash demon that he is, Sebastian obviously enjoys the passionate side of their romance, but it’s Agni’s tenderness that he cherishes. Bassy’s accustomed to being valued based on what he can do for a master, and being treated like a mindless weapon. Having a person who loves him unconditionally, and is sweet, caring, and considerate because he wants to be good to Sebastian and not out of ulterior motives…that’s huge.

Agni loves it when Sebastian is willing to set aside the “perfect butler” façade and talk openly with him about his insecurities, his emotions, his past, and so on. Sebastian generally keeps humans at arm’s length, but, in this AU, he’s at his most vulnerable around Agni. The khansama recognizes this as a sign of the implicit trust Sebastian places in him, and values it accordingly. After all, it takes a very special kind of human to be given a place in a demon’s heart.

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Hi, anon! I’m pretty sure you’re thinking about this scene from Chapter 49, the flashback sequence where O!Ciel and Sebastian are telling Arthur what’s really been going on over the course of the arc. Here, Sebastian is literally “playing dead,” as you said…and he’s extremely offended at having to lie in such a vulnerable position before a bunch of mortals!

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Bruh, I can't wait for your 2020 Dadbastian fanfic!

I’m so happy that you are, hon!

It’s getting worked on right now as I type this out, and I hope you, and everyone else love chapter one as much as I do once it’s out!!!! 💖💞

and just in case if anyone missed it, here’s the link to it’s snippet!!!:

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Kuroshitsuji Drabble #1

His eyes, she thinks, shine like finely cut and polished rubies. His movements, she knows, are nothing but calculated and meticulously precise, never being anything less than perfect for his young master. His smile, she observes, it’s ever changing, from fake, closed eyed smiles, to his tiny smirk that never reveals his amusement, but every once in a while a smile that shows utter bliss and truly reaches his eyes when he spots a tiny kitten.

 Now, she stares. His eyes, they glow through the darkened streets like hot embers, but flash with ungodly joy. His movements are flowing and somehow filled with haunting grace as he preforms a dark dance with those around him. His smile is too large, dark, entirely mad, and psychotic.

 That’s how she knows that his is truly…

 A demon hiding behind angel eyes.

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