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#sebastian smut

Originally posted by sebbystanfann

Summary: Sebastian admits he used to have a crush on a certain Disney Princess, and you decide to play the part.

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: NSFW 18+

I was watching Sebastian moments on YouTube, and I saw a part of an interview where he said he “always had a crush on Princess Jasmine” So of courseeee a bitch had to think nasty, and badda bing badda boom, smut 😂

Y/f/r = your favorite restaurant




“What movie do you wanna watch?” Sebastian asks as you were ripping open a bag of chips. He was still filming for Infinity War, but had come back for a few days to be with his favorite girl.

“Something Disney!” You say with excitement, “Lion King or Aladdin, or maybe Mulan?” You question.

“I like Aladdin” He says.

“Aladdin it is then” You both cuddle up to each other on the couch, putting the movie on Netflix. You can’t help but feel like a little kid again as you watch the movie. Even after so many years, your brain still knew the exact lyrics to each song.

“I always had this huge crush on Jasmine” Seb admits, and you smile.

“So, you’ve always had a thing for melanin, huh?” He does a hearty laugh, and you can’t help but giggle along with him.

“Now that I think about it, I guess so” When his laugh dies down, he presses a kiss to your lips. Your fingers snake up into his hair. His locks are long and dark, since he had been filming Infinity War. So he looked like Bucky, only no metal arm and super serums.

“We officially have a day and a half left before you go back to filming. What do you wanna do?” You ask, and you both ponder for a second.

“Sex” The two of you say at the same time, and start to laugh again.

“I wanna do something special for you” You say, and Sebastian’s eyebrows raise.

“Like what?” His tongue swipes over his lips, and you inwardly groan at how sexy the small action looked.

“It’s gonna be a surprise, mainly because I don’t know yet” You admit. Sebastian smiles and presses another kiss to your lips, before moving down to your jaw, then to your neck. He takes in your sweet scent, and bites the skin; his way of letting you know that he wanted you.

“What about the movie?” Your eyes flutter close, panties already starting to get wet.

“Let’s go make one instead” Before you know it, he’s standing up, and you’re being thrown over his shoulder.


It was officially Sebastian’s last day, and if you weren’t so excited about surprising him, you’d be sulking. When he left for filming it was always for so long, but you understood. After a couple hours at the gym, all Seb wanted to do, was shower, and knock out in your bed. He would always say your scent makes him feel relaxed, and that’s why he sleeps so much better with you, or in your bed. Usually, you would be sleeping as well, but since it was still early in the afternoon you decided you wanted to get some alone time to find something sexy for him.

You weren’t sure if you wanted to buy lingerie, or maybe a vibrating dildo and let him watch you fuck yourself? You just didn’t know. As you drive, your eyes make contact with a bright neon sign reading it to yourself, “nASSties”

Walking around, you’re greeted by a pale woman with black hair, and a septum piercing.

“Welcome to nASSties” She says to you, “Can I help you out with anything?”

“I uh, I’m not sure actually” You say as you stare at the walls; they have everything here. Anal beads, throat numbing spray, vibrating panties, flesh lights, clit sucking devices, everythinggg.

“My boyfriend is going out of town for a while and tomorrow is our last day together” You can feel yourself getting a little sad now that you were talking about it.

“Well, if you’re looking to do something special before he ships out, then you’ve come to the right place” She smiles, “Maybe some sexy lingerie?”

“He’s seen all my other stuff, so I think I’ll take a look actually” The woman, who’s name you learned is Gina, guides you over to the lingerie section.

“As you can see, we have everything. From our sexy lace, to our costume section”

“Costume section?”

“Lingerie costumes” She elaborates.

“Would you happen to have Disney ones? Like princess Jasmine, for instance?”

“We do actually, do you know your measurements? Or would you like me to take them for you?” Gina asks. You give her your sizes and she tells you to give her a second while she goes to check the back room.

“You’re in luck! Last one in this size” She says as she walks towards you, the ensemble on a hangar in her hand. It was really cute, although it wasn’t the traditional blue clothing. Instead, it was the red outfit, from the scene where Jasmine is taken slave by Jafar. For a children’s movie, she did look pretty sexy in that scene, so maybe this was better after all.

“Over here are the accessories that go with each outfit” Once you pick out all of the accessories, you feel your phone buzz. You unlock your device, to see a text from Sebastian.

Seb: Woke up to an empty bed 🙄😩

You: Ik baby I’m sorry ❤️

Seb: Where are you?

You hesitate, as you think of a good lie.

You: My mom needed help with some boxes of old stuff, but I’m omw home now.

Seb: Oh okay. You want me to get dinner?

This was perfect! He’ll go get food, and then you’ll have time to get ready and surprise him.

You: Yes please ❤️ Y/F/R ?

You only suggest your favorite food place, because it’s a little further away, which will give you the time you need to get ready.

Seb: Okay baby, I’ll head out right now ❤️

You had taken a quick peak at things while Gina was grabbing your lingerie, and you decided to grab some extra things that Seb might like to use on you in the future. On your way home, you can’t help but dance in your seat with excitement, you were determined to make this last night sexy. When you get back to your place, you see Sebastian’s car isn’t there.

“Yaas” You say to yourself, so far so good. Quickly getting into the house, and up the stairs, you strip naked. Taking a quick shower to freshen yourself up, then lathering yourself in coconut oil. You put on the strapless red bra, then the tiny red thong, and the sheer pants on top. You cover the areas of skin you can still see in Fenty body glitter, and add a gold band around your arm. Once you put your hair up in a ponytail, you adjust the sparkly gold crown on your head. After spritzing yourself with a bit of perfume, you walk into your room to look in the full length mirror.


You didn’t always feel like it, but right now, you knew you looked damn good. Your boobs pushed up nicely, and your ass looked amazing in the thong and little sheer pants. The red and gold, popping off of your warm, brown skin beautifully. You hear the door close downstairs, and the shuffling of Sebastian’s feet against the floor.

“Hey, doll, I got the food!” He shouts from the bottom of the stairs.

“Okay, can you come up here real quick?” You say, before tip toeing from the big bathroom in the hall, to the one in your bedroom. Shutting the door behind you, your stomach flutters a little bit. No matter how long you were with this man, he still made you nervous. Sebastian comes into the room, looking around for you before noticing your bathroom door is closed. He puts the bag of food on the dresser, before gently knocking.

“You in here?” You can hear him on the other side of the door.

“Yeah, one second” You take one last look at yourself, making sure everything looks good, and let out a deep breath. You open the door to see Sebastian on the bed, eyes on his phone screen. When he looks up, he does a double take that you swear could have gave him whiplash.

“You know, I never noticed how incredibly, handsome you are” You say in a seductive tone, mimicking Jasmine’s actions from the movie as you walk closer to him.

“You look-“ Sebastian shakes his head as he looks you up and down, speechless. His eyes rake over your body, taking in every detail of the ensemble.

“You like?” You smile, biting your lip.

“Is that even a question?” He lets out a chuckle, “I love” His pants were feeling a bit tight by now. Thinking of everything he could do to that body of yours, and how he wanted your neighbors to hear you scream.

“This” You do a small spin, “Is all for you tonight” Sebastian inwardly groans at your words. This had been a wet dream of his since childhood, and now he was staring at the real life version.

“Sit” You say, and he stumbles back a little bit, not wanting to look away from you for even a second as he tries to find the bed. You sway your hips, moving your body seductively towards him. Sebastian gulps hard, he couldn’t look away even if he wanted to. His teeth sink into his bottom lip as he watches you dance, and you smirk. You’ve got him right where you want him. Sitting on his lap, facing away from him, you grind into his crotch. A small groan leaves his lips as he stares down at your ass sitting on him. His hands land on your hips, pushing you further down into him.

“You don’t get to touch the princess, yet” You say, removing his hands from your sides.

“Well, you are dressed up as the enslaved version of Jasmine, so shouldn’t that mean I get to do whatever I want?” Sebastian says with an eyebrow raised.

“You’ve got a point” You huff.

“So why don’t you be a good little sex slave, and get on those knees” He bites your shoulder, and you groan.

“Yes, master” You say as you stand up, and turn around, getting on your knees between his legs. Sebastian quickly tears his T-shirt over his head, staring down at you with lust filled eyes. You make quick work of his zipper, and he lifts up slightly to let you pull the pants and boxers from his hips. Sebastian groans when your fingers wrap around his dick, your thumb spreading his pre cum. You take your digit, and stick it in your mouth, enjoying his taste. A whimper almost leaves his lips as he watches your every move. You take his dick back into your hands, and put his tip in your mouth, swirling your tongue over the sensitive area. Sebastian throws his head back, eyes closed, as he lets out a drawn out moan. You hum against his dick happily as you bob your head up and down. You liked knowing you were making your man feel good, and when Sebastian felt good, it made you especially wet.

“Fuck, princess” He bucks his hips, making you gag on his dick, but you don’t stop.

“Okay, okay, okay” Desperately, he uses your ponytail to pull you off of him, “I don’t wanna cum yet, I’ve got some plans in mind” Sebastian’s smirk is mischievous, and it makes your core tingle.

“Lay on the bed” He grabs one of your headwraps, and you look at him confused.

“Give me your hands” You raise your arms, and he uses the fabric to secure your wrists tightly to the headboard.

“You look so amazing, princess” Sebastian compliments you as he crawls between your legs. The most beautiful woman he had ever seen, dressed so sexy for him, and you were all his. Sebastian can’t help but run his hands down your body. His hands coming back up to fondle your breasts, lowering himself to kiss the exposed skin above the bra. You gasp when one of his hands ends up on your pussy. Through your clothing, he can feel the wet spot that’s been growing.

“So wet for me already” Sebastian’s finger rubs against your clit, making you buck your hips.

“Eager, huh, princess?” You nod, biting your lip. You wanted nothing more, than for him to rip off the stupid costume and have his way with you, but you knew your hands weren’t tied for nothing. He removes your sheer pants, and gently kisses your pussy through the fabric of your panties.

“Please, master” A smirk crosses his lips before he kisses it again, even softer this time, making you writhe. “Sebastian, come on” You whine, and he looks up at you dangerously.

“Keep calling me master, like a good sex slave, or I’ll leave you tied to the bed all by yourself. And you don’t want that do you, princess?” You shake your head no, feverishly.

Not wanting to take the whole costume off you just yet, Sebastian chooses to pull your panties to the side and dart his tongue across your clit. You moan instantly, relishing the direct contact you were finally getting. His lips wrap around your clit, and your breath hitches.

“Fuck” Your voice barely above a whisper. Sebastian throws your legs over his shoulders and dives into your pussy more. You hold the headboard as you start to feel your orgasm approaching.

“M-master” You moan, and Seb hums against your pussy, “You’re gonna make me cum” Your back arches as that feeling is about to wash over you, but instead of sweet release, you feel his mouth move away from you completely. Chest heaving, you stare down at him like he’s psychotic.

“You don’t get to cum, until I let you” Sebastian kisses your clit before pulling your panties back over your pussy. He stands up from the bed, you’re still dumbfounded as you watch his naked ass walk into the bathroom. You hear him rifling through things and when he come back, he has something familiar in his hand.

A bright pink hitachi wand.

“That’s mine!” You sound like a child, who’s favorite toy just got taken.

“Oh I know it is, but I think I’m gonna have some fun using it” Sebastian switches the wand on, and once you hear the buzz of the vibration, you know you’re in trouble. He climbs between your legs, and smirks at you before pressing the wand to your clit. Even through the fabric of your panties, the feeling is amazing. You moan as he turns it up a little more, the vibrations intensifying.

Fuck” Your orgasm is close again.

“Don’t cum until I tell you to” Sebastian says, noticing the way your chest is rising and falling.

Master, I c-can’t” You whine, and the wand is removed from your clit. You could cry, your pussy begged for release, and Sebastian just kept toying with you.

“Master please let me cum” He smirks before pushing your panties to the side again, pressing the wand directly against your core, making you whimper. You gasp when he pushes two fingers into you, your fingers gripping the headboard roughly. He fucks you with his fingers as the hitachi vibrates against your sensitive rose bud.

“C-can I cum, master? Please?” You look down at him with desperate eyes, that damn smirk still on his lips.

“Cum for me, princess” Those words were all it took to send you into a frenzy. Your back arched, pussy clenching around his fingers, as you shout profanities into the air. When you’ve come down from your high, Sebastian bites the inside of your thigh, before trailing kisses back to your clit. He licks it, and your body bucks forward, still sensitive from your orgasm. You try to close your legs, but he just pulls your panties off you, and pushes them back open, diving his face back into your pussy.

Oh my god” You scream, as your body shakes. Sebastian shows your pussy no mercy, licking and sucking at your clit in a way that makes your eyes roll back into your head.

He moves his tongue to your slippery entrance, pushing it in.

Fuckkk” You moan as you feel the wand on your clit again, his tongue fucking you at the same time.

M-master“ Your breath hitches in your throat as you try to speak. Another orgasm takes over your body, leaving you screaming and shaking. Sebastian removes the hitachi and sucks your clit to ride out the feeling.

“Such a pretty little pussy you have, princess” He says, blowing on it softly, making you shiver, “but you came without permission” Your eyes widen as he moves up and unclasps your bra.

“I didn’t mean to, Master, I’m sorry” Your peak had caught you off guard, being so sensitive from the first one. Sebastian turns the wand all the way back up.

“Master, please, I can’t take anymore” You watch as he runs the wand down your breasts, covering your brown skin in the wetness that was still on the it.

“I say what you can and can’t take” His says, lips against your stomach, placing a kiss above your bellybutton while rubbing the wand over each of your nipples. You groan at the sensation, your entire body hypersensitive to every touch. Sebastian’s eyes make contact with the bag labeled ‘nASSties’ and he stands up quickly to go rifle through it. And of course, he pulls out the vibrating dildo, an evil smirk playing on his lips. He walks over to you, turning the toy on, and puts the head of the dildo to your entrance.

Shit, Master” Seb uses one hand to thrust the dildo into you, while the other holds the hitachi to your rose bud. Your pussy is dripping, a small wet spot forming underneath you, as Sebastian continues to show you no mercy.

“You better not fuckin cum till I say so” You can feel tears welling up in your eyes, how could he expect you not to cum after all this? “You hear me?” He repeats, when you haven’t verbally answered him.

Yes, Master” You finally choke out, squeezing your eyes closed, trying not focus on the overwhelming feeling that was growing in the pit of your stomach, “I can’t hold it” Your teeth sink into your bottom lip roughly, nearly breaking skin as you try to hold back your release. Sebastian takes the dildo out of you, and turns it and the hitachi off. He crawls inbetween your legs, pressing small kisses to your jawline before retreating to your neck, giving it a bite.

“Are you gonna fuck me now, Master?” You ask innocently, panting from being so close to orgasm. He hums against your skin in response.

“Please untie me, Master. I wanna touch you, please” You beg, and you can feel him smirk. Sebastian’s hands make their way to yours, fumbling for a few seconds with the knot he’d tied around your wrists. Once he’s loosened it, your arms quickly latch around neck, pulling him into a bruising kiss. When you pull away, your lips hover over his “Fuck me, please, Master” Seb groans, lining himself up and pushing into you.

“Shit” His voice is just above a whisper, as he easily slips himself in past all your slick. His thrusts are slow at first, torturous, more like it. You give him a pleading look, and he moves faster, plunging into you roughly. A moan gets caught in your throat as you try to focus on not cumming.

“You feel so good wrapped around me, princess” Sebastian says, staring holes into your brown eyes. Both of your moans, and the slapping of skin, the only things you can hear. You clench your walls and he hisses, his head falling into the crook of your neck.

“Fuck, I’m gonna miss this tight little pussy when I leave” He says, slowing his pace as he sucks at your sweet spot.

“Oh god, Sebastian” You scream his name, realizing your slip up quickly, “I’m sorry, master, please don’t stop” You find yourself begging, and he shushes you.

“It’s okay baby, I’m not goin’ anywhere” He says before biting your ear softly, and you can tell the little charade is over now. You were no longer the sexy enslaved princess, you were his beautiful girl. When Sebastian lifts his head, you can see the love, and adoration, beyond those lust filled eyes.

“I want you to cum all over my dick, baby” You bite your lip, “Can you do that for me, doll?” Once you nod your head, Sebastian snaps his hips against you hard, making a particularly loud moan fall from your lips. You shudder underneath him, legs wrapping around his torso tightly, as another ripples over your body.

“You’re so fuckin hot” Still wrapped around him, Sebastian lifts both of you off the bed. He puts you on your feet, and your legs buckle underneath you, “Easy” He sits on the end of the bed, before turning you around and making you sit on his dick. You gasp at the feeling, Sebastian’s head falling back as his hands guide your hips. Bouncing on him, you feel his fingers dig roughly into your wide hips; there would surely be bruises tomorrow.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum baby” You moan in response, not being able to form a correct sentence, your pussy throbbing from overstimulation. Feeling your walls clench around him, Sebastian’s thrusts become sloppy. Masking his moans with a sharp bite to your shoulder, he’s spilling himself into you. You feel him shake underneath you as he fills you up.

“Shit” He repeats in a whisper, his head resting against your back, you feel the sweat on his forehead against your skin. It’s quiet for a while, as the two of you gather your breathing.

“I wish I didn’t have to go” You hear, followed by soft kisses on your back.

“Yeah, me too”

Okay yah, I don’t really know how I’m feeling about this story. I thought it was a good idea, but now I’m like idk. I don’t wanna disappoint yah after liking my first two stories went so well. But here it is, Sebby smut 💖

If you read, pleaseeee leave a like or comment or reblog. It honestly makes my day to know you guys enjoy these stories.

@malionnex @ghostscvm @purplerain85 @darcia22 @bucky-cinnamonroll-barnes @msruchita @imrisaluk @sophloren @satans-knitting-club @blueskiesbleakeyes

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They were roommates

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x reader

Warnings: smut, smut and more smut


Originally posted by veronikaphoenix

You shared a house with your 3 best friends, Sebastian, Lily and Timothy. It wasn’t often that you had the whole place to yourself, but when you did you made the most of it. You got home, made yourself a quick sandwich and then went to draw yourself a nice bubble bath.

You relax in the bath for a half hour or so, listening to your Slow Jams playlist on Spotify. When you get out and dry off, you realize that you don’t have any clean clothes with you, so you grab Sebastian’s robe that was left hanging on the back of the bathroom door. You figure he wouldn’t mind and you’d only have it on for the couple seconds it would take you to run upstairs to put your pajamas on.

You’re walking upstairs with your dirty clothes in hand with your music still playing low. You go in your room and drop you clothes in the hamper, and grab your silky pjs, a cami and shorts. You figure no one’s home so why not put on your comfy but sexy pajamas. You turn your music off and decide you want to watch a movie on Netflix, but a movie isn’t good without a snack.

You open your door to go downstairs to get a snack when you hear a noise down the hall. You thought maybe one of the roommates had left their tv on but you remembered that they wouldn’t be home for a few days so that couldn’t be it. You tiptoe down the hall, kind of scared, you stop dead in your tracks when you hear another noise. It was moaning and then your name. You stopped right in front of the door that the sound was coming from. Sebastian’s door. You listen for another moment and you hear it again moaning and your name. You can’t help but feel turned on, you’ve had a crush on him since you became friends 2 years ago.

You got a little to curious and decided to take a look. You open his door quietly to see him lying on his bed, completely naked, stroking himself. You got wet just seeing him. You don’t bother to close his door, you just walk straight for the bed. As you are about a foot away from the bed, he opens his eyes in shock.

“Shit, what are you doing in here?” trying to cover himself with his hands.

“No, no, no need to cover up. I like what I see.” You smile not knowing where the boost of confidence came from as you sat on his bed.

He looked puzzled at your comment but he was starting to blush. “I didn’t know you would be home today.”

“And I didn’t think you would be home today either but clearly you are you”, looking him up and down.

“How much did you hear?”, he asks nervously not being able to look you in the face. You thought he was cute when he was nervous but all you could think about was the fact that he was thinking of you well doing that.

“Well I definitely heard you calling out my name and moaning, if that is what you are asking about. What were you thinking about? What was I doing to you?” You went to place your hand on his bare thigh, leaned into him as if you were going to kiss him and licked your lips.

He’s face was getting red and you could tell what you were doing was turning him on. You went to get up off his bed and he grabbed your wrist. “Where do you think you are going?”, he asked. You turned your head around to see that he was no long covering himself and rose one eyebrow. “Where do you want me to be?”

His eyes motioned down to his exposed cock and then made eye contact with you. You licked your lips and got on top to straddled him. You started grinding yourself on him and you just knew he was enjoy this. He placed his hands on your hips and started moving you a little faster. “Mmm”, a soft moan he let out.

He sits up a little and starts to kiss your neck, you adjust so your sitting more comfortably on him. You throw your head back because his open mouth kisses felt so amazing on your skin. “Sebastian”, you let out as a sigh. You start to grind on him again and pushes the skinny strap of your silk cami down your shoulder with his teeth while one arm is holding you around your back and the other is under your shirt.

He kisses down your chest and lifts up your shirt to expose your nipple. His hand is playing with your nipple to make it hard and then proceeds to suck on it. Now that shit drove you crazy. You moaned and whispered “fuck me, Sebastian” in his ear. To which he replies, “I plan on it.”

In one swoop, he is now on top of you and not showing signs of slowing down. He is kissing you hard, your lips to your neck, your neck to your breast. He sits you so he can pull your shirt off and lays you back down by passionately kissing you. He showers you in open mouth kisses all down your body.

Finally he gets to your hips and starts to pull off your blue silk shorts. You are already wet down there and ready for him. To his surprise you weren’t wearing any panties, he pulls the shorts down your thighs and throws your shorts on the floor. He licks his lips and spreads your legs with his thighs. He runs his cold finger over your clit to tease you and you raise your hips in anticipation. He teases you a little more, then inserts his two fingers causing your eyes to roll back. He finds just the right spot and he knows it because your moans are getting louder. “Damn, you are good with your hands.”, you say almost in a whisper.

“If you think my fingers are good, just wait for my mouth.” He removes his fingers and sticks them in his mouth to suck your juices off. You’re trying to catch your breath, when he climbs back up and kisses you on the lips.

He kisses your naval and slides his way back down. He pulls your body a little closer to the edge of the bed. He wraps his arms around your thighs to open your legs open and prop your hips a little. He licks a strip up your vagina and plays with your clit. Your hips are rising and he pushed them back down while sucking on your clit. “Shit baby, you weren’t lying”, you say to him referring to his mouth being good. He didn’t pay you no mind and just kept going.

The feeling of his facial hair on your vagina and thighs was the best feeling in the world. It was an added bonus. Of course, you would have beard burn but shit it was so worth it. “Seb, I’m close.” You could feel that you were close and when he found the right spot, it was game over. You just let it go and Sebastian didn’t even mind.

He cleaned you up with his tongue and he was ready to make you cum again. He got a condom out of the desk drawer, took it out of the wrapper and was about to put it on. You stopped him and said “let me do it”. He stood in front of you, you took the condom out of his hand and rolled it on to his cock. You could tell he loved having your hands on him.

You positioned yourself on his bed wanting him to fuck you at that very moment. You needed him and you needed him now. He climbs on top of you, he kisses up your body starting at your belly button. From belly button to in between your breast, each nipple, your neck and finally your lips. He aligned himself up with your entrance and slowly glides his length into you. You moan in enjoyment as he starts to push in and pull out of you. Your walls start to tighten against his cock and he lets out a loud moan, “damn baby girl you feel so good”

Your nails are scratching his back, eye close as you scream out. You have never been fucked this good before. Your lips meet, his tongue makes its way through your parted lips. Your tongues fighting to be the more dominant one.

You could feel his cock throbbing inside you, so you knew he was close to cumming. You, yourself were close as well, but you wanted to make sure he was the one to cum first. You tighten your walls against him, he instantly lets go and you follow.

He rolls off of you, both of you trying to catch your breath. You both turn your heads to look at each other and laugh. You say, “Why did we wait so long to do this!”

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Surprise! - Part 3

As the class slowly filed out of the room, you and Mr Stan were the only ones left in the room. There was a short moment of silence as you stared at each other, the lust evident in his piercing blue eyes. You’re sure you see them darken right in front of you.

“Well, well” he begins tilting his head to a side, still sitting in his chair, “you don’t seem so confident now that it’s just the two of us again”

“Don’t be so sure of yourself… sir” you tease, as you slowly move your right hand to your khaki cropped shirt, brushing your fingers across your cleavage and undoing the button in the process, which leaves your black lacy bra peeking over the top of the v neck shirt.

He clears his throat “God you’ve got no idea what you calling me that does to me”

“Oh I’m pretty sure I do, or have you forgotten last night already man?” You say with a laugh.

At this he stands up, with a pile of books in his hands to put on the shelf behind you, “Last night? I don’t recall doing anything happening last night” he says, walking towards the back of the class with the books “you’ll have to remind me” he adds with his signature smirk when he gets to you.

“Oh well surely you remember what my ass felt like, when you were slapping it like there was no tomorrow” you question with a fake innocent look on your face. “I certainly do” you say as you shift in your seat “my ass has been aching ever since and it was the reddest it’s ever been this morning sir”

Sebastian puts the books on the shelf behind you and laughs a dark laugh “well something is starting to come back to me now” he says as he perches on the desk in front of you, leaning on his fist and staring back at you.

“Want me to enlighten you some more?”

“It wouldn’t hurt darling” Sebastian replies as he leans back on his hands, exposing his tented jeans

“So you don’t remember the way you ate my pussy then?” You ask bluntly, with a laugh, as you lean in until you’re closer to his face. “You sucked my clit so good I swear I passed out”

Sebastian’s face is becoming more flushed by the second and his bulge is making you think his jeans are about to rip any second now. He clears his throat as he says “oh really doll?”

“Yeah” you almost whisper, “I wanted your dick so badly, I swear that was the hardest I’ve ever came sir” you giggle softly “but it’s funny because you’re sat there with the biggest hard on I’ve ever seen, and you can’t do anything about it can you sir?”

Sebastian’s eyes narrow “and what makes you say that darlin?”

“Well” you taunt as you begin to take off your shirt; revealing your full bra, “you’re a teacher. You’d never do the things you did to me last night here in school, right? There’s just” you pause, taking your bra off, and letting your tits fall out as you watch Sebastian’s eyes widen with extreme, and he lets out an involuntary moan that you manage to catch “too much risk… sir”

“Right that’s it, you’ve asked for this” he jumps up, locking the classroom door and closing the blinds. He stalks over to you, pulling you up from your chair. “Strip, doll” he orders with a glint in his eye as he stands arms crossed in front of you.

As you take your jeans off, you’re left standing in your matching black thong. Sebastian walks around you until you can feel his hot breath on the back of your bare neck. You flinch and let out a moan as you feel his rough hands begin to massage your ass

“Mmmm girl I remember this ass now, look at how red I made it” all you can reply with is a breathless “yess” as he sniggers and whispers against your ear “but I thought I told you to strip babygirl, and I’m pretty sure you’ve still got something on” Sebastian says, as he moves his hands round your hips and down towards your thing covered heat.

“Take it off for me” you breathe as he replies with “as you wish darlin” before hooking his fingers round your thong and bringing it down for you to step out of. You turn around so that you’re facing him, as you see him pocket your thong. His mouth curves into a smirk, and his lower lip is caught in his teeth as he looks at you up and down like you’re his prey.

Before you can open your mouth to speak, you feel Mr Stan’s hands on your tits and hear his voice in your ear saying “I think someone needs punishing again for teasing daddy” and you feel him pushing you down onto your knees, and as you look up at him, you see him biting his lip at his view, whilst unbuckling his belt and taking down his jeans and boxers. “And I still want to see what that little mouth of yours can do”

His impressive length springs out from his boxers and you are reminded of how fucking big he is. No way are you taking all of him in your mouth.

“Suck it doll” he orders and with an eager smirk, you reply with “yes sir”, before hearing him moan as you lick his length from the bottom to the tip; all the while keeping eye contact with him, before he throws his head back in pleasure.

“Come on” he grunts “stop fuckin teasing me” he says as he grabs your hair and fucks into your mouth. You feel your eyes immediately water as his tip hits the back of your throat, but you hollow your cheeks and begin to suck and lick his dick, swirling your tongue around it as he pumps into your mouth.

The noises your teacher is making are pornographic, and you’re sure someone is going to barge in after hearing his combination of moaning “Y/N” and “doll”.

“Yes, yes, yes, suck my dick like that mmmm you’re such a naughty girl mmm suck daddy’s cock yes” he groans and you feel the wetness between your thighs pooling with his words.

Taking your hands up to his cock, you use your left one alongside your mouth so that his massive length is covered, whilst you take your right hand and gently massage his balls whilst sucking.

“Agh ahhh ahhh darlin I’m not gonna last long if you carry on like that mmm I can’t deal with you mmmmm”

You suddenly pop your mouth off of his dick and take your hands away, which results in a disgruntled sound coming from your teacher “what the fuck Y/N??”

“Sorry sir I thought that meant you didn’t want me to carry on” you say, looking up at him with a wink

Sebastian then roughly grabs your Y/HC/H and fucks into your mouth hard, making you gag, but he carries on. “You.” He pumps with each word “need. To. Stop. Disobeying. Me.”

You moan around his dick, sending vibrations all the way round his length, and as his noises increase in volume, you feel his length twitch, before he spills his white liquid in your mouth, and then pulls out and pumps his dick with his hand whilst covering your face and tits with his juices. He lets out a final moan before opening his eyes and looking down at you covered in his come. He smirks “well that shut you up”

You bite your cum covered bottom lip, and take your fingers across your tits to collect the cum, before you suck his juices off your fingers; licking your lips. “Mmm you taste so good sir” you moan.

“My naughty little schoolgirl is even more dirty than she was before” Sebastian says as he take off his shirt, revealing his impressive, toned set of abs and strong arms.

“I guess round two is me cleaning you up then Y/N?” He asks, looking down at you with a bite of his lip.

“Mmmm yes sir” you reply, closing your eyes and lying back on the classroom floor.

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Holy shit if you're still taking requests for haircut Seb, I've got another one for you, love! You're dating Seb's younger brother (they don't get along)and there Is some sexual tension between you and Seb. One night he hears you guys having sex and finds out that little bro does a shit job at pleasing you so to get some revenge and to get the girl, Seb bends you over the kitchen counter and shows you how a real man puts it down! Icing on the cake if he talks shit about little bro in the process

Last one for the night…NSFW gifs below cut. This came out waaaay longer than I intended but I sort of just went with the mood. Hope you enjoy.

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Sebastian Stan x Reader

Inspired by Unforgettable by French Montana ft. Swae Lee

(I heard this song on my way home from my Grandmothers house and fell in love. Then I thought of Sebastian.)

You were home working on your assignments when a song came on and your couldn’t help but think about the things you’ve done with your boyfriend.

WARNING: Smut, (Sebastian Stan because.. look at him. How does one prepare for him?) light language, fluffy goodness


Originally posted by stiles24ever

You sat at your desk, focused on the assignments you were working on. Sebastian was busy with work so you needed to find a way to keep yourself busy. You decided to turn on Spotify so you could focus more on your work. Just as you finished your phone rang.

Seb: Hey gorgeous I’m on my way home. Don’t wait for me. Finish up your studies and then go to bed. I love you.

You smiled at the message, rolling your eyes and getting ready to reply.

Seb: Don’t forget to eat dinner alright.

You: Yes Mama Sebastian.

You loved it when Sebastian worried about your well-being but sometimes it was kind of weird, especially when he licked his thumb and wiped some syrup off of your cheek.

You smiled and got started on dinner for when he got home. You placed your laptop on the kitchen counter and turned it up when a familiar beat started playing. You bit your bottom lip and softly sang along to Rae Lee.

I’m gonna sip on this drink, when I’m fucked up
I should know how to pick up
While she push up against me, ooh, is she tipsy?
I had enough convo for 24
I peep’d you from across the room
Pretty little body dancin’ like GoGo, hey
And you are unforgettable
I need to get you alone

You moved your hips to the beat, nodding your head as well. You put the steak in the oven and sighed, wiping your hands on a towel and getting started on something else, your mind wandering. You thought about all the times you and Sebastian cuddled up on the couch and the times where you two had sex. The thought of him slowly running his hands up and down your skin made you shiver. The way he kissed you as if he hadn’t seen you in years when he was only hours or days. When wasn’t able to keep his hands off of you, especially when the two of you were sleeping next to each other, he needed to touch you.

You were so lost in thought that you hadn’t realized that Sebastian walked into your shared apartment. He leaned against the frame, watching as you hummed and danced when you moved from the stove. He loved the way you moved around, almost like a ballerina performing. You pulled the steaks out of the oven and put it on the counter behind you, jumping at the man staring at you. “Sebastian.” You breathed out.

“Hey baby girl.” He smirked, grabbing your wrist and kissing your hand. “What song is this?”

“Unforgettable.” You smiled as he pulled you towards him. “Why? You like it?”

“Yeah.” He nodded, pulling you against his body. “Especially when you dance.” He moved his hands so they could rest on the small of your back.

“Don’t you want to know what dinner’s gonna be?” You asked, feeling shy all of a sudden.

“I already know what I’m eating tonight.” He smirked, picking you up. You yelped, gripping his shirt so you wouldn’t fall.

“S-Seb! Put me down!” You yelled at him, earning a smack on your ass and another yelp to escape your lips. He dropped you on your bed and crawled over you. “What has gotten into you?”

“You’ve got a nice ass.” He smirked. “The way you shook it made me so fucking hard.” He bit his bottom lip as he tugged at your shorts and underwear, pulling then off effortlessly. He spread your legs apart, looking at you before flattening his tongue against your core. You bit your bottom lip, sighing in content as he slowly pushed two of his fingers inside of you. “You’re soaked already.” He smirked

“Sebastian..” You moaned, as he slowly slid his tongue over your slit. “D-don’t tease.”

“Where’s the fun in that? You know I like to play with my food kitten.” He spoke as he spread your lips apart, lightly sucking on your clit. You moaned, pushing your hands in his hair, pushing him so he could make more contact with you trembling core. “You really want me don’t you?” Before you could answer his mouth was on you, his tongue wiggling against your clit with the right amount of pressure. If you didn’t have a grasp on reality, Sebastian’s hair, you would’ve exploded just then.

He didn’t stop his attack on you, pumping his fingers before pulling them out and rubbing them against your clit. “F-Fuck Seb!” You yelled as you climaxed. He didn’t stop licking until he was satisfied, which took another minute of you begging him to stop torturing you. He let you go, pushing his fingers in your mouth so you could taste what he did. He stood straight and took his clothes off, staring at you as you took the rest off.

Bucky grabbed your legs and pushed them apart again, staring down at your core that was glistening with his saliva. “I can’t wait.” He stood up and crawled over you, shoving his fully hard member inside of you. He grabbed your legs and pushed them apart as he buried his face into your neck. He nipped and sucked as he pounded into you. “Fuck.” He groaned out. “I missed you pussy so fucking much.” You moaned, closing your eyes as he put his hand on your throat.

“Sebastian!” You hollered out as he reached deeper inside of you, hitting your g-spot. “Oh f-fuck! Right there! Right there Seb!”

“You like that baby?” His hips snapped forward and he tried to push further. “Tell Daddy how much you like it.” You couldn’t form your words, whimpering the only response you could give him. “Use your words baby girl. Come on tell me how much you like it.”

“Fuck Seb.” You moaned when he slowly down, your climax was seconds away. “I love the way you’re fucking me Daddy. You’re going to drive me crazy if you keep this up.”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing.” He smirked and pulled out of you, turning you over and shoving back into you without warning or letting you adjust. As quickly as your climax left it came back, sending your body into autopilot. You backed into him, rolling your hip and pulling a hiss from him. “Keep that up baby girl.” He spanked you and grabbed your ass cheeks. “I’m about to..” The way you tightened around him cut his sentence short, the both of you shaking. You exhaled, crawling away from him and laying down. “I’ll finish dinner for you.” He kissed the top of your head.

But being that you didn’t like when Sebastian finished cooking for you you got up and shook your head. “Nope. Hell no.” You waddled after him, grabbing his arm. “I got it.”

“Are you sure about that?” He asked, smirking.

“Shut up. My legs are working.”

“Are you sure about that?”

“Fuck you.”

“Gladly if you want.”

“Go sit down you horny bastard. Dinner is almost finished.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.” You said, smiling. But deep down you regretted getting up out of that bed after having sex because your thighs were already feeling sore. But this was one night like many to come that you wouldn’t forget.

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Sebastian Stan x Fanfiction

Sebastian’s POV

Divine was a better word choice
to describe the feeling. Our paths
only crossed because both of our
hearts needed healing.

Lace Lockwood was a damsel
in distress and I was a bastard
in disguise. Her lips were glossed
with sin. Whereas my mouth was
filtered with lies.

Remembering those endless, cold
starry evenings down by the
seashore. We knew that what
we had couldn’t become anything more.

Undoubtedly, her love hit me hard
as if it were lighting. One strike was
all it took. She ran away with my heart,
yet I am the one labeled as the crook.

So forgive me now and ask questions

{To be continued}

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