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#sebastian stan
brattyrogers16 minutes ago
No but it鈥檚 true!! I remember seeing people on Twitter asking if they have to watch all the MCU films to watch TFATW because they鈥檝e never seen any of the movies but love Bucky?????
YES!!!! Fanfic writers have done a great job at giving him a ton of depth and actual personality but the actual current MCU Bucky has close to none imo 馃槀 and ppl are shocked when he鈥檚 nothing like what ppl write in fics lol
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fuckandfluff17 minutes ago
Whenever I see a new pic of either Chris or Seb (or Jensen, let鈥檚 be honest 馃槀馃檲)
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maximeevansblogan hour ago
Could you please do a Sebastian x Reader where they are getting married and when the reader walks down the aisle, Sebastian starts crying from how happy he is? I really need some fluff in my life right about now lol. Thank you so much 馃挄
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y/n are you almost ready yes mom, darling where are you in here dad you look beautiful thanks dad your welcome, we have something for you, this is from your grandmother this is her ring, you were on your right ring finger thanks your welcome darling, y/n it's time. dad mmh do not let me fall never darling. that is my promise to you, you, and Sebastian are all the time welcome. Sebastian p.o.v. here she comes. here man thanks, you look beautiful you look beautiful babe
A big applaus for Mr & Mrs Stan , please make room for the couple, on cthe dance floor for there first dance , i love you my husband i love you too mine beautiful wife , babe mmh dinner is soon gonna be served, oh i am hungry take your heels off and that is nice, i am hungry take place , look dinner i am really hungry, now lets eat. Babe mmh i am tired, can we go sure we can go, y/n yes mom i will sure that the presents are back at your place thanks mom, were enough suncreen you also mister i will , have fun bye bye.
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loveforever862 hours ago
Leave Anthony Mackie alone, he hasn't done anything wrong.
I'm tired of seeing so many people talking shit about him while their white favs have done things and said horrible things and everyone is ready to forgive them.
Fuck you , racists !!!
Respect Anthony Mackie !!!
Where is the Marvel cast while Anthony is being dragged? but look how they reacted when Chris Pratt's snowflake ass was...the hypocrisy.
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buckysdaydreams2 hours ago
"At least you got a pretty hot co-star."
"Yeah, I sure did."
"Hayley is smoking huh?"
"Oh, I thought you meant Sebastian Stan. This is awkward---"
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buckysdaydreams2 hours ago
I've only been awake for two hours and this is my mood:
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misstwist2 hours ago
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Hey there handsome
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megggers873 hours ago
You guys decided fetishizing gay relationships was the way to go and then get mad at actors who aren鈥檛 gay and don鈥檛 play canon gay characters when they answer a question 鈥渨rong鈥.
Y鈥檃ll have been gagging for 2 straight dudes to be gay since One Direction and it鈥檚 fucking gross and embarrassing.
Sam and Bucky were never and never will be gay, just bc that鈥檚 what you want doesn鈥檛 make it queer baiting, it makes you a little weirdo. Leave Anthony Mackie alone.
Actually, leave all celebrities alone. Enjoy their content and that鈥檚 it. They don鈥檛 owe you shit. 鉁岎煆
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saveafawn3 hours ago
honestly the thought of a unhinged, feral, slightly-might-not-even-be-mentally stable Winter Soldier pinning me down and just ripping my cute flimsy little panties off in a urgent need of primal instinct to force me to just take it or just a silently stalking Winter Soldier sneaking inside my bedroom window and manhandling my body against his as he fucks me full of his cock and seed in my unknowing body is just a godsend pls鈥
the thought of just Bucky or him as the Winter Soldier splitting me open on his massive cock, ruining me for everyone else makes me wanna scream (without the 鈥榮鈥) isuheuehebhdi yes sir
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jeremyrennerfanxxxx1233 hours ago
I鈥檓 disgusted by the racist abuse directed at Anthony Mackie, and for the people on here saying Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan are racist. You鈥檙e saying that you are fans of them, but by threatening to kill them, kill Mackie鈥檚 kids and wishing death on Seb鈥檚 girlfriend.
Neither of them are racist or homophobic.
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string-bean-requiem4 hours ago
If you're one of those people targeting Anthony Mackie you can go ahead and log right off :)
Y'all know what the real problem is.
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buckyandlokirunmylife5 hours ago
My obsession with Marvel men (specifically the loves of my life Seb and Tom) GROWS BY THE SECOND and I can鈥檛 seem to stop it
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zemosimp055 hours ago
prompt: Sam and Bucky playing cupid cause Zemo and Y/N like each other but won鈥檛 make a move and they are getting tired of the tension and the longing stares when the other isn鈥檛 looking
+ Including the prompt given by @edencherries
Bucky:聽Hey Zemo, wanna third wheel on my date with Sam tomorrow?
Sam:聽Y/N! Wanna third wheel on my date with Bucky tomorrow?
Y/N: Umm yeah sure...
Bucky:聽Great! We always wanted to go on a double date!
Zemo & Y/N:聽*getting flustered*
Bucky & Sam: mission successful.
Tumblr media
Send me prompts... I'm celebrating 500 follower. I'll answer asap 馃ズ thank you y'all for sending the previous prompts. I will work on the rest... Just give me a lil time. 鉂
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fandomfeministcollection6 hours ago
still can't believe people defend seb stan, like ??? Y'all are gonna forget he actively supports someone racist and gives less of a shit about people?? the fact is, he's just another one of those egocentric celebrities that just looks like they care about others, but seeing who they support, it's definitely a whole other story
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zemosimp056 hours ago
am I the only one thinking this was zemo and Bucky and y/n in a polymory relationship?
鉁笍Holy Trinity鉁笍
Sam:聽Y/N, you'll be working with Bucky and Zemo.
Y/N:聽Alright! My fantasy threesome!
Everyone else:聽*blank stares*
Y/N:聽...Of...people on
Bucky & Zemo: Honesty we are down
Tumblr media
Send me prompts... I'm celebrating 500 follower. I'll answer asap 馃ズ thank you y'all for sending the previous prompts. I will work on the rest... Just give me a lil time. 鉂
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