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dagger-to-everyone10 hours ago
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Why weren't you there then?
Yeah, my alarm didn't go off soo馃拋馃檭
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writingsbychlo2 days ago
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new dress | bucky barnes
word count; 5428
summary; bucky is a big fan of your new dress, and even more so of the way it fits you, he just has to make sure you see that too.
notes; this is for the聽鈥榠nsecurities collection鈥, it鈥檚 been a while since I updated that, so I figured I would.
warnings; smut, that鈥檚 about it
鈥淗ey, doll, what are you up to?鈥
You smiled, turning to face Bucky instead of staring at yourself in the mirror. He placed his phone down on the bedside table, plugging it into the charger he had come in for. Looking up at you now that you were facing him, he whistled lowly, hands tucking into his sweatpants pockets, and you tried not to let your gaze linger too long on his bare chest.
鈥淭his a new dress?鈥 His words snapped you from it, moving back up to his eyes from bare skin.
It was a new dress, and you hummed, nodding your head and glancing down at it. Smoothing your hands down across the cinched material along the front of the dress, it sat perfectly across your body. It really was beautiful, it pulled in at the waist, with a slinky material and a higher fabric on one side that was dangerously sexy as the other sat lower around your other thigh, an imbalanced hemline that would be even more sultry with tall heels on. Probably something slim and sharp, to match the spaghetti-style straps. It had almost like a corset style of support built into the chest, boning that pushed up your breasts to swell and look fuller, and you knew exactly where Bucky鈥檚 eyes were dragged to. Everything about the seductive black dress was perfection.聽
Well, almost everything.
鈥淵eah, Nat bought it for me. Said she saw it while shopping and thought it would be good on me.鈥
鈥淪he wasn鈥檛 wrong, this is a beautiful dress.鈥 His voice deepened to a low sound, sultry and intoxicating, and he took a few steps closer, pausing when you sighed. Turning back to look in the mirror, your eyes scanned over your reflection once again. 鈥淭oo bad it has to go back.鈥
鈥淲hat, why?鈥澛
鈥淚t doesn鈥檛 fit right.鈥 You sighed, pushing one of the straps back up onto your shoulder when it fell, and Bucky huffed. Moving to stand behind you, his much larger figure swamped you in the reflection, and you could barely see his eyes with his tall stature. That was, until he dipped down, using his nose to nudge the strap back to fall over the edge of your arm, and you chuckled as he pressed a soft kiss to your shoulder.聽
鈥淲hat are you talkin鈥 about, honey? This dress fits perfectly.鈥 There was a low strain to his voice as he spoke, one you knew well, and the darkening of those sky blue eyes to something stormy and deep was a reaction you were overly familiar with. His hands smoothed around to your front, thumbs brushing just underneath your breasts as he did, chin resting on your shoulder as he grinned.聽
鈥淵es, I know it fits well there.鈥 You teased, before taking his hands, heart thudding erratically in your chest as you smoothed his hands further down and around to your sides, until his hands were hovering just over your lower hips, fingers twitching until the pads brushed against the fabric. 鈥淚t doesn鈥檛 fit nicely here.鈥
He stared at you, eyes locked with your own in the mirror, before stepping back. His hands stayed where they were, hovering centimetres from your body, before looking down at you. Taking a step further back, that confusion melted away into a smirk. 鈥淎re you talking about your ass, because I promise you, it fits. Are you even wearing underwear, fuck, please, tell me you鈥檙e not wearing underwear.鈥
He bit his lower lip, the wobble in your smile clueing him into something deeper as he let it go, and you shrugged lightly. You鈥檇 never been one much to let your insecurities stop you, there was a lot about your own body you couldn't change, and you鈥檇 come to terms with that, knowing that no matter how much you worked out or the things you ate, some parts of your body were just built in certain ways. However, sometimes, the occasional blow made the stone crack. 鈥淭he hip dips, Buck. This dress is so pretty, but it makes my hip dips so obvious.鈥
He stayed quiet for a moment, before settling his hands against your body, sitting right on your hips, thumbs smoothing softly over your waist as he leaned in to place a kiss on the back of your head. 鈥淲hat are 鈥榟ip dips鈥, doll?鈥
You laughed again, emptily this time. Of course, Bucky wouldn't know what hip dips were. And, even if he did, he鈥檇 probably never even noticed them. That was the thing about Bucky, he was so goddamn gentlemanly and perfect, he made you feel perfect under every look he gave you. He was your confidence and your sureness and your power. 鈥淵ou, uh-鈥 Your throat felt dry, your eyes staring at the offending patches on your own body, and you wondered now, just how exactly he鈥檇 never noticed before, and hadn't realised what they were. 鈥淵ou know, here, between my thighs and my hips, where it dips in a little bit?鈥
His hands smoothed down, following the curve of your body, and dipping in to sit in those exact patches, filling them with one flesh hand and one metal, until they were no unnoticeable. 鈥淵eah?鈥
鈥淭hose are hip dips. The bits that dip after your hips.鈥
He nodded his head, clearly still not understanding what the problem was, but he didn鈥檛 want to be rude. God, you really loved that about him, but you sort of hated it, too. There was a heat flushing your cheeks as your realised you鈥檇 have to actually voice your opinions, the look on his face was nothing but love, saying that he wanted to help, he wanted to understand, but he couldn鈥檛 until you helped him make sense of it.聽
鈥淚 just hate them, Buck. They鈥檙e awful, and so obvious. I mean, I try not to let it bother me, but damn, when you work with someone like Natasha, and when every model of women鈥檚 bodily perfection that you ever see - from pornstars to the underwear models when you buy new panties - have these perfect around hips, it鈥檚 hard to ignore!鈥 There was a crack in your voice that you hated, and now, Bucky was frowning, the playful expression on his face utterly gone, nothing but passionate concern growing as his thick brows dipped lower and lower, creasing his forehead.聽
鈥淵ou hate them?鈥 You nodded, suffocating heat taking over your body and face, you almost felt like your ears were ringing as you put such a vulnerable part of yourself out there, the part that made you feel stupid and weak for even thinking about it, but you couldn鈥檛 stop thinking about it, ever since you鈥檇 put the dress on. You鈥檇 twisted at every angle, and seen every view. It was a dress that made you look incredible in every way, and yet even with its long list of pros, this single con had ruined it all. 鈥淚 just don鈥檛 get how. I love them.鈥
鈥淲hat?鈥 The word slipped from your mouth on an incredulous tone, one laced with dry humour and disbelief, and he stood up straighter, hands squeezing a little tighter as they still sat in place.
鈥淕od, baby, I wish I鈥檇 known how you felt. I thought you knew.鈥 His exhale was rough and ragged, and he wouldn't meet your gaze in the mirror, eyes still scanning up and down your body in any way that made you flush with longing and heat. 鈥淚 mean, how could I not?鈥
鈥淗ow could you?鈥
鈥淏ecause they鈥檙e so perfect!鈥 He near shouted the words, his darkened eyes only coming back up to yours, and he bunched the material in his hands slightly, the hemline shifting against your thighs. He didn鈥檛 mean to, smoothing the fabric back a second later, but he was still in a state of utter shock, lips parted as he tried to find his next words. 鈥淒on鈥檛 you get it, they鈥檙e perfect. Especially for me, it鈥檚 one of the things that makes me think you were made for me, babydoll.鈥
鈥淓very time I hold you, every time my hands sit on your hips, where do they go?鈥 He lifted his hands from your body, holding them up in mock-surrender, and you offered a weak smile, knowing where he was going with it. 鈥淲hen you鈥檙e cooking in the kitchen and I stand behind you, or when I have to lift you to reach a higher shelf, where do my hands go?鈥
鈥淭o my hip dips..鈥 You whispered, the firm nodding of his head only encouraging him on.
鈥淵eah. What about every time we dance at one of Tony鈥檚 parties, your arms go around my neck, and my hands sit right here, lower than they should but I just can鈥檛 help myself, because, doll, your body was made for my hands. Just look how well you fit into 鈥榚m.鈥 He squeezed again, a surge of excitement and love racing through you. You鈥檇 never fully forget your insecurity there, but maybe, just maybe, it felt a little better to know you never had to feel insecure about them with Bucky. 鈥淏esides, when you鈥檙e riding me, looking so fucking pretty with your hair all messy and flushed cheeks, taking what you need, these dips are exactly where my hands go, guiding you, so when you get tired, I can hold onto you, and fuck you like you deserve.鈥
鈥淏ucky!鈥 A sharp gasp, one only you made as he gave that same dark chuckle that was reserved specifically for the bedroom. It was raspier, and taunting, something that made your thighs clench just like they were now. The strap of your dress was still hanging over your shoulder, and when he dipped his head down, Bucky didn鈥檛 kiss your shoulder. This time, he bit you, right at the junction of your neck, your head tipping to the side to moan softly at the scrape of his teeth along your skin, an exciting thrill when his lips sealed around the spot. His favourite spot, because he knew how it made you tremble when he left his marks there.
鈥淲hen I fuck you over the kitchen counter, or the arm of the couch, or the sinks at the club when we just can鈥檛 get out of the party yet but we need it, these beautiful fucking dips are so perfect. Just right for me to hold onto, so I can pull you back to meet me, every time I give you enough orgasms to make your head spin.鈥
Your head was already spinning, just listening to him talk, and his metal hand made goosebumps rising along your skin as it tucked up under your arm. Catching the zipper in his hands carefully, he began to inch it down, slowly, a trail of slow and wet kisses left along your neck, until your eyes were fluttering shut, and his lips were brushing your ear.聽
鈥淲hen I hold you up, fucking up into you, I can hold you by these dips, slamming you against me as you cling on, desperate.鈥 You were desperate, every word that came from his lips was dripping with lust and arousal, your thighs were clamped, rubbing together for friction as he teased, and you were so needy, the praise and filth he spoke, until you could barely breathe for your need. 鈥淥r when I fuck you against the wall, pillows thrown to the floor as you tear up my back, crying out my name, and I can hold you right here.鈥
The dress fell away, and he pushed it down from your hips, hands coming back to find your dips once again, and his soft groan was muffled against the skin under your ear as he sucked a mark there, too.聽
鈥淕uess I was right, no underwear.鈥
鈥淵ou got a lot of big talk going on today, Buck.鈥 Your voice was whiny, needy, begging, and he was loving it. 鈥淐are to repeat any of those memories?鈥
鈥淗m, no, not today.鈥 You were almost disappointed, had it not been for the promise of something still in his voice, or the way he used his grip on you to pull you back into him, until you could feel the press of his cock into you, straining against his jeans. 鈥淲e鈥檙e gonna鈥 make new memories today, doll, I鈥檓 gonna鈥 make you fall as in love with this part of your body as I have with every part.鈥
鈥淪ave that for when you鈥檙e moaning it.鈥 His hands moved up, smoothing across your front and wet lips mouthed at the junction between your shoulder and your neck. The metal hand on your waist flexed, the other dipping down to trace along the line where your underwear would be, before dipping lower. Probing softly through your folds, the tip of one finger nudged against your clit, swirling slowly to gather your building wetness, and hot breath was panted against the shell of your ear as your head tipped back to rest on his shoulder.聽
Pressing down gently, sparks of electricity began to ricochet along every nerve. He was taking his time, torturing you lovingly before finally sinking a single finger into your wet channel. You keened, hips rocking against his hand in tow with his thrusts, picking up in speed and pressure. The coil inside you was already winding tight, a second finger slipping in alongside, a filthy noise beginning to sound out loudly with every movement of his fingers.聽
The coil inside of you was building up, your chest rising and falling faster, more and more, dragging desperate breaths into your lungs that were punched right back out with every thrust of his fingers. There was always something about sex with Bucky, it was magical, he took his time, he liked watching you fall apart, and at the beginning of your relationship, it had taken you a while to get used to it. The burn was becoming too much, a blush flaring up across your skin, heat that crawled everywhere and your toes were curling to dig into the carpet.聽
鈥淥h, God..鈥 Your words were strained, barely coming out on a whisper, and you tried to rock your head forwards. Everything within you was feeling bonus, except for the incredible sensations that were washing over you from your core, soft whimpers getting louder and louder as you grew closer to the edge.聽
Lingering eyes, you could feel his hungry glare fixed on you in the mirror, his cock pressing into your ass, grinding lightly with every movement of his hips as he grew harder and harder. Forcing your eyes to open, you found you were right, dark and stormy shades of swirling blue finding you, and it made you feel like you were on fire, in the best way possible. The fingers of his metal hand were dipping lower, digging into the dips on your hips enough to leave marks in his wake, and you squirmed because the feelings were already growing to be too much.聽
鈥淥h, fuck, James..鈥
He growled, nipping lightly at the shell of your ear as he spoke, and with one particularly harsh thrust of his fingers, scraping lightly over the spongy spot inside of you that made you see stars. You clenched around his fingers, shaking in his grasp as the hand on your hips held you even tighter, tingling in their pressure-filled wake as he did, and he slowed down his motions, dragging out your orgasm until you鈥檇 ridden it all the way through.聽
Your fingers were clenching on his arm, holding onto his gaze in the mirror for every spasm and twitch as you came, until your nails were leaving moon-shaped marks in his skin, and he plucked his fingers free from your core.聽
He never looked away, not even when he lifted his fingers to suck them clean, making sure to trap you under one large biceps he did, and you grinned at the chuckle he let out as your chin raised for his arm to tuck underneath. He knew how much he drove you wild, he knew how much you loved every part of him, you鈥檇 taken away all of his insecurities, kissing every scar and blemish, fingers weaving with his metal ones, and pressing into him when he鈥檇 been too scared or even touch you with it.聽
Twisting in his arms, two shining fingers slipped free from sinfully pink lips, head dipping down to capture your lips in a rough kiss, and let you taste yourself on his tongue. Your head was spinning, desperation crawling along every vein as you longed for something more from him, and you didn鈥檛 even know what you were doing until his legs were bumping against the edge of the bed. He sat, sinking to rest on the bed and you followed, perching in his lap, thigh spread on either side of his thick ones until his cock was pressing up into you.聽
Worn cotton soaked up the juices still glistening along your skin, and as your lungs burned, his lips finally dragged from your own in a series of quieted moans just to drop down and kiss along your skin, your fingers tangled in his hair. His hands were back on your hips, and now that he had mentioned it, you were acutely aware of the way that they did sink straight into the dips you had so despised, flexing in the spot until his long fingers were just brushing over your ass cheeks, and you rocked against him.聽
A strangled moan bubbled up and left his lips, his head tipping back when your hand tightened in his hair just to be able to see you once again. The blue in his eyes was almost gone, simply a ring of colour left around blown-out pupils, and spit-slick lips that had been working on marking along your chest were licked between needy breaths.聽
鈥淚 love you, doll. All of you.鈥 He squeezed, and you shifted more in his hips, pressing down into him and he bucks dup to meet you.聽
鈥淚 love you too,鈥 He smiled, puckering his lips for a kiss, but you bypassed him completely, leaving a brief brush of your lips along his cheek, before your cheek was pressing to his, your arms wrapping more firmly around his shoulders. 鈥淛ames.鈥
Another low growl, one that vibrated song your spine and made you tremble atop him. 鈥淔uck, doll. Y鈥檏now, I was going to let you ride me, I wanted us to take this slow, but if you keep that up, I won鈥檛 be able to control myself.鈥
鈥淐ontrol what, James?鈥 He took a sharp intake of breath, chest heaving with it until bare skin was pressing to yours, and giving the perfect kind of friction. He whispered your name, quiet and needy, encouraging the movements of your hips to pick up, and you leaned down.聽
You didn鈥檛 deny him his kiss this time, a series of short and simple pecks to his lips, before you were trialling to his cheek. Kissing further and further, he was giving soft moans of your name, a husky sound that never failed to make you light up with desire when it fell from his lips. You kissed further, at the place where metal met flesh, and the whine he let out was nothing less than ruined.聽
Your back met the bedding before you even knew what was happening, his form hovering over you, nothing but heat spreading to your body, he was like a permanent furnace, and you couldn鈥檛 stop the giggle you made. It had never failed to make you feel like nothing but mush when he manhandled you, putting all of that super-soldier strength to use until you felt like nothing in his hands, but everything under the way he stared at you.聽
鈥淭his is about you, doll.鈥 Kisses, dipping down along your chest, kisses that were growing filthier the lower he settled, and your back arched as he took one nipple between supple lips. The scratch of his unshaven stubble scraped at the sensitive skin surrounding, rough tongue scraping over the pebble and your hand shot down to his head tugging weakly on his hair as your other fingers tangled into the sheets. He switched to the other side, your eyes fluttering closed and your head pushing back into the plush sheets and mattress beneath you.聽
鈥淥h, well, now. That鈥檚 not what you were moaning a minute ago, what happened to that?鈥 He teased, pulling away to speak, and blowing a stream of cold air onto the wet patch left on your chest. Cupping your breast and running a calloused thumb across the mark, he stared, full of lust, and you cried out at the tone of his voice. 鈥淐鈥檓on, baby..鈥
You knew what he wanted, but it was always fun to tease him, to get him rattled up until he was just as desperate as you were. You always liked to have him wrapped around your finger, you liked that whenever he had you all taut, to know he was in just the same position. Dipping down, he began to lap at the other side of your chest, slowing his pace down, even more, driving you absolutely crazy, and he relished in it, because the squeeze of your hand in his hair made sure he knew that you were near to snapping. 鈥淏ucky,鈥
鈥淣uh-uh, not quite.鈥 He muttered, forcing your thighs apart and settling between them, and your thighs clamped around his hips. One brush of his cotton clad erection over your core and you were losing it, losing the game, and giving right into him.聽
鈥淭here it is.鈥 There was far too much smug cockiness in his voice, and he kisses lower, across your navel until he was slipping free, strong palms closing around your knees to push them apart, until he could free himself once again.聽
In one flush movement, he was naked, stretches of taut muscles and tanned skin, glistening black and gold metal that made everything about him utterly godlike, and you collapsed back into his bedding from where you鈥檇 popped yourself up on your elbows, hands covering your face as you groaned. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e so damn hot, it鈥檚 not fair.鈥
鈥淗ey, doll, look,鈥 Leaning over you, one knee braced on the bed to balance himself before he was polling your hands free, he stood tall, cock bobbing the air before your face, and he pulled back, pulling you with him to sit up. 鈥淚 got hip dips, too.鈥
He stood proudly, poking at the spots just above his strongly toned thighs, and you chuckled, reaching out to run a nail over them, lightly scratching, and his jaw dropped at you did. 鈥淭hey look better on you.鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 gonna鈥 have to strongly disagree,鈥 He backed you up into the bedding, flopping down to lay on his back as his hand idled searched for the bedside table. You couldn't resist, crawling atop his thighs, and like instinct, his hands left their previous task and found your hips. Or rather, your hip dips. Reaching over him, you finished the task he was trying to do, tearing one foil packet from the short string that was left, and as you knelt back, his eyes closed as he groaned.聽
He was throbbing, your slick core pressed against him, and you rocked your hips up and down along his length, the tip of his cock bumping your clit each time, sparks twisting and clawing at your lower stomach as another orgasm began to build already. As the foil fluttered to the floor, you knelt a little higher, his ships following, fingers flexing on your skin and he let go another breathy moan of your name.聽
鈥淔uckin鈥 hell, doll. Stop teasing me, already. Been needing you since the second I saw you in that pretty dress.鈥 The aforementioned item was still laying in a crumpled heap on the floor, probably dripping with the smell of sex by this point, as it hung on every inch of the air, the window over the bed beginning to fog up. Rolling the rubber down along his cock, a few simple pumps, and then he was lining up. Sinking slowly into you, you took a moment to adjust, feeling every inch of him stretching you out.聽
No matter how long you鈥檇 been with him, and how often this happened, you never grew used to the stretch he gave you. He was big, that was no understatement, and you let go of the breath that was held in your lungs as your hips sat flush against his. 鈥淥h, my God.鈥
鈥淪o good, doll, so wet for me. Fucking perfect.鈥 He gripped at your hips, giving you only a second to adjust, before he was beginning to use his grip on you to rock you forward again his body, and the shift made the press of his tip to your g-spot all that much more apparent. Melting away in a haze dream were all of your insecurities and your worries, the same way it always was when Bucky got his hands on you, and you revelled in it.聽
Picking up your motions, the feeling spread, the burning warmth inside your core spreading until everything right to the tips of your fingers was tingling, and your head was falling back. You were so aware, of everything going on around you, ad yet you also felt numb blissful numbness and complete unawareness to anything that wasn鈥檛 right here. 鈥淛ames..鈥
鈥淵eah, doll, just like that.鈥 His voice was deeper than ever, raspier than usual and your fingers were digging into his chest. Every rock of your hips or bounce on your knees, you could feel all of him, and particularly, you could feel the grip he held on your hips. Occasionally they slipped up closer to your waist, helping you to bounce atop his cock, or as far up as your tits, pinching and rolling your nipples between two fingers.聽
Your mind was a haze of stimulations, the contrasting hot and cold of his hands, goosebumps rising along your skin and your back arched to press your tits further into his hands.聽
鈥淔ucking hell, look at you, babydoll. So goddamn pretty, bouncing up there, looking like an angel.鈥 He sat up, legs tensing beneath you as the angle changed, allowing him to sink even deeper inside of you, and your eyes rolled to the back of your head. Sweat slick chests, pressed together, rubbing with every needy thrust as he fucked up into with what strength he had, and the rocks of your hips in time to try and meet him. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e perfect, so perfect.鈥
Your heart swelled inside of your chest, just like it all, and your hands came up to cup his cheeks as he took over the rocking of your hips, fingerprint bruises ready to show up on your skin come the morning. Every slam against him made you clench a little tighter, every time he pressed to that spot that made everything go dizzy and blurry, and your orgasm hit you before you even knew what was happening.聽
Jaw falling open, silent screams of his name as you came undone, and he held you through every second of it, tight to his chest. He swallowed every moan of his name you let out, sloppy kisses with lazy tongues as your lips barely moved anymore, and you couldn't think a single thought that wasn鈥檛 him.聽
He never let up, slowing the pace of your hips until you were barely moving, occasional twitches and twists to prolong the pleasure, and when you finally thought your orgasm had died down, he was collapsing back onto the bed. He took you with him, your chest pounding with such force against your chest you knew he could feel it, but his was beating just as enthusiastically, and his legs popped up underneath you, leaning your knees barely brushing the covers.聽
Your nails scratched at his shoulders, desperately searching for some kind of strength just to push yourself up with, but you didn鈥檛 have any. You were boneless, just like you were made of putty, soft in his hands as his hips began to move once again. A single slow thrust, two, three, and then he was firing in and out of you. Your eyes were rolling back in your head, the brush of wiry hairs at his base just enough to spark at your slit, and you slipped a hand between your bodies.聽
You were so overstimulated, your body was lighting up in nothing but fireworks, and you felt like your entire body was going to tense up. The swollen nub sitting between your thighs made you cry out, a wanton sound that was intended to resemble his name but it barely made sense because you couldn't take it. White-hot, blinding pleasure that ignited you. You needed it, rocking your hips back into him to meet every powerful thrust but you could never meet his speed, and your lips traced absentminded patterns on his chest, kisses to whatever skin you could reach.
You knew he was close, his thrusts were getting sloppy, needy and frantic as he pounded into you, and you knew you鈥檇 be sore in the morning, in the most delicious ways. 鈥淏ucky.. Buck- oh, fuck!鈥
Your words trailed into a squeak, and you exploded around him. Juices dripping down, you could feel your won wetness between your thighs, growing more and more in an erotic mix of desperate thrusts and grinds. You were shaking, unable to meet him any further, unable to move at all, unable to do anything except shake and beg and cry out his name as you fell over the edge into orgasmic bliss.
He followed not long after, hips stuttering and a deep groan of your name that made you all but sob in the aftermath.
You felt like you were floating, the shine of sweat on his toned chest was like a glow, and you soothed your hand down, brushing your fingertips across the scratches you鈥檇 left on his skin. His hands finally left your waist, smoothing around to your back, and time slipped away around you.聽
Until the racing thud of your heart had slowed and the dreamy haze that had settled over your mind had finally begun to clear, you lay there on his chest. His fingertips were tracing up and down your spine, flesh hand tangled in your hair as his fingertips smoothed over your scalp, lips tracing your hairline.聽
鈥淵鈥檕kay there, doll?鈥
鈥淚 think you fucked my brains right outta鈥 me, Buck.鈥澛
He chuckled underneath you, twisting to the side until he could slide free, the dull ache between your thighs already beginning to make itself known, and it was nothing you weren鈥檛 used to. Rolling away from the bed, you lounged there on the sheets, watching the condensation on the windows begin to drip, and the dying light outside only making the droplets glisten.聽
When the bed dipped again, he was running, a fresh set of boxers pulled over his hips, and he lifted you, tugging a shirt over your head, until soft cotton of a Henley was swamping you. As his head met the pillow, sharing the space with you, his hand found your hip once again, using it to tug you closer, until your legs were tangling, and you could feel the soft pants of his breath on the top of your head.聽
鈥淪ee? Just another perfect thing about your dips, perfect place for my hand to go when I cuddle you at night.鈥
鈥淥h, you can stop the flattery, I get it, you like 鈥榚m.鈥 You teased, and he grinned, nodding his head, and leaving a kiss against your forehead.聽
鈥淚 love every part of you, doll. Don鈥檛 ever forget that.鈥 it went silent for a moment, before he was shifting, dipping down until his forehead was resting against your own, and he could just about catch your gaze, even if it was utterly distorted from the proximity. 鈥淪o, you鈥檙e keeping it, right? The dress?鈥
You hummed, slightly sore on a throat that only minutes ago had been all but screaming his name, and a pleased grin broke out on his face. 鈥淚f it gets me sex like that, how could I not keep it?鈥
鈥淭rust me, next time it鈥檒l be even better, because I鈥檒l be all pent up from the frustration of watching you wear it all night.鈥
鈥淲ell, I guess we鈥檇 better find a party to attend soon.鈥
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Just a bunch of hot guys in bathtubs...
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wckdszn2 days ago
Harry styles x reader first child 馃お馃槶
word count: 1.5k
author鈥檚 note: this was really fun to write because harry with babies is so cute. so i hope you guys enjoy! this is also my first harry fic so if you have any feedback or anything i鈥檇 greatly appreciate it. if you鈥檇 like to send something in, you can do so here!
warnings: fluff fluff fluff, mentions of pregnancy
parings: harry styles and reader
Tumblr media
the days were long and the nights were longer but everything and anything was worth it for you baby girl. the baby girl that had harry鈥檚 bright green eyes and your small nose, something the two of you always joked about during your pregnancy.
it had been about two weeks after you had brought your baby home, harry, who had been an absolute dream, had the entire nursery ready to go by the time you had come home. the walls were painted a neutral yellow, the crib was all put together with the rocking chair just adjacent to the changing table, all the stuffed animals lined up amongst the walls (鈥渋 wanted her to have options!鈥); it was more than you could鈥檝e asked for, especially since he had put up with so much during your pregnancy.
you weren鈥檛 going to deny how needy you were during those nine months, constantly complaining about the pain or waking him up in the middle of the night for something as random as a peanut butter and banana sandwich; he never complained and did anything you asked him to. it definitely had something to do with you carrying his first child and the fact that he absolutely adored every last thing about you, even if he did have hours knocked off from his nightly sleep, he wouldn鈥檛 allow you to go without.
it was the middle of the night when you heard the cries coming from the static filled baby monitor, a small grain leaving your lips as you had just be able to fall asleep. your friends and family weren鈥檛 joking when they said it was going to be rough, especially the first couple weeks you had come home. you weren鈥檛 expecting things to be easy and you knew things were going to take some getting used to but- fuck.
鈥渨hat is it?鈥 harry mumbled into the plush of his pillow as he felt you push yourself up from the bed, his hand coming to stoke your exposed back. 鈥渟he crying again?鈥
鈥渘ot sure what鈥檚 going on, i fed her just before i put her down, changed her, burped her, everything. i鈥檒l just go check on her, rock her back to sleep. get some rest, baby, you鈥檝e done enough.鈥
you leaned down to press a kiss to his temple, his eyes opening softly to look up at you. you felt bad for everything you had put him through over the last couple of months, but loving him even more for everything he had done for you.
鈥渘o, no.鈥 he grumbled, already pushing himself up and out of the bed before you were able to put up a fight. 鈥渋鈥檒l go see what鈥檚 going on. you were up so late with her last night, it鈥檚 my turn. besides, we both know she likes me more.鈥
鈥渙h, don鈥檛 flatter yourself, h. you鈥檝e always been better with kids, but i鈥檒l always have the goods when she鈥檚 hungry.鈥
both you and harry couldn鈥檛 help the snorts that came from your noses, shaking your head as you plopped back down against your pillow. there was no point in putting up a fight, he wasn鈥檛 going to let you come with him so it was best for you to just lie back down and get some rest so you could take the next call of cries that were sure to come.
only a few minutes had passed before you heard your husbands voice on the other side of the baby monitor, cooing and aw鈥檌ng at the small baby that hardly took up any room in the crib.
鈥渨hat鈥檚 going on, honey? hungry? 鈥榥eeda be changed?鈥 his voice was as low as a whisper but still rough and scratchy from just waking up. 鈥渓et鈥檚 see what we have here.鈥
your cheeks started to burn with how widely you had been smiling. it had always been a dream of yours to have a family and a baby with someone that you loved, all of your wildest dreams coming true with harry. in fact, he had surpassed anything you had ever wished for.
you couldn鈥檛 stop yourself from getting out of bed and heading towards the nursery, you wanted to be apart of the sweet moments with both your baby and harry; you wanted to see him with your baby.
the light was low as you turned the corner into the room, harry sitting comfortably on the rocking chair with the little girl placed perfectly on his chest. his head was back against the pillow as his hands ran over her tiny features. his voice was quiet as he hummed along to 鈥榶ou are my sunshine鈥
she was so small you almost couldn鈥檛 believe that she was real. sometimes the shock had hit you that you and harry had created something so beautiful, something so small and precious.
your arms crossed over your chest as you leaned against the door frame, a small smile forming on your face as you watched over him, taking in the sweet moment in awe.
you could only hold back for so long before you made your way over to the chair, bringing your hands up to harry鈥檚 hair before your leaned down to press a kiss to his forehead. 鈥渉ow is she doing?鈥 you asked softly, bring your hand up to softly run along the newborns head, providing your own sense of comfort.
鈥渁ll good now, right back to sleep. see, told you she likes me.鈥 his eyes opened, soft and sleepy, as he looked up at you. 鈥渃ould鈥檝e probably put her back in her crib a couple minutes ago, but i couldn鈥檛 bring myself to move.鈥
鈥渟he鈥檚 the most precious when she鈥檚 sleeping, but let鈥檚 get her back to bed so we can get you back to bed, yeah?鈥
a small hum left harry鈥檚 lips as he gave a nod of his head, your hands coming down to carefully move the baby from his chest and into your arms. you immediately felt the same way that he did, not wanting to put her down for a couple minutes just to spend some innocent time with her.
harry鈥檚 arms soon came from behind you and around your waist, his chin hooking over your shoulder as you both looked down at your baby girl.
鈥渃an鈥檛 believe we made that, huh?鈥 he asked, a soft chuckle following his words as he pressed his lips to your hair. 鈥渃ant wait until we make the next one.鈥
your laugh was quiet but the roll of your eyes was loud. 鈥渙h, please. let鈥檚 see if this one turns out okay before we start working on the next one.鈥
you knew you wanted another baby with harry and he knew you wanted the same, but you couldn鈥檛 help but worry and be scared that you were going to mess up somehow.
鈥渟he鈥檚 going to be perfect. just like you.鈥 he whispered, instantly reassuring you that you have nothing to worry about.
you looked up at him with a wide grin and pressed a quick kiss to the underside of his jaw, leaving his embrace to put her back into her crib. you lingered for a moment, making sure she wasn鈥檛 startled by the change in position and comfortable before you made your way back over to harry. he tossed his arm over your shoulders and pressed a kiss to the side of your head as he lead you out of the room and back to your bedroom.
you plopped down on your side of the bed and snuggled into the blankets, harry doing the same as you guys came face to face. 鈥渢hank you for everything you鈥檝e done, h. i know it hasn鈥檛 been a walk in the park, but i truly appreciate everything.鈥
harry stayed silent and instead pressed a gentle kiss to your lips, nudging his nose against yours as he pulled you tighter to his chest.
鈥渘o need to thank me. just wanna take care of m鈥檊irls.鈥 he assured quietly, another kiss being pressed to your lips before he nudged his face into the crook of your neck. 鈥渘ow get some sleep, you know she鈥檒l be back up in no time.鈥
you huffed quietly as you made yourself comfortable, a smile staying on your lips as you fell asleep in the comfort of harry鈥檚 arms. you knew you had nothing to worry about as long as you had him by your side, even if you were clueless on how to be a good parent or weren鈥檛 100% sure in some cases, you knew that you two would figure it out together.
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jamesbuchenan13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Sebastian Stan via Instagram Stories
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unearthlydust8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
SEBASTIAN STAN as BUCKY BARNES The Falcon and The Winter Soldier (2021)
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sebastiansource5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
SEBASTIAN STAN Toronto International Film Festival Portraits 2017
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captain-buckyyya day ago
summary: bucky needs to taste you on his tongue
word count: 1,077
warnings: sub!bucky, dad!bucky, lactation kink, reader calls bucky different pet names, swearing
猸捖爌retty baby masterlist聽 猸
Tumblr media
Bucky knows he shouldn鈥檛 be jealous, he knows he shouldn鈥檛 be pouting in the corner, arms crossed as he huffs and sighs in a fruitless bid to gain your attention. Bucky knows. He does. But he can鈥檛 help the way green washes over him and fills him with envy.
There you are on the bed, shirt off, laid back against the headboard as your sweet little bundle of joy suckles from you. Outside of your bedroom, the shouts and screams of two other boys sound out but Bucky barely hears them as he can only focus on the way you whisper sweet words to your little boy.
鈥淏ucky, baby can you please tell the boys to stop screaming at each other and play nicely,鈥 you say and Bucky pouts in response. You can鈥檛 help but chuckle at the sight of the super-soldier sulking by the door of your bedroom, pouting like a small child.
鈥淏aby!鈥 you warn in the stern tone you鈥檙e used to using with your boys whenever they have their daily fight over their toys.
Bucky鈥檚 little pouting session is interrupted as his eyes cast upon your hard glare aimed at him, 鈥淏oys!鈥 Bucky shouts and immediately the sound of screaming and shouting stops followed by both yelling sorry for before falling quiet again.
鈥淭hank you,鈥 you let out a deep sigh as your bundle of joy stops suckling and lulls into a gentle sleep. You gaze down at your son, soaking in the warmth that floods your heart at the sight of your son sleeping peacefully.
You barely feel Bucky sink down into the comfort of your mattress until his fingers brush against the soft skin of your cheek and then his lips press against the juncture of your neck. You can鈥檛 help the moan that escapes your lips as Bucky presses kisses to the spot on your neck that makes wetness instantly pool between your legs.
鈥淗e鈥檚 asleep, let me put in his cot,鈥 you say between moans and Bucky stops his assault on your neck not before snaking his metal arm down your chest and squeezing your full tits until a droplet of milk falls. The groan Bucky lets out at the sight of the milk trickling slowly down from your now hard nipple is sinful.
You put your sleeping little boy in his cot before coming up back to bed resuming your earlier position, head back against the headboard shirt off waiting for Bucky. You know what he wants, what he needs without him having to say a word.
鈥淐ome on puppy, take what you want,鈥 you offer, eyes trailing down to the large bulge in his sweatpants. You can鈥檛 help but smirk at the poor man, all hard and aching and just starved of your attention.
鈥淵ou better hurry up before one of the boys wants one of us,鈥 you say when Bucky doesn鈥檛 move from his position next to you, staring unashamedly at the swell of your tits. But the second he hears your words, he鈥檚 settling himself so his head is buried in your chest and he鈥檚 surrounded by soft supple flesh.
Your hand rests on the back of his freshly cut hair, pushing his head closer and instantly his plump pink lips latch on to your nipples, the sweet nectar of your milk spilling onto his warm tongue. Bucky鈥檚 teeth rake gently across your hard nipple as his metal fingers toy with your other hardened peak, milk gushing out onto his vibranium fingers before Bucky鈥檚 wet tongue is lapping the milk up from the cold metal.
鈥淟ook at my little puppy, so hungry for mommy鈥檚 milk like a good pet,鈥 you coo, fingers running through his short hair as Bucky groans around the metal of his fingers at your words. He鈥檚 painfully aware of just how hard his thick cock is as you praise him, his cock only getting harder at your words.
鈥淢ommy鈥︹ he whines like a bitch in heat and you can鈥檛 help but chuckle at your husband.
Bucky goes back to suckling at your nipple, his lips wrapped tightly around the peaks trying to suck every last drop onto his tongue. He鈥檚 addicted to the taste, can鈥檛 get enough of it, all Bucky wants to do is give you more children so he can have your tits heavy and swollen with nectarous milk.
鈥淵ou taste so good, mommy,鈥 Bucky moans against the curve of your tits, his head buried in the soft flesh.
Bucky lips wrap around your nipple once more and the moment he tastes your milk, he鈥檚 moaning wildly against your nipple. You can鈥檛 help but want to play with your little puppy, after all, he is being such a good little pet. Your hand easily finds his hard cock, palming it through his cotton sweatpants, the moment you touch him Bucky is all but crying against your nipple at the feeling.
鈥淢ommy鈥︹ he whines against your velvety skin but you only increase your ministrations until you hear him make those little whimpers that go straight to your pussy. Slick oozes out of your pussy down onto your thighs and you can鈥檛 wait to watch your little pet lick every drop up with his tongue.
鈥淔uck, feels so good!鈥 Bucky practically shouts, legs shaking as you continue to rub his cock so good he can barely breathe, the taste of you is intoxicating and the feel of you on his achingly hard cock is too much to handle.
You feel his legs continue to tremble and can鈥檛 miss the sound of his whimpers as your milk flows down into his mouth, you know your little puppy is close to cumming.聽
鈥淢ommy, please can I cum?鈥 Bucky asks like clockwork making you smirk.
鈥淕o ahead and cum for mummy,鈥 all Bucky needs is your confirmation and he鈥檚 cumming in his pants like a schoolboy, nothing makes you wetter than watching your husband get consumed in being your little pet.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e such a good boy,鈥 you coo softly as you look at the mess he鈥檚 made in sweatpants.
鈥淔uck!鈥 Bucky breathes, looking fucked thoroughly as he collapses on your legs.
You can鈥檛 help but chuckle darkly, 鈥淢ommy鈥檚 not done with you yet, puppy,鈥
That鈥檚 all Bucky needs before he鈥檚 sitting up on his knees waiting for your next command like the good husband he is.
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sebs-oceaneyes2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I need to go scream. Bye-
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marvelficsforguysa day ago
Smoky Ahegao | biker!bucky barnes x gender neutral!reader
Tumblr media
A/n: new label style(?)... anyways, this is a fic about the great biker bucky barnes! i haven't written for him before (and I suck at writing smut), so sorry if it's a bit off!
Warning(s): Smut, oral (bucky receiving), facefucking, throatfucking, smoking during oral sex, rough oral
Summary: A newcomer visits your local bar, and you take him up on a bet... that you lose.
Words: 1,483
Gender of Reader: Gender-Neutral! Have fun reading :))
The winter chill contended the inside of the bar's radiant warmth as you entered, attire keeping cold, unlike your rapidly warming skin. A smoky haze filled the air and quickly entrapped itself in your lungs, adapting to the decisions of others choosing to light up indoors.
It smelled familiar, but he was new鈥攁 man who dressed like anyone in the bar occupied the dusty pool table sat near the back, the dim lighting outlining a face you had yet to associate a name with.
He bent over the pool table, a cue in hand, positioning himself and the stick to hit the ball straight into a pocket. His donned leather jacket creaked and crinkled with each movement. The man seemed to be playing against himself, as every other cue hung on the wall, a single empty slot for the one he was using.
You were attracted to the bubble encompassing him at the table and wanted to enter it and never leave. Moving to the bar, you ordered two drinks鈥攐ne for you and one for him, then, like the moon to the Earth, gravitated towards him in an accelerated manner.
"Care for a drink?" You questioned, offering one of the two brews in your hands to him.
He came close to you, taking it, "Thanks."
With the proximity, he took the chance to look you up and down, smirking, "I didn't realize they had such cute servers here."
You tried to correct him, stammering on your words, "Oh, I'm not鈥擨 wanted to know if I could take you up on a game. I saw that you were playing alone. I'm鈥攗h鈥(Y/n)."
"That's sweet, angel. You'll be good practice for the real competition." He chuckled to himself, not taking you seriously as he gathered the balls from each pocket. "'m Bucky"
"Are you saying I can't beat you, Bucky?" You emphasized his name, thinking about how it oddly鈥攜et perfectly鈥攆it him.
Bucky placed the plastic balls on the green fuzz, pulling out the rack and placing each one in their correct order inside of it, "You might be able to, but if you鈥檙e so confident, we should make it interesting then."
"Okay. If I win, you tell me about that metal arm that you're so desperately trying to cover up." You spoke, moving to the rack of pool cues, taking one, and moving back to the table.
"Alright, but the story's a real tear-jerker." Bucky chatted, centering the balls on the table before pulling the rack away.
"What would you do if you won?" While you asked your question with certainty, you had no idea what the biker would choose as his reward for victory.
He didn't hesitate to respond, "If I win, I get to do whatever I want to you in the bathroom. Maybe take you home after if you want more too."
"That's a nice reward to me, especially if I lose, but I won't."
The game commenced and progressed, and at a certain point, Bucky realized he would win the game and decided to whisper every dirty thing he鈥檇 do to you if you lost. You hoped he would stay true to his word about some of those things.
You lost, plain and simple. While you were usually good at pool, you managed to only sink one ball out of the ten available. Bucky plunged the rest into various pockets on the table; a look of satisfaction was on his face once he knew what was coming next.
And when you finally did lose, he walked to the bathroom in triumph with you in toe, who was gleefully looking forward to whatever Bucky had in mind.
Inside the bathroom, Bucky noticed the absence of a lock on the entrance. The lack of one only heightened his arousal as he guided both of you to the very last stall at the far end of the bathroom. The interior followed the motif of the rest of the bathroom: clean with the slight smell of smoke, evident by the little pieces of charred cloves scattered on the floor.
He pushed you to your knees as Bucky sat on the covered seat of the toilet, slumping to jut out the crotch of his jeans along with the noticeable bulge outlined in it. You scanned it, realizing that he must be huge considering the length of his cloth-covered cock.
No time was wasted in unbuttoning his denim bottoms and pulling them down along with his boxers, unveiling the sizeable length that was previously in hiding. Enough blood had flown to it to bring it to full mast as it bounced up, and Bucky manifested a proud face.
His mouth pulled into a smirk, "Think you can take all of that?"
"No, but I'll try," You spoke confidently, gripping the shaft with one hand to direct it toward your lips.
The palm of his hand connected with your cheek, patting it a few times before guiding the tip of his cock past your lips, letting it rest on your tongue.
"Don't forget our deal, angel. You have to take it all if I say so," He spoke, putting a hand on your head to bring you further down on his length. At this point, the tip brushed the back of your throat as Bucky tilted his head back.
He kept pushing you to go further until you reached the base, holding you there for a few moments from the modicum of pleasure coursing through him. This was the first time in a while he had met someone who could take him all the way, and he was going to make damn sure that he took advantage of that.
"Fuck," He moaned, letting you retreat up to the tip of his cock once you started gagging and sputtering spit out of the corners of your mouth. Bucky gave you a second to cool down before stuffing his cock down your throat in record time, loving how it went down as easy as a hot knife slicing through butter.
The building amount of pleasure triggered another craving that Bucky wanted to fulfill at that moment. He sighed, hearing the denim of his jeans whir as he lifted his leg up, crossing it over his other leg to keep your head in place on his length. You did your best to relax your throat without gagging on his cock.
"Keep still, angel. Breathe through your nose," He commanded. The biker reached into the pocket of his jacket, revealing his stashed-away carton of cigarettes and lighter. He put one of the cigarettes to his lips in a similar manner to how you brought his cock to your mouth earlier, and a quick flick of his lighter had set it ablaze.
He shoved them back into the pocket of his jacket while taking a drag, pulling the cigarette away to blow out a puff of smoke. Placing it back to the grasp of his lips, he positioned his leg back to the floor and replaced its grip with his two hands.
"You did so good, (Y/n)! Now, let's get back to fucking that throat of yours, huh?" Bucky spoke, careful not to let his cigarette fall from his lips. With a simple vibration of agreement from you coming through his cock, he held you still, bucking his hips up from the porcelain seat to force his cock down your throat.
The muscles of your throat convulsed as his balls smacked against your chin repeatedly, and the underside of his cock vigorously brushed back and forth over your tongue as it pressed forward, filling your throat with a pulsing bulge. Bucky's rough jolts and thrusts into your mouth caused the ashes of his cigarette to break off, toppling down his leather jacket and onto the floor of the bathroom.
Bucky had gotten really into his fast-paced thrusts, only moving a few inches of himself in and out of your mouth to keep most of himself inside of your surrounding wetness. He adored the shlurking and glugs coming from your mouth due to the build-up of saliva.
Nearing his limit, Bucky stood up, guiding you back against the stall door, holding your head against the hadrian-solid plastic door while keeping the similar correspondence with his thrusts. The door held enough of your head to remove his fleshed hand, bringing it to the cigarette still in his lips, pulling another drag.
In sync with the exhale of smoke, Bucky came with a surly moan of the word 'fuck', pressing his cock as deep as possible into your throat as his seed sprayed down it.
"Come on, angel. Can't have you on the floor all night," His voice had softened a bit compared to his grunts and moans. The biker helped you up, using his cold arm to pull you from your spot on the ground with ease.
"After all, we gotta get you home for round two."
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musette2210 hours ago
@unearthlydust I don鈥檛 have a link to the video I鈥檓 afraid, but I did have it saved聽 on my computer, so I figured I鈥檇 upload it again 鉂わ笍 Hope this helps!
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beelicious-barnes2 days ago
Locked (B.B)
A/N: this was requested by @harrysthiccthighss and @redneckstrash it's some Bucky with enemies to lovers (ish). I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.
Beta read by the lovely @tuiccim, thank you so much for this!
Happy Reading!
Tumblr media
There was almost an uncomfortable silence in the room as Bucky and you sat on the chairs with Steve opposite you. He looked pissed and you knew he'd had enough of the bickering and hate between Bucky and you. He drew the line at this rivalry affecting work and today was your reckoning for this antipathy -
"You're both going to sit in this room and talk. There's water and snacks enough to last you days, if need be, so I don't care how long this takes, you won't leave until whatever this is over between you two." Steve made this little announcement as he picked the keys up and walked towards the door.
You jogged to him, letting out a nervous laugh, he had to be joking, right? You put your hand on the door and looked at Steve, "you can't just leave us here, Steve."
"Oh, but I am. I've had enough of both of you being at each other's throats when you're both very capable of doing well. This is the only solution," He moved your hand and gave you a look, asking you to get out of his way.
You stepped aside with a sigh as you looked at Bucky, "you're not going to say anything? This is when you decide to shut up?"
Bucky simply shrugs and decides to go back to looking at his phone, scrolling away mindlessly. The truth was, he was incredibly nervous. Everything you did made him nervous and now, being locked in a room with you, he felt like he was going to combust. There was only so much a man could take.
Steve shrugged as he opened the door, "I'll see you... whenever, I guess. Have fun!"
Before you could protest, he walked out of the door, and locked it from outside. This was it. You couldn't leave until you had an actual conversation with Bucky Barnes. You were going to be stuck here forever.
An hour had passed by and neither of you said a word. The silence was long and uncomfortable, it made you shift in your seat multiple times.
You couldn't help but glance at Bucky as he frustratedly tapped on his phone, "You know with your super-soldier strength, you might just break it."
Bucky's nostrils flared but he didn't look at you, "He keeps falling off - the running man."
You raised an eyebrow at him, "what?"
He sighs as he shows you his phone - Temple Run. Bucky Barnes was playing Temple Run and you couldn't help but chuckle. You stood up and grabbed a chair, dragging it next to him as you sat down.
"Why are you playing temple run, Barnes?"
Bucky shrugged, "my therapist said playing games would help calm my nerves but this is just really frustrating."
You take the phone in your hand, your fingers brushing against his, "well it's because you aren't doing it right. You're supposed to move your phone." You demonstrated the game for a few seconds and then paused it, "like that. Would you like to try again?"
He nods softly, an embarrassed blush on his cheeks as he takes his phone back and tries again. A smile spread on his face once he got the hang of it, "thanks. This spares me the trouble of asking Sam about it."
"It's alright." You looked away from him and cleared your throat, unsure of what to do next as you played with your fingers, "so are you nervous right now?"
"You said playing would help calm your nerves, so I was just wondering." You shrugged a little and put your feet up on the table, getting comfortable.
Bucky looked at your feet and then at you, "Steve doesn't like feet on his table."
You noticed how quickly he changed the subject but you didn't want to press. Instead, you smirked and looked at him, "you going to tell me on me, Barnes? Hmm?"
There was that blush again. He shook his head no as he tried to focus on the game; a little fist bump followed as he crossed his previous high score.
You were getting bored and impatient; you left your phone in your room and there were only so many scenarios you could daydream of until you got too distracted to do it again.
You bumped your knee against him, "I'm bored. Can we play something?"
Bucky sighs as he pauses the game and puts his phone away, "well, what do you want to play?"
You thought for a second and turned your chair to face him properly, "I'll say a word and you respond with the first thing that comes to your mind, alright? Don't think twice."
He nods as he turns his chair, both of you facing each other, your knees touching, "All alright, let's do this."
Bucky and you had played a few rounds so far, some funny, some embarrassing and it was his turn again and you knew exactly what to ask,
Bucky's eyes widened a little, "what?"
"Don't think twice - me."
He looked down at his thighs, opposite yours, "uh gorgeous."
You felt heat rise to your cheeks. This wasn't what you were expecting. Maybe cocky? Arrogant? Annoying? Definitely not gorgeous.
"Oh, thank you," you look down as well, "why don't you like me? I mean, I know we just never got along but I never understood why."
Bucky sighs as he leans back a little, "Well you were talking to Nat when you first joined, and you told her you were scared of the Winter Soldier. I - I'm not that person anymore, you know?"
"Oh my god."
"I wasn't eavesdropping or anything, but you were pretty loud."
You let out a sigh of relief as you chuckled, "Bucky I wasn't talking about you. Do you know those new video games released with the Avengers? Nat and I were testing it out and I was Captain America and Nat was the Winter Soldier, that's what I was scared of because I was losing the game."
Bucky's eyes widen as he looks at you, "what?"
"I'm not scared of you! You were brainwashed, you went through hell and back and now you're healing, I admire you, and I'm definitely not scared of you." You moved a little closer as you put your hand over his, "I'm so sorry."
He held your hand in his, almost too delicately, scared that he was going to break you, "no, I'm sorry. I should have spoken to you about it instead of being a jerk all these months."
"I don't blame you. I probably would have assumed the same." You squeeze his hand and offer him a small smile, "right, back to the game. Your turn."
You couldn't help but smile widely, "extremely gorgeous." You wink at him, letting go of his hand when you hear the door open.
Bucky and you both move away from each other as Steve walks in.
"You both have been here 4 hours; I'm hoping there was progress?"
You nod softly and exchange a look with Bucky, who nods as well. You push your chair back and stand up, 鈥渁re we allowed to leave now? Please? I鈥檓 starving.鈥 You turn around and look at Bucky, 鈥渨e talked and we鈥檙e okay now, aren鈥檛 we?鈥
Bucky nods and stands up, walking over next to you, 鈥渋t was just a misunderstanding, and we鈥檙e more than okay now.鈥
Steve opens the door as Bucky and you walk outside, both going opposite directions while looking back one last time and smiling at each other with a little wave. You head back to your room, trying your best to wipe the smile off your face when your phone dings with a text from Bucky 鈥
Barnes: I鈥檝e reached a new high score on temple run, thanks to you.
You chuckle softly as you lie down on your bed and wonder what you should type back. Should you text him this soon? Ah, fuck it.
Y/N: Glad I could teach you something new, grandpa ;)
You waited patiently, ten minutes had passed by and Bucky hadn鈥檛 responded yet. Did you upset him with the grandpa comment? Surely not 鈥
Barnes: How about you let me take you out for dinner sometimes?
Your eyes widened and another text came through,
Barnes: only if you want to, of course.
You definitely weren鈥檛 expecting this but you were pleasantly surprised. You got up from your bed and walked to his room, knocking on his door. It didn鈥檛 take long for a wide-eyed Bucky to open the door,
鈥淥h hey 鈥 uh sorry I wasn鈥檛 expecting you; the room is a mess.鈥
You shook your head as you leaned in and pressed a kiss against his cheek, 鈥渄inner sounds perfect. I鈥檒l see you in a few hours.鈥
Bucky stood there with a blush and a shit-eating grin on his face as he watched you walk away. He made a mental note to thank Steve later for agreeing to lock you both in together.
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kinanabinks2 days ago
hey uh, i feel pretty shitty, can i get a bucky comfort where we watch some sitcom like family guy and just chill with some kisses at the end? love u (AND IF ANYONE KNOW ABOUT THE AM CONCERT BLACK MARKET THING I FEEL YOU AND IM SO MAD TOO)
hi baby. of course you can <3 hope you feel better soon.
eyes on the screen
Tumblr media
content warning: best friend!roommate!bucky x reader, fluff, best friends to lovers, kisses.
Tumblr media
bucky watches you laugh at the stupid joke with a smile on his face as he stands in the doorway. the light from the television screen illuminates your face in the dimly-lit room, as though you're a lone star in the night sky.
"you just gonna stand there staring at me, or you gonna join me, buchanan?" you ask him with a raised brow, looking over at him.
"i don't know; i kinda like staring at you," he says with a grin.
holding out your arms to him, you sit up. "you can sit here and stare at me."
bucky gives in, strolling over before sitting next to you on your bed. he notices that you're watching family guy; your comfort show. "long day at work, boob?"
"ugh, it was terrible," you groan, rubbing your face. "i completely fucked up the event schedule, and mr. stark was so pissed off at me, and the cafeteria was all out of my favorite sandwich."
he pouts, wrapping an arm around you and rubbing your shoulder. "i'm sorry, booby. tell you what; i'm gonna take you out to coney island this weekend. get your mind off of work."
"that sounds fun," you smile, snuggling into his side. "wanna watch a movie?"
"actually," he checks his watch and sits up. "i should go get ready. i'm going out with the guys."
his words make your heart fall as you cling onto his t-shirt. "no! don't leave me, boob," you beg, widening your eyes at him.
"baby, i'm sorry, i-"
"i don't wanna hear it," you say stubbornly, pulling him closer. "you're just gonna go out to some bar and find some girl to have a one night stand with."
"and?" bucky smirks, nudging you teasingly.
"please, booby, don't go," you whine, rolling over to rest your head on his lap. "i don't wanna be alone tonight."
his features soften as he strokes your hair, before he leans down to kiss your forehead. "alright. i'll stay. but you owe me a one night stand."
you snort at his words, before sitting up with a victorious smile and cuddling him. "thank you, buck. you're the best."
he pulls the duvet over the both of you, tangling his legs with yours as you snuggle into his chest. his fingers flutter up and down your arm while you watch tv, his deep chuckles vibrating through his chest.
you melt in his embrace, grateful for his secure presence. for a few minutes, you feel him staring at you, making you glare up at him. "eyes on the screen, boob."
"hey, you said i can sit here and stare at you," bucky argues with a frown. "let me be a creep in peace."
turning your head, you stare back at him. "creep."
ignoring your comment, he scans your face, wonder in his eyes. "you're pretty."
his compliment makes you snort as you hit his shoulder. "shut up, weirdo."
"i mean it," he mumbles, stroking your cheek. "do you think i'm pretty?"
you smile and shrug. "meh. you're okay."
he immediately pouts before sinking down on the bed, laying his head on the pillow. "meanie."
"i'm kidding, booby," you promise, leaning over him and playing with his hair. "you're incredibly pretty. beautiful, even."
grabbing your hand, he holds it tight. "prove it."
confused, you frown. "hmm?"
bucky swallows thickly, placing his free hand on the back of your neck. "prove that you think i'm pretty."
a silence falls between you as you stare him down, wondering just how far he's gonna let you take it. his pink lips just look so inviting. slowly, you begin to lean in, waiting for him to pull away and call you a freak. but he doesn't. so you carry on.
gently, your lips meet his in a tender kiss. his hand tightens around the back of your neck as he deepens the kiss, pulling your legs over to straddle him.
"buck," you mumble, pulling away. "what are we doing?"
"do we have to know right now?" he asks you with a whisper, his eyes firmly glued to your lips. "can't we just... do it again?"
without needing to be asked twice, you kiss him again, feeling tingles up and down your body as he squeezes your ass. after a few moments, you pull away, giving him a bashful smile. what the fuck just happened?
bucky sits up, pulling you up with him and holding you close to his chest. he carries on watching tv while you play with his stubble, running your fingers over it.
"bucky?" you say, moving your head back and meeting his eyes.
"yeah, booby?" he asks, rubbing your lower back.
you smile at him, wrapping your arms around his shoulders. "when we go to coney island, can we go on the wonder wheel?"
he grins at your innocent request, moving his hand down to stroke your thigh. "only if you let me kiss you at the top."
"boob, i'll let you kiss me at the top, bottom, and all the way around," you tell him with a giggle.
"in that case," he begins, cupping your face. "we can go on the wonder wheel as many times as you fucking want, baby."
and with that, he kisses you again, pushing you down onto the bed and getting on top of you, with no intention of ever getting off.
Tumblr media
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youlightmeupfinn2 days ago
Morning Surprise 銆 Sebastian Stan x Reader (18+)
Tumblr media
request: Sebastian Stan Prompt 10. 鈥淢erry Christmas! Let me suck your dick.鈥
a/n: this one... oooof. i would gladly wake this man up on Christmas morning with some tongue action... WHEW!
summary: It's Christmas morning! And what better way to wake up your sweet Sebastian than with some... mouth action?
warnings: smut; oral m!receiving
Prompt #10 smut: 鈥淢erry Christmas! Let me suck your dick.鈥
Christmas Prompt List
main masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You woke up giggling to yourself and felt the warmth of the room wrap itself around you. Your eyes glanced over to see the window completely frosted over in yours and Sebastian鈥檚 bedroom. New York had finally gotten its round of snow and you were excited.
Not to mention, today was Christmas.
You and Sebastian had plans for later on with your family, but it was tradition for you two to spend the morning together. You smiled as your eyes maneuvered to the side of the bed where he laid. Sebastian was on his back, the covers pulled up to cover his chest, his hand rested on your leg.
Licking your lips, you had the most wonderful idea. Although you had physical presents set aside for Seb, you wanted to start the morning off with a little excitement. Sneaking your body underneath the blankets, your body came into contact with his warm exterior. He was in nothing but his boxers, you adorning his shirt and underwear.
Resting yourself on your knees in the space between his thighs, you planted your hands on either side of the mattress, your head moving low. Before you started your journey, you pulled the scrunchie off of your wrist and tied your hair up. Sebastian remained quiet beneath you, his body not stirring.
However, when you pressed warm kisses against his chest, he hummed. His eyes stayed closed as you worked your way down, the palm of your hand moving to rest against his abdomen. You smirked to yourself, your hands coming into contact with his clothed cock. Rubbing your hand across it, the friction felt was enough to make Sebastian stir finally.
Kissing his hips, you gently began to push the boxers down his legs.
鈥淏aby?鈥 Sebastian鈥檚 sleepy voice called out. He felt when his length came into contact with the warm air underneath the covers, his eyes fully opening. He lifted the blankets to see you inches away. Taking him into your hand, Seb released a sudden moan that made your insides ignite.
You grinned, rubbing your hand up and down his shaft. He was quickly aroused, the defining moment being when he grew harder in your hand. You swiped your thumb over the tip and licked your lips seductively, a whimper falling from Sebastian鈥檚 lips.
鈥淜itten, the things you do鈥︹ He moaned breathlessly. You giggled quietly.
鈥淢erry Christmas! Let me suck your dick.鈥 You exclaimed happily, Sebastian busting out laughing. He watched as your mouth came into contact with his length, your hand wrapping around the bottom. As you came down, you sucked along his shaft, earning a heavy groan of approval.
Your tongue swirled around his reddened tip, Sebastian breathing hard at the head of the bed. As you milked him in your hand, you added pressure with your tongue which caused him to shake beneath you.
鈥淪hit, kitten,鈥 Sebastian moaned. You sucked harder, your hand working against his shaft. You added kitten licks back to his tip before another powerful run of your tongue against his head. Sebastian鈥檚 head tipped back against the pillows, the muscles of his throat exposed. You moaned around him.
鈥淵ou taste so good, Seb鈥︹ You whined. His hips started to thrust upwards into your mouth. You grinned and reached below to gently hold his testicles, adding another layer of pleasure. Sebastian started to crumble beneath you, his raspy moans filling the air of your bedroom. The snow continued to fall outside, adding to the element of comfort.
Bobbing your head, you gently used your teeth around his length, causing a hard groan to fall from his mouth.
鈥淏aby, I鈥檓 so close,鈥 He announced. You giggled at his reaction.
鈥淭hen what are you waiting for? Cum. It鈥檚 a part of your Christmas gift.鈥 You winked before diving back in. One more swirl around his head was all it took for Sebastian to completely unwind. The hot thick liquid shot into the back of your throat, his delicious sounds causing the ocean to form in between your thighs.
As he finished, you licked up every ounce of him and swallowed, moaning at the taste which made his eyes widen.
鈥淲hat a wonderful way to start the day鈥︹ You smirked, climbing onto his chest.
Sebastian鈥檚 eyes were wide as he stared at you, shaking his head.
鈥淧lease tell me there鈥檚 more鈥︹ He said giddily.
You winked, kissing his neck.
鈥淪tart taking my clothes off and there will be鈥︹ You whispered into his ear.
Sebastian wasted no time in peeling your shirt and underwear away from your body, soon diving headfirst into the pool of euphoria with you.
tagging: @high-functioning-lokipath @eclecticlokibytomhiddleston @spidyyparker @nervousbiscutzonkslime @kiolabean @caritobbg @lynnettes-stuff @na-nou83 @straightforwardly @tiredmamamac @ellerosie2332 @stuckybarton @peachsteven @moonshooter @holdmytesseract @l0st-in-reality @zooaliaa @wander-lustbabe @captain-asguard @xfirespritex @inas-thing @primadxna-girl @harrietbarnesblog @a-laufeysonlanablakelee @marvelgirl0515
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odetolove95a day ago
Tumblr media
- (Steve, staring at the teddy bear) "I'm not sure what I feel about that."
- 鈥淲ow, Tony wasn鈥檛 kidding about the bear. I think I'm gonna keep it." (Bucky checks out the bedroom before going into the bathroom, looking around)
- 鈥淲hat鈥檙e you looking for?鈥
- 鈥淣othing. Just seeing all the potential spots.鈥
- 鈥淔or what?鈥
- (Bucky grins slyly)
- (Steve shakes his head) 鈥淛esus Christ. You cannot be any more suggestive.鈥
- 鈥淲hat? We are staying here for quite a while, right? We should make the most of it, if you know what I mean. I told you there won't be any rules here. I really like the terrace too. I was wondering how it would be if we did it there.鈥
- 鈥淏uck.鈥
Read fic on AO3 (18+)
Stucky AU - Cinnamon Roll - digital art
This is a continuation of this drawing I made long ago from my old blog.
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