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Word Count: 1623

Warnings: None 

A/N: Hope you guys enjoy this image. Remember requests are still open, I’m working on a couple of requests currently so look out of those.

You stood up, after being knocked down by Thanos for what felt like the millionth time but getting up this time was different, something felt different, for once you didn’t feel like you were going to lose. It felt like something was about to change and you were going to win. That’s when you heard a voice, a voice that you hadn’t heard in over 5 years.

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Hello! I need new mutuals and people to interact with and maybe make friends with idk so please follow me or send me a message if you like any of this:

- Marvel

- That 70′s Show 

- Euphoria

- American Horror Story

- IT

- Musicals

- 5 Seconds of Summer

- Twenty One Pilots

- Chase Atlantic

- Yungblud

- Machine Gun Kelly

- Timothée Chalamet 

- Sebastian Stan 

- Finn Wolfhard

- Tom Hiddleston

- Tom Holland

- Bill Hader 

- Johnny Depp

- Evan Peters

- Asa Butterfield

- Zendaya 

- Saiorse Ronan 

There are lots of other things that I can’t remember right now but these are the most important ones I think so yeah

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Summary: Bucky falls in love with a showgirl but can he handle her line of work?

Pairing: RichBoy!Bucky Barnes x Showgirl!Reader

Words: 6,043

Warnings: angst, fluff, sexual themes, sex work (we support and validate sex work on this blog), attack/robbery in a public place

Notes: Based of this banger of a song: All This Woman by Betty Who This is my longest fic and tbh I love it plz don’t let it flop i edited the gif and the picture above 

When you had moved into the city, you went headfirst without a plan. You didn’t have the financial means or support for this big move but you did it anyway. You were going to school to obtain a degree and explore the world before you settled into a real job.

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Chapter 3: Hydra


A/N: So, sorry for the long wait! I’ve been in a major writer’s block! I am also looking for someone to make a new cover for this story! I hope you enjoy it and stay safe!

I felt my heart pound in my chest as I approached the dining table. Knowingly that the eyes of James Barnes were following me like a predator stalking his prey, My father leads me to my seat that was between his and Wanda’s. Wanda looked at me nervously moving a strand of hair behind her ear and fixing her dark red dress that went to her knees that complimented her green eyes beautifully.

Winnifred was the first to speak, “Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s eat!” She motions for her servants to place the food on the plates. But, my eyes fail to leave James as he sits down beside his mother, across from me. He places his metal arm on the table and I can hear the sound of his metal arm connecting to the table.  I look up towards his face to see that dark hair was tied back in a small man bun and that he had bright blue eyes that reminded me of the sky.

“Y/n?” Wanda snaps me out of my trance and squeezes my right hand gently, “You okay? You’ve been looking at him for a good minute. Nervous?” I look down at our entwined hands and shake my head. “No, I just got to my head,” I said looking down to my plate to see cooked pork roast that filled my nose with a savory smell that made my mouth water. Next was the baked potato with butter and green chives. Lastly, I smelled the buttery rolls that were on the side.

I look up to see that our cups were filled with the clear liquid I’m assuming was water in front of us, and in front of James was a dark red liquid. I held my breath watching him take the cup and tip it to his lips, the red liquid hitting his mouth. I immediately shift my gaze to the food watching George and Winnifred eat the food that was in front of them with ease. Who knew vampires could eat food?

I felt a soft squeeze on my knee and I look at Wanda, she has a small smile on her face. I look in front of me to see all the eyes are on me, I felt my face get red as I realized that I said everything out loud. I lower my head a bit and hear Winnifred laugh, “Yes, we can eat food. Food helps cravings. All blood does is help our strength.”

I look back up to see her smile and eat some of the potatoes, I smile at her back and cut some of the roast. Placing it in my mouth and I have to tell myself to hold back on eating like a pig. Because it was the best thing I ever tasted in my life!

“Let’s talk about the matter of hand, Hydra. Do we have any updates since their previous attack?” That was the time I heard James Barnes speak. I look across towards him to see him staring at my father for an answer.

My father sighed, “None. None whatsoever. I believe they will strike when they feel it is right.”

I bite my bottom lip nervously, thinking of how far this so-called ‘Hydra’ might go. “Let’s not talk about this over dinner. We have something to prepare for, we can talk in my study later.” George says as he finishes his dinner, “How about we let James and Y/n get to know each other. They are getting married after all. Let’s give them so privacy.”

With those words, they each left me and James sitting in a room filled with silence. As George left he whispered in his son’s ear. Which I assume was the time when they will talk in private.

I take a sip off my water, thinking of what to say. My eyes make contact with his metal hand that was on the table.

“What’s on your mind doll?” Shivers ran down my spine hearing his voice.

“I- I- uh.” I feel my cheeks heat in embarrassment, as I stuttered. I hear him chuckle, “I know its a lot to take in. But,  I haven’t introduced myself properly. I’m James, but please call me Bucky.” He extends his flesh hand towards me.

I place my hand in his, expecting it to be ice cold or dead like. But, it is surprisingly warm and softer than I thought it would be, “I’m Y/n.” I said looking into his blue eyes. He seemed to be studying my emotions.

“You look beautiful in the dress, just like I thought you would.” He flashes a smile, and lets go of my hand. He takes another sip of the dark liquid, staining his lips. He runs his tongue across his bottom lip and puts the glass down. “I’m sure you have some questions.”

I nodded my head and placed my hands in my lap, playing with my fingers nervously. “Why did they attack? Why attack my dad? Why me?” I felt all of my emotions inside starting to crumble and started feeling frustrated that my eyes started watering with tears.  

I felt his eyes upon me and I felt my chest tighten. All these questions started feeling my head; Why did it have to be me? Why did I have to marry someone I never met? Why do I have to marry the very creature that killed my mother all of those years ago?

“Hey.” I felt a warm hand on my shoulder, “I know this is a lot to take in. But, I have no idea why they want to do this. If you want, I will tell you everything I find out. Okay?” Bucky said gently pushing my chair back and holding his hand out to me. “Okay.”

“Let’s go to the garden, I’m sure you hated being cooped up in here all day.” His hand was still in the same position. I gently grab it with my shaky hand and stand up, letting Bucky lead me out the door and into a greenhouse filled with all kinds of flowers, and in the middle was a beautiful tree.


“Wow. It’s beautiful. Is that a Japanese maple tree?” I said letting go of his hand and to the tree, reaching up to the closest branch.

Bucky grabbed a seat under the maple tree, “yeah, it is. It’s older than dirt. My parents said it was here before they got this house.”

I sat down beside him, “This garden is beautiful. I really like it.” I smiled up at him. Then turning my head to look at the rest of the garden. Taking in every color possible, from bright purples to a beautiful pure white.

“I’m glad. No one hardly comes out here anymore. Other than Steve and his wife Peggy.” Bucky slipped his jacket off and laid it on his legs.

“Who’s Steve and Peggy?

Bucky takes a deep breath, "Steve is my best friend. We’ve been through it all together. He is basically my brother and a professional jerk and pain in my ass.” He laughs while saying the last part, “Peggy is his true love, she is truly great for him and quickly became family to me. I’m sure you’ll meet them soon.”

I give a little shrug and slip my shoes off so I’m able to walk barefoot. “Maybe”

“Is, that all you want to know? I’m sure you have more questions than two.” Bucky says biting his lower lip.  "Ask me anything you want.“

I lean back against the chair, "Do you sparkle?”

Bucky lets out a chuckle, “Where did you get that from? I do not sparkle. But, I wish I did. I bet I would be blinding.”

I laugh, “I read it in a book. But, it’s nice to know it ain’t true. Umm… were you born a vampire?”

Bucky nodded his head, “Yes, my family is one of the oldest pure vampires. Along, with the Rogers and Pierces.” Bucky looked at me, “What book did you read that said Vampires sparkle?”

“It’s called Twilight. It’s basically a love story-

"That gives false information about vampires.” Bucky cut me off. “What else did it say? That we hate garlic? Which is false, garlic bread is amazing.” Bucky said while laughing and moving his metal hand on his lap. My eyes looked at the silver hand and I didn’t realize that I was close to touching it. Til, Bucky jumped up.

“Please, don’t. ” Bucky’s eyes spoke of sadness in them, “It’s getting late. We have a big day in the morning.” He grabbed his jacket and started walking towards the door, me racing behind him.

“Bucky. I’m sorry.” I said when we arrived at the top of the stairs and he walked the opposite way than I did. Bucky turned towards me, “Good night Y/n.” With that, I was alone in the hallway. Awaiting the big event ahead of me.

Taglist: @xxqueenofdemonsxx @learisa @radi0active-thoughts @redryderdesigns @sinner-as-saint

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summary: part 2 to worried glances!

pairing: bucky barnes x f!reader

word count: 5.4k

warnings: language, gets steamy but still pg😔

sidenote: thank you so much for all the support on wg! my jaw dropped at all the sweet comments. this is not my primary tumblr account so it wont let me respond to them:( i will be continuing with this story but i also have a couple ideas that i want to crank out. requests are open :) love u all and i hope you enjoy part 2!

read part one here!

masterlist here!


Holy fuck. That was the only thing going through your head. 

“Excuse me?” You choked out. 

The tension in the room was as thick as molasses. Definitely not as sweet.  The two agents that asked to question you about Bucky stood emotionless. The table behind you was the only thing stopping your knees from giving out.

“Question her for what? She barely knows him. Think of involving her in anything and I will get a lawyer on her ass before you can blink.” Tony was by your side in an instant, phone in hand. Most likely had the U.S’s finest legal counsel on speed dial.

He had always been protective of you. Starting as an intern for Stark Industries, he saw your intelligence right away. Bright, independent, bold. So much so, you were offered a full-time job as a tech analyst only two months into the internship. Seeing as you were still in college, you had to decline. 

Tony had taken you under his wing; you were like a daughter to him. He was insistent and couldn’t have your talent going to waste. He saw your boss shitting on a new data comprehension model you had designed which would be able to predict and fix abnormalities in the JARVIS database- so he fired her and made you the boss. You settled with part-time.

You ran your division for a bit. When the Avengers formed he didn’t hesitate to ask you to join. They needed someone behind the scenes. Someone trustworthy to run the control room while they were on missions. Someone to monitor computers and make the risk of death slightly lower. 

The agents sensed your surprise. Their demeanor instantly changed once Tony mentioned a lawyer. “Just routine questioning, miss.” The taller one immediately said, alarmed. “We have a detailed account of interactions with Barnes for all the Avengers present except yourself. It’s just protocol.” He gave you a small assuring nod. 

Your shoulders visibly relaxed and a wave of relief washed over you. Tony separated himself slightly and set his phone down on the table. Steve let out a breath he didn’t realize he was holding. He and Tony both wanted you as far from the problem as possible.

You stared down the agents for a couple seconds. Could you do this? Lie to government agents? If it took lying to men who had the power to end your whole career, then it wasn’t much different than what you had already done with Steve. Couldn’t be that hard. 

You bit the inside of your cheek and nodded to the ground. “Yeah okay. Let’s go then.” You pushed yourself off the table and walked towards the agents. 

“If she’s not back here in forty-five minutes we’re going to have trouble,” Tony called behind you. You shot him a small smile.

“You’re so paranoid sometimes, Jesus. I’m a big girl.” 

The short one held the door open as you trailed behind the other. Your eyes met Natasha’s when you walked through the control center. With an understanding smile, she silently wished you luck.

You caught sight of Bucky in the monitors as you passed through. Your heart clenched for the hundredth time that day.


You couldn’t do this. 

They led you to what they called a conference room, but it was really a glorified interrogation room. It was in the back of the building and took some walking to reach.

Four chairs were surrounding a metal table in the middle of the room. There were no windows, so the only thing giving light to the room was the white florescent lights in the ceilings. They were bright and hurt your eyes if you stared up too long. They also made your skin look pale and veiny. Reminded you of the lights in your gymnasium during middle school.

There was a camera in the right corner where the wall met the ceiling. Security perhaps?

Behind you, a two-way mirror. No one had told you what it was, but you weren’t stupid. It was a standard cliche. 

The agents had asked you to sit down, promising that someone would be back in a couple minutes. So you did. And began to think.

‘What the hell are you doing?’ You thought as you stared at your hands on the table. You couldn’t lie to secret agents about a wanted criminal! They would charge you with accessory to whatever. You would lose your job. You would lose the team. You would lose Bucky.

Then it dawned on you. You would lose Bucky either way. He was being questioned right now, same as you. The only difference was he wasn’t walking free. They were going to keep him in jail for years. 

You broke at the fact that you’ll probably never get to hold him again, kiss him. The next time you’ll talk to him will be with two inches of polycarbonate between you. All he needed was someone to be there for him, to show him he wasn’t alone. But now he is alone. And locked in a box. Go figure.

Your moping was interrupted by the opening of the door. Your gaze immediately left your hands to meet the person coming through. He was tall and his skin was umber, much like a dark brown forest.

He was serious as shut the door, on his wrist a gold Rolex that was mostly covered by the black sleeve of his suit. You only noticed the watch because you were busy staring at the stack of papers inside the manila folder in his hands.

‘Not good.’

You were placing a strand of hair behind your ear when your hand brushed against your face. It felt cold and sweaty. If the nerves hadn’t started before, now they were in full swing.

You carefully watched as he sat down and placed the folder on the table, wiping your palms on the bottom of your dress. You didn’t want to shake his hand with a sweaty palm.

As if right on queue, he stuck his hand out for you to shake. 

“Good afternoon. I’m Agent Evan Williams. I work for S.H.E.I.L.D., how are you doing?” His serious demeanor all but diminished when he smiled at you. 

You slowly shook his hand. “I’m doing good, thanks. And you?” Liar.

“I’m doing great.” He opened the manila folder as he spoke. The cover page was blank except for two words: Operation Juliet. You felt relieved for a second. If he was going to ask you any questions about whatever that was, then you were certainly in the clear.

“I assume you’ve been told why you’re here?”

You nodded and placed your hands on your lap. You looked at him as you spoke. “Uh yeah. Just some routine questioning about Bucky?”

He intertwined his hands on top of the open folder. “Bucky? Are you on a first-name basis with Mr. Barnes?”

‘So this is how it’s going to be.’ You swallowed.

“No! I mean no, that’s just what Steve calls him. The only interaction I’ve had with him wasn’t very pleasant. I just copied Steve and guess it stuck.” You shrugged.

He nodded. “For legal reasons I have to let you know that this conversation is being recorded.” He nudged his head towards the camera by the ceiling. “Anything you say can be taken and played back at any time.”

That alarmed you. The agents made it seem like all this was just to check off some boxes. Did they make it a habit to record all routine questionings?

“Oh, okay.” Your eyes had widened for a second. You had to remind yourself to stay calm. You didn’t know anything. No reason to be worried.

“So tell me about yourself. What is your position with the Avengers?” He inquired.

“Well, I was hired as a technology analyst. I used to work for Tony. He asked me if I would like to join the team and I said yes. I don’t do anything in the field because God knows that’d be a disaster.” You chuckled lightly.

“Mostly behind the scenes stuff. Fixing computers, diagnostics. I work the control panel during missions and make sure everything is running smoothly from a tech standpoint. Check coms and coordinates. Just computer stuff.” 

He nodded as you finished. “And were you working for the Avengers during the events in Washington D.C. in 2014?” 

“Yes. Well, no. It’s complicated.” He watched you silently, waiting for an explanation.

“I didn’t start working with them until after all the stuff in New York. But even then it wasn’t official. They weren’t going on missions together or anything of that sort, so it was a ‘whenever we need you’ kinda deal. When D.C. happened, they still weren’t really together, so I worked with S.H.E.I.L.D. most of the time.” 

You glanced at the camera a couple of times while you talked. You hoped it wasn’t noticeable.

“You previously mentioned an interaction with Barnes. Would you mind describing it for the report?” He asked. 

You would consider yourself a good liar. Externally. Your insides were eating you alive. The actual lying hadn’t even started, but it didn’t stop your heart from going a mile a minute or your blood thumping through your ears. You couldn’t slip up and let him know that it wasn’t the only time.

“It’s been a while…bear with me.” You sent him a small smile, which he returned.

“As much as you can remember will be sufficient.” 

Yeah, a good fucking liar. You replayed that day in your head over and over for weeks. It was the first time you crossed paths with Bucky. The day your life literally changed forever. You remembered what you were wearing that day to what played on the radio while you were in the car on the highway. 

It was a Prince song that Sam liked. And you remembered that Bucky punched through the window during the middle of the chorus. 

“We had just finished picking up Jasper Sitwell. Kind of an asshole. Hydra, as you know. I don’t remember where we were going but we were driving. I was in the back with Natasha and Sitwell while Steve and Sam rode upfront. Next thing we know the car is being ripped apart and Sitwell was thrown out the window. Bucky’s hand blew through the windshield and broke the steering wheel. The car went in the air, the door broke, and sent us flying. 

“I never learned how to fight so I was more of a liability than an asset if I’m being honest. I decided the best thing to do was to hide behind the flipped car and just wait it out.”

“Did you have a plan when it came to Barnes?” He interrupted.

“Uh yeah- not dying. I wanted zero interaction with him.” You stated matter-of-factly.

That part was true. You were scared shitless as you watched Bucky fight your friends. One man versus three trained fighters. And he was winning.

“There was more fighting and then his dog-muzzle thing fell off. He was right in front of me at that point, but he didn’t see me ‘cuz I was behind the car. There was a lot of silence for a moment, so I panicked. I picked up a pipe that had broken off from a car somewhere, tapped him on the shoulder, and hit him on the head when he turned around. Not the brightest idea looking back.” You let out a small laugh. 

“He wasn’t phased at all. Then he punched me in the face. And that’s the last time I ever saw him.” 

“I assume Rogers wasn’t too happy of your involvement.” He had a comical glint in his eyes as he spoke. 

“I got so much shit for it- language, sorry.” You replied sheepishly. 

Agent Williams leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms.

“And this was the last time you ever saw Barnes?” He asked.

You gave a small nod.

‘Get your shit together.’ You could barely hear yourself think over the sound of your beating heart blasting in your ears like a speaker.

“Haven’t seen him since then.” You took this time to intertwine your hands on the table.

His demeanor changed immediately. He leaned forward across the table to where you could see the individual hairs on his eyebrows and his bloodshot eyes.

“Well,” he addressed you. “I don’t think you’re being entirely truthful.” He cocked his head to the side.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You stared him down. How you managed to deliver that so confidently was comical to you. Not when you felt like the very wind had been knocked out of you, and with it your ability to breathe.

You wanted to scream. You wanted to leave. You wanted to storm out of that room and give fuck-all about their questions. Just routine questioning.

“Let me refresh your memory.”

He removed the cover page from the folder. And what was underneath made you want to crawl in a hole and die.

He placed the pages around the table and spoke. “We have been monitoring your situation very closely.”

You have never felt so helpless in your entire life. Not during the fight in the highway, not during the Accords- never.

It was taking everything inside of you not to burst into tears at that very moment. Everything you tried so hard to conceal, all this time spent tiptoeing around the concept of you and Bucky. All for shit.

The pages were pictures. And by the looks of it, the whole stack were pictures.

Pictures of Bucharest. You standing outside Bucky’s door.

The two of you at a fruit vendor.

Laughing as you walked down the crowded street.

You wearing his hat backward in the lobby of the hotel you used to stay at.


Bodies huddled together as you walked from a movie in the cold.

Loving gazes.


Intimate moments that once upon a time, were just for you and Bucky. Even though you were in public, nothing else mattered. As your lips connected, time stopped. It was just you and him. No Winter Solider, no bad guys, no having to look over your shoulder. 

Or so you thought. All this time you thought you had pulled it off. But they were always one step ahead. 

Every new picture revealed more of your relationship than the last.

Your jaw hung open and you stared at the agent through eyes that were starting to water. He emotionlessly kept scattering the pictures across the table.

“I’m going to give you a chance to tell the truth. It’s probably in your best interest.”

You couldn’t formulate any words. Every possible explanation went through your head. But you couldn’t lie. Not when the evidence was right in front of you. Your heart had dropped to your stomach and there was nothing you could do to get it back up.

“H-how…..where did you get these?” You whispered.

He pondered for a moment before answering. “We never let Barnes out of our sight. Certainly, you must’ve realized that. He is extremely dangerous. High-risk targets don’t easily slip under S.H.E.L.D. radar. We had men in Bucharest long before you even arrived. And when you did, they made sure to take some souvenirs.”

You nodded slowly, wide eyes never leaving the mess of photos on the table. Brain in a daze, barely processing what he was saying.

“I will say, your tracking method was quite impressive.”

You finally registered what he had previously said. “Wait, that doesn’t make any sense. If you knew where he was, why not arrest him as soon as possible?”

“Not our orders. We had a command from Director Fury to strictly monitor. If he engaged in violent activity we were to report to local authorities and apprehend him. We weren’t allowed to let him leave Bucharest. Thanks to you, he didn’t.”

It started to make more sense. Some of the blank spots were beginning to fill up. Of course Fury had something to do with this. He probably pitied Steve- couldn’t let Bucky face prison. So they built one around him.

Oh my God. Steve. The team. They were going to find out. Pray they hadn’t already. The fear of consequences now piled high. Steve would never forgive you. You were a terrible friend. You felt like a child who got in trouble for hiding candy from his parents. Except the candy was his childhood best friend.

Along with shame and fear, you were beginning to get angry. Your skin was becoming warm, the cold room suddenly hot.

“If you already knew all of this, then why bother even bringing me here? Just charge me with whatever the fuck you want to charge me with and call it a fucking day. Bucky’s in custody. I’m literally no help to you.”

You pushed your chair back and stood up. You paced around the room and ran your hand through your hair as you spoke. You were exasperated.

Hs rolled his eyes. “Calm down. No one is going to charge you with anything. Just sit down and talk. I just want to know about your relationship.”

You stalled and looked at him. “What, you want advice? Well, the first step in a healthy relationship is to respect their privacy. That involves not taking secret pictures, thank you.

He let out a dry laugh. “Very funny. Now sit.”

It didn’t sound like a request, and you didn’t want to get into any more trouble than you were already in. So you complied.

You glared at him once you were at eye level again.

“What do you want to know.”

“What was he like towards you?” He messed with his watch a little.

You scoffed. “If you’re asking if he was violent, he wasn’t. He’s not like that.”

“Well from what we’ve seen, violence is a characteristic that seems to suit him.”

“Violence suits the Winter Solider, not Bucky.” You refused to look at him. Instead, you leaned back and focused your attention on the popcorn ceiling.

“And what did he tell you about his origin?”

“You never told me if you liked the journal, asshole.”

It was Sunday evening. The week before Christmas. The wind outside and the cold were killer. Bucharest wasn’t known for warm winters.

You and Bucky had lounged around all day. Watching movies, playing cards- simply enjoying each other’s company. He had tried to cook you breakfast that morning but accidentally left the eggs on the stove too long.

When you smelled the burnt eggs, you laughed so hard you cried. How does someone burn eggs?

But you couldn’t blame him. It was mostly your fault. He got distracted. By your lips. You had kissed him good morning, and when you started, he couldn’t stop.

The only thing that pulled you away from each other was the smell of burnt eggs. You didn’t let him cook for the rest of the day.

The evening air was crisp and cold. Due to Bucky’s sweet tooth, hot chocolate sounded extremely appealing.

So there you were, stirring chocolate in a bowl above a pot of boiling water, watching it melt. You were absentmindedly replaying your memories with Bucky in your head. You thought back to the journal, something he’s never without, but hasn’t talked to you much about.

You jumped a little as you felt strong arms wrap around your torso, chestnut hair against your face.

“‘M sorry, doll. I hope you know I like it. Best gift I’ve gotten in a while.” He mumbled into your neck.

You smiled softly and leaned into his touch. “If you like that, just wait for your Christmas gift.”

He spun you around and pressed you against the stove, the chocolate all but forgotten. “I told you you not to get me anything. You’re all I need.”

You started into his blue eyes and saw the endearing look he was giving you. It made you melt.

Bucky had never gotten so lucky. And he let you know whenever he could. To him, everything he’d been through, the 70 years he’d missed, all we’re worth it- if it meant he’d gotten to meet you. And he would do it a thousand times over if it meant you could lay with him at night while he buried his head in your neck and held you.

A small pout rested on your face. “I know Buck, but you gotta let me do this. I leave on Wednesday so we won’t be together for Christmas.‘Course I’ve got to get you something.”

He got close to your ear and whispered. “The best gift you could ever give me is your time. And since we have limited of it, we have to use it wisely, darlin’.” You felt his stubble as he began to pepper your neck with soft kisses. His fingers gripped your hips tightly as he found the sweet spot right under your ear.

You let out a soft hum and closed your eyes.

“Nice try darlin’.” You mocked. You slapped his arm lightly and turned back around to stir your chocolate. He pulled away with a grumble and gave you a playful glare.

“Oh don’t be so whiny.” You laughed. “Can you be useful and grab me the milk, please?”

“I’m useful…” He mumbled, opening the fridge with his metal hand. He placed the milk carton on the counter along with two mugs.

After more banter, you finished the hot chocolate. Bucky insisted that you drank them on the couch. He just liked to be close to you.

He pulled you so you sat on his thighs and your legs were resting horizontally on the couch. You watched him blow on the steaming drink, careful to not burn his tongue.

You were not as patient. After a quick blow, you brought the mug to your mouth and drank.

Not your best idea. It felt like thousands of white-hot needles piercing your tongue and going down your throat.

You stuck your tongue out and gasped. “Fuck! Hot hot hot hot hot-” You fanned your mouth and started taking in more air in hopes of alleviating some pain.

You glared at Bucky when you felt his laugh through his chest.

“Way to laugh at my misery.” Now it was your turn to grumble.

“Not my fault.” He eyed you as he drank the hot chocolate. “‘S good, thank you.”

You nodded and leaned your head against his shoulder, arm pressed into his chest. He wrapped his arm around your waist, his metal one holding his mug. You had your hands wrapped around your mug, laying in your lap.

There was silence for a second until you spoke up.

“Can you tell me about how you got here?” You whispered.

He probably wouldn’t have heard you if he was focused on anything else. But he was always focused on you.

“Don’t you know about that? You were there for most of it. ” He replied, confused.

“No Buck, I meant like… you know.” You stared down at the mug in your hands.

“Hydra.” He responded, taking another drink.

Thick silence engulfed the room.

“I mean, only if you are okay with talking about it. I wouldn’t- I don’t want to make you uncomfortable or-.” He cut you off.

“‘S okay. I can tell you if you want, darlin’.” You looked up at him from your place on his shoulders. He was staring at the wall in front of you.

“It hasn’t all come back to me yet.” He warned.

“That’s okay. You don’t have to tell me everything, jus’ want to know more, that’s all.” You snuggled further into his shoulder.

“I fell off a freight train. I was with Steve. We were going to get a man named Zola, a scientist for Hydra. He invented a lot of crazy shit. The serum they used on me was one of them. They must’ve found me in the snow and brought me back. Not sure how I survived the fall.

Hydra obsessed with being the strongest force in the war. Started the Winter Solider operation. Bunch of lab rats injected with the serum and put up against each other. But it was strange. It was like,” he paused. “Like they knew I was the strongest. But they had the others fight me just to watch them lose. Disguised it as a training exercise. But it wasn’t for the others. It was for me.”

“Oh God, Buck…” You removed your head from his shoulder and looked at him somberly.

His mouth curved into a sad side-smile. He wrapped his arm tighter around your waist and pulled you back onto his shoulder.

“Now these don’t come too clearly. They hooked me up to machines. They said some words and I was gone. Fried. Under their complete control. I don’t know what I’ve done, jus’ know it’s nothing to be proud of. Whenever they needed me, they would send me out. I couldn’t think for myself. They gave me a mission, I had to execute the orders.

“I’m a machine. A pawn that killed whoever stepped on their toes that week. And when they were done using me, they stuck me in a tube and froze me until they needed me again.”

He bent down as best he could with you on his lap and placed his mug on the floor. You did the same.

“James Barnes. You listen to me right now.” You spoke softly and turned to face him.

You cupped both sides of his face with your hands, your thumbs tracing over his stubble-ridden cheeks. Brown hair fell around your hands like hickory vines.

His eyes were sad, reminiscent. Reliving those memories, he looked the same as the day you came to his door. Disappointed, ashamed- of himself.

You searched his eyes for true feelings, a hint to how he really thought of himself. A monster. And it made you want to take it all away. Take the pain for him. Live it all yourself instead of him. But what was done is done. Now the best you can do is remind him that he won’t ever have to feel like that again. Like a monster. Like a killer. He can just be yours.

After years of giving up everything, he found stability. A constant. Something to wake-up to that won’t have him second-guessing it’s intentions. If he can control one thing about his life now, it’s you. And he knows that he will never let you go, so long as you want to stay.

“You listening?” He hummed into your hands, eyes never leaving yours.

“I am proud of you. So incredibly proud. You the strongest person I know. Literally.” You both cracked a smile and snickered.

“Don’t you ever call yourself a killer. Please. You are not a machine. That’s not you. You are an amazing individual with a heart of gold who I would do anything to spend just five more minutes with. The Winter Solider is not Bucky Barnes. You are not who they made you. You’re so much more. To me. To Steve.”

He wrapped his hands lightly around your wrists, cold metal made you shiver in the December night.

“I love you. I wanna give you everything you deserve, darlin’. It’s not easy dealing with it.” He mumbled, his lips barely grazing yours as he spoke.

“You already give me more than I deserve. I hit you with a car pipe for Christ’s sake ” You whispered, giggling. “I’m not the type to run away, y’know. You’re not getting rid of me that easy.”

No matter how many times you kissed, it didn’t fail to make time standstill. When your lips touched, your heart pounded against his chest, emotion pouring out from your lips onto his. His hands left your wrists and back to your waist, pulling you tight against him. You felt safe, like nothing could hurt you.

He could only focus on how soft you felt against his calloused hand. How his chill-chapped lips were such a rough contrast to your smooth ones. He could feel the love and security you were trying to express in the kiss, like you were trying to send him a message with no words.

Your lips molded together like puzzle pieces. They like were meant to be together. His tongue grazed your lips, begging for an entrance. He was rough- needy. Kissing you like you were the first glass of water he had in days.

The smell of your coconut shampoo filled his nose, which paired sweetly with the taste of hot chocolate on your lips. He let out a soft groan as your hands tugged at his hair lightly.

The temperature outside was below freezing, but as your lips moved against his so perfectly, your skin was burning.

You were so roped into the moment, you had forgotten about your need to breathe. Your lungs screamed for air but you refused to give in. The way his fingers deliciously gripped your waist provided oxygen in its own way.

Light-headed and drunk on you, Bucky pulled away, panting. On his inhales, he gave you quick pecks, not wanting to completely separate himself just yet.

You stared at him lovingly, lopsided smile on your face. After you had both caught your breath, he leaned in again.

Your eyes closed for another kiss but were surprised when his mouth never contacted your lips.

You felt him press a slow kiss to your forehead and somehow, this felt more tender and intimate than the hungry kiss you had just shared.

You have him a hug when he pulled away, snuggling into his shoulder again.

“Thank you.” You mumbled. “For everything.”

His fingers drew patterns into the small of your back.

“Thank you, doll.” He replied. “For trustin’ me.”

“That’s all he remembered?” Agent Williams did not look convinced.

You told him everything Bucky told you about Hydra. How they turned him into a living chess piece.

“Everything. He would’ve told me more if he remembered.” You crossed your arms and glared.

“And you trust him to be truthful?” He inquired, raising an eyebrow.

“With my life.” You dead-panned.

“And it never occurred to you that he could be lying about any number of things?”

Your chest was beginning to redden and your eyebrows furrowed.

“No. He wouldn’t lie. We-we trust each other. It doesn’t sound like much but it took trust for him to even let me in his apartment. He wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize that.”

“And wha-.” He was cut off.

You jumped, nearly falling out of your chair as an alarm sounded from outside the door. It was loud, and even from inside the room it seemed to make your heard throb.

You shot Agent Williams an alarmed look. He was standing up, pictures on the desk completely forgotten.

A light behind you flashed red. It was right next to the mirror. You hadn’t even noticed it the first time you walked in.

An agent bust through the door, inviting the sound further into the room. And you thought it couldn’t get any louder.

“Miss, you need to come with me right now.” He stuck out his hand for you but you were glued in your seat.

“Wh-What’s happening? What’s going on are we being attacked or something?” You rapidly looked between Agent Williams and the one at the door.

“Platinum-level security breach. We have to get you to a safe location.” He urged, shaking his outstretched hand.

“Shit.” Agent Williams unclipped a walkie-talkie from his belt and began to speak. “We have a platinum-level breach in Sector 4. Lockdown all main entrances and secure the perimeter.”

The agent by the door had enough waiting. He marched over and grabbed you by the hand and pulled you up.

You could barely hear anything around you over the flashing lights and the incessant alarm.

“What does that mean? Platinum-level?” You yelled as he dragged you out the door. He wouldn’t answer. He was too busy maneuvering you through the sea of people in the hallways and control rooms.

You looked around trying to find Steve, Sam, Tony, anyone familiar. With the rate he was pulling you at, it was hard to focus on anything for more than five seconds.

You heard Agent Williams holler on the radio behind you.

“Platinum-level breach in Sector 4. I repeat Barnes is out. Secure the main exits and the perimeter. Get me SWAT…” His voice drowned out into the background.

Bucky had escaped.

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idk wtf this is. haven’t posted a drabble in probably thirteen years. be gentle.

title: taken

pairing: sebastian stan/chris evans

rating: pg-13

summary: chris surprises sebastian during an interview

Sebastian shifts in his chair, flashes the interviewer an awkward smile. “I’m sorry, could you repeat the question?”

She grins, scenting blood in the water, and asks again, “I asked if you were single or taken?”

He thinks about large hands and blue eyes. Pink lips and long lashes. About beard burn on his inner thighs. About the slick full stretching slide in and out. Runs his hands through his hair as his face heats up. Says, “Ummmmm, well, y’know …”

There’s a slight commotion behind him and before Sebastian can turn to find out what’s going on, hands grip his shoulders, massaging the tension. A smug voice goes, “Oh, he’s taken all right. Thoroughly and often.” In case the interviewer doesn’t get the hint, Chris leans down to press a tender kiss to Sebastian’s temple. And then, just like the agent of chaos he truly is, Chris is gone. Leaving Sebastian and the interviewer staring at each other in stunned silence.

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Ok but as much as I’ll riot if they don’t touch down on Bucky’s mental health in FATWS, I’ll riot just as much if they don’t acknowledge Bucky’s multilingualism (not just English, Russian and Romanian). The guy canonically knows most major languages, it’d be useful to him and Sam, but also hilarious to constantly switch languages to confuse Sam.

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