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#sebastian stan angst
buckysboobs · 4 months ago
Raw | bucky barnes
Tumblr media
pairing: bucky barnes x reader
summary: she just wants bucky to fucking destroy her insides and rearrange her guts, but bucky's scared so he rejects her before another one of their love making sessions. she gets mad so making him jealous is the only way left to get him to fulfill her fantasies.
warnings: jealous!bucky, possessive!bucky, rough sex, breeding kink if you squint, strong language, degradation, a little angst, slapping, spit kink, angry bucky, choking, unprotected sex (wrap y'alls fucking sausages you guys) bucky calls reader 'little girl' i think that needs a warning of it's own
She can feel his eyes on her figure as she dances; her hips sinfully pressing against the stranger's front, his fingers dancing over her exposed waist and lips placing open mouthed kisses against her sweaty neck.
She's playing with fire, she knows it. Knows how jealous Bucky gets when he sees her with another man. But she wants him, not his unsure touches and gentle fingers that treated her like a porcelain doll— no.
She wanted his rough movements. She wanted his stubble to scrape against her inner thighs. His teeth to nibble at her skin, fingers calloused from fights to pinch every part of hers that was calling out to him— she wanted him to corrupt her. Break her. Make her reach her limits, though she feels like with him she doesn't have any. She wants him to fucking ruin her.
Her eyes make contact with his dazzling blue ones, which, even in the dark club seem to be shining more than ever. The red and blue neon lights cast shadows over his figure as his jaw clenches, grip tightening on the glass he seems to be holding but not bothering to take a sip from ever since he got there with the rest of the gang.
To provoke him further, she reaches out behind her and grips the stranger's head, pulling him closer to her. With a slight upward curve of her red tainted lips, she smirks at him and he breaks.
She feels him before she can see him. His metal arm grips her waist, and with one glare at the stranger he has her pressed against himself. His flesh hand finds it's way into her hair and he yanks her head back, nostrils flaring when he sees her smirk grow wider.
"It's not been one day and you're acting like a fuckin' whore." He breathes out right into her ear, "And just because I rejected you? Pathetic, even for you."
His tone is fucking condescending and it makes her blood boil. She pushes him away with all her strength and flips her hair, scoffing up at him.
"Don't flatter yourself, Barnes. Rejected me?" She huffs out a bitter laugh, "I always knew you'd come running back to me. No other girl can make your dick hard the way I can."
His eyes darken immensely. She realizes that the two of them are having a full possessive fight in the middle of the dancefloor and before she manages to embarrass herself by continuing the fight which would probably end up with her on her knees and his cock in her mouth, she glares at him and walks away.
She knows that he'd follow her. Which is why she chooses to go right into the bathroom where they'll have a chance at privacy.
She was right, because as soon as she's looking into the mirror to fix her hair, she hears the lock click and sees Bucky leaning against the door, arms crossed over his chest.
"You make me sick." She stares at him in the mirror.
"I could say the same about ya."
She grinds her teeth, "I'm sick of you pretending that you don't want me."
Bucky huffs out a sarcastic chuckle at that, shaking his head in disbelief, "What part of 'I will absolutely destroy you' can't get through your thick skull? You can't possibly expect me to lose control around you, no matter how fuckin' hard it is."
She turns around to look at him, eyebrows furrowed. "What part of 'I want you to destroy me' do you not understand, James? I've done fucking everything to make you understand that I can protect myself, that i'm sure you will never hurt me. I'm tired of you treating me like a doll that would break with the slightest of touches. I see it in your eyes how much you want to fulfill my dreams and fantasies, but holding yourself back just because you think I can't hold my own is pretty dumb of you, I must say."
Bucky sighs, glancing down at the floor, "You have no idea how I get when I lose control."
"Then fucking show me." His head snaps up, "Or I won't expect you to be there to watch and come swooping in the next time I go whoring around looking for someone who fucks me like a bitch in hea—"
She doesn't get the chance to finish as she's pressed against the wall, metal arm against her throat and a furious Bucky glaring into her eyes.
"I'm not fuckin' leavin' you alone ever again. Not even after that empty threat." He swallows hard, tightening his grip around her throat as her lips fall open, "You're mine."
A dry chuckle leaves her mouth, she sounds like she's choking but for some reason even that is attractive to Bucky, "Prove it."
His lips crash into hers and he hoists her up, wrapping her legs around his waist as her arms wrap around his neck. He prods her lips with his tongue, nipping at her bottom lip with his teeth making her gasp before his tongue enters her mouth and explores every inch of her sweetness. They're breathing hard through their nose, revelling in each other's taste. She can feel his dick hardening and he presses it hard against her clothed cunt, making a throaty moan escape her parted lips.
"Bucky, please—" she begs as he starts kissing down her neck, his teeth nibbling on her collarbone, hands trying to unzip his jeans. She's panting hard, eyes closed and Bucky really wants to ravish her right there, against the cold and dirty wall.
"I won't be able to stop." He whispers against her skin and she helps him pull himself out of his pants.
"Fucking don't."
That's all it takes him before he runs his hands up her legs and thrusts his whole cock inside her without any prep. She cries out in a sweet mixture of pain and pleasure, but he doesn't give her time to adjust before he's fucking her raw without so much as a thought. He's fucking her like an animal— loud grunts leaving his mouth as her hands scramble to hold onto him. He doesn't have any of it though, takes both of them with one hand and holds them over her head as his metal arm wraps around her throat again, fucking her to the point she starts crying.
"Fuck, Bucky!" she cries out and he throws his head back, eyes closing shut.
"This is what you wanted, right?" He thrusts harder, angling his hips better so his dick presses right into her g-spot, making her gasp, "Me using you as nothing but a fucktoy, my thick cock fuckin' ruining that sloppy cunt of yours till you beg me to stop?"
His dirty mouth keeps her going as she feels herself getting close. She pulls her bottom lip between her teeth, trying to get out of his tight grip because she just wants to touch him but he's not letting her. He groans loudly on hearing her moan his name like a prayer— bucky bucky bucky please bucky.
Her legs feel like jello when he speaks up next, "Open your mouth, little girl."
She obeys, slipping into her submissive role. He spits into her mouth.
Her eyes roll to the back of her head as she swallows and opens her mouth again, but before she knows it his metal arm connects with her cheek and she's abruptly facing towards the right.
She cries out at the burn.
"Don't be a fuckin—" he accentuates his words with a harsh thrust, "Greedy bitch and take what I give you."
He doesn't let her breathe, hips snapping so rapidly into hers, dick piercing through her tight little cunt and her fluids dripping all over her thighs— she's about to cum.
"Bucky— fuck, Bucky i'm about to cum—"
"Hold it."
She starts crying at that, fresh angry tears rolling down her cheeks and ruining all her makeup. She slams her head back into the wall, "Bucky please."
"I said hold it, little girl."
She starts begging even more, completely letting go of her pride and dignity as she cries about him not letting her cum. All that escapes her lips is a string of let me cum i can't take it please bucky, please and he smirks at that, shoving his fingers into her throat.
"That will shut you up for a while. This is what you wanted anyways, fuckin' bitch." She gags on his fingers, her pussy clenching sinfully around his cock, making him moan. "Why beg me to fuck you like a whore— fuck— when you can't take it, huh?"
She moans around his fingers, spit running down her chin as her pussy keeps clenching around his abnormally large and thick cock. She's eternally grateful to all the gods when he orders her to cum.
And fucking hell— she's never had an orgasm that powerful before. She sees stars as her whole body tenses up, an embarrassing groan leaving her throat as the milky white fluid runs down her pussy in such a filthy manner, even the kinkiest of the bunch would have looked away.
That doesn't stop Bucky from thrusting into her. He goes even faster as her body goes limp in his arms, using her pussy as a means to achieve his own well earned orgasm. Her cum works as lube, sliding in and out of her even easier and his energy doesn't falter when he holds her against the wall by the throat and breeds her like a bitch in heat.
With a last groan, he spills into her, thrusts turning sloppier as her pussy milks his cock like there's no tomorrow. She whimpers and he slowly and carefully pulls out of her, placing a chaste kiss on her lips. He offers her support with one arm while zipping his jeans with the other, and then pulls her into his arms.
"Fuck." she whispers and he cradles her head against his chest. Without another word, he hoists her up and walks out of the bathroom, where there were a few angry teenagers waiting for them to get the hell out.
Steve, Natasha and Sam give their passing figures a knowing smile as he walks out of the club and offers to get her home— and when she gives him a lazy smile in return, he feels his heart skip a beat.
Love is a fucking bitch.
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buckyblues · 5 months ago
slow ‘n steady , bucky barnes
— (fem!reader x tfatws!bucky)
summary; You and Bucky have been dating for a month now, and having a discussion about his past leaves you more connected to each other.
warnings; smut, fluff, trauma, reader has a dirty mouth, oral (m receiving), cockwarming, kinda sub!bucky, body worship, porn WITH plot (sort of), bucky hasn’t had sex in a looooong time, teasing-ish, plenty of pet names, this couple is soft & goofy.
word count; 2,897
a/n; this started out as an old draft from when i first saw tfatws, then i edited it recently to get this final ooey-gooey fic. enjoy <3 - stellie
Tumblr media
Things were about as steady with your boyfriend as steady goes.
He was a private person, kept to himself for the most part. He wasn’t vulnerable or even pouty like some guys your friends had gone out with. James was a classic man, strong and quite old-fashioned. He brought you roses on your first date, which no one had ever done for you.
You met James while volunteering at rec-center bingo. He was there with an older man, looking unamused. It made you feel bad for him, which resulted in some very teenager-like flirting, because the stunningly handsome brunette obviously got a little flustered in your bold presence. You and James went out for dinner the following Monday.
A week after your first date, he couldn’t hold it back. Maybe telling his shrink about you was a mistake, because she had raised her eyebrow at him, silently saying, “have you told her yet?”
James didn’t want to ruin everything with the most beautiful person he had ever met. Not when it had just begun.
He told you that he wanted to go camping, and you couldn’t refuse his cerulean eyes. Instead of taking you out to the wilderness, you ended up in D.C. at the Smithsonian.
“That’s me,” he said, pointing to the pictures memorializing the Howling Commandos and Captain America’s best friend, Bucky Barnes.
Then it clicked. You weren’t dating James Barnes, the humble veteran and mechanic from Brooklyn, you were dating Bucky Barnes, the war hero turned assassin... now adjusting to life as a civilian.
“It’s okay if you wanna... I get it,” James looked down at his scuffed up boots. “I wouldn’t wanna date a 106 year-old freak either.”
You had heard the stories, mostly the bad ones, about the infamous Winter Soldier. It doesn’t matter now, that wasn’t really him.
“Hey, James... Bucky,” you reached up to cup his sharp jaw in your hands. “I still like you.”
He smiled ever-so-slightly, and you liked the way ‘Bucky’ felt sliding off your tongue. He was the most precious thing in the world.
The car ride back to Brooklyn was silent. You held his hand all the way home, thinking about all the horror he must’ve gone through. Part of you wanted to ask him about it, and the other part didn’t want to poke and prod too much. James — or Bucky — always wore gloves too. New York weather could be cruel, especially when it was hot, and Bucky still opted for a jacket and gloves. Peculiar.
After Bucky had dropped you home, you practically ran to your laptop. The Winter Soldier was a ghost story of sorts, so you had never seen what he looked like. You were never interested in that sort of thing either, you tended to avoid the news.
The internet is horrible. There’s Winter Soldier wikis and everything. Some of the ‘Winter Soldiers’ aren’t even Bucky. A crazy terrorist named Zemo tried to frame your boyfriend once and Steve Rogers went apeshit, you remember that being a top dinner-table discussion when you still lived at home.
The pictures you saw of the Winter Soldier was what frightened you the most. Your smiley, shy Bucky, with a striking metal arm and a machine gun. That same arm again at a different angle, covered in blood, holding a knife. He’s always wearing a face mask that covers his pretty, petal-pink lips. His hair is long, and that’s probably why no one ever recognized him in public.
You had to ask him about this eventually. Now you knew that Bucky had been shooting his way through fights since the forties, and on top of that, was put in a goddamn freezer. Maybe you’d give it a few weeks, let it set in that he’d told you, but now you were even more curious about James Buchanan Barnes.
“Buck...” three weeks later, you were stood outside his apartment door, fidgeting with his gloved fingers in your hand.
“Are you alright, doll?” He sounded worried.
You sighed, a somber expression painting your usually sparkling eyes. “I think we should skip going to the movies tonight.”
Bucky quirked an eyebrow, curling his fingers in your grip.
“I wanna ask you some things,” you said just above a whisper. “About your past.”
He froze, the way you would imagine someone would if you asked them to recall years of trauma when they were just planning on seeing a shitty romcom with their girlfriend. Bucky reached for the doorknob of his apartment. You had only ever been inside for a few minutes at a time, but you had a feeling you’d be getting comfortable.
“We can talk about it. I’m ready.”
Gentle nudges were much better than harsh shoves when it came to Bucky. With delicate encouragement, he had talked to you about some of the things he remembered from Hydra, or at least what he could tell you without breaking down. Sometimes you were worried you might cry, like when he talked about meeting Steve again.
Bucky nestled himself further into the couch when he talked about the forties, almost like he was searching for some sort of warmth. The warmth of old music and his family, maybe. You wouldn’t push him. He discussed more recent things like the Avengers, Wakanda, and his therapist, all of which were something to smile about.
He had said his piece for now, but there was something you weren’t letting off the hook just yet. Bucky may have assumed you knew about the metal arm, marked with a red star, but he’s never showed you his arm or even his bare hands. Hell, you’ve been attached at the hip for a month and he’s only given you a peck on the lips.
Go slow, don’t overwhelm him.
“I-“ you held back the urge to just take his jacket off yourself. “Can I see your arm?”
“So you do know about it?” Bucky turned his gaze away from you.
Your eyes started to well up. What could he be so ashamed of?
“Baby, please,” you coaxed him. “It’s okay.”
The sound of your voice melted him like butter in a microwave, and he reluctantly peeled off his leather jacket and gloves. Low and behold, a very flawlessly made vibranium arm was before you.
“It was made for me, in Wakanda,” he held out his vibranium hand to you and it made a low whirring noise. “The old one is... retired.”
You giggled and held Bucky’s cold hand in your warm one. It was an inviting coldness, something that you didn’t mind feeling. It was comforting, it was Bucky.
Before you could evaluate the impact of your curiosities, you lifted the sleeve of his black t-shirt to see where Bucky’s flesh connected to his prosthetic limb.
“No, don’t do that,” Bucky nearly shrieked the words out as he grabbed your side with his flesh hand.
“Why?” You had never seen his body in a vulnerable state, it was beginning to make you crazy.
He cleared his throat. “Don’t like how it looks.”
Damn Hydra. Tortured him and then wiped him clean for years, thinking he would actually forget it. Torture leaves scars, mental and physical.
“I love how you look,” you clutched his chin between your fingers. “Such a pretty boy, always thinkin’ about you, Bucky.”
“Really?” He already looked blissed-out.
“Yeah,” you straddled his lap, feeling like a confused virgin all over again. Bucky only hugged you if he was feeling frisky, this was definitely new territory.
That’s what happens when your boyfriend has lived two lifetimes, and he was an ice-cube for half of them.
Bucky looked up at you expectantly, waiting on your next move. You dove down into the column of his neck, leaving little kisses and bites there. He’s never let you be so intimate with him.
“James,” you tried not to sound too critical. “When was the last time you... were with someone?”
He tensed up, a blush instantly heating up his neck. Poor Bucky had a hard enough time just being a civilian, being a civilian with a partner had been out of the question in recent years, until you came along and wrecked his plans.
“Nevermind, don’t answer that,” you laughed.
Bucky brought both of his contrasting hands to your face, bringing it back up to his. His oceanic eyes had clouded over with a black-ink color of lust, and his creamy cheeks were tinted pink in the dim light.
“You keep missin’, doll,” he smirked. “Kiss me.”
His lips were magnets to yours as your fingers threaded through his neatly-trimmed hair. You immersed yourself in all things Bucky, because he smells like the woods and he’s warm and you could die happy kissing him like this. You’re so glad you missed that movie and decided to listen to him talk, because now you wish to be inseparable from him. You’ll leave featherlight kisses on each and every inch of that vibranium arm just to prove how much you want to stay.
“I’m gonna take this off now,” you inched the hem of his shirt up.
Anyone would have to squint in order to notice what Bucky hated, but from the way he winced, you knew exactly why he didn’t want that shirt off.
Messy scars littered the skin where man had previously met metal arm, right at his left shoulder. There were also countless battle wounds Bucky had endured over the years scattered across his body, but you made no fuss of it. He was just your Bucky.
You kissed the marred skin of his left shoulder, disregarding how much he despises it. He deserved everything, to be praised and loved on, so that’s what you would do. Every bullet wound and scratch you could see received the tender acknowledgment of your lips.
Bucky was almost sobbing above you as you neared his abdomen. You knew in your heart that he needed this, someone to touch him in a way that felt like a promise. He had been through so much and was still impossibly giving. You held his flesh hand in yours and squeezed it, like you were telling him that you were still there. You wondered how many times you had held the vibranium hand without knowing.
“So beautiful, Bucky. All mine,” you were on your knees for him, sliding your t-shirt off. “My baby boy.”
He smiled shyly at you, face going beet-red when he sees your chest in a nicely fitting black bra. The view couldn’t get any better, really.
Bucky groans when you pop the button of his faded jeans open, like someone had just punched him in the gut. He’s sensitive and trying to hold back, but you don’t mind. You shimmy his jeans all the way down his thick, gorgeous thighs. You’d love to take those for a spin, but now’s not the time. His leaking cock is waiting for you, at least now you know that, but you’re still debating how you want to play this.
“Buck,” you massage his thighs. “Has a girl ever sucked you off?”
“No,” he answered breathlessly.
“Alright, sarge,” you snapped the elastic of his waistband. “Tell me anytime if you wanna stop.”
Bucky whined again and pleaded for you to just do something, angling his hips up so you had easy access to take his boxers clean off.
“Such a good boy for me,” you discarded the useless fabric to the side of the couch.
He watched as you leaned your head closer to his erection. He was bigger than you had anticipated, but it’s not like you were complaining. You dragged your tongue all the way up his shaft, your ears eating up his dirty moans like sweet music. You took him in your mouth, lazily sucking his length, and pulling off with a pop.
“You moan like a fuckin’ pornstar, Buck,” you stared at him with hooded eyes.
“I haven’t felt this good in... years,” his chest was heaving. “Thank you.”
“Anytime, Sergeant Barnes,” you sank your lips back down on his cock, gagging on his impressive size.
Bucky grunted and writhed around, threatening to release in your mouth any moment. Tonight was all about him, but you had other plans about where he would be finishing.
“Doll, can’t hold it,” he squeezed your hand.
You pulled off and hushed him, soothing his anxiety. His face had a look of fear etched in his features, like he was about to disappoint you. God, you wouldn’t be disappointed, you would be proud that he could let go for you.
“Don’t worry, baby, not much longer.”
With jell-o for legs, you stood up, taking your jeans and underwear off. This was all so new for you and Bucky, but it felt like you had waited a lifetime for it. You didn’t want anyone else to touch you ever again, just him.
He grinned at you, with teeth. “You’re pretty.”
Bucky’s dark hair was disheveled and sweaty, his face was flushed, and his voice was low with what could only be arousal. You’ve never stood before anyone more captivating.
“You’re handsome,” you straddled him like you had earlier. “I’m so lucky, you’re incredible.”
He really is. Your Bucky. He’d go to hell and back for you, that’s just the guy that he is.
You wrapped your arms around his neck, pressing your forehead to his. He breathed out a “yes”, and you took his cock inside of you inch by inch.
“Jesus Christ,” you gasped as he bottomed out inside you.
“It’s just Bucky,” he answered your non-question in a choked laugh. “God, you’re so tight.”
“I’m gonna beat your ass later,” you sassed.
“Finish what you started.”
You looked down to where your body joined Bucky’s. It was supposed to be sinful according to everything you had ever been told, but it felt loving and exciting. Your entire body was lighting up, and if that’s sin, you’ll take hell.
Bucky kissed you feverishly, surprising you, but you didn’t mind in the slightest. You began grinding and bouncing on his cock, his thick length hitting every electric nerve inside of you just right. He mouthed at your pulse as you convulsed around him, but you weren’t close enough to finish. You snuck a hand between your folds and started to play with your clit, but the whirring of vibranium plates stopped you in your tracks. You can teach an old dog new tricks, Bucky Barnes included. He played your clit like a fiddle until you came around his cock, clenching down on him and moaning his name.
“You’re so good, Bucky,” you nipped at his earlobe while you still came down from your high. “Gonna cum for me?”
He whined almost hysterically, his release close.
“Let go, I’m right here,” you kissed his cheek to calm him and held his hand. “You’re safe.”
Bucky growled and then you knew he had let go. You felt all warm and fuzzy inside as he filled you up, and the way he held you close made you impossibly dizzy. Everything was so Bucky.
You kissed his forehead. “Let’s get you cleaned up.”
The bed in Bucky’s bedroom has been made for awhile now. He told you that when you still thought he was a veteran that had done tours in Iraq and slept better on the floor. It was an odd quirk to you, but even with the truth now revealed, you couldn’t judge him. He said in the shower that he wanted to sleep in bed tonight, or at least try.
You both got in, the sheets soft and silky. Bucky left all the lights in the kitchen and bathroom on, but again, you weren’t saying a word about it. He looked at you all sleepily, shirtless with his dog tags on, and you hesitantly grabbed the necklace to observe it.
“It’s awfully quiet,” you ran the pads of your fingers over the letters on the tags. “Is something wrong?”
Bucky murmured something. “Wanna be close.”
You pulled on the tags to bring him closer. “I see.”
His lips connect to yours in a very sloppy manner, drool everywhere from you both laying on your sides. You revel in the feeling of his tongue in your mouth, he tastes like his spearmint toothpaste. The body wash that he used in the shower smells like dish soap, but it’s intoxicating. It’s all so soothing and sensual that you want to burst.
“Closer,” you scratch down his bicep. “Bucky...”
You’re not even wearing any underwear to hide how soaking wet you are, just one of Bucky’s old t-shirts. You’re begging for it, your hand making its way down his washboard abs and to his boxers.
“Not again tonight,” he gave you a peck on the nose.
You shook your head. “It’s not like that.”
This is what happens when you date a 106 year-old man.
“What’s it like?” He asked curiously.
It was your turn to whine. “Just wanna be full.”
Bucky kicked off his boxers under the sheets, sheathing himself inside of your warm walls.
“Would it be a bad time to say I love you?” He grazed a finger over your cheekbone.
“You’re balls-deep inside me, but I love you too.”
Bucky let out a small laugh, and nothing could be more serene, just you and your boy.
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celestialbarnes · 4 months ago
acquainted | b.b
pairing: bucky barnes x reader (based on tfatws)
summary: in which you and bucky don’t like each other very much, not until one afternoon when you two finally decided to get acquainted. (enemies to lovers)
word count: 3.5k
warnings: nsfw, 18+, oral (m receiving), loads of teasing, unprotected sex, bucky making you beg for it, cocky!bucky, 
a/n: hello! i am back with another bucky fic because i love him so much, he owns my heart and i absolutely love writing for him! i hope you enjoy this lovelies!
requests are open!
thank you so much for reading love! please like and reblog!
Tumblr media
Nine in the morning saw you padding down the hallways of the apartment, sighing as you glanced over to the coffee table, last night’s drinks were still stacked on the wooden table, meaning that he had probably stayed over.
You made your way to the kitchen, the smell of freshly made pancakes wafted through the air, making your mouth water, your stomach grumbling in anticipation as you walked in, not surprised to see Sam at the stove, pouring the batter into the pan.
“Morning sunshine” he greets with an award-winning smile as he turns to you, a grin on his face as he stacks the pancakes one on top of the other.
“Morning Chef” you joke, not being able to stop yourself from laughing with the man standing before you who had donned an Elsa apron which you vaguely remember the neighbour had given him.
“Shut up” Sam grumbled as you doubled over in laughter, clapping your hands as the peals seemed they would not stop anytime soon.
“You can just let it go” you said in a sing song voice, giggling when your best friend shot you a death glare as you mimicked the famous princess, much to his annoyance.
“That’s it, you’re not getting any pancakes”.
“Come on Sam, it was a joke” you protested as he feigned anger, his arms akimbo, the Elsa apron looking a little too small on his frame, you stifled your giggles as you pouted, giving him your infamous puppy dog eyes.
Eyes that you knew Sam could never say no to.
“Please, I’ll do anything” that was partially true because Sam’s pancakes were to die for, literally, especially the chocolate flavoured ones.
“Anything?” Sam questioned, and you nodded confidently, knowing that the worse that could happen was you having dishwashing duties for a week.
“Bucky’s staying over for a few days-“
“No! Come on!”
“Just get along with him, Freaky Magoo’s not that bad”. Sam adds, raising an eyebrow as he picks up the plate of pancakes, tempting you with the treat.
“I’ll just have to take the pancakes away, hey AJ you want pancakes?” he asked, shooting you a grin and you sighed, snatching your plate over.
“Fine, I will try to get along with that ass” you mumbled, rolling your eyes, hating the fact that you had to see him again.
“Ouch doll, didn’t know that was how you thought of me” you groaned at the sound of the oh so familiar voice, grumbling as you turned back, your eyes meeting his cerulean blue ones
Bucky shot you a boyish smirk as he picked up a mug, his metal hard flexing around the handle as he fills it up with steaming hot coffee, his gaze fixated on you as he brought it up to his lips.
“That’s what everyone thinks of you” you retorted, picking up your plate of pancakes, believing that maybe, the treat was worth spending the next few days with the brunette, but the way he stood there, dressed in nothing but that black shirt that seemed just a size too small, easily stretching over his biceps and his sweatpants that hung a little too low on his hips had you thinking of something else entirely, not that you’d admit it.
“Aren’t you just a ray of sunshine?” Bucky replied, not missing the glare you threw his way, chuckling when you did.
God, did he love to push your buttons, there was something about the way you flared up that did things to him, pushed him forward, drew him to you like a moth to a flame, god how he wished to just press you face down against the granite countertop and fuck the sass out of you.
His eyes were glued to your figure, the way your nipples pressed against the flimsy tank top made him wonder what it would feel like to bury his face in between your mounds, or how it would feel to have your squirm under him as he eats your sweet cunt, bury his face in that pretty cunt of yours, feel your juices flowing down his chin, hell, all he wanted was to see your pink lips wrapped around his cock, your head bobbing as you choked on it. 
The way your shorts showed of the curve of your perfect ass was enough to make Bucky rock hard, he could feel his growing erection press against the front of his pants as his mind filled with thoughts that were far from innocent, and he couldn’t help but allow himself to delve further into it.
“None of your business Barnes” you shot back, crossing your legs as you cut into your pancakes, picking up the maple syrup and pouring it over your breakfast.
The brunette watched as you sipped on your iced water, his eyes following a bead of condensation that fell from the mug on to your chest, rolling down the valley between your breasts, fuck, all he could think was how god damn beautiful your tits were.
You smirked, licking your lips, rolling your shoulders back to accentuate your chest, your white tank top tightening around your mounds, the fabric rubbing against your already taut nipples, making them harder than they already were.
And in that moment, you will never forget the look Bucky had on his face, he has never looked at you like the he was now and you relished in it.
To make matters worse, you suck your index finger into your mouth, finishing up the maple syrup that stained it, letting it with a pop.
“You were saying Bucky?” You ask albeit too innocently, smiling when you finally made the brunette go speechless.
“Nothing doll,” he replied smoothly, watching, his eyes fixed on you as you placed your plate in the sink, walking out of the kitchen with a swagger in your step that kept his gaze occupied on your ass, your hips swaying and all he wished for was to feel his fingers dig into your hips, oh, how that would feel as he was balls deep buried in your heat.
“Staring much?”  Sam teased as the brunette groaned, his cock rock hard and painful as he tried to push the obscene thoughts of pounding into you mercilessly out of his head.
The way you had licked your lips made him wonder how good they would look around his cock, it wasn’t his first time imagining that and with you wearing those god damn shorts, it sure as hell wouldn’t be his last.
“Shut up” Bucky grumbled, ignoring his friend’s chuckles, the cup of coffee now forgotten as he made a beeline for his room, pulling off his clothes as he hopped into the shower, the cold water soothing his burning skin, cooling him down.
Tumblr media
It was two in the afternoon when you decided that watching a movie would be a great idea to spend the day, after all there wasn’t much that you can do since none of your friends were available to make any plans and even if they were, you were much too comfortable in your Led Zeppelin shirt and shorts to be heading out any time soon.
You turned on Netflix, pressing play on another episode of Friends, your hand digging into your bag of chips as you leaned back onto the cushions.
“Friends again?”.
“Mmhmm” you replied, chuckling when Ross came bursting into apartment. You made the mistake of turning your head to face Bucky, you jaw dropping as your eyes took in the sight before you, your heart thundering in your chest as you struggled to look away.
He was clad in nothing but a pair of black Calvin Klein boxers that literally left nothing to the imagination.
His biceps looked a lot better than you thought they looked, you knew that he pakced muscle but hell, to see them was entirely different, you never even knew that he had abs, you bite your lip as you found yourself staring, well more like ogling at him, he sure had a nice ass, that much you could see.
“You should just take a photo doll, it’ll last you a lot longer” Bucky said, shooting you a grin as he plopped down on the seat beside you, propping his legs up on the coffee table much to your annoyance, he knew you hated it when he did that.
“Of you? No way”. You retorted as you slapped his hand away from your chips, ignoring the fake pout he gave you.
“Get your own” you grumble, as you continued to watch the show, trying to ignore the glances that Bucky shot you, your skin heating up as your heart raced, the feeling of his gaze upon you had you shifting just a little closer.
You looked over to the brunette who had his eyes fixed to the television, your eyes skimming his frame, cursing internally when you did that because you didn’t miss the way the front of his boxers was stretched at the front, and you sure as heck did not miss the way his cock bulged through the fabric, god, he was big, and you couldn’t help but wonder how it’d feel like for him to stretch you out so perfectly
You could feel heat pooling between your legs, your breath hitching in your throat when Bucky casually placed his hand on your bare thigh.
“You alright princess?” He asked with a smirk, almost as if he knew what he was doing to you, and as much as you hated to admit it, your found yourself caving in to his advances.
“Y-yeah” you mumbled as you forced yourself to tear your eyes from him, keeping your focus on the television, shivers running up and down your spine as he slowly but surely slid his hand up higher, his fingertips ever so gently brushing against your skin, you knew just what he was doing and yet he was making you crave the feeling of his touch, to feel him touch you in all the right spots, a part of you wanted so badly to taste Bucky, to feel his lips moving against yours, to see if it was just as you had imagined it to be, if they were as soft as they looked, you wanted to run your fingers through his hair, pull him close as your lips mesh with his, you wanted it all, to feel his carelessly fuck you into oblivion, then filling you up to the brim with his warm cum.
The living room felt as hot as a sauna despite the air conditioner being set on the lowest temperature, the air was thick with tension as you bite your lip, feeling your heart hammering in your chest, your mind spinning with anticipation as Bucky’s metal digits slid up your thigh.
The sounds of the voices on television sounded like white noise as he brushed his fingers at the front of your shorts, you bite down on your bottom lip, stifling a whimper when he pressed the pads of his fingers against your covered cunt, gently rubbing on your bundle of nerves.
“Tell me you don’t want this darling, and I’ll stop” the brunette said softly, your eyes meeting his blue ones, your lips inches away from his soft ones, he leaned forward, everything about him reeling you in, the scent of his cologne and aftershave was addicting, and the thoughts that were swimming in your head urged you to and just like that you give in to him.
“Please” you whimper and in a span of a second, Bucky crashed his lips onto yours savagely, all tongue and teeth as he gripped the back of your neck, pulling you close to him as he deepened the kiss hungrily, his hand sliding underneath your shirt, groaning when he realised you weren’t wearing a bra as the cool of his metal fingers brushes against your tits.
Your body arched into his as he hooked his hands underneath your thighs, hoisting you up with ease as he roughly placed you down above him, your fingers carding through his hair as your tongues intertwined, fighting for dominance, one which he won easily, grinning into the kiss as he cupped your mound, fingers playing with your peak, earning a moan out of you.
The living room was filled with your soft whimpers and Bucky’s ragged breaths. He claimed you with his touch, his fingers digging into your hips as he bruised you with his kiss.
The brunette’s kisses were hurried and forceful as you took his bottom lip between your teeth, tugging it playfully as you rock your hips against his, teasing him, not stopping until. you earn a low groan from the back of his throat, you smirk as he squeezes your waist, his cock twitching in his boxers.
“You sure teasing me is the best way darling?” Bucky asks as you roll your hips against his, god the number of times he had imagined seeing you on flush on top of him was nothing compared to when you were, it sure was a sight to behold.
“I don’t know Bucky, but it sure as hell is fun” you purr as you pepper kisses down his jaw, your hand sliding down to palm him through the elastic fabric as you nuzzle in his neck.
The brunette chuckled, gently hooking a finger under your chin, tilting your face up as your eyes met his lust filled ones. “You gonna that pretty mouth of yours to work?” he growled as he gave your ass a firm squeeze.
“You know I will” you said, a sultry smile on your face as you got off him, getting down on your knees before him as he flattened his palms against the couch and lifting his hips as you pull down his boxers, his cock springing out, standing tall and rock hard, pre cum leaking from it’s swollen tip.
You lick your lips as you wrap your hand around his base, giving him a few pumps, using his pre cum as lubrication as you pumped him in your hand.
“Lost for words princess?” Bucky asked, a cocky smirk on his face.
“Hardly, I’ve had bigger” you said, your eyes meeting his cerulean blue ones that were blown wide with lust, watching as your tongue dampened his cock with your saliva, making it easier for you to pump him in your grip.
“Ffuck,” Bucky growled, the sight before him made him want to do nothing more than to pull you up, rip those shorts off and plough into you, wanting nothing more than to feel your warm, wet pussy engulf his cock.
You gently lick a thick stripe from his base to his tip, tasting his pre cum and peppering kitten licks on his thick length before you slowly took him into your mouth, your lips wrapping around his cock.
Bucky watched with bated breath as you bobbed your head up and down on his cock, groaning when you swirled your tongue around his tip.
“Aren’t you just a little slut, begging for my cock” he groans as his fingers knotted in your hair, tugging with enough strength to make you moan as he guided your head up and down his member, laying his head back against the cushion, trying to control his breathing as he stifled his moans, watching with his eyes half lidded as you took him into the depths of your mouth.
Bucky looked so beautiful with his bottom lip held hostage by his teeth and his hips bucking up to meet your warm mouth. His bare ass stuck to the leather of the sofa as your fingertips claw at his thighs as his tip hit the back of your throat, your moan sending sweet vibrations up his shaft.
Bucky was so close that you could taste the bittersweetness of his cum each time your tongue swirled around the tip of his cock.
Pulling out the big guns, you cupped his balls in your hands, massaging them gently, watching as Bucky’s mouth hung open, his grip on your hair tightening as he pushed your head further down his shaft, groaning your name as you basked in every sweet, angelic sound that fell from those lips as he rewarded you with ribbons of cum that you happily swallowed before letting him go.
Bucky didn’t waste any time, pulling you up as his lips devoured yours, his hands circling your waist as he pulled you down into his lap as his lips moved against yours in a feverish kiss, groaning when he tasted himself on your tongue.
In one fluid motion, your shirt hits the floor, your chest heaves and your heart thunders in your chest hard and fast.
Bucky growled as he presses open mouthed kisses to your neck, making you whimper as he stains your skin with purple bruises, his hand cupping your breast as he cages your nipple in between his thumb and index finger, rolling it.
“I-I need you” you whimper as he smirks against your skin, that was all it took for the brunette to flip you on to the couch.
“Hands and knees angel” he growls, making you moan as he smacks your ass, watching as you did as you were told, whimpering when his fingers trail your inner thighs before hooking into the waistband of your shorts and pulling them down, groaning when he saw how sopping wet your pussy was, you were dripping with anticipation as he presses a metal digit against your slick, your hips rolling back against him, the feeling of the cool metal stinging your cunt making you whimper.
“Tell me who’s making you this wet? You just wanna be fucked like the dirty slut you are don’t you?” Bucky growls as he slides his finger to your clit, a low moan escaping your lips as he rubs teasing circles on your sensitive bundle of nerves, clearly enjoying the way your body was reacting to his touch, your pussy throbbing in excitement as your body craved for more.
“You, Bucky, please” you whimper, and you hear him chuckle as he replaces his digits with his thick length, pressing his cockhead past your folds as you backed your hips into his, desperate for the brunette to thrust into you. But he only chuckled lowly, continuing to tease your dripping cunt with his dick,
“So, so eager princess, use your words kitten” the brunette said as he slowly pushed his cock past your folds.
“Please Bucky,” you cried out, “please fuck me” you plead, you could practically see the grin on his face as he knotted his fingers in your hair, pulling until your back was against his chest.
“You have no fuckin idea how long I’ve been waiting” he growls, nipping at your ear and without warning, slams into you making you cry out as he stretched you out deliciously, your walls clamping down on his cock almost instantly, making Bucky groan as he pulls out.
“Want to feel you cream around my cock, so fucking tight,” he adds, making you grip the cushions, your fingers digging into the leather as he thrusts back into your heat.
Bucky gripped your hips tightly as you rolled them against his cock, whimpering as pounds into you mercilessly, not caring if his fingertips left bruises on your hips as you cry out in pleasure, back arching as he slams back into you.
“My pretty little slut, so fucking pretty” Bucky growls, his hips snapping as you bite down on your bottom lip, your attempts to stifle your moans failing ever so miserably as you cry, tears brimming around the corner of your eyes as your walls tightened around him.
Bucky tugged at your hair, forcing your head back giving him access as he bites the flesh of your neck, the immense pleasure making you screw your eyes shut as he pushes you to the edge of your orgasm, his thrusts becoming erratic as he encourages you to dive head first into euphoria.
“I’m gunna cum” you moan, your body convulsing as he pulled you close.
“That’s it kitten, cum for me,” Bucky soothes as you cave in, entering a state of nirvana as your walls pulsates around his cock, white spots filling your vision as wave after wave of pleasure washes over you, your throbbing walls sending the brunette to his own release, groaning as he spills his seed inside of you, your body still trembling as you came down from high.
Bucky pulls out slowly, setting you down onto the couch, his cum trailing down your inner thigh and onto the leather as he collapses beside you, his arm around you as he rubs soothing circles down your back.
You were about to lay down on his chest when you both heard the familiar jingle of keys, the two of you gathering your clothes before up and running into your bedroom as the apartment door opened, you hurriedly threw Bucky one of his many shirts while you pulled on your own.
“Shit” Bucky curses.
“What’s wrong?”
“We didn’t clean the sofa, and I forgot-“
“I swear I’m gonna kill you both, the damn sofa is new!” You wince at Sam’s voice followed by Sarah’s laughter, knowing that they had probably found out about the bonding session you and Bucky had whilst he was gone.
“Wanna make a run to the boat?” you ask, panting lightly as you tossed him a pair of pants.
“Sounds good doll”
Tumblr media
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a/n: that’s the end of this fic! i really hope you like it love, and if you did, please, let me know, thank you lovely!
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andysbubba · 8 days ago
still three idiots
^ the one where steve and bucky tries to make it very, very obvious that they like love you AND/OR the sequel to three pretty idiots
read the first part here -> three pretty idiots
Warnings: urm buck and steve are slow old men and they're just idiots ugh. reader's kinda insecure (?) about her feelings and natasha's a good bro <3 mentions of smut but no smut!
WC: 5.1K words
𝐡𝐨𝐧𝐞𝐲'𝐬 𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 | 𝐭𝐚𝐠𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭
Tumblr media
this very, very sexy gif creds to @on-your-left-birdie
Steve pulls away, palms still cupping Bucky's jaw as his eyes flutter open. Bucky can barely believe that it just happened. Bucky's eyes were wide open, mouth almost gaping.
"You okay, Buck?"
He stuttered, "Y-yeah, 's just a little weird." Bucky loosely held the cotton of Steve's shirt in his hand. "Good weird." His head tilted to one side as he stares at Steve. As cliche as it sounds, he's been waiting a long, long time just to feel the taste of Steve's lips. And now that he's actually felt it, maybe Bucky's a little flustered. "But I thought you love her."
Steve's lips curl into a soft smile, eyes looking down at Bucky as if Bucky's his whole world. "But I love ya too, punk."
“You… do?”
Steve leans down again and crashes his lips against Bucky, tongue pushing into Bucky’s mouth before he pulls away. “That a good enough answer for ya?”
“But Y/n—”
Steve stops his thoughts, “You’re in love with her just as much as I am, Buck. It’s gonna work out somehow, okay?” Steve sounded so sure of himself that it only made Bucky more hesitant.
“Bucky, we’ll figure it out.”
It took them 20 minutes to come up with Operation Overt— some weird word Bucky found on the dictionary’s word of the day that means something that’s made obvious. And somehow it made so much sense to use it since one, they’ll be making it very, very known to you that they really, really like and love you, and two, operation overt sounds way cooler than operation obvious.
Plus, they made a bet on how long this whole thing will take. Bucky has a feeling that it’ll be a done deal by Friday and Steve’s very sure it’s gonna take about a week.
Except— they weren’t prepared on how hard it’ll be just to get a glimpse of you in the compound.
[Day 1, Monday]
They decided that they'll go along with something basic, a little routine that you three got pretty used to. The three of you will go down to Papa Jim's and get some milkshakes for breakfast. Bucky and Steve will usually meet you there after their run.
Except- you're 26 minutes late. And there's still no sign of you showing up. And, you're never late to Monday Milkshake Mornings. Unless, there's some valid reason where you are stuck in some early meeting with Fury, off on a mission or doing some training with the recruits. Even then, you'd always let them know beforehand.
Bucky glances over Steve's shoulder as he shoots you a text.
Steve: You coming? [sent 9.29 am]
Y/n: mission. sorry. [sent 9.51 am]
They glanced up at each other as soon as they read the text. Weird.
"Do you know anything about it?" Bucky sips on his second cup of strawberry caramel milkshake, finger reaching out for the fries on the table before dipping it into the drink and shoving it in his mouth.
"Fury didn't schedule her for anything." Steve frowns, setting his phone aside before leaning his body closer to Bucky. "At least nothing that I know of."
"It's just weird that she didn't say it earlier." Bucky reaches around and rests his arm around Steve's broad shoulder. "Bad weird."
[Day 2, Tuesday]
Apparently you'd only be coming back on Thursday. That means that day 2 and day 3 of Operation Overt is completely wasted. Bucky's getting dangerously close to losing the bet he's having with Steve.
Still, they're determined not to let day 2 just go to waste.
Bucky: Doll? [sent 4.39 pm]
Bucky: Dinner on thursday? [sent 4.40 pm]
Bucky: Stevie's making chicken and waffles. [sent 4.41 pm]
Y/n: sorry. gonna be too tired to eat. [sent 5.00 pm]
Y/n: maybe next time. [sent 5.07pm]
He doesn't know what he finds weirder. That there's a 7 minutes time gap between your previous text and the one that you just sent or that you just said no to chicken and waffles. You never say no to chicken and waffles- especially not if Steve's the one who made it.
[Day 3, Wednesday]
Steve's gotten zero updates on your whereabouts. He doesn't even know what your mission's about or when your jet will even land. He knows very well that you can handle yourself, but he still gets worried when you go off on a solo mission. He'd be more at ease if he had the slightest clue on you but he's stuck with nothing and that's more than enough to get him all riled up and worried.
He's happy with Bucky, of course. But he and Bucky both know that there's a little missing piece in their jigsaw puzzle. Little but very, very important. You.
Bucky sees that you love Steve. And Steve sees that you love Bucky. Somehow, they came to the conclusion that you maybe like/love both of them and maybe you'd be willing to date both of them.
But it did make Steve wonder- why were you so adamant on setting him up with Bucky if you liked them both?
Weird. In Bucky's words, bad weird.
[Day 4, Thursday]
You've never said no to Steve's chicken and waffles. Steve takes very much offence to that. He's done a lot to ensure that the quality of his waffles are very much maintained just for you. And for you to say that you'll miss out on his very heavenly chicken and waffles just because you're tired, Steve's very offended. It's not that he doesn't want you to rest, and maybe he's a little selfish. But he doesn't want you to rest alone. If you were with him and Bucky, they'd at least make sure you're fed with good food, Steve's chicken and waffles, and milkshakes, and they'd take care of you so good.
But Steve decides that no matter what, it'd be ruthless of him to not send some to your floor. Just because you said you were too tired to join him and Bucky, doesn't mean you can't just have some later when you’re more relaxed.
Or maybe, Steve just desperately wants an excuse to see you.
So he takes a plate and puts two waffles on it and adds some chicken tenders on top. He knows you have syrup somewhere in your pantry so he doesn't bother pouring it on the plate. Then both him and Bucky went up to your floor, looking like two giant idiots with a plate of waffles in Steve's hand and Bucky holding two bottles of gatorade because they know you'll definitely need it when you're up later.
Except- you're nowhere on your floor.
"Friday, where's Y/n?"
"Agent Y/l/n is on a walk, Captain Rogers. She specifically mentioned that she'll be back late and that if anyone wants to see her, it can wait tomorrow." The AI speaks from some hidden speaker Tony installed on the floor.
Bucky almost jumps from how sudden the voice was, still not used to being around an invisible robot that knows pretty much everything. But he throws Steve a confused look at Friday's reply.
"Thought she was exhausted." Bucky tilts his head, keeping his eyes on Steve as he sets down the drinks.
"Wanna stay here for awhile? She could be back soon." Steve suggests, already making his way to the giant, plush couch that his ass immediately sinks into.
Bucky hums, following along and toeing off his shoes before he's lying on your couch, head resting on Steve's lap. Steve's fingers immediately reaches for Bucky's hair, softly scratching his scalp while Bucky's eyes flutter close.
Steve has no idea how long they sat there but the ding from the elevator pulls him and Bucky out from their calm, and they instantly sat up.
He has no idea how to say this but... you look miserable. And he means it in the kindest way. But fuck, you still look gorgeous, and Steve doesn't know if he should be worried or in awe.
The dark circles under your eyes were very prominent, Bucky was almost sure that a panda walked in instead of you- a very adorable, gorgeous, panda, thank you very much. Your shoulders were slumped and it looks like you haven't been resting at all.
"Doll?" Bucky stands up, already extending a hand towards you.
"Hey." You stare at them confusedly. Why are they here? But some sort of muscle memory makes you take Bucky's hand without even realising.
Bucky immediately pulls you into his chest, one palm resting on your hip and the other wrapped around you, holding you tightly. "You look exhausted, doll."
You bit back the urge to say "because of you dumbass." Instead you just relax into his hold because it actually feels really, really nice. You didn't want to avoid them, it just felt weird to be around them when they're already together. Like you're intruding and being an annoying third-wheel.
He pulls away to sit you between him and Steve, and Steve instantly has an arm wrapped around you, pulling you into his chest.
"Hi, Stevie."
"You alright? Where have you been, honey?" Steve couldn't resist pressing a chaste kiss to your hair as you lean into him.
"Went on a walk. Too restless to sleep." Your reply was curt and Steve feels your lips moving against his chest as you speak.
"Wanna eat? Or you wanna get some rest?" Steve asks, fingers softly playing with your hair while Bucky stares down worriedly at you.
You took a long time to reply, your breathing calming and Steve figures out that you fell asleep. His lips curl, before he lets out a breathy laugh at how easy you dozed off. "You wanna pick her up, babe? I can't move my hands."
Buck smiles down adoringly at you, before he's standing up, hands sliding under your knees and the other under your back. He carries you off Steve, easily lifting you up. Steve follows closely as Bucky carries you to your bedroom, and he settles you on your bed.
Steve carefully slips off your jacket, making sure you're comfortable before he pulls the sheets over you.
He hoped that maybe you'll realise that he's leaving with Bucky and will tell them to stay, and he was tempted to ask Bucky if they could just climb in beside you. But you stayed asleep so he takes the sticky note on your nightstand and picks up the pen right beside it.
𝐘𝐨𝐮 𝐟𝐞𝐥𝐥 𝐚𝐬𝐥𝐞𝐞𝐩. 𝐂𝐡𝐢𝐜𝐤𝐞𝐧 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐰𝐚𝐟𝐟𝐥𝐞𝐬 𝐢𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐦𝐢𝐜𝐫𝐨𝐰𝐚𝐯𝐞 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐁𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐲 𝐥𝐞𝐟𝐭 𝐠𝐚𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐚𝐝𝐞 𝐢𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐟𝐫𝐢𝐝𝐠𝐞. 𝐌𝐨𝐯𝐢𝐞 𝐧𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐭𝐨𝐦𝐨𝐫𝐫𝐨𝐰? - 𝐒 & 𝐁
He sticks the note on your lamp before he and Bucky turns around, closing the door behind them as they leave your room. He throws your sleeping figure one last glance before closing the door, smiling at how peaceful you look just sleeping.
[Day 5, Friday]
And… Bucky lost the bet. In all honesty, he wasn’t expecting it to be such a huge challenge. And it wasn’t even his fault! You’d been on a mission and that itself took up like three days.
Also, maybe it was only Friday, but the boys found out that Steve, also, lost the bet. It was an immediate loss- you sent them a text when you woke up.
Y/n: going on a mission with nat tonight. only back on monday. [sent 2.43 pm]
Y/n: thanks 4 the waffles and gatorade though [sent 2.43 pm]
Steve: Oh… okay. No problem, doll. [sent 2.45 pm]
Steve: Stay safe. C you when you're back. - S&B [sent 2.47 pm]
Y/n: ok [sent 2.54 pm]
Right— you’d only come back from a mission yesterday and the boys saw just how tired you look. It’s absurd that you’re off on another mission already.
And Steve refuses to watch Fury just send you off mission after mission— like really, are you some superhuman who don’t need rest or something?
[Day 6, Saturday]
Steve wasn’t happy about you going on missions with barely any rest. And as much as he wants to go to talk to Fury about it, he actually hates talking to the director. So instead, Steve went to Maria.
“Well, sorry to burst your bubble, Cap. But it’s all her. Agent Y/l/n requested for the missions." She explains with a shrug, "Nick asked her to take a break but she insisted on going."
Steve frowns, forehead wrinkling as he thinks about why the hell would you request for missions when you’re clearly exhausted.
“Right— okay, thanks Hill.” Steve nods before he turns away, fingers scratching the back of his neck because he has no idea why the hell you're doing this.
[Day 7, Sunday]
“You’re distracted.” Natasha notes, shoulder nudging against yours as she sits beside you on the rock, overlooking the Hydra base sitting at the bottom of the hill.
“Thinking, Nat.” You clarify, resting your palms on the rock behind you and leaning back to enjoy the actually decent view and the really nice breeze.
“Talk to me, девочка.” She urges, turning towards you, her lips curling into a soft smile.
You sigh, throwing her a glance before deciding that you should just be honest. Either way, she’s definitely gonna find out sometime.
"Steve and Bucky."
“What’s wrong? I thought you’re close to them.” Nat slides closer to you, head turning to look at you.
“I like them, Nat. Hell— I think I love them.” You force out, eyeing her from the corner of your eyes.
Natasha lets out an offensive snort, instantly rolling her eyes as if she knows something you don’t. “девочка, I've told you the same thing a million times. Just go for it. You don't have anything to lose."
You let out a scoff. "Oh yeah, how about my dignity?"
"Oh, please." She rolls her eyes, shoving you away. "As if they'll say no to you."
Your brows furrow at her words. "What the hell does that even means?"
Her lips instantly curled, grinning at just how clueless you are. "Hun, they'll do anything for you, is that not already obvious enough?" She hops off the rock, dusting the dirt off her pants. "Just trust me, Y/n."
[Day 8, Monday]
You were not convinced. At all. You trust Nat with your damn life, but when it comes to this? It's a huge no.
Buck and Steve are finally together (relationship-ly) after like a hundred years? And you don't wanna just slot yourself and take away their quality time or whatever. And it's not like you regret making them get together- finally. But, you miss spending time with them and maybe, it makes you just a little jealous that they'll always have each other while you're stuck being alone wishing that you're... with them.
So instead of dwelling on all these feelings and getting all sad, you pretty much decided that there's nothing better than drowning yourself in work, missions and making yourself so exhausted that you'll just stop thinking about them.
At least, that's what you hoped would happen— not that you'll spend all your sleep deprived hours thinking about what it'd feel like to be in Steve's and Bucky's arms or how it'd feel to fall asleep listening to their heartbeats.
That Thursday when Bucky sat you in between him and Steve, and Steve pulled you into his chest and you just fell asleep immediately? You want to feel that again. It scares you just how easy their presence, their warmth and them makes you instantly calm.
[Day 8, Tuesday]
"Natasha," Bucky comes up behind the spy, hands awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck as he shifts from foot to foot.
"Bucky Barnes, boyfriend to Steve Rogers, to what do I owe this pleasure?" Nat teases, fingers reaching out for Thor's chocolate bar in the fridge.
He knows Natasha has some very important information that he's very keen to find out about and will definitely share with Steve. And Bucky's very desperate to try and dig that very information out of her. "Just wanted to ask you a little question."
"If it's about Y/n, you're better off going straight to the source." She simply replies, brows raised as she bites into the stolen treat.
"Oh, c'mon. Was it really that obvious?" He whines, biting his cheek and frowning at how easy it was for her to read his mind.
"I'm just gonna say this, Bucky. Whatever the hell you and Steve feel, Y/n feels the same. Just go for it, alright? You've got nothing to lose."
Bucky frowns, head tilting as he sharply glares at the woman. "What about my dignity and my pride? What if she says no to us? What if you already know that she feels nothing and you're just tricking me and Steve into embarrassing ourselves?"
Natasha rolls her eyes and chuckled. "Funny. She said something about dignity too." She gives Bucky a pat on his shoulder before she makes her way out of the pantry.
What the fuck just happened.
[Day 9, Wednesday]
Bucky and Steve realised that you were definitely avoiding them. It actually took 8 whole days for them to come to that conclusion.
They know that you're easily the most stubborn person after Steve so it wouldn't be easy to just call you out and expect that you'd fall back into their arms. And obviously, operation overt was obviously not working and Bucky's getting very impatient.
Bucky: Come over please. [sent 6.22 pm]
Bucky: Now.-Steve [sent 6.23 pm]
Bucky: Very, very important. [sent 6.23 pm]
Bucky: No excuses. We know your mission got cancelled. [sent 6.23 pm]
Y/n: I’ll come by tonight? [sent 6.39 pm]
Bucky: NOW. -Steve [sent 6.42 pm]
You panicked at the last text. Caps-lock Steve is never a good sign. He’s either angry or very, very excited. And something tells you that it’s not the second one. And— something also tells you that Bucky’s also pissed, because Bucky never says please. Those two idiots being angry at the same time? Never a good sign.
You know it’s impossible to hide now. And making them wait would be worse. It was like entering uncharted territory.
They were both standing right in front of the elevator as soon as you came out, arms folded across their chest and blankly staring at you. You would've laughed if you weren't so worried about what the hell's going to happen in the next 3 minutes.
It was only fair that your reaction was as such. After more than 5 years of knowing them, you've never been on the receiving end of those very sharp glares. And now that you are... you have no idea how to deal with it.
"You've got one minute to be honest with us, doll." Bucky starts, tongue clicking as he stares you down. "Why have you been avoiding us all week?"
"I wasn't avoiding anyone—” You knew it was a long shot but you never expected Steve to shoot you down so quickly.
Steve lets out an exaggerated sigh, "You'll only make things worse if you lie, sweetheart."
"I wasn't lying—”
Bucky clicks his tongue, an almost annoyed look gracing his face. "Cutting it real close, doll. Thirty seconds."
You let out an exasperated groan, voice raising as you speak. "How am I supposed to explain myself if you two keep cutting me off?!" You take a deep breath, watching how they turned to each other with raised brows. "Listen— can we just sit on the couch and talk like normal people?"
Maybe Nat's right. Just go for it. Right?
Fuck no.
Steve's sighs and drops his facade, he steps towards you, arms instantly enveloping you into his hold. "Just one minute. We missed you, sweetheart."
Bucky follows him right behind, hugging you from the back as his arms curl around your waist. "But you still gotta explain why you were avoidin' us like a plague the whole of last week."
So you took that one minute of being strangled, hugged by the boys to formulate a quick lie as to why you were avoiding them. You just hope it's gonna work.
Your head's resting on Bucky's shoulder, and your legs are comfortable but somehow awkwardly resting on Steve's lap and there's a tub of ice cream shared between you three.
"I just wanted to give you guys some privacy, y'know. Let you spend some precious couple time together." You were begging for this stupid excuse to work, and you pray to the gods that they'll never find out about the actual reason that you're desperately trying to hide.
"Doll, you didn't have to. We love spendin' time with you." Bucky declares, his hand slowly running through your hair as you just sink into his hold.
Steve, ever the goddamn detective, asked something that threw you off for a quick second. "It still doesn't make sense that you asked for more missions even when you were obviously tired, doll."
"No, uh— I was restless and needed some time to think. I just wanted to make myself tired enough that I'll just stop thinking about it, y'know."
Steve's brows furrowed as he stares at you. "You could've just came to us, sweetheart."
"What were you thinking about, doll?" You felt Bucky press a soft kiss on the top of your head as he continues running his hand through your hair.
Double fuck.
You do not have a lie prepared to answer this damn question. The real answer though— it's them. But you obviously can't tell them that without exposing yourself so you just close your eyes and relax into Bucky's warmth, silently hoping that they won't see through your lies. "It's nothing important."
Steve hums, his thumb brushing against one of your ankles. "You know what I think, doll?" He's over you in a split second, his hand cupping your face as he pulls you away from Bucky. "I think you're just bullshittin'."
"No! I was being completely honest, Stevie!" His head tilts as he watches just how you tried your best to keep your eyes on his. He's known you long enough to know when you're telling the truth, and when you're not. Like now.
"We'll stop playing nice if you keep on lying, Y/n."
His face was close to yours, nose almost pressing against your cheek as you lean against Bucky. Shivers ran down your spine as his breath just fans your skin. "You really hurt our Buck. And truth be told, I'm really hurt too." There's a coy grin playing on his lips that you would've really enjoyed slapping off his face if you weren't so intimidated by how close he was.
The said man sits by your side, watching amusedly as his hand rests around your shoulder. Bucky leans down, lips pressed against your jaw as he mutters out. "It wouldn't have been so easy to just leave us like that, sweetheart."
"One last chance to tell us the truth, baby." Steve says in the sing song tone he uses whenever he's dying to annoy you as he leaves wet kisses down your jaw. "Say the word and we'll give it to ya." Your head falls back against Bucky's shoulder as Steve continues to kiss down your neck, his hands sliding right underneath your shirt.
"If you don't—" Bucky trails off as he stares down at you, face hovering just above you, his lips curled into a sinister grin. "I'm sure you remember how mean our Stevie gets when you lie."
And god. You know that Steve gets so fucking mean and somehow- you know Bucky's threat is working. The last time you lied to Steve about going out with some friends but you were actually on a blind date? He got beyond pissed and didn't let you cum while he and Bucky used you like their own personal cocksleeve. It was hot as fuck, but it's also a goddamn painful torture.
"C'mon, please." You beg as Bucky keeps on staring down at you, brown eyes almost black with lust
A laugh leaves Steve lips as he pulls away. "Whacha' asking for, Y/n?"
"I don't know—" You breathe out, chest heaving as Steve leans forward and tucks a stray strand of hair behind your ear.
"I'm sure you know, doll. We just wanna hear you admit it out loud." Bucky speaks against your ear, grinning up at Steve with that goddamn smug look.
They can't know... right? Not after you've tried so hard just to hide your feelings? Fuck— is that why they're taunting you like this? Waving the one thing you want and need right in front of you only to not let you have it?
Well- better to face it now than never.
"I- I'm in love with you, alright? Both of ya." You force out, turning your head down and keeping your eyes on your lap. "Happy?"
Your eyes watered because this is the part where everything ends. This is where you're gonna lose your best friends, the boys you're in love with just because you just had to fall in love with 'em. They're gonna laugh at you and find you pathetic and a huge fucking joke and—
"Baby," Steve's hands gently cupped your face, his thumb brushing away that one stray drop of tear that left your eye. Every ounce of the sinister, mean Stevie look he had on his face earlier on was gone. He has a soft smile gracing his lips as he kneels on the floor right in front of you, taking your hand in his while Bucky takes your other. "Look at us, sweetheart."
You hesitantly look at Steve, watching as Bucky shifts beside you, leaning forward on the couch and turning his whole body to you so you can look at him and Steve at the same time.
"Why are you cryin', doll?" Bucky presses his lips against your knuckles, just as Steve does the same to your other hand.
You're afraid to answer, biting the inside of your cheek as you wait for the bomb to drop- that they'll decide that they don't even wanna look at you anymore.
"We love you, sweetheart." Steve cradles your face in his palms, his heart almost breaking when he sees the sad look in your eyes. He didn't mean to make you sad. Fuck— they knew you love them just as much as they love you. They just needed to hear you say it.
There's a loud pause, your ears barely registering what he said. "You... do?"
Steve lets out a breathy chuckle because that's exactly what Bucky said just last week. Why was it so hard for the two of you to believe him when he says that he loves you and Bucky?
Bucky brushes his metal thumb over your lips, leaning in and pressing a soft kiss on your lips. "Yeah, Y/n. We've been in love with ya for the longest time. Why do you think Stevie went for all those cooking classes when there's literally an in-house chef just three floors down? Or how he just skips his morning runs when we're all sleepin' together?"
"Hey— don't act as if you ain't a complete sap for her either!" Steve snorts because Bucky really listed out all of those things as if he doesn't have his own set of things that he does just because of you. "Did you know that he stays up to watch us sleep, doll? He even said that he prefers it when you brush your fingers through his hair instead of when I do it."
"But you guys didn't say it earlier-"
Bucky looks at you endearingly before he picks you up to sit on his lap, instantly stopping you in the middle of your sentence. Steve moves to sit in your old spot beside Bucky, turning so he's facing you.
"Because we didn't know if you felt the same, sweetheart." Steve grins, his fingers brushing against your knee as the other hand rests on your calf.
"Steve had to force it out of Natasha just to figure out if you reciprocated even an ounce of what we feel about ya. We were too afraid to ask you straight up, doll."
"You love me?"
"So fucking much." Bucky declares as he presses a quick kiss to the top of your head while Steve leans over. Steve crashes his lips against yours, his palm pressed against the side of your face as Bucky cards his hand through your hair.
"Be our girl, doll. We wanna be yours— if you'll have us."
You didn't have to think twice about your answer. You sat up, shifting so you're straddling one of Bucky's thigh and one of Steve's at the same time. Your palm rests against Steve's chest while the other's on Bucky's shoulder.
"Okay–" You breathe out, lips curling into a soft smile. "But, how is this gonna work?" You gestured between you and the boys.
Steve wraps an arm around your waist, pulling you closer to him and Bucky as a sneaky grin forms on his face. "We can learn to share." His free hand takes Bucky's hand in his, and he brings it up to his lips while still looking at you. "Y'know, maybe use your toys on Buck for a change."
"Hey!" Bucky turns to him defensively, "Why can't it be you instead?"
You laugh at their antics, a little idea forming in your head as you glance at Steve. "Yeah, Stevie. Let me and Buck tie you up and play with you."
Steve raised a brow at your words, head tilting as he eyes you. "What if I say no?"
"You won't." You retort, "Look how much Buck already likes that idea."
Steve listens to you and turns to Bucky, seeing how his boyfriend's eyes were dark with lust and he was practically beaming at your idea.
Bucky hums, fingers softly stroking your thighs while he plays the scene out in his head. "Gotta give you a taste of your own medicine, Stevie. Teach you a lesson so you stop being a huge meanie to our girl."
You grin at his words, before you run your fingers through Steve's hair, the other rubbing the back of Bucky's neck. "An idea for another day– but now, we've got nine days of cuddlin' to make up for."
Steve stares at both you and Bucky like he's startstruck. "I love you both."
Bucky leans into Steve, and he pulls you in so you're resting your head on both their shoulders. "I love you too, Stevie. You too, sweetheart."
"Good because if you didn't then it would be very awkward–"
"Baby, shut up and just say it back." Bucky says, his hand rubbing up and down your spine as Steve's arm goes around his shoulders.
Your giggle vibrates through Steve's chest and it made him feel so damn fuzzy and happy. You press a kiss on each of their shoulders, and another to their jaws, before kissing each of their lips. "I love you guys too."
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…Then No One Can
Tumblr media
pairing: dark!bucky barnes x avenger!reader
summary: with his newly acquired gift, bucky's feelings grow stronger. but when someone tries to take you from him, he decides to stop at nothing to ensure that you're his- forever.
word count: 6.1k
warnings: DARK CONTENT, non/dubcon, smut, male masturbation, inappropriate use of panties, use of pet names, daddy kink, praising, yandere, drugging, kidnapping, faking ones death, slight angst, use of restraints, degradation kink, knife play, dacryphilia, choking, overstimulation, oral (f receiving), fingering, breeding kink, unprotected sex, cream pie !!! 18+ MINORS DNI !!!
song inspo: we belong together - ritchie valens (would recommend listening to song after reading)
notes: this is the sequel to ‘If I Can’t Have You…’. So sorry for the long wait, accidentally put this fic on the back burner. i hope you enjoy ! READ ALL WARNINGS CAREFULLY, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN MEDIA CONSUMPTION
previous chapter ❦ join my taglist ! ❦ main masterlist
With every flick of his wrist, there was a squelching sound paired with it. The brunette's spit was being used as lubricant as he stroked himself off once again. His right hand on his cock, the other fisting your used panties in front of his nose, savoring the scent.
Bucky continued his rituals of plundering through your hamper for the past several months, swiping up a pair of your panties and continuing the process of jerking off to you. He was too far gone to think about his perverse actions, all he thought about these days were you.
“Fuck baby, swallowing my cock so well,” he breathed out to the air. His eyes were screwed shut as he pictured you once again that day. For this current conjured fantasy, you were knelt down in front of him. Eyes trained up as he shoved his cock deep into your throat, testing out the limits of your gag reflex. “You like it when daddy fucks your mouth, don’t you?”
The imagined sight of his dick disappearing in you had him in a frenzy. The pumps to his hand had increased, his hips wildly bucking off the bed. His acts were desperate, longing for a release.
“Yes, baby,” Bucky moaned, “(Y/N), I’m gonna- fuck I’m gonna cum. Be a good girl and swallow every drop.”
It only took a few more flicks until his balls tightened up and he felt the familiar coil in his lower abdomen snap. His back arched off the bed in pleasure, hot dollops of his cum spurted across his chest, and his voice shouted out your name with glee. “Oh (Y/N)!”
Bucky’s breathing was hard, obvious by the rapid rise and fall of his chest, as he began to come down from his high.
He was never more thankful to Stark for installing soundproof walls; he was sure that without it, the entire compound would’ve heard his cries of desire dedicated to you.
Bucky unclenched his hands, causing your panties to fall from his grasp and onto the sheets.
The super soldier had been careful to not overdo his ‘collecting’, limiting himself to only taking a new pair once a week. Though sometimes if he had decided to pleasure himself with the fabric itself, he felt as if he had no other choice but to replace the soiled garment.
You had taken notice of the various missing pairs, bringing it up with Stark one morning during breakfast. Though the snarky and sexual response from the billionaire only made you playfully roll your eyes. Bucky listened in as you came to the only plausible conclusion that the dryer was eating the pairs up. He was never more grateful that you didn’t pay it any more mind, allowing him the ability to continue indulging in his private activities.
After coming back to his senses, Bucky rose up from the bed and began his cleaning up process. The act of wiping up the drying seed from his body and hiding your panties in his secret stash spot had become muscle memory. His trash can continuously needing to be dumped due to the overflow of cum soaked tissues.
Walking to his closet, his softening dick slapping against his thighs with every step, he reached up on the shelf to grab the stash box hidden under a jacket. Opening up the container, he admired his treasure trove.
Inside were 27 various pairs of your underwear. The assortment consisted of lacy thongs to your more generic cotton briefs. But the style didn’t matter to him, just as long as you had recently worn them when he retrieved it.
Stowing away the undergarment, he set the container back in its original hiding place before heading towards the shower.
Turning on the hot water, he began thinking about the mission he was set to go on later that afternoon. But within minutes, you came back into the forefront of his mind.
“God (Y/N), I just can’t get enough of you,” he thought out loud. With a sigh, his hand found his growing cock, repeating the same fisting actions he had just performed only a few minutes prior.
Tumblr media
The mission went effortlessly: went in, stole the classified HYDRA documents, and got out. Since the assignment was so straightforward, it was only necessary that two Avengers go along.
Sitting in the cockpit, staring out into the night skyline, Bucky's mind was pondering you as he flew back to the compound. Wondering what you were doing back at base, and whether or not you missed him.
Well of course you missed him, he thought, you loved him just as much as he loved you.
A sharp pat on his shoulder snapped him out of his thoughts, as his partner sank down into the plush copilot seat, groaning out as he stretched his overworked muscles.
“Man, I am exhausted,” Sam wearily spoke.
The brunette only nodded along to his question, not caring all too much due to the sudden intrusion of his wicked fantasy playing out in his mind.
“Well, it’ll be alright when we get back. I’ll just ask (Y/N) for a massage, hopefully she’ll say yes,” he added.
The sound of your name leaving his teammates mouth had him gripping onto the pilots wheel. He was certain that if he didn’t restrain himself, the control would snap in two.
Not enjoying the silence, Sam continued on. “You know I got a date with her?” The fact made a vein in the long haired brunette's forehead bulge out.
Why was this the first he was hearing about it? When did Sam start liking you? When did he ask you out? More importantly, why did you say yes when he was right here?
All those questions raced through his mind, causing his breathing to rise.
“Really, when did that happen?” Bucky questioned, desperate to know every single detail.
“Ah, just a few days ago. Asked her out one night after that family dinner Pepper insists on us having together. I’m taking her to this new restaurant that just opened up when she gets back from her mission scheduled for next week.”
The rest of Sam’s rambling about the restaurant went unheard as he tuned him out, simply nodding along when he felt it was appropriate.
Once the jet had landed on the tarmac, Bucky stalked out of the aircraft, ignoring the questions fired at him from Sam.
Making the trek to his respective room, he slammed the door, the force no doubt sending shockwaves down the hall.
“Fuck!” he yelled out, his hands curling into tight fists at his side.
His pupils were blown, chest rapidly rising and falling, his large frame shaking due to anger. With teeth bared, he paced back and forth in his room. Every step made the long strands of his hair sway in front of his face. If anyone could’ve seen him at this moment, they would describe him as a feral animal. A beast in desperate need to be locked away.
Bucky felt rage; directed at Sam, you and surprisingly himself as well. He knows he shouldn’t be shocked that someone else acknowledged how mesmerizing you were, but he always thought that you would end up with him- where you belonged.
Of course he was never able to make the first move and actually ask you out, he just assumed that you would’ve picked up on his feelings by now.
Taking in a deep breath, Bucky sat down on the edge of his bed and began to think.
It’s not like you and Sam were dating, only going on a date. He realized he still had time to devise a plan to ensure that no one could take you from him.
After a couple of hours pondering his thoughts and solidifying ideas, he came up with a sure proof plan to make sure you were his forever. He had until the day of your assigned mission to complete it, to carefully ensure his success.
Getting up, he walked to his laptop at his desk. Thankful for the ability to search up on an encrypted server, utilizing the ability to not be traced, he carefully planned his next move. Once completed, he’ll be the luckiest man on Earth; being able to call you his.
Tumblr media
The morning of your mission, you quickly get dressed in your tactical catsuit, ready to get the stakeout done and over so you can get back in time for your date.
You and Sam had been flirting for a while now. It started out small, just a few suggestive comments coming from the man himself. At first you played it off, due to your feelings for a different Avenger.
Ever since you bumped into him on your first day, you’ve harbored a crush on Bucky. But it seemed as if it was only one sided due to him constantly blowing you off.
You made quite the effort to get him to notice you though. From asking him to join you for a movie to simply training next to one another, he would just stare at you, mumble a few incoherent words, and then dash out of the room.
At first you thought he was just closed off, listening to Steve’s warnings when you first arrived. But then watching him interact regularly with everyone else on the team, it made you come to the conclusion that he hated you. So you pushed aside your feelings and made an effort to move on; hence the planned affair with Sam.
Grabbing your carryon bag and mission dossier, you made your way out onto the tarmac, but the large figure of a certain super soldier standing in front of your assigned quintet made you stop in your tracks.
“Oh, hi Bucky. What are you doing here?” you questioned.
For the first time since you were recruited and joined the team, you were finally on the receiving end of Bucky’s rare smiles. His eyes lovingly gazed into your own, crinkles showing at the edge of his lids. It was a stark difference from his usual brooding stares and it was something that you wished you were able to witness more often.
“I wanted to go out on a mission, to clear my head, and was told you were about to head out on one,” Bucky explained, not letting his eyes leave yours. “Stark said to ask you, so do you mind if I tagged along?”
Your breathing hitched at the thought of spending more time with the brunette. “No, of course I don’t mind,” you whispered, a ghost of a smile etched on your lips.
So elated at the chance to be alongside the man, that you didn’t register the suitcase that he held onto that was much too large for a simple weekend stakeout mission.
The two of you walked side by side onto the quinjet, you taking the co-pilot seat after Bucky insisted on flying. You both sat in silence once again as you took to the skies and ventured out to your destination.
You sat back and felt all of those repressed feelings clawing its way back to the forefront of your heart. Bucky piloted the jet and silently said goodbye to all of the friends you both were leaving behind to be together- just like he planned.
Tumblr media
It had only been 3 hours into the stakeout, and both of your bodies were dripping in sweat. The humid South American climate was a stark difference to what you both were used to.
Bucky sat right next to you, admiring your being intently.
Even though you both were expected to stay quiet and alert in efforts to gain as much intel on the supposed HYDRA base, part of you hoped that Bucky would converse with you like he did with the rest of the team. But you quickly realized that you read too much into his friendly smile and inviting demeanor from earlier.
“So,” you cautiously began, “Have any plans for when we get back?”
Bucky grunted at your question, his mind racing over the new life you two were going to live.
“Well, I got a date with Sam. He’s cute, a little overzealous, but fun.”
You watched as he continued to ignore you, irritation slowly building up inside. “Unlike someone,” you muttered quietly. Though not quiet enough for the super soldier to ignore.
The brunette's head snapped in your direction, “What’s that supposed to mean?” He didn’t realize his hands were tightly balled into fists at his sides until your gaze dropped down to them.
You angrily sighed, “Nothing, Sergeant.”
In that moment, something snapped in the man beside you, though you were so frustrated that you didn’t realize it.
Picking back up the pair of binoculars, you focused back on the mission. So preoccupied with surveying the target, you weren’t able to register that Bucky had rushed up behind you, with a syringe in hand. The last thing you remember as your vision went blurry and your body going limp was the prick of a needle in your neck. As well as a few soft words from the super soldier.
“Don’t worry (Y/N),” he cooed in your ear as he held your sedated body, “Everything will be fine. Just you wait.”
Tumblr media
There was a heaviness weighing down your skull; the feeling foreign to you. That same density holding down your head was felt in your eyelids as well.
Your skills and training gained as an Avenger were trying to come to the forefront of your mind, but the sedative flowing through you made it a rather difficult task.
Though you couldn’t visualize what and where you were, you did know that your limbs were being restrained. The clink of metal rattled as you tried to pull at the cuffs on your wrists, as well as your ankles. The heavy confines keeping you in place dug into your flesh, no doubt leaving marks in their wake.
It took a few minutes, but you were able to blink away the blur plaguing your eyes; but the sight that was unveiled to you was something you never would’ve pictured.
With your limbs stretched and shackled, you weren’t able to fully sit up and take in the nightmare that trapped you, but you managed as best as you could.
What once was your covered frame, was now bare. You were only left in the pair of undergarments that you dressed in that morning- a matching pair of black cotton underwear. Your boots and various matching accessories were also removed, leaving you practically nude.
The thing that first caught your attention when surveying the room was the red dot on the surveillance camera mounted in the corner; your capturer no doubt watching you through the lens.
The space itself was large, as if it were a master bedroom meant for couples to lounge in at the end of the day.
A bit of moonlight shone through the small window on your left; big enough to allow a decent airflow of opened, but not big enough to try to escape through without a struggle.
Looking to your right, you noticed the closet, but what had your eyes bulging out was your clothes hung neatly against their hooks, alongside a bunch of male clothing.
Besides the bare necessities of a bed, closet and a window, the room was empty.
The sounds of your struggles rang out as you made an attempt at escaping; trying every move in your repertoire but to no avail. The bounds that shackled you were tight and secure, guaranteeing your imprisonment.
You tried to scream, but the only noise that escaped your chapped lips were a low, hoarse wail- your throat obviously dried out.
Continuing in your efforts of breaking free, your motions froze when you saw the silhouette of a pair of feet peeking from the space underneath the door in front of you.
Fear ran through your entire being, chilling your skin and caused dribbles of sweat to pour out of you. There was a fear-laced thought that flashed through your mind, that this was the end. Your end. That your captor would do their worst and would cause your demise.
You tried to backtrack in your mind, in an effort to remember what happened last before it all went to black, but your memories were still foggy. All you remembered was your mission and your target.
The rattling of the doorknob snapped you out of your mind. Expecting the HYDRA leader to be unveiled behind the door, you were thoroughly surprised when your teammate was revealed to you.
There was a brief moment that filled you with peace when you believed that you were being saved, but once you locked eyes with the super soldier- that same fear returned tenfold.
“B-Bucky,” you questioned as loudly as you could, “What’s going on? Where are we?”
The eyes that returned your gaze sent chills down your spine.
Bucky’s stare was usually one that was quizzical- always watching and wondering what your next move would be. But this look on his was deranged. His pupils were blown out, only a sliver of cerulean surrounding the black sphere. His gaze was intense; glimmers of nervousness as well as a bit of utter desperation shone through.
He was still wearing some of his tactical wear- his black t-shirt covered his chest, the form-fitting black cargos graced his legs, accompanied by the various harnesses situated on his belt and thighs carrying his collection of knives. His boot covered feet planted firmly against the wood floor, pointed directly at your tied being.
You watched as his mechanical arm seized up, the metal plates shifting and realigning themselves into their proper position. His flesh hand was curled into a fist at his side, occasionally unfolding to stretch the taut limbs before retreating back into itself.
He looked menacing, dangerous- but mainly he looked like the embodiment of pure evil. The sight causes your body to rattle with fear.
Bucky knew that he needed to choose his words carefully, in order to achieve maximum success in his plan. To ensure that you truly understood what and why he did the things he did.
Taking a step forward, he made his way to sit on the bed beside your bare legs, his flesh fingers absentmindedly stroking the soft flesh.
“I need you to know I had no other choice (Y/N),” he carefully began, focusing only on the patterns he drew on your skin- the action leaving goosebumps in its wake. “He was going to take you away from me and I couldn’t let that happen. Not when you belong to me.”
Your eyes were bulged out of your skull at his announcement, confusion running through you. What did he mean ‘belong to me’? Who was trying to take me away?
Bucky observed your confused face, his features softening a tad, “You look so cute when your eyebrows get all furrowed like that.”
He watched as fear began to overtake you again, causing you to tug at the chains. The action made him tsk at you in disappointment.
“Princess, I did all of this for you. Why are you trying to leave me?”
Anger took over you, and as a result made you thrash around on the mattress. “Get me the fuck out of here!”
The brunette stood up, barely avoiding a foot to the groin as your tantrum continued. Though he was still saddened, he couldn’t avoid the desire that filled him when watching your body move. Your breasts jiggled in their confines, every movement enticing him. While you were desperately trying to lift off the bed, it allowed him the glorious view of your cunt swallowing your panties- he licked his lips at the sight.
“You’re sick, Bucky. They’re going to find me. The team will know something happened and will come find me, just you-”
Your pleas were cut off when Bucky’s metal hand tightened around your throat, restricting your vocal cords. He couldn’t stop the flood of arousal that pooled in his groin as he observed you become a sputtering mess, tears forming in your eyes making them glisten under the harsh fluorescent light up above.
“No one is going to find us because we are dead. I made sure of it,” he bragged.
Letting go of your throat, he watched as you regained your breathing and stared incredulously at the man standing above. “What- wait Bucky what do you mean?”
Taking in a deep breath to calm his frayed nerves, he began to detail out his plan to you. “Sam was going to take you away from me. I couldn’t let that happen, not when we belong together. So I had to make sure that no one else could have you.”
Retaking his previous position beside your legs, he continued. “I swiped a quick sedative from Dr. Cho, put it in your neck to make sure everything went accordingly. I had planned it perfectly. I take you here to this safe house, destroy all tracking devices Stark insists on us having, then crash the quinjet. That way we can finally live our lives together like we’re supposed to.”
Disgust was clearly evident on your features when you looked up at the man, “Bucky, we are teammates. We aren’t together, we barely know each other!”
There was a tight grip on your ankle, a silent reminder to show you who was in charge in the bare room. “I know all that I need to know about you. Like how nice and caring you are. How beautiful you are. How you always smell like cherry blossoms from your perfume. And fuck- how heavenly your cunt smells.”
His eyes focused in on your clothed mound and that’s when it clicked in your mind, “Oh my god, it was you. You were the one stealing my underwear.”
“I had to!” he yelled, louder than he expected. “It was the only way I could be with you.”
You felt sick at his revelation, nausea filling your stomach, “You’re disgusting Bucky, a fucking pervert.”
He couldn’t help the slight moan that left his lips at your words, nothing could’ve prepared him for the rush of desire he felt as you degraded him. His pants felt tight as his cock pressed against them, desperate for release. “Fuck (Y/N), you have no idea what you do to me.”
Standing up, he reached for his tactical folding knife situated in his thigh harness, the sight causing your breath to hitch and tears to flow freely down your cheeks. “Please Bucky, please don’t kill me.”
There was almost a sense of sadness that appeared on his face at your words. “I would never hurt you baby, I love you. I just need to remind you that you feel the same way,” Bucky cooed down at you.
You felt the warmth radiating off the brunette's body as he leant over you. The coolness of the blade that touched underneath your bra strap made you jump. The action made the silver steel dig deep into your chest, but not deep enough to break through the barrier of your skin.
Quickly pulling up, the blade sliced through the material like butter. He repeated the action on the other strap and on the middle band, until all the fabric restraints were no more.
A cold rush of air wafted over your chest as Bucky grabbed hold of your tattered bra and tossed it onto the floor. He watched as your nipples hardened under the new atmosphere, your delicate nubs turning taut. Bucky wanted nothing more than to suckle on you, feel your softness graze against his tongue, but he decided to hold off on that for a later time.
Bringing the knife lower, he treated your underwear the same as your bra and reduced it to shreds.
Digging his bare fingers into the front of your panties, he tugged until the material was surrounding you no more, leaving your glistening lips bare to him.
“Look at you sweets, all wet for me. I knew you wanted this just as much as I did.”
You pushed your head to the side, avoiding his proud demeanor in shame. Though you couldn’t see what his next actions were, you were able to hear them. The sound of a deep inhale filled your senses.
Bucky was so consumed in the scent of your slick-coated panties that he dropped the knife onto the floor, the sound slightly echoing throughout the room.
Pulling away the undergarment from his face revealed frenzied eyes. At this moment in time he was too far gone to think about any consequences, all he wanted- needed was you.
Hunching over the edge of the bed, he was situated face first with your cunt. Taking in another scent, he looked up at your cowering head. “I’m not gonna stop til my face is covered in you. In your sweet, heavenly juice.”
You told yourself that this was wrong, and that you wouldn’t enjoy the unfortunate acts being performed on you. But the second the super soldiers flattened tongue met with your core, all restraint left the building. You felt his wet limb lick from your hole to your clit, before he fully encompassed the numb, slurping up the muscle. “Oh shit.”
Even though his mouth was full of you, he couldn’t help the smile that broke out on his lips at the sight of you beginning to submit to him.
His ministrations continued as he lapped you up, filling himself up with the sinful taste of your essence. A taste he personally vowed to always have coating his mouth.
The tip of his tongue explored your folds, delicately licking every one of your slick petals. Alternating between sucking and lapping, he devoured your heat; determination to make you soak his mouth evident in his actions.
Moving back up to consume your clit, he brought his left hand to your sopping hole, index finger prodding your opening.
“Please Bucky,” you desperately begged, “You can’t- fuck you can stop now. I won’t tell anyone.” It was difficult to get your pleas out due to the pleasurable actions being performed on you.
The man situated between your legs only chuckled, “Oh (Y/N), you know I can’t stop now. I’m not gonna stop til I get my fill. Finally get what I deserve.”
With his statement, he roughly shoved his index and middle finger deep into your wet mound. Your tight walls suffocated his digits as he explored your depths. “Fuck Bucky!”
“That’s it sweetheart, keep moaning my name.”
His tongue flicked against your clit then pressed against the fleshy muscle. He repeated those same motions while he continued to finger you. Metal digits scissoring your cunt, stretching you out in preparation for his incoming length.
Your spasming walls and rapid breath intake was a clear sign that your release was imminent, the knowledge only fueling Bucky on even more.
“Tell me,” he taunted against your cunt, “Tell me who’s pussy this is and I’ll let you cum.”
You violently shook your head side to side. Your denial was more to yourself than to the brunette. You didn’t want to give in, you didn’t want to let him win; let him have that power over you. But the way his fingers were assaulting your pussy, and the arousal that consumed you was so much, it made you delirious.
Upon not hearing his desired answer, Bucky sighed before retreating away from you. The pitiful wine that left you was paired beautifully with the sight of your hole gaping and closing, yearning to be filled again.
“We can do this all night, I have no problem. But you will comply. You will admit that you belong to me, and only me,” he threatened, his voice dripping with aggression.
You should’ve fought more, put more of an effort in denying his treacherous advances. But you couldn’t ignore the burning passion that the man unlocked in you with just two of his fingers and a couple swipes of his tongue. So you ultimately obeyed his wishes.
“It’s yours Bucky,” your whimpers barely a whisper, “It’s all yours.”
The animalistic growl that left his mouth was something that was burned into your brain with how inhuman it was. Though you were unable to process it any longer due to Bucky reattaching his mouth and fingers to your lower region.
His assault on you resumed, causing you to bashfully moan out into the air, not even caring how easily you fell under his spell. “Please don’t stop.”
The brunette felt like he had died and gone to heaven. You were finally his, now he just needed to guarantee it.
With your orgasm already on the horizon, he continued to please you. His middle finger brushing along your spongy spot deep within as his index finger lightly grazed your honey soaked walls.
It only took a few pumps and for him to suction his lips tightly around your clit for you to gush around his fingers, soaking his chin in your essence.
“Good girl,” he groaned against your twitching mound, “You did such a good job for me sweetheart.”
He continued to clean up your folds, desperate to taste more of you, not even caring that you were squirming due to overstimulation taking hold.
Finally getting enough, he pushed away from your puffy mound and stood up to full height, staring down at you.
Kicking off his boots, he stripped himself of his clothing until he was left stark nude. A bit of pride surged in his brain as he watched you gawk at his throbbing length, the large size no doubt shocking you.
He took a brief moment to compose himself, stroking his cock a few times as he admired your breathy figure.
Your eyes were glistening, from tears of fear as well as euphoria. He observed your limp limbs, no doubt still slightly numb from coming down from your orgasm. But what really had him locked in was your stomach, and the thought of it swelling up with his child once he filled you with his seed.
“God you look so fucking beautiful (Y/N),” he breathed out to you in awe.
Bucky crawled on the mattress and situated himself between your legs as best as he could due to the chains keeping you in place.
He sat back on his haunches; one hand resting on your upper thigh, the other gripping the base of his dick as he prodded your wet hole.
You couldn’t, nor wouldn’t try to stave him off, too far gone with lust to fully think about the situation you were in.
Coating himself in your slick by running his plump head through your folds, he finally began the sinful journey of sheathing himself deep within you.
While you groaned in slight pain due to his massive size, Bucky sang in pure ecstasy as your warmth surrounded his length. “Oh- oh yes, (Y/N)!”
He buried himself to the hilt, his balls resting perfectly against the curve of your ass as he sunk himself into your core. Dropping down, his weight smothered you as his head rested in the crook of your neck. You felt his warm breath fan across you, heating up the sweaty skin.
His strokes started slow- experimental even. Getting to know the expanse of your cunt, making sure to feel every ridge of your tight walls that hugged him oh so well. This glorious feeling was what he yearned for, and he was sure that if he could, he would keep you locked on his dick, never leaving your warmth.
“Please Bucky. Go faster, I need you to go faster.” Your whimpers of desperation for him to speed up were music to the man's ears, which he had no problem fulfilling.
Pushing himself up with his hands pressed deep into the mattress on either side of your head, he began a faster pace.
The sounds of his thighs slapping against the back of yours, your soaked cunt being battered by his cock, as well as both of your lustful moans rung out in the air. A carefully orchestrated symphony being conducted by his cock alone.
He could feel the sublime feel of you tightening around him once more, notifying him of your second release for the night.
“Cum for daddy,” he breathlessly moaned into your ear, “Cum of daddy’s cock, soak it with your cunt. Make me proud.”
His praise sent chills down your spine as it signaled your release. “Fuck daddy, I’m cumming!”
Though your senses were going haywire, you couldn’t ignore the feeling of Bucky’s assault increasing tenfold.
“Damn, that was so hot. I’m not gonna stop til you're begging me to. Till I fill this sweet cunt. Till your belly swells up nice and plump. Hell, I won’t even stop there. I’m gonna live in this pussy, and you’re gonna be a good girl and take it. Every. Single. Inch.” His last words were paired with a sharp thrust into you, signifying their importance.
Leaning back on his haunches once more, he gripped onto your waist and began to pummel into you. He knew that he was forming bruises into your delicate skin, he knew the damage he was causing, but it only spurred him on.
His thrusts were frantic, not caring at all about your pleasure, more so chasing his own release. Longing to coat your channel with his awaiting seed.
Your body was used at his will, being tugged back and forth along his length as you took him whole. Every sharp thrust into you had his cock brushing against your g-spot, the action causing you both to become delirious.
Neurons were firing away throughout your brain, your fists balling up and grasping the chains that bound you. You were so far gone in desire that all you craved was the grand feeling of cumming around him once more. So you begged. Begged like a desperate bitch in heat at the man above you.
“Please, please, please,” you chanted at him, hopeful that he would allow euphoria to fill your limbs once more.
With a slight chuckle he locked eyes with you, not stopping his movements, “As you wish (Y/N).”
With his newly placed hand, Bucky began rubbing at your clit with his thumb. Your cunt was already a sloppy mess, but with his added stimulation, you were drenching him as well as the sheets below with your essence.
You felt your peak getting closer and closer until white hot desire burst in your core, flooding your being.
Bucky felt your cunt clamp around his cock as you came with a shout. He watched every contortion of your face as your body went through the motions of your orgasm. Your back arching off the mattress, nails clawing into the chains in a desperate attempt to regain stability, mouth sputtering as your moans rang out.
With the heavenly sight before him, he wasn’t able to hold off any longer and came deep into your cunt. His head pressed deep against your cervix as he spilled heavy drops of his cum against your walls.
He fell back on top of you, his own breathing matching your erratic one and you both began the descent from your highs.
You didn’t know how long you two had remained like that, him still situated deep within you as his large frame surrounded your body like a cacoon, but you didn’t mind it.
Finally regaining some of his senses, Bucky pushed back up with his left hand while caressing your tear streaked cheek with his right, softly stroking the flesh with his thumb.
He laid on top of you and admired your face, this was a moment that was etched deep into his hippocampus, which he was gladly grateful for.
With his eyes flicking back and forth between your own and your lips, he pressed forward until he connected himself with you.
Despite his previous rough actions against your body, his kiss was soft and tender. As if he were trying to savor the moment as best as he could. Your lips moved in tandem as you tasted the other. It wasn’t until you were both out of breath that he finally pulled away, but kept close enough for you to still feel his breath against your lips.
“You’re mine,” he spoke softly, “For eternity.”
You knew that reality would soon hit you and the gravity of the situation would come raining down, but you decided to dwell in the moment. Enjoying the peaceful bliss that was given to you as Bucky’s warmth surrounded you, and slowly causing you to drift in a dreamy slumber.
Tumblr media
a/n: aaand now you can play the song (we belong together - ritchie valens)
this was my first time writing noncon/dubcon, so hopefully it’s alright.
if you enjoyed this fic, please make sure to reblog and comment. your feedback is much appreciated !
*dividers credit: @firefly-graphics / @firefly-in-darkness*
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ambrosiase · 13 days ago
─── 𝙟𝙪𝙨𝙩 𝙬𝙖𝙣𝙣𝙖 𝙛𝙚𝙚𝙡 𝙮𝙤𝙪𝙧 𝙡𝙞𝙥𝙨 (𝙖𝙜𝙖𝙞𝙣𝙨𝙩 𝙢𝙮 𝙨𝙠𝙞𝙣)
Tumblr media
eighteen plus only — by choosing to ‘keep reading’, you are agreeing that you are eighteen years old and over. do not interact with this story if you are a minor.
series masterlist | prev. chapter
inspiration: “and i promised myself, i wouldn’t let you complete me” — is there somewhere by halsey
main pairing: bucky barnes x fem!reader
themes: soft angst, smut.
warnings: avoiding feelings {reader being non-confrontational in order to keep bucky around}. mild angst. dare i say.. fluffy at times? unprotected sex {bucky pulls out}, oral sex {f receiving}, dirty talk {praise}, some titty slaps, like one or two kitty slaps. overstimulation. facial, cum swallowing. squirting. petnames {sweetheart, baby}. this chapter is pure filth tbh.
from the writer: i’d like to say that if this sucks, i’m so sorry but writers block got me good and i ended up rewriting the entire thing. also, this is more of a look into reader and bucky’s relationship when it’s just them, and gives insight as to her complacency in their situation.
Tumblr media
b.b [11:32pm]
u up?
The blue light glows in the dark room, the vibrating noise of your cellphone bringing you back from the edge of sleep you were about to fall off.
Reaching for the device, it flares in your iris’ causing you to squint as your eyes adjust. Unlocking it, you read over Bucky’s text and almost scoff.
b.b [11:33pm]
what r u wearing?
you [11:33pm]
are you serious right now, barnes?
b.b [11:34pm]
sue me for being horny
cum on babe (see what i did thre)
im bored
need u
you [11:36pm]
i’m tired, can we do this another night?
The text message is read, three little bubbles appearing for a minute before they disappear with nothing following.
Annoyance twists at your gut, and with a roll of your eyes, you put your phone back on charge before rolling over to fall asleep.
It feels like only five minutes have passed before you hear the buzzer of your apartment sounding. A constant ringing that makes you groan.
Pushing yourself out of bed, you sleepily make your way to the intercom. With a yawn you answer, “Who is it?”
“The guy who gives you orgasms,” Bucky’s chuckle resounds, “C’mon sweetheart, open up. It’s freezin’ out here.”
You have half a mind to leave him out in the cold, the same way he did to you on the night of Steve and Natasha’s engagement.
It’s too bad your willpower was non-existent these days. Especially when it came to the blue-eyed man.
The button to unlock the building’s door is pressed, and you chew anxiously on your bottom lip as you wait for the knock at your door.
When you finally hear it, you’re opening up and immediately overwhelmed with the sight of a freshly shaven Bucky.
Because not only had he left you out in the cold that night, he’d also not bothered to text you after nor visit — tonight was the first you’d seen him in two weeks, and you hated how good he looked.
“Knew you couldn’t resist me,” and then he’s coming into your space. A quick kiss pecked against your lips.
Stifling another yawn, you watch as he makes himself comfortable on your lounge, turning on the tv and flicking through the channels before settling on one.
“What’re you doing here?” You make no move to sit near him, instead choosing to stand as you stare incredulously with hands on your hips.
Bucky mutes the television, “Wanted to see you, ‘s that a crime?”
Rolling your eyes, you feel a fire ignite at his audacity. “Wow, the past two weeks of ignoring me must’ve been really hard on your ego.”
“Please, I don’t wanna fight tonight sweetheart.” And with one gentle flutter of those cerulean waters, the fire’s out.
His hand extends toward you, and Bucky grins as you finally take it, falling into his lap with a half-hearted giggle as he pulls you into him.
Straddling his waist, your arms circle his neck as his wound your hips as you stroke his jaw, “‘S weird seeing you without your beard.”
“You don’t like it?”
“Buck, you could have a ‘stache and I’d still think you’re handsome.”
He wiggles his eyebrows, “Now there’s an idea.”
“You do that, and I don’t think Sam would let you live it down,” you giggle.
“Well, speaking of ideas, I might have one.” Bucky looks at you, a nervous look flickering over his face. “Would you wanna come with me, well, with us, to the Hamptons for Labor Day weekend?”
Your fingers play with the hair at the nape of his neck, “Who’s us?”
“Well me,” at the small scoff you give he pinches your ass cheek, “Hey! C’mon, I’m trying to invite you to the best holiday you’ll ever have.”
“Oh really?”
“Mhm, so shut up.” He grins at you before continuing, “Sam, Steve.. and Nat.”
Anxiety churns at the thought of the red-head, “You think that’s a good idea?”
But if there’s one thing you’ve learnt Bucky has mastered, it’s his tact for denial. “Yeah, in fact, I think it’s the best idea ever.”
“Then your standards, my friend, are very low.”
His hands move up and down the sides of your body, “C’mon, say you’ll come.”
“Hm…” You pretend to contemplate it over, “I’m not sure, I don’t know if work will let me on such short notice.”
Bucky snorts, leaning forward so that he can kiss your exposed throat, “‘M sure the oh so kind boss of the bakery, that’s currently sitting on my lap, can manage it. Maybe even make an exception considering it’s for me.”
The pecks transition into a gentle sucking, his hot tongue lulling over where he bites. “Fuck, Bucky-”
“I’ll make it worth your while, sweetheart.” One of his hands comes up to the back of your head, bringing you down so that his lips can brush against yours, “Say you’ll come.”
His teeth nip at your bottom lip, “Okaaaay, I’ll come.” His face lights up, barely giving you time to catch yourself before he’s standing up and taking you along with him, “Bucky!”
A slap to your ass has you gasping, “Yeah, baby?”
You don’t have time to respond before he’s dropping you onto your back against soft sheets and climbing over you, shirt discarded as he goes.
Grabbing him by his neck, you capture your lips in a bruising kiss. Heat pulsing with each movement of his hands against your body. Everything about Bucky was addictive — the way his tongue tasted yours, his possessive grip, how he managed to touch the most sensitive parts of your flesh as though he’d had it memorised — and you didn’t think you’d ever be sated.
Tangling your fingers in his brunette locks, you tug, savouring the groan he gives as your legs wrap around his waist. His lips moulded to yours, plush and full before he pulls away and begins placing sloppy kisses down from your mouth to your jaw. “‘S fuckin’ pretty for me like this, baby.”
“Please,” you rut your hips upwards, begging for friction. His jeans feel rough against your thin sleep shorts, especially since you had nothing on underneath.
Bites are gifted to your neck, and Bucky chuckles at the desperate mewels that fall from you. “Needy little thing, aren’t ya?”
“Just wanna feel you, Buck.” The answers gives you another passionate kiss, and soon you feel his fingers trail along your inner thighs.
Bucky grunts, two fingers rubbing over your covered cunt and he can feel your wetness seeping through. “Fuck, would you look at that? Pretty pussy ‘s just beggin’ for it ain’t she?”
“Touch me,” you shiver, feeling him pull down your clothing and toss it over his shoulder.
He settles between your thighs, pressing open-mouthed kisses as he makes his way towards your dripping centre. “Oh sweetheart,” Bucky purrs, his arms going underneath you so that he can get a stable grip, “You’re so wet for me.”
“Yeah Bucky,” a whine leaves you at the feeling of his hot breath against your aching core, “All for you, c’mon please, taste me.”
With one last dirty grin, Bucky’s diving into your cunt with desired fervour. His tongue flattens along your slit, licking a fat stripe from your puckered hole up to your swollen bud — repeating the action and slapping down on your thighs when he feels you grind against him. “Don’t be greedy, baby. This cunt is mine.”
Head falling back against the pillows, your hands squeeze at his shoulders when you feel him take your bundle of nerves into his mouth, sucking gently before soothing it over with his tongue.
Dirty kisses are gifted, and Bucky groans at the way your juices flow, eating you out as though he’s the one soaking up all the pleasure. “Taste so good, sweetheart. Could fuckin’ drown in this pussy, I swear.”
You can feel him smirking against your folds from the hiss you give at the feeling of his middle finger breaching your hole. He licks languidly, slipping inside your hole that immediately clenches down.
“Need more, baby? ‘S that it?”
“Please, shit Bucky, feels too good.” Your fingernails leave crescents on his tanned skin, “Want more, need it!”
He shushes you, pulling away from your cunt and with a soft tap to your puffy lips you curse as you look down at him. Your juices coat his chin, and you feel flames lick at your skin from the sinful sight, “Keep your eyes on me then, sweetheart. Let me see what I do to you.”
You do — watching the way Bucky takes you apart with his tongue and two fingers, and catching the way his hips roll into the bed as he tries to placate his own needs. “B-Buck, fuck, ‘m gonna cum!”
Underneath your shirt, his free hand travels up your navel and toward your breasts, choosing one and toying with your pert nipple, an action that has you crying out.
With hungry eyes, Bucky keeps his gaze on you, hyper-focused on the way your chest heaves and throat swallows.
It was this look that he gave that threatens the three words on the tip of your tongue — like in your eyes, he finds nirvana.
He sucks at your clit, pumping his fingers in and out of you harshly before he’s murmuring for you to come, curling his fingers in a way that has you screaming out his name.
It shouldn’t surprise you, the way your body always listens to his commands.
Your thighs seize up, feeling the pleasure in your core that had been building eventually reach its high — gushing all over his tongue as he laps it up. His tongue is euphoric, tasting you for all your worth and only letting you go once he’s satisfied.
Trembling, your mind is foggy, vision hazy as your ears ring out from the intense orgasm — only coming back to your senses to feel him kissing your heated skin.
Soft praises greet you, “So good for me, baby. Look so fuckin’ gorgeous when you come for me.”
“Shit, Buck.” Bringing him into a sensual kiss, you moan at the taste of yourself still on his tongue.
Pulling away, he grins down salaciously at you, “Gonna let me fuck you now? Let me fuck this pretty cunt?”
“Yeah,” your hands fly down to his jeans, unbuckling his belt and pushing them down as far as they can go before Bucky sits up to remove them.
Falling back over your body, Bucky makes room for himself, wrapping your legs around him again—
“Buck,” you whisper sweetly again his lips.
“Yeah, sweetheart?”
“I wanna be on top this time.”
Through hooded lids, Bucky swears, rolling over and placing you on top. With his hands resting on your hips, he smirks, “Well go on, baby. Fuck yourself on my cock, use me.”
Flushing, your mind reverts back to a fortnight ago, when you’d uttered the same words to him. You wonder if he’s thinking of it too, but Bucky offers you nothing other than a challenging expression.
On your knees, you reach down and grip his thick, veiny cock in your hands; smiling at the hiss that leaves him whilst smothering the oozing precum around the tip. Jerking him off lightly, you line him up with your entrance, feeling him squeeze your naked skin as the head catches on your ring of muscles.
Slowly, you ease his hard length into you, taking inch by delicious inch as you sink down. “Fuckin’ hell, sweetheart. Such a tight pussy, shit.”
Your palms flatten against his chest, and the two of you moan in unison at the sensation of him fully sheathed inside. “So fucking big, Bucky. Fill me up so well, fuck!”
“Go on baby, ride my dick. Show me how you take it.”
You swivel your hips, beginning to roll back and forth to find your rhythm. As you grow more comfortable, your pace becomes more methodical, more precise — bouncing up and down on his cock as you lose yourself to the feeling.
Fingernails digging into his chest, Bucky plants his feet down on the bed before he starts meeting you thrust for thrust. His hands hold onto your wrists, using them as leverage as he pistons into you. “That’s it sweetheart, fuck you take it so well, don’t you? Fuckin’ made to take it, hm?”
You try to pull out of his grip, wanting to stay in charge but Bucky just chuckles at the feeble attempt.
He doesn’t give you a chance to complain — pulling himself up to a sitting position as your legs a wrap around him. His cock pushes into you deeper this way, brushing your cervix as the pleasure teeters on pain.
Bucky let’s you go, but not before he wraps an arm around your back so that he can keep you upright. He leans forward as you bend back, taking your nipple into his mouth and rolling it around with his sharp tongue.
“Oh fuck, Bucky!” You cry out again, feeling him bite down gently, “I’m gonna cum again!”
Hand on the back of your head, he brings you back so that he can latch his mouth to yours, “That’s right baby, you’re gonna cum all over my dick again. Gonna be a good girl, and make yourself cum.”
“Yes, yes yes!” The pleasure is overwhelming this time, black dots appearing in the corner of your eyes as your body feels like it’s overheating — white noise buzzing as you succumb to your orgasm, “Oh fuck!”
The squelching sounds of your release is pornographic, and Bucky’s balls hit harder against you as he prolongs your orgasm. “So fuckin’ good for me, baby. Can’t believe you just came from my dick, fuckin’ hell.”
“B-Buck,” your voice is hoarse from crying, skin flushed as your cunt begins to beg for peace. “T-too sensitive.”
But he just laughs, “It’s okay baby, I know what you need. I’ll take care of you.”
And before you can question him, he’s pushing you back down onto your back — meaty hands gripping your thighs as he drills into your overstimulated hole.
“Fuuuuuck!” You almost try to squirm away, your third orgasm coming along quicker with each rough thrust.
“That’s it, can feel you clenchin’,” Bucky raps, “This pussy’ll take anything I give it, huh?”
You think you’re nodding your head, too fucked out and you shriek as a rough slap comes down against your breast.
“So fuckin’ cockdrunk aren’t you, sweetheart?” He coos, “Love seein’ you get so dumb for my dick.”
“Y-yeah! Fuck m’so good, Bucky, shit”
He growls as he feels his own release coming, but he’s determined to push you off the edge before he has to pull out, “Go on, cream all over my dick and I’ll give you my cum.”
With one more slap to your tit, your cunt clenches again, squirting all over Bucky’s cock before you feel him slip out. “Open your mouth, pretty baby.”
Through barely awake eyes, you do as he says, watching as he straddles over your chest — tongue sticking out, you moan at the feeling of his seed painting your face before he aims it towards your mouth.
“Go on, sweetheart, make sure you get it all. Just like that”.
Swallowing what you can, you lay there as you feel Bucky move from the bed. Too relaxed, you don’t realise what he’s doing until you feel the warm wash cloth cleaning his spent from your face, “Look so pretty like this.”
You giggle, “Should’ve taken a picture.”
“Maybe next time.”
After making sure you’re alright, the two of you lay in your bed, catching your breath as you feel sleep start to catch up with you.
Tracing the tattoos on Bucky’s chest, you let yourself enjoy the rare intimacy with him before you notice his throat swallow around nothing, peaking your curiosity.
“I wasn’t ignoring you,” his voice is cautious — almost shy. “I just didn’t know what to say.”
You hum, encouraging him to continue.
“I didn’t mean it, you know?” Bucky’s knuckle softly brushes over your cheek, “What I said, I was just — I was angry.”
“‘S okay, Buck.” You don’t think you have it in you to question his hardly there apology.
He looks at you incredulously, “How do you do that?”
“Do what?”
“Forgive so easily.”
Propping up onto your elbow, you the curve of his top lip with your finger. “Because being angry doesn’t solve anything, it just places the hurt on a different shelf.”
A hmph falls from him, “You know, sometimes you’re too wise. It’s kind of scary.”
“You should see me in the morning, absolutely terrifying.”
Bucky’s arms tighten around your waist, and you bask in his warmth as he says, “Somehow I doubt that.”
“Guess you’ll have to find out then, hm?”
The expression on his face is unknown to you — it’s almost tender, “I guess so.”
“So stay,” you offer softly, the with me goes unsaid.
Because maybe if he did, you could pretend that this means more to him than it does to you.
Before he can agree, the sound of his phone ringing alerts you both and you barely catch the first three letters of her name before he’s leaving you in the sheets alone.
You wait with hollow breath, hearing him linger outside your bedroom, just barely catching parts of their conversation.
“Shh, Nattie it’s okay” …. “I’ll be there soon.”
But it’s when you hear him say, “No, I’m not doing anything important. I can come get you,” that you really feel as pathetic as he once called you.
And it’s then when you get doused with an ice cold pitcher of reality — this will never be anything more than just sex for him.
“Hey,” your head snaps up, watching his sheepish expression, “Somethin’ came up. I’ve gotta go.”
You nod, feeling the words cease before you can get them out.
It’s awkward — that once blissful feeling that coated your skin, now feels like tiny pricks as you hear him shuffle around.
Once he’s finished dressing he faces you, only, you’ve turned on your side and closed your eyes. Bucky calls your name softly, almost with care — but you knew better.
With a deep breath, he tiptoes out. Leaving you in the suddenly cold air. It’s only when you hear the door to your apartment close, do you open your eyes. Forcing yourself out of bed, so that you can lock up.
When you turn around, you can’t help but think of how it’s too clean, too silent — like he hadn’t even been here with you.
But you suppose he never really is.
Certainly not his heart, anyway.
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creme-bruhlee · 6 months ago
plum [bucky barnes x reader angst]
➽ pairing: bucky barnes x fem!reader (y/n) ➽ word count: 1.8k ➽ summary: bucky’s plagued by nightmares, but you always help him calm down.  ➽ warnings: explicit language, violence, anxiety/panic attacks ➽ a/n: i just 🥺 metal husband needs cuddles. enjoy!
Tumblr media
(gif made by me hehe)
He heard it. He always heard it. The screeching of metal. Whenever he was under HYDRA’s spell, the only sound he could ever recall upon waking up as the screaming of metal. During quiet moments, he heard it distantly, as if it were in another room. The subway was impossible; the sound of the breaks sent him into a fit of panic. He would close his eyes and clench his teeth until he tasted blood, and even then his legs would be shaking afterwards. Once there was a little old lady who watched it and asked if he was alright, and he had managed a weak smile and mumbled, “I’m a veteran. It just happens, ma’am. But thanks.” 
Even though Bucky was definitely the strong and silent type, you knew him. You had known him since he and Steve were reunited, and had stayed with him through every temper explosion and breakdown. He was your Buck, and anxiety wouldn’t change that. You had your fair share of anxiety attacks as well, but Bucky was dutiful and cradled you until you calmed down. He was much bigger than you, but you wished that you could hold him and rock him the same way he did you. 
You knew Bucky so well that you knew what his noises meant. When you would give him coffee, he would grunt, long and low; thank you. When he laid his head on your chest and tapped his cybernetic finger along with the beat of your heart and hummed; I love you. Sometimes he would hum old songs while he cooked, but he never sang, despite your begging. He liked when you sang. 
But, more importantly, you knew what his bad noises were. You recognized the noises he made when his shoulder was hurting or he had a headache, and you knew that light little whimpers in his sleep meant a nightmare. Bucky had nightmares nearly every night, and, even though they had lessened in intensity recently, they were still frequent. You could bet that you were going to be woken up every night by your boyfriend’s squeaks. He rarely moved as he slept, mainly just adjusting his arm whenever he got uncomfortable, but he tossed and turned during nightmares. You were afraid that the fucking nightmares would do Bucky in one day. 
The screaming came to him at three in the morning that night. He heard it, low and rumbling, felt the jostling of movement in his chest and knees, but he couldn’t conjure up any clear image. He saw figures and silhouettes, all turned to smoke at the knife in his hand. His hand was still the cold metal in his nightmares, the red star still imprinted in his shoulder. He had shed the Winter Soldier identity long ago, but the thought that he had done that made him sick. He had done all of that. He had killed all of those people. It was him. 
Then, the image cleared, and Bucky looked at himself. He had his vibranium arm, the yellow bits shifting with his flexing muscles, and he saw the gun firmly in his palm. Across an abyss, he saw you. Your hands were bound, duct tape over your mouth, makeup smeared around your eyes. You had bruises that littered your face and exposed neck, and Bucky knew well enough that he was the one who had done that to you. The metal became louder, almost deafening, and then your voice came to him. 
“Bucky! Please don’t! Please, baby, it’s me!”
You were suddenly in front of him, kneeling, groveling, and begging. “Please,” you whimpered, blood pooling in your mouth and darkening your lips. “Stop hurting me, baby! I thought I was the love of your life!”
Bucky wanted to say You are, but his mouth opened and he said, “You’re my mission.”
He took a breath like he had been stuck underwater, and he shot up. He was on the floor, blankets tangled around his legs, and his brain felt as scrambled as when he was put under. The confusion was overwhelming, and the sound of metal was still in his head. He clapped his hands over his ears, trying to drown out the memory of the dream, of your crying and pleading, of the metal, so many mistakes, he had done so many bad things, bad, bad, bad, life was wasted on me--
“Buck!” you cried. It killed you to see Bucky like this. Shaking, crying, sweating, so broken, with no way that you could help him. Bucky slept on the floor sometimes if he was overwhelmed during the day. He said that the bed was too soft. He wore only his boxers and dog tags, and the sound of the metal clicking as he shook broke your heart. 
You joined him on the floor, putting your arms around him. He was gasping for air, his hands still over his ears, and he was mumbling something that you couldn’t quite understand. “You’re okay, plum,” you whispered. “You’re safe, baby. Can you open your eyes? I need to see those pretty blue eyes, Bucky.” 
After a moment, Bucky opened his eyes and locked on you, and you sniffled. There was a terrifying intensity in that blue expanse, one that you had only ever seen once, when you were on the bridge and he had your throat in his metal grip. Luckily, Sam had come and saved you, but the angry emptiness had been seared into your memory. “Hey, there he is, good job,” you whispered soothingly. His hair was shorter than he usually cared for it, and you ran your hand through what you could. “You’re doing great, plum. Can you breathe with me?” 
Carefully, you took a hold of his vibranium wrist and gently tugged it from his head, and you bit your cheek at his resistance. He could still hear you begging for life, and that ruined him more than anything else. “What’re you hearing, plum?” you whispered. “Whatever it is, it’s not gonna hurt you anymore.” 
Bucky sniffled, but didn’t attempt to speak. He let you pull his hand away, and his fingers were cold against your bare chest when you laid his hand over your heart. “Just breathe with me, my love,” you told him, and took a long, steady breath in. Bucky’s other hand was still clamped tightly on his ear, his head crooked to smash his ear into his shoulder to muffle the noises, but he took a deep breath with you. “Good, good, plum. You’re doing good. Just a few more, can you do it?”
Bucky nodded slightly and you nearly missed it, but you saw the light slowly returning to his eyes. Your Bucky was slowly coming back to you. “Good, good,” you whispered. You pressed your hand to his chest and felt his heartbeat, rapid and fast, like a mouse’s, but his slow breathing was making it soften. “You’re doing so good for me, Bucky. Do you feel like talking right now?” Bucky shook his head quickly, drawing his knees up close to his chest, and you nodded slowly. He hardly ever did after coming down from a panic attack, but you always tried, just in case. “That’s alright, plum. Listen, can you stand up? I’m gonna run you a bath. Try to help you calm down a little more, yeah?” 
Bucky swallowed thickly, and he slowly unfolded himself. His hairline and chest were spotted with sweat, and his dog tags swung around his neck as he sniffled. You passed him a cup of water on the nightstand and he took a few small sips; his hand was still on your chest. “There you go,” you whispered. “Do you want to eat something?”
Bucky shook his head and sniffled again, and you nodded slowly. “Alright, let’s stand up,” you said, and you moved to your feet. Bucky’s hand fell from your chest, and you instead took him by his big bicep, steadying him as he stood up on shaking legs. He cradled the plastic cup to his chest as he followed you to the bathroom, his fingers tangled in the hem of your nightgown, and he stood right behind you as you fixed the bathtub up for him. Once the water was running, you turned to him. He was staring at himself in the mirror, sallow skin and sickly parlor, and you rose up on your toes and placed the gentlest kiss to his stubbly chin. “I’m so proud of you,” you whispered. You placed your hands on his hips and drew him a bit closer, and he enveloped you in a tight bear hug. “So fucking proud of you, Bucky. You’ve come so far. I love you so much.” 
I thought I was the love of your life! 
You’re my mission. 
Bucky squeezed his eyes shut and pressed his head into your neck. He felt the thrumming of your blood just below the skin, and it helped comfort him. You weren’t hurt. He hadn’t hurt you. You were safe and healthy and in his arms. His dog tags dug into your sternum as he pressed closer to you still, seemingly wanting to absorb into you, and you whispered, “I’ll get in the bath with you, hold you all night. Do you want that?” 
Bucky nodded wordlessly, and you helped him strip off his sweaty boxers. The bath was warm as he stepped in, and he settled his aching back against the cool porcelain with a small grunt. He watched you undress and, as soon as your feet had touched the water, he was tugging you into his body. He settled your soft back against his chest and buried his nose in your hair, and he sighed deeply. “You okay?” you whispered, and Bucky silently nodded. 
The smell and feel of you was enough to calm him, and the warm bath soothed his tense muscles. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to sleep for the rest of the night, but he could feel your body sagging with exhaustion. He knew what a monumental task it must have been for you to take care of him, but he was eternally thankful for you. He had no idea how long you two stayed in the bath, him just listening to your steady breathing and heartbeat, but he only decided to get out when he heard little snores coming from you. 
He carried your small, sleeping form back into the bedroom and laid you amongst the pillows and blankets, and he started to settle back on the floor, but you let out an awful, needy whine. “Plum, come back,” you mumbled. “Need your cuddles.” 
“I love you,” Bucky said without a second thought, because he did. He loved your body and mind and soul, and he couldn’t imagine being with anyone else. 
“Love you too,” you said, stretching your arms out for him. “C’mon, I’m cold, plum. Come warm me up.” 
Bucky laid down next to you, and you cuddled your head into his chest. His heart was beating normally, steady as ever, and you placed a kiss to his dog tags. “You can turn on the TV if you want,” you mumbled. “Won’t bother me.” 
“It’s fine,” Bucky whispered, and he brushed a lock of your hair out of your sleepy face. “I’ve got the best show right here.” 
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thighs-of-betrayal-blog · 2 months ago
I was wondering if you could do something where Bucky and reader do couples or marriage counseling and then after a while of doing it Bucky walks in on reader crying and then he finds out it’s because she’s scared the relationship is ending? It’s kinda specific but it’s just something I thought of.
I love writing!!!
When All Falls Apart
A/N: This tore me up (in the best way). It also made me think of the scene in TFAWS when Bucky was in counseling. I freaking loved that scene. But anyway, thank you so much for the request and your kind words! I really appreciate it! I hope you enjoy and as always, feedback is appreciated :)
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x fem! Reader
Warnings: angst/fluff, slight cursing
Tumblr media
“And, Y/N, how does that make you feel?” 
Staring up at the old, rusting ceiling, you sigh. This isn’t the first time you’ve been asked that question and it will definitely not be the last. 
Wracking your brain for an answer, you don’t look back up until you know exactly what to say. “It makes me feel disconnected from him… like, I’m a part of his life, but only the part that involves me. Not his superhero, save the world part, which may I add is a pretty big part of him. I feel like we aren’t really connected. How am I supposed to be with someone who doesn’t let me in all the way?” 
The deafening silence from his side of the couch rings loud in your ear, even though there’s no noise. 
“I see,” Dr. Raynor, your therapist says, taking in everything you just said. She looks over at Bucky in question. “What do you think about that?” 
Bucky stares at his hands, fiddling with his fingers. “I don’t know what else to say about it, Doc.” He looks over at you, his eyes glazed over with exhaustion. “Y/N is the most important person in my life. If I let her into that part, then I put her life in danger. It’s that simple.” 
“How are we supposed to grow together if you won’t-”
“Y/N, you have to wait until it’s your turn to speak,” Dr. Raynor interrupts, shooting you a warning look. 
Rolling your eyes, you lean back into the couch and cross your arms over your chest. 
“We seem to be doing just fine,” Bucky says, focusing his attention on Raynor this time. 
“Of course you’d say that,” you mutter, picking lint off the couch with your fingernail. 
“Y/N!” Raynor says exasperatedly. 
“Sorry,” you say. Although, you really aren’t sorry. In reality, you’re actually very annoyed. Annoyed at the fact that this is your fifth couple’s therapy session and the two of you have made little to no progress on this subject because Bucky is stubborn and refuses to budge. 
“Let’s try something else,” Raynor suggests, writing down notes in her journal. 
“Another stargazing exercise?” you quip, chuckling to yourself. “Because we do plenty of that at home.” 
Bucky looks at you in shock at your cheeky comment and chuckles, leaning back against the armrest and grinning at you. 
“No, although thank you for the commentary, Y/N. I was actually thinking more of an exercise where the two of you list the qualities you love the most about each other, so we can bring it all back to the reason you’re together.” 
“This one should be easy,” Bucky says, rubbing his palms together. 
“I’m glad you think so, Bucky, because I want you to go first,” Raynor says, pen pressed to the paper, ready to jot down all of her observations. 
He turns so he’s fully facing you, his eyes staring deep into your soul. “I love that Y/N is so patient in loving me. I’m not the easiest to be with. I’m awful at letting people in, I suffer from severe PTSD, and I tend to ruin everything that’s good for me. But still, she loves me unconditionally. It’s all I could ever ask for.” 
Feeling a few tears build up in your eyes, you sniffle. “I’ll always love you, Buck. Nothing’s going to change that.” 
Raynor mutters to herself, before looking up at the two of you. “Good. This is good progress. Now, Y/N, it’s your turn.” 
Clearing your throat, you shift your attention back to Bucky, your hands planted firmly in your lap. “I love that Bucky tries his hardest for himself and me. He’s been through so much and yet, he still manages to find the good in things. He’s sweet and caring to a world that hasn’t treated him the best in the past. He’s incredible and he doesn’t even see it.”
Bucky reaches out to grab your hand, holding it tightly in his grip. “Thank you, doll.” 
You give his hand a squeeze. “Of course, Buck. I meant every word.” 
Raynor clears her throat, interrupting the moment between you. “You both clearly have no problem with understanding why you love each other. You’re just going through a rough patch. This lack of involvement is dividing you both.”
Remembering why you’re here in the first place, thanks to her, you scoff. “There’s no lack of involvement on my part. Bucky knows everything about me. I’m transparent when it comes to him.” 
Shaking his head, Bucky chuckles angrily. “Yeah? Well, your life doesn’t revolve around protecting the world from bad people. People I’d rather you not get caught up with.” 
“I can protect myself!” you yell, frustrated to no end. 
“Not against the ones we fight!” Bucky yells back. “You’re human!” 
“And, what the hell is that supposed to mean?” 
Raynor butts in, trying to de-escalate the situation. “Okay, let’s take it down-”
“That you’d be no match against them. They’d hurt you and I’d never forgive myself for letting it happen!” Bucky yells, cutting Raynor off. 
“Oh okay, so now I’m weak? So, what? Every single time you’ve told me I’m the strongest person you know, you lied?” Standing up, you point your finger at him. “I can handle being a part of your world! You just don’t trust me enough!” 
“Y/N!” Raynor yells, finally catching your attention. 
“It’s fine,” you say. “Session’s over. It’s always the same shit anyway.” 
Stomping over to the door, you glance back at Bucky once more. 
“I’ll see you at home.” You open the door and slam it behind you, effectively ending the conversation. 
The front door opens slowly, the person walking in being extra cautious. You’re curled up on you and Bucky’s shared bed, sobbing into your pillow. 
As you’re crying, you hear footsteps walk through the bedroom door and stop at the foot of the bed.
“Oh, doll,” Bucky says, immediately getting into the bed and wrapping his arms around you, pulling you into his chest. “Is this because of our session?”
Turning around in his arms, you look up at him. “Is this the end?” 
He uses his free arm to tuck your hair behind your ear. “The end of what?” 
“Us,” you croak out, voice hoarse from crying so much. 
Bucky’s eyes tear up at your question, his heart breaking into two. “Why would you ever think that, doll?” 
Closing your eyes for a second, you feel Bucky’s arms tighten around you. When you reopen them, Bucky is sobbing, his body shaking with each cry. 
Wrapping your arms around him, you slide closer until you’re pressed up against him. 
“I don’t want us to end. But, I feel like I’ll never fully know you because you won’t let me in all the way,” you cry into his chest, tears staining his shirt. 
He is quiet for a few moments, seemingly thinking to himself. “I thought I was doing a good thing. Protecting you from the evils of the world.” 
Tears slowing down, you collect yourself before moving back. “And, I get that. I really do. But, your life revolves around those evils. Whether you want it to or not. You are one of the reasons this world is safe and I’ll never be completely a part of your life until you introduce me to that side of you.” 
Gripping your chin, Bucky leans in and kisses you deeply. You sigh into the kiss and his tongue slips into your mouth. 
Distracted by the way his lips feel on yours, you slide your hands down his chest and grab the belt of his pants, yanking him closer to you. 
Bucky gives you one last kiss before pulling away and placing his forehead against yours. “You’re right,” he says, breathing heavily. “It’s not fair to you and I’m sorry, doll. If it makes you feel any better, Sam always said I’m kind of an idiot when it comes to relationships.”
“Sam may have been onto something,” you joke, a small grin plastered on your face. 
“Oh, that’s how you want to play?” Bucky asks, a mischievous glint in his eyes. 
Suddenly, you’re on your back, arms pinned above your head as Bucky lays on top of you. “Come with me to the compound tomorrow.” 
“Seriously?” you ask, shocked that he wants you to go. 
“Yes. It’s time you meet everyone... I’m just sorry it took this long. They’ve been asking about you too.”
Shrieking in excitement, you pull Bucky’s head down, connecting your lips once more. “Thank you, Buck. I know this is a hard step for you,” you whisper against his mouth before biting down on his lower lip. “I’m so grateful you’re sharing this part of you with me.”
Bucky growls, the sound going straight to your core. “Anything for you, doll.” He places his mouth next to your ear, slightly biting down on your earlobe. “Today though, you’re all mine.” 
As he leans back to look down at you, you watch as his blue eyes darken with desire and you groan. “I wouldn’t want it any other way.”
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ginagrey · 5 months ago
started from a call
full masterlist
Pairings: Bucky Barnes x female!reader
Word count: 3,610
Warning: angst with a happy ending! that's all.
Summary: written for @wkemeup's 9k writing challenge with the prompt "character a leaves an embarrassing, drunk message on character b’s voicemail and spends the rest of the night trying to discreetly delete it from [b]’s phone." inspired by a bit of ross and rachel from friends too. you found out from steve that bucky was in love with you in high school but after he returns home with a girl in his arm, you cancelled your plans to tell him how you feel. will you and bucky have your happy ending?
a/n: please like, reblog and leave a feedback. :) enjoy!
Tumblr media
"Alright, I'll see you tonight. Bye." He leaned against the kitchen counter and hung up the phone with a grin on his face. "You hear that, Sam? We're going on our third date tonight." He threw his phone up into the air and caught it so casually without spilling a drop of his coffee sitting on his right hand. "Looks like I'm getting that 300 bucks soon."
"Hey, easy. You ain't going to that date yet, who knows? She could bail on you. It doesn't count if the date doesn't end well."
"Oh, but it will. I just gotta turn on my charm and next thing you know, we're already meeting the parents stage."
"Meeting the parents? That's a big step from you, Buck."
"Hey, I'm a man of my words. If I said that I'm going to change this year then I'm gonna stick to it."
"So Leah isn't just a one-time thing to get 300 bucks?"
"Maybe yes, maybe no. We'll see how tonight goes. But one thing's for sure is that I'm getting that 300 bucks."
Sam and Bucky made a bet as their New Year's resolution that Bucky would never go on a second date with any girl or remember to call her in the morning after a wild night. His commitment issues had given him a reputation as the player in the gang. It wasn't a new thing anymore to anyone that when they visited Bucky's place in the morning, they would see a girl with a dopey smile and slightly ruffled hair walking out of his apartment, giddy that Bucky just made a promise to call her later.
You, Natasha, Wanda, Sam and Steve were hanging out at Nat's place. The six of you had been friends since college. You, Nat, Bucky and Steve had known each other since high school and the four of you kept in touch despite going to separate universities. You met Wanda when you went to NYU and Steve met Sam while he was in Harvard. Long story short, after the four of you graduated, you and Wanda lived together as roommates and even started your own bakery business. Steve and Bucky lived in the same building as you and Natasha and Sam lived nearly alone. They were too independent for roommates. Don't even start on Natasha and how much she valued her personal space. That's how the six of you ended up here, gathered at your place on a Saturday afternoon.
"Are you gonna pick her up tonight?"
"Of course. Gonna clean up well, bring her some flowers and knock on her door at 7 pm precisely. Which girl isn't gonna fall for that?" Bucky walked over to the couch you and Nat were sitting on and leaned on the headrest, his arms caging both you and Natasha.
You didn't say anything nor did Natasha because she knew about your feelings for Bucky. Despite never feeling that way about Bucky in high school, your feelings changed a week ago after learning that Bucky used to be in love with you but never had the courage to tell you. That's why he never had a girlfriend during his high school years and he wanted to take you to prom and confess his feelings to you but he was too late. Another guy had already snooped in first.
You were his first love but it wasn't reciprocated until now. That's why in college, he learned how to get over you and slept with as many women as possible because he felt like he lost four years of his life of finding the one. He never intended to be a player and feed girls empty promises, it just kind of became his way of dating. He was too afraid that no one could live up to you yet he enjoyed being with women. Hence, the bet.
The day you found out from Steve about Bucky's past feelings for you while playing truth or dare, you immediately wanted to call him up but Bucky was out of town for a few days and as soon as he was back home, he had Leah in his arm. Your heart was crushed. Wanda told you that it would probably last for a few days and that he'd eventually be single again but you totally did not expect this thing to turn into something serious. You loved Sam with every fibre of your being, he was like the big brother you never had, but you wanted to curse him for making that bet.
So you just rolled your eyes and stayed silent throughout this entire conversation, even though your heart felt like it was being stabbed over and over again. "Alright, I gotta go. Got a big date tonight. I'll see you guys in a few hours." Just like that, Bucky walked out of the room without knowing the pain his words caused you.
The next day you were sitting in your bed watching The Notebook in your pyjamas because you were too heartbroken to do anything productive. It was Sunday so you could just have a whole day to yourself and do absolutely nothing but cry. Wanda knocked on your door bringing a plate of cookies and she had a pitiful look on her face. "y/n? Sweetie? I made you these cookies, they might make you feel better." Sometimes you thank the stars for bringing her into your life.
"Thank you, Wanda. You're so nice to me." You know you probably sound like a hormonal whiny kid but everything made you cry at the moment.
"Do you need anything else? I know how it feels to get your heartbroken, trust me. When me and Vision had a fight and we didn't talk for days all I wanted was to curl up and never leave my bed, so in case you need anything, I'm here." She offered you that warm smile of hers.
"No, all I want right now is to just eat these cookies and go back to my film, thanks Wan."
"Okay, I'll be outside." Your pity party was interrupted when Nat arrived in her leather jacket and burst into your room.
"Get up, you are taking a shower and you're getting that face beat."
"Natasha, what the hell? Leave me alone."
"Y/N, listen to me. I got a date for you. His name is Scott and he's a real nice guy, he's funny, he's a good friend of mine and he is really smart. He is so much better than Bucky, I promise you. Now c'mon, I already told him that you are meeting him tonight at Stark's restaurant at 7."
You whined, doing anything you can to get her to leave you alone with your tears and your cookies but you knew that once Natasha set her mind on something, there's no talking her way out of it. Damn that woman with her determination.
"Y/N, c'mon! Wallowing all day isn't you. I know you and what's good for you. That's why I found you a great guy who will charm you so good that you will forget Barnes even existed. You can't let him win, y/n. If he's going to be happy with someone else, then you better show him that you can be much happier with other people."
You stared at her, trying to absorb her words. There's some wisdom in that. You're not the type to cry over a guy, not even for even Bucky Barnes. So you let Natasha drag you to the shower and asked Wanda to do your hair when she does your makeup. She chose an outfit for you, a dress that was not too sexy but chic enough to leave a good first impression.
Scott was early to the restaurant and he looked elated to see you. He was wearing a grey suit with no tie and he had a really exuberant smile on his face, the type that drew people easily. You could see why Natasha called him a nice guy.
"Wow, sorry, I just- didn't expect you to be this beautiful."
"Ah, thank you, Scott. Have you been waiting long?"
"No, not at all. I just arrived here like five minutes ago."
The night went on and Scott did most of the asking and talking, you answered each question curtly with forced enthusiasm in your face and body language. You weren't even listening to half of the things he said because your mind kept playing images of Bucky with Leah and how you heard from Sam that the date went well so he lost 300 bucks. You kept thinking about Bucky and Leah and how they would probably get married and have kids and live in the suburbs with a golden retriever while you'd still be single and you'd compare every man you meet to Bucky. Maybe it was your karma for not reciprocating his feelings in high school.
Five glasses of wine and you spent more time nodding than talking. Honestly, all you wanted to do was to just go home and go back to The Notebook because their love story was much better than your love life. Scott woke you out of your daze, "Natasha told you that I was cuter than this, did she?" after you gulped your sixth glass of wine.
"Oh Scott, I'm so sorry. It's not you, it's me. I know it sounds cliche but it's just... I'm not in a place where I'm looking for a boyfriend. You are a really likeable guy and I swear, if we had met at another time, maybe I would be a better date but right now, I just- I have someone else in my mind." You sighed, it felt like a relief to get that off your chest.
"Is this guy... an ex-boyfriend?"
You chuckled, "no... He wishes."
Scott nodded, "look, I don't know what your situation is but I've been through a divorce and it's never easy. But eventually, you'll be fine. You can't see it now because you haven't had closure." Then it was as if the bulb above your head was turned on.
"That's it.  Closure, yeah. That's all I need. Okay, give me a minute. I'm gonna call him now and I'm going to get my closure."
Scott sat there watching you comically trying to find your phone in your purse and tapped on Bucky's contact number. The normal you would be sweating with every ring but intoxicated you had no worries in the world... For now.
"This is Bucky. Can't pick up right now, leave a message." Beep.
"Hello, yes, Bucky! Or James, should I call you James? I always thought Bucky was a weird name. Anyways, I'm just calling to tell you that I am fine and I am on a date with Scott. And speaking of dates, I just gotta tell you that I'm happy to hear that your date went well. And that, my friend, means that I am over you. That's right, I'm over you. Tell Leah I say hi." You said sarcastically.
You hung up the phone and threw your phone back into your purse. You felt like you just won a chess game.
The next morning you decided to sleep in because your heart was pounding and you could barely sit up without feeling like you might fall. You were supposed to be working at the bakery but since you owned the bakery, Wanda let you sleep it off until you recover. You couldn't remember anything from last night, how you got back to your apartment was a mystery. You tried to put the pictures together, from being forced to go on a date, meeting a guy named Sean? Simon? Sebastian? Scott! Yes, Scott. You ordered your meals and then... Nothing, it was all blurry. You weren't even sure if anything happened at all after eating your meals.
The apartment was empty because Wanda was working at the bakery and it was just you with your hangover pills. Bucky came to your apartment without knocking because Wanda told him on the phone that you were home. He greeted you with a smile and asked about your date.
"Uh, let's see. I think there was a restaurant, I know there was wine. And there's a guy, Scott and pretty much that's all I can recall."
Bucky made a yikes face. Seeing the state you were in, he could do the math (of the wine you had). You probably enjoyed the alcohol more than the guy. What a doofus, he thought. If he was the one going on a date with you, you'd definitely remember every detail from last night.
"Leah's downstairs and I'm taking her back to her place but I left my keys here last night. Have you seen it?"
"No, check the drawers. Maybe Wanda put 'em there."
"Ah, okay." He opened the drawers and found the keys to his bike.
"Did we... Speak on the phone last night?"
"Nope, my phone was dead and I didn't charge it all night so I haven't really checked it. Why?"
"Nothing, nothing. It's just... Never mind. My memories are a bit hazy right now. You should go, say hi to Leah for me."
Bucky nodded as you walked back to your room to go lie down. Your question reminded him that he should probably check his phone now because there could be work-related messages but the first thing he heard was a voicemail from you. "Oh, y/n. I got your message!"
That instantly stopped you in your tracks. Your eyes went wide and you froze. You immediately turned around and ran to grab his phone away from him. Bucky had a confused look on his face, "who's Scott?"
"Oh my God, no, Bucky, give me the phone. Give me the phone!" But it was already too late, he was already halfway through your voicemail and by the time you successfully snatched his phone out of his grasp, he had already heard every word.
Bucky stood there dumbfounded, he needed time to process everything you just said to him. "What do you- what do you mean you're over me?"
"Oh, God... Alright, um- lately, I've um- sort of, have... Feelings for you." You never had to chase a guy or confess your crush first so this felt new and my God, it was nerve-racking.
"You have feelings for me..." He said it as if he was convincing himself that his ears got it right. Bucky couldn't believe the words that just escaped through your lips, for years he had dreamed of this moment. Though never did he ever want you to make the first move but adolescent him wanted to hear you say what he'd been wanting to say to you too.
He didn't say anything for what felt like minutes and you couldn't decipher his thoughts from the look on his face. "I need to sit down," he pulled one of the dining chairs and leaned on his side in a defeated posture.
"Bucky... Please say something." You alerted him in a hushed tone, not wanting to startle him than you already did. But he didn't. He was lost at words. What the hell was he supposed to tell her?
"Look Bucky, I'm sorry for telling you this way but I had to. I just- I've been wanting to talk to you about it since you came back to New York, well- actually, since Steve told me but-"
"Whoa, Steve told you?!" He interrupted.
"Yeah, it just accidentally slipped when we were playing truth or dare..."
"Okay well," he stood up from his seat, yet he still couldn't look you in the eye. "I can't do this right now, Leah's waiting for me downstairs and I gotta go." He basically ran out of the room and slammed the door behind him, leaving you alone.
Once your hangover had begun dissipating, you decided to help Wanda at the bakery and took the night shift. She must've been exhausted from managing the bakery alone while also helping the employees in the kitchen so you told her to go home and leave it to you. The bakery's usually slower at night.
When it was nearing closing time and your employees had gone home, you decided to clean up and turned off the lights and checked everything one last time before locking the door. The bell above the door dinged and you were slightly annoyed because who the hell comes to the bakery at this hour?
"I'm sorry we're clo...sed." It was Bucky. He stood there in a black coat, with an expression you still couldn't figure out. "Bucky, what are you-"
"You have no right to tell me that you've got feelings for me." His tone was harsh, he never spoke that way to you or anyone... Ever.
He walked closer to you, maintaining his gaze, "You can not tell me that you've got feelings for me now when I'm doing well with my life and Leah..."
"What the hell is that supposed to mean?"
"I was in love with you for years! Years, y/n! And you never said and did anything and now when everything's going well you're ruining it!"
"I am ruining it?" You repeated the question because you couldn't believe what you just heard. How dare he said those hurtful things to you.
"Yes! I was doing fine with Leah and now I don't know what's going to happen with me and her anymore..."
"Yeah, well, I was doing fine before I found out that YOU were in love with me and never had the balls to tell me!" You did everything you could to not cry, you hated crying in the middle of an argument.
"Hey, it's not like I didn't try. There were your ex-boyfriends and your dates and I had to move on. I couldn't wait forever! And now, now you're too late."
"Oh, so what? You're just gonna walk away and pretend that this never happened?"
"Yes, I'm going to do exactly that and I'm going to go see Leah." He turned around like he did earlier in your apartment and left you alone once again with your heartbreak.
"Fine! Go ahead and see Leah because I don't give a fuck about cowards like you or whoever you sleep with." You slammed the door and tried everything you could to not have a breakdown here because you really hated letting an argument hurt you. You sat on one of the chairs where the customers would sit and you hid your face with your hands and cried.
Not because you just lost an argument but because of what Bucky said and it felt like you had lost Bucky before you even had him. Now there was no hope left for you and Bucky, things were too complicated.
You didn't know how long you had cried there, alone, in the dimmed lighting of your shop but after you felt like the tears had dried, you wiped the traces of your tears from your cheeks with the back of your thumb. You stood from your seat and was ready to go home. You couldn't wait to eat some leftover pizzas, take a warm shower and cry into your pillows until you fall asleep.
But when you were about to leave, you saw Bucky standing on the other side of the door, watching you through the windows with a softer expression on his face. You opened the door and Bucky instantly grabbed your waist and kissed you as if his life depended on it.
You gave in to his kiss, letting him pour every desire and yearning into your lips for as long as he wanted. You grabbed his face because you wanted him impossibly closer and you shut your eyes, letting your guard down. Because it was Bucky, and you'd known him for as long as you could remember and you both deserved this moment.
Bucky eventually pulled away until both of you were running out of air. You were breathless from his kiss, you never knew he was such a good kisser. (It's Bucky and he's had a lot of women on his bed, of course, he was excellent at it. Who were you kidding?) But now that you've had your own front-row experience, you felt a tad of possessiveness at the thought of sharing those lips or any part of him with anyone else.
"I couldn't go back to her knowing you are here alone and I had thrown away what I've wanted for as long as I could remember."
"I'm glad you came back." You pressed your foreheads and you rested your hands on his chest. You could get used to this.
"I hope it's not too late to say this but, y/n y/l/n, will you let me take you to dinner and see a movie after maybe?"
"I wasn't the one who said it's too late," you halfheartedly teased him.
"Shut up, so is that a yes or a no?"
You bit your lip and nodded, "yes. Definitely a yes." You stared into his ocean blue eyes, so deep and beautiful, you could easily get lost in it.
"y/n y/ln, I'm going to put all of your ex-boyfriends to shame."
"Hm, we'll see about that." You put your arms around his neck. Then a thought crossed your mind and your smile faded away, "what are you gonna do about Leah though?"
"I'll talk to her in the morning. Let's take you home now, yeah? It's getting late."
You bit your lip and nodded, "okay."
Ninth grade you dreamed of popular jocks and athletic seniors, but little did you know that, sometimes, the one who sincerely loved you was the book nerd who loved The Hobbit a little too much.
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bucky-soldat · 14 days ago
Wicked Games
Pairing: Mob!Bucky x Reader, mentions of Mob!Sam x Reader
Summary: You and Bucky meet again. This time Bucky will not take no for an answer.
Warnings: Dom!Bucky, angst, mentions of parent death, mentions of drugs, sexual tension but finally turns into smut, library sex, unprotected sex, rough sex, name calling, creampie, cum kink, slight cockwarming.
Word Count: 4,634
A/N: This can be read as a standalone but it would make much more sense to also read Consistency Not to Comply & Criminal . Any feedback is always welcome in the form of comments, reblogs and likes. Thank you :).
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes has never felt this tormented throughout his lifetime. Not even when he lost his arm to an accident when he was a teen or when he got caught up once when he was starting out with his mafia gang. He made it quickly to the top with all his sweet talk, swagger and extreme determination to make it there and stay there. In a short time span, he had made many shady deals with all sorts of people and in all sorts of areas. He had bookies, construction companies, financial institutions to be allow him to launder all the money he would get from any illicit activities and he was dipping his fingers into drug dealing but it wasn’t exactly a done deal. Many things were in the way and one of them was his ex-best friend, the other leader of another prominent gang, which was always in competition along Bucky’s. He had friends in high places and held a lot over their heads, from politicians, business executives, celebrities, football players and even the police. To put simply, Bucky Barnes was a powerful and dangerous man - untouchable, he could get away with murder, and he did, countless of times. He was the best and most ruthless businessman in the city. Everyone bent the knee for him, except one. This was Bucky’s current and pressing problem and this problem was you.
At times, he wanted to give up on you, he’s really tried. He’s been currently dating someone. He was taking her on all these lavish dates. His best friend, Steve had told him that she looked like you. Indeed she did. He had his people pick someone for him who looked like you. He gave them a thorough description of how you looked like. They searched for days throughout his clubs to find someone looking like you. In the end, they picked five and had them go to you for an inspection. They were all fervent to comply, all over Bucky the minute they saw him. Bucky rolled his eyes at them, none of them were like you; strong-willed. As much as he detested your smart mouth, what drew him to you was your lack of willingness to bend the rules; he admired your own resolve. There were no grey areas with you; it was either this or that. In fact, many a times he had picked your brain whenever he was faced with a difficult decision. He would use a different scenario from the one he would have been in so he won’t have to look at your disapproving face. You always knew better and at the end of your advice, you would always let him know how much you detest his line of work. He would pull you in for a hug, which would cause you to melt in his arms immediately.
The lookalike you did not melt in his arms, she whined and complained to be spoiled like the good girl she was. Even her laugh was annoying, she did not laugh like you. Your laugh was bright, it lit the whole room, and it warmed his heart. He wanted to make you laugh, he did make you laugh, many times. His fingers would sneak down to your sides to tickle you whenever he hugged you. You would try to kick and take hold of his hands but obviously, Bucky was much stronger than you. His would have you pinned on your couch, his metal fingers holding both of your hands in a cross while you shook beneath him, breathless from all the laughter. He wanted to kiss you, badly but he wasn’t sure how you would react, whether kindly or feral in the worst of ways. He might have caught a glint in your eyes, allowing him to invade your space but he thought that it quickly went away.
You and Bucky were currently in the same room but you had not crossed paths just yet. Bucky had his lookalike you on his arm while you were on someone else’s arm. You have been going out with his enemy. Sam Wilson was Bucky’s ex-best friend, he had conspired against him once and when it became news to Bucky he let him go with some broken ribs, broken nose and shot to the leg and some toes. Bucky was surprised how he did not bleed to death. He didn’t want his best friend’s blood on his hands so he only tortured him. He regretted his decision ever since because Sam was consumed with fury, he made it his mission to try to replace Bucky. So far he only succeeded in one aspect and that was again, you.
You didn’t know that Sam was like Bucky. You really didn’t, neither did your best friend. Speaking of your best friend, you were currently in the same room with Bucky, because it was her birthday. She had gotten pretty cosy with Steve as soon as you and Bucky maintained whatever relationship you two had. You were extremely opinionated in the bad sense whenever she would talk about Steve. You would remind her how she wanted you to block Bucky in the first place on Tinder because of his work ethics. Her reply was always the same, she could handle men like Steve and Bucky, but you were not. Occasionally her reply hurt you but at the same time, she was partially accurate. Your own father was a shady man, he died because he overdosed one night and you were the one who found him lying there on the kitchen floor. Your own mother wasn’t a saint either, she whored herself at any chance she could get. This was why you were so dismissive of Bucky. He represented every bad deed your parents did and all the pain they caused you. They were ruthless in their own ways and you were left to fend for yourself, picking up yourself over and over again, each time they would fuck up. Your father fucked up big time by killing himself and your mother, well, you two were estranged these days, and you could not really care less about her.
Bucky caught sight of you as he was making his way to the bar. The rage he was feeling presently was an understatement really. He was about to explode and lash out at anyone who would dare to cross his way. He watched you laugh at something that Sam had whispered into your ear. For the first time in his life, Bucky was feeling like someone had ripped his heart out and was stomping their foot on it as if it were trash. Sure, he loved his family dearly and they loved him, despite them not knowing all the facts that he was not the good son they thought he was. But this was a different kind of love. A love that he had never felt for anyone else but you. You were all too consuming for him; you had his heart, his mind, and his body, he was ready for you. He was burning for you with a love he never had.
His instinct was to march up to you and Sam instead of going to the bar. However, the two things he has learned throughout his life, which he always counted on, were patience and control. He would be irrational if he did that. Sam would instantly smell his jealously and that would add more insult to Bucky’s injury.
Instead, Bucky fetched the lookalike you and made sure you would see them as they crossed the room. You caught sight of Bucky there and then. You tensed as you saw him. Sam felt you as you tense up next to him. He looked wherever you were looking but thankfully, Bucky and his girl were out of sight already. You mustered a sweet smile to Sam’s way barely able to look him in the eye and excused yourself to go to the bathroom. You barely gave Sam time to reply to you as you hurriedly made your way out, finally out of sight in the hallway.
Your best friend’s parents were very rich people and the current party you were attending was taking place in one of their houses. You had been here before because this was the party house, according to your friend. Confidently, you made your way to the library you so loved to stay cooped up in. It was the last room of the house as it almost took an entire floor. You climbed up the stairs, making your way there as calmly as you could. You knew that one way or another Bucky would punish you like this.
It had been almost three months since your last encounter with Bucky. You knew you had made a mistake by saying that to Bucky. But you didn’t realise the severity of your consequence up until a week later. You were caught up in your work as usual but Bucky was still on your mind. He didn’t call, didn’t text at all. Looking at your phone was making you nervous, especially whenever someone would call or text you. It was never him. He went radio silent, after all that was what you wanted right? I wish I never met you. It played on your mind constantly. His reply as well – Your wish is my command. He kept his word. If he never kept his word before with you, he finally did now. He taunted you by flirting with you incessantly, never ever giving up once. But now, he was doing what you wanted him to do – cut ties with you. That’s what you meant right? You didn’t want him in your life, right?You’ve never been more wrong. You missed him, way too much. You almost couldn’t believe the extent of it all. Missing Bucky made you willing to go out on a first date in years. Sam was outgoing, sweet and reliable. You never wanted to date someone as messy as Bucky. Sam was the opposite. He told you that he was the CEO of various companies, the role was inherited to him when his parents passed away. You did not know much about him but you were enjoying getting to know him. You two met when you were out drinking with your best friend, hoping to forget all about Bucky.
Despite dating Sam, Bucky was still frequently on your mind. You never stopped thinking about him. Whatever mundane thing you would do, your mind would take you to Bucky, wondering what he was doing or thinking. Did he think of you? Clearly he wasn’t. He was very much over you. The slight sight of him with someone else had made so envious that you almost ran away from the party.
Little did you know that Bucky had one of his man follow your every move. Bucky never went anywhere without some of his men tagging along for safe measures. He was told that you were in the library, which did not surprise him at all. He knew how much you enjoyed reading. Bucky had a library of his own in his home. He had picked out many books for you to read, any book you would mention, he had it in his collection. You wanted to see his library as the books he would get you had you stunned, some of them were first editions, and he trusted you enough to lend them to you.
You were sprawled out on an antique, 19th century French walnut sofa, with a book in hand, your partner and the party long forgotten altogether, and Bucky to an extent. Then again, you were here to hide from him. You refused to watch him with someone else. It made you feel queasy. There was an unspoken truth before where you and Bucky were together but not exactly together. He was never in a woman’s company whenever he was with you. But Bucky was never yours to begin with. You tried to reason with yourself, you didn’t own Bucky and neither did he. Yet, you were still too uncomfortable to show yourself back at the party.
You did not hear Bucky come into the library. He slipped into the room quietly, making sure that the door was locked as he heard it click. The sofa was facing the fireplace; it was all you could hear, the yellow flame emitting from it could easily represent your desires for one another. The flame that would never falter, burning hot. If it touched your skin, it would consume you whole, encapsulating the impending need, reminding you how Bucky makes you feel.
Bucky could not see you just yet, but you came into view as he stood between you and the fireplace, ready to devour you. Nothing and no one will stop him tonight, not even you.
“Fancy meeting you here baby girl.” His velvety voice startled you, your eyes shoot up, following his voice.
He was standing casually as ever, his hands shoved down his suit pants. He was wearing an all-black suit, tuxedo pants, with a satin stripe was visible as it went down all the way. You wanted to take him by his black tie, pulling him to you and let him have his way with you. Your own feelings were too damn conflicting. Bucky screamed danger but you wanted him. But Bucky was with someone else and so were you. Your nostrils were filled with his scent, the whole room smelled like Bucky now. It was comforting, you realised you missed it too.
Calmly you closed the book, still not uttering any word to him and got ready to get up. Bucky didn’t intervene, he was simply watching you. His cold stare was giving you chills. Shakily, you stood up and went over to the bookshelf to place the book you had taken back in its place.
Yet again, you didn’t know that Bucky was now standing right behind you. A gasp escaped your lips as you turned around to find him right in front of you. He had you pressed up against the shelf, completely pinned as he wrapped his fingers around your wrists.
“Bucky, let me go. I’m with someone.” You quickly told him.
“Are you now?” He smirked at you, tilting his head to the side, his voice mocking you.
“And so are you.” Your jaw clenched as the words rolled out of your mouth with jealousy.
“Are you jealous baby girl?” He was amused at your reaction. He was clearly enjoying this, everything was at his advantage, as it always were. You could never win the game from Bucky Barnes. He was the mastermind, controlling all of it.
You didn’t reply but simply tried to fight him off you as you tried to move your wrists, in a weak attempt as Bucky’s grip only tightened around them. It sent shivers down your spine just as a throbbing need spread down to your core. Bucky called you out as one of his clothed knees, wiggled between your legs to spread and make room for him to get in between them. He lifted his knee up and pressed gently against your core, feeling your heat, your desire for him.
“Stop denying me.” He whispered as he continued to brush his knee against you, before he crashed his lips against yours in a fiery, needy kiss. A low moan escaped your lips as Bucky was now fully pressed up against you, his hands never left your wrists, he didn’t trust you enough just yet. He needed to know whether you really wanted this or not.
“Tell me.” He demanded huskily as he pulled away from you, his nose nuzzling against your, his big intense blue eyes never leaving yours. You knew exactly what he was you to tell him. You bit your lip as you finally realised that tonight you will be going against all that you believed in and not to mention, you were going to cheat on your date.
Nonetheless, you wanted Bucky, it’s been long enough denying yourself this sweet temptation. You found yourself exhausted, continuously refusing and giving up on the opportunity. What if there was a possibility that Bucky could make you happy. He did indeed already make you happy. He would give you everything, whatever you asked him, ultimately, it was yours. You had Bucky before you even asked. He gave his heart to you willingly. Bucky was always a gentleman toward you, that never stopped. If you didn’t know any better, you would never be able to tell that he was a mafia boss. You had infuriated him during your last encounter and as he lashed at you, he was regretting it. But you were being so stubborn.
“Use your goddamn words baby girl.” He demanded again, his words snapping you out of your current thoughts.
“I…I need you Bucky.” Your words came out in hesitation, which caused Bucky to look at you briefly in disdain.
“Fuck you.” He snarled at you before he quickly moved his flesh hand down to cup your pussy. “You’re dripping wet for me. I can fucking feel you and smell you. Stop denying us both the pleasure.” He said through gritted teeth against your cheek as you averted your gaze, your head down.
“Bucky, you just don’t understand.” You said in a weak voice.
“What don’t I understand?” He bit back. “Help me understand this then – why the fuck are you sleeping with Wilson? He’s like me!”
“What?” You asked bemused, your eyes locking back with his.
“You heard me.” He huffed. “You really expect me to believe that you didn’t know?” He scoffed, shaking his head. “Then again, why am I not surprised? He’s been a liar and a cheat all his life. He would never treat you the way I would and you know it.”
You were hit back with more revelations. In fact Sam had barely spoke about his work with you. Whenever you would ask him about his day, he would just shrug and kiss you all over, making you forget that you even asked him about it. By the time you would even think of something else to ask him, he would be hovering above you, about to enter you. Some nights you would call him but he wouldn’t pick up. Sure, you wouldn’t have agreed to meet but it was nice to hear his voice before going to bed. Your call would go straight to voicemail, leaving you wondering. Now, Bucky was telling you the truth. You had to believe Bucky. Whatever Bucky was, he never ever lied to you or gave you that impression. He’s always been clear with his intensions towards you. Deep down, you knew that whatever happened, he would protect you.
“Please, stop pushing me away.” He pleaded. Bucky Barnes never pleaded with anyone but you had him wrapped around your little finger, completely spellbound.
The next two words had Bucky all over you like the possessed man he was.
Now, with a determined look into your eyes you told him to take you. “Take me, claim me.” You sighed as you finally melted completely into him. You were done fighting against yourself, Bucky won and you won. You needed this, you needed it ever since you met him. Why continue denying yourself? You’ve made up too many excuses, you could barely make any sense. There was one truth and that was your need for Bucky superseded above and beyond everything else.
Bucky left your other wrist to sink down to his knees in front of you. Looking up to you he simply smirked as he lifted up your lacy green dress, to reveal your lacy thong. “Mmm…who would have known, little miss perfect wears a thong.” He chuckled to himself as he pushed the thong to the side to lick your slit, instinctively making you moan as your fingers slid into his dark brown hair.
“Bucky…” You sighed his name as he continued to nip and tease your clit, his tongue lapping at your folds, sucking your nub, hungry for you.
“I would have taken you out on a date but you really left me no choice to treat you like the whore you are.” He said bitterly, pulling away from you only to bury his two metal fingers into you without warning, causing you to buck your hips forward as your legs almost gave out.
Your hands left his hair as they were now gripping the edge of the bookshelf as he kept pumping his fingers in and out of you. You winced at the way he called you a whore but you didn’t really blame him, besides, you actually enjoyed this. It was pushing you over the edge.
“Look at that, all wet and needy for me, what a fucking slut.” He chuckled darkly again before he lapped and sucked at your clit again.
“I would fuck that stubborn mouth of yours but I want you to come all over my cock. I want you to take me like the good little slut that you are. I want to see you as I take you apart, claiming you. Mine.” He groaned, getting up from his knees, pulling your dress over your head with his flesh hand, leaving you almost naked.
You only moaned at his words as his metal fingers were still inside you, hitting your spot. He slipped his fingers out of you only to tug down of what was left of your thong, ripping the flimsy material. Both of his hands were now on your breasts, unclasping it from the front, tits bouncing out at him. He took one nipple into his mouth, while his flesh fingers teased the other one, causing it to harden against his touch as he tugged on it roughly between his fingertips, before slapping it, causing you to whimper against him.
You head was arched back resting on the books, messing your hair, which you were wearing as a bun, fully exposing your neck. You wanted to undress him, as your fingers took hold of the sides of his black tuxedo jacket. But Bucky stopped you as his hands went back to gripping your wrists, plucking his lips away from your nipple.
“You don’t get to do that.” He tutted at you, dismissively. All too suddenly, you felt exposed, completely naked against his clothed self. As much as he wanted his first time with you to be caring and perfect, he wanted to teach you a lesson. He wanted to remind you who was in complete control and to who you actually belonged. You did not belong to anyone but him and he fully intended to lay claim on you, mark you soon enough.
His lips went to your neck, placing gentle kisses all over the side at first before he started to graze his teeth along your pulsating neck. His hands had left yours once again to unzip his fly and pull out his cock. You inhaled sharply as you looked down as his thick, long cock sprung free, pushing against your slit, teasing your entrance with the tip.
Bucky took your left leg, holding the back of your thigh with his metal arm, as he lined himself up. Your other leg wrapped around his backside, wanting to pull him against you to finally plunge himself into you. But Bucky gave you an amused smiled, shaking his head again, looking at you. “I know how desperate you are for me to fill you up. Soon baby girl.” He bit on his own bottom lip as he bucked his hips forward, causing the tip of his cock to slide into you.
“Fuck, you’re so tight.” He sighed against your forehead as his other arm wrapped around you, bracing you as he sheathing you completely. You cried loudly as you felt him filling you to the brim taking you by surprise once again.
“Bucky…” Your voice filled with need, wanting to him to move. “Please…please…” You sighed as he started to move into you, your pleas music to his ears. He was diving into you roughly and deeply, watching himself as he bucked in and out of you, stretching you against his length, his own cock glistening with your own juices.
“Fuck baby girl…you feel so good…too good…this is what I’ve always craved.” He said hoarsely against your ear, his eyes briefly closed, as he got lost into his own rhythm, thrusting into you. “I needed you so fucking badly. You’re mine. You hear me?” He bit on your earlobe gruffly, as he picked up his pace again, clenching his ass he rammed hard into you, his balls slapping against your skin.
“All yours Bucky…only yours…” You mumbled as your hands gripped his shoulders, your nails digging against his skin. With each long thrust you could feel the bookshelf rumble against your back, despite having his arm wrapped around you. Some of the books might have fallen already but you did not really care.
“Bucky, please…” You cried again, feeling your orgasm building up with each thrust. You tried to meet his thrusts as your own hips tried to rotate in the same rhythm as his thrusts, but you couldn’t really keep up. He was moving into you hard and deep without stopping, like an animal. His fingers dug into your thigh and into your side, making you whimper.
“I wish to deny your pleasure, I really do. You’ve been a really bad girl.” He groaned feeling his own release at its peak.
“Let’s come together.” He said as you trembled hard against one another, you both screamed out each other’s names as your orgasms filled the air. You contracted around his cock tightly, shuddering violently as you came around him. Bucky chased his own release, lost into you, your name falling from his lips as he spilled his hot seed into you. You were breathless, lost within him yourself, feeling his come gushing into you. You’ve never experienced such an erotic moment as this in your life. Sex with Sam wasn’t the same, you couldn’t compare anyone to Bucky ever. His domineering way as he split you apart around him left you feeling completely spent but insatiable.
Bucky let go of your leg gently and pulled out of you. You whined softly as he did, feeling some of his come dripping out of you, trickling down the inside of your thigh. Bucky cupped some of it with his metal finger and shoved back inside you. “Fuck Buck…” You moaned out again, looking at him with heavy lidded eyes, your arms wrapping around his neck. He removed his metal finger away from your pussy to wrap his metal arm around your side.
He composed himself just as you did, holding onto each other, your sweaty foreheads pressed against one another. A slight chuckle escaped both your lips, his blue eyes no longer locked in yours in a cold stare. You’ve never seen this side of Bucky. His eyes were looking at you in a rather sweet way; it filled your heart with warmth, knowing that he actually cared for you. Bucky made sure to fuck out any doubts you had about him. He was yours just as you were his.
Realisation dawned onto you, finally blissfully aware that Bucky was the only man for you. You were almost shy at how stupid you had acted around him. Then again, both your communication skills weren’t exactly the best, clearly, you had to work on that.
“It’s not fair that you’re still fully clothed.” You muttered shyly against his lips.
“Nothing’s fair in life, my pearl.” He grinned at you before molding his mouth with yours into a passionate kiss.
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buckyblues · 4 months ago
ribs , bucky barnes
— (fem!avenger!reader x avenger!bucky)
summary; When Bucky arrives at the compound after years of loneliness, the person he finds comfort in is you.
warnings; fluff, angst, kissing, fools falling for each other, mentions of trauma, some medical stuff, reader likes to steal things.
word count; 2,037
a/n; okay, i had so much fun writing this piece, it’s my baby. enjoy <3 - stellie
Tumblr media
“Hey,” Steve lightly knocked on your open door.
“You’re back,” you set your copy of Frankenstein to the side. It had been a gift from Banner for your birthday.
Steve leaned his broad frame against the wall. “I need you to stay up here for awhile, we brought him back.”
There were a lot of him’s that Steve could have brought back. Hostages, fugitives, ghosts that the government had long forgotten.
“Bucky,” he clarified. “He’s in medical.”
You knew who Bucky was. Former sergeant of the 107th, Steve’s best friend, and recovering Hydra assassin, among other things.
Steve and Sam had been looking for him for months, scrambling and chasing after him to get him to the compound. You were convinced that Bucky would consistently outrun the two for as long as he could, and the government would just catch him first.
“Is he here legally? He’s a wanted criminal,” you looked at Steve like he had five heads.
“Might’ve pulled some strings,” he shrugged. “Just don’t come out of your room, he’s unstable.”
Were they always going to treat you like you couldn’t handle anything around here?
“Rogers,” you huffed as he began to walk out. “I have some of the best medical knowledge in the compound, and you’re makin’ me sit here?”
“Yup,” his feet padded softly across the floor, and you watched him disappear down the stairs.
You flopped onto the bed like a starfish, making a mental list of things you could do to entertain yourself. Nothing really, that was your answer. You should be down there helping the medical team with any wounds Bucky may have, but Steve will scold you silly for leaving your room as soon as he gets the chance.
Well... Steve would get over it.
Thank god you were a trained spy, more or less, because the compound was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. Medical would be crowded when you walked in, you’d bet the knife you stole from Nat’s collection that Bucky was strapped down to a bed as someone tried to bandage his nasty cuts.
Your instincts proved right.
Bucky was groaning, calling out for something you didn’t understand, legs and arms strapped down. He’s unstable, that’s what Steve said. Steve has a hand on Bucky’s shoulder in a weak attempt to comfort him as the medical personnel rid him of the caked dirt and blood on his skin.
You should be slapped over the face for being so curious, but Bucky has always fascinated you. Sam is in the corner of the the room with his head down, and you remember looking over Bucky’s records with him late at night, or that trip to the Smithsonian to see if you could catch Bucky lurking at his own memorial.
Something about Bucky was beautiful. Broken, but still beautiful. You can’t register it now as hot tears streak down his face, but it clicked with you when you read about him, or when Steve told stories.
“What did I tell you?” Suddenly Steve was stood over you, arms crossed.
“Oh... Captain,” you shoved your hands in the pockets of your hoodie. “I was just—“
Bucky groaned and cried out in pain. Sam tried to do what Steve had done, placing a hand on Bucky’s shoulder. He didn’t seem like the touchy-feely type.
“He could lash out at you,” Steve blocked your view of the hospital bed. “He doesn’t know who you are.”
“So? I’m the only person that can really help with his stitches. He’s hurting.”
“Fine,” Steve said through gritted teeth. “Don’t do anything stupid.”
You walked through the small crowd of nurses tending to Bucky, and naturally, they let you through. A prodigy, that’s the word they liked to throw around, with an organic understanding of human anatomy. The whole compound was surprised you had never gone to med school, and that you just preferred to play checkers with Wanda or help Sam on a mission.
“It’s okay,” you whispered, observing the deep gash down the inside of his right arm. “Can I touch you?”
Bucky thrashed around again, and Sam backed away. “Y/N, he’s having a moment. I wouldn’t go near him.”
“Sam, I have to seal that up,” you disregarded the danger you were in. “He’ll get an infection.”
The infamous Winter Soldier, and he just stared up at you with glassy blue eyes and fearful expression. He mumbled incoherent things under his breath, you wanted nothing more than to understand him.
It seemed like he hadn’t been understood in an awfully long time.
You grabbed all your things from the table to quickly mend him, holding a bandage between your teeth. He fought you, his metal arm tearing one of the restraints, but Bucky eventually let up.
“Relax, Buck,” Steve urged him from behind you.
“All done,” you smile and step away. “Everything else looks fine, you can handle it?”
Steve simply nodded, and you went back to your room.
A week had passed by since Steve brought Bucky to the compound. The air got cold and it rained almost everyday, which meant morning runs were no longer on your daily agenda.
You hadn’t seen Bucky come out of his room. It wasn’t surprising, Sam mumbled a few things here and there about him having a hard time adjusting, that he still got erratic. Being used as a human weapon for over half a century will do that to you.
Being on a mission would’ve been ideal right now. You’re bored in the compound, like a sad princess in her ivory tower. A knock on your door stirred you out of your haze.
“It’s open,” you flipped to the next page of your book. It’s about surgical history, you figured the medical team downstairs wouldn’t miss it from their decorative bookshelf.
Bucky stood in your doorway, looking slightly less upset than the last time you saw him.
“Steve told me this was your room,” he swallowed. “I’m across the hall.”
“I know,” you stared at him for a bit too long. It was strange, hearing him speak.
He pulled his shirt sleeve up, showing you the stitches you had made not long ago. “Can you check these?”
“Of course,” you patted the space on the mattress beside you. “Sit for me.”
Bucky sat down, eyeing his arm where the stitches were. His dark hair fell in his face, and you wanted so badly to push it behind his ears, to see him.
You checked the area around the stitches, making sure they were all intact and that nothing was infected. You had told Steve to make sure Bucky puts Neosporin around the wound every night, and it looked like he had been doing just that.
“Looks fine,” you took your hand away from his arm. “I can take them out soon.”
“Thanks,” he pulled his sleeve back in place. “I hope I didn’t bother you.”
“Not at all,” god, the way you wanted to reach out and touch him.
Bucky’s eyes shifted to yours, glimmering blue.
“When can I come back? For you to take them out?” He asked.
You let out a breath. “Three days.”
He stayed like that for awhile, just looking at you. Maybe he’s searching for something, perhaps fear. You’re not afraid of him.
Your hand moved to his face. That could be considered a calculated mistake. Bucky flinched, his metal hand balling in a tight fist. You brushed the long hair out of his eyes, tucking it behind his left ear.
“I’m not gonna hurt you,” you whispered.
His face warmed up a little bit. “What if I hurt you first?”
“I’ll try and calm you down. I’m not hurting you back.”
“That’s a bad idea.”
“Doesn’t matter,” you sighed.
Bucky nuzzled into your hand that was cupping his jaw. “I should go back to my room.”
“You can stay.”
No one knew why you and Bucky held hands all the time, so no one said anything.
Steve thought he had the right to know, and that maybe he could press his best friend for some answers. Was it a thing? No, you did it for solace. Bucky liked having something to hold.
Bucky Barnes had been a constant in your life for a few weeks. He enjoyed your company just as much as you enjoyed his, it probably had something to do with your lone wolf personalities. You were happy to be a part of his recovery, even if you found he didn’t say much.
“They healed really nice,” you ran a finger over where his stitches used to be.
His eyes looked more innocent than you’ve ever seen before. He was focusing on not flinching, you knew that. Bucky was still getting used to you touching him so often.
“If I ever need them again,” he squeezed your hand in his. “Can you do it for me up here?”
You nodded. “Yeah, I didn’t like seeing you strapped down to that bed.”
He wouldn’t have to worry about that anymore. If he ever got treated like that again, you’d lose your mind.
“Why aren’t you a doctor?” Bucky squinted at you in curiosity.
“I wanted to be a surgeon,” you answered. “But being a spy paid more, I guess. Now I’m here.”
He didn’t have a counter for that, just listened. You liked that about him, he’s a good listener. He listened to you read books aloud so he could fall asleep to the sound of your voice, he listened to you talk about your favorite things even though he didn’t always understand them.
When Bucky first came to the compound, he was covered in bruises and cuts. Now, almost a month later, he looked a lot more at peace, physically and mentally. It’s like a weight had been lifted off his shoulders.
“It feels nice, being here with you,” his metal hand came up to stroke your cheek. “I was thinkin’ about staying locked in my room forever.”
You chuckled. “You’ll get used to everyone else.”
Something inside you ached. You just wanted to be close to him. There was that pang of guilt inside of you, telling you no, that he’d get scared if you did such a thing and it would be all your fault for wrecking his progress.
You moved closer to him so your nose was touching his. “I kinda hope that I’m your favorite.”
“You are,” he hummed, lips brushing against yours and giggling. “Don’t tell Steve.”
There’s nothing you’d rather do than hold him for the rest of your life when he giggles. It’s the most precious thing on earth, he’s letting himself be free.
“Bucky,” you buried the side of your face into your pillow. “Are you feeling okay?”
No answer, just his chapped lips pressed to yours. It felt inexperienced and static, but butterflies filled your stomach nonetheless.
“I wanted to do that with you,” he admitted.
You brought him back into a deeper kiss, still chaste, but more like what you believed he was striving for. He vaguely remembers the feeling of someone’s lips, back in the forties. His body is perfect, molding against yours like you were made for each other.
It’s so nice and warm that your toes curl a bit. The kind of long, sweet kiss that makes your brain reduce to mush, that’s what it was. You really don’t want to come up for air, he is air, that’s what you think.
You did eventually have to breathe, and you just held him for awhile. You stared at him too, shamelessly. That’s a perk of getting to be alone with Bucky.
“Thanks for letting me in here,” you poked at his chest.
He didn’t understand. “Where?”
“That big heart of yours,” you blushed.
Bucky wrapped his big arms around you tighter. He wanted to cry, or melt, but in a good way. He was still working on conveying his emotions. “Thanks for being my friend.”
“I don’t think we’re just friends anymore.”
A goofy smile spread across his face, his eyes crinkling at the sides. There was nothing more beautiful in the entire universe.
And he’s in your arms.
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buckyhoney · 2 months ago
𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐛𝐚𝐫 𝐫𝐮𝐥𝐞𝐬, 𝐛.𝐛
a/n: this is one of my favorites & it was inspired by the endings beginnings gif set
pairing: bartender!bucky x reader
reblogs/feedback/likes are greatly appreciated & highly encouraged! however, DO NOT repost/steal ANY of my fics!
18+ warning
warnings: 18+, language, oral (m & f), fingering, unprotected sex, fluff, sorry for any missed typos
words: 3.4k
Tumblr media
The bar has cleared out from its peak hours. All that is left are: the regulars, a few college kids playing darts, and a newly single girl sitting alone at a small booth in the corner.
You stare blankly at your empty glass, spinning it slowly in your hands. The glass has been empty for quite some time- you desperately want to get more, but your body felt glued to the booth cushion.
The alcohol has worn off and all that is left is the light fog around the front of your head.
With all the strength you can muster, you scoot off the booth with the glass barely hanging from your fingers. You sniffle and take a deep breath before walking to the near-empty bar.
Plopping yourself down on one of the stools, you wait patiently for the bartender to get to you.
He has been refilling you all night- you’re surprised he hasn’t cut you off.
He watched you the whole night to make sure you weren’t going to get out of hand- but you never reached the “security come to get her”.
Just sat in the booth the whole night, dressed in your black skirt and a graphic t-shirt that's tucked into the sides- with your hair pulled away from your face.
You intrigued him every time you came in- coming in happy as can be, ordering fruity cocktails. It all turns to shit the moment the man, who he assumes is was your boyfriend, comes in. That's when the sweet fruity cocktails turned to the bitter taste of whiskey.
The same man was with you earlier, but he had left in a fury a couple of hours ago. This interaction wasn’t the first time he saw him leave like this.
He caught glimpses of the sour relationship throughout the months, as this bar is was “your spot”. He thought how much of an asshole the guy was when he’d leave like that, sometimes in the middle of you talking.
His blood would boil at the sight, wishing you’d leave him already- growing protective whenever you'd come in, security on stand by every time.
When the man left, you wouldn't drink much after- only sit for an hour or two. Based on the unusual amount of whiskey you consumed tonight, he assumed there was a breakup.
From years of experience, he knew not to cut off someone freshly broken up with. There were rules he had set for situations like this.
Number one: do not comment about what is wrong.
Number two: do not go past the bar (including helping to the car or walking home).
Number three: do not kiss or flirt.
Number four: do NOT by any means, take a girl home.
With the experience, he knew to never break these rules- it would lead to unnecessary yelling and people hysterically crying.
You were handling the loss of the relationship much differently than previous customers. From the months of watching from the sidelines, he had a desire to comfort you.
You didn’t cry- not really, just sat in the booth downing glasses of the cheapest whiskey the bar offered. Every now and then your eyes fill with tears, but that’s when the whiskey would come into play- prolonging the sulking session.
Nonetheless, he watched you made sure nobody messed with you, and left you to cope on your own.
“Refill?” He asks, bringing the bottle to the counter and twisting the bottle cap off.
“Water, please.” You lightly shake your head.
“Whiskey’d out?” The glass fills and you take it, not bothering to make eye contact with him.
“Uhm, yeah,” A faint smile appearing and disappearing.
He looks at you- your eyes are red from the strain. Sitting quietly, you sip the glass of water.
There is a mental battle going on inside his head. Debating back and forth about breaking his rules, but his mouth is faster than his brain.
Number one: Do NOT comment about what is wrong.
“For what it’s worth, he seemed like a dick.” Giving in, he says, attempting to cheer you up, but you are caught off guard by the comment.
You didn’t think he was paying attention to the events that happened at the booth. Glancing up at him, you finally pay attention to the man who has been supporting your drinking habits.
He wears a red and black plaid shirt with a black t-shirt underneath and you could faintly smell his cologne from where you were sitting. His hair is tossed about and facial hair covering his jawline.
You are mesmerized by the sight in front of you.
“He is, but I'm the idiot that keeps going back.” Mumbling defeated, you finish the glass of water.
Beginning the spinning again, zoning out on the empty glass.
“But… I think this time is for real,” You add.
Raising an eyebrow, he tilts his head in confusion.
“Cheated.” Anger builds in the pit of his stomach as he nods along.
“His loss.” He brings the water tap to the glass, stopping the spinning.
You let your grip on the glass go, letting him refill it.
Your eyes flutter to his, taken back by how icy they look. He breaks the focus by putting the tap back down. He holds out his hand-
“James, but people call me Bucky.” You hesitantly shake his hand. His palms are smooth, the grip soothing you.
Swallowing hard, you pull away.
“Y/N.” You give your best smile you could manage.
Bucky smiles back before tending to the other customers. You watch him pour fruity drinks into glasses and laugh with the others.
He is charismatic, but not over the top. It’s a natural charm he has, one that’s captivating. He is whipping away the fallen liquid and crumbs from the counter. The smell of the grease had eased, leaving you to assuming closing time is soon. The college kids have left, leaving the dart vacant.
The regulars are finishing their drinks, before throwing a five-dollar bill down before disappearing outside. Meaning the only person left is the newly single girl.
Every now and then, Bucky glances at you while he cleans up.
The bar closed almost fifteen minutes ago, but he didn’t mind the company. His managers and co-workers leave him, but not without reminding you to lock up and kick the girl out.
He had no plans of kicking you out till he is finished. The TVs are playing reruns of friends.
Glimpses of a smile would appear when a comedic scene would come on. Bucky wished he had seen it more, but it would fade like the fruitiness of the drinks.
“Oh god, I didn’t even realize you guys closed. I’m so sorry-“
You frantically getting up from the stool when you see Bucky locking the front doors.
“You’re alright to stay longer if you want,”
The truth is you didn’t want to leave because the moment you leave, you know you’ll be forced to face reality.
“I don’t want you to have to stay longer than you have to.”
He shakes his head, pulling out another small glass.
Filling it with water as well,
“I don’t mind the company.”
The words fell from his lips making your stomach flutter.
Number two: Do not go past the bar (including helping to the car or walking home).
Bucky scrunches his dirty apron that hung around his waist. Tossing it in the hamper that stays by the entrance to the kitchen.
You tense up as he takes a seat next to you. Bucky smiles gesturing to cheers your glasses. You smile nervously, clinking the glasses before bringing it to your lips.
Resting the cup on the counter, he is staring at you- mesmerized by your beauty, even in the aftermath of a disaster night.
You’re avoiding eye contact as you are flushed. He chuckles at the reaction. You go to hide your face in your hands but being cut off by the gentle sound of Bucky’s voice.
“Don’t hide, you look great.”
This only furthers your desire to hide behind the tallest wall you could find. The real truth is that you haven’t been looked at like that in so long.
Your ex only looks at you like a prize he has won, showing you off like a trophy. This gaze was soft and admiring. You manage to look back at him with a soft grin, the first time one this genuine appears across your lips.
“Are you okay?” The smile fades from your lips.
Bucky’s face scrunches with concern. You take a deep breath and begin to talk about the break-up.
Bucky intently listens as you begin to vent about the severity of the break-up. He had cheated throughout the whole relationship, gaslighting you whenever you’d bring it up. Making you believe this next go-around would be better, he’d stop the affair, he’d stop lying- all the make you stay.
None of them were true promises, because weeks later he’d be back in a random girl’s bed.
You explain the insane reasons you stay, and this brings Bucky to an unusually heated level. Normally when people would use him as a free therapist while bartending, he wouldn’t be this emotionally attached to the events.
Bucky wanted to find him and beat him to a bloody pulp by the end of the story. If he had known how badly you were treated by him, he would have spoken up at previous nights.
“You’re too good for him anyway. Fuck him.”
Bucky’s tone comes across as more aggressive than he wanted it to. You crack a smile at the protectiveness. It was nice to have someone to be protective for once.
“I don’t know…” Your voice is soft and just below a whisper.
When you look back at Bucky, his bottom lip is tucked under the top. He bites back the urge to cup your face and press his lips against yours.
Showing you how you should truly be treated. Making you feel like you’re worthy of every good thing in the world. His eyes are pleading and yours are begging for him to do something.
You wish for him to take your mind off your shit ex. Wanting to forget the shit evening you had experienced. You need his soft lips against yours. The two of you stare into each other’s eyes. Knowing you both want the same thing, his gaze drifts to your lips.
Bucky leans in closer to you. Your breath hitches, begging with your eyes that he’d bring his lips to you.
Number three: do not kiss or flirt.
He takes the side of your face in his hand, fingers resting just below your ear. Bucky’s thumb rubbing lightly against the corner of your mouth. He watches your lips slowly part. His thumb runs over your bottom lip, before licking his own. Your chest is heavier and the amount of self-control you were exhibiting should be awarded.
Bucky takes one last breath before bringing his lips to meet yours. His tongue slipping so effortlessly into yours. Colliding against yours hungry and desperate.
Your eyes are tightly shut and your body aching to be against his. Bucky's lips pull apart from yours, leaving the two of you panting. It is quiet for a moment, the two of you mentally decide the pros and cons of what is about to happen if you continue.
You bring your lips back to his, more eager. This time, Bucky’s other hand is brought to the other side pulling you up and out of your seat. One hand moves from your cheek to your waist, guiding it back toward the pool table.
“Jump.” Bucky breathlessly mumbles against your lips.
His hands leave the sides of your face, assisting you. You are roughly placed on the green felt, letting your legs spread open for Bucky to move between them. You are washed over by the guilt of using him. You pull away from the kiss using your palm as a barrier between your bodies.
“What’s wrong?” Bucky is quick to back away in fear he hurt you in some way.
“I don’t want to use you.”
His facial expression changes.
“You’re not using me- I just want to make you feel good if you want to stop-“
That is all the confirmation you need from him before you reach and pull him back between your legs. Bucky brings his hand back to the side of your face, cupping it rougher than before. His other falls to your waist, scooting you closer to the edge of the table.
You grip the edge of the pool table, digging your nails into the felted edges. His fingers are searching desperately for the edge of your skirt.
Bucky finds the end and slides his palm along your thigh, slipping underneath the fabric. Your breath hitches and a quiet whimper falls from your lips. You break away from the kiss looking down as his palm lifts the fabric up.
Bucky drops down in front of you, pressing his lips against your leg. He peppers kisses on the inside of your leg, not breaking eye contact with you.
The intimacy of eye contact is foreign to you- intimacy is foreign. Passion is foreign. Watching a man worship your body is foreign. This is an experience unmatched by anyone you’ve been with, especially for someone who you barely know.
His kisses are innocent till he reaches your inner thigh. His eyes are darker than before, you watch in awe as he doesn’t leave a piece of skin uncovered in a kiss. Bucky held the sides of your hips as he began to trail kisses closer and closer to your clothed heat. He wants you to feel better. He wants you to know that someone is willing to treat you like you’re supposed to.
“Do you want me to stop?” He breaths, ready to devour you.
You shake your head, granting him full access to your heat. It began aching the moment Bucky dragged his finger over the covered area.
You try and steady your breathing but watching him focus so intently on you made it harder for you to breathe. He becomes eye level with your heat. While licking his lips, he tugs on the band of your panties.
You gently lift, allowing them to be slid off in a swift motion. The cool air hitting the moist area sending shivers down your spine.
“Shit,” Your voice is soft and quiet, as Bucky's tongue dips in between your folds- tasting your arousal.
It is a taste he could easily become addicted to if he wasn’t careful. A craving that will sneak up on him at any hour of the day.
“So sweet,” His stubble grazes your inner thigh adding to the sensation that is unfolding.
His tongue is warm, soothing the chill. He is licking up all the juices that are leaking from you. Your soft whines encourage him to lick around your clit. He is teasing you every time he reaches it and pulls back down.
One hand finds a rake through his hair, tugging lightly for him to continue. Bucky's lips work their magic, licking you all up. Gliding between your folds. His lips stop at the top of your heat and he uses his fingers to spread you open, revealing your clit.
It is calling his name and Bucky's thumb rubs small figure eights around the sensitive nerve, warming it up. You’re shocked at the motion, whimpering.
“Please, stop teasing,” You whine,
“Whatever you say, baby,”
His lips close around the nerve, sucking lightly at the flesh. His fingers push into your heat, soaked in your juices. Your mouth falls open and a string of curses escape. He hums against your heat swirling his tongue around your clit.
His fingers move faster, curling every few strokes. Hitting your g-spot every time, forming the small knot in the pit of your stomach. You felt the stir of the orgasm creeping, you don’t hold back any sounds.
His cock twitches at the sound of you. Throbbing against his jeans, begging to be freed and buried inside you.
“Bucky, I’m gonna cum,” You buck your hips against his lips, unexpectedly as he picks up the pace of his fingers and his tongue.
The grip on his hair tightens as you feel your walls closing around him. Waves of sensitivity and pleasure overtake you, leaving a whimpering mess. You finish around his fingers and his tongue is catching all the juices that surround the area. He hums sweetly at the taste of you.
Bucky's palms are rubbing your outer thighs, soothing and cooling you down from your high. You relax your grip and place them on the pool table, attempting to steady you breathing.
“You okay?” Bucky chuckles, standing up once more.
His facial hair glistened with your arousal. You look down at him still in his t-shirt and jeans, his flannel thrown on the floor during the heated make-out session. You glance down to see his bulge.
“Very okay.” You chuckle, flushed red cheeks and chest still rising and falling.
You reach for Bucky's belt, tugging it toward you. Your lips collide again, this time slower and more passionate- not as hungry and desperate. Your fingers undo his belt and unbutton his jeans.
Before you could reach inside and return the favor, he stops you.
“I want to be inside you.” Your nod, scooting back to the edge of the pool table.
Bucky pulls himself out, his cock dripping with precum. He was ready for you the moment you kissed him. He strokes himself, coating his precum around himself. Your heat aches at the sight of him.
Bucky runs the tip between your folds, gliding up and down, teasing you. You whine each time he passes your hole. He positions himself at your entrance, you wrap your arms around his neck, closing the gap between you. Bucky's low moan is music to your ears as he slides himself inside you.
He is much bigger than you had anticipated. His strokes are slow and deep, allowing your body to adjust to his size. Bucky's lips are attached to the crook of your neck, sucking and nipping lightly at the flesh, his tongue soothing the nips.
“You’re doing so well, baby, with my cock buried deep inside you,”
His praises make your stomach flutter and your back arch. Bucky takes the opportunity and lays you down. Only removing himself to climb on top of you. You feel the roughness of the felt against your bare ass, but not having time to dwell once his cock fills you again.
“There you go baby, nice and deep,”
Bucky gains more access to go deep and faster than before. Your hips dig into the pool table at the intensity of the strokes. You are a whimpering mess, legs wrapped around his waist, anchoring him inside you, fingers clawing at his lower back- begging for him to go deeper.
Bucky's grunts and curses are all you hear as you feel the familiar stirring in your lower abdomen.
Bucky's cock twitches and his strokes becoming lazier. Your hands leave his back as Bucky's hands reach for them. You interlock your fingers, and they rest above your head. The passion between you increases the faster his strokes become.
Each stroke grazing your g-spot, simulating you further.
“Bucky, I need-“ Your eyes roll back as one hand finds your clit, rubbing small circles around the nerve.
He knows your close, but he is almost there too. Bucky speeds up his thrusts, but not removing the stimulation around your clit. His grip on your hand tights as he brings to grunt and curse.
“Fuck!” He grunts.
Both of you reach your highs. You see stars as you’re being filled up by him. His fingers loosen their grip around you and your clit. You’re hips buck and your walls pulsating wildly, milking Bucky dry of his load.
The two of you are breathless and exhausted. Never once has a man been able to make you finish twice in one go-round. Bucky collapses next to you on the small pool table. You turn to face him, but he is already staring at you.
“You are absolutely incredible,” You breathe.
His cheeks darken with red and his hand cups your face once more, pulling you for another kiss. You pull away, staring at each other for what felt like forever. Bucky is taking in everything. Your eyes, your lips, the small drops of sweat that were around your forehead.
Number four: do NOT by any means, take a girl home.
“Come home with me?”
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celestialbarnes · 6 months ago
love me harder | b.b
pairing: bucky barnes x reader
summary: you and bucky have been flirting and screwing around for months now, after seeing him getting frisky with someone else, you decide to do the same and bucky’s just about had enough.
word count: 3.2k
warnings: nsfw, literal flith, unprotected sex, rough sex, cocky bucky, jealous bucky, reader being touch starved
a/n: hello! my first nsfw fic is up! honestly, i am such a simp for bucky, so yes here goes, i hope you all enjoy it!
masterlist in bio (links hate me now) | requests open!
thank you for reading!
Tumblr media
“(Y/N) you ready?” Natasha asked as you took one last look at yourself in the mirror before deciding to put on the red lipstick that you had gotten a few weeks ago, the colour complimenting your dress of the same shade perfectly.
“Coming!” you replied as you quickly smoothed out your dress, slipping on your heels as you headed out your room, your door closing behind you with a soft click.
“Damn, someone’s gonna get laid tonight”. The redhead adds and you shrug, “That’s what this dress is for Nat”. the two of you laughed as you headed towards the lift, the doors to it sliding open. Tony being Tony had decided to hold a party for Bucky’s birthday, well you were pretty sure his exact words were, “Barnes’s a hundred and four, that’s worth celebrating,” though you were more convinced that it was just another way for the billionaire to have a party, after all, what’s Tony without a party.
The music was already pounding through the speakers as soon as you and Natasha walked in, it was so loud you swore the walls were shaking alone with the floor that looked like it was going to break anytime soon with the throngs of half-drunk people that were on it.
“Nice to see you two finally came”. Tony says as soon as you settled on the bar stool.
“Was I supposed to say no?” you retort playfully as he snorts, bringing his glass of whiskey to his lips.
“Like you would, you’re here for the birthday boy,” He adds.
“Nope, I’m here because there’s an open bar and I don’t get drunk enough.”
“That wasn’t what you said last week when capsicle caught you both banging like rabbits in the quinjet”.
“We didn’t bang like-“
“What?!? You and Barnes are fucking?” Natasha cuts in, clearly shocked at the newfound information that Tony had ever so kindly provided.
Thank god for Tony Stark.
“Shut up” you were answered with Tony’s laughter and a reply of “use protection” before the billionaire walks off, joining Pepper at the table.
“You didn’t tell me you and Bucky screwed” Natasha pipes up as she easily finishes her martini, raising her hand for another.
“It was a onetime thing Nat” you said in exasperation, shooting your friend a glare when she wriggles her eyebrows suggestively.
“How’s he in bed?”
“Nat, I swear to god-“
“Beer can or carrot stick?”
“Okay, fine. How many times?”. You groan and before you could let out a string of colourful vocabulary, Natasha was gone, a knowing smirk on her face as she heads towards Sharon, who was seated with Wanda, and when you saw the giant grins on their faces, you knew that your secret wasn’t exactly one anymore.
You raised your hands asking for shots, shit, it was a terrible mistake to have allowed a certain blue eyes soldier to get into your pants. The two of you had been flirting for god knows how many months, at first it was simple, a little too many pick-up lines, nicknames and  jokes, then as time passed, fleeting touches followed suite and so did the knowing glances, the way the two of you eyed each other during meetings, the tension only grew.
And before you knew it, he had crashed his lips unto yours when it was just the two of you in the jet, the brunette making up an excuse of having to go through report protocol with you, waiting for the rest of the team to leave before he had you pinned up against the wall, lips pressed on yours and his hands wandering your frame, tugging at the leather suit that clung to your frame.
“You want this don’t you princess?” he had growled in your ear as he lifts you up, your legs wrapping around his well-built waist as he plunges balls deep into you, you couldn’t come up with any reply, moans of pleasure falling from your lips as he thrust into you, his mouth leaving hot, open kisses on your neck and shoulders, your skin burning up as you dug your nails into his shoulder, his groans doing nothing but egg you on as you moved in sync.
You were so close to coming undone when the door opened and the poor Captain had walked in, wanting to add on to the mission’s report only to have the scene of Bucky, his pants half way down his legs as he practically pounds into your dripping cunt, your tits bouncing and your face contorted in pleasure as you hung on for the ride.
Needless to say, Steve was scarred, you had scrambled to put on your suit with Bucky chuckling in the background as he watched you try to come up with an excuse for your, well, state.
And from that day on, you swore every damn time you walked into the kitchen or training room, Steve could not look you in the eye. Hell, that added on with the smirk that Bucky had plastered on his face was enough to make your face burn up in embarrassment as you tried your best to get him out of your mind, which was pretty much next to impossible seeing how you were so often in your bed, hand in your pants as your fingers rub circles on your clit, moaning his name like a mantra as your head replayed what happened, and all you could think of after that was how it would feel to have Bucky balls deep in your cunt again.
Talk about missing someone too much.
Word had spread and before you knew it, a few people on the team already knew with Sam shooting you a knowing smirk when you saw him a few days after the events had played out and Tony being Tony was curious about the giggles, decided to go find out exactly what happened. You would have never thought that the very same men that wiped out HYDRA would be seated on leather couches with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills playing while they giggled like some high school girls, and Wilson just had to make things worse.
“Hey (Y/N), like the angle of the dangle?” your eyes had widened in shock, and you had gone speechless, just like that Tony found out through FRIDAY who had said something along the lines of “vigorous activities happening in the jet,”.
And yet, the eye fucking never stopped, if anything it got better, with the both of you looking as if there was nothing more than just to bang on the couch, the counter or wherever the hell you both were at that moment, you didn’t believe it to be anything serious, just some casual no strings attached sex.
You were deprived, touch starved, and the fact that Bucky had left you without helping you cum had got your, well, panties in a knot and no matter how many times you had your back arched as your pussy throbbed thanks to your trusty fingers, it just couldn’t compare to that of Bucky’s cock stretching your wet, dripping pussy.
You sighed, finishing your shot, your eyes scanning the crowded room, the lights flashing as you tried to make out the shadowy figures, and when your sight caught on just the man you were looking for, you were not that elated that he was at the pool table, some blonde chick in front of him, fake smile on her face as she slapped his chest playfully, and you didn’t miss the way Bucky had chuckled, leaning down to help her shoot her shot, you didn’t miss how she had her skirt hiked up to the point where you were convince she wasn’t wearing anything, a smile on her face as she presses herself against the front of his pants. 
You watched as Bucky simply smirked, leaning closer, and you had to thank the alcohol that flooded your system that you didn’t just go up to him right there, you watched as Bucky’s eyes found yours, a hint of the devil swimming in his irises as the smirk he had plastered on his face simply grew bigger, almost as if he wanted you to stare. 
Great, just great.
You were about to raise your hand to ask for another round, when the bartender slid a glass of whiskey towards you.
“I didn’t order this,”
“Courtesy of the gent behind you” was all he said before he went about his business, completely ignoring your protests.
You frowned slightly, you were pretty sure that you had easily rejected every man’s attempt to hit on you tonight, shooting them sarcastic remarks when they tried flirting and chuckling when you saw the shocked look they had on their faces, nevertheless you picked up the glass of alcohol, turning back to see the man that your friendly bartender had mentioned and there he was.
The dim setting did nothing to hide the fact that he had a jawline that looked as if it could cut through glass, a handsome smirk plastered on his face as he walked over.
“So, I’m gonna assume that you’re the guy that got me the drink” you asked, despite the flashing disco lights, you could make out his features, he had blue irises that seemed to bore into your very soul and the button down he wore barely did his biceps the justice they deserved, it was unbuttoned at the top and as much as you didn’t want to admit, he looked good and you found yourself being pulled towards him.
“And if I was?” He asked smoothly, a grin on his face as he lifted the beer bottle to his lips taking a huge swig, his eyes still fixed on you.
“I don’t know, why don’t you tell me?” You shot back, sarcasm lacing your voice as you bought the glass of whiskey to your lips.
” Feisty, aren’t you?” He continued and you looked towards him, a suave smile on his face as he downed the rest of his drink. You had to admit he was handsome with baby blues that you couldn’t get enough of, blue eyes that just reminded you of a certain someone that you wanted to get out of your head.
You bite your lip, looking over your shoulder to see Bucky and the blonde at a pool table, the hands that had been digging into your waist was now around her slim waist as he leaned down, whispering something in her ear making the latter blush and you wanted to throw up watching her practically grind against him not even bothering to hide the fact that she wanted something a lot more than a game of pool.
Turning back to the stranger, you shot him a sultry smile. “You dance?”. He nodded, smirk forming on his face as he watched you down your whiskey, the alcohol burning your throat. You knew that you desperately needed liquid courage to even bring yourself to the dance floor not to mention dancing with a stranger.
You took his extended hand, your heels clicking as you allowed him to lead to the floor, the alcohol that clouded your mind made you pull him close to you, his hands on your waist, and for just a while, your mind was free of a certain super soldier, maybe you would get laid tonight after all, it wasn’t Bucky but it would suffice but at least you’ll get railed and perhaps, whatever game that you and the soldier played would come to an end.
Tumblr media
“Damn, isn’t that (Y/N)?” Bucky’s head shot up at the mention of your name, looking in the direction of where Sam was pointing to, his jaw clenching as he watched the scene unfold before him.
You were dancing with some guy who had his hands on your waist and if Bucky were being honest, those hands were far too fucking low for his liking, you were grinding against the asshole, your body flush against his and he watched as the man leaned down whispering something in your ear, whatever it was , Bucky was pretty fucking sure it had something to do with the both of you screwing by the looks of how the bastard’s hands sliding under your dress, which was far from innocent, the fabric was a sinful red, a colour that he had once said looked good on you, and hell, he was damn right, because the way it clung to your skin, amplifying all of your curves was good enough to drive any man mad with desire.
Bucky’s eyes narrowed as you circled your arm around the stranger’s neck, pulling him down towards you, your lips barely inches from his, his hand clenched around the pool stick as your eyes met his cerulean ones, taunting him with a smirk that formed on your pretty face as you pulled the stranger down closer, your eyes fluttering shut as you crashed your lips onto the man’s.
“That’s it” Bucky growled, throwing the pool stick down as he stormed over to the dance floor, leaving the blonde behind as he took big steps over to where you stood as you gyrated against the man.
“This is going to be fun” Sam joked, taking a swig of his beer as he leaned back into the chair, Steve laughed, leaned back and against the pool table as he watched the scene unfold before him.
“What the fuck is going on?” You looked up to see a fuming Bucky, his irises filled with rage as he stared at the stranger. He was angry alright, seeing you gyrate against this ass was more than enough to set him off and right now he wanted nothing more than to land a punch on the guy’s face.
“Hey Bucky, this is-“
“I don’t fucking care who he is (Y/N)” Bucky growled, shooting the man daggers and if looks could kill, your “friend” would be a pile of ash right now, not that you cared.
“What Bucky? You get to feel up some stripper and I’m not allowed to have my own fun?” You retorted, venom lacing your voice, as you looked towards him, at this point you were pretty sure half the room had their eyes on the scene that was playing out, ignoring the whistles from Sam and Tony.
“Yeah man, what she said.” Before he could continue, Bucky’s fist came in contact with the stranger’s face, causing him to stumble back, pressing his hand to his now swollen nose.
“What the hell’s wrong with you?!” You exclaimed, Bucky grabbed your wrist, pulling you out of the dance floor, both of you ignoring the wolf whistles as he drags you towards the bathroom, pushing you in as he locks the door behind him with a click.
“What the fuck is your problem?” You hissed pulling your wrist away from him.
“Dammit, (Y/n), you’re the fuckin’ problem”. Bucky shot back, running his fingers through his hair.
“I can’t get you out of my fuckin’ head”.
“That’s not my pro-“. Before you could finish your sentence however, Bucky crashes his lips onto yours, barely even giving you time to process what he had just done before he backed you up against the counter.
You barely struggled as you find yourself caving into his advances, your eyes fluttering shut as you returned the kiss, your arms wrapping around his neck, pulling him close as you deepened the kiss, your lips moving against his as you both fought for dominance, Bucky smirking when he won.
You were lifted from the ground and placed on the marble countertop, Bucky’s lip quaking in a snarl as you rolled your hips against his growing erection. You grinned, tugging his bottom lip between your teeth, relishing in his breathlessness over your actions. Heat pools in between your legs as you interlock your fingers in his locks, moaning when you felt his hard on pressing against your thigh.
“Tell me to stop” he mumbles between each kiss, his hand sliding down to your covered cunt, easily finding your bundle of nerves making you let out a whimper as he rubs teasing circles on your clit.
“Stop talking and show me what you got James”. Bucky’s growl was vicious as he hooks his fingers into the band of your panties, tearing them down your legs, throwing them away carelessly. He shimmies out of his jeans, the denim pooling at his ankles as he pumps himself in his hand before teasing his tip at your entrance.
You whimper, bucking your hips, desperate to feel him to push into you. Bucky chuckled lowly, only to continue teasing your dripping cunt.
“You’re so eager love, thought about me fucking you,haven’t you?” Bucky asked, slowly pressing his cockhead against your fold making you bite you struggled to hold back a loud moan.
“Tell me you didn’t and you’re a fuckin’ liar Barnes”. You retorted, fighting the urge to buck your hips knowing full well that all he would do was to make you wait longer instead of taking you like you want him to.
“Trust me Princess, I thought about it”. Bucky growls, thrusting into you hard, making you cry out, your fingers gripping the edge of the counter. “Thought about how wet and tight you would feel ‘round my cock,”
Bucky pounds into you mercilessly, his fingers digging into your hips as you held on for the ride, a string of curses falling from your lips as he thrust into your heat, your walls clenching as his tip brushes against your spot making you whimper as you dig your nails into his back.
“Thought about you plenty doll,”
Bucky was slick with your arousal and the sound of skin slapping against skin was pornographic. You wrap your legs around his waist, taking him in deeper into you, moaning as you felt him stretch you out ever so deliciously.
“You feel so fuckin’ good,” Bucky groans into your shoulder as he mouths against the curve of your neck, the feeling of your walls choking around his cock was damn near enough to push him to the edge of his release, his hips snapping as his thrusts become erratic.
“F-fuck Bucky, I’m going to cum” you whimper, your ankles digging into his back and your nails, his shoulder as Bucky hissed.
“That’s it princess, cum for me. Atta girl”. Bucky soothes as your walls clench around his thick length, pulsating around his cock as you come undone, diving headfirst into euphoria, the coil in your stomach coming undone with Bucky following not long after you, a low groan erupting from his chest, his cock throbbing as he spills his seed into you, both of you breathless.
Bucky pulls out of you, white stickiness trailing down your inner thighs as he helps you down from the countertop.
“Thanks for the birthday gift” Bucky teases as scrunches up the familiar red laced panties, stuffing it into his jean pocket.
“You’re getting me new ones Barnes,” You retort, and he chuckles.
“That depends,”
“How many you’ll let me destroy”. Bucky replies, giving your ass a tight squeeze.
The door opened, and you made a mental note to thank Tony when you saw a paper taped to the door that read “out of service”.
Tumblr media
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a/n: i hope you enjoyed this fic! pretty sure i need some holy water now, let me know how it was! :)
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chanelfaerie · 6 months ago
sebastian just like blankly speaking romanian to you? maybe it's like early on in your relationship orrrr he's just all cuddly and playing with your hair!
prună ⟶ sebastian stan
a/n: i feel like i might have a sebastian stan speaking romanian!kink bc like??? hottest thing ever?? but it’s also the sweetest! and i just used google translate so correct me if something is wrong!
pairing: sebastian stan x reader
summary: si te iubesc.
warnings: reader wears glasses?, fluff, there's literally no warnings
the following work is my own writing. do not plagairise or copy and paste my works onto another platform. message me about credit.
⊱ ────── {⋅. ☽ .⋅} ────── ⊰
“i put the sugar in like this?” you ask, pushing your glasses up the bridge of your nose and peering down to the recipe book propped on the kitchen counter. its pages were discolored from age and there were certain stains and rips on a few. sebastian had suggested a night of cooking at his place, and who were you to reject?
he found it adorable when you wore your glasses. they slightly enlarged your eyes, altering your appearance to look like a lost puppy. “yeah, fold it in,” he stood behind you and wrapped his hand around your wrist, guiding you and showing you what to do. “there. but not too much, it’ll take away the sweetness.”
you giggled as he reached for a basket of plums from the refrigerator and three eggs. looking behind you, you noticed that sebastian was wearing the tiny charm bracelet you’d gifted him. at the time, it felt absolutely ridiculous and pathetic when he’d given you a cartier necklace, but seb insisted that he loved it. wearing the bracelet only proved so. “what are these called again?” 
“galuste ce prune,” he spoke fluently with a bit of accent--you’d be lying if you said it didn’t give you chills. “or...plum dumplings- here, sweetheart, i’ll cut these,” he motioned to the plums. his small pet-names for you were occasional and sporadic, but after four months of small dates and spending nights together, the ‘sweetheart’s, and ‘honey’s, and ‘dragoste’s sent little butterflies running through your stomach and viens. “you keep mixing the dough.”
“’s potato dough?” you asked. he replied with a nod and smiled when your eyebrow cocked. “why potatoes?” your constant questions had been irritating to every other guy you’d been with, but sebastian embraced it. anything you asked, he had an answer of some sort. he said that asking questions showed you were curious, and being curious was never a bad thing.
his lips curved into a smile as he shook his head. sebastian pushed a knife into each plum, splitting them in half, as he asserted, “nu stiu, dragostea mea,” i don’t know, my love. the sound of a foreign language that you didn’t understand was music to your ears, especially when it came from the lips of him. he spoke it so delicately and precisely, each syllable and vowel pronounced like it were his last words. not only did he sound beautiful when he spoke, but he radiated with nostalgia. “nu stiu.” romania was his home, and sebastian would do anything to celebrate it. “dar acestea sunt un tratament tradițional.” he smiled and whispered underneath his breath as if you would understand it with full volume. but these are a traditional treat. “sunt încântat să le încerci. îi vei iubi, iubito.” i'm excited for you to try them. you're gonna love them, baby.
you set the bowl down on the counter and sigh. “i can’t understand you, sebbie,” but he doesn’t notice your attempt and continues to speak.
"într-o zi te voi învăța totul despre românia," he laughed, popping a small half of a plum in his mouth. the knife sliced crisply through another fruit and into the bowl it went. one day i will teach you everything about romania. it was hard to focus on mixing dough when seb--the man you adored with all of your heart--was so intent on cutting plums. with every push of the blade, his bicep flexed, and in the kitchen lighting, they were practically protruding from his arm. he wrapped one around your shoulders and pressed a kiss to your temple. “poate chiar vom vizita.” maybe we’ll even visit.
you return the kiss with one on his cheek and smile. “i love you,” it comes out as a whisper flowing to sebastian’s ear.
he blushes a deep red and he doesn’t try to hide it. “si te iubesc.” and i love you.
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nsfwsebbie · 5 months ago
not all who wander are lost.
summary. | He’s got your name on his tattoo, wearing the same damn clothes since three days ago. A bottle of gin in his hand, and you’d say he’s just wandering.
warnings. | Strangers to lovers, smut, naive reader, mentions of trauma, angst, fluff, slight violence, slight dub/con, slight blasphemy, drinking, DD/LG, daddy kink, corruption kink, ring/hand kink, size kink, creampie kink, teasing, spanking, choking, spitting, manhandling, praise, male masturbation, handjob, degradation, a bit of humiliation, oral sex, virginity loss, marking, and more. 18+ MINORS DNI.
word count. | 11k
pairings. | Daddy!Destroyer!Chris x Little!Reader.
a/n. | one of the few fics inspired/based off of chemtrails over the country club. please heed the warnings and don’t forget to reblog. ily! thank you so much to @dragon-of-dreams @mypoisonedvine @tenuntilfightcall and everyone else for helping me out with some information! and thank you to my bb sara @asadmarveltrashbag for beta-ing and being there for me during this insane month, ilysm!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The first time he laid eyes on you, was six months ago.
Meadows like the ones that surround him only exist in movies and Instagram posts. But even those need editing for perfection. Yet, the ones around him made him feel as though he has camera lenses for his eyes. Each piece of grass is a beautiful green, and some had flowers between them. His thighs may hurt but the view is a reward for all the trouble he just went through. A cute cottage lies on the hill he stands on. It resembles one from a Pinterest board but he doesn’t mind.
Birds chirp, sheep bleat, cows low and chickens cluck amongst Ella Fitzgerald's rendition of Summertime. Chris walks a few more steps and onto the porch he goes. This isn’t his destination. Well, technically, it is. But he isn’t supposed to be knocking on your door like he is now, and his heart shouldn’t be beating out of his chest. To the right of this cottage — Chris’s right — is another cottage.
It’s more modern than he’d prefer it to be. It only looks so because inside lives a drug lord who is on the run. It’s truly unfortunate his girlfriend sold him out for immunity. He knocks on the wooden door and takes a step back. Who knows what kind of person is behind it. “Coming!” your sweet voice calls. Chris doesn’t let go of his grip on his gun that’s down the waist of his pants.
Even the sweetest seeming things can always end up being sour.
You struggle not to trip over your own dress. The tail of it drags behind you and sweeps the floor, too. But it makes you feel just like a princess, so you don’t care. On your hip is a basket, and inside is Cotton. Your bunny. She’s been your company for years, and you don’t know what you’d do without her. Barely anyone visits anymore, only because cars can’t handle the long drive up and many people hate nature. But when the occasional knock on your door echoes throughout the house, you can barely keep your excitement inside.
You open the door and gasp. The man… is brooding. And he’s not the type of broody that would grumble insults under his breath or the type that would stalk people, either. He’s the dreamy type, the man your parents say is bad news when really he just needs love. You take in his form. You can tell he’s slightly tired and you just have to give him credit for walking up to your home. He has no flaws, except for the dirt that stains his clothing.
“Hi, do you live here?” the strange man asks, looking around the inside of your home. You jump and you’re not sure why but your skin raises with goosebumps. His voice is deep yet so soft-spoken. For some odd reason, his hand is reaching backwards and you assume that it’s because he has some sort of ache from the walk. You finally register his words and look up at him.
“Y- yes, do you live here?” you stupidly ask. You don’t even realize what you just said until you noticed his puzzled look. “Oh, sorry,” you look down and notice that his black boots are covered in pollen, something that can be oh so bothersome. “‘S’alright, I was hiking a- and I don’t have anywhere to go… Do you think you could let me stay here?” he asks, letting go of the gun. “Uhm, s- sure, what’s your name?” you ask him, moving out of the way.
Naive, so fucking naive.
“Chris, what’s yours?” he asks, stepping inside. You give him your name and he nods. He goes to wipe his shoes on the rug in front of the door but there is no rug. You hand him a rag and he gratefully takes him, mumbling a small ‘thank you.’ “Are you a tourist?” you ask him, setting your basket down onto the floor. Cotton hops out of it and runs off to the kitchen, probably to chew on your apron. “No…” he solemnly answers. He hands you the rag back and you shyly take it.
“O- okay… Are you a photographer? I’ll tell you God’s truth, the most beautiful photos are taken when the sun rises, when it sets and when it’s raining,” you pointedly inform him. You drop the rag into your basket and turn back around, your dress spinning in a slight swirl. His eyes rake your body up and down, taking in every inch of your body. Red cloth with white polka dots covers your body and your mushroom earrings bring the entire outfit together.  Chris has to assume that the heavens above or whatever the fuck else is there have handcrafted you to absolute perfection.
He’s never read any stories about Greek gods, but he knows that Zeus would be absolutely infatuated with you. He takes note of how your body tenses up when he makes eye contact with you, and he gives you a small smile.
“I’m not a photographer,” he clarifies, looking around. He can’t believe you let him in just like that, but the more he found, the more he understood why. A lonely, innocent little girl like you doesn’t have anyone to tell you right from wrong. “Then what are you, sir? Are you lost? I can call the Consulate if you’d like,” you offer, walking towards him. “I’m not lost… I’m a wanderer,” he whispers almost hesitatingly.
“But you only ever wander when you’re lost, no?” you confusingly ask him. He clicks his tongue and shakes his head, before peering out of the window. Luckily, he has a direct view of the other cottage. He really did hit the jackpot. “Not all who wander are lost, little girl. Now tell me, why would you let a stranger inside your home?” he asks you.
Cotton hops from the kitchen to your bedroom, and you stand in place. “I… Well, I’m not sure. You didn’t give me any reason to not let you in or to make me believe you’re dangerous, sorry…” you shyly tell him. “Don’t apologize, just know that not everyone in this world is good. There’s always going to be someone with a little more darkness than the rest of us…”
Chris unzips his duffle bag, and you let out a giggle. “Quite ominous of you, but then again, it suits your whole aesthetic. The cool, bearded man, with his cool words,” you smile at him, but it carries a bit of sadness. “Treat this place as your own, make yourself at home. And if you need anything, I’m always here.”
Chris stays at the window for most of his days. Always with a pair of binoculars and a pack of saltine crackers. Sometimes, he pulls a juice bottle out of his duffle bag, You’ve countlessly offered him something that’s actually filling, such as angel cake and sandwiches. He rejects them all, and you wonder if he’s some sort of super-human. But technology hasn’t invented wireless technology yet, so it’s impossible.
“Uhm, Mr. Chris-Sir? I don’t think those crackers are good for you, they’re all you eat…” you sheepishly admit, carrying a cup of water to him. The mug has a little frog painted on it, but the green paint has chipped away over seven years. You set it down gently, onto the table next to him and Chris just stares out at the cottage. “Bird-watching is so cool, isn’t it? If you see a robin, let me know, they’re so beautiful,” you tell him, before walking off.
At first, he doesn’t take in your words. But once they’ve settled deep in his mind and sunk in, he realizes that you assume he’s bird-watching. He’d honestly take any other assumption, but at least you don’t know he’s spying on the criminal next door. He looks down at the table with a sigh and then notices what you’ve done. Not only did you set a cup of water down, but you also gave him two slices of toast. One has strawberry jam on it, and the other has melted butter.
His mouth surprisingly salivates, but it also doesn’t shock him. Every day he sits there, basking in the beautiful smell of your food and humming. His personal favourite is the smell of focaccia bread being baked. He watches and waits until you leave the room to go tend to the chickens. Apparently, one of them laid a few eggs. He quickly shovels the two slices of toast into his mouth and downs the glass of water like a starved man. Because he is one.
Cotton hopes around once again but all Chris sees is a fluffy white blur. He recalls his memories from when he was younger. Younger him always wanted a pet. Even a fish that would die in the span of two weeks would suffice. But his mom couldn’t afford it, so he dropped the idea. Sometimes, he wishes he had dropped other ideas, as well. Like the idea that he’d enjoy life as an undercover agent, or the idea of sacrificing himself for Erin.
His fingers are sticky with jam. He hates the feeling. He spreads his fingers out and goes to get up from his seat. “Shit,” he curses, realizing that something may happen while he’s away from the window. He stands there, contemplating whether or not he should risk his mission just to wash the fucking jam off of his stupid fucking hands. He calls your name, loudly, hoping you’ll hear him all the way outside the cottage.
“Is everything alright?” you shout, running inside the house. He didn’t expect that reaction, but he’ll take it. You’re holding onto the corner of two walls, slightly bent over. Your chest, your beautiful chest, is the first thing Chris lays his eyes on. He nearly chokes on his saliva, and he just can’t seem to take his eyes off of you. “Uh, hi, I need help,” he gruffly says, his voice a bit deeper than usual. He clears his throat with a loud ‘ahem’ and you begin to stand up straight, much to his dismay.
But he doesn’t think the image of your tits nearly falling out of your dress will leave his mind any time soon.
“Of course… Did you enjoy the toast? I can make you some more if you’d like,” you shyly offer him. “It was good, but I’m fine, thanks though. Can you stay here, right at the window, while I go wash my hands? If anything happens, you have to tell me.” Chris doesn’t leave any room for argument, but your curiosity and naivety get the best of you as always.
“What happens if I don’t tell you?” you ask him, walking towards the window. He blocks your path and suddenly personal space is no longer a thing you need. “You don’t want to know what I’m gonna do if you don’t, little girl,” he warns with a hint of lust in his tone. You nod your head and feel tingles bloom just above your core. You’re not sure whether they’re butterflies or those tingles.
Chris walks past you and you quickly rush to the window. You never realized how beautiful this view is until now. The sun is bright, angled in the most perfect manner so that it doesn’t shine directly in your eyes. The sky is so clear, even with the occasional fluffy cloud that always manages to look like some animal. The window blows gently, shaking the sheer curtains that frame you. You sigh and fold your arms, resting them on the windowsill.
You lay your head on your arms and stare out the window with joy filling your heart.
Chris watches you as you look out the window. You’re slightly bent over, once again. Your ass sticks out, and you subconsciously sway your hips side to side, almost purposefully teasing him. Your white dress has a few strings hanging from the hem, but it doesn’t make you look any less gorgeous. He feels like he’s in a dream.
Not only because of the beautiful scenery, and the beautiful woman in front of him but also because he’s trying his hardest to wash his hands quickly, but his movements are so slow. He looks down and rubs his hands together at a furious pace. Chris hears you gasp and he looks up. “Did you see something?” he asks you, turning off the sink.
“Yeah, my neighbour! I haven’t seen him in months, I need to go say hi,” you tell Chris, before rushing out the door. He only then registers your words once you’ve run out of the house and into the unknown. “Fuck- Wait!” he yells after you. He runs behind you and is so grateful when he notices you haven’t gone too far. But you’re still running and Chris’s target is about ten meters away, so he decides to do what he does best.
He decides to save you.
Chris’s feet hit the ground harshly, crushing the flowers beneath him. Running in socks isn’t fun, but at least he has something to protect him. He calls your name and crashes into you with all the force in his body. You both go down and hit the ground from his fierce tackling technique. You go to cry out in pain and lose your mind, but Chris clams his hand over your mouth. “Shh, be quiet. You’re not hurt, okay? I’m sorry I had to do that, but you can’t go running off like that,” he lectures, throwing his right leg over your body. He frames you down, and you don’t have much room to move. You’re frozen in place, chest heaving, and you furrow your eyebrows at his words.
“Listen, I need you to listen. You may not know me and I may not know you, but when I tell you to do something, you’re going to listen. Understood?” he chastised with a harsh tone. You nod meekly, like a little kid who just got caught with their hand in the cookie jar. “And just so you know, that sweet neighbour of yours over there is wanted by the Feds.” Chris looks over his shoulder and doesn’t see the man there anymore, so he begrudgingly climbs off of your body.
You gulp thickly, out of fear and nervousness. Chris doesn’t seem to want to add on to this newfound information, so your anxiety makes work of it. For all you know, your neighbour could be a murderer. Chris senses your nervousness and gives you a pat on the head, almost as if you’re his pet.
Unbeknownst to you, the sight of you under him, helpless and with his hand clamped over your mouth is something that gets his blood (and hand) pumping. He helps you up, and you don’t even realize it until he brushes some dandelion seeds out of your hair. “Thank you… and thank you for saving me, I’m sorry I didn’t listen,” you shyly speak to him. He nods and shoves his hands into his pockets, finding an old cigarette from before he quit.
“‘S’alright, I just need a few things from you,” he gruffly reassured. “O- Of course, anything for my guest and for the man who saved my life,” you beam with a small giggle punctuating your words. He basks in it, almost as though it’s sunlight over a beach. “Ah, you flatter me. Just tell me about yourself, I’m going to be staying for a while,” he says as he turns around to walk back inside.
A bottle of gin is in Chris’s hands. The colourless yet pale yellow liquid swishes inside its rightful bottle. It’s half full, only because last night, he downed the rest. He hasn’t drunk in a while. Since he got over being left for dead. And that’s only six months ago.
He’s shirtless. Only left in his grey jeans and jewelry. His rings clink against the glass bottle and his bracelets hang a little past his wrist. The gunshot wound on his left side had a faint scar on it. He hates it. Every single time he stares in the mirror, that fucking scar just stares back at him.
His father told him it makes him seem more ‘manly’, but it just feels like a point of weakness. Maybe if he was a little quicker, he would’ve saved that bank teller. He would’ve gotten Silas behind bars. He would’ve been able to be proud of himself.
Chris groans at the memories and spins the cap off of the bottle. It flies somewhere across the room, probably hitting one of the wood walls. He mumbles a ‘fucking hell’ and brings the bottle to his lips. The last time he drank like this was three months ago, and he ended up fucking the bartender.
She was bent over the counter, her tits spilled out of her bra and his cock pummeled into her sloppily.
She ended up kicking him out after they were done.
Chris groans again and sits down on the bed, kicking his legs up. His pants are stained with the pigment of dandelions and grass. The splotchy stains are juxtaposed to the grey of his old jeans. They have wear and tear all over them, but he doesn’t care.
Every now and then, he sighs — he sighs quite deeply. The puffs of air come from deep inside his chest. He tilts his head back and stares up at the ceiling, thinking back to earlier today. He smiles to himself, recalling the way you looked so innocent beneath him.
He’s only known you for a few days, and he already has lewd thoughts for you. Fuck. He just can’t help himself, though. Especially with your innocent doe eyes and pretty little dresses. He closes his eyes slowly, using that memory to fuel his much-needed mental images.
You’re beneath him once again, but you’re naked. His hand is wrapped around your throat, and he’s naked too. His cock is slowly driving in and out of you. He’s teasing you. Your pulsating, wet walls hug his fat cock, and you’re both moaning softly.
“Daddy…” you whisper to him, clenching around his cock. “What’s wrong, baby?” he softly asks you. “Please fuck me harder, please, Daddy,” you beg to him, before biting down onto your bottom lip. “I don’t think you’ll be able to take my cock like that, baby,” he shakes his head.
“I can take it, Daddy, I’m your good girl.”
Chris opens his eyes and his right hand has found its way down his boxers. His cock is all swollen and hard, hard as a rock. He places the bottle of gin down on the bedside table and gets himself all comfortable. Chris slowly begins to stroke himself gently. He goes from the base all the way to the top, and then back down. His thumb occasionally swipes against his leaking tip and all he can think of is teaching you how to make him — your Daddy — feel good.
“Fuck, baby,” he moans, feeling a vein throat against his hand. He moans your name and speeds up his movements. His fingers are slightly sticky, but it’s the type of sticky he doesn’t mind. He begins to slow his hand down, and he sighs, not wanting to come just yet. He hasn’t been this hard in ages, and touching himself feels so fucking good.
“Did you say my name? Is everything alright?” you ask, barging into his room. He jumps and his hand flies out of his pants. You both stare at each other, not even daring to blink. You eventually break eye contact and notice the bottle of gin sitting on the bedside table. There’s only a sixth of it left, and you frown. You don’t like it when people you care about drink. “Uhm…” he awkwardly scratches the back of his neck and then takes in your form.
You’re in a nightgown, and it’s sheer as fuck. The gin gets to him and his mind has a slight buzz to it. His heart beats rapidly and his cock throbs with want and need. Chris’s eyes rake up and down your body like how they usually do whenever you’re in front of him. His mother would scold him for ogling at you, but he just doesn’t care anymore.
“I- I am so so so sorry, I should’ve knocked. I just thought you needed help with something because I heard you say my name, but sometimes I just tend to hear random things, so sorry,” you apologize in a panicking manner. You slowly walk back to the door, but you don’t turn around. Your bare feet leave a faint imprint on the floor from the cold sweats that have taken over your body.
“Come back here,” he orders, sitting up on the bed. Chris’s unbuckled belt clanks quietly, and he begins to remove it in one quick motion. You gulp thickly and exhale shakily. You slowly walk to where Chris is sitting, and he pats the spot next to him. You’ve never had such an interaction with anyone, ever. You sit down next to him, but you keep your distance.
Alcohol should not be called alcohol in Chris’s utmost humble opinion. No, it should just stick to its nickname ‘liquid courage’ because it’s more accurate than anything else. He may not seem like it, but he’s just a man who doesn’t have the heart to do much. Adrenaline doesn’t exist for him anymore, not since the incident.
Chris turns his head and stares at your pretty face. You look down, unable to make eye contact with such a God-like man. You have to assume that even Apollo is envious of Chris’s beauty. “How’d you hear me? Because I know these walls aren’t thin enough, and I know I wasn’t being loud, so tell me; How’d you hear me?” he interrogates you like one of Silas’s companions, but this time is slightly different.
Lust is what’s pumping through his veins, not rage.
“Uhm, well… My room was right there, and I wasn’t doing anything but thinking, and since your bed is against the wall, I- I heard you say my name,” you explain shyly. He hums, and you’re not sure whether it’s a hum of delight or disbelief. “Thinking of what?” he presses, inching his body closer to yours.
You continue to stare at his hand, even though you can feel his heavy breathing against your face. “I… Well- I was uh,” you stutter embarrassingly, and it makes you burn up with shame. “Spit it out, little girl, and don’t think of lying to me,” he growls, placing his hand on your thigh. Your gaze follows his movements, and you take in the set of rings that adorn his fingers.
They’re all black and of similar styles. One has a skull, one is completely plain, one has a cross on it and the last one has the word ‘Daddy’ engraved on it. His veins are so prominent. They bulge out with intensity, and you’d just love to trail your fingers along each of them. “Am I going to have to force an answer out of you?” he roughly asks. His other hand goes to the back of your head and he brings your gaze to his face.  
You quickly shake your head in objection, and he raises his eyebrows for you to spit your answer out. “I was thinking about you, and the way you tackled me…” you admit to him in a low and soft voice. “You liked the way I was on you, little girl?” he asks, moving his hand to the back of your neck. “Y- Yeah, made me feel all… Tingly…” you whisper to him.
“I want to hear you say it, little girl,” Chris ushers, squeezing the back of your neck slightly. “I liked the way you were on top of me…” you tell him breathlessly. “Good girl,” he praises in a slightly deep voice. He pulls you onto his lap and you gasp. His hard, wanting cock is right under your thighs, and you exhale nervously.
“You feel that, little girl? That’s all because of you, you did this to me. And you’re proud of it, aren’t you? Got me so fucking hard just because of you.” Chris squeezes your waist, and you really can feel it all. He’s not wrong, either. You’re so proud that you’ve made a man like him so desperate for you. “Do you know what I was doing, little girl? I was jerking off to the thought of fucking that cunny of yours until you’re begging me to stop,” he growls in your ear.
You moan softly, and the picture comes to mind, making your pussy gush with want. “Bet you’d like that, wouldn’t you?” he asks, placing his hand on your inner thigh. You nod, and he raises his eyebrows in warning again. “Yeah, I want that so bad,” you murmur to him. You and your pussy want him so bad. Chris’s hand inches further up your thighs until he’s just an inch away from your bare pussy.
Your thighs are already slightly sticky from your arousal. “Do you know what jerking off is, little girl?” he asks, pulling his hand away from your pussy. You hold back a pathetic, child-like whine, and he begins to lift up your nightgown until he sees your naked body. “Kind of… Isn’t that when a man touches himself? Like how women touch their… down there?” you innocently ask him.
Chris chuckles at how cute you are. So innocent yet oh so slutty. “Have you ever touched yourself, little girl?” he asks, lifting the nightgown over your head. It’s strewn across the floor behind you, and neither of you cares. But you quickly use your hands to cover your most precious, most private parts. “No, no, I don’t want to see any of that. You’re so beautiful, baby, you’re built like an absolute angel,” he husks, and you feel so flustered that you can’t help but giggle.
“T- Thank you… And I’ve done it a few times,” you inform him. Chris nods and smirks, catching the way your nipples have pebbled up. “Have you ever made someone feel good before?” he questions, trailing his broad hands up and down your body. “N- No, it’s pretty lonely up here…” you almost-ashamedly admit. He coos at you. “Do you want me to teach you how to make me feel good, little girl?” he questions, palming your tits.
You moan softly and rub your thighs together as he pinches and pulls at your hard nipples. You’re so small in his large hands, it makes him even harder. You nod your head fervently, wanting to make Chris feel so fucking good. Chris takes his hands away from your body and shifts you in his lap. He reaches down his pants and pulls his cock out of his boxers.
You gasp, having never seen something as big as that. He smirks and uses his right hand to grasp the base of his thick cock. Chris brings your dominant hand down to where his cock is and guides you to wrap your fingers around him. Chris shudders at your soft touch, and he moans softly. “Good girl, yeah,” he praises. “Wrap your hand around me a bit tighter, baby,” he urges, and you do exactly that.
He groans loudly and a small smile stretches across your lips. “N- Now, you’ve got to move your hand up and down. Start off slowly, go all the way to the tip, and then back down,” he instructs, even though he’s helping you out. His hand brings yours all the way to the tip, and then back down; just like he said. His hand leaves yours and goes back to feeling up your pretty body.
“Now do it by yourself, but in a twisting motion, little girl.”
You listen to his words and jerk him off, feeling yourself get wet as his cock twitches in your hand. Your clit throbs and so do the veins on the side of his shaft. Chris curses, and you bite down on your bottom lip. “Good girl, just like that. Fuck, your hand feels so good around me,” he moans, squeezing your waist. You focus on his cock, watching as pre-cum leaks from the tip and down the side of his dick.
It drips onto your slow-moving hand, and you exhale as your movements grow a bit faster. You look at him, watching as his pupils darken with lust. You can tell — it’s written on his face — he wants you to go faster. Your hand speeds up around his cock, making him a moaning mess. “Fuck, you’re such a good fucking girl. You like making me feel good, don’t you? So eager to please like the good little girl you are,” Chris husks.
His praise goes straight to your needy cunt and he knows this because he can just tell. Your thighs rub together, your breath hitches, you let out a giggle and squeeze a little tighter around his cock. Chris’s hand goes up to your head and smashes your lips against his. You both moan into the kiss, and you straddle both his thighs to get more comfortable.
You place your other hand on his cock and mimic your dominant hand’s movements. You try to keep up with the kiss, but you just can’t. Teeth clash and so do tongues as Chris moves his mouth against yours. He pants and his chest heaves as you continue to stroke him. “Go faster, baby,” he urges, and he pulls his mouth away from yours. He can feel you soaking his jeans, your wetness joining the abundant amount of rips and tears in the material.
Your hand moves faster, twisting perfectly and occasionally squeezing his most sensitive spots as well. Chris pushes your hands away abruptly, and you’re confused. Did you do something wrong? Does he not like you anymore? What happened? “Shit, wrap your mouth around the tip, little girl. Trust me, you’re gonna fucking love it,” he says, and you quickly do so.
You’ll do anything to please him. His mushroom tip is leaking and a raging red. It’s the same red as the rest of his cock, and you could swear it’s almost purplish. You can tell he’s aching because you’ve been through a similar thing. You drop down to the floor and kneel in front of Chris. Your lips smooth around the tip of his hard cock, and you can taste him as soon as he hits your tongue.
He tastes of musk and manliness, along with a hint of saltiness, and it’s oh so addicting. You keep the tip of his cock in your mouth like it’s one of your favourite lollipops and smile around him. Chris smiles and wraps his hand around himself. He jerks himself off quickly, desperate to come in your mouth. “Fucking shit– god, you’re such a good fucking girl,” Chris rasps as he reaches his climax.,
His balls tighten up and his blue eyes roll back into his skull. White, hot, thick ropes of cum shoot out of his tip and fill your mouth. You’re not sure why, but a moan escapes past your throat, and it only makes Chris’s high much better. Chris places both hands on the sides of your head and holds you there, gently. You swallow all his cum as it fills your mouth and leaks from the corners of your lips.
Chris so desperately wants to push your head farther down his cock, but he knows he shouldn’t. Plus, there’s always going to be more time for things like that. He pulls your head away from his cock and watches as a string of saliva tries to keep the two of you connected. You gently lick your lips, still savouring his taste and he smiles down at you. You can’t lie — you feel giddy. Giddy in a way in which you crave his praise and approval like no other.
“You’re such a good girl, you know that? Thank you for helping me out… I do suppose I should return the favour, right?” he teasingly says, lifting you up into his lap. You shake your head out of nervousness. “No? … Why not, baby?” Chris asks, and you gulp thickly. “Don’t wanna rush it… I- never mind, you wouldn’t understand,” you look down and fiddle with your fingers.
The grooves of your nails are smoothed over by your pointer finger. Some dips and rises make you cringe, and others satisfy you. He looks down at your hands and notices the skin picked on the sides. He knows how painful those can be, and he doesn’t want you to feel any pain at all. “I’ll try to understand, darling, but if you don’t tell me, then I’ll be completely clueless,” he speaks to you lowly. “I like the way your words make me feel…” you shyly admit to him.
“Aw, how do they make you feel, baby?” Chris presses, grasping your two hands together. “All warm and small… makes me feel like I have it all. Hey, that rhymes!” you exclaim, bubbling in the utmost adorable giggles ever. “You’re a natural poet, darling. But tell me more…” he urges, rubbing his coarse thumbs against your soft skin. “I get butterflies, and I feel all shy and safe. Your words make me so comfortable yet so vulnerable…” you describe to him even though words can’t describe what you feel.
“Is that right, baby? You’re so cute… Do you- Do you get all tingly and babyish when I use my words?” Chris hesitatingly asks. His voice is so gentle and soft, a low whisper that is so soothing to your ears and rough edges. You nod meekly and smile to yourself. Your cheeks may hurt from all the laughter he caused earlier today but that doesn’t refrain you from hiding your smile.
Now, Chris is no doctor. He’s no professional, he’s no master. He’s just a broken man, but he knows exactly what you’re talking about. But he won’t explain what it is, because he needs you to learn on your own. Maybe with some guidance from him, but he won’t trick you into thinking something completely off base.
“Let’s get cleaned up, okay? Then we’ll sleep, you need the rest. We both do.”
He’s got your name on his tattoo, wearing the same damn clothes since three days ago. A bottle of gin in his hand, and you’d say he’s just wandering. But he isn’t. He was never. The stick-and-poke tattoo may seem a bit much, but he doesn’t regret it one bit. Your name is written in your pretty handwriting. The ink is in his skin, and he’s practically marked as yours, now.
The days go by slower, much slower than he’d like them to. But it doesn’t matter now, because his mission is over, and he’ll be leaving soon. But Chris doesn’t want to leave. His wanderlust has found an end as he finally has a place where he’s meant to be. He’s found heaven in the hills, and between your legs.
“D- Daddy…” you whisper under your breath, loud enough for him to hear. Your hands are locked with his, and they rest at your sides. You’re just in a small bralette, and your hard nipples poke through the fabric. Your legs are thrown over his shoulders and your ankles lace together behind his head. Your neck aches from the angle your body is in, but the pleasure blooming from your core is much more powerful.
Chris is between your legs, and he hums against your wet, throbbing pussy. You moan loudly and squeeze your eyes shut from the feeling. He sucks on your clit harshly, and wetness seeps from your hole. “Feels so good… Oh, my…” you pant. Your hips gyrate and you subconsciously grind your wet cunt against Chris’s face. He pulls his face away from your pussy and licks a broad stripe against you.
You moan again and squeeze his hands tighter. His tongue swirls around your swollen and throbbing clit, bringing you closer and closer to your release. Your taste is addictive, and he could stay between your legs for hours on end, if not for eternities. His beautiful, lovely rings dig into the sides of your fingers, but you don’t care. Chris may treat you like a delicate doll, but he should know how much you love it when he’s rough with you.
“I think I’m gonna come, Daddy…” you cry out to him before a strangled moan leaves your mouth. Chris pulls away from your pussy once again, but this time he spits on your lips. His saliva drops down your cunt and mixes with your wetness, and he goes back to devouring you. He eats you out like a starved man, and you’re squealing at the overwhelming pleasure.
If he was on death row, he’d have your sweet pussy as his last meal.
His tongue works over your clit and brings you closer and closer to your release. It’s coming fast. A searing, heated feeling takes over your body and abdomen as your back arches off your couch. Chris is as hard as a rock, staring you directly in the eyes, and he makes you come on his mouth.
“Oh- Daddy!” you cry out loudly, your mouth falling open into a silent, voiceless scream. Your eyes roll back into your skull and in Chris’s past words, you look like a brain-dead slut. Your wetness gushes out of your drooling hole, and he laps it all up with no problem. He drinks up everything you give him, and then some. Your hands are still laced with his and your chest rises and falls at a fast pace.
“Shh… You did amazing, little one. Taste so fucking sweet, just like nectar,” he hums like a hummingbird, before smacking his lips. You slowly come down from your high as he strokes your hands with his thumbs. Your lids are slightly heavy, but you don’t want to get any shut-eye. Time away from Chris is practically a sin in your eyes. “Thank you, Daddy,” you gratefully reply.
“You’re welcome, little one. Got me so hard,” he husks as he moves to get up. He carefully handles your body and pulls out a handkerchief from the pocket of his jeans. They’ve been washed and scrubbed but there are still faint dandelion and pollen stains that he just doesn’t care enough about. Though the adorable face you were making whilst washing them is something that’ll never leave his mind.
Just like the mental image of you coming undone beneath him.
“Can I make you feel good, Daddy? Pretty please?” you ask sweetly and Chris knows he could say yes, but he doesn’t want to. Making you feel good pleases him, but he doesn’t want to sound so poetic so he chuckles. “Soon, little one, I need to clean you up properly,” he tells you and you jut your bottom lip out, pouting. He coos at you and you scrunch your nose up at the attention.
“But I’m all clean, Daddy!” you reason, reaching over to palm his hard cock through his jeans. Chris chokes on his saliva at the feeling of your touch. “In a bit, little one, you need to listen to Daddy. Okay?” he rasps with a warning in his voice. “Okay, Dada…” you trail off with a deep sigh punctuating your sentence. You fiddle with your fingers as Chris carefully cleans up your pussy.
The damp washcloth is gentle against your sensitive skin. Each movement of his is carried by gentleness and love. “I have a question, Daddy,” you hum after a few seconds of silence. “Go ahead, mushy one,” he says with a smile. You giggle at the nickname before calming yourself down. “Were you really wandering?” you bluntly ask him. Chris’s eyes nearly fall out of their sockets, and you gasp.
“What do you mean, little one?” he asks, looking up at you. “Well… You said you were a wanderer! And that’s how you found me! But you don’t seem like a wanderer, you’re too clever to be one,” you explain with a smile on your face. Chris begins to chew on the inside of his cheek, and the skin has already been filled with bite marks and scars. At this point, he should tell you, right? You already know the deepest, most darkest pieces and part of him.
You’ll love him no matter what.
“Well, I wasn’t wandering. You’re so smart, little one. The smartest baby in the world!” he cheers and moves to get up. He sits in the empty spot next to you and lifts you into his lap. You’re still naked and Chris has his shirt off (as usual), so the skin-on-skin contact has you feeling even sleepier. “Sometimes, we lie to protect people. I lied, to protect you, along with many other people. Myself included, of course,” he starts.
“I was sent here with the sole purpose of bringing in your criminal neighbour,” he pauses “and I did.” You nod along with his words, your mind only allowing the most important phrases to sink in. “I arrested him around a month ago, and I was supposed to leave three weeks ago,” he sadly sighs. You look up in a panic, and you’re in shock. “Two weeks ago, I turned in my resignation. I’m not going anywhere,” he quickly adds and your face lights up.
“I’m staying with my best girl, okay?” Chris smiles and leans in to kiss you. You let him do so because God-damn, you’d let him do anything he wants to you. “T- Thank you so much, Daddy!” you squeal and hug him tightly. He laughs in a beautiful cacophony of sounds, and it’s right in your ear.
Chris feels a weight being lifted off his shoulders as you writhe around in his arms. You wiggle around on his hard cock and Chris suppresses a groan. His hands trail from your shoulders to your waist, down to your hips. Goosebumps erupt on your skin and excitement runs in your veins at his touch. Your head rolls back and you exhale shakily. He grips your hips tightly, and you involuntarily buck your hips against his crotch.
Both you and Chris moan before he moves both his hands to your ass. He gropes you roughly, feeling a bit of your wetness on his fingers. “Oh, baby… What’s all that for? Hm? Didn’t Daddy just eat your sweet little pussy out?” he asks in a slightly worried tone. “Y- Yeah… But I can’t help it, Daddy, you always make me so tingly…” you admit to him, shyly.
“Mmm, I like knowing I do this to you. Gets me so fucking hard,” he groans, slapping your ass. You yelp in surprise, but it gets cut off by a whimper. Chris caresses the hit skin and soothes you down from the shock. He smiles at you and then lands another hit. Then another, and then another.
The sting is addictive, just like he is. It leaves you writhing in both pain and pleasure and yet you still want more. “M- more, please,” you quietly beg and Chris coos at you as if you're a pet. And the truth isn’t far off. The coolness of his rings is both brutal and comforting. It soothes you yet acts as if they didn’t just hurt you. “You want more, baby?” he asks in that sweet yet sultry condescending tone of his.
You nod your head and chew on your bottom lip. “‘S too bad you’re gonna have to take what I give you and keep quiet, baby,” he husks, and you whine loudly. Chris flips your bodies around and suddenly you’re on your back, and he’s leaning over you. He locks lips with you and you try your hardest to keep up with the kiss.
His lips move sloppily against yours, but you don’t mind because you’ll take anything he gives you. You moan into true kiss and Chris wedges his knee between your legs. You’d hump him like a bunny because that’s what the demon on your shoulder is telling you to do. But the last time you did something without his permission, you weren’t allowed to make him come for a week.
You just know you’re soaking his jeans but neither of you cares. Chris kisses the corner of your mouth and trails down to your neck, peppering kisses behind as if he’s leaving a trail on your body for when he’s going to explore you later. The stubble on his cheeks and jaw tickles you and Chris falls even more in love with you as your laughter fills the air.
“D- Dada…” you whisper to him as you tilt your head back. His lips land on that sweet spot of yours and your back arches off the couch. Chris smiles against your skin and begins to suck on that sweet spot. Your breath hitches as he bites, licks and sucks on your skin. He marks you up like no other, and you know how much he loves to know that you’re all his.
“Dada… No teasing, please,” you sweetly ask in your soft tone. And how can he turn you down? “In a bit, little girl, be patient for Daddy.” Chris continues to mark you up until he’s satisfied. The feeling of his teeth against your neck and collar bones makes you even wetter than you already are. Possessiveness is carried in his movements, and it only drives you to be needier.
Chris moves further down from your collar bones to the valley of your breasts. Each curve of yours makes him want to sin without any repentance afterwards. He places a kiss there and then looks up at you. “Please, Daddy,” you whisper so quietly it takes him a few seconds to realize what you’ve said. Chris’s hand wraps around your body to your back.
He slowly unclasps your bralette and drags it away from your body at the same pace. You both maintain eye contact all whilst he undresses you to your vulnerability. Chris throws your bra somewhere behind him and places his hands on your body. “Aw, baby… You’re so cute and small,” he sweetly says in an almost shocking manner. Almost as if he doesn't use the size difference as a weapon to make you all soft and mushy.
“Hm, thank you, Daddy,” you tell him because good girls always have manners. “So good, using your manners for Daddy,” he praises, and you wonder if he can read your mind. Your Daddy can do anything, so it would be no surprise if he can. Chris sits upon his knees, but he remains in his towering position. Gently, and with care, he spreads your legs open until he’s satisfied.
He watches as you clench your needy pussy. He just knows your clit is throbbing, and you’re tingly because he just has that effect on you. “Poor baby… Is this all for Daddy?” he asks, and you quickly nod. “Say it, tell me it’s all because of me,” he growls placing his hands on your thighs. Chris slowly moves his hands further down your thighs. His touch is gentle, and he can feel the goosebumps on your thighs beginning to raise.
“‘S all yours, daddy. It’s all because of you,” you tell him breathlessly. “And this pussy is all mine, isn’t it, little girl?” he asks, inching closer to your wet pussy. “Mhm, only yours, Daddy!” you happily assure him, and he smirks at you. “That’s right, little girl. And since it’s all mine, doesn’t that mean I can do whatever I want with it?” he questions, and you nod with no hesitance at all.
Chris traces your wet pussy with his ring-donned pointer finger. “Oh my…” you gasp at the feeling. It may not be much, but your sensitive little pussy struggles to handle it. You clench around nothing again, and he watches, before chuckling at you. “Such a pretty pussy you have, baby, I can’t fucking wait to ruin it,” Chris growls, and you whimper. “Gonna fill you up with my cum after I fuck you, little girl,” he promises, and you never wanted to be fucked so badly until now.
He wonders if his cock could even fit inside you. Usually, he’d want to eat you out and finger you to prepare you. But he’s now thinking with what’s between his legs, and not what’s between his ears. He trails that same pointer finger on your pussy, and becomes mesmerized with the sight. Chris watches as your hole drools with want and need, whilst you watch him.
His already dark eyes are blown out with lust, and it only turns you on even more. Chris knows you’re watching him. He’s not one of the best agents in the FBI for no reason. He looks up at you, and you lock eyes with each other. He smirks and pulls his hand away from your pussy. You hold back a whine, but you still pout in disappointment. Chris begins to unbuckle his pants, and you’re filled with eagerness.
You smile widely, and he coos. “Aw, you’re such a desperate little slut, it’s adorable,” he chuckles, and you shy away. He pulls down his jeans along with his boxers slowly. Chris takes off his jeans and boxers completely, and throws them somewhere around the house. You watch as his cock bounces up and leaks with pre-cum. You just know he’s aching because of how red his cock is.
He’s big, and you already know that. But seeing him in all his naked glory is just something else. The simple yet not so simple idea of Chris’s cock being inside of you is electrifying. It’s both terrifying and exciting. He grabs the base of his cock and the prickly hair pokes the soft skin of his hands, but he doesn’t care. His left hand goes back to your pussy, and begins to rub circles on your clit.
“Oh… Daddy,” you moan quietly. The pleasure is almost overwhelming, so you involuntarily try to shut your legs and keep Chris out. Your knees touch for a brief moment, and he’s having none of that. He separates your legs and climbs on top of you, all while staring you directly in the eyes. His cock drags against your inner thigh. “Oh, is it too much for you, little one?” he asks with faux pity in his tone. You nod and clench your fists to control yourself.
“Too fucking bad, you’re gonna take whatever I give you, and you’re not gonna complain. Isn’t that right, little girl?” he sneers, and you gasp. Usually, you can’t handle someone who raises their voice in the slightest. But hearing Chris do it makes the butterflies in your stomach fly. “Yes, Daddy,” you hum delightfully, and he smiles. “Good girl,” he praises. Chris presses harder on your sensitive pearl of nerves and rubs you in faster circles.
“Daddy…” You moan and it goes straight to his cock. He looks up at you and just knows you’re beginning to drive up that cliff. He slows down his ministrations on your nub, and you bite back a loud whine. “You’re so needy, baby… Already so close to coming, it’s kind of pathetic…” he trails off and more wetness leaks out of you. You’re absolutely soaked and are a little bit ashamed of it.
“Please, Daddy! I’m so close, I’ll do anything,” you beg, but he just doesn’t buy it. “You’ll already do anything I tell you, baby, begging is so useless,” Chris chortles. You let out a small huff and move your hips in a circle, grinding against his thumb. In a flash of blurry moments, Chris pulls his hand away from your pussy and wraps around your neck. He squeezes the sides of your throat, and you gasp quite loudly.
He raises his eyebrow in warning, and you nod in understanding. “Good girl, I don’t want to put you over my knee when I’m feeling so gracious,” he assures, and you smile. Chris brings the tip of his cock to your swollen, needy clit and his pre-cum begins to mix with your wetness. You both moan softly as he rubs his tip on your clit. Your bottom lip finds a home between your teeth and Chris’s tongue swipes over his.
The sight and feeling of his cock on your silky pussy make him so weak in the knees. “Fuck, baby, do you like that? You like it when Daddy makes you feel good with his cock?” Chris asks in a deep, gravelly voice. “Yeah, Daddy… love it so much…” you tell him through a mushy haze of pleasure.
“You’re getting all dumb and stupid already? You’re so cute, little one,” he purrs, and you giggle at his words even though there’s nothing funny about them. “Do you want my cock, little baby? Say it, tell Daddy you want his cock,” he urges, and you look down to where you’re both nearly connected.
“I wan’ your cock, Daddy. Want it so bad, I need it, Daddy,” you beg, and Chris hums. “Just a little more, little girl, it’s like music to my ears,” he smirks, and you bite your bottom lip. “Sing for me, hummingbird,” he pushes, and you just go with whatever your neediness tells you to do.
“I wanna feel your cock deep inside me, Daddy. I want your cum to fill me up until I’m leaking and all stupid. Please, Daddy, please fuck me. I really want your cock, I need it,” you beg and blood rushes to his face and cock. “Fuck, yeah, I’ll give you my fucking cock, and you better take it like the good girl you are,” he growls, and you whimper. Chris slowly drags the fat tip of his shaft down to your drooling, slutty hole.
You whimper loudly, and he looks back at you. Fear is written all over that pretty face of yours, and Chris knows the exact reason why. “Don’t worry, baby, I’ll be gentle, okay? If you want to stop just say so, and I’ll listen. I won’t hurt you, darling. I promise,” he gently reassures you. You sigh with an almost heavy yet full heart.
You then nod and Chris thanks you for allowing him to fully make you his. “Wanna hold your hand, Dada… Please,” you ask pleasantly, and he nods. “In a bit, little girl, I just need to be careful,” he whispers. Chris slowly begins to push into your wet, tight cunt. You swallow him slowly, and the sight is mesmerizing.
The tightness of your cunt squeezes him in a strong hug, and he wishes he could be buried deep inside you for the rest of his life. “Fuck- Baby, you feeling so fucking good,” he moans while trying to compose himself. You’re still whimpering from the pain, and your chest is rising and falling at a fast pace.
“C- Can I push all the way in, little one? It’ll only hurt for a bit,” he asks, and he looks deep into your eyes. “Mhm… Wanna feel your cock deep inside me, Daddy, please,” you beg, and Chris tries his hardest not to come right here, right now. He thrusts his hips forward, and bottoms out inside you completely.
Your mouth falls open, and you’re silently screaming. The pain isn’t too much, but you feel as though the wind is being knocked out of you. Chris shifts a bit, and that’s when you start to feel it more. He’s so deep inside you, and he’s splitting you in two. “Breathe, baby, breathe,” he says.
You realize you’re holding your breath and it’s no wonder why your heart was beating out of your chest. “You’re doing so- so well, darling. Your little cunny looks so nice when it’s stuffed full with my cock,” he groans, and you whimper. “Dada, is hurtin’...” you whisper, and Chris wants to pull out because he can’t stand the thought of his little girl being hurt.
“Do you want me to stop, little one?” he asks, but you quickly shake your head in objection. Even though the pressure in your core is dwindling, and even though you feel a little too full, you don’t want him to stop. “No stopping, Daddy, please,” you whine and flail your arms towards him. He shushes you soothingly, and you calm down as soon as he flashes a stern look.
The pain soon burns away into nothing but dust and ash, and you finally see why he was so desperate to shove his cock inside of your cunt. It turns into pleasure and your pussy leaks around him. You’re soaking Chris’s cock with no shame at all. “Oh, fuck, baby… You feel so fucking good,” he moans, and you follow with a gasp. “I like the way y- you feel inside me, Daddy, makes me all tingly…” you admit shyly, and Chris chuckles.
“Yeah? Bet it makes you want to be fucked stupid, right, baby?” he questions with a playful smirk on his face. “Yes, Daddy,” you moan. You’re never aware of your surroundings because you’re too caught up in the moments. It’s something Chris scolds you for, but you never learn. But in this moment, you can feel everything. The veins on his cock throb against your silky walls, and you can feel his balls against your ass. His hot breath fans over you as Chris struggles to compose himself.
He slowly drags his hips backwards, pulling out of your pussy until his tip is the only thing in your cunt. The sudden almost-emptiness is surprising, but you quickly get used to it. Chris then pushes back into your pussy, and you moan loudly. “Fucking hell, little one,” he curses under his breath as he bottoms out again. He begins to fuck into you slowly and gently, careful to not hurt you. Even if he wants to fuck you until you’re crying.
The sound of skin on skin is quiet and almost unintelligible. The squelching sounds from your wet pussy and moans fill the room. Chris gently grips your hips and watches as your face contorts into a frown of pleasure and not pain. “Daddy…” you pant softly as you look up at Chris. “Yeah, baby? Am I hurting you?” he asks out of worry. “N-No, it feels so good…” you trail off as one particular thrust lands near your g-spot. And he knows that.
“Wan’ you to fuck me hard, wan’ you to destroy me, Daddy. Please fuck me like the slut I am…” you gently beg and Chris halts his thrusts. His cock twitches inside of you because of your words. Only he can corrupt an innocent angel such as yourself. “Shit- Little one, I don’t want to hurt you, that’s why I’m being so gentle,” Chris explains, but you shake your head. “You could never hurt me, Daddy. Please, I need you,” you beg for one last time, unaware of what you’ve done to him.
Chris roughly pushes his cock back into your cunt without warning. “Awe, I see. My little princess wants to be fucked like the whore she is, hm? Well, whatever princess wants, she gets,” he growls because beginning to fuck you roughly. You moan loudly at the feeling as with each thrust, his cock pummels against your sweet spot roughly. His pelvic bone rubs against your swollen clit and his grip on your hips tightens.
“Daddy!” you cry out as Chris pounds into your poor pussy. The room fills with moans, groans, curse words and wet sounds that all come from the art you two are making. “Aw, what’s wrong, little girl? Can’t take daddy’s cock anymore? Hm? Well, I don’t really give a fuck, you’re just gonna lie there, and take what I give you like a good fucking girl,” he sneers, and you push at his chest.
“It’s so sensitive!” you wail like a little bitch in heat. “But I bet you don’t want me to stop, do you?” Chris asks as a moan bleeds past his plump lips. “Uh-uh, please don’t stop, Daddy!” you squeal after a harsh thrust. The stretch of Chris’s cock is amazing, and you never want the feeling to stop. Chris’s hand leaves your hip and crawls all the way up to your neck. He wraps his fingers around your throat, and squeezes the sides, making you clench tightly around his big, thick cock.
He lowers his face to yours and watches as you react to the way he’s being rough with you. “Oh, God!” you cry out as he makes his thrusts more powerful. “Actually, it’s just ‘Daddy’, but I’m fine with that too,” he slyly smirks. You’re too fucked out to even laugh at his joke. Your eyes roll back into your skull and your back begins to arch off of the couch.  “Awe, are you gonna come around my big fat cock already, slut? How cute,” Chris mocks.
You nod your head and begin babbling like a baby. “But remember, little girl, I have to give you permission to come, okay?” he reminds you, and you whine. Chris’s hand around your throat moves up to grab your jaw, and he stops thrusting into you. “None of that is allowed. Don’t forget your place, little girl,” Chris warns with fury seething through his words. You mumble an apology, trying to formulate the proper words to speak.
“Seems like I really did fuck you stupid,” he chuckles, and you moan at his words. You clamp down on his cock, tempting him to do what you want, like a siren using her voice to lure men into the sea. “Open your mouth up first, little girl,” he orders, and you obediently listen. The searing arousal in your core begins to fade away, and you feel a panic beginning to rise inside you.
Chris drags his hand back down to your throat and rests it there. You watch as he puckers his lips up, and suddenly, he spits into your mouth. You open your mouth even wider and stretch your tongue out. His saliva lands directly on your tongue, and you wait for further instructions before you give in to your desires.
“Swallow it, little girl,” he instructs, and you do exactly so. You open your mouth back up just to earn some praise. “Good fucking girl. The best baby ever,” he smiles and presses a kiss to your forehead. “Thank you, Daddy! … Can I have cummies now?” you lovingly ask your Daddy.
“Of course, little one,” he says as he smiles down at you. Chris begins to fuck into you again, deep and hard. With each thrust, he pounds your g-spot and his balls slap against your ass. His remaining hand on your hip moves down to your clit, rubbing your little button with rough circles.
“Daddy… ‘m gonna come!” you moan loudly and Chris fucks you harder. “Come one, baby, come all over my big cock like the good girl you are,” he urges. The building feeling inside you increases, and you feel yourself getting closer to your release. “Fucking come, little girl, wanna hear you sing for me,” he growls. And with one specific thrust, you find yourself coming undone beneath him.
The sight is so fucking beautiful. Watching you as your eyes turn up, your mouth falls open and your cunt hugging his cock just gets him going, and he wishes he could take a picture of you right now. “D- Daddy! Oh, my-” You cut yourself off with a loud moan and Chris keeps on rubbing your clit and fucking you through your orgasm.
You soak his cock until it’s dripping and even then you’re still coming. You moan loudly and Chris can feel himself getting closer to his orgasm. His balls begin to tighten up and a droplet of sweat drips from his neck down to his chest. “Daddy, are you gonna come?” you sweetly ask as he fucks you through your orgasm whilst chasing his own.
“Yeah, baby, Daddy’s gonna fill you up with his cum. I’m gonna leave you leaking with my seed,” Chris growls as he fucks you faster. “Please, Daddy… Please, I want your cum so badly! Please fill me up with your cum, Daddy,” you beg and Chris tosses his head back.
“Fuck, yes, yes yes,” he shouts as his balls tighten up again. He quickens his pace until white, hot, thick ropes of cum spurts out from his aching tip. He fulfills his promise and your wish, filling you up with his cum until there’s nothing left. His cum mixes with your juices as he paints your walls with no expertise whatsoever. Chris slumps on top of your body, engulfing you in a bear hug as his cock remains buried inside of you.
You’re both panting and struggling to come down from the euphoric feelings. You look up at Chris make lock eyes with him for the nth time. There’ll never be a day where you don’t get lost in his eyes. They’re beautiful, absolutely beautiful. “You did so fucking good, little one,” he praises, pressing a kiss to the side of your head.
“Thank you very, very much, Daddy,” you slur, feeling yourself beginning to sleep into little space. “Daddy?” you call out, tapping his bicep after a few seconds. “Yeah, baby?” he asks, lifting himself up to get a better view of your face. “Will you really stay?” you ask with a bit of worry in your voice. He sighs with a full heart.
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ambrosiase · 27 days ago
─── 𝙬𝙖𝙞𝙩 ‘𝙩𝙞𝙡 𝙞 𝙜𝙞𝙫𝙚 𝙮𝙤𝙪 𝙖 𝙨𝙞𝙜𝙣 (𝙘𝙖𝙪𝙨𝙚 𝙞 𝙜𝙚𝙩 𝙡𝙤𝙣𝙚𝙨𝙤𝙢𝙚 𝙨𝙤𝙢𝙚𝙩𝙞𝙢𝙚𝙨)
Tumblr media
eighteen plus only — by choosing to ‘keep reading’, you are agreeing that you are eighteen years old and over. do not interact with this story if you are a minor.
series masterlist
inspiration: “you do make me hard, but she makes me weak” — be my mistake by the 1975
main pairing: bucky barnes x fem!reader
themes: angst, smut.
warnings: unprotected sex, dirty talk, no prep, degradation (bucky calls reader a slut/whore). internalised insecurities plague this reader. bucky is a bit of an emotionally stunted asshole? and not in the usual way we enjoy him to be.
from the writer: this is the first part to lovers ≠ friends, each chapter technically can be read as a stand-alone but if you’re looking to get hurt, than this series is for you! once again, i’m sorry for this because it really isn’t a happy one folks, this is your final warning that this story will induce sadness.. idk what else to tell you.
Tumblr media
She was beautiful.
The kind of face you’d see on the cover of magazines; generous eyes of malachite and flowing scarlet locks, with a rosy smile — all painted onto a soft expression that seemed to taunt your rough edges.
If she was a calm, spring meadow with blooming cherry blossoms, then you were a tropical storm in peril. Full of toxic algae, with the ability to bring harm with each taste from your tongue that met his.
It made sense, why you’d never be able to live in his heart the way that she does.
But it was easy to fool yourself, to drown in the ocean of his eyes as though you knew how to swim. Letting yourself sink into his touch, all the while gasping for air as the currents threatened to pull you under.
Maybe it was worth it though, if only to feel the way his fingers traced over every scar, and every freckle. How for a moment, you could listen to the way he’d groan your name like it was something sacred. The closest you’d ever get to a vow.
Because sometimes, it was easier to pretend.
Even if most times, you wish you’d never met.
“Are you okay?”
The bulking brunette had his head tipped against the oak tree, a bottle of jack in his hand as he wiped away the remnant of his last sip, “You ever been in love?”
“No,” you told him, worry gnawing at your gut as you watched him blink away unshed tears, “No I haven’t been.”
He looks at you then, and you don’t think you’d ever seen someone more beautiful, “One of the lucky ones, hm?”
It makes you pause, the way he says it like it’s a fortune, “Are you in love then?”
“Is it love when the other person doesn’t feel the same way?” He scoffs, kicking his feet into the ground before taking a deep breath, “Shit, I’m sorry. You don’t need to hear a stranger’s sob story about a woman who doesn’t love him.”
You tell him your name, lithe smile on your mouth as he replies with his, “Well Bucky, now we’re not strangers.”
As you watch the way he leans into her, whispering something that makes them share a laugh, you can’t help the envy that swirls — her smile is similar to radiant sunshine in comparison to the dark clouds that hover over you. Watching the way he glows in her presence makes you think that maybe you're the grey that reflects back in his eyes as he catches your stare.
There used to be a time you would wait for him to make his way over to you, to include you in the conversation. You know better now.
Tequila burns your throat, flagging down the bartender for another as you turn around. Glaring down the clock as though it’ll make time go faster — the only purpose it serves is your trepidation.
His absence is too obvious, and you wonder if the look of pity you catch on Sam’s face is pointed towards you. It’s almost ironic, you think. Considering the only reason you’d come as Bucky’s plus one was so that he wouldn’t have to spend the night alone.
You take another shot.
“Alright, you drink anymore and you’re not gonna have a liver.”
“You cuttin’ me off, sweetheart?” And you hate the way you catch yourself smiling at the endearment.
Taking the bottle from him, you shrug. “Suppose someone has to look out for you, don’t they? Can’t have you dyin’, Sam will get pissed at me.”
“Should’ve known you were only takin’ care of me to be nice.”
“God, you really like to wallow, don’t you?”
He smirks, “Guess it’s my superpower.”
“C’mon, let me take you home.”
“If that’s a line, it’s not a great one.” You laugh at his wiggling brows, finger poking your nose.
Shaking your head, you tell him, “Just a concerned friend.”
“Oh, we’re friends are we? Look at us, strangers now friends.” Bucky grins wickedly at you, “Next thing we know, I’ll be in your bed.”
The laugh that leaves your throat has a sense of pride flicker across his expression, “Okay, Casanova.”
There’s a hand on your shoulder, and your breath catches when you realise who it is, “Hi Natasha.”
That damn smile, it makes you wish you could hate her.
She gazes at you fondly, sitting down next to you as she orders a cocktail. “How are you?”
“Good,” and you hope it’s convincing, “I’m good, thank you.”
“You’re stunning in that dress,” the red head is kind as her eye gloss over you, “I’m surprised James has been able to keep his hands off you.”
Right, she calls him James.
You wave her off, “We’re just friends. Besides you know, Bucky. He’s handsy when he’s drunk.” The way she so easily agrees with the statement makes your stomach twist in knots.
The bartender places her drink down with a wink, and before you know it, she’s standing again. “It was great seeing you, we’ll have to catch up soon.”
“Of course,” you smile but it doesn’t reach your eyes, “Sounds nice.”
You watch as she walks away, being pulled into the chest of the man she came with, but you notice how her eyes won’t leave Bucky’s.
“I’m an idiot, aren’t I?”
The question makes you pause, “Why’s that?”
“She’ll never love me, not in the way she loves him.”
Turning, you feel your throat start to close at the gentle look in his eyes. You hadn’t noticed how deep the colour was, “I think sometimes, we fall for people we know we shouldn’t.”
He sounds defeated as he sighs, “But why?”
“It’s easier to fool ourselves that we’re okay, I guess. To fall in love with someone we can’t have, it keeps the fantasy of ‘what if’ alive.” Your fingers trace the rim of your beer, “When someone’s unobtainable, we live in the world we create of them in our mind. It makes seeing reality much more difficult.”
“You’re a bit of a pessimist, aren’t you?”
The observation makes you laugh, “I prefer the term ‘realist’.”
Maybe you should’ve called yourself naive.
Leaving your empty glass at the bar, you make your way towards the balcony doors — craving the cool, fresh air to calm your heated skin. As the doors close, the sound of the music and chatter dissipates and it gives you a moment to breathe.
It doesn’t last for long. Most good things don’t.
“You alright?” You hear Bucky’s voice behind you, it almost makes your heart leap from the concern, “Sam noticed you left.”
Oh, right.
“‘M fine,” you can’t find it in yourself to turn around, “Just tired.”
“You can leave,” he says, “If you want.”
“I came here with you, how do you suppose I’ll leave?”
His presence was always domineering, and you can’t help the way goosebumps rise from the feeling of his body coming to stand close to yours, “You can take the car, I’ll leave with Nat.”
You turn to face him then, his blue eyes already on yours. “She looks pretty tonight.”
“Nat’s always pretty.” You’d scream if you could, he gave compliments to her so easy — when you’d been the one to spend hours looking your best for him.
“Right,” you mutter, “Always.”
Maybe he notices his slip up, his own mistake when he takes in the way you bite your lip and look away. His hand brushes gently against your neck, “You look beautiful.”
“God, you’re beautiful.”
There’s something hidden in the way he looks at you — perhaps it’s your downfall. A premonition of a relationship that’s doomed from the beginning.
“Kiss me.”
His lips touch your bare shoulder, trailing up your neck before kissing the sensitive spot under your jaw. It makes you fall into him, an act you’ve done countless times before.
Because sometimes the two of you do share intimate moments like this together.
Moments where you wonder if he feels something genuine for you — feelings that aren’t conditioned by the way your bodies intertwine.
The rasp of his tone sends a thrill down your spine, “If we leave…”
“Hm?” a giggle falls from your lips.
“What’s in it for me?”
You turn to him, mouths barely touching as you say, “I’ll do that thing with my tongue you like so much.”
Bucky groans at the insinuation, “Then what’re we waitin’ for sweetheart?”
The two of you walk back inside, fingers linked as you prepare to say your goodbyes — only to be interrupted.
It’s funny, how one event can change everything — the same way that a warm ocean can cause a hurricane.
“Excuse me, everyone.”
The nervous voice carries through the air, and you look over to the stage where your eyes fall upon a blonde man, Steve.
You’ve known Steve Rogers for as long as you’ve known Bucky Barnes, the two of them being the best friends that Sam had introduced you to on the night of his first birthday party in Brooklyn.
“How do you put up with this guy?”
It makes you laugh, the way the blonde you’d only met two minutes prior to the conversation had his arm slung around your neck like he’d known you for years. “Believe me, it hasn’t been easy.”
“Oh that’s great, you guys.” Sam rolls his eyes but you catch the grin he wears, “Can’t believe I’m friends with a bunch of assholes.”
“You love us, Sammy.” You smile, laughing freely as Steve clumsily nods his head alongside you.
The blonde cheers, “Yeah, Sammy. You love us!”
You barely catch the way Sam mumbles, “I’m gonna regret introducing the two of you,” before Steve’s dragging you to the dancefloor.
“I’m uh, not very good at speeches,” and from the way the crowd laughs, you figure you’re missing out on the history.
Bucky’s hand slowly begins to tighten around yours, and you can’t shake the anxiety that threatens to suffuse.
“Growing up, I never thought I’d get to experience what it felt like to fall in love,” Steve begins, his eyes only ever focused on one person, “And I certainly never thought it could be with someone who had always been there, right from the start.”
The blonde moves towards her, the purest expression you’d ever seen, “I could lie and say that I don’t remember when it all changed, but I do.”
“It was four years ago, to this day.” Steve chuckles, fondness coating each word as he continues, “There was a snow storm on the opening night of my art exhibit, and no one had been able to make it. I was so close to leaving, to take it as my sign that it wasn’t meant for me.”
The brunette’s jaw clenches with hardened eyes. If you didn’t know him as well as you did, you’d miss the way his nose twitched — an exposed weakness you kept to yourself.
“And then you came running through those open doors, treading snow as you did.” He gets on one knee, and you hear the elated gasps around you. “That was when I knew, that even if no one else was there, that I’d be okay. Because I had you.”
Your hand falls victim to the cold.
“From that day, everything between us changed.” Steve’s actions are tender, looking at her like a painting in The Louvre, “And the past four years of our lives spent together have meant more to me than anything else I’ve experienced.”
The sound of contempt that leaves Bucky is like a knife that cuts straight through your heart.
“Natasha,” you hold your breath in the same way that Steve holds out his palm with the velvet box, “Will you marry me?”
Her answer has you pass Bucky the knife, “Yes!”
“I need to get out of here,” and you have no time to convince him otherwise before he’s weaving through the congratulations and storming outside.
Your eyes miss those of Sam’s, who only looks disappointed as you follow after the other man.
“Bucky!” You call out, the parking lot desolate as catch up to him, “Wait!”
He’s antsy, you can tell from the way his hands shake, “Fuck. Fuck!”
“Shh, shh, hey,” you cup his face in your palms, “Breathe, Bucky. You need to breathe.”
The brunette pushes you away, digging his wrists into his eyes, “I’m a fucking idiot, a pathetic fucking loser.”
“C’mon, Buck-”
“God, can you just fuck off!” He shouts in anger, “I don’t fuckin’ need your pity.”
It should make you cower, and maybe if you didn’t know any better, you would.
But you were always a sucker for pain. Especially when he was the one gifting it.
Because Bucky’s pain, was almost as intense as his love.
You supposed you deserved to feel at least one.
“What do you need?”
The question hangs in the air, and Bucky looks up at you like you’re his worst decision.
He unlocks the back seat door with a dark look,“Get in the car.”
Your positioned on your knees, up on your elbows as your feel Bucky’s fingers graze the backs of your thighs before they dip into your underwear.
“S’fuckin’ wet for me, baby.” He smears your juices along your folds, and you keen from the sharp tap he lands on your sensitive clit, “Always ready for me, hm?”
“Please,” you whine as he flips your dress up to your waist, gripping onto your hips as he manipulates you into the position he wants, “Fuck me, Bucky, I need it.”
And you do — but you hate how well he knows your body, how easy it is for him to take what he wants from you.
The sound of his zipper fills the silence. His belt buckle coming undone before he brings your ass against his crotch, grinding his hardened length between the crevice.
Bucky holds himself in his hand, guiding it towards your waiting entrance as he covers himself with your slick. Grunting at the way your wetness drips down your thighs, “Always so desperate for my cock, aren’t you baby?”
“Yes!” You assure him, hips threatening to grind against nothing, “Always, c’mon, Bucky please.”
His tip prods your hole, teasing slightly before he impales you onto it, taking a sadistic pleasure in the cry that falls from your throat. You’d barely been given any prep, but Bucky knew you well enough to know that you needed it to hurt.
He just didn’t know why.
“Fuckin’ hell, such a sweet little cunt you got for me.” Bucky’s body covers yours, his breath hot against your cheek, “Want me to ruin it, sweetheart? Get it all messy, and have you feelin’ me even when I’m not there.”
It’s never tender, never gentle.
Bucky fucks you without inhabition, his cock hitting that rough, spongy spot inside of you over and over again until tears are springing from the corners of your eyes.
His hand finds solace around your throat, grounding his movements as he pulls you up against his chest, “That’s it, baby. Can feel you squeezin’ my dick with that pretty pussy.”
With one hand below you, your other grips his wrist, holding him against you as you beg, “Please, fuck Bucky, I wanna cum.”
“I’ve barely even fucked you dumb, sweetheart, and you already wanna let go for me?”
It shouldn’t make you wetter, the way he talks down to you but you can’t deny the way your walls clench down onto him at the filth that spills from his lips.
“Go ‘head, baby” he bites down on the side of your neck, hard enough to leave a mark that makes you hiss, “But ‘m not fuckin’ done with you.”
Your orgasm pulses through your veins, gushing around his tick cock as he huffs at the way your cunt constricts around him, “That’s it, fuckin’ hell, that’s it.”
The chill breeze that the night air brings does little to quell the burning of your skin, especially as Bucky fucks you through your release without stopping for reprieve.
“Use me”
The words are said without much thought, and it makes him still, “What?”
You turn your head as best as you can to look at him, licking your lips as you tell him, “Use. Me.”
His hand grips at the back of your neck, pushing your face down into the plush leather as he pistons his hips harshly in and out of you. The squelching sounds of your cunt only spurring him on to fuck you meaner.
A rough spank to your ass has you clenching once more, and this time, his fingers come to rub at your swollen bundle of nerves, “Give me one more, be a good fuckin’ slut and cum for me again.”
The lack of possessiveness isn’t lost on you, even in your hazy state.
“Bucky!” You squeal his name, mouth drooling saliva onto the seats as he pushes you down by the back of your head, “Yes, yes, yes!”
“Fuckin’ whore,” he growls as he pumps, “Gonna make me fuckin’ cum in this cunt.”
You work your hips back against his in time to meet his thrusts, your second orgasm creeping up on you, “Oh shit, fuck, Bucky!”
With one more drive of his cock, the coil tightens in your core before it snaps, triggering Bucky’s own release. You feel him pull out, jerking himself off before he’s shooting all over your ass and thighs.
It hardly takes a minute before you feel his warmth disappear. Turning, you see him tuck himself back into his pants before lighting up a cigarette, inhaling the chemical like it’s his last lifeline.
Once you’ve cleaned yourself up, you join him by the side of the car, indulging in the harsh taste of the smoke he holds up to your lips.
Because what’s one more thing to ruin you?
The two of you stand there in silence, watching the light above you flicker before you hear his voice, “Fuckin’ pathetic, aren’t I?”
And as the question lingers in the air, you can’t help but think of how you might have him beat.
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Just One More Minute
Tumblr media
pairing: bucky barnes x fem!reader
summary: you grow tired of bucky constantly leaving you in dark when it comes to his feelings. finally, you have enough.
word count: 2.5k
warnings: ANGST, slight fluff, meet-cute, bucky is a dick, slight smut, heartbreak, no happy endings !!! 18+ MINORS DNI !!!
notes: i got inspired to write this, though i didn't mean to make it so sad. sorry not sorry.
i do not allow the reposting, rewriting or translating of my fics. these are works of my own and i do not give permission for any of the acts stated above.
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The once filled basket of freshly baked bread had begun to dwindle down over time. What once began as a taste of heaven on your tongue, turned into a painful reminder of your unfortunate circumstance.
It was your one year anniversary; 365 days with the blue eyed brunette, and yet you were the only occupant of the two person table that evening.
•| ⊱✿⊰ |•
In the beginning of your relationship, it was rough. You knew of his backstory that was released to the public, so you knew it would be difficult to get him to love you properly.
Being a soldier for so long, shutting himself off to love, it had him confused on how to go about his new affair.
Bucky was apprehensive to start up a romance with someone, per his therapist's advice. He never saw himself capable, not worthy of love. But then that glorious day happened over a year ago, when he met you.
He was standing in the aisle of the nearby corner store, staring at the plethora of microwaveable options. The growling of his stomach could be heard throughout the bodega as he pondered his choices. The brunette didn’t realize he had been standing there for some time until he heard a soft giggle to his left.
The sharp turn of his head and piercing eyes had your actions die down in your throat.
But those intense eyes of his quickly turned into longing ones as he took you in. There was something indescribable about you that had him unconsciously drawn to you.
“Sorry I-,” your voice faltered, “You were standing there for so long, I couldn’t help it.”
Buckys’ mouth opened and shut like a fish out of water, desperately trying to form a string of coherent words.
Gulping down his nerves, he took turns looking back and forth at you and the shelved meals. “It’s alright. I’m just trying to find something to eat. Not that great at cooking.” The last part comes out in an ashamed mutter, embarrassed that he was an 106-year-old man that couldn’t even work a stove.
The laugh that came out of you was melodic, making him feel like he could conquer any feat as long as his ears were graced with that lovely sound escaping from your lips.
“It’s no problem, we all gotta start somewhere right?”
He was expecting you to ridicule him; scoff at the fact that a grown man could only make meals by pressing a few buttons on a whirling machine. Or even pity him. Show him eyes of commiseration at the unfortunate circumstances that he had faced in his long-lived life.
But you didn’t do any of that, instead you assisted him on his quest for a late night meal. You showed him how he could turn a simple 3 minute cup of ramen into a filling meal with just a few more ingredients.
From that moment on he was enamored but you.
It took him a while to officially ask you on a date, the two of you only meeting up for ‘hang outs’ whenever you both weren’t busy with work.
But then late at night one day, after an encouraging pep talk from Yori, he showed up to your apartment gripping onto a bouquet of daffodils for dear life.
He had a speech prepared, but once you opened your door and your breathtaking eyes locked onto his, he was at a loss for words. His planned speech evaporated from his mind.
It wasn’t until you looked down at the bouquet, a faint gasp from you snapping him out of his mind and placing him back in the moment.
“Would you like to accompany me to dinner this weekend?”
From there it was history.
It didn’t take long after for Bucky to ask you to be his, though even then he had some doubts.
‘What if I scare her off? What if I push her away from me? What if she realizes how much of a fuck up I am? What if I somehow revert back to the old me around her, hurting her in the process?’ All of those questions plagued his mind, the last one in particular.
He knows that with the help of Ayo and members of the Dora Milaje, the brainwashing that HYDRA placed in him was eradicated. But he couldn’t help but wonder if one day it could somehow come back, resulting in him being unable to control his actions around you.
Six months into the relationship, you had had enough of your boyfriends apprehensiveness and called him out on it.
“Why is it that everytime I have to initiate things between us,” you questioned, frustration evident in your tone, “I have to go out of my way to plan things for us as a couple. Do you just not want to be with me anymore, is that it?”
Bucky sat there, silently mulling over your words. Without a peep coming from his mouth, you took his silence as his answer and began to pack up your belongings.
His body was instantly filled with fear. It was then he realized that he was acting out on one of his fears which was driving you out of his life.
You were halfway towards the door when he shot up from his seat on the couch.
“I’m scared that one day I might end up hurting you! Like actually hurting you.”
Upon hearing his words, you stopped in your tracks and pondered his statement. You knew about some of the things he was forced to do as the Winter Soldier. The people he killed, innocent families broken due to his actions. But you also knew that he had no control of them. What he did have control over was the current life he had laid out in front of him.
That evening, Bucky fully opened himself up to you. He told you everything; growing up with Steve and looking out for him, being enlisted in the 107th infantry, falling off the bridge and being taken prisoner of HYDRA, all the adventures with the Avengers and eventually how he was able to overcome the hold that the organization had on him for years. He even showed you his notebook, a gift from his best friend, filled with names of people he still needed to make amends with in the world.
It was difficult for him, being so vulnerable with someone, an emotion he never saw himself leaning into. But you welcomed his openness, informing him about how despite his past, you weren’t going to abandon him upon knowing the truth.
That night, you two made love for the first time. The usual rough intimate moments were set aside for a more passionate affair.
Bucky took his time that evening, caressing every curve of your body. Laying kisses across the expanse of your figure, whispering sweet nothings into your ear as he took you apart underneath him.
With your bare and sweaty frame, pressed against his, he placed his forehead against yours.
His body rocked, his thick shaft languidly stroking your walls; in an effort to savor every inch of your sweet heat.
Locking eyes with you, Bucky watched as your lids became hooded, heavy with desire. Your pupils dilating, while your breaths came out in pants, warming up his face.
With such an intimate moment unfolding, he felt like it was only right to utter the 3 words he had been scared to say to you for so long.
“I love you.”
After that lovely night with you, things started to get better between the two of you.
He made it his mission to spend more time with you, planning events himself instead of subjecting you to the task.
Things got better, but one day about a month ago rescinded all progress he successfully made between you two.
Sam had realized that Bucky had found someone due to his constant texting and smiles he directed at his phone. And after a while of teasing and questioning, Bucky finally told him about you.
Overjoyed for his friend, he invited you two for dinner with his sister and nephews down in Louisiana, in hopes to find out who broke through his friend's tough demeanor.
It was a pleasant weekend, filled with laughter and good food. The weather was a drastic difference to what you were used to back in the city, but you welcomed it with open arms, grateful to get away from your monotonous routine of life.
You were watching Sam playing with Cass and AJ, with Bucky laying by your side.
“You ever think about having kids, Buck?”
The statement caused him to tense up, which you quickly took notice of.
“I’m not saying for us to have kids right now,” you fretted, “Just y’know in the future. Could you see it?”
Bucky didn’t know how to properly answer, so he simply shrugged, hoping that would satisfy your questioning.
When the two of you left the south and headed back home after your mini getaway, things became tense again.
You picked up on his sudden, and often, late nights at the bar for the next 2 weeks. The stench of alcohol that he could never get drunk off of would fill your nose every time he came home late at night. Always choosing to sleep on the couch instead of the bed that you were able to get him adjusted to over time.
Long, meaningful conversations turned into brief sentences with him obviously looking for ways to escape your questioning gaze.
You had brought it up with him one morning, as he woke up to the sounds of your movements in the kitchen. He tried to sneak out while your back was turned to him, when he heard your broken voice speak out.
“If bringing up kids was a sore subject, I apologize James. But it’s something that, as a couple, is normal for us to talk about. Which you’re not doing by the way, you’re just going back to your old ways and ignoring me.”
Bucky felt guilty, especially knowing how you only addressed him with his first name when you were mad.
He took a deep breath and turned to face you, his heart getting heavy when he took in your glossy eyes and quivering lips. “You’re right doll, I’m sorry.”
Walking over towards you in the kitchen, he pulled you into his frame, rubbing the small of his back with his flesh hand while placing his chin in the crook of your neck.
Without looking at you, he proceeded to explain his behavior. How, with everything he had been through in life, he never saw himself becoming a father. Never felt like he was worthy enough to experience the blessing of fatherhood.
“It’s an accomplishment that I never saw myself experiencing in my lifetime,” he muttered to you.
You could tell how much the topic took a toll on him due to his erratic heart beating inside his chest.
“I know you think that you’re not worthy of love, whether it be romantic or familial. But, James Buchanan Barnes, you are deserving of all the wonderful things that life has to offer.”
Bucky pulled his face away from your shoulder to showcase a beaming smile. “Doll, how the hell did I get lucky enough to call you mine?”
Giggles left you as you reciprocated the same smile to the brunette, “Hmm, I think an unexpected trip to the corner store on my end had something to do with it. Your adorable face did play a very big part in it though.”
Leaning towards you, Bucky molded his lips into yours, melting into the feel of your soft touch.
After a few moments, you pulled away and nuzzled your face into him. “Speaking of accomplishments, you do know what’s in 2 weeks right?”
Bucky froze once again, remembering the upcoming date. He realized he hadn’t answered your question when your body began to tense up.
“Y-yeah (Y/N), our anniversary. How could I forget? I have something planned, don’t you worry.”
You tried to relax your muscles but couldn’t due to the unwavering tone you heard in his voice at his last comment.
•| ⊱✿⊰ |•
You had dressed up to the nines that evening, getting ready to meet up with Bucky that evening at the restaurant where you had your first date.
Wearing a black figure hugging dress, and minimal makeup you sat there and waited for your companion. But after an hour had now passed, your once happy self was riddled with sorrow.
“Ma’am, I’m sorry but if the rest of your party isn’t showing up, then-”
“Just one more minute. Please,” you pleaded with the server.
“I’m sorry ma’am, but it’s been an hour and my manager says I need to sit another couple here,” his voice laced with pity.
With the sorry-filled stares from other patrons, you stood up and gathered your coat and bag before heading towards the door. You stood outside, with tears cascading down your face as you took in the gravity of the situation.
You never thought Bucky would hurt you, physically at least. Yes, he had made some unfortunate actions in his past, but you thought that you would be able to move past it together.
Now standing here, you realized that though you loved Bucky with all of your heart, he could never entirely love you the same.
So you made your way back to his apartment, and found a box and packed up any of your items you had left around.
Double checking you had everything you owned, you grabbed a loose scrap of paper and wrote a goodbye to the man that you loved.
‘I’m sorry, but I can’t deal with this anymore. I will always care for you, Buck. But I can’t handle being left in the dark while you deal with your issues on your own, instead of coming to me so we could work through them together. Making me fight to get the truth out of you. I wish you the best of luck in life and that you’re able to solve whatever is going on with you. And I sincerely hope, in time, you are able to love someone as much as I loved you.’
Setting the pen and paper down, alongside of your key to his place, you took one more look around the space and walked out of it and his life for good.
Meanwhile, a few blocks away, Bucky sat there nursing a beer, scratching away the condensation soaked label. He knew the alcohol did nothing due to the super serum running through his veins, but he needed something to try and dull the ache in his heart.
He knew standing you up, especially tonight, was cruel. He just didn’t know how to go about his relationship with you anymore.
And as he sat there on his bar stool, dressed in a suit, he realized he broke one of Dr. Raynors’ rules; and worst it involved you.
‘Rule number two. Nobody gets hurt, it’s a big one.’
•| ⊱✿⊰ |•
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falcqns · 4 months ago
camp fire
pairing: sebastian stan x reader
summary: your ex boyfriend walks in on sebastian fucking you, and sebastian doesn’t stop.
warnings: SMUT!! fingering, voyeurism, oral (f receiving), hand job, squirting.
a/n: this is based off a dream i had, although i added a few things, and changed the name of my ex, although his name does start with an A 👀. hope you enjoy!!
Tumblr media
you’ve been so excited to go on this camping trip.
your ex, Adam, had invited you on a camping trip, along with your current boyfriend, Sebastian. Adam also invited his two brothers, Cameron and Daniel, along with Daniels girlfriend and a few of his other friends that you’d met throughout your two year relationship.
he’d paired everyone up in tents, and the three of you were left to share one. you didn’t know how well that would go over, considering you touchy Seb got when he was even the slightest bit tipsy.
you, Seb and the rest of the group had just settled into your tents, and had decided to make your way down to the little beach and swim for a bit, since it was so hot out.
as soon as Sebastian laid his eyes on your swimsuit, a black two piece with red polka dots, he couldn’t keep his hands off of you. you didn’t know whether it was because he could see your ex eyeing you as soon as you took yours (his) oversized t shirt off, or because it was in his favourite colours.
you had just been thrown in the water by Seb, when he wrapped his arms around your waist, and buried his face into your neck, sucking hickies into the slightly wet skin. you threw your head back and moaned as he hit your sweet spot, his right hand traveling in between your legs, under your swimsuit bottoms, and circling your clit a few times.
he pulled away just as your orgasm approached, and you felt embarrassment wash over you as you realized Adam had been watching you the entire time.
Tumblr media
it was a few hours later now, and a few people were still sitting around the campfire. most of the couples had ventured off to bed, but the singles, as well as you and Seb stayed.
you’d brought the comforter out of the tent, and wrapped it around you and Sebastian, to provide extra warmth from the night air, Scouts approved built fire in front of you.
you felt Sebastian letting out shaky breaths every once in a while, while gripping your left hip in his left hand. you reached over to the cooler beside him to grab another Smirnoff, and felt his very prominent erection under neath his sleep pants.
you smirked and bit your lip at him suggestively, before making sure the blanket was covering you both, and your hand slipped underneath his pants and underwear, and grabbed his surprisingly rock hard cock.
you pulled him out of his pants, and began pumping your hand up and down slowly, to not arouse suspicion about what was happening under that black and white comforter.
you brought him to the edge fairly quickly, but being the actor he was, he simply stated the two of you were going to bed, and pulled you up with him as he held the blanket around him.
Tumblr media
the second your body cleared the flap of the tent, you were pushed back against the air mattress. he abandoned the comforter on the tarp ground of the tent, and yanked your sleep shorts down.
“fuck,” he moaned at the sight of your bare and dripping pussy, before pulling your legs over his shoulders and diving into you like it was his last meal.
your hands gripped his short chestnut hair, and tugged as his mouth and tongue explored you fully. you two were so lost in the pleasure that you didn’t hear Adam walk into the tent.
“oh, uh...sorry,” he said, his eyes locked onto where Seb’s tongue was deep in your pussy. you froze up, and looked down in confusion when Seb didn’t stop, rather winking at you, and continuing to eat you out.
“S-Seb,” you groaned, silently begging your current boyfriend to take this moment seriously, but you knew the Romanian between your legs would stop even if he was shot.
he pulled off of your clit where he had been paying the majority of his attention to, and turned to face your boyfriend, your juices dripping down his face. his eyes found the boner in Adams pants, and pointed at the corner of the tent that had a folding chair with some bags and things that he didn’t want to just be left on the floor.
“sit down and enjoy watching me make her cum like you never could.” he stated simply, and both you and Adam gasped, as Seb winked at you and went back to his meal.
with the heat of Adams state on your half naked body while Sebastian ate you out within an inch of your life, you were sent over the edge in seconds.
you came trembling and crying out, and you spared a glance at Adam who had his hand down the front of his pants, clearly stroking himself off to the sight of your pleasure.
Seb pulled away from you, and kneeled in between your legs. he gripped his hard cock and pumped it a few times before lining it up at your entrance and slowly pushing inside. he threw an amused but lust filled look at Adam.
“this,” he said, his breaths coming out in pants. “is how you fuck your girl properly.” he pushed his whole length inside of you seconds later, and you cried out at the sensation. Sebastian braced his arms on either side of your head, and began moving slowly, the head of his cock rubbing up against your g spot perfectly.
Seb slowly sped up his thrusts, pulling moan after moan out of you, both of you aware of Adam in the room, but not paying him much mind. that was until you were teetering on the edge of orgasm, and Sebastian whispered an idea into your ear. you eagerly nodded in agreement, your body being thrown into orgasm at the prospect of it.
once you had calmed down slightly, Sebastian pulled out of you, and pulled you to stand. he laid down where you just were, and a few manoeuvres later, you were on top of Seb, your back pressed to his chest, his legs pulling yours apart while his hard cock disappeared over and over again into your dripping pussy that was on display right in front of your ex.
“so fuckin’ tight,” Seb moaned out, hissing and groaning slightly as you tightened your walls around him. “as tight as the first time i ever fucked her.”
you moaned, but kept your hands braced where they were.
Seb’s hand traveled down your body to your clit, and you cried out. you saw Adam, out of the corner of your eye, push his pants and underwear down and pull out his leaking and angry looking cock, stroking it freely.
“y’wanna know something, Adam?” Seb moaned out, and he weakly nodded. Seb chucked and sped up his pace. “i fucked her the night you two broke up. saw it coming from a mile away, and waited to make my move. didn’t go into it for sex, but i didn’t give it to thoughts the second i entered her hit and dripping pussy.”
you heard Adam gasp, but you didn’t have time to contemplate and think about his words before you were thrown into your third orgasm of the night, Seb following you instantly, with a cry of “gonna fill you up til’ your dripping baby.”
you had barely calmed down, when Seb pulled out of you abruptly, and sat up. you were pulled back against his chest as far as you would go, and your legs were spread by his knees again.
his fingers were stuffed in his mouth to get wet before the plunged into your still orgasming body. you threw your head back, and moaned at the wet sounds coming from you, and the moans coming from your boyfriend and your ex who was stroking his cock as hard as he possibly could.
“Adam,” Seb practically yelled, and Adam pulled his eyes away from your trembling pussy to make eye contact with the man who was making you feel better than he ever could. “sit on the floor in between her legs. don’t you dare touch her. sit there, and wait.” he said in such a commanding voice that made Adam instantly comply.
Adam had barely situated himself in between your legs, when your orgasm washed over you again. you felt a burst of liquid fly from your body, and Seb moaned again, as well as Adam.
you had no idea what happened until you opened your eyes, and saw that Adam’s face was soaked, and you realized you squirted.
Seb didn’t let him react, rather pulled the comforter up from the floor, and wrapping you up in it. he pulled his pants back on, and grabbed the shirt you were wearing earlier, before helping you up and leading you out of the tent and back to the fire that was mainly just kindling now, leaving a dumbstruck Adam on the floor of the tent, unsatisfied.
he helped put the shirt over your head, and snuggled you closer into his chest. “we’re you okay with what i did?” he asked, and you tilted your head up to look at him, and nodded with a smile on your face.
“i loved every second of it.” you assured him, and he smiled.
“he was staring at you earlier, and he made a comment to his brother about winning you back and i wasn’t about to let that happen, so when he walked in, i took the opportunity.” he said, and giggled.
“i’m glad you took it. we should probably give him some alone time before going back to the tent,” you said, and you were pushed back down to the ground seconds later.
the blanket was pulled off of you, and your legs found their way around his head again.
“long enough for a round two, don’t you think?” he asked, but before you could answer, he dived into you again.
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