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#sebastian stan au
angrythingstarlight · 26 days ago
I've been thinking about a priest trying to "save" the reader from demon Bucky, only to fail miserably and gets forced to watch Bucky fuck the reader in his own church
Tumblr media
Pairing: Demon Bucky x reader
Warnings: Smut, kinda public sex, exhibitionism, voyeurism Minors DNI.
Word count: less than 1.5 k (?)
A/N: Written on my phone while at work. Will edit later. Do not copy,rewrite, translate or repost my drabbles.
You're sitting in Father Roger's office wearing a demure white lace dress. The matching stockings go up to your thighs, held in place by a pair of wine red garters. Buckys favorites. He loves how innocent you appear when you dress like this.
Your eyes hover over the bookshelf to your left, it's filled with religious literature. Even more books are stacked on his desk. Various pens and crosses are scattered across the uneven piles of paperwork. The overhead light catches specks of dust that dance in the still air. The faint scent of damp wood seeps into your nose.
You eye a particularly pretty cross, your hand drawn to it. Touching the tapered edge, you giggle when you feel a spark sting your fingertips. Withdrawing your hand, you continue to study the room while you wait.
You hum under your breath, perking up when you hear footsteps approaching. Straightening up, you smooth down the front of your dress.
Father Rogers closes the door behind him with a heavy sigh. "I'm so glad you could make it today."
He steps into your line of vision. You give him an alluring grin, widening your eyes ever so slightly. "Of course Father," you say, keeping your voice soft.
Folding your hands on your lap, you blink up at him. Steve watches you closely as he takes his seat, his eyes hardening when he sees the finger shaped bruises decorating your neck.
"There have been rumors that you were seen at the old church and that you may have been engaging in--," he huffs, removing his glasses, he pinches the bridge of his nose. In all his years, he never thought he would be having this conversation.
You lean forward, placing your palms on his desk. "Yes Father."
"Excuse me." He says, his brows furrowing.
You get out of the chair, keeping your hands on the smooth wooden surface. "I did go to the church. I did call for Bucky. And those activities they're whispering about are all true." You smile proudly.
Steve exhales sharply. He tosses his glasses down and grabs your hands. "Child, do you know what you have done? It's not too late, I can help you. We can rid you of this demonic presence."
His impassioned rant fades when you tilt your head to the side. Your eyes drifting over his shoulder. You grin, rolling your bottom lip between your teeth. "You hear that baby. He can rid me of your demonic presence."
Steve gawks at you, carefully withdrawing his hands. The sweet scent of lilacs and vanilla fill the musty air. The lights flicker changing from the dull yellow glow to an unnatural red.
Steve turns his head, startling in his chair. He curses under his breath, his heart hammering painfully in his chest as Bucky emerges from the shadows.
"Mmm language Father," Bucky purrs, gliding across the room.
He stands behind you, pressing down on your back, forcing you into a perfect arch. "Tell me, Father, just how do you plan on getting rid of me."
Goosebumps prickles across your skin as his large hands push your dress up your thighs to your waist. He plucks the garter, the band snapping on your tender skin. You hiss, loving the delicious sting. Bucky palms your ass. You hear shifting and rustling behind you.
Steve raises his hand, starting to form a cross. Bucky laughs a beautiful musical tone that makes you shiver. You're still not used to that mesmerizing sound.
Steve flinches, clutching his ears. He gasps when his hands are pulled down. His seat moving across the floor, the wheels squeaking and rattling as he's pushed to the desk.
Bucky licks up the side of your neck. He grips your hips and pushes into your slick walls with one firm thrust. Pleasure blooms from your core as he stretches you. Fuck, you never feel a burn with him, just pure bliss. You drop to your elbow, moaning as you blatantly stare at an aghast Steve.
Bucky grunts, snapping his hips into yours. "I'm so deep in her. She's so fucking tight." He lifts your hips and you cry out his name.
"You hear that Father," Bucky asks, a smirk forming as Steve struggles against his invisible bonds. Bucky pulls you flush against his chest, each stroke of his cock pushing you to your tiptoes.
He places his hand over your mouth, muffling your moans. The salacious wet sloshing of your cunt echoing in the small room is vulgar and filthy and it makes you even wetter, your slick dripping around his cock.
"Sounds like she doesn't want to let me go." Bucky taunts, lifting your dress, exposing your swollen pussy. Steves's eyes darken, a hoarse grunt caught in his throat.
"Her sweet cunt keeps sucking me back in." He groans, fucking into you harder and faster. You're not listening, too focused on the pleasure burning through your veins.
His tail wraps around your belly, keeping you still. Buckys mouth drops to your ear. "You know, I bet the good father is hard right now, bet his cock is aching to feel your tight pussy wrapped around him."
He flicks his wrist, lifting Steve out of the chair. Your grin hidden by Bucky's rough palm, he's right. Steve can't hide his lust-blown pupils, he definitely can't hide his cock straining the thin fabric of his pants.
You can help the moan ripping through your chest. Buckys large body surrounding you, Steve's piercing eyes on you. It's so debauched but you love every second of it.
"Aw look at that," he darkly chuckles. Bucky pulls your dress down exposing your tits, his thumb teasing your pebbled nipple while his long dexterous fingers circle your clit. "He wants you, little one, but you belong to me."
"Yes, yes I'm yours, all yours Bucky," you pant.
He nips at your bruised throat, his hips slapping into you so fast you're getting dizzy. It's too much, you're so close, so fucking close.
"All mine. Let's show him how pretty you look when you cum."
Steve crashes to the floor, his head tilted back as the desk flies across the room. His gaze locked on your pussy. "Cum for him, little one, let him see why your pussy is better than salvation. " He says, his fingers spreading your folds so Steve can see his large, thick cock pushing into your sopping core.
You clench down with a cry. It's a visceral reaction, the knot unraveling in your cunt, your body tensing as you fall apart.
"Good girl." Bucky groans, his deep voice rumbling across your skin. " Don't you agree, Steve?"
A sly grin cuts across his face, his blue eyes flickering to a deep black. "She's a very good girl."
He stands, shedding his cloak. "Now it's my turn to ruin her sweet cunt."
Part 1
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sinner-as-saint · a year ago
Mob! Bucky x Virgin! Best friend Reader?
Ooh this is new
Tumblr media
Okay but imagine having Bucky as your best friend since childhood; your families were close and hence you two as well
And when his father passes, the title gets passed down to him. And he's not just your best friend anymore, he's Bucky Barnes the mob boss.
Of course, that never affected your friendship and you two remain close friends
And you tell each other everything.
Literally everything.
Which is the reason why you found yourself in this situation today; where you and Bucky were having a movie night
Sat on your couch in your pjs, just like when you were kids. And since the movie was boring, halfway through it, you decided to bring up something you've been wanting to do for a while now.
You were in your early 20s and still a virgin, not that there was anything wrong with it, but you simply wanted to change that.
But instead of just doing that with someone you don't know well, you decided to turn to the only man you could trust - Bucky.
And he was surprised. "You want me to what?"
You sigh and hit him with a nearby pillow. "Literally all I'm asking is for you to fuck me, is that too hard?"
"No it's not. I didn't even know that you were a v-" he stopped and took a deep breath. "Look, there's nothing wrong with that. You can wait for when you find someone you truly trust and-"
You cut him.
"That's why I'm asking you, Buck. I don't wanna do it with a stranger. I trust you." you tell him and for some reasons, the very thought of some other man touching you made him uncomfortable and almost angry.
"Are you sure?" he asks you again.
And you nod immediately. "A hundred percent."
He looks at you for a few seconds, then stares at your lips before he leans in and presses his lips to yours and pulls you onto his lap.
Okay but can you imagine? The big, bad mob boss being all gentle and careful with you?
Because he's had feelings for you this whole time but he was always scared of losing your friendship
So now that he finally gets to show you, he wants to make sure you're completely fine with it.
Imagine him asking you if you're okay at all times?
"Can I touch you?"
"Tell me if you want me to stop?"
"Are you okay with this?"
"Can I get rid of your shirt?"
"Can I touch you here?"
"Tell me if you're not comfortable, okay?"
To a point where you'd have to shut him up with a kiss each time he'd open his mouth to ask a question
Okay but imagine him taking it slow, being all gentle when he goes down on you;
Holding you like you were made of delicate glass
Kissing every inch of your body as he makes his way in between your hips
Being the first one to touch you like this gave him quite the rush, and he wanted to be the best you ever have
And when his mouth latches onto your sensitive clit, you can't help but moan at the pleasurable yet foreign feeling
I bet mob!bucky would want to make you cum as many times as he possibly can;
On his tongue
All over his fingers
Maybe on his tongue one more time before he asks you if you are okay again
And when you say you are, he pushes his erected cock in you
He's slow and gentle again; watching your face intently, looking for any signs of discomfort or pain
But you assure him you're okay and you want this.
Bucky cups your face in his large hands once he's entirely buried in you, and you ask him to give you a moment
He cups your face and kisses you deeply; and something in him flips like switch.
He doesn't want anyone else touching you like this ever again
"You're mine." he mumbled against your lips as he slowly moves against you; his cock slipping in and out of you
You whine and whimpered at the unfamiliar feeling; it's just a little painful given he was big but his gentle touch made up for it
He held you lovingly as he stared into your eyes while he fucked you slowly.
"Are you okay?" he asked again, panting as he had to hold back his need and desire to just fuck you like an animal
You nodded and slid your hands into his hair while he sped up just a little; moaning at how tight and warm you felt
He picks up his pace slowly, speeding into you only after he's certain that you're okay with it
Maybe he leans down to kiss you while he pounds into you
You tug on his hair and he moans through the kiss
You soon feel an unfamiliar feeling wash over you, a pressure in between your hips; sweet, agonizing and overwhelming
You moaned out loud and held on to his shoulders for dear life as he makes you cum
Your walls clench around him, and you throw your head back and cry out as you cum around him; your walls milking him until he came as well, right after you
He kisses your forehead as you come down from your high
You're both panting after you're done and Bucky simply just lays there, partially on top of you
And he gently caresses your face, affectionately
And you feel it too, the peace and comfort by being with him; but you're scared of losing him as a friend
"Are you okay?" he asks again, breaking the silence
You nod and tell him you're okay. You're more than okay actually.
"Would now be a good time to tell you that I've had feelings for you since forever?" he sounds so vulnerable
You smile and lean in closer to him, tucking your head under his chin, kissing his skin gently.
"Yup. Because then I'd tell you that I've had feelings for you for the longest time ever as well." you finally confess and he chuckles and pulls you into his arms
"You're mine." he whispers again and kisses the top of your head.
And you're fine with that; being his.
a/n: i want
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revengingbarnes · 2 years ago
A Mistake?
Summary: What happens after you get drunk and fall into bed with your co-star, Sebastian Stan?
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x reader
Word Count: 2,471
Warnings: Smut, NSFW, unprotected sex.
Tumblr media
It had started as a drunken mistake.
After shooting had wrapped up early because of rain causing some tech issue, you and Sebastian had retreated to your trailer for some drinks. It was still pretty early, so you started slow, the TV playing in the background as you got engrossed in conversation. As afternoon gave way to evening, the alcohol began to flow more freely, the talk turning less funny and more intimate. As time passed,things became more hazy in your brain, and the next thing you remembered was a massive headache and the sunlight filtering in from the trailer window.
You felt a groan get stuck in your throat as you moved your tired limbs, immediately feeling the sheets on your bare skin.
You shot up in bed, nearly yelping out loud when the sheet fell to your waist to show your naked body. Fuck fuck fuck.
The groan from the space next to you did make you shriek out loud, jerking away from the moving mass. When you saw the mop of long brown hair against your pillow, your blood ran cold.
It took all but two minutes for Sebastian to properly wake up, what with you on the verge of a panic attack. The headache you were sporting was all but ignored in your state, pulling on the first clothes you could find on the floor. The room was a mess, clothes scattered everywhere, sheets rumpled, and you spotted used condoms in the little bin in the corner.
“This is bad. This is very, very bad.” You were pacing around, shaking hands trying to do the buttons on your shirt. You had a strict no-relationship-with-your-costars policy, and one drunken night had made you shit on all your principles.
It didn't matter that you had liked Sebastian for the longest time. This was wrong.
“This wasn't supposed to happen.” You stopped your pacing long enough to turn to Sebastian. He was sitting on the edge of the bed, lazily running a hand in his hair to try and tame it. “This was a mistake.”
He was still moving sluggishly, obviously not awake properly. He didn't look at you as he moved to pick his pants off the floor.
“Don't worry, you've got your point across.” His voice was low, hoarse with sleep.
“Seb…” You felt conflicted. You and Sebastian were good friends, considering you had done about three of these movies together now and were paired on every press tour yet. You knew this had effectively ruined your friendship, and that made your heart break. You watched him shrug on a shirt before turning around and slipping your shoes on.
“I need some air.” You mumbled, walking out of the room and the trailer.
The morning sky was still heavy with clouds, but the rain had stopped. The concrete ground was wet with an entire night of rain, but the after rain smell and the crisp air helped clear your head. You pulled the zipper of your hoodie up, burying your hands in its pockets. Your shoes made almost no noise as you walked around. There was still no one around, and you realized how early it was. You hadn't checked the time, and you didn't have your phone on you. You were in too much of a hurry to get out of the suffocating space.
As the fresh air drifted into your head, you felt some of what happened last night come back. You vaguely remembered talking and laughing with Sebastian, getting more and more drunk as the hours passed. You didn't remember how it happened, but you could feel his hands on your body, the soft caresses, the heavy breathing. It made your skin heat up and your breaths come faster.
You had always had a soft spot for Sebastian. He had been your celebrity crush since long, but when you two got cast as characters for the MCU, you had immediately labeled him as off limits. You were adamant on not being involved with co stars. To you, it just made the whole thing messy and complicated. You hated messy and complicated. So you had buried your feelings aside, keeping things between you professional. Never once had you given him any indication that you had feelings for him.
You sighed, running a hand over your face. It was safe to say alcohol made all your inhibitions crash and burn to the ground.
When you had dawdled your way back to your trailer, the sun was completely up. You were sure Sebastian had cleared out by now. At least, you hoped he had. You didn't think you could look him in the eye right now. Especially when your head was pounding so hard you could barely form coherent thought.
Sure enough, the trailer was empty. As you looked around your room, which looked like the classic picture of we-had-sex-all-night, you couldn't help but sigh. It was coming back more, making you squirm as you remembered. Despite the holes in your memory, you knew it had been good. More than good. It had been amazing.
You spotted a brown leather jacket at the foot of the bed, walking over to it and picking it up. You recognized it as Sebastian’s, making your grit your teeth. What the hell had you gotten yourself into?
The next time you saw Sebastian, it was when you two were filming a scene together.
It was a few days after the drunken night in your bed, and you were still unsure of how to breach the subject with him. You didn't know if someone had noticed the lack of interaction between you two, but you were getting by with the hope that they hadn't.
You found him on a couch in the dressing room, holding the script he was working with today. His lips moved as he read the lines, eyebrows furrowed in concentration. You watched him for a bit, realizing how much you had missed him. You hadn't been around him since that day, and it only made you more nervous. Your hands were clutching his jacket tightly between them. You took a deep breath.
“Seb?” His eyes glanced up briefly before returning to his pages. You swallowed.
“You left your jacket the uh, the other day.” You managed to keep your voice more or less leveled, which you were proud of. For an actor, you sure as hell weren't good at hiding your feelings.
“Thanks. Just-” He gestured vaguely. “leave it there.”
You nodded meekly, placing the jacket on the far end of the couch he was sitting on. His standoffish behavior had thrown you off, and you were at a loss for words. You hadn't expected this. You were prepared for anything, even a fight. But not this.
You walked out without another word.
By nature, you weren't the sort of person you enjoyed conflict. You hated it, in fact. You preferred to talk things out, make sure there were no hard feelings. So when it especially involved people who meant something to you, you couldn't bear the silence.
As soon as shoot wrapped up, you found yourself trudging to Sebastian’s trailer, your resolve strong. You would talk this out if it was the last thing you did. Thing was exactly what you were afraid of when you set your rules. This was exactly the kind of mess you didn't want to get caught up in. But here you were.
You knocked on his door, heart beating fast. Your expression as well as your will was set in stone. You would do this. You would make this right.
All it took was one look at Sebastian before it all came crumbling down.
He opened the door in a white vest and jeans, his hair wet and messy. You could tell he was trying to get product out of it after a whole day of filming. You could see the small droplets of water trailing down his jaw to his chin. You gulped. Fuck.
“Y/N? It's-” He looked behind you to see that you were alone. “It's late.”
“We need to talk.” You cringed at how your voice wavered, watching as Sebastian contemplated before slowly stepping aside, making way for you to come in. Which you did.
But you couldn't focus, not with him looking like that, and he had gotten so fit for this role, all his muscles taut, flexing as he moved. You couldn't stop thinking about that night, and it was getting harder to focus.
“You had something to say?” He asked, and it hurt ten times more than it should have, the nonchalance in his voice.
“Why are you acting this way?” You blurted out. “Like nothing happened?”
He sighed then, running a hand through his hair and moving across the room to grab a towel, which he began running through his hair. “You said it yourself. It shouldn't have happened. So I'm acting like it didn't.”
“No,” you corrected, feeling your voice crack. Fuck, this was not going as planned. “You're acting like I don't even exist. We haven't talked in days.”
“I don't know what you expected.” His reply was muffled behind the towel. “I'm just giving you what you want.”
You watched the muscles in his back shift, his bare shoulders moving, his pants hanging dangerously low. Heat was pooling in your cheeks, traveling down your neck and back. Your lips parted at the sight.
On shaky legs, you walked closer to him, snatching the towel from his hands and off his head. His eyes jerked to you at the action, pupils slightly dilated, eyes darkening from blue to a stormy grey.
“How much do you remember?” Your voice was raspy. He was close, too close. You could feel your heart beating, your head throbbing with the effort of holding back.
“Everything.” His voice was low, raspy, and that did it for you. You closed the small distance, lips crashing to his.
Moans escaped both your mouths simultaneously, fingers burying in his damp locks and his own hands gripping tightly at your sides before traveling down. He gripped the backs of your thighs, squeezing to indicate you wrap them around his waist, which you did. While his tongue snaked into your mouth, making you keen, he shuffled back to his room, sitting down slowly on the bed with you in his lap. Your mouths parted for air but his lips didn't leave you for a second, teeth and tongue scraping at your neck, fingers digging deliciously into your waist. This wasn't going to be soft. And you didn't want it to be.
Your hips ground against his, his grip on you increasing in appreciation of your action. You sighed at the little relief that the contact brought, repeating your actions. The bed creaked slightly as you moved, his own hips jerking up to meet your movements. The front of his pants was straining, his breath hot and heavy on your neck where he was sucking a hickey. You tugged at his hair harshly, making him groan and tense against you. Oh, he liked that.
Your hands tugged impatiently at his vest, feeling yourself heat up even more at the prospect of being so close to him.
“Off.” You mumbled, pulling his lips off you long enough to tear the offensive material off him. At the sight of his bare, glorious chest, you pushed him back until he lay flat on the bed, giving you space to grind down on him more.
You watched as his mouth parted, his hair sprawled out under him. His eyes fluttered, hands gripping your hips and guiding you on him. You both groaned when the friction was just right, before it again became too little for your aroused bodies. More clothes came off, belts clinking and jeans landing on the floor, Sebastian switching positions so you were laid out under him.
As his mouth began its descent down your throat, you stopped him.
“Later.” You managed to breath out. “Need you now. Please.”
He groaned at the sound of your desperate words, pupils blown. You felt him poking at your entrance, hips jerking in anticipation. Then came the glorious stretch, eyes rolling up in your head as he filled you up, deeper and deeper until he bottom out with a groan. You let out a shaky sigh, unable to hold still as your legs twitched around his body, foot running up his leg.
“Fuck me.” Your lips brushed him ear, teeth scraping his earlobe. Your nails dug into his skin, no doubt leave marks. “Hard.”
And that's exactly what he did.
It was rough and fast and delicious, the sounds of your breathy moans and whines filling the room. The bed creaked and skin slapped against skin, bodies moving languidly, desperately. His lips were assaulting your neck, leaving no place unmarked, but you could care less at this moment. Not when all you could think about was how good it felt.
“Seb..” You whined, making him groan in reply. His hand pressed between your bodies, finding your swollen clit and rubbing harsh circles on it. Your body twitched and jerked, pressure building until you came suddenly, body going still as it came crashing down on you, legs writhing and twitching around the warm body between them. You gasped and jerked, nails scraping against Sebastian’s back before he was stilling against you, a single groan in your ear announcing his own finish. He swore as he pulled out, leaving you thoroughly spent and disoriented.
You watched him with lazy eyes as he lay next to you, pulling the sheet over your naked bodies. His arm fell over your body, lips meeting the junction of your neck and shoulder. His kisses were soft and feather light, making you sigh in content.
“Are you going to wake up and freak out on me again?” He asked. His voice had lowered to a slow drawl. You huffed out a laugh.
“No. And I'm sorry for that. I just-” You struggled to explain. “I like you Seb, I do. But I had a rule-”
“I know, I know. The Not Dating Co stars Rule.” He gave you a sleepy smile. “Why else do you think I never made a move?”
You felt a grin stretch over your face, not being able to help pressing your lips to his. He hummed in agreement of your actions, thumb reaching up to trace your cheekbone.
“So we're doing this?” He mumbled into your lips, making you smile and pull away slightly.
“We're doing this.” You confirmed.
His grin was infectiously large as he rolled on top of you again. “Good. I don't think I would have been able to stop.”
And he was right. He didn't stop for the rest of the night.
As always, feedback is appreciated!
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angrythingstarlight · a month ago
Sweeter than Sugar
Summary: She broke his heart but you're not going to let her win. Bucky deserves the best and you're going to give it to him.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Chubby Baker!Bucky x Reader, mentions of former relationship with OFC.
Word Count: 4K
Warnings: Smut, Oral (fem receiving), body shaming by OFC, language, mentions of insecurities. painful break up (not reader) bit angst, fluff. As always 18+ only.
A/N: Do not copy, rewrite, repost or translate my works. Comments and reblogs are welcomed. Beta'd by the lovely @deann and @makbarnes but all mistakes are my own.
A/N II: @star-spangled-bingo 2021 Squared filled: Curtain fic and @gotnofucks Body positivity challenge
Tumblr media
"Wait till you try this. I think this is my best batch yet." Bucky promises as he pulls the tray out of the oven with his vibranium hand.
You cringe for a second before remembering that he can handle the heat.
You stretch, looking around the large bright kitchen. A fresh breeze floats through the open window carrying in notes of rain and freshly cut grass and the faint sounds of the neighbor's kids playing with their dogs.
Leaning back in your seat, you turn your gaze back to him, a faint smile on your lips as he blows on the pastries, cute little puffs he named after you.
His blue eyes shine under the soft yellow lights, an apron under the swell of his pudgy belly. He looks incredible, wearing only a pair of black boxers that stretch across the curves of his ass. His hair is pulled back into a small bun at the nape of his neck, and there's always something smeared across his cheek.
Yesterday, it had been red velvet frosting, and today, cherry.
Bucky scoops a puff on to a small white plate, grabbing a fork from the drawer. He beams, his entire face radiant as he walks towards you.
That's the look that makes your stomach twist and leaves you feeling dizzy.
Dating Bucky has been a dream. He's loving, kind and he looks at you with such love that you lose your breath just thinking about him.
According to him, you've improved his life in several ways; he swears his food tastes better now, that you somehow make his cakes perfect, his frostings sweeter, and well, he can’t look at a peach without grinning like a drunk-in-love idiot.
You’ve spent many late mornings and lazy afternoons watching him patter around the kitchen, listening to him explain his baking processes while you lounge in a chair.
You don’t understand half of what he’s saying, but he speaks with such passion, his hands animatedly flying in the air as he talks about chocolates, melting points, and the differences in pans.
Bucky has discovered early on that he loves to watch you eat. To be more specific, if it's his food. Only his food, if he’s being honest. He gets so nervous every time that his stomach plummets because he wants to make things for you.
Give you so many things.
Starting with your own custom-made pastry.
“Here, Peach, it just melts on your tongue,” his deep voice lowering to a near moan.
He slips the pastry into your open mouth, his thumb grazing over your bottom lip as you swallow. Oh, your eyes almost roll back in your head when the flavors explode on your taste buds. You’ve never tasted anything that wonderful.
“Oh my god, Bucky,” you gasp, leaning forward for more. “I-that’s so good! Can I have another?”
He grins, lopsided and wide, his heart thundering so hard it feels like it might fly out of his chest. Bucky will give you pastries as much as you want if you keep looking at him like that. He puts his all into his baking and the fact that you enjoy it makes him feel as if he can walk on air.
Bucky kisses your forehead as you chew, pushing away from the table, he slides on his sock-covered feet to the fridge. “What do you want to drink?”
“What do we have?” You giggle as he dances in front of the fridge, calling out options for you.
It’s hard to believe that the carefree man in front of you is the same one that was ashamed to remove his shirt a few weeks ago.
Tumblr media
Bucky holds your hands at your sides, fingers laced between yours as he feasts between your thighs. He promised to make you come for him at least three times and you swear it’s been double that by now. His warm, wet tongue flicking over your swollen, sensitive clit over and over, sucking and pulling it into his mouth like he can’t get enough of you.
You moan incoherently, voice hoarse from begging and mewling, your legs limp around his broad shoulders. “Buc-Bucky, oh right there, Bucky,” you plead, feeling pressure build in your belly as his tongue traces patterns over you.
Bucky grinned, his face covered in your slick. He can’t remember the last time he had a better meal in his life. “That’s my girl, so sweet, need one more taste, just a little more,” he whispers before his lips wrap around your clit again. Your mouth falls open in a wordless scream, back arching off the bed when he gently shakes his head, sucking so hard that you see stars.
Bucky groans actually groans deep and vulgar when you cum,and you feel it as your body explodes, waves of pleasure surging through you until you’re gushing on his beard. He eases up, nuzzling into your puffy folds as you come down from your high. Bucky looks up, his dark slate-blue eyes taking in your heaving chest, a bead of sweat rolling down your belly.
“One more?” he says hopefully, wanting to dive back into your pussy.
Your eyes widen as you frantically shake your head. “No. Oh no. Bucky, I can’t, I really can’t, I’m not sure I can handle any more.” You laugh breathlessly, tugging one of your hands free from his tight grip. You rake your fingers through his hair, smiling down at him. "Besides, I’ve been dreaming about you fucking me until I can’t walk.”
A faint blush sweeps across his cheeks as he averts his eyes. “Peach,” he mumbles shyly like he just didn’t spend the past hour worshiping your pussy with his mouth.
Bucky stands up, wiping a hand down his face. He stares at his glistening palm for a second, and then his pink tongue darts out, swiping across the wet surface. You wonder if he’s aware that he's moaning, your pussy throbbing at the guttural sounds.
“You’re filthy,” you jest when he does it again. His face gets even redder as he sucks on his finger.
“You taste better than my pies,” he retorts. “I could eat you all day, every day.”
“Tomorrow, for sure, but right now I want you inside me.”
His smile drops a little when you tell him to get undressed. He’s been dreading this moment, doing everything he can to avoid it. You scoot back on the bed, reaching out for him. Bucky looks down at his body, at his belly, his eyes narrowing, he scratches the back of his neck, telling himself he can do this.
He lifts the edge of his navy blue Henley, freezing when he hears her voice in his head. “Who would want a fatty? No one is going to love you looking like that.” Even now it stings thinking about her. Bucky glances over at you, his heartbreaking at the thought of you rejecting him.
Bucky drops his shirt and reaches for the lamp. “One second.” He says. An unmistakable hint of sadness in his voice has you sitting up. He’s never sounded like that before.
You tilt your head to the side, searching his face. “Bucky, what’s wrong?”
“Just gonna turn the lights off first.” The corner of his lips lifts in a weak, watery smile.
You move to your knees and grab his large hand before he can switch them off. “Why?”
Bucky swallows, “no reason, just like the lights off, 'is all.”
Bucky’s admittedly good at a lot of things, but lying isn’t one of them. He briefly meets your gentle gaze, worry and fear swimming in his beautiful clear blue eyes.
Placing your hands on his chest, you grab his chin. “Bucky, look at me.” He immediately follows your soft command. “What’s wrong? Did I do something?”
Bucky blinks, shaking his head, almost confused at the thought that you could do anything wrong. “No, no, you’re perfect! It’s me. I don’t wanna disappoint you.” His voice tapers off in a whisper, hearing her sharp laughter the last night they were together. “I know I’m fat, so it would be better if we turned off the lights, that way you don’t have to look at me. “
You stare at your generous, doting boyfriend. “Why wouldn’t I want to look at you?,” you question, befuddled because who on earth would jump at the chance to see a naked Bucky Barnes.
He shrugs a shoulder, his somber eyes drifting down. He grabs his belly and jiggles it. Another shrug followed by a quiet, “I look different with my clothes off.”
You crane your head back, “I love your belly, it’s perfect. Who made you feel like you have to hide it?”
Bucky sighs, rubbing his cheek into your palm. “My ex, Moxie- “
Tumblr media
Bucky dated her two years ago. She latched on to him when he and Steve bought the bakery, wanting to be the girlfriend of the rising baking star.
Bucky slowly gained weight as he sampled his baking and designed dessert menus for local restaurants, his joy for baking expanding each day, finally getting to see his dreams become reality.
He hadn’t noticed the changes in his body until one night Moxie cruelly pointed them out.
He was getting ready for bed, eager to be with his girl after a full day of running around. He had been telling her about how another restaurant wanted his input, so excited to share his news that he didn’t notice the way she glared at him.
Tossing his shirt in the hamper, he turned to her and smiled, his hands on his belt. “I’ve been thinking about you all day baby, I can’t- “
Moxie sneered at him, pretending to gag. “Are you serious?”
Bucky’s brows furrowed. “Um, what?”
“Um, what,” she mocked, pulling the blanket up to her chest. There's a pause, tension seeping into the room. “You know what, I have to say it, I can't take this anymore James. Look at you and look at me, why the fuck would I let you touch me anymore?”
Moxie sighed, “can you put on your shirt back on or something because that- “she gestured at him “-is disgusting” She let out an irritated groan when he flinched at her words.
A punch to the gut would have hurt less. Bucky felt his heart split. “Moxie,” he whispered, unable to find words to express the pain currently ripping through him.
“Look, I didn’t sign up for this, you were in shape when we got together, what the hell happened to you? Why do you think I stopped letting you touch me.” She ranted, ignoring his soft pleas for her to stop.
“Either lose the weight or I’ll fuck Steve, at least he still looks good.” She rubbed her eyes with the back of her hand, yawning, “can you go somewhere else, I don’t want you accidentally rolling over me and squishing me in your sleep.”
His mouth floundered open, but he couldn’t speak. It all hurt too much, and he felt like he couldn’t breathe, the air was too thick and his chest grew tighter with each breath; he needed to get away, terrified of what might happen if he cried in front of her.
Bucky shuffled out the room, his heart shattering with every step. He thought she was happy, that he made her happy. Her laughter following him out to the hallway made his head droop even more.
What did he do wrong?
He spent the night on the couch, staring at his old pictures through tear-filled eyes, Bucky always had a little fullness to him, but he was always happy with his body. And he had been having so much fun with the grand opening and all the new opportunities that he never noticed that he stopped needing belts and his shirts were a little snug over his belly.
Bucky called Steve, his best friend fuming when he told him what happened. By the time he was done speaking with him, Bucky felt a little better, his heart may have been in pieces but he knew what he needed to do.
He kicked her out the next morning.
Much to Moxie’s surprise and Bucky's. He may be chubby but he's not going to be her pushover either.
Bucky ignored her apologies and said she had to go. It shocked her when Steve had shown up with a roll of garbage bags, tossing them at her feet with a sharp quip that he doesn’t fuck losers. Both men stood side by side, watching silently as she packed her belongings.
The only things she left behind were his broken heart and a few nagging insecurities that plagued him.
Tumblr media
He finishes, his broad shoulders slumped under the weight of his confession, you want nothing more than to stamp out the sadness marring his beautiful eyes.
“I thought she loved me but--“ he sighs, “--I don’t want you to look at me the way she did, I love you too much, Peach, and I know I should probably lose a few -”
You’ve never been angrier in your life. You want to punch little Ms. Moxie in her throat, she better hope she never runs into you because they will have to pry you off of her.
Clearing your head, you clasp his face in your hands and pull him down for a kiss. “Bucky Barnes, you are the sweetest man I know, you’re beautiful and I love everything about you.”
You silence his objections with another kiss. “I mean it Bucky, I love all of you. You don’t need to change anything.”
Bucky swallows the small protest, letting himself relax. You’re not her, you won’t hurt him. Placing a kiss on his soft, round belly, you murmur, “you have no idea how sexy you are, honey.”
You stand on the bed, holding on to his bicep for balance, and tug his shirt off. Looking down at him, you bite your lip. He’s ridiculously handsome and you’re going to prove it to him.
You pepper kisses along the curve of his neck as you sink back down, praising him and telling him how much you love him, describing in vivid detail how each part of his body is perfect.
His confidence and love for you growing with each word. By the time you reach the band of his boxers, he panting, his eyes darkening with an almost feral need to possess you.
Bucky tears off the last barrier keeping you from him and he pounces. You giggle as he pushes you into the soft blankets, the solid, comforting weight of his body encompassing you as he kisses you with such passion you forget to breathe. His warm lips melding into yours, his wet tongue dipping into your mouth, the taste of you still lingering on his tongue as it dips into your mouth.
Bucky reaches down with one hand, grabbing his cock, his other hand cupping the back of your head as he deepens the kiss. He breaks the kiss, resting his forehead on yours so he can gaze into your eyes. Bucky watches your mouth fall open, a gasp pouring out when he guides his thick cock into you.
He rolls his hips, moving deeper into your wet, hot heat. “That’s it Peach, you’re so good,” He brushes his lips across yours, swallowing your oh Bucky as he stretches your tight pussy around him. The slight burn gives aways to pure bliss, you circle your hips after a minute. A quiet I’m ready breathed into his mouth.
Bucky thrusts languidly into your pussy, each deliberate slow drag of his throbbing cock against your soft walls sends bursts of pleasure up your belly and down your spine. His lovemaking tender, yet so possessive that your head is reeling.
He makes sure that you feel all of him, each inch as you clench down, greedy for more of him, even as he goes deeper and deeper, his soft lips caressing your neck. His body keeping you pinned, so you have to take everything he’s giving you.
That pressure builds again, heavy and hot in your belly, digging your heels into the top of his thighs, you meet his strokes, pleading with him to please move a little faster, you need it so bad.
You don’t have to beg; he wants you to cum for him; he wants to feel your sweet pussy flutter around him as you cry out his name.
Bucky sucks a bruise on your throat, his hips pounding into yours. The headboard smacking against the wall with each powerful thrust. The dull thuds drowned out by your loud moans, the pressure getting more intense.
“Bucky,—” you cry out, scratching his lower back when he grinds his hips down, “—oh fuck, do that, do that again,” you frantically chant, slapping your hands on his ass, keening when he does, god yes, he does it just right, hitting a tender spot inside your cunt so hard that you bite down on his shoulder to keep from screaming.
“That it Peach, is that what you need.” He slips a hand between your bodies, his wide fingers circling your clit, “Go on, cum for me, give it to me Peach, be my good girl, and cum for me.”
You do, your walls clenching down as the pressure snaps, sensations firing off as your orgasms winds through you. Bucky’s pace falters, becomes erratic when he feels you milking his cock, unable to hold himself back any longer he lets himself go, relishing in your warmth until he spills inside you.
He tries to roll off of you, but you wrap your arms around him, murmuring for him to stay for a minute. You smooth your hands over his slick back, Bucky relaxes on top of you, grinning at your contented sigh. “I love you Peach.”
“Love you too,” you respond, plotting all the ways you’re going to let him know how much he means to you.
Tumblr media
After that night, you began to praise Bucky, complimenting his body every chance you got, smacking his ass whenever he walked past you, hugging and kissing him.
The first couple of weeks, he would hide his face behind one of his large hands and his cheeks would resemble one of his bright red apples. “Peach, you don’t have to, I mean I’m-” he would stammer each time, always tucking his hair behind his ears.
It took you three days to figure out that he has a praise kink and you amped it. He barely opened his eyes before you were saying something that made him hide his face behind his pillow, laughing when you wiggled under it to tell him how good he looks when he smiles.
While you loved making him blush, you cherished how confident he became. And you reaped the benefits, one second he was a bashful baker with buttercream frosting on his forehead, the next he was bending you over his counter, railing you so good you couldn’t even scream his name.
After a while, he stopped avoiding the bathroom mirror in the mornings. And you couldn’t wipe the grin off your face, the first time you saw him cooking, shirtless, in the kitchen. He turned when he heard your footsteps, his face turning that familiar shade of red as you openly gawked.
“C’mon Peach, don’t you start-” he playfully grumbles, his lip twitching as he held in his smile, he moved back to the frying back, turning off the stove as he braces himself.
You squeal, flinging yourself at him, peppering his back with kisses. You couldn’t contain the litany of praises on your tongue, so proud of him. Bucky twisted in your grasp, cupping your face in his hands. “God I love you Peach.”
Tumblr media
Bucky and Steve are celebrating the grand opening of another bakery. The largest one to date. The new building is full of investors, press, other bakers and chefs, a live band playing in the corner, drinks, and food everywhere, and of course the tower of desserts in the middle of the room. The atmosphere light and airy, glasses clinking, people dancing and every kind of cake, pies, and pastry imaginable on silver platters through the room.
You’ve never had so much fun, although a slightly buzzed Bucky is having an even better time because you’re wearing one of his favorite dresses. You remember when he first saw you in it, you twirled out of the dressing room and he nearly lost it in the middle of the store.
The more he celebrates, the more he’s giving you that look. Steve has to keep interfering, he’s close to going feral in front of all his guests.
Steve sent him to the kitchen after he caught him trying to put his hand between your thighs. You’re laughing as a contrite Bucky gets up from the table to refill the rapidly diminishing display.
“You know I’ve known Buck my whole life and I’ve never seen him this happy.” Steve remarks as he takes a seat across from you. His warm blue eyes glistening. “Thank you for that. He’s been through a lot and you’re the best thing that happened to him.”
Your cheeks get heated at his words. Steve leans forward, holding your hand between his. “I mean it, even though he’s getting on my last nerve talking about you.“
Steve squeezes your hand as he looks up at the ceiling for a second. “God, the man never shuts up, and I’m this close to strangling him if he compares you to another peach, but I love-“
He cuts off, his head jerks back so fast, you think something struck him. “What the fuck is she doing here?”
You turn around in your chair, searching the crowded room. “Who are you talking about?”
“Moxie,” Steve spits out, his hand curling into a fist. “White dress by the bar.”
You find her flirting with one of the investors. Moxie puts her hand on his chest, her shrill laugh cutting through the surrounding conversations. Whatever she tried fails spectacularly. The tall, sturdy blonde grimaces and walks away. You would almost feel bad if you didn’t want to slam her face into the wall.
She spots Steve and waves, making her way through the crowd. “Hey, long time no see.”
Steve raises a brow, his eyes hardening. “Why are you here?”
She laughs, patting his shoulder. “I’m here to apologize to Bucky, I know he misses me, he must be lonely.”
“Really?” you question, keeping your voice light and even.
Moxie dismissively glances at you before returning her attention to Steve. You chuckle under your breath, tapping your heel on the floor.
Don’t ruin your man’s event. Don’t ruin your mans’ event. You repeat the thought as you inhale through your nose.
“So I heard you two are doing really well.” She says, her manicured nails roaming over Steve’s suit. “Really well.”
Steve flicks her fingers off him, “We are. No Bucky’s not lonely. He doesn’t miss you. He’s very happy. With her.”
Moxie’s polite veneer cracks when Steve points at you. Waving your fingers at her, you grin at her. “You go near my Bucky and I’ll rip that cheap necklace off and shove it down your throat.”
She turns to Steve, gesturing to you as if she's the innocent one here; he raises his glass, blowing a harsh breath through his lips. “Don’t look at me, I still don’t fuck losers, but I’ll call if you if that changes.”
You laugh in your empty glass when she sputters. She turns to you, hand on her hip. You slowly raise your eyes, returning her stare. Part of you wanting her to do something, so you can wipe the smirk off her overly painted face.
“Whatever, I don’t need this. Keep the fattie. I can find another rich loser like that.” She snaps her fingers, storming over to the bar. You blink a few times in disbelief. The audacity of this bitch, thinking that she can stay and mingle at his event.
You're debating if you should have her thrown out by one of the staff or if you should drag her out by her hair.
You look her up and down as you ponder your choices, pausing when you see the edge of a tag sticking out the back of her dress. Hmm, interesting. She must plan on returning it after tonight.
A devious smirk slowly takes over your face, you know exactly what you’re going to do to little Ms. Moxie.
You glance at Steve, picking up his wineglass. Steve shakes his head while grabbing your hand. “Hey hey, I know what you’re thinking, and no.”
Before you can say anything, he’s pouring more burgundy wine into the glass until it’s nearly sloshing over the sides. “If you’re going do it, you gotta do it right.”
You exchange knowing glances. No one hurts Bucky. You saunter over to her, keeping your hand steady, not wanting to lose a single drop on the floor.
“Hey Moxie,” you call out. She turns around and you ‘trip’ over your heels, the deep red liquid flying forward in a perfect arch, splashing across her ivory dress, her face and you even got some in her hair.
“Oops, gosh, I am so clumsy,” you state, hiding your grin as she shrieks.
Steve jumps up, offering to help before she can swing at you. “I got you, darling.”
He places a hand on her back, quickly ushering her away “a little club soda will get that right out,” he reassures a pouting, whining Moxie.
He's lying through his teeth, that stain will never come out. Steve gets a peek at the price tag, almost laughing at the $899 imprinted on the card. He maintains his façade, leading her through the room, he stops, giving her a wide smile.
“And you can find some at the drugstore down the street.” He states, opening the front door and pushing her out. Her indignant shouts cut off when he slams the door in her face.
You throw your head back and cackle, startling some guests around the bar, you apologize for your outburst between fits of laughter, wiping the tears pricking at your eyes. You wave down the amused bartender, placing an order for you and Steve.
Steve joins you, raising his fresh glass of wine in a toast. “No one fucks with Bucky.”
"No one."
Neither you nor Steve realizes Bucky saw the whole thing. He ducks back into the kitchen, clutching the tray of Cannelés to his chest. For weeks after the breakup, he had rehearsed what he was going to say that next time he came face to face with Moxie.
But what you and Steve did was even better, the love of his life and his best friend always looking out for him.
Loving him unconditionally.
And just like that, the last traces of his insecurities vanished.
Tumblr media
Later that night, you fall asleep with your head on his shoulder. He smiles at your hand on his belly. He places his large hand over yours, wondering how he got so lucky to have you.
And if Steve would kill him if he named another dessert after you.
He’ll risk it.
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sinner-as-saint · a year ago
ok but mob!seb teaching his innocent best friend how to give a blowjob and he loses it after he feels how good she is
I love this
Tumblr media
Okay but can you imagine how shocked he'd be at first? When you ask him to teach you how to give a blowjob?
"You want to what?" he double checks to make sure he heard you right.
"I want you to teach me how to... Oh you heard me!" you looked him right in the eyes, squirming under his stare already.
"Why? I mean, how do not know how to..." he trailed off, not wanting to embarrass you even more.
So you confessed. That you've not been with anyone like that, and you've never done anything sexual at all
And the mob boss is immediately intrigued.
"Please seb." you plead and something in him flips like a switch.
He smirks just a little, reaching out to grab your hand and pull you onto his lap. "Alright then. Let's prep you a little." his tone changes.
But you like it, even though you have no idea where this is going.
He makes sure you're comfortably settled on his lap, before he slips his hand under your little sundress and past your underwear.
You gasp quietly the moment he runs his knuckles up and down your folds before he gently toys with your clit.
You feel a wetness forming at your base.
"No one's ever touched you like this? Ever?" he asks, his face pushed into your neck, where he peppers your skin with soft kisses.
You shake your head, telling him no.
He smiles. "Good girl."
He ends up smearing your wetness around,  makes you moan and whimper at the foreign yet pleasant feeling and gets you all worked up
To a point where you're involuntarily, gently rolling your hips against his hand, with one of his fingers is buried deep in you, stroking your walls.
And just when you feel the sweet, agonizing pressure forming, he removes his hand from your body
He smirks when you look down at him, breathless and flustered and a little shy too.
"You want more, babygirl?" he asks, gently caressing your thighs
You nod a couple of times, lips parted.
"Well then, show me just how much. Get on your knees."
You do as you're told. And he spreads his legs apart and gives you more room.
"Now be a good girl, and show me just how needy you are, okay? Don't rush." he mumbled, his thumb lazily tracing your mouth before he pulled away and leaned back on the couch
Just to guide you, he takes your hand and places it on his bulge. Making you palm him through his pants and watched the hunger grow in your eyes
He watches you carefully, as you unbuckle his pants gently and lower his underwear
He takes your hand again and wraps it around his thick cock, guiding your hand up and down; stroking his cock.
Then urges you to do the same with your mouth
And the minute you take him into your mouth, he throws his head back and tries his hardest to hold back a moan
"Fuck... Just like that.."
He'd carefully hold your hair up and let you set your own pace.
Can you imagine how much of a mess he'd be though? Your warmth, your mouth driving him crazy as well as the pure and innocent look in your eyes as you look up at him - waiting for him to tell you if you're doing something wrong.
But you're so good that he wonders how long he'll last given he's already a moaning mess.
Can you imagine him moaning and swearing under his breath with his head thrown back against the couch? Telling you how good you feel?
Or how he'd look down at you like you're the most precious thing he's ever seen.
Lips parted, he'd be gasping and groaning as you gently take your tongue our and circle his tip while your hand strokes the velvety skin of his length.
And he'd almost lose his mind when you manage to take him in enough so his tip hits the back of your throat
Imagine him moaning and ever so gently bucking his hips up and thrusting into your mouth
"Fuck..." he'd whisper, breathless already. "You feel so good..."
Okay but he'd be very vocal when he comes; swearing and moaning and grunting as he twitches against your tongue and you feel his cum trickle down your throat soon after.
You swallow all of him, and look up at him nervously; finally taking him out of your mouth.
Your lips are a little swollen and there's spit and his cum probably dripping by the side of your mouth but he looks at you like you hung the moon
"Come here babygirl." he takes your hand and guides you back on his lap
His voice deep and strained
"Did I do good?" you ask, lowering your eyes; just a little shy
He smiles and leans in to kiss your neck again. "Oh you did great. You were perfect." he mumbles against your skin. "So good in fact, that I wanna return the favour."
He mumbles against your skin as he pushes you down on the couch and kisses his way down your body...
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revengingbarnes · 2 years ago
Keep Me In Your Heart
Summary: Some things are too beautiful to be preserved in pictures. These things are meant to be captured in your heart instead.
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x reader
Word Count: 2,051
Warnings: Literally none. So much fluff
Tumblr media
From a young age, you had had a knack of noticing things that others couldn't. When someone would look at a bowl of chopped fruit, they would think about eating it. When you would look at it, your eyes would take in the vivid coloration, the random scattering of the pieces, the pale white ceramic of the bowl, and how that simple bowl presented itself as a piece of art.
It came as no surprise when you decided to pursue a career in photography. To you, everything in the world had art hidden inside it in a crevice somewhere, waiting to be discovered. You had made it your job to find all the art in the world and showcase it in the best way you could. Too much beauty went unseen every day, overshadowed by the war, blood and screams of the hurt and the injured. People needed to see the beautiful things in life, to be reminded that life was worth living.
Eventually, it was all your eyes looked for. When you would walk down the street, your eyes would always halt at different locations on different items. The colors, the symmetry, or even the asymmetry, whatever you would find fascinating, you would capture. The photos would go on your blog, or if they were personal enough, you would keep them for yourself.
It wasn't long before people began noticing your work. Soon enough, you had companies reaching out to you for sponsors, and promotions. Your career was taking off, and you couldn't be happier. It was something you were passionate about, something you could see yourself doing for the rest of your life. Work never seemed like work to you anymore. It was your life, a life you were completely content with.
It was just like any other day today. The cafe you had stopped to have breakfast in was bustling with people. It was located in a beautiful area of New York, and you could almost feel your veins buzzing with the excitement of the opportunities that Manhattan presented to you. You placed your camera on the table before you after giving your order to the waitress, rifling through your bag for a different, more suitable lens. You were humming a tune you had heard on the radio that morning and couldn't get out of your head. When your breakfast was placed before you, you looked up to give the waitress a grateful smile.
You were just about to dig in when your eyes caught the booth in the opposite corner of the cafe, next to the window. Your breath hitched at the sight, stilling, feeling your heart beat rise the longer you stared.
You didn't know how you hadn't seen him yet, how he hadn't been the first thing your eyes had rested on. There was a certain radiance about him, a magnetism that seemed to pull you in. You let out a breath you didn't know you had been holding, eyes scanning the air around him.
It was the perfect setting. The light from the window fell over his face as delicately as his eyelashes brushed against his skin. Skin that looked soft, mostly smooth apart from the thick beard across his jaw. A single strand of hair fell over his face then, catching on his eyelashes as he lowered his head to take a sip from his coffee cup.
Your hand unconsciously flitted over the table before you, trying to find your camera without taking your eyes off the specimen before you. Your hands automatically moved over it, flicking the switch on and raising the camera to your eyes. A click sounded when you snapped a photo, but you didn't stop. In quick succession, you snapped a few more, switching the man's placing in the frame with each click. Before you could lower the camera, he looked up eyes looking straight at you through the lens. You snapped another picture.
The camera lowered quickly, and you felt heat rush to your cheeks when the man smirked in amusement, lips curling upward in a sweetly sensual way. You cleared your throat and smiled sheepishly, embarrassed beyond belief. You turned to your food that had already lost half its warmth by then, placing your camera on the table. You could still feel his gaze burning holes in your body, and you wanted to vanish right then.
What the hell? You had never photographed anyone without permission, not wanting them to feel uncomfortable. But now you had just snapped multiple photos of an unaware man. Unable to help yourself, you stood up, grabbing your camera and walking to where the man sat with his coffee.
He seemed surprised that you had approached him, but his face remained open and kind. He didn't look like someone who had just had his privacy invaded. Instead, he projected a warm, inviting vibe.
“I'm sorry about that.” You gestured behind you. “I swear, I'm not a stalker. I'm a photographer. I shouldn't have taken pictures without asking. I can delete them if you want?”
The man chuckled and shook his head. “May I see them?”
You nodded, taking a seat next to him when he scooted over and gestured for you to sit. You turned on the little screen to show him the newly snapped pictures, watching his face as he clicked through them.
Up close, he was even more breathtaking. His eyes were a brilliant crystal blue, almost verging on a stormy grey. His hair reflected chocolate against the sun rays, and there was a minute scattering of freckles over his skin. It only made him look even more heavenly. Someone flawed, yet so perfect.
He smiled at you, making you blink and jolt out of your trance.
“These are very good.” He complimented. “You have a good eye for choosing surroundings.”
You let out a surprised laugh, staring at him incredulously. “The surroundings? I'm amazed you noticed that when the main focus is so captivating.”
You were flirting, you knew that. And he probably did as well, with the way his smile widened and his head tilted, studying you.
You shifted a bit under his gaze, suddenly feeling shy. “Should I delete them?” You ask, gesturing to the camera still in his hands.
He shook his head, handing it to you. “No. Keep them. There's an energy about them that I can't quite place. Would be a shame if you deleted them.”
You rested your elbow on the table, placing your chin on your open palm and smiling. “A shame indeed.”
He laughed a bit, looking away for a brief second. His precious smirk and smoldering stare had been a sight, but his shy demeanor and short laughs made him even more endearing. You could tell he wasn't good with compliments, and that gave you an urge to just compliment him even more.
“Thank you, though.” You added, fiddling with the camera in your lap. “Would you mind if I put one on my blog? You can say no, that's totally fine too.”
He shook his head. “I don't mind at all. But maybe you can have dinner with me sometime in return?”
You blinked, eyebrows raising before a giggle escaped you. You felt a giddy feeling spread in your chest as you nodded. “I would love that.”
He offered his hand, then. “Sebastian.”
You shook it, feeling your skin buzz where it met his. His palm was soft and warm, and you wished you could just hold it forever. “Y/N.”
There was something almost magical about Sebastian Stan.
His features reminded you of beauty described in books written about vintage times. Symmetrical, sculpted to perfection. A sloping nose, high cheekbones, strong jaw, pink lips that would part in wonder. His eyelashes sweeped over his cheeks, eyes so clear, so blue, yet so filled with millions of untold stories. Sebastian was created by the gods, yet his most fascinating trait was the millions of secrets hidden in his eyes.
You would watch him, completely in awe as he would talk, telling you a new story he had just remembered and wanted to share with you. Your camera would be long forgotten, because moments like these were made only to be captured by your mind. You didn't want to frame them in a picture, you wanted to ingrain them in your brain.
For years whenever you looked at something, your initial response would be to peer at it through a lens and snap a picture. It was an instinct that had become part of your daily life. But now you realized that not all art was meant to be preserved. Some was just meant to be enjoyed. That was what made art so captivating. It's uncertainty. It's unreliable sustenance. Art was fleeting, and that's what made it art.
Sebastian was art.
You wanted to look at him all day. You wanted to memorize the miniscule bumps of his skin and the pinpricks of brown stubble on his jaw. You wanted to remember the caramel in his hair when the sun hit it just right. He was yours. He wasn't your camera’s. Sebastian was for your eyes only.
Soon, you learned other ways to memorize him. You let your hands map out the crevices of his skin that your eyes had missed. You let your fingertips feel his heartbeat as they rested over his pulse. You let your lips move against his own, reveling in their softness. Your ears, perking up at the sound of his laugh, and your breaths, inhaling him like he was air.
There were other ways to capture art than the superficial, and Sebastian taught you every single one.
He taught your heart to beat just a little faster when he was near you. Your breath to hitch when he looked at you. Your stomach to flutter when he smiled at you. The hair on your arms to stand up when he touched you.
It was Sebastian who taught you to love art the way it should truly be loved.
“What're you thinking about?” His breath was warm as it tickled your neck, making you smile. You didn't open your eyes. With Sebastian, it was all about feeling. You didn't need to look at him to know how beautiful he was.
“You.” You replied, content with his weight on your side, his face buried in your neck. You felt him shake as he laughed, lips pressing against your skin briefly before he shifted, making you finally open your eyes and look at him.
“What about me?”
You ran a hand over his bare arm, tracing his skin. “How much I love you.”
Sebastian’s smile was soft, body still pliant against you. He pressed his lips to your jaw, letting them linger there for a bit before he turned.
“I got something today.” He declared, shuffling around in the bedside drawer. You waited patiently for him to show you, eyebrows raising in surprise when he held the object out.
“A Polaroid camera?” You asked, making him nod. He shuffled upwards, using his unoccupied arm to turn you both so he was flat on his back and you were on your side. Instinctively, you wrapped an arm around his bare torso.
“Smile.” He said, making you giggle and grin. The click of the camera signaled the photo being taken. You watched as the picture came out, watching patiently as your grinning faces became clearer on the Polaroid.
You couldn't help your smile as you watched Sebastian trace a thumb over your face in the picture, your tired but tranquil smile, eyes only half open, pressed to his side and face right next to his own. His smile was just as wide as yours.
“Now you'll have me with you forever.”
You smiled, turning so your face was buried in his neck, inhaling his scent and suddenly hyper aware of every part where your body touched his.
“I already have you with me forever.” You stated, taking his hand and placing it just over your heart, watching him smile as he felt your heart pound against your chest, still excited to be with him, still as breathless as that first day in the cafe.
He didn't reply verbally. He only leaned in to press his lips gently to yours.
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cap-evanns · 2 years ago
Close To Me | Sebastian Stan
Tumblr media
word count: 2.8k
warnings: smut, spanking, handcuffs, dom/sub
Sebastian Stan x Female Reader
The texts Sebastian were sending her made it seem as if they haven’t seen each other for the longest time. In reality, it was probably closer to about two weeks now. After a couple days apart he began to send her messages about how much he missed her. His messages were innocent at first. Tell her how much he wanted her to be with him. Soon the innocent messages changed as he started to send her ideas of things he wanted to do to when he came back home from filming.
As the weeks went on the texts became dirtier and dirtier causing Y/N to blush wherever she was when she received them. Some of the texts caused her to laugh at how eager he was. The man could never be satisfied and always wanted to be with her. It wasn’t until his recent photo he sent her that made her belly start to truly ache for him.
Sebastian was out shopping for a new suit for an upcoming premiere. The shop was filled with luxury items, but his eyes were caught by one section in particular. He sent her a photo of a wall of vast array of ties the shop had to offer. “These would look lovely around your wrists, what do you think? xx”
She was in a meeting at work when she received the photo, and couldn’t help but clench her thighs together to dull the now growing ache. “Any will do my love, can’t wait to use it tonight when you get home.” She shot him a text back with a grin on her face just thinking about his reaction.
That evening could not have come fast enough. As soon as it turned 4pm Y/N basically flew out of the of the office. Getting home from work she was happy to kick off her heels and pamper herself before Sebastian arrived. Y/N walked over to her bedroom and slipped off her clothing. She entered her en suite bathroom and turned her shower on. She stepped in to wash away the stress of the day. She wanted to be fully relaxed for when he came home. The bathroom filled with steam and the sound of her music playing from her phone.
As soon as she got out she slipped on a maroon silk lingerie slip. Y/N knew it was one of his favorites. The memories flooded back to her as soon as she put it on. The day they got it she was trying them on in the dressing room for Sebastian and he could barely keep his hands off of her. He insisted to buy it for her, saying it was more a gift for himself than for her.
Y/N waited on her living room sofa patiently for Sebastian to be over soon. A couple hours have passed since her shower and she was about two wine glasses into her night. It felt as if she watched almost every single thing on her Netflix queue waiting for him to come home. Luckily she had something to pass the time.
“Where’s my girl?” Sebastian’s voice echoed down the hall and he soon came into the living room dropping his luggage onto the floor. She didn’t even hear him slip in, too caught up in her show.
Y/N let out a squeal when she turned and saw him, immediately getting up off the couch. Sebastian opened up his arms as she rushed over to him. Y/N wrapped her arms around his waist and pushed herself up on her toes to reach up and kiss his chin.
“She’s right here. I missed you handsome.” Her hands ran small circles against the back of his coat.
Sebastian’s placed his hands on either side of her neck, and he leaned down to place a light kiss on her lips. “I missed you too Y/N.”
As he pulled away from the kiss his eyes glided down her body to see the silk lingerie slip he adore so much, “you’re trying to kill me, aren’t ya?”
A giggle escaped her lips as she stepped back from him, “Not just yet.”
Y/N stepped back from him and gave him a sly wink. She loved to tease him whenever she could. She walked towards the bedroom and motioned with her fingers for him to follow. She wasn’t afraid to show him that she could take the lead. Sebastian took off his jacket and shoes, leaving him with just a pair of grey jeans and a white t-shirt. He soon followed her to the bedroom and closed the door behind them.
“Go sit,” her voice was stern as she looked at him. She placed her hands on her hips as she commanded him.
He quickly obliged, excited to see what she had in mind for him. His whole body ached for her, and all he wanted to do was latch onto her. Instead, he sat at the end of the bed watching her every move.
“Baby come here already--” he was desperate for her touch.
“Be patient Sebastian,” she snapped back at him, loving the feeling of him being so needy for her.
Y/N turned off the lights in the room and switched on the dim lamp light on the side of their bed. She made her way back over to him and placed her hands on his shoulders. “I can see why you love being in charge, feels good.”
She placed one of her legs in between his thighs and pressed her body against his. Sebastian let out a groan as he felt her leg graze his growing bulge. His face was aligned with her chest now, and he wrapped his arms around her. He pushed forward to place his lips over her lace slip.
She quickly pulled back making his head dip between them, “not yet, my terms tonight.”
Sebastian let out a groan, not used to letting go of all control. It felt like forever since he last saw her. All he wanted was to just to tear the fabric off her, turn her over and fuck her. To hear her scream out his name. Y/N had other plans in mind, forcing him to be patient.
She reached down and grabbed both of his hands and placed them onto her sides. Slowly she guided his hands to slide up her body, and then placed his hands over her chest. Every inch up her skin was painstakingly slow for Sebastian.
“Now you can touch me,” she grinned down at him loving to see him so impatient.
Sebastian let out a breath and rubbed his hands down onto her breasts. Her nipples immediately began to perk up. Her head rolled back as his lips started to press kisses between the valley of her breasts. His hands gripped at her, needy and wanting more. Sebastian’s hands reached the front of her lace slip and ripped the two strings holding the slip from falling off her shoulders.
A gasp left her mouth as he ripped the material, causing it to pool around her feet. “Sebastian…,” her eyes looked down at him with lust. Her chest started to rise more rapidly as he pulled her closer to him.
“Time to take my orders now,” he placed his hands on her lower back and soon one lifted to spank her ass. A loud moan escaped her lips as his hand came down on her skin.
“I know my girl missed me, didn’t she?” his voice became almost a growl. It roared into her ears as his hand came down one more time. She fell into him, wrapping her arms around his shoulders. His mouth attached to her breast, taking in her nipple into his mouth swirled around her slowly. Her skin flushed with warmth at the contact. Soon he made his way to work onto her other breast with just as much attention.
Sebastian hands dug into her ass, holding her close to him as he worked on her breasts. All he wanted was to keep hearing her moan out his name. She could feel her body become tired as she leaned against him. It was as if her knees became complete jello. He wrapped his arms around her waist and he stood up with her. He slid his body around hers still keeping his arms around her, and pressed his chest to her bare back.  
His lips pressed against her ear as he whispered to her. “Want me to fuck you now?”
The breath in her throat hitched at his words. Her mouth was dry and she could barely get out the words. “Yes, please.”
“Please what?” his hands traveled onto her lower belly, as he began to rub achingly slow circles on her skin.
“Please fuck me,” her voice became desperate. All she wanted was to feel him inside her.
Sebastian walked her forward to the bed and laid her onto the mattress. She was laying on her chest with her ass facing him. He let out a moan as he saw her climb onto the bed, adjusting a pillow under her chest. The arch of her back and her ass laying up waiting for him drove him mad.
Sebastian stripped off his clothes and climbed over her, placing his legs between her thighs. His hand traveled up her back and soon gripped her hair into his hand. He leaned down and twisted her hair so she could look back at him.
“Let me show you just how much I missed you, yeah?” his voice became deeper.
She nodded eagerly, wanting to just feel him already. His cock was pushing against her thighs, but not yet inside her.
Sebastian held onto her hair as he slowly started to graze kisses down her spine. Whenever she would squirm under him he would give her hair a tug.
“Be a patient girl. Daddy will take care of you soon.”
His lips felt like they touched every inch of her back. As he kissed away at her his other hand slid under her belly. She arched her back even more at the contact, giving his hand better access to what they both wanted. He dipped his fingers against her core, feeling at her wet folds.
“Already made such a mess,” his fingers rubbed against her clit causing her to let out a sharp moan.
“Fuck me already. Please,” she begged him to give her more. The ache in her belly was desperate to have him fill her.
Sebastian dipped his fingers out of her wet core causing a breath to leave her lips. She then felt his weight shift off of her and then off the bed.
“What are you...” her voice trailed off as she turned her head to follow him. Sebastian walked  out to the living room to bring his luggage into the room. He then bent down and retrieved something from the front pocket.
“I have a gift for you.” He turned around and swung 2 pairs of leather handcuffs in her direction. She turned over on the bed sitting up against the pillows. Seeing him stand there naked in front of her holding the handcuffs made her bite hard onto her lip.
“I’ll definitely love those. But why two?” She smirked at him and motioned for him to come over.
Sebastian made his way next to the bed and grabbed her wrist. He fastened one around her wrist and then to the bedpost behind them. Y/N’s chest began to rapidly raise and fall at the tightness now on her wrist. He walked around the bed and did the same to her other wrist.
Sebastian walked back to the end of the bed and looked at her tilting his head. He brought his hand up to his mouth and rubbed at his bottom lip. “I think I’ll love these more than you do.”
Before getting on the bed he gave his cock one long stroke taking in the image in front of him. Sebastian climbed onto the end of the bed and placed his head between her thighs. He quickly took one of her legs and threw it over his shoulder.
“Let me take care of this mess you made,” without missing a beat his tongue swiped up her core.
Y/N arched her back at the contact and pulled her arms forward. The cuffs prevented her from reaching down to touch him, holding her back to the bed. The leather around her wrists just made her feel even more aroused. It was as if her senses at her core were even more sensitive than usual.
Sebastian took his time and worked at an achingly slow pace. His mouth worked its way to her inner thighs pressing kisses down them. He would whisper against her thighs between each kiss, praising her for being such a good patient girl for him. He was kissing her everywhere, but never where she truly needed him. His lips kissed at her thighs and bit at her skin.
“Daddy please...” Y/N’s voice was weak. She wanted so badly to wrap her hands in his hair and push his face against her core. The ache in her belly was growing wilder by the minute.
“Such a good girl,” His hand wrapped around her waist pushing her down and he looked up at her for a moment and flashed a grin in her direction. Sebastian’s head soon dipped back down and his pointer and forefinger soon joined and made contact with her clit. He was rubbing at her clit in an oval pattern with a rhythm that made her back arch. His tongue joined his fingers as he flicked at her folds.
“Fuck--” all she could manage to say were curses and his name. She pulled against the cuffs enough to definitely leave a mark in the morning. It was music to his ears, hearing his girl moan out his name.
He hitched her leg up higher over his shoulder as he pushed his tongue against her. “You taste so good angel.”
He kept working his tongue up and down her folds, enjoying every drop she had to offer. Soon his lips wrapped around her clit, lightly sucking on it to drive her wild. His fingers came around and he dipped two of them into her. Y/N clenched around his touch, sending a pulse straight to his cock.
He pulled his fingers out her and looked up at her, “What do you want? Tell me.”
She looked down at him in between her panting, “I need you to fuck me. Hard.”
Sebastian pushed himself up over the bed, hovering over her. He laid his forearm next to her head to hold himself up. His other hand reached down to line his cock into her. He slowly dipped his tip into her, teasing her at first. Y/N moaned at the feeling she craved all night. Before even getting a chance to take in the contact, Sebastian pushed his whole length into her.
His brows furrowed as he pushed himself inside her, feeling her tight walls clench around him. Every time he was inside her it felt like the first time again. She clenched around him driving him absolutely crazy. He knew if she kept it up she would ruin him. As he pounded into her Y/N wanted so badly to just dig her nails into arm, but the cuffs wouldn’t allow her.
“Keep going daddy,” she panted under him, encouraging him to keep up his pace. Sebastian wrapped his hand around her thigh, pushing it up to almost touch her chest. He was able to reach a whole new spot inside of her when he pushed into her again. She pulled at the cuffs again relentlessly, wanting to be able to just touch him.  
He brought his lips down to kiss at her neck. He was hungry for her, needing to touch every inch of her. His lips sucked at her skin and she kept panting out his name. She would encourage him to keep going. Sebastian loved to be in control, but what he loved even more was to hear her praise him. To hear her beg to be fucked. To hear her scream out his name.
Sebastian slowed down his pace as he felt his orgasm reaching it’s high. He looked down at her and kissed her lips passionately.
“Baby-- I am close--” he could barely utter out the words to her. As the words left his lips he rubbed his pointer and forefinger onto her clit. She squirmed under him, not being able to hold herself back.
“Let go baby,” her words encouraged him and soon he came inside her.
Her orgasm followed after his, and soon the room went from loud moans and cursing to the sound of their breathing. His body fell over hers and soon he turned to lay next to her. As they began to catch their breath Sebastian got up off the bed. He walked over to the bedposts and reached up to her wrists unlocking both of the cuffs. As he did so he placed soft kisses over the red marks.
Sebastian walked into their bathroom and came out with a small warm hand towel. He climbed up next to her and wiped at her core lightly, being gentle with each wipe. “I love you Y/N.” He leaned down and placed a kiss onto her lips. She couldn’t wait for the next time they could reunite like this again.
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sinner-as-saint · a year ago
Mob! Seb x Stripper! Reader Headcanon. 
A/N: Yet another filthy dream of mine inspired this, and about the title - it really doesn’t have anything to do with this. It’s just that I was listening to Fine Line while writing this and well... 
Also, NOT my GIF. 
Tumblr media
Imagine working at a well-known club in the same city where the mob boss lives 
It’s quite an expensive club, so there were no lousy men, no drunkards or anything of that sort, but yes, there were powerful men who came in each night
And among those, was Sebastian Stan; probably the most affluent mob boss around the city. 
He was known for his brutal nature, his controlling influence, his unquestionable authority
You found that quite enticing actually as you always eyed him from afar. 
But never in a million years did you expect him to spot you in the sea of beautiful women scattered around the club
And ever since then, he was your regular client. 
And you were his favorite. 
His girl, he called you. 
He’d come in each night, walking into the club with his dark suits; looking powerful and dangerous yet breathtaking. 
He was always surrounded by guards, and with just one look of his, you’d follow him into one of the private rooms. 
He was obviously loaded, and some nights he would leave you with 5 grands or even more. 
Soon, you earned more than any other girl in the club. 
Lap dances, slow touches, neck kisses; he was obsessed with every inch of you. 
He was possessive though
He was the kind of man who would give you a diamond choker with his last name embedded on it as a casual gift. 
A token, to remind you that you were his. 
And he made sure you wore it everyday. 
You would receive gifts on many occasions; lingerie, jewelry, cash. 
He spoilt you rotten. 
Even got you a car at some point. 
Him getting jealous and almost angry whenever he walked into the club and happened to find you on someone else’s lap. 
He would feel his anger slowly taking over whenever he found you touching another man. 
He would go WILD whenever someone else even briefly touched you in his presence. 
He’d grab you by the arm and drag you to one of the rooms. 
His blue eyes would get darker than usual, and instead of being scared, his reaction would turn you on even more. 
He’d grab you by your hair and tug on it carefully; not too hard but just enough for it to hurt a little and make you understand that he wasn’t joking. 
“How many times do I have to fucking tell you that I don’t want other men touching you, huh? What does your collar say? Who do you belong to?” 
He’d grab you by the neck, squeezing the sides gently but hard enough to get your full attention. 
You’d whimper under his touch, not because it hurt, but because his words and acts made a certain dampness to pool around at the base of your thong. 
And his voice...
“You belong to me,”
His low, deep, gravelly voice was all it took to make you weak in the knees. 
Sex wasn’t allowed on the premises of the club. 
But that never stopped him from touching you. 
Because no one broke rules better than he did. 
He’d have you on his lap, hands dipped into your sorry excuse of an underwear; so flimsy and thin that all it’d take would be a tug to tear it off your body. 
Fingers buried deep in you; past your wet folds as you would gently rock your hips against his hand. 
You’d shiver at the feeling of his cold rings against your wet skin. 
“Look at me,” he’d whisper, holding your chin in between his thumb and forefinger. 
“You’re mine” 
He’d say that often, sometimes while he tucked thick bundles of cash in your bra. Or other times while you sank down his cock. 
Very often actually. Part of you wanted to believe he meant it, yet the other part of you knew that he didn’t really mean it. 
You’d let him play with your body, and he’d give you money for it; that’s all it was. 
And you didn’t mind that one bit. 
Some days, he was different. More rough. 
He’d have you sit on him, with his cock buried in you; unmoving, while he answered calls and yelled at people over the phone - barking orders in multiple languages. 
You’d sit there, listening to how brutal he could be towards others, with his cock deep in you. 
Something about how dangerous he was turned you on immensely. 
His blue eyes were merciless but warm on certain occasions 
You’d lazily drag your fingertips across his scalp, down his jaw and sometimes you’d lean in to kiss his cheeks. 
Only sometimes he would gently push your hand away from his hair, whenever he was too heated or angry. But your hands would always find their way into his hair again. 
Many times he’d relax under your touch and he’d give in. 
He was fluent in many languages, and his accents would send tingles down your spine each time. 
His thick cock would stretch you out to your maximum, as he would just make you sit there, with one of his hand wrapped around your neck as if daring you to move. 
But you knew better. 
He had you keep his cock warm while he tended to business, and he wouldn’t move one bit unless you were whimpering loudly or trembling in his lap; begging him to fuck you. 
But even then, he would mess around with you, as if he wasn’t feeling how your walls were desperately clenching around his erected cock. 
As if he wasn’t feeling your arousal oozing out of you and smearing all over his skin. 
He would tease you until you were on the verge of losing your calm. 
He liked to pour champagne into your open mouth and watch it drip down your chin; which he then lapped up and playfully chided you for being a messy girl. 
He would lazily drag his fingers across the choker he gave you once; with his name on it. 
“You’re mine” he’d say again, whispering against your lips. 
He’d lazily caress the diamonds and then drag his fingers down your collar bones and towards your breasts while you shivered under his touch. 
“What’s that, baby?” 
You’d groan out loud at how he acted like he couldn’t see just how much you needed him. 
“Seb... please, I need you so bad...” you’d whine and try to move a little, hoping for a brief moment of ease since you had been sitting on his cock for half an hour now. 
His grip around your neck would tightened the moment you tried to move. 
His cock throbbed against your walls as well, but he couldn’t get enough of the sight of you so helpless and so needy for him. 
He would deny you often, just to see how far he could push you. 
He’d move just a little, pretending that he was adjusting himself better in his seat, only that would make you cry out in pleasure. 
The mere friction made you weak. 
You’d push your face into the crook of his neck, and whine some more. 
“Please daddy...” 
He chuckled. 
“Oh it’s ‘daddy’ now, is it? I like that,” he commented, teasing you even more by gently moving against you and pinching your thigh. 
He’d end up fucking you each time though, no matter how much he teased you; he always made up for it.
Sex with him was never sweet and slow, it was always rough and passionate. 
He was a hardcore person after all. 
He’d pound into you until you screamed. He’d pull on your hair, spank you, bite your shoulder and fuck you senseless each time. 
He made sure to make you orgasm multiple times. Mainly because he himself could not get enough of you. 
He’d nibble on your skin and toy with your breasts. 
He liked having you on your knees, with his cock in your mouth. But he’d much prefer having you on top of him; riding him until you’re shaking. 
He’d mess you up; leaving love bites all over your body, ruining your cherry flavored lip gloss, and most importantly - he left you wanting more each time. 
Some days, you wouldn’t see him. 
Some days he was away and wouldn’t visit the club for a couple of consecutive days
You missed him when he wasn’t around, but you’d never say it out loud. 
Yet no matter how much time he spent in other countries, with other women; he always find his way back to you. 
He’d come back with gifts and extra cash to make up for the time he’s been gone. 
He’d undress you slowly, kissing your skin and telling you how much he missed having you on his lap. 
He’d caress your thighs and ask you if you had been his good girl while he was away. 
You’d say yes, but on days when you wanted to mess with him; you’d say no. 
And then you’d go on to tell him how you gave other rich men your time and how much they showered you with money
He’d get jealous so fast it surprised you. 
He’d grab you by the hips and press your body against his torso. 
“Hmm, did they now?” 
You’d nod and he would smirk because he knew you only did this when you wanted his undivided attention. 
He’d have you straddle his lap and he would gently press his thigh against your core
Eventually making you ride his thigh
He’d watch in awe how you would get yourself off just by riding his thigh, only sometimes he would hold your hips in place and watch you whine for him. 
He was well aware that no other man could make you feel the way he did. 
No man would ever touch you like he did. 
And you knew it too. 
You may give your time to other men every now and then
But at the end of the day, you’d always be his. 
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angrythingstarlight · 23 days ago
You need a fake boyfriend to chase off an ex or some other creep. There’s two men in the crowd you’d consider asking to pretend to know you and help chase this other guy away. Do you pick mafia Bucky or lumberjack Bucky? Is there another guy in the room that I’m not seeing that you would want over these two?
Tumblr media
Pairing: Beefy Lumberjack Bucky x Reader
Warnings: implied past abusive relationship (omc x reader) protective Bucky
Word count: 965
A/N: Written on my phone. Don't copy,rewrite, translate, or repost my work.
You've been dodging your creepy ex all night but he's getting more persistent and frankly, you're frightened of what he's going to do.
It took everything you had to break up with him. The last time you left him, he found you and dragged you back. No one had helped you then. You can't let that happen again. Clutching your fist to your mouth, you hold back a sob. You can't let that happen again, you can't.
Looking around the room, you see a tall man with chestnut hair and clear blue eyes. A bright, genuine smile cutting across his bearded face as he speaks.
You go to him because he radiates a gentle energy and he towers over everyone in the room. You don't why but he seems safe. You say a silent prayer that for once in your life your instincts about a man are right.
Looking over your shoulder, you see your ex stalking towards you, his bleary eyes staring you down. He’s drunk and when he drinks, he gets even meaner.
Fear knots in your belly, an all too familiar sensation that sent a jolt of adrenaline through your veins.
You speed up to a near sprint, stumbling into the lumberjack. He looks down at you, his smile fading into a worried frown at the sight of your tear-filled eyes.
“Please help me,” you rush out, glancing back again. “Please-“
Bucky follows your gaze, his eyes narrowing at your ex. “He hurt you?”
You swallow thickly, mouth suddenly dry. You drop your head, you shouldn’t be ashamed, but you are. And it makes you hate your ex even more.
Bucky stares at your downcast face, his eyes flitting to the drunk idiot stumbling in your direction. And he’s angry, it’s raw and instantaneous. He thinks of his family and how he would kill anyone who hurt them.
He doesn’t know you yet, but he knows that he can’t stand how scared you are. And he knows that whoever that man is doesn't matter, he will never harm you ever again.
“Steve, Sam come here a sec,” he calls out across the room. You turn to see two equally tall men walking towards you. Bucky tilts his head down, he reaches for your chin but then stops. “Hey, don’t worry about anything, I got you.”
“I- thank you.” You keep your eyes averted, flinching when you hear your ex scream your name, telling you to get your ass over now.
Bucky laughs, his eyes hardening. “This is the last time you’ll have to worry about him.”
You shrink back when Bucky storms through the crowd, Sam and Steve following him. The room goes quiet when Bucky lifts him up by his neck and shakes him like a rag doll.
He slowly walks out, keeping your ex in the air. The conversations resume when the door closes behind him.
You weren’t expecting that. For once, your ex looked terrified and you can’t lie, it looked beautiful, you wish you could have taken a picture.
You wait nervously by the bar, perking up when Bucky and his friends come back in. He looks around, his face lighting up when he spots you. As he gets closer, you see his bottom lip is split open and his bruises mar his large knuckles.
“I’m sorry,” you say, “I shouldn’t have asked-“
Bucky gently waves off your apologies. “This is nothing, I once tripped and landed face-first in a pile of wood, gave myself a black eye and broken nose.”
He gestures at his face. “This doesn’t even hurt. And around here we don’t hurt women, so don’t apologize and don’t thank me either. I’d do it again.”
“Thank you,” you say, unable to stop yourself. “And I’m sorry that you got hurt.”
“How about you stop by Martha’s diner tomorrow morning and check on me?” He smiles at you, his blue eyes widening a tad as he playfully raises his brows. “Make sure I’m not dying from my injuries. “
Bucky scrunches his nose at you as he places his hands in his pockets and hunches his shoulders. He’s trying to make himself seem smaller, hoping he doesn’t scare you.
It's working. You feel protected for the first time in forever.
“I thought you said it didn’t hurt?” You question, fighting to keep the smile off your lips.
Bucky shrugs. “If it gets me a date with you, I’ll go out back and fall into another pile, a car, whatever I can find around here, hell I’ll use this counter,“he laughs, tapping the marble surface with his knuckles.
You snort, hiding your face behind your hands. Bucky can’t remember the last time he saw anyone as beautiful or sweet as you. He wants to make sure you never have that scared look in your pretty eyes again.
“I don’t wanna pressure you, I’m guessing you’ve been through a lot, so we can go as slow as you want.” He grabs a napkin off the bar counter and snags a pen out of his pocket.
Bucky finishes writing and slides the napkin to you and backs away.
“Something tells me, I would regret not asking you out, so here’s my number. I eat at that diner every day before work, it’s an open invitation so just show up whenever you want.”
You watch him walk away before looking down at the napkin. Under his number and name, is a tiny stick figure with oversized biceps face-first on the ground.
A wide smile stretches across your face. Yeah, your instincts were right about him.
Breakfast with Bucky sounds really good.
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jimin-myeuphoria · 2 years ago
In light of Macho Man Monday for @the-ss-horniest-book-club I've decided to make some Sebastian/Bucky AU moodboards 💖
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mob Boss!Seb
Tumblr media
I'm ashamed at how long this took me to make ahaha
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sinner-as-saint · a year ago
Tumblr media
You fell for the charms of a beautiful stranger, but then you fell down the rabbit hole... 
Part 1 - Back For You
Part 2 - Want You Back
Part 3 - Kill For You 
Part 4 - Run To You 
Part 5 - Next To You 
Part 6 - See You Again
Part 7 - By Your Side
Part 8 - Home With You 
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angrythingstarlight · a month ago
mob!bucky discovering the reader's tattoos for the first time... *sigh*
Tumblr media
Pairing: Mafia Bucky x Reader (has tattoos but nothing described)
Warnings: fingering, smut, minors DNI, overstimulation kink, Bucky has a tattoo kink.
Just a little smutty drabble, I think this is the last one leftover from sinday. dont copy, rewrite, repost or translate my drabbles.
"Show me," Bucky orders, his demand sending a thrill through you.
His deep voice leaving no room for argument.
You're not talking to your sweet Bucky, oh no, this is the mobster everyone warned you about. Cold, demanding, and powerful. A shiver trails down your spine when he slowly raises a brow.
Bucky doesn't like to repeat himself. And he doesn't like it when you keep things from him.
He leans in and his cologne surrounds you. His deep slate blue eyes drift down your face and settle on your lips. Almost on instinct, your tongue darts out to wet them.
He sharply inhales, his eyes darkening. He's so aroused, he wants you so bad you can almost taste it, fuck you can almost taste him. Memories of last night flash in your mind. The way he filled your mouth, so hot, heavy and-
Blinking, you snap out of your daydream. Your hands tremble as you push the pink straps over your shoulders. You pause when he tsks.
Long warm fingers push yours out the way and he hooks them under the lacy straps and pulls down, down, down until the sundress flutters to your feet.
Leaving you naked. The way he likes.
Bucky's eyes widen, just a fraction but you see it, and fuck that does things to your pride. It's not often someone shocks the mob boss.
"God damn" he hums to himself, his gaze sweeping over your body, "fuck me, you're gorgeous."
He catches your smirk and his face hardens. A cold glare settles in his deep blue eyes, you could come from that look alone. You press your thighs together to stop your slick from dripping down.
"You've been a bad girl," he taunts, "you know what happens to bad girls don't you?"
Wait. No.
"I didn't do anything," you respond, breath quickening when he grins.
Bucky steps closer, forcing your head back with a tug of his hand, nudging your feet apart with his shoe. Slowly rolling up sleeves, he stares at you.
It's almost unfair how easily he can turn things around, one second you're sure he's going to fall to his knees, the other you're begging to kneel before him.
He traces over the tattoo with his knuckles, his cold rings grazing your skin. "You hid these from me. " He lets the accusation hang in the air, your apology dries on your tongue when he continues. "And now you're going to pay for that, princess"
He pushes you back onto his desk. Papers and pens tumbling around you. Bucky dips his head and you almost moan when his hot, wet tongue swirls around the design. "Fuck-" you sigh.
"Oh, I will." He promises, his tongue sliding across the flower etched on your skin, his fingers pushing into your pussy. His fingers curling inside you, twisting and thrusting faster, faster, faster as he kisses your tattoos until you're writhing and sobbing on his desk. The loud squelch of your cunt is drowned out by your needy mewls.
Bucky keeps going over your tattoos, murmuring how beautiful they are-- how beautiful you are, almost unaware that he's fucking you senseless. His thick ringed fingers stretching your walls until the rough pad of his middle finger finds that perfect spot in you.
Your broken, shrill grunt gets his attention, his eyes glance between your pussy greedily clenching down on his hand and your blissed-out expression. Your unfocused eyes rolled back, bottom lip caught between your teeth as you roll your pebbled nipples between your fingers.
He's made a mess of you without even trying. "You like that, pretty girl?" he asks, pushing over your spot harder, rubbing a tight little circle over it. "You like that huh??
"Buck-" you choke out, your stomach tensing in as another wave of pleasure pulsates through you. "Yes, pleasepleasepleasefuckyes, "you sob, pushing your hips up, "don't stop, please."
His hand slams into your cunt, his palm rubbing your clit as he drags his fingers over your spot. "Don't worry princess, I'm not done with you or your tight little pussy."
He places his hand around your neck, pulling you up. His fingers moving in and out of your body, hard and fast, pressure building in your belly so fast, tears prick the corners of your eyes. It feels too good. "You're going to spend the rest of the day wrapped around my cock. That’s your punishment for hiding things from me. "
"Oh fuck-," you mumble, getting closer and closer.
Bucky's lips drop to your ear, "and later when you're about to whimper "I can't Bucky please I can't, remember you begged me not to stop."
He twists his wrist and you explode, screaming his name. "That's a good girl," he purrs, his fingers curling even faster over your spasming walls.
"But you're not ready for my cock just yet." He smiles, "let's stretch you out a few more times."
And I-
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mypoisonedvine · 9 months ago
Doctor Daddy | Daddy!mob!Seb x little!reader
Tumblr media
thanks so so so much to my best girl @nsfwsebbie​ for making the gorgeous moodboard and helping me with the fic and title!  you’re an angel
summary: your Daddy might be a big scary mob enforcer, but he’s got a soft spot for his little girl— so when you’re worried something might be wrong down there, he does his best to be gentle and help you out.  
word count: 5.1k
warnings: ddlg, smut (dub con? cnc kinda?), very mild watersports (it’s more like an intimation at watersports), squirting, pain kink, size kink, a lil bit of butt stuff, some degradation and praise, examination kink (slightly medical kink?)
all my works are 18+, if you are under 18 please do not read
Sebastian hated being away from you; he tried not to show it, because he wanted you to think he was strong, but every time he had to leave you was like leaving his heart behind.  You kept him sane, and grounded, and you also reminded him why he dealt with the shit at his job.
To be fair, you also stopped him from killing people because he could never do that in front of you, which was why enemies of the family always appreciated when you tagged along.
Still, although he could occasionally bring you on longer trips, he couldn’t have you come to work with him every day— despite how much he wanted to.  Today was especially difficult, the kind of stuff he wouldn’t have wanted you to see him do anyways, and what he needed more than anything was to come home to his girl.
The moment he opened the door, though, he realized he wasn’t just coming home to his girl; he was coming home to his little girl.
“Daddy!” you beamed as you jumped up from where you’d been laying on the floor, playing with your stuffies.  You ran to greet him and hugged him so hard that he had to suppress a groan from the impact.  He loved when you were like this.  Between the frilly outfits, the way those big gorgeous eyes looked up at him like he was the only thing in the world, to your sweet voice calling him ‘Daddy’... 
His heart skipped a beat at the same time that his cock stirred in his jeans.
Returning the hug and wrapping his arms around you, he relished the opportunity to smell your hair.  You always smelled fruity— partly your shampoo, partly your natural scent— and it was addictive to him.  “Hey there, princess,” he returned the welcome in a low voice, leaning down to kiss your forehead, “I missed you.”
“I missed you too, Daddy,” you admitted shyly, pressing your face against his chest.  He tried to slip his hands lower down your back to grab your ass through that adorable skirt, but you squeaked and squirmed out of his grip, running back to your makeshift playpen on the floor.
He smirked; so it was one of those days, where you were going to act all shy and resistant.  Okay, he could work with that.
Sitting down on the couch behind you, he watched you lay down on your stomach, kicking your feet up as you swung them back and forth while you played.  He was content just to observe you for a while, but your legs in those thigh-high socks, the way your skirt had begun to ride up until he could just see your pink polka-dotted panties underneath, your cute little pigtails… it became too much for him to take.
Adjusting his now-impossible-to-ignore erection, he cleared his throat and spread his legs a little.  “Come here princess,” he requested with a pat to his leg, watching your face as you turned to look back at him, “I wanna show you something.” 
You chewed your lip a little, looking to the floor nervously.  “Don’t be shy,” he encouraged, only letting a hint of sternness leak into his tone, “it’s gonna be fun!”
You stood up, tugging on the hem of your skirt as you rubbed your thighs together.  Maybe you’d realized that he could see up your skirt; maybe you’d liked it.
He patted his knee again, tightening his jaw as his patience already was put to the test.  Thankfully you obeyed this time, scampering over and gingerly sitting on his lap as your back leaned against his chest.  He loved how small you felt in his arms, but even better was the way you gasped a bit as you must’ve felt his hardened cock against your ass.
“Comfortable?” he asked, smiling as you nodded.  “Good.  Tell me about your day, baby, did you do anything fun?”  
You started to ramble but he struggled to pay attention as he found his touch wandering down your back, over your legs, fiddling with the top of your socks...
“Oh, coloring, that sounds nice…” he trailed off, his voice becoming husky as he noticed your skin was breaking out into goosebumps.
“Daddy, what are you doing?” you finally asked, just louder than a whisper as your gaze followed his hand.  The tattoos on his knuckles spelling ‘LOST’ (in tandem with his left hand spelling ‘SOUL’) felt especially rough next to the smooth skin of your thigh.  Funny enough, with you in his arms he didn’t feel so lost anymore.
“No no, keep talking, I’m listening,” he promised.  “Can’t I touch you while you talk?”
You shivered, failing to respond, and he grinned.  “Or are you getting distracted?” he added, laughing darkly as you nodded.  “Hmm, you never were very good at multitasking, dumb little baby…”
He laughed again when he felt your thighs clench together at the condescending nickname.  He didn’t understand exactly why you loved being degraded like that— praising you came to him much more naturally— but he was happy to do it if you were always going to react that way.
Gingerly, his fingers began to slide higher and higher, pushing your skirt up and brushing against your panties.  Your legs opened either out of obedience or instinct, and he purred as he felt a small patch of wetness on the fabric.
Sliding up a bit, he could feel your clit through the fabric as well— no doubt a side effect of it becoming swollen.  “You know what this is, angel?” he asked in a near-growl.
You gasped a bit as he pressed harder.  “That’s… that’s my button…” you murmured.
“Mmhmm, that’s right,” he replied, starting to move in little circles.  His left hand gripped your hip to hold you down.  “Don’t squirm so much, babydoll, I’m trying to touch it.”
“Daddy,” you whined, wrapping your tiny hand around his thick wrist, “s’too sensitive…”
“Too sensitive?” he repeated incredulously.  “Hmm, I don’t know about that.  I like when it’s sensitive, you make those pretty noises for me.  But, if you’re worried maybe I can give you a little check-up, how does that sound?”
You nodded and bit down on your lip harder as he let your legs go.  He laughed to himself; you were so sensitive that you would tell him to stop touching you, but so greedy that you would be subtly disappointed when he actually did it.
“Okay sweetheart, let’s take you to the bed…” he whispered, scooping you up into his arms and carrying you into the bedroom.  He was impressed with how little you squirmed; further proof that this was what you’d been wanting all along.
When he set you down on the bed, you sat up at first, looking up at him expectantly.
“Lay on your back, princess,” he instructed.  You did it, but you were still visibly tense.  “Just relax.”  
You swallowed, and he wondered if you knew that he noticed it.  
“Hold your skirt up for me so I can take these panties off,” he continued, sitting down on the mattress in the space between your legs.  Of course he could’ve just pushed the skirt up, but it was more fun to give you something to do with your hands so you couldn’t push him away so easily.
As the elastic-y cotton slid down your thighs, he could already see the wet patch on the inside.  The fabric even stuck to you a little bit as he tried to get them off, and he couldn’t suppress his smile anymore.  “Angel, you’re so wet already…”
You rubbed your legs together a bit, but he just pushed them apart again so he could get the panties down to your ankles.  His attention span couldn’t survive getting them off over your feet, so he just left them there and turned his focus back to your swollen, glistening cunt.
Just as he began to reach up to touch it, you flinched ever so slightly.  “Don’t tense up,” he requested gently, “keep relaxing for me, okay?”
He almost felt guilty for how much he enjoyed your expression of mild reluctance... but not enough to actually stop, of course.  He knew how quickly your attitude shifted once he got his hands on you, so he wasn’t fazed.
“It’s not going to hurt or anything,” he assured.  “I’m just making sure your princess parts are in working order, that’s all.”
You chewed the inside of your lip for a moment, but then gave him the go-ahead with a weakly murmured “okay, Daddy.”
He dipped down and pushed your thighs apart, getting comfortable so he could examine you closely.  Wetness had coated nearly every part of you, even run down to your other hole— the one you liked to pretend was off-limits, but was actually the spot that made you the neediest when he touched it.  He resisted the urge to just jam some fingers into you, instead using one calloused fingertip to spread your lips apart.  “Hmm,” he groaned quietly, letting his touch massage up and down until you started to buck your hips up a bit.  He traced the trail where your arousal had gathered, pushing it back up and over your clit; your body jerked dramatically as soon as he touched you there.
“Mhmm,” Seb nodded, “there might be something wrong here after all, because all I did was play with your button for a minute while you talked about your day, and your pussy’s already soaked.  I’ll definitely have to investigate this further.”
When he looked up at your face, you were biting on your lip.  He almost laughed; each time you put up a fuss, your true eagerness showed even faster than the last.
He touched your clit again and watched you gasp, your thighs quivering for just a second.  “Oh, are you sensitive there, babygirl?  Did I hurt you?”
You shook your head.
“Use your words, please,” he corrected firmly.
“No, you di’nt hurt me, Daddy,” you replied, slurring a bit.  He loved the way your verbal skills deteriorated as you got more and more desperate.  Not long from now you wouldn’t be able to form words at all, just a blubbering, blabbering mess as he drove his cock into you.
Not yet, though.  It would be worth the wait.
“How does it feel if I touch you here?” he asked, gently massaging the subtle ridge just above your entrance.  
“Feels good, Daddy,” you mumbled, “feels warm.”
He pushed down on it harder, laughing when you whimpered quietly.  “Does it still feel good, cupcake?”
“Yeah,” you answered, “jus’ feels kinda tingly.”
“Hmm, tingly,” he repeated as he pondered.  “I think I need to take a look inside.  Can you spread your legs really wide for me, princess?”
You nodded even though your nervousness was apparent.  He smiled proudly; you were his little trooper, always forging ahead even when you were scared.  He was already thinking about what gift he would buy you tomorrow for being such a good girl today.  
You kicked your panties off the rest of the way from your ankles and spread your legs.  He still had to push them open a bit more, but it was a good try.  Using his thumb to open your folds a bit, he examined your perfectly-pink little hole.
“Hmm, it’s too small, I can’t see anything,” he frowned.  “I’ll have to use my finger and feel inside instead.”
You whimpered again, crossing your arms over your chest protectively.  
“Why do you look scared, babydoll?  I’ve put fingers in you so many times before, I’m sure just one won’t be any trouble for you at all.”
You didn’t seem comforted by that, just looking away and starting to close your legs again.  He grabbed your thighs and stopped you suddenly, but softened a bit after that.  
“Does it make you feel nervous to have Daddy looking at you so close?” he asked softly.  You nodded a little, the motion accompanied by a quiet ‘mm-hmm’.  “I understand, here—” he sat up quickly and reached to the other side of the bed, grabbing a fuzzy white bunny— “you can hold this while I do the rest.”
“No!” you yelped, tossing the stuffie away.  “I wan’ my ducky.”
He paused briefly to hold back his anger; he wasn’t so good at the whole ‘calm discipline’ thing.
“Okay,” he said slowly, grabbing the ducky and handing it to you, “remember your manners, baby.  I’m being very careful to not hurt you, but I can stop putting in that effort if you wanna be a brat.”
“Sorry, Daddy,” you whispered, pulling the stuffie tightly into your chest.
“I’m gonna put my finger in you now, alright?” he asked, his lack of patience more obvious in his tone than he intended.
“Yes, Daddy.”
Leaning back down and spreading your legs, he used his finger to tease your opening a bit— he had to make sure it was wet enough, though he wasn’t exactly worried about that— before pressing his fingertip inside.
He ignored the way you tightened up and kept going deeper, until he was all the way in and you were squirming a little.  With how incredible you felt around him, he already wanted to put a second finger in you, or just cut to the chase and get his cock out.  Somehow he got his composure back, though, and kept his cool.
“It feels… normal,” he observed, “tight, and hot, and wet like always.  Usually if I press here—”
You clenched down on him, and tightened your grip on your ducky.
“ —you do that,” he finished with a chuckle.  “I bet I can make you moan if I do this.”
He curled his finger, rubbing right over your g-spot.  Of course he’d predicted that you’d moan, but he hadn’t expected it to be so loud.  He did it again, even rougher, and your whole body jolted with a shiver.  He watched the way you held onto your stuffie for dear life, and it only made him want to push you further.
“Your poor little ducky,” he laughed, “he never stood a chance, did he?  Or maybe he likes being choked as much as you do, and he’s having a blast.”
He forced his finger into you harder and faster until biting your lip couldn’t keep you quiet anymore.
“Dada!” you cried.
“What’s wrong, little girl?  Doesn’t it feel good?”
“Yeah,” you agreed, “but it feels… I feel weird.”
“Weird how?” he pressed.
“Feels like I have to go potty,” you admitted, suddenly acting shy even though his finger was still inside you.
“That means I’m doing it right,” he explained, teasing you some more with gentle-yet-unsubtle circles against the spot.
“Daddy,” you whined, your head falling back onto the pillow, “you need to stop.”
“Why’s that?”
“Because I have to go!”
He chuckled a little, using his free hand to hold your hips down— in case it wasn’t already obvious that he wasn’t going to let you get up.  “Be a good girl and hold it.  It shouldn’t be that hard.”
You whimpered a little but didn’t offer any verbal protest, so kept thrusting his finger; this time adding a little bit of pressure on your clit with his thumb.  He could feel how close you were, and he could feel you trying to hold back— but he wasn’t sure if you were holding back an orgasm or something a bit messier.  Either way, the way you desperately clenched around his finger was addicting.
It would feel even better around two fingers.
Without much warning, he shoved the second in beside the first and watched your eyes go wide.  You sobbed a little but took it well, even managing to keep your legs spread wide open.  
“Does it hurt, pretty baby?” he asked, a hint of mocking in his voice.
You nodded, the motion making your pigtails shake a bit.
“But does it feel good, too?”
You nodded even more vigorously, and he laughed.  “I know you love daddy’s fingers so much,” he purred.  “I know you wanna come, but you’re afraid of what’ll happen if you do.”
Your leg started shaking; that always happened when you hit the point of no return.  
“Be a good girl and come for me, okay?” he instructed, but it quickly turned into a command: “Come right fucking now.”  You shook your head and looked away.  He growled a little through his teeth, irritated with your disobedience.  “I can feel you trying not to.  You can’t hold it in, dumb little baby, so just fucking let go.”
Realizing you needed a little more encouragement, he moved the hand on your hip to your lower belly, pressing down and forcing your g-spot right into his fingers.  
“Daddy!” you screamed, but it was too late; instantly a gush of liquid soaked his arm and the sheets beneath you.  He was torn between watching that and watching your face as you realized that you’d squirted on him— some beautiful mix of embarrassment, confusion, and relief.  He kept fucking you with his fingers until he was sure you were done, because the sheets were already ruined anyways.
“Look at this wonderful mess you made,” he grinned proudly, finally pulling his fingers out of you.
“Did… did I pee?” you asked quietly, hiding your face behind your toy.
“No, sweetheart, that’s just your come— just like the stuff Daddy fills you up with, except a bit more... plentiful.”
Honestly, he wasn’t totally sure which it was, but he couldn’t care less.
“Well, I think we’ve proven that your princess parts are working just fine,” he announced as he got up from the bed.  “Pull your panties up and you can show me what you colored today.”
He tried to act surprised when you gave him a look of disappointment.
“What’s the matter, doll?” he asked with a faux pout.  “I thought you wanted to talk to me some more.”
You shook your head, but refused to give him anything else.
“Remember this wasn’t playtime,” he scolded.  “It was just a check-up.  Now come on, you probably want to go play with your toys—”
“No, Daddy,” you sighed.
“Then what is it that you want, huh?  Cause I think I have an idea,” he chuckled, sitting back down beside you.  “Roll over.”
You seemed surprised by the change in his tone, and just looked back up at him blankly.
“Come on, roll over.  Even dumb babies can do that.”
You obeyed all of a sudden, cradling the ducky as you laid on your stomach.  After giving a quick glance to the sizable wet patch on the bed, he followed you and nestled between your legs.  He pushed your skirt up slowly to reveal the varied menagerie of bruises that covered your butt.
“I can still see the punishment you got a few days ago,” he informed you pridefully.  “Remind me what this was for again?”
“Teasing,” you answered dutifully.
“Ah, that’s right,” he nodded, wistful as he reflected on that very fun, very long night.  “You know teasing’s not allowed.  And if you didn’t before, you definitely do now,” he chuckled, running his fingers gently over the marks.  He matched his hand to one in the shape of his own print, as if he wasn’t expecting it to fit.  
“But you’re teasing me right now, Daddy,” you mumbled, most of the sound lost in the pillow.
He leaned down quickly and slipped one hand under your neck to wrap around it.  “What was that?”
You swallowed and he could feel it against his fingers, but you said nothing.
“You’ll have to speak up, angel, I couldn’t hear you.”
“I said… I said that you’re teasing me now,” you repeated, louder and yet less confident.
“Right,” he smiled.  “Teasing’s not allowed for little girls.  I get to tease you as much as I want because you’re my little doll to play with however I want, okay?  You have your toys and I have mine.  Do you understand?”
You nodded quickly, and he removed his hand from your neck.
“Good,” he added quickly, “because it almost sounded like you were talking back to me for a second there.”
“No, Daddy,” you promised, batting your eyelashes even though the innocent act had never worked on him.  
“Now get this ass up before I give it some new bruises for your little collection here.”
You jumped to obey quickly, getting on your hands and knees for him.
“No, no,” he corrected, “leave your face on the pillow— like this.”  He shoved you back down, arching your back even further and pushing your face into the bed.
“Sowy, Daddy,” you apologized softly, that show of dominance knocking you deeper into little space as you started to slur your words again.
“Now tell me, do you think this needy little hole is ready for me?  Or does it need a few more fingers?” he asked as he rubbed his hands up and down your thighs.  God, your ass looked good on display for him like this.  
“S’ready, Dada.”
“Is that so?” Sebastian grinned.  “I just got done giving it a check-up, can’t go tearing it up right away.”
You whined, as if you were actually disappointed by that answer.  He laughed at your lack of shame.
“Don’t worry, honey, I’m still gonna ruin this little cunt,” he promised with a quick smack to your pussy, making you jump a bit, “just don’t wanna hurt ya too bad.”
Two fingers roughly shoved back into your hole made you cry out and bite down on your ducky.  He laughed mockingly as he twisted them inside you.  
“You thought you could take me when you’re crying like that for two fingers?” he taunted, pushing them as deep as they could go only to add to it all with a thumb on your clit.  “Does it feel good when I play with your button while I fuck you with my fingers?”
“Yes, Daddy!” you sobbed, clutching at the sheets beneath you with those adorably small hands (and baby pink fingernails, because of course they would be painted baby pink).
“Tell me how good it feels,” he ordered.
“Feels so good, Daddy!” you answered dutifully; but it sounded practiced, like it was just for his benefit, and that activated his temper a bit.
“Louder,” he demanded through his teeth.  You began to repeat it but he didn’t let you finish, cutting you off with a spank from his free hand.  “I want the neighbors to hear you, angel, and I want them to know how fucking owned you are,” he clarified darkly.  “Tell them whose pussy this is; tell them who you belong to.”
“Yours, Daddy!” you yelled at the top of your lungs as he felt you clenching down on him again, close to the edge already. 
“Oh no you don’t,” he scolded as he pulled his fingers out of you suddenly.  “You’re not going to come again already, greedy little girl,” he purred.  “Next time you come is gonna be on Daddy’s cock.”
He admired how his fingers looked covered in your wetness, and drew them to his lips for a taste.  You were looking back at him with wide eyes, and he wondered if you were wishing that he was tasting you from the source.  Who was he kidding?  Of course you were. 
“Should I go slow, princess?” he purred as he reached down to his slacks, opening his belt and unzipping the fly.  “Or do you want it rough?”
You smiled a little, because you both already knew the answer.  “Rough, please, Daddy,” you requested meekly.
His cock had been achingly hard for so long that he could barely muster the patience to spit in his hand and rub it on himself before he shoved into you in one brutal thrust.
You started to arch your back upwards and move your body further from him, but he grabbed your hips and held you steady.  “No running away, baby, you can take it all,” he groaned, slowing down a little but offering no other relief.  You whined through your teeth, and kicked your legs, and tightened around him so hard that he could barely take it, but being the good girl you were, you powered through and let him push all the way into you.
He finally let himself moan once he was buried in your heat, tightening his grip on your hips as he looked down at where your bodies were joined.  Sometimes he was amazed at how your weak little body could swallow his cock so eagerly.  He moaned again when he pulled back out and watched the way your opening stretched, gripping him so tightly that it felt like you were trying to pull him back in.
“Fuck,” he whispered, “so tight… always so fuckin’ tight.”
You whimpered a bit when he pushed back in, and even started to push your hips back against his.  He couldn’t help but laugh when he saw that.
“Dirty little bitch,” he murmured between chuckles, accentuating it with a slap to your ass, “fucking yourself on my cock, even when you can barely take it.  What am I gonna do with you, huh?”
You nestled your face into the pillows as if you were suddenly shy, but didn’t stop your wanton movements against him.  Sort of a paradoxical combination, but he didn’t mind; he just thrust harder, occasionally stopping only to hold you still and make sure he was as deep inside you as possible.  He loved to watch the way tears welled in your eyes when the head of his cock touched your cervix.
He reached down to slip his thumb into your open mouth, smiling when you instinctively closed your lips around it.  “Suck on my thumb, just like that, babydoll,” he encouraged.  Your tongue felt so divine against his skin that he wished he’d had the foresight to fuck your mouth, but oh well, an adventure for another day.  “I need it nice and wet so I can put it in your ass.”
He felt you clench around him and knew you were excited about that idea.  His thumb pulled from your mouth with a wet popping sound before he leaned back and teased your hole with the wet pad of it.
“Dada,” you moaned, kicking your feet again— still in the white socks with the lace around the ankles that you loved so much.
He ignored it and pushed the digit in slowly, watching enraptured as your puckered hole opened and let him in.  He didn’t go to the base all at once, instead teasing with quick motions in and out of the slowly-adapting ring of muscle.  Your moans always changed when he touched you here: they were so high-pitched before, almost squeals, and now they got a little deeper, throatier, and beautifully desperate.
At the same time that he slid his thumb deeper into you, he began to fuck you faster.  He didn’t want to come so soon, but with all the teasing he’d done since he’d come home (and the fact that he’d already been a bit worked up since this morning, but been stuck doing a job all day) his patience was running thin.  He tried to be generous with you most of the time, but today his true instincts were coming through, and they were greedy.  He needed to come inside you and he couldn’t wait much longer.
Thankfully for the both of you, he felt both of your holes tightening and rippling in that way you did when you were close to the edge.
“Wanna show Daddy what a good girl you can be?” he asked gruffly, instantly met with an eager nod from you.  “Tell me how good it feels.”
“You feel so good Daddy,” you sobbed, “can I come, please?”
“Almost,” he replied through his teeth, even though he himself couldn’t hold back too much more.  “Tell me how bad you want my come.”
“Please, please Daddy,” you continued, your voice almost going hoarse from how loud you’d been and how desperate you were now, “wan’ you to fill me up, please come Daddy!”
You were barely coherent anymore between the sobbing and the screaming, but he made out some ‘please’s and some ‘Daddy’s and plenty of ‘need your come’s so he figured it was good enough.
“Come, right fuckin’ now,” he demanded, impressed by your all-encompassing obedience as your walls instantly tightened and fluttered around him, your moans going totally silent for a few seconds while you came— only to return louder than ever as your legs quivered and hips started to fall.  He held you up, though, and fucked you for a few more seconds before reaching his own limit and pumping his load into you.  He was exhausted but managed to stay upright, wanting to keep you in your slightly uncomfortable position for a bit longer; and more importantly, keep his cock inside you as long as humanly possible.
“Thank you,” you whimpered, “thank you for letting me come, Daddy.”
“Anything else?” he reminded you gently.
“Thank you for putting your seed in me,” you added, your voice sounding a bit sleepy in the most adorable way.
“You’re welcome, angel,” he smiled as he leaned down and pressed a kiss to your forehead.  He managed to maneuver the both of you such that he could lay down and get some much-needed rest for his legs, but still hold you close and not have his cock slip out just yet.  Even as his erection was starting to soften, you were so tight that you kept him snug and warm inside you.
You snuggled up into him and pressed your back to his chest, pulling his arm over you until it was draped over your shoulder.
“Are you sleepy, princess?” he asked you softly, planting a quick kiss on the back of your neck.
“No, Dada,” you denied even as your eyelids fell shut and your breathing began to slow.
“Want me to stay inside while you nap?” he offered, knowing how much warming his cock made it easier for you to sleep soundly.  
“Okay…” you mumbled, trailing off and relaxing your hold on your ducky (and his arm) as you drifted into sleep.
He pulled you a little closer and wrapped you in his arms, resting his head on the pillow just behind you.  He thought to himself that he wasn’t tired enough to sleep and that he’d just lay down with you until you woke up, but when he closed his eyes, he found himself giving in more easily than he had anticipated.  The smell of your hair was the last thing he was aware of before he fell asleep entangled with you.
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sinner-as-saint · a year ago
Seb's quaratining alone and his neighbour y/n too. So they talk on their balcony all day bc you know distancing. But the sexual tension gets too much so one of them (seb) just climbs over the balcony and fucks y/n right there🥵🏃‍♀️
Hmm yes! 
Tumblr media
this is such a cute idea! 
okay but please, don’t jump over your balcony and go fuck your cute neighbors y’all.. stay safe and stay home
now on with the hc...
alright, so seb was alone in his apartment; and he couldn’t go out
which also meant that he couldn’t see his cute neighbor anymore
sebastian had a bit of a crush on the girl next door, and he’d come across her often on the elevators and the stairs
and each time he’d see her, his heart would skip a beat; she was just that pretty. 
but he never got to talk to her, all he knew was her name - y/n. 
yet this one particular night, he couldn’t sleep so he stepped out onto his balcony, and watched the city lights
“Can’t sleep either, huh?” a voice spoke up from not too far and Sebastian turned his head around and there you were; out on your balcony, leaning against the balustrade with a big, steaming cup in your hand
your hair was down, and you wore a satin robe - your cute pjs peaking from under
sebastian chuckled nervously, scared that he might have been checking you out for too long
“Yeah, i guess it’s the side effects of being inside for 2 weeks now.” he replied, and added, “You’re Y/N, right?” pretending he didn’t have your name memorized already
you two had a long, pleasant conversation from your balconies at 2 a.m 
and when you finally turned in for the night; Sebastian did so as well; with a goofy smile on his face, thinking about you as he drifted off to sleep. 
and that became a little routine. 
each night for the following week, you two would interact from your balconies at odd hours in the night
talking about everything in general
you quite liked his company; he was mature and wise and funny altogether
but Seb found himself staring at you often; not in a creepy manner, but just admiring how pretty you looked in the moonlight
and those satin robes you wore often did things to him
and one day you caught him
“You know, staring is rude.” you teased, suddenly feeling very confident because your hot neighbor was checking you out. 
he blushed and looked down, chuckling to himself, mumbling a sorry. 
you laughed and he looked up at you again; and suddenly, he wasn’t so sorry anymore
because he took a few steps back and hopped right over his balcony and landed on yours. 
you chuckled as he walked right over to you
“I’m not quite sure you understand the term social distancing.” you giggled as he soon had you trapped between him and the balustrade. 
“Oh fuck it.” he mumbled and pressed his soft lips to yours. 
your heart skipped a beat as his warm hands wrapped around you and pulled you closer. 
you smiled through the kiss when his hands slipped under your shirt and he gently caressed your skin. 
he moaned through the kiss when you slid your hands gently into his soft hair. 
his hand left your waist and slid down your body, past the waist band of your shorts and in between your legs; fingers teasing your wet folds
seb pushed his tongue into your mouth while his fingers slipped inside of you
and you gently bucked your hips against his hand and he chuckled, biting and tugging on your lower lip
“Needy, are we?” 
you moaned, unable to focus on anything else as his fingers stroked your walls perfectly.
he’d probably mess with you and edge you until he has you wrapped around his cock; legs wrapped around his waist and his hands holding you up against him
he’d grunt and whisper in your ear; telling you how good you feel as he gently rocks in and out of you
he’d speed up, and press his lips to yours to keep you quiet as he fucks you on the balcony, under the moonlight
the cold air made goosebumps erupt on your skin, but his body heat made up for it
he spread your legs further apart and pushed deeper in you; making to whimper 
you’d hold on to his broad shoulders for dear life while he pounds into you relentlessly; kissing you roughly and moaning quietly under his breath as he makes the two of you come undone
you gushed out all around him and he panted right next to your ear as he came
“I agree,” you panted, “Screw social distancing.” 
he chuckled and leaned in to kiss you again, deeply and slowly - taking his sweet time on you. 
“Maybe when all this is over, you’d agree to go out with me sometime?” he asked, pressing his forehead against yours. 
you smiled and nodded. 
a/n: i wish i had a cute neighbor... 
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wxntersoldiers · 3 years ago
We Need To Talk
Tumblr media
request: “Hiii, love your writing!! I was wondering if you could do an imagine where the reader over hears Chris (Evans) say that she’s too clingy so the next few days she distances herself from him including talking to him/texting him over the phone ? Don’t know if that makes since but basically she’s ignoring him and being short answered and he doesn’t know why.”
summary: after hearing chris say some hurtful things, you go out of your way to avoid him completely.
pairing: chris evans x female reader
warnings: a few curse words
word count: 1.7k
A/N: after the vote off, chris angst won w/ 11 points !!!! the ending is awFUL but it’s nearly 2am and I’ve work for nearly 7 days in a row and im not getting a break for another two days so im a tad dead inside.
as always, feedback is greatly appreciated, come yell at me and tell me your secrets here!
It wasn’t like you to eavesdrop on a conversation, you were never one to listen in or poke your nose into someone else's business but when Chris sat talking to Sebastian and your name popped up, you couldn’t help but listen in.
You stood outside the door of Chris’ trailer, trying your best to stay hidden as he chatted away to Sebastian inside the trailer. The three of you were on the last week of shooting for the next Captain America movie and as everything was drawing to a close, you felt that you had gained two very special people in your life, those being Chris and Sebastian.
Chris ran a hand over his face and sighed heavily as Sebastian chugged down half a bottle of water, the Atlanta heat getting to them both as they continued to talk.
“D’ya think you’ll ask Y/N out for a drink once filming is over?” Sebastian asked, wiping his lips on the back of his hand as Chris let out another sigh.
“I don’t know, she’s incredible but my God she hangs around a lot.” Sebastian raised an eyebrow at Chris, a bit taken back by his statement. “She’s just everywhere! I don’t think I could handle a girl that, what’s the word? Clingy!”
Chris and Sebastian had no idea that you were stood outside the trailer door, your heart dropping to the very pit of your stomach as you listened to Chris’ words. You had no other friends on set apart from Chris and Sebastian, being the new kid on the block was hard but having them both there with you made it easier.
“That’s a bit harsh.” Sebastian pointed out, rolling his eyes as Chris sighed yet again. “If you sigh one more time, I’m going to put a bag over your head.” Chris shoved Sebastian’s knee slightly and huffed.
“I want to go for a drink with her but I don’t want to be clung onto, I need space sometimes.”
You bit on your lower lip and slowly stepped down the steps of Chris’ trailer, trying your best not to make any sudden movements or noises so you could escape without being spotted. You didn’t want to stick around any longer just to hear Chris complain about you.
Your quiet escape horrifically failed when you missed the bottom step, your body slamming against the ground as you lost your footing. You knew Sebastian and Chris would’ve heard the ruckus so you quickly pulled yourself together, not bothering to brush the dirt off of your clothes as you headed towards your trailer.
Chris and Sebastian peaked through the window after they heard the loud thud from outside the trailer, the pair sharing an odd look as they saw nobody outside the trailer, just concrete and dust.
It had been four days since you had heard Chris and Sebastian’s conversation which meant it had been four days since you had properly spoken to Chris and the last day of filming. It was hard to avoid him, the two of you shared scenes more often than not which meant you had to face him for hours on end, ignoring his quiet jokes and side comments which were only for your ears.
After every scene was finished, you immediately collected your things and bolted for your trailer, not even giving Chris a chance to get a word in. He couldn’t understand why you had suddenly shown him the cold shoulder, you had ran away every time he attempted a conversation with you, read and ignored all his texts and even avoided his calls.
Once the final day of filming was wrapped up and everyone had said a few words, the entire cast and crew headed out for celebratory drinks, your director claiming he needed more than a few drinks to heal himself after dealing with you, Sebastian and Chris for nearly five months.
You sat at a small booth with one of the sound engineers, nodding and laughing politely when necessary. You hadn’t seen Chris yet but you knew he’d be around the club somewhere, your mood souring as you thought of him attempting to talk to you. You excused yourself from the sound engineer and made your way towards the bar, your mind narrowing in on nothing but shots upon shots. You leant your elbows on the bar and gave the bartender your order along with a lazy smile, thanking them as the slide you four shots of whatever the hell you had ordered.
“Might wanna slow down on the shots there.” You clenched your eyes shut, threw back the last shot and internally screamed, wanting nothing more than the floor to open up and swallow you whole.
“Since when do you care what I’m doing.” You retaliated, not bothering to turn and face Chris as you waved down the bartender to make you another four shots. Chris’ face scrunched in confusion as you took the first shot of your second round.
“You know I care about you, why would you say that?” Chris asked, earning a scoff from you.
“Look who’s being the clingy one now.” You muttered, finishing off your shots and grabbing your purse, moving away from the bar and Chris. Chris lurched forward and grabbed your wrist, pulling you back towards so your chests were pressed together.
“What the hell are you talking about? Y/N, we need to talk.”
“Don’t hold on for too long, I might have to tell Sebastian you’re too clingy.” You spat, wiggling out of Chris’ grip and stumbling towards the exit, pushing your way through the door and out onto the alleyway.
Chris pushed through the crowd in pursue of you, his heart dropping slightly as he saw you leave the club. He continued to follow you, sighing heavily as he burst through the door to find you leaning against the wall opposite the door, one hand covering your eyes while the other gripped your purse.
“Y/N, talk to me, please.” Chris pleaded. “You’ve been ignoring and avoiding me all week, please tell me what I’ve done so we can go back to normal.” Your head shot up as you listened to Chris, a sarcastic laugh emitting from you as his eyebrows knitted together in confusion.
“Back to normal?” You hissed. “You want me to act as if you didn’t call me clingy, act as if I’m okay with you shit talking me while I’m not around and not able to defend myself?” Guilt washed over Chris as he finally clocked onto your rage.
“You said I was clingy but you’re really standing here after following me out of the bar. Bit of a double standard isn’t it?” You continued, not caring that your voice was getting louder by the second. “The whole time we were filming, I thought we were friends. I came onto that set not knowing anyone other than you and Sebastian, I had nobody on that set apart from you.”
“Y/N please -”
“Don’t you fucking dare try and justify yourself!” You yelled, no longer caring if people heard or saw your argument. “I was so fucking lonely! You and Sebastian knew everyone from the previous movies but I had nobody. So next time you think about calling me clingy, just remember that I was alone for the entire five months we were on that set.”
Chris’ heart shattered slowly as he watched tears roll down your flushed cheeks, your hands trembling as you used them to wipe tears away from your face, no longer caring if your makeup smudged or smeared.
“You know I didn’t mean it in that way Y/N.”
“Then what way did you mean it Chris? How can it possibly meaning something other than what it is?” You asked quietly, no longer having the energy or will to yell at him.
“I’m not used to someone wanting to be around me so much.” Chris let out a sad sigh, moving towards you slightly. “You wanted to spend so much time with me and I panicked, you’re this incredible human being and it threw me off. I shouldn’t have said what I said because it’s not true.” You sniffled as Chris edged closer to you, one hand reaching for your free one as the other moved to cradle your face.
“You’re not clingy or too much. I actually can’t get enough of you and when you just stopped communicating, I lost my mind.” He admitted, his lips slowly inching closer to yours as he confessed. “I was scared and stupid and honestly, I’d be the luckiest guy on Earth if you even considered going for a drink with me. I don’t deserve it but God, I hope you want me in the ways I want you.”
You were lost for words, stuttering slightly as you attempted to find some but quickly being stopped as Chris kissed you. The kiss wasn’t what you thought it would be, it was hungry and desperate and screamed that you both wanted more. Chris pulled you closer to him, your purse dropping from your hand as he backed you against the wall, tongues fighting for dominance while the hand that held yours let go and moved to your waist.
“You’re not those things I said,” He muttered as he pulled back from the kiss slowly, his lips brushing against yours as he squeezed your waist softly. “You’re beautiful and funny and kind and you somehow managed to deal with my shit for five whole months.” You both laughed quietly, savouring the peaceful moment as Chris held you against him.
“Can I make it up to you?” You hummed in agreement, Chris’ eyes lighting up as you agreed.
“It’s not going to be easy though, you’ve got a lot to make up for.” Chris nodded in agreement, kissing you again quickly before pulling you both away from the wall and down the alley. “Where are we going?” You laughed, trying your best not to trip over in your heels.
Chris pulled you towards the sidewalk and hailed a taxi, giving you a quick kiss before opening the door for you.
“I’m making it up to you, you’ll see.”
tags: @esoltis280 @chickennacho1 @clean-and-claire @ssweet-empowerment @ailynalonso15 @sarahwitt1 @steelbluebucky @sebssexual @docharleythegeekqueen @o0justyouraveragefangirl0o @breezy1415 @mizzzpink @vampklauslover @softlysgtbarnes @gonnadiereading @httpmcrvel @xloue @coffeebooksandfandom @pvnk-bivch @thatprofessionalfangirl @wearegoldeninthenight @patzammit
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angrythingstarlight · 27 days ago
Here From Eden
Summary: You seek help from the only one who can fulfill your every wish and desire. All Bucky wants in return is for you to give yourself to him.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Demon!Bucky x Reader
Warnings: Smut, 18+, protective demon Bucky, implied violence, belly bulge, size kink.
A/N: I don't even know. Early sinday drabble/fic. Do not copy, rewrite, translate or repost. Comments and reblogs are appreciated.
All you wanted was for them to suffer as you had. And you're willing to do whatever it takes. Or so you thought when you made a plea with the demons rumored to lurk within the old church to help you.
"You can have anything you want little one."
The deep, gravelly voice swarms all around you, the words echoing as if spoken by a thousand men. The tall candles at the alter swaying and curving towards you, the yellowish flames flickering to a dull red glow.
You glance around the small decaying church, trepidation, and fear forming uneasy knots in your stomach.
What have you done?
You were desperate for revenge but you didn't actually think this would work.
The full moon shines down through the hole in the roof, casting shadows across the rotting pews. They seem to dance towards you, undulating and curling around your bare feet.
"But I demand something in return."
You startle at the sudden pressure on your lower back. Turning your head, you see nothing except shadows that seemingly crest along the faint chill breeze. The church doors creak and groan as they close before your eyes. A sour taste builds in your throat as you glance around.
What have you done?
The feeling on your back gets warmer and you can sense long fingers smooth along your skin.
Gasping, you stumble forward with a small cry. Your breath clouds before fading into thin wisps in front of your face that float above your head.
Bucky stands by the altar, looking almost amused at your offerings. He turns to you, folding his arms across his broad chest, his large frame towering over you. He's an ethereal beauty, captivating you even as you tremble before him.
“All you have to do is ask.”
Closing your eyes, you bite down on your lip, a bitter copper taste flooding your mouth as you’re pushed forward-to him. “I can’t do this- I-I changed my mind.” Your voice cracks, your breaths harsh and broken. “Please, I- “
There’s a soft hum, and the air warms, become sweet. Lavender and vanilla replacing the stench of moldy wood. Opening your eyes, you clasp your hand over your mouth. Too shocked to make a sound, your screams shriveling in your throat as you gaze up at him.
“I know what they took from you, and I will make sure they all pay. All you have to do is ask little one.”
Bucky leans down, cupping your face in his large hands, so unnaturally warm yet soothing. You resist the urge to rub your cheek along his palm. He wipes your bloody lip with his thumb. His tongue flickering out to taste it. “I will take something from you as well.”
You shake your head but freeze when he chuckles. You’ve never heard such a beautiful sound before, it’s mesmerizing and comforting in a way you can't explain. “Do not fear me, what I take I will give back to you.”
He waits patiently while you struggle to find the words to say. Your heart hammering in your chest with each ragged breath.
“What do you want?”
He places his forehead on yours, his tail wrapping around your waist. Your eyes roll back as a sudden bright light overtakes your vision.
The large room swathed in pale white light, delicate strains of music filling the air. A familiar tune, the words almost on the tip of your tongue. Bucky lies naked before you, his large body stretched out over the bed.
His intense glowing blue eyes pierce through you, looking upon you as if you were the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen.
“You are little one.”
He shifts on the sheets, holding his hand out to you, an unspoken request in his unwavering gaze. This is your choice, but he’s made it clear how badly he wants you. What he’s willing to do to keep you.
Here with him. Protected and happy.
He’s waited so long for you.
You walk to him, your feet gliding over the plush carpet until you’re at the edge of the bed. You climb up, crawling past his long legs until you reach his thighs.
“No one will hurt you again.” He promises, taking your small hands in his, curving them around his horns. His tail wraps around your waist, guiding you over his large cock. “You will only know pleasure. It will course through your very blood until you’re drunk and dizzy from it.”
He places his hands on your hips, pushing you down on his cock, his swollen tip breaching your pussy. Your slick walls stretching around him as he fills you. “Oh go-“
“She’s not here, little one.” Bucky cuts you off with a deep kiss, snapping his hips up. You’ve never been so stretched, so full before, your silken walls spasming around him, clenching down even as he stills within you.
“Only me,” he mutters, cradling your head back to taste you even more. He rolls your hips over him, sensations you can’t even describe surge through your body, you sob his name, the needy sound swallowed as his tongue slides into your mouth.
He drops his hands back to your waist and holds you in place as he fucks up into your tight heat. You grip his horns, your head falling back as you moan and sob. His tongue flickers around your nipples as he thrusts deeper and faster until you can only gasp. Your ears filled with the deep sloshing of your cunt as you greedily suck him back in.
“So good you feel so good.” Your words slurring together as you lose yourself to the pleasure twisting through you. “Please don’t stop, don’t, so good.”
Bucky licks up your heaving chest, his teeth graze over your collarbone. “Don’t worry little one, I’m going to ruin your pussy until you beg me to stop," he vows, slamming you down over and over, angling you until he hits a spot that has you shaking and yanking his horns down, a thin almost shrill keen emitting from your throat. “You belong to me now. I'll spend forever worshipping you.”
You’re always going to feel me in you.” He places his hand on your belly, pushing down on the bulge he’s making. “Right here.”
You’re getting close, so close, a fiery pressure mounting in your core. So intense and pure, tears cling to your eyelashes as you clench down over his throbbing cock. Your mouth opens in a wordless chant, your stomach tensing painfully as you ride him. So good, you’ve never felt so good, you’re gonna-
Bucky pulls you into his solid chest, pressing his forehead against yours. “
Cum for me, little one. Now.”
His voice deepens to a low growl.
Your body goes rigid and you scream.
It’s too much and not enough all at once as the pure bliss spread through. You swear you’re being split in two as your orgasm rips through you. His cock pistons in your fluttering, swollen cunt, and he groans as he feels you come around him. So tight, hot, and wet. For him.
Your hands fall to your sides, it’s a struggle to keep your eyes open as you pant, his name mumbled on your tongue. Only his large hands keep your limp body upright. He slows to a languid rhythm, each deliberate roll of his hips setting off a fresh wave of sensations until you whimper.
“This is what I’ll give you whenever you need it, need me. This is what I want from you. ”
Bucky tilts your chin up, his lips brushing over yours. “All you have to do is ask.”
Your vision fades around you. Looking around, you’re back in the church. You blink, taking a step back, and oh- your knees nearly buckle as you feel a deep ache in your pussy. Pressing a hand to your belly, you continue to throb, your damp panties clinging to you. He was right; you do feel him like he’s still inside you.
“I’ve already take care of them for you.” You glance up at him and a shiver crawls down your spine. Bucky’s staring at you, unbridled passion in his dark blue eyes. "Do you want to stay with me, Little One?” He leans forward, his large hand reaching for you.  “Or do you want to go back out there?"
The words form before you can think.
“I’ll stay.”
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sinner-as-saint · a year ago
All My Love.
Chubby! Bucky Barnes AU (One shot)
Run-through: As cliché as it sounds, you found love where it wasn’t supposed to be; in the middle of nowhere.
Themes: FLUFF, smut, Chubby! Bucky.
A/N: This is my first time writing Chubby! Bucky, and I’m nervous as fuck. I hope you like it, horny ballsacks, I love you!
Tumblr media
You sighed in frustration as you helplessly plopped down on the front stairs of the cabin you were staying at.
It was a cozy, decently spacious cabin in the woods, owned by your parents. And they happily gave you the keys after you said you needed to get away for a few days. You needed alone time because you had just gotten out of a 2-year relationship.
Long story short; you and your boyfriend could no longer do the long distance thing anymore. So you decided to go your separate ways. And you needed to heal, and rejuvenate – so you got away from the busy city and your job in the family business. And now you were here, in the middle of nowhere.
 You were frustrated because you couldn’t find your puppy. On your way here, you stopped at a gas station to get food and fill your tank, and right next to the gas station was a shabby pet store. You got curious and visited it.
Long story short again; you stepped out of the pet store with a puppy. It was a mutt, and it was alone – quite like you so you decided it was time to be a dog mom.
 And now, before you could even properly settle into your new, temporary home, your pup – Kenny ran away. The woods were safe, there were no wild animals or anything. And there were quite a lot of cabins not far from where you were but you were still a little worried.
The sun was setting, and the air just got colder and colder.
 “Kenny!” you shouted, obviously it was useless. You just got him, he wasn’t trained or anything and he obviously wouldn’t know that that’s his name.
 Your worry got the best of you, and your dog mom instincts took over; you refused to get back into the cabin without finding your precious fur baby.
You walked around and explored as you went. The area was beautiful, and serene. It was slightly cold, given the season was just beginning to shift from autumn to winter. The whole scene had a golden glow due to the sun which was getting lower and lower.
While admiring the wild flowers and weeds, and simultaneously looking for a little, black and white ball of fur; you heard a voice. One which sounded like it was not so close, but not too far either.
You followed it. It could just be someone who doesn’t live far from your cabin. That, or it could be a serial killer. Either way, you risked it to see if any of that would lead you to your dog. It was getting dark, and cold and you just needed to be inside.
 You walked further; following the voice. At first, you couldn’t make any sense of what the person was saying, but as you approached it you figured it was a male.
 You kept walking and soon found yourself approaching another cabin, a few yards away from your own. The lights were on and by now you were confident that the voice came from here. And you silently prayed that Kenny ran and hid under their porch or something. Else it would just be weird that you were this close to this person’s place with no reason.
Then you saw him.
The mischievous, little black and white brat.
He was running around and seemed like it was having a good time playing with a man. Your dog barked playfully and jumped around this man who had an axe in his hand.
You initial reaction was fear, then you saw the pile of logs around and you calmed yourself down. Poor guy wasn’t a serial killer, turns out he was just chopping wood.
 “Are you hungry, little buddy? You want some food, yeah? Such a good boy!” you watched how the man bent down and scratched your dog behind its ear, and talked to the latter with an adorable voice.
You cleared your throat and managed to get both their attention.
The man stood up straight and turned around to face you. And good God was he cute! Dark, long-ish hair tied up in a low man bun, a perfect amount of facial hair, blue eyes which glowed due to dusk, and the most sinfully pink lips you had ever seen. He wore a grey sweater and tight jeans which accentuated just how thick his thighs were. And he was quite tall too. 
You found yourself thinking about how adorable his chubby cheeks were. And he looked like he was soft around the middle. Just overall cute.
You had to peel your eyes off him before it seemed like you were being a creep.
 “Oh, hello. This dog yours?” the man asked, with a voice so smooth and velvety that it sounded like angels were singing each time a syllable rolled off his tongue.
Breathe Y/N, breathe.
 “Yeah, sorry to bother you. I- he just ran as soon as I put him down and I wasn’t fast enough to chase him. I’m sorry for the inconvenience,” you apologized and watched how Kenny sheepishly made his way over to where you stood. You bent down and picked him up.
 “I’m Y/N, by the way. I just got here and I guess I’ll be your neighbor for a week or two,” you spoke as you cuddled your dog and got lost in the stranger’s eyes.
He smiled and you immediately noticed the crinkles by his eyes. Damn, he was beautiful.
 “Oh no worries, I quite like dogs actually. And this one just ran up and started playing under the logs. I was worried he might hurt himself. He’s very cute, by the way. And I’m very pleased to be your neighbor, I’m Bucky,” he spoke in that spell bounding voice of his.
And sent another breathtaking smile your way.
 “Nice to meet you, Bucky. And thank you for saving this little brat. I should get going, it’s getting cold. See you around,” you started to leave, but he stopped you.
 “Y/N, would you like some wood? It looks like it’s gonna be a cold night. You might wanna keep you and that little cutie warm and cozy. Should I chop you some?” he offered.
Just the fact that he even bothered to care made your heart burst and made a million butterflies go crazy in your stomach.
 “Yeah, yes please,” you held on to your puppy and walked back to your house as Bucky followed you with his axe in his hand.
 At some point he was walking beside you and you were shamelessly checking him out. There was something about his gait, and how with each step his thick thighs flexed against the material of his pant, which made you wanna ride his thigh all night until t-
 “Wow, the view of the lake from up there must be amazing,” he pointed to the balcony on the side of the house. The one which was right outside one if the rooms upstairs.
You smiled.
 “Sure is, only this little rascal didn’t even let me enjoy it. Oh and, the wood is right under the porch. Let me help you with-,”
 He stopped you.
“Oh no that’s alright, doll. Those are heavy. I’ll manage just fine, in fact, you should get this little guy inside. He looks like he’s cold,” Bucky spoke as he set his axe down and took a few steps towards you to pet Kenny’s head.
He was so close to you. And he tilted his head in adoration as your dog leaned into his touch.
 His eyes flicked to yours and you made solid eye contact for a few seconds. After which he smiled and walked over to the porch, and started pulling out the large pieces of wood.
You caught one last glimpse of him in action, then you walked the few steps and finally entered through your front door. Your luggage, Kenny’s bed, his cage, his bowls and food were all still to be unpacked, and they were all piled on in the middle of the living room.
 You took the bowls out, filled them each with dog food and water and set them by the stairs. While Kenny happily munched on his dinner, you peaked through the window of the living room.
Bucky was out there, chopping wood like it was nothing. With each sound of the dull thump of the axe against the sturdy wood, you were afraid he might catch you looking at him; yet you audaciously kept watching him.
You noticed the softness of his tummy each time he bent down. You noticed how his sweater would ride up each time he would strike the wood with the axe – causing his soft love handles to show. You saw the look of concentration on his pretty face as he put aside the small pieces of wood.
You smiled like an idiot as you let go of the curtain and stepped back.
 On your way out to the porch again, you made sure to close the dark, heavy wooden door behind you.
“Think that’ll be enough to keep you warm for a few days,” Bucky spoke, looking up at you with a thin layer of sweat on his forehead.
You noticed the dimples in his cheeks as he smiled up at you, knocking the air out of your lungs yet again.
 “Thank you, Bucky, thanks a lot. I’ll make dinner in a while, would you like to stay?” you asked, hoping he’d say yes.
Being alone wasn’t an issue, but having company would definitely be great.
 It seemed like he thought over it for a moment.
“I’m good doll, thanks. I feel I should let you get accustomed and get used to the area. Some other day, maybe, for sure,” his tone was soft and he placed the axe on his shoulder as he bade you good night and walked away.
You watched him walk away for a few seconds, then you walked back inside with some logs of wood and a pout on your lips.
Was it too much too soon? Did you sound desperate? Were you desperate?
No, you just wanted to invite your neighbor over for dinner since he saved your dog and chopped wood for your fire tonight.
 “God I should stop over thinking. Right, Kenny? Oh but he is so cute, isn’t he?” your dog just looked up at you with its tongue hanging out.
 You sighed walking towards the fireplace. Within the next few minutes, you had a nice fire going, and you placed your puppy’s bed at a safe distance from the fireplace and he immediately curled up in it. You smiled like a complete idiot as you watched him.
He reminded you of your adorable neighbor – so cute you just wanted to squish his cheeks and give him all the love and kissed in the world.
 After unpacking, you called it a night. You slept in the room with the balcony, and dreamt of deep blue eyes all night.
 The next day, you woke up late. The mornings here in the middle of the forest were cold, and despite waking up at around 8: 30, you stayed in bed for another two hours.
When the sun started warming the place, you got out of bed finally. You walked down the stairs and immediately fed your dog who inhaled his food in less than a minute.
You opened a few windows and walked up the stairs again, and got into the shower. A long, warm shower later, you stepped out in a light grey bathrobe and a towel wrapped around your head.
You walked down the stairs again, made yourself a cup of tea and walked back upstairs. This time, with Kenny in your arms. And you finally stepped onto the balcony to admire the view Bucky talked about.
 And he was damn right. The view of the somewhat still foggy lake was breathtaking. You drank in the view, along with your tea; calmly. But then, your puppy started barking at no one in particular.
It had been years since you had owned a dog, and you could really figure out what kind of a bark it was.
 “Kenny, you are not a guard dog. You’re just a small, little p- oh my God!” you exclaimed under your breath once you caught what your dog was barking at.
 It was him! It was Bucky, and he was walking towards your house. Making his way down the slightly twisted alley which connected your house to his. So, Kenny’s bark was a happy one. He was excited to see Bucky.
Oh shit!
You rushed back into your room and immediately paced around for a bit. Oh why couldn’t he be here like an hour later? That would give you time to at least look better than you did now and–
 Your racing thoughts were interrupted by the sound of someone knocking on your front door. Without even bothering to look at your appearance in the mirror, you rushed down the stairs with Kenny in your arms and immediately opened the wooden door.
On the other side stood a very happy Bucky, whose cheeks suddenly got pinkish. You didn’t understand why at first, then you followed his line of sight and it led straight to your semi exposed breasts. Turns out, in the process of picking Kenny up and running down the stairs, your robe loosened around your body and the swells of your breasts could partially be seen.
Not too much, just enough to keep him guessing.
 “Hey, Bucky! Good morning,” you spoke as you tried to subtly adjust your robe back again, and mentally smirked.
It took his a second to focus back on your face.
“Morning Y/N, I- uh I’m sorry I turned down your dinner offer last night. I just, I had a lot of stuff to do and I didn’t want to impose. So, I came to make amends. And I brought you apple pies, I hope you like it. I made them myself this morning,” he spoke, his cheeks still a little pink from earlier, as he handed you a warm container.
And his smile was to die for.
You had to fight back the urge to break into a smirk each time you found him struggling not to look down at your chest again.
Also, how thoughtful and kind of him!
 “Thank you so much, Bucky! I love apple pies. Oh and about dinner, it’s fine really. And thank you again for the wood, it really helped in keeping the house warm all night,” you smiled at him as you accepted the container.
 “And how’s this cutie?” he scratched Kenny’s head again, and the latter who was still in your arms was just as lovesick as you were.
Good Lord, you did not just say that!
 “He’s fine, he slept well. And something tells me he likes you better than he likes me,” you chuckled as your puppy leaned into Bucky’s touch again, with its tongue hanging out and its big black eyes staring loving at the man in front of you.
 Bucky laughed. And it was the most charming sound you had ever heard.
 “Nah I’m sure he loves you, you’re so cute and-,” he stopped himself abruptly and his entire face turned into this shade of pink you might never forget. Ever.
You smiled up at him, not even bothering to hide the fact that you were flattered. That’s one of the many things which amazed you; everything seemed to be so easy with him. You didn’t have to hide.
 “Well thank you Bucky, you are too,” you spoke and mindlessly bit your lip. It was a habit honestly, you did it whenever you were embarrassed or nervous or put in the spotlight. And here you were all of the above.
 Bucky’s eyes flicked to your lips for just a moment, then he looked into your eyes as he pulled back his hand from your puppy.
 “I, uh, I should head back. I’ve to, um, work on stuff. See you, Y/N.”
With that said, he turned his back on you and walked away again. A few steps further, and he turned back around and gave you a cheesy smile.
You felt a warmth wash over your face when he did. And he caught it.
 A couple of days passed and you enjoyed the bliss of being away from the busy city life. You made an effort to wake up every morning and enjoy the view of the lake. And somehow, it always reminded you of your neighbor.
He was infiltrating your thoughts more and more each day and you weren’t even complaining.
You knew you were the type who liked older guys, and he seemed slightly older than you. And you liked that.
 This was new to you, you had never been one to catch feelings so quickly. Yet, here you were – shamelessly falling for the cute neighbor before even knowing anything about him.
 Thanks to Kenny, you- wait. Where is Kenny?
You panicked. You were busy dreaming about the blue-eyed man that you forget to check up on your puppy.
 You hadn’t heard him bark or anything for a while. You rushed downstairs and called out for him, which he didn’t respond to, again.
Just then, you saw the little crack at the front door.
 Oh fuck, your dog had escaped again!
 You ran outside in fear, yet the sight in front of you calmed you down instantly.
Bucky was walking over to you, with your dog in his hands. And the latter was shivering.
 “Oh my God! What happened to him?” you rushed over to the two of them.
Your poor little fur baby was still shivering as you took him from Bucky’s arms and cradled him. You noticed the mud all over him.
 “Seems like he needed saving again. He was trapped among thorny bushes, and got all muddy. Found him while I was walking and checking the place out. You should really lock your front door, doll,” Bucky gave you a concerned look.
And you looked up at him sheepishly.
 “I’m so sorry, I just- I guess I forgot. Thank you Bucky, really,” you spoke and he mindlessly took a step closer.
 “Anytime, doll,” he whispered and looked down at your dog, and smiled.
You couldn’t get enough of the nickname, nor the smile. This man was doing things to you, not that you were complaining.
 “You’re gonna accept the dinner invite now? Come on, it’s the least I can do. You’re always saving my dog, plus I could use some company,” you gave him your best smile.
  And he finally gave in.
Of course he couldn’t resist anymore. In fact, he was smitten the moment he laid eyes on you. Totally whipped, and he first politely declined your offer because he was being a little, just a little insecure.
Then he saw you that day in your bathrobe, and the flirty smile you sent his way; and he was done for. He knew he couldn’t stay away for long.
But the thought that you might not see him in the same light bothered him. But that was until now.
He happily accepted. And you asked him to come over later that evening.
 As he turned his back and walked away, you had the goofiest smile on your face. You rushed inside and tended to Kenny. Luckily, he wasn’t hurt or bleeding. He was just scared. You cleaned him using a cloth and warm water, fed him, and put him in his cage – where he slept soundly while you got busy in the kitchen.
It was around 4:30 p.m. so you had plenty of time. You thanked God you had stopped at a grocery store and bought enough things to fill your fridge and pantry.
You decided on an easy dinner; stuffed chicken breasts, tomato soup and grilled cheese. Simple, but hopefully you manage to impress the cute guy.
 After cooking, you cleaned up everything and made sure the kitchen looked spotless; even though you hated cleaning after you cooked.
Then you rushed upstairs and hopped into the shower. Kenny had recently learnt how to go up and down the stairs so he followed up, after you let him out of the cage.
 After a long shower, you got dressed in something simple and got downstairs to double check everything.
You were nervous, of course. Who wouldn’t be?
 Right as you were setting the cozy dining area, the doorbell rang. And Kenny immediately got excited.
 “Okay, okay I know he’s here, calm down,” you picked him up as you opened the door.
 And there he was, just a handsome as ever. Bucky.
Black shirt and a cute sweater on, he looked great. And as you smiled and let him in, you couldn’t help but get a sneaky look at his thighs. Good God…
 Within the next minute, your dog jumped out of your arms and ran to him. He laughed and picked him up as you watched the two in awe.
“You know, I think you were right. He does love me a lot,” Bucky spoke, giving you a teasing smile and raising his eyebrows at you.  
You couldn’t help but smile so hard that your cheeks hurt. He was so wholesome, and adorable and cute and hot at the same time.
You noticed he tied his hair in a low bun today. Which also allowed you to make a very odd observation; of how perfect his nose was.
Jesus… I might be going crazy over this man.
Dinner went by just fine that night. Bucky wouldn’t stop complimenting you on how much of a good cook you were. And you wouldn’t stop blushing each time he did.
He spent some time with you and Kenny curled up in his lap by the fireplace. Over glasses of wine, you and Bucky shared reasons why you needed this getaway to the cabins.
You told him your story, and he told you his.
Turns out, you both had one thing in common – you had both just gotten out of quite long relationships. Bucky’s girlfriend of 5 years, Natasha, broke up with him over the phone after a trivial argument, and days later she dropped by his apartment to collect her things and gave him back the engagement ring.
After which, he couldn’t stay there. He needed to get away so now, here he was.
 “I’m sorry you had to go through that, 5 years… that’s- that’s a long time,” you didn’t know what else to say.
Bucky scoffed quietly.
“Yet, it seems like it went by in a blur. I don’t know, maybe I’m too old fashioned for this fast moving world but, I think when someone meets the one they’re meant to be with, things change. For the better.” His words intrigued you.
You looked at him and watched how the glow from the fireplace made him look even more handsome.
“What do you mean?” you urged him talk. Just hearing his voice was soothing.
 “I mean, if someone is meant for you then they should complete you. They’re that one missing piece you’ve always needed, right? I don’t know, I think I always thought that when I’ll meet the one it’ll feel like… I don’t know, like… I mean-,”
 “Like something fits,” you completed his sentence and he looked at you like you had all the answers he’s been searching for.
Seeing he was rambling, you cut him off and completed his sentence because you knew exactly what he meant. You felt the same way.
 “Yeah, like something fits. Like they belong there in your life. I sure loved her, but it never felt that way with her,” Bucky spoke as he took another sip of wine and lazily stroked Kenny’s soft fur.
 “It never felt that way with Steve either.” You stared into the fire burning in the fireplace as you realized finally what went wrong with you and Steve.
 After that night, meals at your place became a daily thing. And soon, a whole week had passed and Bucky could’ve sworn that he spent much more time in your house rather than his.
Each morning when he went for his walk/exploration, he’d stop by and take Kenny for a walk. And by the time they both returned, you had breakfast ready. Bucky would leave then, and Kenny would sulk even though you’d give him all the toys in the world.
You couldn’t help but notice how your dog would immediately light up each time Bucky walked into your living room, just in time for dinner.
Each night, for a few moments, you wondered what it would be like if this was your everyday life. Away from the rest of the world, just you and Bucky… and Kenny as well.
You were falling for him, undoubtedly, and you only hoped that he felt the same.
 Another week went on and unknown to Bucky, you asked your parents if you could stay for a while longer. Perks of being an only child; they agreed immediately.
Unknown to you, Bucky took some more time off work and decided that he wanted to spend some more time here, in the forest in the middle of nowhere.
 Almost each night was the same, Bucky would come by for dinner. Sometimes he even brought dessert and wine. You’d spent amazing moments together just talking and telling each other stories of your life. And yet each time he’d leave, you wished he’d stay for much longer.
Until one night, he did.
 The two of you were by the fireplace as usual, with glasses of wine in hand and talking about life in general.
 Somehow, the mood shifted. It was a pleasant shift.
“… and then my friend asked, ‘Why do you want to spend more time in that forest?’ and I said that I had found something worth staying back for a few more days for,” the tone he used made you blush and chuckle.
 “It’s my dog, isn’t it? You stayed back for Kenny, say it!” you spoke dramatically, and it sent him into a fit of laughter.
His laugh was something you’d remember for a long, long time.
 “I did. I stayed for him and, his beautiful mom,” he spoke, looking right at you with radiance in his eyes. The reflection of the fire made his eyes look even more enchanting than they already were.
 You blushed even more as his eyes wouldn’t leave yours.
A few seconds of looking into your eyes, and Bucky thought he was being foolish. He thought you didn’t like him like that, because you didn’t react or say anything immediately
But truth was, you were scared that you might stutter. Bucky’s words caught you off guard and you couldn’t talk because they left you breathless.
He thinks I’m beautiful… oh dear…
 “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that. I just- I thought- never mind, I’ll go. I’ll just-,”
You leaned in abruptly and cut his rambling off with a kiss on the lips. It took him a few seconds to kiss you back, you believed he was just as shocked as you were.
Slowly, you placed the glass aside and climbed onto his lap. You smirked through the kiss as you finally sat on his thighs, the same ones you had been often dreaming about.
 Your mouth moved against his wonderfully as you straddled him and settled right over his crotch. You felt his smile through the kiss as he pulled you closer.
His hands slipped under your sweater and his fingers were slightly cold.
You shivered and giggled as he gently tickled your sides.
The two of you giggled and laughed so much while lazily making out that it woke Kenny up. And he barked, gaining both your attention.
 “Maybe we shouldn’t do this in front of him,” Bucky whispered in your ear and tugged on your ear lobe with his teeth.
You felt a tingle go down your spine as he did so. And you agreed.
  After putting Kenny back into his cage, and covering it up with his blanket, the two of you made your way upstairs like teenagers sneaking upstairs at a party. Giggling, and falling over on the stairs and holding on to each other for dear life.
 At some point, before even making it into your bedroom, Bucky pushed you against a wall and kissed you fervently.
You sensed the wine in his breath but that was fine. Everything was fine when you were with Bucky. Everything made sense.
 His hands on either side of you and his soft torso pressing against you, you smiled through the kiss again. Your hands found their way into his long hair and you messily undid his man bun.
“I’ve been wanting to kiss you since the day I first saw you, you know that?” he whispered softly along your skin as he kissed, and bit your neck and the side of your throat.
His beard scratched your skin and his hands found their way to your waist and he drew imaginary shapes on your skin. Just the way he held you made it hard for you to think straight.
 “Then why didn’t you?” you managed to whisper when he pulled away for a few seconds to look at the love bite he had just given you.
You were panting just at the sight of his lower lip in between his teeth.
He smirked, knowing the effect he had on you.
 “I don’t know. Maybe I thought that you were just out of my league,” he teased with a raised eyebrow and waited for your reaction.
 You grabbed him by the collar and pulled him forwards, lips just centimeters away from his soft ones.
“Oh shut up, and take me to bed Barnes. I want you, now,” and nothing more had to be said. He smirked and pulled you along as he rushed to the bedroom.
It was the only master bedroom so it was easy to find.
 Once past the doors, you giggled as your tugged on his sweater, urging him to take it off. And once he did, you went and took yours off too – leaving you in a nude bra. You noticed how his eyes lingered on you for a while; with his lower lip caught in between his teeth.
Somehow, you found the bed and pushed Bucky onto it and straddled him again once he laid flat on the bed; unbuttoning his shirt as fast as you could. All while kissing him senselessly.
He moaned quietly into your mouth while his hands rubbed your sides slowly.
Once all the buttons of his shirt were undone, he flipped the two of you around and hovered above you with a smirk on his face. You giggled as you wrapped your legs around his waist pulling him closer, and slid his unbuttoned shirt off his shoulders.
Bucky went on to take the shirt off completely and then bent down once again to reach around your torso to remove your bra.
You arched your back off the bed to ease the process, and you could tell even through the wine buzz that he was taking his time on you. He shamelessly allowed his eyes to roam all over you as he threw the bra somewhere around.
Once it was off, Bucky bent down to take one of your breasts into his mouth; licking and teasing the skin as he playfully bit your nipple.
Your hands gripped his hair as he sucked on your skin, while his hands worked rapidly in trying to get your skirt off. He pulled away for a second, and finally dragged your skirt down your legs before getting back to kissing his way up your body till he found your lips again.
You laid there under him in just your nude thong, and having his body press against yours was pure bliss. He made you giggled even more as he peppered your skin with kisses.
Meanwhile you desperately tried to unbuckle his pants.
 “You sure you want this, doll?” he asked in a whisper right in your ear.
You grabbed his neck and gently guided his face above yours so you looked into his eyes.
 “I do. I want this, and I want you,” you spoke, looking into his eyes and he cracked a little smile. You leaned in and kissed him again, pushing him onto his back as you straddled one of his thighs.
You had fantasized about riding his thigh way too many times now, and you weren’t gonna pass this opportunity.
Bucky leaned on his elbows as he watched you get comfortable on his thigh; placing your dripping, hot clothed core right onto his skin.
The moment your thong’s flimsy fabric touched his skin, you let out a moan and it caught Bucky’s undivided attention. He felt your wet warmth against his skin, and he loved it.
 “You wanna ride my thigh, huh? I can feel you’re wet already. Go on, doll,” one of his hand reached out to cup your cheek as he spoke.
His thumb gently tugged on your lower lip as he felt a certain wetness creating a damp patch on his thigh. And he loved every second of it.
 Shy at first, you moaned quietly as you slowly moved your heat against his skin and immediately felt a sweet pressure forming in between your hips. Your throbbing clit rubbed against his skin through the thin fabric and it drove you insane.
As you kept moving against him, you unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his pants and lowered the waistband of his underwear just enough to let his erected cock out.
Thick and smooth, your mouth watered just at the sight of it. You gently wrapped your hand around his cock while your other hand laid flat on his soft belly to steady yourself.
You started out by gently pumping his cock each time you rubbed your sensitive clit against his skin. Then you got more and more aroused at the feel of his smooth skin against your core as well as the palm of your hand.
Bucky moaned as you slowly rubbed the slit on the tip of his cock with your thumb, gathering the pre cum which leaked from his tip. You smeared it around his length and pumped him slightly harder as you quickened the motion of your hips as well.
Bucky watched you in awe. He watched how a spot on your underwear got more and more damp each time you rubbed against him. He watched how you threw your head back and moaned as your hands gently moved up and down his cock, and he had trouble keeping his voice down.
He watched you in pure adoration how you quickened your pace and moved against him more rapidly, chasing your orgasm as you humped his thigh. You pumped him quicker as well.
Yet, right as he started gently thrusting his hips into your hand, you let go of his cock with a smirk on your face. You bit your lip and waited for his reaction as you kept rubbing yourself against his thick thigh.
 “Such a tease,” he commented and proceeded to trace your lips with his thumb, until he finally pushed it past your lips. You let him.
Slowly, you twirled your tongue around his thumb as you quickened your pace at rubbing against him; your arousal smearing all over his bare thigh. And the look on his face told you that he loved every second of it.
The pressure at your base grew even more as you rocked against his skin. You felt a tingle go down your spine the moment he lifted his leg just the slightest bit and bumped his thigh gently against your wet heat. You let out an involuntary moan.
“You’re such a beautiful mess, doll,” he spoke in a haze, removing his finger from your mouth, smearing your drool over your lips; all while loving how feral you could get.
He kept lifting his thigh gently to meet your movements and soon, you came undone against him; rubbing yourself rapidly on his thigh while moaning his name.
When you stopped to catch your breath, he grabbed you by the waist and pinned you down on the bed. He looked into your eyes as he lowered your underwear down your legs. You let him do whatever he wanted.
He got rid of his pants and underwear and climbed into bed again; hovering above you with a sly smile on.
 Your hand reached out to tuck his long hair behind his ear as you looked into his dreamy blue eyes. He stared back into your eyes and simply leaned down to kiss you on the nose.
You giggled as he was probably a little tipsy too from all that wine earlier.
 Bucky kissed your skin; from your mouth to your neck as he carefully slid into you. Your walls welcomed him perfectly and he moaned under his breath as he filled you up entirely, inch by inch.
Your legs wrapped around him immediately, pushing him more into you as your back arched off the bed once he was fully buried in you.
And he wasted no time and started rocking into you. His hunger could be seen in his rapid movements, his messy kisses and the occasional moans which would escape his lips.
He laced your fingers together and pinned both your hands above your head as he pounded into you. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head once he started rocking in and out of you.
You felt his chubby cheeks, which you loved so much, press against your own as he muttered your name under his breath while he fucked you relentlessly.
His hips rolled against your body perfectly, and his body weight pressing down on you was comforting. His grip around your hand tightened each time you’d moan his name out loud; something told you he liked it.
 He rammed into you incessantly, and the moment you felt the pressure becoming too much to handle; he pulled out and watched you squirm and whine under him.
“Bucky!” you dragged his name out sinfully, and opened your eyes to see him smirking.
 He sat up and pulled you along with him. You knelt in front of him on the bed and watched him with puppy dog eyes; desperate to have him back in you.
His wild blue eyes bore into your eyes and you caught the hint of mischief in them. His hand reached out and he gripped your jaw in his palm, inching your face closer to his.
Your lips parted as you were almost breathless; panting and trying your hardest to catch your breath. He leaned in and kissed your open mouth, his tongue stroked the top of your mouth slowly and you found yourself on the verge of going absolutely crazy.
When his tongue was done roaming your mouth, he pulled away; biting and tugging on your lower lip. You moaned in a haze as he did.
 “Such a pretty baby, want you to ride me. Think you can do that, doll?” he asked, making himself comfortable against the headboard and pulling you onto his lap.
You nodded frantically. You would’ve said yes to anything in that moment. You didn’t care, you just wanted him. You wanted him bad.
 You lifted your hips above him, and gently slid down on his erected, throbbing cock. The two of you moaned out loud as your walls slowly invited him in.
Bucky hands held you lazily, his hands around your hips as his cock buried deep within you. You lowered your eyes to look at where your body connected with his, and the mere sight of his cock being buried deep within you was enough to make your arousal flow out of you even more.
 Bucky cupped your face again, his thumb tugging on your lower lip.
“Go on, baby.” He urged you to move.
 His cock made you feel so full that you wished you could stay in that moment forever. Yet the moment you rocked your body against his, you could no longer form a proper thought.
You felt all of him; each inch of his skin, each vein on his cock against your walls as you lifted your hips and sunk down on him repeatedly.
He lifted his hips to meet you halfway each time, and the sounds which escaped your lips only fueled the lust and the passion he felt in the moment.
And he went wild.
His hand found your jaw again, and he forced you to look into his eyes as you rode his cock like your life depended on it; your walls stretching each time he filled you up entirely.
You moaned as you looked into his eyes; his stare was intense. His lips were parted as he looked at you like you were a goddess.
Messy hair, a thin layer of sweat covering both your bodies, swollen lips and marks of his adoration all over your neck and chest; you were indeed the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.
You felt his cock hit all the right spots each time you bounced on his length, and his own lips parted and he groaned the moment your walls started clenching around him.
Bucky knew he wouldn’t last very long the moment his name left your lips; sinful and hot.
As you felt the pressure building again, you leaned in and kissed him. A drunk, messy kiss of passion was all it took for the two of you to get completely wild.
He grabbed your hips harshly and kept you in place as he pounded into you from beneath you, his cock slipping in and out of you with ease. Your body moved against his like a rag doll, as he sped up into you with each thrust.
Soon, the sounds of your skin slapping against one another furiously was all you could hear, along with your moans.
 Bucky watched in awe how you slowly reached your orgasm, and he believed it was the hottest thing he had ever seen.
With a few more rapid strokes of his cock, you came undone; gushing out all over him. You came around his cock with a loud moan as you could no longer control the movement of your hips; grinding against him hungrily while he growled against your lips.
 “Oh… fuck!” he grunted as he came right after you. You felt his thick, warm load shoot inside you and against your walls and you smiled in delight while riding the waves of euphoria.
Bucky watched what a beautiful mess you were, whimpering and moaning as he gently lifted you up to remove himself from you.
You collapsed onto his chest right after; face into the crook of his neck, hands on his soft chest, body pressed against him while he wrapped his arms around you.
You felt his beard tickle your skin as he kissed your forehead and covered your tangled bodies with the soft blanket.
You sighed in his arms.
 “You’re so warm,” you whispered, against his damp neck and he chuckled. You could feel his cum trickling out of your folds and smearing all over his thigh, but neither of you cared in that moment.
“It’s late baby, go to sleep,” he mumbled under his breath and that was the last thing you heard before drifting off to sleep.
You woke up to cold air hitting your skin, making you shiver slightly. 
Weird, usually you close all the windows before going to bed.
 And the moment you opened your eyes, memories of the previous night washed over you. And you found yourself smiling before you had even properly woken up yet.
Speaking of waking up, you rubbed your eyes open and saw that it was still very dark in the room. You looked over at the clock on the bedside and it read 4:03 a.m.
You looked around, disoriented and saw that the balcony door was open. Which would explain the cold air. And in the dark, you could make out a figure leaning over the rails.
 You sat up quietly, wrapped the blanket around you and walked over to him; on your quest to find out why he was out of bed so early in the morning.
As you approached him, he wasn’t aware of your presence as he was looking over at the lake which was glimmering in the dark hour. He wore just his pants. And you wondered why he wasn’t cold.
 You smiled and walked closer to him very carefully and wrapped your arms and along with the blanket around him from behind.
He sighed the moment your arms wrapped around his torso. His hands found yours and you placed a soft kiss on the back of his neck.
 “Hi,” you spoke quietly, not wanting to break the soothing silence of the early morning.
 “Hi,” he replied, lowering his head to kiss your interlaced hands on his chest.
 “It’s cold out here, Buck. Come back to bed,” you murmured against his skin and pretended as though you did not feel the goose bumps which erupted on his skin the moment your hot breath hit his skin.
“Yeah, sorry I woke you up. I needed to step out for a little bit,” he sounded apologetic as he spoke, gripping your hand tighter in his.
You placed soft kisses all over his skin, from his shoulder to his soft cheek as he spoke.
 “What’s there to think about at 4 a.m.? Care to share?” you asked, tightening your arms around him and gently swaying the two of you.
 Bucky sighed again.
“Just… I don’t know. You don’t regret last night, right? I mean, you deserve someone who’s so much better than me and-,”
 You cut him off with a sharp tone.
“You better be very careful about what you say next, mister. I like you, okay? I like you a lot. I’ve liked you since day one, when I saw you chopping wood for me. I thought you were the cutest, most adorable lumberjack I have ever seen.”
You finished and Bucky grabbed your arm and pulled you in front of him, placing you between his shirtless body and the wooden rail of the balcony.
He placed his forehead to yours and you placed your arms around his shoulders; still wrapping the blanket around him as well.
He pressed your naked body to his soft torso and you let him. Somehow, his body heat made you feel warmer than any blanket ever could. 9
“We don’t have to rush into things. But I want you to know that I have a lot of love to give you. Buck, everything feels like it’s where it should be when I’m with you. Everything fits, and you make me happy. And I want you here, with me, for as long as possible.” You finished and removed your forehead from his to look up at him.
He smiled down at you, softly. Even in the dark, his eyes twinkled.
 “Where have you been all my life?” he asked and pressed his lips to your forehead, kissing you gently.
You giggled.
 “I’ve been looking for you too, you know? Didn’t know you’d be out here, hiding in a damn forest in the middle of nowhere,” he chuckled at your response and wrapped his arms around your bare body.
His lips found yours in no time, and he gave you the gentlest kiss ever. You kissed him back immediately, trying you convey all your love for him through that one kiss.
You pulled away giggling as his fingers tickled your sides gently.
“Can we go back to bed now? It’s cold out here,” you asked and he pecked your lips again.
 “Sure, and could you give me some of that love you mentioned?” he teased as he walked the two of you back inside, closing the door behind him.
 You chuckled and pulled in into bed and under the covers as quickly as possible, attaching your lips to his again as you straddled his thighs. He smiled through the kiss as he wrapped his arms around you.
Bucky made love to you until the sun came up. He had you moaning and screaming his name until the sky turned blue. And as you laid in bed after, gazing into each other’s eyes; neither of you knew.
Neither of you knew that it wasn’t simply a coincidence that you met that first day. It wasn’t a coincidence that he saved Kenny multiple times, or that he happened to be at the right place at the right time.
Bucky and you were meant to be; you were meant to find each other in this lifetime. You were connected through the red thread of fate; your story was written in the stars.
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wxntersoldiers · 2 years ago
Don’t Hold Your Breath
Tumblr media
request: “Reader is new to the avengers, she is secluding herself in her room and not making conversation. Everyone thinks she hates them and that they make her uncomfortable. Bucky goes to her room but noticed the door was open, she wasn't in there but what he found was incredible. Drawings of all of the avengers in a sketchbook as gifts for being so shy and distant. He basically fucking melts when he sees the sketch of him done so beautifully.”
summary: when your shyness gets mistaken for you disliking the team, bucky tries his best to mend the situation.
pairing: bucky barnes x female reader
warnings: fluff, sad reader, one curse word
word count: 2k
A/N: okay so i absolutely loved writing this!!! i also gave a little twist to the request by making the reader a mutant (like the x-men) !!!!!
as always, feedback is greatly appreciated, come yell at me and tell me your secrets here!
You huffed and set down your sketchbook as F.R.I.D.A.Y. informed you that the team’s weekly movie night was soon to begin, not wanting to leave the comfort of your designated room. It wasn’t that you didn’t enjoy the movie nights or dislike the team, it was simply the fact that you felt out of place.
Being the only member of The Avengers who came from a mutant background was tough, growing up in a world where you were a outsider was tough and integrating into a new group of people was tough. Everyone on the team either had a suit, a weapon or a particular skill set that made them different from each other but your skill set was very, very different.
Invisibility wasn’t everything it was cracked up to be in movies and television. If you wanted to disappear from the eyes of those around you, you would have to  hold your breath. No matter how long you needed to disappear for, you had to hold your breath every time if you wanted to stay hidden.
Although you were born with your mutation, it took you a good while to get it to work to your advantage. Hide and seek became the easiest game in the world, you always won no matter what, hiding from strangers who had grudges against mutants was fairly easy and disappearing in the middle of a crowded room was a piece of cake.
You grabbed your sweater from your desk and pulled it on as you exited your room, only offering Sam and Natasha a small polite smile as you quickly passed them in the hallway. Movie night was always the same, you would sit in between Bucky and Thor, only physically speaking to them but responding to everyone else in nods or headshakes. You had absolutely nothing against the team, you actually liked them all quite a lot but the sad reality of your past had lead you to isolating and shutting others out, leaving you with only yourself and your artwork.
“Y/N! I saved you a seat!” Bucky smiled as you entered the living room, your cheeks nearly setting alight as everyone in the room turned their attention to you, literally every member of the team was present, even Scott Lang.
You gave Bucky a quick smile and darted to your seat next to him, not wanting to interrupt any conversations or be pulled into any.
“Didn’t think you were goin’ to show up.” Bucky whispered as you sat down next to him, a shy smile lingering on his lips as you snuggled into his side. “It’s good to see you out here though, I know how hard it is to find things to talk about with the rest of them, I still struggle and I’ve been here for nearly two years.” Bucky wound an arm around you and sighed contently, knowing all too well how you had been feeling lately.
“I appreciate it Buck, I will actually talk to people soon. I’m just used to being on the outside of everything so it’s going to take a while to get used to actually being accepted in a group of people.” You shrugged, not noticing the small pout that formed on Bucky’s lips or his shoulders slumping in sadness. He hated the fact that you had been treated the way you were, simply for being born differently. He knew exactly how you felt, people would still point, stare and look away in horror when they saw him or his arm, he knew your exact feelings.
For the first time since you had joined the team, you stayed for the whole movie night, trying your best to not disappear midway through and retreat back to your room without anyone noticing. Of course Bucky would notice, as he always did.
After the movie had finished, you rushed back to your room before anyone could even say a word to you, not even uttering a goodbye to Bucky or Thor as you sped away. The team all shared looks between them, silently questioning whether or not it was something they had done.
Morning had quickly come and as always, you were the first person up, awake and in the kitchen. You enjoyed mornings in The Compound, you were always awake a few hours before everyone else which meant you could lounge around the kitchen and living room for a few hours before the rooms became swarmed with Avengers.
You hummed contently as you washed up your dishes from this mornings breakfast, making a mental note to order some more art supplies once you returned to your room. Unlike a normal morning, you were not keeping track of the time, instead you were humming a light tune and thinking of your next art project, you had found a new muse in recent weeks and you couldn’t wait to get started.
Once you dried your dishes and put them back in their designated cupboards, you began to make your way out of the kitchen but quickly pausing as you heard a large round of laughter and footsteps heading your way. You knew you wouldn’t be able to get past them without them noticing you and you wouldn’t be able to hold your breath for too long this early in the morning.
The footsteps gradually grew closer as the chattering and laughter grew louder which made you panic even more. You didn’t know what else to do but hold your breath and hope for the best.
Steve, Bucky, Sam, Tony, Natasha, Bruce and Clint all strolled into the kitchen a few seconds later, each of them smiling ear to ear as they spoke amongst themselves. Steve handed everyone a mug and put on a fresh pot of coffee, leaning against the kitchen counter with his arms crossed over his chest as he laughed at Sam and Bucky’s conversation.
“Has anyone seen Y/N since last night?” Sam asked out of the blue, catching everyone in the room off guard, including you. You wanted to run out of the room without anybody ever knowing you were in there but your feet were glued to the spot, your entire body frozen as you held your breath.
“Haven’t seen her yet, I was gonna go down to her room later and hang out.” Bucky smiled, thanking Steve as he began to pour everyone’s coffee. Sam sighed heavily and took a sip of his drink.
“Does she hate us or something?” He asked. “She never hangs out with any of us, she hasn’t come on any missions yet and whenever I try to talk to her, she disappears. She literally disappears into thin air.” Tony nodded in agreement, stating that he had tried to talk to you last week about something and you excused yourself but never came back.
Bucky bit his tongue as the group continued on to discuss you and your behaviours around them, the main topic being that they believed you had no positive feelings towards any of them. He knew it wasn’t true but he also knew that if he spoke out, he would say something harsh.
“Do you think Y/N is even right for the team?” Bruce asked abruptly. “I mean, she never joins on missions and barely speaks to anyone other than Bucky. Do you think she’s just here for a place to stay?” Bucky had enough, slamming his mug on the counter and startling everyone, including you.
You couldn’t help but jump as Bucky’s mug smashed against the counter, the breath you were holding now gone along with your cover. You looked at everyone with panicked eyes, opening your mouth to speak but only stutters leaving as you slowly stepped backwards away from everyone.
“Y/N, I didn’t mean to upset -”
“I- I need to go.” You choked out, cutting Bruce off before he could finish speaking. You spun around and ran out of the kitchen, ignoring the calls of your name that followed you.
Bucky glared at everyone in the room, no longer wanting to hold his tongue as he looked at each of them.
“You have no idea how hard it is for Y/N, do you?” He seethed. “Mutants are still cast aside and shamed for just being themselves and she is so terrified of being around new people and being judged for being a mutant that she doesn’t speak. She doesn’t hate any of you, she actually really likes everyone but she is fucking terrified.” Tony opened his mouth to interrupt but Bucky shut him down with a wave of his hand, dismissing everyone and heading out of the room to find you.
Bucky raced down the hallways of the Compound, asking every person he saw if they had seen you pass by but each of them said they hadn’t seen you in a while. He was beginning to panic, he knew how nervous you were about everything regarding the team and he just wanted to make sure you were okay.
When Bucky reached your room, your door was wide open. He instantly panicked because he knew you would never purposely leave your door open, he knew something was seriously wrong. Without thinking twice, Bucky barged into the room, his breath knocked out of his lungs as he took in the state of your room. It had been a week or so since he last visited and since that visit, you had covered your entire room in artwork.
What really caught the soldiers eye was a large stack of sketchbooks on your desk, each one labelled with the name of a member of the team. Bucky’s sketchbook sat at the top of the pile and without thinking, his curiosity got the better of him, his hand grabbing the book from the pile and flicking open the first page.
Bucky’s heart nearly stopped beating as he slowly turned each page, every single page containing beautifully crafted sketches of him. It was like seeing his life in pictures.
“I, uh, was going to give them to everyone at some point but I haven’t yet.” You interrupted Buckys thoughts, his entire body turning to face you as he clutched the sketch book.
“Y/N, these drawings are incredible.”
“They’re a present to everyone, to sort of say sorry for being so distant and uncooperative. I’m not sure they’ll understand my reasons for it but it’s worth the shot.” You smiled weakly, shuffling towards Bucky. “I didn’t mean to eavesdrop in the kitchen. I was on my way out and panicked and ended up holding my breath so I disappeared.” Bucky cracked a small smile and set the sketch book back onto the pile, taking your hands in his.
“Everyone will understand and they will love what you’ve done for them. And don’t you dare apologise for feeling the way you have, not everyone can be as extravagant as Stark, these things take time.” Bucky explained, squeezing your hands before pulling you into a tight hug, his face burying into the crook of your neck as you sniffled quietly.
“You’re too kind to me Buck, I don’t deserve it.”
“Y/N, I swear to God, you deserve every ounce of kindness in the world and if you try to argue with me on this I’ll stick a pencil in your ear.” Bucky teased, still holding you tight against him as he spoke. You laughed and thanked him quietly, pulling back from the hug slightly so you could look at him.
“Let’s make a deal. Each day, you’ll give someone their book and have a small chat with them, even if it’s about the weather, you can take baby steps and I’ll be right there with you -”
“But -”
“I’m not finished yet!” Bucky exclaimed, making you apologise through a soft laugh. “And we can also work on making sure you don’t hold your breath every ten seconds. Everyone is eager to get to know you and I know you feel the same about them. Like I said, it’s baby steps.” You nodded in agreement and gave the soldier a tooth grin.
“Baby steps and no more holding my breath.” Bucky grinned and pressed a soft kiss to your temple, making you both blush furiously.
“And I’ll be here for it all.”
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