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marvelousbucky55 · 2 days ago
𝓗𝓪𝓾𝓷𝓽𝓸𝓫𝓮𝓻 𝓓𝓪𝔂 14: 𝓡𝓪𝓿𝓮𝓷
Winter soldier!Bucky x hydra!teen! Reader
Tumblr media
Let me know if you would like to see a series/mini series over this!!
Warnings: talks about abuse/torture/hydra
You were only 6 years old when you were taken from your parents and your brother. You don’t remember much from that day. You were normally partnered with the Winter Solider, or you would do solo missions. They called you RAVEN. You were now 17, you have been here for 11 years. You were sitting in your cell with a Blake star on your face. You were only in a black sports bra, black spandex. You had a hydra logo brand on your left arm. You had scars all over your body, from fights, to the abuse you have gotten while here. You were taken out of your trance when you heard a bang on your cell. It was the Winter soldier and his handler. You stood up and walked over to the cells doors. When they opened the handler pulled you out by your arm. You three were walking down the hall way to get ready for the mission.
For the mission you wore black pants, black knee pads, black combat boots, a black long sleeve shirt and a vest close to what the winter soldier has. You also wore a mask but it was dark purple and black.
You both were pushed on to the jet. You were sitting and listening to what you had to do during the mission. Sit out wait for the Winter Soldier to do his thing and take out Iron Man. Easy?
When you about to shoot him, a blast from behind to sent to were Bucky, and the avengers were fighting. They looked at you. The winter soldier growled. Clint then jumped down.
“She almost got you guys.”
“Not now Clint.” Captain said.
You stood up and started to fight. At some point you and iron man were fighting. Punch, after punch, Jan after jab. You looked around, the winter soldier was no longer to be found. Then a blow to you head by captian America’s shields die your mask fly off. You looked up in to the eyes of iron man.
He took a breath-
Ok!! I kinda like this!!What do y’all think??
If you see this anywhere else but my wattpad and amino it’s not me (can be found on my master list it’s a pinned post and in my bio)
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qyllenhaal · a month ago
Groupie Luv
Rockstar!Bucky x Reader. 3rd POV. Word Count: 10.4k.
Summary: Y/n wasn't sure how the night attending her first concert would go, but she certainly didn't expect to get her cherry picked by her favorite rockstar.
Warnings: AU! Set in the 70s. Dark themes (!!!), loss of virginity, innocence kink, reader lies about her age (but she is of age), age gap, religious undertones, power dynamics, alcohol mention and consumption, drug mention, smut: unprotected sex, creampie, degradation, use of the word “daddy”, pet names, ending is kind of fluffy though!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The ID card in her head read "Date of birth: 04/30/1956" and her hometown was "New York, New York". The only thing faker than her ID is the worn-out fur coat she wears to shield her from the cold of the night.
Y/n had to do a lot of lying and convince her mother to let her stay a week with her cousin Barbie for Spring Break. Despite being her niece, Y/n's mother does not trust Barbie, and the truth is that she is justified in that. Barbie is a bad influence in the eyes of the family. She dropped out of college her Freshman year to travel throughout America with her new boyfriend who was older than her and touring with his band. She told the family that she wanted to "find herself" and that she wouldn't be back. The world of hurt and anger she caused Y/n's aunt rubbed off on Y/n's mother and her already strict parents decided their efforts weren't enough.
Barbie didn't make another appearance around the family until a year-and-a-half after dropping out of school. She had dropped the touring boyfriend, but now she was living in New York with a much older man. It didn't make the family anymore happier, but after thinking she was the dead body of a girl found in the woods out in Colorado that's been in the headlines, they kept their judgment of her life to themselves.
She caused all that drama, yet Y/n still looks up to her. She would brag to her high school friends about her cool cousin dating rockstars and traveling the world. Without many other girls in her extended family, it was easy for Y/n to want to emulate Barbie and treat her as if she was an older sister. Her life sounded fun, not dangerous like her mother would say. Barbie is living a fast life, but she is young, gorgeous, and not tied to the responsibilities of college studies. At the age of 26, she always has an adventurous story to tell Y/n when she finds time to phone her.
Y/n herself is too scared to ever try to live a life like Barbie's life. She is not fond of taking risks due to her strict upbringing, but that didn't stop her from fantasizing. A life where all she had to do was look pretty, wear pretty clothes, and be somewhat of a socialite sounded like a life of leisure. Every phone call Barbie was selling a dream to Y/n unbeknownst to her.
But, at the end of the day, Y/n is a good girl. She's attending the college of her parent's choice (one that is conveniently close to home) and majoring in what her father suggested. She doesn't break the rules, she doesn't lie, and she stays away from boys like she was told to do.
When Spring break began to approach, her cousin's phone call became more frequent. She was often too busy with school and her sorority duties to answer the phone when she was at home. But Barbie did end up catching Y/n one night and she was begging her little cousin to come and visit her.
"I want to show my little cousin New York," she slurred. Y/n was slightly uncomfortable that Barbie was calling her while drunk, but she didn't know what to say to her about it without sounding rude. "I can come home and come and get you! We can lie about where we're going."
"I don't know," Y/n kept her voice low in case her parents were close. As much as she fantasized about Barbie's lifestyle, actually living it would be a behemoth of a thing.
"C'mon Y/n!" She whined, "don't you want to get away from your parents for once in your life?"
"I-I...I just don't know, Barbie. What would we tell them? I don't think my mom really trusts you, no offense."
Barbie laughs down the line. She knows what her aunt and the rest of her family thinks of her and she just doesn't care. She's 26 and having too much fun to worry about her family's puritanical ways. The only thing she didn't want was for the family to turn her baby cousin against her. There is more to life than obeying your parent’s every demanding wish, and there is honestly no incentive if you do.
“Don’t worry. I’ll talk to her about it.”
“I still don’t know-“
“You don’t want to have fun with your favorite cousin? I think we’ll have so much fun,” Y/n can hear her pouting on the other side of the phone. She was so good at guilt tripping people that she just might be able to convince Y/n’s mother to let her visit for Spring Break, “besides, what’s that one band you love? They’re named after a fruit…is it Tangerine? No…it’s Cherry, right?” Barbie knows how to get to people, and she got to Y/n.
Y/n's mother does not let her listen to rock music or anything with guitars. She has to go to her friend Cindy's house if she wants to listen to anything that isn’t the gospel. They listened to Cindy’s brother's vinyl's from time to time. The very first time Cindy put on a record for her, it was a Pink Floyd LP, Y/n thought God was going to strike her down for disobeying her mother. Cindy thought she was a bit of a freak, but the two had known each other since 2nd grade and knew that Y/n was only that way because of her mother. Y/n’s parents didn’t know that Cindy’s parents had sort of turned into hippies. She was somehow miraculously able to keep it from them.
Y/n didn’t know what to make of the music Cindy showed her at first. It was loud and she sometimes couldn’t understand the lyrics. Around the 5th or 6th time of her going to Cindy’s house to listen to rock records, something clicked for her and Y/n was in love. The heavy drums, driving guitars, and the way these men dressed would give her mother a heart attack if she knew her daughter was listening to secular music.
She liked anything Cindy put on, but her favorite was Cherry. They were not as famous as the bands Cindy favored. Y/n found the record when digging through a pile of the records Cindy's brother left in the downstairs den. Y/n never fangirled over a band up until the moment she convinced Cindy to spin that album on the turntable. She became obsessed with the first seconds of the first track; it was love at first listen.
Once she listened to them, she began to see them everywhere. She wanted to believe it was a coincidence, but Cindy’s mom told them once that coincidences are really “signs from the universe.” Y/n didn’t know what she believed, but she could stop seeing the name “Cherry” everywhere. When the girls at school would pass around magazines to fawn over the shirtless rockstars, Y/n would tear out the pages with Cherry on them before anyone else could get their hands on it. She collected every page that had them or the lead singer James plastered on it, covered in a fur that cost more than her tuition.
James was her wet dream; a man with "no morals" like her mother would say. She did not know what she wanted in a man, but he drove her absolutely wild and her thoughts were wrought with fantasies of him. They called him “Bucky”, and when they played on the late night variety shows, the girls in the audience were all calling his name. He distracted her from her school work and she didn't even know him personally. Maybe it was the bad boy image that got her going. He was unlike any man she’s seen before, and she’s completely enamored by him and his flashy clothing. She had dreams about him and all ended with her waking up in a hot daze. She was in love with him, only knowing a few facts and details about him, but she felt so drawn to him. She doesn't like to lie, but she would lie even to her pastor for Bucky.
"This is what a real man looks like," one of her friends would coo. They would fawn over Bucky and Y/n would get jealous as if he was her man. In her mind, he was her man. None of the other girls in her sorority cared for him until Y/n started hanging up his photos in her dorm. She knows he’s good looking, but she doesn’t want to share him.
Now she has an opportunity to see him in the flesh. Y/n couldn’t believe that this was happening to her. Barbie is essentially handing this opportunity to her, but she’s still stuck in the grips of her parents. When she’s away at school she can do whatever she wants because she’s a few towns away.
“How are you going to convince my parents to let me visit you?”
Y/n always found Barbie to be sneaky, but teenage Barbie has nothing on adult Barbie. Her charisma is almost lethal and how she was able to convince the most religious woman on the east coast to let her 19 year-old go to New York City for Spring Break was mind-boggling. Y/n was still in disbelief even as her plane landed at JFK and Barbie and her boyfriend waited for her in the lobby.
She had landed in New York just three days before Cherry was set to play at The Bottom Line venue. Y/n was out of her home state for the first time, but she couldn't bring herself to care about sightseeing or eating a New York slice of a pizza for the first time, not when she was so close to seeing Cherry in person.
The days went slower than she liked but it did give her time to figure out what she was going to wear. Barbie offered her her closet of clothes. Y/n was shocked to see the amount of designer clothing she had. Halston and Thea Porter hung on hangers that also looked expensive. Y/n had questions about how Barbie was able to afford all of this. She didn't make the connection that Barbie's boyfriend, who was pushing 40 and has her living in a penthouse, is not her boyfriend, but more of a sugar daddy.
"Does it matter what I wear?"
"Of course it does! Don't you want a chance of getting picked out of the crowd?"
Y/n didn't understand what Barbie meant until the day came and she had to wait in line outside of the venue with everyone else dying to get inside. She thought the velvet dress, fur, and platform boots Cindy told her to wear was out of character for her. Her outfit was influenced by Barbie's wall — like Jane Birkin, Donna Summer, Stevie Nicks, and Bianca Jagger. Yet, she had the aura of Jackie Kennedy and it showed how she was nervous even in the way she carried herself. The platforms made her taller, but they also made her walk unsteady. She felt like a movie character, or like this was Halloween and she's in costume. She was out of place, yet she had one thing on her mind like every other girl in the crowd: catching the eye of Cherry's lead vocalist Bucky.
Y/n was almost eye to eye with the venue's bouncer as she stepped up to him. She handed him her ticket before he ripped a part of it off.
"ID," he demands rather rudely.
Y/n pulls the fake ID out of her bra and hands it to him. Barbie's advice of "staying calm" repeats in her head to make herself look less suspicious, but the bouncer still eyes her like he knows she's lying. He holds the plastic up to her face to compare the photo on the ID and the real life version. The photo was so obscure but if he were to stare at it then he'd know right away that it's not Y/n. However the make-up and red lipstick Barbie put on her lips made her look older.
"Alright, go in — Next!"
Y/n was relieved when he gave her access to the venue. When she heard the concert was age restricted, she was afraid that her whole trip was going to be ruined until Barbie produced a fake ID for her. Tonight she is 22-years-old.
Everyone packed themselves in the venue's main room like sardines in a can. Y/n was so hot in her fur coat, but she had nowhere to put it. People looked at her as if she was dying for attention because the other girls had discarded their coats to show off their revealing outfits. They must've found a coat room that Y/n missed when she was rushing to the pit. She remembers when she would judge the girls from high school whose lives revolved around boys, but here she is now dressed like a wannabe Penthouse model. The way her dress shows off her boobs just screams "take me backstage and fuck me!" Barbie said that it was a good thing while it left Y/n feeling unnerved.
She doesn't have much time to stay in her head because the opening act comes on the stage. She's never heard of them before, but their music is so loud she can barely enjoy it. The only concert she has been to was her church's annual Christmas concert. These Hymns were not to God, but to sex and drugs.
"Hey!" Y/n is surprised that she can hear the guy next to her over the music. He's a bit taller than her, but she still comes up to his chin thanks to her platforms. He's not deterred by the music as he continues and asks, "do you want a drink?" His eyes move from hers and straight to her breast once the words leave his mouth.
"Um, no thank you," she yells at him over the music. She's never drank before and she's too scared for her first time having alcohol to be at a rock concert.
Instead of politely saying goodbye to her, he scoffs and mutters, "bitch" before walking away. She's left standing there dumbfounded by his rudeness — no one has ever talked to her like that before.
No one in the crowd was polite. Y/n didn't expect everyone to stand still, but she also didn't expect to constantly be shoved by people trying to get closer. They were aggressive so she let them push past her in fear of getting hurt. She was completely out of place despite being dressed like every other girl in the room.
People were making out and the smell of smoke was thick in the air. She begins to wonder how long until Cherry comes on. She didn't care for this opening act at all. A few people are bobbing and swaying to the music they’re playing, but not many seem all enthused.
They were off in 15 minutes before the stage lights dimmed again. Y/n felt another push from the crowd, from people dying to get close. She’s almost overwhelmed by the atmosphere. Despite looking like she fits in, she sticks out like a sore thumb. She doesn’t understand that many of the girls in this room have traveled to attend multiple Cherry concerts just for the mere chance of having a taste of Bucky. They had their tits out and showed off their long legs despite the remnants of northern winter weather lingering in the air. She felt out of her element. That is until the house lights dimmed and the stage lights began to blare.
A collective gasp from the crowd followed by the first few screams when the band walks on the stage. Y/n didn’t think the room could get any louder until Bucky was the last one to saunter onto the stage.
Just like everyone else, she falls under his spell. His hair is longer from being on tour, making him look dreamier. He walks to the edge of the stage and just stands there as the crowd gets louder for him like he’s a walking god. Y/n is not exempt from screaming her lungs out either. She forgos all of her manners and reservations.
The first chords of the guitar rip through the venue and vibrate throughout her body. There are three other people on stage, but her eyes are trained on Bucky. He’s as charismatic as a televangelist, yet as gorgeous as a Hollywood actor. He gyrates his hips much to the excitement of the girls in the audience. He’s walking sex and his voice is like soft velvet. The little black and white TV at Cindy’s house did not do him justice. Y/n’s mother would call him filth, but he’s hot filth.
“How’s everyone doin’ tonight?”
He’s met with screams from the audience which makes him smirk.
Y/n recognized the opening riff to her favorite Cherry song. Her eyes lit up and her screams morph with the girl’s surrounding her. The song was clearly a fan favorite as everyone in the crowd began to move their bodies. Everyone was unintentionally grinding on each other. Y/n had no reservations about the bodies pressed up against her as she eyed Bucky who was walking towards the edge of the stage. The people on the rails reached out to him, dying for even the smallest touch. Y/n was too far away to be within reach of him, but she swears his eyes glance over her in the crowd. It’s not a coincidence because a few seconds later he catches her eyes and smirks when he sees the dumbfounded look on her face. It’s a moment that Y/n is going to write down in her diary for the next year or so. Her friends might not even believe her when she tells them, but she knows for a fact his eyes scanned over her.
The magic of the night is over quicker than Y/n wished. Cherry played their last song, and then they played an encore. Adrenaline was still coursing through Y/n’s veins and she didn’t want to leave the venue. She lingered in her spot for a little bit before realizing that half of the crowd had already left. It was time to call it a night since Barbie was probably back at the penthouse waiting for her. However, Y/n is stopped dead in her tracks by someone grabbing onto her coat.
“Hey you!”
Panic began to set in as the authoritative voice yelled at her. She remembers that the ID she used to get in was fake and figures she’s been found out. She’s sure she’s not the only one who used a fake ID to enter the venue but she sure does stick out with her fur coat. The man has a grip on her and she’s forced to turn around and face him. It was a bouncer, but it wasn’t the same one who let her in. She was slightly relieved, but still on edge from being grabbed so roughly.
“Come with me.”
Y/n has no choice but to walk with him. She’s almost stumbling over her platforms but she manages to keep herself upright. It doesn’t take long before she realizes that the bouncer is taking her backstage. She thought it was her lucky day, but she is yet to understand the implications of what this all means. Barbie had tried to give her a talk about this just in case something like this were to happen to her.
“W-Where are you taking me?” Y/n finally decides to ask when she walks past a few stage hands and girls who are dressed in a similar fashion as her.
He doesn’t say anything, just keeps walking until they reach the area he was told to take her. It was a large greenroom filled with women, alcohol, and drugs, but most importantly, the members of Cherry filled the room. Y/n’s eyes flashed over the lines of a powdery, white substance and prescription pill bottles. There was a musky smell in the room mixed with cigarette ash; everyone had something in their hand that they were smoking. Discarded beer bottles laid on the floor, especially around the couch that the bouncer stopped in front of.
“Is this the girl you wanted?”
On the couch, sandwiched between two blondes, was Bucky. One of the women was rubbing chest while the other had her face planted in his neck. They weren’t acting normal, Y/n thought to herself, they were seemingly out of it and running on auto-pilot. She was sort of concerned for them, but she couldn’t pull her eyes away from the rockstar that was staring right back at her.
“Yes it is,” he says matter-of-factly. He finishes up his cigarette and discards the butt on the floor. He stands up and he’s so damn tall. If it wasn’t for her platforms then Y/n would have to tilt her head to look up at him. The women who were all over him were pissed that he moved from his spot, but he didn’t care about them at all.
Bucky was trying really hard to break his habit of picking a girl out of the crowd and having security bring her to him once the show was over and done with. That’s why he attempted to surround himself with old hook-ups he knew were a sure bet. It was just too risky and the safe bets knew him well enough to satisfy him. But he has a sweet tooth he wants to satisfy tonight and the pretty thing in the crowd looked too damn sweet to pass up. He steps closer to her as he crushes his cigarette butt under one foot. He can smell the innocence on her like a cheap perfume — Bucky knows when a sweet girl is playing dress-up for the night.
The room is so hot, making Y/n sweat under fur. Being surrounded by so much going on that she can’t quite explain was making her nervous. Bucky could see it written all over her face that this is her first time being in an environment like this.
“Wanna step outside, sweetheart?”
The name had her melting and nodding her head. She follows him outside to the back where Cherry’s tour bus is parked in the back. The night air hits her and it’s the equivalent of jumping into a pool on a hot day. She was so cold earlier when she was waiting to get into the venue, but now she appreciates the cooler temperature.
“Can I see your ID?”
This was the last question Y/n expected him to ask, but she figures he just wants to be safe and be assured that she’s not under the age of 18. She hands him the fake ID and hopes that it works on him.
“Dolly. Pretty name,” he hands the ID back to her. Y/n thought she was in the clear until he places his hand on the other side of her head and his body is so close to hers that her back is to the wall. A scowl sits on his face and she worries that she’s fucked up. “Word of advice. Next time you get a fake ID, make sure there aren’t any typos. High schoolers aren’t my thing, sweetheart.”
“I’m not a high schooler!” Y/n says a bit too fast. Her heart is racing so fast, but she doesn’t want their time together to end even if she doesn’t know where this is going, “I’m in college…I’m 20.”
Bucky is hesitant to believe her. He doesn’t want to get caught up with someone who is lying about their age. However, he decides to take her word for her. He doesn’t think she looks that young, just unsuspecting. The whorish make-up she’s wearing can’t cover up the fact that she looks like Bambi. He finds it so damn cute.
“You wanna tell me your real name baby?”
“It’s Y/n,” she bats her lashes at him as he observes her face. His eyes landed on her lips, painted a vibrant red. The primal urges in him want to see it smeared all over her face. It’s been a long, long time since Bucky has such an innocent little thing right in front of him. He can only assume that she’s pure and untouched.
“Pretty name for a pretty girl. What are you doing out here with an old man like me? You probably have a little boyfriend at home, a girl as pretty as you.”
“I-I don’t-“
“C’mon now, don’t lie to me again,” this time he’s joking with her. Y/n is in a great state of disbelief that a rockstar is interested in her. He’s looking at her with hunger in his eyes which Y/n mistakes for adoration. The boys on her campus don’t find her cute, but a rockstar does. And not just any rockstar, but her favorite rockstar. Bucky knows what effect he’s having on her. He can feel her legs trembling as he presses himself up against her, her back hard against the wall, “do I make you nervous?”
Y/n stupidly nods her head. She should’ve said no, but she can’t lie to him, not when she’s staring into his blue eyes.
“I don’t want you to be nervous for me, pretty girl,” he tucks a loose piece of hair behind her ears. She almost looks like a cute puppy he wants to scoop up and keep as his. “You got me all riled up, teasing me looking all cute while I’m on stage.”
Y/n knew she wasn’t seeing things when his eyes flashed over her when she was in the crowd. She had to thank Barbie later because her cousin making her wear this ridiculous outfit is paying off.
“I couldn’t stop myself from getting hard,” he continued, “if I had my way, I would’ve brought you on stage and taken you in front of the entire audience. But, I don’t think you’re that kind of girl, and I’m right, aren’t I?”
No amount of make-up and perfume can cover up that she’s a virgin. She’s awkward and doesn’t wear sexiness that well. Bucky has dealt with his fair share of nervous girls who are fans of his. Y/n stumbles over every word every time Bucky asks her a question. She doesn’t even try to flirt or try to be sexy. She’s unlike those women that were just all over him 10 minutes ago, but he likes that. The same old thing gets stale when you have it over and over again. He needs something new, something sweet, to satisfy him.
“I bet you parents don’t even know you’re here,” he caresses her cheek with the back of his hand, “their sweet, little daughter who studies real, real hard in college so she can make something of herself. Bet they’d be shocked to find out she’s trying to get fucked by a nasty man like me. Is that what you want, princess? Want me to take you to into that bus and fuck the shit out of you?”
Y/n unintentionally whines, “yes.” His spell is complete and she’s completely enamored. She doesn’t care that she’s inexperienced or that she was saving herself for “someone special.” She’s grinding herself against Bucky like a bitch in heat and he’s enjoying every second of it. If he told her to jump, she’d ask him, “how how?” She wants him so bad and she wants to be wanted by him even more.
“Well, c’mon then,” he grabs her hand and leads her towards the tour bus. Her hand is soft in his calloused one. She’s sure he uses his hands to work hard, playing guitar and writing lyrics all day; she cannot wait to feel those rough hands on her body.
The mix of cigarettes and weed is even worse on the bus. The windows are all closed which makes it stuffy inside. It’s not silent though, as Y/n can hear moaning coming from the small room in the back. They walk past make-shift bunk beds and Y/n wonders just how safe it is to live on a tour bus. Surely they have fun in it though because there are discarded condoms on the floor. The moaning gets louder and Y/n is able to make out the words of a woman begging to be fucked harder. Her eyes widen when she hears the filth coming from the woman’s back. “That’s going to be us, sweetheart,” Bucky whispers into her ear. Y/n can almost faint from how hot she feels.
Bucky bangs on the door only to be met with someone yelling at him on the other side of the door. He bangs on it again and yells, “get out of my room!” It was no surprise that the lead singer got his own private room while his band mates and roadies slept on the shitty beds. Y/n, who would normally be turned off by rudeness, doesn’t care at all. She wants whoever is behind that door to leave so he can lay her down in the bed.
Out comes the drummer of Cherry with a brunette right behind him. She’s wearing a tight, black dress that she threw on haphazardly. Y/n avoids making eye contact with either of them as they pass her up. Bucky keeps a firm grip on her hand as they become the ones to occupy the room.
Y/n takes a second to look around his small room. It’s much nicer and cleaner than the rest of the tour bus. Some of Bucky’s clothes are hanging in a small closet; a few items that Y/n recognizes from his TV appearances hang in there.
“Come here little one.”
Bucky wraps his large arm around her waist and forces her close to his body. She gasps when she connects with his chest. His button up has a few buttons undone and she’s face to face with his bare chest. He looks so fine, like a man that can split her in half and she’ll say thank you afterward.
He pushes her down against the bed and Y/n looks up at him, waiting almost impatiently for his next move.
“Take that coat off baby. Don’t hide your body from me.”
He stands there like he has the ultimate authority over her because he knows he does. She peels the fur jacket off of her body to reveal her velvet dress. It’s tight on her pretty body and Bucky wants to see that go next.
“Take that off for me too, baby. I want to see how beautiful you look under all those clothes.”
Y/n cheeks grow hot. She’s hesitant to undress herself in front of him because she’s never undressed herself in front of a man before. Her body was to be concealed and protected like a sanctuary. She feels like a sinner with each article of clothing being pulled off of her body. Her stupid little brain doesn’t consider anything she’s been taught growing up; they’re replaced by Bucky and the way his hard gaze flutters over her body. She sits on his bed for him, completely nude, with a demure look in her eye. Bucky groaned at the sight of her virgin body. Her skin looked so soft, untouched by anyone in a nefarious way. Her nipples were hard from being out in the cold. After taking in her entire body, his eyes finally landed on her sweet cunt. He could barely see it because her legs were clamped shut, but he forced her open by using his foot to nudge her legs open. The leather of his shoes felt expensive as it rubbed against her ankle. She slowly parts her legs to reveal herself to him. Her virgin cunt is puffy and wet for him. Bucky has always had that effect on women; making them wet without even touching them yet.
“Don’t you look so darling for me,” he compliments. No matter how nervous she is, Bucky knows using sweet words is going to make her do anything he wants. She looks like sin despite being so sweet and innocent. Bucky swore off fucking random girls for the rest of his tour, but he’s never been more happier to be weak to temptation.
"You're not the first virgin I fucked, but it's been a while so bare with me if I'm not patient."
Bucky just wants to touch her. He wants to turn her around and pound into her while her ass ripples against his hips. The urge to be less than nice is taking over him. He will enjoy the pleasures of the flesh tonight.
"You've at least used that mouth before, right?" He began to take off his belt and unbuckle his bell bottoms. She shakes her head no in response to him. She's completely pure and untouched; Bucky cannot contain himself. "I'll show you what to do princess."
Y/n is afraid she won't be good at pleasing him. He's had so many women, much sexier and mature women, suck his cock and please him. She's heard classmates talk about giving their boyfriends' handjobs and blowjobs, but she's never even seen another man naked.
Bucky sits on the bed next to her and rubs her thigh. She cannot pull her eyes away from the bulge in his pants. He looks like he's big.
"Get down on your knees for me sweet girl."
Y/n kneels before him like she does when she prays to God. When she prays for what she wants most in life, she'd never think of asking for something like this.
"Fuck, you look so cute down there. Such a pretty little thing."
Bucky slightly lifts himself off the bed to pull his pants down and free his cock. He knew going commando would make his night better because his cock springs out with ease. Y/n is staring at his length with eyes so wide. He's so big she doesn't think he can fit in her hand let alone her mouth or pussy.
"Go 'head and touch it," he gently nudges. The softness in his voice gives her a false sense of security. She imagines that he's going to be so nice and sweet to her tender body tonight, he just needs to be warmed up.
Her hand moves slowly and she wraps her nimble fingers around his length. She shudders when she feels the weight of him in her palm. Her eyes shoot up at Bucky's face when he sighs at the light squeeze she gives him. It's just a small gesture, but his mind is already making her the star of his fantasies. He needs more from her or else he's going to explode. He wants to consume all of her, turn her from something sweet into something nasty by using all parts of her body for his pleasure. Once he's through with her tonight, she's his; she'll be absolutely ruined for anyone else. He's going to fuck her until she's dumb and can only say his name.
"Move your hand, baby."
Y/n obeys but her hand only moves up and down a little bit. His cock is dry and she wonders if it hurts him. He's grunting which she cannot tell is a good thing or not.
"Do you — do you want me to lick your cock Bucky?" She asks so sweetly.
He's a grown man, he should be able to control himself better, but he almost cums all over her face. The way she talks with such a soft, yet curious voice is going to kill him.
"Yea baby...go ahead and start licking my cock."
She sticks out her pink cock and the wet muscle connects with the underside of Bucky's cock. He shivers at the feeling of her wet tongue on his cock. She licks him again like she's a little kitten. Her tongue is weak against his cock, it feels good, but it's not enough.
"Lick me harder baby."
Y/n apples more pressure to his cock. She grabs the base of his cock to keep it still for herself. She's heard girls say their boyfriend's dick didn't taste good at all, but she likes how Bucky tastes. His flesh is a bit salty from being on stage an hour ago, but it's not bad at all. Every lick elicits a reaction from him that makes her feel all good inside. All she wants is to be wanted by her dream man, and she's proud of herself for getting him to moan. However, she can't help but compare herself to the hypothetical women in his past. She pushes herself a bit further to beat them in this imaginary competition. She licks all the way up to the tip before letting her tongue run over the very top. It's been days since he's cum, tour was killing him, and he cock was more sensitive than usual.
Bucky is waring with himself; he wants to keep watching her learn her way around a big cock, but a dark part of him wants to grab her head and fuck her face. Her make-up is still intact and he's keen on ruining it.
"Open that mouth," his voice is not as soft as he gives her the demand. She obeys him like the good girl she is and his cock is sliding into her mouth. She only has a few minutes to adjust before he's sawing his cock into her mouth. "That's it princess — relax your throat for me." That mouth of hers is so, so special. If her mouth feels like silk then he can only imagine what her untouched cunt feels like.
The tip of his cock hit the back of her throat and she gags on a cock for the first time in her life and she almost panics. "Uh-uh, it's okay baby, just relax that throat," he groans. Her mouth is too warm and wet for him to stop fucking her face. He'll take it slowly for now, but he won't be able to contain himself for much longer. Her tongue slides against the underside of his cock and purposely presses against it. The moan he lets out tells her that she's doing better than she thought she would. Bucky has a grip on her head that's getting tighter and tighter.
Bucky couldn't hold back as he fucked her velvet mouth. His cock was a wide fit in her mouth, causing Y/n's jaw to feel sore. He kept battering the back of her throat with his cock, making her gag harder than before. They were creating such a mess with her saliva clinging to her chin and falling down into globs on her tits.
Y/n can barely form a coherent thought. It was becoming harder to breath but Bucky was so lost in fucking her throat that he thought nothing of her groans; until she's tapping his thigh to let her breath. He pulls his hips back and she gasps for air. "Good little girl," he grits. A connecting string of spit begins from his cock and ends on her smeared lips. He's kind enough to give her ten seconds to collect herself before he's back to using the throat.
Bucky feels himself about to blow in her mouth. He doesn't want to waste his cum, although he would love to see her face and pretty tits painted with it. He only fucks her face for a few more minutes before pulling out altogether.
"On the bed girl."
Y/n was relieved that he was done with her throat. Her jaw was beginning to become sore. Bucky gets a good look at her face one she's spread out on his soft bed for him. The tears ruined her eye make-up and her red lips were smudged. The residue of her lipstick is covered on his cock which he quickly fists off. He loved using her throat, but it was time to turn his attention onto her.
"Look how pretty you sweet and innocent for me," he coos.
As he climbs over her, Y/n wonders how she got so lucky. Bucky looks so gorgeous on top of her, and he looks at her as if she's good enough to eat. She can taste the alcohol on his soft lips as he kisses her. She wants him to consume every inch of her. She wants to be corrupted and doesn't care if God is looking down on her with shame.
Bucky's hand holds onto her hips as he pins her down. She's not going anywhere but just being able to control her body is so fun for him. His lips trail away from her lips and to her jawline. He sucks and kisses at her skin until he's nipping at her sensitive neck. She sighs and wiggles her body against his. The skin is almost ticklish because it's never been dealt with in this manner. Someone kissing her skin is so foreign, but she's already addicted to how it feels to be kissed and touched by him.
"Pretty fucking tits," he murmurs to himself when he travels further down her body.
Bucky gropes her breast until he has to take a nipple into his mouth. She sighs, still holding back her moans in shyness, when his wet mouth connects with her nipples. Every part of her body is sensitive to his touch, but her nipples are incredibly hard that it almost hurts. He maintains his gaze on her face to watch her reaction as he sucks and paws at the flesh of her body. He switches from one nipple to the other, swirling his tongue around her sensitive bud. His tongue presses flatly against her nipple, only to spring back up when he pulls his mouth away.
"It's safe to assume that no one has eaten that sweet cunt of yours?"
The way he crassly puts it makes Y/n want to hide her face. She turns her head to the side, but Bucky grabs her jaw to make her face him again. He smirks when he sees the nervous look on her face. Of course no one has gone down on her, he knows that, but it's so much more fun to hear her say it herself.
"Answer me sweetheart."
" one has been down there before," she stammers.
It's her lucky day because the first man to go down on her is one that absolutely loves eating pussy. He loves feeling a woman squirm underneath him as he holds her hips down and devours her cunt. Y/n's puffy pussy is so enticing to him that he has to feast on her. And feast he will.
"Spread those legs a little wider for me baby. Let me make you feel good."
Y/n listens to him, but she's still unsure about him going down on her.
"Are you sure Bucky?"
"Am I sure about what?"
"Going down...there," she was so embarrassed that he made her say it out loud. Talking about sex makes her feel unsexy. She's also afraid he won't like how she tastes.
Bucky sits up and leans over her. Their noses are touching and his lips barely touch hers. "I've never been so sure baby," his words ghost across her lips.
Bucky sits back up on knees, a devilish smile playing on his face. He spreads Y/n's legs further apart. The sound of her wet folds separating as her legs part makes him feel feral. Even her cunt glistens in the little lighting they have. Y/n has never been so wet or turned on in her life. Bucky could slide right in if he wanted to. Instead he descends on her pussy for the taste he's been dying to get since he spotted her in the crowd.
His hands cup her ass and he brings her pussy up to his mouth. The first contact with his tongue on her pussy makes Y/n's mind melt.
"Buck — oh my god!" She couldn't hold back her cries of pleasure even if she wanted to.
That's what Bucky wants to hear from her. He wants to hear her call out his name like she's his desperate whore. Her little pussy is just as sweet as he expected.
In just a few seconds she's begging him for more. Bucky is loving every second of this. The way her hot flesh feels against his tongue and how she's falling apart at the seams just from him licking her folds. He hasn't shown her nothing yet in terms of pleasing her body, and yet the pretty, little virgin is crying out for him to keep devouring her precious pussy.
"It feels so good Bucky — ahh!"
Her moans are just as cute as her. Bucky hums into her pussy as his tongue dives between her folds. Every time he slides his tongue closer to her clit he gets a louder reaction. He knows the moment he attaches his mouth to it that it's going to drive her crazy; she's going to have her first orgasm on his tongue.
When his lips finally wrap around her clit, the most obscene moans escape Y/n's mouth. Bucky is so turned on by the sound of her cries that he ruts himself against the bed. He wants to fuck into her so bad already, but this pussy is just too good to pull his mouth away from. His whole body is heated as more of her arousal flows into his mouth. Her clit is so sensitive but that doesn't stop him from sucking harshly on the bud. Y/n begins to paw at his head in an attempt to push him away; she's utterly overwhelmed. But, Bucky just locks his arms around her thighs and keeps his mouth on her. The look in his eyes tells her to stop and let him do his job. Y/n tries, she desperately tries to control her body, but it just feels too good to stay still.
The cry of his name becomes so familiar on her tongue. She's still so nervous but she gives herself no choice but to surrender herself to him. Each moment they go further and further until Y/n is pushed to the edge of a new limit for herself. Her body feels light and heavy at the same time. She's nearly done for when a finger makes its way into her pussy, followed by a second. Bucky scissors his fingers out in her pussy to stretch her for him. She's so slick and wet, but he wants her to get accustomed to an intrusion in her little cunt. He massages her walls with the pads of his fingers. They clench around him before beginning to spasm. His fingers just push her closer to her first, and hardest orgasm of her life.
Y/n does not like to swear, but the situation warrants it as her body goes under. Her vision is obscured by patches of white in her eyes. She begins to babble as if she's cock drunk and she hasn't even gotten his cock yet. She underestimated how a mouth and two fingers could bring her to her knees metaphorically. If it wasn't for how broken her mind is, she'd be crying out 'I love you' over and over again.
Bucky pulls his fingers out and laps at her sweetness. He doesn't take too much time licking up her nectar because his cock is so hard and looking for its home. Her pussy is perfect for him
"I'm gonna fuck you until you cry," he groans as he sits up and grabs the base of his cock.
The head of his cock is aimed right at her pussy. It's so hard that it almost looks painful for him. She hates to kill his momentum, but she has to ask, "shouldn't we use a condom?" Her voice is weak from the orgasm that just wore her out. Even on autopilot her anxiousness gets the best of her.
Bucky pauses. He's a little annoyed by her question as he believes she should just go with what's happening.
"I wanna feel all of you baby — besides, I'm clean."
Bucky was not going to fuck that pussy with a condom. There is no way he was going to slide his thick cock into that virgin pussy without feeling for himself how wet and warm it is.
"Do you want me to fuck you or not princess?" His delivery is a bit harsh, but he uses it to assert his authority over her. She's not going to say no to her favorite rockstar he says he just wants to worship her body.
Y/n silences herself but nods her head. She's afraid, but she also doesn't want him to stop. When he says, "good girl," she knows that she's made the right decision.
He glides the head of his cock between her slippery folds. Every time he slides past her entrance, Y/n thinks he's going to slide in, but he continues to tease her. He douses his cock in her slick that just kept seeping out of her. She acts so hesitant yet this little pussy can't stop flowing for him.
"I really wanna fuck that pussy from behind and watch your ass smack against mine. But, I'll be a nice man and let you see my face while I pick your cherry."
Finally he places the head right at her slit and slowly begins to slide in. Every muscle in her body tenses up and she shoots right up.
"No, no — it's okay baby. Just relax for me, okay? Relax for Bucky."
His words only placate her a little bit. She lays back down for him but it's hard to relax completely when his big cock is nearly splitting her open. The air is plucked right from her and she can't even moan, let alone speak.
Bucky almost slides all of himself inside of her before pulling all the way out again. Y/n feels so empty at the loss of him. The next time he's pushing into her he moves a little more quicker. He can't take too much time or else he's going to explode inside of her without really getting to fuck her. Bucky has to calm himself down too so he doesn't blow his load. Her pussy is just so tight and inviting; definitely the snuggest cunt he's had in a while.
She winces as he pushes in deeper and deeper and Bucky begins to caress her skin; he wants to corrupt her, not hurt her.
"Shh, shh baby it's okay. Daddy's got you and that pretty pussy baby..."
His words of encouragement turn her on and make her feel a little bit better. The man who's posters are on the walk of her dorm is fucking her and talking to her sweetly. He's making her into a woman.
Bucky grabs her legs and places them on his shoulder. "Shit," he grunts when the new position gives him much deeper access. He can't believe he has so much patience when he really wants to tear her pussy up. He knows she can't handle it quite yet though.
"Ahh! It's so big, Bucky!" She whines. Her nails dig into his forearms from the pain as she tries to adjust to his size.
"A big cock for a big girl."
Bucky pauses for a second to take in the feeling of her silky walls. Y/n is grateful for the time he takes to admire how she feels because she needs this moment to adjust to him. He’s so big, nearly splitting her in half, but she doesn’t want this moment to end. There is no better person she could give her virginity to. Even if Bucky’s not necessarily as gentle as the first man she’d imagine to have sex with, nor is he someone’s she in a relationship with, but this is so much better than anything else she could have gotten.
“You have the wettest pussy on earth,” he fawns before he begins to move again.
Bucky works her up to a steady pace that is still careful of her delicate frame. Her nails in his skin sting but the pain goes straight to his cock. She doesn’t know just how much he likes it rough and how much restraint he’s actually showing. Once she gets used to him, he’s going to take the stress out on her perfect, untouched body. She’ll be his fuck doll for the night.
“How does it feel, baby? How does it feel to have my big dick inside of you?” Bucky lays his hand on her lower stomach, “can you feel me right here?”
His hand snakes down to rub light circles into her clit. He feels her thighs shivering against his sides. She’s so precious; he could do anything to her and she’d enjoy it, turning into a moaning mess in a second. There are tears in the corners of eyes that spill out once she forces her eyes shut. Her fingernails have exited his skin and settled for gripping at the sheets near her head. Bucky leans down to kiss between the valley of her breast. Her back arches into the air, his lips digging into her skin in the process. “So good…so, so good,” he whispers against her skin. His warm breath tickles her skin. She feels like she’s walking into the gates of heaven as his cock inside of her begins to feel good. It’s electrifying to be so filled by such a man. This feels like a dirty secret she should keep to her grave, but also something she should scream on top of the world’s largest mountain.
Bucky sits up again and cups her face. She’s still so pure even with his cock stuffed inside of her. His cock curves inside of her and rubs against her sweet spot, and he’s just seconds away from giving in and ruining her. His touch, the thickness of cock, should be imprinted on her mind for the rest of her life. She’ll think about him even when she’s married with children. God — Bucky wishes he can just scoop her up and take her with him, but a good girl like her would be ruined by his lifestyle. He likes how sinless she is, and he doesn’t want that to change.
“H-Harder,” she whispers.
Neither of them can believe the word that escapes from her mouth, but who is Bucky to deny her? His hips snap against hers and he fucks into her harder just like she asks. His cock is so heavy inside of her but the burn of the stretch is so delicious. She holds onto him for dear life again. She’s desperate to have another orgasm. It felt so good when she came on his tongue, and she wants to experience it again on his cock. Bucky can feel her tightening up and he’s threatening to spill his seed inside of her.
“C’mon sweetheart,” he rubs her clit harder now, “cum for me princess. Cum all over daddy’s big dick.”
Y/n groans at his demand. She’s so close to cumming for him and that’s all she wants to do. She wants to obey his every whim, no matter how taxing it is.
There are stars in her eyes as she begins to cum around his cock, just for him. Her voice is too weak for her to moan out loud for him, but her whimpers get him going. The warmth spreads throughout her body and she swears she’s seeing stars at this point.
A string of profanities escape his lips and he pulls out of her before she could fully ride out her hide. She whines at the empty feeling inside of her. Bucky was about to cum inside of her, but he wants to take her from behind now that he’s taken her once and made her cum. He doesn’t say anything as he moves her limp body around like she’s a rag doll. He places her on her stomach and then pulls her hips back and into the air. Her knees sink into the bed as she lays with her face down and ass up. Bucky is feeding his cock into her pussy within seconds. Her eyes widened at the new position giving him even more access to her poor pussy. She can feel his tip teasing her cervix. Bucky isn’t so keen on being nice and slow for her this time around. The squelching of her cunt and the slapping of their skin is loud and lascivious.
“Fuck baby — I’m gonna cum in this pussy,” he moans.
Y/n wasn’t on any sort of birth control, but she isn’t going to stop him. She knows it’s a risk, but she just hopes for the best because she needs his cock inside of her. Her morals are as shaky as the legs she’s laying on.
“Gonna let daddy cum in this pretty pussy?”
“Yes!” Her voice is muffled by the blankets on the bed, but he hears her loud and clear.
“Good girl — such a slut for me.”
Being called a slut shouldn’t be such a turn on, but it makes Y/n’s pussy even wetter. Her heat was more intoxicating than any alcohol he’s had tonight. The veins of his cock slide against her soft walls and he fits into her like a glove; her pussy is too good not to pound.
“Fuck princess I’m about to cum…’m bout to give you my big, fat load.”
All Y/n can do is whine. She grabs at the bed and squeezes onto the nearest blanket very tight. She’s going to cum again; she can feel it deep in her stomach.
Bucky was lost in a trance watching her ass bounce against him as his cock disappeared in her tight cunt. But he wasn’t dazed enough not to notice the small gesture of Y/n pushing her hips back against him. He can’t help but smirk at the fact that he turned this sweet virgin playing dress up into his slut. It makes his cock twitch inside of her and he’s finally about to cum. He can feel her getting close again too.
“Cum with me sweet girl — wanna cum with you.”
Y/n feels special hearing those words from him. He wasn’t a selfish man, he spoiled her pussy two times and he’s about to do it again for the third time tonight. His cock keeps spearing her open, reaching deep inside her tight canal. Her pussy gives him one good squeeze before she begins to milk. She can feel his cum spreading inside of her, causing her to gasp as it triggers her own orgasm. He comes to a halt as he bursts inside of her. His hand reaches down to rub her clit through her own orgasm and she begins to shiver under his touch.
“B-Bucky — my god,” her voice is broken and faint.
Y/n can barely keep her eyes open as she feels his cum filling her up inside. It’s so warm and feels like it’s spreading without her body.
Bucky doesn’t want to pull out; he wants to stay buried in that cunt forever. But, he’s dying to see his cum drip out of her. He pulls out of her slowly and watches a gush of white escape from her hole. “Fuck, that’s it baby,” he coos as more and more flows out. He didn’t realize that he had so much pent up inside of him until he saw it dripping out of her. He rubs the head of his cock through her folds before pushing his cream back in.
He’s utterly spent; that girl and her pussy wore him out. He collapses on the bed next to her and pulls her into his arms. Bucky really should be cleaning her up and sending her on her merry way, but he needs to feel someone’s touch tonight after that. It feels nice to cuddle with her although it’s not his most favorite thing to do with a hook-up. He sees it as something that’s too intimate, something lovers should do, but it is the least he can do after being the first man to use her body. But, Bucky also doesn’t want to admit that he enjoyed tonight a little bit more than usual.
“Rest up sweetheart. I’ll get you home tonight,” Bucky coos, his nose pressing into the hot skin on her cheek. Y/n nods absentmindedly. Her mind was totally consumed with being in the arms of her favorite rockstar who had now fucked his way into being her favorite person in the world.
Bucky lets her rest up before he’s cleaning up the mess between her legs. Most of it has dried up, but there are still remnants of the mix of their cum clinging to her inner thigh. He’s proud of his handiwork and looking at the pretty girl laying in his bed is further proof.
Y/n sits up and begins to search for her clothes. Bucky watches her every move. She can barely walk from the exhaustion and soreness that is now ravaging her body. He’s enamored by the sight of her, as if she’s the famous one. It’s so ridiculous how much his heart swells just watching her try to make herself look presentable again. She still looks so sweet and innocent even after getting her brains fucked out.
Bucky doesn’t know what compels him to say something stupid to the girl. He doesn’t make promises, because they are often broken, but he plans on keeping this one. He cups her face with his hands which forces her to stop and look at him. There are just as many stars in his eyes as there are hers.
“Next time you’re in New York, you call me. Or, wherever the hell you are, you call me and I’ll be there to fuck the shit out of you. Anytime, any place baby.
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georgiapeach30513 · a month ago
Desperate Affairs Masterlist
Tumblr media
Engaged to Andy Barber, and deeming him too safe, and only wanting to be intimate to get you pregnant, you start a sex only relationship with Ransom Drysdale.  Nothing is ever easy, and you get yourself into a web of lies.  Are you the only one lying?
Part 1, Part 2, Part 2.5, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 6.5, Part 7, Part 8, Part 8.5, Jake Jensen, Part 9, Part 9.5, Meeting Andy, Part 10, Part 10.5, Girl Talk, Part 11, Part 11.5, Part 12, Part 12.5, Part 13, Part 13.5, Mrs. Barber, Part 14, Part 14.5, Part 15, Part 15.5, Part 16, Part 16.5, Ransom’s Girls, Part 17, Part 17.5, Part 18, Part 18.5, Camera Footage, Mary Adler, Part 19, Frank, Ransom, Andy, Part 20, Halloween
A/N: this is a dark!fic that is a cheating story. Each chapter will be tagged with warnings. There are moments of dub con/non con, cheating, secrets, lies, manipulations, mental health, death threats, abuse, death, etc. proceed with caution. YOU are the one responsible for the content you consume.
Tumblr media
*This has a whole heap of Chris Evans characters!  Only 4 more and EVERY CE character will be in this*  Only 3 More to go! Unless I add in his EARLY works.
Ransom Drysdale, Andy Barber, Robert “Mr. Freezy” Pronge, Steve Rogers, Jake Jensen, Frank Adler, Mike Weiss, Paul Diskant, Curtis Everett, Ari Levinson, Bill, James Mace, Bryce Langley, Johnny Storm, Colin Shea, Harvard Hottie, Kyle, Jake Wyler, Syd, Lucas Lee, Me, Chris Evans, Dennis Baker, Dr. Fisk, Jimmy Dobyne, Ryan, Lloyd Hansen, Neil Mavromates,  Nick Gant, Judd, Casey Jones, Nick Vaughan
Tumblr media
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idy-ll-ique · 2 months ago
*y/n walks into the room to see bucky sitting in front of the computer, having an existential crisis*
y/n: ...what happened
bucky, teary-eyed: AM I A ROBOT?!?!
y/n, turning to loki who is also in the room: WHAT DID YOU DO
y/n: jfc—
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geminixevans · 16 days ago
Baby Boy
Tumblr media
Pairing: sub!Bucky Barnes x Mommy!Black Reader
Words: 1.7k+
Summary: It’s been two weeks since he had the privilege of sucking on his favorite part of you and he just can’t wait.
Warnings: 18+ Minors DNI, Smut, Explicit language, Explicit sexual content, mommy kink, (pet names: Sweet boy, baby boy, sweet baby), unprotected vaginal sex, Bucky in thigh high socks, nipple sucking,
A/N: @spikefromlr chose violence against me again and I decided to go to hell. It could be tame but who knows. I have been openly honest about my mommy kink discovery and it has been a ride lol. I hope everyone enjoys it! Like, Comment, & Reblog! ♥ Divider by @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media
Fingers mixing with suds and water, you carefully wash your soldier's hair after a long two weeks away from you. Tonight was his night and you were gonna make sure he knew it. Bucky had been gone far too long and it was as hard on him as it was for you. Giving him a well-needed scalp massage, he let out the sweetest groans, relaxing himself into the comforts of you.
You fill the small basin with water, rinsing out the remaining bubbles from his clean strands. The look of contentment plastered on his face was all you needed, “Feeling better baby?” you purr in his ear, leaning down to drag slow kisses down his face.
“So good, just what I needed” he murmurs letting his head rest against the edge of the tub. He could stay here all night as long as he was near you. Having been on mission after mission caused him to not have any physical touch, even from himself. He promised you that he wouldn’t. He couldn’t deny that you look so delicious and his favorite parts of you were on display in his face.
Bucky leans his head closer to your cleavage trying to take a quick nip, you catching on to his movements, “Oh no baby boy, we need to get you dressed first,” standing up and holding your hand out, “Come on, we have all night for that,” you say with a sweet smile, seeing the pout etched across his face.
With utter reluctance, he reaches out for you, careful to not drag you into the water with him as he stands up out of the water and steps out one foot at a time. You already had his favorite attire laid out in the bathroom, spreading lotion over his skin slowly, leaving no part untouched.
This was like a work of art for you. But for him? Pure. Torture. Oh, he was ready to get his pretty mouth latched on your nipples so he could relax all night.
But you weren’t making it easy on him. No, you wanted him to be fully relaxed before he decided to devour you like the good boy that he was. With smooth movements, you slip on his fav thigh-high socks, something you found he was very fond of when he was being a needy baby.
Who were you to deny him something so simple when he was out saving the world all the time? His briefs slid easily over his ass, his cheeks filling the fabric out nicely. With the last tease of the night, you slide your hands up his legs stopping at his cheeks giving a firm squeeze, slotting your lips over his.
He melted into the kiss whining against your lips. You pull back slightly, staring into those azure eyes, “Ready for bed?” his eager nod was all you needed as you took his hand and leading him into your shared room.
There he was wrapped around you, hands pawing at your shirt the minute he laid down. His lips nipping and sucking at your neck as he whines in your ear were setting you off more than usual. You cup his face in your hands watching his frantic eyes dart to your full breasts, “So needy aren’t you sweet baby?” you say nuzzling your nose against his. Feeling his breath relax, he leans up pressing his lips to yours. This wasn’t a hungry passionate kiss that he usually gives you. No, this one was soft and full of unbridle want.
It was so hard not to fall into his spell when he was being so sweet and patient. But oh did the tables turn in a quick second, you felt the growl creep from his throat, his hand slipping under the short hem, pushing it past the valley of your full mounds.
He gave you one looking asking for permission as you nod your head. With one quick motion, your shirt was torn in half and your back met the softness of the sheets. Slotting himself between your thighs, he marvels at your breasts on display, mouth watering to lick and suck all over them and you were more than ready to give him what he needed.
It made your whole being swell and how he looked at you. Like you were the only person on this earth. His hands cupped at the curve of your heavy breasts, him groaning feeling them in his grasp again. Without hesitation he dipped lower to capture your nipple in his mouth, your eyes fluttering from his tongue laving over the swollen bud.
His hungry groans could be heard throughout the room, him releasing you with a sound pop. “Missed you so much mommy,” he whispers keeping his eyes on you as he latches his on the other nipple, nibbling and sucking hungrily.
The warmth spreads through your body at your given name. Something that he started calling you one night when the Winter Soldier tried to take over. You let out a broken moan, feeling his squeeze, and hungrily suck on your nipples keeping a steady suction.
You lace your fingers through his hair watching as he gets his fill, feeling your panties damped the more his eyes bore into yours. The fabric clinging to your puffy folds and wetness seeping from the sides.
You both were too far gone in each to even care about anything else. “Mommy couldn’t stop thinking about her best boy. Been so lonely without you,” whining out as you lift your hips to ground your soaking petals against his straining bulge.
Bucky let out a strangled gasp as she switched back, shutting his eyes as you seek friction, dampening the front of his briefs. His hands find the band of your panties, pushing them down with his, looking up at your desperately, “What is it, baby boy? Tell mommy what you need,” you knew exactly what he needed and you weren’t going to play games with him.
Pulling his hair slightly, making your nipple slip from his mouth, “Take what you need from mommy,” he wastes no time practically the fabric from both bodies, aligning his weeping head with your quivering hole, sinking in slowly, “that’s it, sweet baby, mommy’s here. Filling her so good,” you moan out wrapping your arms around his back.
He lowers his head once more wrapping his lips around your erect nipples, gripping your waist with both hands as he bottoms out inside of you, dragging his length in and out of your needy slit, whimpering against your skin, “So needy baby boy,” you purr softly, stroking his scalp as he snaps his hips against yours, “Gonna give you everything you want. Fuck baby right there, making mommy feel so good,” arching up to him as he changes his angle hitting your sweet spot over and over again.
Feeling too good inside of you, Bucky finally lets go of milking your tits, bringing his forehead to yours, “Missed being inside you mommy, So tight and warm,” he grunts against your lips, wrapping your legs around his waist, driving into you desperately. His lips creep up to the crook of your neck licking and sucking hungrily leaving marks at the surface.
You pulling at his soft locks, bringing him to face you as you give a verbal signal to let you on top. He carefully flips you over watching in amazement at you hovering over him. His hands rest at your hips gripping lightly, letting you sink all the way down. You both let the most delicious sounds as you place your hands flat to his chest, raising your hips up and down.
“Must have been hard sweet boy,” leaning down to capture his lips with yours, “Being so horny and couldn’t even touch yourself. Were you a good boy for mommy?” you ask breathlessly sliding up and sinking down on his cock over and over, squeezing your slick walls around his length. His grip on your hips tightens, at the snug fit, eyes rolling to white at the mind-blowing sensation.
“Always mommy. O-oh fuck!” his breath quicken as your tongue laves over the spot on his neck that makes him feral, “Wanted to touch myself so fuckin bad. All I could think about was you,” his groans turn into pleading whimpers as your roll your hips just how he like, getting his cock creamy with your arousal.
“Yeah? Making mommy so proud you know that? It’s okay you’re home now, let mommy take care of you. Gonna be a good boy and let me do that?” He wanted to. He really wanted you to take care of him. But his balls were drawing up and he was near his completion. It had been two weeks without you and he was surprised he lasted this long.
With one quick motion, he flipped you both to the side, hiking your leg over his hip. His hand collided with your ass cheeks spreading them open as he piston in and out of you at a rapid pace, “C-can’t hold on mommy. Cum for me please? Need to feel you fall apart on my cock,” he pleads as he moans grow louder.
Knowing just what he needed, you press your fingers to his lips, him opening his mouth automatically. He sucked hungrily on your digits and you pushed them past his tongue prodding at his throat. “That’s its sweet baby, like sucking on mommy's fingers like a whore don’t you?” That was as all it took for his strokes to become erratic, gripping your hips tightly, knowing bruises would be left.
His words were muffled, but he opened his mouth wide enough, “Oh fuck mommy! I’m… I’m.. fuck! Fuckkkk” he cries out emptying two weeks worth of cum in your spasming hole. He filled you up to the brim, feeling the warmth spread inside and seep out of you, triggering your release.
Your head snapping back as you tumbled into bliss, calling out his name as your climb higher and higher. The coil snapping over and over as orgasm after orgasm came crashing down, racking your body to violent tremors. Bucky held you close to him, stroking your back as you came down. Both lost in euphoria, crashing your lips together in hungry passion.
Breaths were collected simultaneously, foreheads pressed together as your lips met in soft needed kisses. It took a while for silence to wash across the room and in the end, you two were sated.
“Welcome home…”
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riverevelations · 2 months ago
pursuit of happiness
— he’s your daddy’s best friend, you shouldn’t feel this way about him. yet, everything that should send you running for the hills only pulls you closer into his arms.
Tumblr media
PAIRING ; dad’s bestfriend!bucky x f!reader
GENERAL WARNINGS ; MINORS DO NOT INTERACT, smut, masturbation, mutual pining, forbidden love, angst, fluff, violence, arguments, trauma, blood, weapons, the works. specific warnings will be added to each chapter.
STATUS ; in progress
DISCLAIMERS ; reader is at least 18 or over during each and every event that takes place. reader is also written with very few descriptive words so this story can be read and enjoyed by everyone!
NOTES ; taglist is open for this series, lmk if you want to be added!
— divider by @firefly-graphics
— moodboard by @bvckysmoon
Tumblr media
i. on my mind. || 3,057
ii. something ‘bout you
iii. on my tongue
iv. born to be wild
v. feel me, want me, love me
vi. fireworks
vii. cherry wine
viii. what we were
ix. ballad of our love
x. one final act
Tumblr media
xx @doubleleoenergy @burberrybaby @lxst-sxulss @beavtifvl-creatvres @eireduchess @pinknerdpanda @multiplums @wintersschildrenn @sydneekomspacekru @sokovianheadtilt @winterrskywalker @sebbstanblues @metalbuckaroo @simplystevies @chanelfaerie @suchababie @iamjusthereforsebastianstan @midnightf @maladaptivexxdaydreaming @tedpicklez @ali-the-alien @mrsmusicaddict @mrjamesstark @gray-reads @yajairuhhh @kissinglikecake @agentofbarnes @dontworrysunflower @julesisgone @mrsgrealishxx @dexter99 @sarahs-secrets114 @not-another-fangirl @iwannabeyourlastfirstkissxx-blog @whatinthestyles @mitchrappkillme @its-yasbxtch
Tumblr media
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the-iceni-bitch · 2 months ago
Shovin’ Into Overdrive
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x cop!fem Reader
Summary: You’re real sick of the fucking Avengers and their lackadaisical approach to highway safety.
Warnings: explicit language, explicit sexual content (m receiving oral sex, unprotected vaginal sex, semi public sex, slightly subby Bucky), Bucky’s a bit of an asshole and then grumpy with no good justification, SMUT!!!! 18+ ONLY!!!!
A/N: This is my second entry for @syntheticavenger ‘s How it Started/How it’s Going 5k challenge, and my prompt was “Bucky Barnes and giving him a speeding ticket”. These are all giving me sassy reader vibes, so prepare yourselves for another frustrated super soldier!
I’m no longer doing taglists so if you want to stay up to date on all the latest filth, follow my sideblog @the-iceni-library and turn on notifications!!!
Tumblr media
How it Started:
You leaned back on your bike as you chatted idly over the radio with Ida in dispatch, looking for something to break up the monotony of getting stuck on speed trap duty.
“Any plans for the weekend, sweetie?” Being the only two women on your podunk little police force in upstate New York meant you had almost not choice but to grow close, even if the woman was almost 20 years your senior.
“Nothing. Maybe I’ll head to the Kettle in town for some drinks, but probably just end up reading the Hobbit again.” You shrugged at your lack of a social life. “You seeing the grandkids again?”
“Yeah, they’re taking the train up from the city…”
You didn’t hear the rest of what she was saying when a motorcycle suddenly roared past you at a breakneck speed, causing you to jolt up with a curse and turn on your siren.
“Shit! Ida, I’ve got some asshole with a deathwish I gotta deal with.”
“Ok! Be safe!”
You peeled out to pursue the speedster, frowning to yourself as you waited for them to slow down for you. When you had moved to this town you had been hoping to get away from reckless idiocy.
The bike slowed down and moved to the side of the road, and you sighed when you spotted the couple that was straddling the bike. You did not feel like dealing with some horny moron who was trying to impress a girl to get in her pants.
“Do you know how fast you were going?”
He pulled his helmet off and you groaned.
The other reason you had left the city was you were sick of dealing with all the extra paperwork that came with being in the same city as most of the Avengers. Of course, the town you moved to had to be the same one their new compound was being built in, because you were the unluckiest bitch on the planet.
And here you were, staring at super soldier Bucky Barnes grinning at you like an idiot while you were about to write him a ticket. You hated your life.
“Oh, lady cop.” Nope, you were already over this. “Hey there doll. Sorry, was I going a little fast?”
You frowned at the cocky grin he was giving you, turning your disapproving stare to the woman on the back of the bike, who you recognized as one of the bartenders from the Kettle, the only bar in your crappy small town. This shit was so not what you wanted to deal with today.
“License and registration.”
“I mean, do you really need to see my ID, sweetheart?” He ran his tongue over his bottom lip and winked at you.
“Yeah, he’s an Avenger, Y/N.” The bartender was giving you a look like she was begging you to not fuck this up for her, even though this douchebag was flirting with you right in front of her.
“And that’s super impressive Sandy. But I’m gonna need to see a license.”
“Babe, gimme a little leeway here.” He was giving you this puppy dog look that probably worked for him most of the time, but just made you roll your eyes at him. “I left my wallet back at the compound. You can stop by tomorrow and I’ll show you whatever you want to see.”
Jesus, was this dick asking you on a date while his current date was sitting right behind him? You pulled off your sunglasses and gave him an unnerving smile as you reached for your shoulder radio.
“Hey Ida? I’m gonna need a tow truck.”
The way that cocky grin immediately disappeared was all the validation you needed, drinking in his scorn like water as you leaned back on your heels and wrote his ticket while he got off the bike and strode towards you in a fury.
“What the fuck? You’re towing my bike?” He had completely forgotten about Shari or Sam or whatever the fuck her name was as he tried to keep from screaming at you. “Honey, I was just speeding.”
“Without a license, apparently.” You ignored his incredulous scoff and handed him the ticket. “And it’s officer Y/L/N. Now, do you need a ride back to town, or can Iron Man come give you a lift?”
How it’s Going:
“Baby, fuck.” Bucky’s back arched him towards your mouth when you swallowed around him. “God, that feels so good.”
“Calm down, Barnes.” You pulled him out of your mouth so you could scold him, running your fist over his cock and giving him a wicked grin. “I don’t want to explain to impound how the window bars got ripped off, again.”
“Well, maybe quit having us fuck in the back of your cruiser, doll.” He groaned when you suckled at his tip again, before taking him fully in your mouth and starting to fuck your face on his dick. “Shit!”
He never thought he would have ended up here, with you. He’d never been more pissed than when Steve and Sam had to drive him down to the precinct the day after you took his bike, those two assholes giving him a constant stream of grief for thinking with his dick and finally having it blow up in his face.
What made it even worse was when you were hanging out at the impound desk, looking all kinds of hot in your fucking uniform and boots while you chatted with the officer who was working. Then Steve and Sam managed to figure out who you were, and started flirting with you like a couple of morons while he had to do paperwork. And you flirted back with them, not like when he tried and you just rolled your eyes at him.
After that he seemed to run into you everywhere. If he went to the park, there you were on patrol. If he went into town for a coffee, you were chatting up the barista he’d slept with a few months ago. Even running to the grocery store, he had to watch you take a report from the owner about some teenage shoplifter.
He finally got pushed over the edge when the team went to the Kettle for some bonding one night and he spotted some pretty thing in a teasing red dress, but when he went to flirt with her and ask her for a dance, it was you! You still danced with him though, rolling your eyes in the way you did every time he talked to you before pressing the front of your body to his and swaying to the music.
He wasn’t entirely sure what happened, but the next thing he knew he was eating you out from the back in a bathroom stall while you made some truly breathtaking noises. And when he buried his cock in that tight little pussy? He knew he was done for.
You knew his reputation, almost every single girl in your small town had fallen victim to his philandering, and you were fine with a one night stand to get him out of your system. But then he showed up the next day at the precinct with flowers and as much as you wanted to put him off, he was acting all sweet and sheepish and damn if that didn’t warm your heart just the tiniest bit. Plus, you’d been running into each other everywhere anyway so you might as well do it on purpose a few times.
So now the two of you were basically fucking every opportunity you had. You may have been able to put him off, but the man was surprisingly sweet and thoughtful on your dates and it just made you want to put out. It was a good thing you didn’t care about what other people thought of you, because pretty much every other woman in town gave you the murder glare whenever you two were out together. Even if you had cared, the man gave it to you so good that it wouldn’t have mattered either way.
Back to the present, the man was wrapping his hands in your hair and thrusting into your throat desperately before shooting his cum into your mouth with a low moan. You swallowed everything he gave you before releasing him with a wet pop, grinning as you crawled up his body and nuzzled into his neck while he panted underneath you.
“What d’ya think, Sarge?” You purred as you started mouthing at his throat, winding your limbs through his and grinning. “Ready for round two?”
“Just, gimme a minute.” He ran his metal hand over his face as he worked to reset, the way your tongue flicked over the curve of his jaw doing a lot to help him get hard again. “Alright, officer, pull up your skirt.”
You tossed back your head and laughed, the melodious sound of your mirth making his chest ache as you sat up over him and moved to straddle his lap. His hands skimmed over your thighs before curling around your hips as he gazed up at you, his breath leaving him in a deep sigh when you sank down on him.
Bucky groaned when you started to ride him, the feel of your warm, wet pussy throbbing around him making him crazy. He rolled his hips to meet yours, winding his arms around your waist so he could meet your lips with his as he sat up. Your hands wound through his hair while you writhed against him, tugging at his lips with yours until his chest rumbled with a deep growl.
His cock hit you deep and you gasped, your thighs squeezing his hips as he started driving up into you even harder. Bucky drank each of your soft wanton sounds like oxygen, those beautiful mewls like a balm that made him feel all warm in his chest.
“Fuck, Bucky, right there.” Your whole body was starting to tighten around him, a warm coil of pleasure gathering in your core as he started grinding against your clit.
“Yeah? C’mon baby.” He flicked his tongue against yours when you gave him a soft whimper. “Wanna feel you soak me.”
“Wow, what a romantic.” You tried to tease him but fuck, he was good at this.
He just grinned at you when he angled his thrusts so he could keep hitting the same spot over and over, biting his lip when your head rolled on your shoulders as you whined for him. One more push at that perfect angle and you were sagging into him with a sob, panting into his neck as you fluttered around him and your release soaked his cock so he could fuck into you even harder. It barely took anything before he was filling you up with a soft murmur of your name, his hands smoothing over your spine while the two of you came down and he considered how exactly to say what he wanted to you.
“Hey, Y/N?” He pressed his lips to your hair once his breathing had regulated.
“You… um… you wanna take the bikes up to the Catskills next weekend?” Goddamn it, what a coward.
You snorted at his question, sitting up so you could look him in the eyes.
“Fine. But bring your license this time.” You gave him a quick peck on the lips and he smiled. “And I love you too, you idiot.”
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ladyfallonavenger · 6 days ago
Unforgiving First Time
Dark Bucky Barnes x Reader
1360 Words (so excessive for only 11 sentences)
Warnings: NSFW 18+ minors DNI, smut, sex pollen, non con/dub con, knife play, breeding kink, unprotected sex, confusion, submission and loss of virginity
Summary: Bucky uses sex pollen to take what he sees as his.
Prompts: First Time (WITDB) and “I’ll give you five seconds to reconsider” (11 Sentence Challenge)
A/N: So again I have fallen out with Microsoft Word and the old English teacher side of me to break all writing rules and create another 11 sentence tale. Not only is it for the 11 sentence challenge but it’s also a submission for the Writing in the Dark Bingo. I’m still not convinced it’s as good as my other stuff but 11 sentences is a tall order. Feel free to like, reblog and/or comment, I always appreciate my readers and their feedback. I hope you enjoy it. As always, my work is not beta read, my mistakes are my own and I DO NOT GIVE PERMISSION FOR OTHERS TO TAKE MY WORK AND POST IT ELSEWHERE.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pride filled his chest as he took in her blissed out form; it may not have been what she wanted but it was what she needed and only he knew what was best for her even though she’d been denying it for so long until she hit that point of complete desperation…
Y/N’s temperature had been soaring for the last twenty minutes, her vision blurring and her head woozy; she was uncomfortable and had an itch that she couldn’t scratch; she hadn’t realised Bucky had slipped something into her drink that had driven her to this point and he just sat there pretending to not notice as he read the newspaper while she writhed in agonising pain.
“Must get to Banner for medical help” Y/N muttered to herself to keep motivated while stumbling off of her chair and falling to the floor with a thump; Bucky got up immediately to aid Y/N in standing and put his hand on her forehead
“Doll you don’t look to great” he insisted knowing exactly what was wrong;
“Bucky it burns, I don’t know how to stop it, I need to get to the med bay” her voice sounded so frantic as she trembled in front of him, sparks ignited throughout her as Bucky placed his hands on her shoulders.
“Doll the med bay won’t help” he spoke soothingly and thought her confused look was adorable,
“Bucky I’m burning up and in” she squeezed her thighs together and was silenced by Bucky placing his finger over her lips;
“Doll you are so naïve, you are suffering the effects of the sex pollen I put in your drink” he admitted as his face seemed to darken in a more sinister way
“Why, why would you do that when I’ve always trusted you”
“Because I want to be your first and only, no more of that guy in the PR office flirting with you because I won’t allow it” Bucky grimaced at the thought of Todd in PR trying to charm his way into Y/N’s bed;
“No, I won’t,” she paused as ripple of arousal swept through her painfully, she fought the urge to touch herself, “I won’t let you Bucky, I trusted you with the secret that I’m a virgin, I trusted you because I respect you but no, you won’t have me” she hollered at him.
Backing her against the wall, he leant down to her ear knowing full well she was caged and feeling her shudder against him
“Oh Doll, I’ll give you five seconds to reconsider”
“Or else what” she breathlessly challenged
“I will carry you up to my room and fuck you senseless anyway” his eyes were full of a determined promise that just begged her to challenge him one more time and give him his way; she gulped slowly and suddenly felt much smaller than normal against Bucky’s strong and intimidating frame, at the same time she was so turned on by what he said and wanted to be rid of this burning horniness that was consuming her, her eyes narrowed at him slightly,
“I… said… no” she dared one last time only for him to suddenly throw her on his shoulder and take her up to his room; the more she fought and wriggled to get away to more aroused she was becoming and all Bucky could do was smile triumphantly because he had her where he wanted her.
Kicking his door closed, he threw her onto the bed not giving her time to move as he mounted her and held her down, tears formed in Y/N’s eyes and she wasn’t sure if it was because of the pollen or the fact that he was about to take her virginity without her consent; he pulled his t-shirt off, his muscular body made her ache in ways she’d never felt and she cursed her body for betraying her this way; while her mind screamed no – her body screamed yes and this conflict was breaking her resolve, there was no fight from her as he lifted her shirt over her head with urgency; he ripped her leggings down and off in haste before reaching into his boot and retrieving a knife; pressing the blade on Y/N’s stomach (but not hard enough to cut her) she gasped with need as he ran it down under the elastic of her panties and cutting them off with ease, following it up with cutting her bra straps and removing it with little effort.
Bucky’s hands roamed Y/N’s body as he assaulted her neck with loving kisses, nipping and sucking at the skin and listening to the symphony of mewls dripping from her lips for him and him only, his hand dipped between her thighs running his fingers through her slit and toying with her clit with the pads of his fingertips
“Please Bucky” she implored
“What do you need Doll?” he asked knowing her answer
“You, I need you to take this burning ache away, please fuck me” she was desperate and Bucky could only respond with a shit eating grin followed by a deep kiss where he sucked on her tongue before preparing to give her what she needed.
She frantically helped him pushing his jeans and boxers down, her eyes panned at the size of him knowing that this was going to be her first time; not caring for the panic etched on her face, he didn’t even prepare her because he just couldn’t wait any longer – an animal driven by the need to seal the fate of its prey, Bucky lined himself up and plunged in, her screams of pain urged Bucky to keep pushing until he was in to the hilt
“You’re taking me well Doll, I’m going to give you what you need” he promised swallowing her response in a kiss before she could get the words out and beginning to move, building up a rhythm.
She began to block out the pain from friction burn and being stretched out with no preparation as the feeling of intense pleasure began to take over; Bucky began to map out her body with a series of caresses, licks, nips and kisses – learning to respond her needs while simultaneously fulfilling his own
“I’m going to enjoy watching this belly swell with our babies” he confessed as he drew patterns, with his tongue, over her abdomen and hearing her pleas for more; he began to build up speed, hitting that spot with every thrust as his name became a mantra on Y/N’s lips – he wasn’t going to give her the whole romantic and sweet first time, he was claiming her and had no worries about it not lasting long – they could rectify that later.
Feeling her walls begin to flutter around his cock, he encouraged her to cum for him, she cried out his name as she hit peaks of pleasure that she never thought was possible, her look of sheer euphoria brought him over the edge as he coated her insides with ropes of thick white cum – his aim was to breed her and he had no plan on pulling out anytime soon; continuously pumping and bringing her over the edge a second time he was unyielding as he left her overstimulated, sore and completely fucked out…
Slowly she awoke from what felt like a deep slumber, she could barely move as she became aware of her surroundings; Bucky came out of the bathroom and sexily smirked at her, his small white towel hung low on the hips, his body damp and long hair wet as it framed his face, Y/N remembered what had happened and felt betrayed – not by Bucky but herself; she wanted to be mad at him, wanted to hate him because of what he’d done but she felt so different, not even womanly as the romance novels suggested – she felt like she was his property, she was going to give him a family and he was going to treat her like she was his queen – with a reverie and respect that she’d never had, even when growing up because she had been unwanted all of her life – until now…
@cockslut-padalecki @darkficsyouneveraskedfor @aidinniram @smokeybluebrooke-lyn @sweetkingdomstarlight-blog @tinystudentfirepurse @tumblin-theworldaway @give-me-a-moose @jobean12-blog @navybrat817 @tom-whore-dleston @wakingbeauty @river-soul @gotnofucks @livelaughlovesmilekiss @sparkledfirecracker @angrybirdcr @angrythingstarlight @a-little-counter-esperanto @constancelaufeydottir @mollygetssherlockcoffee @lifeofrileyp @buckyssoldat @slothspaghettiwrites
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lavendercitizen · 2 months ago
𝐓𝐨 𝐓𝐢𝐫𝐞
✧ ────────────────── ✧
Tumblr media
𝐏𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: daddy!Lee x fem!little!reader
𝐒𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲: You and your Daddy take your weekly bath together!
𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: 18+, Minors DNI, no smut but; Ddlg dynamics, non-sexual nudity, pet names [angel, sweetheart, good girl, sweet thing], lots of fluff with a tiny bit of angst [mentions of past insecurity]
𝐖𝐨𝐫𝐝𝐬: 1,320
𝐀/𝐍: My first ddlg piece, it's not much (pure self-indulgence) and I'm still deciding on what ddlg means to me specifically + how I portray it, but I hope you'll enjoy it anyways🥺💗 A psa that this is just another direction of fanfiction I'm exploring, it doesn't mean I will solely write ddlg fics!
Tumblr media
“Daddy,” you giggle while watching him playfully bring the squeaky lion toy closer to you, ending the dramatic scenario with a gentle press of the small animal against your arm that is peeking out from under the bubbles.
You could feel the amused chuckle rumble within his chest while you were pressed against him. Relaxing further into him, you try to peer up at him without twisting your head, which ends up more as a headbutt against the sheriff's chest.
“Hi, sweetheart,” he exhales, grinning down at you before he smoothes a hand over your forehead, keeping you against him to lower his head and press a wet kiss to your crown; he stays like that for a moment, basking in the warmth. The smell of lavender fills the damp air. Lee would stay here forever if he could.
It took you a while to get used to bath time with him, not only because of the intimacy of being naked together in a non-sexual way, but also because it wasn't easy for you to let yourself be little around him at first.
Every alarm bell rang, and every wall had been up when he first tried to get you to relax, slip into that careless state of mind with him next to you. You were admittedly confused that he accepted you as you are, did not make fun of you in any way, nor left you self-conscious and overthinking.
It was hard, but over time you just got used to the fact that Lee was genuine and that he wanted to take care of you, have you be his.
You love him with your whole heart. And you are glad that you get to call him yours, especially right now as he is peppering kisses against your neck, making you loll your head to your shoulder in turn. The access this grants him is not left unappreciated, and he gladly pushes his soft lips against any unrevealed part of your neck.
“Daddy,” you whine, the neediness grows in you with every touch of his plush lips on your skin.
It gives him the greatest satisfaction to know he affects you like this. A smirk makes its way onto the sheriff's face, but he pretends like he has no clue what he's doing to you.
With a hum, he sinks a tiny bit lower into the tub and pulls you closer to his chest.
You wait for him to return to his previous activity to no avail.
An ache for him resides in you— his hands, much bigger than yours, all over you; When he holds your face in them, you feel like honey, melting in his embrace.
Linking your fingers with his, you bring one hand up to your flushed cheek. The warm water is only partially responsible.
You lean into the back of his hand, slightly moving your head from left to right, nestling into him.
“I love you, Daddy,” you whisper, a hushed exhale into the quiet of the humid room.
Lee's previous plan of teasing you a little falls short. He feels like the air got punched out of him, a shaky intake of breath audible. It never fails to take him off guard when you decide to show your love—gentle and unrelenting—for him.
It's like you know exactly what he's thinking, what he's feeling.
You turn around in his arms, innocently taking in your Daddy's expression. His mouth is slightly agape, steel blue eyes are fixed on you with an undiscernable expression. Leaning down, you rest your head in the crook of his neck, relishing in the feeling of his bare skin against yours.
Warm arms slowly resume their place around your naked waist, holding on a little tighter. “I love you too, angel.”
Though, soon enough the water temperature drops, and you let out an unsatisfied noise, realizing that you have to get out. Of course, Lee knows you like the back of his hand, and he too could feel the cold creeping up on him.
The both of you go through your usual routine of washing each other. Lee always pays special attention to your hair, and you always shower him in a few extra kisses.
“Come ‘ere, sweetheart.”
Lifting you up with his strong hands, he makes sure to be careful—the both of you are quite slippery—and places you down with a grunt, “There we go. Good girl.”
The big, fluffy towel he rubs you down with is your favorite, and when you're relatively dry, he wraps you in it, making sure you're comfortable and taken care of before he dries himself.
Now that you're seated on the edge of the bathtub, you admire your daddy, just as he often does with you. The sheriff is a sturdy man, his size, along with his badge, making him look threatening to anybody else— but not to you.
No, you adore your daddy and can't help but bite your lip in concentration as you watch him doing something normal like rubbing a towel along his strong arms.
But he hasn't always managed to stand this proudly in front of you.
Lee used to be quite insecure, shying away whenever you'd praise him for his looks, telling him how “Daddy is the prettiest!”, kissing his rosy cheeks every chance you got, and more than anything loving the soft feeling of his tummy against you.
Now, he revels in the attention, still a little disbelieving, but adoring the way you're so lost in your thoughts while your eyes are fixed on his towering form; you don't even register that he's coming closer.
The cold sensation of moisturizer being spread over your cheeks pulls you out of your thoughts, and you adjust your sight upwards to where your daddy was looming over you, gently smearing the lotion all over your face.
Grasping onto his towel clad hips, you tilt your head upwards, pressing your chin into his soft tummy and hum in satisfaction, eyes shut. Calloused fingertips smooth over your face, tilting it to make sure the lotion was applied everywhere.
“Daddy,” you mumble with a pout, feeling yourself grow sleepy.
“Just a moment, little one.” Lee finishes up quickly, knowing he still has to get you into some PJs for the night.
He disappears into the adjacent bedroom, quickly putting on a pair of briefs. Fishing one of his white shirts that are way too big on you, and a pair of panties, he hurries back to you.
Sleep already tugs at you, amplified by the exhaustion you feel after the bath, and when Lee practically manhandles you into the fresh garments, you tiredly slump against him.
“S'okay, sweet thing, Daddy's got you,” he murmurs quietly, and picks you up, carrying you to bed. The softness of the sheets almost immediately lulls you to sleep, but you fight to keep your eyes open; every minute with your Daddy is important to you.
Lee shifts as he gets comfortable and gently tugs you closer so your head is resting on his chest. You can hear his heart beating beneath your ear. The steady thumping sound is soothing— It's your reminder that he real, and he is here. That's all you need to know, and as if to reinforce this knowledge you once more link your fingers with his, your left hand grabbing for his one that is resting on the blanket.
“Goodnight, Dada,” you whisper, burying your face further into his chest, pressing yourself as close as you can to him.
There's nothing else he needs. You are his world, and you're right here in his arms. Lee vowed to himself to take care of you until the end of his days. As he carefully caresses the apple of your cheek with his thumb, he gazes at the glow of moonlight on your relaxed features, and his own breathing slows, knowing that you are safe with him.
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kaiparker-avengerssmut · 5 months ago
My Couch
Pairing | Bucky Barnes x f!Reader
Warnings | alludes to sex, flirting
Word count | 497
Summary | Bucky has stolen your couch
Tumblr media
Sighing, you stepped into the room with a little smirk playing against your lips.
"Hey stranger," your voice is sarcastic, almost harsh, "That is my couch." You state, pillow and blanket clutched between your arms and your body as you stand over the man lounging over the cushions.
"Oh yeah?" He hums, a flash of metal seen as he carded the fingers through his brown locks.
"Oh yeah. So I suggest you move before I make room for myself." You say with a little fake smile, making the man chuckle. He made a gesture that said 'go on' and you grinned, wide.
You clambered onto him, hands either side of the gorgeous man's head as you straddled his hips. You gasped when you felt something harden beneath you. Your lips curled into a smirk.
"Comfortable?" Bucky affirmed when you finished wiggling your hips and you bit your bottom lip.
You hummed in agreement, lowering yourself down so your were resting on his chest, face mere inches away from Bucky's.
"Well, I'd love to know the name of the person whose couch I've stolen." Bucky said absently, eyes flitting around the room with mock innocence.
"Y/n Wilson. Sam's cousin. And I'd love to know who is stealing my couch in the first place." You asked with a raised brow.
"Bucky Barnes." Bucky confirmed and you gasped with fake realisation.
"Sam's stuck up cyborg friend? Who knew I'd ever get the honour?" You playfully teased, nose bumping into his.
"Y/n, get off Bucky. And Bucky, stop flirtin' with my family." Sam's less than impressed voice rang behind you and both you and Bucky turned to face him.
Sam had his arms crossed over his chest defensively, a brow cocked as he waited expectantly for you to move.
You looked back to Bucky and he smirked, smug and sure as you drummed your fingers against his metal arm.
"Y/n." Sam chided and you sighed.
"See you later, cyborg." You hummed, leaning down to nip playfully at Bucky's full lower lip - so pink and plump that it had been taunting you - before climbing off Bucky and sauntering from the room.
Bucky's flesh hand rose slowly, the tips of his fingers tracing where you'd nipped as his eyes lingered where you'd left the room.
"Drop the lustful gaze, Barnes. She's much too young for you." Bucky snapped to it.
"Hm?" He hummed.
"She's 20, and last time I checked, you're at least 150." Sam smirked and Bucky threw the pillow you'd dropped by the sofa at him.
"106. I'm 106." Bucky muttered and Sam chuckled.
"Yeah, yeah whatever. Just back off before I use that shield on you." Sam jibed and Bucky's face split into a smile.
"Aye, aye, Captain!" He chanted, fingers forming a salute over his brow that made them both burst into giggles.
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes One-shots, Drabbles and Headcannons | @buckysgirl101 @quxxnxfhxll @anakinsslag @macylawz @zaphdekota @ihavemajordaddyissues @theoldermanswhore @addriaenne @thegirlwiththeimpala @turkish276 @lilpopizzle @gooseyhouse @ohmy-fandoms @harrysthiccthighss @partiesandblurrypolaroids @prettysbliss @the-surviving-revolutionist @white-wolf1940 @dpaccione @tenaciousperfectionunknown @loveyou5everr @vallerydevora @multihoee @supraveng @cap-n-ce @sebbyxlover @jeremyrennermakesmesmile @veronicapaula @ravenmoore14 @frickin-bats @itstaylorcale @farfromjustordinary @thurstyforholland @jamielovesbucky
if your name is crossed out, it means I couldn’t tag you!
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jessyballet · 5 months ago
The make up artist at Pam and Tommy has my entire respect. The characterization is incredible. Lily James doesn't even look like lily James and Seb looks so good. Seb with tattoos 🤤
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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idy-ll-ique · 6 months ago
They Always Do.
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x F!Reader
Genre: Fluff, Angst
Warnings: insecurity
Requested: Nope
Summary: "you're not worried? he seems to be spending a lot of time with her..." "no" "why not?" "because i braced myself for this months ago. they leave, they always do. it's nothing new"
Author's Note: Hiya peeps! The first part of this fic is fluff, angst in the middle, fluff again at the end. Nothing too extreme, just a little one-shot. Enjoy!
"Sebastian, Y/N, so glad you made it!" Susan Downey smiled warmly at the couple. "Of course, we couldn't miss the 56th birthday of the one and only Iron Man," Sebastian chuckled, walking into the house with his girlfriend. He put his arm around Y/N, observing the place. "Guys! Hello!" they heard.
"Mr Downey," Y/N greeted politely, turning to smile at the birthday boy. "You must be the girlfriend," he grinned, pulling her into a bear hug. "Yep, that's me." Then he turned to Sebastian, frowning. "Why didn't you introduce her to everyone sooner?" Y/N laughed as Sebastian rubbed the back of his neck, shrugging.
"Don't ask me, she was the one too chicken to meet you!" Sebastian defended himself, narrowing his eyes at his girlfriend. She snorted as Robert let go of her, returning to Sebastian's side. "I guess that's on me," she sighed dramatically, making both men laugh. "Well, enjoy yourselves! Have a drink, have fun!"
With that, he walked away. Sebastian noticed a server holding up a tray of drinks and called him over. He handed a glass to Y/N and took one for himself, taking a sip. "Thanks for bringing me over, honey," Y/N smiled and he turned to her, scoffing. "You're my girlfriend! God knows they were dying to meet you," he laughed, giving her a kiss on the forehead.
With that they went around the place, talking to new people, old friends and making new acquaintances. Y/N had a lot of fun meeting Sebastian's co-stars, and especially loved Elizabeth Olsen. Y/N was a huge Marvel fan and one of her favorite works of the MCU was WandaVision. Y/N had fangirled a bit, not gonna lie.
Like that passed an hour. After her feet started hurting, Sebastian decided it was time for the woman to sit down, have a drink and chill out. "Okay doll, here's a glass of champagne, if you need anything at all, don't hesitate to call me, okay? I'm going there, with Chris and Anthony. I love you." She smiled when he gave her a quick kiss.
"I love you too, and don't worry, I'll find you easy. This place isn't that big."
"I heard that!"
Laughing at her antics, Sebastian gave his girlfriend one more loving kiss before prancing out of the room in search of his best friends, Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie. Y/N relaxed on the comfortable couch with a sigh, sipping on her drink. It all began a year ago, very cheesily, might I add.
Y/N was at her favourite coffee shop when he had walked in. Immediately, fans had him surrounded, but she didn't go over to him. She stayed seated, looking at him, wishing she could go over but she knew how stressful fan interactions were for celebrities. Sebastian had, unfortunately, caught her eye and she had turned beet red, burying her face in her laptop.
He had found her absolutely winsome and after the crowd around him had dissipated, he had wandered over to her table and introduced himself. She was flustered around him, which made him tingly inside. And he had blurted out, "Wanna meet here next Saturday at 7?" They kept their promise and that's how they started dating.
A year ago.
That was a healthy amount of time.
Y/N couldn't help but have her doubts. All her previous relationships were pathetic failures, where the guy usually got bored of her within 3 months. But now, she had braced herself for rejection (which she knew deep down wasn't coming but it pays to be careful). "Hey."
Startled, she turned to see a kinda young, kinda drunk woman sitting next to her, looking up at her with doe eyes. "Hi," Y/N smiled back politely. "You're— you're the woman!" She had started slurring her words, which made Y/N frown a bit. "I'm… what?" she blinked. "The girl! Who came over with Sebastian Stan, you're his girlfriend!" The woman laughed loudly.
A few heads turned towards them but quickly looked away when they realized that the girl was drunk. "Yep, that's me. Why?" Y/N was now amused. As they talked, she didn't notice Sebastian walking into the room. He had come back to ask Y/N something but had paused in his tracks when he saw her frowning at the young, drunk woman.
Then he inched closer, unabashedly eavesdropping on her conversation. "Yep, saw him spending a lot of time with Ms Lizzie Olsen. If he was mine, girl, I would take that man home and show him who truly belongs to him, if you know what I mean," the girl winked and a sad smile bloomed on Y/N's face. "They're good friends, of course they're gonna spend time together."
Sebastian smiled at her answer. He knew she was different, she didn't get easily jealous and he liked that, since it reduced the number of arguments they had by a lot. His jealousy? Well, that's a story for another time… "You don't mind? He seems to be spending a lot of time with her…" the drunk woman frowned at Y/N.
Well, she was drunk, she wouldn't remember this night anyway, so maybe… it would be good to get some things off her chest.
"Why not?"
"Because I braced myself for this months ago. They leave, they always do. It's nothing new," Y/N admitted, swirling the champagne that was swimming in her half-full glass. Sebastian's heart shattered into a million pieces at her words. Before the words were even completely out of her mouth, tears had started stinging in his eyes.
"Y/N?" Startled yet again, Y/N turned to see Sebastian smiling at her. "Seb! Hi, thought you were with your friends!" she grinned at him. "I— uh— something came up, we need to go," he spoke quietly, fidgeting with his hands. Y/N's brows furrowed but she got up, collecting her coat and her purse.
"Can we at least say Happy Birthday to Robert?"
"Yeah, yeah of course." Sebastian managed a weak smile when she gave him a kiss on the cheek, going off to find Robert and Susan. She told them something urgent came up and they allowed the couple to leave. "Seb, let's go!" He followed her out of the house, meekly trailing behind her, the words she said ringing in his ears.
They leave, they always do. It's nothing new.
How had this woman, practically a Goddess, had such bad experiences that she was forced to think that way? He was never going to leave her, having found the perfect woman at last. He got into the driver's seat of his car, and the car ride home was quiet. Y/N was getting anxious. What happened to him? Did something happen at the party?
Once they were home, Sebastian couldn't help himself. "S—" Y/N yelped when he crushed her to his body, hugging her tightly. He took both of them to their shared bedroom, sat down on the edge of the bed, pulled her on his lap and buried his face in her chest, breaking down. "Seb, honey, what's wrong?" Y/N cooed, getting insanely paranoid.
The crying didn't stop for 15 minutes. Y/N, in a futile attempt to get him to stop, was running a hand through his hair, whispering sweet nothings in his ear, holding him close. When he took in a shuddering breath, he pulled away and finally looked Y/N in her eyes. "Now are you going to tell me what happened?" she smiled gently.
He took her hand, pressing a kiss to her wrist. "I'm sorry," he croaked out and Y/N frowned. "Sorry for what?" He shook his head, burying his face back in his safe haven. Except, Y/N wasn't having any of that. She pulled him away and dropped a soft kiss to his forehead. "Tell me what happened."
He took in another shaky breath.
"I… I heard you."
"Heard me?" Y/N blinked. "Yes. You were… you were talking to that girl on the couch and she was— she was talking about how I seem to be spending a lot of time with Lizzie and you— you said you didn't mind but she kept on insisting and you said they leave. they always do. I'm not going to leave you, Y/N, I promise. You're one of the best things that has ever happened to me and I'm not letting you go."
"Seb," Y/N whispered, her own eyes now filled to the brim with tears. "Don't cry," he chuckled with a watery voice, wiping her tears off. "It's just— all my relationships before you… the guys were assholes. They always left 2-3 months in. I— I wasn't taking any chances with you, you know… plus, you're kind of a famous guy and you can get so many better women—"
He didn't want to hear it. Better than Y/N? Impossible. He pressed his lips to her, immediately deepening the kiss when she reciprocated. "I promise you, I cannot do any better than you." Y/N smiled shyly at his words and his heart filled with happiness. "Let's go to sleep."
Both of them tired from the crying, they got undressed without trying any funny business. Y/N put on her usual pair of shorts and one of Sebastian's huge t-shirts, getting into the bed where a boxer-clad Sebastian already lay. He pulled her into his arms and she rested her head on his chest, draping an arm around his taut abdomen.
"Yeah, you?"
"Yeah. Goodnight, doll, I love you."
"I love you too, Seb. Goodnight."
"...Never gonna leave you."
"Not a chance."
A/N: Thanks for reading! Leave a like if you liked it!
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thefanbasewhore · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Summary | Bucky refuses to wear a tie, Steve calls in some reinforcements.
Warning | fluff
Paring | Bucky Barnes x female reader
Side note | this is an old imagine from my old(LIKE OLD) blog, I'm editing and rewriting them and post them
master list || tag list
Bucky's rolls his eyes as blue eyes teasingly gesture towards him. With that cocky, perky smile that makes him roll his eyes. Clearly unamused as he slips the dark blazer over his shoulders, "I'm not doing it and you can't make me, Steve."
His best friend follows his lead, rolling those seafoam blue eyes as he holds the silk piece of cloth out for him. "It's only for a few hours, pal. Everyone is wearing it."
"I'm not wearing a tie," Bucky huffs with a forming frown, pushing the gesturing hand away. "Don't look at me like that either, I'm not wearing it. You're lucky you got me in this monkey suit to begin with."
Steve backs away, hands raising in the air high with defeat. “We’ll see about that Buck.”
"Yeah, you'll see me without a tie." Steve rolls his eyes at the brunette, muttering something incoherent under his breath but Bucky does manage to decipher some words, "And brush your hair."
“You haven't changed, still stubborn and bossy and he'll." Bucky manages to yell using his fingers to push his hair back, taming it into a neat, low bun.
There's a knock on the door a few minutes later, Bucky huffs, stupid Steve and his stupid tie. Actually stupid Sam and his dumb parties that he always seems to drag Bucky into no matter how much he tries to decline. There's another know and he grows - literally growls as he drops his phone. "I'm coming!!"
Bucky's half expects to see Steve, holding the tie out and scolding him about how it's 'proper attire, everyone must follow it' but instead his throat dries instantly at the sight of you. Beautiful as ever, luminescent with sparkling eyes, a shy smile etching your delicate features.
But what really made Bucky stunned, perplexed by your beauty is the short black dress that hugs the smooth curves of your silhouette, hair half thrown up in some kind of updo with a few piece left to frame around your face.
You look different, make up is simple expect that dark, purple lips that you pull between your teeth feeling nervous under his gaze. Bucky wants that purple color to trail up his skin, stain his lips with want. His metal fist tightens under the doorknob as his breath hitches.
"Hey, Buck, Steve told me you needed help with your tie." Bucky almost misses the words, too busy concentration on the way your lips move and the way your tongue darts across your bottom lip. Steve stands behind you, a smirk that makes Bucky's eyes narrow as he leans against the door frame.
Bucky can't even think straight- brain scrambled and muddled as his face flushes red, stuttering, "I-It's on the bed."
The moment you walk past him and the click of your heals is behind him, a death glare is sent Steve's way but he only snorts, shrugging his shoulders and mouths, "Told you I get you to wear it."
This was a low blow, even for Steve. Using Bucky's incredibly secret crush against him, especially when he knows how nervous you make him. Bucky's brain seems to short circuit around you - he stutters, mumbles, turns pink with sweatt hands and Steve used that to his full advantage. This means war.
Bucky freezes - actually freezes as you stand in front of him, he towers despite the fact you have heels on. Wrapping the tie around the back of his neck with a soft smile, "You never learned how to tie and tie?"
"I - ugh." He's a fumbling mess, eyes never leaving the point of your nose as it squits with determination. "Forgot."
The smell of you is intoxicating, you're so close and the lavender mixed with sweet flowers is overwhelming. It's invades all his senses, makes him dizzy. The warmth of your fingers as they rub across his neck to flip the collar up is heavenly, a burning trail follows, a feeling so forgrin - touch is something he never really thought to enjoy but feels himself leaning into yours.
Eyes flicker down to your lips, wondering if the dark purple would taste like plums, sweet and soft before meeting your gaze to notice you're staring back at him. His cheeks are on fire, pink as he awkwardly coughs, "I'm sorry."
"Is there something on my face?" You tease and tap his should, a signal you're finished. Bucky shakes his head nervously.
He avoids your gaze at all costs, "Nothings on your face you just look pretty." He pauses and takes a deep breath, "Beautiful."
You smile sweetly, pressing those equally sweet, plum colored lips against his cheek, "For that one, I'll save you a dance. You look good too, Buck."
He watches you leave, cheeks on fire with the pleasurable burn of your lipstick mark. Steve smirks from his post, a shit-eating grin an order.
Bucky huffs, "Not one word, Steven."
tags: @kpopgirlbtssvt , @slytherdorxmd , @sugarpunch-princess , @old-enough-to-know-better73 , @maxsaturdayhatesnarwhals, @Fajitasandfics, @devilswaldorf , @jeremyrennerfanxxxx123 , @grubler , @SodDy030, @agent-catfish-kenobi ,@scarletglowss, @abitchforbarnes , @xxlovingfandomsxx , @jewishdelis, @klorpski , @kaitieskidmore1 , @peterpstuff , @akaaaaashiiii , @angelsandsorcery , @moony-is-bae , @yliumy , @watermelonsponge , @stolenxkissess , @peakascum , @imhereforthelolzdontyellatme , @crvecem, @likealadygodiva , @harrysthiccthighss , @burnerbitchh , @sergeantjamesbbarnes , @amelia-song-pond , , @Jallen0126
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georgiapeach305132 · 3 months ago
Main Masterlist
All updates and new fics will be over @georgiapeach30513 and then reblogged to this blog.  You can find the Masterlist here
Man Out of Time
The never ending story about OFC Charlie Allen and her travels through the MCU with Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes.  I do not foresee this ending anytime soon, and I enjoy randomly writing chapter and shorts for it.
Desperate Affairs
Engaged to Andy Barber, and deeming him too safe, and only wanting to be intimate to get you pregnant, you start a sex only relationship with Ransom Drysdale.  Nothing is ever easy, and you get yourself into a web of lies.  Are you the only one lying?  This has a whole heap of Chris Evans characters!
💋Part 1💋Part 2💋Part 2.5💋Part 3💋Part 4 💋Part 5💋Part 6💋Part 6.5💋Part 7💋Part 8💋Part 8.5💋Jake Jensen💋Part 9💋Part 9.5💋Meeting Andy💋Part 10💋Part 10.5💋Girl Talk💋Part 11💋Part12💋Part 13💋Part 14💋
Mr. Freezy Pops (Robert “Mr. Freezy” Pronge/Paul Diskant)
Life would have been so much easier for you if you didn’t have a random run in with Robert “Mr. Freezy” Pronge.  Or was the meeting that random?
🍦Part 1🍦Part 2🍦Part 3🍦Part 4🍦Part 5🍦Part 6🍦Part 7🍦Part 8🍦Part 9🍦🍦Part 10🍦Part 11🍦  COMPLETE 🍦Part 12 *BONUS*🍦
Freezy Pops AU Drabbles/Headcanons
Sun Bathing
Little Bit of Blood
I’m Not Him
It Was an Accident
Pretty Girl Confessions
Visiting Robert with the Twins
We’re Keeping It
Life with Paul
Paul Returns
Who’s Your Daddy
Psychotic Trio
When Steve Rogers is on the run, what’s his girlfriend to do when after a year she’s had no response from him?  Well, she gets in a relationship with Soldier Boy
🛡Part 1🛡Part 2🛡Part 3🛡
Meeting Soldier Boy
Moon Rituals
As the last Moon Sprite you should stay safe behind your Faerie Ring but when a handsome Chase Collins waits for a Faerie outside of the ring.  What does the witch want?
🌓Part 1🌗Part 2🌓Part 3🌗
The North Princess & The Seven Men
❄ Prologue ❄ Steve Rogers ❄Colin Shea ❄ Chris Beck ❄
One Shots
The majority of these are just random and wanting to have fun with different characters/scenarios.  And because I’m a slut for Sebastian Stan and Chris Evans characters why not?
Sebastian Stan Characters
The Auction (Chris Beck)
Adventures in Underland (Jefferson/Mad Hatter)
Welcome to the Tea Party (Jefferson/Mad Hatter)
Dire Straits (Destroyer!Chris)
Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty (Chase Collins)
Gossip Games (Carter Baizen)
Road Trip (Lance Tucker)
When You’re the Best of Friends (T.J. Hammond)
Just One Night (Frank)
Chris Evans Characters
Game Over (Jake Jensen)
On the Good Ship Ares (James Mace)
Dire Straits (Ari Levinson)
Johnny’s Little Firefly (Johnny Storm)
Gossip Games (Ransom Drysdale)
Just One Night (Jake Jensen)
The Three Sides of Dean Winchester
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the-iceni-bitch · 7 months ago
Pairing: soft!Winter Soldier x fem!Reader
Words: ~3.6k
Summary: You find the Winter Soldier washed up on the beach in front of your small cabin and debate what you should do with him.
Warnings: explicit language, explicit sexual content (titty worship, soft sex, unprotected vaginal sex) minor angst, SMUT!!! 18+ ONLY!!!!
A/N: My official entry for @bonkywobble ‘s halfway to 1k challenge! I chose the prompts paralian (one who lives by the sea) and stranded so here we are!! Congratulations Georgie!!!!
Tumblr media
It was your third year being stationed on Rankki, and fuck you were starting to get so bored.
You cursed yourself every day for taking this shit assignment. Sure, an isolated life on an idyllic Finnish island sounded great! All you had to do was monitor the radar for any Soviet subs and the radio for any communications that were worrisome, and other than that, you could enjoy the nice quiet life by the sea you’d always wanted.
Fuck all that shit.
Nothing ever happened, the last blip on the radar you’d received was just a pod of whales, and as sure as SHIELD was that they were tapped into the appropriate Soviet channels, you had never heard anything exciting or important.
You were damp all the time, the wind and sea spray soaking you to the bone and leaving you with a never ending chill. You had a fireplace but there was no wood anywhere on the tiny island. You knew, you’d walked all over the damn thing a thousand times. You had to arrange for shipments of wood from Helsinki every few months.
You were standing on the rocky shore outside your tin sided house as you sipped a mug of tea with a thick wool blanket wrapped around you. There were vicious looking black and purple clouds rolling in from the east, and you sighed to yourself before heading back inside to prepare for the upcoming storm. At least that would be a break from the monotony you were stuck with.
Within twenty minutes you heard the roll of thunder and then the wind hit your house with a howl, shaking the siding as rain pounded on your roof. You just stoked the fire with a sigh, secure in the knowledge that the construction of your house was sound.
You sat back in your armchair and curled up under your blankets to look out the window as lightning streaked across the sky. You could see see massive waves rolling far out in the gulf when suddenly your radio crackled and a distress call broke the silence in your living room.
The caller was speaking in frantic Russian as you scrambled to pick up the microphone. You tried to get a location or any information from the caller but they were babbling frantically and you didn’t think they heard you. The only words you were able to make out were Sverdlov, Karpov, and Soldat.
You sucked in a sharp breath at the last word. That was supposed to be a fucking rumor. Maybe evidence of the Winter Soldier would finally get you off this god forsaken strip of land. You tried to remain calm as you called back over the radio, but all you got in response was dead air.
You cursed before trying to raise the SHIELD base over comms, but there was no luck, the storm was causing too much interference. No matter which frequency you tried, you couldn’t get anything but static.
“Goddamn it.” You muttered, chewing on your lips as you gazed out the window again. You’d try again once the skies had cleared, maybe you’d get lucky and the ship would make it through, and you’d be able to hail them again.
The storm ended in a little over an hour, stopping as suddenly as it had started. You stood up and stretched, folding your blanket and tossing over the back of your armchair as you headed to your radio. You flipped through each channel slowly, desperately trying to find a signal, but all that greeted you was dead air.
A sigh escaped from deep in your chest as you shook your head resignedly, deciding to head out to walk over the island for the million and first time.
You cursed when you walked outside. The beach was littered with driftwood and other debris, including what you were quite certain were the pieces of the vessel you had received the distress call from.
You muttered angrily to yourself as you picked your way over the rocky beach, dreading the task of clearing up all this shit. At least it would be something to occupy your time over the next few days.
You caught a hint of movement out of the corner of your eye and felt your body tense as you went to investigate, suddenly regretting your decision to leave your gun inside.
You came up on what you initially thought was a dead body until you saw it roll over and jumped back warily. A set of blue eyes gazed up at you questioningly and you caught a glimpse of metal below the man’s sleeve.
“Who are you?” He rasped in surprisingly good English, struggling to stand up. “Where am I?”
“You’re on the island of Rankki in Finland.” You answered, searching for something you could use as a weapon gas you kept one eye on the stranger. “What do you remember?”
“I don’t know.” He muttered, drawing slowly to his feet as you sucked in a breath at the sheer power of his build, not missing the glint of metal on his left hand.
“Fuck.” You muttered as you realized you were now stuck on a tiny ass island with the Winter Soldier and no outside communications. “What’s your name?” You asked, looking around desperately for something you could use as a weapon if you had to fight him.
“I... I don’t know.” He mumbled, shaking his head and staggering as he tried to walk towards you.
You took a step back and chewed on your lip, trying to decide what to do. If he really couldn’t remember anything, he was going to be useless to you, though SHIELD would probably love to take apart that arm and study it. If he was faking it, he would most likely kill you in your sleep.
The look he gave you was full of pain and confusion, though, and you cursed yourself in your head for being so soft and gullible.
“Ok, let’s get you inside before the sun sets. I’ll make you some tea and get you into some dry clothes, ok?”
He nodded and followed you inside, looking around warily once he stepped into your tiny cabin. You chewed your lip as you closed the door behind him, still trying to figure out exactly what you should do about this new complication.
“The bathroom’s through here.” You said as you ushered him towards the back of your house. “Maybe take a hot shower and I’ll try to find you some clothes?”
He just grunted as he closed the door in your face, and you let out a deep sigh. You moved to put the kettle on the stove and reheat some lentil stew before heading to your radio. You flipped through all the channels, cursing under your breath as you still failed at raising the SHIELD base on the mainland. You worked at stashing all of your weapons as you listened to the shower running, knowing that if he really wanted to hurt you, he wouldn’t need a weapon.
You heard the shower shut off and grabbed an oversized sweater and some thermal leggings you hoped would have enough give to fit over his thick thighs. He stepped out of the bathroom and you swallowed a moan once you saw him with nothing but a towel slung low around his hips. It had been three years with nothing but your fingers to keep you satisfied and the presence of the massive soldier was reminding you just how hard up you were. You took a deep breath as you handed him the clothes and turned back to the kitchen, pouring two mugs of tea and serving up the leftover stew.
“Eat up.” You said when he returned from getting dressed in your bedroom. “Sorry, there’s not a lot of food options here.”
“S’fine.” He mumbled around a mouthful of stew as he sank onto your couch, and you did your best not to ogle the outline of his cock in your too tight leggings.
You gulped down your tea quickly as you tried to school your thoughts. This was very bad. You were stuck with one of the most dangerous Soviet agents alive and all you could think about was crawling into his lap and fucking yourself on his cock. Even if he did have amnesia, this was a very, very bad idea.
“The stew was good.” He mumbled as he finished his bowl, turning to you as you worked on your own helping. “Thank you.”
“Mmhm.” You mumbled, still trying to think about anything else except letting him bend you over and fuck you against the counter.
He stood up and moved to rinse off his dishes in the sink, brushing past you and making you clench. You tried to move out of his way but your kitchen was so cramped that all you ended up doing was tangling your feet with his until you almost fell over.
You gasped when he caught you by your elbow and yanked you into his chest to keep you from going down. His chest rumbled with a low growl as you steadied yourself, and you could’ve sworn you felt him sniff your hair.
“You ok?” He murmured before releasing his grip on your arm and letting you step back.
“Yeah, just clumsy.” You whispered, squeezing your thighs together to try to do something to relieve the ache in your core.
“Good.” He said with a deep sigh, running his hand through his hair. “Where am I sleeping?”
You cursed in your head as you thought about that question, looking around your tiny house as you tried to think about where you could stash him. The couch was too small for either of you to comfortably rest on, and you only had the one bed.
“Shit, I guess we’re doubling up.” You muttered, chewing your lip again as you dreaded spending the night in your kind of small bed with the gorgeous, massive stranger that was staring at you with puppy dog eyes. “There’s not even room on the floor anywhere.”
“Ok.” He grunted, avoiding making eye contact with you as you slid past him to wash up for bed.
You locked the bathroom door behind you and started splashing cold water on your face as you tried to calm down. Bad, bad, so bad this was bad. You couldn’t even try to reach SHIELD now and you weren’t sure when you’d have the chance to try again. You brushed your teeth furiously as you did your best to school your thoughts.
You threw on your pajamas once you were finished and stormed into the bedroom, determined to not let your libido get the better of you. He was sitting on the bed in just your leggings, and you swore under your breath as you moved past him to your side of the bed.
“Back to back?” He said with a cocked eyebrow as you slid under the covers and he turned off his lamp.
“Yeah.” You muttered, shutting your own light off and pulling the blankets up your body as you curled around yourself and squeezed your eyes shut.
You heard him let out a deep sigh as you tried to fall asleep, your brain refusing to focus on anything except the warmth of his back against yours.
You didn’t know when you fell asleep, but you did, until you woke up under the suffocating weight of his body draped over yours, his face buried in your hair as he whimpered in your ear.
He wrapped his arms around you and snarled, and you were surprised to feel tears soaking your hair.
“Um, hey.” You muttered as you tried to turn towards him. “Wake up.”
You squeezed his shoulder and gave it a small shake to try to rouse him and his eyes flew open. You yelped as he flipped you over and pinned you to the bed with his hand around your throat.
His eyes were murderous as he gazed at you, his pupils blown wide while you feebly clawed at his metal forearm, struggling to breathe. He finally came out of his post-sleep haze and released you with a hiss, scrambling back on the bed until he was huddled in the corner as you sat up and spluttered to catch your breath.
“Fuck, I don’t know what happened.” He muttered as he buried his head in his hands.
“It’s ok, I think you just had a nightmare.” You said as you rubbed your hand over your neck. “Are you ok?”
He turned his gaze back to you and you sucked in a breath as you saw tears glistening in his cheeks. Your instincts took over and you crawled towards him, curling your body around his and murmuring softly as his chest shook with sobs.
You ran your hands through his hair as he tucked his face into your shoulder, trying to figure out what exactly you should do to help him calm down.
“I’m sorry, I don’t know what’s wrong with me.” He choked out, his tears soaking through your shirt as you tried your best to comfort him.
“It’s gonna be ok.” You cooed, running a hand over his back softly as he moved his face up to your neck and inhaled deeply, moaning as he took in your scent.
His breathing had finally slowed down, and you could feel his chest moving in deep breaths against yours as he sighed into your hair. You moaned when he suddenly brushed his lips against the hollow beneath your ear as he wrapped his arms around you tightly.
“You smell so good.” He murmured as he ran his mouth over your throat, his soft lips on your skin making you whine. “Like pine and wind and home.”
“Uh-huh.” You muttered, trying your best to get control of yourself as he ran his hands over your sides until they came to rest on your hips.
His teeth brushed over your jaw and you whined as you felt your core clench around nothing as you throbbed with need. Your breath hitched when he moved his lips to yours and barely brushed against them as you rested your forehead against his and screwed your eyes closed.
“I need you so bad. Open your eyes.” He ordered, bringing his metal hand up to cup your cheek. You did as he asked, losing yourself in his darkened gaze as you breathed deeply. “But we can stop if you want.”
You but your lip as you considered that for a second before smashing your mouth against his in a desperate clash of teeth and tongues as you moaned against his lips.
He wrenched your shirt off and pressed his palms against your tits, gripping them harshly and groaning before bending forward to rub his face over your nipples. You felt a rush of arousal seep out of you as he laved his tongue over one of them and pinched the other, gazing up at you through his lashes as you arched into his face. He brushed his lips over the soft slopes of your breasts as you devolved into a whimpering mess.
You started grinding against his thigh as he worshipped your breasts, tracing their curves with his tongue and lips as you felt the sensation echo in your core. It was too much for you in your touch starved state and you felt a shiver travel up your spine as he brought you closer. He brushed his teeth over your nipple and you came apart with a wordless cry, your pleasure rolling over you in a wave as your pussy fluttered wildly over his thigh, your release soaking your leggings.
He moved his mouth back up to yours and nipped at your lips as he started to turn your bodies to pin you underneath him. His mouth devoured yours as he pulled your leggings off you before shoving his own down his legs as he slotted himself between your thighs.
You bit your lip as you felt him run his steely length through your puffy lips, coating himself in your slick before lining himself up. He rested his forehead against yours and gazed into your eyes as you just blinked at him and pressed your knees against his sides. Your eyes rolled back in your head and you dug your fingers into his biceps as he slid into you slowly, letting out a low moan as you stretched around his girth.
“You still good?” He asked, his eyes still focused on yours as he felt you relax around him.
“Very, very good.” You mumbled as he started to move his hips in long, slow strokes, hitting every spot inside you that had been neglected for the past three years as you melted into the mattress.
“You feel so good.” He murmured, moving to bury his face in your neck as he continued pushing his hips into you. “So tight and warm and... fuck you’re just perfect.”
You couldn’t say anything, you were so consumed with the feeling of him inside of you, your pussy clenching around his cock in waves from base to tip and tip to base as he edged you closer and closer to your release. He sucked your ear lobe between his teeth as you locked your ankles together at the small of his back and did your best to draw him even further inside you.
He kept moving his hips in smooth thrusts, his lips moving over your throat softly as he took you apart with slow, deliberate movements. A final twist of his hips had you screaming, every muscle in your body tightening and releasing like a bowstring as you spasmed uncontrollably around his cock. His eyes moved back to watch you closely as your face contorted with pure bliss and you sobbed underneath him.
You panted as you came down, smiling back at him and unwrapping your legs from around him as he slowly slid out of you. He moved his lips over your shoulders as his hands slid to your waist, starting to turn you over slowly as your breathing finally returned to normal.
He brushed your hair aside and pressed his lips to the back of your neck once he had you on your stomach, his chest pressed against your back as he nudged your thighs apart with his knees. You bit the pillow as he teased his tip against your entrance before pushing into you again, making you whine.
His hips started moving again as he wrapped his fingers through yours and pinned your hands above your head while he fucked you in swift thrusts, his hips slapping against your ass as he smothered you with his body.
“You close, honey?” He murmured against the shell of your ear as you arched your back to meet his thrusts.
“Yeah, I’m so close.” You moaned, your cunt clamping around him as he dragged his cock over your g-spot with each push. “Need more.”
“Yeah? I can do that.” He grinned before sinking his teeth into your shoulder and slamming his hips forward.
You shrieked as he fucked you, your body sinking into the mattress as he pressed against you. It only took a few thrusts before you shattered around him, stars exploding behind your eyes as you vibrated underneath him. His hips started stuttering and then he roared in your ear, his cock throbbing and swelling inside you until he was flooding you with his spend, warming you from inside as he fucked his cum into you with quick, rhythm less jerks.
He collapsed on top of you when he was finished, his breath coming in deep sighs as you panted into the pillow. You felt exhaustion starting to drag you under, your lids growing heavy as you felt him soften inside you.
“Can we just stay like this?” He muttered, his lips brushing over your neck gently. “I just want to hold you.”
“Yeah, ok.” You hummed, surrendering to the pull of sleep as he pulled the covers back over the two of you before he sank on top of you with a deep sigh.
You woke up with him still on top of you, his limbs tangled with yours as he snored softly. You moved gingerly as you worked to extract yourself from him, desperately needing to use the bathroom.
He gave a soft huff when you rolled him over, but quickly relaxed as he nuzzled himself into your pillows. You closed the blinds to block out the early morning light and tiptoed out of the bedroom. You took care of your business quickly and we’re heading back to bed when you heard the faint sound of your radio crackling to life.
You rushed into your comm room and turned the radio down before really listening to what you were hearing.
“Agent Y/L/N? Come in!” Someone from the base was calling over the link.
“This is Y/L/N.” You answered.
“We got reports of a wrecked Soviet ship in your area. Intel says they had some sort of asset on board. Has anything turned up?”
You chewed your lip as you thought things over. If you turned the Winter Soldier over, you could probably finally get off this island and land a cushy desk job back in the States. It was all you’d been thinking about for years.
But then you thought about waking up to those small fearful sounds, and the look in his eyes before he started sobbing into your chest. And there was no way you could turn that broken creature over to the cold scientists at SHIELD.
“Just some debris.” You called back over the radio. “Nothing important.”
“Alright, well keep us updated.”
You hung up the receiver and started to move back to the bedroom, smiling sadly as you heard the soldier wondering where you were.
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