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#sebastian stan fanfiction
cockslut-padalecki · a day ago
Hi! Congrats on your milestone and omg your 11 sentence challenge is amazing!! Could you please write prompt #12 with Dean & Bucky? 🔥
Best Of Both Worlds
Characters: Dean Winchester x F!Reader x Bucky Barnes.
Words: 405.
Warnings: explicit sexual content, exhibitionism, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it kids), vaginal sex, anal play, mentions of past anal sex, implications of anal sex/double penetration/spit roasting/, it’s gonna be a threesome basically,18+.
A/N: Thank you so much for the prompt babe. This is absolutely the pairing I didn’t know I needed, holy crap. And as always, I must extend my gratitude to @princessmisery666 for your filthy brain/help. Prompt is in bold. Come join my Eleven Sentence challenge! While likes are gold, feedback/reblogs are golden. Please support your content creators. My work is my own, therefore I do not give consent for this story to be re-posted or translated to any other site.
The hood of the Impala is cold and rough against your cheek as Dean presses up behind you, the force of his thrusts pushing you further and further up the metal while the fear of an approaching vehicle keeps your wits sharp. 
“Dean, fuck, anyone could see us,” you croak, voice breaking off into a scream as he nudges your cervix. 
“That’s the damn point, princess,” he sneers back, the deep baritone of his voice continues long after he’s spoken, multiplying into vibrations that almost shake the whole car beneath you. From this angle you can’t see the motorbike approach, but as it pulls up next to you, you immediately recognise the leathers and metal arm— 
“Bucky, I—” you try to plead when he climbs off and pulls off his helmet, cutting you off.
“Did you really think we didn’t know about each other?” he smirks, frosty eyes alight with something akin to amusement— like he’s enjoying seeing you sprawled across the sleek blanket of metal at the mercy of another man. 
You don’t get the chance to reply, the feel of Dean’s thumb massaging at your asshole makes you swallow down your excuse— your truth. It’s simple really; you enjoy their company far too much to break things off, and you always knew sooner or later you would be caught, and it seems like today is that day, but there’s nothing figurative about it— Bucky is literally standing beside you, watching you get fucked with your panties around your ankles. Somewhere deep down, you’re slightly relieved that you’ve been found out, hoping that they would do what you are clearly too weak for, yet from the lustful look Bucky stares at you with, you’re not sure that the outcome you’re expecting is the one you’re going to get.
“Fuck,” you squeak, unconsciously tensing around the intrusion as Dean pushes the tip of his thumb past the tight ring of muscle with a soft pop. 
“You can take it, you’ve done it before,” Dean taunts with a soft laugh, his words reminding you of the last time you rode him in the backseat of the classic car, cock deep in your ass, but you’re too distracted by the sight of Bucky shifting closer, his hands disappearing beneath leather pants to fist his already weeping shaft free as his voice lingers thickly in the air, “If you want us both, then that’s what you’re gonna get.”
Supernatural: @allys-creative-bubble @angelofthetrenchcoats @akshi8278 @cluz1babe @deanwanddamons @fandom-princess-forevermore @flamencodiva @fairlyspnfanfic @hobby27 @jensengirl83 @jensenswinchester @katelyn--renee @mrswhozeewhatsis @notinlovewithdeanwinchester @peachyafshawn @patrick-hockslutter @pink-sparkly-witch @spnbaby-67 @sammykb1994 @sharp-cheekbones-locked @tumbler-tidbits @treat-winchesterswith-kindness @thoughts-and-funnies @thegirlwhorunswithwinchesters @that-one-gay-girl @vicmc624 @waywardbaby @winchest09
Bucky: @andreasworlsboring101 @adreamemporium @cake-writes @deanwinchesterswitch @hurricanerin @oneoftheprettynerds @sammykb1994 @smokeandnailz @syrenavenger @syntheticavenger @vicmc624
Forever: @amandamdiehl @b3autyfuldisast3r @buttercandy16 @crashdevlin @dangertoozmanykids101 @daughterofthenight117 @donnaintx @danneelsmain @dandywinchesterbras @deangirl93 @doozywoozy @downanddirtydean @gayasslookinass @hoewkeyesblue @heyyouwiththeassbutt @hoboal87 @ilovefanfic86 @jewelswrites-ish @joseyrw @letsby @letsdisneythings @mogaruke @notyourtypicalrose @nik2write @novawillowbarnes @obsessivelycapricious @pinkshenanigan @princessmisery666 @rattwritesfics @sea040561 @sweeterthanthis @slutformarvelmen @simpformarvelmenandwoman @stoneyggirl @warriorqueen1991 @wonder-cole @xoxabs88xox @zooaliaa
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ohdolans · 2 days ago
For the Nanny Masterlist can we have her go on holiday or maybe a city break to take her mind off Seb but he's there with his date and she find herself getting a little bit too drunk at the bar/club and some guy starts to flirt/dance with her and Seb gets jealous?
The Nanny Masterlist | Part Eighteen
pairing: sebastian stan x f!younger!reader (au)
Tumblr media
"A date?" Claudia spoke, "Are you sure that's what it was?"
"I know what I saw, they came out and were wrapped around each other." You sighed deeply. "I shouldn't be mad, right? He's allowed to move on."
"Pretty quickly moving on if you ask me." Claudia mumbled beneath her breath, but you caught her every word. " that should just push you forward more to forget him. You're too young and too hot to be pining over some man that isn't thinking about you." She paused for a moment, "We're going out."
You looked towards her confused. "Out where?"
"We're going into the city, we're going to get dressed up, looking hot as hell and going to act like we don't have a care in the world. We can call Jeremy and see if he wants to come, oh! And Hallie and Kennedy. We haven't seen them in forever and they live in the city now."
You sat there for a moment and contemplated "I haven't seen then in a while..."
Claudia smiled widely, "I'm making the calls. Go get your shit ready!"
Hours later you sat in Kennedy's living room with a drink in your hand with a soft buzz already starting. The moment all of you got together it's like didn't pass at all and it was like old times. You knew Kennedy from college and at the time they were dating Jeremy. But now is dating Hallie. Everyone stayed friends despite the past and if anything made you all closer.
You took another drink from your glass before setting it down and walking towards the mirror to finish off your make-up. The skin-tight black mini dress hugged along the curves of your body beautifully, the corset style top accenting your chest the most. You felt hot, you weren't going to fool yourself there. Your platform shoes added a little height and made your legs seem endless.
"Holy fuck," a voice spoke coming into the living room more, when you turned around to see Hallie, with a bright smile on her face. "Ok, you might make me drop Kennedy and switch sides."
You rolled your eyes before turning back to apply your lipstick, "You're too in love with that man to do that sweetie."
"So true," Hallie sighed with an almost dreamy tone to it. You laughed before stepping away from the mirror. "Claudia still getting ready?"
"Yes, and the boys are changing in the bedroom." Hallie walked towards the bar and poured herself a drink. "Claud tells me you're needing to get over some guy?"
You groaned softly, "I guess...damn Claudia and her need to gossip."
"It was coming from a place of love and you know it," She walked towards you more. "Are you ok?"
You shrugged your shoulders, "As 'ok' as I can be. I loved him...stupidly and he obviously was using me as a distraction from his divorce. Should've known nothing would come of it."
Hallie frowned "I'm sorry babes. Well, we are going to make sure you catch someone's eyes tonight. Maybe a little action will push this Sebastian out of your mind."
Once everyone was ready all of you got into a Uber and headed towards the bar. The moment you guys walked into the bar, Jeremy got a round of shots for all of you. The buzz from before moved through your body and grew with intensity.
As the night went on, the drinks flowed and you spent most of the time on the dance floor with Claudia and Kennedy. The night was going exactly as planned till your eyes moved to look around the bar and landed on the one man you'd been trying to get over. Your body froze as you stood at the table the rest of the group was at.
He sat at a table with a few others, but the one other person you recognized was the woman from before. His arm was slung across the back of the booth and her body tucked closer to him. Your heart felt like it moved into your throat and was making it hard to breathe.
"I need another drink," You mumbled before moving towards the bar, pushing through the bodies till you go to it. "Want the strongest thing you have,"
The bartender nodded their head before moving to make your drink, moments later it was placed in front of you. Just as you started to drink it down Jeremy came up beside you.
"You ok? Dipped out of there quickly. Looked a little panicked."
"My ex is here," You spoke quickly, your voice slurred slightly. "Fucking bastard brought a date."
Jeremy's brows pulled together tightly. "Where's he at?"
You looked over your shoulder across the bar once again and spotted Sebastian almost instantly. Your finger pointed towards him and Jeremy followed your finger to find him.
"Wow, he's hot" Jeremy spoke, as you drank the rest of your drink. "He is looking over here,"
Your back froze, and you willed yourself to not look in that direction. "Really?"
"Oh yeah...and he does not look happy." He chuckled, "I have an idea. Let's go dance."
Before you could protest, Jeremy's hand wrapped around your wrist and pulled you towards the dance floor.
"What are you doing?" You whispered towards him.
"We're gonna give that man a little bit of his own medicine."
Jeremy pulled your body close to his and soon the two of you began to dance. You'd danced with Jeremy before so there wasn't anything weird or awkward about it. Your hips swayed against his, and maybe even, exaggerated your movements knowing Sebastian was watching close by. Jeremy's hands moved along your body before holding tightly to your waist. His face was tucked into the corner of your neck as he whispered in your ear.
"If looks could kill, I think that man would've killed me dead in my spot." Jeremy chuckled
You laughed and rested your head against his shoulder, but as the song started to end, you pulled away.
"I need fresh air," You smiled up towards him, "Thank you for that."
Jeremy nodded his head before you slipped away through the crowd and towards the patio. The moment you walked out into the porch the cool air felt good against your heated skin. You leaned against the railing and pushed your hair from your face and tried to calm your breathing.
"Having fun?" a voice spoke and jumped slightly to the sudden noise. Your head turned towards the direction of the voice to see him.
Sebastian leaned against the wall, his gaze glaring towards you with a heat that made your stomach drop slightly. He brought a cigarette to his lips and took a deep pull, before blowing the smoke off to the side.
"Didn't know you smoked," You spoke looking towards him confused.
"I do so when I'm stressed," He answered, "Didn't answer my questions...are you having fun?"
"What does it matter to you?" You felt suddenly felt angry as you stood before him. You didn't miss how his eyes scanned down your body slowly.
He scoffed before dropping the cigarette to the floor and smashing it with his boot. Sebastian stood there looking down towards his feet for a moment before his blue eyes looked up towards you.
"It matters a lot to me,"
"Really? Think the date inside would have a different opinion on that,"
Sebastian rolled his eyes and shook his head, a hand reaching up and rubbing along his jaw. "She's just a friend,"
"Right." You rolled your eyes, before moving back towards the door. "Well, I have friends waiting for me."
You had to walk past him to get back through the door. But just as you walked to his side, Sebastian drew his arm out, grabbing around your waist. You gasped lightly at the touch before looking towards him, his eyes were staring down at you.
"Going back to the friend that had his hands all over you?"
"Maybe. Again, what does it matter to you, Sebastian?"
His eyes moved to your lips before going back to your eyes.
"I don't particularly like seeing a man's hands all over something that is mine."
A frown tugged on your lips. "I'm not yours, Sebastian...not anymore."
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captainmarkone · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Chapter One. characters: bucky barnes x reader. warning(s): none for now. introductions first; smut later. summary: being alone with only one friend takes its toll on ones mind. James Barnes is trying to find love, a meaningful connection. good thing he was at a bar the same time as you. a/n: i stan bucky barnes and him needing / wanting the love he deserves! if you see mistakes, no you didn't. mmmkay? credits: lovely divider.
Leaning against the bar, you found your favorite bartender working. Smiling widely, you waved him down.
“Johnny! Come on. I had a long day at work,” you said as he was making his way toward the other end of the bar. He raised his hand, a signal for you to wait.
You groaned softly and drummed your fingers on the wooden bar. Your friends at the usual booth. Every Friday was spent here. A tradition with your friends; co-workers that turned into friends. Practically family. Turning to see the girls laughing, one mouthing “hurry up!” at you.
You grinned and rolled your eyes, continuing to scan the rest of the bar. Eyes landing on a male whose gaze soon caught yours. Staring at each other for a second, you looked away to check the rest of the crowd out. Thankfully, it wasn’t such a full house.
“Okay, what ya want?” Johnny asked, tapping the bar to get your attention.
“Four shots of patron. Two draft beers, one mint julep, and Pim’s Cup. Pleeeeease,” you sang, smiling warmly as Johnny patted your hand and shooed you away. “Thanks, Johnny!”
Turning your head, the male once more caught your gaze, giving you a smile before shifting his eyes to the male he was with. You saw the other male turn in his seat dramatically, staring at you and you held in a laugh. Walking back to the booth where your friends were seated.
Tumblr media
He groaned inwardly as Sam made a dramatic turn to face the female he was eyeing. She was cute. Cute enough to have caught her eye. Twice.
When Sam turned back, his grin was wide and he lifted his beer to tip it at him.
“Should go say hi,” Sam said, sipping the beer. Bucky rolled his eyes and looked at his friend. Shaking his head and drinking his own beer.
“No. I will not go and say hi. Because what the hell do I say after that?” Bucky asked, sighing softly. He wasn’t the same ladies man that he was in the 40’s. He was a lot more nervous. And women of this day and age… were scary.
“Man. Go say hi! At least. Say hi to her friends. Make them know you see them, but not the way you see her. Offer to buy them drinks,” Sam offered, and tilted his bottle to Bucky.
All the winter soldier could do was sigh agin. Taking one final sip of his beer and standing. Gaining a little bit of confidence. And he began to stride toward your table.
Tumblr media
Your friends had made some comments about the male that made eye contact with you. Seeing it from their seats.
“He’s hot,” they all agreed, laughing as they watched you turn a light shade of pink.
“Oh my god…. He’s fucking coming over,” Ilya said and shifted slightly in her seat as you slowly turned to see him standing next to your booth.
“Good evening ladies. Must be girls night,” he started, smiling at all three of your friends before landing his eyes on you.
“I’m James. And you lovely ladies?” He introduced himself, each of your friends saying their names and introducing themselves. But you were watching him. Now up close. He was… wow.
Feeling you friend nudge you, you cleared your throat and introduced yourself. A smile on your lips as he nodded.
“I’d love to buy your first round of drinks,” James said, nodding at Johnny. “Add to my tab, John!”
James turned to you, smiling. “Might I, uh, get your number? Maybe we can get a drink sometime,” he offered, and you nodded.
“Yeah. Totally,” you said, and dug into his pocket for his phone. Handing it to you unlocked, you created a new contact and put your number in. He even called it to make sure it was yours.
“Great. It was a pleasure meeting you ladies. I’ll text you later. Have a wonderful night out,” James said and walked back to Sam. Paying for his tab and your drinks. He pulled on his leather jacket and winked at you, grinning when you blushed once more. He left the building, his friend lingering to shoot a wink at your friend, Ilya.
“Those two were the hottest men… I’ve ever seen,” Tilly said, laughing as she sipped her drink.
“James looks familiar. So did his friend…. Holy shit!” Amy exclaimed, hitting your arm. “The Winter Soldier! James Barnes! The Avenger!”
The group gasped, watching you closely.
“Y’all. Please stop. You guys act like were gonna date!” You exclaimed, sipping your beer slowly and letting the cold liquid run down your throat.
“Someone’s got a date with an Avenger yall!” Tilly exclaimed, raising her shot glass. You clinked it with hers and down your shot. Groaning at the stinging taste.
But it couldn’t cover the excitement you felt when you felt your phone vibrate and seeing the text from the unknown number which you saved then and there as James.
‘Get home safe. Have a fun night out.’ it read, and Amy, who sat next to you, whooped as she nudges you playfully.
“She got a text!” She exclaimed, the three girls clinking their glasses.
You sat there, feeling those butterflies in your stomach. You haven’t felt those in a long, long time.
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angrythingstarlight · a month ago
How would chubby bucky react to reader passing out during sex
Tumblr media
Pairing: Chubby Baker Bucky x reader
Warnings: Smut, no minors, overstimulation, passing out on Bucky's big ole c*ck.
A/n: Written on my phone. Drabble length? Do not copy, translate or repost my drabbles. I love comments and reblogs.
Bucky has you prone on the bed, the sheets twisted in your hands as you wailed his name into the pillow. His heavy, thick body driving yours deeper into the bed with each short frantic thrust. He can't get enough of your tight pussy, whispering in your ear how good you feel and how much he loves you.
Insurmountable pleasure clawing through your belly, you feel so good, so incredibly good that you have to scream, your hands curling tighter around the sheets. "Bucky, please, fuck don't stop, don't stop," you chant as your eyes scrunch shut. "Please don't."
He's so deep in you, his large cock splitting you in two.
He keeps hitting that rough, spongy patch inside you and it sends a jolt of pure pleasure through you with each stroke, god its like you’re being struck by lightning. You want to move away; you need a reprieve because you’re getting woozy, nearly drooling on your pillow as more sensations spark through you. Even as your pussy pulls him back in, clamping down around his thick length, you try to pull yourself away, mumbling, “too good, I can’t, can’t Bucky.”
“I know it’s good Peach, it’s good for me too, fuck you’re so tight, I just gotta-“ Bucky pushes more of his weight on top of you, pinning you down as he pounds into you, the dull wet sounds of skin slapping overtaking your muffled cries.
You can’t breathe, it’s too good, the way he’s ripping you apart. Leaving pleasure in his wake as he destroys your pussy, a deep thrust sends a needy mewl up your throat, the coil spiraling so tight it’s painful. You feel his sweat-slicked hand push under your belly and your eyes widen as you realize he’s moving towards your throbbing clit. God no, no no, you can’t take that, it’s too much, its-
“Fuck, ‘m close, cum for me, need you to cum first peach.” His fingers strum your swollen bundle of nerves and you shatter, seconds feel like hours, your entire body is on fire, your limbs locking up, your belly tensing, constricting as pure, unadulterated pleasure courses through you. You feel yourself gush around his cock, your walls pulsating erratically.
There’s a strange keening noise buzzing in your ears and you want to look around to see what’s making that sound. But your head feels too heavy. Oh, that’s me, you think, laughing softly as you collapse on the bed. Warm darkness cocoons you and you give in to it, relaxing as your body basks in a sweet euphoria.
“Peach?” Bucky pauses mid-stroke. His heart hammers in his chest as he gazes down at your limp body. Your walls fluttering around him, milking his cock even as he pulls out. He winces as he leaves your warm, tight heat. Oh shit. Oh shit. What did he do?
“Peach,” he says, his brows furrowing, he hovers over you, gently stroking the side of your face. “Are you okay? Talk to me, baby.”
For a second he thinks he’s killed you with his cock. Panic roiling in his chest as he tries to remember the steps for CPR. He knew he should have paid attention in that class. How’s he going to explain this, his worried thoughts muddled in his head while he gently shakes your shoulder. “C’mon Peach, please.”
Then you give him a drunken crooked smile with your eyes closed, your hand raising listlessly, weakly patting his chest. “M good,” you sigh, your words slurring together. “Don’t stop, ‘m ready Bucky.”
Bucky rears back, holding your hand to his warm chest, muttering a thank god to the ceiling. Cool relief shivers down his back and he flops down beside you, the bed dipping down. “Peach, you scared me, don’t do it again”
You brokenly chuckle, “you fucked me until my legs went numb, do it again.”
Your playful retort has him shaking his head. Bucky peppers kisses along your forehead, waiting as you slowly come out of your orgasmic haze. “There’s my girl,” he grins when you open your eyes.
Pushing yourself up on your elbows, you take a deep breath in, still feeling lightheaded as you try to move. You wiggle your hips a little, gasping as a slight tremor of pleasure bursts inside you. A deep ache drums in your cunt and you know you’re going to feel him all weekend. Matter of fact, you should probably make sure you feel him with every step you take.
Titling your head to the side, you bite your lip. “Hey Bucky,” you smirk, tapping his chest with your fingers. Bucky narrows his eyes at you, suspicion blooming in his stormy blue eyes. “You didn’t finish,” you say, glancing down at his cock.
“Peach...” His voice trails off as your hand slides down his soft, chubby belly to his hard cock. “We should wait, um fuck-“
You squeeze his throbbing shaft, his hips rutting into your hand. “Bucky, remember how you’re always telling me that if I suffocate you with my thighs when I’m sitting on your face, that’s your business.”
He grunts your name, his chest heaving as you twist your palm over his swollen red tip. “Well, Bucky if I pass out because you're fucking me that damn good, that’s my business.”
“Now are you going to treat me like the good girl I am or do I have to beg?” The clear challenge in your voice makes him chuckle.
“Oh, peach you know I always take care of you. “ Bucky lifts his head up, his eyes darkening with each slow blink. I’ll fuck you until you see stars if that’s what you want.”
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sweeterthanthis · 2 months ago
Tell me this isn't daddy watching you flirt with someone who isn't him 😏
Tumblr media
Pairing: Stepdad!Bucky Barnes x 18+F!Reader
Word Count: 1.5k
Warnings:  SMUT, fingering, teasing, jealousy, possessiveness, infidelity, stepdad trope/daddy kink, talk of cockwarming, dubcon if you squint but not really. 18+
All my works are 18+. If you click the read more tab, you are agreeing that you are 18 or over, have read the warnings and take responsibility for your own media consumption. I do not consent to having my work translated or posted anywhere else.
Tumblr media
Bucky always arrives a little early to pick you up on a Friday afternoon. He likes to watch you interact with your friends, likes to observe you and watch your face light up when you spot him from across the parking lot.
He parks up, dark shades covering his curious eyes as he spies you walking around the corner of the building. His cock stirs in his trousers at the sight of your bare legs, watches you struggle with your overnight bag as you try to sling it over your shoulder.
He's about to exit the car - fingers lingering on the door handle - when he tightens his fist, the sight of you throwing doe eyed looks at the guy running toward you making him huff in annoyance.
Bucky watches, envious and unjustly enraged, as the guy holds his hand out - his fingernails biting into the palm of his hand as he watches you slip your cellphone into the little punk's grasp.
Bucky knows he's a hypocrite, but he doesn't care. As far as he's concerned, you belong to him. Your body, your mind - and dare he think it, your heart. He twists the car key in the mechanism, the engine rumbling to life loudly and your head instantly snapping up to find the source of the noise.
He watches as you snatch your phone out of your companion's hands, smirking at your attempts to make the encounter look as innocent as possible. He can't help but let out a chuckle when you pick up your pace; jogging across the parking lot, the hem of your skirt riding up with each bounce of your feet against the concrete.
Bucky grips the steering wheel tightly as you pull open the passenger side door, throwing your bag in the back seat and slipping into the plush, leather seat beside him.
He says nothing as he pulls out of the parking lot, a part of him revelling in your blatant discomfort. You already know he saw you, and you already know what kind of conclusions he's drawn from it. It doesn't matter what you say to try and convince him otherwise.
"Good week, princess?" He asks, taking a left turn and pulling up to a red light - shuffling in his seat to look over at you. "You got somethin' to tell me? Gonna start dating two guys now? I already felt sorry for Parker, but this guy, too?"
"No," you mutter, anger bubbling in your veins as you inwardly curse his vile hypocrisy, "but even if I did, you're one to talk." You had moments like this. Moments when you just can't bring yourself to sit pretty and apologise for the very thing he's doing so shamelessly.
"Careful," he warns, pulling away as the light turns green, accelerating harshly while you blow out a breath to continue.
"You gonna fuck her tonight?" You spit, kicking off your shoes and stretching your legs out in front of you, feet propped up on the dash purely because you know how much it pisses him off. "Are you? You gonna make me listen to it like I have to every fucking weekend?"
Bucky says nothing. He knows you're right. Knows he has absolutely zero standing to tell you what to do or who to date. That doesn't matter when his mind is screaming violence and his heart is hammering in his chest. He inhales a deep breath through his nose to try and steady himself, but you continue to poke at him.
"You're an asshole, you know that? I fucking hate you," you seethe, folding your arms across your chest and keeping your gaze fixed on the windscreen. "You come into my life, marry my Mom even though it's fucking obvious that you don't love her. If you loved her, you wouldn't be screwing her daughter every chance you get. You don't control me, you don't get to tell me how to behave."
You pretend not to panic when he pulls into a quiet side street, his demeanour calm and calculating as he shuts off the engine and puts the car in park.
Bucky looks to you, wrapping an arm around the passenger headrest and leaning in close enough that his warm breath fans your already burning cheek. "Someone's feelin' brave today, hmm?"
"I'm sick of being treated like a fucking whore," you tell him, sucking your bottom lip between your teeth before it has the chance to quiver and give you away. "I'm tired of being stuck in this shitty situation, tired of only getting the fucking scraps, and exhausted at having to watch you fake it with her."
"Who says I'm faking it?" He asks, his tone laced with that trademark arrogance that made you fall so hard in the first place. He regrets it as soon as it falls from his lips, but he can't let you know that. Has to keep up this ridiculous facade that you're just a hole for him to fuck when he needs a pretty young thing to entertain him. "Green's not a good look on you, princess. Oughta try being a little more grateful, coming all the way out here to pick you up. Could just leave you to take the bus."
"You only come out here to get your dick wet. Don't try to pretend that you're doing anyone a favour but yourself."
You're furious. You hate the way you let your emotions get the better of you, how you allow your jealousy to rip you apart inside, how you lack the strength to resist him and break off your affair. It's never going to end how you want it to.
"You think I have to drive all the way out here to get my dick wet?" He taunts you, his palm grazing the top of your bare thigh, snaking up below the hem of your skirt as you try to pull it down and cover yourself. "I don't even have to drive five minutes out of our fuckin' street to get some pussy if I want it."
His hand reaches further, fist nudging your thighs apart just enough for him to cup your cunt in the palm of his hand and squeeze it just a little, “could fuck any one’a those desperate, suburban housewives if I wanted. That why you get so jealous, princess? Thinkin’ I’m gonna get bored of this hot, little cunt and move onto the next one?” 
His words make your gut ache, because you know he’s right. You’re terrified that one day he’ll wake up and find a new toy to play with. You hate yourself for grinding yourself down against his hand, hate the slick that squelches against it as you seek that delicious friction you’ve been craving all week. 
“Please,” you whimper, reaching to grip his thick thigh, trying to steady yourself as you tremble beneath his touch. 
“S’that what’s got you so worked up? You just need to get fucked? Need daddy’s cock to make it better?” He coos, keeping up the charade that he could give two fucks about your feelings. Bucky can’t let you know that he could never get bored - will never find a sweeter pussy than yours. “C’mon, princess. Cat got your tongue now?” 
“Daddy, please,” you whisper, batting your lashes at him and doing your very best to entice him into giving you what you want. He smirks, tapping your cunt with his fingers and pulling them out from between your thighs. Your lips part as you start to speak, but his glistening digits slip between them before you get the chance to finish the first syllable. 
“You think I’m gonna give you what you want after that fuckin’ performance back there. Not to mention that mouth,” he tuts, shoving his fingers further down your throat and pulling a gagging sound from your mouth. “Here’s what you’re gonna do. You’re gonna suck those fingers clean, and then you’re gonna keep daddy’s cock warm with that mouth. All the way home.” 
“Mmmph,” you mumble, but with a mouth full of his fingers you can’t get a word out. He pulls them free of your mouth, leaning in to capture your lips in a heated kiss that sets your skin on fire. 
You’ll never get sick of those lips. The way he kisses you, so soft and so passionate. His kisses were the only clue you needed. The only reassurance you ever had to cling on to that you meant more to him than he cared to admit. 
His tongue slips between your lips, dancing with yours as you cling to the collar of his jacket - arching your body into his as his leans over the centre console, kissing you with fervor and desire. 
He pulls away, his forehead resting against yours as he catches his breath. “You’re gonna keep it warm for me,” he rasps, “because I missed it alright? I missed that mouth. I missed those pretty tits, missed that little pussy.” 
You think he’s going to tell you that he missed you. It’s right there on the tip of his tongue. He doesn’t, of course. But the intensity of his stare dizzies you slightly, knocking you off kilter completely when he brushes his thumb against your jawline. 
“Gonna wrap those soft lips around my dick and remind me how fuckin’ good it feels,” he purrs, nuzzling his nose against the soft spot behind your ear, “and then later, when it’s all quiet, m’gonna remind you why you belong to me.” 
Tumblr media
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ambrosiase · a month ago
“you recently broke up with your partner, who cheated on you. knowing that you're upset and pissed, your enemy shows up at your house. you claim you don't want them there, and as you open the door, insinuating that you want them to leave, your enemy slams it shut and says ''use me.'' you know they mean in bed. and you know it's wrong. and you know you shouldn't. and you know you'll regret it. and you end up sleeping with them the same night.”
with bucky?
─── 𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬 | 𝐛.𝐛 ───
Tumblr media
main masterlist
eighteen plus only — by choosing to ‘keep reading’, you are agreeing that you are eighteen years old and over. do not interact with this story if you are a minor.
pairing: bucky x fem!reader, past steve x fem!reader, mentioned nat x steve, mentioned bucky x nat
warnings: asshole!bucky. smut. unprotected sex. dirty talk. choking. face slaps. cunnilingus, fingering. rough sex, lowkey kind of hate sex? it’s enemies to lovers fuckers so this is a real ride (literally). unexpected voyuerism/exhibitionism due to a surprise appearance — kind of cuckolding? male masterbation
summary: after being cheated on by steve, his best friend shows up at your apartment to make good on his behalf
word count: 2.8k
notes: omg this is such a good prompt from the list, thank you for sending it in love <3 also a special tag for my bby @tumblin-theworldaway
dividers by @firefly-in-darkness
Tumblr media
“C’mon sweetheart,” you hear the honeyed, raspy voice of the brunette behind your front door, “I went out of my way just to come check up on ya’.”
Check up on you, your eyes roll, asshole.
“Fuck off, Barnes!”, you shout back at him through the wood, “You, and your best friend can both go to hell!”
The chuckle he emits only serves to irritate you further, “Look, I drove all the way here-”
“You live fives minutes away, you could’ve walked.”
Bucky sighs, why were you so difficult? “Just open the damn door.”
“If I open it, will you finally piss off?”
“Sergeant’s honour, m’lady,” and you hate the way it makes you snort.
Opening the door, you offer him a barely contained grimace as you step aside, “Barnes.”
“Ah, there she is. Don’t you look as terrible as ever.” As he walks over the threshold, and into your apartment you can’t help but flick his ear, “Ow! What is with the violence?”
You leave the door open as you turn to him, “Why the fuck are you here?”
“You can put the claws away, kitten, I’m just here to see how you’re doin’,” he offers you a false grin, “Just couldn’t bear the thought of you all lonely, grieving your relationship.”
Rolling your eyes you ask, “Do you just like, choose to be the worst person to exist? Or did your parents not love you enough as a child?”
“Low blow, sweetheart,” you eye as he walks around your apartment, huffing out small laughs as he notices all the missing frames, “Already redecorating?”
“Is there a reason for this visit, Barnes? Because I’d rather deal with Natasha right now,” your eyes narrow, “And she’s the one who fucked him.”
Bucky turns around, looking at you as he shrugs, “Nat’s a lousy lay anyways.”
“And of course you would know,” seemingly defeated, you close the front door before walking over to the 6’3 man, annoyance showing on your features as you question, “Seriously, why are you here?”
The mischievous smirk he gives sends goosebumps down your spine, “I’m here for reparations, sweetheart.”
“Why? You gonna let me punch you in the face on Steve’s behalf?”
“No,” and you try to pretend that your heart doesn’t jump as you feel his breath fan over your lips, “I’m gonna let you fuck me.”
You snort, “Oh, you are?”
“Seems fair, doesn’t it?” Bucky’s hand cups your jaw, his thumb tracing a line as he says, “He fucks your best friend, so you fuck his. I’d say fair is fair.”
You raise an eyebrow, “And this has nothing to do with the fact that Nat was fucking you on the side?”
“‘Course not,” his eyes harden, “Like I said, ‘a lousy lay’.”
Chuckling you say, “God, you’re an asshole, Barnes.”
“C’mon kitten,” his mouth moves to your ear, hot and wanton as he says, “Use me.”
Maybe if you were stronger you’d have pushed him away, but you’d be lying if you said the thought didn’t appeal to you. Besides, it’s not like this would be the first time you’d sleep with Bucky.
“Don’t you remember, sweetheart?” and you can hear his smile, “Made you cum so many times that night.”
You hold back a smirk, “Hm, don’t think I do. What was it, like three years ago?”
“You can pretend all you want, but I’ve always wondered,” and his lips latch onto your neck, sucking at a spot he knows all too well, “Did you ever think of me, when you fucked him?”
It makes your core burn, but you’d never give him the pleasure of knowing, “Did you ever think of me, when you fucked her?”
He stills, pulling back before saying, “Every single fuckin’ time, sweetheart.”
And that’s when your lips meet in a frenzied, passionate kiss — driven by all the pent up emotions that had now risen to the surface.
“Fuck,” Bucky groans against your lips, hands falling to your hips as he forces your cloth covered cunt against his denim, “You sound so pretty for me, sweetheart.”
Breaking away from his lips, your hands go around his neck as you tell him, “You gonna let me use you, James?”
His cock hardens even more than it already has at the use of his given name falling like sin from your wicked tongue, “Yeah, kitten. ‘M yours, so do your worst.”
The sharp slap across his cheeks takes him by surprise, head moving to the side as a huff of air leaves him before your hand is gripping his chin and pulling him back to focus on you. “Then get on your fucking knees for me, baby.”
There was nothing more arousing than the sight of this beefy, burly man looking up at you. Taking your finger, you trail it down his forehead, his nose, before eventually settling in between his lips — tapping once, and feeling a fire ignite in your core at the way he greedily sucks it in.
You feel his tongue swirl around your digit, his eyes flashing with something dark before you pull it away, “C’mon kitten, thought I told you to use me.” He grins, “Or are you really so fuckin’ pathetic, you can’t even do that?”
The sting on his skin feels good, and he knows that by the time the two of you are done, he’s going to have the prettiest pink imprint of your hand on his face.
Gripping the back of his head, you bring him towards you, “You really just don’t know when to shut the fuck up, do you Barnes?”
Bucky doesn’t get the chance to respond before his mouth is pushed against your cunt, and he groans at the wetness that seeps through the fabric. His tongue immediately massages your slit, groaning at the taste of your nectar.
Hands reach under your sundress, getting a hold of your underwear before tugging them down in a haste. And as soon as they’re off, Bucky’s got his tongue buried in your cunt.
“Fuck!” you squeal as your hands fist his short locks, a leg thrown over his shoulder as you try to balance yourself, “James!”
“Pussy taste so sweet, kitten,” he growls against you, and you look down to catch his eyes already on yours, “Go on, grind down on my face, use my tongue to make yourself cum.”
His tongue licks a fat stripe up your folds, the action being repeated as his large hands grip your soft thighs, slapping down when he feels you cry out from the way he takes the bundle of nerves into his mouth, “Shit, Bucky!”
Lapping at your juices, his tongue moves further down before it’s teasing your empty hole, “That’s it sweetheart, ride my tongue, c’mon.”
His thumb comes over to rub at your swollen clit, working in tandem with his tongue, and you feel the coil threatening to snap as you hear the wet sounds of your juices, “‘M gonna cum, oh my fucking god - ‘m so close!”
It spurs him on, deciding to switch tactics, he replaces his tongue in your cunt with two of his fingers — pumping them roughly as his tongue greets your nub again. “That’s it kitten, can feel you clenching down on my fingers, let go for me, use me.”
His name leaves your lips in a loud cry, your nails digging into his scalp and Bucky can’t help but groan in pleasure from the pain it brings. Your orgasm floods his mouth, sweet and salty as he drinks it down.
Bucky gives one last kiss to your core before he pulls away, grinning up at you, and even with shaky limbs, you still manage to roll your eyes at the obvious ego boost.
“Feel better now, sweetheart?” His arrogant tone is enough to make you almost kick him out — but the sound of your phone ringing depletes that idea, recognising who was calling, “‘S that him?”
It gives you a new sense of vigor, leaning down to connect your lips against the brunettes, moaning as you taste yourself on his tongue, “Bedroom,” you instruct him. “Now.”
The walk to your bedroom is hurried, tearing off each other’s clothing before making your way in, and pushing Bucky onto the bed. It doesn’t take you long to straddle him, leaning down so that you can kiss him — all the while your hand wanders down his chest before rubbing over the trail of hairs that lead to his groin.
“Mm,” you moan against his lips as you feel his cock leak against your folds, “You’re so fucking hard, baby.”
“Wanna feel you wrapped ‘round my cock, sweetheart,” his voice is strained with lust, “Need to feel this tight pussy take me.”
You tuck his member between your wet folds, rubbing along his shaft as you lubricate him with your juices, grinning down at the way he sucks in harsh breaths from the feeling. “You like that, baby? Like the way it feels against your cock?”
“You’re a fuckin’ cunt,” he growls as he tries to catch his cock on your hole, only to snarl when you pick yourself up off him.
“C’mon, Bucky baby, why’re you being so mean?” your head tilts to the side, faux innocence oozing from you, “‘M letting you have what I know you’re so desperate for, so why are you acting like such a spoiled dick?”
“If my dick doesn’t get in you-”
You cut him off with a laugh, “You’ll what?” and before he has a chance to respond, you’re taking hold of his cock and lining it up with your entrance.
The two of you let out cries as the feeling of your walls squeeze around him, almost protesting the intrusion, “Fuck,” he wheezes beneath you. “So fuckin’ tight, kitten.”
“‘S big, Bucky,” you gasp at the full feeling his dick provides, “So fucking thick, oh my god!”
“Who’s fuckin’ desperate for it now?” the grip on your waist is harsh, almost painful as he pistons his hip up inside of you.
Your hands fall to his neck, a smirk forming as you tell him, “Y’know, I like you better when you’re quiet.”
The feeling of your hands wrapped tightly around his throat has Bucky twitching inside of you, his balls threatening a release as he watches you with wild eyes.
You give yourself a moment to adjust on his cock, a throb already aching as you force yourself to take it. But he was just so big — his length was thick and lean, just like the rest of him.
The first roll of your hips has you choking on a moan, you can feel him everywhere. Bucky hits a spot inside of you that has you wondering how you ever only let yourself have one night with him.
Slowly, you begin to rise and fall on his member, letting yourself take control of the pace, “Fuck, baby. You’re so deep inside me.”
You ride him faster, chasing the release you’re on the precipice of — head thrown back as your eyes close as the lust overwhelming your sense with a moan of his name leaving your lips, so loud that you miss the sound of the front door opening.
“That’s it, kitten” Bucky’s voice is hoarse as you remove your hands, fingernails digging into his broad chest, “Cream my fuckin’ dick, that’s it.”
You gush around his cock, still rolling your hips as your body tingles with heat from the intensity of your orgasm — you barely have time to readjust as Bucky flips you onto your back, fucking into you with total abandonment.
“Fuuuuuck, sweetheart” the man rasps, “Look how good you take my cock, fuckin’ made for it. Should’ve fucked you sooner.”
“Yes, yes, yes! Shit, Bucky, baby, please!”
He chuckles, “So fuckin’ greedy for it arent ya? Just desperate for some good dick, that right?”
Your eyes are barely open as you clutch onto his biceps, your legs around his waist as you bring him in deeper.
“Feel me in ya’ guts, don’t ya’, kitten?” Bucky grins salaciously as he catches the figure in the corner of his eye, “Milkin’ my fuckin’ cock like you own it.”
“Bucky!” it seems like that’s the only coherent word you can string together while he’s hitting that spot inside of you over, and over again.
He bites down on your neck, a bruising kiss as he licks it over before admiring his work — god, you were so fucking pretty.
“Don’t know how that punk was so stupid,” he groans as he feels you clench down on him, “Lettin’ you go so easy, what a dickhead.”
“Don’t - fuck - don’t wanna talk ‘bout him.”
“No?” he tuts, “But he’s right here, kitten. Lookin’ at you like he still wants ya’.”
It makes you pause, as though ice cold water has been poured over you as your eyes open and meet those of your ex-boyfriend, “What the fuck!”
But he doesn’t answer you, too focused on the way your cunt swallows his best friend’s dick, “Give him a show, sweetheart.” Bucky’s lips are by your ear, “Show him what he’ll never get again, this perfect fuckin’ pussy.”
And if that wasn’t a driving force — you didn’t know what was.
You keep your eyes on Steve, a devious expression threatening to take over at the obvious stain that’s forming on the front of his pants as he watches you be taken apart, “Hey!” Bucky’s hand strikes your cheek before grabbing hold of your jaw harshly, pulling you back to look at him, “Is it my dick in your pussy?”
Nodding, you make sure you agree with him.
“Yeah? Then keep your fuckin’ eyes on me” and you feel your wetness dripping onto the sheets at the rough display of dominance, “Got it?”
You lean up so that you can catch his lips with yours, an apology as you push your tongue into his mouth in a hot, filthy kiss as you promise that you will.
It makes him grin, how compliant you are under his command, “Damn Steve, you really gave up pussy this good?”
The words make heat flood your veins, Bucky’s taunting only making you squeeze him harder.
“Go on, Stevie” the brunette urges, “Take out your dick, this’ll be the last time you see her like this.”
“Look at him sweetheart, look at how pathetic he is,” and you’re surprised when you realise the blonde made no objection to his best friend’s demand. Fisting himself quickly as he keeps his eyes on where you, and Bucky connect. “Stroking his dick as he watches me fuck this little hole.”
You can’t lie and say your mouth doesn’t water at the sight.
“You gonna cum, kitten?” Bucky wonders, but the crease between your eyebrows is indication enough — not to mention the way your nails dig into his flesh, or the way your eyelashes are fluttering.
“Yeah! Yes, Bucky - shit - ‘m so close,” you welcome his tongue into your mouth again, “Gonna cum for you, gonna cum again, oh fuck!”
He can feel his own balls tightening, and he drives his cock in and out of your cunt with rough, deep strokes, “Fuck, c’mon sweetheart. Cum all over my cock, and I’ll fill you up, make you full of me.”
“Yes!” your legs shake as your orgasm pulses through you, your core tightening as the pleasure engulfs your body in flames, “Oh fuck, Bucky! So fuckin’ good, you fuck me so good, shit!”
“Fuck ‘m gonna cum too, kitten” he swears, hand still on your chin as he forces you to keep looking at him, “Gonna cum so deep in this cunt, you’re gonna be leakin’ for days.”
As your orgasm subsides, you move your hands up to Bucky’s hair, willing him to come down so you can whisper into his ear, “I did.”
“When he was fucking me, I thought about you,” and with an unexpected tender kiss to his lips, Bucky’s grunting as he releases inside of you. His warm seed coating your walls as his balls pulse, your pussy truly milking him for all that he’s worth — he almost forgets about the guest.
The two of you look over when you hear the whine, eyes falling onto Steve as he cums all over his hand, and clothes. And just like that, that dark expression you’d come to enjoy crosses Bucky’s features.
You bite your lip as he extracts himself from you, “Hold it in, sweetheart.” And with a wink, Bucky’s getting off the bed and walking over to Steve, tapping his cheek with the palm of his hand before saying, “You wanna make it up to her, Stevie?”
And your thighs squeeze together as your mixed release threatens to spill even more than it already has.
Once the blonde nods, Bucky grins at you both wickedly, “Then go over there, and clean my cum outta her pussy.”
Tumblr media
asdfjkl sorry to leave it there folks but hey.. feel free to message me with what you think happens next 👀
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celestialbarnes · 6 months ago
something new | b.b
pairing: bucky barnes x reader (based on tfatws)
summary: based on tfatws, in which bucky tries online dating and it works out a lot better than he could have asked for when he meets you
word count: 2.1k
warnings: FLUFF TOWN, bucky being an absolute darling, just loads of fluff 
a/n: hello!! i watched the first episode of tfatws, i just had to write something for bucky because i wanna see him happy, plus bucky trying online dating was something i never knew i needed, i hope you like it and if you did, let me know!
masterlist | requests faq | requests open!
thank you so much for reading! it means the world to me that you do!
Tumblr media
“Is seven alright?” you glanced down at the latest message that had been sent by the guy whom you’ve been chatting back and forth with for the whole of last week. You had started the whole online dating fiasco after your mother had made a comment about you still being what she called, “a single pringle,”, and as if to make that worse, she had to bring about how your childhood best friend, Alyssa was already happily married with two kids who were honestly as beautiful as she was, and you loved that, but you just didn’t know if you were ready for the whole deal of settling down, and prancing about the house, as amazing as that sounded.
“Coming!” you hollered as your boss gestured towards the new customers who stood at the entrance of the quaint café that you had managed to get a job in, a job that paid a little too less, but you needed it to get by and so, you stayed on the job.
“That sounds great,” you typed back quickly, ignoring the death glare your boss shot you as you slid your phone back into your pocket, plastering a smile on your face as you welcomed the couple in, walking them to their seat, before handing them the menu. 
They had bright, happy grins on their faces, you watched as the girl laughed at some joke that the guy had just told her, and somehow you wished you had that.
You see, it wasn’t that you didn’t want to date, you just didn’t get lucky like many of your friends did when you dated, you and your love life just in a way, didn’t roll together, you got guys that were either too busy to even call you back, that or your dated guys who didn’t even bother to hide the fact that they were cheating on you, the screaming would ensue, bags would be packed and it was often you who lost it all.
God, the world can be very unfair to women.
You sighed deeply, placing the last plate into the dishwasher, praying that this date would work out fine, it was your first time trying what was known as the hottest way of dating in these times, when your mum found out, it was safe to say she was over the moon, you were pretty sure she was this close to calling the poor guy that you had began talking to and asking him when he was going to propose.
His name was James, and according to the blurred selfie taken at a bad angle that was on his profile, you could make out a pair of blue eyes and a clean haircut, and you remembered laughing when he told you that he was texting out of a coffeeshop computer because he had just found out that dating apps didn’t work on his phone which you concurred must be ancient. 
You swore you had seen him once or twice, he looked so familiar and you could just place it, but you couldn’t exactly do that with the picture he had. He was a whole gentleman, never asking for sexual favours or nudes for that matter, he was nice, kind and you assumed a little shy too and all you two talked about were favourite colours, flowers and food which he admitted he hadn’t tried much of either.
Your shift ended almost as quickly as it started, and it didn’t take you very long to catch the bus home, perks of living a few miles away from home. You had picked out a simple black dress, which you had gotten a good two years ago, and you hadn’t exactly had the time, well, occasion to wear it yet, however your thoughts of not being able to fit in it were diminished when you managed to zip it up, it fit way better than it first did, with the sides of the dress sliding over your curves. 
It was fifteen minutes to seven and you took a deep breath, picking up your lipstick, applying it, the shade of red that stained your lips completed your look perfectly, taking one last took in the mirror before smoothing your dress out, you slid on your heels, thanking whatever gods that existed that you had enough practice with as you headed towards the door.
“Don’t come home tonight,” Your mum says, knowing smile on her face as you groaned.
“Come on!” you replied, chuckling when your mum shooed you out of the apartment, the cold air of the evening gently caressed your face as you headed out your apartment block, it was five minutes to seven, you glanced down at your phone, looking at the last text James had sent that read, “see you” with a small smiley face beside it, which was something new because you were pretty damn sure that man didn’t even know what emojis were.
You were about to drop him a text when you felt a gentle pat on your shoulder, turning around, you were faced with that same pair of cerulean blues you had seen from the profile, the only difference were that they seemed so much brighter, and beautiful, he had a strong jaw that seemed so sharp you almost thought it could easily cut through glass and a boyish, almost shy smile on his face.
That was when you recognized him, you knew just why you had seen him around, you were at Smithsonian weeks ago with Alyssa and the kids, and you had read about him, and yet as he stood before you, there was simply nothing about him that you feared, there was hope and even a hint of happiness in those steel blue eyes, and you couldn’t help but feel drawn to him.
“I’m James,” he starts as you return his smile with one of yours.
“I’m (y/n),” you reply, and he nods, “I-I almost forgot, these are for you” he continues, handing you a bouquet of lilies.
“You remembered?”
“Of course, you said that you loved them, and I, I saw them along the way,” James replies softly, and you couldn’t help but smile at the gesture, most guys you had met could barely remember what your favourite colours were and yet here James was, a bouquet of lilies in his hand, remembering something that you had mentioned once.
“Thank you James,”
“You can just call me Bucky,”
“Thank you then, Bucky” you reply almost teasingly and he chuckles, biting on his bottom lip as he extends a hand which you took.
“So where to?”
“Have you had burgers?”
“I-uh, no?”
“You’ll love it”
Tumblr media
It took a little less than forty five minutes for you and Bucky to be settled at a little burger shop, looking at menus and you could barely hold back a smile when you saw him furrow his eyebrows at the variety of options.
“There are charcoal burgers?”
“That’s a new thing,”
“It’s made of-“
“Not charcoal,” you reply jokingly, watching as he chuckles sheepishly.
“Right, uh, could you pick one out for me?”
“You sure?” you asked and he nods.
“Yeah, I’ll eat anything you get,” Bucky replies, handing you the menu, his fingers brushing over yours ever so gently, your cheeks heating up at the contact, an electrifying feeling running through your arm when you did.
“Tell me more about you?” you say as soon as the orders were placed, bringing your glass of water to your lips, taking a quick sip.
“Is that how this is supposed to go?” Bucky asks, mirroring your action and you shrug.
“I guess so, it’s my first time trying this online dating thing,” you reply.
“Mine too,”
“Alright, how about this, I’ll go first,” you said and he nods, allowing you take the lead, small smile on his face as you started talking your life, especially after what people called the blip, your family and your job at the café, stopping to tell him what has happened just a day before.
“You’re kidding,”
“I am not, I swear the lady fell-“
“And she grabbed the guy’s pants?” Bucky asked as he munched on a fry from the plates of food that had just arrived, piping hot.
“You forgot the part when she pulled it down,”
“No way,”
“Yes way, he left without his drink,”
“I have to stop by your café sometime,”
“You’re always welcome to, I could make you a coffee if you know what that is,”
“So, it’s like that now?”
“Yes, it is,” you reply laughing when he did as you forked your salad, smiling as you watch him take a bite from his burger.
“It’s good,”
“I told you so,” you said, as you picked up a fry, “I’ve told you about me, your turn,” you said and he shrugs.
“I- well, I’m a hundred and six, and,” he stops sighing and you could feel a part of your heart ache as you watched him frown.
“You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to,” you said softly, your hand ever so gently grasping his gloved one.
“(Y/n) this-“
“I know what this is, and it’s alright Bucky,”
“I did a lot of-“
“It wasn’t your fault,”
“You don’t know that (Y/n),” Bucky said softly, looking down, his gaze refusing to meet yours.
“But I know that you’re a good man James, you went through so much, and that makes you strong, it doesn’t make you a bad person, not by a long, long shot, you don’t have to carry faults that aren’t yours,” You reply, and as Bucky slowly lifted his head, your eyes met his blue ones that were filled with nothing but raw emotion, his gloved fingers gently links with yours, and you squeezed it lightly.
“You dance?” you asked with a huge grin, gesturing to the small live band that had just started playing, the small dancefloor slowly packing with couples alike.
“I haven’t danced since 1943 doll,” Bucky adds sheepishly, you could feel your heart skip a beat at the nickname, trying to ignore the way your cheeks were warming up.
“I haven’t danced since prom, who cares,” you reply casually and Bucky chuckles standing up.
“May I?” he asks.
“My pleasure Mr Barnes,” you answer laughing when he does, your heart thundering in your chest as you pull him to the dance floor and it was almost as if the band knew something was up because the next thing you knew, a slow song played, butterflies were fluttering in your stomach as Bucky slowly circled a strong arm around your waist, pulling you close as he links his fingers with yours, the both of you swaying along to the gentle beat of the song.
Bucky could have sworn that his heart had never beat this quickly, not the way it did when he was with you, his arm around you, holding you close to his chest, and yet, he just wishes he could pull you even closer, there was just something about you that reeled him in, your smile perhaps, maybe it was the way you laughed, it sounded like bells tinkering, maybe it was the fact that you knew him deep down, it was almost as if you could understand him.
You didn’t give him the looks other people did when they walked past, you didn’t push him away, you accepted him the way he was, and just like that he was taken, he had always wanted something simple, normal and you were just that, the beautiful dress you wore simply reflected who you were inside and out, and god, he wants more of you, more of this.
“Thank you,” Bucky says softly as he spun you around, making you giggle when he pulled you back into his warmth.
“What for?”
“For just being you,” he replies and you look up, your eyes meeting his blue irises, your breath hitching in your throat as he leans in ever so closely, his lips barely inches from yours and you could feel his warm breath against your cheek, he moves in, his eyes searching for any hints of rejection from you and when he didn’t see any, he closes the gap in between the both of you, capturing your lips in his in a soft kiss.
Your eyes flutters shut as you wrap your arms around him, pulling him closer as you deepen the kiss, the music slowly fades away and as both your lips move in sync with each other’s, it seemed as though there was no one else except the both of you.
Bucky slowly pulls away, smiles on both your faces as he leans in, resting his forehead on yours, his arms placed ever so snuggly on your hips.
“Bucky,” you said softly, your fingers lacing with his.
“Take me home,”
Looks like your mum was right about you not coming home tonight, and you were perfectly fine with that.
Tumblr media
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creme-bruhlee · 6 months ago
plum [bucky barnes x reader angst]
➽ pairing: bucky barnes x fem!reader (y/n) ➽ word count: 1.8k ➽ summary: bucky’s plagued by nightmares, but you always help him calm down.  ➽ warnings: explicit language, violence, anxiety/panic attacks ➽ a/n: i just 🥺 metal husband needs cuddles. enjoy!
Tumblr media
(gif made by me hehe)
He heard it. He always heard it. The screeching of metal. Whenever he was under HYDRA’s spell, the only sound he could ever recall upon waking up as the screaming of metal. During quiet moments, he heard it distantly, as if it were in another room. The subway was impossible; the sound of the breaks sent him into a fit of panic. He would close his eyes and clench his teeth until he tasted blood, and even then his legs would be shaking afterwards. Once there was a little old lady who watched it and asked if he was alright, and he had managed a weak smile and mumbled, “I’m a veteran. It just happens, ma’am. But thanks.” 
Even though Bucky was definitely the strong and silent type, you knew him. You had known him since he and Steve were reunited, and had stayed with him through every temper explosion and breakdown. He was your Buck, and anxiety wouldn’t change that. You had your fair share of anxiety attacks as well, but Bucky was dutiful and cradled you until you calmed down. He was much bigger than you, but you wished that you could hold him and rock him the same way he did you. 
You knew Bucky so well that you knew what his noises meant. When you would give him coffee, he would grunt, long and low; thank you. When he laid his head on your chest and tapped his cybernetic finger along with the beat of your heart and hummed; I love you. Sometimes he would hum old songs while he cooked, but he never sang, despite your begging. He liked when you sang. 
But, more importantly, you knew what his bad noises were. You recognized the noises he made when his shoulder was hurting or he had a headache, and you knew that light little whimpers in his sleep meant a nightmare. Bucky had nightmares nearly every night, and, even though they had lessened in intensity recently, they were still frequent. You could bet that you were going to be woken up every night by your boyfriend’s squeaks. He rarely moved as he slept, mainly just adjusting his arm whenever he got uncomfortable, but he tossed and turned during nightmares. You were afraid that the fucking nightmares would do Bucky in one day. 
The screaming came to him at three in the morning that night. He heard it, low and rumbling, felt the jostling of movement in his chest and knees, but he couldn’t conjure up any clear image. He saw figures and silhouettes, all turned to smoke at the knife in his hand. His hand was still the cold metal in his nightmares, the red star still imprinted in his shoulder. He had shed the Winter Soldier identity long ago, but the thought that he had done that made him sick. He had done all of that. He had killed all of those people. It was him. 
Then, the image cleared, and Bucky looked at himself. He had his vibranium arm, the yellow bits shifting with his flexing muscles, and he saw the gun firmly in his palm. Across an abyss, he saw you. Your hands were bound, duct tape over your mouth, makeup smeared around your eyes. You had bruises that littered your face and exposed neck, and Bucky knew well enough that he was the one who had done that to you. The metal became louder, almost deafening, and then your voice came to him. 
“Bucky! Please don’t! Please, baby, it’s me!”
You were suddenly in front of him, kneeling, groveling, and begging. “Please,” you whimpered, blood pooling in your mouth and darkening your lips. “Stop hurting me, baby! I thought I was the love of your life!”
Bucky wanted to say You are, but his mouth opened and he said, “You’re my mission.”
He took a breath like he had been stuck underwater, and he shot up. He was on the floor, blankets tangled around his legs, and his brain felt as scrambled as when he was put under. The confusion was overwhelming, and the sound of metal was still in his head. He clapped his hands over his ears, trying to drown out the memory of the dream, of your crying and pleading, of the metal, so many mistakes, he had done so many bad things, bad, bad, bad, life was wasted on me--
“Buck!” you cried. It killed you to see Bucky like this. Shaking, crying, sweating, so broken, with no way that you could help him. Bucky slept on the floor sometimes if he was overwhelmed during the day. He said that the bed was too soft. He wore only his boxers and dog tags, and the sound of the metal clicking as he shook broke your heart. 
You joined him on the floor, putting your arms around him. He was gasping for air, his hands still over his ears, and he was mumbling something that you couldn’t quite understand. “You’re okay, plum,” you whispered. “You’re safe, baby. Can you open your eyes? I need to see those pretty blue eyes, Bucky.” 
After a moment, Bucky opened his eyes and locked on you, and you sniffled. There was a terrifying intensity in that blue expanse, one that you had only ever seen once, when you were on the bridge and he had your throat in his metal grip. Luckily, Sam had come and saved you, but the angry emptiness had been seared into your memory. “Hey, there he is, good job,” you whispered soothingly. His hair was shorter than he usually cared for it, and you ran your hand through what you could. “You’re doing great, plum. Can you breathe with me?” 
Carefully, you took a hold of his vibranium wrist and gently tugged it from his head, and you bit your cheek at his resistance. He could still hear you begging for life, and that ruined him more than anything else. “What’re you hearing, plum?” you whispered. “Whatever it is, it’s not gonna hurt you anymore.” 
Bucky sniffled, but didn’t attempt to speak. He let you pull his hand away, and his fingers were cold against your bare chest when you laid his hand over your heart. “Just breathe with me, my love,” you told him, and took a long, steady breath in. Bucky’s other hand was still clamped tightly on his ear, his head crooked to smash his ear into his shoulder to muffle the noises, but he took a deep breath with you. “Good, good, plum. You’re doing good. Just a few more, can you do it?”
Bucky nodded slightly and you nearly missed it, but you saw the light slowly returning to his eyes. Your Bucky was slowly coming back to you. “Good, good,” you whispered. You pressed your hand to his chest and felt his heartbeat, rapid and fast, like a mouse’s, but his slow breathing was making it soften. “You’re doing so good for me, Bucky. Do you feel like talking right now?” Bucky shook his head quickly, drawing his knees up close to his chest, and you nodded slowly. He hardly ever did after coming down from a panic attack, but you always tried, just in case. “That’s alright, plum. Listen, can you stand up? I’m gonna run you a bath. Try to help you calm down a little more, yeah?” 
Bucky swallowed thickly, and he slowly unfolded himself. His hairline and chest were spotted with sweat, and his dog tags swung around his neck as he sniffled. You passed him a cup of water on the nightstand and he took a few small sips; his hand was still on your chest. “There you go,” you whispered. “Do you want to eat something?”
Bucky shook his head and sniffled again, and you nodded slowly. “Alright, let’s stand up,” you said, and you moved to your feet. Bucky’s hand fell from your chest, and you instead took him by his big bicep, steadying him as he stood up on shaking legs. He cradled the plastic cup to his chest as he followed you to the bathroom, his fingers tangled in the hem of your nightgown, and he stood right behind you as you fixed the bathtub up for him. Once the water was running, you turned to him. He was staring at himself in the mirror, sallow skin and sickly parlor, and you rose up on your toes and placed the gentlest kiss to his stubbly chin. “I’m so proud of you,” you whispered. You placed your hands on his hips and drew him a bit closer, and he enveloped you in a tight bear hug. “So fucking proud of you, Bucky. You’ve come so far. I love you so much.” 
I thought I was the love of your life! 
You’re my mission. 
Bucky squeezed his eyes shut and pressed his head into your neck. He felt the thrumming of your blood just below the skin, and it helped comfort him. You weren’t hurt. He hadn’t hurt you. You were safe and healthy and in his arms. His dog tags dug into your sternum as he pressed closer to you still, seemingly wanting to absorb into you, and you whispered, “I’ll get in the bath with you, hold you all night. Do you want that?” 
Bucky nodded wordlessly, and you helped him strip off his sweaty boxers. The bath was warm as he stepped in, and he settled his aching back against the cool porcelain with a small grunt. He watched you undress and, as soon as your feet had touched the water, he was tugging you into his body. He settled your soft back against his chest and buried his nose in your hair, and he sighed deeply. “You okay?” you whispered, and Bucky silently nodded. 
The smell and feel of you was enough to calm him, and the warm bath soothed his tense muscles. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to sleep for the rest of the night, but he could feel your body sagging with exhaustion. He knew what a monumental task it must have been for you to take care of him, but he was eternally thankful for you. He had no idea how long you two stayed in the bath, him just listening to your steady breathing and heartbeat, but he only decided to get out when he heard little snores coming from you. 
He carried your small, sleeping form back into the bedroom and laid you amongst the pillows and blankets, and he started to settle back on the floor, but you let out an awful, needy whine. “Plum, come back,” you mumbled. “Need your cuddles.” 
“I love you,” Bucky said without a second thought, because he did. He loved your body and mind and soul, and he couldn’t imagine being with anyone else. 
“Love you too,” you said, stretching your arms out for him. “C’mon, I’m cold, plum. Come warm me up.” 
Bucky laid down next to you, and you cuddled your head into his chest. His heart was beating normally, steady as ever, and you placed a kiss to his dog tags. “You can turn on the TV if you want,” you mumbled. “Won’t bother me.” 
“It’s fine,” Bucky whispered, and he brushed a lock of your hair out of your sleepy face. “I’ve got the best show right here.” 
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cockslut-padalecki · 2 months ago
When Daddy’s Not Around
Tumblr media
Summary: A cockroach infestation in Y/N’s apartment block forces her and her parents to stay with her dad’s best friend— the wealthy bachelor James Barnes. And when her parents are out of town for the weekend, the sexual tension that has been brewing between the pair finally boils over. 
Characters: DadsBestFriend!Bucky x F!Reader.
Words: 5916.
Warnings: age gap relationship (reader is 18), heavy sexual tension, explicit sexual content, Bucky being a little tease, Bucky being a slut, Bucky in just a towel, female masturbation, finger sucking, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it kids), multiple orgasms, definite size kink, cream pie, 18+.
A/N: Written for @sweeterthanthis​ “Quote Me On It” challenge, my prompt was “I thought about what you would look like having an orgasm” from Sex, Lies & Videotape. It is highlighted in bold, however it has been altered slightly. Bucky’s look is entirely inspired by this GIF, and if you’re after a visualisation of the sex position, feast your eyes on this. Beta: @there-must-be-a-lock​ but all the general bullshit is entirely mine. Lou, your detailed feedback and suggestions have literally altered my writing experience completely, thank you so much. I’d like to also thank my pre-reader @ozarkthedog​​ for your wonderful comments, and sending all of my gratitude to @imanuglywombat​, my beautiful wombat queen. Your support has been priceless throughout. While likes are gold, feedback is golden. My work is my own, therefore I do not give consent for this story to be re-posted or translated to any other site. Subscribe to Patreon and get access to fics, just like this one, two weeks before Tumblr for as little as $3.
You’re barely through the front door one dreary Monday evening when your dad accosts you in the tiny hallway, his hands full with two bulging duffel bags.
You shoot him a quizzical look as you drop your backpack to the floor. “What’s going on?”
“Pack as many clothes and essentials as you can,” he instructs. “We’ve gotta move out.”
“Move out?” you repeat incredulously. “Did we miss the last rent cheque or something?”
He tries hard to school his features, almost horrified that you would suggest such a thing, and as soon as the words leave your mouth you regret them. You’re about to apologise as the older man drops the bags to the floor, turning his attention to the bureau to the left of you.
“Entire apartment block has cockroaches. Whole building is getting fumigated,” he explains, eyes trained downward as he rummages inside the small wooden dresser.
You shiver at the thought of thousands of the parasites crawling over your body before questioning, “Where the hell are we gonna live?”
“Bucky says we can stay with him.”
Your stomach feels like lead at the words, even though it makes perfect sense. Nana and Pops live too far out of town, and you still need to be close enough to school without having to catch six buses just to make it in time for the first period.
Bucky. James. Dad’s oldest and closest friend.
His house may be in the opposite direction to your school district, but it’s still the more viable option. You’d only have to get one bus this way, even if it did mean getting up at the crack of dawn to make sure you’re on it. Plus he has more than enough space to accommodate the three of you without feeling like you’re living out of each other’s pockets.
And you can’t argue with logic, despite how much you want to.
So Bucky’s house it is.
The next week passes by in a blur of belongings shoved into whatever hold-all’s and suitcases you can find. Desperate to pack as many of your clothes as possible, it doesn’t matter that you haven’t worn half of the garments in what feels like years, you never know when the occasion would call for a cute little flowery two piece and clumpy brown wedges that you can barely walk in.
The bedroom James’ housekeeper Olga has allocated to you is almost the same size as your entire apartment, and that doesn’t include the walk-in closet that leads off to the left of the queen sized bed, which in itself is bigger than your whole room at home. You can’t understand why a man who lives alone needs such a vast living quarters, but as you unpack your possessions into a pathetically small portion of the closet, you are suddenly grateful that he does.
The first night after you settle in as much as you can, James promises to give the three of you the space you need, and to treat the place as if it were your own. Predictably, Dad objects, but James won’t hear of it.
“My home will always be your home,” quotes the playboy as Dad shoots his friend daggers, remembering the same words falling from his own mouth years before. “Every amenity is at your disposal, and my staff are always on hand if you need anything.”
“We can’t ask them to do that, Buck. They don’t work for us,” Dad argues.
James lives a lavish lifestyle, one he always downplays when he comes to visit. It isn’t that he’s ashamed of his wealth, but he knows your parents are modest and never live beyond their means. He has too much respect for them to shove it in their faces.
But you always remember the one and only time your father and his friend disagreed over their financial differences. James had offered to help out when bills began to mount up after your father’s car broke down at the side of the highway, and repairs were costly. Your parents were simply too proud to take his money, and it was never spoken of again.
“But they work for me, and they do what I ask of them, and if that means waiting on hand and foot for my guests then that’s what they’ll do,” James counters quickly.
“Buck—” Dad starts, but his best friend shuts him down with a look and a casual wave of the hand.
“I’m not gonna argue about this. My word’s final.”
After that brief conversation, nothing else is said about it, and you all go about your business as usual, only coming together in the evenings at dinner. James insists you keep your family traditions while residing in his home, and after much persuasion from Dad, he joins you for mealtimes when he isn't off doing… Well, whatever it is that he does.
You can barely eat when he’s there, too distracted by his flawless appearance, even when dressed in a simple white t-shirt and grey jogging pants. And you’re thankful that you have school to take your mind off of him, because even though the house is extensive beyond your wildest dreams, he always seems to be one step behind you at every turn.
Of course you’re flattered by the attention from the older man, but when he’s right under your nose all the time, it becomes virtually impossible to think of anything else but the way you wish he would fuck you six ways from Sunday.
Wednesday morning starts off like any other, except for the first time in a week, James is nowhere to be seen as you prepare breakfast for yourself. The peace and quiet is welcoming, the elusive owner of the house absent for once, and you can enjoy the cereal and orange juice you picked out from the selection Olga had left for you.
James has always been a part of your life. A constant that never waivered, no matter how busy he became. He was part of the family. An unofficial godfather-type turned your biggest crush.
You always knew it was inappropriate, and you did your best to avoid him whenever you could. You would start to make excuses to not visit him with your dad when he’d offer. You’d try to make yourself scarce when James would swing by your home, but in the tiny apartment you shared with your parents, it was practically impossible.
He always found you sulking in your room, managing to pry out some made up lie as to why you were in such a foul mood. He usually bought the standard drama that came with teenage girls, and not wanting to pry any further, or get sucked into the politics of high school, he’d leave you alone to whimper into your mattress as you wished the pillow you were rutting against was his painfully attractive face. He would still pop by at least once a week to see your parents, but after waiting in your room for his expected interruption, eventually even those ceased.
Over time, James began to tease you for your sullen attitude. Often, you feared he knew your secret, always holding your gaze for a little too long or smirking when he’d catch you staring. Clearly your discomfort brought him joy, and that only seemed to spur him on even more.
So the thought of having to live under the same roof as him for the foreseeable future terrified but excited you.
Mindlessly, you flip through a magazine Mom had picked up at the store as you eat, not really paying attention to the articles when the vibration of your phone receiving a text against the marble counter plucks you from your daze. The sudden noise causes you to knock over the bowl of coco puffs and milk into your lap.
“Shit, shit, shit!” you curse, trying desperately to pat at the wet patch on your skirt as you hurriedly rush upstairs, well aware of time running away from you. You need to get a move on if you’re going to be ready to catch the bus to school, and in your sopping wet outfit that’s becoming less and less likely.
Barrelling into your temporary room, you manage to pick out something new in a matter of minutes, pulling on the cutesy pinafore dress over your salvaged t-shirt as you rush to the bathroom, the sound of the shower running disrupting your efforts to make it to school on time.
Just perfect.
You knock quickly, hoping to rouse the attention of the person inside, but it fails to distract them from whistling a tune you vaguely recognise.
“Dad? Is that you?” You call out, finally placing the A Team theme song he always ends up humming, “Hurry up, I gotta go, I’m gonna miss the bus,” you add, yelling through the door, hoping that this time he’ll hear you.
Knocking again, you huff loudly in an attempt to convey your frustration, while hastily pulling on the pink knee high socks you picked out to complement your fresh change of clothes.
In the midst of bending over, and dragging the soft material up over your knee, the door finally unlocks and a billow of damp steam hits you in the face before it dissipates entirely. Tanned, muscular legs and a blanket of pure white appears through the cloud of water droplets, and it becomes apparent that your face is at the perfect crotch level.
James is naked, save for the towel that barely covers his modesty, the soft cotton hugging his lithe hips, showing off V lines that could cut fucking glass.
“And here’s me thinkin’ I’d need to work a little harder to get you in this position,” he purrs seductively as you return to standing, unable to tell if the blood rushing to your head is down to the sight in front of you or from rising up too fast.
His chest glistens like he’s smothered himself in baby oil. The moisture from the shower clings to every divot and ridge of his abs, and with his chocolate brown hair still dripping, rogue rivulets of water trickle down over his pecs and down onto his stomach, which only serves to make the image even more delectable.
While your thighs clench and your stomach twists in arousal, you’re rendered temporarily mute as you try to swallow despite the dryness in the back of your throat.
“Sorry,” James apologises, running a hand through his wet hair. “I didn’t realise I was in there for so long.”
“I, um.” You cough, clearing your throat before asking, “What’s wrong with yours?”
“I’m getting it re-modelled,” he tells you.
“Oh.” Your brow furrows a little at his explanation, but you don’t question it. “Why couldn’t you use one of the other six bathrooms in this place?”
“Five actually,” he chuckles lightly. “And I like this one best.”
“You have a favourite bathroom?”
“I wouldn’t say favourite, I just really enjoy the view from here the most.” James’ azure eyes glance over your shoulder, and you find yourself turning your head at the same time to see what he’s looking at.
The open doorway to your bedroom.
Realisation suddenly dawns on you, and the weird 'I feel like I’m being watched’ sensation you’ve been having suddenly makes sense. You should be horrified at his subtle admission, but instead, you feel your pussy clench tightly around nothing. Your entire body feels like a furnace as you glance back at him, his lips painted into a lazy, upturned smile.
“The - the view, huh?” comes your stuttered response as he steps from the doorway, narrowing the gap between you. And even though the entire hall is more than spacious to house both of you comfortably without being in each other’s personal spaces, he’s so close that you can feel the heat oozing from his body permeating yours and it makes your skin prickle in arousal.
“Mm hm,” James nods slowly.
You continue to look up at him, mouth slightly agape as your eyes flicker between his piercing blue stare to his lips— so beautifully pink and thick. Fuck, you just wanna kiss him so damn bad.
“It looks good enough to eat.” His eyes drop to your lips, his own pinched between his teeth. “Bet it’s sweet as a peach.”
A small noise escapes from your throat, knowing you’re completely and irrevocably not talking about the “view” any more. Your mind is whirring as you try to conjure up a response that isn’t just garbled, horny nonsense— something along the lines of wanting him to throw you against the wall and find out, but words fail you.
“Anyway,” James says, clearing his throat. The sound pulls you from your daydream. “Have a good day at school, kid,” he adds with a smirk before striding off down the hall, leaving a trail of damp footprints in his wake.
“We’re going away for the weekend,” Dad announces that evening at dinner.
Thank god, you internally sigh. After your encounter with James this morning, and spending the entire day wound up tighter than a bed spring, you need to put as much distance between him and you as possible. You can almost feel your face light up in glee, already babbling excitedly about getting away from these “drab four walls” when your mom intercedes gently.
“Oh no sweetie, it’s just me and your dad.” She flashes you a kind smile. “Bucky’s giving us his cabin.”
“What about me?”
“I doubt you’ll want to join us honey, it’s for our anniversary.” The couple share a loved up look, and the sickening realisation hits you.
“Oh,” you respond, “ew.”
The three adults chuckle lightly, seemingly amused by your distaste at your parents for going to spend their weekend doing it.
“So am I gonna stay at Nana and Pops?” you ask excitedly, eyes darting back and forth between them.
“Why would you when you can stay here and keep our host company,” Dad laughs.
You glance over at the man in question, and James raises his fork and eyebrow in unison, lips curled up into the same teasing grin it was this morning.
“I think he’s more than capable of finding his own company,” you mutter under your breath, but it’s still loud enough for them all to hear.
“Y/N, don’t be so rude,” Mom rebukes you softly, but James merely scoffs at your insult.
“It’s fine Ange, the kid’s right.” He smiles at you, tongue sweeping across his bottom lip as he does so. “But I’ll see to rein it in for the weekend.”
You hate that he still calls you that. And judging by the amused look tugging at his features, he knows you hate it too.
James’ attempts to “rein it in” are feeble. Your parents have only been gone a matter of hours, and he’s already preparing himself for another date, regardless of the fact he’s just returned from a “liquid lunch” two hours before.
You aren’t stupid. It’s obvious what he’s really been up to— the lingering smell of the woman’s sickly sweet perfume wafts under your nostrils as he strides past you sitting in the kitchen, hungrily nibbling at a plate of Olga’s freshly made chocolate chip cookies. You glance up through thick lashes, watching as he strides over the refrigerator and pulls out a bottle of water.
“She’s got a soft spot for you,” he comments, your gaze immediately drawn to his deft fingers unscrewing the cap before chucking it onto the counter next to you.
“Olga,” he affirms with a light laugh as he brings the plastic to his lips and swallows deeply. “She’s worked for me for six years now, and not once has she ever made me cookies.” He indicates the slowly emptying plate in front of you with a small tilt of his head.
“Clearly she’s fallen for my charms,” you reply nonchalantly.
“She’s not the only one,” he mutters, thinking you don’t hear him. He takes another big gulp of water, and the way his Adam’s apple bobs makes the knot in your stomach tighten. Licking your lips unconsciously, you wish you could drag it up and over his throat instead.
As he finishes drinking, he wipes away a stray droplet of water from the corner of his mouth with the pad of his thumb, eyes locked onto yours. The action is enough to make your panties flood with arousal.
“You, er, missed a spot.” You tap a finger against your neck, signifying the spot where he needs to rub away the garish crimson lipstick print staining his flawless sun-kissed skin.
He smudges the mark with his fingers, smiling wide as he pulls them away, scarlet now tainting the tips.
You can’t mask your envy, even if you tried.
It’s a little after eight thirty when James finds you in the lounge. He’s clad in expensive black Armani when he strides in, his perfectly pressed jacket hanging over his arm. He does a double take when he spots you curled up on the couch, flicking through channels trying to find something decent to watch.
“‘Kay, what’s the deal?” He asks, placing the ebony garment down on the back of the couch before flashing you a teasing smile while he fiddles with his cufflinks.
Fuck. Why is watching him do that so hot?
As you clench your thighs together, you hope he doesn’t notice the way you shift awkwardly in an attempt to create enough friction to ease the ache between your legs.
James picks up his suit jacket and puts it on, taking the time to smooth down the lapels and collar. “It’s Friday night, how come you don’t have plans?”
“Friend blew me off to hang out with her boyfriend,” you mutter, still a little put out by her cancelling on you at the last minute. You turn your attention back to the television, not wanting to let your gaze linger on just how fuckable he looks.
“And you didn’t feel like spending time with yours?”
“Don’t have one,” you say, stare flickering towards the older man momentarily. “The boys at school are jerks.”
“Boys your age barely know what to do with their dicks anyway.”
You hate to admit that he’s right. Despite the fact the last guy you got to fourth base with oozed charisma and pure sexual energy, it seemed that it was simply a well very put together act. The reality being, he had come within minutes of being inside you, while you laid there wondering if it was even in yet. The premature jizzstain then had the audacity to tell all of his friends that he took your virginity, and worse still, that you were a lousy lay.
To reiterate, boys equal jerks.
You take the time to look him up and down in scrutiny. “From what I hear, a lot of men don’t either.”
James lightly scoffs. “Oh, I’m not one of those men.”
“And I’m sure the woman who left her lipstick prints all over your neck would no doubt agree,” you reply sarcastically.
“What’s the matter kid, you jealous?” He laughs.
Your jaw tightens as you stare up at him, icy blue eyes daring you to say yes, but you don’t want to give him the satisfaction. Yet the fact you remain quiet tells James everything he needs to know, and his lips slowly curl up into a mirthful smile.
He gives you a knowing wink as he turns on his heels and confidently strides from the room with a spring to his gait, not before throwing, “Have a good night kid, don’t wait up,” over his shoulder.
God, you wanna murder him.
It’s not until you hear the sound of the engine of his Ferrari roaring to life from outside that your thoughts are pulled from your salacious fantasies— each one featuring James’ cock, and having it stuffed into any one of your available holes.
You distract yourself with mindless television for a while, until the chill of the A/C blasting across your bare skin is all you can think about. You know you should just go upstairs and put on warmer clothing, the small t-shirt and sleep shorts doing very little to stave off the cold, but the thought of traipsing up all of those stairs suddenly seems like a gargantuan effort. Unable to find a blanket anywhere, you settle for the grey sweater laying over the back of the couch, assuming it belongs to Olga, but it’s not until you pull it over your head that the faint smell of James’ aftershave engulfs your senses.
Of course it would be his.
You debate taking the item of clothing off, however almost as soon as the softness and warmth of the material strokes over your skin, you decide against it. His scent is distracting at first, but eventually it becomes a comfort and you find yourself snuggling into it as you climb back into the seat you had moulded within the leather couch.
Somehow three hours pass, and your stomach loudly gurgles as a pizza commercial starts up, reminding you that you haven’t had anything substantial to eat since the cookies Olga left. For a moment your heart leaps, hoping there are still some left before you remember that you had already eaten them all after catching the leftover lipstick marks on James’ perfect fucking neck.
You wonder where else she’s marked him with that slutty store-bought claret, and as you start to descend back into unwanted envy, you force yourself up from the couch in search of food.
You feel like an intruder in the house, rummaging through the cupboards for any kind of snacks you could nibble on while you pick out a movie to watch. And even though James gave you express permission to help yourself to anything, you still feel like you’re stealing when you manage to get your hands on a box of microwaveable popcorn.
As you watch the timer count down, the familiar sugary sweet smell fills the vast kitchen, and your stomach begins to cramp and growl, desperate for sustenance as you hear the front door slam shut.
Olga wasn’t due back until early morning, and James would surely be home even later than her, the heady stench of sex accompanying him. Holy shit, were you being broken into? Should you call the cops?
No, he had a state of the art security system surrounding the entire property. Nobody would be getting within two miles of this place without some kind of silent alarm triggering.
You freeze in place, internally arguing with yourself about whether to call out to the unknown person when James suddenly appears in the doorway, looking only a little dishevelled.
“Ah, so you’re the popcorn thief,” he jests, walking towards you.
“One bag hardly counts,” you retort flippantly.
“Yeah, yeah tell that to the cops.” He smirks, stepping up to the counter, and empties his pockets onto the marble. Cell, wallet, keys, condoms…
Well, you suppose you can’t blame him for always being prepared, but it doesn’t stop the jealousy from bubbling in your chest.
The microwave beeps and you quickly open it to allow the rising steam to escape, waiting a few seconds for it to dissipate before reaching inside for the bulging paper bag.
“So, what happened to your date?” you ask, aloof.
James scrunches up his nose, letting out a small laugh as he reaches over for a handful of popcorn that you’re in the middle of pouring into the bowl in front of you. Just the way his fingers curl around the puffed up kernels makes your skin prickle with heat, wishing they were flexing inside you. You discard the bag, thankful for the moment to look away.
“Paid for her Uber,” he shrugs. “Figured I had someone better waiting for me here.”
Now it’s your turn to laugh. “Who, Olga?”
James slowly rounds the counter, his cobalt eyes never leaving you as he comes to stand in front of you. He’s so close you can easily reach out and touch him, but your hands remain at your sides, waiting for him to react first.
“Baby girl, we both know I don’t wanna fuck my housekeeper.”
He steps forward, finally closing the small gap between you as the noise that escapes you at the new pet name is incoherent. James stares down at you, pupils widening as he sweeps his tongue over his bottom lip.
“That my sweater?” he asks softly. Your cheeks grow hot at his questioning.
“Yeah, sorry, I was cold,” you explain, giving each sleeve a tug as you begin to shimmy out of it, but James’ voice stops you.
“Don’t.” He licks his lips devilishly. “It looks good on you.” You squirm at his compliment, unsure of how to respond. “You’d look better in less though.”
His comment tethers you to the spot, and for a moment you’re both frozen, simply staring at each other.
Is he really saying what you think he’s saying?
It’s almost as if all other sound has been sucked from the room, apart from the steady thump of blood pounding in your ears.
His eyes dart back and forth between yours, like he’s trying to figure out what you’re thinking.
You break the silence first with a shaky, “I should—” as you point towards the lounge, yet you make no attempt to move. James nods like he’s giving you permission to do so, but as you begin to take a step back, he suddenly reaches for the sweater, grabbing the grey material with a tight fist.
In a flash, he’s pulling you towards him and his lips are crashing heavily over yours.
He tastes like expensive champagne and whiskey with hints of sweetness from the popcorn cutting through the bitterness, tongue deliciously wet and hot as it explores yours while low growls emit from his chest. The deep, gravelly vibrations make your lips tingle as they move down your body, settling thickly in your core.
As you relax into the kiss, James’ grip around the sweater loosens, and his hands find their way to the backs of your thighs, giving your bare flesh a small tap. You almost jump into his arms, wrapping your legs tight around his waist.
You can barely breathe through the force of his kisses, each one more desperate and fervid than the last.  His fingers press hard into your skin as he maneuvers you away from the kitchen, the popcorn long forgotten. Your hands are in his hair, tugging softly on the roots as he carries you to the couch, getting off on the sound of James moaning into your mouth.
You’re already pawing at his tie and the buttons on his shirt, stripping the black fabric from his chest when he places you down on the couch. As soon as your ass meets the leather, James is already knelt between your spread thighs, his hands everywhere. Your lips part temporarily as he yanks the sweater off over your head, eyes widening at the sight of your nipples clear through your t-shirt before his mouth captures yours hungrily once more.
It’s all teeth and tongue— messy. A fiery culmination of all the months of tension between you. He kisses you like he’s trying to devour you, and you reciprocate by doing the same in return.
There’s no time to cherish his body, or allow him to worship yours. You need him. Now.
As you work the zipper of his suit pants open, James makes light work of your shorts and panties. He pulls away from the kiss, tugging the fabric quickly down your legs before humming appreciatively at the sight of your bare cunt.
He moves back in to kiss you, but instead of doing so, he lets his lips brush yours delicately, breath hot on your cheek. His hands glide up your thighs, and as he reaches your core, the tips of his fingers smooth through your folds, coating them liberally with slick. The contact makes you whine.
“You sure you’re not jealous, baby girl? Because you’re fuckin’ wet for someone who claims they’re not into me,” he whispers against your lips, letting out a deep, hushed laugh.
“I never said— fuck!” You groan as his finger breaches your heat until he’s knuckle deep, curling it upwards as he does so.
“Yeah? You like that?” he teases softly, pushing in another. “How ‘bout this?”
Your entire body tightens as he holds them still, bright cerulean staring down at you, his lips puffy and swollen from your kisses. All you want him to do is move. Canting your hips slightly as you give him a reluctant nod, James’ lips split into a wide grin.
“There ya go.” 
His fingers retreat slowly before plunging them back inside you. You cry out, grabbing onto his biceps to keep you steady as he begins to fuck you open, a litany of damp praises tumbling from his lips on a loop. You writhe on his fingers, the warmth in your belly coiling tighter with each drive and retreat, feeling your climax teetering in the distance, the threat of it blooming into something explosive.
“Fuck, you should see the mess you're makin’ of my couch, baby girl,” James observes with pride, tongue resting heavy on his lips as he concentrates his stare between your spread thighs. “C’mon, show me that tongue,” he adds in a whisper, the tone of his voice contradictory— all rough and gravelly.
You part your lips slowly and stick it out.
“Good girl.”
As his fingers retreat, leaving you wanting and bereft, you whine at the loss. He shoves them into your mouth, muting your mewls as the sweet tangy arousal lays thickly on your tongue.
Closing your lips around the intrusion in your mouth, you hollow your cheeks like you’re sucking dick. James stares at you, marvelling at the sight of you licking his fingers clean.
“Get my cock out,” he orders.
Your hands work fast to free him of the confines of his underwear, and when your fingers finally curl around his hard length, you blanch a little at the size. You stroke up his shaft, chest swelling with pride as James growls deeply, his next command causing the heat in the pit of your stomach to twist and tighten.
“Get those fuckin’ knees up. Show me that pretty pussy.”
You fall back against the couch cushions, and curling your arms around your legs as you roll onto your side, you bring your knees to your chest, leaving you vulnerable and exposed to him. James shuffles up behind you, cock poised in his hands as he teases the head through your folds.
Even though there’s no need for prep, a strained whimper still falls from your lips as he edges forward into your wet heat, his hefty girth stretching you wide. When your eyes scrunch closed at the intense pressure, he’s careful to stop and check you’re alright.
“It’s just so…” you gasp, feeling him slide in another inch, “big.”
James laughs softly at the compliment, and retreats a little.
“No no, don’t stop,” you reassure him, grabbing his forearm to coax him closer. He follows your instruction, driving further inside you with a low groan as his hips finally meet your ass. You let go of a strained cry at the impossibly deep angle.
He begins to move back and forth, each drag of his cock hitting every pressure point inside you as his thrusts quicken until the sound of skin slapping skin fills the vast lounge, mixed with your heady moans for James to fuck you harder.
“That’s it baby girl,” he coos, pulling back to stare in awe where you conjoin. “Wish you could see your greedy little cunt swallowing up my cock.”
James reaches between you, his fingers toying with your pussy lips, and parts them a little more, eyes lighting up as he watches himself disappear back inside you.
He slides his fingers up, swapping them out to sweep his thumb over your clit. Immediately you clench around him, feeling heat pooling in your core as he circles your bead with expert precision.
“Fuck, you’re soakin’ me.”
You know. You can feel it coating his cock each time he drives back inside you. Can feel it dripping out of you, and down onto the stupidly expensive leather below you. James continues to praise you throughout, his thumb ceasing to let up its ministrations as he coaxes you closer and closer to euphoria.
“C’mon, come for me baby girl,” he urges, shifting his thumb a millimetre to the right just as his cock brushes over a particular spot inside you. “Come for me.”
“Oh g-god, I’m gonna—”
The words die on your tongue as you explode. Rushes of heat and pleasure fill your veins, and you tense under the weight of your delirium, teeth pulling painfully at your bottom lip as you come harder than you ever thought you possibly could.
It’s not until your vision re-focuses that you notice James staring down at you, a lazy smirk painted across his lips as he fucks you.
“What… are you… so happy about?” you question breathlessly between thrusts.
“Always thought about what you would look like having an orgasm,” he chuckles lightly as he reaches for your ankles and pulls your legs roughly apart.
Rolling over onto your back, you groan at the new depth, eyes rolling as you swear you feel him in your stomach. “Now you don’t have to just think about it.”
“Now I can just remember what it feels like to have you squeezin’ ‘round my dick.”
You clench at his words, pride filling your chest as his eyes flutter closed at the sensation so you do it again. “Hm, like this?”
“Fuck baby girl, you’re gonna make me come if you keep doin’ that,” he breathes.
You tense around his length once more, smirking up at him this time, enjoying the sight of him losing his composure.
“Please James,” you plead, biting down on your lower lip, unsure of what you’re really asking him for.
He grunts. “Love it when you say my name like that.”
“James,” you purr, which only serves to make his hips snap harder. “Oh god, you’re gonna make me come again.”
“Yeah?” he smirks proudly.
“Mm hm,” you squeak. “Want you to come with me. Fill up my pretty little pussy.”
“Shit, you are a dirty girl, aren’t ya?”
You nod, pushing your feet harder down into the couch, angling your hips up so he can drive in even deeper. You’re trembling again before you know it, surrendering entirely to your orgasm as James growls, hissing your name through his teeth as he spills into you, his seed warming you from the inside out.
Once his hips stutter to a stop, he collapses on top of you, leaving a trail of tiny pecks across your collarbone. Eventually, he leans back up on his palms, and gazes down at you in complete adoration.
“Sorry about the mess,” you apologise with a little giggle when he pulls out, feeling his seed dribble down through your folds and onto the couch below you.
“It’s fine.” He places a sloppy kiss on your lips, laughing at the look of horror on your face as he jokes, “I’ll just send your Dad the dry cleanin’ bill.”
WDNA: @aquariusbarnes​ @my-divine-death​ @nastybuckybarnes​ @maeve-writes​ @teishalicious​ @dreamlessinparis​ @beautifulrose0809​ @buckysdxll @mollyscoffe45​ @j-j-ehlby-writes​ @lowercasegenius​ @syrenavenger​ @couldabeenamermaid​ @sagechanoafterdark​
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xreader-writing · 2 months ago
Will you marry me? | Sebastian Stan
Sumarry: A drunk Sebastian, asking his girlfriend to marry him.
Pairing: Sebastian Stan X Reader
Characters: Sebastian Stan, Y/N
Word Count: 307
A/N: This is so short, but this idea came out of nowhere, and so I really needed to write this. ♡ English is not my first language, so I’m sorry for any mistakes.
I'm posting this again!
Tumblr media
“Will you marry me?” Sebastian says when Y / n was almost asleep, lying next to him.
“Love, you’re drunk,” she responds laughing.
“I’m drunk, not crazy.” He talks a little curled up.
“Go to sleep Sebastian.” Y / n speaks with eyes closed.
“I’m not going to sleep until you say yes.” He speaks, and Y / n sighs.
“You are crazy.”
“You are very cruel, I am asking you to marry me and you certainly do not want to marry me, the love of my life has just abandoned me, I am so sad now.” Sebastian says doing Drama.
“You can ask me on a sober day, and I will be happy to say yes.” Y / n says, making Sebastian smile.
A few minutes pass and the silence takes over, Y / n sighs in relief thinking that Sebastian slept until he …
“What happened dear?” She asks, already losing patience.
“You shouldn’t know, but I already bought the ring, I really hope you like it.” Sebastian says, making Y / n’s eyes widen, and look at him in surprise.
“Really?” She says quietly, and Sebastian agrees with a smile.
“My God, sober Sebastian is going to kill me.” Seb says, and Y / n can’t help laughing, no matter what the circumstances, Sebastian has always managed to make Y / n smile.
A few more minutes of silence, and Y / n finally feels like he’s going to be able to sleep.
“Sebastian please, I need to sleep!” Y / n says mad.
“Okay, but … can you pretend to be surprised? You know, when I ask you to marry me, when I’m sober.” Sebastian says, and Y / n leans over, kissing Sebastian’s cheek and the corner of his mouth.
“Alright love.” Y / n says, and Sebastian wraps his arms around his waist, snuggling up, and finally, the two manage to sleep.
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itsallyscorner · 4 months ago
Can i request: sebastian stan x reader?
Reader and sebastian is dating but they keep it from everybody else, then they open up to the public eye by agreeing to either do a very sexual nude photoshoot or just a regular photoshoot if your uncomfortable or be like a model in a music video
When Method Turns To Reality
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x actress!reader
Summary: You and Seb finally expose your relationship to the world by posting a sexy picture from the set of a steamy movie you both worked on.
Warnings: Intended smut
A/n: I know you asked for a photoshoot—but I remember Seb posting some pics on insta while promoting Monday, and we all know how that movie went down:) I tried my best I hope you like it x
Tumblr media
Draga - Darling
✧───── ・ 。゚★: *. ☽.* :★. ─────✧
You wanna know what happens when you’re single, in Greece, and working with a man literally sculpted from the Greek Gods from above? You’re fucked—that’s what.
You had known Sebastian for years, the two of you were actually quite close. I guess you could say that you had a tight bond, a friendship, if you will. You’ve worked with him in the Marvel films and will soon be acting alongside each other again in the new Falcon and The Winter Soldier series.
You and Sebastian were always friendly with each other. You never saw anything wrong with him, in fact you couldn’t even find anything that was wrong with him. He was perfect, a god send. You’ve worked with many amazing and respectful men in the film industry, but there was just something different about your Sebastian. You couldn’t put your finger on it, but he was just unique in your eyes. He was a selfless sweetheart who cared about everyone around him and made sure to put everyone’s needs before his own. You adored the way he would get all flustered when someone compliments him. The way his cheeks would slowly turn red and how he’d nervously scratch the back of his neck was a sight that made your heart skip a beat every time. He was a diligent actor who always worked his ass off to embody a new character he was casted as. His diligence and dedication was another thing you adored about him. He never failed to stun you at how good he was in becoming a character, sometimes you believed he was a shapeshifter. That’s how good he was.
At first glance he seemed like one of those soft kind of guys who always wore knit sweaters, had fluffy hair, and did things like reading poetry books. Yes, he was very much attractive, he had charming features and a body that seemed way too good to be true. He could be flirtatious and bold but he could also be quiet and reserved when he wanted to. The man was just full of surprises, you never knew what to expect from him. Were you expecting him to strip down stark naked in Greece letting his goods hang out for the world to see? No, you didn’t—which proves your point.
Sebastian had many interesting ways to embody his characters. Obviously, he’d research things that related to the character’s background, but he also did things like listen to music or try to portray the mentality of the role he was playing. To Seb, there was no right or wrong way to become a particular role. To him, if one method works better than the other, then so be it—whatever works for you. He was open to anything.
You could say the same thing about yourself; you believed that there was no permanent method to becoming a new character you were casted as. You just went with whatever worked for you. Like Sebastian, you were also open to anything. So when he suggested that the two of you should try ‘method acting’ while filming Monday, you had no hesitation in telling him, “Sure, why not? I’m down.”
The idea had randomly came up when you two were eating at some Greek restaurant. Filming hadn’t started yet, so you two were taking advantage of your free time and getting used to the new country. Sebastian had knocked on your hotel room door, asking if you wanted to go out with him for lunch, feeling hungry yourself you decided to come along.
The both of you had ordered gyros—some might say it was such a typical thing to order in Greece, but it was a dish you were both familiar with. Your head was tilted at an angle to properly eat your gyro when Seb suddenly said, “I have an idea, you don’t need to agree to it, but just hear me out.”
The nervousness in his tone caught your attention causing you to place you food down.
“Yeah sure, what’s up Seb?” You wiped your fingers and mouth, giving him your undivided attention. He did the same before placing his elbows on the table, improper etiquette, but it was attractive nonetheless.
“So, you know how Chloe and Mickey have such an intense and intimate relationship?” You nod, letting a little “mhm” out in response.
Sebastian continued, “And you know how we’re supposed to represent that?” You nod again.
“I’m not saying that we’re not close, but their relationship is just so—like I said—intense and intimate. It’s just something that’s new to me because I’ve never experienced something like that. Like I’ve been in relationships and stuff, but I’ve never been in a relationship as exhilarating and passionate as Chloe and Mickey’s. I’m not that good at relationships to have something like that.” He rambled, his hand making gestures while he talked. You understood what he meant but was not sure where he was taking the conversation.
You placed your hand into his, the one that was moving around, and squeezed it. He paused, his mouth gaping at you.
“Seb, you’re rambling.” You kindly reminded him, a small smile on your lips. He slightly chuckled, growing flustered, though he usually found himself getting flustered around you. He quietly apologized, but you brushed it off, reassuring him that you didn’t mind.
“I just had an idea—you don’t have to agree to it—but it’s something that I think’ll help us during filming.”
“I’m all ears, go ahead.” You squeezed his hand again.
“Since we’re both single and not in long term relationships, I thought that maybe we should try fake dating? You know, like trying to have a relationship like Chloe and Mickey’s in real life. I think it’ll help me, and us of course, to capture their chemistry when we’re acting.” He proposed.
You raised a brow at him, “So basically method acting?”
Sebastian gestured at you, “Yeah, method acting!”
“Like you said, we’re both single. Plus we’re in such a beautiful country, I might as well have some fun with it.” You thought out loud as your words trailed off. Sebastian intensely stared at you with his addictive blue eyes, anticipating your answer.
“So you’ll do it?”
“Sure, why not? I’m down.”
The whole method thing didn’t start immediately, but it slowly built up the more you two spent time together. Sebastian was always one for friendly gestures, but ever since the agreement you both had, you noticed him doing them almost all the time. You didn’t mind it though, it was cute, and you lowkey liked the attention. Being single really had its pros and definitely had its cons. You only realized that after Seb started showering you with attention.
The gestures were friendly, you know: greeting you in the morning, pulling out your chair when you guys go out to eat, complimenting how you look; basically the things he already does. The time leading up to filming was spent together. You would explore more of Greece, doing some sight seeing together and taking pictures of each other. Sebastian would make it a goal of his to take you to a new restaurant and cafe everyday, it was a way for the both of you to expand your taste palettes and get to know each other more.
Going into filming, the two of you were very much comfortable with each other. Probably more than when you first reunited in Greece. You were used to filming with Sebastian. You guys bounced off each other pretty well when you had to improv and the chemistry you had were off the charts. Literally everyone could sense it.
The new level of closeness you had with Seb made it easier to film the intimate scenes of Monday. Though it did make it more difficult to get him out of your head. As Sebastian became more touchy-feely with you, you noticed that you were craving his touch all the time. You enjoyed the warmth of his hand on the small of your back or how he would lightly place his hand on one of your hips. You’ll even shamelessly admit that you like the feeling of being under his stare; whether he was looking directly at you or from a distance, you always felt it. You noticed how he would lean closer to you when you were talking, allowing you to clearly hear his rough and soothing voice directly into your ear. The way it would send shivers down your spine and goosebumps to form on your skin happened a lot as well.
In conclusion, Sebastian Stan was addicting. The fact that he was mostly in tight tank tops, had sun kissed skin from the Greek sun, and always around you didn’t help your growing infatuation for him. You knew this whole agreement was just something to help you both with filming, but you couldn’t help but imagine if it were real. What if you and Sebastian were actually dating? Turns out you didn’t have to wonder for too long, because one thing led to another, and then method became reality.
You and Sebastian had gotten back to the hotel after a successful Saturday night of clubbing. The two of you weren’t necessarily wasted, but you were a bit tipsy. Instead of splitting up to your designated hotel rooms, the both of you decided to stay at your room. It was the nearest one and Sebastian didn’t want the night to end, he wanted to spend more time with you.
The room was quiet but not awkward. The two of you had some light conversation as you both stared at the ceiling. You were laid side by side, flat on your backs on your queen sized bed. The room was dim, the only light shining into your window came from the moonlight in the Greek sky. Sebastian was flush against you; one of his arms laid across his stomach while the other was wrapped around you. Drunk on his presence, you were curled up into his side, head resting above his pec, and a hand fiddling with his top.
His quiet murmurs came to a stop, causing you to look up at him. You were met with his crystal blue eyes already staring at you. You hold his gaze, a ghost of a smile flashing on your soft lips. His eyes momentarily shift to look down at them before looking back into your (e/c) eyes. His lips twitch as if he were holding himself back from saying something.
“What is it?” You ask him softly. Sebastian’s lips slightly quirk up, tilting his head to look at you properly.
“Nothing, you just look really beautiful in the moonlight.” He mumbles, using the hand on his stomach to brush a strand of hair away from your face. He tucks it behind your ear but keeps his hand against your cheek, cupping your jaw into his rough yet loving hand.
“Bet you tell all the ladies that.” You hum playfully, nudging his palm with your cheek. He lets out a mix of a grunt and a chuckle.
“Only to the women I genuinely love.” He responds. He was quick to add, “And there hasn’t been a lot, barely any.”
Your lips turn down to a frown at his response, “I’m sure you’ll find someone.” His thumb began to stroke your cheek, tracing the little marks and scars on your skin. He didn’t mind them, they were the little things that were part of you, and he adored them.
“I think I already did.” He whispers, still intensely holding eye contact with you. His body shifts, fully turning to face you. Your hands brush against his arms as he maneuvers himself closer to you. Your hands settle on his chest, palms flat against his pecs, where you can distantly feel the beating of his heart.
“Can I try something?” He asks you, breath fanning your face at how close he was to you. One of his hands were still on your cheek, but this time his thumb traced the outline of your lips.
“Yeah.” You answer breathlessly before his intoxicating lips connected with yours into a long awaited fervent kiss.
Eventually the two of you admitted your feelings for each other after spending the night together. The remaining time in Greece became the honeymoon of your relationship. You were learning new things about each other and your new found relationship. Plus being in Greece really amped the romantic vibes. Everyday spent together was like being on cloud 9; Sebastian made you feel so loved and beautiful, showing you what you’ve been missing all those years of pining after each other. The two of you were finally together, a happy and healthy couple.
Your relationship was something kept between you, Sebastian, and trustworthy friends and family. It wasn’t that you didn’t want people finding out about your relationship, you and Seb just wanted to keep everything on the low. You wanted to take advantage of the fact that nobody knew you were a couple and that there weren’t any peering eyes constantly monitoring your relationship. Though there was some speculation about you two, there wasn’t any hard evidence to prove that you were a couple. Until, you and Sebastian were papped leaving each other’s houses and roaming around the city together. You guys could have done a better job at hiding, but it was your home for fucks sake! It’s your property and the paps shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Which basically brings you to today’s situation.
You and Sebastian were lounging on your couch in your LA home. Some random reality tv show was playing, serving more as background noise than its original purpose. Seb’s back was against the arm of the couch, while you laid against his chest. His arms were wrapped around you, both of them resting underneath his shirt you wore.
“I guess we outed ourselves by walking out the front door.” You muttered, thumb swiping on your phone as you went through the pap pictures taken the other day.
Sebastian hummed, “Should’ve gone out through the back.” His lips moved against the skin on your neck, as his head was nuzzled into the little space between your head and shoulder.
“The windows on both of our cars aren’t tinted enough to even hide us.” You grumbled, leaning your head against his.
“True.” Sebastian acknowledged. It was silent between the two of you until Sebastian sat up. He unwrapped one of his hands from around you and used it to remove your phone from your hands. You were about to protest but Sebastian’s plush lips were already closing in on yours.
“Gimme a kiss first, draga.” His muttered against you before pulling you into a quick yet loving kiss. You both pulled away with dreamy smiles on your faces. You shifted your body so you can properly face him.
Sebastian cups your face, thumbs stroking the apples of your cheeks, “Maybe us accidentally outing ourselves was meant to be?”
You tilted your head in confusion, “What do you mean, Seb?” He shrugged his broad shoulders.
“What if it’s time that we actually tell the world about us?” He insisted. Once again you were about to protest, but he beats you to it. He pecks your lips a couple of times, causing you to shut up. You groan out feigning annoyance.
“Hear me out, baby. Everyone’s been speculating things about us ever since Greece and it hasn’t stopped. I’m pretty sure people already know that we’re together and those pictures confirm it.” Your boyfriend reasons with you. You sigh, knowing that he’s right. As of recent, the two of you have been pretty shitty at trying to keep your relationship on the low. From sightings at stores to having the same backgrounds in Instagram stories, the secrecy of your relationship was deteriorating.
You groan again, slumping your head onto Sebastian’s shoulder, “But I like having you all to myself, I don’t like sharing.”
Sebastian chuckles at your childishness, his hands coming up to run through your hair. He kisses the crown of your head and wraps his arms around your figure.
“You’ll always have me, silly. You don’t have anything to worry about.” He assures you, pulling you closer to his chest.
“But don’t you think it would be easier to just tell the world about us? We won’t have to hide anymore or try and find other ways to leave your house together, we could do things together in public as ourselves—doesn’t that sound great?” He bargained. Damn it. He was right.
You pull away from his shoulder and look up at him, hands mindlessly coming up to stroke his scratchy beard. “I suppose we could tell them. About time, huh?”
“If you’re not ready, we don’t have to.” You shook your head, “No you’re right, it’s time. Plus the whole hiding thing is getting pretty tiring.” Seb smiles at your confirmation.
“Are you sure?” He checks. He didn’t want to force you to do something you weren’t comfortable with.
“Positive.” You nod, a grin on your face.
Sebastian leans in, “Alrighty then, I love you.”
You lightly nudge his nose with yours, “I love you too.” You place a chaste kiss on his lips before saying, “I bet my post will be better than yours though.”
“I’m not even gonna argue, you’re the younger one between the two of us.”
You ended up choosing a bts picture from the set of Monday. It was one of the first pictures you and Seb took while being in a relationship, plus it gave you the opportunity to promote the movie.
Tumblr media
🖤 anthonymackie and 1,803,565 others
Tagged: @imsebastianstan
@(y/n)(l/n): My favorite thing in Greece was you x. Monday the movie, comes out on Friday, April 16🇬🇷❤️
anthonymackie: Are ya’ll for real or is this bait to get us to see the movie???
tomholland2013: it’s hard to see other people living your dream😔
marvelsactors: We been knew😭 Sebastian sucks at Instagram💀
chrisevans: So happy for the both of you!!💙
arianagrande: my two faves!!🤍
captainmackie: they’re finally together I’m so happy!!!🥺🥺🥺
imsebastianstan: my sunshine girl, you make me so happy❤️
anthonymackie: SUNSHINE GIRL?!
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alisonsfics · 4 months ago
lost in your eyes
pairing: sebastian stan x actress!reader
request: you and sebastian have been dating for a few years, since you met during the filming of captain america: the winter soldier. while it’s adorable that you both are still in the honeymoon phase, it can get you in trouble when you get too distracted by each other at a panel at comic-con - @bbl32
word count: 1.7k
Tumblr media
“We should go get lunch after this. I’m starving” you said, leaning your head on Sebastian’s shoulders. You were currently hanging out with Sebastian, Anthony, and Chris before going on stage for a Marvel panel.
“Of course, sweetheart” Sebastian said, kissing your forehead.
Anthony jokingly rolled his eyes at the two of you. Chris was fighting back a smirk. “I’m only going if Chris goes. I’m not being a third wheel again” Anthony said, making Chris laugh instantly.
Sebastian groaned. “Every time you tell this story it gets more dramatic. You weren’t a third wheel” Sebastian said, holding back a laugh.
Anthony was referring to the time he went out to lunch with you and Sebastian, and you both ended up staring into each other’s eyes. It only lasted for about five minutes, but for those five minutes, you both forgot Anthony was there.
You both were known for gazing into each other’s eyes. It happened often.
You weren’t allowed to do press interviews together anymore because you both got too distracted. Marvel also made sure that you didn’t sit next to each other at the panels.
“Being in love isn’t a crime. You’re both just jealous” you joked, leaning farther into Sebastian’s grasp. He pulled you to stand in front of him, with your back against his chest. He wrapped his arms around your waist, holding you close to him.
“We got thirty seconds. Here’s your order...” one of the stage managers said, and then listed the order you were all walking on stage. She said Sebastian’s name right after your name; that meant you both were sitting next to each other on stage.
You both looked at each other while smirking. Anthony noticed it too. “Nuh uh. These two are not supposed to sit next to each other” he protested. The stage manager shrugged her shoulders. “We don’t have enough time to change it” she said, before signaling you all to walk on stage.
The audience applauded as you all walked onto the stage. You waved and smiled at the fans until you got to your seat. Sebastian pulled your chair out for you, earning an “aww” from the audience.
You smiled at their reaction and sat down. He sat down on your left side, in his seat. Chris was next to you, and Anthony was on Sebastian’s other side. Then, there were a lot of your other cast mates on both ends. Kevin Feige was at the end of the table and he went down the line and introduced every actor and the character they played.
The first fan stepped up to the microphone and was really nervous. “ are you all? I—umm wanted to know what are some of your funniest memories from being on set?” She asked, quietly. You all said hi to the nervous fan.
“There was one day that we were filming a really serious scene with Y/N’s and Sebastian’s characters. It was like two in the morning, and they had been working all day. They were understandably exhausted, and anyone who knows them knows that they are each other’s best friends. So, neither of them could keep a straight face, and once one of them started to laugh, you knew the other one would immediately start laughing. It took us two hours to film a scene that’s about thirty seconds in the movie” Kevin said, recalling the memory.
The audience started laughing hysterically. Sebastian looked over at you with a grin on his face and put his arm around your shoulder. “I remember that night. Afterwards, we were both so worried that we were going to get in trouble with Marvel. Everything is just ten times funnier when you’re sleep deprived” you said into the microphone, slightly giggling.
“God, I love you” Sebastian mumbled besides you, but the microphones picked it up. The crowd immediately aww’d and started cheering. Sebastian started to blush, and buried his face in your neck.
You placed your hand on his thigh, rubbing circles with your thumb. You knew no one could see your attempt to comfort him, as your hand was under the table.
Anthony started telling a story about how it was always funny on set when actors would make sound effects with their mouth when filming fight scenes. You only half listened to his story. You were too busy listening to what Sebastian was whispering in your ear.
“Remember that day on set when we all had a prank war?” He whispered in your ear. You giggled as you thought back to that day. “I remember you kept trying to prank me, but you kept failing” you whispered back. He chuckled and then looked into your eyes. Only a few people in the audience noticed; some of them took photos that got posted on social media later. That night, everyone was talking about Sebastian and his heart eyes.
After the first twenty minutes had gone by, you both were getting bored. You both loved your jobs and getting to interact with fans was the best part, but it had been a really long day. You both wanted nothing more than to collapse onto your hotel bed and sleep for about three days.
You both always found ways to keep each other entertained when one of you was getting bored. Now, you both were very quickly becoming bored. So, you both started playing rock, paper, scissors under the table.
You heard someone chuckling beside you. You looked over and saw that it was Chris; he had noticed the game you two were playing and couldn’t help but laugh.
Your attention was brought away from the game when a fan said, “This question is for Y/N and Sebastian.”
You both quickly looked up to pay attention to the fan and her question. Chris and Anthony couldn’t help but laugh at how quickly how both starting paying attention.
“Hi, I love you both and I was wondering what is it like working with your significant other? Does it make it easier or harder?” She asked, smiling at the two of you. A smile instantly appeared on your face.
The Marvel fans were always so sweet, and it was one of your favorite things. “We love you too” Sebastian said, smiling. You nodded, silently agreeing with him.
“Personally, Sebastian is a real pain to work with. The fame has really gone to his head, so he spends hours in hair and makeup. He’s a total diva now” you said, sarcastically. There were gasps and a few people laughing in the audience. Sebastian’s jaw dropped as he pretended to be offended.
“I’m kidding, I’m kidding. I love you” you said, giggling. He shook his head and crossed his arms. “See? Complete diva” Chris said, chuckling. This only made the audience explode with laughter.
“In all seriousness, it is kind of a dream to work with Sebastian. We both have so much respect for each other and the integrity of the project that it’s the perfect mix. No one knows me better than he does, and that is the perfect quality in an actor that you share a lot of screen time with” you said, honestly.
Sebastian’s fake pout turned into a smile as he put his arm around your shoulders. “She’s completely right. We both are really good at bouncing ideas of each other too. We have so much trust in each other that it really lets us do the best we can possibly do. It’s really easy to take risks when you trust the person you’re taking risks with” he said, smiling and looking over at you.
“Awww. Aren’t they the cutest?” Scarlett asked, receiving applause from the audience.
You and Sebastian both became flustered, and couldn’t do anything other than smile and laugh to yourselves.
The next fan in line asked a question to Scarlett. You crossed your legs under the table, and accidentally kicked Sebastian. “Sorry” you muttered, quietly. He nodded and interlaced his fingers with yours.
Then, you felt him nudge your foot with his. He looked over at you with a smirk, like he was challenging you. You just giggled to yourself. “You’re a child” you whispered in his ear.
He shrugged and then nudged your foot again. You both silently started playing footsies.
“I have a question for Anthony. What is it like working with Y/N and Sebastian?” A fan asked, stepping up to the microphone. Neither you nor Sebastian heard this question because you were too busy playing footsies, but with the long tablecloth, no one could see your childish game.
“They’re two of my best friends, and they’re amazing actors, but sometimes they’re just too much. They’re still in the honeymoon phase, so they get distracted very easily. One time I went out to lunch with the two of them, and they both forgot I was there as they stared into each other’s eyes” he said, causing most of the audience to laugh.
He looked towards the two of you, waiting for your reaction. He realized that you both were in your own little world. “You see what I mean?” He asked, gesturing towards the two of you.
The audience erupted with laughter, bringing the two of you out of your trance. You both quickly looked up, trying to figure out what you missed. Anthony wore a giant smirk on his face. You both looked towards him helplessly, wondering what he said.
“They were literally playing footsies under the table just now. They are always distracted” Anthony said, chuckling. Then, it dawned on you. Sebastian’s cheeks flushed red, and you put your face in your hands.
“I’m so embarrassed. We normally aren’t allowed to sit next to each other during panels or interviews, and now I know why” you said, giggling into the microphone.
“See, now you all have a glimpse into our world. Imagine them zoning during every conversation” Chris said, laughing at your embarrassment.
Sebastian looked over at you, and the expression on your face was priceless. He always thought you looked adorable when you were flustered. He leaned in and gave you a quick kiss. This sent the audience into a frenzy.
They all jumped to their feet and started cheering. Even though you were beyond embarrassed, there is no one you’d rather be embarrassed with.
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angrythingstarlight · a month ago
Do you ever think about overstimulating one of our beefy biker boys? Like, not topping them, they’re obvi fully in charge, but maybe riding one of them and you just refuse to climb off their lap because it feels too good and bucky or steve are too sensitive already but they can’t tell you to get off because you look too pretty and feel too good and you want them so bad why would they deny you … or is that just me?
This screams beefy lumberjack Bucky!
Tumblr media
Pairing: Lumberjack Bucky x Reader
Warnings: Little bit o smut, Bucky being overstimulated, no minors, choking, praise kink.
A/N: I'm going to answer a few asks in between working on roommate Bucky. Do not copy,rewrite or repost my drabbles. I always appreciate likes, comments and reblogs.
Bucky gazes up at your beautiful body glowing from the silver moonlight streaming through the open window. There's a wild glint in his dark blue eyes, he focuses on keeping his hips still, his abs constricting from the effort. You have no idea how close he is to losing control. It's taking all his willpower to not toss you on your stomach and rail you through the bed.
His breath shudders through his open mouth when your warm walls clamp down on his cock. Your cries resonating through the room as you roll your hips. He almost screams out with you. Fuck fuck you're so fucking tight, like a damn fist around him.
"Fuck, that's its," he grunts through his gritted teeth. "Use me bunny, shit," a deep guttural groan clawing up from his throat. He tosses his head back on the pillow, crushing it into the sheets.
Goddamn, you look like a wanton goddess. A work of art come to life.
"C’mon, there you go, you can take it, go on take all of it Bunny." He praises, watching as your tight pussy slides down, slowly enveloping every thick inch. “Good girl, my good girl.”
“Buc-“ you mewl, the rest of his name getting lost on your tongue as another wave of pleasure crashes into you.
He can’t stop looking up at you, his gaze ripped from your pussy because he needs to see what he’s doing to you and he almost breaks, the sight of your pretty face contorted with pleasure is too much. Your fingers laced between his, your back arched, making your breasts sway with each stroke. He wants to pound into you in fucking bad so he can keep that expression on your face.
You pull another deep grunt from his chest when you start grinding down, your stomach tensing as you squeeze his fingers. The sound of your breathy, hoarse voice crying out his name makes his cock twitch inside you. He knows you feel him throb because your hips stutter, a low oh god oh- spills out of your mouth.
Damn, he wants to hear you make that sound again. Bucky wants a lot of things right now, your sweet little pussy to keep fucking him, his name screamed so loud the neighbors hear you as you come again and fuck does he want you to come again and again.
He’s already filled your tight cunt with ropes of his thick hot cum two orgasms ago. It’s dripping around him, coating his slick-covered cock. You’re even tighter now as you chase another orgasm, he feels you pulsate around him, the sensations wracking through his large body.
He’s never felt so sensitive, the line between pleasure and pain blurring, his body burning as you get lost in the sensations, but he won’t-he can’t tell you to stop.
Not with you looking so damn gorgeous, your glossy eyes scrunched shut, your head falling back as more needy, broken sobs fall from your lips. It’s not often you get this like, so desperate for his cock that you become feral. No, he won’t tell you to stop. He wants this more than you do.
“I said use me, Bunny. Thought I taught you how to take my cock.“ Bucky lets go of your hands, you fall forward, placing them on his warm, sweat-laced pecs, almost bouncing on him as you greedily clench down again.
“You better show me how much you want it. “ He reaches up, his fingers wrapping around your throat, the other smacking your ass, the sharp sting has you crying out as he squeezes your soft flesh in his metal hand. “ Or I’m not letting you come again.”
A smirk stretches across his face as your eyes flare and your hands slide up his chest, encasing his throat. This is your cock now and you’ll fuck him until you pass out.
Bucky scrunches his nose at you, wheezing out good girl as you slam down on him.
and I-
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sweeterthanthis · 2 months ago
Alright whore, you asked for this 😘
Stepdad!Bucky making reader squirt for the first time then going completely feral and shoving her face in the mess she made while he just fucks her into the mattress
Make A Mess For Daddy
Tumblr media
Holy fuck, I did ask for this didn’t I? 🥵
Pairing: Stepdad!Bucky x 18+F!Reader
Warnings: Explicit sexual content, jealousy, stepdad/daddy kink, p in v, squirting, humilation, mess kink. 18+.
Word Count: 500ish 
Tumblr media
Bucky's jealously often reared it's ugly head, and he never failed to take it out on you.
He'd been waiting for you that night, sipping a whiskey over ice in his armchair when you crept through the door just after midnight - glaring at you accusingly as you kicked off your shoes and tried to ignore his frustrations.
You thought maybe tonight was different, that maybe he'd just let it go and allow you to disappear to your room without even so much as a snide remark about your date with Peter. You were wrong, of course.
"You fuck that kid tonight, huh? Walkin’ around dressed like a whore, bet he couldn’t keep his grubby hands off you." He grunts - sharp, insistent stabs of his cock against your cervix causing you to wince in discomfort. Bucky never cared for your pleasure when he was like this. Possessive, marking his territory, fucking you until all you can remember is his name. "I asked you a question. Better fuckin' answer it, princess."
"N-shit-no!" You rasp, your mouth dry from panting into the comforter. The sound of your pussy squelching around his cock is hypnotising. No other man would ever compare to him. "I didn't. I swear."
"That's right, you fuckin' didn't. You know who this slut cunt belongs to, don't you?" He fucks you harder with each word that slips from his filthy mouth, pushing you further towards the edge, an unfamiliar pressure building in your abdomen - burning between your thighs. "Let's see how much of a mess you can really make, shall we? C'mon baby, make a mess for daddy."
Bucky pulls his cock free of your cunt, nudging your knees apart as his hand slips down - fingers finding your clit and rubbing it with a ferocity that makes your eyes roll back. Your face pressed into the mattress, you sob at the pressure inside you, an intensity you've never experienced before.
"Daddy, I can't-" he shuts you up with a harsh pinch at your sensitive nub, but you can't stop. "Doesn't feel right, please, I think I need to-"
A sharp slap of his palm against your pussy sends you hurtling - bliss searing through your veins and your knees weak as you feel moisture pool beneath you.
"Well fuck, would you look at that?" Bucky hums, damp fingers curling around the back of your neck as he tugs you up against his chest. He tightens his grasp and forces your gaze down - the large, dark patch of moisture staring you in the face. "You did make a mess, didn't you baby?” 
Shame swirls in your gut as he chuckles against your ear, dragging your body backwards just enough so that when he forces you back down, your cheek squelches against the moist puddle of arousal - the taste of it marring the corner of your mouth. 
“My nasty girl, that’s what you are.” He grunts in satisfaction, sliding his cock back into your overworked channel, his balls slapping against your clit when he picks up the pace of his thrusts. “Lick it up, princess. Be a good girl and clean up after yourself.” 
God, it makes you cringe how much you enjoy it. Makes your pussy tighten up around his girth, has you rocking back against him - the globes of your ass bouncing off his hips.
You do as he says, tongue slipping out to lap at the mess beneath you; his palm splayed out against the side of your head, forcing to hold your position.
"That's it. Get it all. When you've cleaned that up, I'm gonna make a whole new mess - just for you."
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ambrosiase · a month ago
─── 𝐣𝐮𝐬𝐭 𝐟𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐬
Tumblr media
pairing: bestfriend!bucky x fem!reader
summary: after another failed date, bucky helps you feel better. in more ways than one.
warnings: smut. f masturbation. handjobs, fingering, semi-blowjob (?), squirting. pet names {pup, toots, sweetheart}
word count: 1.7k
notes: i’ve decided to go back to being lonely in my corner and posting fics. enjoy this fluffy, smutty piece that makes me laugh and horny when i read through it
divider by @firefly-graphics
eighteen plus only — by choosing to ‘keep reading’, you are agreeing that you are eighteen years old and over. do not interact with this story if you are a minor.
Tumblr media
“That’s it,” you huff. Throwing your bag onto the coffee table, you make your way onto the couch before settling into your roomate’s lap, “I’m never going on another date again.”
Bucky snorts in amusement, his blue eyes twinkling, “Sure, pup. We can pretend like you’ll stick to your word.”
“No, ‘m serious this time, Buck. I don’t think love is in the cards for me.”
“You,” a tender peck is felt on your nose, “are the most dramatic person I’ve ever met.”
Slapping his chest you groan, “Okay, you could at least pretend to believe me.”
“Then, I wouldn’t be a very good friend, would I?”
Rolling your eyes, you tell him, “I don’t need a friend, I need someone I can-”
A smirk pulls at his lips, “Someone you can…”
“We are not having this conversation.”
“Oh come on!” Bucky chuckles as he nuzzles into your neck, “Thought we told each other everything.”
Your hands ruffle his fluffy brunette locks, “Now who’s being dramatic, hm?”
“Look, if you can’t just tell me you want someone to fuck you ‘til your knee’s give out, than maybe we aren’t as close as I thought.”
With a raised eyebrow you wonder, “God, I don’t know how Steve puts up with you.”
And then you’re squealing — Bucky pulling you down onto the lounge underneath him as he tickles your sides, “You’re a damn brat, you know that?”
“B-Bucky!” your giggles so loud that the neighbours can probably hear “Stop it, you dork!”
“Not until you say it,” and you wish you could wipe that boyish grin off his face, “Come on, pup. Indulge me a little.”
Fisting his olive sweater in your hands you look up at him with a serious expression crossing your features, “I need to be fucked, hard.”
Your breath catches in your throat at the dark storm that brews in Bucky’s eyes, a rumble in his chest as he takes in your words. It makes you pause, confusion swirling as you feel your thighs clench together at the images that appear in your mind — what if you slept with him?
“Y’know if you asked nicely enough, I’d be happy to help you out.”
The stammer isn’t your fault, “W-what?”
“C’mon toots,” he grins, “I’m good to you aren’t I? So why wouldn’t I want to make sure you feel good too?”
But you don’t get much time to dwell on his words before he’s blinking away the black pupils, and kissing your cheek, “Now, what d’ya want for dinner?”
And after that, the offer is seemingly forgotten.
Until two weeks pass, and you’re climbing into Bucky’s bed. “Bad date?”
“Honestly at this point, I should win a medal or something.”
There’s an action movie playing on the television, and you pretend to be interested as you feel his fingers grace over your bare thigh, “Whoever it was, is an idiot.”
“You have to say that,” you say with a shrug, “Best friend obligations.”
Bucky’s tongue clicks his teeth as he tells you, “Sweetheart, in that fuckin’ skirt, anyone who passed up the opportunity of gettin’ to put their face between your thighs is an absolute dickhead.”
Heat floods your veins at his conviction, and you become overwhelmingly aware of the brunette’s intense gaze, “Buck…” but he only grumbles in response. “Remember the other week?”
His eyes immediately snap from your legs to your eyes, “Yeah, pup?”
“You think..” and then you’re gasping as you feel his palm move up to grip at your ass, “You think I could take you up on it?”
For a second you think he’ll agree, make it easy on you — but unfortunately, you know him too well.
His eyes light up, the implication of what you’re asking making his boxers tighter. “I don’t know, toots. What exactly is it that you’re wantin’?”
If looks could kill, he’d be buried six feet under.
“Buck, c’mon.”
“Hey sweetheart, you’re the one comin’ onto me,” his fingers tap against your ass, “‘S only fair you tell me what it is you want.”
It makes you whine, and you hate how attractive you find his arrogance, “I want..”
His other hand comes up to rub his thumb along your bottom lip, “Yeah?”
“Want you to fuck me, Bucky.” Eyelashes fluttering, you look up at him, wetness pool in your underwear. “Please,” your noses brush against each other’s as you get close to him, his breath fanning across your mouth.
There’s a heavy silence between the two of you for a moment, both of your chests heaving as desire begins to overtake your senses.
It’s why you can’t help but squeak when you hear him decline, “Nah, pup.” You can’t hide the disbelief that crosses your face, “Maybe some other time.”
And then he’s moving away, hand on the remote as he flicks through the channels, “What the fuck?”
“Somethin’ the matter, sweetheart?”
You can hear it in his voice, the cockiness, the brazenness and you don’t know what comes over you as you say, “Fine. Guess I’ll just take care of myself then.”
“Sounds like a good idea, toots. Go break out that vibrator of yours.”
He’s infuriating, you think, frustratingly so.
With a heavy sigh you roll onto your back, and out of the corner of your eye you can see the mirth he tries to hide.
Holding in a smirk of your own, you let yourself get comfortable amongst his pillows. A soft sigh falls from your lips as your fingers gently trace along your inner thigh before meeting the fabric that covers your cunt, “Oh!”
Your juices seep through, and you can’t help but tease yourself a little before moving your underwear to the side. Running your fingers through your slit, you collect the wetness on two fingers before rubbing your sensitive clit in circles.
For a moment, you forget the man who lays beside you but his deep, gravelly curse of “Fuckin’ hell, pup,” has your attention falling back onto him.
Stare meeting his, you take your bottom lip between your teeth as you let your eyes roam over his body. Thoughts of straddling those thick thighs, as you bounce up and down on his cock has you pushing a finger into your soaping entrance.
“Bucky!” The moan has his chest heaving, desires swirling in his gut as you cry out his name so sweetly that it makes his cock swell.
“Fuckin’ hell, toots.” The older man pinches his nose, “‘S not fuckin’ fair.”
The sound of your cunt fills the room, your fingers thrusting hastily as you feel your orgasm begin to build the longer you feel him watch you.
His hand reaches down to his crotch, palming at his dick as he watches the pleasure overtake your features, “Y’look so pretty like that, sweetheart.”
“Yeah?” heat blooms through your body at his praise, “Buck…”
“Mm, what is it, pup?”
You let yourself chase the feeling that’s overwhelming you — so close to the edge before you pull your fingers out, bringing them up to your lips.
Making sure his eyes are on you, you’re about to taste yourself only to be intercepted by Bucky’s hand gripping your wrist. He pulls your slick covered fingers to his mouth, “This okay?”
Nodding, you barely mumble a response before Bucky’s tongue is darting out to taste your nectar, groaning deep in his chest at the bittersweet flavour.
“Buck,” your voice is soft, lithe as you tell him, “Wanna see you, make you feel good too.”
“Yeah, sweetheart?” he can’t help the excitement that sweeps through him, “Well I’ve got an idea.”
Curious, you keep your gaze on him as he toys with his boxers before pulling them down, complete confidence as his lengths springs free.
He’s pretty, so fucking pretty everywhere.
Bucky’s dick is long, and thick — cut, with a swollen pink tip that oozes precum as the vein on the underside throbs while it waits for friction.
“Go on,” his smirk is wicked, “Touch it for me, make me feel good, pup.”
As soon as you have his permission, you’re spitting into your hand and wrapping it around his cock. At the sound of Bucky’s grunts, you can’t help the pride that fills your ego as he thrusts into your hand, losing himself to the tight grip you have on him.
“Open your legs, sweetheart.”
It doesn’t take the two of you long to figure out a rhythm that works — with you stroking Bucky’s cock in time with the thrusts of his fingers in your cunt.
“‘M close,” you cry out as you feel him hit that rough, spongy spot inside of you in a constant motion, “Oh fuck, Bucky ‘m gonna cum.”
“‘S okay,” he kisses your damp forehead, “Can feel you clenchin’ around my fingers, sweetheart. Wanna see you cream ‘em.”
His encouragement soothes you, feeling his fingers pull out of your cunt before moving up to rub at your bundle of nerves, “Fuck, oh my god!”
There’s a buzzing in your ears as you come, feeling your orgasm drip down between your folds, as Bucky praises you through it, “So fuckin’ gorgeous when you squirt, pup.”
You don’t know who moves first, mouths meeting in a filthy, passionate kiss. The two of you stay interlocked before pulling away with swollen lips, grinning at each other before you tell him, “C’mon, bub. Your turn to feel good.”
Your hand starts jerking again, and this time you slink down Bucky’s body so that you can lick his length — dragging your tongue along his balls before gently sucking them into your mouth, “Fuckin’ hell, that mouth is dangerous.”
Bucky’s hand goes to the back of your neck, silently urging you to take more into your mouth, “C’mon Buck, wanna taste you, please?”
It doesn’t take much for him to cum — with one more flick of your wrist and sensual lick, Bucky’s shooting his seed into the back of your throat with a heavy growl.
Swallowing his release, you let him fall from your mouth with a loud pop before moving up to lay on top of him. The two of you catching your breaths before locking eyes — an immediate laugh bellowing from you both.
“Damn toots, who knew your mouth could do that.”
You peck his lips before telling him, “Mhm, ‘m full of surprises, Bucko.”
His arms tighten around your waist, his cock twitching in interest, “Got another idea, pup?”
“Mhm,” your sickenly sweet smile has him holding his breath, “Next time, you’re cumming in my cunt.”
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celestialbarnes · 5 months ago
sin city request:
sebastian teases you while you’re on the phone
Tumblr media
warnings: nsfw, 18+, oral (f receiving), teasing
“Yes, of course,” You said, quickly jotting down what needed to be done, it was the third call of the day, and by gods, you hated these online calls because it was almost as if the god damned workload had doubled, almost as if the original wasn’t bad enough.
“Princess?” you looked towards your fiancé, motioning for him to wait as you scrambled to get a post it note, cursing under your breath when your pen ran out of ink, you grabbed another one, madly writing down whatever your boss was saying from damn new policies to new documents.
“Right, so we’ve got two, okay, sorry three new policies to note right?” You asked, wincing as your boss went off on your ass for not paying attention, and you groaned as you reached for another post it.
“Dragă” (darling).
“Not now baby” you mouthed, furrowing your brows as you turned back to your computer, and just as you were about to return to the call, you felt a familiar touch running along your thigh, turning, you saw Sebastian, smirk on his face as he easily swivels your chair to face him, your eyes widened when he leans down, his intentions clear as day.
“What are you doing?” you whisper yelled, shooting your fiancé a playful glare when he shrugs, pressing a kiss to your inner thigh, you bit back a whimper when he spreads your legs, hooking his fingers under the band of your panties, easily pulling them down, discarding the flimsy fabric.
“Don’t, Seb I-“
“Shh, nu-ti face griji printesa” (don’t worry princess)
“But-“ you were silenced when he buries his face into your pussy, licking a thick strip up your clit, pressing his tongue against your bundle of nerves, a hint of the devil in his eyes as he smirks, he knew what he was doing and by the look of things, Sebastian was going to enjoy every minute of this, you stifled a moan, trying not to cave in to his advances, but that all failed horribly when his hot tongue lapped at your folds, your body gave in to him almost immediately as he continued his actions.
“Y-yeah, I, fu, got that” you said, your voice shaking as your fingers carded through his hair and gripped tight, pulling him closer to you wanting to feel more of him, your thighs closing in around his head, Sebastian grinned, using his fingers to separate your folds, baring you to him completely.
How he loved seeing your squirm before him, your hips bucking as you couldn’t help but want more.
“S-seb,” you whimpered, feeling his hands tightening around your waist as he pulled you closer, the feeling of the cool air combined with his tongue caressing your clit had you almost spiralling into an orgasm. His lips wrapping around your bundle of nerves had you buck your hips in anticipation, you gripped the edge of the table as Sebastian held you tightly with no intention to let you go.
You were so close, the coil in your stomach tightening and you swore you were an inch from your release, to feel complete ecstasy when Sebastian pulls away, his lips wet with your arousal, your pussy throbbing pathetically at the lack of contact, you panted, your cunt begging for an orgasm and you cursed when the brunette smirks teasingly.
“I’m waiting angel,” he says, grin on his face as he motions to your work call.
“Te dracu ' “ (fuck you)
“Știu că vrei să iubești” (I know you want to baby).
“Sorry, I uh, I have an emergency,” you managed to say before you slammed your laptop shut, moaning when Sebastian crashes his lips onto yours hungrily.
Tumblr media
sin city
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sableseb · 2 months ago
Look My Way
neighbor!Bucky x f!reader
word count: 2.7k
warnings: smut, metal arm kink, voyeurism, exhibitionism, f masturbation, slight m masturbation
tags: @meetmeatyourworst​ @stucky-my-ship​ @greeneyedblondie44​ @harrysthiccthighss​ @sparksforkoo​ @bemine-bucky​
a/n: This story is for my friend @cadencejames87​ ! I really hope you like this, love.🥺❤️ She came to me with this brilliant idea, we owe this whole story to her. Make sure to give @fuckandfluff​​ love because I got stuck a little on this and she helped me out a great deal!
Tumblr media
Bucky has this infatuation with his neighbor. Ever since she moved in the house across from him, he would feel his heart clench at the mere thought of looking at her. She’s beautiful, the softest face with the curviest body that he’s just dying to explore. He never was good at communicating, much less expressing his feelings, so he observes from a far. 
It’s like she knows he has this thing for her. He’s mowing his back lawn, enjoying the sun beating down on his bare shoulders, giving his skin a bronze tint. He hears the sound of water splashing over the engine of the push mower. Stopping, he looks up to where her backyard connects to his, nothing but a small picket fence separating their properties. 
Bucky sees her step out of the in-ground pool, clad in nothing but the tiniest blush bikini he’s ever seen. Water drips down the swells of her breasts, kissing the tanned skin. The tight fabric stretching across her hips outlines her mound, the top leaving little to the imagination as her nipples poke through. Suddenly, his jeans feel too tight and the sun feels too hot. He wants nothing more than to rip the strings off her body and feast on her.
“Hey, Buck! It’s a hot one isn’t it?” 
Her voice snaps him out of his trance. Shutting the mower off, he walks over to her. Sweat clings to his body and he takes notice of how her eyes trail over his torso. He doesn’t know what he’s doing. He fears he’s going to make a fool of himself around her. But, somehow she draws him in with seamless ease.
“It is,” he says, trying his hardest to look anywhere but her exposed chest.
“You look hot. Why don’t you come over? Take a dip in the pool and keep me company for a bit,” she smiles.
Bucky is torn. He really shouldn’t be around her. She makes his brain fuzzy and dick jump. A very bad combination when trying to make a good impression on a pretty woman. But, more time with her is always welcomed and the more time he does spend in her presence, the more he notices the way she looks at him. 
Hunger seems to cloud her eyes, he’s noticed it more times than not. He also notices how she puts on shows for him, walking around in next to nothing, doing yoga when he’s out piddling in the yard, and especially the times he’s caught her with her hand between her legs. 
Their upstairs bedrooms face each other and she always leaves her curtains open wide for his viewing pleasure. Bucky would watch when she pumps herself with her fingers, back arching as she works herself. It’s a sight he can never get enough of. He wants to be the one to make her cum, make her scream his name and beg to be filled. 
Maybe he’s overthinking this whole situation. He’s starting to believe he can do no wrong around her, that she’ll spread her legs for him no matter what. He knows he’s not crazy, he knows she wants him just as much as he wants her.
Making up his mind, he tells her, “I’d love to. Let me get changed real quick.” 
He makes his way towards his house, acutely aware of the eyes lingering on him. She thinks she’s slick, always being subtle with her assertions, but Bucky knows a lot more than he lets on. She’s anything but subtle to him.
After changing into his navy trunks, Bucky makes his way back to his neighbor’s yard, opening the little gate on the fence and slipping through. The sight he’s met with causes his heart to lurch and his eyes to soften.
There she is, in all the glory that is utterly her, floating her way through the pool. But, it’s more than just the act of swimming that gets him. It’s the way water roles down her skin, the way the sun showcases her radiance in a golden hue, the way her eyes sparkle in the bright light, the way she helps insects out of the water to save them from their demise. She’s beautiful, she’s free, and she’s not his.
Bucky’s heart cracks a little at that thought. She most definitely could be his. He knows this. He knows she craves him on some level. He wants to do it right though, wants to court her proper. But, how can he do that when he’s too shy to even ask her over for lunch? It’s always she that makes the first move and it’s a punch in the gut more times than not. He wants her confidence for once.
“Water’s warm, Buck.”
Buck. Her sultry voice beckons him. Coercing him to jump in the clear water. Thing is, he doesn’t need coercion when it comes to her. He’ll follow her to the ends of the Earth if she asks. He’s whipped and he doesn’t even know a thing about her other than she enjoys the outdoors and baking…and tormenting him sexually every chance she gets.
Bucky takes a single step onto the solid concrete slab beneath the water, testing it and finding a delicious cool between his toes. It’s been horribly hot these past few days and working outside in this type of heat makes Bucky sick sometimes. It also made his vibranium arm incredibly warm, even with the cooling system inside.
He welcomes the cold as he steps farther into the water. He should really invest in a pool soon. The water stops just above his navel. His skin instantly cooling off from the sun’s harshness. 
“Nice isn’t it? You’re more than welcome to come swim any time you’d like. Even if I’m not here, just make yourself at home,” she tells him.
Bucky’s heart swells at the gesture. He knows he’d never come over unless she’s here. It’s not the same without her. But, instead of telling her that, he settles on, “Thanks y/n. I’ll keep it in mind.”
Comfortable silence falls over them. Nothing but the sounds of kids playing in the distance, water rippling and leaves rustling can be heard between them. And that’s okay, because that’s how it usually is. She’ll invite him over, tell him a bit about her day, ask about his, and then they sit in each other’s presence. Just enjoying the feeling of another, enjoying the feeling of being seen. Maybe she’s just as lonely as me, Bucky thinks.
Suddenly, she swims up to him, soft hands resting against his firm chest. She’s looking at him, studying the way his breath hitches, the way his impossibly blue eyes widen and that pretty pout hangs open, like he’s wanting to say something, anything to her.
While there is the essence of comfort between the two, there’s also the very palpable desire that follows close behind. It’s always been there, ever since she introduced herself to him. Neither can openly communicate how they feel about the other. She hopes he’ll make the first move, too timid to admit anything. He hopes he’ll be able to tell her how he truly feels, too scared of being rejected.
“Tell me,” she says. A hand slides down his torso, causing his stomach to involuntarily pull taut. His breathing is labored as she rests her palm directly above the band of his trunks, so close to where he’s only dreamed of her touching him. “Tell me that you want me.”
It takes a moment for him to form a coherent sentence, but finally the words, “I want you,” slip past his lips. She grins and her hand closes around his hardening shaft. Bucky jolts at the contact, sucking in air as she palms him under the water. Is this real? It sure feels real. He’s heavy in her hand, slightly bucking into her palm, trying to chase the friction.
She leans into his mouth, brushing her nose against his, lips slightly touching his own as she whispers out the words, “You’ll never have me.”
She pecks his lips, removing her hand before stepping out of the water, leaving him panting and confused in the middle of the pool. Did he read this wrong? Did she not feel anything for him? No. She does feel something. She feels the lust he does. She feels the connection. So, why is she doing this to him?
Bucky feels humiliation rush through him. This is exactly what he was scared of. He knows she’s a vixen, but this, this is just hurtful. He can feel an ache in his chest start to take over as he watches her saunter into the house without so much as a look back. 
As, he drags himself out of the water, the humility fades and is replaced with sheer anger. He’s angry for thinking she could ever want anything more than the teasing, for being completely blindsided by her words, and especially because he admitted to her face that he wants her and then be turned away as if he’s nothing.
His breathing is heavy, he’s trying to calm himself down. Bucky has to force himself not to march right through the glass patio doors and fuck her senseless, force her to take all of him. He’ll not be made a mockery of. He’ll show her what she’s missing out on, make her feel an ache in her chest the same as he, make her beg for him. 
Bucky got to see a side of her he never knew she possessed. She’s a maneater. She thrives off making men chase her. He’s done placing her on a pedestal, done with her games. He’s got a side to him too, a sick side that doesn’t let things go. Bucky Barnes always gets even.
He storms over to his own house, throwing the back door open and slamming it shut. He makes a beeline to his cell laying on the granite counter. One good thing about the twenty first century is that it’s too easy to get a quick fuck.
A sense of pride swells up in her chest. Having her hot neighbor lust for her? A feeling that’s unmatched. She feels untouchable. 
Though, she does like James. A lot more than she likes to admit. No man has ever made her feel butterflies the way he does and that scares her. She can’t be falling for him, she just can’t. She knows how men are. He’ll leave her, they always do. So, she keeps him at a distance, enjoying making him hot and bothered.
She yearns to feel his hands on her, his lips biting into her skin, whispering sweet nothings in her ear. But, she settles on having him watch her get off on her own fingers. She pretends it’s his fingers pumping in and out of her, she pictures his pink lips wrapped around her clit, sucking until her thighs shake and back arches. She knows if she does fuck him, she’ll fall for him more than she already has.
The sun outside is beginning to fade, making room for the quarter moon tonight. She decides to start dinner. Washing the vegetables off in the sink, her mind wanders to which lingerie set she’ll adorn for Bucky tonight while he peeps through his bedroom window. Will it be the lace or the satin? Which toy should I use on myself? 
As her thoughts run wild, she doesn’t notice Bucky stumble into his own living room with a woman attached to his body, kissing up his jaw as he makes quick work of her clothes. He lifts her on top of the desk that sits under his window, making sure they’re on clear display for the woman currently hunched over her sink.
Finally, movement catches her attention. She looks up and out her kitchen window. What she sees causes a rush of emotions to hit her. There, standing between some broad’s legs is Bucky, with his hands holding her wide open, and thrusting forcefully into her.
She doesn’t know what to think. She’s hurt, she’s shocked, she’s impressed, she’s aroused...who knew James had it in him? Her sweet, boyish Bucky is completely destroying a woman who isn’t her in front of her face. He’s taunting her. The water running out of the tap is forgotten as she focuses on the scene before her.
Bucky’s staring right at her, almost as if he’s not fucking someone at the moment. His abs are constricting as he snaps his hips, the woman’s chest bounces with each harsh hit. He’s rough, spreading her legs are far as they’ll go, smacking her chest and thighs. A snarl is etched onto his face as he looks at her through his window. The summer air can’t compete with the heat she’s feeling right now watching the two.
Her thighs are sticky with her arousal as she pictures that it’s her being fucked..not that whore. She makes sure Bucky sees her stick her fingers in her mouth, sucking and licking them as if it were his cock. Then, she slides them into her silk shorts, using her free hand to release her breasts from the matching tank. 
She sees Bucky’s mouth go slack from revealing herself to him. She knows he wishes it was her he was fucking, she wishes that too as she watches him forcefully grip the woman’s hips and drive up into her faster than before. 
Her fingers work over her swollen clit, sending a sweet feeling creeping along her neck. She toys with a nipple with the other hand, pretending it’s Bucky’s mouth on her. She slides her fingers down to her dripping entrance. The liquid pools in her palm as she matches her hand’s movement with Bucky’s thrusts.
When he speeds up, she speeds up. When he slows down, she slows down. She knows he finds this all too amusing by the shit eating grin he has. He’s completely turned the tables. It’s her at his mercy now and she couldn’t seem to care. Not when she’s about to bring herself to a climax that’s sure to knock her to her knees.
Bucky suddenly pulls out of the girl splayed out for him and starts to pump his cock with his vibranium hand. God that arm. It’s plagued her mind ever since he showed her the appendage. She likes to imagine him choking her with it, squeezing till she’s clawing at his wrist, finger fucking her until she’s begging him to stop, sucking them clean for him.
Bucky’s jerking himself at a fast pace, clearly intent on cumming on the girl. He’s big, even at a distance she can make out his length and girth. She thought he felt big in her hand, but this, she never expected.
He swipes his thumb over the tip, working it over before sliding his fist down his shaft once more. Her orgasm is close, knees trembling as she watches him continuously fuck his hand while he watches her with her hand down her pants.
His head falls forward, breaking their prolonged eye contact as he cums. His hand stills as he makes a mess on the body below him. She sees the way his cum drips along his shaft and she finds herself needing a taste.
A few more pumps of her wrist and the damn breaks. It rocks her to her core, causing her to brace against the sink as she folds from the blinding pleasure.
Her breath is labored as she looks up once more, but she finds the spot empty. Both bodies disappeared. She fears they took their activities upstairs. The action being too intimate for her liking and it causes dread to swirl in her stomach.
She takes her hand from her shorts and stops the running water. She hasn’t fully grasped what just happened. The more she thinks about it, the more she wants to head over to Bucky’s and fuck him. Fuck him till the only name he knows is hers, till the only scent on him his hers.
Her phone lets out a ding that echoes through the now silent kitchen. She picks it up, seeing Bucky’s name flash across the screen. When you apologize, I’ll think about fucking you next.
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