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The Sweetness on Our Lips
Tumblr media
Summary: You and Bucky Barnes have been going out for quite some time, and you finally get some alone time at your place. 
Pairing: 40s!Bucky Barnes x female!Reader
Word Count: 1.5k
Warnings: Smut (+18 ONLY, minors DNI), hot and heavy make out session, dry humping, lots of kissing, Bucky being a gentleman, kinda sub!Bucky but not really but kinda but not really but kinda but mostly no, sweethearts in love, I managed to leave out the pet name “Doll” (YOU’RE WELCOME), 40s Bucky. He is a warning. 
A/N: I love 40s Bucky and I love kissing. The inspo for this just randomly struck and I had to write it. I hope you like it! Leave a comment, reblog to let me know you love me, or that you love Bucky. Ok, I love you! 
Kisses 💋
“Jesus Christ, sweetheart, where’d you learn how ta kiss like that?” Bucky sighed out incredulously against your kiss-swollen lips, his own were plump and slick with spit. You giggled and lured him in for another breath-stealing kiss that had his mind reeling and his hands pawing at your hips. Your apartment was empty, and Bucky was grateful for that. He didn’t want your roommates Clara or Margaret to hear the moans you were pulling from the base of his throat; those were only meant for you.
Bucky sunk even deeper into the couch, his hands that held you straddled in his lap tightening their grip, trying their best to keep you plastered to his front. When your tongue slides across his slowly and your hand rakes through his normally neat hair once more, Bucky can’t stop the shudder that wracks his body or the fluttering gasp that he lets out. He grins when he hears you giggle again, your lips peppering kisses along his jaw, that sinful tongue of yours sneaking out to taste the slightly salty skin of your lover. His mind wandering to what it would feel like to have your tongue on other parts of him, but he loses the thought as soon as your teeth sink into the sensitive skin on his neck. A bolt of arousal shoots through your core when Bucky suddenly let’s out a whimper, his hips instinctively surging forward to roll into yours. That’s the spot you’d been looking for.
You moan with him when the hard bulge at the front of his pants rub into your pantie covered core, your hips naturally grinding down to meet his. Bucky’s hold on your hips tighten to stop you from moving against him again.
“S-Sorry,” he whispers with a slightly shy smile, a blush tinting the apples of his cheeks. From the start, Bucky made it clear that he wasn’t going to force you into anything you didn’t want to do. He wanted to take things slow out of respect for you— and by God, did that make you want to jump his bones.
“It’s ok, Buck,” you assure him, pulling the hair at the nape of his neck to attach your lips once more. Sitting up more, he gets lost in the addicting flavor of your lips, his chest heaving with excitement as you all but devoured him. He really needed to know where you learned to kiss like this, because—God damn, he could barely think.
When he felt your hips start to grind into his again he stilled underneath you, torn between the delightful friction you’re giving his aching cock and his need to be a gentleman. You feel him tense up as you rock against him, your lips still working his expertly. You hum out a moan when he starts to move with you, matching your pace perfectly. Bucky pulls back at the sound, his face twisted as he battles against himself.
“I’m sorry,” he whispers to you, his voice strained like he’s in pain, those beautiful blue eyes hooded, his eyebrows pinched as he looks at you with lust and worry written all over his face.
“What are you sorry for?” You ask sweetly, planting teasing kisses to his cheeks. You hear him quietly huff, his lips already missing yours.
“For… doing this,” he emphasizes his words with a harder roll of his hips. You gasp into his open mouth as your damp panties begin to drip. His cock throbs at the small gasp, his face retreating to the safety of your neck where he sloppily kisses up the column of your throat, his resolve slowly breaking. “M’tryna stop… wanna treat you good like you deserve…”
You bring your lips to his ear, dropping your voice into a husky tone as you whisper: “what if I don’t want you to stop?”
Bucky freezes again, the painful throb in his cock at your sultry tone has his head popping up from its hiding spot in the crook of your neck, the blues of his eyes shadowed by a pool of darkness that gathers.  You preen under his heated gaze, pecking his parted lips once, “hm?” You won’t stop, will you, Buck?” You ask, your eyes shining up at him in a way that you know drives him wild.
“God fucking damn it,” he growls before smashing his mouth over yours again, welcoming the playful wiggle of your tongue into his mouth. You feel his large hands begin to wander around your frame, pulling you into each roll of his hips, his pace more deliberate, desperate, and rough. He finally lets himself have what he wants, his head clouded with lust and love for you, your hands in his hair, your tender body grinding on his, and your delicious lips were all he could focus on— they were all that mattered.
Deep throaty moans and sweet high pitched whimpers filled your living room, your hands finally doing what you’ve dreamed about, your hips dancing together in ways that had you panting and aching for more. You grab Bucky’s wrists, a confused whine bubbling from the back of his throat, his hands immediately lifting off your waist. The confused whine turns into a pleased groan, a partial laugh rumbling in his chest, when you place his hands on the swell of your breasts.
“Bucky,” you moan his name when his hands massage the supple flesh of your chest for the first time, your core now unbearably wet as your clit aches for more friction. The sweet sound had pre-cum shooting from his tip, his cock begging to fill you up, not this time, Bucky thought to himself. His hands repeat the action again and again, determined to hear you say it once more. You begin to chant his name, your high getting closer and closer as you rut against each other like animals in heat. Bucky swears to God he’s never heard anything sound so beautiful in his life. He also swears that he’s never been harder in his entire life.
“Oh my god, M’so close, sweetheart, so close,” he growls against your lips. The moment you hear him you can’t help but grind faster and harder, his hands leaving your tits to cling to your hips. The new pace is dirty, raw, and everything you both need to fall over the edge. Your back arches, your tight hole fluttering around nothing as you cum. The filthy kiss you were giving him is broken when you hit your peak, giving Bucky the best view of your gorgeous face as you cum in front of him.
“J-James,” You whimper, your eyes roll back in your head as your tug a fist full of his dark brown hair. The sting in his scalp only adds to the inexplainable pleasure pooling in his lower belly. The broken moan of his name tumbling off your swollen lips pushes him head first into his own high.
“FUCK!” He all but shouts as ropes of his cum paint the heated skin of his groin. A deep, long groan vibrates in his chest, his eyes fighting to stay on your face as he fills his boxers, the front of his pants stained from the juices of both his and your release. He gasps and sighs as he continues to rut into you, drawing out your pleasures as long as he can.
You slowly come down, your bodies covered in a layer of sweat as you relax into each other. You feel Bucky’s hands soothing the bruises they left in their wake, his firm, broad chest heaves in time with yours. When you open your eyes you find his own gazing down at you warmly, a gentle smile poised on his cherry red lips. You offer him the same loving smile, a happy chuckle bubbling in your throat as you smooth out his hair, the strands wild from your wandering hands. Bucky couldn’t bear it any longer and reattached your lips in another kiss, this one was much slower, sweeter, but still just as dizzying.
“I love you,” he whispers, it’s so soft that you almost couldn’t hear him. His quiet declaration has your heart fluttering crazily in your chest. His hand rubs up and down the length of your back, you could feel it; the love that exudes from him, the tenderness that he saves for you and you alone.
“I love you too,” you whisper back, not wanting to break the sweet spell around you. The grin that he gives you lights up the dimly lit living room, he wraps his arms around you completely, holding you as close as he possibly could.
“Yeah?” He gloats, his classic proud smirk splits his face in half. Normally you’d poke fun at him, but right now, you wouldn’t dream of it.
“Yeah,” you nod, your face heating up as he watches you with shining eyes. You spend a few moments just basking in the afterglow, taking in the blinding, giddy grin that you both wear. Bucky’s eyes naturally fall back to your lips as he licks his own.
“So, are you gonna tell me where the heck ya learned how to kiss like that, or no?”
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GQ, Man of the year // Sebastian Stan
Summary: A weekend getaway in Sebastians own backyard, New York, has you both attending GQ magazines Men of The Year 1920s themed banquet ball. An event that has you and Sebastian wondering if your friendship could be more than just that.
Word Count: 5.6k
Warnings: sexually explicit content, smut. Fluff, Sebastian Stan x female reader
Tumblr media
Anxiety. It was the only thing you could put it down to. The way your hands shook, the way your heart raced a little faster than you would have liked it to be beating. Thumping in your chest and ears. The way you felt the heat in your cheeks rising, palms sweaty. Leaning against the bar as you cleared your throat behind your fisted hand, the bartender raised his eyebrow as if he were already waiting for you to order your drink of choice while he poured the last bit of Whiskey sour into the chilled glass before him.
“Can I get a Vodka Redbull please?” you kindly asked the bartender with a shy smile as if he’d say no, or that your request was putting him out of his way. “But uh, can you put in a champagne glass?” The bartender laughed softly, shaking his head as he gave you a weird look. However, he complied with your strange request, moments later bringing you the champagne glass full of the golden bubbly liquid. “Thanks” you gestured with yet again with the same shy smile that you had greeted him with a few minutes prior. As you sipped the alcoholic beverage you looked around the ballroom for your date, panic began to set in real quick when your wide eyes never met his.
It was safe to say you were extremely out of your comfort zone, your surroundings elegant and oh so intimidating. The sound of violins in the background coming from the string quartet made you want to straighten your posture as if you were carrying a stack of books on your head. Never had you ever seen a marble staircase in person with what seemed to be gold detailing. You’d lived in New York for the better part of three years now, but in what seemed to be the world’s smallest apartment. You knew of The Beekman, however, you never thought, even with your job taking you all over the world, you’d ever step inside the Manhattan building.
“Shit, where are you?” you mumbled under your breath, your eyes frantically scanning the bustling ballroom for your best friend. Before you reached full panic mode, your core temperature surely rose as your anxiety threatened to overcome you – an all too familiar hand placed itself delicately against the small of your back, just above your ass, dangerously close to something more than just a friendly hand, a gentle chuckle in your left ear made you instantly relax – it was him, no other than your best friend, Sebastian Stan.
“Real classy Zoey?” Sebastian whispered in your ear - not before he slowly took the glass from your hand, taking a small sip of the Vodka Redbull which filled your glass. “Jesus wasn’t expecting that, though it was Champagne.” Sebastian frowned softly as he placed the cool glass back in your manicured hand before he shook his head, walking you to your assigned table, hand still glued to the small of your back, walking close by your side.
“You should’ve known better than to bring me out in public, especially to something this fancy.” You sassed as you walked with Sebastian to your seats, the room now settling as other guests did the same. So many people all here for the same thing, their guests, family and friends all here to hopefully see them thrive and be recognised for their fine work.
“Had to settle,” Sebastian smirked as he leaned down slightly, kissing your cheek softly to stop you from turning to hit his chest playfully, a reaction he was quick to respond to after knowing you for almost six years.
You’d met Sebastian on the set of Marvel's Endgame. Just one of the many talented makeup artists and special effects people who worked cognitively together to help bring the movie to life. You found yourself spending a lot of lunches and breaks, even days off with Sebastian. Forming a strong bond that could be felt on set and beyond it. Over the course of your friendship since the pair of you had become inseparable. Two peas in a pod. A dynamic duo.
“Didn’t have anyone else to bring – besides, kinda can’t wait to see you cry when I become Man of The Year.” Pulling your chair out for you, Sebastians smug attitude made you giggle, his face instantly lighting up at the sound of your beautiful laugh– a sound he cherished just as much as the girl it came from.
Sebastian had been nominated for a Man of The Year award for his recent humanitarian work. Although he wasn’t in it for the praise, it was nice to see him be recognised for his tireless efforts. Not wanting to show up to such an important and publicised event alone, and with Chris, one of his closest and dearest friends being unavailable due to his wife being undeniably ready to pop any day now, it was a no-brainer that Sebastian would ask you to accompany him to the Prestigious event.
“You do realise all these men are nominated? You might not even receive an award, don’t be so sure of yourself Stan” you teased menacingly as Sebastian continued to be the gentleman he is, pushing you into the table as you sat softly on your chair, a little too fast for your liking, just to be a child – a gentle squeal leaving your mouth as you collided with the perfectly decorated table. The aesthetically pleasing ornaments and beautifully smelling candles shook momentarily as you gripped the edge. “Seb!” you hissed, laughing as you surely knew your face blushed crimson. Other occupants at the table weren’t shying away as they stared at the two of you, most likely thinking – ‘such childish behaviour’
“Don’t doubt me bub, I’ve got this in the bag and you know it.” There it was, the nickname that near sent you into cardiac arrest every damn time it left his perfect lips. You watched as Sebastian took his seat next to you – noticing for the first time that night just how grown out yet tamed his facial hair had become. It was almost a full beard at this point, and it looked right at home on his perfectly handsome face. His voice brought you back down to earth before you could float too far away, thinking of Sebastian.
“huh?” you asked, completely dazed for a moment as you shook your head slightly. Sebastian threw his head back in a soft chuckle at the sight of you being so frazzled.
“I said, you look good? The wigs s’nice touch, never thought you’d rock platinum blonde.” Through near panic and Sebastian distracting you – you had almost forgotten the entire theme of the night, 1920’s glam.
“Oh? You think?” you questioned, touching at the curly shoulder length wig that you thought suited your outfit, a floor length, white, semi-corset style dress that hugged you just right, accentuated your curves and plunged just a bit below your comfort zone in the chest area just right. Silver jewels dangling all over – it was a beautiful dress, to say the least, very fitting for the theme.
“Yeah, I mean it – just don’t kiss me when I win? That red lipstick is dangerously bright.” Sebastian joked, smiling childishly as you smiled back. His hand reaching for yours on the table, squeezing tightly as you felt his leg shaking against you under the table. “I’m honestly terrified – despite my cool calm and collected mannerisms.” You couldn’t help but playfully roll your eyes, Sebastian was always trying to out English the English major. “I’m just glad you agreed to come with me.” his lips turning upwards into a soft smirk, just admiring the girl who sat beside him. “I’d most likely never would’ve accepted the invite if you said no.”
You leaned your head on Sebastian's shoulder, careful not to smear your makeup against the fabric of his ostentatious blue and white pinstripe blazer, the suit tight against his muscular body but much like your own attire – accentuated his body in all the right ways. Both dresses to the nines.
“You don’t look so bad yourself Stan.” Teasing, you lifted your head as the lights dimmed, clapping ensuing as the presenter of the night sauntered across the stage. Waiters alternating meals on the table in front of you – Sebastian tried to hide his disappointment as he got steak while you got salmon. Looking at each other with an almost telepathic ‘switch?’ Discreetly swapping your meals to better suit your personal preferences.
Half a meal and two Vodka Redbulls down, the list of recipients grew as the awards left to give dwindled. You could sense that Sebastian was beginning to doubt if he would actually receive the highly accredited award.
“Seb? stop shaking your leg, It will happen if it happens yeah?” your hand resting below the table on his bouncing knee, instantly calming him as you rubbed softly against his suit pants.
“Just wanna make everyone proud ya’know?” he confessed, his face almost saddened with the idea he might walk out empty-handed. His eyes glassy as he looked at you, so anxious that he had a light layer of sweat covering his forehead. The light from the candles situated on the table made him glisten. Cupping his cheek, Sebastian slightly moved his head into your touch, leaning into your comfort, the feeling instantly slowing his heart rate – you always had such a calming effect on him. Thumb rubbing softly against his scruff.
“You already did, the moment you decided you wanted to help others, no award could ever truly measure everything you’ve done… bub” you couldn’t help but to smile, tossing the pet name Sebastian often called you in his face – causing Sebastian to scoff softly as you rubbed you continued to softly rub the pad of your thumb against his scruff covered cheek. Leaning in close as Sebastian closed his eyes, eyelids fluttering. You were absentmindedly doing the same, the slow lean in as eyelids fluttered. Lips ghosting, dangerously close. Sebastian's hand coming to cup your cheek as you did his. But it was to no avail. Both you and Sebastian pulling back immediately as loud clapping filled the banquet hall, 10 recipients standing on the stage holding their ‘Men of The Year award’ proudly in their hands.
“That was the last recipient anyway” Sebastian sighed, fixing himself up as he cleared his throat, slightly disappointed that he didn’t make the cut. “But, regardless.” Sebastian's voice was nothing but soft as he looked at you. Heart eyes taking over. “You look stunning and the fact I got to see you so dressed up instead of you constantly doing others up was worth the entire night.”
“Oh rack off?” you sassed as you turned in your chair to take another mouthful of steak in your mouth, careful not to rub your lipstick off in the process. Sebastian doing the same, but his eyes never left your profile. He was captivated by your beauty. An unspoken love was clear as day between the two of you, both recognising each other’s feelings but never acting on them, never admitting them – both too scared to ruin a lifelong friendship.
“And for our final award of the night. The prestigious 11th Men of The Year award that is specifically awarded to individuals who go above and beyond what is required of them.” The room was silent as the presenter spoke, you could hear a feather drop it was so quiet. “This year's recipient has shown tremendous efforts in helping less fortunate individuals by donating not only much-needed resources to charities that provide relief but tirelessly volunteering his own time and expertise to help said individuals learn valuable life skills that could potentially help them turn their lives around. This individual, his soul is wise and kind, caring and compassionate, all the Qualities this award represents.”
You knew it was coming before Sebastian did, you could tell exactly where this was going – it was Sebastian. It was Sebastian damn Stan who was taking home the 11th Man award. As you placed your hand excitedly on his shoulder you noticed how ridged he’d become – most likely scared he was getting his hopes up too quickly, scared to be disappointed.
“This talented individual is the definition of a righteous and humble man and there is no doubt in our minds we have made the right decision in recognising his marvellous effects. This year’s honorary 11th Man of The Year award goes to……” As the presenter spoke, nearing the end of his speech, the sound of ‘Kanye West – All of the lights’ began playing over the speaker just as a slideshow of video footage of Sebastian doing all his incredible humanitarian work played on the two large screens left and right of the stage. You couldn’t help but roll your eyes with a giddy smile thinking – ‘this is going to shoot his ego through the roof.’
“Sebastian Stan!!”
At the sound of his name being called, you both shot up onto your feet, embracing each other in a tight, celebratory hug. Pulling away and shaking you slightly by your shoulders – an excited and overwhelmed Sebastian laughed as tears welled in his over joyous eyes.
“What the fuck is happening Zoey!? w-what I, what do I do?” he asked nervously, so much adrenaline in his system he couldn't think straight.
“Go! go up to the stage Seb, holy shit!” nudging him, Sebastian fumbled with his blazer button – nervously approaching the stage as people clapped and cheered around him, including yourself. You couldn’t breathe, watching as he shook the presenter's hand and accepted the award he deserved more than anyone.
You only sat when the clapping stopped, wiping away tears of joy as you watched on with pure admiration for your best friend. Holding your hands up to your face, counting your lucky stars you got to experience such a moment. Your best friend being recognized as the selfless man he is. Patrons sitting at the same table unable to take their eyes of the love you were radiating for your best friend.
“Oh woah,” Sebastian exclaimed with a laugh into the microphone. You couldn’t help but bite your bottom lip, trying to hide the enormous grin plastered permanently on your face as Sebastian's eyes scanned the room for you – to calm his nerves.
For an actor who was so accustomed to press junkets and interviews, public speaking was never his forte, so Sebastian did the only thing he knew how to – look for his girl and pretend the entire room was empty, focusing on the only person he wanted to see. His entire soul focused on you and you alone, lightning up the entire room.
“To be receiving such an award is truly a blessing and I can’t begin to express how thankful I am to be this year’s recipient.” You looked at Sebastian looking at you and felt your heart flutter – he looked so handsome, devilishly handsome in that blue and white pinstriped suit. The way his facial hair was perfectly groomed and the hair atop his head carefully slicked back. He looked nothing short of perfection. Raised by women for women.
“I just wanna say thank you to all those who supported me, from my friends who never doubted me for a moment when I first told them my plans, to my family – thank you for loving me unconditionally, to my fans who do the absolute most in making this possible by supporting me unconditionally, seriously, I swear I could commit murder and you guys would still love me.” The entire room laughed with Sebastian as he spoke. “And finally to my girl.” Your breath hitched in your throat at the sound of Sebastian calling you his girl. “although she prefers to stay out of the limelight – she reluctantly agreed to attend tonight’s banquet with me and I’m glad she did otherwise she’d never be able to hear me say just how thankful I am for her and her undeniable loyalty to a guy who isn’t worth a second of her time. I hope I made you proud bub.” Holding the award above his head, the room erupted into cheerful whistles and thunderous claps of congratulations. The guests only quieted once Sebastian had exited the stage to have his photo professionally taken and most likely be interviewed.
Your heart was so full, so proud of the man Sebastian had become, the passionate humanitarian that was adored by the entire world.
You loved him, you truly did adore everything about him. the way he’d hold your waist, the way he’d kiss your cheek, the way he’d always let you sleep in his bed whenever you stayed the night – never wanting you to take the lounge that nearly broke his back every time he crashed on it.
The way he always let you borrow his hoodies – anyone your heart desired. If he had planned on wearing it, he’d change his entire outfit just so you could remain in it. The way he always left the last slice of pizza for you, regardless if he was starving – it was always yours. The way Sebastian would let you nap on his chest, even if he had important plans or lines to rehearse, he’d stay still for as long as you were asleep for. All the little things he did throughout the years had finally taken its final toll on your heart – you were undeniably in love with Sebastian Stan, your best friend – your goofy other half, your partner in crime. The only thing that scared you more than anything else in the world was finally admitting it. But the thing you didn’t know – was that Sebastian felt the exact same way, he wanted you to be his girl officially, wanted to be yours, but was terrified you’d reject his love – in his mind? You were out of his league, way out of his league.
“You know you ugly cry right? Sebastian's voice startled you as you wanted at the table for him to return, many of the others who sat at the same table now vanished – either on the dance floor, at the bar or returning to their respected hotel rooms.
“Your ego really didn’t need that, at all – you’re already so big headed enough as it is” you joked, standing to embrace him once again. “I’m so proud of you Seb, but that speech? Cheesy – at best like a four outta ten” you sassed kissing his cheek.
“Come dance with me?” Sebastian whispered just enough for you to hear, his voice soft and full of happiness. Taking your hand in his he made his way to the dance floor – littered with couples slow dancing. Spinning you into his chest, Sebastian placed his hand on the small of your back – bring you as close to him as he possibly could, his other hand in yours.
It was comfortable silence as you swayed to the music – Shawn Mendes’s ‘Never be alone'' your head resting against Sebastian's chest, hand gently grasping his shoulder.
“Bub?” Sebastian cooed as you looked up at him, his eyes trained heavily on yours – only ever breaking eye contact for a second as his eyes dipped to look at your lips. “w-what are we?” you felt your heart skip a beat at the sudden question. Your eyes followed Sebastian's as you noticed how his lips looked slightly chapped.
“I uh, b-best friends I guess?” you stuttered, unsure of what to say in the moment, so desperately trying to read Sebastian's perfect face as you continued to sway around the dancefloor together – pressed up against each other, Sebastians grip only tightening, never wanting to let you go.
“Would it freak you out if I said I wanted to be more?” Sebastian’s voice was low as he continued to guide you across the floor, his fingers fiddling with the zipper that sat just above your tailbone – causing Goosebumps to rise over your exposed back.
“No. it wouldn’t, b-but how much more?” Sebastian dipped his head just a bit – leaning into you, closing the gap between your lips and his, ghosting over your lips as you bit your bottom lip, trying to stop your lips from turning upright into a cheesy grin.
“All of you Zoey, let's just cut the shit we do? I just can't help but want to kiss you right now – p-please stop me if you don’t want me to?” Sebastian’s hot breath fanning over you, the hint of the sweet alcoholic mixture of your Vodka Redbulls lingering as he spoke, both of you having had more than you’d cared to admit – but you didn’t mind. As Sebastian’s lips just barely grazed against yours - you giggled, moving both your arms to wrap around the back of his neck. Sebastian smiled as the angelic sound left your mouth.
“Kiss me.” was all you said before Sebastian dipped you down and attached his lips to yours – your wig falling to the ground, exposing your natural hair as he brought you back up.
“There she is” Sebastian jokingly teased as he rests his forehead against yours, smiling as you looked up at him – completely smitten for the man who held you in his arms as you danced.
“Seb? you have somethin’ on your lip?” you told him through a witty smile “here, let me” reaching up you connected your lips once again, only this time you asked for permission into his mouth by running your tongue along his bottom lip slowly – sensually. Granted access, your tongue danced gracefully with Sebastians, fighting for dominance - you couldn't help but let him take over.
Sebastian couldn’t contain himself, moaning softly into your mouth, your reaction being to pull away – panting slightly as you tried catching your breath. You knew people were staring at the two of you – but you didn’t care, all you wanted was sebastian and you couldn’t contain your excitement. Knowing the consequences of your actions would be all over social media.
“So how long?” you asked – a hint of cockiness in your tone of voice.
“How long what?” Sebastian questioned as he wrapped his arm around your shoulders – walking you both off the dancefloor through the ballroom as you made your way back to the hotel room GQ had been kind enough to put you both up in for the weekend.
“How long have you had a crush on me for?” wrapping your arm behind him, gently over the small of his back.
“Oh, okay let's not get into all the specifics Zoey”
“What if I want specifics? Like what if I want to know just how much you really like me?” you were just nitpicking at this point, so overjoyed with the event of this evening – you were on cloud 9.
“What if instead of telling you and have you pull apart my vocabulary and have you tell me I have a funny way with words? Why don’t I just show you… I mean… there’s only one bed in the hotel room and that lounge looks just as uncomfortable as the one back home.” Sebastian was rambling as he opened the taxi door for you, the yellow cab waiting to take you both back to the hotel a few blocks away. Before stepping in you turned to Sebastian – pulling him down to your lips by his tie. A sudden surge of confidence radiating through your body.
“Are you trying to get in my pants Stan?” you questioned with a raised eyebrow.
“More than ever before Drysdale.” Sebastian mumbled, his husky voice making the heat rise in between your legs.
“S’good thing I’m not wearing any then huh?” you smirked hungrily before falling back into the back of the cab with grace - pulling Sebastian down on top of you by his tie. Your lips colliding as he crawled over the top of you, his hands gripping at your hips as he sucked your bottom lip – letting it smack back against you before the taxi driver piped up, clearing his throat.
“Where to sir?”
From the second you entered the ostentatious luxury suit Sebastian’s hands were all over you, as were yours on his. Sebastian couldn’t help himself , slamming you against the wall in the entryway, your hands worked fast to remove his blazer, next – his tie.
“Are we really doing this?” pausing to rest his forehead on yours as you worked to unbutton his white dress shirt. Breathing heavily you nodded.
“L-less talking Seb, you’re overthinking” your breath fanning over his parted mouth before Sebastian attached his lips to yours – his now fully exposed torso pressing against you. Chiseled like a Greek god.
“C'mere '' Sebastian huffed as he spun you around, your face pressed against the wall as he unzipped your dress and began trailing harsh, hungry kisses up and down your neck. His hands trailing up your arms to where your sleeves rested on your shoulders. Pulling them down slowly – revealing your body to him in all its semi-naked beauty. The only thing left on your curvy body as you stepped out of the dress, a mess on the floor, was the white lacy panties you had specifically brought to be hidden under the near sheer dress.
“You’re beautiful” Sebastian mumbled as his hands gripped your hips, spinning you around to face him yet again.
“Trying to sweet talk me?” you questioned as you worked fast to unbuckle the Gucci belt that held his suit pants tight on Sebastian’s waist. unbuckling the belt you slipped it off, your manicured hands unzipping his fly as you watched with a smirk as Sebastian shimmied out almost desperately. Both now only in your underwear.
“Is it working?” Sebastian teased before squeezing your hips, causing a giggle to escape your swollen lips. “jump” Sebastian ordered and you complied. Jumping up, wrapping your legs around his waist you let his hands hold you tightly against your ass as he walked you to the ‘uncomfortable lounge’ Sebastian had dubbed it.
Falling back onto the lounge, Sebastian watched as you crawled between his legs in front of him on the floor, your fingers dipping into the waistband of his boxer briefs as he lifted his hips to accommodate your next move – removing his briefs.
As you slowly removed the unwanted fabric from Sebastian's body, his cock sprung free from its previous confines – resting heavily against his lower abdomen as he slouched back against the back of the lounge. His tip a pretty pink, almost the exact colour of his perfectly swollen lips. His shaft smooth apart from the vein that ran up his entire length from the base to his tip. God he looked throbbing.
Without a word you gripped his length in your hand, pumping is slowly – some pre-cum already oozing from his tip. You leaned on your knees between his legs, spreading them as far as Sebastian could get them so you could take more of his length down your warm, fuckable throat.
“I’ve always wondered what it would be like to suck you off” you admitted as you pumped his shaft softly in your hand, watching as Sebastian's mouth turned into a smile and he chuckled from the pleasure.
“I’m dreaming” is all Sebastian said before you took his tip inside your mouth – tasting the slightly salty pre-cum as you swirled your tongue gently around his sensitive tip. “Oh fuck--!” Sebastian moaned as you worked your way down his shaft inch by inch, training your throat to take him in his entirety.
Hollowing your cheeks as you looked up, sucking hard as you watched Sebastian exclaim a guttural groan as he ran his hand through his hair. “Oh fuck, feels so good bub holy shit--!”
Your nose was tickled by the manscaped pubic hair that Sebastian had let grow a bit, his tip leaking more pre-cum down the back of your throat as you swallowed around his tip.
“S-shit! Come here, now I-I need to feel you before I fucking cum down your throat.” Sebastian pulled you up by your hair – watching as you gasped from the sudden pain that flooded your head, only for it to turn to pleasure seconds after. He made a mental note that you liked your hair pulled, something he would have to do another time – but for now all he wanted more than anything was to fuck your tight pussy. As you crawled back up to straddle Sebastian’s lap, he was quick to rip the almost brand-new panties off your body.
“Seb—” his lips cutting you off before you could complain.
“S’okay, ill by you new ones” his hand resting gently against your throat as he maneuvered his cock to your dripping entrance. This was the moment you had both dreamed would happen. Sebastian’s thick throbbing cock pressing slowly into your tight dripping pussy, stretching you out more than you had ever been stretched before as you sunk lower and lower – inch by inch.
Sebastian’s cock grew thicker in the middle, a slight curve to the left, having to stop to moan at the pleasure you were already receiving half way down his thick shaft. At that moment your mind wondered — god help all the women who came before you.
“Oh fuck bub please, j-just sink lower, b-begging you” sebastian whimpered as his hands gripped your hips tight, his head ducking slightly to take your right nipple into his mouth. As you sunk lower, finally taking Sebastian in his entirety in your tight pussy – his teeth sunk softly into the sensitive erect bud.
“UH—fuck! Seb, p-please move” you whimpered, wanting Sebastian to buck his hips up into you, and so he did. Removing his lips from your nipple he guided you up his cock a bit, arousal dripping down as he fucked up slowly into you. “Ahh- yes! sebastian k-keep going!” you cried, mouth falling into an O shape as pleasure captivated your entire body.
“So fucking right for me, so fucking tight for me huh? Ride me.” sebastian ordered, his hand wrapping around your throat just the slightest bit more. You sunk down again, then back up almost instantly, quickly finding a comfortable rhythm as the sting from being so incredibly stretched out subsided into nothing but pure pleasure.
“Ahh- fuck!” you both moaned in sync as you rode Sebastian’s cock, your hips rolling as your hands gripped the back of his hair, pulling tighter every time your pussy fluttered around him.
“Sebastian i-I love you” you cried, riding his cock so fast. Almost letting the tip fall out as you fucked down hard on the entirety of his length. Sebastian's eyes went wide as he watched your lips say the three words he’d been dying to hear you say for years.
“I, oh fuck Zoey I love you too” he moaned pornographically as you tightened around him once again. Every time you sat down on his cock his tip pressed against your cervix, filling you so good you were sure you’d cum within seconds if he kept hitting all the right places. You were getting closer.
“Cum around my cock bub – wanna see your pretty eyes roll in the back of your head when you cum on my dick.” Sebastian's voice was heavy, speaking through heavy breaths as he worked his hand between the two of you – his thumb rubbing figure eights over your sensitive bundle of nerves.
“Ah! Fuck m’wanna cum s-so bad, k-keep going, p-please!” you whimpered, falling into Sebastian’s chest, his head falling into the crook of your neck. He could see your ass bouncing so perfectly up and down as you flicked your hips – his eyes widening at the sight.
“Look at you, riding my cock effortlessly, you like my cock inside you huh bub? Show me how much you love my dick inside you.” Sebastian moaning dirty nothings in your ear was only working in his favour as he pushed you further and further towards your orgasm. The hands that wrapped softly around your throat releasing to fondle your ass, helping you keep your fast-paced rhythm.
“Oh yes- m’cumming d-don’t fucking s-sto.. ah fuck!” you cried into Sebastian’s shoulder the hand that rests on your ass coming to pull your hair, forcing you to look at Sebastian as you came.
“Look at me Zoey, wanna see how pretty you look.” You gasped as you pulsed and throbbed around Sebastian’s shaft, wrapping so tightly around him as he watched you tremble above him, fucking you softly through your high. Sebastian watched your eyes roll, watched your mouth gasp for air as you held your breath - watched the sweat that Dripped down your forehead as you came hard for him.
“Fuck, hope off, oh my god—I’m about to fucking—oh god.” Sebastian groaned, his orgasm so close. Your slick folds working to slick his cock to the point of no return. Helping your still trembling body off him and down to your knees Sebastian held your hair as you opened your mouth, tongue waiting and welcoming the warm spurts of cum that shot from Sebastian’s tip as he stroked his length to his high. Watching his cum cover your beautiful face.
Sebastian watched as you licked as much as you could from around your mouth, watched with wide eyes as you swallowed his seed before he leaned back again - lazily stroking his semi-erect cock. A giggle left your mouth as you looked up at Sebastian, his cum dripping down from your face onto your bare chest.
“What’s so funny?” Sebastian asked as he came down from his high – still trying to catch his breath. Still trying to wrap his head around the fact you’d both just done what you did. You could only look up at him innocently as you bit your bottom lip.
“You forgot your award…” having only just realised Sebastian had left his man of the year award behind.
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writersblog20 · 10 hours ago
You ease the pain
Sebastian Stan x reader
Tumblr media
Gif credits to: @rainbowkisses31 !! 💞💞
Summary: Sebastian helps you with your migraine injection
Warnings: Migraine/cluster headache, injection, mention of vomiting but not graphic. Softseb!
Words: 3,1K
A/N:  There are no spoilers about Sebastian’s new movie Fresh in it because I haven’t seen it. If anyone knows where I can watch the movie please, please let your homegirl know! I’m desperate at this point.
You ease the pain. 
You were writing your new story as Seb came home from his new movie project, Fresh. The neon led lights, giving off a pink, purple color while your salt lamps gave the room a warm orange color. It was something that helped with your anxiety. It was like color therapy and it worked like magic, giving it off a comfortable vibe that danced across the room.  
“Hey baby” Seb said softly with a smile upon his face as his hands found your shoulders and he let his head rest besides yours, giving you a kiss on your cheek. You smiled and turned around, meeting Sebastian with a big smile. “Missed you today.” He said softly as he gave you a loving kiss on your lips. “I missed you too, Seba” you told him as you went with your hands through the soft locks of his hair.
You and Sebastian were a couple for about a year now. It felt longer because of all the things you had been through together but even between the hard times, you both never complained and loved each other even more.
Sebastian helped you stand up out of your chair so he could hug you properly. He wrapped his arms around you and you hid your face in the crook of his neck, letting out a relaxing breath. You had pretty bad anxiety but Sebastian always made you ground yourself, just by being himself. You’ve never experienced a love like this in your other relationships. Sebastian loved you wholeheartedly in the good times and in the bad, even more, never leaving your side.
Sebastian was clingy a lot of times when he was home and you when you thought that you would hate it, you didn’t. You loved that about him, adored it. But Sebastian knew when to give you space.
“How was work?” you asked him and he couldn’t wipe the smile off of his face. “I can’t wait for you to see the movie….” He told you and you smiled at his response. “I can’t wait to see it.” Sebastian gave you kisses on the side of your head while he went with his hand over your hair, holding you even closer.
“Do you want to watch a movie or something?” he asked softly. You looked at your computer. “I have to finish this real quick.” Seb got your hands in his and kissed the back of them with a smile.
You got back to your seat to work on the story a little bit further. It was an assignment that you had to submit today.  Sebastian put on some candles and soft music so you wouldn’t be too much distracted before pulling out his script and lounge on the couch. Well he was planning to read the script but Sebastian had a perfect view to you from his place. He smiled softly as he stared at you.
You could feel his eyes on you like fire. You smiled shyly and felt your cheeks heat up. “Seba, I can’t concentrate when you stare at me like that.” He told him softly. He chuckled “I’m sorry sunshine, you’re just too beautiful, I can’t help it.” he told you while he rested his chin in the palm of his hand.
He didn’t want to distract you too much because the sooner you’re done, the sooner you can both cuddle. You looked at the words on the screen and your vision grew a little more blurrier. Your neck started to hurt more and there was the shooting pain from your brain. You massaged your temple in an attempt to ease the pain. You had a lot of migraines/cluster headaches. Your symptoms were more on the side of a cluster headache though.
You’ve been to the neurologist for so long, to see what medication would work. Now you had injections but also medication to relax your muscles and the other to relax yourself in a headache. Seb knew about them obviously and was always there for you.
You tried to keep working but you knew where this was heading to. A headache attack as you called them. They were horrible to say the least and you could feel that this one, wasn’t going to be an easy. You tried to type further but your hands were shaking too much.
Sebastian noticed the change in your breathing and looked up. He could read you like an open book and saw you were in pain. He put the script beside him before standing up and walking over to you. “Sweetheart, Are you okay? Is it a headache attack?” he asked you softly.
You started to feel miserable with the seconds. The attacks always came very quick, giving you 5 minutes to take your medication before it would set in completely, but with the shaking you knew you were too late with your medication. You can’t put an injection in your own leg with shaking hands like this. You couldn’t even sit still.
Your eyes start to water even more and Sebastian crouched down on eye level and looked at you with worry in his eyes while you carefully nodded at his question. “Okay baby, let’s get to the bathroom and get your meds alright?” his voice ever so soft.
He carefully helped you stand up but your vision went blurry as multiple shooting pains went through your head, making it feel like there were knives in them. You covered your eyes with your hand while Sebastian gently pulled you into his arms. “You’re going to be okay baby” he gently led you to the bathroom, on the way taking your meds with him.
He sat you down and you pulled your sweatpants off and started to massage your leg, where the injection would be. It was a horrible feeling, the injections. The side effects were horrible in there own way and the injections hurt like hell. You could handle needles and stuff but this was on some next level shit as you could feel the substance immediately flow into your body. It’s hard to put in words about how much pain it was.
You groaned as your fingers dug into your leg. Seb looked at you worried. “Seb, you have to put it in, I can’t do it anymore.” You told him between your tears. “Okay, sweetheart, I will. Just tell me what to do okay?” you nodded as he placed your leg over his, rubbing your calf for comfort.  
“You take the safety cap off, push the pen into my leg, press the button, then wait for 10 seconds.” You told him quickly. He nodded and looked sympathetically at you. Your skin was red from massaging it so hard. Your other leg was bouncing from anxiety and pain.
Sebastian took the cap off and wanted to put the pen on your leg but the anxiety from the upcoming pain was too much of a barrier at this moment, like it always was. “Wait! Wait! I don’t want to. I’m scared.” You sat as tears were falling on your cheek.
Sebastian cupped your cheek “It will be okay sweetheart, you’re going to be okay. It will be over before you know it, I promise. You’ll get better.” He told you trying to comfort you.
“I hate this, I hate this so much.” You sobbed out, your head against his shoulder. He put his hand on the back of your head. “I know baby, but you’ll feel so much better after, I promise. It’ll be over so quick.” He told you, getting your head off his shoulder so he could look at you. You felt so incredibly nervous and agitated. Seb gave you a lingering kiss on your forehead.
“Fuck” you cursed “okay do it. But will you count down?” you asked him scared and between sobs. “Of course sweetheart.” He told you, placing the pen on your leg as the other bounced up and down. Without a warning you could hear the injection shooting out of the pen and into your leg.
You immediately whimpered at the stinging pain and the substance entering your body. You started to cry more, feeling absolutely horrible. Seb counted while he pushed your head into the crook of his neck with his other hand. “You’re doing so great baby. I’m so proud of you. It’s almost over.” He cooed at you. You cried from relief, pain and the horrible feeling. You knew you were going to feel shit from the side effects.
He got the pen of your leg “So all done now. You did amazing baby, you really did.” You gave him a weak smile, tears still falling from your cheeks. He held your face in his hands, his thumb softly wiping away the tears on your cheek. Seb got a piece of toilet paper, dipping the piece on your leg to get a little bit of blood away.
Your skin was a bulge where the pen had been injected, already turning into a bruise. When Sebastian put everything away, he got you a glass to give you the rest of the medication. Once those were in he pulled you into his arms, softly rocking you for comfort. Your leg still over his.
He placed a kiss on your forehead and nose and pulled you closer again. “How are you feeling now sunshine?” he asked softly. You were feeling tired and sick from the injection and how much energy it had cost you. “Sick” you responded and he looked sympathetically at you.
“Couch or bed?” he asked you. “Couch” he nodded and helped you up, leading you to the couch. The headache was still there but more in the background now. Sebastian sat down on the couch, helping you to lay down. He placed a pillow in his lap so you would be more comfortable. You let your head rest while Sebastian pulled the blanket from the side of the couch, over your body, tucking you in.
His hand massaged your skull, trying to give you more relief from the pain. He knew you would fall asleep and when you would wake up, you always wanted a lot of sugar. Or at least stuff with a lot of sugar in it. That was only when you had the injection that you wanted a lot of snacks.
Sebastian waited for you to fall asleep so he could go to the store real quick to get your favorite snacks. When he was sure that you were fast asleep, that he got up carefully as not to wake you. He laid you down again and kissed the top of your head. “I’ll be back as fast as I can doll” he whispered and put his coat on.
When he was in the store he bought way more than he should’ve but he wanted you to feel better. He got all your favorite snacks, sweet and salty so you could chose if you were up for it, some lavender body spray, a big blanket sweater in pink, those things that would cover your entire body like a big blanket but you still had to put it over your head. He also got you some essential oil that you could put on your forehead which smelled like eucalyptus, some fresh fruit etc.
When he got back, you were still fast asleep. He didn’t knew if you were hungry when you would wake up but he still made some risotto while keeping an eye out for you. He wish he could just make you better but all he could do was comfort you and be with you in those times. It was tough to see but he would never leave your side, he just wish he could make you feel better.
When you woke up you felt more sick than before, running to the bathroom. Sebastian quickly followed you and saw you crouched down by the toilet. He quickly came up to you and held your hair out of your face while softly rubbing your back.  
When you were done you let your back hit against Sebastian’s chest as he sat behind you with his legs around you. He placed his arms around your exhausted body and placed his lips on the top of your head, letting it linger there.
You sniffled softly and Sebastian started to rock you again in an attempt to comfort you with his lips still lingering on your head. “Can you help me take a shower?” you asked weakly. Sebastian gave you a soft reassuring smile “Of course sweetheart.” You gave him a weak smile back. He stood up and helped you on your feet. “Let me get some stuff okay? I’ll be back in a sec.” he told you as he quickly exited the bathroom. You brushed your teeth and put some mouth water in before Seb returned.
He placed some stuff in the corner, peaking your curiosity. He gave you a cheeky smile “Later.” He said softly. You looked in his eyes, immediately finding comfort. He helped you out of your clothes before stripping out of his own.
He got in the shower first, giving you a hand so you could step in. He got the water on a warm temperature. The water hit your back while Seb had his arms wrapped around you. You hugged him back, your head relaxing against your chest. Seb got some shampoo and carefully cleaned your hair while massaging your head and repeating the process with the conditioner.
After a while you both got out, he wrapped a soft towel around you before he got one around his waist. “When you were asleep, I went to the store quickly because I know that a lot of times you want snacks after, so I got you… well I got you a lot of snacks. But I also got you some other stuff, including this.” he told you proudly with a smile. You could just feel your heart melting because how sweet he is.
He pulled out the pink blanket, sweater. You smiled tiredly but was so happy. You placed your arms around him and thanked him. He chuckled which filled your heart with happiness. You pulled back and looked him in the eyes, giving him a passionate kiss. “I love you so much Seba, thank you.” he chuckled again. “You don’t have to thank me, it’s my pleasure sweetheart. I love you too.” He told you peppering your face with kisses, making you giggle.
He put a thin shirt over your head and shorts before putting the big fluffy blanket over your head. You got your arms in the huge sleeves, giggling a little. “I love it” you gave him another kiss. He got the lavender and eucalyptus oil after he got into a hoodie and some sweatpants as well.
Your heart always melted when he wore a hoodie. He looked so adorably, cuddly and cute in one, melting your heart at the sight alone.
You smiled at your boyfriend, feeling emotional by how gentle and caring he was. He placed some oil on your forehead and temples before spraying a little lavender body mist over you.
Sebastian picked up the brush and carefully and gently started brushing your wet hair. He got some hair products and placed it in your hair as well. “All done doll.” He told you with a soft smile and a kiss on the tip of your nose. You smiled “Thank you Seba”
You both walked into the living room again and towards the couch. “Are you hungry?” he asked you. “No not yet really.” He nodded “That’s okay sweetheart.” He sat down next to you and ate some risotto while you picked out a movie.
You eyed his food a little and Seb noticed, getting a grin on his face. He knew that a plate was too much for you so he held out his fork, for you to take a bite. You looked at him, feeling a little embarrassed but that feeling was quickly moved away by the loving smile of your boyfriend.
You took the bite and murmured a thank you. He ate some more and kept feeding you, happy that you ate something and he could help you.
He put the plate away and pulled you with him to lay down on the couch. You laid half on top of Sebastian. Your head resting on his chest and your arm wrapped around his body. He placed kisses on your head again and started to play with your hair.
Now you were just exhausted and tired. “Want to go to bed baby?” he whispered. You could only nod at this point.
After getting ready for bed, you plopped in exhausted. Sebastian crawled in as well, laying face to face with you. He smiled softly and lovingly as he stared at you.
Your fingertips tracing his face. He took your hand in his and kissed it. He got closer to you, giving you a loving kiss on your lips and tucked your face against his chest as he wrapped his arms tightly around you.
“Get some rest sweetheart. You’ve done great today, you can sleep and rest now. I’ll be here when you wake up sunshine.” He whispered. You nuzzled your nose against him, getting even more comfortable in his arms, closing your eyes as you felt the warmth radiating from his body.
A soft smile crept up on your face, when you finally relaxed. You felt how Sebastian softly massaged your head again and drawing patterns on your arm with his fingertips. You let out a relaxing sigh and fell into a peaceful sleep.
You knew that Sebastian wanted to take away the pain and felt helpless seeing you in so much pain. But what you would say to him in the morning would change that. He thought he couldn’t do anything but in reality, he did help you more than he thought. Just being there was already enough but helping you with the injection, comforting you through it, helping you with the headache and trying to ease the pain, going to the store for snacks and much more, he did more than anyone had ever done. You would make sure, that he would see that as you were more than so grateful to have him in your life and call him your boyfriend. You felt like the luckiest person in the world.
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peyda · 21 hours ago
Last Summer
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Summary: Flashback to reader's last summer in Bluehaven with Beau and Samantha
Series Masterlist
A/N: I’ve missed this AU so much and I can’t wait to write for them more! Not proofread, all mistakes are my own
Warnings: reader gets very anxious and insecure, toxic relationship with her mom, stupid gross boys, light sexual assault (just to be safe) let me know if i missed anything
WC: ~4675
Comments, likes, and reblogs are always greatly appreciated :)
It was a hot and humid summer in Bluehaven, so humid your skin felt sticky as soon as you stepped outside. Days were spent inside, fanning yourself off and sucking on ice cubes, any way to cool yourself off from the blazing heat outside. School had just ended a week before for you, Samantha, and Beau and you were spending in the small town just as you did every summer. Samantha was your best friend despite the two of you being apart the 10 months you were in school, you being forced to go to the most prestigious school money could buy in New York. Your summers-away from your mother- were always the best part of your year, spending it with not only your best friend but your grandmother too.
Your grandmother, on your mom's side, was nothing like your mother. Where your mom was snobby and coldhearted, your grandmother was kind and caring, you never doubted her love for you like you did your mother. Your mother was high class, wanting the best money could buy, your grandmother simple, saying she only needed her bakery and family and nothing more. It was hard to imagine that your mother grew up with someone so loving and caring to turn out so mean and heartless. There were times in your life you wondered if your mother even wanted kids-if she even loved you.
Your grandmother, on your mom's side, was nothing like your mother. Where your mom was snobby and coldhearted, your grandmother was kind and caring, you never doubted her love for you like you did your mother. Your mother was high class, wanting the best money could buy, your grandmother simple, saying she only needed her bakery and family and nothing more. It was hard to imagine that your mother grew up with someone so loving and caring to turn out so mean and heartless. There were times in your life you wondered if your mother even wanted kids-if she even loved you.
Your grandmother, on your mom's side, was nothing like your mother. Where your mom was snobby and coldhearted, your grandmother was kind and caring, you never doubted her love for you like you did your mother. Your mother was high class, wanting the best money could buy, your grandmother simple, saying she only needed her bakery and family and nothing more. It was hard to imagine that your mother grew up with someone so loving and caring to turn out so mean and heartless. There were times in your life you wondered if your mother even wanted kids-if she even loved you.
“She just wants the best for you and for you to be your best,” your father used to say, justifying the unfair and cruel treatment from your mother. You didn’t think she truly loved him either, that the zeros in his paycheck kept her from leaving. There were two definite things your mother loved most in this word; money and her image. She loved when people gossiped about her, when they were jealous. It fed into her ego and once she had you she used you to her advantage. Putting you in violin, tennis, dance, and piano lessons, making your practice hours on end until you were the best, until you were “better than everyone else’s kid. You must be better sweetheart.” You were her own personal doll, molding you into everything she wished she was. You went along with the torment, sacrificing your own happiness for her, knowing that you had your summer to look forward to-until she threatened to take it all away.
“What do you mean we aren’t going to Bluehaven for summer?!” You had just finished up tennis practice, still sweaty and in your workout gear, when you caught your maid unpacking your bag filled with your summer clothes. You thought maybe she was confused at first so you reassured her that those were your summer clothes before she told you your mother’s instructions. You couldn’t believe her, taking away the only thing that brought you happiness, breaking the understood promise between the two of you. You be her perfect daughter as long as she allows you to spend your summers in Bluehaven. So here you were, yelling at her while she drank her afternoon tea in the sunroom. “How could you take away the only thing that made me happy?!”
“You were slipping today during practice, I’m going to schedule you an extra hour with Richard tomorrow. Can’t get into any college playing like that let alone play on a professional level,” she told you, spooning more sugar in her tea before stirring it around. You were shocked by how unbothered she was, obvious to how upset you clearly were. “Take a seat,” she said, gesturing toward the chair across from her. “And stop frowning, it’ll cause wrinkles and what man what’s a woman with wrinkles?”
Sitting in the seat across from her, she poured you a cup of tea, humming her disapproval when you reached for the milk. Deciding against you, you lifted the teacup to your mouth, cringing at the bitter taste of it on your tongue. “I just don’t understand why I can’t go. I made all A’s-”
“Just barely but keep going”
“I won almost every game I played this year-”
“Almost, not all,” she said, taking a bite out of the pastry in front of her.
“I took multiple dance classes after school and still achieved to get my homework done every night”
“Yes but we still had to hire you a tutor to help you with your homework”
You were beyond mad at the woman across from you. You did everything you could to please her and nothing satisfied her, you didn’t think anything would. “Mother, I worked so hard this year, all I ask is that you let me enjoy my summer-with my friends,” you pleaded.
“What are Kate and Amer? Are they not your friends?” Friends was the last thing you would call the two snotty girls who you went to school with. They too had mother’s like your own but they enjoyed the competition, wanting to be the best of the best, where you just wanted to enjoy your life-be a kid. It was hard enough spending ten months out of the year with them, you didn’t know if you could survive all twelve. “Have you ever thought that maybe they miss you when you go away for the summer? Those girls come over everyday asking for you. I always feel bad when I have to tell them you're away on a farm feeding pigs! The disgrace!” she yelped, before fanning herself with her napkin.
“I’m sure they miss me so much mother,” you said, rolling your eyes at her dramatic performance. It was moments like this you wondered if this was really your life, that she was actually your mother. “You have to let me go to Bluehaven. Who’s going to help grandma run the bakery if I’m not there?”
“The same people who help her run it the months you’re in school. You can’t change my mind Y/N, you’re staying home this summer and that’s final”
Tears burned in your eyes at her words. Getting up from the table, you knocked over your cup of tea, it staining the white tablecloth that adorned the table. You couldn’t bring yourself to apologize or care, muttering out a “I hate you” before running up to your room. You waited until you were alone in your room before letting the sobs take over you. You couldn’t believe your mother could be so cruel-so heartless. She didn’t care about your feelings, your happiness-you.
That night over a dinner of roasted chicken, peas, and mashed potatoes, your mother’s favorite-you hated it- your mother informed you that she had been thinking of your conversation from earlier. “One last summer and that’s it. After this summer you’ll stay home, college is approaching and we need every second to perfect your backhand.” That night you wondered if your mother did have a heart under all that ice.
So now here you were two weeks later, enjoying your last summer in Bluehaven with the two most important people in your life. The three of you were sitting on the back porch, trying to escape the heat under the shade with popsicles. “I think I'm gonna go help her out”, Samantha said before getting up to help her mother out in the garden. The three of you had been watching the woman struggle to pull the vegetables out of the ground, not used to doing hard labor on the farm herself. Tim, Beau and Samantha’s father, had passed two years before, him usually doing the chores outside but now it was her responsibility. While they had ranch hands to help out, she liked to do some things herself, like picking the garden, even if she always struggled like it was her first time.
“Let’s go to the creek,” Beau said before standing up and extending his hand out for you to grab. The creek was a sacred place between the two of you, somewhere you never went with Samantha. It was where the two of you went whenever Samantha wasn’t watching or when you snuck out at night. Lots of nights had been spent dipping your feet into the water, splashing each other, talking until you ran out of words, staring at the stars, feeling Beau’s lips against your own. The creek is where you had grown to love the boy and it would always hold a special place in your heart.
So you grabbed the boy’s hand, letting him lead you down the path you knew like the back of your hand. The creek was secluded and quiet. No one knew about your special spot, the two of you stumbling upon it one day to escape from Samantha. No one knew you loved Beau and that he loved you back twice as much. No one knew that the little heart pendant you wore everyday was a gift from him, he had worked extra shifts that summer to pay for it, wanting to give it to you as a goodbye present, something to remember him by while you were away. You wore that necklace everyday like a badge of honor, honored to be the person he chose to give his love to. Your mother hated it which made you love it even more.
“It’s my last summer Beau,” you told him, tears threatening to spill from your eyes. The two of you were sitting on the edge of the stream, just listening to the water, enjoying each other's presence. “She’s making me stay home next year, focus on tennis and god knows what else. Said I need to be the perfect image for college applications.” You couldn’t stop the tears from falling the more you spoke. Beau didn’t say a word, letting you get everything out before stating his opinion. “I try so hard to be the perfect daughter but nothing is ever enough. When will I be enough Beau?!” you asked the boy, knowing he didn’t know how to respond.
Pulling you inside he side, Beau consoled you as you cried, letting you release all the emotions you’ve been keeping in. He soothed you, rubbing your back until your sobs stopped. “You are enough sunflower,” Beau told you, tilting your chin so your eyes met his emerald green ones. “You’re enough and so much more, your ma’s opinion be damned.” You could see in his eyes he meant every word he said, you could see how much he truly loved him. You leaned forward, capturing his lips with your own. He tasted like cherry and something else that was so distinctively Beau, you could only describe it as sunshine, your sunshine.
“So where did you and Beau run off to yesterday?” Samantha asked you over the counter before deciding to walk behind it to stand beside you. You were working in the bakery this morning before heading over to her mom's clinic later to help out. You were filling pies when she walked in, offering to lend a hand but you quickly declined, remembering how last time she almost burned down the kitchen trying to make brownies. “Ma said the two of you were probably down at the bakery but when I came Miss Rosie hadn't seen you.”
“We had gone over to Mr.Woodly’s ranch to help him with the horses,” you lied, keeping your eyes trained on the blueberry pie you were stuffing. You felt guilty lying to your best friend especially about something that involved her older brother. You had known Samantha your whole life, the two of you being only weeks apart. She was the only friend you had when you came to Bluehaven to spend summers with your grandma and it didn’t take long for her to become your best friend. You had told her everything, about your mom, how much you hated your life outside of Bluehaven, your wishes to be a vet like her mom, but you never told her about Beau. You never told her about your crush on the older boy, or how he was your first kiss and first love. Every day you kept the secret from her the more the guilt you felt ate you alive.
“I think somethin’s burnin,” Samantha said before pulling a cherry lollipop out of her pocket and popping it into her mouth. That was Samantha’s signature, she never left the house without a cherry lolli-wait did she say something was burning?
Breaking away from your thoughts, you inhaled the smoke that was coming from the kitchen in the back. Panicking, you rushed through the door, smoke burning your eyes and the back of your throat as you remembered the batch of cookies you had put in right before Samantha had come. Taking the burnt sugar cookies out the oven and dumping them in the trash, you thought of how you were going to cover this up without your grandma finding out.
“You did what?!” Beau said, laughing as you and Samantha recited the story of what happened at the bakery earlier that day to him. You were still a little upset by what happened, it being your first time ever making a mistake like that in the bakery. “I could’ve expected this from Sammy but not you,” You tried to laugh along with the two of them but you couldn’t ignore the sinking feelings you felt in your stomach. You felt guilty for using and burning those cookies, ingredients that you knew your grandma didn’t have money to replace. Every penny she made went into buying whatever she needed for the bakery, refusing any money your mother had offered her. She was determined to make her own money and run her bakery the same as she did all those years ago when she opened it with nothing but a dream and her recipe book, it was one of the things you admired most about her. You knew she wouldn’t be mad at your mistake but also that she would have to cut costs somewhere else to make up for it.
While thinking of ways to help make the money back, you helped Beau and Samantha brush the horses that were outside their mom’s clinic. Their mom, Miss Allie, was the town’s vet and everyone knew and loved her. She was a kind woman, the type of person whose smile could turn your whole bad day around. She was great at her job, helping people’s pets as soon as they came in and sending them home all better the same day. She was the reason you wanted to become a veterinarian and help animals.
You were brushing the mane of a horse named Daisy when she called you inside. She often would ask you what your diagnosis for whatever animal it was she was treating, almost as a test to see if you had been practicing what she taught you, you loved it. You were caught off guard when she gestured for you to go into her office instead of the exam room but you brushed it off and took a seat across from the woman’s desk. You could see the stress etched on the woman’s face as she sat down behind her desk. Beau would tell you how worried he was about his mom, how she had been more stressed since his father passed, taking on more responsibility than she needed to. You never really understood what the boy meant until now as you studied the woman, waiting for her to speak.
“Your mother called me,” Miss Allie said, finally breaking the silence. “I was shocked at first, hadn’t heard from her since she met that city boy and ran away, but she called me. Said my kids were a bad influence on you, specifically my son, and that that’s why she wasn’t allowing you to come here for the summer anymore.” Your blood boiled as you listened to your menor tell you about her conversion with your mother. Tears pricked at your eyes as you imagined your mother disrespecting not only Miss Allie but Beau and Samantha too. “I was confused at first, why would she mention Beau specifically and not Samantha? Then I thought about it, the two of you sneaking off, Beau creepin’ back in at the middle of the night, the necklace you wore around your neck lookin real similar to one Beau bought a couple summers ago. Should I keep going?”
Fear, that was the only emotion that could describe how you felt in that moment. Not only had she found out about you and Beau, it seemed your mother had also. You felt tears roll down your face, out of fear that you would have to end your summer love and go home. “I can explain-”
“There’s nothing to explain hun, you're in love,” she told you with one of her signature Allie smiles. You let out the breath you didn’t know you were holding in, relieved that she wasn’t mad about you and Beau, that the two of you had kept such a huge secret from her. “I’m happy for you hun and I’m happy that you make my Beau happy but your mother didn’t seem as ecstatic. I knew she had changed when she got married and moved to the big city but I didn;t expect her to be so cold, could practically feel the ice through the phone,” she said, shivering at the memory. You knew that once you got home you would have to deal with your mothers wrath, not only were you in a relationship but you were in a relationship with a ‘country boy’
“You must never fall for a boy from the country. They give you hopes and dreams, promises for a better future, then break them just like they’ll do your heart. They’ll stomp on it with their dirty boots and walk away, not caring about the mess they left you in. Promise me you’ll never love a country boy sweetheart, promise me!”
“I promise mom.”
You remember making that promise to your mother, how naive you were. You also remember how that summer was when you and Beau had your first kiss, underneath the pecan tree in your grandma’s backyard. You didn’t keep your promise to your mother for long.
“Does Sammy know?” Seeing the expression on your face at her question was all the woman needed to know. “Oh hun,” the woman said before coming to sit in the chair next to you, wiping the fresh tears that fell down your face. “I hope the two of you know what you’re doing.” But that’s the thing, you didn’t know what you were doing. You knew this secret you and Beau were keeping was going to hurt Samantha which caused more tears to fall down your face.
You avoided Beau as much as you could after that day. Working more shifts at the bakery, volunteering at the clinic on days you knew he wouldn’t be there, sometimes going to the next town over to get groceries  for your grandma just so you wouldn’t have to run into him. You still hung out with Samantha-her sensing there was something wrong between you and her older brother but deciding not to say anything- and each time you were with her you felt sick. You felt like a terrible friend laughing and smiling with her while keeping your secret. You had thought about telling her, multiple times but decided against it because it was always the wrong time or telling yourself you just wanted to enjoy your last summer with your best friend-another secret you kept from the girl.
“Oh I invited Tommy and Beau to go to the drive in with us Friday. I can’t wait to show Tommy my new dress!” Samantha told you before diving back into her ice cream. The two of you had gone shopping before stopping to get ice cream. You felt anxious when the girl told you she had invited her brother to hang out with you guys Friday but you pushed it away, not wanting her to question you. “I know you and Beau aren’t speaking right now but I thought it’d be less awkward if he was there ya know? So you feel like a third wheel.”
Samantha had recently started dating Tommy, the new ranch hand her mom had hired. You hadn’t met the boy yet but you could tell by the way she talked about him that she was absolutely smitten with him. It did make you a little sad that you couldn’t do double dates like most best friends did but you pushed the thought away. “I can’t wait to meet this Tommy,” you told her, a grin spreading on your face to match her.
“God, he’s amazing. Tall, handsome, and he has a cute little dimple on chin.” You listened to the girl describe how amazing her new boyfriend was as the two of you walked down the streets.
Before you knew it, it was Friday and your nerves were worse than ever. As the day approached your anxiety only got worse, you burning more pastries at the bakery, misdiagnosed some pets, and even got into a fight with Samantha, which you quickly resolved. It just wasn’t your week and something in your gut told you it was about to get a lot worse.
Your hands were sweating as you walked up Samantha and Beau’s driveway, catching sight of the boy putting blankets in the back of his pickup. You speed up, keeping your head down hoping he wouldn’t see you as you made your way to the front door. “Ya know if you don’t want me to see you then you should probably walk softer, could hear you stompin a from a mile away.” You stopped in your tracks, contemplating if you should turn and say something but decided against it, knowing if you looked into his eyes you’d break. “I wish you would tell me what’s wrong, I can’t stand you ignorin’ me.” Your heart ached at the pain that was evident in his voice. You didn’t mean to break his heart but what you were was what was best, for the both of you. You ignored him and kept walking, wiping the stray tears away with your sleeve.
You were silent on the drive to the movie, deciding to sit in the back instead of your usual spot next to Beau. Samantha had spent the whole ride talking about how amazing Tommy was but you couldn't find yourself to agree with her. In the 2 minutes you had spent talking to Tommy he had spent more than half of it making you feel uncomfortable. Making suggestive and flirty comments that no guy with a girlfriend should’ve been making to other women. You decided against telling Samantha, not wanting to ruin her night and potentially her relationship. You hoped that maybe it was just his personality and shrugged the comments off.
You kept your eyes trained on the screen in front of you, wanting to block out Tommy and Samantha next to you. You had been at the drive in all of 10 minutes before the two of them started making out, now you and Beau were sitting outside of the couple as they swapped salvia. “Want anything to drink?” Samantha asked you once she finally came up for air. You mumbled that you were fine before she gave Tommy one more meck on the lips then following her brother toward the concession stand.
You felt Tommy’s eyes on you as you watched the movie but you ignored it, keeping your eyes forward. “You know, I saw the way you were looking at me earlier,” the boy said before sliding closer to where you sat. You tried to move away but there was nowhere else for you to go. “Samantha never has to know,” he said, his arm around your shoulders. Your stomach sank as your suspicions about the boy were true. Attempting to push him and his arm away from you, you felt the boy grip your chin and slowly bring his mouth towards yours.
“ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!” you heard Samantha scream, followed by the sound of drinks and popcorn falling. As you pushed Tommy and his grimy hands away, you saw the look of hurt and anger on your best friend's face.
“Samantha it’s not what it looks like,” you started but the girl had already run away. You looked over to see Beau, wearing a matching expression as his sisters. Tears welled up in your eyes as you climbed out the bed of the truck to follow Samantha, deciding to deal with Beau and Tommy later. “Sammy! Wait up!” you called after her, following the girl down the street.
“Do not call me that!” she whipped around and spat at you. You could tell she had been crying, her mascara running down her face. “Don’t even try to talk to me! I thought you were my best friend but I guess I was mistaken. You’ve changed and I thought maybe I was just crazy but no you're just like all the other city girls now.” You were taken aback by the girl's words, knowing that she was trying to hurt you as much as you had hurt her. “Just leave, no one wants you here.”
You slowly nodded at the girl's words before turning around and heading towards your grandma’s house. You waited until you were at least two streets away before you let out your sobs. Crying the whole way home at how badly things escalated, you tried to calm yourself down before unlocking the door to the house. You just wanted to shower and go to sleep, hoping you could come up with a plan to get Samantha to forgive you but that all changed when you took in the sight of your mother sitting on the living room couch.
“You’ve been crying,” she stated before taking a sip out of her mug which you assumed had tea in it.
“Mother, I don’t have the energy or strength to argue right now.”
“Then don’t, sit and listen to what I have to say,” she told you, gesturing towards the chair next to her. You sat down, wanting to hear an explanation as to why she was here when your summer didn’t end for 3 more weeks. “Did you really think I wouldn’t find out?” You were confused and scared by her words, there were many things you had kept from your mother. “You broke your promise and you broke it with Tim and Allie’s son out of all people!” she exasperated, before setting down her mug and rubbing her temples. “I’ve given you everything you could’ve asked for and more and you throw it away for what? A summer fling that won’t end in anything but you being stuck in this small town!” Tears started to fall down your face again the more she kept talking. “You’re going to go end things with him-”
“And once you get back, you’ll pack your things. We leave in the morning.”
“What?! Mom, No! Please don’t do this!” you pleaded. “I can’t break his heart, not anymore than I already have.”
“I don’t care how you do it as long as you end it,” she told you before getting up and going to her room.
You sat there, numb not knowing what to do. You knew you had to end things with Beau but you couldn’t bear to see the look on his face. So you sat down at the desk in your room and pulled out a pen, writing a letter you dropped in his mailbox the next morning before going home.
Present day
“Long time no see sunshine,” flashing you a grin. “She’s gone but it seems like history still repeats itself huh?” Your breath hitched in your throat at his words.
“Hey darlin’,” Bucky said, turning to face you. “What’s he talkin’ bout?”
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lokigonnakmsforbucky · 9 months ago
I knew I recognized this from somewhere...🤔🤔
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Loki its your turn :)
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igotnoname4thisblog · 2 months ago
Nothing, NOTHING, will ever boost my serotonin level as much as this man scrunching his nose🥰
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buckyhoney · 3 months ago
𝐜𝐥𝐨𝐬𝐞 𝐞𝐧𝐨𝐮𝐠𝐡
Tumblr media
𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞: needy bucky & cockwarming, here is a little something- not really sure how i feel about this one ://
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: bucky barnes x reader
𝐫𝐞𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐠𝐬/𝐟𝐞𝐞𝐝𝐛𝐚𝐜𝐤/𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞𝐬 𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐠𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐥𝐲 𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝 & 𝐡𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐥𝐲 𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐚𝐠𝐞𝐝! 𝐡𝐨𝐰𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫, 𝐃𝐎 𝐍𝐎𝐓 𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐭/𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐥 𝐀𝐍𝐘 𝐨𝐟 𝐦𝐲 𝐟𝐢𝐜𝐬!
𝟏𝟖+ 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: 18+, language, unprotected sex, cockwarming
It was well past midnight, but Bucky's tossing and turning have kept you up. He'd pull your waist towards his torso, grabbing at your thighs, or practically laying on top of you- but for whatever reason, he couldn't get close enough.
Bucky was having one of those nights that no position was comfortable. He grunted and groaned as he finally opened his eyes in defeat.
"Love..." Tapping you on the shoulder, he whispered.
He hated to wake you up, but he knew you'd know what to do. Luckily for you, it was the weekend, and you didn't have to be up for work in the morning. Moaning into the pillow, just about to fall asleep, you turn around- facing him.
"Yes?" Opening your eyes and looking at him, you knew what he was about to say.
"Can't sleep..." The quiet voice was shy and almost embarrassed.
Reaching over to read the time on your phone, you huffed, shimming out of your underwear. The only way of getting as close as you could be, was for him to be inside you.
"Take these off." Motioning towards his briefs.
Confused, Bucky removes his underwear. Half asleep, you reach before the blanket, stroking his cock. A low groan escapes him, still unaware of how this would help him fall asleep.
"What are you doing?" He moans as his cock becomes fully hard.
"It'll help." Scooting over, you put your leg over him, allowing you room to slip inside him.
Bucky whines, bucking his hips upward- causing your walls to clench around him in pleasure. You place your hand on his hip, stopping any further movements.
"Don't move," You moan, adjusting yourself on top of him.
As you settle yourself, you nuzzle into his chest. Bucky's heart rate steadies, and his body relaxes. Bucky understands the idea and wraps his arm around you, finally close enough to you.
Every once in a while, one of you would move a little too much- causing a frustrated moan. Bucky loved knowing you're as close as you could be, the intimacy of just being together like this.
"Better?" You mumble into his chest, falling asleep again.
Bucky nods, finally able to drift to sleep.
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rocketrhap3000 · a month ago
requested : -Hey! I don’t know if you’ve seen that trend on TikTok where the girl is on the phone or doing something where she refers to her boyfriend as her “husband” and the guy’s reaction is always so cute! I was wondering if you had time if you could write something about doing that with CEvans, Seb, and/or Hiddleston and what their reactions would be! Thanks in advance! - could you do a fic where reader pranks chris from one of those couples pranks on tik tok lol
a/n: loved this idea but thought to turn it into a headcanon! i hope it’s alright!
warnings: seb’s ends a little suggestively and there’s some kissing n stuff throughout it all but it’s really all just fluff!
no beta/loosely proofread so please excuse errors!
my main masterlist
Tumblr media
you’re swinging through a starbucks drive-through after a day of shopping and you’ve been silly and lovey-dovey with each other all day long 
he’s driving, and, of course, has a hand on your thigh at all times
and he always lets you order from the passenger side because he messes up the specifics of your drink lol
“could i please get a (insert your starbucks order here)?” you ask, nudging Chris’ shoulder because he’s laughing at how precise you always are
“of course. anything else for you today?” the employee asks kindly
“oh, love, can i get that cold chocolate-chocolatey-chippa-frappa thingy?” Chris whispers to you, giving your thigh a light squeeze
you giggle at the way he words it, but you know exactly what he’s asking for
“yeah,” you speak up loud enough for the machine to pick up your voice again. “and my husband would like the double chocolate chip blended frappuccino. and that’ll be all,”
his head jerks to look at you the second the word slips past your lips, the grasp on your thigh only tightening as his face lights up with the biggest smile
“alright, does everything on the screen look correct?” the employee asks, and you’re trying to hold back your laughter and pay his reaction no mind, but it’s so difficult
“yes!” you confirm with the employee before they tell you the total of the order and instruct you to pull up to the window
“Chris, pull forward,” you giggle, seeing that he’s still awestruck by your use of that word
“husband?” he finally asks with bright eyes 
“what?” you ask, playing it off as if you don’t know what he’s talking about 
“you called me your husband,” he repeats excitedly
“i don’t know what you’re talking about, but pull forward, there’s a line behind us!” you laugh, brushing it off
he rolls his eyes and groans, following your direction and driving up to the window
Chris and the barista share a nice greeting before Chris gives them his card to pay for your drinks
then as he’s handed his drink, Chris asks, “hey, did you hear what she called me? like when she was ordering, she called me her…”
he places the cup in the holder in the middle of the car before the person is holding out your cup next
“uh... husband?” the barista chuckles nervously, handing Chris your drink.
 “see! they heard it!” Chris exclaims, turning to hand you your cup. 
“have a good day,” the barista laughs, clearly confused, but Chris thanks them and then pulls into the nearest parking spot while taking a slurp of his frappe
“am i the husband, now?” he then asks once he’s parked, kissing your cheek while you sip on your drink
“if you wanna be,” you turn to look at him, shrugging nonchalantly
“hell yeah, i wanna be,” he nods
“okay,” you shrug and smile
“just gotta make it official now,” he smirks, kissing you with his chocolate-tasting lips
you giggle at the suspicious expression he has on his face as he pulls away
“so on a completely unrelated note, what’s your ring size and where’s your dream vacation destination?”
the two of you just moved into a new house together and picked out some new furniture for the living room and dining room and such
and the shipment was supposed to arrive today but Seb’s been dealing with the company all day long because the order got messed up
and all Seb wants is a furnished home with you, and right now all you have is the bed in your bedroom and this loveseat couch, which is barely big enough for Seb to sprawl out on, let alone you both to sit on
“oh my god! this is so frustrating!” Sebastian groans, shutting his laptop with force and tossing it onto the fluffy rug. 
you knew he was getting agitated but you didn’t realize just how much
“oh my goodness,” you chuckle from the kitchen, “what is the matter, Incredible Hulk?”
“god, they say it’s easy handsfree delivery but this has been the most difficult process of buying furniture ever,” he explains angrily
“what?” you ask, leaning over the back of the couch and ruffling his hair with your fingers
“i just got an email and now they’re telling me the new furniture won’t be shipped til friday and it’s not even coming directly here. we have to go to the actual store to pick it up, which is like two hours away,”
“noooo,” you groan empathetically before stepping back over into the kitchen and flipping the light off
“i’m actually super pissed about this,” he states as you slide over to where he’s sitting
“it’ll be okay, love,” you hum, coming to sit beside him on the couch with a hot cup of tea for each of you
“love, all we have in our house right now is a bed and this child-sized couch, and that’s it,” he laughs in frustration, taking his mug from you and kissing you sweetly.
“do we need more?” you question, against his lips
“mm,” he moans a little, “a bigger couch would still be better,”
“i dunno. if we get a new couch that’s just asking for Anthony to fall in love with it,” you joke, patting his chest
“yeah, well, i’m gonna make a rule that he can’t exploit our new couch like he did with the old one,” he laughs
“okay, baby. you do that,” you coo, squishing his cheeks in your hand and bringing him in for another series of kisses
he turns his body to face yours, grabbing the hot mug from your hands and setting both his and yours down on the flimsy, portable table in front of the couch
then he smirks and lays you down so that his solid body is on top of yours, you giggle bashfully as he hums contently at the way he has you
“seems you have no issue with having just a couch after all,” you tease.
he rolls his eyes as he leans down to kiss you slowly, hands grabbing your legs to wrap around his waist before planting his palms on either side of your head to keep himself steady
his kisses are hot and wet, moving from your mouth down your neck and sliding the fabric of the shirt - his shirt - off your shoulder to have access to the skin of your collarbone
he nips gently and playfully, slowly grinding his hips down against yours, and youre completely helpless underneath him
but it all comes to a halt when you hear your phone start buzzing on the side table above you
“seb, wait,” you mumble with a laugh, trying to slide up more
“mmm, ignore it,” he groans, continuing his assault on your neck before going back to your lips, tugging gently on your bottom lip with his teeth
“it might be work,” you whisper breathlessly against his mouth, reaching backwards to feel for your phone
“ignooore,” he repeats like the goof he is, but you push him off of you with a laugh, grabbing the phone and answering it
“who is it?” he asks, and you place your finger over his lips to keep him hushed
but instead of being normal and letting you talk on the phone, Sebastian opens his mouth and lightly sucks on your finger
“yes, speaking,” you say on the phone, your voice weak from watching him hold your hand in front of his mouth
“hang up,” he mouths, kissing your knuckles, but you make your eyes go wide at him, letting him know he needs to shut up
“so we need to go there to confirm the order again?” you ask the person on the phone, having to ignore Seb’s hands wandering up and down your thighs
but when he hears what you say, he stops and rolls his eyes, huffing in frustration and shaking his head.
“tomorrow?” you ask. “okay, i mean, i guess so. what time? can it be any earlier? it’s almost a two hour drive for us. that’s why we just wanted to have it delivered here,”
“oh my god,” Sebastian groans, rubbing a hand over his face
"alright, that works… no, that’s alright... my husband and i will be there to pick it all up tomorrow…”
at the sound of the word ‘husband’ seb perks up, face turning pink with blush and eyes lighting up like fireworks
“husband?” he whispers with a smile, but you still have to finish the call
“oh, yeah, that would be great. mhm, great…. thanks. alright, bye,” you finally end the call, dropping your phone on the floor below you, but not before sebastian’s lips are on yours again
“what’s got you all wound up all of a sudden?” you tease, knowing just what the cause of his behavior is
“husband, eh?” he murmurs, kissing just below your ear. “was there a wedding i missed?”
“hm… must’ve just slipped out,” you shrug teasingly.
“just slipped out, huh?” he chuckles, wiggling his eyebrows
“yeah, just slipped out,” you repeat with a laugh of your own. “that make you happy, though?”
“oh it makes me so happy. lemme show you just how happy it makes me, sweetheart,” he growls, and you can’t help but laugh in return
“we still have to pick up the furniture there, though,” you try to tell him
“mmm. i guess this couch will have to suffice until then...”
“darling,” you hear Tom call from upstairs, then hear his footsteps echo down the stairs and through the hall to meet you in the kitchen
you smile as you take in his lazy appearance: baggy grey joggers hanging on his hips, a cozy sky blue hooded pullover with uneven strings, white sport socks covering cold feet, thick frames around his perfect blue eyes, and unruly ginger curls that you just love to run your fingers through
he notices you looking him up and down with eyes of admiration and all he can do is chuckle and turn rosy in the cheeks
“what are you looking at?” he asks bashfully, taking another step so that he’s less than a foot away from you as he adjusts the glasses on his face
“just you. you’re adorable,” you giggle, unable to stop yourself from reaching up to tangle your fingers in his hair
he blushes profusely, a shy scoff comes from his mouth as he shakes his head in denial before leaning down to peck your lips sweetly
“do you have any more laundry i can throw into this load?” he asks after you pull away
“no but thank you for checking,” you smile at him, turning back to your task of putting away the last of the clean dishes from the dishwasher
“oh, Tom! did you end up talking with Ben and Sophie about going out this weekend?” you ask
“yes, actually!” he announces excitedly, clapping his hands together. “they said saturday works.”
“oh, good,” you sigh. “and that also works for you?”
“yes, it works just perfectly. and they’re excited to try that restaurant,” he affirms.
“great! oh, i’m so glad this is gonna work out. it’s been so long since we’ve seen them,” you say happily, turning back around to face Tom and falling into his embrace
“i know, it’s going to be so great to see them again. and to spend some time out together, too,” he says in a voice just loud enough for you to hear, his chest rumbling against your cheek and his hands securing you close to him from behind
you sigh happily and the two of you remain like that for a few more moments before he pulls himself away to finish laundry
but before he takes his leave, you grab his attention once more
“oh! should i call ahead to see if we need a reservation?”
“oh, good idea, love. i didn’t even think of that,” he notes
he pulls up the number on google and reads it to you so you can call on your phone, and you put it on speaker so that Tom can hear, too
“hello, this is the Aviary, David speaking. how may i help you?” the man on the line says
“hello, David! i’d like to make a reservation,” you say, looking at Tom.
“of course. when would you like to make it for?”
“do you have availability on saturday night… five pm?” you ask David and also Tom, and he nods in affirmation.
“yes, this saturday is still wide open. i’ll put you down for five pm,”
“wonderful, thank you,”
“my pleasure. and how many are in the party?”
“there will be four of us,” you answer
“oh! ask about rooftop dining, darling!” Tom whispers to you
“and my husband was wondering if your rooftop dining is available?” you say to the man, and the second the word leaves your lips, your heart starts to race
you don’t know why it just slipped out, but it did, and judging by Tom’s giddy grin, he caught it
“absolutely. so i have you down for a party of four at five pm on saturday night.” David confirms.
“that’s wonderful. thank you so much,” you say with a small trepidation in your chest
“my pleasure. have a wonderful day,” the man says.
“you as well,” you reciprocate, then hang up, staring right into Tom’s sweet, beautiful blue eyes
“darling, what did you call me?” he wonders aloud with a small smirk playing on his lips
“huh?” you ask, standing up from the couch.
“on the phone, just now,” he asks, following you out of the living room
“oh... i dunno,” you shrug
“oh, yes, you do,” he chuckles quietly, bringing you in close to him by a firm grip on your waist. “what was that word you used, hm?”
“i have no clue what you’re talking about, mr. hiddleston,” you feign innocence, but the smile you’re fighting back is a dead giveway
“mm, mhm, alright,” he nods in fake agreement before leaving a quick kiss on your lips
“i don’t!” you refuse with a laugh
“okay. well, your husband will be finishing laundry if you need him,” he says before strolling away
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skyeisawizard · 9 months ago
Drunk, Y/N buys a load of magnets and sticks them to her boyfriends metal arm while he sleeps
Fluff! This is fluffy as fuck and i can’t believe someone hasn’t written this already (is they have send it my way pls I wanna read it)
Thank you for 400 in such a short space of time! It really means the world to me
Send in requests, come flirt a little ;)
Tumblr media
“Fuck,” she hissed as she stumbled into the apartment. The bag full of magnets was nearly splitting at the bottom, the horn of the unicorn magnet poking through the plastic.
It was the dumbest idea ever. So dumb it was almost brilliant.
Girls night had taken a little bit of a wild turn when Y/N and her friends moved past the corner shop. One of them stopped and the others followed suit, looking at all of the pretty things inside. Once Y/N saw the fridge magnets, she knew what she needed to do.
Fifty dollars. Fifty fucking dollars went towards buying those magnets. It hardly seemed worth it and Y/N knew she’d regret it when she was sober. Or once her boyfriend realised what she was doing.
Their cat was snoozing away on the sofa as Y/N crept past. She toed off her shoes and threw them in the box in a not so quiet manner. “Shush,” she whispered to the still sleeping cat. “He doesn’t sleep very well! We can’t be loud.” The only problem was her whisper and how it was so much louder than she intended. “I gotta get me some water!”
The bag in her hands swung from side to side as she struggled into the kitchen. It smacked against the counter several times, definitely waking Bucky up, but drunk Y/N was too tired to notice.
She pulled a glass from the cupboard, nearly dropping it in the process, and filled it with water.
Only when a heavy click filled the air did she sober up a little. Only a little. She turned slowly, holding the glass against her chest and sloshing it down her dress in the process. “Bucky?” She called into the darkness of their apartment.
He came out of the hallway, holding his gun in his metal hand. Only once he saw it was Y/N did he put it down by his side. He opened his arms wide and marched towards her. “I was wondering when you were going to get home,” he said and helped her put down her glass. Bucky kissed the top of her head and eyed the bag in her hand suspiciously. “Do you wanna tell me what you bought tonight?”
Y/N pressed her finger to her lips and shook her head. “Nuh-uh, Buck. It’s a secret!”
He shook his head, his freshly cut hair falling into his eyes. “Alright, doll. Whatever you say.” Taking her hand, he led her into the bedroom and helped her to get ready for bed. He let her throw the bag under her bed, promising not to “tell Bucky”, whatever that meant, and helped her into an old shirt of his and pyjama shorts.
Bucky pulled back the covers and Y/N dove under. As soon as her head hit the pillow, she was out. Bucky climbed in after her, wrapped his flesh arm around her waist as pulled her in close.”
It was almost five in the morning and the sky was already bathed in a soft orange glow. Slightly more sober than the night before, Y/N remembered her mission. She reached under the bed and opened the bag. The material rustled under fingertips and she kept her eyes on Bucky, praying he stayed sleeping.
When her fingers connected with the first magnet and Bucky still hadn’t stirred, she knew her plan was a success.
Rolling back towards him, she snuggled against his side and threw her arm over his waist, reaching for his metal one. It wasn’t uncommon for them to sleep in this position and Bucky’s unconscious mind thought nothing of it.
As soon as the first magnet, a rainbow magnet, attached to his arm, Bucky’s eyes flew open. Instantly he looked at the figure to his side, checking her over for anything wrong. But her chest was rising and falling in a steady rhythm, her eyes squeezed shut. Bucky looked at the door and saw nothing. Brushing it off, he fell back to sleep.
Y/N waited a few more minutes to reach into the bag. She picked up three at a time, a sad cloud, a donkey in front of a gate and the unicorn one.
One by one she began attaching them to Bucky’s arm. Her giggles were uncontrollable as she placed the sad cloud beside the rainbow. Her body shook, finally waking Bucky up.
At first he was concerned. It had taken him a while to get used to sleeping in a bed but once he was, he slept like a log. His eyes moved to his girlfriend and his worry dropped.
There she was, cheeks red, water spilling from her eyes and her hand slapped over her mouth. The unicorn magnet was still in her lap, her fingers clasped around it. “Doll, it’s so early,” Bucky grumbled and looked up at her through his lashes. His head was still against the pillow, his fingers reaching around for her. “What’s the matter?”
“Bucky!” She suddenly whined and crawled over to sit on his chest. “You’re ruining all of my fun.” Pouting, she placed the unicorn magnet on his arm and crossed her own over her chest. “All I wanted to do was make your arm look like the fridge but you just had to wake up.”
Bucky’s thumb brushed over her bottom lip. “Did you and your friends buy a bunch of magnets when you were out?”
“I’m not telling you unless you let me decorate your arm.”
There was no way out of this one. Eventually Bucky was going to cave. He would’ve given her the whole damn moon if she had asked for it. Compared to that, covering his arm in magnets wasn’t going to do any harm. He nodded his head and Y/N instantly jumped off the bed. She grabbed the bag and moved back to sit on his chest.
Before starting with the magnets, Y/N leaned forward, wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek. “I love you bucky,” she whispered and kissed him again.
He grumbled out a response, something along the lines of “love you too,” and Y/N began placing magnets up by his shoulder, starting with a turtle wearing sunglasses.
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blanketbarnes · a month ago
sweet girl
Tumblr media
summary: Bucky loves how good you are with his niece.
pairing: mob!Bucky Barnes x fem!reader
warnings: fluff, implied smut, otherwise none really.
likes, comments and reblogs are really appreciated!
You watched in awe as Becca mingled with guests while simultaneously trying to quiet her crying six month old.
It was funny how the little angel could be a real handful sometimes. But hey, she'd only been in the world for a total of six months. What'd she know except for eating, sleeping and crying?
You took a deep breath before walking over to Becca. The poor woman probably hadn't even had dinner yet.
"Becca?" you say tapping her shoulder.
"y/n, hey... oh sweetheart, no crying...shh," she coos at her daughter as she starts crying again. "y/n, sorry, tell me, "
"Have you eaten dinner yet, Bec?"
"Uhh...no I haven't....there's just way too many people and this little munchkin keeps me on my toes" she says with a little chuckle booping her daughter's nose.
"I can take Ellie while you eat if it's okay with you. I mean you could sure use a break, you do so much." you tell her genuinely.
"Really? Thank you so much, y/n. Feels nice to be appreciated."
"Always," you smile as she hands you the currently calm infant, rushing inside to eat a quick dinner.
"Guess it's just you and me, Ellie-bell," you coo at the blue-eyed baby whose eyes reminded you of a very special someone.
Little Ellie hadn't cried even once since you brought her up to the terrace. She was probably just overwhelmed by the crowd.
"You like looking at the lights, sweetpea?" you coo as you notice her awestruck expression on seeing the New York skyline at night.
"Gaa!" she babbles, flailing her arms. You place a small kiss on little head as she continues to marvel at the sight before her.
You envied children sometimes. So innocent and sweet, they know hardly anything about the world waiting to ruin them.
"Never change, Ellie-bell, always stay curious," you whisper, oblivious to Bucky watching you through the window above, smiling at the heartwarming sight.
You walked around and bounced her interacting with the little baby as much as was possible. You picked her up and walked over to the railing, gently rocking her as she began to fall into a deep sleep.
You gasped as you felt a pair of arms around your waist but immediately became relieved after you realised who it was.
You leaned into his touch, relaxing your head on his shoulder as he placed a kiss on a half-asleep Ellie's head, gently stroking her soft hair.
"Hey, gorgeous," he whispers.
"Hi, handsome," you respond as he kisses your cheek softly.
"Sorry I couldn't hang with ya tonight. Stupid business... I'm sorry to drag you to these things."
"baby, I understand," you say, leaning back to kiss his neck softly. "Besides, this one kept me company all night, she's so precious."
"She really is."
You look at a now completely asleep Ellie lovingly as Bucky does the same to you.
"You're really good with her. You're really good with kids."
"I am?"
"Amazing." he replies kissing your cheek again, his arms tightening around your waist.
"Do you want one?" you ask.
"Do you?" Bucky asks, surprised.
"I want everything with you, Buck. But not more than three because that's jus-"
He cuts you off by tilting your head and molding his lips to yours in a passionate kiss.
"The number's up to you, sweetheart. I just can't wait to start when we get home." he says with a wink.
"Me neither. I love you so much, Buck." you say, almost teary eyed.
"I love you more."
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ambrosiase · 2 months ago
Bucky would be SUCH a girl dad it’s insane. Imagining him holding his little baby girl in his arms, her sleeping all cuddly on his vibranium arm while he eats breakfast, cuddling up with you on his side, alpine and baby girl clinging to his chest fast asleep UGHHH I can’t !! He’d be so in love with a little girl and so soft and gentle with her it hurts to think about
─── 𝐢𝐧 𝐦𝐲 𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐭 | 𝐛.𝐛 ───
Tumblr media
pairing: bucky barnes x fem!reader
warnings: mentions of ptsd, and canon-typical violence {only a few paragraphs} because this is mainly fluff, with copious amounts of warm feelings to give your heart!! implied smut in one sentence
word count: 1k
eighteen plus only — by choosing to ‘keep reading’, you are agreeing that you are eighteen years old and over. do not interact with this story if you are a minor.
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes had held an assortment of commodities in his hands — the frigid metal of an assault rifle, the sharp steel of a taunting knife, the broken flesh of a dying victim.
For decades, he’d been forced to use them as a means of war, the extension of a weapon that was sworn to his form.
Soft touch wasn’t familiar to him, not until he’d met you. It’d taken time — nearly three years to not shiver as you kissed his wrist after a nightmare, and closer to five to stop flinching when you’d reach up to tuck a piece of hair behind his ear. He grew to be comfortable with you, seeking out the kindness only your reverent connection could bring.
But if he were honest, it wasn’t until the moment he held his baby girl in his arms for the first time, that he truly felt like the torture he was once consumed by had been erased.
Those bubbling noises and adoring doe eyes were enough to melt the last fragment of ice still buried inside his heart. Because for the first time, Bucky had learnt the true meaning of unconditional love.
“Honey,” the sound of your soothing voice gently wakes him.
Blinking the sleep from his vision, he turns to you, lithe smile on his face. “G’mornin’ sweetheart.”
The kiss you share is tender, languid strokes as you enjoy the few minutes alone that you’ll have for the rest of the day. There’s still a light throbbing between your thighs, a reminder of the previous night as you’d been unable to keep your hands off each other; your first date night since giving birth.
The humming cries of your baby carry through the speaker and you move to go get her, only to be stopped by your husband.
“I’ll go get her,” he tells you with an affectionate press of his lips to your forehead. “Freshen up, and then come downstairs for breakfast.”
It doesn’t take him long to find her, cocooned in her swaddle as her bottom lip wobbles.
Bucky hushes her gently, picking her up in his arms and bouncing lightly. “Malyshka,” he murmurs quietly in greeting, walking outside of the room with agile steps. “Are you hungry, little Astra?”
Her sweet coo has his cheeks hurting, tickling her chin as he keeps her held tightly on one side while using a hand to feed her a bottle of milk.
It’s easy to navigate around the kitchen, pretending that her babbles are answers to his questions.
“Would Mama like eggs?” … “Hm, that’s a no. Pancakes then?” ... “Blueberry or Chocolate Chip?” ... “You’re right, why can’t we have both?”
The sound of your subtle laughter catches his attention, and he realises that you’d been standing in the doorway, expression fond as you watch them.
“There’s my other favourite gal,” Bucky purrs.
“Hi, charmer.” You fiddle around the kitchen before reaching them.
Brushing your thumb along Astra’s cheek, you lean your head against your husband’s shoulder as the two of you bask in the domestic bliss for a little while longer.
“Sarah called,” you tell him. “Cass’ birthday is coming up and she asked for our help with the party.”
Bucky’s well-intentioned as he sighs. “‘S mean we gotta share her with the rest of the world?”
A chuckle leaves your mouth. “We can’t keep her locked away forever, Jamie.”
He huffs, “I can certainly try.”
“Sure ya’ can, tough guy.” Pulling away, you peck the corner of his mouth. “C’mon, what happened to breakfast?”
The three of you sit at the table, with Astra coddled in your embrace as Bucky feeds you with a cheeky grin plastered on his face.
This is everything, he thinks.
For so long, the soldier had lived in the complicated unrest of tomorrow — unsure whether he’d get his taste of freedom.
And today, he sits at the wood chipped table you’d handpicked at the flea market, fingers intertwined with the love of his life. This was his gift from redemption, the testament that he was worthy; of good.
He’s brought back from his thoughts at the calming chime of rain that begins to patter outside, fitting the cosy atmosphere of your home as the two of you work in tandem to clean up.
When he turns to the rocker you’d placed her in earlier, warmth fills his chest at the sight of Astra mewling, eyes closed as her little nose scrunches.
“Maybe it’s time for us to go back to bed.”
Trying to fight back the smile that threatens to take over at his concern, you look to the sleeping baby. “We’ve barely been up for a couple of hours.”
“We sleep when the baby sleeps, remember?” His hand rubs adoringly on your lower back as he leans down to nip at your ear. “It was in all those books you bought.”
You nudge him amorously. “Oh, you mean the books you read?”
Bucky’s cheeks tint pink as he ducks into the crook of your neck. “They were very informative.”
“Mhm, they sure were, honey.” Your fingers reach to play with his almost curls, genially massaging the roots. “I’ll grab her, you go get ‘pine.”
If you didn’t know him so well, you’d be surprised at how quickly he made it to the bedroom. With a small giggle, you settle into the unmade bed as you delicately place Astra into Bucky’s arms.
“C’mere little guy.” You softly scoop up the fluffy, white cat from his spot at the end of the bed, wanting to have all four of you snuggled under the blankets.
It’s a sight that has tears welling in your eyes, and Bucky knows you’ll blame it on the hormones, but for now, he shows you how endearing he finds it with an enraptured kiss to your mouth.
“I love you,” he mumbles against your lips.
You repeat the sentiment back to him, cuddling into his side with your two babies resting soundly on your chests — a cherished moment that neither of you would forget.
“Forever and a day.”
Tumblr media
a/n: this is just a little something but what if i… made this an au?
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harrylovex · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
camboy!bucky x reader
summary: your new neighbour just so happens to be your favourite camboy, bucky barnes.
warnings: lots of fluff, absolutely loads of smut, oral (female receiving), spitting, dirty talk
note: this is kinda long…sorry!! 😵‍💫 camboy!bucky is like…my favourite thing ever
every friday, you would drive home from work as quick as possible around 6pm, shower, eat, and get set up for the weekly special occasion.
bucky friday’s, you liked to call them.
after dinner for one, you would take a long shower, shaving if neccesary, and relax under the hot water. you would light a few candles around your room, pulling the curtains and grabbing your laptop from the kitchen. you sat on your bed, logging into your onlyfans account, your mouse searching for the profile of the only man worth watching, bucky barnes.
you had stumbled across bucky’s profile one night back in july, and ever since then you had been hooked. you would even go as far as cancelling friday plans just to watch his new video. he was all you could think about.
you stretched out on your bed, in just your underwear, glancing at the clock impatiently.
two minutes until you would see his handsome face again.
that’s one thing you loved about bucky. he wasn’t bothered by the anonimity, he showed his face proudly, which you very much appreciated. just the thought of his face as he touched himself made you shiver.
you got comfortable on your bed, spreading your legs a little. it reached 8pm, and you refreshed his page, getting impatient. within a few seconds, his new video popped up, your core already leaking with anticipation.
you clicked the play button, biting your lip. he wasn’t even here and he still made you nervous.
he was sat at the edge of his bed, his cock already red and leaking pre cum. you licked your lips, your eyes going wide as you watched him begin to palm himself, his thumb running over the tip. his hair was messy and his blue eyes bore into the screen, staring right at you.
“i’m back.” he whispered, his head dropping back as he continued to stroke himself. “i never forget about my girl.”
you loved how he spoke to the screen, making you feel as if he was doing this just for you.
“touch yourself for me sweetheart…eyes on me though, watch my cock while you play with my pretty, pretty pussy.”
you moaned, this was going to be a fun night.
the next day, you woke up early, your laptop on the pillow next to you. you must have fallen asleep after last night’s antics.
you blushed at the paused video on the screen, remembering the events from the night before.
you went about your day, showering and having a quick breakfast. around midday, your friend texted, asking if you wanted to grab some lunch. you agreed, glad to make plans, and changed into some nicer clothes. you grabbed your bag, heading out the door.
the apartment door opposite your’s was open, the floor filled with moving boxes.
hmm. you thought to yourself. i must have a new neighbour. you headed for the stairs, deciding to introduce yourself later.
by around 3pm, you were walking back up to your flat, eager to see who the mysterious new neighbour was. the door was still open, but this time as you peeked through, you saw a man standing in the middle of the lounge, his back towards you.
you knocked quietly. “hi…um…are you my new neighbour?” the man turned around and the wind was knocked right out of you.
bucky? your mouth hung open as he smiled.
what? how could he be here? is this a dream?
his hair was messy, and he was wearing black jeans and a white t-shirt that clung to his biceps. you quickly shut your mouth before he could notice, giving him a shy smile.
act cool. you thought.
“hi, yeah i just moved here today. you live across the hall right?” you urged yourself to scramble some words together to speak, your heart beating out of your chest.
“y-yes, that’s me. i’m y/n.” you shuffled awkwardly at the door.
“i’m bucky.”
i know who you are. you thought. hell, i know what your dick looks like.
“nice to meet you. um..i’ll let you unpack.”
“see you around.” he smiled again, turning back around. you stared at his back for a few seconds, trying to process that bucky, the same bucky that you’d touched yourself to countless times was living across the hall. you swallowed, urging your legs to move until you were in your flat.
you grabbed a glass of water from the kitchen, pulling your jumper off as you sat on the sofa. you felt flustered.
after the shock had passed, you laughed to yourself. the man of my dreams lives across the hall, you kept repeating. how did this even happen? you decided to speak to him again as soon as an opportunity appeared, and you had a clear head.
a couple of days later, you were heading up the stairs after a long day at work, you hadn’t seen bucky since that first meeting. but now, as you went to put the keys in your door, you noticed that his door was open. he looked up when he heard your movements, coming to the door.
“hey y/n, everything alright?”
now that you had come to terms with the fact that he was definetly your new neighbour, you paid more attention to him.
his face. his body.
he was taller than you expected, his smile even sweeter in real life. you liked seeing him in casual clothes, his hair messy as usual. he looked adorable, and you couldn’t believe that this was the same man who whispered such dirty things to you on the internet.
you snapped out of your daydream to answer his question, feeling your cheeks heat up.
“i’m great, actually…y-you?” you cringed at your stutter.
“i’m great.” he paused. “would you like to come in for some coffee? you’re the only person i know in the building.”
you laughed. “i’d love to.” inside, you were panicking. you didn’t think he’d actually want to get to know you.
you stepped inside his apartment shly, putting your bag down by the door.
his apartment was nicely decorated, simple. there were a few boxes he still had yet to unpack. it smelt of vanilla candles and fresh linen.
“milk and sugar?”
“please.” you answered, sitting down at the table.
“so…how come you moved here?”
“i used to live in this shitty little apartment a few streets away, and my friend told me about this one that was alot cheaper so i checked it out. i’m glad i did too.” he smiled at you.
he placed two mugs on the table, smiling as he sat down. you both chatted for over an hour, realising that you had alot in common. sometimes, mid conversation his onlyfans would pop into your head and you had to block the thoughts out before you started blushing.
eventually you got up to leave, thanking him for the coffee.
“anytime peach, see you around.”
butterflies exploded in your stomach at the pet name. you could get used to that.
you smiled, rushing over to your apartment.
the next time you saw bucky was on a saturday afternoon, as you checked for mail.
“hey peach…can i ask you something?”
“sure bucky, what’s up?” you felt more comfortable around him now, knowing more about his true personality.
“i was wondering if you would like to come over to mine for dinner tonight? i’m making lasagna.”
your heart swelled at the invitation. he was too sweet.
slowly, throughout weeks of you chatting and getting to know eachother, you got closer. you still watched his onlyfans, you just couldn’t bring yourself to stop.
you’d tried of course, but his voice, his body was too addictive. you hated yourself for not telling him, and you hated the fact that you were undeniably in love with everything about him.
one particular evening, bucky had invited you over for a movie night. you both had drunk too much wine and ended up falling onto the couch giggling.
bucky pulled you closer to him, so that you were huddled into his side. the combination of the wine and the feeling of bucky pressed into you had you feeling light-headed.
through drunk eyes, bucky looked even more attractive, and now that you knew him better, he was just the sweetest, kindest person you had ever met.
“we should have movie nights more often.” you felt bucky smirk, his lips tracing your ear.
“hmm.” you hummed in agreement, leaning back to rest your head on his chest. to your delight, he kissed your forehead a couple of times, your eyes beginning to droop.
you awoke abruptly around half an hour later, still pressed firmly into bucky. you rubbed at your eyes, feeling delirious.
fuck. you thought. you must have fallen asleep on the couch. your body felt warm against bucky’s and you looked over to him.
the tv was blaring some old black and white film, the kind that only gets played after 11pm.
bucky had the remote in one hand while his other hand was around your waist. his eyes dropping slowly, he looked exhausted.
you stood up quietly, still feeling the affects of the wine in your system. bucky stirred, blinking harshly to keep himself awake.
you touched his shoulder. “bucky, i’m gonna go back to mine. thank you for dinner.” you smiled at him, bending down to kiss his cheek.
you were dizzy from the wine and may have kissed him a little too close to his lips. bucky was too sleepy to react, but you didn’t miss the little smile that formed on his face. he grumbled a goodnight, his hand slipping from your waist.
you felt terribly cold without his touch.
a few weeks later, you were having a chill night-in, winding down from the busy week you had had. you decided to search up bucky on onlyfans and have a look at anything new he had posted.
at the top of his profile, a new video appeared. tingles ran through your body as you saw his face, and you quickly rid yourself of your clothes.
pressing play, bucky’s chiselled chest appeared on your screen, his hand pumping his cock.
already, your body started to heat up, tingles travelling straight down to your core.
“fuck, sweetheart.” his words made you so fucking horny, your fingers playing with your clit. it didn’t take much for bucky to make you come, even if it was through a screen. you’re legs began to shake.
“fuck peach, you like that don’t you? touch yourself for me.”
your eyes nearly fell out of your head. peach. the pet name he used for you. that pushed you over the edge, your orgasm shaking your entire body.
you moaned, mumbling bucky’s name.
once you had overcome your high, you sat up slowly. maybe he knows that i watch him. you thought. surely not, how could he know? maybe he called everybody peach.
you knew you were lying to yourself, something about the way he said it made you believe that it was just for you. the feeling made you shiver. god you were never going to get over this man.
the next few times you and bucky hang out together, he was a little more flirty, more handsy. he would comment about your appearance.
“looking beautiful today peach.”
“pretty girl is tired hm?” and he seemed to touch you with any chance he got.
he would grab your hand as he pulled you into his apartment. wrap his arm around you as you sat together on the couch. give you extra long hugs when you would leave.
i mean, you weren’t complaining, but it was a little suspicious.
friday night. 23:30pm
you were having a quick shower, getting ready to go over to bucky’s for some late night snacks.
earlier, you had some free time to delve into bucky’s latest onlyfans posts, setting aside an hour for your horny antics. you smiled everytime you passed your bed, bucky’s face paused on your laptop.
bucky greeted you as he always did with a bear hug and a bottle of wine, he seemed a little tipsy already. “have you started drinking without me?” you pretended to be offended.
“maybe.” he smirked, pulling you over to the couch. you laughed, entwining your fingers with his.
after a few glasses of wine, naturally, you found yourself sliding closer to bucky, which he welcomed.
“wait…it’s a little cold. do you have any blankets over at your place?”
“sure, um…there’s a few on my bed, the doors open.”bucky kissed your head before making his way towards the door. you sighed, watching him walk away.
after about four seconds, it clicked.
your laptop. open. bucky.
your blood ran cold. “bucky! wait!” you sprinted out the door and into your apartment, running towards your room.
“bucky!” it was too late. you hurled yourself into the bedroom. bucky was sat on your bed, staring at himself on the screen.
“bucky.” you stuttered. “bucky i’m so sorry.” he looked at you, smirking. your heart skipped a beat. was he angry?
“bucky i’m sorry. i wanted to tell you, i just didn’t know how. say something.” he stood up, walking slowly towards you.
time slowed down, and you stood glued to the spot, completely ashamed of bucky seeing that. he tilted your chin so you had no choice but to look at him, his blue eyes turned dark.
“do you hate me?” you cringed at your words, you were so embarrassed.
bucky paused before answering, “hate you? of course i don’t hate you peach. i knew you watched my videos.”
you were confused. “you did?”
“of course. i figured it out the first day we met. you were ridiculously shy, you could never look me in the eye for more than two seconds and i saw how you reacted whenever i called you peach or sweetheart.”
you blushed profusely, watching as his eyes trailed down your body, his jaw twitching.
“so, peach, how long have you been watching my videos? i’ve been dying to know.” he smirked, pulling you by the hand back towards his apartment.
you could hardly speak, your thighs clenching at his tone.
“um…” your mouth was dry. “a-about six months.” you let him lead you towards his bedroom, his hand gripping yours tightly.
he stopped once he reached the bed, sitting towards the top, he pulled you down so you were on his lap. you felt incredibly vulnerable, straddling his thighs.
“you like what you see, huh?” his hands gripped your waist. “tell me peach” he started to kiss down your neck. “did you touch yourself to my videos? did you cum for me?”
you gulped nervously, your core was tingling. you nodded, watching his face as he smirked.
“well then, why don’t i show you what i can do in real life?”
he held the back of your neck, pulling your head towards him for a kiss.
you froze for a few seconds, but as your lips connected you forgot everything, focusing solely on the man in front of you.
his lips felt good. really good. even better than you had imagined. and trust me, you had imagined it alot in the past months.
bucky kissed you softly, letting you get used to the feeling of his lips against yours. your entire body was covered in goosebumps, his hands beginning to move your hips so that you were grinding over his crotch. you could feel how desperately hard he was, and feeling confident, you brought a hand down, dragging the palm of your hand over his buldge for a few seconds.
bucky groaned into your mouth, his eyes fluttering as he pulled away from the kiss. the noise that came from his throat made you want to open your legs wider.
“fuck. don’t fucking do that.” he whispered.
you smiled, placing your hands on the sides of his face as you leaned in to kiss him again. this time, bucky pushed his tongue into your mouth, making you whimper by surprise.
you felt him smile against your lips, his tongue exploring your mouth. his hands crept under the hem of your t-shirt, his fingers trailing across your stomach.
the feeling was ticklish, and you squirmed, pushing your hips down further onto his crotch, whines falling from your mouth.
“peach, you make me so fucking hard, did y’know that?”
you whimpered at his words, and he pushed his tongue further down your throat.
he moaned, loving how you were so innocent but so incredibly dirty at the same time, he just had to pull it out of you.
the kiss was harsh and sloppy, you knew that it wouldn’t be long before you would need some sort of release.
bucky pulled away, sucking on your bottom lip before releasing it with a pop. “tell me, sweetheart, what did you like about my videos? i wanna know how to make my pretty girl feel good.”
jesus fucking christ. he was actually going to kill you. bucky’s eyes were on you, waiting for an answer. you thought it would be best to just answer him straight out.
“i-i like it when you call me sweetheart.” you stared at his chest. bucky smiled at your innocence. it made him want to ruin you. he wanted you to be his.
“go on.” he simply replied.
“well, i like the way you talk. and-“
he chuckled. “dirty words for a dirty girl.”
if your face went any redder you would’ve become a tomato, your eyes focusing anywhere except bucky’s face.
“what else?” he moved his head down until he was pressing kisses along your neck. your head tilted back at the feeling, and you wanted more.
“i imagine that we’re alone…together, a-and it’s me that’s touching you, t-touching your body.”
“you think about touching my cock, sweetheart?”
his tongue began to trace circles over the skin of your throat and your eyes squeezed shut.
you nodded slowly, and felt him bite softly at your neck. you gained a little more confidence, seeing how bucky was reacting to your words, and decided to say more.
“want you to, to touch me too.” you were basically whining at this point, your core aching with need.
“i know you do baby” he licked his lips. “where do you want my hands?”
“want to feel your mouth-your fingers o-on my pussy.” you felt incredibly dirty as the words left your mouth. bucky squeezed your hips, his kisses dropping lower to your chest.
“my good girl wants my cock down her throat as i finger your little cunt, don’t you? you wanna be my good girl?”
god, you needed him to do something, now. you nodded furiously, your pussy clenching and getting wetter with every word.
“yes. please.” you added. “wanna be good for you” you pouted for good measure.
bucky chuckled, noticing how you reacted to the praise. he pulled off your t-shirt, his eyes sparkling at the sight of your chest, sitting all pretty in a black lace bra. your hands went to his shirt, lifting it up over his head.
you both sat for a second, staring at eachother, before bucky reached down, unbuckling your jeans.
you climbed off of bucky to pull them off. bucky made the most of the space and got rid of his trousers off too, leaving him in his boxers and you in your underwear.
you could hardly breathe as he pulled you onto his thighs again. the outline of his hard dick visible through his boxers. you licked your lips, thinking of every possible thing that he was gonna do to you. your entire body felt fuzzy.
bucky pulled you in for a firm kiss, his hands coming up to unclasp your bra. your nipples perked up at the cold air, and bucky didn’t hesitate, his hands cupping your breasts. he kneaded the skin roughly, making your mouth fall open against his lips as his fingers pinched your sensitive nipples.
you couldn’t keep still, your hands trailing across his chest and arms, pulling him closer.
his tongue was still in your mouth, tasting everything he could. his index and middle finger came down, rubbing at your core over your panties. you twitched, whining at the contact.
“so sensitive sweetheart.”
you gripped bucky’s biceps tightly, your lips lazily pressed against his as he circled your clit over the material. electricity zipped through you, and you couldn’t quite believe this was happening.
your hips bucked towards bucky and he chuckled, enjoying the way you got all worked up.
“baby.” he moaned between kisses. “baby, lay down on your back. head on the pillows.” you did as you were told, quickly getting into position.
“good girl.” he pressed an extra kiss to your lips, moving so that he was on his knees, between your thighs.
he stared at you laying on the bed for him in just panties, taking a mental picture. “you look so pretty right now.” he smiled sweetly, hooking his fingers into your panties and slowly pulling them down.
you blushed, feeling exposed as you watched a line of your slick connect from your pussy to your panties. you shivered, looking up at bucky. his eyes were focused on your core, his mouth watering at the sight.
“jesus. sweetheart. so fucking wet. for me huh?”
you smiled shly, pushing your hips up to bucky to let him know how badly you needed him to touch you. he laughed, leaning on his forearms until his lips were brushing up against your clit.
“i can’t wait to taste you.” he looked up at you with dark eyes, before his tongue ever so slightly licked at your clit.
your hands went to straight to bucky’s hair, your head pushed back against the pillows.
you watched as bucky gathered some spit in his mouth, your eyes blowing wide as he let it dribble out, onto your folds.
he added more pressure then, wrapping his lips around your bud, his tongue devouring you. your eyes rolled back into your head and you yanked on bucky’s hair, making him growl from the back of his throat.
he carried on, the filthy sounds of his spit mixed with your juices filling the room.
he dipped lower, and you nearly exploded when he pushed his tongue into your hole. god you’d never felt anything like it. this man was definetly one of a kind.
he pulled away for a moment, pressing sloppy light kisses to your clit that made you jolt. you squirmed, your back arching at how filthy and good you felt.
“so sweet, peach. wanted this since the first day i met you.” you whined, from his words and because of the fact that his mouth had left your pussy.
he smiled, leaning back in to suck at your clit. he sucked hard, letting his tongue move over your bud as he did so. you were so close. your whole body tensing up.
bucky realised, suddenly moving away. you groaned in frustation, pulling harder on his hair.
“fuck sweetheart, your dripping down to your asshole. so fucking dirty.” he growled, placing his head in his hands.
he ignored your whines, sitting back onto his knees. you soon fell silent as he pulled off his boxers, his head hanging as he shivered at the feeling of his hard cock finally being free.
your eyes nearly rolled back into your head at the sight, he was even prettier in person, his cock sitting proudly, thick and veiny.
bucky caught you staring. “close your mouth peach, you’re practically drooling.”
your face burned red again and you gulped, shuffling further up the bed.
“open those pretty legs for me sweetheart.”
you did, watching as bucky crawled closer until he was on top of you. he kissed you, distracting you from his hand that was tugging at his dick, inching it closer to your entrance.
“god, i can’t fucking wait to put my dick inside you. this is what you wanted isn’t it? my sweet peach, watching my videos, thinking about my cock buried deep inside her tight pussy.”
you nodded, wrapping your arms around his neck to keep him close. his mouth was wet and shiny from eating you out, and you had a sudden urge to kiss him.
you did just that, tilting your head up a little to reach his lips. bucky was surprised at your sudden confidence, letting you kiss him eagerly.
he took the opportunity while you were distracted, pushing himself a little way into your pussy.
instantly both of your mouths fell open, just the tip feeling incredible.
“knew you were gonna be tight, peach.” bucky groaned. “need to open you up a little.”
you could hardly speak, just wanting him to push in further. the feeling was incredible. bucky grabbed your thighs, pushing your legs open wider as he slid in.
your eyes rolled back into your head, your legs wrapping round bucky’s waist. if it was possible you would have pulled him even closer.
he began to thrust his hips slowly, letting you both get used to the feeling of him stretching you out.
he kissed your forehead lovingly, watching as little whines and moans fell from your mouth. you were clenching around him, hard.
“peach…baby, you’re so fucking tight i can hardly move.” you buried your face into bucky’s neck, the immense pleasure crawling all over your body, fire in the pit of your stomach.
bucky groaned loudly, picking up the pace a little.
“you feel s’good peach, such a good girl for me.” he felt you clench at the praise and his breath got caught in his throat.
“you like that, huh? you like being my pretty, good girl?”
you nodded as best you could with your face pressed into the crook of his neck.
“y-yes, bucky. please, i need- i need it faster.”
bucky groaned, pulling your hips off the mattress so that he could pick up the pace easily. the pleasure was like lightning bolts through your body, your eyes rolling back into your head as bucky railed you harder.
“f-fuck. bucky. i’m gonna, i’m gonna cum.” the sloppy sounds of bucky pounding into you pushed you over the edge.
“bucky i’m cumming. fu- fuck!”
“cum for me peach, squeeze my cock like that, fuck y-yes!” your dripping cunt clenched around bucky’s cock, your orgasm exploding.
bucky’s own orgasm was triggered, a loud groan falling from his lips as he tried to keep up the pace, getting you through your high.
he slowed once your body started to relax, the twitches taking over. he pulled out slowly and kissed your forehead, watching how your body reacted to the after effects of your orgasm.
he collapsed next to you, turning on his side so he could see you.
he thought it was incredibly cute, how soft and pretty you looked laying there with him.
after a little while, you slowly opened your eyes, looking to the side to see bucky looking at you.
you smiled at him, pulling at his neck until your lips connected. you sighed into the kiss, feeling blissful.
bucky pulled away after a while, pulling on some boxers before leaving the bedroom.
you sat up a little, grabbing bucky’s t-shirt off of the floor to pull over your head. you had never felt so happy.
bucky came back in after a few minutes, holding a hand towel. he climbed onto the bed, pushing your thighs open so that he could clean you up.
you shuddered, pressing your face into bucky’s neck. “good girl.” he finished, pushing you down until you were laying flat, with the duvet over you.
“i see you’ve stolen my shirt.” he mumbled.
you chuckled, staring into his blue eyes. “can we sleep?” you asked, already feeling your eyes starting to droop.
“of course.” he chucked the towel somewhere on the floor, climbing into bed beside you. his skin was warm, and you huddled yourself into his chest, as close as you could.
“you’re never getting rid of me after that.” you mumbled.
he laughed, kissing your forehead. “i wasn’t planning on it.”
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Bucky Barnes “zombie slayer”
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still three idiots
^ the one where steve and bucky tries to make it very, very obvious that they like love you AND/OR the sequel to three pretty idiots
read the first part here -> three pretty idiots
Warnings: urm buck and steve are slow old men and they're just idiots ugh. reader's kinda insecure (?) about her feelings and natasha's a good bro <3 mentions of smut but no smut!
WC: 5.1K words
𝐡𝐨𝐧𝐞𝐲'𝐬 𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 | 𝐭𝐚𝐠𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭
Tumblr media
this very, very sexy gif creds to @on-your-left-birdie
Steve pulls away, palms still cupping Bucky's jaw as his eyes flutter open. Bucky can barely believe that it just happened. Bucky's eyes were wide open, mouth almost gaping.
"You okay, Buck?"
He stuttered, "Y-yeah, 's just a little weird." Bucky loosely held the cotton of Steve's shirt in his hand. "Good weird." His head tilted to one side as he stares at Steve. As cliche as it sounds, he's been waiting a long, long time just to feel the taste of Steve's lips. And now that he's actually felt it, maybe Bucky's a little flustered. "But I thought you love her."
Steve's lips curl into a soft smile, eyes looking down at Bucky as if Bucky's his whole world. "But I love ya too, punk."
“You… do?”
Steve leans down again and crashes his lips against Bucky, tongue pushing into Bucky’s mouth before he pulls away. “That a good enough answer for ya?”
“But Y/n—”
Steve stops his thoughts, “You’re in love with her just as much as I am, Buck. It’s gonna work out somehow, okay?” Steve sounded so sure of himself that it only made Bucky more hesitant.
“Bucky, we’ll figure it out.”
It took them 20 minutes to come up with Operation Overt— some weird word Bucky found on the dictionary’s word of the day that means something that’s made obvious. And somehow it made so much sense to use it since one, they’ll be making it very, very known to you that they really, really like and love you, and two, operation overt sounds way cooler than operation obvious.
Plus, they made a bet on how long this whole thing will take. Bucky has a feeling that it’ll be a done deal by Friday and Steve’s very sure it’s gonna take about a week.
Except— they weren’t prepared on how hard it’ll be just to get a glimpse of you in the compound.
[Day 1, Monday]
They decided that they'll go along with something basic, a little routine that you three got pretty used to. The three of you will go down to Papa Jim's and get some milkshakes for breakfast. Bucky and Steve will usually meet you there after their run.
Except- you're 26 minutes late. And there's still no sign of you showing up. And, you're never late to Monday Milkshake Mornings. Unless, there's some valid reason where you are stuck in some early meeting with Fury, off on a mission or doing some training with the recruits. Even then, you'd always let them know beforehand.
Bucky glances over Steve's shoulder as he shoots you a text.
Steve: You coming? [sent 9.29 am]
Y/n: mission. sorry. [sent 9.51 am]
They glanced up at each other as soon as they read the text. Weird.
"Do you know anything about it?" Bucky sips on his second cup of strawberry caramel milkshake, finger reaching out for the fries on the table before dipping it into the drink and shoving it in his mouth.
"Fury didn't schedule her for anything." Steve frowns, setting his phone aside before leaning his body closer to Bucky. "At least nothing that I know of."
"It's just weird that she didn't say it earlier." Bucky reaches around and rests his arm around Steve's broad shoulder. "Bad weird."
[Day 2, Tuesday]
Apparently you'd only be coming back on Thursday. That means that day 2 and day 3 of Operation Overt is completely wasted. Bucky's getting dangerously close to losing the bet he's having with Steve.
Still, they're determined not to let day 2 just go to waste.
Bucky: Doll? [sent 4.39 pm]
Bucky: Dinner on thursday? [sent 4.40 pm]
Bucky: Stevie's making chicken and waffles. [sent 4.41 pm]
Y/n: sorry. gonna be too tired to eat. [sent 5.00 pm]
Y/n: maybe next time. [sent 5.07pm]
He doesn't know what he finds weirder. That there's a 7 minutes time gap between your previous text and the one that you just sent or that you just said no to chicken and waffles. You never say no to chicken and waffles- especially not if Steve's the one who made it.
[Day 3, Wednesday]
Steve's gotten zero updates on your whereabouts. He doesn't even know what your mission's about or when your jet will even land. He knows very well that you can handle yourself, but he still gets worried when you go off on a solo mission. He'd be more at ease if he had the slightest clue on you but he's stuck with nothing and that's more than enough to get him all riled up and worried.
He's happy with Bucky, of course. But he and Bucky both know that there's a little missing piece in their jigsaw puzzle. Little but very, very important. You.
Bucky sees that you love Steve. And Steve sees that you love Bucky. Somehow, they came to the conclusion that you maybe like/love both of them and maybe you'd be willing to date both of them.
But it did make Steve wonder- why were you so adamant on setting him up with Bucky if you liked them both?
Weird. In Bucky's words, bad weird.
[Day 4, Thursday]
You've never said no to Steve's chicken and waffles. Steve takes very much offence to that. He's done a lot to ensure that the quality of his waffles are very much maintained just for you. And for you to say that you'll miss out on his very heavenly chicken and waffles just because you're tired, Steve's very offended. It's not that he doesn't want you to rest, and maybe he's a little selfish. But he doesn't want you to rest alone. If you were with him and Bucky, they'd at least make sure you're fed with good food, Steve's chicken and waffles, and milkshakes, and they'd take care of you so good.
But Steve decides that no matter what, it'd be ruthless of him to not send some to your floor. Just because you said you were too tired to join him and Bucky, doesn't mean you can't just have some later when you’re more relaxed.
Or maybe, Steve just desperately wants an excuse to see you.
So he takes a plate and puts two waffles on it and adds some chicken tenders on top. He knows you have syrup somewhere in your pantry so he doesn't bother pouring it on the plate. Then both him and Bucky went up to your floor, looking like two giant idiots with a plate of waffles in Steve's hand and Bucky holding two bottles of gatorade because they know you'll definitely need it when you're up later.
Except- you're nowhere on your floor.
"Friday, where's Y/n?"
"Agent Y/l/n is on a walk, Captain Rogers. She specifically mentioned that she'll be back late and that if anyone wants to see her, it can wait tomorrow." The AI speaks from some hidden speaker Tony installed on the floor.
Bucky almost jumps from how sudden the voice was, still not used to being around an invisible robot that knows pretty much everything. But he throws Steve a confused look at Friday's reply.
"Thought she was exhausted." Bucky tilts his head, keeping his eyes on Steve as he sets down the drinks.
"Wanna stay here for awhile? She could be back soon." Steve suggests, already making his way to the giant, plush couch that his ass immediately sinks into.
Bucky hums, following along and toeing off his shoes before he's lying on your couch, head resting on Steve's lap. Steve's fingers immediately reaches for Bucky's hair, softly scratching his scalp while Bucky's eyes flutter close.
Steve has no idea how long they sat there but the ding from the elevator pulls him and Bucky out from their calm, and they instantly sat up.
He has no idea how to say this but... you look miserable. And he means it in the kindest way. But fuck, you still look gorgeous, and Steve doesn't know if he should be worried or in awe.
The dark circles under your eyes were very prominent, Bucky was almost sure that a panda walked in instead of you- a very adorable, gorgeous, panda, thank you very much. Your shoulders were slumped and it looks like you haven't been resting at all.
"Doll?" Bucky stands up, already extending a hand towards you.
"Hey." You stare at them confusedly. Why are they here? But some sort of muscle memory makes you take Bucky's hand without even realising.
Bucky immediately pulls you into his chest, one palm resting on your hip and the other wrapped around you, holding you tightly. "You look exhausted, doll."
You bit back the urge to say "because of you dumbass." Instead you just relax into his hold because it actually feels really, really nice. You didn't want to avoid them, it just felt weird to be around them when they're already together. Like you're intruding and being an annoying third-wheel.
He pulls away to sit you between him and Steve, and Steve instantly has an arm wrapped around you, pulling you into his chest.
"Hi, Stevie."
"You alright? Where have you been, honey?" Steve couldn't resist pressing a chaste kiss to your hair as you lean into him.
"Went on a walk. Too restless to sleep." Your reply was curt and Steve feels your lips moving against his chest as you speak.
"Wanna eat? Or you wanna get some rest?" Steve asks, fingers softly playing with your hair while Bucky stares down worriedly at you.
You took a long time to reply, your breathing calming and Steve figures out that you fell asleep. His lips curl, before he lets out a breathy laugh at how easy you dozed off. "You wanna pick her up, babe? I can't move my hands."
Buck smiles down adoringly at you, before he's standing up, hands sliding under your knees and the other under your back. He carries you off Steve, easily lifting you up. Steve follows closely as Bucky carries you to your bedroom, and he settles you on your bed.
Steve carefully slips off your jacket, making sure you're comfortable before he pulls the sheets over you.
He hoped that maybe you'll realise that he's leaving with Bucky and will tell them to stay, and he was tempted to ask Bucky if they could just climb in beside you. But you stayed asleep so he takes the sticky note on your nightstand and picks up the pen right beside it.
𝐘𝐨𝐮 𝐟𝐞𝐥𝐥 𝐚𝐬𝐥𝐞𝐞𝐩. 𝐂𝐡𝐢𝐜𝐤𝐞𝐧 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐰𝐚𝐟𝐟𝐥𝐞𝐬 𝐢𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐦𝐢𝐜𝐫𝐨𝐰𝐚𝐯𝐞 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐁𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐲 𝐥𝐞𝐟𝐭 𝐠𝐚𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐚𝐝𝐞 𝐢𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐟𝐫𝐢𝐝𝐠𝐞. 𝐌𝐨𝐯𝐢𝐞 𝐧𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐭𝐨𝐦𝐨𝐫𝐫𝐨𝐰? - 𝐒 & 𝐁
He sticks the note on your lamp before he and Bucky turns around, closing the door behind them as they leave your room. He throws your sleeping figure one last glance before closing the door, smiling at how peaceful you look just sleeping.
[Day 5, Friday]
And… Bucky lost the bet. In all honesty, he wasn’t expecting it to be such a huge challenge. And it wasn’t even his fault! You’d been on a mission and that itself took up like three days.
Also, maybe it was only Friday, but the boys found out that Steve, also, lost the bet. It was an immediate loss- you sent them a text when you woke up.
Y/n: going on a mission with nat tonight. only back on monday. [sent 2.43 pm]
Y/n: thanks 4 the waffles and gatorade though [sent 2.43 pm]
Steve: Oh… okay. No problem, doll. [sent 2.45 pm]
Steve: Stay safe. C you when you're back. - S&B [sent 2.47 pm]
Y/n: ok [sent 2.54 pm]
Right— you’d only come back from a mission yesterday and the boys saw just how tired you look. It’s absurd that you’re off on another mission already.
And Steve refuses to watch Fury just send you off mission after mission— like really, are you some superhuman who don’t need rest or something?
[Day 6, Saturday]
Steve wasn’t happy about you going on missions with barely any rest. And as much as he wants to go to talk to Fury about it, he actually hates talking to the director. So instead, Steve went to Maria.
“Well, sorry to burst your bubble, Cap. But it’s all her. Agent Y/l/n requested for the missions." She explains with a shrug, "Nick asked her to take a break but she insisted on going."
Steve frowns, forehead wrinkling as he thinks about why the hell would you request for missions when you’re clearly exhausted.
“Right— okay, thanks Hill.” Steve nods before he turns away, fingers scratching the back of his neck because he has no idea why the hell you're doing this.
[Day 7, Sunday]
“You’re distracted.” Natasha notes, shoulder nudging against yours as she sits beside you on the rock, overlooking the Hydra base sitting at the bottom of the hill.
“Thinking, Nat.” You clarify, resting your palms on the rock behind you and leaning back to enjoy the actually decent view and the really nice breeze.
“Talk to me, девочка.” She urges, turning towards you, her lips curling into a soft smile.
You sigh, throwing her a glance before deciding that you should just be honest. Either way, she’s definitely gonna find out sometime.
"Steve and Bucky."
“What’s wrong? I thought you’re close to them.” Nat slides closer to you, head turning to look at you.
“I like them, Nat. Hell— I think I love them.” You force out, eyeing her from the corner of your eyes.
Natasha lets out an offensive snort, instantly rolling her eyes as if she knows something you don’t. “девочка, I've told you the same thing a million times. Just go for it. You don't have anything to lose."
You let out a scoff. "Oh yeah, how about my dignity?"
"Oh, please." She rolls her eyes, shoving you away. "As if they'll say no to you."
Your brows furrow at her words. "What the hell does that even means?"
Her lips instantly curled, grinning at just how clueless you are. "Hun, they'll do anything for you, is that not already obvious enough?" She hops off the rock, dusting the dirt off her pants. "Just trust me, Y/n."
[Day 8, Monday]
You were not convinced. At all. You trust Nat with your damn life, but when it comes to this? It's a huge no.
Buck and Steve are finally together (relationship-ly) after like a hundred years? And you don't wanna just slot yourself and take away their quality time or whatever. And it's not like you regret making them get together- finally. But, you miss spending time with them and maybe, it makes you just a little jealous that they'll always have each other while you're stuck being alone wishing that you're... with them.
So instead of dwelling on all these feelings and getting all sad, you pretty much decided that there's nothing better than drowning yourself in work, missions and making yourself so exhausted that you'll just stop thinking about them.
At least, that's what you hoped would happen— not that you'll spend all your sleep deprived hours thinking about what it'd feel like to be in Steve's and Bucky's arms or how it'd feel to fall asleep listening to their heartbeats.
That Thursday when Bucky sat you in between him and Steve, and Steve pulled you into his chest and you just fell asleep immediately? You want to feel that again. It scares you just how easy their presence, their warmth and them makes you instantly calm.
[Day 8, Tuesday]
"Natasha," Bucky comes up behind the spy, hands awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck as he shifts from foot to foot.
"Bucky Barnes, boyfriend to Steve Rogers, to what do I owe this pleasure?" Nat teases, fingers reaching out for Thor's chocolate bar in the fridge.
He knows Natasha has some very important information that he's very keen to find out about and will definitely share with Steve. And Bucky's very desperate to try and dig that very information out of her. "Just wanted to ask you a little question."
"If it's about Y/n, you're better off going straight to the source." She simply replies, brows raised as she bites into the stolen treat.
"Oh, c'mon. Was it really that obvious?" He whines, biting his cheek and frowning at how easy it was for her to read his mind.
"I'm just gonna say this, Bucky. Whatever the hell you and Steve feel, Y/n feels the same. Just go for it, alright? You've got nothing to lose."
Bucky frowns, head tilting as he sharply glares at the woman. "What about my dignity and my pride? What if she says no to us? What if you already know that she feels nothing and you're just tricking me and Steve into embarrassing ourselves?"
Natasha rolls her eyes and chuckled. "Funny. She said something about dignity too." She gives Bucky a pat on his shoulder before she makes her way out of the pantry.
What the fuck just happened.
[Day 9, Wednesday]
Bucky and Steve realised that you were definitely avoiding them. It actually took 8 whole days for them to come to that conclusion.
They know that you're easily the most stubborn person after Steve so it wouldn't be easy to just call you out and expect that you'd fall back into their arms. And obviously, operation overt was obviously not working and Bucky's getting very impatient.
Bucky: Come over please. [sent 6.22 pm]
Bucky: Now.-Steve [sent 6.23 pm]
Bucky: Very, very important. [sent 6.23 pm]
Bucky: No excuses. We know your mission got cancelled. [sent 6.23 pm]
Y/n: I’ll come by tonight? [sent 6.39 pm]
Bucky: NOW. -Steve [sent 6.42 pm]
You panicked at the last text. Caps-lock Steve is never a good sign. He’s either angry or very, very excited. And something tells you that it’s not the second one. And— something also tells you that Bucky’s also pissed, because Bucky never says please. Those two idiots being angry at the same time? Never a good sign.
You know it’s impossible to hide now. And making them wait would be worse. It was like entering uncharted territory.
They were both standing right in front of the elevator as soon as you came out, arms folded across their chest and blankly staring at you. You would've laughed if you weren't so worried about what the hell's going to happen in the next 3 minutes.
It was only fair that your reaction was as such. After more than 5 years of knowing them, you've never been on the receiving end of those very sharp glares. And now that you are... you have no idea how to deal with it.
"You've got one minute to be honest with us, doll." Bucky starts, tongue clicking as he stares you down. "Why have you been avoiding us all week?"
"I wasn't avoiding anyone—” You knew it was a long shot but you never expected Steve to shoot you down so quickly.
Steve lets out an exaggerated sigh, "You'll only make things worse if you lie, sweetheart."
"I wasn't lying—”
Bucky clicks his tongue, an almost annoyed look gracing his face. "Cutting it real close, doll. Thirty seconds."
You let out an exasperated groan, voice raising as you speak. "How am I supposed to explain myself if you two keep cutting me off?!" You take a deep breath, watching how they turned to each other with raised brows. "Listen— can we just sit on the couch and talk like normal people?"
Maybe Nat's right. Just go for it. Right?
Fuck no.
Steve's sighs and drops his facade, he steps towards you, arms instantly enveloping you into his hold. "Just one minute. We missed you, sweetheart."
Bucky follows him right behind, hugging you from the back as his arms curl around your waist. "But you still gotta explain why you were avoidin' us like a plague the whole of last week."
So you took that one minute of being strangled, hugged by the boys to formulate a quick lie as to why you were avoiding them. You just hope it's gonna work.
Your head's resting on Bucky's shoulder, and your legs are comfortable but somehow awkwardly resting on Steve's lap and there's a tub of ice cream shared between you three.
"I just wanted to give you guys some privacy, y'know. Let you spend some precious couple time together." You were begging for this stupid excuse to work, and you pray to the gods that they'll never find out about the actual reason that you're desperately trying to hide.
"Doll, you didn't have to. We love spendin' time with you." Bucky declares, his hand slowly running through your hair as you just sink into his hold.
Steve, ever the goddamn detective, asked something that threw you off for a quick second. "It still doesn't make sense that you asked for more missions even when you were obviously tired, doll."
"No, uh— I was restless and needed some time to think. I just wanted to make myself tired enough that I'll just stop thinking about it, y'know."
Steve's brows furrowed as he stares at you. "You could've just came to us, sweetheart."
"What were you thinking about, doll?" You felt Bucky press a soft kiss on the top of your head as he continues running his hand through your hair.
Double fuck.
You do not have a lie prepared to answer this damn question. The real answer though— it's them. But you obviously can't tell them that without exposing yourself so you just close your eyes and relax into Bucky's warmth, silently hoping that they won't see through your lies. "It's nothing important."
Steve hums, his thumb brushing against one of your ankles. "You know what I think, doll?" He's over you in a split second, his hand cupping your face as he pulls you away from Bucky. "I think you're just bullshittin'."
"No! I was being completely honest, Stevie!" His head tilts as he watches just how you tried your best to keep your eyes on his. He's known you long enough to know when you're telling the truth, and when you're not. Like now.
"We'll stop playing nice if you keep on lying, Y/n."
His face was close to yours, nose almost pressing against your cheek as you lean against Bucky. Shivers ran down your spine as his breath just fans your skin. "You really hurt our Buck. And truth be told, I'm really hurt too." There's a coy grin playing on his lips that you would've really enjoyed slapping off his face if you weren't so intimidated by how close he was.
The said man sits by your side, watching amusedly as his hand rests around your shoulder. Bucky leans down, lips pressed against your jaw as he mutters out. "It wouldn't have been so easy to just leave us like that, sweetheart."
"One last chance to tell us the truth, baby." Steve says in the sing song tone he uses whenever he's dying to annoy you as he leaves wet kisses down your jaw. "Say the word and we'll give it to ya." Your head falls back against Bucky's shoulder as Steve continues to kiss down your neck, his hands sliding right underneath your shirt.
"If you don't—" Bucky trails off as he stares down at you, face hovering just above you, his lips curled into a sinister grin. "I'm sure you remember how mean our Stevie gets when you lie."
And god. You know that Steve gets so fucking mean and somehow- you know Bucky's threat is working. The last time you lied to Steve about going out with some friends but you were actually on a blind date? He got beyond pissed and didn't let you cum while he and Bucky used you like their own personal cocksleeve. It was hot as fuck, but it's also a goddamn painful torture.
"C'mon, please." You beg as Bucky keeps on staring down at you, brown eyes almost black with lust
A laugh leaves Steve lips as he pulls away. "Whacha' asking for, Y/n?"
"I don't know—" You breathe out, chest heaving as Steve leans forward and tucks a stray strand of hair behind your ear.
"I'm sure you know, doll. We just wanna hear you admit it out loud." Bucky speaks against your ear, grinning up at Steve with that goddamn smug look.
They can't know... right? Not after you've tried so hard just to hide your feelings? Fuck— is that why they're taunting you like this? Waving the one thing you want and need right in front of you only to not let you have it?
Well- better to face it now than never.
"I- I'm in love with you, alright? Both of ya." You force out, turning your head down and keeping your eyes on your lap. "Happy?"
Your eyes watered because this is the part where everything ends. This is where you're gonna lose your best friends, the boys you're in love with just because you just had to fall in love with 'em. They're gonna laugh at you and find you pathetic and a huge fucking joke and—
"Baby," Steve's hands gently cupped your face, his thumb brushing away that one stray drop of tear that left your eye. Every ounce of the sinister, mean Stevie look he had on his face earlier on was gone. He has a soft smile gracing his lips as he kneels on the floor right in front of you, taking your hand in his while Bucky takes your other. "Look at us, sweetheart."
You hesitantly look at Steve, watching as Bucky shifts beside you, leaning forward on the couch and turning his whole body to you so you can look at him and Steve at the same time.
"Why are you cryin', doll?" Bucky presses his lips against your knuckles, just as Steve does the same to your other hand.
You're afraid to answer, biting the inside of your cheek as you wait for the bomb to drop- that they'll decide that they don't even wanna look at you anymore.
"We love you, sweetheart." Steve cradles your face in his palms, his heart almost breaking when he sees the sad look in your eyes. He didn't mean to make you sad. Fuck— they knew you love them just as much as they love you. They just needed to hear you say it.
There's a loud pause, your ears barely registering what he said. "You... do?"
Steve lets out a breathy chuckle because that's exactly what Bucky said just last week. Why was it so hard for the two of you to believe him when he says that he loves you and Bucky?
Bucky brushes his metal thumb over your lips, leaning in and pressing a soft kiss on your lips. "Yeah, Y/n. We've been in love with ya for the longest time. Why do you think Stevie went for all those cooking classes when there's literally an in-house chef just three floors down? Or how he just skips his morning runs when we're all sleepin' together?"
"Hey— don't act as if you ain't a complete sap for her either!" Steve snorts because Bucky really listed out all of those things as if he doesn't have his own set of things that he does just because of you. "Did you know that he stays up to watch us sleep, doll? He even said that he prefers it when you brush your fingers through his hair instead of when I do it."
"But you guys didn't say it earlier-"
Bucky looks at you endearingly before he picks you up to sit on his lap, instantly stopping you in the middle of your sentence. Steve moves to sit in your old spot beside Bucky, turning so he's facing you.
"Because we didn't know if you felt the same, sweetheart." Steve grins, his fingers brushing against your knee as the other hand rests on your calf.
"Steve had to force it out of Natasha just to figure out if you reciprocated even an ounce of what we feel about ya. We were too afraid to ask you straight up, doll."
"You love me?"
"So fucking much." Bucky declares as he presses a quick kiss to the top of your head while Steve leans over. Steve crashes his lips against yours, his palm pressed against the side of your face as Bucky cards his hand through your hair.
"Be our girl, doll. We wanna be yours— if you'll have us."
You didn't have to think twice about your answer. You sat up, shifting so you're straddling one of Bucky's thigh and one of Steve's at the same time. Your palm rests against Steve's chest while the other's on Bucky's shoulder.
"Okay–" You breathe out, lips curling into a soft smile. "But, how is this gonna work?" You gestured between you and the boys.
Steve wraps an arm around your waist, pulling you closer to him and Bucky as a sneaky grin forms on his face. "We can learn to share." His free hand takes Bucky's hand in his, and he brings it up to his lips while still looking at you. "Y'know, maybe use your toys on Buck for a change."
"Hey!" Bucky turns to him defensively, "Why can't it be you instead?"
You laugh at their antics, a little idea forming in your head as you glance at Steve. "Yeah, Stevie. Let me and Buck tie you up and play with you."
Steve raised a brow at your words, head tilting as he eyes you. "What if I say no?"
"You won't." You retort, "Look how much Buck already likes that idea."
Steve listens to you and turns to Bucky, seeing how his boyfriend's eyes were dark with lust and he was practically beaming at your idea.
Bucky hums, fingers softly stroking your thighs while he plays the scene out in his head. "Gotta give you a taste of your own medicine, Stevie. Teach you a lesson so you stop being a huge meanie to our girl."
You grin at his words, before you run your fingers through Steve's hair, the other rubbing the back of Bucky's neck. "An idea for another day– but now, we've got nine days of cuddlin' to make up for."
Steve stares at both you and Bucky like he's startstruck. "I love you both."
Bucky leans into Steve, and he pulls you in so you're resting your head on both their shoulders. "I love you too, Stevie. You too, sweetheart."
"Good because if you didn't then it would be very awkward–"
"Baby, shut up and just say it back." Bucky says, his hand rubbing up and down your spine as Steve's arm goes around his shoulders.
Your giggle vibrates through Steve's chest and it made him feel so damn fuzzy and happy. You press a kiss on each of their shoulders, and another to their jaws, before kissing each of their lips. "I love you guys too."
I was 10 minutes away from turning this fic into a smut disaster but somehow i stopped myself from turning this fluff into filth- THANK GOD.
anyways im so happy to get this fic out because it gives me a sense of accomplishment 😮‍💨🤤 AND because i just wanted to give the stevie, buck and the reader some closure hehe.
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lokigonnakmsforbucky · 9 months ago
Okay, something I never tolerate is people sending people death threats. I have seen a ton of people saying that Wyatt Russell (left) the man who plays John Walker(right) in the new Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Is receiving death threats for absolutely no reason, other than DOING his job. If you hate his character, he is doing his job correctly which is to act. That does not give anyone the right to send him death threats. Hate his character, not him.
Tumblr media
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𝐬𝐨𝐫𝐞 𝐥𝐨𝐬𝐞𝐫
Tumblr media
𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞: im a slut for cockwarming, here's a little thing
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: bucky barnes x reader
𝐫𝐞𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐠𝐬/𝐟𝐞𝐞𝐝𝐛𝐚𝐜𝐤/𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞𝐬 𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐠𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐥𝐲 𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝 & 𝐡𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐥𝐲 𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐚𝐠𝐞𝐝! 𝐡𝐨𝐰𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫, 𝐃𝐎 𝐍𝐎𝐓 𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐭/𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐥 𝐀𝐍𝐘 𝐨𝐟 𝐦𝐲 𝐟𝐢𝐜𝐬!
𝟏𝟖+ 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: 18+, language, unprotected sex, cockwarming, sorry for any missed typos
"Let's play a game." Shifting over to your side, you smile.
The bedroom was dimly lit; only the end table lamps illuminated the space around you. The idea came to you unexpectedly but made you giddy and excited.
"A game?" Bucky's eyebrow lifts in suspicion, propping himself up on his elbow to meet your eye.
Bucky wasn't too keen on games; he always ended up losing or getting too worked up from not understanding the rules- unless they were bedroom games, those he loved.
Nodding, you say:
"It'll be fun! Wanna play?" Bucky sighs, agreeing to whatever game you conjured up in your mind.
The night was like any other weeknight, laying in bed after dinner and relaxing before the busy workday. Bucky liked the stable routine.
In the game, you are going to test Bucky's patience- the already insanely low patience.
Sitting up against the headboard, you pull off your t-shirt.
"Oh, it's one of these games?" Smirking, Bucky sits up- removing his shirt as well.
Licking his lips, Bucky lunges forward to taste your skin, but you pull back- laughing at his neediness. Throwing off the comforter, you shimmy out of your pajama shorts and panties. Bucky stares, completely mesmerized as your bare body rests next to him.
"You too!" Chuckling at his wandering eyes, you gesture to his lower half.
Bucky quickly removes the rest of his clothes, his cock hardening as he watches your breasts fall from the restriction of the bra. Once you're done, you lay on your side, Bucky following suit.
"Rules for the game. Number one: No Moving, no thrusting, wiggling, nothing." The seriousness of your tone makes Bucky question the intensity of the game- thinking it was lighthearted.
"Moving?" Bucky mumbles as you scoot close enough to hook your leg around his.
Understanding what you had in mind as you position his fully erect cock at your entrance, Bucky groans- in frustration and pleasure.
Sinking onto him, your breath hitches, and your lips part. Bucky's chest begins to rise and fall, already despising the rule. Settling onto him, Bucky's eyes squeeze shut. He is trying to distract himself from wanting to move.
"First one to move, loses." Laughing at the pouting man in front of you, you bring your torso to his and your lips to his neck.
This was your chance to really get him going, finally taking the advantage. Most of the bedroom games are introduce by Bucky, and he always has the upper hand- making it difficult for you to win- but this time, you have the upper hand; you hold all the power.
Once he opens his eyes, he sees how much you're enjoying the struggle. His patience might be low, but his stubbornness exceeded his patience.
Bucky wasn't going down without a fight- even with your lips dragging up and down his neck. Soft moans drip from his lips, and his hand caresses the sides of your waist and hip.
There is a moment your eyes caught his, the energy shifting in the room. Looking at each other, really looking- Bucky couldn't help but smile. Your center heated up, arousal coating his cock and dripping from your entrance.
Twitching inside you, Bucky's cock began to throb- desperately needing friction. Bucky's fingers glide up your body, brushing the flyaway hairs from your cheek. The intimacy this moment held is more than either of you anticipated. The desire to move grew, and the game had fallen from both of your minds.
"Fuck this game," Bucky grumbled before breaking eye contact to meet your lips.
Moaning into his mouth as Bucky's cock slides out and fills you back up unexpectedly.
Bucky had lost the game, but you didn't gloat.
All you wanted was him as deep inside you as he possibly could. Your hand finds the side of his face, and your hips met his with each thrust.
Bucky pulls out for a second, only to flip you over. His body now towering over yours, he grabs your legs- spreading them wide and re-entering your cunt. His strokes are deep and slow- and his eyes don't dare to leave yours.
He slides his hands to yours, interlocking them and pinning them above you.
The room is filled with the sounds of his grunts and your heavy breathing and occasional whine. The bed moved with his movements, and you feel like you're floating. The knot tightens in the bottom of your stomach, tightening with every thrust.
Your walls contract around his cock.
"Fuck!" Bucky moans, dropping one of your hands and gripping the headboard.
His thrusts speed up as he approaches his high.
"Bucky- baby- right there!" Bucky knows you're close, he continues- bringing you to your climax.
Gripping and digging your nails into the skin of his lower back, your head digs into the pillows. Your eyes roll back, and the pleasure overwhelms your body- your eyes breaking Bucky's for a moment, too taken back by the pleasure.
"Open those pretty eyes, baby, let see you fall apart." He groans.
Your climax hits your body like a wave; you open your eyes- meeting his. His light blue eyes, darkening with every moment.
"There it is- there's my pretty baby." He moans.
Bucky moans, strokes slowing as his load fills your cunt. Humming at sudden fullness, your body relaxes. Bucky kisses your lips, peppering pecks all over your face. He stays like this for what feels like forever, admiring the sight in front of him.
"No more games." He whispers, breaking the silence, causing you to laugh.
"You're just a sore loser."
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a place called home
Tumblr media
© credits to the author, i found it on google. if you own it, send me a message to add your @.
bucky barnes x reader. ⎢ masterlist.
Request by @dora-wolfram-blog: Hi <3 so happy to see your requests are open! How about ex Avenger reader who can manipulate the forces of nature and she comes to help Sam? (Idk maybe calling fish from the sea so his family can sell and earn enough money for the boat?) There she meets Bucky who she briefly met after endgame and they get to know each other? Domestic stuff is my weak spot so thank you so much luv u <3
word count: 1.206 words.
warnings/tags: none. bucky being a gentleman and sam a pain in the ass as always.
author notes: none of my stories contain reader’s body descriptions to be inclusive.
Join the tag list here.
Tumblr media
Saying that Bucky and you were friends wasn’t something exactly. You fought together a couple of times before you retired from superhero life. Like many of them, the war had finished and you chose calm over being a private agent. More or less like the ex-soldier, with the difference that he went to New York and you didn’t be able to find a home until Sam made you a call. He was quite the opposite of Bucky for you, connecting since the very first second you met. After he told you about his sister’s financial trouble, he offered you a roof to sleep under in exchange for your powers to control the tide and promote the movement of fish stocks. Of course, it was a hit, and you finally found peace in Delacroix. A celebration was inevitable, it was part of Wilsons’ DNA, but you weren’t expecting Bucky to show up with Sam; although he told you in your last call that they were working together. Or something like that.
As soon as your eyes laid on him among the crowd, you knew he had changed after more than six months without seeing each other. You couldn't help but feel happy for Bucky when you saw him smiling for the first time. He had a beautiful and innocent smile, seeming like a new man. Renovated, with want to live, enjoying playing with kids and talking to old men about war stories.
You had placed your back against an oak column, away from the crowd but close enough to check on everyone, in case they need help with anything. A beer was resting against your lips, doubting on continuing drinking, lost in your thoughts. There was something about Bucky going from one side to another, laughing unworried, that had fully captivated your attention. You weren't able to stop looking at him, chuckling when you saw one of Sam's nieces putting a magnet with the form of a crab on his left arm.
“I have that teen-in-love's face on camera”.
You frowned at Redwing some inches away from your face. As a response, you tried to slap it down. But your friend was faster than you controlling that thing.
“He looks good, uh?”
“Oh, shut up…” You replied by clicking your tongue and rolling your eyes, having a sip from your drink to put your eyes away to the sea.
“He asked if you'd be here… Just saying”.
“Shut up, Samuel!” You implored, rubbing the bridge of your nose.
Tumblr media
As the night went on and the guests started to leave, Sarah asked you to take Jim and Jody home while she stayed there cleaning with his brother about the business. You were exhausted too, and she noticed it. And after saying your goodbyes, you headed to the parking where your car was stationed, carrying the younger Wilson onto your arms —peacefully sleeping— as his big brother was yawning loudly. At that point, you realized that it was going to be a tough mission to put them in the car.
“Wait! Lemme help”.
The male voice coming from behind you made you turn around and before you could react, Bucky was taking Jody from your arms to his. You smirked softly in response, looking for the key in the right pocket of your jacket to unlock the car. The soldier tucked the younger in the back seat, placing the belt around him as Jim occupied the other side of the SUV.
“It's been good to see you”. You said after closing the door, staying outside in front of him.
“Same”. He replied, not knowing what else to say.
Puckering your lips and clapping the key on your palm, you nodded with your chin, feeling the nerves running through your veins. “Good night, Bucky”.
“Good night, (Y/N)”.
You gave him your back, sighing inappreciably, to open the pilot's place and came in.
“He— Hey, wait”.
“Sam told me… you were tired. I might give you a ride back home. I can wait for him there”. The offering made you glance towards him, already sitting in your car but with a leg rest on the ground. “If you want, I mean…”
Of course he did (...). That son of a bitch had the audacity to push you onto the other. You bit your inner cheek, landing your eyes on the wheel. Yes, you were tired. You woke up at five to sail with Sarah, then you organized the party and cooked for it. You hadn't had a single second of rest during the whole day. And Sam took advantage of it, feeling like he was some kind of Cupido. And you had to recognize that it was also very considerate coming from Bucky.
“I'd appreciate it… actually”. You ended up agreeing, stepping out to give him the keys and ceding your seat.
The ride was silent between the two of you, hearing some quiet indie music playing on the radio while you fought against your brain to stay awake. Luckily, it didn't take him too long to reach Sarah's house —although you were barely keeping your eyes open at this point. Again, he helped you with the kids, walking indoors and following you to their respective rooms. You tucked Jim and Jody on their beds, making sure they were comfy before placing a kiss on their foreheads and wishing them a good night. Bucky had rested his back against the wall, in front of the elder’s room, just waiting for you. And you could swear that you saw him briefly smirking because of the tenderness in your actions.
After closing the last door, you waved your head to urge him to follow you downstairs to the living room. With an exhausted sigh escaping your lips, you let your body fall on the sofa, curling on a side of it to give Bucky some space. You couldn’t help but yawn, turning on the TV by using the control remote.
“It’s good to have a home to come back”.
“Yeah… After all the shitty situations we’ve been through… We deserved a rest, don’t you think?” You replied grabbing a cushion from the floor, using it as a pillow over the armrest. “Sorry, I… I’m deadly tired…”
“Come here, that will hurt when you wake up”.
Bucky didn’t hesitate on beckoning to his arms, taking off his boots heel against heel to place both legs over the coffee table. You didn’t resist, knowing it would be comfier by his way. Sitting up, you lied to the opposite side, being wrapped instantly and snuggled against his warm body. Shameless, you rest your head on his right forearm, practically laying over his lap. But you felt good. You felt like it was a good reward after a long day, rolling down your eyelids and focusing on the caresses in your hair you didn’t know you needed.
For a moment, your mind wandered and fantasized about this last hour being part of your real life. Putting your kids to sleep and then cuddle with your husband till falling asleep. Smell Bucky’s strong and edgy scent. Your hands scratching his back. His fingertips stroking your scalp. Your legs laced (...)
Oh, God, Sam. What did you do?
Tumblr media
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blanketbarnes · 5 months ago
𝐛𝐞𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐢𝐟𝐮𝐥 𝐦𝐞𝐬𝐬
Tumblr media
summary: your doctor accidentally inseminates you with the sperm of the city's biggest mob boss, James Buchanan Barnes. (Jane the Virgin AU)
pairing: mob!bucky barnes x fem!reader
themes/warnings: fluff, smut, slow burn, accidental pregnancy, angst
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
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ambrosiase · 2 months ago
waitttt i’m curious.. in forever and a day au what would bucky do when say astra is old enough to go to pre k and all the other dads gawk over you / what you would do if the moms were gawking over bucky
𝐠𝐫𝐞𝐞𝐧 | 𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐚 𝐝𝐚𝐲 𝐚𝐮
Tumblr media
pairing: bucky barnes x fem!reader
notes: grace, i love this!! first half is how bucky reacts, and the second is how reader does. i hope you enjoy it xo
au masterlist
Tumblr media
“Does he do that often?” Derek, the father of the five year old boy playing with your daughter asks, an apprehensive glance toward your husband who stands across the classroom.
“Hm?” Your eyes drift over to the brunette, biting back a laugh at the annoyance that shows on his face. “Oh, Bucky? Don’t worry, you get used to it.”
It doesn’t take long for the man in question to make his way over to you, hand coming to rest on your lower back with a false smile. “Hi sweetheart, who’s this?”
“This is Derek—”
“David,” he interjects sheepishly.
It’s then you feel Bucky relax, when you hadn’t even bothered to remember the guy’s name.
“Right, David.” You nudge your husband’s side playfully when you hear him snicker. “If my head wasn’t screwed on, y’know?”
“It’s totally fine, no offence taken.”
Bucky covers his mouth with a hand, trying to not show his amusement — to which you grab his arm and begin pulling him away.
“Nice meeting you, Dean!” He calls over his shoulder.
“You’re an ass,” you mutter under your breath, trying to hold back your laughter.
Leaning down to your ear, Bucky teases. “You love my ass.”
Tumblr media
When Astra’s teacher rang one Saturday afternoon, you found it odd when she assumed Bucky would answer the phone. Still, you thought nothing of it as you agreed to a meeting with her to discuss your daughter’s progress.
“It’s so great of you to invite us to talk about Astra, we’ve been so nervous having her start early.” You explain, feeling Bucky interlock your fingers with his.
She nods, though her eyes remain on your husband — light and cheery as she runs her fingers through her hair.
“She’s a great kid,” Miss Ryder compliments. “Very bright, and inquisitive.”
Bucky grins as he looks over at you. “Our little star gets that from her mother.”
Before you can reply, the other woman interjects, “Oh don’t sell yourself short, Mr. Barnes.”
It’s not that you’re a jealous person — far from it. But the airy tittle that leaves her has you close to taking on an infamous Barnes glare.
“I’m not,” his tone is sweet as he squeezes your hand. “But my wife definitely has one over me, she’s getting her P.H.D — gonna be Dr. Barnes soon enough.”
You know Bucky wouldn’t have picked up on her flirting; the man was useless when it came to reading women, but it warmed your heart to hear him praise you.
It sure pulled that bottom lip out from between her teeth.
“Says the man whose saved the universe countless times.” Maybe it was silly, but you still leant over to press a kiss to his stubble.
Bucky turns back to the teacher. “We make a great team.” He tells her kindly before adding, “So, was there anything else about Astra you wanted to mention?”
Miss Ryder crosses her arms, chest rising. “Nope. That was all.”
“Thank you,” you keep your voice sincere. “Astra’s lucky to have a teacher who cares so much about her well-being, we appreciate it.”
Her smile is sharp. “No problem, thank you for coming.”
“Funny,” Bucky quirks a brow at you. “That’s exactly what I’ll be saying later tonight.”
Oh, so maybe he did realise.
You push him towards the door with a beaming smile. “Men, what can you do?”
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itsallyscorner · 9 months ago
I was wondering if you can write something about reader x marvel cast where they go on the tour bus with James Corden. Maybe reader is dating a costar (you can choose who)
We Are Avengers
Pairing: Marvel cast x reader, Sebastian Stan x Fem!reader
Summary: Basically what happens during James Corden’s Star Star Tour😌
Warnings: None :)
Hello darling, thank you for the request! I apologize that it took so long for me to write, but I’ve been busy with school and I’ve been lacking motivation in general. But thank you so much for this request, it gave me the chance to rewatch one of my favorite Marvel cast videos so thank you for that as well, it never fails to make me smile. I hope you don’t mind that I chose Seb as the co-star you’re dating! Also, yes, I know I’ve been writing a lot of headcanons but writing this as a headcanon seems like the best way to write it for me😭 I’m gonna add in some pictures that the cast took with their disposable cameras, so enjoy😉
Tumblr media
(GIF from Pinterest)
✧───── ・ 。゚★: *. ☽.* :★. ─────✧
When it was mentioned that you and some other members of the Infinity War cast were going to be on James Corden, you were very excited.
You enjoyed making appearances on late night talk shows; Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel—they were always fun to be on. Though you’ve always loved making appearances on James Corden’s show.
When you first heard about being on The Late Late Show, you were expecting to do a typical interview in the studio that would lead to playing a game later on in the show.
What you didn’t expect was to be led out to the parking lot with the rest of the cast, only to be greeted by a double decker bus with James’ face plastered alongside it.
At first you were all a bit confused but one of the producers came up to you all and explained the segment you were all filming.
Everyone was buzzing with exhilaration waiting to get on the bus. One by one you were called up, you being paired with Sebastian.
Wait, he would make you go up the stairs first so he can stay behind you, making sure you don’t fall. Omg and he would place his hand on your lower back too😭🥺
“Wow—Marvel’s own power couple, it’s such an honor to have you both on here. Thank you for coming!” James greeted the both of you. Partially acting because the cameras were rolling.
You and Sebastian beamed at him, proud of the title the fans and your cast mates have given you both over the years. “It’s always a pleasure to see you, James.”
James gives you both your name tags, pausing mid way while he was handing Seb his. James’ gaze shifts between you and Seb, “I’m sorry, you’re just both so beautiful.”
Seb bashfully thanks him, pulling you towards the seats, as you giggle behind him.
You and Seb sit towards the back, behind Don and Tom.
You all sit tight, talking amongst yourselves as you wait for the bus to start. In the seats were disposable cameras and some Late Late Show merch.
The bus hasn’t started driving yet, but you were all having too much fun with the disposable cameras.
Everyone was just taking pictures of each other. You and Seb took a couple selfies and some stolen shots of the others, mostly Anthony.
You even got a cute shot of Don and Tom:
Tumblr media
Yes I know they used disposable cameras but I decided to tie in my ‘Polaroid’ series into this even though they’re not using Polaroids—just go with it😭
Tumblr media
Being the more social one in the relationship, you were going up and down the aisle talking to everyone.
Seb stayed towards the back with Anthony and Winston. While you were at the front talking to Lizzie and Chris.
Being sad when you were all told to go sit down because you had to leave Lizzie.
Tumblr media
Though it probably wasn’t shown in the video, I just KNOW that the filming for this segment was chaotic as fuck.
Chaotic in a good way.
But the whole bus was loud I just know it.
You could hear Mackie across from you talking loudly and laughing that contagious laugh of his.
You, Lizzie, Pom, and Zoe attempting to talk to each other from different spots on the bus over everyone else’s voice.
Chris and Paul can also be heard laughing all the way from the back.
James feeling like a parent because it felt like he was babysitting a bunch of toddlers.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The whole thing was freaking chaotic from the start, I mean ya’ll started the ‘tour’ with Benedict and Chris rubbing sunscreen on James’ legs.
Everyone passing around the sunscreen after, because it was sunny as hell and no one thought of wearing sunscreen.
Seb being a cheeky asshole and ‘accidentally’ smearing sunscreen across your face.
“Sebastian!” You gasped before a flash of light went off on you. When your eyes recovered from the flash you see Seb holding up a camera at you, snickering to himself.
James began to act as your guide, pointing out things like a coffee shop and explaining what it is.
All of you being childish and pretending to not know what a coffee shop or what a line is.
Laughing at Don when he got out of his seat and took a picture of the coffee shop. Like how he got into an over exaggerated position just to take a picture was funny.
Everyone being childish and acting as actual tourist in Los Angeles. Like pointing things out and asking about them or taking pictures of literally everything you drove by.
When Reggie Watts began that sing along thing everyone joined in, bopping and dancing along to the beat.
Like you guys are just having a really great time, happy to be in each other’s presence.
You could hear Sebby singing along to Reggie beside you, and you couldn’t help but just adore him singing and having fun.
He’d notice your stare, he may have had sunglasses on, but you could see the crinkle of his eyes from behind his sunglasses as he smiled at you.
“Na, na, na, na, na, na!” Seb repeated, leaning towards you to press a kiss on your temple.
Throughout the whole ride, he’d have his arm along the back of your seat or have it across your lap.
After the sing along, James went back to acting as a tour guide. He pointed to a red building—whatever it was—and deemed it as “Barbra Streisand’s holiday home”.
Josh Brolin, who was sat along at the back of the deck, raised his hand. “Excuse me! I—uh don’t mean to interrupt, but I have to use the bathroom. Can I use the bathroom?”
James pretending to cringe and telling him that in order to use the bathroom you have to be in three or more Marvel movies to use the bathroom—end credits don’t count.
Everyone being childish once again and yelling “OHHHHHHH!” Like a bunch of school kids.
James points to Tom, “Tom Hiddleston do you need the bathroom?”
Tom, with his soft voice and a small shrug says, “I’m actually okay!”
James then points to you and Seb, “My lovebirds at the back, Sebastian, (Y/n), do either of you need the bathroom?”
You and Seb glance at each other, “Nah we’re good.” Your boyfriend answers.
“Yeah, I used the bathroom before we came here.” You look behind your shoulder at Josh, a smug expression on your face, “Unlike some people.”
Josh flipping you off while everyone laughs at him.
Tumblr media
Since Anthony and Seb aren’t sitting together, I just know that Anthony would be yelling at Seb from across the bus to get his attention.
No seriously, I saw them in the background of the video and even heard Mackie yelling lmao😭😂
“(Y/n) call Sebastian!” Anthony yelled at you from across the bus, pointing to the man beside you with a grin on his face.
You chuckle and nudge Seb, “Your boyfriend’s calling you.”
Seb would shake his head at you and turn his attention to Anthony; who just wanted to take a picture of Seb from his side of the bus.
James trying to get spoilers out of all of you but thankfully you all aren’t Tom Holland or Mark Ruffalo.
“Does anyone on this bus die in the next Avengers?” James asked. Suddenly you were all quiet, not a word coming out of any of you.
Until Paul began to scream his infamous line, “snITCHES END UP IN DITCHES!”
Getting confused when James suddenly asked the bus to stop and ran off the bus.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Next thing you know, you’re all hopping off the bus and walking into a comic store with a Spider-Man statue at the front.
Seb motioned to the statue and looked back and Anthony, “We gotta get a picture with that.”
Anthony instantly agreeing—he was willing to do anything to tease Tom Holland.
Seb’s not that huge with PDA, but he always needs to be touching you. So he’ll be interlocking your hands with his the moment you walk off the bus and all the way into the comic store.
Feeling thrilled to surprise the people who were shopping at the store.
You all walked around, mingled with some fans, taking selfies with them, and signed a few things.
You were looking at some Funko Pops with Lizzie when you felt a small tap on your leg.
You looked down to see a small girl looking up at you with wide eyes full of admiration. In her tiny hands was a Funko Pop of your character.
You and Lizzie instantly coo at the toddler, crouching down to her level so you can talk.
“Hey, sweetheart!” You greet her, taken back when she suddenly wraps her arms around you into a hug. You laugh wrapping your arms around her small figure and hugging her back.
“I love you so much!” She squeals into your ear, arms tightening around you. Your heart swelled as she excitedly babbled about how much she loved your character and how you were her favorite.
“I love you too! Oh my gosh, you’re so cute!” You decide to carry the toddler, who you later learned was named Lila. Her parents scolded her for distracting you from the other fans in the store, but you brushed them off, your attention focused on your tiny fan.
You carried her around while you met other fans and signed more comic books and merch.
You even introduced her to your other cast mates.
Sebastian’s heart absolutely melting at the sight of you with a baby.
Homie wants to wife you up one day and seeing you with a baby made his baby fever sky rocket.
“Lila, this is Sebastian! You know who he plays right?” You ask the toddler in your arms. Sebastian ducking a bit so he could hear her over the commotion in the store.
“Yeah, he’s the wiener soldier!” She replied. Both you and Seb had to hold back your laughs at her answer.
Lila bragging about how she loves you more than Sebastian.
Seb having to agree because he doesn’t wanna make a toddler cry.
Before you all left, you took pictures with Lila and her parents and signed a bunch of her merch.
Tumblr media
^ the boys got their picture.
You guys get back on the bus only to come back to rolls of paper under your seats.
You all sang the “Avengers” song, singing screaming the lyrics dramatically.
Don and Anthony bringing on the vocals.
Before you guys get off the bus you all take a selfie together.
Leaving Chris Hemsworth on the bus and walking off the bus with your heart all warm and fuzzy because you had an amazing time with your boyfriend and your friends :)
This is so long holy shit
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