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cxddlyash · 2 days ago
One Night Stand?
Tumblr media
Pairing: Mickey Henry x Reader
Words: 1800+
Warnings smutty smut smut. Somnophilia- if you're not into that. Basically means you want to have sex with an unconscious person.
Hope you enjoy my first Mickey fic! Uh, I'm not entirely sure how I feel about it but it is quite hot so 🤷🏻‍♀️ much love and as always, let me know what you think! xox
"Oh, no," you mumble to yourself as you notice your ex-boyfriend, Chad, standing a few feet in front of you. You look around, not finding any of your friends, and begin to panic. "Fuck, fuck, fuck."
Chad starts walking in your direction when your eyes land on an attractive man standing near a group of girls. You bite your lip, contemplating the idea running through your head before downing the rest of your drink.
Fuck it. You think to yourself before walking towards him. "Hey!" You call out to him, causing the man to turn towards you, "I missed you!"
Your hand rests on the back of his neck before you pull his face closer to yours. He lets out a moan when your lips connect, feeling his hands gripping your hips. The cute stranger kisses you back, pulling your body closer to his as your fingers run through his hair.
The girls standing behind him scoff and you pull away from him, your heart pounding against your chest. "Well, I missed you as well," the man laughs while sliding his hands up your sides.
He rests his forehead against yours as your hands rest on his shoulders. "Is he gone?" You whisper loud enough for him to hear and the man picks his head up before looking around. "He's wearing a black t-shirt that has little skulls on it."
"He's gone. You okay?"
You're nodding your head while looking up at him, finally getting a good look. Your breath hitches in your throat at how breathtaking he looks up close. His blue eyes stare down at you and you begin to feel your cheeks blush. "I-I'm sorry about that. It's just-"
"It's no problem," he cuts you off with a cute smile, seeing the dimples indenting his cheeks. "I'll always help out a lady in need."
A chuckle leaves your lips and you tuck a strand of hair behind your ear, realizing that his hands are still on your hips. "You can let go of me now," you mumble shyly, bringing your bottom lip between your teeth.
The man hums in response as his blue eyes glance down at his hands. "I could, but… I kinda wanna kiss you again," he mentions and your eyes widen, not expecting that response from him.
"Well," you trail off while bringing your hands to his chest, fiddling with the button down he's wearing, "I'll gladly kiss you again, but only if you tell me your name."
He lets out a laugh and grips your hips again, pressing his body against yours. "Name's Mickey," he introduces and brushes his lips across yours.
"Mickey," you repeat as your eyes flutter closed, your stomach flipping. "Cute."
Mickey lets out another hum before capturing your bottom lip between his teeth, tugging gently. A short moan escapes your throat as your grip on his shirt tightens. "What about you, darling? What's your name?"
Your heart pounds wildly against your chest as you stutter out your name before quickly pressing your lips to his again. One of Mickey's hands travels down your hips before grabbing your ass, a gasp leaving your lips.
"Do you want to get out of here?" He mumbles against your lips.
"Yeah… yeah," you breathe out a moan while wrapping an arm around his neck. "Please."
Mickey laces your fingers with his before leading you towards the front door or the club. Giggles leave both of your lips as the two of you run down the street, hands still clasped together.
The brunette pulls you down an alleyway before pressing you against the brick wall. "God, you're breathtaking," Mickey mumbles while pressing his lips to yours.
A gasp escapes your throat when Mickey bites down on your bottom lip. He slips his tongue between your lips, deepening the kiss. His hands slide up the back of your thighs before lifting you in his arms.
"Mickey," you whisper against the man's lips, your arms wrapping around his neck. "Fuck, I need you."
A low growl comes from his lips as your fingers glide through his hair, tugging gently at the ends. "You want me, baby? Hm?" He teases you while slipping one of his hands under your dress.
"I do, Mickey," you moan while looking down at him. The blue-eyed man's fingers into your panties and a sharp gasp leaves your lips as he rubs your clit.
Your eyes flutter shut, leaning your head against the wall behind you. Mickey's lips glide across your chest, nipping at your skin every few seconds. A string of moans escapes your throat when two of his fingers slip into your pussy.
Mickey looks up at you through his lashes, the man finding your moans to be incredibly hot. He adjusts his grip on you before removing his fingers from you. A whimper leaves your lips, causing the brunette to chuckle. "Hold on, baby," he mumbles while setting your feet back on the ground.
He drops to his knees before dragging your panties down your legs, letting the fabric pool at your ankles. Your chest heaves rapidly as you watch him spread your legs a bit. His blue eyes meet yours and a loud moan leaves you when his lips come into contact with your slit.
Mickey lets out a groan, the vibrations of it eliciting another moan from you. His tongue wraps around your clit as his fingers glide back into you.
"Gah, fuck, Mickey!" You roll your hips, one of your hands gripping the shirt he's wearing.
His tongue leaves your clit before littering kisses along your abdomen. Mickey removes his fingers from you again and stands up straight.
"Fuck me, Mickey," you plead as his fingers splay across your throat.
Your lips connect with his as his free hand unbuckles his pants. Mickey's hand moves from his hand from your throat before hiking your leg up.
You wrap your arms around his neck, your chest pressing against his as Mickey slips himself inside you. A moan leaves your lips as he bottoms out and the brunette's lips move the strap of your dress from your shoulder.
"You feel so good. So tight," he grunts against your skin, his lips nipping at your warm flesh.
You tilt your head back as Mickey thrusts into you, your moans echoing off of the brick walls. Your fingers card through his brunette hair, tugging at the ends.
"Fuck," the man grunts before tightening his grip on your hips.
Lights flashed in your eyes and you grunt at the brightness. "Hey!" A loud voice booms, causing both of you to jump. Mickey quickly pulls out of you before pulling his pants up. "Get out of here!"
You breathe heavily as Mickey grabs your hand before the two of you take off down the street. Giggles leave your lips as you glance over your shoulder, seeing the man give you the stink eye.
"Where are we going?" You laugh, the two of you finally slowing down. Mickey looks over his shoulder before moving his gaze to you.
A smile graces his lips and laces your fingers together. "Well, we can either go to my place or yours?" He smirks before wetting his lips.
"Lead the way, Mickey," you grin before he kisses your lips quickly.
Mickey glances down at you, your chest rising and falling gently as you sleep beside him. His blue eyes come across the hickies littered across your neck and chest, a smirk coming to his lips.
Flashes of the night before fill his mind and Mickey moves his hand towards your bare waist. He presses a soft kiss to your shoulder, causing you to scoot closer to him.
A groan leaves your lips as Mickey trails his fingers down your hips before resting on your thighs. "Fuck, you're so pretty," he whispers against your skin and shifts his position slightly.
The brunette spreads your legs apart, seeing your glistening slit on display. A short moan leaves Mickey's lips and drags them up to your inner thigh. He situates himself between your thighs before thumbing your clit.
Mickey sucks your inner thigh, leaving a few more love bites on your skin. He rubs your clit gently while looking up at you through his lashes. You're still fast asleep when a light moan escapes your lips.
You shift a bit and move your arms above your head. Mickey's hands glide up your thighs and wrap his arms around them before dragging his tongue up your slit.
A groan leaves Mickey's lips, loving the way you taste on his tongue. "Mmph," he groans. Your hips buck into him as he vigorously eats you out. Mickey's cock twitches at the moans leaving your lips.
One of his hands glides up your body before gripping your breast. His fingers squeeze your hardened nipple, pulling more gasps from you. His blue eyes watch you squirm underneath him and your eyes flutter open.
Your fingers grip the pillow beneath your head, a sharp gasp escaping your lips. "M-Mickey," you moan and glance down to see the brunette laying between your thighs.
He pulls away from you, juices glistening on his chin. "Morning, gorgeous," Mickey smirks before lowering between your thighs again.
You roll your eyes back as his tongue dips into your core. You arch your back before moving your hands to his hair, tugging on the ends. "Fuck!"
You bite your bottom lip as Mickey tongue fucks you, feeling your toes curling. His nose nudges your clit, causing you to let out a breathy gasp.
"Fuck, you're insatiable," Mickey groans after pulling away. He shifts a bit and slips two of his fingers into you, the tips of them brushing against your g-spot.
Mickey's tongue rolls around your clit while pumping his fingers in and out of you quickly. Your stomach twists as you grow closer to your orgasm, lustful moans echoing off of the walls.
"Oh, yes! Please make me cum," you beg, feeling your coil begin to unravel. Mickey hums against your clit, his fingering quickening.
"Cum for me, gorgeous. C'mon," he groans and presses a sloppy kiss to your inner thigh.
The brunette's eyes glance up at you, wanting to see you cum. You buck your hips against his fingers, fucking yourself on them. "I-I'm cumming!" You scream, gripping the sheets beside you as you cum on Mickey's fingers.
He grins widely and slows his fingering and prolongs your orgasm a smidge. A breathy chuckle leaves your lips as you come down from your high, your chest heaving rapidly.
"Hopefully that was a good wake-up call," Mickey grins while shuffling to lay beside you.
You lean in to kiss his lips and taste yourself on them. "Mm, it was very good," you mumble against his lips before nuzzling your face into his neck.
Mickey trails his fingertips along your side as silence fills his bedroom. "You think we could do this again?" He asks quietly, his eyes staring out the window.
You hum in response as you draw random shapes with your fingers. "I would like that," you mumble loud enough for him to hear. Your lips pepper gentle kisses to his chest before resting your eyes. "I would like that a lot."
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angrythingstarlight · a day ago
Spanking with Chris
Tumblr media
Or bondage with Andy?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Spanking with Chris. Oral fem rec. Implied public sex. Sinday drabble #1.
Tumblr media
You've been a brat all day and he's been quietly biding his time. Patiently waiting for you to do one more thing. He doesn't care what it is at this point.
And then you kick his bike. In front of his men.
Chris chuckles, slowly and so darkly that it sends a shiver down your back. All your brattiness drains away when you see the simmering rage in his clear blue eyes but it's too late now.
Before you can stammer out an apology, he's walking towards you, his worn dusty boots thudding louder and louder with each step. You back up until your thighs hit the edge of his seat. He takes one last drag of his cigarette and flicks it behind him.
Without a word, he flips you over his bike, the soft padding of the seat cushioning your belly. "Wait, wait I'm sorry," you cry out, feeling his rough hands yank your skirt up.  
He palms your ass, pushing your panties down. "No, you're not." He smirks down at your flailing body, his bottom lip rolling between his teeth as he focuses on your ass. "But you will be."
The first strike sends a ripple of pain across your ass that feels so good you almost moan. But you know better, if he ever finds out how much you love being spanked, he'll find a new way to "punish" you.
The feel of his calloused hand and his smooth metal rings on your skin has your pussy soaked, your clit throbbing, and begging for his tongue. He keeps slapping your ass over and over the pain building until you're crying out.
You've lost track of how many times he's spanked you but he knows exactly how hard to smack your ass, drawing out the sensations until he can see your pussy glistening from your arousal.
He chuckles again, this time his voice deepening with lust, and it sends another shiver through your body. "You're making a mess on my bike darlin'".
A cool breeze hits your heated cunt, his large hands spreading your thighs apart as he kneels down. "Guess I'll have to clean you up and then finish your punishment when we get home."
Your eyes widen and another wave of slick pours of you. Oh god, oh yes fuck yes. He's going to eat you out. From behind. On his bike. In front of his clubhouse.
His warm wet tongue slides between your folds and he circles your clit. It feels so good, you can't contain your sobs of pleasure.
He's so sloppy, the wet sloshing as he devours you echoing across the yard and you keen when he pushes two thick fingers into your cunt, his cold rings rubbing over your soft spongy patch sending sparks through your body.
His other hand digs into your ass, the pain mixing with the fiery sensations from his tongue. "S'good, its s'good". oh, fuck you're screaming but you can't control yourself.
He doesn't let up until he feels you cum around his fingers, his beard drenched as you cry out his name.
Standing up, he smugly observes your quivering body, smacking your ass one last time, a small cry slipping from your lips, you groan at the feel of your panties being slide back up.
"Learn your lesson darlin'?"
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peterbarnes · a day ago
Finally Okay
Summary: You're a journalist who gets trapped in the GRC building the night the Flag Smashers attack it. What lengths will Bucky go to to get you back?
Word Count: 1.9k
Tumblr media
“Buck, we got a hit,” Sam told him over the phone. His usual childish humor was completely absent from his tone, instead replaced with a rare intensity.
“Where?” Bucky swiftly responded, picking himself up from your couch and running to the bedroom.
“Right in your backyard. The GRC is voting on the Patch Act tonight, the Flag Smashers are planning to pay them a little visit.”
Bucky froze right as he went to grab his suit from your closet.
“Shit. Sam, I’ll be there, but I gotta call you back,” he rushed, fumbling with the phone.
Bucky hit the red button on the screen aggressively with his metal thumb before clicking on your contact.
“Come on, come on, pick up,” he grumbled under his breath, his grip on the phone tightening. Any more pressure and it would crush between his fingers.
“This is [Y/N]. Sorry I missed your call-”
Bucky cursed, hanging up before calling again at least five times. He let out a frustrated sigh before deciding to leave a voicemail. He waited impatiently for the beep, his foot tapping against the wooden floor at an alarming pace.
“Hey, doll, it’s me. I know you said you were out working tonight and, knowing you, you went for the biggest story- the GRC. But look… Sam got intel that the Flag Smashers are going to be there tonight. I told you I wasn’t gonna get you involved in this shit, honey, and I plan to keep my promise. So please call me and tell me where you are so I can come and take care of you-”
The beep sounded and Bucky’s shaking voice was cut off. His heart started to race and the feeling was so debilitating that an airy feeling began to overcome his body. The world faded to blur around him as he tried to gain his barrings.
“Come on, soldier,” Bucky grumbled to himself, taking deep breaths and trying to get his panic to subside. Frightful images flashed through his mind- you getting shot, you getting tortured. So much blood. Anger bloomed in Bucky’s chest at the thought of someone hurting you. He gritted his teeth before snatching his suit from the closet and racing out the door.
“Maybe this wasn’t the best idea,” Jimmy said from next to you. He was still holding his camera, but his hands shook so much you thought he might drop it.
“Well, I didn’t exactly expect terrorists to show up out of fucking nowhere!” You scolded, trying to keep your voice as quiet as possible.
You were both cramped under one of the diplomat’s desks, trying to stay out of sight from the Flag Smashers that had just barged into the Meeting Hall. They circled around the room, guns in hand, ready to shoot the next person who steps out of line. When you first saw them you tried to make a run for it, but the doors were barricaded and the only way out was through the windows… a hundred stories above the ground.
“You should always expect terrorists to show up out of nowhere!” He freaked out.
You felt your phone keep buzzing in your pocket and you itched to grab it but with the way you were positioned in such a tight space, you couldn’t reach it.
“Jimmy,” you whispered to him.
“What?” He shot you a glare.
“I need you to grab my phone from my pocket. I can’t reach and you’re right next to it.”
“Are you serious?! If you call 911, they’ll hear you!”
“Then it’s a good thing I’m not calling 911.”
You stared each other down for a few seconds, daring the other to back off. After a few seconds, Jimmy huffed and rolled his eyes.
“Fine, hold on.”
He shifted a bit, trying to wiggle his arms through the confined space towards your jacket. After a few failed attempts in which your phone almost dropped to the marble floor, he finally secured it in his hand, passing it towards you.
“Thanks,” you whispered before clicking on the screen.
The brightness nearly blinded you and you were quick to turn it down before it drew anyone else’s attention.
12 Missed Calls From Jamie
1 New Voicemail
20 Messages From Jamie
“Shit,” you whispered to yourself, hurriedly unlocking your phone and tapping on his messages. They were all somewhat similar: Where are you? Call me back. Please tell me if you’re okay.
Your chest ached as you thought of how panicked he must be. Bucky had the biggest heart of anyone you’d ever met, and the idea of someone he loved being in trouble scared him more than anything- especially if that someone was you.
You: I’m okay
Jamie: Doll, where are you?
You: Top floor with all the diplomats. Flag smashers are here. Doors barricaded.
Jamie: I’m coming to get you, don’t do anything stupid
You: Hey! I don’t do stupid things
Jamie: Are you being sarcastic? I can’t tell over text
“Jesus Christ,” you let out, slapping your forehead with your palm.
“Okay here’s the plan-”
“No time,” Bucky interrupted as he barged through the front doors to the GRC building.
“What do you mean no time? Bucky, there are lives on the line-”
“I know that. Which is why I need to get up there now.”
Bucky’s breaths were ragged as he climbed the steps three stairs at a time.
“Bucky,” Sam started with a certain softness in his tone. “Who’s up there?”
“What do you mean? There’s plenty of people up there-”
“Who do you know who’s up there? I haven’t seen you like this in the field before- panicked, erratic.”
Bucky took a deep breath, pausing his movements on the stairs and clutching onto the railing.
“I… Her name’s [Y/N]. We’ve been seeing each other for the past few months.” He grimaced, uncomfortable with the sudden emotional weight of their conversation. “She’s a journalist and she’s up there and… I can’t let anything happen to her, Sam, I can’t…”
His voice trailed off as the images flashed through his mind again. The lump in his throat grew and threatened to force a sob from his throat.
“Okay, I understand,” Sam whispered. “But rushing into it with no plan isn’t going to help her. It might even do the opposite. So, here’s what we’re going to do...”
You noticed a few things about the Meeting Hall you were stuck in: the cries of panicked people as they tried to hide throughout the room, the red lighting that sent a shiver down your spine because of how ominous it was. What you didn’t notice was the figure in red, white, and blue barreling towards the window closest to you. The impact was loud and sent glass shattering to the ground. You jumped at the sudden noise and shielded your face from the shards of glass. You peeked out from under the desk, Jimmy right alongside you, and your jaw dropped.
“That’s Falcon!” Jimmy gasped in relief.
“I don’t think he’s Falcon anymore, Jim.”
“Sharon, Bucky, what’s going on on your end?” Sam spoke into his comms.
“Bucky,” You whispered before shooting up from under the desk.
“[Y/N]! What the hell are you doing?!” Jimmy called after you.
You ducked and dodged through the masses of people in your way, rushing towards where Sam stood heroically, shield in hand.
“Falcon- or, uh, Captain America, sir?” You stumbled, adjusting your outfit that had become immensely wrinkled since you put it on earlier.
He looked at you curiously before noticing the lanyard that lay on your chest.
[Y/N] [Y/L/N]- The Daily Bugle
“You’re [Y/N]?” He asked.
“Yes, yes, that’s me,” you told him while nodding quickly. “I heard you say Bucky’s name. Is he here?”
“Downstairs. I unlocked the doors, so start heading down, I’ll tell him to meet you. Be careful, we don’t know how many there are,” he warned.
His attention was quickly pulled away from you as a Flag Smasher came charging at him, knife in hand. Sam threw the shield so precisely it hit him right in the front of his calves, knocking the man off his feet and slamming his head into the ground.
“Go,” he repeated.
You quickly took off towards the stairs. Your legs moved so quickly, you were shocked that you didn’t fall at some point. They burned and begged you to stop but you refused. The only thing that was on your mind was Bucky.
Bucky. Bucky. Get to Bucky.
You were so caught up in finding him that you didn’t realize there was someone in front of you. You ran into them at full speed, smashing into their chest so hard it felt more like a wall.
“Ow,” you let out, closing your eyes and rubbing your forehead as you stumbled back. “Shit, sorry about that.”
All you got in response was a chuckle, which then led to them letting out the biggest, most beautiful laugh. One that you’d heard many times before.
Your eyes shot open as you took in the tall, broad, and dark-haired figure in front of you. Tears stained his eyes although you couldn’t tell if it was from his laughter or from his utter relief that you were safe. Maybe both. But you didn’t take the time to think about it before launching yourself in his arms.
The first time he ever held you, you came to the realization that you had never felt truly safe before, because this, him, was what true safety felt like.
His arms snaked around your waist holding you to him tightly. He pressed scattered kisses across any ounce of you he could touch- your hair, forehead, cheek, nose, eyes, lips.
When he kissed your lips, it was meant to be a quick peck before he moved onto a different area of your skin, but you moved your hands up, cupping his face gently and pulling him into you further. He melted into your embrace, his lips melding with your own. The fluttering of his eyelashes against your cheek was familiar, and for the first time in hours, your anxiety eased.
“I love you,” he mumbled against your lips. “Love you so much, babydoll.”
“Love you too, Buck,” you whispered back, smiling brightly.
“Maybe stick to smaller stories from now on, huh?” He joked.
“No promises,” you snorted, rolling your eyes and pressing your forehead against his.
For all you know you could have been standing there with him for hours. Time didn’t seem to pass when you were around him. The outside world would blur, but he was clearer than ever.
“Come on,” he told you. “Let’s go home.”
He removed his arms from your waist but you instinctively grabbed onto his metal one, interlacing his fingers with your own. His heart skipped a beat, as it always did when you went for that arm. He didn’t understand how you could love it, how you could love him. But at the end of the day, it didn’t matter, because you did.
“You okay?” You asked him softly, noticing his pensive expression.
“Yeah,” he responded, wearing a slight smile. “I think I’m finally okay.”
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chriscvans · 3 hours ago
𝒅𝒂𝒕𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒃𝒖𝒄𝒌𝒚 𝒘𝒐𝒖𝒍𝒅 𝒊𝒏𝒄𝒍𝒖𝒅𝒆…
Tumblr media
okay, bucky is the ultimate Boyfriend Material.
he’s be the most romantic boyfriend ever omg!!
bucky is shy, introverted and such a nerd, bless him 😭
when you have trouble sleeping he reads for you, and it always works because he plays with your hair as he lulls you to sleep with his soothing voice.
lots of cuddling (he’s the little spoon 75% of the time).
tip of the nose kisses, cheek kisses, forehead kisses, hand kisses...
also, neck kisses, but those are reserved for intimate times ;)
bucky calls you “sweetheart” or a fun version of your name and you call him “buck” or “bucket” just to piss him off.
he learns new cooking recipes to do a fun date night every once in a while.
speaking of date nights, bucky always finds time to be with you. he loves to plan date nights; sometimes you both go to a nice restaurant, but he still likes to do date night at home, do the cooking and hang out with you.
bucky feels so comfortable around you. he doesn’t feel the need to hide any part of himself.
he’s the most gentle around you, like, he treats you like you’re made of glass (except when he’s fucking you).
you’re the only one capable of actually handling him. you ask him to be more patient and he’s all grumpy, but will do it just because you asked him to.
he’s so whipped oh my god 😩
sometimes he takes you to a bakery to have an early breakfast and it’s quiet but so wholesome and wonderful!
bucky is always touching you: if he’s not holding your hand, he has an arm around your shoulders or his pinky is interlocked with yours.
he introduces you to sam because he’s bucky’s closest thing to family, so it’s important that you and sam get along, which you do and bucky is super happy about it! <3
now, when it comes to sex, bucky loves to experiment with you.
of course, he asks what are your limits and you agree on a safeword just in case.
the sound of skin against skin, moans and grunts mix with the muffled atmosphere of the bathroom because of a hot shower. leaning on the glass wall, you feel bucky slip in and out of you with agility and virility. his metal arm holds your body in place, and his other hand circles your clit, eliciting moans of pure pleasure and approval and words of the lowest slang. “fuck- fucking hell-” he grunts as he keeps fucking you against the glass wall. “yes! i’m so close!” you gasp, leaning back on his shoulder. he speeds up the thrusts and you both come together for the second time that evening.
he loves to have his way with you and you love it. you love to see marks on your body, you wear them with pride. bucky wasn’t so thrilled when he saw them for the first time, but after lots of convincing, he kept it rough.
but like, he’s also super soft and sometimes the mood is for sensual lovemaking. he goes full romantic: candles, kisses, hand holding, eye contact and a bath afterwards.
he always goes soft after being rough. he washes your hair and rubs your back and waits for you to fall asleep.
he loves you and he’s so grateful that he’s finally found someone that accepts him for who he is 🥺
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skyeisawizard · 7 hours ago
A World Away
Living away from Bucky was hard. Y/N is gonna show us just how hard it is
(AKA: I’m homesick and crying in my bed and I just want someone like Bucky)
Tumblr media
Day One
“Buck? You there old man?”
There was very little light in Y/N’s bedroom, just enough to illuminate her face. She switched on the lamp beside her and, for a moment, the room was blinding.
“I’m here sweetness.” Bucky picked up his phone and squinted at the screen. He tapped it and frowned before putting on his glasses. “How’s everything going up there? Was the journey okay?”
Y/N propped her phone up and blinked slowly, clearly tired. “I’ve only unpacked my bathroom stuff so far. Baby Buck is on the window until I can make up the bed.” The bear in question was currently Y/N’s only source of comfort, but it was too early in the day to tell Bucky that.
“Wanna give me a room tour?” He asked with a grin.
Flipping the camera round, Y/N walked Bucky through every part of her room. She showed him the size, the desk she had neatly organised with all of her pens and paper and her laptop propped open. She showed him the pictures of them stuck up on the walls and the fairylights she had stuck up all around.
Y/N showed him the mess that was her room before showing him the en-suite bathroom. She showed him how organised the bathroom was before moving on to the communal kitchen.
“You’ve got a really nice set up there, sweetheart,” Bucky said, a smile on his face. “I’ll come down and visit you soon.”
She nodded and blinked slowly. “God, I don’t know when I’m ever gonna finish unpacking everything. I’ve got meetings about classes and I really need a nap but if I nap now I’ll never wake up.”
He gave her a small sympathetic smile. “How about I speak to you tonight after you’ve unpacked a little more? Give you some time to settle in?”
“That sounds amazing, Buck. I love you and I’ll miss you.”
“I love you and I’ll miss you too, sweetness.”
Day Two
Y/N had already had far too much to drink. The night was over, though, and she was back in her bathroom. She stared at herself in the mirror, hating what she was saying. But she didn’t hate herself; she hated where she was and who she had become in the two days she had been here.
Bucky was almost on the other side of the country, laying in his bed, missing his girl.
Picking up his phone, he went to call Y/N.
Y/N slowly climbed into bed. She had changed into her pyjamas and slowly climbed into her bed, her laptop in front of her to watch television before she fell asleep. Chocolate was on her covers, ready for her to eat.
As she opened her laptop and watched her sitcom, the tears fell. She couldn’t hold them back, her head hurt and her chest ached as she tried to keep herself under control. Her phone was open to message her mother.
Suddenly her phone started vibrating. Y/N quickly wiped her tears to get herself under control. She swiped her finger over the screen and held her phone up, smiling at her boyfriend. “How late is it where you are, baby?” She asked before Bucky had a chance to say anything.
He gave her a grin smile, able to see the tears running down her cheeks. “Have you been having fun, babycakes?” He asked, laying on his side.
Y/N nodded her head.
She shook her head.
Bucky tightened his smile. “Are you missing home sweetness?”
At that, Y/N burst into another round of tears. She pulled Baby Buck closer and cried into his soft belly. “I don’t know if I can do this anymore! I miss home, I hate being on my own. My roommates are great but, like, I wanna be back where I’m used to. I don’t feel like myself anymore and I want to feel like the person I was befor I left.” She sniffed. “My heart hurts and I’m too nervous to do anything. I want to stay in bed and never leave.”
“Oh Angel,” Bucky began. He wanted nothing more than to be with her, to hold her through everything she was feeling. “It’s gonna be tough at first, we all miss you a lot back here, but you gotta stick it out. I’ll be here for you through everything. Remember why you’re doing this, remember how excited you were to move out.”
She nodded and wiped away another round of tears. “Please come and visit me soon, Buck.”
“I’ll be there in two weeks, Angel.”
“I love you,” She squeaked.
“I love you too, so fucking much.”
That night she fell asleep while still on the phone with Bucky. He refused to let her go until he saw her happy in bed.
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plentyoffandoms · 2 days ago
Hey do you write for Sebastian stan? If you do could you please do a seb and actress reader fic were they become really close during filming and even though she is a lot younger than him they end up falling for each other
So Into You
Sebastian Stan x f/Reader
Just like all my other stories, this has not been proofread, but please enjoy.
Gifs & photos do not belong to me.
Warning: swearing.
Hope you like it.
Main Masterlist ♡ Sebastian Stan Masterlist
Summary: f/Reader is a young actress that worked with Sebastian on his latest movie. They become close & eventually fall in love.
Sebastian Stan's POV:
There is only about a weeks worth of shooting and then this movie will be done for myself and my fellow actors.
It has been a long few months of waking up early, staying late and the constant toll of doing almost all the action scenes myself but one person made it all worth it.
Y/N L/N.
Tumblr media
She is an actress and has only been in a couple of TV shows but has decided to branch out into movies.
And I am glad she did.
We met the first time when we were all brought in to do our very first read through together.
Y/N was playing my love interest and she reached out to me as she wanted to get to know me more.
We formed a friendship that I never thought would of happened but I am glad it did. We spent almost all our free time together to the point that magazines and fans were speculating if we were in a relationship.
We weren't of course but I was slowly starting to fall in love with her. I had no idea if we will stay in touch after the press release and I am scared that we will never talk to each other again.
So I decided I needed to tell her how I feel. She is done shooting her scenes but has come down have lunch with me.
We had lunch in my trailer, which is normal for us but this time I had something to tell her.
"What is going on with you Seb? Why are you so quiet?" Y/N asked me as we were sitting side by side on the couch.
"I have something to tell you and I don't know how you will react."
"Just tell me." She said to me with that gorgeous smile of hers.
"I like you a lot but.." I didn't even get a chance to finish before Y/N was kissing me.
"Looks like I had nothing to worry about."
"No you didn't Seb." And we were kissing once more.
I asked Y/N to be my girl friend after I took her out on a date. She isn't into anything too fancy so it was just a dinner and a movie at my place.
We were spotted outside more together and people were comment on our social media if we were together or just really good friends.
Many people brought up the fact that I am older than Y/N and I actually tried to break it off with her because of it.
"Why should you care what they think? Aren't you happy with me?"
"I am. Trust me I am Y/N. I love you it's just the hateful words that are getting to me."
"Then log out. I will log out with you. This is our relationship, not theirs. No other person has the right to dictate how our relationship should go and if we should be together or not. Yes, there is an age difference but who gives a shit Seb because I don't."
After that small argument, I took her back to my room and showed her how sorry I was.
When we did the press tour, we finally revealed that we were in fact in a relation and have been for about six months now.
Our age gap was brought up but Y/N shut that question down every single time it was brought up.
"Why does it matter how much younger I am than him? This is our relationship and no one else's."
The interviewer would change the subject very fast after that.
I fall more and more in love with this woman every day and I am proud to call her mine.
Tumblr media
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ohdolans · a day ago
For the Nanny Masterlist can we have her go on holiday or maybe a city break to take her mind off Seb but he's there with his date and she find herself getting a little bit too drunk at the bar/club and some guy starts to flirt/dance with her and Seb gets jealous?
The Nanny Masterlist | Part Eighteen
pairing: sebastian stan x f!younger!reader (au)
Tumblr media
"A date?" Claudia spoke, "Are you sure that's what it was?"
"I know what I saw, they came out and were wrapped around each other." You sighed deeply. "I shouldn't be mad, right? He's allowed to move on."
"Pretty quickly moving on if you ask me." Claudia mumbled beneath her breath, but you caught her every word. " that should just push you forward more to forget him. You're too young and too hot to be pining over some man that isn't thinking about you." She paused for a moment, "We're going out."
You looked towards her confused. "Out where?"
"We're going into the city, we're going to get dressed up, looking hot as hell and going to act like we don't have a care in the world. We can call Jeremy and see if he wants to come, oh! And Hallie and Kennedy. We haven't seen them in forever and they live in the city now."
You sat there for a moment and contemplated "I haven't seen then in a while..."
Claudia smiled widely, "I'm making the calls. Go get your shit ready!"
Hours later you sat in Kennedy's living room with a drink in your hand with a soft buzz already starting. The moment all of you got together it's like didn't pass at all and it was like old times. You knew Kennedy from college and at the time they were dating Jeremy. But now is dating Hallie. Everyone stayed friends despite the past and if anything made you all closer.
You took another drink from your glass before setting it down and walking towards the mirror to finish off your make-up. The skin-tight black mini dress hugged along the curves of your body beautifully, the corset style top accenting your chest the most. You felt hot, you weren't going to fool yourself there. Your platform shoes added a little height and made your legs seem endless.
"Holy fuck," a voice spoke coming into the living room more, when you turned around to see Hallie, with a bright smile on her face. "Ok, you might make me drop Kennedy and switch sides."
You rolled your eyes before turning back to apply your lipstick, "You're too in love with that man to do that sweetie."
"So true," Hallie sighed with an almost dreamy tone to it. You laughed before stepping away from the mirror. "Claudia still getting ready?"
"Yes, and the boys are changing in the bedroom." Hallie walked towards the bar and poured herself a drink. "Claud tells me you're needing to get over some guy?"
You groaned softly, "I guess...damn Claudia and her need to gossip."
"It was coming from a place of love and you know it," She walked towards you more. "Are you ok?"
You shrugged your shoulders, "As 'ok' as I can be. I loved him...stupidly and he obviously was using me as a distraction from his divorce. Should've known nothing would come of it."
Hallie frowned "I'm sorry babes. Well, we are going to make sure you catch someone's eyes tonight. Maybe a little action will push this Sebastian out of your mind."
Once everyone was ready all of you got into a Uber and headed towards the bar. The moment you guys walked into the bar, Jeremy got a round of shots for all of you. The buzz from before moved through your body and grew with intensity.
As the night went on, the drinks flowed and you spent most of the time on the dance floor with Claudia and Kennedy. The night was going exactly as planned till your eyes moved to look around the bar and landed on the one man you'd been trying to get over. Your body froze as you stood at the table the rest of the group was at.
He sat at a table with a few others, but the one other person you recognized was the woman from before. His arm was slung across the back of the booth and her body tucked closer to him. Your heart felt like it moved into your throat and was making it hard to breathe.
"I need another drink," You mumbled before moving towards the bar, pushing through the bodies till you go to it. "Want the strongest thing you have,"
The bartender nodded their head before moving to make your drink, moments later it was placed in front of you. Just as you started to drink it down Jeremy came up beside you.
"You ok? Dipped out of there quickly. Looked a little panicked."
"My ex is here," You spoke quickly, your voice slurred slightly. "Fucking bastard brought a date."
Jeremy's brows pulled together tightly. "Where's he at?"
You looked over your shoulder across the bar once again and spotted Sebastian almost instantly. Your finger pointed towards him and Jeremy followed your finger to find him.
"Wow, he's hot" Jeremy spoke, as you drank the rest of your drink. "He is looking over here,"
Your back froze, and you willed yourself to not look in that direction. "Really?"
"Oh yeah...and he does not look happy." He chuckled, "I have an idea. Let's go dance."
Before you could protest, Jeremy's hand wrapped around your wrist and pulled you towards the dance floor.
"What are you doing?" You whispered towards him.
"We're gonna give that man a little bit of his own medicine."
Jeremy pulled your body close to his and soon the two of you began to dance. You'd danced with Jeremy before so there wasn't anything weird or awkward about it. Your hips swayed against his, and maybe even, exaggerated your movements knowing Sebastian was watching close by. Jeremy's hands moved along your body before holding tightly to your waist. His face was tucked into the corner of your neck as he whispered in your ear.
"If looks could kill, I think that man would've killed me dead in my spot." Jeremy chuckled
You laughed and rested your head against his shoulder, but as the song started to end, you pulled away.
"I need fresh air," You smiled up towards him, "Thank you for that."
Jeremy nodded his head before you slipped away through the crowd and towards the patio. The moment you walked out into the porch the cool air felt good against your heated skin. You leaned against the railing and pushed your hair from your face and tried to calm your breathing.
"Having fun?" a voice spoke and jumped slightly to the sudden noise. Your head turned towards the direction of the voice to see him.
Sebastian leaned against the wall, his gaze glaring towards you with a heat that made your stomach drop slightly. He brought a cigarette to his lips and took a deep pull, before blowing the smoke off to the side.
"Didn't know you smoked," You spoke looking towards him confused.
"I do so when I'm stressed," He answered, "Didn't answer my questions...are you having fun?"
"What does it matter to you?" You felt suddenly felt angry as you stood before him. You didn't miss how his eyes scanned down your body slowly.
He scoffed before dropping the cigarette to the floor and smashing it with his boot. Sebastian stood there looking down towards his feet for a moment before his blue eyes looked up towards you.
"It matters a lot to me,"
"Really? Think the date inside would have a different opinion on that,"
Sebastian rolled his eyes and shook his head, a hand reaching up and rubbing along his jaw. "She's just a friend,"
"Right." You rolled your eyes, before moving back towards the door. "Well, I have friends waiting for me."
You had to walk past him to get back through the door. But just as you walked to his side, Sebastian drew his arm out, grabbing around your waist. You gasped lightly at the touch before looking towards him, his eyes were staring down at you.
"Going back to the friend that had his hands all over you?"
"Maybe. Again, what does it matter to you, Sebastian?"
His eyes moved to your lips before going back to your eyes.
"I don't particularly like seeing a man's hands all over something that is mine."
A frown tugged on your lips. "I'm not yours, Sebastian...not anymore."
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time-for-a-lullaby · 4 hours ago
Peanut Butter & Pickle Sandwich
Sebastian Stan x Pregnant Reader
Summary: You're pregnant and feel the baby move from the outside for the first time.
Warnings: Language, LOTS of fluff
A/N: Shortest little thing I’ve ever written, but it’s adorable. I didn’t add my taglist because I wasn’t sure if anyone who likes the Chris fics would also want to be included for Seb... So if you do, please let me know ❤
Tumblr media
"SEB!" You called out, a grin spreading across your face, "SEB! Hurry!!" Your hand rested on your round belly, feeling your little girl kick around. Obviously, you'd been feeling her move around on the inside for around 7 weeks, but neither you nor Seb had felt her kick from the outside yet. 
You heard his footsteps, frantically running up the stairs to your bedroom, "What?! What's happening?!" He threw open the bedroom door, worry written all over his face, "What? Did your water break?!" He ran to your side quickly, hands immediately cupping your face.
"Baby, what? No! I'm only 30 weeks. It shouldn't be breaking any time soon." You placed your hands over his and smiled, "She's moving. I could feel it from outside." 
His face lit up, moving his hands down to your belly, "Oh my god, really?" 
You smiled at the tenderness of his voice and how his expression softened when his hands caressed your bump. You poked your belly gently, trying to encourage her to squirm around again. 
"Don't! You're gonna like poke her eye out or something." 
You fell into a fit of laughter, "Sebastian, I'm not gonna poke her eye out!"
He waved a hand at you, chuckling, "Okay, okay, stop laughing. I can't tell what's you or baby." 
You let out a couple of small laughs while you tried to compose yourself, but apparently you laughing was just what you needed. You gasped softly, moving Sebastian's hands to where her little body was wriggling around. You stared at him, focusing on the change in his expression. His mouth parted slightly, eyes widening, "There. Did you feel that? That was her." 
He glanced up at you, his eyes filling with tears. He wiped his cheek and cleared his throat, "Shit, yeah. That was her? That was our little girl?" 
"Yeah." You smiled gently, falling even more in love with him. Your pregnancy wasn't exactly planned, but you knew that Sebastian wanted this more than anything. The minute you guys found out, he started planning everything. He picked the nursery theme, which bassinet you would use. He took every baby course he could, signed you up for birthing classes, literally everything. You couldn't have picked a better partner to experience this with. 
He leaned down, chuckling when she moved against and rested his cheek on your belly, "That's... amazing." 
Raking your fingers through his hair, you giggled when he jumped, "Sorry!"
"Was that your stomach?!" He laughed. 
You nodded, chuckling, "I was coming down to eat lunch when she moved." 
He stood up, extending his hand to you, "Let's go grab some food, come on." He helped you off the bed and pressed a kiss to your temple, "Same old same old?" 
You nodded, "Peanut butter and pickle sandwich." 
He shook his head and laughed, "God, that is so disgusting."
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angrythingstarlight · 5 months ago
What A Peach
Summary: You decide to try out an interesting pair of legging and inadvertently cause Bucky to lose his mind. What can he say, the man loves a good peach. 
Tumblr media
Gif by @unearthlydust
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Warnings: Smut, 18+, Minors DNI, body worship, Bucky is an ass man (dont @ me either)
A/N: Written for @sagechanoafterdark (surprise) and beta’d by the wonderful @buckyownsmylife but all mistakes are my own. 
Do not copy, rewrite, translate or post my work anywhere. No permission given to copy, translate, rewrite or post any parts of my stories.  Likes, comments and reblogs are weclome. 
Check out my Masterlist and Taglist! Requests are closed 
Tumblr media
“I don’t know, are you sure this is going to work?” you ask, not even bothering to hide the skepticism in your voice. You’ve been watching the same series of clips for the past five minutes and you’re not convinced. “Nat, I’m sure most of these are staged anyway, plus I don’t look like half these women.” 
The alluring redhead snatches her phone out of your hand with a smirk. “Have you seen the way he looks at you?” She retorts, tapping her screen with a long manicured nail. “He’s going to love it.” She stares at you, daring you to disagree with her. 
You roll your eyes and go back to your cart, clicking out of it, you review the return policy again. What started off as a joke led to you studying your online shopping cart, wondering if you were really going to buy some leggings because of a TikTok trend. 
Nat holds her phone in front of your face, “tell me that’s not Bucky.” 
Watching the eager man on the screen, you have to admit that’s how he would act. And you like it. Picturing Bucky behaving that way has your stomach in knots from anticipation, he’s already insatiable and this would tip him over the edge. Nat sees your expression change and laughs knowingly, “remember to thank me when he blows your back out.” 
Tumblr media
Two days later. 
It’s been a lazy start to the day, neither of you doing much besides showering and lounging. You’re sitting on the couch with your feet on his lap. While he’s relaxed and enjoying his day off, you’ve been anxiously awaiting your package. Discreetly tracking it for the past hour and now it’s only two stops away. Glancing over the top of your phone, you look at Bucky, chewing on your bottom lip, wondering how he manages to look so good first thing in the morning. 
His blue eyes fixate on the tv, pink lips parted as he watches the Fellowship of the Ring for the second time this week. A three-day-old stubble on his angular cheeks, his hair mussed from sleep.
 Since you didn’t plan on going anywhere today, you’re in his teal Henley and panties while he has on your favorite pair of gray sweatpants. His dog tags resting on his broad chest, clanking softly as he leans forward, engrossed in the movie. 
One more stop. Oh, you’re excited. So close. You must have made a noise because he glances over at you, his lips turning up in a wide smile, “whatcha doing doll?” He asks. 
You hide your face behind your phone, mumbling “Nothing.” Damn his enhanced hearing.  
Bucky tilts his head, quirking a brow. “Nothing” he repeats, pausing the movie when you giggle. He grabs your ankle with his large hand, “tell me or else, doll.” His playful tone warning you he’s seconds away from tackling you.  
Before he can pull you towards him, the doorbell chimes. “I’ll get it.” You scramble off his lap, inadvertently kicking him in the stomach, making him oof.
“Sorry,” you say over your shoulder, running to the hallway. Flinging the door open, you grab the box from the delivery person with a “thanks” and close it behind you. Tucking the brown package under your arm, you spin on your heel, heading for the bedroom.
“Whoa, whoa, whoa, where are you going and what’s that?” Bucky inquires, leaning over the back of the couch, one arm dangling over the side, his amused blue eyes raking over you. 
 You really should have planned better, you don’t respond, trying to think of a way to get upstairs and change. If you hadn’t been wine drunk with Natasha, you would have thought to have it delivered tomorrow. He watches you shift your weight onto one foot with growing amusement and a tinge of suspicion.
 “Come here, doll,” he demands, gesturing with his vibranium finger. 
“Bucky, I-,” you break off, sprinting up the stairs. His huff of shocked laughter following you. “Finish your movie, Buck-,” you yell.
He spots your phone on the cushion; he chuckles to himself, thinking of how easy it would be to take a peek. Instead, Bucky settles back on the couch, propping his feet up on the coffee table. Leaving it untouched, knowing you’ll tell him your secret, eventually. 
You come back down a few minutes later and prop your feet back up on his lap. He gives you a questioning glance, but you only shrug innocently. “Alright, doll,” he says, studying you out of the corner of his eye with a low hum. 
The morning drags on for hours as you try to hide your excitement. Nervous energy rolling off you in waves. Bucky continues to observe you quietly, his interest piqued, he knows something has you riled up and he can’t deny how cute you are whenever you get like this. 
Around noon, after a few rounds of teasing you, trying to get to you give him a hint, he reluctantly leaves you to go work on your car after you not so subtly ask him when he’s going for the fifth time. He smiles at your giddy goodbye, almost laughing again when you practically shove him into the garage. 
With Bucky out of the way, you quickly find the leggings you hid in the closet and pull them out of the clear plastic wrapping. Unsure of what color to get, you opted for the dark gray pair with the honeycomb design and high waistband. 
They look a little smaller than you expected. Putting your legs in, you awkwardly hop on the carpeted floor as you struggle to pull them up. After a few near falls, you get the tight stretchy material over your hips. Smoothing your hands down your thighs, you’re surprised at how well they fit.
Holding up the back of his shirt, you marvel at how they curve around your ass, lifting and supporting you in a way that has you giving your reflection a double-take. Twisting from side to side, you can’t believe how you look from every angle. “Magic,” you mutter aloud, “Has to be magic.” 
You grab a handful of his shirt, tying it into a knot in the front so that it doesn’t hang over your butt. With one last look, you give in to the urge to smack your own ass before walking down to the kitchen. Opening the fridge, you grab a few things to make lunch and place them on the counter. Your plan is to show off the goods, make him lunch, and have an afternoon quickie. 
The sounds of him working travel through the closed door leading to the garage. You lean over the counter, practicing some poses you saw on the clips. Remembering one video, in particular, you arch your back and go up on your tiptoes. 
Taking a deep breath, you shout, “Bucky, lunch is almost ready.” 
The loud clanking stops, you hear his footsteps approach the door and you drop your gaze to the food. The door creaks open and your heart races. Moment of truth. You bite your lip, eyes scrunched shut as you wait for him. 
Bucky strolls in, wiping his hands off with an old gray towel, “I’m starving-…” his voice tapers off when he sees you. Fuck, he sees you. In one of his favorite positions, normally he would prefer you to be naked, but something looks a little different. 
His eyes drift down your back to your- oh. A million thoughts race through his rapidly malfunctioning brain. “God damn,” he breathes out after a full minute of gawking at you. 
“What the- how, damn doll,” he groans appreciatively, his blue eyes focused on your ass, “What the fuck, you look good. Shit, you’re always sexy but what did you to that ass,”
Your face burns from his praise, and you wiggle your hips. He lets out a low whistle followed by another round of praises. 
Bucky saunters over to you, whipping his phone out of his back pocket, “stay just like that,” he orders, you giggle in your hand when he takes several pictures, “damn,” he repeats with every snap. “I didn’t think you could get prettier, but damn. You know I can’t let you leave the house, right?.” 
When he gets closer, he tosses his phone on the counter and slaps your ass. Hard. Moaning vulgarly when it jiggles from the force of his hand and he does it over and over until you cry out softly he knows how much you love it when he gets like this. 
His head dips for a quick bite of your cheek, “I love these, doll, love your ass even more,” he points out, accentuating his words with another slap.
“Bucky” you yelp, feeling the sting ripple across your skin. 
He fondles your cheeks, “Don’t ‘Bucky me’ doll, not when you’re out here looking like a goddamn snack,” he mutters squeezing you, “where did you get these and how many did you buy?” 
Not waiting for your answer, he places his hands on your hips and spins you around until you’re facing him. His darkened blue eyes brimming with infatuation and yearning, “You’re beautiful, you know that?” 
“I love you,” He grasps your chin, “but now you have to pay for teasing me like this.” He reaches behind you, knocking everything off the counter, the food and containers tumbling to the floor. 
You cough out a shocked, “Bucky!”
“Forget the food, doll, I’m having you for lunch,” he smirks, placing his hands under your shirt, his thumbs circling your nipples until they harden under the rough pads of his fingers.
His lips slot over yours, a passionate, slow kiss, his tongue leisurely exploring your mouth until you melt into him, your hands in his hair, pulling him closer.
Deepening the kiss, he drops his hands between your thighs, pushing them apart, he tugs at the inner seams of your leggings. You jerk your head back at the sound of fabric ripping.
“Oh, no you don’t, “he mutters, capturing your mouth again before your protest can leave your lips. You quickly forget to be upset when his warm finger slides through your dripping folds, teasing your bud until you ache for more. 
He pulls away, grinning smugly at your whine. He can’t wait, god you’re always sexy, but something about you wrapped up in these leggings like a damn birthday gift out of wet dream has him almost feral with need. 
Bucky grips his shaft, freeing himself from his sweatpants, letting the material pool around his feet. You lean back, spreading your thighs. Your breath falters when his darkened eyes move up to your face. 
 “I can’t even think right now, doll,” he rasps out, his voice thick with need, hurriedly sliding his swollen head through your folds, drenching himself in your slick, “This is what you did to me,” he continues thrusting into you, quick and hard, stretching your velvety walls with each inch. 
You fall to your elbows, moaning when he bottoms out, the slight burn giving way to pleasure when he rolls his hips. Bucky stares down at you, his hands gripping your thighs, he stills inside of you.
 “Wait, no,” he says, pulling out of your warmth. He ignores your confused protest, pulling you down off the counter. 
He spins you, bending you over the smooth surface, his large hand pushing down on your back until your chest is flat on the surface, ass in the air, your head turned to the side as you pant. 
“That’s better.” He states, “much better.” 
 Lifting your hips, he slams back into your core, your warm, tight heat enveloping him with each rough thrust. Bucky concentrates on your ass bouncing as his pace builds. “I’m buying you one in every color,” he decides, unable to handle how good you look right now. “Every fucking color,” he declares. 
“Yes, Bucky,” you sob. The way he’s fucking you right now, you would have agreed to wear the damn things on your head if he asked. Your nails bite into the skin of your palm when he grinds his hips into you.
“Fuck you’re good,” he praises, “so good.” His stomach tensing whenever you clench down over him. You feel every ridge of him when he pulls out, layers of pleasure building with every stroke. Your hands scramble over the granite surface, trying to find something to hold on to, needing to ground yourself. 
“That’s it, doll,” he says over your moans, “take it.” Bucky leans over, angling deeper in your throbbing pussy, caging you under his large body as he pins your wrists down. You can’t move, the smooth counter pressing into your chest, his dog tags dangling over your back,
 “Oh, oh yes” you mewl, words slurring as you lose yourself in the sensations. 
 “You’re only wearing these inside this house,” he swears, dark and low, in your ear. His hips snapping into yours, kissing your neck, “Only. These.” Punctuating his words with two more deep thrusts that send you arching into him. 
You try to respond, but then he kicks your legs further apart, slapping your ass again. Sharp broken sobs spill out, pressure building hard and fast, when his thick digits find your clit. “You’re gonna cum for me right now,” he murmurs. 
Your addled brain only hears cum for me, stars exploding behind your eyelids as the coils snap. Your spasming walls clench down, his name ending in a strangled wail, dragging him back into your body because he feels too damn good to let go. 
“Good girl, there you go, that’s my girl,” Bucky kisses your back, your soft skin slick and salt-tinged on his lips, waiting for you to recover. When you release a shuddering breath, body limp and relaxed under him, he eases out of your slick cunt, trying to hold back a groan when the cool air hits his cock. Still heavy and hard. 
 “Now I wanna see how these leggings look when you ride me.” 
You blearily glance over your shoulder and he smirks down at you, his hand wrapped around his shaft. “Kitchen floor or couch?” You know by his tone, he really means which one first because he’s going to have you on both. 
You do thank Nat much, much later, when you’re finally able to form a semi-coherent sentence.
Tumblr media
 The very next day, you come home to find Bucky sitting on the couch with a pair of scissors in his hand, a large open box on the coffee table. 
“Hey doll,” he utters distractedly, not looking up as you walk into the room. You freeze when you round the couch, your bag slipping from your hand. Almost a dozen of those leggings, all different colors and patterns, piled up beside him, but it’s the pair on his lap that captures your attention.
Closing your eyes, you pinch the bridge of your nose, “Bucky.” 
“Hmm,” he hums in response, his tongue between his teeth as he carefully cuts out the crotch of the neon pink leggings.
“You’re not-” you huff. 
“Oh, I am.” Bucky’s eyes flicker over to you with a wicked gleam, “now you can’t complain about me ripping holes in your clothes.” 
Furrowing your brows, you sputter, “that’s not the point- Bucky, you can’t just-” 
“Like I said now you can’t complain.” He tosses the pair on the pile next to him and reaches for another set. “Oh, and I fixed your panties too.”
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yannii04 · 5 months ago
Words can't even begin to describe how proud I am of Anthony Mackie. His portrayal of Sam Wilson is so beautiful; the gentleness, the kindness. Often times black people are depicted as loud, obnoxious, violent, and ignorant. And there's nothing wrong with being Black and being those things, but the intentions on why they do it is the issue. They want to stigmatize and ridicule us. But Anthony Mackie? Anthony Mackie handled this character and this message with the utmost care. Many people aren't going to agree with me, but I like that Anthony is the new captain. Because like he said, the shield means something different in his hands. As a black women, as a black person, seeing someone be unapologetically black and proud and hold a place of power and wants to evoke change brings tears to my eyes. I don't know how else to explain it other than I'm proud, I'm happy and thank you. Thank you Anthony Mackie, you don't know how many people you are impacting.
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petersspidey · 5 months ago
Laundry Day
Summary: Y/N needs help carrying her laundry down to the laundry room and Bucky steps in to save the day. But he also has a load of his own ;)
Warnings: a lot of smut
Word Count: 3154 (its so long wtf)
Tumblr media
Sometimes you hated Tony.
Like when he was overly cocky, and almost ruining your missions but somehow coming out the hero. Or when he tells the team something you didn't want all of them to know.
But you have never hated him more than when he put the laundry in the basement of the Avengers compound. You argued with him when he was first building it. He put your room on the top floor in the furthest possible wing from the laundry and unlike almost all of the Avengers you did not have super strength. So carrying your laundry across the entire building and down eight flights was not exactly easy.
So every two weeks you would spend 15 minutes just getting your dirty laundry from your room down to the laundry room, cursing Tony's name every time.
So there you were, the second Sunday of every month leaving your room, with an overflowing basket of laundry in your hand. As soon as you opened your door it felt like you ran into a brick wall. You toppled backward landing on your ass, and you had completely dropped your basket. Your clothes had spilled everywhere.
You sighed, and looked up.
"Sorry, Y/N." Bucky said
He bent down, starting to help you pick up your clothes.
"It's ok," you sighed, joining him in placing everything back into the basket.
"What were you doing standing outside my room anyway?" you asked
"I wasn't standing outside your room … I just happened to be walking past right as you opened your door."
You laughed, "ok Buck. Whatever you say."
He huffed in frustration. You always knew how to get under his skin, but he also knew how to get under yours.
Bucky helped you pick up the last few items of your laundry, when he held up something in front of your face.
You black lace thong. Your eyes widened, and you quickly snatched it from his hands.
You quickly threw the last things into your basket, and stood up.
"Well, thanks for the help. I gotta go."
You tried to get out of there as quickly as possible. Your cheeks burning red over the fact that Bucky just had your dirty underwear in his hand. But, your basket once again held you back. You lifted it, but had to walk slowly, barely able to see over the top of the mountain of clothes.
"Do you need some help?" Bucky asked, watching you walk away
"Nope. I'm good," you yelled back.
Bucky eyed you for a second, before turning to walk away. You continued down the hall, slowly making your way to the elevator. After barely making it anywhere. You placed the basket down for a moment, resting your arms. You stretched your back, and before you could bend down again to scoop up your basket Bucky was standing beside you, reaching down to grab it.
"I said I didn't need help," you said
"Yeah, and as much fun as it was watching you struggle to carry this and need to take a break five seconds in, I figured I'd just lend you a hand," he said
"Well it's not my fault I'm not a supersoldier like you," you muttered
Bucky chuckled and started walking down the hall toward the elevator.
"You carry this by yourself every week? How do you go through so many clothes?" he asked
"Well, every other week. But, yes."
"And! This is not an abnormal amount of clothes for two weeks, thank you very much." you continued
"You know, if you did laundry every week you might not have such an issue getting down to the laundry room." Bucky said, smirking at you.
You rolled your eyes, "Whatever, Barnes."
"You're just upset because you know I'm right."
As you approached the elevator, you pressed the button and Bucky put your laundry down.
"Thanks, I think I've got it from here," you said.
The elevator doors opened, and once again, before you could grab your basket Bucky managed to get a hold of it first.
"Really, Bucky. It's ok I'll be fine from here."
"Are you forgetting about the long hallway downstairs?" He said, stepping onto the elevator with your clothes.
You huffed, and followed him on.
"I'm a big girl. I can do it myself."
The doors closed and you began to descend.
"Oh don't get your little lacy panties in a twist,  I wasn't doing anything else I don't mind giving you a hand." Bucky said, smirking at you, knowing exactly how you'd react.
Your face became red again.
"Don't talk about my underwear."
"If you don't want me talking about your underwear maybe you should move the hot pink g-string that you have sitting at the top of your basket."
You lightly gasp, and reach over, pulling the pair off the top and shoving them down the side of your basket.
Bucky chuckled again. Knowing he was embarrassing you.
The elevator stopped, and you both stepped off into the basement, heading down the long hall to the laundry room.
"You must've done something to make Tony mad if he put your room so far from the laundry."
"I'm fully convinced he just likes to cause me problems. He probably has FRIDAY watching me on the cameras. I do not doubt one bit that he laughs at me hauling this downstairs twice a month."
Bucky laughed at your statement.
You smiled back at him. You don't see him smile much. It was a good change.
You turn the corner with Bucky. You could see the laundry room door at the end of the hall now. The two of you walk silently until you reach the door. You open it, and Bucky walks in in front of you and places your basket full of clothes down in front of one of the washers.
"Thanks for helping me. Would've taken me twice as long to get down here if I was by myself."
"It's no problem. It's always fun to show off my strength to a pretty lady."
"Oh so I'm a pretty lady?" you teased
Bucky blushed.
You smirked, and opened the washing machine lid. You began loading your clothes in. Bucky stood near you, leaning on the dryer right beside.
"You don't have to wait down here with me," you told him
"I figured I'd just wait and walk back upstairs with you."
"It's really ok, Buck. I usually just hang out down here until my loads are done. It's only a 30 minute cycle."
"Well maybe I'll just hang out down here with you…" Bucky said, as if he was waiting for your permission.
"Sure, I guess. If you really want to."
You filled up one machine, and threw the detergent in, shutting the lid. You moved over to another machine and began putting in a second load.
You heard Bucky chuckling, and turned around to look at him.
"What?" you questioned
"You have so many clothes that you have to use two washing machines." He said, shaking his head.
You rolled your eyes, "Whatever Barnes. It's because unlike you, I don't wear the same Henley's and jeans every day."
"No, you wear different coloured thongs every day." he teased
You finished placing all the laundry in the machine, and left your basket on the floor.
You walked back toward where Bucky was standing and jumped up onto one of the empty machines, sitting on the lid.
"You really just sit down here on top of a dryer waiting by yourself? You know there's a table and chairs right there." Bucky said
"Usually, yeah. Sometimes I bring a book down, but it's nice and quiet down here…" you started
"Well, usually I'll sit on top of one of the washing machines that I'm using, and not the empty dryer," you added, knowing exactly what you were insinuating.
Bucky's eyes shot up to you. "What?" he asked, thinking he hadn't heard you right.
"You heard me." you confirmed
"Well, alright. So why aren't you sitting on one of those today?"
"Well, usually only something I do while I'm down here alone."
"Don't be shy, doll."
Something about the way Bucky said doll, made you squirm. You hesitated for a second before you got off the dryer, and walked toward the machine that you had just turned on, climbing on top of it. You sat, letting your legs hang over the edge, eyes on Bucky.
The vibrations from the machine were shooting through you, pulsating right to your center. You closed your eyes, enjoying the feeling. You could hear Bucky walking closer, he lightly spread your legs and stood in between them. You opened your eyes. Bucky's face was inches from yours. He leaned in closer, taking either side of your face in his hands. You expected his metal hand to be cold against your face, but it was almost as warm as his other.
He looked you in the eyes, before bringing your face towards his, pressing a sloppy kiss against your mouth (ok but think Endings, Beginnings kiss - his character with Shailene Woodly). You leaned into the kiss, opening your mouth more, allowing him to slide his tongue inside. You wrapped your legs around his back, pulling him as close to you as you possibly could. The vibrations from the machine, still sending pulses right to your core.
You could already feel yourself getting more wet by the second. Bucky's mouth on yours mixed with the feeling of the machine below you. You needed more. You ran your hands down Bucky's body, reaching underneath his shirt to feel his skin. Bucky ran his hands over you, one of his fingers grazing against you hard nipple poking through your shirt. You moaned into his kiss.
Bucky slid his hands under your shirt and began lifting it. You raised your arms over your head, allowing him to take your shirt off. You broke your kiss as he lifted your shirt over your head. He stared at your bare chest as he threw your shirt to the side. You pulled him close, shoving your lips back against his.
His hands roamed your bare back, holding you tight against him. He began kissing down your neck, toward your chest. You leaned back on your hands, allowing him easier access to your hard nipples.
You moaned, and allowed your head to fall back as he swirled his tongue around your breast. His hands fumbled with the buttons on your jeans, undoing the zipper. He pulled away, and urged you to lift up your bottom so he could rip your jeans from your legs.
He tossed them aside, and looked at you sitting in only your underwear. He smirked, seeing how wet they were.
"Granny panties?" he questioned
"Shut up, all my good pairs are in the laundry." you said, taking your panties off yourself, leaving you completely exposed. He stood, looking at you, enjoying the sight. You looked down and saw his cock fighting against the zipper of his jeans.
Bucky groaned before touching you.
"Lie down," he ordered, placing one hand on your chest, getting you to lie your back completely flat on the machine.
You twitched as your bare back hit the cold metal of the washer, before settling in.
You looked down at Bucky, just as he was bending over placing a long lick against your slit. You moaned loudly, not expecting him to do that. He looked up at you as he placed another lick, taking in your wetness.
He saw the look of ecstasy on your face and took it as a sign to keep going. He dove into your pussy, face first. You gasped, and arched your back, only pressing your wetness deeper into Bucky's face. Bucky teased you, leaving small, gentle strokes along your clit.
You wrapped your legs tight around his head, "stop teasing me," you begged
You could feel him smirk, "anything for you, doll."
Bucky began pressing his tongue harder against your clit. Moving it up, down, and in circles. You moaned loudly, your grip tightening on his hair.
The vibrations from the machine and his tongue on you were too much. You began thrusting up against his face. You wanted nothing more than him inside of you.
"Buck, please." you moaned
Bucky brought one of his hands up toward your breast. He kneaded it in his hand as his tongue dove around your pussy. He flicked your hard nipple between his fingers. You cried out in pleasure. You could feel your orgasm building.
"Don't stop, i'm so close," you whined out
Bucky didn't stop. He continued sucking on your clit until you could feel your walls come crashing down. You pulled on his har, and tighten your legs around his head as he continued through your orgasm.
When you finally calmed down, you slowly let your grip on him go. You were panting, lying back on the still vibrating washing machine, staring at the ceiling, taking in that feeling of ecstasy.
Bucky stood up and stared at you. He loved the sight of you. You were panting, cheeks red, a total mess. All for him.
Bucky looked around, thinking of how and where he was going to fuck you. He eyed the table.
"Get up, doll." he told you
You sat up, breathless, "Why,"
"Machine's too tall, beautiful. Can't fuck you up there."
Just hearing Bucky say that made your pussy twitch. He placed either hand on your hips and helped you down. You stood, leaning against the washing machine as Bucky began undressing in front of you.
He tossed his shirt to the side, and began taking his pants down. He stood in front of you in only his underwear.
"Take them off," you begged
Bucky gave you a smug look before pulling them down as well.
You moaned, just at the sight of him. You hadn't realized that the supersoldier serum would affect that part of him as well.
You moved toward him, taking his huge cock in your hand. You ran your finger over his tip, precum already leaking out
"Fuck," he muttered
"That's the idea," you said.
Bucky gripped your hips tight, shoving you toward the table in the corner of the room. He lifted you up and sat you down on the edge.
"Lean back, so I can shove my dick in you." he ordered
You obeyed. Lying flat on the table, bringing your heels up so they were resting on the table as well. You kept your eyes on Bucky, he traced his finger up and down between your folds. You twitched at the smallest touch.
"Please," you whined
Bucky grinned at you, before taking his cock in his hand, and lightly brushing it up against you.
Bucky lined himself up with your entrance, and slowly slid inside. You cried out in pleasure the deeper he got. You felt so tight with his massive cock. You watched Bucky push the rest of himself in. He shot his head back, mouth open, moaning loudly.
"Fuck, you feel so good," he said breathlessly
You both stayed still, taking in the feeling of Bucky stretching you out. He pulled you closer to him, taking either of your legs and putting them over his shoulders. When he pulled you tight against him, you could feel him get even deeper inside of you.
Bucky slowly began to rock in and out of you. The feeling overwhelming. You couldn't hold in your moans. Never had it felt so good to have someone so close and so deep inside of you.
You shot your hand down to your clit, moving it slowly between your fingers as Bucky began to pick up his pace. You already knew it wasn't going to take much for you to come again, especially with how Bucky was moving in and out of you.
Bucky slowed his pace, sliding out of you, and then pushing back in hard. You circled your clit harder as he continued thrusting in and out.
He pushed in, and you moaned hard, arching your back.
"Right there, don't stop." you said
Bucky kept his pace, thrusting in and out. He knew you were close to coming again.
"Such a good girl," he said to you
Hearing Bucky call you that was enough. You circled your clit twice more before your walls came crashing down. Your other hand gripped the side of the table.
"Oh my god,"
Your pussy twitched around his dick, but he didn't stop moving. He continued fucking you through your orgasm.
You groaned, knowing if he kept going like this another orgasm wouldn't be far behind. Both your arms were spread, gripping different ends of the table. Bucky brought his hand down to your clit. Running his thumb over it, over, and over, and over again.
Bucky rocked his hips into you, thrusting hard and fast. You moaned every time you felt him hit deep inside of you, his thumb still running over your clit. Your walls clenched against his dick once more. That was exactly what he needed. Bucky threw his head back, pulling himself out of you, spurting his come all over your stomach.
Bucky stood in front of you, letting your legs fall from his shoulders. you were still lying back on the table. Both of you stayed silent, trying to catch your breath.
The washing machine began to sing.
"Guess you got three loads done today," Bucky joked, cracking a small grin, looking down at you.
"Oh my god." you said, rolling your eyes at his awful joke.
Bucky held out his hand to you, offering to help you off the table. You grabbed his hand, and stood up. Your faces were only a few inches from each other.
"We should probably clean you up," Bucky said, not taking his eyes off of you.
You sighed, as Bucky turned away to grab you a towel from across the room.
You cleaned yourself off, and you both got dressed again. Bucky stayed with you as you switched your laundry from the washing machines into the dryers, 100% eyeing your ass as you bent over.
"Ever sit on top of the dryer?" Bucky joked.
"Too hot," you answered, laughing slightly.
You walked toward Bucky, he was sitting in one of the chairs at the table. He grabbed your hand pulling you close to him. You sat down on his lap, and he gripped your face with one of his hands, placing a long kiss on your lips.
"Maybe I should start helping you with your laundry every week," he stated
"Every other week," you corrected.
"No, darling. Every week."
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skyeisawizard · 4 months ago
Drunk, Y/N buys a load of magnets and sticks them to her boyfriends metal arm while he sleeps
Fluff! This is fluffy as fuck and i can’t believe someone hasn’t written this already (is they have send it my way pls I wanna read it)
Thank you for 400 in such a short space of time! It really means the world to me
Send in requests, come flirt a little ;)
Tumblr media
“Fuck,” she hissed as she stumbled into the apartment. The bag full of magnets was nearly splitting at the bottom, the horn of the unicorn magnet poking through the plastic.
It was the dumbest idea ever. So dumb it was almost brilliant.
Girls night had taken a little bit of a wild turn when Y/N and her friends moved past the corner shop. One of them stopped and the others followed suit, looking at all of the pretty things inside. Once Y/N saw the fridge magnets, she knew what she needed to do.
Fifty dollars. Fifty fucking dollars went towards buying those magnets. It hardly seemed worth it and Y/N knew she’d regret it when she was sober. Or once her boyfriend realised what she was doing.
Their cat was snoozing away on the sofa as Y/N crept past. She toed off her shoes and threw them in the box in a not so quiet manner. “Shush,” she whispered to the still sleeping cat. “He doesn’t sleep very well! We can’t be loud.” The only problem was her whisper and how it was so much louder than she intended. “I gotta get me some water!”
The bag in her hands swung from side to side as she struggled into the kitchen. It smacked against the counter several times, definitely waking Bucky up, but drunk Y/N was too tired to notice.
She pulled a glass from the cupboard, nearly dropping it in the process, and filled it with water.
Only when a heavy click filled the air did she sober up a little. Only a little. She turned slowly, holding the glass against her chest and sloshing it down her dress in the process. “Bucky?” She called into the darkness of their apartment.
He came out of the hallway, holding his gun in his metal hand. Only once he saw it was Y/N did he put it down by his side. He opened his arms wide and marched towards her. “I was wondering when you were going to get home,” he said and helped her put down her glass. Bucky kissed the top of her head and eyed the bag in her hand suspiciously. “Do you wanna tell me what you bought tonight?”
Y/N pressed her finger to her lips and shook her head. “Nuh-uh, Buck. It’s a secret!”
He shook his head, his freshly cut hair falling into his eyes. “Alright, doll. Whatever you say.” Taking her hand, he led her into the bedroom and helped her to get ready for bed. He let her throw the bag under her bed, promising not to “tell Bucky”, whatever that meant, and helped her into an old shirt of his and pyjama shorts.
Bucky pulled back the covers and Y/N dove under. As soon as her head hit the pillow, she was out. Bucky climbed in after her, wrapped his flesh arm around her waist as pulled her in close.”
It was almost five in the morning and the sky was already bathed in a soft orange glow. Slightly more sober than the night before, Y/N remembered her mission. She reached under the bed and opened the bag. The material rustled under fingertips and she kept her eyes on Bucky, praying he stayed sleeping.
When her fingers connected with the first magnet and Bucky still hadn’t stirred, she knew her plan was a success.
Rolling back towards him, she snuggled against his side and threw her arm over his waist, reaching for his metal one. It wasn’t uncommon for them to sleep in this position and Bucky’s unconscious mind thought nothing of it.
As soon as the first magnet, a rainbow magnet, attached to his arm, Bucky’s eyes flew open. Instantly he looked at the figure to his side, checking her over for anything wrong. But her chest was rising and falling in a steady rhythm, her eyes squeezed shut. Bucky looked at the door and saw nothing. Brushing it off, he fell back to sleep.
Y/N waited a few more minutes to reach into the bag. She picked up three at a time, a sad cloud, a donkey in front of a gate and the unicorn one.
One by one she began attaching them to Bucky’s arm. Her giggles were uncontrollable as she placed the sad cloud beside the rainbow. Her body shook, finally waking Bucky up.
At first he was concerned. It had taken him a while to get used to sleeping in a bed but once he was, he slept like a log. His eyes moved to his girlfriend and his worry dropped.
There she was, cheeks red, water spilling from her eyes and her hand slapped over her mouth. The unicorn magnet was still in her lap, her fingers clasped around it. “Doll, it’s so early,” Bucky grumbled and looked up at her through his lashes. His head was still against the pillow, his fingers reaching around for her. “What’s the matter?”
“Bucky!” She suddenly whined and crawled over to sit on his chest. “You’re ruining all of my fun.” Pouting, she placed the unicorn magnet on his arm and crossed her own over her chest. “All I wanted to do was make your arm look like the fridge but you just had to wake up.”
Bucky’s thumb brushed over her bottom lip. “Did you and your friends buy a bunch of magnets when you were out?”
“I’m not telling you unless you let me decorate your arm.”
There was no way out of this one. Eventually Bucky was going to cave. He would’ve given her the whole damn moon if she had asked for it. Compared to that, covering his arm in magnets wasn’t going to do any harm. He nodded his head and Y/N instantly jumped off the bed. She grabbed the bag and moved back to sit on his chest.
Before starting with the magnets, Y/N leaned forward, wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek. “I love you bucky,” she whispered and kissed him again.
He grumbled out a response, something along the lines of “love you too,” and Y/N began placing magnets up by his shoulder, starting with a turtle wearing sunglasses.
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buckybarnesdiaries · 5 months ago
bucky barnes x reader. ⎢ masterlist.
Steve gives you Bucky's dog tags for a reason.
word count: 2.4k (lol, sorry)
warnings/tags: none. bucky being a cutie.
author notes: none of my stories contain reader’s body descriptions to be inclusive.
Join the tag list here.
Tumblr media
“Welcome to Wakanda, agent (Y/N)”.
A second after you crossed their airspace, you were courteously greeted. The views from your ship were indescribable. Peace invaded you just at the sight of the open fields and the warm colors of autumn. You could get used to that place too. To live in calm, work hand-to-hand with Shuri, and have time to spend it with Bucky. The reason why you were flying there. Removing your right hand from the control and grabbing in a fist the dog tags hanging on your chest, you took a deep breath while closing your eyes before getting ready to land. T’Challa was waiting for you at the entry of his kingdom, accompanied by his excited little sister and some of his guards.
Pressing a sequence of buttons above your head, to pull the control back, the ship went down slowly folding its wings. As you landed and turned off the engineers, you freed yourself from the seatbelt and the huge headphones to step out. Shuri received you with a friendly hug, breaking protocol and being just Shuri. You built a strong relationship since you met a year ago, when you brought Bucky to that beautiful and magical place, to let him recover. To let him rest.
“Your highness”. You uttered to T’Challa crossing your forearms in the traditional salutation of Wakanda.
“Agent (Y/N)”. He corresponded walking closer. “The white wolf asked me to let you know he wouldn’t want to be… bothered with visits today”.
You couldn’t help but frown. The last time you saw him was around three months ago. You usually interchanged letters from week to week, being one of the fewer persons he trusted in. And it wasn’t just a question of trust. Steve told you about his feelings, his shyness, and insecurities, his fears. What Bucky didn’t know, again, it wasn’t a question of trust from you either. That’s why the Captain gave you the dog tags, after more than thirteen years under custody. You wanted to see him, to know if he was happy there as he wrote you in his letters one million times.
“He doesn’t wear his arm here”. Shuri clarified, taking a position close to his brother.
By the look on their faces, you were aware of two things. One, they noticed too that something was growing between Bucky and you, and that it wasn’t a simple friendship. Two, they weren’t going to stop you. Oh, quite the opposite. They’d bring you to him on a golden platter and a big red bow on your head. The king beckoned a hand to urge you to follow him to the inside of the building and use one of their ships to fly above the place to the white wolf’s location.
You were nervous. You didn’t sleep more than a couple of hours last night thinking about him and how he’d react to having back his tags since the forties. Your eyes were focused throughout the window on your left, watching different citizens taking care of animals and plantations, children running from one side to another, playing and having fun. Oblivious to the horror of New York, where you resided. One of the cities in the world with the highest rates of street violence. Serial killers or simply killers, rapists, kidnappers, drug dealers (...). It was a minefield and Wakanda seemed and felt like Heaven.
“Did you think about the offer?” Shuri nudged you to push you back to reality, turning your head towards her.
“Since you dropped it to me”.
“I…” You needed to put away your gaze again, focusing on the blue opened sky in front of them. “I want… to consult him first if you don’t mind”.
“Of course, (Y/N)”.
“I don’t want to put his world upside down, now that he’s not the…” You couldn’t finish the sentence. You couldn’t pronounce that detestable nickname and the pain beneath it.
Shuri nodded in silence, not needing your explanations. She knew how you felt. She understood you. The talk didn’t continue, stretching your right hand on your lap to calm your nerves and make you comfortable with the situation. The flight didn’t last longer than five or ten minutes, losing the track of time deep in your thoughts. The pilot indicated to you through the headphones that you were about to land, glancing at a complex of small houses in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by trees and wilderness.
You were the last one jumping outside with your hand grabbing the tags on your chest, trying to find the encouragement there to follow T’Challa’s hand pointing at a man working with goats and collecting hay for them. Licking your lips and assenting with your chin, you guided your steps towards him. Slowly. As if you wanted to turn around at some point. But you knew it was too late when he was the one turning at the sound of your heavy boots cracking the grass under them.
Bucky didn’t look annoyed for your visit, nor the lack of attention to his petition. Although there was something in his pale blue orbs you weren’t able to decipher, until he bowed down his head unconsciously to his left shoulder covered by a dark fabric matching his eyes. You had to do your best to not roll yours, shortening the distance setting you apart. You had been dreaming about that encounter since the last time you were there before Shuri accessed the darkest place of his mind and cleaned it from any trail of HYDRA. Now, he was free. And he looked in good condition as the bags under his eyes had disappeared and his hair was almost tied with a bun. His cheeks seemed a little more chubby and you just wanted to pinch them. But it’d be weird and out of place. For the time being.
Bit by bit, a sweet smile widened in your lips, curving them as Bucky stared at you again when he was conscious that you didn’t care. With or without a metal arm, your feelings were exactly the same. You couldn’t admire him more than you were admiring him at this point. You couldn’t love him more than you loved him already. And God was a witness of how many times you practiced to confess to him and tell him that the only thing you wanted in life was to be by his side. Bring happiness to his days, bring him peace and harmony.
“I'm sorry…” “I brought you…”
You two spoke at the same time, breaking in a soft giggle that jumped your hearts in complete sync.
“You first”. He let you, waving his hand.
“I… brought you something”. You susurrated, loosening the grip around the metal hanging on your chest to take off the necklace.
You noticed the way his eyes widened in surprise and confusion. Why did you have them? Who gave them to you? Why now? Bucky gulped watching you stretching the dog tags between your fingers towards him. He didn’t know what to do, taking a second before he was able to react. He couldn’t remember when was the last time he saw them, and the amount of memories they gave him overwhelmed his whole brain.
In slow motion narrowing his eyes, Bucky held the chain with two fingers to hang the necklace from it. You thought he was about to wear them, but he destabilized you as he directed his hands to above your head, to place them where they were an instant before. You didn’t understand. Didn’t he want them back?
“I want you to keep it”.
“I want you to have something mine”. Bucky recognized with a shy smile decorating his lips. “Those tags and my arm are the only things I have from my past. And… I won’t give you my arm…”
“Well, I bet it’d look good hanging from my neck”. You jocked tilting your head.
In his gift, you found the encouragement you needed to talk about T’Challa’s job offer. It wasn’t as if you were proposing to him, in the end, you were just friends even if it felt quite the opposite. You licked your upper lip, kissing your teeth after it, earning more than his attention.
“Shuri said, uh… I could come here, work with her. We’d do great things together, not only for Wakanda but for the world”.
Bucky’s gesture didn’t change a single inch, focused on the nervousness you were trying to hide from him and reading the reasons beneath.
“So T’Challa offered me to stay here”.
“Yeah… Permanently”. You assented pressing your lips, breathing through your nostrils.
“Did you accept?”
“Not yet. Not until talking to you about”.
He nodded then a couple of times, turning to the goats behind him coming closer. “Got to finish some stuff… Maybe we can talk later about it unless you have to leave”.
“No, no. I, uh… asked for the day off. Banner didn’t need me at the lab today”.
“Okay, good”.
Tumblr media
While the king was showing you the new level for research and investigations, Bucky took the advantage to go and find Shuri without your knowledge. He found her in the surroundings of the main building, working on your ship as you said it made some kind of random noise that put you out of your nerve during the flight.
“I need my arm”.
The princess squatted close to the left wing, turned at him without standing up. Pulling her sunglasses to the top of his head, she raised an eyebrow.
“For what”.
“You know for what”. He clicked his tongue, placing his hand on his left shoulder.
“No, I don’t”. She lied while cleaning the grass and oil in her expert fingers.
“I need to have two arms”.
“You’ve been working the last months with one arm only. Why do you need it now?”
“C’mon… Argh…” Bucky rubbed his face with boredom. “I want to hug her, okay? Can you just… give me back my damn arm?”
“Not enough reasons, you can hug her using your right”.
“I want to have two hands when I kiss her”. He finally confessed in a hiss, provoking a triumphant smile growing on Shuri’s lips.
“If you lie to me, if you don’t kiss her, Sergeant Barnes… I’ll code it to punch your face”.
“Wait…” Bucky wrinkled his nose drawing a horrified gesture on his face, as he turned his blue eyes towards his left shoulder. “Can you… do that?”
“Try me”.
No, of course she couldn’t, but he didn’t know. Which were a good push for him to not go against her and her petition.
“C’mon. I’ll set it up and help you to put it on”.
Tumblr media
Your eyes were traveling from one picture to another. He put some of them around his small house and it looked better now. More like a home. A place to stay. And for a second you felt a twinge straight in your heart when you noticed one photograph of the two of you, close to his bed. It was after your first mission together. Steve insisted on taking it, after noticing the sparkles between you. But you didn’t know he brought it to Wakanda with him, as your copy is on your nightstand too. And you used to fall asleep every night looking at it.
The curtain being moved and some steps in pulled you out from your thoughts, turning to find Bucky staring in silence at you. Your orbs landed on the metal arm. It was different too since the last time you saw it, with golden strips forming between the silver ones. You couldn’t help but sigh.
“You didn’t need to…”
“Yes, I did. I did need it”. He interrupted you, breathing through his parted lips and his heart about to fly off from his chest.
“Because, otherwise, I couldn’t do this”.
You were about to ask what he was referring to, watching him breaking the distance between the two of you in three fast strides. You closed your eyes at the moment his hands held your neck and Bucky slammed his lips on yours. The kiss, the contrast of cold and warmth on your skin, the everlasting longing for it to happen… All of this caused you to gasp, tangling the tunic at the height of his chest in your fists, not wanting him to take a step back. Your mouths fit perfectly without looking for it, made for each other, as he secured his fingers on the back of your neck. And you felt your knees weak when he pecked your lips one more time, before caressing your nose with his, not being able to open your eyes. Neither of you.
“I don’t have the right… to ask for anything”. He babbled. His insecurities coming afloat even if you hadn’t pushed him away. “But… I want you to stay here. With me. I… I don’t have much to offer you, but I promise to make you happy”.
At this point, your eyes were filled with tears, strongly closing your eyelids to not let them fall. You swallowed a sob, moving your hands from his chest to his middle back, embracing him tighter as you could.
“You’ve been making me happy since we met, Bucky”.
He chuckled breathless, intuiting he was too at the edge of his crying because of that affirmation.
“Every Tuesday, I wait at the stairs of my apartment for the mail, for your letters. I’ve… read them so many times I can recite them… by heart. Every word you've written to me”.
“I will continue writing them for you, even if you stay with me”.
Your voices were low, barely audible out of his place. Like secrets. Bucky kissed you again, bending enough to raise you by the back of your thighs and urge you to surround his waist with your legs. The dog tags on your chest clicked against the other, as you moved your arms to his shoulders and neck, and you were unable to stop kissing him. You two could die right now and not be bothered because you were finally together, and that was all you deserved in life.
“Tell me you will stay… please”. His beg brushed your lips, still pecking them between syllable and syllable.
“I will…” You replied without hesitating as you could, eager to correspond to every gesture from him. “I will stay with you”.
Tumblr media
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buckyhoney · 2 months ago
𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐛𝐚𝐫 𝐫𝐮𝐥𝐞𝐬, 𝐛.𝐛
a/n: this is one of my favorites & it was inspired by the endings beginnings gif set
pairing: bartender!bucky x reader
reblogs/feedback/likes are greatly appreciated & highly encouraged! however, DO NOT repost/steal ANY of my fics!
18+ warning
warnings: 18+, language, oral (m & f), fingering, unprotected sex, fluff, sorry for any missed typos
words: 3.4k
Tumblr media
The bar has cleared out from its peak hours. All that is left are: the regulars, a few college kids playing darts, and a newly single girl sitting alone at a small booth in the corner.
You stare blankly at your empty glass, spinning it slowly in your hands. The glass has been empty for quite some time- you desperately want to get more, but your body felt glued to the booth cushion.
The alcohol has worn off and all that is left is the light fog around the front of your head.
With all the strength you can muster, you scoot off the booth with the glass barely hanging from your fingers. You sniffle and take a deep breath before walking to the near-empty bar.
Plopping yourself down on one of the stools, you wait patiently for the bartender to get to you.
He has been refilling you all night- you’re surprised he hasn’t cut you off.
He watched you the whole night to make sure you weren’t going to get out of hand- but you never reached the “security come to get her”.
Just sat in the booth the whole night, dressed in your black skirt and a graphic t-shirt that's tucked into the sides- with your hair pulled away from your face.
You intrigued him every time you came in- coming in happy as can be, ordering fruity cocktails. It all turns to shit the moment the man, who he assumes is was your boyfriend, comes in. That's when the sweet fruity cocktails turned to the bitter taste of whiskey.
The same man was with you earlier, but he had left in a fury a couple of hours ago. This interaction wasn’t the first time he saw him leave like this.
He caught glimpses of the sour relationship throughout the months, as this bar is was “your spot”. He thought how much of an asshole the guy was when he’d leave like that, sometimes in the middle of you talking.
His blood would boil at the sight, wishing you’d leave him already- growing protective whenever you'd come in, security on stand by every time.
When the man left, you wouldn't drink much after- only sit for an hour or two. Based on the unusual amount of whiskey you consumed tonight, he assumed there was a breakup.
From years of experience, he knew not to cut off someone freshly broken up with. There were rules he had set for situations like this.
Number one: do not comment about what is wrong.
Number two: do not go past the bar (including helping to the car or walking home).
Number three: do not kiss or flirt.
Number four: do NOT by any means, take a girl home.
With the experience, he knew to never break these rules- it would lead to unnecessary yelling and people hysterically crying.
You were handling the loss of the relationship much differently than previous customers. From the months of watching from the sidelines, he had a desire to comfort you.
You didn’t cry- not really, just sat in the booth downing glasses of the cheapest whiskey the bar offered. Every now and then your eyes fill with tears, but that’s when the whiskey would come into play- prolonging the sulking session.
Nonetheless, he watched you made sure nobody messed with you, and left you to cope on your own.
“Refill?” He asks, bringing the bottle to the counter and twisting the bottle cap off.
“Water, please.” You lightly shake your head.
“Whiskey’d out?” The glass fills and you take it, not bothering to make eye contact with him.
“Uhm, yeah,” A faint smile appearing and disappearing.
He looks at you- your eyes are red from the strain. Sitting quietly, you sip the glass of water.
There is a mental battle going on inside his head. Debating back and forth about breaking his rules, but his mouth is faster than his brain.
Number one: Do NOT comment about what is wrong.
“For what it’s worth, he seemed like a dick.” Giving in, he says, attempting to cheer you up, but you are caught off guard by the comment.
You didn’t think he was paying attention to the events that happened at the booth. Glancing up at him, you finally pay attention to the man who has been supporting your drinking habits.
He wears a red and black plaid shirt with a black t-shirt underneath and you could faintly smell his cologne from where you were sitting. His hair is tossed about and facial hair covering his jawline.
You are mesmerized by the sight in front of you.
“He is, but I'm the idiot that keeps going back.” Mumbling defeated, you finish the glass of water.
Beginning the spinning again, zoning out on the empty glass.
“But… I think this time is for real,” You add.
Raising an eyebrow, he tilts his head in confusion.
“Cheated.” Anger builds in the pit of his stomach as he nods along.
“His loss.” He brings the water tap to the glass, stopping the spinning.
You let your grip on the glass go, letting him refill it.
Your eyes flutter to his, taken back by how icy they look. He breaks the focus by putting the tap back down. He holds out his hand-
“James, but people call me Bucky.” You hesitantly shake his hand. His palms are smooth, the grip soothing you.
Swallowing hard, you pull away.
“Y/N.” You give your best smile you could manage.
Bucky smiles back before tending to the other customers. You watch him pour fruity drinks into glasses and laugh with the others.
He is charismatic, but not over the top. It’s a natural charm he has, one that’s captivating. He is whipping away the fallen liquid and crumbs from the counter. The smell of the grease had eased, leaving you to assuming closing time is soon. The college kids have left, leaving the dart vacant.
The regulars are finishing their drinks, before throwing a five-dollar bill down before disappearing outside. Meaning the only person left is the newly single girl.
Every now and then, Bucky glances at you while he cleans up.
The bar closed almost fifteen minutes ago, but he didn’t mind the company. His managers and co-workers leave him, but not without reminding you to lock up and kick the girl out.
He had no plans of kicking you out till he is finished. The TVs are playing reruns of friends.
Glimpses of a smile would appear when a comedic scene would come on. Bucky wished he had seen it more, but it would fade like the fruitiness of the drinks.
“Oh god, I didn’t even realize you guys closed. I’m so sorry-“
You frantically getting up from the stool when you see Bucky locking the front doors.
“You’re alright to stay longer if you want,”
The truth is you didn’t want to leave because the moment you leave, you know you’ll be forced to face reality.
“I don’t want you to have to stay longer than you have to.”
He shakes his head, pulling out another small glass.
Filling it with water as well,
“I don’t mind the company.”
The words fell from his lips making your stomach flutter.
Number two: Do not go past the bar (including helping to the car or walking home).
Bucky scrunches his dirty apron that hung around his waist. Tossing it in the hamper that stays by the entrance to the kitchen.
You tense up as he takes a seat next to you. Bucky smiles gesturing to cheers your glasses. You smile nervously, clinking the glasses before bringing it to your lips.
Resting the cup on the counter, he is staring at you- mesmerized by your beauty, even in the aftermath of a disaster night.
You’re avoiding eye contact as you are flushed. He chuckles at the reaction. You go to hide your face in your hands but being cut off by the gentle sound of Bucky’s voice.
“Don’t hide, you look great.”
This only furthers your desire to hide behind the tallest wall you could find. The real truth is that you haven’t been looked at like that in so long.
Your ex only looks at you like a prize he has won, showing you off like a trophy. This gaze was soft and admiring. You manage to look back at him with a soft grin, the first time one this genuine appears across your lips.
“Are you okay?” The smile fades from your lips.
Bucky’s face scrunches with concern. You take a deep breath and begin to talk about the break-up.
Bucky intently listens as you begin to vent about the severity of the break-up. He had cheated throughout the whole relationship, gaslighting you whenever you’d bring it up. Making you believe this next go-around would be better, he’d stop the affair, he’d stop lying- all the make you stay.
None of them were true promises, because weeks later he’d be back in a random girl’s bed.
You explain the insane reasons you stay, and this brings Bucky to an unusually heated level. Normally when people would use him as a free therapist while bartending, he wouldn’t be this emotionally attached to the events.
Bucky wanted to find him and beat him to a bloody pulp by the end of the story. If he had known how badly you were treated by him, he would have spoken up at previous nights.
“You’re too good for him anyway. Fuck him.”
Bucky’s tone comes across as more aggressive than he wanted it to. You crack a smile at the protectiveness. It was nice to have someone to be protective for once.
“I don’t know…” Your voice is soft and just below a whisper.
When you look back at Bucky, his bottom lip is tucked under the top. He bites back the urge to cup your face and press his lips against yours.
Showing you how you should truly be treated. Making you feel like you’re worthy of every good thing in the world. His eyes are pleading and yours are begging for him to do something.
You wish for him to take your mind off your shit ex. Wanting to forget the shit evening you had experienced. You need his soft lips against yours. The two of you stare into each other’s eyes. Knowing you both want the same thing, his gaze drifts to your lips.
Bucky leans in closer to you. Your breath hitches, begging with your eyes that he’d bring his lips to you.
Number three: do not kiss or flirt.
He takes the side of your face in his hand, fingers resting just below your ear. Bucky’s thumb rubbing lightly against the corner of your mouth. He watches your lips slowly part. His thumb runs over your bottom lip, before licking his own. Your chest is heavier and the amount of self-control you were exhibiting should be awarded.
Bucky takes one last breath before bringing his lips to meet yours. His tongue slipping so effortlessly into yours. Colliding against yours hungry and desperate.
Your eyes are tightly shut and your body aching to be against his. Bucky's lips pull apart from yours, leaving the two of you panting. It is quiet for a moment, the two of you mentally decide the pros and cons of what is about to happen if you continue.
You bring your lips back to his, more eager. This time, Bucky’s other hand is brought to the other side pulling you up and out of your seat. One hand moves from your cheek to your waist, guiding it back toward the pool table.
“Jump.” Bucky breathlessly mumbles against your lips.
His hands leave the sides of your face, assisting you. You are roughly placed on the green felt, letting your legs spread open for Bucky to move between them. You are washed over by the guilt of using him. You pull away from the kiss using your palm as a barrier between your bodies.
“What’s wrong?” Bucky is quick to back away in fear he hurt you in some way.
“I don’t want to use you.”
His facial expression changes.
“You’re not using me- I just want to make you feel good if you want to stop-“
That is all the confirmation you need from him before you reach and pull him back between your legs. Bucky brings his hand back to the side of your face, cupping it rougher than before. His other falls to your waist, scooting you closer to the edge of the table.
You grip the edge of the pool table, digging your nails into the felted edges. His fingers are searching desperately for the edge of your skirt.
Bucky finds the end and slides his palm along your thigh, slipping underneath the fabric. Your breath hitches and a quiet whimper falls from your lips. You break away from the kiss looking down as his palm lifts the fabric up.
Bucky drops down in front of you, pressing his lips against your leg. He peppers kisses on the inside of your leg, not breaking eye contact with you.
The intimacy of eye contact is foreign to you- intimacy is foreign. Passion is foreign. Watching a man worship your body is foreign. This is an experience unmatched by anyone you’ve been with, especially for someone who you barely know.
His kisses are innocent till he reaches your inner thigh. His eyes are darker than before, you watch in awe as he doesn’t leave a piece of skin uncovered in a kiss. Bucky held the sides of your hips as he began to trail kisses closer and closer to your clothed heat. He wants you to feel better. He wants you to know that someone is willing to treat you like you’re supposed to.
“Do you want me to stop?” He breaths, ready to devour you.
You shake your head, granting him full access to your heat. It began aching the moment Bucky dragged his finger over the covered area.
You try and steady your breathing but watching him focus so intently on you made it harder for you to breathe. He becomes eye level with your heat. While licking his lips, he tugs on the band of your panties.
You gently lift, allowing them to be slid off in a swift motion. The cool air hitting the moist area sending shivers down your spine.
“Shit,” Your voice is soft and quiet, as Bucky's tongue dips in between your folds- tasting your arousal.
It is a taste he could easily become addicted to if he wasn’t careful. A craving that will sneak up on him at any hour of the day.
“So sweet,” His stubble grazes your inner thigh adding to the sensation that is unfolding.
His tongue is warm, soothing the chill. He is licking up all the juices that are leaking from you. Your soft whines encourage him to lick around your clit. He is teasing you every time he reaches it and pulls back down.
One hand finds a rake through his hair, tugging lightly for him to continue. Bucky's lips work their magic, licking you all up. Gliding between your folds. His lips stop at the top of your heat and he uses his fingers to spread you open, revealing your clit.
It is calling his name and Bucky's thumb rubs small figure eights around the sensitive nerve, warming it up. You’re shocked at the motion, whimpering.
“Please, stop teasing,” You whine,
“Whatever you say, baby,”
His lips close around the nerve, sucking lightly at the flesh. His fingers push into your heat, soaked in your juices. Your mouth falls open and a string of curses escape. He hums against your heat swirling his tongue around your clit.
His fingers move faster, curling every few strokes. Hitting your g-spot every time, forming the small knot in the pit of your stomach. You felt the stir of the orgasm creeping, you don’t hold back any sounds.
His cock twitches at the sound of you. Throbbing against his jeans, begging to be freed and buried inside you.
“Bucky, I’m gonna cum,” You buck your hips against his lips, unexpectedly as he picks up the pace of his fingers and his tongue.
The grip on his hair tightens as you feel your walls closing around him. Waves of sensitivity and pleasure overtake you, leaving a whimpering mess. You finish around his fingers and his tongue is catching all the juices that surround the area. He hums sweetly at the taste of you.
Bucky's palms are rubbing your outer thighs, soothing and cooling you down from your high. You relax your grip and place them on the pool table, attempting to steady you breathing.
“You okay?” Bucky chuckles, standing up once more.
His facial hair glistened with your arousal. You look down at him still in his t-shirt and jeans, his flannel thrown on the floor during the heated make-out session. You glance down to see his bulge.
“Very okay.” You chuckle, flushed red cheeks and chest still rising and falling.
You reach for Bucky's belt, tugging it toward you. Your lips collide again, this time slower and more passionate- not as hungry and desperate. Your fingers undo his belt and unbutton his jeans.
Before you could reach inside and return the favor, he stops you.
“I want to be inside you.” Your nod, scooting back to the edge of the pool table.
Bucky pulls himself out, his cock dripping with precum. He was ready for you the moment you kissed him. He strokes himself, coating his precum around himself. Your heat aches at the sight of him.
Bucky runs the tip between your folds, gliding up and down, teasing you. You whine each time he passes your hole. He positions himself at your entrance, you wrap your arms around his neck, closing the gap between you. Bucky's low moan is music to your ears as he slides himself inside you.
He is much bigger than you had anticipated. His strokes are slow and deep, allowing your body to adjust to his size. Bucky's lips are attached to the crook of your neck, sucking and nipping lightly at the flesh, his tongue soothing the nips.
“You’re doing so well, baby, with my cock buried deep inside you,”
His praises make your stomach flutter and your back arch. Bucky takes the opportunity and lays you down. Only removing himself to climb on top of you. You feel the roughness of the felt against your bare ass, but not having time to dwell once his cock fills you again.
“There you go baby, nice and deep,”
Bucky gains more access to go deep and faster than before. Your hips dig into the pool table at the intensity of the strokes. You are a whimpering mess, legs wrapped around his waist, anchoring him inside you, fingers clawing at his lower back- begging for him to go deeper.
Bucky's grunts and curses are all you hear as you feel the familiar stirring in your lower abdomen.
Bucky's cock twitches and his strokes becoming lazier. Your hands leave his back as Bucky's hands reach for them. You interlock your fingers, and they rest above your head. The passion between you increases the faster his strokes become.
Each stroke grazing your g-spot, simulating you further.
“Bucky, I need-“ Your eyes roll back as one hand finds your clit, rubbing small circles around the nerve.
He knows your close, but he is almost there too. Bucky speeds up his thrusts, but not removing the stimulation around your clit. His grip on your hand tights as he brings to grunt and curse.
“Fuck!” He grunts.
Both of you reach your highs. You see stars as you’re being filled up by him. His fingers loosen their grip around you and your clit. You’re hips buck and your walls pulsating wildly, milking Bucky dry of his load.
The two of you are breathless and exhausted. Never once has a man been able to make you finish twice in one go-round. Bucky collapses next to you on the small pool table. You turn to face him, but he is already staring at you.
“You are absolutely incredible,” You breathe.
His cheeks darken with red and his hand cups your face once more, pulling you for another kiss. You pull away, staring at each other for what felt like forever. Bucky is taking in everything. Your eyes, your lips, the small drops of sweat that were around your forehead.
Number four: do NOT by any means, take a girl home.
“Come home with me?”
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youlightmeupfinn · a day ago
The Exchange | Sebastian Stan x Reader (sneak peak)
a/n: GUYS! I have decided to try a hand out at one of my favorite tropes, enemies to lovers and have mustered the idea of; The Exchange. I think after reading the introduction, you'll get the gist of the idea. If you're interested, please, let me know! :)
also, Seb is kinda the... meanest guy ever, which I hate to make him as, but when it comes to Reader... yeah, the hate is real.
and if you want to be tagged in possible chapters (if you guys want to see more), please let me know and i'll get the tag list started! :)
Tumblr media
“The publicity would be jaw-dropping. Right now, you two think you have it all? Let the word out that two of the most famous celebrities are dating.” The man was serious. Completely, utterly, serious. You stared at him from across the table, side-eyeing the man to your left. Handsome, dashing, the man you hated with everything in your being, Sebastian Stan.
“What’s in it for me?” Sebastian suddenly asked and you rolled your eyes.
“Sebastian, the last time I checked, you despised me.” You snarled, not making eye contact. You didn’t want to give him the satisfaction that this was getting to you.
“Oh, I do.” He said with a scowl. “I’ve hated you from the moment I met you.”
The man cleared his throat at the head of the table, forcing you both to look at him.
“You two being in a fake relationship in exchange for the money, the fame, and the fortune. Sebastian, you’ll be in more movies than you can think of. You? You’ll walk more runways than you’ve ever dreamed.”
The contract was sitting right there, ready for your signatures.
“How long are we in this for?” You asked, but Sebastian was already signing his name in the most obnoxious way.
“How about you shut your mouth and just sign the damn contract?”
You narrowed your eyes, growling viciously.
“Six months.”
Cursing under your breath, you signed your name next to Sebastian’s and threw the gel pen onto the desk. Shoving yourself out of the chair, Sebastian remained seated.
Your life was about to become severely toxic. How were you supposed to date your life-long enemy for six months?
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sweeterthanthis · 8 months ago
Your Filthy Heart
Part One: ​Something Old, Something New
Tumblr media
Your Filthy Heart Masterlist
Pairing: Stepdad!Bucky x 18+!Female Reader
Summary: To this day you couldn’t work out why he’d chosen your mother. They were total opposites, a mismatched couple if ever you saw one. Yet, you watched it play out – thinking, hoping, that he’d never go through with it.
Warnings: Explicit language, explicit sexual content, MAJOR DADDY KINK/STEPDAD TROPE, oral (m receiving), unprotected sex, facial (not the derma kind), slight cum play, a gentle touch of asphyxiation, and Bucky’s filthy (no, really) mouth.
Word Count: 3.5k
A/N: My entry for @cockslut-padalecki’s 9k Follower Challenge. Congratulations! I chose the prompts ‘Chains’ by Tina Arena, and Wedding Reception. Hope you like it, Lisa! 💕 Special thanks to @ozarkthedog for the title! Love you!
You’d always wanted to get married. Ever since you were a little girl. Dreamt of the perfect man swooping in and carrying you off into the sunset.
You remembered the afternoons you’d run around the house draped in her old net curtains, a makeshift veil, daydreaming about the day you’d meet your Prince.
The hours you’d spent twirling on the porch, reciting the stereotypical wedding vows like a worn-out prayer.
You had it all mapped out.
At the tender age of 9 years old, you’d pictured him to be tall, dark, and impossibly handsome.
A man with a smile that could break a thousand hearts, eyes as deep and mysterious as the ocean, a gentleman that would sweep you off your feet and make your heart ache in the sweetest way.
You didn’t picture that the very man you’d only dreamt about would land in your lap, in the form of your mothers fiancé.
The day he walked into your house; you knew you were fucked. Your mother had been desperate to find a wealthy man and tie him down. She’d been living off her father all of her life, and now she needed someone new to exploit. And Bucky Barnes had fallen for it — hook, line, and sinker.
To this day you couldn’t work out why he’d chosen your mother. They were total opposites, a mismatched couple if ever you saw one. Yet, you watched it play out – thinking, hoping, that he’d never go through with it.
You’d been able to accept it, the bitter pill that he was balls deep in your mother every night instead of you. You pushed down your attraction, divulged in private moments in your bedroom late at night, touching your cunt to thoughts of his hands all over your body.
And you managed it, for a while. Until that night.
“What’s got you up so late, Kid?”
You huffed, frustrated at the condescending pet name rumbling low in his throat.
He looked fucking edible, as always. Grey sweatpants slung low on his hips, that tantalising trail of dark hair leading beneath the waistband, the dim light of the room accentuating every muscle of his exposed torso.
“Thirsty, and I’m not a kid.”
You gulped the milk from your glass, eyes anywhere but the perfectly chiselled muscles of his back as he bent down to grab a bottle of water from the fridge. You wondered if he ever felt it; the sexual tension that consumed you when you were in his presence.
“I can see that.”
You almost choked on your milk, a droplet escaping the corner of your mouth as you coughed, curiosity getting the better of you as you set the glass down on the countertop.
“What’s that s’posed to mean?”
Bucky’s lips twitched up into a cocky smirk, lifting the water bottle to his lips and sipping from it – never once taking his eyes off your face.
It was only once he’d locked his stare with yours that his eyes began to wander; slowly, down over your cotton covered chest, raking over the curve of your waist, lower and lower. You silently thanked yourself for putting panties on beneath your thin, white nightdress – certain that if you hadn’t, the slick evidence of your arousal would be sliding down the insides of your thighs at that very moment.
“You know what it means—” he started, screwing the cap back on the bottle and putting it down next to your abandoned glass, “pretty little thing like you? Sight for sore eyes, Princess.”
You felt your heart pitter-patter in your chest, your cheeks burning, thighs clenching together just a little at the insinuation that he found you attractive – felt even a touch of what you did when you looked at him.
“I’m—I’m gonna go to bed now. Goodnight, Bucky.”
He reached out to you then, palm gripping your bare bicep, the heat from his body searing into your skin, his warm breath tickling your face.
“I know you feel it too.”
Your eyes wandered to his plump, pink lips, and back up to his intense stare. You’d never noticed how beautiful and captivating his eyes were until that moment, and it made you weak at the knees.
“I don’t—”
You melted when his lips met yours, stubble scratching the sensitive flesh of your cheek as he tilted his head to deepen the kiss. Glued to the spot, arms limp at your sides, you relaxed your mouth; his tongue slipping into your mouth, the taste of him intoxicating.
His hands gripped your waist, a shudder running down your spine when you felt his fingertips pressing into your soft flesh – his hunger evident as he pulled you flush against his chest with a force that made you stumble, his strong arms holding you up.
A prominent thud echoing through the floorboards above you both had you leaping back from his embrace, your hand flying to your lips, tracing them with your fingers wondering what the fuck had just happened.
You’d stupidly thought that he wouldn’t go through with it – that he’d call the engagement off.
He didn’t.
And his affection towards you didn’t begin and end that night in the kitchen. Subtle touches here and there to begin with; his hand brushing against yours intentionally, the way he looked at you when your mothers back was turned. It drove you crazy.
Moments of madness where you’d get just a little too close for comfort, ripped back to sanity and reality when you came to your senses.
He was to become your Stepdad.
You wondered if it was some kind of sick game if he got his kicks from your bashful reactions to his attention. You found yourself aching for it. Found more and more reasons to creep down to the kitchen at night on the off chance that he might get the hint.
He never did, and you never asked why.
And now, as you rose your champagne flute to toast the Bride and Groom, dread, and disappointment swirling in the pit of your stomach, you forced a smile.
You’d barely looked at him, couldn’t bear the sight of him in that delectable Armani suit, your mother hanging off his arm in custom Vera Wang. It made you sick. The whole affair was so extravagant, exotic flowers adorning the tables, lavish gift bags for all the guests.
It was everything your mother wasn’t, everything you’d dreamt of for yourself those days back in your mothers kitchen as a child – not a care in the world.
You made it through the five-course meal, barely touching your food, instead filling the void with red wine and fake laughter. All things considered; you were doing okay for a girl who’d been thinking about fucking her mother’s fiancé – husband – for the past nine months.
That was until the first dance. You hovered on the side of the dance floor, pretending to take photos on your phone in one hand, a glass of red balancing in the other, swaying back and forth to the beat of the music. You zoned out, eyes fixed on the happy couple, but mind in a distant reality. One where the man that you’d wanted more than you’d ever wanted anybody hadn’t just become your Stepdad.
“Your turn, Princess.”
His voice snatched you from your thoughts, hand outstretched to take your own, his lips curved into a smile. You froze, panic twisting your gut, looking like a doe in the headlights when he reached to take the wine glass from your flimsy grasp.
No sooner than you’d let go did you feel the cool trickle of liquid seep through the front of your dress, crimson soaking into the peach chiffon of your dress, tarnishing the fabric and soaking your breast.
“Shit, sorry.” He hummed, grabbing a napkin from a nearby table and dabbing your chest lightly. The sensation made you weak, the taboo feeling of lust rising in your stomach, warmth flooding the apex of your thighs. “Here, c’mon. I’ll show you where to clean up.”
You caught your mothers eye, but she simply shook her head and laughed, too high off the luxurious surroundings to notice her newlywed Husband pawing at her daughter in front of her oblivious guests.
He took your hand then, pulling you gently through the giddy crowd and away from the romantic festivities. He never looked back, not once as he led you up the huge staircase, your eyes widening when you realised your destination.
The Bridal Suite.
You couldn’t help but shiver as he ushered you through the door, the hand resting on your lower back not lost on you.
You felt uneasy, trapped in a situation that you’d silently begged to find yourself in for all those months; chained to the notion that this was the first time you’d been alone with him since that night.
“Bathrooms through there, sure your Mom’s got something you can borrow.”
You didn’t miss the way his fingertips feathered against the nape of your neck as he steered you in the right direction, your legs heavy while you made your way to the extravagant bathroom.
Unable to look back over your shoulder, a concoction of fear and anticipation bubbling in your chest.
Closing the bathroom door behind you, you tried to stop your hands from shaking but it was fruitless.
You lifted the pretty, peach chiffon dress up over your head — your chest marred slightly by the Merlot.
The stain wasn’t coming out with water and soap, there wasn’t a chance in hell.
So you waited, for what you didn’t know. Too frightened to call out for him, just a baby bunny in the headlights waiting for the big bad wolf to come and eat her up.
You yelped when you heard the door click open, holding the dress to your chest to cover your modesty – his eyes raking over every exposed inch of your flesh.
Hungry. Excited. Desperate.
“You know what they say” he purred, your gaze following his down to the immaculate platinum wedding band, a sickly smirk rising on those plush, pink lips “something old.”
He stepped forward then, the palm of his hand grabbing roughly at your ass.
“Something new.”
Your breasts pressed flush against his sternum, his fingertips brushing lightly against the delicate diamond necklace your mother insisted you wear for the occasion.
“Something borrowed.”
His hand dragging up your hip, the waistband of your lace panties hooked beneath the curl of his index finger.
“Something blue.”
The sensation of soft lace raking down your thighs struck you dumb. Months of secret pining, so many nights longing for the moment he’d finally put his hands on you, had all come to this.
“B-Bucky, what are you—”
“Daddy. That’s what you’re gonna call me from now on, Princess.”
It was sick. Truly abhorrent. But fuck, the rush of electricity between your legs didn’t give a second thought to right and wrong.
Before you knew it, the dress was thrown at your feet, back pressed up against him as he held you tight against his chest. His light stubble scratched against your cheek, leaving behind a delightful burn that you ached to feel between your thighs.
“You walk ‘round that fuckin’ house with this body, and you didn’t think that one day I was gonna break, huh? Look at this, fuckin’ look at it.”
Gripping your chin between his fingers, forcing you to look at your reflection in the beauty mirror. It wasn’t the sight of your bare chest heaving against the cool marble sink that had you awestruck, nor was it your pouted lips glistening with the slick of his saliva.
No, it was none of that.
It was the way his eyes, darkened with lust and hunger, locked with yours – the sardonic smirk etched upon his features, his open mouth breathing against your cheek, the way his chest heaved against your sagging form.
“All fucked up, and cock drunk for Daddy. Haven’t even touched you yet.”
The sound of the forbidden title rasping against your dewy skin had your thighs clenching together, heat throbbing in your core, hips winding against the palm roughly kneading your ass.
“Please, you shouldn’t—”
His palm curling around your throat had you keening, the unspoken ownership seeping from his actions causing you to whimper in need. You didn’t want him to stop, of that he was acutely aware.
“Shouldn’t what, Princess? Shouldn’t do this?”
His free hand dragging up the back of your thigh, fingers dipping between your sodden folds, the pad of this thumb pressing down on your swollen clit. You couldn’t hide it, couldn’t hold in the pathetic whine that fell from your lips.
“God, please just—”
“What is it, huh? Tell me what you want, tell me what you’ve wanted this whole time?” He teased, your cunt pulsing against his slick digits. The hand on your throat tightened as you pushed back against him, desperate for friction, ass rippling against his palm as he brought it down against your supple flesh as a warning.
All coherent thought was long gone, the taboo ramping up your need for him, unable to separate desire from guilt. The sound of his zipper and the blunt crown of his cock slipping through your plump folds had your body quaking.
“Ju-fuck-just fuck me Daddy!”
You couldn’t hold in the desperate wail that bounced off the bathroom tiles, fingernails sliding against black marble, his cock splitting you open in one vicious thrust.
“Fuckin’ Christ, girl. This what I’ve been missin’ this whole time? Tight as fuck.” Your back arched involuntarily, the flesh of your ass bouncing off his hips as he drove himself into your soaked, hot pussy. “Shit, I love it. Can you feel it? Feel it pulling me in? Fuck, you’re so much tighter than your Mom.”
A hysterical sob caught in your throat, the harsh reminder that there you were; in the Bridal Suite, bent over the stylish sink, stuffed full of your new Stepdad.
“C’mon, Princess. Waited so fuckin’ long for this, wanted it to be a moment to remember. Tell me how you wan’ it. Tell Daddy how good it feels.”
Your hair wrapped around his fist, back pulled flush against his chest, one hand still curled around your throat; he stilled.
His gaze once again locking with yours in the mirror, he wound his hips torturously, eyes fluttering closed just for a moment as he relished the feel of your cunt pulsing around his meaty girth.
“Tell me.”
“Fuck me, please fuck me, I wanna feel it.” The words were shameless, tone matching the sheer wantonness of your actions, fingers dancing down your bare belly to meet your sensitive nub. The pressure increasing around your throat, you flexed your muscles around him, the pad of your index finger working tiny ministrations and making your knees weak. “Fuck me good, Daddy. Fuck me hard.”
You couldn’t help but smirk at the way his jaw clenched, the low rumble of a growl in his chest, the open mouthed, filthy kiss he left against your temple — he may have been the one in control of your body, but you were equally as in control of him.
He pulled out then, right to the tip, his teeth nipping at the shell of your ear; dewy from the perspiration of his hot breath.
“Didn’t think it’d be this easy.” One forceful thrust and he was buried to the hilt, crown nudging your cervix to the point of discomfort. “You gonna be Daddy’s good little whore?”
His thrusts were slow, torturous almost – the way he groaned in your ear each time you fluttered around him causing you to whimper in satisfaction. The hand around your throat moved lower, grasping at one of your breasts, your nipple pinched between his fingertips.
“Yes – fuck – yes, Daddy!”
“Good fuckin’ girl. You gonna let Daddy fuck this little pussy whenever he wants? Keep it nice and precious for me? Those college boys can’t fuck you like this, can they?”
The obscene, sloppy sounds as he fucked into you made your toes curl; cheek pressed harder against the mirror with each stroke of his cock against your insides.
“G-god no, just you. Only you.”
Firm hands gripped your waist, spinning you round and lifting you onto the bathroom counter swiftly.
Every inch of you exposed to him, his satisfied gaze fixed on your fucked-out cunt as he slid every inch back inside.
“You gonna let me come into your room late at night? Fuck you into the mattress while Mommy sleeps next door?”
The thought of it should have made you feel physically sick, but his fingers pinching your clit sent your head spinning; willing to do or say anything he asked.
“Please, Daddy.” You breathed, resting your elbows on the marble behind you, knees hooked over his crisp, Armani covered elbows. “Wan’ you to come fuck me every night.”
The sound that came from him was frightening, practically feral. Made your insides churn in the best possible way. Rolling your hips down against him, meeting each stroke of his cock, you watched as he disappeared inside of you – unable to stop yourself from shuddering at the sight of it stretching your little hole.
“Yeah? Fuck. Gonna have to be quiet for me. Not doin’ a very god job of that right now, huh?”
Shock and pleasure hit you tenfold when his palm slapped against your pussy, head thrown back blissfully, words left your mouth that you’d never thought yourself capable of thinking, let alone saying.
“Wanna suck Daddy’s cock, please Daddy. Lemme taste.”
He leant forward then, unable to stop himself from capturing your mouth with his, his tongue licking up into your mouth, teeth biting at your top lip.
“Come for me. Come for me and I’ll let you suck it.”
Flesh slapped against flesh, each insistent thrust of his hips pressing his cock against your g-spot. Two fingers swiped across your clit lazily, back and forth, up and down. Little sparks of pleasure slowly setting your core ablaze.
The way he looked at you had you hurtling over the edge, unable to stop your body from convulsing as euphoria wracked every bone in your body. Your thighs hooked around his waist, you rode it out, babbling nonsense while the aftershocks of bliss prickled in your belly.
“So fuckin’ hot. Fuck, I gotta have that mouth.” His fingers tangled in your hair, he pulled you to your feet; your knees giving out like jelly as you landed on the plush carpet with a thud.
“Open up wide, Princess.” His thumb stroked against the corner of your mouth, coaxing your lips apart. “Be a good girl and stick that pretty tongue out.”
It was immediate – the way your body reacted to his instruction. Tongue flat against your chin, you looked up him through hazy eyes, silently begging him to fuck your mouth.
His eyes never left yours as he slid the tip between your lips, your cheeks hollowing more with every inch. Your palm wrapped around the base of him, you bobbed your head, full of enthusiasm as you slurped around his girth.
“Mouth was made for me. Gonna put those fuckin’ lips around my dick whenever I ask. Gonna be a good girl for me, ain’t that right?”
You choked on your garbled words, saliva dripping from your lips as you worked him with your mouth and your hand simultaneously. His length throbbing against the roof of your mouth, you knew he was close, his balls held firmly in your hand, a gentle tug causing him to utter filthy praise.
“Gonna come on that sweet, sweet face.” The thought of it made you weak, made you want to melt. “That’s it. That’s Daddy’s good girl. Oh—fuck – that’s it. That’s fuckin’ it.”
He yanked your head back then, snatching his cock from your grasp and pumping it furiously. He looked fucking beautiful in the throws of his sick pleasure, that much couldn’t be denied.
The sound of him coming undone was downright sinful; rough moans mixed with soft whimpers. One hand cupped the column of your throat as warmth trickled against your skin, smattering against your tongue and cheeks. Mouth wide open, wanting to catch every last bit and savour the taste, you licked at every pearly drop you could find.  
“Look at that. Daddy’s filthy girl.”
You couldn’t help but smile proudly at his praise, knelt on the bathroom floor of the Bridal Suite covered in his spend. Nothing about it was romantic, not a damn thing.
But fuck, if he didn’t make your heart flutter in your chest. The invisible chain that had pulled you towards him since the day you first met was more present than ever, pulling you closer, winding itself tighter around your chest.
He knelt down then, fingers pressing down onto your tongue, forcing his cum further into your mouth.
The soft kiss he pressed against your forehead threw you, eyes wide as you watched him tuck himself away and straighten his tie in the mirror.
“I just knew this was gonna be a special fuckin’ day.”
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