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#sebastian stan smut
gyllenwaynesbitch · 2 days ago
dad!Bucky × reader
Summary: Bucky cant stop cuddling your little tummy when the baby starts to kick.
Warnings: too much fluff. Sugar rush? Idk
Word count: 1.1k+
Authors note: seriously? I dont know where this came from. No regrets tho.
Tumblr media
"Are you sure, you're ok?", he asks for the fifteenth time in the last 2 minutes. But your attention is really just focused on figuring out that weird feeling in your stomach.
Was it the gravy from last night? The weather? Morning sickness? Exhaustion? You had no idea anymore. Although, overwhelming nausea had died out since the last couple of hours, that tingling push in your tummy just wouldn't stop.
"I think we should just Google it.", Bucky suggests, phone in his hand before you can even nod your agreement. Your heart is beating too loud in your ears, all the horror scenarios showering your mind like confetti at a party.
Your hand loops through his arm, fingers holding him in a death grip because its only his presence that keeps you grounded right now.
"Second trimester symptoms.", Bucky murmurs, fingers typing at lightening speed.
But the feeling surges through your abdomen again and this time it's almost like lightening has simultaneously struck your brain with the answer.
You bite your lip and sit up straight, your husband mirroring the action like an echo.
"Babe. Do we need to go check with the hospital?", he urges. His tone is tensed out like a stretched elastic, arm wrapping around your shoulders like he's trying to keep you together.
But the euphoria and unfamiliatity of the moment is still washing over you, your mouth sealed shut, lost in an array of novel emotions.
"Babe?", he asks again, and this time you silently take his hand and place it over your stomach. His eyes widen when he understands what you're trying to do, his pupils flitting between your face and the crest of your pregnant belly.
You calm your breathing, chest rising and falling as you wait for the chimp inside you call out again. Your head rests back on the couch, and his hand automatic comes to your forehead, soothing over the sweat, the nervousness.
You can tell he is about to ask you something, his patience waning slowly. But your tummy lurches again, and this time his jaw just falls open.
His other falls off your back, joining his other palm against your t-shirt. You wish you could see the joy on his face right now, but your own vision is blurred by the tears in the way.
"Oh my god.", he breathes into the hanging silence. His eyes take effort to tear away, but he finally meets your expectant gaze and pure bliss is all you can read in them. His smile can practically split his face in two, his eyes glowing like diamonds.
"She did it again!", he exclaims, used to the bump this time.
"She?", you ask. You laugh halfway through the question, his lips then interrupting your words with a kiss.
"Yeah. You feel how strong that kick was? Leg-strength is all your arena babe. She's a mini-you", he chuckles, wrappings his arm around your body again and pulling you into him.
His metal arm grazes lightly over your skin, pushing the fabric of your shirt aside, so he can feel you like he's always been used to. You relax into the crook of his neck, eyebrow raising when he suddenly giggles.
"My arm really vibrates when she moves.", he tells you. Your heart suddenly clenches at his words, the reality of it all hitting you full in the face. The fact that you're having this baby with Bucky, here in this life, sitting on this couch and cuddling.
It's all too much.
The tears now start to fall in full force and Bucky's hand promptly collects them off your skin.
"Why you crying, sweetheart?" It's more a rhetorical question, really. The spells of crying had increased with the hormones and he was more than used to sleeping with you huddled up in his lap.
"I just love you so much.", you gush, more tears spilling out after the words are vocalized. His smile widens at your extremely potent reason for weeping, his lips peppering kisses all over your face.
"I thought you'd be happy about that. But apparently loving me makes you cry. I guess I have to live with that now.", he shrugs dramatically, earning a smack in the shoulder for that excuse of a joke.
"These are happy tears!", you scold. He pushes his torso away from yours, head leaning downwards slowly so you can make space for him on your belly.
"I love you too, baby.", he mumbles, words lost partially into the warmth of your body. You cant tell if he's talking to you or your tummy, but at this point you couldn't mind on bit.
You kiss him on his head, his eyes purposefully closing as he once again places his vibranium arm on your bump.
The baby kicks again this time and you can't help but wonder if she's answering to every message he sends her. Maybe its just wishful thinking but it doesnt fail to put a smile on your face.
"I think she likes it when I'm close.", he whispers, thunh rubbing over your bellybutton.
"I think I like it when you're close too."
He hums a yes, hands locking behind your back as he starts to doze off on your lap.
"You're the best pillow in the world.", he says sleepily. His eyes flutter shut in a second, a yawn erupting from his throat like your proximity itself was intoxicating.
"Only for you, daddy.", you whisper, kissing his ear before resting your head on the armrest, eyes closing in search for some rest.
"Only mine.", is the last thing you hear from his lips, a wide smile on your face as you both fall asleep in each others arms, oblivious to the world outside your own little bubble of bliss.
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buckybarneschokeme · 18 hours ago
A concept then.... College! Bucky liking eating you so much he can't stop tasting you and tries to finger you or eat you anywhere he might find you, puting you into compromising positions especially when he gets under the desk during lectures, or fingering you discreetly and greedily sucking his fingers next to you. ☺️
Tumblr media
NSFW Under the cut
Fuckboy College! Bucky x Reader 
Warnings: fingering, oral (f receiving), small bit of angst.
Also thanks to @lookiamtrying for giving me some ideas for this. 
"Oh fuck, Bucky, that's it right there".
Bucky has come over for a study date. It's finals week next week and neither of you have done a single thing. You knew him coming over was a bad idea but you couldn't resist.
Now, here you are lying on your bed, legs dangling off with Bucky between them, his tongue dragging soft whimpers and moans from your parted lips. He never was one to resist temptation and having you sitting right beside him looking all smart while you studied was just too much.
"Fuck, I can't get enough of your sweet sweet taste baby" He moans as his tongue flicks back and forth over your clit two of his fingers curling inside you, the philosophy books long forgotten on the desk. 
“Shit, Bucky I’m close.” Bucky’s other hand is flat on your stomach holding your hips still as they rock slightly into him, your orgasm taking over you as you grip tightly onto his hair while he laps up every last drop.
After he’s done Bucky stands up and goes back to the desk picking up a book and acting like nothing happened. This is typical Bucky; he doesn't want to acknowledge anything between you two. 
Cleaning yourself off you sit down next to him picking your book up and starting from where you left off. 
It’s now the week of finals and it’s just lecture after lecture and then group study. Currently, you’re sat at the back of a lecture hall with Bucky, his hand firmly gripping your thigh under your desk. 
“What do you think you’re doing?” You hiss and swat his hand away.
“I’m bored” his hand comes back to your thigh this time higher. He doesn’t stop until his fingers brush off you and you squirm slightly in your seat. 
“Stop it Bucky we’ll get into trouble” you grip onto his wrist and your eyes widen when you feel his fingers lift and push your panties to the side.
"Don't care stay quiet" with that you feel two of his fingers slowly push inside you. 
Coughing to disguise a moan you give Bucky a stern look but he just keeps looking ahead taking notes with his free hand. Unable to concentrate any longer, you lean on the desk placing your head in your hand and trying your best to suppress the moans as Bucky’s fingers work relentlessly in and out curling every now and again.
“Fuck it” Bucky mutters as he removes his fingers bringing them to his mouth and sucking them. It takes a second for your brain to comprehend what is happening but within seconds Bucky has managed to slide down under the desk and his head is between your thighs. 
Knowing that once Bucky has it in his head that he wants a taste of you there’s no stopping him so you just sit and let him. His fingers trail up the outside of your thighs and you feel him hook them in your panties pulling them off. 
Just concentrate on your notes you tell yourself.  
Your hips suddenly buck up when Bucky’s warm tongue comes out to lick a stripe between your folds and you have to cough again. Hearing a slight chuckle from under the desk you roll your eyes. 
“Just hurry up Buck” you hiss at him. 
“Ok, ok” You can feel Bucky's lips curl into a smile against your pussy as his tongue once again comes out  hungrily lapping at you, flicking over your clit without letting up. It’s not long before you feel that familiar tightening sensation in your lower stomach. Bucky’s hands are holding your hips in place as the coil snaps and you feel your release trickle down onto the seat below you as Bucky cleans up most of it using his tongue. No less than ten seconds later he’s back up sitting in his seat taking notes again like nothing happened. 
A week later and finals are over and done with. You haven’t told Bucky yet but you’ve been kind of texting one of the other boys in your class. Steve is his name and he’s really nice so you finally decided to take him up on his offer of a date. 
Bucky, as usual, comes over after classes. As soon as he’s in the door he’s lounging on your bed. While you normally would sit down beside him and let him have his fun. This time is different and the confused look on Bucky’s face has you almost feeling bad.
“I uh, I have a date. With Steve from our class.” Bucky says nothing just stares at you. “You’re not seriously mad at me are you?” 
Bucky sighs before he speaks up “Yeah, sure, whatever it’s fine. I gotta go just remembered Sam and I arranged to go for drinks this evening”. He stands up and walks out then.
Rolling your eyes and turning back to your wardrobe you pull out your favourite dress and put it on. There’s a knock at the door and you open it to see Steve’s tall muscular frame towering over you and you gulp slightly because he looks really good.
“You look beautiful” he says as he holds his arm out for you to link.
“Thanks, you’re not so bad yourself” you giggle a little as you take his arm suddenly feeling a little nervous. 
What if this is a bad idea? Bucky seemed hurt. 
Coming to the conclusion that Bucky would have said something if he didn’t want you to go on this date you push those thoughts to the back of your mind and Steve leads you to the on campus cafe.
Steve nervously shuffles back and forth on his feet as he places your orders. “Let's sit” he gestures towards the tables. You follow him sitting down as he pulls a chair out for you.
The rest of the date goes fairly ok. Steve is very shy and doesn’t really make much conversation and you find your mind drifting to Bucky way too often so when you leave the cafe you tell Steve that maybe you’d be better off going your separate ways and you’re sorry for wasting his time.
When you get back to your room Bucky is already there waiting for you giving you no chance to even open your mouth he launches into a spiel of questions.
“So how was the date? Why didn’t he walk you home? What’s he like? Did he pay for your food?” 
“Jesus Bucky will you shut up. Anyone would think you cared. The date was fine, he’s really lovely, he did pay and he didn’t walk me home because I told him we’d be better off not seeing each other again.”
It takes Bucky a second to take what you said in. He’s just looking at you dumbfounded.
“Hello, Bucky? Earth to Bucky.” You wave your hand in front of his face.
He looks at you and throws his hands up his voice cracking “Why the fuck did you go on a date anyway? Do I not mean anything to you?” 
 “What are you talking about Bucky? You’re my best friend, ok maybe with benefits. But still, you’ve never shown any real interest in anything other than what’s in my pants so I figured you wouldn’t care if I went on a date or saw other people?” 
“Fine, whatever you’re right I don’t care. I’m sorry I won’t bother you any more” He brushes past you to storm out but you grab his wrist pulling him back. 
“What the hell is wrong with you Bucky? Just tell me, please. I won’t see other people if you don’t want me to but I need you to tell me that. Do you want to be with me? You’ve never even kissed me Bucky. It’s always been….”  You’re cut off by a pair of lips on yours.
Leaning into the kiss you wrap your arms around his neck and he rests his hands on your hips pulling you in closer to him deepening the kiss. His soft tongue swiping along your bottom lip to which you immediately part them granting him access. A soft moan is swallowed by him as your tongues fight for dominance with his winning.
You’re not sure how long the kiss lasted but when Bucky eventually pulls away you’re both a little breathless and he rests his head on your forehead. 
Bucky is the first one to speak up. “I’ve had feelings for a while now. I just didn’t know how to tell you or bring it up because I was afraid of rejection.”
Pulling away from him a little so you can look into his eyes you see that he’s genuine. He really does have feelings and you’ve just realised that you might have developed feelings too. It explains why you felt so bad going on the date with Steve.
“Bucky, I- I think I might have feelings for you too. I don’t want to be just best friends with benefits anymore. I want more with you.”
You don’t think you’ve ever seen a bigger smile on his face. His eyes light up as he scoops you up into his arms and squeezes you spinning you around and putting you down bringing his lips to yours in a soft kiss.
“Do you really mean it? I was so scared when you said you were going on a date. I was terrified I left it too long and it was too late and I was losing you. I can’t believe you feel the same. This is the best day of my life”
“Woah Bucky slow down, breathe. SO does this mean we’re…?” you trail off.
“Official? Yes it does. You and me are officially together.” 
A soft smirk forms on your face. “So does that mean?” your eyes travel downwards and Bucky instantly knows what you mean he scoops you up again carrying you to the bedroom and placing you on the bed.
 “Oh I’m gonna enjoy this”.
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sweeterthanthis · 12 hours ago
I wish you would write a fic where dbf!Sheriff Bodecker sneaks off to the reader's room after he's invited to dinner by their dad and gets himself some "dessert" 😏
Sweeter Than Apple Pie
Tumblr media
Pairing: DBF!Lee Bodecker x Female Reader
Summary: It's torture sitting through dinner with Lee. Especially when his idle hands can't keep from wandering.
Warnings: Explicit sexual content, pet names (pumpkin, dove, baby), pillow riding, fingering, Lee's dirty mouth, a little mess kink. 18+.
Word Count: 1k
A/N: I don't know what this is, or if it even makes sense but someone let the whore out. Thank you, Nonnie. This little piece of sin is for you.
All my works are 18+. If you click the read more tab, you are agreeing that you are 18 or over, have read the warnings and take responsibility for your own media consumption. I do not consent to having my work translated or posted anywhere else.
Tumblr media
Usually you'd have been thrilled to spend the evening sitting next to Lee - but not tonight.
Not tonight with your parents sitting across from the pair of you, making idle chit chat about the thrilling goings on within the town.
Not when his fingers kept insisting on dancing up the bare flesh of your thigh, seeking out the honey between your legs whenever they so wished.
It wasn't usual for you to will the time to pass like this. But you couldn't wait to get dinner over and done with. The only urge you had was to shut yourself away in your room and stuff your pillow between your legs; ride it and make the searing ache in your cunt go away.
It feels like forever, but it's not long before your Mother is clearing away the dessert plates, your body practically leaping from the chair and your cheeks hot with shame from the subtle squelch of moisture in your panties.
You knew it was rude. You knew your Daddy would pull you up on your bad manners in the morning. But you couldn't stand it a moment longer.
Each step on the staircase felt like five, your body crying out with the need to seek pleasure however it could.
You cringe at the force you use as your bedroom door slams shut behind you; the photographs on the wall rattling from the impact.
Climbing up onto the bed, you hitch up your dress and grab your pillow, straddling it in the middle of the mattress and mewling at the first contact of your thinly covered pussy against the soft, cushiony bulge snug between your thighs.
"Mmph," you moan, your elbows resting against the comforter as your hips roll down over and over, clit throbbing from the attention. It wasn't enough though. You reach down to tug your panties to one side, eyes rolling back a little in your head as the barrier between you and the silk of your pillowcase is finally gone.
You imagine it's him. You always do. Nothing ever satisfies you like his big, fat cock though. Nothing.
If you really concentrate - screw your eyes tight shut and immerse yourself - you can almost feel his soft belly, the way your pussy flutters against it, the mess you leave in your wake.
Your hands squeeze at your breasts through the thin material of your dress, nipples pebbling against the cotton, the softness of your palms nothing like his rough, dominant touch.
You whine as your precious little pearl rolls against the soft material, your hips jerking faster, yet still not enough. Never enough.
"Well, look what we got here." The sound of your bedroom door clicking shut has your eyes snapping open, heat rushing to the surface of your skin as the sight of him stood there with his strong arms folded across his chest greets you. Your movements falter, fists balled into sheets either side of you. "Don't stop on my account, Dove. You keep on humpin' that pillow. Show me how messy y'can get it."
He always does bring out the sinner in you. You don't even question it, tugging your bottom lip between your teeth to stifle the moans as you pick up your pace again. Your eyes are fighting to close, but the intensity of his stare is enough to have you holding his gaze.
"You do this every night, Pumpkin? You rub that itty bitty cunt on that pillow and think'a me?" Lee asks, smirking at the way your hips stutter forward at his words. Even from across the room, he controls you. Your body obeys before your mind even thinks of it. "Well, come on now. Ain't got all night. Keep goin'. Faster."
He takes a few steps forward, lingering at the end of your bed with his thumbs hooked through his belt loops, rocking back on his heels slightly to get the best view of your body writhing around in front of him.
But still, it's not enough.
"Please. Please, need more." Your thighs grip the pillow tight, elbows digging into the mattress as your body falls forward; your rear wiggling enticingly as you silently beg him to give in and touch you with those rough, callous hands. Oh, you love those hands. "Need you, Lee. Please, Sir."
Your eyes are wide, yet hazy with lust. You know he's seconds from caving. He never could resist you. And you weren't about to let him start now. Repositioning yourself on the bed, flipping your body around and sinking back down onto the pillow, you look back over your shoulder at him - his steel blue eyes fixed on the way your cunt drools slick onto silk.
"Please, Sheriff."
Smooth, butter soft leather glides up over one of your cheeks as his gloved fingers seek to dip between your sloppy folds. You push back into his touch, desperate to feel those thick, leather clad fingers inside your aching walls.
"Oh Pumpkin, would ya look at this? Ain't ever seen ya this wet," he purrs, chuckling when you whine, his touch removed from your skin. He looms over you, reaching forward to drag his glistening leather digits across your bottom lip. You open up for him instantly, humming at the taste of yourself on your tongue. "You been wantin' this all night long? Poor baby. Sweet pussy, ain't she? Sweeter than that pie your Momma made for dessert."
You sound pathetic when he pulls his fingers free of your mouth, whining, a plea for more dying on your tongue when his hand finds your core once again; clit still throbbing against the pillow that resides between your thighs.
You suck in a sharp breath. No matter how many times you feel his fingers stretching you out, you never get used to it. It's always like the first time. A shudder washes through your body at the sensation of his hot breath against the backs of your thighs. You only wish you could crane your neck far enough to take in the sight of him admiring you.
Lee's fingers withdraw from your clenching walls then, the unmistakable sound of slurping fills your ears and has you fucking shaking. The grunt that echoes from his throat makes your body sing, back arching and ass swaying; anything to get him to slide those fingers back inside of you.
"Better than apple pie, baby. Why don'tcha come get yourself some cream 'ta go with it."
Tumblr media
I no longer have a tag list, but if you want to keep up to date with what I post follow my sideblog, @sweetersficlibrary, and turn on alerts to be notified whenever I post something new 💕
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beelicious-barnes · 21 hours ago
Thin Walls (B.B)
A/N: this was requested by my love, @buckybarneschokeme who requested some enemies to lovers with her favorite man. I really enjoyed writing this so I hope everyone enjoys reading it!!
Word count: 1.8k
Warnings: 18+, smut, masturbating (m and f), sex toy, nickname (doll), tiniest bit of angst (idek if it qualifies as angst lol)
Tumblr media
“Are you fucking kidding me, Barnes? You had one job and you fucked that too.” You yelled at the top of your lungs as you proceeded to storm off to your bedroom. The last thing you wanted to do was fight with Bucky after a week-long mission.
Bucky jogs after you as he grabs your arm, spinning you around as he pulls you closer, “don’t just walk away from! We were both at fault, you know that!”
He wasn’t wrong. Well, he wasn’t entirely wrong at least but you weren’t going to admit to that, not right now at least. Steve had sent both of you on a mission that was supposed to be an overnight thing but it lasted a whole week because Bucky and you both kept fucking up, over and over again.
“You were supposed to be awake, keeping watch, Bucky and you couldn’t even do that. So much for being a super soldier,” you scoff, rolling your eyes at him as you move away from his hold and start walking towards your room again.
And there he was, jogging up after you again and once he finally caught up, he stood right in front of you, “I’m a super soldier, not a vampire, I need sleep.”
You rolled your eyes once again as you moved him out of your way and stepped into the lift, him following right after you, “I knew Sam shouldn’t have made you watch Twilight, of course, you managed to learn the most useless things from those stupid ass films.”
“Hey do not take your anger out on Twilight.” He huffs as stands right next to you and presses the button to your floor, and his floor – which sadly was the same one.
Steve had assigned both of you rooms next to each other, expecting you to become really good friends but that never really happened. Everything went down south from the moment you met each other.
The first time you were introduced to him, he was in the middle of an argument with Sam so naturally, his mood wasn’t exactly peachy. He was the only member of the team who refused to introduce himself to you and stormed off. You tried not to take it too personally but of course, you were a little offended, who wouldn’t be?
After that, things just spiraled. The last muffin at the breakfast table every single morning? Both of you wanted it. The remote for the main TV on Tuesday afternoons? Both of you wanted it. Glaring at each other, rolling eyes, pouting like children, that is all Bucky and you did when you were together. Sam and Steve tried, they tried to stop it, they tried to help, but neither of you would budge. Eventually, Steve thought he’d send you both on a mission together and that would be it, it would magically fix things, but it didn’t.
The elevator dinged as both of you stepped out and started walking to your rooms in silence. Once you finally reached them, you turned to face Bucky, who was barely inches away from you,
“Ever heard of personal space, Barnes?” you raise an eyebrow, looking into his stormy blue eyes. You tried your best not to melt, not right now anyway. Now wasn’t the time to let your guard down and admit that you had indeed fallen for this man over time.
Bucky smirks as he takes one more step forward, his lips almost brushing against yours. He always loved to push your limits, but not like this, not yet at least. He moves his hands towards your doorknob and gently twists it, “I’ll see you in an hour?”
You couldn’t help but suck in a sharp breath, your eyes wandering to his lips and then back to his eyes, “what’s – uh what’s happening in an hour?” is this when he asked you what? Was he about to make a smooth – we’re going on a date, move? It couldn’t be –
“Mission reports with Steve, remember?”
You wanted to wipe that smug smirk off his face and yell out in frustration, very loudly but you didn’t. Instead, you smiled and stepped away from him, entering your room,
“Of course, I remember, I’ll see you then.”
Tumblr media
You huffed as you walked into your room, putting your bag down as you tried to do anything and everything to ignore the ache between your legs. The kind that Bucky Barnes had caused before too. You were embarrassed at the effect he had on you and you wished it would simply go away, but it didn’t, it only got worse.
Your vibrator stared at you from your nightstand and you finally caved in, picking it up as you stripped out of your clothes. You sat down on your chair because your bed was a mess as you made a mental note to clean it later.
You took a deep breath as you turned it on, gently pressing it against your pussy as your eyes fluttered shut and the first and only image that popped in your mind was that of Bucky. A very shirtless Bucky. A shirtless Bucky hovering above you as he pounded his thick cock into you.
You couldn’t help the small whimper that left your lips as you moved your hips a little, unable to deny at that moment just how much you needed him. You also couldn’t help the little plea that escaped your mouth, with “Bucky” following shortly after.
He heard you. Of course, he did. The walls were particularly thin and Bucky had super soldier hearing and he didn’t just hear you moan his name; he could also smell you – he could smell the wetness; he could hear your heartbeat rise and fall as the silly little vibrator explored your pussy. He needed you. He needed to make you feel good.
He leaned against the wall as he felt his cock hardening at the mental image of you touching yourself. He took a deep breath as he unzipped his jeans, those along with his boxers falling to his ankles as he looked down at his cock, hard as a rock as pre cum covered the tip of his cock. He ran his thumb on it as his eyes fluttered shut, the image of you naked flooding his mind.
You groaned in frustration when you didn’t cum, the vibrator simply didn’t help much, or at all. The only thing you wanted at that moment was Bucky, he was next door but he felt like he was miles away from you.
Bucky heard you stop and groan, and he knew you didn’t cum. He stopped stroking his cock as he contemplated his next move. Fuck it. He moved closer to the side of the wall that was closest to where you were,
Your eyes widened as you immediately snapped out of your thoughts when you heard his deep voice from the other side of the wall, putting your vibrator away. You knew he couldn’t see you but you still couldn’t help cover yourself up, “Bucky? What – what are you doing?”
Bucky looked at the wall with a small smile, “uh maybe I could help you? I can tell you’re struggling and clearly, that toy isn’t helping.”
You choked on some air as you stumbled on the chair a little. This was the last thing you were expecting but all you wanted was a good orgasm and if the man you were daydreaming about was willing to help, who were you to say no?
“How would you help?”
He sighed in relief when you didn’t say no and cleared his throat, “I could tell you what to do? I could tell how hard you’re making me right now.”
You felt heat rise to your cheeks as you moved your fingers to your pussy, “I made you hard? Tell me more, Bucky.”
Just hearing you say his name was enough for him to wrap his fingers around his cock again, “so hard, doll. I can hear you; I can hear how fast your heart beats; I can smell how wet you are. Is that all for me?”
You let out a tiny whimper and nodded, gently sliding a finger in with a gasp, “it’s all for you, I haven’t stopped thinking about you Bucky. About how your body would feel against mine, or about how well you’d fill me up.”
“Fuck.” Bucky breathed out a shaky breath as he stroked his cock a little faster, “I’d take such good care of you, doll, I promise. I’d worship every inch of that beautiful body.” He meant every single word he spoke. This was something he had thought about time and again, all he wanted was an opportunity to show you just how well he’d treat you, given the chance.
You moaned his name, over and over again as you slid another finger in, “I’ve been at it for a while, I – fuck, I don’t know how long I’ll last.”
Bucky could tell he wouldn’t last long either, not with you moaning his name like that, “that’s alright, doll. Think you can add one more finger for me? Curl them a little, really push yourself for me, hmm?”
You bit your lower lip and nodded as if he was there and could see you. You had only ever used two fingers to play with yourself but you were keen on being good for Bucky. So, you gently slid a third finger in, moaning loudly as you felt the stretch.
“That’s my good girl.” Bucky felt himself getting closer as he stroked himself faster, “now curl those fingers for me and let go, I’m right there with you, doll.”
You let out a shaky breath and did as he asked you to, it pushed you over the edge as you bucked your hips, letting an unholy scream escape your lips as you came all over your fingers, moaning his name again.
Bucky grunted loudly as he came all over the floor, unbothered about the mess he made as he slowly caught his breath, “you still with me?” he was afraid that this was it, that you wouldn’t even look at him anymore.
“Yes, I’m here, Bucky.”
He let out a sigh of relief as he cleared his throat, “how about once we’re done with the mission reports, I take you out somewhere? Maybe dinner or we could go for a walk? If you wanted to.”
You smiled widely as you took a few seconds to compose yourself, “I’d like that, maybe we could do both? Dinner and a walk?”
Bucky fist-bumped the air as you said yes, “I’ll see you soon, doll.”
“Oh, by the way, Barnes?”
“Thank you for the help.”
Tumblr media
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bucky-soldat · a day ago
𝑩𝒂𝒌𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒘𝒊𝒕𝒉 𝑩𝒖𝒄𝒌𝒚
Pairing: Rommmate!Bucky x fem!reader
Summary: Bucky promised to help you baking the Christmas logs and let's just say that things heat up in the kitchen.
Warnings: Bucky's muscular body is a warning right, flirting, calling you doll & baby, sexual innuendo, sexual tension, mentions of sex, licking and sucking Bucky's finger.
Word Count: 1,955
A/N: This is for @saiyanprincessswanie <3 I saw your post about having to do two surgeries this month. I am so sorry and I hope that this will help ease your stress and make you smile. (although sorry for the sexual tension) Any feedback is always welcome in the form of reblogs, comments and likes! Thank you! <3 Moodboard made by me.
Tumblr media
You’ve been baking in the kitchen almost all day. You had prepared the first batch of Christmas Logs yesterday and today you were going at it again. This was all to give them out to your family and friends. It has been a yearly thing you’d do. Your Christmas baking was too good, everyone would praise your cooking skills and you loved it. Especially when Bucky did it too. You would bat your eyelashes a little as your cheeks would colour deeply, looking away with a small bashful smile.
Bucky always noticed this whenever he would give you some sort of praise so it fuelled him further to keep on doing it. This year would be no different.
“Where do you think you are going?” Your head snapped up as soon as you noticed Bucky hurrying to the door. “Come back here Bucky!”
“Oh come on doll! The others are waiting for me.” He huffed a little as he picked up his shoes, determined to leave the apartment you both shared.
“No.” You shook your head at him disapprovingly, nostrils almost flaring. He had promised you. “You promised to help me. It’s still early, you can go later.”
"But Sam-" Bucky started to protest once again.
“Go on then, no Christmas Log for you, James.” You challenged him as your lips curled up into a smirk as your eyes met.
Bucky in defeat lowered his head as a puff broke through his lips in frustration, causing your smile to widen triumphantly.
“Stop that.” He grumbled at you as he dropped back his shoes with a light thud at the exact same spot they had been by the door and made his way towards you into the kitchen.
“What do I have to do?” He asked you flatly shrugging his shoulders as he stood next to you. As he was about to grip the kitchen counter you yelped at him.
“Go wash your hands first, you touched the shoes!”
Bucky rolled his eyes at you as he took a step back to move to the other side to do as you told him. You weren’t particularly enjoying this, it annoyed you significantly when Bucky would act like this. Besides, it also hurt a little that he almost didn’t keep his promise he had made to you two days ago. But you were quick to move past that and finish up to be able to sit by the fireplace to watch a Christmas movie.
“Now what, little-miss-perfect?” You decided to ignore Bucky’s sour mood and the minor snide comment at you as you watched him wipe his hands clean with a dish cloth.
“Assemble these four while I continue melting the chocolate to decorate the others.” You first pointed to the four bowls you had laid out on the kitchen top then to the logs that you had already done by yourself the previous day. “So then I will be able to put the ones you’ll finish in the fridge to set overnight.”
“Wow, you’ve done a lot already doll. I’m sure they taste incredible.” And just like that Bucky’s mood was light again. Sometimes you swore that you were living with a child. You had been living together almost ever since you moved to the city. When you started renting the room you currently occupy in the apartment, you were sharing rent with someone else but after a short while they told you that they had to move out as they had gotten a better job but was farther from where you were living. Thankfully, you found a new roommate immediately as they knew of a friend of a friend who was looking to rent in your area. That’s how you met Bucky and how the two of you became roommates. You had no problems sharing an apartment with another guy. You had done it before when you were studying at university. However, you had never developed feelings for your roommate as you have for the devilishly handsome man that was currently standing next to you.
You were both in your thirties and coincidentally, you had a lot in common. You were both a little geeky but whilst you enjoyed reading above anything else, Bucky enjoyed gaming and he had occasionally got you hooked on some game he would have been begging you to play with him. He would never take no for an answer. He would pout and look at you innocently. You could never say no to those big glassy blue eyes, all pleading and inviting. Bucky never looked at anyone like that but you. Or so you would tell yourself.
You chuckled a little to yourself as you remained at the stove continuing the task at hand as you were melting chocolate.
“If it doesn’t knead properly just add a bit of water and remember to make it thick enough.” You instructed further as you continued stirring.
“Oh mine is thick alright baby.” Bucky eyed you with a sly smile as he rolled up his sleeves of his black dress shirt that he was wearing.
You almost gawked at him. You were a goner as soon as you watched the way his biceps flexed and his veiny forearms exposed like that. You were so screwed, perhaps now more than ever as he could tell by the way you were staring at his arms. His dress shirt was about to rip through as his sleeves were tightly rolled up to his biceps. Down within your core, you could feel another sort of tightness as your legs clenched at nothing. Your mind was elsewhere as all you could think about was how exhilarating it must feel like, looking at his bulging veiny arm as he would wrap his fingers around your throat while pounding into you. His skin red, consuming all of you as your body would be pressed down onto the dining table, legs spread wide while relentlessly thrusting in you.
His comment did not help either. Bucky eyed you in perfect comfortable silence, watching the way you licked your lips absentmindedly before dropping your gaze to snap out of your lustful thoughts and focus once again on what you were doing.
“Mmm…the chocolate smells really good. Can I taste some?” But he didn’t bother to wait for your reply as he stood mere inches away from you, ready to dip his finger into the little saucepan.
“It’s hot and stop!” You switched off the burner immediately as you snapped at him. Your hand collided and latched onto his torso to push him away. You fingers almost melted off just as the chocolate did as you felt his toned body through the fabric. You knew that Bucky enjoyed working out, he was getting beefier but you had never saw him with his shirt off. You were praying that you would never have to encounter that, otherwise you would not be responsible of what you might do next. Your body would probably react and you weren’t exactly thrilled with that notion. You had sort of promised yourself to never fuck your roommate, ever – even if they looked like Adonis. Except, it seemed that Bucky was like the reincarnation of the god and you wanted to curse at yourself.
“Oh come on! Just a bit of taste and it’s already cooling off.” He chuckled, briefly holding his hands up in defence before wrapping one of his hands around your elbow, tugging you off him.
You wrestled for a while, laughing like silly children as you kept on elbowing him away from you, till Bucky ended up pressing himself against your backside, trapping you between the stove. Your breath was caught in your throat as he pressed further into you, feeling his hip bone colliding with your backside.
“Stop it Buck.” You said breathlessly with a slight nervous chuckle, staring down at the chocolate, unable to look back at him as he kept you restrained within his body.
You could feel his hot breath on the backside of your neck as it blew lightly on your hair. He didn’t say anything and you couldn’t tell what his facial expression looked like but you were sure that he was highly amused with himself.
“Bucky.” You warned at him playfully as you tried to struggle away from his grasp. You whimpered softly as he kept you in place, kicking one of your legs apart with his knee.
He remained silent but you could now feel him tilting his head to the side as he brushed your hair away from your neck.
“What are you doing?”
“I told you, I want to taste.” He replied nonchalantly as he reached to dip his finger into the saucepan once again, only this time you couldn’t fight him off as your arms were securely by your side. Bucky made sure to have your arms like that, that was one of the reasons why he was pressing into you. The other reason was to get a feel of you. He had been dreaming of such situation with you. He couldn’t deny the way he had always felt about you. But like you, he had made a vow to never fuck his roommate, even if they’re extremely hot, just like you.
You could tell that he was licking his finger as a low moan escaped through his pillowy lips. “So good.” He murmured as he continued to lick.
He shamelessly dipped his finger once again, only this time he held it in front of you. “Go on, have a taste.” He said gravelly into your ear.
You licked your lips again nervously as you heard him hum lowly at you. He dug his hip into you once again to catch your attention.
His finger dripped with chocolate, it looked smooth and thick just as the chocolate tasted when you leaned closer with your tongue darting out of your mouth, your tip arching upward as you licked. Bucky moaned softly into your ear again as he watched you lick the chocolate off his finger. And as your lips parted further, Bucky slid his finger into your mouth, watching you suck it clean.
He almost lost all control, ready to take the hem of your sweatpants to pull them down and press himself into you from behind. You could feel his hard-on press against your thighs. Two can play at this game, you were enjoying this far too much to give it up now. You arched your back into him, feeling his cock pressing further causing you to moan back lowly with his finger still in your mouth. His cock twitched at the sensation, encouraging him further as his free hand wrapped around your hip, his thick fingers ready to pull down your sweats - till your phone rang loudly through the walls of the kitchen – snapping the both of you back to your sense.
Bucky pulled his finger quickly away from your mouth, taking a few steps back away from you, muttering audibly under his breath fuck.
You heard him clearly as you laid down the spatula, which you had been clutching at all through the moment you had with Bucky, on the empty plate that was beside the stove.
As you turned and walked to pick up your phone that was still ringing and vibrating loudly on the dining table, Bucky came back into view right in front of you with his arms crossed at his chest looking directly into your eyes as you answered the call with a look that you had never seen him give to you before. You noted how his jaw also clenched as his eyes took a darker shade of blue as they kept peering into you.
This isn’t over.
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ramp-it-up · 2 days ago
What about that damn Bucky Barnes? Him taking you in a tour of Brooklyn and somehow smut? 😜
Brooklyn Holiday
Sorry it took me so long to get to this!
This gif below is perfect! Props to the creator!
Tumblr media
This is my first Christmas drabble of the season!
Paring: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word count- Right at 1K
Warnings: 18+ Only! Minors DNI. Smut. Anxiety, Allusions to bad memories, holidays in Brooklyn, snow, cold weather, dirty talk, alley sex, good girl kink, breath play, choking, breeding kink. Wrote this in my phone. Not Beta’d.
I no longer have a taglist. Please follow @rampitupandread and turn on notifications to learn when I post! 😘
NOTICE: I Do NOT Consent to my work being reposted, translated or presented on any other blog or site other than by myself.
Tumblr media
You were walking hand in hand with Bucky in Brooklyn, at Christmas time, him seemingly as lost as you were. He’d just gotten a chance to really explore his former stomping grounds and he wanted you to come with him.
The decorations and Holiday cheer in this neighborhood were so charming and you were enjoying this waking date, happy just to be with Bucky until you looked up at his profile.
“What’s wrong, James?”
His eyes flicked down at you and he gave you a smile that didn’t reach them. Bucky couldn’t tell if his mind was playing tricks on him again.
“Damn. Most of the places I knew are gone, or… coffee shops?”
He pointed to what used to be a movie theater but was now a Starbucks. His brow was furrowed and his lips pursed as he grew more and more tense. You clutched his hand tighter to try and comfort him, but it was his metal arm and he didn’t register it.
You stopped and lifted it to your face, making him come back to you in the present.
Then he really smiled, and leaned down to kiss you, the wind swirling the snow on the ground up and around you, making you feel as if you were in a snow globe.
You shivered a bit. “You cold, Doll?”
You just smiled at him and he knew why you were shivering. He traced your lips with his now slightly heated metal thumb. You opened them and lightly traced it with your tongue.
It was Bucky’s turn to shiver at the light sheen of frost that followed your mouth on his hand.
The street was crowded but he growled lowly at you, making you wetter than you were a second before.
“You’re killing me Doll. I’m an old man.”
Your smile turned mischievous.
“Well. I can still feel how an old man wrecked my pussy this morning”
Bucky’s blue eyes darkened and he licked his lips as he looked over your head. He pulled you across the street, making you jay walk in front of the coffee shop to the alley beside it.
There was a little nook that he pulled you into deep in the alley. You were shielded from the wind and the eyes of people passing, and you were incredibly warm as you leaned up against Bucky.
He leaned against the wall and kissed you, hot tongue wreaking havoc on your brain. Your arms and legs were wrapped around him in his coat, his warmth spreading all around your body.
“Fucking love you Doll. Love how you bring me back to earth. Need you. Need to be buried in you right now. Feel this.”
Bucky pulled your gloved hand to his pants, so that you could feel his hard cock. Sometimes you wondered if it was made of vibranium too. You looked up at him in wonder.
“Old man, huh?”
You looked so angelic and like such a vixen at the same time. Made him pulse under your touch and three layers of clothing.
“Yeah.” His voice was gravelly and sexy as hell.
”Need that pussy. Right now.”
He cocked his head as if he was really asking a question.
“Will you be my good little girl and give it to me?”
He was already unbuttoning his pants and pulling it out. Jacking it in front of you, making the pink head disappear and reappear in his metal hand. You were mesmerized, mouth open, nodding yes. You looked up at him.
“Fuck, I would have that mouth too but it’s too cold for you to get your on your knees out here.”
His words were making you wetter, and your nipples hard as fuck.
“Want your mouth too, James.”
Bucky growled as he bent down to reach under your corduroy skirt to tear your tights and panties.
“I’ll eat you out all night long, Doll. Right now I just need—“
He’d turned you around and held you against the wall as he bent his knees and held his dick straight against your entrance.
When he felt you dripping around him, he kissed you.
“Knew you were a good girl for me,” and he thrust up inside you, clapping his hand over your mouth quickly to mute your scream. You could feel his dick throbbing inside you.
Bucky stilled because he was about to cum the minute he entered you. He pressed his forehead against yours as you quieted to whimpers.
You felt a combination of the ache from this morning, the incredible stretch of Bucky’s cock, and the intense pleasure and thrill of being fucked in an alley by the man you loved.
Bucky moved his hand to your throat and you managed to get out, “Oh god that feels so good,” before he squeezed with just the right pressure and started stroking something heavenly and terrible up inside you.
“Oh. Shit… Doll. Fuck. This pussy is so fucking good. Who’s is it? Hunh?”
Bucky knew good and damn well that you couldn’t speak, you just rolled your eyes in the back of your head and leaned back against the cold brick wall, the sensation adding to all the feelings.
He pumped harder, stamping his foot to get his point across. And his dick deeper inside you.
“I asked. Who’s pussy is this? Cause I’m about to cum inside it…. FFFFFUCKKKKK!!!”
Bucky’s whisper was urgent and he let go in time for you to rasp out, “It’s yours, James!” right before you came, clenching all around him.
Bucky pumped his hips a few more times and you could feel his steaming hot cum spurt up inside you. Felt so good.
You buried your head in his neck as Bucky leaned into you against the wall.
“Your love makes me Dizzy, Doll,” Bucky chuckled into your ear as you smiled. He kissed it and gradually let you down, hands on your arms to steady you.
He let you go when he was sure you were okay and fixed his pants. You straightened your skirt and patted your hair.
Bucky fixed your scarf around your throat, hiding the marks he just made.
“You’re perfect.”
You beamed up at him.
“Except for the part where I have super soldier cum dripping down my legs.”
Bucky’s eyes darkened again.
“That makes you even more perfect.”
He raised his eyebrow.
“That’s how it should be 24/7. Now let’s continue this tour before I fuck you against the wall again.”
You shivered as he pulled you out of the alley. And it wasn’t from the cold.
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theewritingroomm · a day ago
Date Night
Tumblr media
Type of Work: Headcanon Summary: Date night with Bucky takes an interesting turn. Pairing: Mob Boss!Bucky Barnes x Reader Word Count: 785 Warnings: brief smut – minors DNI!, public fingering, daddy kink, pet names, swearing? A/N: There is brief mentions of smut in this work, minors DNI! I do not give permission for my work to be reposted onto AO3/Wattpad. Text divider by: firefly-graphics
Tumblr media
You had just finished applying your lipstick when your doorbell rang throughout the house. After dropping your lipstick back onto your vanity counter, you hopped up and ran to the door. Opening it to reveal … Bucky’s driver, Mr. Coulson.
Your face fell slightly, having expected Bucky to be the one on the other side of the door.
“My apologize ma’am but Mr. Barnes will be meeting us there,” the driver said, “He has a few last-minute things to attend to.”
He stepped to the side to allow you to exit your house. Once you were sure you had locked the door behind you, you followed Mr. Coulson back to the car.
Twenty minutes later the car was pulling to a stop in front of Mamma Sophie’s, your and Bucky’s favorite hole-in-the-wall.
It wasn’t exactly the place one would think feared mob boss Bucky Barnes would frequent. But nearly every Saturday night Mamma Sophie, as she insisted, would reserve the entire patio for you and Bucky and once the weather began to turn cold it was the biggest corner booth that the restaurant had to offer. You two would spend hours in the restaurant enjoying the homemade pizza and pastas that were paired with the most expensive wines, and always finished with the most delicious gelato in the city.
Walking into the restaurant you sent a wave to Mamma Sophie who was moving from table to table and interacting with the guests. She sent you a wave and smile back before you were heading to the back of the restaurant.
Bucky was already sat on one side of the large, circular booth so you slid in on the other side. Watching the look in Bucky’s eyes as he took in your cleavage in your lowcut dress.
He sent you a heart stopping smile as you settled into the booth across from him. But the slight crease in your brow concerned him.
"Baby doll, what’s got you pouting?” he asked, taking a sip of the amber colored liquid in his cup.
You cut your eyes to him over the drink menu you had picked up from the table. “You were supposed to be the one to pick me up,” you let your bottom lip jut out in a slight pout which always made Bucky’s heart skip a beat. “And I just really missed you today … Daddy.”
The name hit Bucky square in the chest, knocking the wind from his lungs. His hand tightened around his glass, hoping it would be enough to hinder the tightening in his pants.
“I’m sorry princess,” Bucky responded, watching to see if you would respond to the pet name as he had. He was slightly disappointed when you remained unphased. “Daddy had to take care of some last-minute business.”
You rolled your eyes at him. And you knew you shouldn’t have, you knew that you were being bratty, brattier than Bucky should be willing to accept. But Bucky felt like crap and let you get away with being a brat because of it. He should have called at least, especially because it was date night and he had been letting business take precedence lately.
“I know Princess,” he said, scooting along the curved booth until his left thigh was touching your right thigh. He placed a hand on your thigh before speaking again. “I’m gonna make it up to you, I promise baby doll.”
Bucky placed a tender kiss to your cheek. He placed another kiss to the shell of your ear as his hand traveled up your thigh and under your skirt. He didn’t stop his movements until he could barely brush the tip of his pinky over your clothed slit.
He brushed his thumb gently over your thigh as his lips traveled over your neck. He kept that up for a moment, until he knew that you were starting to get desperate. He pushed aside the thin lace of your panties to lightly travel his middle finger along your damp core. You attempted to move your hips to gain any type of friction, but Bucky pinched the inside of your thigh and sent you a pointed look.
“You gonna be good and quiet for Daddy?” he gently pressed onto your clit before rubbing gentle circles.
You bit your lip and gave him a quick nod. He stopped rubbing at your clit with his middle fingers, moving to gently push them inside of you…right as the waiter began to approach you table. Bucky pulled his fingers out of you, nearly pulling a whine from your throat.
“We’ll finish that later,” Bucky whispered as you vaguely heard the waiter speak. “Besides, Daddy likes to hear when he breaks his princess.”
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buckyhoney · 2 days ago
𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐚𝐰𝐚𝐲 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐦𝐞
Tumblr media
𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞: i've been toying with the this idea for a while, but idk if i wanna do a full fic or mini series? idk, but let me know what you guys think about this au!
based on this moodboard! based on the song 'come away with me' by norah jones
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: modern!prince!bucky x modern!princess!reader
𝐫𝐞𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐠𝐬/𝐟𝐞𝐞𝐝𝐛𝐚𝐜𝐤/𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞𝐬 𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐠𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐥𝐲 𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝 & 𝐡𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐥𝐲 𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐚𝐠𝐞𝐝! 𝐡𝐨𝐰𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫, 𝐃𝐎 𝐍𝐎𝐓 𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐭/𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐥 𝐀𝐍𝐘 𝐨𝐟 𝐦𝐲 𝐟𝐢𝐜𝐬!
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: fluff?
"Come away with me." Shifting in the bed, you prop yourself up to look at him.
He had been stroking your hair, mindlessly watching the screen. They were having a movie marathon, and you guys were about two movies deep. The ability to just lay together was rare, and you didn't want to ruin the moment.
"What?" You ask, searching for the smile confirming he was kidding.
"I'm serious. Let's go somewhere tonight. We can be across the world by morning-" He wasn't kidding.
"James, we can't do that- you know that." The idea of packing a bag and catching the first flight out of town was appealing- very appealing.
You had obligations- he had obligations. James sat up facing you. He saw the panic in your eyes- he saw the millions of scenarios running through your mind. He pleaded the one where you grabbed the bags and left was one of them.
"This isn't the life we want, let's go make a new one together!" His eyes pleaded with yours.
The idea has been thrown out by him before, during the many dinner parties and social events. Each time you played along before waving it off, understanding how insane it'd be to leave- with each other.
"I'm only in town for two more days-" He states.
"James." The warning tone didn't stop him from throwing out more fantasies about the life you both wished to have.
"We can do this- the way we want to. Without our parents, without the press, the guards- we can do this." He pleaded, taking your hands in his.
They warmed your cold fingers and softened your heart, knowing you'll regret agreeing to do something so irrationally.
"Fine. Let's go."
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bonky-n-steeb · 8 hours ago
hey darling, can i ask for reader subtly telling bucky that she’s pregnant by buying/ordering baby things
Sometimes the way Bucky behaved you really doubted if he once was the winter soldier.
“Happy Father’s Day.” You had realised you were pregnant a day before, but had kept it a secret for the night as you wanted to reveal it on the occasion of Father’s Day.
“Thank you.” Bucky smiled and pressed a sweet kiss to your forehead. You both were having your breakfast and Bucky dug back in.
“Wait, aren’t you gonna ask why?” Why wasn’t he going like, why are you wishing me doll? I’m not yet a… oh wait, are you pregnant??
“I’m smart doll. I know you’re wishing me as I’m alpine’s daddy.” You should’ve thought this through. Alpine was Bucky and your cat and Bucky was under the impression that you were wishing because of her.
You wanted to deny and clear the confusion, but somehow the heat of the moment had passed by. You wanted him to realise in the best possible way.
“This is so cute.” He exclaimed when he say the ‘mommy to bee 🐝’ and ‘daddy to bee 🐝’ mugs you had ordered. You smiled giddily at Bucky’s excitement. “Isn’t it?”
“Yeah. Alpine would love these. One cup for mommy and one for daddy. Though I think she’d break it if given the chance.” At the mention of her name, the cats ears perked up and she strutted towards you.
But at that moment, you really wanted to facepalm yourself. Did he really think these were for alpine? Like sure, you loved alpine and that white kitty was like a child to you, but seriously?
“Bucky, it’s mommy and daddy to bee…. You know like…” you tried your best explaining but your oblivious husband was none the wiser. “Ohhhh… are we getting a new cat?” His eyes were hopeful.
“No!” You didn’t know whether to get angry or laugh your ass off. “No. It’s for alpine only. You’re her daddy and I her mommy.” You finally gave up trying to make him understand. You’d have to try something new.
“Bucky stop eating!” You screamed and Bucky looked up at you like a child caught eating candies. His mouth was full of the cupcake you had given to him.
Finally getting tired of searching for ways, you had neatly inserted the ultrasound of your baby into the cupcake thinking he would take bites out of it and find out. But instead this man had eaten it whole.
“Wha… Whas that..?” His mouth was full of the cake and you couldn’t help but laugh at his predicament. You were sure he must’ve felt the polaroid by now.
“What you put in it?” He asked as he pulled out the plastic. Gladly despite his chewing, the ultrasound was still very much intact.
“Bucky, you better get what I’m trying to tell you since yesterday or I’ll go to the avengers myself and tell them that their white wolf is dumb as fuck.”
He partly snorted at your reply but his eyes were still stuck to the photo before him. He did finally get it. His eyes had tears in them as he looked up, “Are you pregnant?”
His voice was hitching and you eagerly nodded. “Yes Bucky! We’re going to have a baby.” At the very next instant, he picked you up from your chair and twirled you in the air.
“Thank you doll. This is the best gift ever.” He was pressing kisses to your cheeks, nose, forehead, chin and any other part he could get his lips to. “I love you.”
“I love you too Bucky. And I’m sure you’ll be the best dad ever.” You both were overjoyed with the news and Bucky just couldn’t stop kissing you. “I promise I’ll try my best doll. I promise.”
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fineanddandy · 2 days ago
Come On…
Summary: It’s your wedding day and you’re feeling antsy, thinking about an old love…and that old love comes callin…
Relationship: Destroyer!Chris x black!bride!reader
Warnings: graphic language, emo smut, unprotected sex, emotionsssss, angst, 18+
A/N: yeah this turned out angstier than I intended but all in all, I fucks with it. Got mad inspo’d by some unreleased photos of Seb from that one sexy ass GQ shoot he did…just fucked me up so this is what came to me. Anyways…ON TO THE ANGST. Guess this will be submitted into my 2K collection. Seriously didn’t mean for this to happen lol 🤷🏾‍♀️
Tumblr media
For weeks, you’d been ignoring this tiny voice speaking in the back of your head, chalking it all up to nerves but the closer it got to the date, the louder and clearer the voice got.
But the decision’s been made. You made it clear right there in his pathetic ass face. You don’t want him, you were fuckin over it. But here it is, your fuckin wedding day and you couldn’t get him off your fuckin mind. From the moment you popped your eyes open to your alarm, all through make up and hair, his voice, his smile, the faint feeling of his lips up your neck. Your mind was sprinting, and you were grateful that most of the morning you were distracted by everyone flittering about, and feeding you attention. Cameras flashing and everyone drinking champagne and laughing, but even with the bustle…
Now you’re alone, and tipsy, and freaking the fuck out. Everything in your body was telling you to fuckin flee, but you made your decision. There was no going back. You promised yourself there was no going back. He was nothing but trouble, it wasn’t a secret but fuck he was so hot and so into you, and you don’t know…somehow it just…clicked. One kiss and the flame was lit, burning with such a wild flame it made the relationship feel out of control most days. Always getting arrested or caught up in some bullshit, he was hard to keep up with and emotionally, it took a lot of you. You guys loved hard as fuck. So it was hard to leave each other alone. But when there was one arrest too many, and he got put away for too long, your fiancé swooped you off your feet. Blissfully happy for years. No care in the world about him locked away in jail. Well…that’s until you heard he was getting out on good behavior. Already asking for you and where he could contact you. Weeks before your wedding. What fuckin timing.
You tap your phone against the palm of your hand, pacing over the carpet, the train of your dress swooshing around behind you. The more he asked about you, tried to smoke you out, the more you got anxious about marrying your new man. His reappearance stirred up so much inside you and soon you felt like that young girl who fell in love him. Ready to ride for him if he needed you but he always kept you out of it. Said you were too sweet for his lifestyle and he liked you that way. Wanted to keep you that way. That’s why he couldn’t be mad when you told him that you found someone else. He weakly smiled as you spilled the beans, determined to keep it real with him and lay it all on the table. How you were tired of aching and how your new man dulled that pain. How you couldn’t wait for him and was over being this woman in his life. And you really felt all those things then. You just couldn’t understand how all of those feeling changed so swiftly. Just the mention of your names in the same sentence made your stomach turn in thrill. Gently rubbing your knotted stomach, you bite your lip, imagining the sweet smell of his cologne, envisioning that thicket of a goatee hiding away his adorable butt chin you only caught a glimpse of in an older picture. That mischievous grin. His tender laugh. You huff out a sad sigh. Just then your phone vibrates in your manicured fingers. An unknown number asking you:
Come outside.
Your heart stutters, already aware who’s on your line. Immediately you think this is a fuckin sign. Holy shit this is a fuckin sign. Every nerve in your body is trembling as you stare at your screen, thinking your anxiety is conjuring this all up but then he says:
Don’t I get to see the bride before she goes down the aisle? Come on out angel…
You don’t even question it. Your feet carry you the back of the church without being noticed by anyone of importance. Just some catering dudes out smoking a cigarette but they barely pay you any attention searching for him. Tulle train fisted in your left hand, phone in the right, you approach the parking lot with a frown.
Keep comin…
Heel hitting the pavement you lightly jog towards what seems like his jet black Camaro parked along the gate of the parking lot. Your smile widens with a light hearted laugh as you see it is his car and him standing beside it in the sexiest three piece suit you’ve ever seen. Jaw dropping you stop before him, sizing him up since it’s been so long since you’ve seen him. Fuck he looked good. Kept that hot ass hair cut but finally said good riddance that fur on his chin. He looked like a new man…but somehow still the same man you’ve known all those years. You would cry if you weren’t so caught up in how damn good he looked. Chest all out, shirt unbuttoned to show he’s been working out. He couldn’t stop smirking at you standing there in a poof of whatever material that is, holding your breath like you just seen a ghost. It was like your skin began to glow the second you laid eyes on him. He’s never seen you look so damn gorgeous. If he didn’t have a hand on the hot body of his car, his knees would have buckled. For a few minutes, you both just stand there, astonished, as the warm spring air rolled over electric skin until you’re the first to speak.
“Chris.” You sigh really, finally taking a breath like you’ve been dying to call him by his name. Dropping his chin, he brushes his knuckles over a small smile, clearing back a soft sigh. Your voice so happy and airy made him feel some type of way. Never thought he’d hear you say his name ever again.
“Angel…” he smacks a ring adorned hand across his chest, “you look…so damn beautiful I’m…” he can’t stop eating you up with those smokey grey eyes raking over you in this gown. Honestly the two of you together look like y’all could be the ones to get married today but that’s far from the case.
“What the hell are you doing here?”
You have to ask because he definitely wasn’t invited but he dressed better than some of the guests that were. Soothing his large veiny hands down the chest of his jacket, he lift his chin and says,
“Well I heard that you were getting married so…who better to give you away than your first true love?”
You damn near laugh. He can’t be fuckin serious. “My dad’s giving me away Chris.” Your fisted tulle falls from your hand. “Seriously…why are you here...”
This is his moment. Tell you that he came to take you away from here, that he knows you know you’re making a huge mistake marrying this guy. That you love him and he still loves you and he can be the husband you deserve. Those are all the things you want him to say. You want him to take you from doing what you thought was necessary to be rid of him but in the end, Chris is still the only man you want. Glancing down at the time on your screen you see you still have an hour before your whole life can significantly change. Before you close a chapter on a man you still can’t get enough of. Trying to find the right words to say, Chris just bores his desperate stare into you, nervously biting the inside of his cheek reading your sad eyes, your chest rapidly rising and falling under his heavy gaze. Your thoughts moving a mile a minute. Are you really…you take a small timid step towards him extending his fingers out for yours ready meet his.
“Come on.”
The roar of his engine felt good beneath your seat as Chris peeled out into the street, holding your hand so tight, afraid to let go. Blood wildly pumping you two couldn’t stop laughing, amazed that you just left it all behind without a second thought. He needed to drive but he couldn’t stop looking at you, like this was some fucked up ass dream but your touch felt real. This really felt real. Pulling over into an empty lot of the side of the road, you side eye Chris smiling back at you.
“What are you up to.” You cautiously ask as he shoves the gear into park then leans across the middle console.
“Gotta see something…” he whispers, pinching your chin between his finger and his thumb, drawing you in to a place you haven’t been to in years. But damn, it feels good to be back between his curvy lips. Tips of tongues anxiously meet as he holds you steady, humming a quiet moan behind your full lips. This kiss feels real, and you taste just like he remembered after all this time. He just couldn’t believe it. You lift up out of your seat and press even harder into his mouth, heart thumping so hard you thought it would jump out of your chest. You could melt into this kiss that’s how amazing he feels on you after all this time. Fingertips brush his fuzzy head. The last time you two kissed like this was a final goodbye you didn’t expect. And now you’re here getting reacquainted with a feeling you buried away when you told your fiancé yes. Life is funny that way.
“Angel…” Chris whispers over your lips still grasping for him but he’s got to know... “Angel I…I need you to tell me something…”
Another peck and then you answer. “What is it bun.”
His cool rings feel so wonderful against your warm cheeks you nuzzle deeper into his palm. It makes him smile. “Why’d you leave me with me. What’s wrong?”
Opening your eyes to his question, you fall into his cloudy grayish hued gaze with a shaky sigh. How can you lie to a man who looks at you like that, who peers into your soul like that. Suddenly, your eyes start to well and your bottom lip quivers as the confession spills out of you.
“I couldn’t marry him because I still love you. I thought he could erase you but he can’t. No one can…”
Greedy hands snatch you up by your waist and he swings you over his lap, pushing his seat back to accompany you and all that damn dress you have on. Together you two pull the massive skirt up on your hips, filling the driver seat with so much fabric it almost pools out of his opened window. In the midst of all that tulle, Chris’s desperate fingertips find the tiny elastic band of your panties for the special day and yanks it down the swell of your ass, keeping his wide eyes up on you hovering over him with needy soft pants. Your nude nails working the buckle of his belt.
“The moment I heard you were getting out, you filled my head and it fucked with me.” A surprised gasp falls from your lips as you grip his burning member thick and raging. Chris softly growls afflicted by your touch. A woman’s supple touch…that’s something he hasn’t felt in too long. “I can’t fuckin shake you. No matter how much you hurt me by leaving me like that…I can’t…”
Chris shuts you up with a mind numbing kiss, moaning and tonguing you as you pump his cock with both hands. He didn’t have to hear another word. You said enough for him to see he still had ahold of you that he thought he lost forever ago. He was so scared that you really had let him go. Every second he spent in jail, he worried over your every step, hoping whoever this dude was was actually taking care of you since he couldn’t. But he still hoped a little part of you still stayed true and vowed that once he got out, no matter your marital status, that he was going to get you back. No matter who he had to cross, you were going to be his girl again. If he has to live a rehabilitated life he could only do it with you.
His precum starts to trail over your curled fingers working him like they’ve always known how, grinning into his noisy mouth, enjoying how weak he breathes beneath you. If you didn’t sit on his dick soon, he’s going to lose it all over this expensive ass dress and he’s been craving your tight canal suctioning all around every vein and dimple of his fat shaft. He can’t wait another minute; firmly taking ahold of your hips Chris guides you down, gulping and huffing anxious pants of breath against your chin. Blinking his eyes close as the head of his dick breaks through your dripping entrance. A tender howl fills the car accompanied with a chill down your spine, Chris filling you up with ease like your pussy just knew he belonged there.
“Fuck angel,” his words are hushed, shaky, “Am I still yours?” He takes a hard swallow when he feels the enflamed skin of her ass rest on his hairy thighs. Shaking his head from the overwhelming sensation of filling your little pussy up he sighs, “am I still your bunny?”
Already whimpering behind a bitten lip, you cry out hearing his old pet name, lazily nodding as you take a satisfied breath. “Of course bun.” Your dress ruffles as you slowly take the first stroke, rocking your hips up and down, back and forth with a pathetic whimper. “Always.”
The back of his head hits the headrest with a muted thump, his eyes roll into the back of his head. Hissing curse words behind pressed lips Chris lets you take over, gasping for air, still gazing upon you with such loving eyes your pussy drips.
“I’m a changed man angel.” Chris chokes, fading in and out so caught up in your patient motions, allowing him to enjoy every inch of your gushy pussy. “I changed for you. I…I wanna be your man…”
You toss your head back with a brandish moan. Those words turning you on more than you could have ever imagined.
“Ugh yes bunny…” your hips grind a little harder, reaching for leverage on the hood and door of the car, “miss you being my daddy…” You whip your head back around to look in those dazzling eyes of his as you work your lower back. That mischievous smirk extending up his flushed cheeks.
“I’m your daddy forever angel.” His giant silver rings rest against your lax jaw as he starts to roll his hips to meet your throbbing slit. He can’t get enough. “I’ll be whatever you want be to be baby. I just can’t do this new life without you. That’s why I had to come get you.”
Chris decorates your blistering cheeks and drooling lips with sweet pecks, the two of you outlandishly moaning as the speed and impact of your thrusts grow harder, faster. Sweet, genial moans transform into animalistic groans. His grip on your face tightens resting your third eye on his. Your nerves are tingling like crazy. Fuck he smells just how you remember and it sends another aggressive shudder down your body. Your rippling walls hold on for dear life, the pressure drawing him closer and closer to spilling over. Throbbing so hard and so deep he feels so perfect inside you once again.
“Oh fuck bun—fuck Chris! Please baby…don’t…”
But he cuts your plea short. “I’m not angel. I won’t.” The tip of his long thick tongue runs over your pouty top and bottom lip. Before it falls back into his warm mouth you roughly suck it between your puckered lips for a moment then let him go with a loud sigh. “No more. Just you and me.”
“Yeah angel…you,” you both groan on the verge, “me,” your legs begin to tremor, you hold onto the leather seat, “and a maybe a little girl who looks like your little twin.”
“Oooh my god! Bunny!” Your climax hits you like a punch to the gut, collapsing into Chris’s strong arms ready to catch you convulsing and fighting for air. Fisting both hands into your bun that’s fallen aloose, he continues to slam his dick into your creamy pussy, chasing his own relief listening to your cries of praise and love in his ear. Grinding his teeth together, grunting over and over, he keeps a death grip across your back. Your legs still trembling around him giving you all the pent up desire he’s had brewing inside him. Hundreds of days spent fantasizing fucking you like his freedom depended on it. Getting you back made his newfound freedom just as sweet. Hearing you lovingly whisper,
“Fuck I love you bunny. I love you so much.”
So pleasantly in his head made him feel freer than the first step out the prison gates. There’s a hitch in his strokes, in his broad chest, and he chokes,
“Holy fuck! I love you too angel!”
Thick ropes of his hot load paint your still flittering walls, a vulgar moan leaving his deflating frame as he loses it all to your hungry pussy. He felt empty but also relieved, overjoyed, kindly hugging you so close coming down. Once he releases his hold some, you sit up and caress the sides of his clammy handsome face with a small smile, realizing what he confessed just a moment ago.
“A little girl…” a brow arches in intrigue, “you sure bun…?”
Turning his chin to his left, his puckered curvy lips go for the meaty palm of your hand just for a simple kiss. “She’s all I think about.” His soft spoken words tickle and you just sigh. “I see her so clearly…” The corner of his eyes wrinkle then relax as his lids open with another kiss, glancing over to see the stunned expression on your face but only finds you sitting there with a big smile across your post sex high glow. Maybe he has changed for he’s never mentioned kids before and that genuinely made your heart swell. Giggling to yourself, you shake your head and wonder so many things about your future with this stoic man who can’t stop smirking and kissing your hand…but only one question’s really on your mind.
“What’s her name?”
The corner of his exposed mouth reaches his ears, smiling so charmingly with an adoring sigh envisioning you by his side with her bouncing in your lap. That image and his desire to get you back helped him survive. As soon as you two get settled somewhere far from here, Chris is going start his perfect little life with you and his baby girl.
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dreamlessinparis · a day ago
Fatal Attraction
Tumblr media
Pairing: Frank! x F!Reader
Word Count: 5327
Summary: A stranger in a club helps you realize just what your relationship is truly missing.
Warnings: explicit language, choking, smut, 18+, explicit sexual content, cheating, douchebag boyfriend, public sex (car sex), slight heartbreak, fluff, angst, squirting, teasing, dirty talk
A/N: This was a pure selfish piece. I listened to Of Mice and Men's cover of Blame it and it inspired the part in the car where she makes a mess. Then @sweeterthanthis helped me figure out the rest, the angel that she is. Thank you love😘💕This is not beta'd, all mistakes are my own and I'm aware it's not the best, but I had a blast writing it.
Divider credit goes to the lovely @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media
The club was getting more crowded by the minute and you were getting uncomfortable. Jackson had insisted on taking you on a date here, despite knowing how much you hated crowds. Sipping on your martini, you checked the time again, and saw he was an hour late. The frustration made you down the rest of your drink and slam down the glass.
“Long night?” A husky voice inquired and you turned to see a handsome man in a black shirt with a plaid jacket taking the seat next to you. His bright blue eyes twinkled with mischief and you found yourself smiling at him.
“You could say that,” you responded, gesturing to the bartender for another drink.
“Well, why don’t I buy you a drink and you can tell me about it?”
“I appreciate the offer, but I’m actually waiting for someone,” you said, looking down at your watch, “My boyfriend actually.” “That’s unfortunate. How long have you been waiting?”
“An hour and counting,” you replied, taking a huge gulp on your drink. He nodded slowly, drinking some of his own. “Wow,” he whistled, shaking his head, “I’m Frank by the way.”
You shook his outstretched hand, telling him your name, “Are you here alone?”
“For now,” Frank replied, winking at you. Heat rushed to your face and you took a sip to hide your rising nerves. A handsome man flirting with you was such a stark comparison to how your boyfriend treated you and you found yourself not knowing how to act.
Before you can gather yourself enough to respond, a heavy arm landed on your shoulder, and the strong stench of alcohol enveloped you, “Baby, so sorry I’m late. My meeting ran long.”
He smacked a wet kiss on your cheek and you fought to not cringe. You could tell he was drunk by the way he was slightly swaying, his weight mostly pressed to your side.
“You couldn’t have called, Jax?” you asked sweetly, trying to keep the disdain out of your voice. His only response was to roll his eyes and grab your hand, tugging you down off the stool. The sudden motion on your high heels made you teeter for a moment and Frank’s hands shot out to hold you steady, your boyfriend not even paying attention to you anymore. He was too busy surveying the crowd for an empty spot.
“Are you okay?” Frank asked, his voice in your ear as he held you close to his body. A different kind of heat filled your body and you squeezed your thighs together to hide the throbbing of your cunt. Nodding quickly, you detached yourself and smiled politely before following your asshole of a boyfriend who had left you behind, through the crowd.
Tumblr media
Jackson found a booth near the back and took a seat. You plopped down across from him, causing him to make a face at you and patting the seat next to him.
“Come over here babe, Tom and his girlfriend will sit there. Unless you want to sit next to Tom, I wouldn’t complain about sitting next to his girlfriend,” Jackson smirked. Now it was your turn to roll your eyes. You weren’t in the mood to watch your boyfriend all over another woman, hell you didn’t even want to come out tonight, so you moved over to sit next to him.
Jackson seemed highly disappointed in the fact you actually moved but wrapped an arm around your shoulders anyway. You snuggled back into him, pretending that you were actually enjoying yourself. When he had mentioned taking you on a date, you were genuinely excited thinking he would take you on an actual date. This endeavor was turning out a disaster, and already you wanted to go home.
The two of you sat in silence, him sipping his drink while you watched the crowd. You couldn’t remember the last time you had a legitimate conversation together, nor the last time he even touched you when it wasn’t in public. This wasn’t a good relationship anymore, it hadn’t been for years but you couldn’t see a way out.
“Evening guys,” Tom said, plopping down across from you, his gorgeous barely dressed girlfriend scooting in beside him. You didn’t have to look at Jackson to know his eyes were glued to her enormous chest. Tom pushed a drink towards and you nodded your thanks. It was the wrong drink per usual; you didn’t know why Jackson was so convinced your favorite drink was rum and coke when all you ever really drank were martinis and margaritas.
Scrunching your nose you take a sip, disliking the way the sweet taste coated your tongue. You needed alcohol to get through the night, and the way that Jackson’s arm was wrapped around you, he wasn’t letting you out of the booth to get any so you made the best of what you had.
Jackson and Tom began talking about fantasy football, while his girlfriend scrolled through her photo, occasionally taking selfies. Rolling your eyes, you rest your head back staring up at the strobe lights of the club, allowing your mind to wander over to the man you left at the bar. His piercing eyes, that fluffy tousled hair, and the scruff on his jawline, those things alone were making you wet just thinking about it.
A waitress approached your table, placing a couple of martinis in front of you, telling you that they were sent from someone at the bar before walking off. You smiled to yourself, looking up to find everyone staring at you.
Jackson reached out for one of them, “Wonder why someone sent these for you baby. You don’t even like martinis.” He didn’t let you respond before he downed one and went to grab the other. Your reactive senses kicked in and you grabbed it instead, taking it down in one swift gulp.
“Actually baby,” you said haughtily, “Martinis are my favorite. And since you drank my other one, I’m gonna go get myself one more.”
Tumblr media
Without another word, you left the booth, making your way to the bar. Halfway there you stopped, pondering to yourself what you were actually doing. You wanted to see Frank. You wanted to do more than see him, you wanted to fuck him. But you couldn’t, despite everything you were still a damn good girlfriend and tried your best to be loyal to Jackson, against your better judgment.
You knew he was cheating on you, the calls you'd overheard and the marks on his collar were clear indications. One time you had even found another woman's panties in his suit jacket. But you craved the stability he gave you and having someone to come home to was better than being alone, or so you told yourself.
Changing your route, you headed to the bathroom. The line for the female one was far too long and all you wanted to do was splash water on your face. Glancing around to make sure no one was paying attention, you ducked into the men’s bathroom.
It was empty with your luck and you rushed over to the sink, quickly turning on the faucet and splashing water on your face in an effort to cool yourself off. No one could have seen the next chain of events coming but it seemed the universe was working against you. Or for you depending on how you looked at it. The door opened and your head snapped up, coming eye to eye with Frank through the mirror.
Frank let out a low chuckle, “Fancy seeing you here, gorgeous. Didn’t peg you someone who would sneak into the men’s room. Couldn’t wait in that line like everyone else?” he asked, leaning back against the door with his arms crossed, an amused expression on your face.
Straightening up, you wiped your hands on some paper towels and turned to face him, acting like he didn’t have an astonishing effect on you and your body. Mirroring his stance, you crossed your arms, perching on the ledge of the sink.
“I figured since I didn’t actually need to use the bathroom, I could pop in and out of here before anyone caught me.”
Frank cocked an eyebrow, prowling towards you until he caged you against the sink. Your hands had a mind of their own as you ran them up his torso, grabbing ahold of his lapels, pulling him to you. A growl rumbled in his chest, leaning down to run his nose down the column of your throat. You shivered, inhaling him in.
“Tell me to stop,” he whispered, kissing the spot beneath your ear. Your hands gripped his shirt tighter, a shaky breath escaping you. His lips brushed against the shell of your ear, teeth sinking into your lobe and you couldn’t bite back the moan that slipped out.
He would have taken you right then and there, you knew it, you wanted it but the opening of the bathroom door pulled you both out of your lustful bubble and you shoved him away from you. Quickly stepping around him, you exited the bathroom, keeping your eyes down as you passed the man who had just entered.
Tumblr media
Since you knew where Frank was, you made your way to the bar, obtaining another drink before heading back to your booth. Only Tom was left, smiling at you as you slid into the booth.
“Where’s Jackson?”
“Liv wanted to dance and my knee has been acting up so Jax offered to dance with her,” he replied pointing through the throng of gyrating bodies. Jackson had Liv glued to his front, grinding his hips to her ass.
Glancing at Tom you found him leaning back in his chair, surveying the crowd but completely seeming to miss the fact that his best friend and girlfriend were practically dry humping on the dance floor. Made you wonder how much he overlooked when it came to Jackson, the two of them were too close and had such a weird blind trust in each other.
“So you’re okay with this?” You voiced aloud, gesturing to your significant others. Tom shrugged.
“What’s not to be okay with? They’re dancing y/n. Relax.” Tom chided you and anger flooded you. The neon lights of the club reflected over his annoyed face, making you want to punch him even more like you were overreacting over nothing. You bit your tongue, slumping back in your seat.
By the time Jackson had returned to the table, he seemingly had consumed several more drinks, even tipsier than before. Tom’s girlfriend was hanging off of him like she couldn’t stay upright. Tom grabbed her by the waist, pulling her into the booth before heading to the bar. Jackson slid, more like slumped, in, his body smushed against yours. The stench of alcohol filled your nostrils and you wrinkled your nose in disgust as he pulled you into his body, trying to kiss you.
Frustrated when you gave him your cheek, he glared down at you and grabbed your jaw, forcing his lips against yours. You yanked back, appalled. He said nothing, just turned away from you. His hold tightened around you and you sat there uncomfortably, sipping your martini trying to cover the taste of him in your mouth. Tom returned with more drinks and you were thankful, the alcohol was the only thing taking the edge of the horrendous night.
Your thoughts kept returning to the moment you shared with Frank in the bathroom, almost wishing he had locked the door. What would have happened, what could have happened, ran through your brain. And you felt yourself getting wet from the memory of his hands on you, the way he smelled, the feel of his lips. You wanted more, and you found yourself scanning the crowded club, in hopes of seeing even just a glimpse of him.
Tom and Jackson decided shots were the next best step to the evening and the two soon returned with a tray of them. Jackson held the limes and salt shaker since he was still unsteady on his feet.
Tom’s girl took three of the shots and put them in front of herself. Tom delved out a couple for you and Jackson took his share. Tom and his girl took their shots together, licking the salt off each other. Jackson didn’t even look at you as he took his shots and then yours before you even reached for them.
He was getting grumpier by the hour, still upset about your forced kiss. Sometimes you forgot you were dating a child and not a man. It wouldn’t have been surprising if he crossed his arms and began to pout.
Tumblr media
“It’s time to go, y/n. Come on,” Jackson slurred, barely making it out of the booth without stumbling. You followed him, balancing on your heels. Tom and his girl were already heading for the exit, leaving you to fend for yourself with a drunk man who was now putting his weight on you. Struggling all the way to the exit, you were relieved to feel the cool breeze on your skin. You took a deep breath, the weight of the claustrophobic club lifting away.
Your knees nearly buckled from Jackson’s weight as you stood there outside the entrance. All your effort was nearly wasted, when your shoe caught on a rock, making you stumble. With the added load of your boyfriend, you barely stayed upright, your hand slamming against the brick wall.
Jackson mumbled drunkenly, seemingly upset at being jostled so much. Your palm throbbed from how hard it had hit the wall. Leaning against the wall to catch your breath you pondered what move to make next. You weren’t sloshed the way Jax was but you definitely weren’t sober enough to drive safely. Your mind was in a drunk-induced haze and for a moment you truly thought you were imagining the figure walking towards you shrouded in a cloud of smoke, the red light of the club’s sign illuminating his face. Giving him a sinister yet sexy vibe.
“Need some help?” Frank asked, flicking his cigarette aside, grounding it down with his toe.
“Um please,” you said, “Could you take some of his weight off me?”
Frank rushed forward, completely taking Jackson off of you and you slumped in relief. He was easily holding up your boyfriend, who was resting his head on Frank’s shoulder. Giggling you watched the two of them interact; Frank’s strength was doing so many tingly things to your body.
“Are we waiting for someone?” “Oh no. Tom left already. I was trying to figure out whether I could make it to the car and if I could actually drive,” you admitted sheepishly.
Frank’s piercing blue eyes filled with a wave of deep anger and he gave Jax a look of disgust. Almost like he wanted to toss him on the ground, “You deserve more than a shit boyfriend, who leaves you to fend for yourself like this.”
“I can take care of myself,” you defended, standing up straight to try and appear taller. Frank’s presence made you feel small but you weren’t weak.
“Oh darling, I don’t doubt that, but you shouldn’t have to,” he smiled and that smile alone made you whimper softly, ready to give him absolutely anything he wanted. The smile deepened into a smirk as he noticed the effect he had over you, “Let me give you a ride home.”
The sober side of your brain was screaming at you not to accept, knowing that being practically alone in a car with him would be dangerous for your resolve. However, the drunk side made the idea oh so tempting and that’s the part that answered.
“Thank you, Frank, that would be great.”
He nodded in approval and took your hand, guiding you towards his car. His hand was warm in yours, fitting around yours like the perfect puzzle piece.
He let go for a quick moment to unlock the door and shoved Jackson into the backseat like a sack of potatoes. The bastard barely noticed, falling asleep almost instantly. Deep down you knew you should have protested more about Frank’s blatantly bad treatment of your boyfriend. However, your drunken haze couldn’t find importance in anything other than the way Frank was staring at you.
With his hand on your lower back, he walked you to the passenger side, opening the door and carefully helping you in before rounding the car to his side.
The air crackled with electricity and tension from the moment he shut the door. Your hands were balled, pressing into the sides of your thighs, eyes forward to keep from looking at him. Your entire body thrummed with need and you could feel his heated gaze on you. The only sound in the car was Jackson’s loud snores.
Frank’s hand came into your line of vision, trailing his fingers down your bare arm to your hand. You held your breath, eyes shutting at the heated path his touch left behind. Keep your eyes shut, you focused on his hand unfurling yours and lightly kissing every knuckle and your palm before holding it tightly in his.
He leaned in closer, you knew this from the way his hot breath fanned over your neck and placed a soft kiss on the same spot he kissed in the bathroom. This time you couldn’t hold back the shiver that coursed through your body and you gripped his hand tighter.
“Baby it’s really a shame that I haven’t even touched you yet and you’re already coming apart,” Frank whispered, kissing up the shell of your ear.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” your voice was shaky and a bit slurred as you feigned innocence.
Breathing hitched when his hand found your knee, thumb rubbing soft circles. Your eyes fluttered open and you turned your head, finding him closer than you realized. His lips barely an inch away.
“When’s the last time you got fucked the way you deserved?” He whispered softly, his voice husky. You gazed into his eyes, lust blown and hungry, trying to remember when anyone had looked at you like that. Too long by the way your body reached; you felt wetness pooling between your legs, making you clench your thighs not wanting to make a mess on his seats. His eyes flickered to your thighs, not missing your movement, and licked his lips, returning his gaze back to you, “That long huh, baby girl?”
His hand slid further up your leg, pushing up the barrier of your thighs. Your legs fell apart for him, and your head fell back with a thud when his fingers came in contact with your soaked lace panties. Running his knuckle down the gullet and back up, he groaned from how wet you were. The sound sent a fresh wave of arousal through you.
“Fuck Frank,” you panted, as he repeated the motion, pressing harder this time over, the rough lace stimulating the sensitive skin beneath.
“Answer the question and I’ll make you see stars, baby,” Frank promised, nipping at your throat. Your brain was fuzzy as you struggled to remember what that question was, his repeated ministrations making it even harder.
“I don’t remember,” you managed to utter out breathlessly. Frank bit down on your pulse point, lapping at the mark before coming up to eye level.
“You don't remember the last time you were fucked right?” His face hard and full of disbelief. Oh yeah, that was the question he asked.
“Uh-huh,” you nodded quickly, needing him to touch you already. Your chest heaved heavily, his finger continuing to tease you. So close but not close enough.
Frank growled, grabbing the back of your head and kissing you fiercely. Your whole world exploded in fireworks, his plush lips soft against yours. His teeth caught your bottom lip, tugging on it, making you moan. Frank took the opportunity to slip his tongue in, tangling with yours.
You kissed him until you were both breathless, reluctantly pulling away. He watched you, panting, his hair was a mess made by your hands.
“I’m going to make a mess of you, baby girl,” Frank vowed, pushing your panties aside, gliding through your soft folds. His other hand tugged your dress further up so you could both watch.
His middle finger found your clit, circling the hard pearl slowly. Your hand rested on his jean-covered thigh, and you gripped the hard muscle as his circles increased. It was almost pitiful how quickly you were careening towards your climax. Frank’s lips kissed every bare inch of you he could reach, eventually trailing back to your lips.
His lips touched yours, igniting the flame and he twisted his wrist, sliding two fingers into your dripping channel, thumb circling your clit in time with his thrusting fingers. His mouth swallowed up every whimper, gasp, and moan that was coming from you in an endless string.
Your nails dug into his jeans as he curled his fingers, hitting a spot that had your thighs clamping around his wrist and your body arching off the seat.
“Ah what was that?” You squealed out, biting your lip from moaning too loud as he hit it again.
“Oh my poor deprived baby,” Frank teased, “ Keep these thighs spread or I’ll stop,” he warned. His large hand pried your thighs apart and you strained to hold them apart. The waves of pleasure crashing through you made it so hard.
“Please Frank,” you begged pitifully, not sure exactly what you were pleading for, “Don’t stop,” you settled on, before biting your hand to stifle your next moan.
“Be a good girl and I won’t,” he promised, “Fuck look how pretty my pussy looks taking my fingers. Such a greedy baby. Can’t wait to watch her take my cock.”
Fuck this man was going to kill you with this just his words alone.
“Please,” the word fell from your lips in a broken moan, on a constant loop. His fingers quickened hitting that spot every time. You were so close to unraveling but this was different, a new kind of pressure building up.
“Come on, baby. Let go for me, let the bastard in the back hear how a real man treats a woman,” Frank urged me on, kissing your shoulder, grinding his palm against your clit with every push of his fingers.
There really was no way you could have held back the scream that ripped out of you when your orgasm hit. Frank continued his relentless thrusting, until, with another scream, you gushed all over, making a mess over his wrist, the seats, your thighs.
Your vision was blurry and you swore you saw stars, just like he promised. Your whole body felt like jello as you slumped in your seat, head lolling to the side in time to see Frank licking his fingers. Coming to your senses, you felt your face heat up.
“I’m sorry,” you blurted out. Frank cocked his eyebrow.
“Excuse me?”
“I’m sorry,” you repeated, “I made a huge mess.”
Feeling embarrassed you began searching for napkins or something to clean up the mess. Frank’s hand shot out, grabbing your searching hands. His other hand gripped your chin, making you look up at him. His cerulean eyes were easy to fall into and you were frozen watching him.
“Don’t apologize baby. That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. If you were mine, I would make you do that every damn day.”
“Really?” your voice was no more than a squeak, not sure how to take his words.
“Fuck yes. I want you to always make a mess for me,” Frank expressed, before giving you a firm kiss. He shifted his hold on you and before you knew what was happening you were hauled over the console and into his lap, your thighs straddling his.
“Frank..” you started, your gaze falling on the man passed out in the backseat. Frank followed your gaze, and turned back with an arched eyebrow, challenging you. “We have to be quiet,” you finished, making Frank smile wide and he kissed you again.
His hands toyed with your straps, sliding them down your shoulders. His lips trailing down to the newly exposed skin, showering you with kisses and nips. He licked over the tops of your breasts and you moaned as his tongue dipped beneath your dress, teasing your soft curves even more.
You hastily unzipped your dress, shoving it down to pool at your waist. You were desperate, needing him to devour every piece of you. Frank groaned, your bare tits bouncing slightly when you yanked your dress down.
Frank let out a low growl, latching onto a hardened nipple, “Fucking tease, walking around with no bra on,” he muttered, tugging on a nipple with his teeth. You arched forward, your hips grinding down. The rough fabric of his jeans rubbed deliciously against your overwrought cunt, and you rolled your hips again, whimpering.
Frank’s hands kneaded your ass, encouraging you to keep grinding, your juices leaving a wet spot on his jeans, as he continued showering your chest with attention. Your hands reached between your bodies, working to unbuckle his jeans. Reaching in, you pulled him out, giving him a light squeeze, running a thumb over his leaking tip. Frank bit down on the top of your breast as you lifted your hips, lining him up and sinking down.
Both of you groaned as his cock stretched you out, your cunt clenching around him hungrily. Your head fell back, eyes shut, savoring the feeling. You had never had a cock this big, the way it was throbbing in your velvety heat was almost enough to make you cum again.
Your head rolled forward to find Frank looking at you with such intensity. Like you were a goddess and he was your worshipper. Overwhelmed, you buried your head in his neck, and he chuckled, rubbing your back soothingly.
“Getting shy on me, baby?” he whispered, and you nodded, kissing his neck, “I got you, gorgeous. Gonna make you feel so good.”
His words had you clamping down on him and Frank’s grunt was followed by his hips fucking up into you. He guided your body up, lifting you slightly so he could rut into you easily. Soon he had you bouncing on his cock with no abandon, the windows steaming up from the intensity of your joint passion.
There wasn't enough space for him to maneuver out of his jacket and his shirt so you made do with what you could. You slipped your hands beneath his shirt, clawing down his abs. Frank's head fell back with a thud, enjoying the feel of your hands and you began to kiss his neck, sucking small bruises.
You may never get this chance again and part of you wanted to leave a mark. Bruises, scratches, bites everywhere you could. Frank's cock nudged against your cervix and a pain-laced pleasure shot up your spine, digging your nails into his pecs.
"You feel me, baby? Feel how deep I am?" Frank growled, pressing on the bulge in your abdomen every time he thrusted up. You whimpered, the feeling even more intense when he pressed down. He sped up his ruts and you bit down on his neck to keep quiet. Frank's lips touched your shoulder, trailing up your neck and back down. His teeth dragged over your pulse point and your moan was smothered as he bit down hard.
Rolling your hips to the rhythm, you felt your peak coming closer, the pressure building in your core. "Fuck Frank, I'm so close," you panted, losing yourself in the touch of his hands roaming your body. Trailing up your spine and back down to your ass, giving it a light smack.
"I know baby girl, I can feel you fluttering around me. Be a good girl and come for you," Frank commanded, melding his lips to yours to quiet the sounds you made as the pressure reached a high point and snapped. You had never had an orgasm this intensity, your hands tugging at his hair to have something grounding you. Otherwise, you were sure that you would have been elevated to another dimension. "Oh my God, fuck you're  squeezing me so hard, I'm not gonna last much longer,"
He had barely finished his sentence when you felt his body tense up and hot cum spurting into you. With every thrust, he continued filling up until he was completely spent, resting his forehead on yours as you both came down from your high.
"Can we stay like this for a moment?" You asked softly and he nodded, searching your face for anything concerning, "I'm fine Frank, more than fine. Just wanna hold onto the moment a bit longer."
Frank kissed you softly savoring the kiss as his tongue slowly met yours. He was taking his time, exploring your mouth. His hands cupped your face gently. This kiss was different than the others and butterflies erupted in your stomach as he deepened the kiss further, still taking his time.
He pulled away, gazing into your eyes before placing a soft kiss on your forehead. Something about the moment felt so intimate and soft and if you could have frozen time, you would have. You didn't want to leave his embrace, snuggling into him.
Tumblr media
The two of you stayed tangled like that for a while; Frank drawing funny shapes on the fogged-up window making you giggle. But like all good things, it had to end and neither of you spoke as you untangled from each other, redressing before you climbed back in your seat.
"Do you live together?" Frank asked, his question catching you off guard considering the context of the situation. Your confusion must have been present on your face, making him explain himself, "I'm taking you home, and if you don't live together, I'm going to drop him off first."
So I can spend more time with you, was the silent phrase that hung in the air.
"Uhm yeah we live together," you regretted the words as soon as you said them. Frank's face was closed off but you could tell he was upset by the way his knuckles tightened on the steering wheel. He gave a tight nod, asking for your address. You quickly rattled off the street name and then the thick silence set in.
It was a cloying feeling, weighing you down. You wanted to hold his hand, but it would be harder to let him go if you did. This hadn't been just a drunken hookup, not for you at least. There was something more to it.
Frank pulled up in front of your house, much quicker than you had hoped and you both exited the vehicle at the same time. He grabbed Jackson from the backseat, practically dragging him through the grass and you rushed ahead to unlock the door.
"You can just put him on the couch," you instructed, turning on the lamp in the living room.
Frank did as you asked, roughly tossing Jax onto the couch.
"Thank you," you said in a small voice as Frank came back to where you were standing by the door.
"My pleasure," he replied, his smile not quite reaching his eyes. The way he was looking at you made your heartbreak. He didn't want to say goodbye and neither did you. Leaning in he gave a slow passionate kiss before stepping back, "I'll see you around gorgeous."
You simply nodded, unable to find words, and watched him walk down the steps. You shut the door, your throat tightened as you began to cry. It was harder than you expected watching him walk away.
Resting your head against the wood, you let the tears fall as you listened to Frank's car drive away, taking a part of you with him. Taglist: @caffiend-queen @jobean12-blog @fuckandfluff @maladaptivexxdaydreaming
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imsebastiansta-n · 2 days ago
Father Sebastian - Part 2
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Summary: You and Seb have been together for 4 years now. When he’s not busy with a role, you find adventurous places to have fun. This time, it’s in an abandoned church.
Warnings: 18+ smut, swears
Word count: 1961
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader, Tom Hiddleston x Reader
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(Translations at the bottom)
“You ready to meet my friend, baby?” Sebastian asked, as he tucked himself back into his pants and walked over to the door, leaving you standing in the middle of the room.
You nodded, causing him to grin as he opened the door revealing none other than Tom Hiddleston, who was also wearing a priest outfit making your jaw drop.
“Another day, another sinful child.” Tom commented, eyeing you up and down biting his lip as he walked through the door and sat down on the couch, man spreading rubbing his thighs with his soft hands.
You looked up at Sebastian, watching as he made his way back to you grabbing your hand.
“Now it’s time for what’s behind the curtain. You ready?” he looked deep into your eyes, making sure you were one hundred percent comfortable with what was happening as you nodded, a bright smile reaching your lips.
He linked his fingers with yours and gently pulled you over to the long black curtain, gripping the edge and pulling it back revealing a four-poster bed with rings attached, making you gulp.
The butterflies swarmed in your belly again as your arousal pooled in your lace panties causing you to involuntarily clench your thighs together to get the friction you needed.
Sebastian caught your action, chuckling deeply too himself as he wet his bottom lip and bit it.
Tumblr media
He took your hand and lead you over to bed. Laying you down softly, you pushed yourself up and leant up on your elbows watching Sebastian beneath your lashes.
“Tom, you coming?” Seb called over his shoulder. It was a few seconds when you heard footsteps echoing through the old office. You look around the room and saw a chair in the corner, tilting your head to the side like a confused puppy causing Seb to chuckle.
“Your saviour, is here.” Tom smirked as he walked into the old office, looking up and down your body from the corner of his eye. He’d been told he can watch, but he can’t touch unless he has verbal consent from you. Seb had already agreed he was fine with Tom touching you as long as you were okay with it. Consent is always key when you and Sebastian have sex.
Tom shed his jacket and placed it neatly on the desk beside him as he got comfortable in the chair and undone his belt. You could see the outline of his hard cock underneath his black trousers, his tight boxers making it more prominent.
You and Seb watched as Tom pulled out his hard cock from his trousers, his tip bright red and dripping precum, begging to be sucked.
You looked up at Seb with pleading eyes, making him smile.
“You wanna suck his cock, baby girl? You want his warm cum sliding down your throat?” he whispered in your ear as he nibbled your earlobe and down your neck making your eyes roll.
“Yes. Yes please. Please let me suck his cock Sebby?” you begged him, as you both looked at Tom who gave you a toothy smile.
“It’s alright with me, if it’s alright with you.” Tom agreed as he got up and walked over to the bed. His hard cock bobbed up and down making your mouth water.
Pulling his trousers, boxers and shirt off, he chucked them onto the floor and crawled onto the bed. You and Seb had also stripped off at this point as you crawled over to Tom and hovered over his hard cock and poked your tongue out and licked a stripe up the big protruding vein on his hard cock causing him to hiss.
You looked up at him through your eye lashes and started to bob your head when you felt a warm breath at your entrance making you flinch slightly and moan at the feeling.
You started to bob your head faster, using your hand to caress balls making Tom moan. Behind you, Sebastian was swiping his finger up end down your wetness occasionally flicking your clit making you shiver.
“Fuck Seb!” You moaned against his cock.
You took your mouth from Tom’s cock and used your hand a while as you couldn’t control your moans. Seb plunged his tongue deep inside your hole, slurping and vulgar sounds coming from behind you turned you on more, making you drip onto the bed. You placed your mouth back on Tom’s cock as Sebastian pushed two fingers into your gaping hole and suck on your clit making you moan against Tom’s cock causing him to twitch in your mouth at the vibrations.
Tom grabbed onto your hair and made it into a pony and started to thrust gently into your mouth as to not hurt you.
“Shit, YN! Your mouth feels like heaven, angel.” He growled, his eyes rolling back into his head.
You didn’t know how much more you could take. Tom was using your mouth to pleasure himself, and Sebastian was using your pussy to pleasure you. To say you were incredibly turned on would be an understatement.
Seb picked up the pace with his fingers thrusting in your pussy, and Tom started to thrust into your mouth faster.
“Fuck... Seb, baby I’m so close. Please don’t stop!” You begged; mouth still full of Tom’s cock.
“Fuck YN, I’m gonna cum. Cum with me, baby. Cum on Seb’s tongue!” He groaned, breath heavy and thick.
You both came at the same time. Tom shot ribbons of cum down your throat, still thrusting to work himself through his orgasm. Sebastians tongue darted in and out of pussy, pushing you to the edge.
“Seb, baby. I’m gonna cum.” You moaned, as your pussy started to pulsate around Seb’s tongue making him moan. His fingers still pumping in and out of you, working you through your orgasm.
When you both caught your breath, Tom got up from the bed and made his way back to the chair. His hand wrapped around his cock as it starts to grow hard again.
“Ready for the show?” Sebastian smirked to Tom, as he nodded a toothy grin planted on his face.
Seb crawled over you and started to place delicate kisses down your neck and your tits, reaching your nipples. He took one in his mouth and swirled his tongue around and massaged the other one with his hand causing you to moan.
“Oh god, Seb. Feels so good!” You moaned. After he made one of your nipples pebble, he started his assault on the other one. He was making you feel so good, you slowly and sneakily ran your hand down your stomach to your clit.
You traced two fingers through your dripping lips, and started to vigorously rub your clit. But it wasn’t enough, you needed more. You needed Seb’s cock, and you needed it bad.
Sebastian released his mouth from your mouth and looked down at your hand, tutting at you and shaking his head. He gently smacked your hand away, causing you to open your eyes, shocked.
“You just can’t help yourself, can you.. draga mea?” He asked, adding the last bit in Romanian knowing it drives you crazy.
He opened your legs, grabbing his cock and stroking himself slightly as you watched his precum slowly dribble out of his tip causing you to lick your lips, making Seb chuckle.
“You ready, dragă?” He asked, giving you direct eye contact as you nodded.
“Use your words, baby doll.”
“I’m ready, Seb. Now fuck me, hard!”
You grabbed his head and pulled him down so he could smash his lips onto yours, as he pushed his painfully hard cock into your dripping hole causing you to moan into the kiss.
He began to thrust his hips as fast as he could, fucking you so hard, running his hands all over your body because he can’t get enough. He started to grip at everything he could get his hands on because the pleasure is so much and so good for him, and you.
You wrap your legs around him, pulling him closer to you causing yours and his eyes to roll back in pleasure.
His hip stuttered a little, but he kept thrusting. The new angle allowing him to go deeper, so deep you can feel him hit your cervix.
Moans and groans were flowing all around the room.
You opened your eyes slightly, and looked over at Tom.
His eyes were wide, mouth open and moans escaping. His hand wrapped around his hard cock. You wanted him, you wanted them both.
“W-wait. Seb.” You moaned, causing him to stop, breathlessly and pull out.
“What’s wrong, baby? Did I hurt you?” He worried, checking you over.
“No, no. I just had an idea.” You grinned, looking over at Tom making Seb also look over at him, and then back at you.
“Oh. So that’s how it is. My doll is a greedy baby, she wants two big cocks.” He grinned, “What do you say, Tom? Would you like to fuck her perfect ass?”
“I would love nothing more.” Tom grinned, getting up from his seat.
You grabbed the lube from your bag and handed it to Tom. “Thank you, darling.”
Seb laid down on his back, so you lifted your leg over him so you could ride him. Listening to Tom lather up his cock in lube.
You reached down to grab Seb’s cock and suck down making you both groan.
“Fuck, Seb.” You moaned, biting your lip as he pulled you down against his chest.
“O să te trag atât de tare, vreau să te urci pe penisul meu ca fetița bună care ești.” He whispered in your ear, causing you to shudder and clench around his cock.
It was a few seconds when you felt Toms cock at your other entrance. He pushed in slowly, making you and himself groan.
“You’re so tight, darling.” He moaned, as both him and Seb started to thrust together.
You knew you wouldn’t last long with the both of them taking you like this, so you tried to hold out. Clenching both holes making both men groan.
“Baby, you keep clenching and I’ll blow.” Seb breathed, clenching his eyes shut and biting his lip.
With Tom thrusting behind you, the position you were it was making Seb hit your cervix again. You were certain it’d be bruised after today, but you didn’t care.
All three of you were in so much pleasure, both men thrusted in sync. You could feel yourself getting closer with each thrust.
“Fuck. I’m gonna cum, are you both close?” You moaned, as they both moaned out a yes, and thrusted harder.
It was a few seconds, until the dam broke. You came so hard you thought you saw stars.
“Shit, shit, SHIT! Please don’t stop, keep going!” You begged, as they both kept going to ride you through your orgasm.
“Baby, I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna fill you up so much, make you so round with my kid!” Seb breathed down your ear as Tom pulled out and sat back, stroking himself until he came all over his stomach with a loud groan.
“Fuck! You.. are amazing.” He told you, breathlessly.
“Da, da, da, la naiba!” Sebastian moaned down your ear, holding you close to his chest as he came hard, the feeling of his pulsating cock making you cum again.
You lifted your hips as he softening cock slid out of you, making you both hiss at the sensitivity as you lay there breathlessly.
“So fathers, have I paid for my sins? Or do I need more punishing?” You asked, not even noticing the look Seb and Tom gave each other as your eyes were still closed in your post orgasm bliss..
Draga mea - my sweet
Dragă - sweetheart
O să te trag atât de tare, vreau să te urci pe penisul meu ca fetița bună care ești. - I'm gonna fuck you so hard, I want you to cum on my cock like the good little girl you are.
Da, da, da, la naiba! - yes, yes, yes, fuck!
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bucky-central · 12 hours ago
NSFW ABC || Bucky Barnes
Got an exciting idea for a fic 
Going to be doing a NSFW ABC list for Bucky with links to each item mentioned so here is a taster -
The bolded lines are where the linked fics will go that offer a one shot or series based on the ABC drabble. There is already a fic linked in the example below ! woo!!!!
B = Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)
Bucky hated his arm, but over time it slowly became his favourite body part because you were obsessed with it so much. You loved the way it looked, the damage it could do, the noises it made when he gripped the headboard above you. You loved how it choked you, how it held your hips, and how it felt inside your sweet little cunt.
Bucky loved everything about you, but he definitely was an ass man. He loved burying his face in your tits, but he loved burying his face in your ass just a bit more. The sight of you in leggings or small little tennis skirts sent him into overdrive, the way your plump soft ass cheeks would curve by your thighs, the way your walk would show him a glimpse under your skirt as you bounced with each step. He loved spreading your cheeks wide open as he licked flat strips against your puckered hole. The first time he had done had shocked you, it was the first time you had ever worn a tennis skirt. It was pastel pink and short, you paired it with white thigh high socks and he couldn't get over how fucking good you looked. You were stood by the kitchen counter making lunch he saw you, he nearly choked on his morning coffee as he sauntered out of the bedroom. He quickly abandoned his drink and snook over to you, he knelt on the kitchen tiles, lifted up your skirt and groaned when he saw you weren't wearing any panties.
"Bucky, what the hell are you doi-AH"
your whole upper body lurched forward onto the countertop of the cold surfaced as he spread your cheeks apart and ate you like a man starved.
"fuck baby. how do you taste so good everywhere?"
After that day, Bucky couldn't get enough of your ass. Smacking it in public and around friends, letting everyone know who's ass it was.
On his birthday you had surprised him with a cute heart shaped gem buttplug and red lingerie, he lost his mind that night and you were never the same.
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moongoddessmox · a day ago
You're My Present This Year (Bucky Barnes x Reader) MoxMas Day 6
Tumblr media
Warning: 18+, making out, language
Word Count: 1,318
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: You and Bucky make out after wrapping Christmas presents
Prompts: Just lots of making out in general. Jesus wanted us to repopulate which means fuc- / Gift wrapping together
A/N: Day 6 is kinda short but I wasn't really in the mood to write, srysry I've been binging The Tudors and my mind can't focus on writing motivation and watching Henry Cavill look like a fucking 6 course meal. Anyway, I've never used the word clavicle in a story before, but I always think about when Becky was writing smut in Supernatural and she used "clavicle", I always think about that. Crossposted on mox-writes for notification purposes! Please leave feedback, it is always welcome and appreciated!! Ily <3
Also, here is the commercial I mention if you don't know about it, sorry to make you watch it: Folgers Commercial
Masterlist | Mox-Writes | MoxMas Masterlist
Prompt List 1 | Prompt List 2
You sat on the floor of your apartment with a large box between your legs. You tucked the edge of the silver wrapping paper against the side of the box as you turned it over, pulling more paper from the roll to cover it. You reached for the scissors to cut it away but couldn’t find them.
“Buck, scissors.” You held out your hand for your boyfriend to give you the scissors he stole to cut his own wrapping paper. He had a tendency to leave the scissors out of reach when he was finished instead of putting them back in the agreed-upon spot. You felt the cold metal in your hand and you took them with a thank you.
You had been wrapping gifts all night together and this was finally the last one, a replica of Captain America’s shield engraved with the names of the Wilson family for Sam’s family boat.
“What do you think?” Bucky held up the oddly shaped gift for Steve. The wrapping paper was bunched up around the weird handle? and had about half a roll of tape on it. Some of the corners were tucked neatly, thick and a bit scrunched but he really attempted to make it as neat as he could.
It was far better than when he had started. He got mad and asked you for help and seeing his frustrated puppy dog eyes, you couldn’t help but lend a hand. He was proud of this one, still unhappy about how twisted and bunched some of the paper was but he was happy that it was the best one. The excitement showed in his eyes as he held it up for you to view.
“It looks great, Buck! You’re getting better!” you smiled widely at him, returning to tape the last piece of your very neat, very professional-looking gift wrap. Bucky let out a giggle, pulling out his phone to take a picture of his first and last wrapped gift. The difference was stark and it made him happy to finally start getting the hang of it.
You stood up to stack the presents under the tree, making sure to leave the ones he did in the front to show him how proud you were of his improved wrapping. As you were bent over, you felt a strong smack against your ass and turned around. Bucky was on his knees behind you, hiding the bag of bows behind his back. You shot your eyebrow up and he smiled at you innocently, eyes looking around like he wasn’t the one you did it. You turned back around to adjust the gifts and another smack landed on your ass.
“Buck!” you giggled, running your hands over your backside and feeling two bows, one on either cheek.
“You’re my present this year,” he joked. That commercial still playing in his mind. You forced him to watch it because he had no idea what you meant when you asked him if saying “Love, Y/N” was “a little too Folgers” to write on the gift card you were giving your brother. The first moment that the sister looked at the brother he had asked if that was his girlfriend and that was all the proof you needed to cement that the Folgers commercial was a little, off.
He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you down to his body, now laying on the floor surrounded by scraps of wrapping paper and balled-up tape that got stuck to his fingers and wadded up in frustration. You laid on his chest as he ran his flesh hand over your cheek, tipping your chin up and pressing a kiss to your jaw.
You hummed softly as his lips dragged from your jawline to your neck, sucking and biting at the skin. His tongue licked a stripe from the front of your throat to the side and nibbled just under your ear. You could feel a hickey forming as he sucked harder, the wet of his mouth slicking your skin and making you moan a little louder.
Bucky tilted your head down, bringing his mouth to your cheek and leaving more wet kisses on your flesh until he reached the corner of your mouth. He stopped and looked at you, your beautiful eyes watching him. Bucky’s blue eyes squinted as he smiled, teeth fully showing as he ran his tongue over them.
The lights on the Christmas tree illuminated your silhouette in amber; you weren’t really one for multicolored lights on the tree, it made it look dull and cheap. You preferred a soft white or amber, that way the ornaments stood out and weren’t overtaken by the lighting.
Bucky’s thumb brushed across your bottom lip, his eyes following it before flicking back up to yours. You smiled against his hand, closing your eyes and taking in his warmth. His thumb parted your lips and he pulled the supple skin down before releasing it with a flick. He brought your face to his and your mouths made contact.
You breathed into him, the sound getting louder and throatier as he licked across your lips and slid his tongue between them. You moaned as Bucky caressed his tongue against yours, his hand moving from your face to your lower back, lifting your shirt and massaging your skin. You brought your knees up beside his hips and planted your crotch against his, digging into him as he pulled you closer, his fingers now pressing into your back.
You moved back and forth slowly, grinding against his growing member and placing your hands in his thick hair. A moan escaped his mouth and you smiled against his lips. You loved the way he sounded, the little whimpers and moans that told you he loved exactly what you were doing. You begged to hear it more, catching him holding himself together when he’d fuck you. You would plead for him to let go, to moan out everything he felt, releasing all the pleasure until he couldn’t hold onto his orgasm anymore. You noticed Bucky was getting more comfortable with moaning freely, not needing you to ask to hear him anymore.
“Fuck, doll, you’re such a tease,” he breathed, moving his hands to your hips and grinding you harder.
“All you have to do is flip me over and fuck me, Buck,” you winked at him, “I want you to fuck me,” Bucky’s jaw clenched, a fiery passion burning through him and darkening his eyes. He did as told and flipped you over. He stood on his knees between your legs and ripped off his shirt then slid his hands up yours and tossed it away.
Bucky pressed back down to your body, kissing your shoulder until his tongue met your clavicle and licked the length of it. He came up with a smile and kissed your lips, tongues clashing again. He caged your head with his muscular arms and smoothed over your hair, rubbing his body against yours. You bit his lip, sucking the skin into your mouth before releasing it and catching it again. Bucky hummed, excitement growing in his core as he brought your legs up around his waist.
You laid there for a while, mouths greedily sucking, biting, and licking the other’s, your hands exploring every inch of your bodies as soft Christmas music played on the radio in the kitchen. You were content, more than content, you were happy and full of love. You got to spend all your time with the man of your dreams and he finally got to have the life he’d always wanted. Nothing could have been better than the love you shared for each other, there was no gift or sentiment that could match that feeling. The feeling of being loved so wholeheartedly and genuinely.
You loved Bucky with everything you had, and he loved you.
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sebastian-s-whore · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
His chubby dumpling is trying to escape from his pants 🤤😍😍
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evanstan-hoe · 9 hours ago
Evanstan Masterlist
House Hunting| HC| NonCanon
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“He’s Hot”| HC| Canon
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Friendly Competition| HC| Canon
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Sharing| <1k| Canon
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London| >1k| Canon
Jealous| >1k| Canon
Don’t Like to Share| >1k| Canon
Busy Working| >1k| Canon
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ramp-it-up · 2 days ago
So I see this going one of two ways:
Either reader fight both of them and leaves,
Or reader fucks both of them and stays.
(The Bar)
How about a combination of the two?
Reader fights them both and stays?
Or how about-
Tumblr media
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bonky-n-steeb · 20 days ago
there is no right way (i)
summary || when you agree to be the feared mobster Bucky Barnes’ sugar baby, you expect to get enough money to pay your bills. what you don’t expect is to fall head over heels for him.
warnings || sugar baby au, mob! Bucky Barnes, unprotected sex, rough sex, violence, SMUT. ANGST. FLUFF. (the holy trinity). MINORS DNI.
I have decided to not do taglists anymore, so if you wished to be notified of my newest updates please follow @bonky-n-steeb-lib and turn on the notifications!
This chapter is short as life hasn’t been kind to me, but I’m trying to write and I hope you like this :)
series masterlist
Tumblr media
Bills. Bills. Bills.
One day — one fine day you’d get to live the life you’ve always dreamed of. And a part of that dream was to have enough money to not worry about paying bills on time. But that day was not today.
Your eyes skimmed over all the various mails informing you of the due dates and the amount to be paid. This was not new to you, it happened every month but each time you felt like leaving everything and going somewhere secluded.
With a dramatic sigh, you placed all the bills in a drawer and stacked them neatly in accordance to their due dates and shut it back. You’ll see what to do when the time came.
“Don’t worry.” You were jerked out of your thoughts when Wanda placed her warm hand on your shoulder. “I know you’ll do it, and I can always help you. You know that right?”
Wanda was your best friend and she knew you better than you knew yourself. She was well off and married to Vision, who had now become your friend too.
You knew Wanda would help you at any moment you asked, but you didn’t want to. You could, and you had to solve your problems by yourself.
You ran a small yet cute bakery and today you had to deliver a very big order for a grand party arranged by none other than Bucky Barnes. That man literally ran New York and you were super nervous if he would like your cupcakes and pastries and sandwiches.
It wasn’t his first time though, every morning his right hand man, Steve Rogers, came to your place to get a coffee. Apparently the mob boss didn’t trust anyone except his best friend to not poison his coffee.
Wanda, ever the best friend, had come over to help you prepare these delicacies. “Thank you Wanda. You’re the best. I’ve done this before and I’ll do it this time too.” You were very lucky to have Wanda in your life.
“I believe in you. Now let’s pack these sweet cakes before I gobble them down.” You both chuckled and got back to precisely placing everything in the boxes. Once it was done, you loaded them in your car and started towards your destination.
Once you reached, you couldn’t help but gawk at the magnificence of the house. It was absolutely huge and lavish and honestly the best house you’d ever seen.
The interior of the house was just as impressive as the exterior, expensive rugs and curtains, impressively comfortable couches and seats, and spectacular showpieces which were probably cost more than your house.
You hadn’t ever seen Bucky in person, but from what you had seen in pictures, he was dashingly handsome and the aura he exuded was absolutely commanding. He seemed very sure of himself and what he wanted, and probably that was what made him different from the rest.
The party was yet to begin, and you and Wanda were led to kitchen by a man named Walker as you carried the boxes in your hand. You both sighed with relief when you placed the boxes on the counter as the most dreaded order was finally complete.
“That’s all. Thank you for your service.” He replied in a practiced tone and then turned around and started to walk away. You passed Wanda a look. “You’re welcome. But what about the payment?”
“Your cakes getting served at Boss’ house is an honour itself. Be contended with that.” You stared at him with utter disbelief. “What the fuck do you mean by that? You’re not going to pay me?”
You had worked your ass off since early morning and had made preparations from even before and this man had the audacity to tell you that he wasn’t giving you your hard earned money.
“First of all, I won’t tolerate that tone with me. Lower your voice down. And second, I’m not going to pay you. Consider this a gift from your side to boss and just leave.”
There was not a single chance in hell that you were going to leave without your money. “But Steve always pays me. Where is Steve? I want to talk to him.” Steve was genuinely a good guy and you knew he’d help you.
“He doesn’t have time for some worthless things like these. Now go before I make you leave.” You clenched your teeth and formed fists with your hands. “You know what? I’ll sue you in court and then let’s see who wins.”
It was the worst threat you could give, but you didn’t have anything else. Wanda pulled your hand and call for your attention and mouthed a ‘let’s go.’ You stubbornly shook your head and refused.
“You are gonna sue me? And how are you gonna do that, you poor helpless thing? tsk tsk tsk. The judges are all on our payroll and they’ll make sure you’re the one who is ruined.” Walker said condescendingly.
Once he completed his ranting, a small wicked smile spread on your lips. You pulled out your phone from your pocket and held it in front of his face. “All that you just said is recorded right in this phone.”
Walker’s eyes widened, “Delete that.” He was visibly tense at your unexpected move. “I don’t think so.” Wanda was scared for her life while you had smugness written on your face.
He swiped his hand ahead to get a hold of your mobile but you swiftly put it behind your back. “Break it all you want but I’ve already forwarded it to my friends.”
“Listen to me you bitch, you better delete that, or else you won’t like what would happen next.” Though walker was threatening you, you could see sweat beginning to form at his temples.
“I could send this to your rivals and they’d love to screw you up as this is a clear proof of your illegal activities like bribing the judges in court. But I will definitely delete this if you pay me double my money. So the ball is in your court, you poor helpless thing.” You said repeating his words.
“Double? That’s impossible.” He said exasperated. “Okay then I’ll send it.” You pretended to scroll through your phone. “Okay wait. I’ll pay you. Delete that.”
“Fine.” Walker searched his wallet for a wad of cash and handed it over to you. You mock saluted him and showed him your phone devoid of any voice message and turned around to leave.
Once you and Wanda were out of that house, Wanda started yelling at you. “Were you out of your mind? You could’ve died there. Do you know who these people are?”
“Don’t worry Wanda, we are safe aren’t we? And I got double the money I was expecting! This is gonna pay a lot of my bills. And I didn’t record anything, that walker was a fool to believe my words. It was written across his face that he’s all talk no action.”
While you were happy with your little stunt, you were unaware of the amused eyes following your every move. A huge smile was gracing Bucky’s face as he looked at you from behind the curtains.
Bucky had been walking through his house with Steve at his side when he had heard a commotion coming from the kitchen. This party was important to him as it would strengthen his relations with Tony Stark and he wanted it to go smoothly.
Annoyed with whoever it was causing a ruckus in his house, he had walked up to the door with the intention of firing them. But then he’d heard what you were saying and stopped himself from going in further.
Bucky had ordered John Walker to see that today’s party went well. He had giving John enough money to pay for everything needed but what he hadn’t expected was for John to be such a bastard and pocket that money himself. Bucky wasn’t a man who forgave people and John was definitely going to get fired.
Bucky was honestly impressed with your quick wit; and that was saying something. He had met a lot of people from different walks of life and not many surprised him anymore, but you did.
Once you had left the kitchen, Bucky had followed quietly behind you. And for a moment even he had thought you had a recording until he heard you say otherwise to your friend.
“Who’s she?” Bucky finally asked Steve as he saw through his window as you and your friend left in your car. “She runs the bakery I get you bagels from every morning.”
Bucky still had a taste of your confectionaries on his tongue. He loved your baking but hadn’t thought even in his wildest dreams that you would be so beautiful and bright.
He saw the all encompassing fire burning in your eyes, and he craved it. “Find everything you can about her. And make everyone understand that she’s mine.”
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sweetdreamsbuck · a month ago
mafia bucky
that's it
that's the request
okay maybe im thinking abt cockwarming mafia bucky while he's working 🙄
mafia!Bucky x f!reader
words: 4897
warnings: plot to smut, cock warming, bratty reader, dom!bucky, possessive bucky af, unprotected p in v (wrap it your life Isn't fiction), a few good spanks, mention of mafia!Steve, mentions of stalking and killing/blood/violence (reader enjoys it lmao), squirting, choking, cursing, praise and some degradation. let me know if i missed anything xo
a/n: this type of request is very common so i wanted to really make it my own. and of course it can't be a fic of mine without an unnecessary amount of added plot; sorry quick consumers of smut, i am not your lady  🙄
                 IF YOU ARE  NOT 18+, DO NOT INTERACT WITH THIS.
“Baby,” you whine out, beyond impatient with the brooding man sitting in front of you at his desk. His once crisp white dress shirt was a bit wrinkled, sleeves rolled up to his elbows and the first four buttons recklessly undone. His tie and suit jacket, once constricting his neck to the confines of unnecessary added stress, thrown somewhere carelessly in the room hours ago. His hair, messy from its usual neat and gelled state due to the frustration in his fingers ripping through it, searching for some reprieve from the never-ending migraine his worry had caused him this week.
He’d promised you he was almost finished with his work and he’d take you home for a nice romantic evening— dinner, a hot bath, and hours devoted to worshiping your body. 
That was almost 2 hours ago. And this was the fourth time this has happened in the last two weeks.
You understood Bucky was a very busy man— a very stressed, meticulous, and devoted, busy man. His role running the Upper East Side was no easy task. Not when the rival men from Brooklyn who he had dealt with 2 years ago were slowly making their way back towards the Upper parts of New York— who would go about any means of coercion to get the power and control they were after. Especially not when you, his precious flower— one who he had stumbled upon one day in the field of his growing misery— one he plucked and nurtured proudly in the lapel of his expensive suit jackets— the flower who had saved him and his crops from dying— seemed to have attracted the attention of the head of this rival group. 
You being in harm’s way at the advances of the other dangerous men of the city was exactly what his nightmares consisted of. He’d been working tirelessly the last few weeks, scrambling to keep you safe and under his protection. Ironically, this meant seeing less of the man you loved and spending your time locked away guarded by his men. You just wanted to spend some time with Bucky and he just wanted to keep you safe.
“Please baby, I’m tired, want to go home,” you try again after being met with his silence.
You could sense his growing annoyance but you were needy. The fidgeting in your seat had been driving him crazy for the last hour. He knew you weren’t doing it on purpose, but he really needed to focus on his work— his mission on protecting and keeping the only thing he truly cared about, safe. 
You were beyond antsy, sitting in the same chair for too long caused your butt to numb and your mind to fill with too many thoughts, all revolving around your favorite mob boss. He looked too beautiful even in his messiest of states.
“Bucky, let’s go home baby. Wanna go home.”
He huffed loudly and cracked his head up to meet your gaze. You could see how frustrated and tired he looked and wanted nothing more than to hold him and make him feel better. Holding the bridge of his nose he sighs, “Y/N, I’ll tell Steve to take you home okay? Go get your coat and I’ll let him know.” Without another glance your way, he immediately put his nose back into whatever paperwork was sitting in front of him. 
You groaned dramatically in your chair and huffed out in pouted annoyance. “No.”
The air in the room grew comedically thick, as if this was a poorly scripted scene from one of those pornos you guys liked to make fun of. They could never compare to the sex you shared with your Bucky. It was too perfect, he was too perfect. 
His body tensed at your comment. The air leaving his lips seemed to weigh a ton, you could see it in the heat of his chest evading and spilling into the growing black of his crystal eyes. “I’m sorry Petal, not quite sure I got that? Wanna try that again.” Only his last comment wasn’t a question; it was a statement. He was telling you— commanding you to quickly try and cover up the slip up you just had. A warning. 
The look in his eye and tone of his husky voice went straight to your core and sent fire down your spine. This was what you’ve been missing— been needing. A spark of something, any form of attention you could get from him. “I said no. I want you to take me home right now like you promised.”
“Y/N, cut it out. I don’t have time for this.”
“Hmm, okay. Do I need Stevie to spend the night with me instead?”
You smirked at the exciting new confidence you had and felt the heat of the moment travel further between your legs. 
His jaw hardened and his throat constricted with your favorite vein showing its pretty cleavage through the messy collar of his shirt. Closing his eyes, he slowly licked his bottom lip, tongue laying there to distract himself from the string of angry thoughts that were swimming through his mind. You watched as he breathed heavily trying to collect himself, not wanting you to see him slip through the cracks. You were not allowed to disobey him like this, but that didn’t mean he didn’t get excited with rage every time you tried. You felt your thighs grow wet with slick in anticipation for what was to come, his body showing all the signs of him before he’d snap and punish you with undeniable pleasure.
As his eyes opened to meet yours, you noticed a different shade swimming in them. One you’d never seen before, almost as if he was impressed with you. Nodding shortly he says,  “Okay Petal, let’s go home.” Pushing away from his desk, he slowly begins to collect his things. 
You felt shock and disappointment flood your body. You wanted to get railed and forget your name for a while, not be given what ‘you wanted’. “Bucky? We can head home?”
Ignoring your intense gaze, still packing away all his paperwork and laptop, grabbing for his tie and suit jacket he carelessly answers, “Yep. Go tell Stevie to bring the car upfront.” Pushing past you to leave his office, “And grab your coat. Don’t need you catching a cold.” 
You felt frozen. What was happening here? How badly did you just mess up? Trailing to follow like a scared puppy, you rush for your coat and follow Bucky to find Steve.
Steve already happened to be grabbing the car, sensing the tension that was leaving Bucky’s office as he overheard your small conversation. Steve was never one to get in the middle of your relationship, but he knew well enough to help as he could when he felt something coming. 
As you and Bucky made your way into the elevator, he motioned with his head for you to hit the button to descend downstairs, still not meeting your now terrified gaze. You let out a shaky exhale of air you didn’t know you’d been holding in as your stare burned into the closed metal of the elevator. Bucky smirked to himself and thought, perfect, just where I want her. 
It felt like years waiting for Steve to pull around with the car, the air between you and Bucky impossibly cold, even for the frigid Fall temperatures of the East Village. Steve didn’t even have time to park and get out to open the doors for you before Bucky quickly opened the door and pushed you in. Placing his things on the floor in front of him, he reached across you for your seatbelt, securing it around your nervous frame. Turning his body back to face the front of the car he got himself settled, never letting his eyes fall anywhere near you.
Entering your home, you assumed he’d have said something— done anything by now. This was worse than any punishment he’d ever given. You were needy and he was really ignoring you. Shaking off his shoes off and sauntering to his office, you were left standing speechless and alone in the frame of the front door. In your confused state, your legs got the better of you and carried you to follow after him. Shrugging your coat off in the process and dropping it in the hall, you neared his door and swallowed heavily before entering.
“Bucky…” you whisper, scared, “why are you ignoring me, baby? I didn’t mean what I sa—”
“Oh, you didn’t mean it? What didn’t you mean Petal? Which part are you referring to? Enlighten me.” His tone was icy and his gaze was burning, the first time in the last hour he’d bothered looking at you. It sends chills down your spine and a new wave of heat to your center. You notice that his work is laid out exactly as it was at his real office, his belt was off and he already was working on whatever it was he seemed so concerned with all week.
“I meant the thing about Steve. Didn’t mean that I was just…” trailing off, feeling all too exposed under his dark stare. He had a smug smirk tugging at the corner of his face and his tongue made its way out of his red lips to revel in your timidness. 
“Just what, Petal? Trying to get me jealous? Do I not do enough for you? Do you even know what I’m dealing with right now?”
Shaking your head quickly at him with wide eyes, you move closer towards him, “N-no Bucky! I just miss you and I thought you did too and uh…” his eyes shine with a mischievous light and his smile stretched to fit his face. You were breaking, of course you couldn’t hold your bratty act together for long. “I thought if I mentioned Steve... you’d want to uh takeitoutonme, you seemreallystressedbabyand— I just missyou...” muttering like a child, he chuckles darkly, hearing every syllable you slurred together. 
“I just wanted to spend a nice evening with my girl, loving her and treating her real good after a really long day. Show her how much I’ve been missing her. I know baby, you think I don’t know how you feel?” Bucky’s voice is stern and commanding, but his eyes show a bit of sadness in them. He really did miss you. He quickly shakes off the emotion in his eyes and laughs, his eyes peering back to yours with anger clouding them. “But no, she had to go and piss me off like the dumb brat she is while I tried to finish my work. So I’m gonna finish work from home instead. You don’t mind, you were tired, right?” He smiles tauntingly at you and turns back to his work. 
“Bucky, please. I’m so sorry. I just missed you. I wasn’t thinking about what you’ve been dealing with—” 
“No of course you weren’t. You never are. Such a selfish fucking brat. You’re spoiled. Come here, want to show you what I’ve been dealing with.” You cower towards him and look at the papers laid out on his desk. Your face is on a few of the papers, pictures of you out and about on the streets of New York amongst other documents filled with the faces of the men Bucky has taken out in recent weeks. Confused, you look further. The documents your pictures were adorning were screenshots of emails; emails that seemed to be forwarded to Bucky’s men by unknown addresses. Someone was stalking you. He pushes a particular paper closer to you and your eyes go wide. A picture of you at dinner with Bucky a few weeks ago with his lips pressed against your neck. The subject line of the email stating, “Pretty girl Barnes, be a shame if something happened to her.” 
Your eyes meet Bucky’s and see his face fill with conflicted relief. It had been killing him to not let you know why he’d been so distant, why he had his men guarding you like some princess locked in a tower. He was frantically trying to protect you, to keep you safe. This wasn’t the first time his rivals tried to get their paws on you but it was the first open threat. 
You knew he’d kill every man in the city before he ever let something happen to you, so your fear dissipated and you were left with overwhelming guilt. You’ve been such a brat the past few weeks. He was only trying to keep you safe.
Sensing your realization, his eyes glaze over with his thoughts from earlier in his office. You apologized, he loves you and would always forgive you. But he couldn’t have you acting out every time something didn’t go your way. 
His voice breaks your spell and comes out impossibly soft, combating the storm behind his eyes, “You know I’d do anything to protect you. You’re my world, Petal. Everything in my universe revolves around you,” he trails off to reach for your cheek, smoothing his thumb over the high point of your face. You immediately melt into his touch, letting your eyes flutter closed at the first feeling of closeness in weeks. 
“I love you, Bucky. Just needed you...” You move your head to kiss him palm. He strokes your cheek one last time before tightening his grip around your jaw. Your eyes shoot towards his and you see his moment of kindness disappear completely.
“I know baby, but you’ve been really bad. Unacceptable even, using Steve to get to me? Think it’s funny to go around shoving my men in my face? Think I like having my men around you more than me? I see how they look at you Y/N, drives me crazy. You’re mine. And that includes dealing with you when you’re a fucking brat.” He pulls you by your jaw so you are bending down to meet his face. 
He lets his nose brush against your cheeks moving down to your lips, not giving you nearly enough of what you were craving. “You wanna act like a brat, you don’t get to cum until you earn it. Gonna sit on my cock while I finish my work trying to protect you.” He lets go of your jaw harshly and moves to unzip his pants. You hadn’t even noticed how hard he’d gotten over the course of the night, it looked painful. “Been fucking hard for an hour now. You and that stupid attitude of yours, gonna be the death of me.”
As he gets his pants and boxers off, he tugs you forward immediately pulling you on his lap. He lifts your dress over your head, leaving you bare. His thighs feel cool against the heat of your legs and throbbing center, but the air you feel as he rips your panties off reminds you just how wet you are for him. A shiver runs through your body and he chuckles while placing a bite on the skin of your neck. “On my cock Petal, be a good girl and take it all.” 
You whine at feeling him pump himself against the skin of your ass. His tip feels warm and wet each time it brushes against your skin and you desperately lift up on his thighs so he can slide in. Scoffing at your eagerness, he slowly takes his time lifting you up by your waist with his metal arm to slide himself through your wet folds. Your hips jerk as his tip nudges against your clit and he slaps the skin of your thigh. “You move at all and you don’t cum tonight.” 
He bites down on your shoulder and you moan, dying to feel him inside you. Your thighs burn from holding yourself up as he takes you by surprise, pushing himself all the way in your entrance and forcing your hips all the way down. Your eyes roll to the back of your head and you cry out, the painful stretch feeling too good. 
“God Petal, so fucking tight. Missed my cunt so much. Shit,” he gasps out, adjusting himself a bit in his chair to move his arms around you to reach his work more comfortably. You feel him move even deeper as he shuffles to get settled, causing you to whine out, your walls disobeying orders and clenching around him tightly as your hips buck. You feel his cock twitch and a harsh slap lands on the left cheek of your ass, causing you to whimper.
“I said no moving. And you’re gonna sit here quietly while I finish my work.” He leaves another harsh slap on your left cheek testing your obedience, causing you to bite down hard on your lip to hide the moan that threatens to leave. He smiles softly feeling your body tense knowing now you won’t move or make a noise just like he instructed. Tracing his nose against the side of your exposed neck he purrs, “Mmm so you can listen, hm? Good girl. Stay still and don’t make a noise for me while I work on this. Keep me warm baby, know you can or I promise, you won’t come for another week.” 
You whine and nod your head quickly leaning back against him to show your allegiance at the fear of being needy for him for another week. 
Normally you craved this type of intimacy; sitting on your Bucky’s cock as he did his work, dropping kisses along the skin of your shoulders and neck as he pleased, ensuring his love for you. But now? This was a type of punishment you didn’t know you could get. The agony of not feeling him for so long mixed with the ache of now being ignored made you impossibly wet. This was torture and you knew he was going to do everything in his power to try and get you to break. 
Humming a nonexistent tune softly, he turns his attention fully back to his work. You feel the steady thump of his pulse through your back and nestled in the walls of your pussy. Trying to block out all thoughts of Bucky’s punishment, you look down at the papers in front of you. He really has been busying himself with protecting you. Through your foggy haze you see tons of lists filled with the names of men that he has already hunted down this week alone. There are other detailed documents of their locations and how they were taken out; they must have all been after you. 
The thought of Bucky’s bare hands taking the lives of people who sought to take you from him caused unadulterated warmth to spread through you, your pussy betraying your previous commitment and clenching tightly around him. He knew exactly what he was doing; he knew of your reaction to his violence, it made him just as hot with desire for you. 
You whimper and your breath quickens in surprise as he slowly rolls his hips up giving in to your pathetic need. His small movement doesn’t guarantee anything but you can’t help the high-pitched mewls that leave your throat.
“Shhh babydoll I know, I know. Being so good for me, love seeing you like this. Only I can make you feel like this, right baby? Know I said to keep quiet but shit, you make such pretty noises for me.” Bucky moves his lips from behind your ear down the side of your throat leaving open-mouthed kisses on every inch of the skin there. His hand moves towards your clit and teases for only a moment, causing you to jerk your hip into his metal fingers.
“Be my good girl a little bit longer, kay? I’ll take care of my Petal soon, promise. Let me just finish this chart up.” He leaves kitten licks up the side of your neck, blowing air along his trail moving towards your ear. Dropping a light kiss behind your ear at your soft whimpers, he stops his movements. The ache between your thighs was only heightened by his soft touches and the fullness of Bucky’s cock sitting tightly inside you throbbing. You feel tears start to roll down your cheeks at the pleasured pain you were in. His calm manner and smug patience only made you crave him more. 
He hums to himself again, slowly tracing his metal hand up and down the skin of your left thigh, letting the soft air of his exhales catch the sides of your neck with every breath he took. He was taunting you, needing you to know who you belonged to. 
He stayed like this for at least a half hour; could’ve been more or less, but you couldn’t take it much longer. 
In an act of desperate urgency knowing there might be consequence, you turn your head to press kisses on the skin of his stubbled cheeks. “Please baby, I can’t take any more. Please I’m so sorry but I need you.” You continue to leave desperate kisses through your tears, so quick your lips barely have time to caress his skin. “Please Bucky I’ll do anything, but I need you to do something.” Bringing your hand towards the back of his head, you comb your fingers through the hair at the nape of his neck, pulling his face closer to you while you continue leaving hurried kisses everywhere you could reach. 
His hand suddenly wraps around your throat causing you to gasp out and turn your wide eyes directly to his. Your noses were pressed tightly together and you could feel the heat rolling off of his body. “Do you know what I do for you? How hard I work for you? And you can’t follow one fucking thing I ask of you?” He turns your head to look back at the papers in front of you, slowly rolling his hips again. You gasp out and your eyes flutter closed at the feeling. He tightens his hand around your throat forcing your eyes to open. You are staring at a picture of the last man he killed, lying unconscious and bloody on the ground of some office room. You cry out from the slow teasing of Bucky’s hips and the sight of the man dead because of Bucky. 
“I kill for you. Again and again, I take the lives of sick fucks trying to take you from me. And you know what? I enjoy it baby. Just like I know you do. You like that right? Thinking about me using my knives, slicing the throats of little men? How I get covered in blood beating the shit out of them, all for you?”
If your moans didn’t give it away your pussy sure did, sporadically squeezing and fluttering around him. Not being able to handle much more himself, he groans sinking his teeth into the skin of your shoulder leaving deep marks as fast as he could. 
Throwing you ass up on his desk, not taking a second before pulling out and thrusting into you, he bottoms out as your walls take all of him from a new angle. Your sensitive nipples feel the added friction of the harsh surface of the mahogany and you clench your eyes shut at the cold. You both moan out at the feeling of the new angle, it’s been so long for the both of you. Prolonging the torture, he slows his thrusting, dragging his cock out of you until just the tip is covered and slowly pushing back in.
He moans watching your pussy keep fighting to suck him back in and has to still his hips for a moment to collect himself. He pushes all his weight against your hips and lower back as he thrusts into you, ensuring you can’t escape his torturous ministrations and forcing you to feel every vein and ridge of his aching cock. You whine out and reach behind you to grab his hands, needing to feel closer to his godly fingers.
“Fuck, my innocent little Petal, really just a dirty slut huh? Like thinking of the men I kill for you? Like thinking of me squeezing the life out of them with the same hands I use to get you off?”
You whine and nod your head frantically, moving your hips back to meet him, the stretch feeling better than it’s ever felt.
“How I kill for you? That these hands spill blood all for you? You’re mine baby. No one else’s. Not these sick fucks who call themselves men, not Steve’s, not your daddy’s. Mine. All fucking mine.” He speeds his thrusts up, making sure the snap of his hips punctuates each word. 
“Jesus baby, you’re so wet. Feel so fucking good Petal. Pussy’s so tight and greedy for me.” He moves his flesh hand to your clit, rubbing harsh circles watching you become more and more ruined at his touch. Your slick already coats his entire hand making him moan and hungrily lick at his fingers. The taste only spurs the force of his hips further. “Want my cock and hands to smell like your sweet cunt for days. Want the men I kill to smell you on me. Want them to know not to mess with what’s mine.”
You didn’t think such filthy images could cause you so much pleasure, but his words and his unrelenting thrusts sent you flying into a powerful orgasm, losing yourself and causing you to squirt all over his cock.
He whimpers loudly seeing the scene unfold before him and flips you over, putting your legs over his shoulders, pounding into you harder. The new angle felt like he was bending and splitting you in half and your mind goes numb. 
“Jesus Christ Y/N, so fucking hot. No one gets to see you like this. Only me. God I love you so much Petal, do it again, know you can. Doing so good for me.”
His words of praise sending you quickly towards another powerful release, the overstimulation feeling better than it ever has but you need more. “Bucky please, need you to cum in me.”
“Need one more before I give you my cum baby. Cum and I’ll fill you. Want you dripping, feeling me for days” he moans out, your walls gripping him tightly like a wet fist and not showing any sign of letting go anytime soon. You whine as you feel your walls throb crazily, your oversensitivity and need for more mixing deliciously. But you want it so bad, need his load so badly. You push off the desk as best you can frantically moving your hips up and down, finding the energy from your dire need to feel him. 
He whines at your desperate actions, meeting your attempts halfway with all his force.
His high-pitched whines send you spinning and you groan as his hand speeds up on your swollen clit. His balls slap the skin of your ass wildly as his thrusts quicken. He’s really close and your mind goes wild with thoughts of only him and how he makes you feel. “Who owns this pussy Bucky? Who makes me feel this good baby? Need you, fuck please!”
Bucky whimpers and you feel his hips begin to stutter, knowing signs of his quickly approaching release, “Fuck Petal, me! Me. Best girl in the whole world, all fucking mine!” He continues with his vigorous rhythm and smoothes his hands up your thighs and calves, turning his mouth to leave hot kisses over the skin whispering hurried “mine”’s in between his actions.
“Come for me Petal, be my good girl.” A last kiss to your ankle is all it takes to bring you over the edge one last time, completely falling apart on Bucky’s cock. Your walls squeeze around him not allowing him to move an inch and he spills his warm cum into you chanting your name in obscene praises. “Fuckfuckfuck that’s it Petal. Always so perfect for me.” 
You can’t help the blissed smile that graces your tear-stained face as you come down from your blinding high. You feel your senses slowly floating back to your body inside of the warmth of the room Bucky and you created. Trying to catch his breath, his lips still make their way to your neck breathing heavily, managing to lightly drop kisses trailing up the side of your jaw to your lips whispering soft I love you‘s across every inch. His hot exhales tickle the skin of your neck but it only adds to your joy. “What’s got you smiling like that baby? My cock really that good?” 
You giggle and open your eyes to find his. Trailing your fingers against the strong bones of his face, you brush lightly over the pretty blush that took over his appearance. “You’re just so filthy Bucky.”
He laughs and shakes his head at you, “Me? Have you met you?” You giggle and try and hide your face in the crook of his neck but he counters your action bringing you into a crushing kiss. Parting slowly to take in your blissed out appearance, he smiles adoringly at you while massaging the muscles of your now sore thighs. “Only for you Petal, bring out the best in me. My precious girl.” 
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