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#sebastian stan x black reader
angrythingstarlight · 18 days ago
Just a little taste
Summary: Bucky wasn't done with you, all he wants is one more taste.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Needy Beefy Bucky x Reader
Warnings: Smut, oral f receiving, maturation.
A/n: Written on my phone.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bucky knows he can't spend all day between your thighs.
He knows that.
His rational brain also knows that you didn’t take away his sweet pussy on purpose.
He knows this.
But you still took her away from him.
Before he was done.
You know that your pussy belongs to him.
He knows that.
You give him something so sweet and good and tight and in return, he gives you intense orgasms. That’s the deal.
Which is why you can’t snatch his pretty pussy from him before he's done.
You know better.
Ten minutes ago.
“Love the way you ride me, peach, just like that, s’good” Bucky groans appreciatively, crystalline eyes mesmerized by the way you’re fucking yourself on his cock.
Pleasure wraps tight around his spine, your slick walls clamping down like a tight wet fist tighter and tighter with each roll of your hips.
Bucky can't stop staring at you, a litany of praises spilling from his lips, his words slurring together.
You’re so wet for me Peach and fuck you're tight.
Feel so good, you feel-fuck. S’good.
Taking me so fucking good.
You’re so close, so so close, the pressure in your belly is on the verge of snapping. Your hands splay on his warm, heaving chest, his own hands loosely curved around your hips. Letting you take control, waiting until you cum to split your pussy in two.
So close. You’re right there-
The familiar, annoying jingle of your impending zoom meeting cuts through the salacious sloshing and moaning.
You go still. Ignoring his frantic huff of dont stop, you grab his wrist and turn his black watch around.
The shrill tune continues. It's not noon. Nononono you have fifteen more minutes.
You are-were-so fucking close. A groan rumbles in your throat, resent replacing your ruined orgasm.
With a deep sigh, you look down at Bucky, pursing your lips apologetically. His finger, warm and cool, flex and grip your hips, desperation bleeding through his bruising hold.
“No peach,” he murmurs mournfully. “They can wait. I can’t.” He’s telling the truth. Bucky needs your pussy, his feral eyes focused on your joined bodies.
You don’t want to leave him but you have to. You climb off him, his large throbbing cock slides out of you, leaving you empty and cold. Bucky suppresses a whimper, his hand grabbing his cock, a poor replacement for your tight, wet heat.
He smears your slick over him, making a distressed sound in the back of his throat when you bend over to grab your discarded panties off the living room floor, giving him an unobstructed view of your pussy.
His tongue, wet and pink, reflexively lashes out across his swollen bottom lip, his mouth watering as he gazes at your glistening cunt. He balefully snatches your panties from your hands, his other hand firmly pumping his cock.
“Bucky,” you breathe, oh oh he's wrapping them around his cock, softly moaning your name. Your clit throbs at his sheer neediness for you.
Do you have to go to this meeting?
The stupid persistent jingle and the thoughts of your boss calling you to talk about your performance says yes.
“As soon as I’m done, I’ll let you do whatever you want.”
You let him keep your panties, instead focusing on grabbing your shirt off the lamp at least its not wrinkled. You shove your arms into the sleeves, pulling it over your head and make your way over to your desk in the corner of the living room, the laptop facing the window. Plopping in your chair, you take a peek at your reflection compact mirror you keep by your laptop.
You look-well fucked and sweaty- you smooth stray hairs back, and wipe your forehead off with the bottom of your shirt.
Now you look, well fucked but not sweaty- you cringe at yourself before snapping the mirror shut.
At least your notes are prepped and ready to go. Taking a deep breath, you roll your shoulders and clear your throat.
And you connect.
“Good afternoon,” your boss sings, way too cheerful for a mandatory work meeting on your one day off. Your coworkers chiming in with various levels of energy. You plaster on a grin, already knowing that this entire thing could have been an email and you could still be riding his cock.
There’s a round of painful small talk initiated by your bubbly coworker-if you could strangle Clarice you would. This woman drags out every damn meeting, the urge to shake your screen and yell, lets get this shit over with lingers in your throat.
Instead, you nod and smile.
Your pained expression says oh god shut the fuck Clarice, we dont want to tell you about our weekends.
It's not like you can say 'I fucked my man on every surface of the house including the kitchen table until he turned me into his personal creampie, that’s what I did this weekend.' HR might frown on that.
“Oh, I just stayed home, did some cardio, made a pie,” you reply when they all look at you.
You struggle to maintain your professional face. Its why you didn’t notice Bucky getting up from his position on the couch or see him walking towards you, his cock in one hand and his phone in the other.
Your phone flashes. Out of your peripheral vision, you see Bucky’s face on the screen. Discreetly lifting the side up, your breath hitches.
Please let me eat your pussy.
Your eyes flicker over your laptop and you almost choke on your spit. Bucky is sauntering towards you, pumping his thick cock, the angry red swollen tip leaking beads of precum. His mouth open, soft huffed breaths slipping past his lips. He mouths your name and your thighs clench together in response. His eyes only leave yours to send another text.
Please let me.
Subtly shaking your head, you drop your gaze back to the safety of your computer. You have to get through this meeting.
You have to.
I need it.
Cant cum until you do.
That last one has your stomach fluttering, memories have him whispering raspy and frantic in your ear, one more Peach, give me one more, need ya to cum for me, be good to me and let me feel ya. Bucky never finishes before you.
A silence falls over the room.
You blink, realizing everyone’s eyes are on you. Your boss. Coworkers. Bucky's blue eyes. You glance at their faces, trying to remember what they’re talking about. Reports? Project? Sweat beads along your forehead.
“Uh yeah, I agree, we should do that.” you say hopefully, sounding more confident than you feel. It must have been the right response because, your boss nods, flashing a bright smile. Your coworker in the upper left corner takes over the conversation.
You sag in your seat, a rush of cool relief moving through your chest.
Until you see Bucky is no longer in front of you.
Where is he?
Your eyes sweep the room. Another message flashes on your phone.
She’s so pretty, peach.
Warm hands slide up and around your calves, lips, soft soft lips, pepper kisses up your knee. Oh fuck, a fresh wave of slick pours out of your throbbing pussy. He groans a hurried yes peach that you feel more than hear, his lips smoothing across your skin. Oh fuck. Your spine straightens and your jaw locks.
Clearing your throat, you smile and nod, melting behind your smile. Shut the fuck up Clarice, let this meeting end, stop asking questions
His lips press into your inner thigh, smell so good, he whispers, under his breath, just low enough for you to hear, his fingers tracing patterns in your skin, spreading your thighs wider and wider until your pussy is in front of his face. Bucky nips your skin and you hide your stuttered moan by pretending to rub your eye ducking your head.
“You’re so wet,” he groans, his fingers spreading your pussy. “I need to taste you, gotta taste you pretty girl.”
You lock eyes with Bucky, his darkening blues are blown with a feral lust, oh he’s going to eat your pussy and you're going to let him. The sounds of laughter filter through your speakers, snapping your head up, you laugh a second behind the group
His wet and warm tongue licks up from your entrance to your clit. Oh god, you immediately cover your mouth, faking a cough. Tilting your chin to the side, you briefly close your eyes,
Bucky slides his hands under your hips and he lifts you up. He inhales you, large dry palms on your inner thighs spreading you even wider. He nudges his tongue through you, savoring you. Soft and slow and sweet. Your taste exploding on his tongue. Your voice floats above him, in control and steady and it makes him grin.
Bucky flattens his tongue, gliding it from your slit up up up to your clit. He blows lightly on your soaked pussy, your thighs quiver and he does it again. He watches more your sweet slick gush out, soaking your seat. “Gonna clean you up peach.”
“Y-yes I’ll have it done by the fourth,” you’re still speaking but he detects the waver in your voice.
Good girl.
Bucky tries to be quiet, he really does but he's a sloppy eater. Long thick licks intertwined with soft sucks on your pulsating clit, his moans muffled vibrating with each flick of his tongue.
Waves of intense blinding pleasure surges through you, your belly tensing as the urge to clamp your thighs around his head and ride his face spirals out of control.
You bite your lip, tamping down your choked sobs, oh god you're close again. His tongue feels so damn good, tears burn your eyes. You glance down and a cry almost rips through your chest, he has his hand rapped around his cock, stroking his thick length as his lips wrap around your clit.
"What do you think?"
Your eyes flit up, everyone is looking at you. Your smile stretches painfully across your face, you don't trust your voice, if you open your mouth you're going to scream his name, you know you will. You nod, your hands moving to his hair.
Don't stop, please don't stop.
"Alright, then if no one else has any questions, we can finish up."
Clarice opens her mouth and you glare at her. The heat from your gaze pierces through the screen. "Uh never mind," she splutters, "I'll email you."
Yes the fuck you will.
"Thank you, have a great day, buh-bye," you rush out, hitting end. Slamming your laptop shut, you drop your head back and let out a thin wail.
"Oh god yes," you chant, grinding your pussy on his face. The pressure snaps, unleashing sultry sensations through you and stars dotting your blurry vision.
Buckys eyes roll back, his mouth sliding off of you, a grunt rumbling in his chest as he cums, thick hot ropes of his cum spilling over his hand.
You go limp in your chair, almost sliding off it. Bucky pushes you back, climbing from under the desk. He gives you a satisfied grin, wiping his chin off.
"Enjoy your meeting peach?"
Tumblr media
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ramp-it-up · 16 days ago
Shake It Up
Day 10 of #Rampitup1Kinktober
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
​​Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Actress! Reader; Probable Chris Evans x Actress! Reader
Summary: Chris decided to cum and watch.
1Kinktober Kink: Voyeurism
Word Count 1.6K
Warnings: 18+ Only, Minors DNI. RPF. SMUT! Read at your own risk, pining, lap dance, Daddy kink, degradation kink, d/s role dynamics, masturbation, oral (m receiving) spit play, cum play, bukkake.
Not Beta’d. All errors my own. Dividers by @firefly-graphics.
For more context read Pass the Bottle and Bottle Rocket.
A/N: This is for the 10th DAY of #rampitup1Kinktober! TYSM for following me! 🧡
I Do NOT Consent to my work being reposted, translated or presented on any other blog or site other than by myself.
Tumblr media
You were standing in between Chris and Seb as the latter let you into his condo.
Sebastian stood back and watched you walk in like you owned the place. And if you wanted to, he would give it to you. Whatever you desired, whatever you needed, he would give it to you. Including another man tonight.
You got some water out of the refrigerator, offering refreshment to Chris.
“You want a drink?”
Chris stared at you and followed your movements, still not sure that this was real. He did not need any more mind altering substances right now.
“No, I’m good.”
“So this is what’s up, Chris. I want to see and be seen. Then I want some new experiences. I want to be used tonight. And I want use you and Sebastian.”
Chris looked at Seb. He respond to his friend.
“I know. It’s… different. But she wants you. And I … want what she wants.”
Sebastian looked at you as you moved across the room.
You lifted the straps of your dress and then dropped it on the floor.
“I need a shower. Wanna join?”
You disappeared into the dark hallway and Chris could see that from somewhere, a light switched on.
Seb left his shoes at the door and started to follow you.
“Don’t throw away your shot my guy.”
He gave Chris a look and then disappeared after you.
Chris only hesitated a little before he followed his cock into the darkness.
Tumblr media
Chris followed the sound of a shower into a spacious bathroom with a wide jetted tub and a glass enclosed shower. Two chairs sat facing the shower, just a little out of place. Seb was testing the water as you lit some candles.
Seb looked satisfied at the temperature and you grabbed his hand as he passed by, tugging to get him to come to you.
He leaned down, put his wet hand against your throat and squeezed while he kissed you, then slid it down your collarbone, twisted your nipple, then grabbed your hip to pull you closer.
You watched Chris squirm as Sebastian fingered your cunt, thumb moving in circles at your clit. Then, he moved his hand to his mouth, and sucked his fingers as he turned toward Chris and sat in one of the chairs.
“Have a seat, Chris.”
The smell of lavender filled the air as you walked toward them, and you saw that Chris’s eyes never left you. You stopped in front of Seb and turned around, giving both men a view of your glorious ass.
Seb smirked and Chris gaped when you bent over and shook it for them. You could hear Chris’s sharp intake of breath and Sebastian’s chuckle as you made it clap.
You inserted your fingers between your folds, and rubbed your juices off of them, then stood up, and sat down on Seb’s lap, putting your fingers up to Seb’s lips over your shoulder as you gave him a lap dance.
Your back was arched, breasts jutted out as you leaned your head back against Seb’s shoulder as you watched his mouth suck your fingers. Your mouth was open in ecstasy as your pelvis moved, and Chris could see Seb’s hand on your hip and you ground into him.
Chris never wanted to be someone else so bad in his life.
Seb continued as you looked Chris in the eye. He shifted again as he got harder. His pants were becoming so uncomfortable.
“Like what you see?”
You pulled your fingers from Seb’s mouth, with a pop, and used the wet digits to pull and roll your nipple. Chris was watching you, mouth open and almost drooling.
“Mmmmm. Yes.” Chris licked his lips and nodded, eyes wide and eager.
You smiled, then turned around and knelt on the floor in front of Sebastian.
You clasped your hands behind you, which arched your back and pushed your boobs out. Chris groaned as you pouted up at Seb. No thoughts were in his head except that he wanted to touch you.
But you hadn’t invited him to. Yet.
You licked your lips and looked up through your lashes at Seb, who was king right now, leaning back in the chair.
“Can I have my dick now, Daddy? Please?”
“Of course, Baby.”
Seb undid his belt and his pants, pulling his long dick out for the world, and you and Chris, to see.
Chris looked away and then immediately back at you two. You were in the zone as you spit on Seb’s dick and looked at Chris. He licked his lips and looked you in the eye as your mouth descended on Seb’s cock.
Seb was pretty big, so Chris didn’t think you would take him all, but he got more excited as you kept descending lower and lower and finally reached the base of Seb’s unit, finally closing your eyes and trying to breathe.
Without hands.
Seb’s head was thrown back as he basked in the skill of your mouth.
“You want to feel this Chris, her mouth is so fucking good. Fuck!”
You started coughing and choking around Seb and pulled off, sputtering as you tried to breathe, then pulling off and wiping the saliva off your chin and using it to jack Seb off.
You gave him a good hand job as he twisted your nipples, twisting your hand and running your tongue over his head with every stroke.
“Does it feel good, Daddy?”
“Fuck, yes, Baby Girl…Fuck yes.”
Seb’s voice was smooth gravel and Chris was outright rubbing his cock through his pants now as he watched what looked like nirvana three feet away from him.
You looked over at Chris.
“Take it out, let me see it.”
And you spit on Seb’s cock again to start bobbing while watching Chris hurriedly take himself out, not caring or cautious any more.
When he brought it out, you pulled off of Seb with a pop. You sat back on your knees and started rubbing your clit and rolling your nipple.
“So it is true. So fucking big. Do I really get to take it if I want, Daddy?” You looked at Sebastian.
It was not even a question, but Seb said, “Yes, baby,” and started stroking his dick.
You looked at Chris.
“Would you give it to me if I asked?”
It was not even a question, but Chris said, “Fuck yes.” And held his dick up for you to ogle.
Chris held out his hand to you and you smiled when you realized what he wanted. You spit on his palm, and he groaned as he started fisting himself with that hand.
“Holy shit…”
Chris groaned as you went back to circling your own clit, watching two sexy ass men stroke themselves off.
“What a pretty fucking picture. Fuck.. makes me wanna….”
You took the fingers that had been in your pussy and sucked them, slowly pulling them out of your mouth.
“You know what I wanna see?”
Chris had a feeling of dread when you said that, but more than that, he wanted hear what you wanted.
Seb asked the question.
“What, Baby Girl?”
“I wanna see you two stroke each other off.”
Seb laughed and looked over at Chris and his dick while Chris blushed beet red and shook his head no.
“No?” You weren’t mad. “It’s a shame. That would be hot as fuck.”
“What would be the difference if I suck both of your cocks at the same time?”
Chris exclaimed as pre cum dribbled out of his penis.
“You little sexy slut,” said Seb.
You turned toward Sebastian. Chris feared the worst.
“What did you just say to me?”
You looked… strangely intense to Chris.
“I said you were a little slut. You’re also a little cock whore, wanting to take me and Evans at the same time. I bet you want to take both of us in your cunt, too? Hunh? Both of us in your ass.”
“Oh, Daddy. I don’t know about that.”
You got closer to him, hands on his legs as you watched him pump faster.
“Maybe one in each hole.”
You looked up at Seb innocently, and then at Chris as the most obscene things tumbled out of your mouth.
“You want two big cocks in your holes at the same time?”
Seb leaned forward and grabbed one of your tits and twisted with one hand as he pumped steadily with another.
“Shit! Give me that filthy mouth, I’m about to cum.”
You opened your mouth as Sebastian stood and fucked your face, hands grabbing your hair as he pumped in and out of your throat. The sight and the sounds got Chris close as well.
You hadn’t even touched him.
Sebastian groaned and pulled out of your mouth and then jerked all over your face and your tits while you smiled, sat back on your knees and took it. You saw Chris jerking his dick with his mouth open and you motioned for him as you started rubbing your clit.
He stood up, and splattered his white hot seed all over you as well, you smiled and gathered their combined cum to rub your clit with, cumming quckly as both of their hands were on your body, Chris tugging at your tits, and Sebastian tugging your hair in one hand as he continued to jerk.
You collapsed back on your ass with the force of your orgasm, the scene too much for you to bear.
Sebastian stripped off the rest of his clothes, leaned down and picked you up bridal style and carried you into the shower.
Chris heard you call out to him.
“That was the filthiest thing I’ve ever done. Thank you.”
You started making out with Sebastian in the shower, who was tenderly cleaning you off.
It sounded as if you were giving Chris an out, but he made his decision quickly.
He took off his clothes and joined you and Sebastian in the shower.
Tumblr media
Was it too kinky? 🤯
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whiskey-cokenfanfic · 6 months ago
Always The Bridesmaid
Tumblr media
Sebastian Stan x Reader
A/N: So I found this prompt: "You are the maid of honor in your best friend's destination wedding, but you are single and feeling depressed about having to attend solo. Stressed and grumpy on the long flight there, you have a few too many drinks and pass out, drooling, on the shoulder of your seatmate. When you arrive at the wedding, you are mortified to discover that your handsome seatmate is the best man." I ran with it, hope y'all enjoy.
Warnings: Smut 
You should have been happy. You had tried your hardest to be happy. You put on a brave face and smiled until your cheeks hurt, but deep down, you just couldn’t fully feel it.
Your best friend was getting married.
You should have been filled to the brim with nothing but absolute joy, but really all you felt was depressed… and, okay, a little jealous. You hated that you felt that way, but you couldn’t really help it. To be completely fair, you were happy for her; she was, after all, your oldest and dearest friend.
You and Shannon had been best friends since you were freshmen in high school. You two were basically inseparable, going everywhere and doing everything together. You both had even managed to make it into the same university (although you studied different subjects). You both had scoffed and pulled faces (playfully of course) when your other friends met guys, fell head over heels in love, and one by one got married. Soon it was just the two of you left as the only single friends. And you felt that as long as you had Shannon with you, you weren’t worried.
Then she met Matthew and it felt like everything changed over night. 
You both had dated people before, but this was different, this was the first time Shannon was seriously in love. You could tell it was different from the moment that you had seen her look at him. Before long, your friend was showing off a very large, very expensive diamond ring and was gushingly telling you about how Matthew had surprised her with a room full of roses and candles. You smiled and hugged your friend tightly, even jumping up and down with her as she told you about how she and Matthew were planning a destination wedding to the Bahamas. 
You kept a smile plastered on your face as she rambled on about dresses and hotels and who to invite; and of course you gave an enthusiastic yes when she asked you to be her maid of honor. But deep down you felt a tiny seed of disappointment and sadness growing inside you.
Once she tied the knot, it would leave just you as the only single friend left. 
You felt the looks, full of pity, that were shot in your direction during the fittings for the dresses, during every luncheon, and get-together. You could practically hear all your other friends thinking of trying to set you up with a friend or cousin of their husbands’, assuring you that they were nice. 
And now here you were, on a plane to the Bahamas, determined to not let it show how down it had gotten you. You had to be there for Shannon. How many times was she there for you, a shoulder to cry on, a pillar of strength, your biggest cheerleader? Of course you had to be happy for her, your disappointment could wait a week, right?
You heaved a sigh as you tried to push your carry on into the overhead compartment, grumbling as it wouldn’t fit all the way.
“Need a hand?”
You turned towards the voice and saw a very handsome, vaguely familiar, looking man smiling at you. Before you could answer, he reached up, moved a bag a little to the side and pushed yours in easily.
“Thanks,” you told him shortly, before plopping down in your seat.
“No problem,” he said, taking the seat next to you, still smiling.
You gave him a brief nod, and ducked your head, searching in your purse for your phone and earbuds. You didn’t want to talk to anyone. You wanted to sulk while on the plane and once you landed, you’d be all smiles and cheer.
You also hated flying. 
That coupled with your mood, was enough to start to stress you out. So as soon as the flight attendant came by, you quickly ordered two drinks; downing them quickly. You barely noticed the look your seatmate gave you as you ordered another.
Once you quickly finished that one, you finally noticed the looks he was giving you. You didn’t exactly know why, but you felt the need to defend yourself to him. You were going to be sitting next to him for the next few hours anyway, so you turned to him,
“I know this doesn’t look good… I just hate flying, and I’m not one hundred percent excited about where I’m going.”
“Umm, this is a flight to the Bahamas, right? How are you not excited?”
The drinks had loosened your tongue a bit, so you started oversharing. “Well my best friend is getting married and I’m not that thrilled about it.”
He nodded. “Don’t like the groom?”
“Nah,” you said shaking your head. “He’s cool, I’m just… well, once she gets married, that’ll just leave me, alone, and it’s gotten me down a bit. It also doesn’t help that I’ll be at the wedding alone. I mean I can already hear the pity in everyone’s voices and I know they’ll start trying to set me up.” You sighed. “I just don’t wanna deal with it.”
“I see,” he said.
You had signaled the flight attendant for another drink. Once you got it and took a sip, you continued on. “But, I’m going because she’s been my best friend since forever, and I love her and I want her to be happy.”
“Ah, okay,” the man said simply. 
He decided that he’d had enough conversation out of you so he pulled out a magazine and pretended to read, hoping you’d get the message. You just shrugged, downed your drink, and popped your ear bud back in. 
The several drinks you’d had, coupled with the music you were listening to, soon lulled you into a deep sleep. So deep, in fact, you didn’t even notice that your head had rolled over onto your seatmate’s arm, and you’d begun drooling a bit on him. He'd tried to push you off three times, but you would roll your head back on him. He soon gave up, that is until he noticed the drool. Slightly disgusted, but mostly amused, he managed to push you off and keep you off this time.
You had no idea any of this happened of course. You were only awakened by the bump of the plane landing. You jerked awake, and, after noticing that your mouth had been open, you quickly closed it.
You didn’t notice the look your seatmate had given you, but you did notice that he’d gotten up from his seat as quickly as possible, grabbing his bag from the overhead compartment, and putting as many people between you and him as he could. You didn’t really know what that could have been about, but you just shrugged, got your bag and headed off the plane. Your mind was now focused on Shannon and anything she might need.
On the taxi ride to the resort you braced yourself. Getting yourself in the mind frame of being happy and helpful. Once you pulled up, Shannon ran out and hugged you tightly. 
“Oh, Y/N, I am so, so, so glad you’re here! Everything is happening all at once: Matthew’s mom and aunt aren’t being helpful, just critical. And his brothers have both been down at the bar since they got here, so they’re no help. And my mom is driving me up the wall wanting to change everything last minute. And honestly, Chelsea and Monica should be more help, but they’ve just been sitting by the pool the entire time. And to think with all the help we gave them during their weddings! And…”
“Shan, Shan... “ you said, grabbing her by the shoulders. “Stop. Take a deep breath.”
“Y/N, this is too much!” she cried.
“It is not too much honey,” you told her soothingly. “I’m here.”
Shannon took a shaky breath and nodded.
“Now, show me to my room, and we’ll get started.”
You looped your arm through hers, something you’d done a million times before, and steered her towards the elevators. Managing to make her focus on everything that was going right, you soon had her cheered up and chatting.
“And,” Shannon was saying as you stepped off the elevators. “Matthew’s best man showed up a little bit before you. He was telling us this hilarious story about a lady that he was seated next to on the plane who got drunk, fell asleep and started drooling on him.”
“Oh my god, are you serious?” You responded, not really thinking.
Shannon nodded, giggling. “How messed up was she for that to happen?”
“Very. By the way, I’d been meaning to ask, how come neither of Matt’s brother’s are his best man?”
“Well, apparently he and Sebastian, that’s his name, have been friends almost as long as we have been.”
“Oh, well, that’s nice then,” you paused. “I haven’t met him, have I?”
Shannon shook her head. “You've probably seen pictures of him. Tall guy, dark hair, gorgeous eyes?" Once she saw you shake your head, she continued. "Like I said, he’s here, once you’re settled I’ll introduce you.” She grinned. “And between you and me, he is very very hot.”
“No, no. Don’t get me wrong, Matthew is the only guy for me. Buuut if he weren’t in the picture…”
You smacked your friend playfully on the arm, making her laugh. You were glad to see some of the stress melt away from her. She helped you get settled once you were in your room and after you changed into a simple, light sundress, you headed down to the bar where Matthew, his best man Sebastian, and his brothers were.
You chatted with Shannon, making a rough game plan about what to do with everyone on your way down.
Approaching the bar, you saw the group of men laughing at some story the one, whom you assumed had to be Sebastian, because you recognized Matthew and his brothers, was telling.
“And she drooled on you?” Sean, Matthew’s oldest brother, asked.
“So, much. My shirt was soaked.”
The men laughed again.
Matthew spotted you and Shannon, and got up smiling. He went to Shannon first, kissing her deeply. Then he turned and hugged you tightly.
“Y/N, finally you’re here. Shannon has been going crazy without you.”
“I haven’t been going crazy,” Shannon said defensively, making you and Matthew shoot her disbelieving looks. “Okay, maybe a little.”
You laughed and gave her a squeeze with one arm.
“Well, let me introduce you to my best man,” Matthew said, steering you towards him. “He’s just been telling us this hilarious story about some woman who drooled on him while on their flight.”
“Ah yeah, Shannon was telling me about that.”
“Sebastian, here she is,” Matthew said, making his friend turn around.
Once he had gotten a good look at you, a huge grin spread across Sebastian’s face. 
You opened your mouth in shock. 
“Nice to see you again,” Sebastian said to you.
“What, you’ve already met?” Shannon asked.
Seeing your shocked look, Sebastian put two and two together and decided to spare you your blushes. “Yeah we met on the plane, I helped her put some luggage up.”
He reached out his hand to you and you took it in yours. Once your skin made contact with his, you felt warm all over, but you pushed it out of your mind, putting it down to the embarrassment you felt.
“Nice to formally meet you... sober,” he whispered to you. "Don't worry your secret's safe with me." Louder he said “Well, looks like you and I have our work cut out for us, huh?”
You just nodded, unable to say anything. You had gotten tipsy in front of, spilled your guts to, fell asleep and drooled on Matthew's best man, scratch that, Matthew's extremely good looking best man. Needless to say you were thoroughly embarrassed. And, you realized with a jolt of horror, that since he was the best man and you the maid of honor, you two would be working very nearly side by side the entire week. Could this trip get anymore frustrating?
Apparently it could.
Not only did you have to put up with the stress of the wedding, keeping Shannon sane, and the whispers from guests (mainly Shannon’s mom and soon to be mother-in-law) about how it was a shame you were the only single one left, but you also had to deal with being around Sebastian. To be fair, he wasn’t so bad himself, actually, you both got along spectacularly and, to your surprise, you liked being around him. 
What was bad was the looks people shot you two when they saw you together. At first you thought it was because he had let slip that you were the drunk lady who drooled on him, but he had kept your secret to himself. No, it turned out to be because everyone thought you two would hook up. You only found this out when you were talking to Chelsea and Monica by the pool a couple of days later.
“So, Y/N,” Monica began, shooting Chelsea and Shannon a sly look. “That Sebastian is fine isn’t he?”
You shrugged. “I guess so.” Not wanting to admit you had sneaked several looks at the best man while you were running errands and getting things ready together.
“What do you mean you guess so?” Chelsea said incredulously. “Do you need your eyes checked? If I were you, I’d be on him faster than--”
“What Chelsea is trying to say,” Monica interrupted. “Is that it’s almost tradition for the best man and maid of honor to hook up. You know, if they’re single.”
“Not even then, remember Rachel’s wedding?” Shannon interjected.
You all nodded remembering the scandalous moment when it was revealed that the married best man had hooked up with your friend Rachel’s maid of honor.
“Anyway, there shouldn’t be any issues like that this time,” Monica said.
“Nope,” you agreed. “There won’t because nothing like that is gonna happen.”
“I dunno, Y/N,” Shannon said. “I’ve seen the way he looks at you.”
You pursed your lips, thinking that the only looks he gave you were those of amusement. You hadn’t forgotten about drooling on him, even if he hadn’t brought it up.
“Besides it could be worse,” Chelsea added. “It could be one of Matt’s brothers.”
You all laughed. Sean and Nick were cute but they were both rather annoying and slightly immature.
“Besides you’re the last single gal left,” Shannon said. “It’s your turn next”
You rolled your eyes at her. You didn’t want to be reminded of that, but you decided not to let it put you in a funk, not now. “Yeah, yeah sure.”
“Speak of the devil,” Monica muttered, nodding towards one of the doors leading out to the pool.
You all turned and saw Matt and Sebastian headed towards the pool, both clad in only swim trunks. Upon seeing Sebastian in just his swim trunks, your mouth dropped open. You watched them goofing around in the pool like kids for a bit, before Matt pointed at your little group and they got out and headed towards you.You had to give it to Shannon, Matt was a good looking guy with a great body, but your attention was firmly taken by his friend, who was standing before you dripping wet and glistening in the tropical sunlight.
“You’re drooling, Y/N,” Chelsea whispered to you with a laugh.
You closed your mouth and looked at a point above their heads.
“What are you ladies talking about?” Matthew asked you, taking a seat next to Shannon.
Monica answered, scooting over next to Chelsea. “Oh, just how Y/N, here is next in line to get married.”
You shot her a look.
“Oh, is she?” Sebastian asked, taking the seat Monica had vacated, which was next to you. “Who's the lucky guy?” he asked, turning those beautiful blue eyes on you and taking your left hand in his, looking for a ring.
“I’m not getting married,” you muttered, taking your hand out of his, still not making eye contact with him, now out of fear that he could see how his touch affected you.
“Aww, now, don’t say that, Y/N,” Matt said. “You never know.”
You sighed, shook your head, and looked off. You didn’t notice the look he and Shannon shared with each other.
“Well, since you guys are here,” you began in an attempt to change the subject. “We need to talk about the rehearsal dinner.”
Shannon sat up straight, and began talking about what needed to be done. You breathed a sigh of relief, glad that the attention wasn’t on you anymore. But you couldn’t forget how you had felt when Sebastian had taken your hand. 
The next night you got dressed for the rehearsal dinner. When you were satisfied with your look -  a short, slate grey, sleeveless, lace dress - you headed down to the ballroom to check and make sure everything was decorated in the way Shannon wanted. You opened the door to head out, when you collided with something solid. You reeled back, and felt two strong hands grab you to steady you.
“Jesus!” you exclaimed.
“Sorry, I was about to knock,” Sebastian apologized. “You okay?”
“Yeah, yeah,” you said. Then poking him in the chest, you added. “You’re more solid than you look.”
You saw his eyes crinkle up at the corners as he laughed. “You’re not the first to say that.”
“Mmm-hmm,” you realized his hands were still on you and you quickly extracted yourself. “Did, uh, did you want something?”
“Huh, oh, yeah I was just coming to see if you wanted to go down and check on the flowers and stuff together.”
“Oh, yeah all right,” you said, grabbing your clutch.
He stepped back and let you walk past. You two walked down the hall to the elevators in silence. You couldn’t tell, but he was searching for something to say to you. Once the doors opened and you both stepped on, he looked over at you.
“You look nice,” he said.
You looked over at him, he was dressed in a simple grey suit (what a coincidence) with a white t-shirt on instead of a dress shirt, and black shoes. You smiled. 
“You look nice too.”
He smiled back at you and you felt heat flood your cheeks. You had to admit you loved his smile. The way it made his eyes crinkle at the corners and lit up his whole face; and he had the sweetest eyes you had ever seen, and they really were gorgeous... You caught yourself staring at him.
“Um,” you cleared your throat, and looked away. “You know I don’t think I ever apologized.”
“For what?”
“You know for drooling on you on the flight, after getting drunk, and rambling at you.”
“Oh, that, well it’s no big…”
“It is a big deal, plus I also need to thank you, for, you know, not telling everyone I was the crazy, drunk, drooling lady.”
He opened his mouth to say something, but the elevator doors opened the ground floor and you got out. 
The rehearsal dinner went great. And as you suspected the place looked fantastic. 
“As it should, as much money as I’m spending on it,” Shannon’s mom had whispered, not so quietly, to you. You just smiled and took another sip of your drink. It was your third that night. You had smiled and toasted your friends, but when the dinner was over, you retreated to a corner to watch them and the other couples dancing with each other, a wave of loneliness crashing over you.
She had cornered you, noticing how you were staring longingly out at your friends and their significant others, and was beginning to tell you about some nephew of hers that she thought would be good for you. Luckily, Sebastian came to rescue you asking you for a dance.
“Sorry, maid of honor duty,” you said as he led you to the dance floor.
“Looks like I owe you another thanks,” you told him as he put his hand on your waist and took your hand in his other. You both swayed side to side for a moment in silence, completely lost in each other’s touch.
“You know, I was thinking about what you said on the plane,” he said finally. 
You looked down at your feet. “I hope you don’t think too badly about me.”
“Nah. Actually I understand what you’re feeling.”
“Yeah, Matt’s been my best friend for years, and now he’s getting married. I mean I am happy for him, Shannon’s wonderful and I couldn’t picture anyone better for him. But it’s got me feeling a bit, well, lonely.”
“Yeah, I get what you mean,” you said thoughtfully, then added with a smile, “Well, at least you don’t have everyone and their mom trying to hook you up with someone, I’ve had several people tell me that they know some guy that would be just perfect for me.”
He chuckled. “Why don’t you give them a try?”
You shook your head. “I’m not looking for a husband.”
“Well, what are you looking for?”
 “That’s a good question.” You were quiet for a stretch then shrugged. “I don’t know.”
The song ended and you walked off, headed to the bar. You grabbed a drink, Sebastian did the same. You both made your way out onto the patio and found seats.
“Well, I may not have everyone suggesting a wife for me, but I have had several people telling me that you and I are gonna hook up.”
“Yeah, I’ve been hearing that too.”
“So… what do you think about that?”
You looked into his eyes to make sure he was serious. He was. 
Again you shrugged, taking a sip of your drink. “I don’t know.” 
“I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about it.”
You choked a bit. “You- you have?”
“I mean, yeah. Drooling aside, you are very attractive,” he said smiling at you.
You were about to respond when Shannon came out looking for you.
“Y/N, they’ve done something to the flowers for tomorrow, half of them are wilted. What are we gonna do!? Everything is ruined.”
You jumped up, happy yet again for an excuse to get away. “Shannon, take a few deep breaths. I have the number for the florist, we’ll just have to order some more.”
“Great more money,” her mom said.
“Not now, mother!” Shannon wailed.
You grabbed her and pulled her inside, dialing the number of the florist and thanking whatever gods there were that you had already told him to put more to the side just in case. You didn’t look back at Sebastian.
Once you got the flowers handled, explained to her mother that it wouldn’t cost extra, and calmed Shannon down, you sent them both up to bed. You knew you had to be up early tomorrow, so you dragged yourself over to the elevators, ready to hop in bed. 
As soon as the door opened you heard someone running to catch them behind you. You held the door and in jogged Sebastian. 
“No problem.”
“So everything straightened out?”
“Yep, I made sure the florist put some extra flowers to the side just in case. So we’re good.”
“I know.”
He laughed. 
"I figured you'd be up in bed by now, since we all have to be up early tomorrow."
"I was actually waiting for you," he said.
"Really? Why me?" You asked a tad nervously.
"I wanted to continue our conversation."
"Oh, I…" you had been thinking about it too, you just didn't want to say so.
Just then the elevator doors opened and a few more people got in. Sebastian moved closer to you to make room for them. You didn’t know what it was exactly, maybe it was the drinks you’d had, maybe it was everyone predicting that the two of you would hook up, maybe it was your loneliness, maybe it was your actual physical attraction to him, or maybe it was all of those thing combined; whatever it was, at that moment, you wanted Sebastian.  As soon as the elevator emptied again, leaving the two of you alone, he didn’t move away, in fact, he looked at you with a sly smile, and inched a little closer to you. 
Your tongue darted out to lick your lips. Taking that as a sign, he leaned forward and kissed you softly. You eagerly kissed him back, parting your lips to let his tongue slide in your mouth. You felt his arms reach around your waist and pull you flush against him. You threw your arms around his neck. You didn’t break apart until you heard the elevator doors open on your floor. 
Reluctantly he let his arms fall from around you and stepped back. You took one look down the hall and, seeing no one there, you grabbed his hand and pulled him towards your room.
Once you had the door closed behind you, he looked at you as if asking you if this is what you really wanted to do. You pulled him towards you by his shirt, he kissed you again, his tongue sliding in your mouth, you moaned into his, pushing his suit jacket off his shoulders. You felt his hands go to the back of your dress and unzip it. You slid your arms out and let it pool at your feet. Sebastian stepped back, taking you all in, a smile on his face, standing there in just your bra and panties, before caging you in his arms again. His lips hot on yours again.
Before you knew what was happening, you felt him lift you up and carry you to the desk on the other side of the room. Never breaking the kiss as he set you down on it. You felt his lips move from yours, kissing along your jaw, to your neck. His hands busy with the clasp of your bra. Once it was undone, he pulled it off and tossed it to the floor. You threw your head back when you felt his hot mouth cover one nipple, licking then sucking on it until it stood erect. Then he moved over to do the same with the other. 
You felt him move lower down your body, placing kisses here and there, before he reached your panties. Hooking his fingers in them, you raised your hips, so he could ease them off. You sat there on the desk fully naked in front of him. 
In the back of your mind you couldn’t help but think, I can’t believe this is actually happening.
The thought was pushed from your mind when you felt his tongue slip into your wet pussy. Licking up your lips before sliding inside you. You closed your eyes, your head thrown back until it was against the wall, your legs on his shoulders, your fingers gripping his hair as he expertly worked his tongue in and out your glistening folds. Darting up to flick at your sensitive clit before going back inside you. 
No other man you dated had ever eaten you out like that. You felt his hands reach around, gripping your ass, and pulling you closer to him so he could reach more of you. You felt yourself coming closer to an orgasm, but it wasn’t until he wrapped his lips around your clit and began sucking on it, that you felt your toes curl, as you fell over the edge; your orgasm washing over you in a hot wave. He stayed down there, licking up every bit of your juices.
When he finally came up, you stared up at him as you caught your breath. He took off his shirt, with a small self satisfied smirk on his face. Once you caught your breath, you slipped off the desk, running your hands over his chest and abs. Something you had been wanting to do since you had seen him at the pool. You moved down his pants, undoing them and pushing them down with his boxers. Once he stepped out of them, you pushed him back on the bed. 
You straddled his lap, going to kiss him again. His hands gripped your thighs, sliding around to your ass. You wiggled against his hard dick between your bodies with a small giggle. Scooting back on the bed, he pulled you in for another kiss. Wrapping his arms around you, he rolled over so that he was on top of you. Parting your legs with his, he pushed inside you. You gasped at feeling him in you. You hadn’t realized exactly how badly you needed to feel him in you until that moment. You wrapped your legs around his waist, pushing him in deeper until he bottomed out. As he began rutting inside you, you ran your fingers through his hair and scratched at his back. You had never felt anything this amazing before. He moved faster inside you, making you moan loudly. 
He slipped out of you and lay back so could straddled him again, sliding down on him. Bracing your arms on his chest you began moving up and down on him. He grabbed your hips helping you move. He sat up, kissing you as you continued to move on top of him. His hands stroking your back. You pushed him back onto the pillows, and leaning back, resting your arms on his legs, you began moving your hips, his dick hitting your spot with this new angle. You felt yourself coming closer to another orgasm, when he reached and began playing with your clit. Once he did that you felt the coil in your abdomen tighten again, and you came with a loud moan. 
Sitting up again, he kissed you softly, before rolling you over once more. He started moving inside you again chasing his own orgasm. 
“I know you have one more in you for me,” he grunted, resting on his knees, your legs in his arms.
He started moving faster, pounding into you. You had to reach your arm above your head to keep from knocking into the headboard. Soon, to your surprise, you felt another orgasm building. He let your legs down, and leaned forward until he was resting on his elbows, his face inches from yours.
“Come on, cum for me,” he panted. “One. More. Time.” 
You felt it start in your core. A white hot heat. It spread out to the tips of your fingers and toes. You felt your back arch off the bed, as your pussy gripped around him. You came with a shout of his name, clawing at the sheets. Feeling you fluttering around him, brought him to the edge. With a grunt, he pulled out, spilling all over the bed.
With a sigh he collapsed next to you. 
You turned your head towards him, then raised up on one elbow to look down at him.
“You know,” you spoke after a minute. “No one has ever made me cum three times in one go before.”
He reached up and pushed his hair out of his sweaty face before turning to you. “Really?”
“Glad to be of service,” he chuckled, before pulling you down for another kiss. 
You lay your head on his chest, your mind still wheeling from what just happened. He wrapped his arms around you, and you stayed like that for a few hours, whispering to each other until you both eventually drifted off to sleep.
You woke up with a jolt the next morning, your phone’s alarm ringing loudly from the floor. It took a second, but then everything came rushing back to you. The rehearsal dinner, dancing with Sebastian, the flowers, Sebastian on the elevator, coming closer to you, kissing you, pulling him into your room, the things you did with him. The memory of the previous night settled around you, filling you with warmth. You had expected to feel shame, for giving in to everyone’s expectations, but you didn’t. You felt that you could never regret what you did with Sebastian, no matter what it was.
You rolled over to your side, expecting to see him, but all that was there was a folded piece of hotel stationary. You felt an emptiness when you realized he wasn’t there. You reached for the paper and unfolded it.
I’m sorry I’m not there to see you wake up. I really hate to leave you. Matt just called me, and since it’s the big day, I had to be there. Anyway last night was one of the best nights I’ve ever spent with anyone before. I can’t wait to do it again, hopefully?
I’ll see you at the end of the aisle.
You read through it again, a smile stretching across your face. You wanted to lie back and revel in the wonderful feeling, but you had to get up. You had to go to Shannon, today was all about her. What you did last night could wait. You got up, showered, slipped on some sweats, grabbed the garment bag with your dress, and headed out of your room towards Shannon's suite, a huge genuine smile plastered on your face.
That morning went about as well as to be expected. Shannon was all nerves and jitters, but you kept her steady and calm, even making her laugh here and there to take the edge off, you were slightly grateful that she was too preoccupied to catch your evident happiness. You had to admit that once her hair and make-up were done and she had on her dress, she looked absolutely radiant. Even you felt tears come to your eyes. You had never seen her look happier. Even her mom had stopped complaining about prices once she saw Shannon in her dress.
Shannon walked over to you and you took her hands in yours.
“You look so beautiful. Shan! Absolutely gorgeous,” you told her, getting choked up.
She grinned. “Thank you, Y/N. Thank you for everything you’ve ever done.”
“Hey, what are best friends for?”
She kissed you on the cheek and you all lined up to get ready. 
When it was your turn to walk down the aisle and you noticed that while everyone was waiting to see the bride, only one pair of eyes were glued to you. You smiled at Sebastian as you took your spot opposite of him. He smiled back, his eyes twinkling. 
You tried to focus on your best friends getting married, but you  both weren’t able to keep your eyes off each other. Once they said their “I dos” and kissed each other, they made their way back up the aisle. Sebastian proffered his elbow to you, you gladly looped your arm through it and walked back up with him. 
You two passed glances at each other throughout the reception. This didn’t go unnoticed by your friends, and they decided to cook up a plan. Once the toasts were made and the food eaten, the floor was cleared. Matthew and Shannon had their first dance. And then they danced with their parents. Soon you heard the DJ announce that all single ladies needed to make their way to the floor. You hadn’t seen them earlier but Shannon, Monica, and Chelsea had all been whispering to each other. When they heard the DJ, Monica and Chelsea pulled you to the floor and you stood there with the young cousins, sisters, and nieces feeling ridiculous. 
Shannon turned her back to the crowd, pretending to get ready to throw her bouquet. On the count of three she nodded to your friends and turned around to face the waiting group.
“Y/N, think fast!” she shouted.
Shannon had thrown the bouquet directly at you.
Out of pure reflex you reached out your hand and caught the flowers as they came hurtling at you. Everyone had a good laugh and because you wanted to be a good sport, you smiled and held it up over your head.
You excused yourself to the bathroom, but while you were in there, you heard a bunch of whooping. You guessed that Matthew was about to toss the garter at the single guys. You smiled and shook your head. Once you were finished, you headed back out to the patio, instead of going back inside. You still had the bouquet in your hand as you leaned against the wall with your eyes closed.
“Looks like you really are next,” you heard a voice float out to you.
You opened your eyes and saw Sebastian standing there, smiling at you. You smiled back and held up the flowers.
“Looks like,” you said before you put them down on the table. “Now, the question is, who will the lucky guy be?”
Sebastian shrugged. “Who’s to say you won’t meet him soon? Or maybe you’ve met him already?”
You laughed. “Sure I have. And where is he?”
“He could be nearer than you think,” Sebastian said, reaching in his pocket and pulling out the garter. “You never know.”
You looked from it to him and laughed. “Are you asking me to marry you?” you joked.
“Hmm, maybe not that. Not yet. But how about dinner when we get back home?”
“Dinner sounds great.”
“Y/N, will you stop fidgeting,” Shannon fussed at you as she readjusted your dress. “You’ll be fine.”
“I know, I know,” you exhaled, trying to ease your nerves.
Shannon put her hands on your shoulders. “I’m so happy for you. I know my wedding was probably hard for you. But everything worked out for the best, huh?”
“Yeah you’re right,” you told her smiling.
“You guys ready?” Chelsea asked, poking her head into the room. She stopped and smiled at you. “You look gorgeous, Y/N! Now let’s go.”
“Be right there,” Shannon said before reaching out to hug you one more time before going to take her place.
You followed her out. When you heard the music start, you grasped your father’s arm. You smiled hugely and held your head up high as you slowly made your way down the aisle.
At the end, waiting for you by the altar, was Sebastian. His eyes shining, his smile matching yours. When you reached him, he took your hand in his, still sending a flood of warmth through you. 
You never would have thought that you, the friend who had always been the bridesmaid, would have finally become the bride. Especially to the man you had gotten drunk in front of and drooled on.
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sapphirescrolls · a year ago
Hallows’ Eve
MCU/DC Cross-over AU
Pairing: dark!Bucky Barnes, dark!Steve Rogers, dark!Clark Kent x Black Female Reader
Words: 3.6k
Warnings: 18+, smut, creampie, spanking, dirty talk, daddy kink, assault, dubious consent, non-consensual sex. Proceed with caution!
@mcudarklibrary​ entry for Dark MCU Kinktober
A/N: Ahh shoutout to my bff @titty-teetee​ for indulging me with this idea lol. I love ya >:D
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
October 30th, middle of somewhere, Texas.
Well, there was a house-- rickety as it was, the home stood in a clump of mesquite trees, accented with tufts of Johnsongrass, springing up through the cracks of the stone walkway and leaning against the stairs to the front porch. It had never looked darker than this night had. But even so, the jagged wood roof  rose high to a second story, long windows looked like eyes with the small front door for a mouth. A steady breeze moved through the trees, shaking and whishing the long thin branches, slicing through the air. The whispering of nature speaks to you, like God to man, invoking what has been and what was to come. An unexpected thin place perhaps, the house, having not been filled for quite some time looked like it could have been haunted. Maybe a part of you wished it was. Like the walls and foundation had the ability to make up its own people within, or remembered who once lived there. 
Bucky’s fingers nudged your lower back as you walked alongside him. The duffle bags zipper clinked against the fabric and you were suddenly aware of how quiet it was out here. The crisp autumn air, slowly contorted to that spikey chill of early winter lingered on your skin. So you walked closer to him for some quick warmth. 
“They should be--” said Bucky, lights glowed up from the dirt road. The paleness glowed over both you and Bucky, the house, the dormant land. “There they are.” he said pausing for a moment and then continued once again.
“You had to pick the spookiest spot huh?” you said under your breath. 
He shrugged as he stomped up the stairs. “I was here yesterday, I got it ready. It’s a perfect spot for a quick get away.”
“But did you have to invite company? I was looking forward to it just being you and me.”
Bucky rummaged for the keys in his pocket as a couple of car doors slammed behind you. 
“‘Come on babe, Steve doesn’t have anywhere to go really.”
“I’ll start the fire!” shouted Steve. 
You didn’t turn around, your eyes stayed on the shadows of Bucky’s face where his eyes should have been. 
“Okay, I get that. But what about the other guy? What did you say his name was? How do you know him?”
Bucky jabbed the key with the lock, he chuckled a bit before answering. “Clark Kent, his name is Clark.”
“So you’re picking up strays now?” 
“Get to know him, you’ll like him. He's a great guy, hardly a stray...”
You followed Bucky into the house slowly, he flicked on the switch flooding the living room with light. Okay, you thought, doesn’t look so bad. At least the furnishing appeared to be from within the last ten years, the walls looked newish, with sharp borders, and reasonably decorated. 
“Besides, I picked you up, remember?”
You dropped your bag flat on the ground. “Hey, now. Are you trying not to get lucky while we stay here?”
Bucky continued into the house with the grocery bags. “I’ll get lucky regardless.” he cut his eyes over his shoulder back toward you. It sent another chill, this time up your inner thighs. He wasn’t lying.
Tumblr media
“Oh god, not that stupid-”
Bucky ducked in close, the flimsy plastic mask buckled under the pressure of nuzzling your neck. You gazed into the bathroom mirror at Bucky who’s rubber Michael Myers mask was staring lifelessly back.
“I know you wanted to try something different….but….”
His hands kneaded your sides, higher he climbed over your sweater to your breasts.
“You look ridiculous…”
One hand left your nipple and began tugging at the top of your leggings.
“Shh…” he tried to stifle a laugh. “..just go with it..”
And you did, by leaning your head back against the blue denim jacket as his fingers wondered underneath your underwear.
“..let daddy have a feel.” his breathy question muffled through the mask. Slowly he began to circle your clit, mouth hanging open your hand held the top of his black gloved hand and pushed him to press harder.
“Look at needy you get.” he whispered.
You try to peer beyond the mask, the slits for eyes but there was nothing. Only darkness met you there. Bucky brought up his hand, held it in front of the mirror and you. He split his fingers, thick wetness strung between them like webs.
“Bend over-- hold on to the sink.” he ordered, with his hands disappearing behind you. The sound of his clothes ruffling you stared back at the mirror.
Bucky stepped forward, knocking your ankles apart with his shiny black boots and yanked your pants, underwear down and gently, he tipped into you. His long length traveled against your folds sinking further inside. 
Tumblr media
Ghostly scenes are made from the smoke casting up from the flickering fire being fed from lava colored coals. The metal chair underneath you feels cool on your bottom, because even though you are sitting on a blanket the cold night air hangs around you. 
Steve was ending his story. Though hardly a spooky tale, it didn’t have to be, for his tales were based on true events. Speaking of blood and gore the morbid tone grew in his voice and brought a shadow of delight in his eyes. You carefully watched him, observed his hunched over shoulders, his eyes turned to yours sometimes while he spoke but mostly stayed on the fire. 
You chugged from the bottle of hard cider as Bucky ate, that stupid mask was pulled up over his brows. But Clark Kent, this stranger, sat nearly directly opposite. You moved your eyes to him ever so often while Steve told his story. One of the two thought about food on the way here, chicken, you guessed was their craving. Clark leaned back, his black jacket bunched at his waist as he rose a hand to his mouth. The crunch of the crust of fried meat did not break Steve’s momentum. 
When he finished, Bucky nodded to the accuracy of the amount of soldiers, to why the only man left was brave and courageous. Clark’s eyes met yours over the flames, his skin pale, the wavy dark curls framed his face. He smiled at you as he chewed. You noticed it then, unsure why you wouldn’t have before, he held the grey cooked bone between his fingers and stuck the end in his mouth. You blinked, maybe you were seeing things -- this was your sixth cider for the night.
“Are you eating the bones?” you asked.
Clark continued to gnaw on it till it broke off in his mouth. “Waste not want not,” he said through a mouthful.
He continued to stare back at you and at the same time a chill coursed its way down your spine. Shivering in the gentle breeze the urge to go to the bathroom shot through you. 
“I’ll be right back,” and excused yourself from the fire.
Had to be a bit past ten p.m., though this was supposed to be a pleasant fall break, it didn’t truly feel that way. Not with two extra guests. You tried to not feel so desperate to be alone with Bucky. You finished washing your hands and opened the bathroom door. In the dark, lit up by the light of the bathroom a figure stood. You jumped so hard, grasping at your sweater, bent over grabbing your waist, the boogeyman mask simply stared back at you without moving.
“Bucky I swear to -- why would you? -- take that stupid thing off-” and you reached for the mask but his hand grabbed your wrist. Slowly he walked over the threshold, leaned over and flicked off the light. 
“Oh no!” you feigned a plea. “” you giggled through another.
The door slammed behind him trapping the dark inside. He pulled you close at first, residing to his strength, you let him touch, grab, pluck at your body. Backing you back up against the sink the rubber mask pushed against your neck, smiling in the dark you could hear him attempting to kiss you there. 
His hands ran around the waist of your leggings, one big hand gripped and caressed your ass, slipped toward your split and rubbed your asshole. You jumped again, this time wrapping your arms around his neck. Different, he had never done such a thing before, but you went with it. 
His finger crawled passed it, his other hand pushed down the front of your legging and circled your clit. 
“ big bad” you chuckled under a moan. 
He jerked you away suddenly, pulled down your leggings and underwear, with a hand on your shoulder he forced you to bend over. The room filled with the sound of a smack to your back side. 
The stinging lingered but white hot pain replaced it with another hit from his gloved hand. 
“Okay!” you rushed out. Maybe he was just being kinky, perhaps your pretending might have put him out of the mood. 
He hit you again making you grip the lip of the sink harder. “I’m sorry daddy..” you hissed.
He was back behind you again, his whole body pressed against you, scratching at the skin of your ass he plunged two thick fingers into your entrance.  Heavy breathing billowed from under the mask, hot air pooled over your shoulder and around the back of your neck. The weight of him bent you forward. He pulled out his fingers from within you and began to prod with something warmer, and far thicker at your slit as his other hand tangled with your fingers on the sink. 
And he pushed in, “..damn!” you moaned.
Jerky, irregular thrusts stretched you more than what you remembered. “Bucky!” you gasped, hoping he would slow the pace. But the other hand grabbed for your throat, squeezed tight and pumped you harder. 
“Daddy, please..” you half begged, half needingly whimpered. 
That changed his stroke, and soon the ache descended into bliss. 
His hand on yours returned to your clit, pushing hard and swiping steadily, your knees nearly buckled. Thicker for sure, veiny too, you thought, god what the loss of one sensory can do on a drunk mind. Your body bucked back against him as you rode out the orgasm. He squeezed harder, hissing and groaning under the mask you could nearly imagine him as someone else. And when he stilled inside of you, even his hiccups of pleasure could be thought of another. You shook the fantasy away as he stepped back. 
Before you could even turn around, the door opened, your eyes shot to his brown boots and then up to his back. And he left you there.
Tumblr media
You stuffed pieces of a premade popcorn ball into your mouth. Bucky sat there weaving a tale of spirits walking through walls, of ancient gods embedded into objects best left to rest where they laid. Still buzzing hard you stayed captivated by his tone. It was something about the secretive way his voice projected that kept you staring at him, wondering if it could be true, but knew it mustn’t. 
It was still cool out, the shabby blanket thrown over your sore legs did little to keep the wind out. But it made for a good catcher, which is what you were doing toward the end of his story. Picking up pieces of fallen popcorn, and pizza flavored chip crumbs somehow made it to your mouth despite the only source of light was a waning fire.
“So if you ever hear your name called..don’t ever answer back, unless you can see it’s a actually living person.” Bucky finished and glanced over at you proudly.
“I hate that story.” you slurred your words a bit and shook out the blanket on your lap. “I hope you’re happy, you have to walk me everywhere until we return home.”
You picked up the last bottle off the ground and drank the last bit. The clash of flavors swirled on your tongue leaving a bitter after taste.
“Babe do you have any gum?”
“There’s a pack in the middle console--” Steve spoke up. “Back there in the truck..” he said hooking his thumb over his shoulder.
You rolled your eyes over in Steve’s direction. A smug grin, and a wrinkle on the side of one eye simply gazed back at you. 
“You’re fine,” he said finally. “You’ve got us here...nothings gunna get you.” he reminded smoothly.
And the moment was quiet, poised on the end of the gentle breeze blowing through the heat of the fire. The rustle of sleeping honeysuckle vines, somewhere near the old rotted out shack Steve’s truck sat was the only identifiable sound for a few seconds. 
“Fine.” you huffed and stood up to get that gum.
You walked down the dirt path the short way from the front of the house where Bucky, Steve and Clark sat. The tin roofing of the old shed rocked, and slapped against itself the closer you got. And of course Steve parked on the other side, out of the sight of the house and fire. But you walked quickly, or rather, as fast as two aching legs could in the cool weather. 
The knocking sound only got heavier, louder as you squinted in the dark toward the blackest corner of the area. Steve’s truck was within a few footsteps and you batted away any imaginings of spooky phantoms. You slipped passed the door, your hand flipped up the middle console and snagged up the pack of gum before slamming the door back. And when you turned around, just off from where you had previously walked was a figure. The white, deathly pale mask was the only part you could really see.
“Fuck!” you shouted, dropping the pack of gum. “Bucky!” you hissed and reached back down to retrieve it. 
The yellow fire light was at his back when he moved forward toward you. 
“ more mask!”
You stuffed the gum under your arms and went to yank at the mask. But he caught your arm and squeezed down like a vice grip. “Hey--easy there..” you said quietly. 
He pulled you toward the shed, but just outside of it, along the rotten wall of it a few old deep freezers were lined up against it collecting weeds, and dust. 
“Oh no, Bucky..those look super dirty..” you tried to jerk your arm away but he only pulled you harder. “...Really? You’re this committed to fucking in that mask?”
This time your hand grabbed enough of the back of the mask to rip it fully up over his head. At that same moment you were jerked forward between the rusty freezer and him. Your eyes now bulging and fighting for light to correct what you were seeing in the dark stared up at him. You blinked several times once more before you realized the angular features did not belong to Bucky. Thick curly hair, messy all over haloed around his face, and of course, you weren’t sure why you hadn’t noticed before, he was taller. It was Clark.
You made to quickly move away from him but he snapped you back, “Get off me!” Your voice shook, and so did your body. 
“Bucky’s right over there...all I have to do is scr--”
The air whipped out of your lungs so fast as Clark slammed his palm over your mouth and rushed your back down on to the freezer. 
“I’ve been waiting all night for this..” he whispered.
No amount of squirming could equal the might Clark welding against your struggling. It was like a man made of iron held you down, even when his other hand disappeared between your legs, the tearing of your legging, your underwear did not loosen his hold. And then the unfolding of his clothes paired with the gentle brushing of the vines against wood near your head sent you into hysterical kicking. Your legs on either side of him squeezed, and jerked to no avail. 
“-don’t act so innocent. You’ve already fucked two different men tonight.”
You stopped kicking, eyes wide above his hand you glowered at him through the dark. “You won’t mind..will you?”
Shaking your head you held your breath. The thick end of his cock began to push past your folds. 
He lowered his forehead on to yours, what you imagined was him staring back down at you but could see only the tip of his nose. A shuddering breath pulled through your nose as he sank further to his balls. “You’re wet from it still…”
He started snapping into you, hard and fast, slapping his lust into your unwilling cunt. Clark’s hand slipped to your chin, his lips hovering above yours. 
“Are you going to call me daddy too?” he asked, with his breath steadily huffing into your mouth. “..Say it for me baby..” 
“Let me hear that little desperate voice..” He kissed you, slipping his tongue along the inside of your lower lip and then against your face as you turned your head. “Come on..” And then he started jabbing, a feral thumping into you. Sharp pains up your thighs shot further into your core. You denied him and he lowered his head to your neck. He sucked on your skin, flicked his tongue around and inside your ear. “Say it,” he whispered. 
You whimpered in response as his teeth began to snag on the wet skin of your neck. He sucked hard, drawing out needle points of pain. 
You pray to god Bucky could hear this, you’ve been gone too long certainly either Steve or him could. Clark kept nibbling, and groaning in between thrusts. When you refused once again he shoved his palm back over your mouth, the other brought your wrist up and twisted it into a bone breaking angle. 
He stopped moving inside of you as his deep voice raked over clenched teeth, “What was that?” he asked. The warm palm slid down to your chin. 
“..daddy.” you shivered out.
You could hear the satisfied smile in his voice. “Good..girl.” he whispered. 
“That wasn’t so hard to say was it babe?”
The sound of Bucky’s voice from the darkest, most grown up side of the shed sent your eyes reeling in the dark. Clark put his hand back over your mouth and kept going. 
Bucky stood at the edge of the freezer, in the dark the features of his face were smudged. A gentle hand caressed the top of your forehead. 
“It’s okay, sweetheart. Let Clark finish.”
At Bucky’s words, Clark released your mouth, he rose up and held your upper arms down as he continued to fuck you roughly. Your eyes stayed on Bucky’s silhouette, high pitch whimpering up at him did not go unheard. 
Bucky cupped your chin and head. “Shush,” he hushed down your sobbing face. 
Another pair of hands tore at the front of your sweater. To his right, another figure stepped to your side. The figures loomed over you while your breasts chilled, and peaked in the cool night air. A deft hot hand kneaded and groped at the nearest one. 
“You told us she was good….” Steve pinched your nipple hard. “She’s fucking outstanding.”
Bucky leaned over you, he grabbed for your thigh but you kicked away. Clark relinquished some leverage to pull your thigh up so Bucky could hold your ankle. “Yeah, get in there good.” Bucky’s voice rose above your strangled cries. Steve got your other leg, held it folded it in high and tight, that allowed Clark to pound you deeper. 
He grinded his hips into yours burning his stiff cock into your core. His grip tightened around your arms pinning you for good below him. “Where am I going to empty my balls?” Clark demanded on a puff of air. 
Tears slid down the corners of your eyes. They rolled from the darken outlines of Bucky above you to Steve at his side and then back to the man between your legs. 
“ me.” you sniffled out. 
“And who are we--” Bucky asked softly. 
You didn’t bother to look in the direction of his voice, Clark’s head threw back, a deep moan started in his chest as his hips kept pumping. “Say it baby..” Clark whispered.
“..daddy.” you whimpered.
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crackheadgeminibby · 6 months ago
appearances pt. 1
pairing: 40s!bucky barnes x female!black!reader
warnings: language, angst, mentions of racism a bit?
word count: 2.2k
part 2
a/n: watched the first avenger and my brain almost immediately felt the need to write this down so enjoy, friends!
i do not consent to my work being copied in any way, shape or form or reposted on any other platform
not my gif
Tumblr media
Being a Black nurse in the United States in the 1940s was far from easy. Your parents had always taught you to take care of and protect yourself. As you grew up, you learned that people weren’t as black and white, no pun intended, as they had made you believe. As a near 20-year-old now, you still used their advice, but you did so with a grain of salt.
You had always felt the need to help people, which was why you had decided to become a nurse. Sure, it was hard, but you were a strong, determined woman that believed that nothing could stand in the way of your dreams.
And it was by doing exactly that that you had met the love of your life.
James Bucky Barnes.
He was an extremely handsome man. One that came to the hospital far too often to get his friend Steve checked on.
Bucky was a huge flirt, which you didn’t mind, it’s not like you spent that much time together. But after a while, you noticed that Steve always seemed to stay at the hospital slightly longer than the previous time. He always said that he wanted to stay to make sure that everything was okay or that he had a headache and he preferred to stay where it could be monitored. But somehow, Bucky always stayed right next to him.
After about three months of coming to the hospital at least four times a week, Bucky had asked you out. At first, you had thought he was fucking with you. A handsome man like him asking out a regular woman like you? Even after you said no? It had to be a trap. Or so you thought until Bucky had left to use the bathroom one time and Steve had convinced you to say yes to him. He seemed so earnest while talking about how much his friend liked you and talked about you often that you couldn’t refuse. So, you had told him yes but only if you went somewhere private and at night.
It wasn’t because Steve and Bucky didn’t mind the color of your skin that everyone else in town shared that feeling. And you didn’t need this kind of thing coming back to your parents.
And so, you had started dating. Sure, it was in secret and only Steve knew but you didn’t mind. Bucky called you a hopeless romantic, but you liked to say that your romance was like that of Romeo and Juliet.
The sneaking around was fun. At least, at first it was. But now, a year after your relationship had started, it was getting increasingly energy-consuming.
Today was your anniversary with Bucky and it just so happened that you had the day off from work. You were supposed to meet him in the park where you had your first date at sunset but until then, you didn’t have any plans.
So, when your mother asked you to go grocery shopping for her, you hadn’t hesitated to say yes. Oh, how you regretted it now.
You were currently walking back from the grocery store, bags of food in hand when you had first heard it. Bucky’s laugh, coming from near you.
You frown as you focus on it to find him. Your breath hitches and you feel tears pooling in your eyes at the scene in front of you. Bucky is leaning against a wall in a hidden alley, flashing his smile at a girl in front of him, his hand on her cheek. Even with her back to you, you could recognize her.
Dolores. Or Dot as people usually called her. She was Bucky’s longtime pursuit. Everyone thought they would end up married with a whole litter of kids. Childhood sweeathearts and all that.
Bucky looks up, spotting you, and you see his smile falter for half a second before it’s back up like nothing happened.
You bite your lip, trying to keep your tears in, as you turn around and walk faster towards your house. Luckily for you, your family lived near a large park, full of thick, tall trees that were essentially soundproof. As soon as you step foot in the park, tears are flowing freely down your face and sobs are shaking your body.
You hated that you were crying because of this. But what you hated even more was your complete inability to do anything. If you had had any kind of reaction back in town, an uproar was sure to happen. You didn’t want or need that and neither did your parents.
You let out a breath when you arrive at your house and see that nobody’s home.
You put away the groceries hurriedly before taking a hot shower. As you exit the bathroom, you see that the sun has set, making your room pitch black. You also notice that your family has made it home, hearing your father, mother and sister talking downstairs. You close your curtains and turn on your bedside lamp, not wanting a light too bright illuminating your room. You put your pyjamas on as you hear a knock at your door.
“Come in.”
Your mom opens that door and walks in, leaning against your desk before asking, “Already in your pyjamas? Did you already eat?”
You shake your head, replying, “No… I’m just not very hungry so I think I’m going to read a bit then go to sleep.”
Your mom nods slowly before answering, “Okay, good night then, honey.”
You mumble a “good night” to her as you get under your covers. You reach for the book sitting on your bed night table. You didn’t even remember the last time you had time to sit down and read.
You barely read a sentence before you hear a small noise at your window. You roll your eyes, knowing exactly who it was.
You set your book down and walk to the window, opening the curtains and sliding the window open just a smidge.
“What do you want, Bucky?”
Bucky cringes at your use of his full name. In the past year, you had only ever called him Buck or Baby, sometimes James when you were joking, but never Bucky.
Bucky smiles slightly at you, “Can I come in?”
You sigh, opening the window completely and turning around to sit on your bed. Bucky climbs into your bedroom and sits down on the edge of your window.
“So, how was your day?”
You look at him, mouth agape. Was he being serious right now?
You cross your arms across your chest and reply sarcastically, “Gee, Bucky, my day was great, thanks for asking.”
He bites his bottom lip before coming to sit down next to you. “Nothing happened with Dot. We were just talking.”
You sigh and shake your head, getting up to pace around your room. “I don’t care, Bucky. That’s not the problem. I just…” You stop in front of your closet, looking down at your feet, “I can’t do it anymore, Bucky. I can’t handle it.”
Bucky walks towards you rapidly, “No, no… Don’t say that, doll. I won’t see Dot again, I promise. I won’t talk to any other girl, only you. Just don’t say that please.”
You shake your head, looking up at Bucky.
“It doesn’t matter if you see her again or not. Or who you talk to. It just can’t work.”
Bucky stutters, trying to find the right words to say, before looking into your eyes, unshed tears in his.
“Why are you doing this to us?”
You glance at the floor before looking back into his eyes, biting your bottom lip, “Because, Bucky, it just has to be like this.”
Bucky shakes his head, “No but I won’t talk to Dot again, it’s fine.”
“God, Bucky, it’s not about-”, you start, practically screaming before Bucky puts a hand over your mouth, frowning.
“Keep your voice down!”
You rip his hand away from your face before walking back to your bed.
“It’s not about Dot, Bucky. Or anyone else. It’s about me.”
Bucky looks at you confusedly.
“We’re not going to go anywhere, Bucky. It’s not like we’re going to get married and have kids or something. It’s stupid to keep doing this when we have no future together.” You finish, throwing your hands in the air.
Bucky’s face contorts with an expression of hurt and slight anger, “You don’t see a future with me?”, he whispers.
You look up at him and despite every single cell in your body screaming at you to say yes, you shake your head at him.
You see a single tear fall from his eye before he nods his head dejectedly. He wipes it away angrily before walking back to your window. He makes his way on your roof but before jumping down to the ground, he fishes something out of his pocket. He slams a small, black box on your windowsill and says, “Happy anniversary, by the way.”
He looks at you one last time before jumping down from your roof. You feel some tears falling down your face before you walk slowly to your window. You take the box, exhaling deeply as you open it, feeling the air being sucked out of your lungs.
A modest but beautiful engagement ring sits in the center of the box, surrounded by velvet. Tears are now freely flowing down your face as you take the box and lay down in bed, staring at it for God knows how long. After feeling like no tears are left in your body, you close the box, tucking it in your bed night table drawer, before falling asleep.
Tumblr media
The next morning, you wake up, stiff, dehydrated and with a headache. As much as you would have liked to stay in bed and cry some more, you had a shift at the hospital this morning that you absolutely could not miss.
You wearily get up from your bed, following through with your morning routine before walking to the hospital. As you look at your assignment for the day, you hear a small throat clear behind you. You whip around, seeing Steve right behind you, looking exhausted. He waves at you, muttering a “hey”.
You take him to his usual room and make him sit on the bed before getting the clipboard from the counter.
“So, what’s wrong with you today, Steve?”
“Nothing. I came to talk to you about Bucky.”
You swallow thickly before putting the clipboard back down slowly. You lean on the counter and cross your arms before nodding at Steve to continue.
“He came back home last night, sobbing. I could barely even understand anything from what he was saying except your name. What happened last night?”
You look away from Steve uncomfortably before biting your lip and answering quietly, “I broke up with him.”
Steve frowns in confusion before asking, “But why? I thought everything was going super well. Did he mess up the proposal or something?”
You feel tears rise in your eyes at the mention of Bucky’s proposal. You shake your head slowly before replying, “He didn’t make it to the proposal.”
Steve looks at you, even more confused than before.
You sigh, saying, “I broke up with him because it’s what’s best for him. He doesn’t need to be held back by me. Do you know what people would say if they saw us together, Steve?”
Steve looks at you, surprised, “Since when do you care about what people have to say about you?”
You shake your head, “Us.” Steve tilts his head in confusion.
“People wouldn’t be talking about me. They would be talking about Bucky and me. I’m protecting him. He doesn’t need to go through that kind of shit. If anything, I’m doing him a favor.”
“Why can’t you let him decide what he needs?”
“It doesn’t matter, Steve. It’s done. Bucky probably doesn’t want to see me ever again.”
“That’s not true.”
You feel the air being knocked out of you as you turn around to see Bucky in the doorframe. He looks drained, his face void of color and his eyes bloodshot.
“I love you more than anything else in the world. How could you ever say that I don’t want to see you?”
Steve gets up from the bed, walking towards the door, “I’ll leave you two alone.”
As Steve is leaving, Bucky enters the room and closes the door behind him.
He stands in front of you, slightly out of reach, with his hands in his pocket.
You exhale deeply before starting, “Look, Bucky, I can’t do it. It didn’t really hit me until yesterday that we’re not going anywhere together, it can’t work.”
Bucky clenches his jaw tightly, “Stop saying that.”
“But it’s true, Bucky. Do you really think that anyone is going to support us?”
“Steve does.”
You roll your eyes slightly, “Steve is literally the definition of good. He couldn’t be mean to me if he tried.” Bucky chuckles softly, knowing that you were right. His face becomes serious again before he replies, “Who cares about anyone else? There’s you and me in this relationship. No one else. So, no one else matters.”
You shake your head, “Bucky, we can’t just live with no friends and no family. What kind of life would that be?”
“It doesn’t matter because I would be with you.”
You feel your heart squeeze at Bucky’s words, “Bucky, we can’t. It has to be this way.” You look up at the clock behind him.
“I have to go, my shift started 10 minutes ago.” You walk towards Bucky, stroking his cheek. He leans into your hand before you kiss him softly. His eyes flutter shut as his hands grab your waist.
You pull away from him gently before saying, almost inaudibly,
“Goodbye, Bucky.”
Tumblr media
hi @saiyanprincessswanie i would love it if you could read this! part 2 is coming in about a week though!🤗
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blackwomanwriter · 6 months ago
The Good Guy
As per usual, I am joining the thirst game late, but better late than never. Right? Whew, I have now officially joined the Sebastian Stan train. I GET IT. I FINALLY GET IT. I FINALLY SEE WHAT EVERYONE SEES. Thus, this is a Sebastian Stan inspired fic. I hope you enjoy! XX
Tumblr media
You laughed, genuinely laughed. You couldn’t stop the natural reaction of your body, or the smile that formed on your lips.
“She laughs.” He smirked.
“He finally said something worthy of laughter.”
“He is Sebastian,” he chuckled, realizing he was still talking in third person. “Seb. I go by Seb.”
“Seb,” you repeated, letting the name sink in as you looked him over.
“She is?”
“She doesn’t do good guys.”
He raised his brow. “Who says I’m a good guy?”
You gave him a once over again. Your eyes confirming what you’d known from the moment he sat down. He wasn’t the first guy that had chosen a seat next to you at the quiet bar. He wasn’t even the first to have talked to you or tried to pick you up. Everything about you screamed “do not approach,” yet, that didn’t stop him or the others. You looked like you were having a bad day, and you couldn’t even blame your resting bitch face. In fact, the truth was you were having a bad month...year. The only reprise from the turmoil in your life was this quiet bar in the middle of one of the loudest cities in the world. It cured your bouts of loneliness by allowing you to be around people, but not be overwhelmed by them. You read unapproachable, but the truth was you were craving for someone to see you - to remind you that you were alive. That’s how you knew he was dangerous - he’d seen beyond your cool girl exterior. Your mask was slipping.
You sighed, taking another shot. “It’s not your fault. I don’t do nice guys either.”
“So, what guys do you do?”
You smiled, realizing the innuendo you’d talked yourself into. “Look, there’s a bar three blocks from here. It’s always packed and super loud. You should head over there and find a good girl...or a nice girl.”
“Who said I do good girls,” he bit his bottom lip, his eyes never leaving you, “or nice girls?”
Closing your eyes, you swallowed your nerves. You were getting sucked into his eyes, his charm, his demeanor...and you couldn’t do that. You couldn’t allow yourself to fall. “I promise you that I’m not the girl your looking for.”
“It’s a good thing I’m not looking for anything.”
“It won’t end well,” you continued, feeling yourself getting pulled in, despite the alarm bells in your head. He would only be a temporary fix, yet that’s what made this exciting. An hour of relief was better than nothing.
“Happy endings are overrated.”
You laughed, but this time you couldn’t hide the pain that was edged in your voice. Your mask was definitely slipping.
He glanced around at the nearly empty bar, checking it out as if he was actually contemplating your warning. You hoped for your sake and his that he would get up and leave. You wouldn’t hold it against him. It would actually be better this way. Yet, when he stood up, your heart sank. It was better this way you reminded yourself. You lowered your eyes and focused back on your drink. He raised his hand, getting the bartenders attention.
“I’ll close out both tabs.”
You raised your brow, but accepted the gesture. “Thanks.”
“You ready to go?”
This time, you fully turned to him surprised by the question. He grabbed his card from the bartender, placing it in his wallet as if your conversation hadn’t happened. You studied his side profile, trying to read his mind.
“Why,” you finally asked. He didn’t know your name, and everything you said in the past few minutes didn’t inspire any confidence.
His jaw tensed as he turned to look at you. His brows furrowed as his eyes bore into you. You saw the flash of worry in his eyes before he smirked and switched on the charm. Towering over you, he leaned his arm on the back of the barstool until you were face to face.
“A good guy never backs down from a fight,” he whispered, before kissing your cheek.
Thank you for reading. Yes, I am still working on my taglist. Until I write again, xoxo.
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uncsam · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
all over again // coming soon
pairing: sebastian stan x black!reader, slight chris evans x reader
summary: it’s been two years since your divorce from Sebastian and the time apart makes you both fall in love all over again
genres ; divorced!au, single parent!au, lovers to friends to lovers again 😭
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afriendlyblackhottie · 11 months ago
Losing Count (Bucky Barnes Smut)
Tumblr media
You were pretty sure you were broken. As you looked into your Daddy’s intense blue eyes. You couldn’t understand why he was incessant in torturing you like this. All you’d asked for were the pretty new boots you’d seen. Bucky told you that you needed to earn them.
When he told you he wanted to see how many times he could make you cum before you tapped out, you thought you’d be able to handle it. What kind of girl would say no to more orgasms. You didn’t realize just how determined he was.
As he made you orgasm again you felt yourself breaking, but couldn’t bring yourself to do more than let out a little squeak. He was so damn deep inside of you. At some point he’d lost count which had been what he’d been attempting to do since he’d started this thing.
His metal hand didn’t stop rubbing you as another orgasm wrecked through your body. “F-fu-uck,” you stuttered as you cried out.
Your body was so sensitive and Bucky was not letting you have a moment to breathe. “That’s my good little slut.” He had a Cheshire Cat like smile on his face. Looking so proud of himself as he’d made you cum for the umpteenth time tonight.
“Da-da-ddy, I c-ca-can’t ta-take any-more,” you cried.
“Just one more. I know you can take it, Baby.”
You shook your head as you whimpered. He was rubbing your clit as he fucked you from behind. Your back was arched so he had perfect access to your perfect pussy. The pussy that was clamped around him so tightly and soaking his cock so much he wasn’t sure how he’d held out for this long.
“It’s too much!” You screamed into the pillow, tears streaming down your cheeks. Your eyes were tightly shut as he tried to coax another orgasm from you. 
“Just. One. More.” He shoved himself into you with each word. 
Your stomach clenched with the threat of another. You tilted your head back as you sobbed, leading to Bucky using his flesh hand to wrap around your neck. His metal hand still trying to make you cum again. A whimper left your throat. “Fu- fu- ugh- fuck!” Another one hit you and he sped up his movements as he finally came in you. 
You laid there quivering as he got off of you to go into the bathroom. You could hear the bath water running before he came back to pick you up. “You did so well, Doll,” he cooed before kissing your forehead. “You earned those Gucci boots you’ve been bugging me about.”
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words-like-water · 3 months ago
Hey! Hi! Howdy!
So, my name is Jade, you can call me Jade or JJ. Previously, this account was called adcandmarvelwhore, but i’ve decided to start over, reinvent myself, and make my blog super aesthetic.
I love writing. Sometimes I share what I write but mostly I keep it to myself. However, recently i’ve been inspired and I wanna share my writing with you lovely people on tumblr.
Like I said, I don’t usually share my writing but now that I’m going to, feedback is greatly appreciated so that I can see if i’m as good as I think I am.
I’m just gonna start out posting random things that i’ve written, and if that goes well then i’ll start writing and posting about characters that I love reading about. Just a heads up, I’m a black woman. So when I write, I write as a black woman, who writes for black women. Still, anyone can read what I write, all readers are welcomed.
Lastly but certainly not least, I only have about 14 (i think) followers right now as this was an account that I only used to read other people’s amazing work. But now that i’m getting into putting my stuff out there, I would love if you could reblog and follow. Only if you want to of course. There’s not a lot here, but once I start putting things on here i’ll make a lil about me page and maybe a master list and make everything look nice.
Anyways, if you made it this far, thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Feel free to dm me, or leave stuff in my asks and i’ll try to get back to you and talk. I would love to have a bunch of mutual and internet friends!
See you later, hopefully 👋🏾
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angrythingstarlight · 25 days ago
I’ve been thinking about mafia!stucky a lot lately….like a lot 😶😶 I bet stucky have polaroids in their wallets of the reader in cute little lingerie sets, or being tied up, or just straight up naked and whenever ever the reader gets a new set it’s just a new polaroid that gets added to their wallets, but the reader complains that they don’t have any of their boys so they dress up in SUPER nice suits while the reader takes pictures but the more pictures they take the more clothes that come off
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing: Mafia Bucky x Reader, Mafia Steve x Reader, Stucky x Reader
Word count: 2.5k
Warnings: Smut, 18+ Oral (m and f receiving), praise kink, implied overstimulation kink, voyeurism kink. Dom Steve, switch Bucky. Stucky action.
A/N: Written on my phone, unbetad. Let me know if you spot any mistakes and I'll gladly fix them.
Thank you @its-just-may for the banners.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Steve loves to draw you, small charcoal sketches of your face that he keeps in his wallet, a few gifted to Bucky in exchange for the polaroids Bucky takes. You’ve sat at the breakfast table countless times, giggling over your food as they barter over pictures of you. “Gimme one of her tits and I’ll let you have this one of her in the shower.”
Steve is more artistic, classy in his renditions of you, this morning he carried your groggy body out of bed, whispering in your ear that he wants to sketch you while the sun rises. So used to his whims, you only nod, placing a kiss on his bare shoulder.
You’re half asleep, letting him pose you in front of the living room window, he stripped you over your clothes and put you in his oversized shirt. The dim, quiet room slowly illuminating with soft golden rays. Steve’s sitting on the coffee table, his pajama pants slung low on his hips, tapping his pen on his tattooed chest as he frames you with his other hand.
“One more second, mo chridhe,” he pleads, bright blue eyes flitting between your face and the pad of thick linen paper resting on his lap. “Don’t move, okay?”
You want to smile because he’s so endearing whenever he draws you, but you don’t move a muscle, willing to do anything he asks especially since he keeps muttering under his breath how fucking beautiful you are. “I just-“
“Damn.” The guttural, appreciative sound echos across the warm room, his baritone voice trailing across your skin leaving goosebumps in its wake. Bucky. “She looks gorgeous.” He starts towards you, his feet padding across the floor. “Lemme just fix her shirt, Stevie.” Your nipples tighten knowing he means 'remove the shirt'. Steve hisses out an I will fuck you up if you ruin my picture, the urge to smile pulls at your face.
You and Bucky know he won’t do anything, but he backs off anyway, his hands raised playfully. “Excuse me for wanting to show off our pretty girl.” He sits beside Steve, leaning back on one elbow. His stormy blue eyes rake up and down your body while his hand slips under the band of his gray sweatpants. Pulling out his hardening cock, he slowly pumps his shaft. “As soon as he’s done, you’re going to pose for me. I gotta couple of things I want to do to you.”
You almost whimper hearing his deep voice describe all the things he’s going to do as soon as Steve finishes. Both men smirk when you shift on the seat, your thighs clenching together. Steve leans forward, his hand flying across the pad, capturing your eyes just as the sun rises above your shoulder. “Have you ever seen anyone so beautiful, Buck?” He murmurs, his eyes rolling at Bucky’s salacious groan.
Where Steve is tasteful and artistic, Bucky is downright filthy.
He likes to dress you up in expensive lingerie and have you arch your back, thighs spread as he saunters around you, taking picture after picture. Every single one is vulgar and sexy and passionate. You feel like a goddess by the time he’s done with you.
Bucky prefers his old school camera, the one that spits out polaroids, mostly because of the instant gratification of seeing you come to life on film.
He has so many pictures of you bent over his desk, couch, or his lap, your pussy drenched and glistening for him. A few of you and Steve, your legs splayed over his thick thighs and his fingers buried in your cunt while you’re naked except for the diamonds dripping around your neck.
Other times, you’re wearing nothing but his tie around your neck, your hands pinned above your head with Steve’s tongue buried in your pussy, Bucky loves the way you look when you’re about to cum, he gets hard just thinking about the little noise you make right as your orgasm hits you.
The one in his wallet just behind his I.D. is his favorite, fuck he can’t stop looking at that one when he’s having a bad day. He’ll stare at the polaroid, entranced by the way your lips wrap so nicely around his cock, mascara streaming down your face because you’re pretty when you cry princesta. That picture has kept him from losing his temper so many times.
If people only knew that the reason they’re still breathing is because you like to choke on his cock.
Your men are so different, but they have one thing in common. You. And they will do whatever you want. The world bows to them and they kneel before you. Which is how you got New York’s infamous mafia bosses to dress up for you and now you’re the one taking the pictures.
Steve and Bucky perch on the end of Steve’s desk, their thick thighs pressing together. God, they look so handsome. Steve in his black pinstriped suit that molds perfectly around his massive biceps, his dirty blonde hair slicked back, beard neatly trimmed and Bucky wearing your favorite three-piece dark gray suit, his jacket partially unbuttoned revealing his scrawling tattoo that wraps around his throat and trails down his broad chest.
“Okay,” you grin, holding the camera up as you get their attention. Steve stops playing with a loose strand of Bucky’s silky hair while his hand rests on Steve’s thigh. Taking a step back, you watch them come into focus on the small screen. “Kiss him, Stevie.”
Steve keeps his eyes on you and yanks Bucky’s head back so hard he grunts from the pain. His brow arches as his plump lips descend over Buckys. The kiss is sloppy and wild and you forget you’re supposed to be taking a picture. Bucky moans-fuck you love his moans- when Steve’s tongue sweeps into his mouth.
And he never stops looking at you, the way he keeps Bucky’s head tilted back, deepening the kiss. Your clit pulses at the sight of him devouring Bucky. You almost drop the camera when his large hand slides around Bucky’s throat and he squeezes. Barely managing to take the picture, you take a step closer, suddenly understanding why they’re so obsessed with capturing moments like this.
Steve breaks the kiss, his head turning to you. His swollen lips curling into a smirk, a silent what else hanging in the air. Bucky takes a deep breath in, his chest heaving. You swallow twice, trying to control your own breathing.
For the next picture, you have Steve fold his hands behind his head while Bucky cuts his shirt off. Your hands tremble as you watch him slide his blade down Steve’s firm chest, pushing the shredded cloth off his large body, both of their cocks twitching when Bucky flicks the blade beneath Steve’s chin forcing his head back to steal another wet, sloppy kiss.
You order Steve to remove Bucky’s pants, both men chuckle at your saucy tone. You don’t know how impressed they are, they like it when you’re bossy, but they also know you’re mere seconds from begging them to fuck you. They exchange pointed glances, silently agreeing to give their girl a show.
You let out a whimper when Steve slaps Bucky’s ass; the sound echoing through the room. You can almost feel the sharp sting on your own skin. Steve roughly pulls down his expensive tailored slacks and pushes the brunette back on the desk before falling to his knees. He takes out Bucky’s cock, he’s so big that even Steve has a little trouble taking him sometimes. You get a good picture of him, your mouth watering at the sight of the long vein trailing up the thick shaft, Steve’s ring adorned fingers closing around it, the red swollen head dripping precum over his hand.
The camera falls from your hands at the same time Steve’s mouth slides down his cock. “Come here,” Bucky commands, his hand gripping Steve’s hair, guiding the mafia boss over his throbbing length. He curls a finger, beckoning you closer.
Bucky lies back on the desk, groaning as Steve’s head bobs faster, the wet slick sounds of him fucking his throat on Bucky’s cock getting louder and louder. “Be a good girl and ride me. “
Your pussy clenches down at the thought of riding his abs. Quickly taking off your clothes, you climb over the side of the desk; you start to swing a leg over his chest, pausing when he shakes his head with a low tsk. “No doll, turn around and sit on my face. I want you to watch Stevie while I eat your pretty little pussy.” Oh god yes, you love how dominant they are.
You straddle him, planting your hands on his warm, solid chest. Bucky digs his long fingers into your hips. “And doll, whoever cums last gets to fuck Stevie.” He chuckles, watching more of your slick drip out of your pussy. “Greedy little cunt wants to be stretched out and filled so bad doesn’t it,” he taunts, he doesn’t wait for you to answer, pulling you down until he buries in your drenched pussy.
Sometimes you forget how well they know each other and you. Steve’s lust-blown blue eyes flicker up to you just as Bucky’s long, wet tongue circles your clit. Fuck, his mouth feels so good on your aching pussy, he rolls your hips over his open mouth, flattening his tongue as it lashes over your clit, the flurry of licks sends white hot shocks of pleasure up your body.
Your mouth goes slack, soft breathy moans slipping from your lips. “Oh fuck, oh fuck me,” you pant. Digging your nails into his tatted skin, you watch Steve swallow Bucky, his large fingers tugging his balls, hollowing his cheeks as he sucks harder. You get even wetter knowing Steve’s trying to make Bucky come so he can pound your pussy.
“‘s good,” you sob, reaching out to stroke Steve’s hair. “”m gonna-oh shit," you drop your head, a scream clawing from your throat. Bucky slaps your ass, spelling his name over your pulsating clit with long deliberate swipes of his tongue, bursts of pleasure exploding inside you. “Steve, I can’t take-fuck,” you babble, sensations rush through your frame as you feel two long fingers push into your tight heat, curling over your velvety walls.
Steve moans around Bucky’s cock and you feel him stiffen under you, his fingers. He moves faster, drool slipping around his mouth as his cock hits the back of his throat.
Bucky retaliates by sucking wrapping his lips around your clit and sucking your little bud into his warm, wet mouth. It feels so incredibly good. You can’t breathe, your lips parted in a silent scream, the pressure building and building until it becomes unbearable.
You slam your hands on either side of Bucky’s large body, grinding down on his face, fucking yourself on his tongue. You faintly feel him chuckling into your cunt, murmuring good girl as you lose control, your orgasm rapidly approaching. “Right there, right there, oh god yes, don’t stop, please don’t stop,” you chant, your glossy eyes staring at Steve curling both hands around Bucky’s shaft, pumping and twisting him hard and fast as he sucks his swollen tip.
White-hot heat spreads across your belly, your orgasm unfurling within you. Oh fuck, it’s bliss, pure and utter bliss, the way he’s taking you apart, all your thoughts are consumed by how good you feel, his tongue flickering over your bud until you’re gushing over his face. Bucky jerks up, his abs tensing as hips snap up and he moans his release into your sensitive cunt, the vibrations setting off aftershocks that have you whimpering. Steve keeps his tight grip on him, swallowing every drop.
You would have collapsed but Steve leans forward, his large hands curving around your sides, lifting you up. “You won, sweetheart,” he grins, peppering your face with soft kisses.
“I did?” you ask breathlessly, resting your head on his chest. Bucky looks up at Steve with a smirk. Steve narrows his eyes, daring him to disagree.
Bucky’s eyes flit between Steve and your sopping cunt, hovering above his face. He can’t blame Steve because he can’t get enough of your tight little pussy either.
If Steve wasn’t damn near feral with the need to fuck you right now, he would pull you down for another taste. “You did,” he chimes in, placing his arms behind his head. “Why don’t you give our girl her reward Stevie.”
Steve drags you down Bucky’s body, your swollen clit rubbing across his corded muscles. He grabs your ass and pulls you into his arms, your legs wrapping around his narrow waist. Bucky sits up and grips Steve’s shaft, guiding every thick inch into you, your fluttering walls stretching over his enormous cock until he’s bottomed out. “Good girl,” he grunts, giving Bucky a mischievous look over your shoulder. “I’m going to fuck you so good, you won’t remember what Bucky’s cock feels like.”
Bucky rears his head back, “Fuck you, we all know that sweet pussy can barely take my cock.” He saunters past your entangled bodies. Picking up your discarded camera and he walks around you, his fingers skimming across your back, watching Steve ruthlessly pound up into you, your legs dangling over his arms, keeping you in place so you have to take each veiny inch, your soft moans growing louder and louder over the wet squelch of your cunt.
He waits until you’re wailing Steve’s name, holding up the camera just as you’re about to fall apart. “That it, cum for me, doll, such a good fucking girl,” he says under his breath, pressing the shutter button. He places his head on Steve’s shoulder, his eyes connecting with yours. “Good girl,” he praises.
“Oh god, Bucky,” you keen, unaware that the wrong name rolled off your tongue, too lost in the sensation of another orgasm ripping through you. Steve goes absolutely still even as you continue to spasm around him, his head cants back and he glares at an amused Bucky.
“Guess that pussy still remembers my cock huh Stevie?” Bucky laughs, taking a quick snap of his enraged face.
Steve turns back to you and the look in his dark blue eyes sends a shiver down your back. You’re in trouble, your pussy clenches, knowing he’s going to punish you for your little slip-up. And you can't wait. Steve feels more of your sweet slick coat his cock. His plump lips curl into a devious smile. “I was being gentle with you, sweetheart. Let’s see you say the wrong name when you’re gagging on my cock.”
Steve walks you back to the desk, keeping you wrapped around him as he places you on the smooth cool wood, leaning down, caging you with his large body. “In fact, let’s see if you remember anyone’s name after I’m done splitting your little pussy in two.”
You can't wait. Bucky captures your gleeful grin on film seconds before it dissolves into a sobbing broken moan, your face contorting with pleasure. Yeah, you're not going to remember a damn thing by the time he's done with you. Except maybe to call out Buckys name again.
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sxfiyxplz · a year ago
Party Favours
I just want to thank @pseudonymphet for the motivation for this one!
Tagged: @rita-tlr @fistmebuckyskywalker @little-red-22 @jeremyrennerfanxxxx123
Word count 2.2k
Warnings (angst kinda at the beginning???)
Disclaimer: everything written here is for FUN I have ZERO affiliation with Sebastian and anyone else written in this it’s FANFICTION!!!!!!
Summary: You have an argument with your boyfriend which you think has cost you your relationship. So you look find yourself looking elsewhere at a party.
Tumblr media
You wasn’t an avid Halloween celebrator, but when Mackie had invited you to a charity halloween party, you was fucking living for it. Your week had just taken a turn for the worst, returning back home to your apartment after having a fight with your boyfriend. Yes okay couples have arguments, the best of them do you thought, but the way in which his shiny blue eyes that you adored turned cold when he told you to leave, you knew there wasn’t any chance you was going to come back from this anytime soon.
Having a relationship that was in the public eye was irritating for you to say the least. But the two of you tried to keep your relationship intimate and safe at home- that was the only way it seemed to work as you both had shared numerous on-screen relationships and rendezvouses.
Out of the two of you, you’d definitely been the relaxed one in the relationship, not letting tabloids get in your head especially if they tried to pair your man with another woman as they were supposedly seen together. You knew he would only ever want to come home to you and you was the exact same when it came to him. However, your boyfriend was the jealous protective type, which often led to the occasional disagreements, but the sweetest make ups throughout your time together. Things had lately turned sour though, and you often felt that constantly having to reassure your boyfriend that nothing ever going on between your male acquaintances just made him drift further apart from you.
It wasn’t until that night he invited you over for dinner he finally boiled over and let his jealousy get the better of him. You’d been away a few days, work had you in meetings for a new series you was guest to star in. It wasn’t anything big but when you received the text to come over when you landed home, you was excited to see the man you loved as a little way to celebrate the new job. However it didn’t take more then 30 minutes in his cosy apartment for the two of you being at logger heads over a Instagram story a cast mate had posted of the two of you and how you looked just a little too comfortable together. You couldn’t pinpoint what it was that sent you over the edge and had you spluttering tears and viscous words. Was it how calm he composed himself whilst lacing his words with venomous sarcasm? Or was it the fact that when he did see you with any other male counterpart, he couldn’t bare to even look at you as you saw his eyes shift as his brain churned out fake scenarios of your escapades without him by your side. Whatever it was it had you spinning on your heels, asking him what life was like being such a “jealous prick” making both of you freeze. You knew you hadn’t meant for your words to come out so distastefully, but at this point you wanted to break down and crawl back to the man you knew you loved and cared for, not the man that sat rigid on the couch digesting what exactly you had just called him. Before you even had time to turn around and beg for things to go back to normal he had told you that if that’s how you felt for you to leave and not bother looking back. Was that it? This was how the two of you was going to end your relationship? Was your relationship even over? You couldn’t comprehend what was happening as you turned to him, tears in your eyes demanding he take back what he said. But as you looked up at him his eyes also filled with tears, and it wasn’t anger or jealousy but the single concept of trust that lacked causing the whole ordeal. You knew you couldn’t fix whatever it was that had eaten away at your relationship, not in a night- sighing in defeat you turned grabbing your jacket and bags, closing the door behind you and not looking back.
Since that night, you’d pranced around your apartment, finishing at least 3 bottles of wine and a bottle of tequila, the special kind only to break out in emergencies, listening to your “sad girl anthems” playlist on repeat. The sorrows and self pity you had felt the night you cried yourself to sleep in a drunken state had just about disappeared as your phone pinged with a text from Anthony, giving you the address for tonight’s event. Saturday night, Halloween. You would be in the arms of the man you loved, yes loved, watching scary movies together in bed. Instead you stood alone in your apartment, lights dim (to get in the spooky mood of course) as you straightened your long dark frontal, admiring the view. For saying you had potentially just had a 2 year relationship end at the beginning of the week over a photograph of you and a co-star who definitely wasn’t your type, you really had to give it to yourself for your outfit. Your black dress was long but figure hugging, hair seamless, not a stray out of place and your lips and nails painted the perfect shade of red. Your eyes looked you up and down once more as you placed the dark chunky ring on your finger making you fall into deep thought on whether your boyfriend would be there, if you could still call him that. He’d always told you that if you both were ever to go out to a halloween party you’d both dress up as Morticia and Gomez Addams. He’d even joked that he would box dye his hair and shave so to only have the iconic moustache. You mentally cursed as you thought of how happy you’d be holding onto his arm, leaning into his strong build as the two of you went to this party tonight. Before you could think anymore your uber buzzed you out of your daydream. You needed yourself a Prince you told yourself, not a companion, as you stepped into the uber giving him the address. So that was what you went out to find.
The venue was stunning to say the least and was completely packed. Taking in your surroundings you had to admit Anthony had really pulled this off. You greeted all who you knew and made your way to the bar for a needed drink. Vodka sodas was the only thing you were drinking tonight seen as that’s what you started on back home. Your body began to sway with the music, getting head getting lost in whatever remix they had decided to blast through the speakers. You was in your own thoughts until a tap on your shoulder snapped you out of then. You turned around, reciprocating two huge grins staring at you. Anthony and Sebastian. Sebastian. You and Anthony had been friends before the fame, seeing him as the older brother you always wanted. Sebastian however was a different story. Although you remained friendly, others often told you both before and after getting a boyfriend that the two of you had a spark. There was always a sparkle in Sebastians eyes when he looked at you, a touch always lingered, a hug always tightened- all three apparent as he swung both arms around you before Anthony even got the chance to greet you.
“The other half still acting bitter about your fight?” Mackie asked, not beating around the bush. You sighed and shrugged. Was he still your other half?
“Wait you two had a fight? How did I not know this?” Seb asked looking between the two of you confused as to why he hadn’t been told about the domestic. Sebastian had always been fond of your relationship, the moment you and your boyfriend got together he would often make comments on how lucky he was to have you and how he was so happy to see you content. You shrugged again, not wanting to let your emotions overtake you tonight, so ordered tequila shots for the boys, somehow exempting yourself from the liquor by shaking your half full class of vodka soda at the two of them. Conversing with the two of them helped pass the time and before you knew it Anthony had left you and Sebastian the bar together. The conversation began to drift and you found yourself thinking of him, the man you was crazy in love with on Monday. Now you was nursing a drink wishing he was at your side.
“You know you don’t need your Gomez by your side to look hot as you do right now.” Sebastian said softly into your ear, scooting closer to you to the point his body was pressed across your back. He caressed your right cheek and turned it to face him, taking you all in with a smirk. “Maybe you just need a charming unorthodox Prince Charming to make you smile.”
“You’re a prince?” You almost laughed in his face shooting him a puzzled look. Yes his outfit was adorable, the blue waistcoat with gold with his hair somewhat groomed and beige bottoms were adorable, but you really had no clue who he had come dressed as.
“Seriously? Can’t you tell who I am?” He gave you a slow twirl, acting like that made all the difference to his outfit. “Oh my God I’m Flynn! Tangled? Come on!” He exclaimed, still shocked you only just clocked on to who he was talking about.
“You should have kept the hot blonde you’ve been dating around a little longer and maybe your outfit would have made more sense” you winked but he laughed you off, clearly she was no longer flavour of the month for your friend. Not wanting to leave Sebastian alone as the music pulled you to the dance floor you locked your fingers in his and dragged him down with you, making your way into the middle of the crowded dance floor. It was almost on instinct the two of you laced your fingers to rest on his neck and his perch at the bottom of your back. Even though it wasn’t a slow song, you swayed in his grip, slowly moving closer loosening up a little making him grin at you. Your thumb ran circles on the back of his neck as your now free hand brushed his sorry attempt of curtains out of his eyes.
“You know what. You look hot as a prince” you smirked up at him, carrying on what you knew would be an ongoing inside joke between the two of you from now on.
“Are you drunk?”
“Maybe” you lied. Although you wish you were so to at least have an excuse if the small space between the two of your lips miraculously decided to close. Did you want to kiss Sebastian? absolutely- there was no questioning the chemistry that the two of you were radiating, but his hand snaking further down your back to grab your ass definitely didn’t help. The sensations he was sending through you drove you insane. The two vodka sodas didn’t stand a chance to intoxicate you when you could feel the heat of Sebastians breath on your neck as you dug your hips closer to him as the music blared through the both of you.
“People are gonna stare” he whispered which made you erupt in laughter. Did you really care? No not really. The argument between you and your boyfriend had cut deep. Even though the reason for the spat was somewhat a blur at this point, he hadn’t make you feel the way you currently was feeling in a long time. You could feel your body vibrate from head to toe whilst being under Sebastians touch. Although you tried your hardest to jump out of the trance Sebastian had got you under you were attached to his waist, swaying your body as he squeezed your hips whilst you continued to dance.
“You done babysitting my girlfriend now?” A voice asked, loud and agitated. You knew the voice like it was sent from out of heaven, sending shivers down your spine and leaving goosebumps all over your body. There he was, stood by in a black suit, hair slicked back with a side part. Although he hasn’t box dyed his hair it was heavily gelled and he’d even shaved his beard leaving only his moustache neatly trimmed. Both your eyes were fixated on each other. You wasn’t quite sure whether it was the adrenaline of seeing him again since you’d last parted or the fact your body had been riled up by Sebastian, but all you wanted to do was grab his face and kiss him. If you did you knew the first thing to split would be your dress as you latch your legs around his torso. Then you’d have your fingers locked into his hair as you devour his pink pouting lips. Sebastians moving hand snapped you out of your daydream, as you saw your boyfriends brows begin to frown at his actions. He froze a little as he watched his own friend pull you into his grip, something he would do to you as his girlfriend. Had he lost you already?
“Chris” you blurted, making him now jump out of his own trance, “what are you doing here?”
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whiskey-cokenfanfic · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Sebastian Stan/Henry Cavill/Chris Evans x Reader
A/N: So, I had this thought dancing around in my head for a while, I decided to put it down as my first fic of 2021, I hope you all like it. Like, Comment and/or Reblog if you do to show me some love.
Warnings: Smut, there’s no plot here.
“You sure she’s okay with this?” Chris asked.
“Yeah, I’m only comfortable if she is,” Henry added.
Sebastian looked at the two men seated on two of the chairs in the large bedroom. “She’s fine,” he told them nonchalantly, and then seeing the looks on their faces he added, “She and I have discussed this over and over, she’s fine, more than fine, she’s excited. She practically jumped at the chance when I suggested to her.”
The other two men glanced at each other and, after a silent conversation, nodded. They weren’t going to turn back now, because they were excited too. Sebastian just smiled, knowing the agreement they had come to, they weren’t about to back out now. They wanted this too much. Seb had first noticed how the two men looked at you at his birthday party. You were wearing a dress that showed off your curves and were dancing on the floor with your friends having a good time, unaware of the eyes of the two men on you as you had fun. Sebastian, however, had noticed, and instead of getting jealous or possessive, he smirked with pride. He then made his way to you and danced with you, his hands all over your body, glancing covertly at the two men, knowing what they wanted.
It happened again and again. Every time you were around, they couldn’t help but leer at you. The last time, at a cookout you threw, their eyes were practically glued to your ass in the shorts you wore and your cleavage in your tank top. That’s when Sebastian got their attention and suggested this little get-together. They were shocked of course, but once he said he could get you to agree, they were all for it. 
Just as he said, you jumped at the chance. You had noticed the way the two men looked at you. As a matter of fact, you wore some of the things you did, to entice them. You had expected Sebastian to be taken aback at your eagerness, but he just grinned. He was up for it, just as long as you remembered that you were his.
Sebastian went over to look out of the floor to ceiling windows. He loved this view, looking out over the city. You actually had picked this apartment for it. He smiled. Then, hearing the sound of you opening the bathroom door, he turned. You came out in a silk robe that covered the lingerie set you were wearing. You looked around spotting the two men that were sitting, you could hear their low intakes of breath when they saw you, and you smiled to yourself. 
Sebastian, walked over to you from the window. 
“Good,” and with that he grabbed you, pulled you flush against him, and kissed you deeply.
You felt his tongue probe your lips and you parted them to let it slide in. You felt one of his hands slide down your back, then grab onto your ass. Then you heard the sound of the two men behind you shifting. You had almost forgotten they were there. You didn’t have time to fully register them before Seb turned you around to face them.
His lips were on your neck as his hands traveled up and down your body. He reached around and undid the tie of your robe, opening it to the other two, then slowly slid it off your body. You saw Chris and Henry shift and adjust themselves, when they saw what was underneath your robe.
You became distracted by Seb’s hands again, as they cupped your breasts through your bra. You took in your breath in a hiss and you felt his lips smile against your skin. One of his hands moved down your body, and the fingers teased the hem of your panties before sliding in. He slipped one finger inside you, and groaned at how wet you already were. 
He looked up and smirked. “Guys, I think she’s ready for you.” 
He  bent down to kiss you again, then moved his lips from your neck to your ear, nibbled on it, and then whispered, “You ready?”
“Y-yes,” you stuttered out.
“Good, go to them.” And with a final kiss he stepped back.
You made your way to stand in front of the other two men. Chris made to reach for you to pull you down on top of him, but you stopped him, beckoning them to both stand up. They did. You looked between the two before turning to Henry and wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him towards you for a kiss. You parted his lips with your tongue, as his hands cupped your face. 
You felt Chris move behind you, soon he had his hands on your body. As he let his hands roam up and down your waist, he began kissing your bare shoulder, up to your neck, stopping at the spot that made you shiver with pleasure. Henry let go of your face and took a step back from you, taking off his shirt. As he was doing this, Chris turned you around and planted his lips on yours. Whereas Henry’s kiss was softer, Chris’s was more urgent, biting your lower lip in need. You reached down and tugged at his shirt wanting him to take it off.
As he obliged, you turned back to Henry who was in the process of undoing his pants. You stopped him while keeping eye contact you kneeled in front of him. Your hands went to his belt, unfastening it, then his pants, pulling them and his underwear down at the same time. When his dick sprang free, you smiled, taking it in your hand, you pumped it a few times, running your thumb over the head, swiping at the precum that had leaked out.
Looking at him through your lashes, you saw his chest rising and falling rapidly. You winked at him, and darted your tongue out to lick at the head. He hissed out at breath. You then took him in, inch by inch, until you felt him hit the back of your throat. Bobbing your head on him, your hand stroking the base in time with the movement of your head. You heard him groan above you, and you began moving faster. While his hand rested on the back of your head, you placed your hands on his thighs, digging your nails in as you let him guide you head. You felt the saliva drip from your mouth as he fucked your face. 
“Not-not yet,” you heard him murmur as he stopped.
You pulled back, licking your lips, as he walked backwards and sat down on the bed. You then turned your attention to Chris. He had completely stripped and you stared at him in all his naked glory. You beckoned him to come to you. He complied. When he was in front of you, he picked you up and carried you to the bed. Laying you down, he crawled on top of you, kissing you deeply. He left your lips, kissing down your neck, to the top of your breasts. You reached behind you and undid your bra, he slid the straps off your shoulders and pulled it off, tossing it to the floor. He wrapped his lips around one nipple, licking it then sucking on it until it was erect, then he did the same with the other. He traveled down your body kissing and licking. 
The bed shifted as Henry moved to your side and leaned down to capture your lips with his. You reached up, your hand tangling in his hair. Chris reached the top of your panties. Hooking his fingers in them he slid them off. Kissing up your legs to your thighs, you felt him stop. You arched your back wanting him. He slid one finger then another inside you.
“She’s so wet,” he said to Henry.
Henry reached down to slide a finger inside you along with Chris’s. 
“She is,” he chuckled, taking it out and putting it to your lips. You licked your tongue out to taste yourself, sucking his whole finger into your mouth with a low moan. He smirked and went back to kissing you, his tongue sliding into your mouth, tasting you on your tongue. 
Chris took his fingers from inside you, spreading your legs he lowered his head and licked a stripe up your pussy lips before sliding his tongue inside you. You moaned into Henry’s mouth as Chris went to work on your pussy. He spread your legs wider as you pushed his head into you deeper. Henry reached down to rub circles on your clit. You gripped Chris’s hair as you felt Henry move his hand to let him wrap his lips around your clit and began sucking on it, sliding two fingers inside you and curling them until he rubbed them on that sweet spot. 
Henry had moved from your lips and took over from where Chris had left your breasts. Liking and sucking on your nipples. After a while you felt that coil tighten in your abdomen, and you came for the first time that night. 
As you caught your breath, you turned to look at Sebastian who smiled at you encouragingly. You then turned your attention back on the other two men. Henry had slid a condom on, and you climbed on top of him, you positioned his dick and your entrance and slid down on top of him. You began moving on top of him as he grabbed on to your hips moving you up and down. You grabbed onto his shoulders to steady yourself.  You felt the bed shift again as Chris came up behind you, his hands reaching around to toy with your nipples, as his lips attached to your neck, sucking marks there. You could feel him hard against your back, so you reached around grabbing onto his dick and began stroking it. 
“Wait,” you said, stopping both men.
You let Henry slide from inside you as you turned around, getting on all fours and wiggling your ass in front of his face. Both men laughed and Henry got on his knees behind you, sliding back inside you. You made Chris lay down and lowering, your head, you took his dick in your mouth. As Henry's hips snapped into your backside, you bobbed your head on Chris’s dick. You felt Henry’s strokes coming faster and faster and you realized he was close to coming. You tightened your pussy around his dick, as he reached around you to play with your clit. You took your mouth from around Chris and you sat up on your knees as Henry moved inside you faster. 
“Yes, fuck, yes, like that,” you moaned to him.
You felt yourself coming closer and closer to your second orgasm. You came with a shout, collapsing back on your hands. He came soon after you. Breathing hard he pulled out.
Once you came down, rolling over on your back, Chris came over to you bending down over you.
“You okay?” 
You nodded.
“C’mere,” he said, lifting you up off the bed and carrying you over to one of the chairs he had occupied earlier.
You slid down on him easily, wet as you were from two previous orgasms. He gripped your hips and began moving you on top of him. You leaned forward kissing him deeply as his hands went from your hips to grab on your ass. He began bouncing you up and down faster, holding on to the back of the chair for leverage. You then lifted yourself off of him, and turning around you settled back on his dick. Gripping the arms of the chair you bounced up and down. His hands reaching around to grab on your breasts. You wrapped one arm around the back of his neck, bringing his head down to kiss you as his hands massaged your breasts.  You felt the head of his dick hitting that sweet spot deep inside you and as sensitive you were, you knew you were close again. 
“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” you moaned as another orgasm crashed over you.
Feeling you tighten around him, Chris came right after you.  You both sat there for a minute, before someone came to stand in front of you.
You looked up and saw Seb standing in front of you. He smiled down at you and reached his hand out. You took it and stood on shaking legs. He picked you up and carried you back to the bed.
He leaned down and whispered in your ear. “That was so hot watching you with them. I know you have another one in you, hmm? Just for me?”
“Always,” you told him with a smile.
He quickly did away with his clothes. He kissed you deeply, crawling on top of you. Raising himself up on his forearms, he slid inside you. You moaned. Three orgasms in one night wasn’t something you were a stranger to, but feeling Seb inside you after them was pure ecstasy. He took his time, stroking you slowly, making you feel every inch of him.
 When you wrapped your legs around his waist he leaned down to whisper in your ear, “I may have shared you with them, but you’re mine. All mine.” 
He lifted one leg to rest on his shoulder as you felt him push in as far as he could go. You dug your nails into his back, as he moved faster. You held on as he began pounding into you. Whispering over and over that you were his.
“Yes! Yes! Seb, yes!” you moaned loudly.
“Fuck, so wet, so good,” he groaned. “Did having two men inside you get you this wet?” 
“Yes, daddy, yes.”
You tightened your pussy around him making him groan again. 
“You’re gonna make me cum,” he said. “Is that what you want huh?”
With that he began moving faster, chasing his orgasm. You felt his movements becoming more erratic and you reached down between your bodies to rub your oversensitive clit, wanting him to feel you cum around him. You felt yourself coming closer, and with a shout you came harder than you ever had, your eyes rolling in your head, your mouth opened in a wide O, your back arching off the bed. You grabbed onto him, hold on as you rode your final orgasm of the night out. 
Feeling you flutter around him, he came too, spilling his seed deep inside you. Once he crawled off the bed he looked down at the comforter on the bed and laughed at the wet spot you had left there after he had finished with you. You think you passed out for a bit after that, because the next thing you knew he was shaking you awake.
“Mmm, what?” you said groggily.
“C’mon, let’s get you cleaned up.”
“Where are Henry and Chris?”
“Babe, they left like five minutes ago. I ran a bath. Up you get.”
He tugged at your arm and you slowly got up, but you almost fell back down, he caught you and lifted you in his arms, carrying you bridal style into the bathroom. He had lit candles around the tub and the bath was filled with warm water. He let you down, then holding you steady, he helped you to step into the tub.
As you sank down to your shoulders in the water, you reached for him.
“Just one moment, I need to change the sheets after you left that mess.”
He walked back out into the bedroom and you heard him pulling the sheets off the bed. Then he left the room, presumably to put the old sheets into the wash. You closed your eyes and began to doze as you heard him pull out new sheets and put them on the bed.
When he finished he came into the bathroom to check on you. You opened your eyes when he heard him chuckle.
“Well, you had fun,” he commented.
“I did. Join me,” you scooted up making room for him to sit behind you.
He climbed in, causing some of the water to splash onto the floor. 
“We’ll get it later,” you told him, nestling back against him as he wrapped his arms around you.
He reached for a washcloth and some soap and began washing your body. Rubbing soft circles on your skin. You closed your eyes in pleasure at the feel on his hands. When he finished he helped you out and dried you off. You slid on a robe and went to go stand at the window, looking down at the lights of the city below.
“So,” he said, coming up behind you after a moment. “Was it everything you thought it would be?”
“It was,” you murmured. “You didn’t mind?”
“No, I love watching you in action like that.”
You laughed. “So I could tell.”
“Do you think you’d ever do that again?”
“Hmm maybe, as long as you’re cool with it.” 
“As long as you remember that you’re mine.”
You laughed at him. You turned your head to him, and kissed him. “How could I ever forget?”
He lifted you up, not breaking the kiss, and carried you to the bed, laying you down softly. He wrapped his arms around you, pulling you into him closely. You rested your head on his chest, drawing circles on his skin with your fingers until you both fell into a deep sleep.
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sapphirescrolls · a year ago
Tumblr media
Paring: dark!MafiaBoss Bucky Barnes x Black Female Reader
Words: 1k
Summary: You’ve had your first child with Mob Boss Bucky Barnes. He insists on having another.
Prompt:  Mafia/Mob AU – Bucky Barnes lactation kink/breeding kink
Warnings: lactation kink, forced breeding, breeding kink, non-consensual, dubious consent. Proceed with caution.
A/N: This is for @the-soulofdevil ‘s 500 Followers Celebration Challenge! Congrats hun! Here’s to many more to come!
Thank you @titty-teetee for beta’ing my filth! Love youuuuu <3
Tumblr media
You drew in the gaze of every gangster in the room. Easy on the eyes, shapely in the hips, with a swell of tantalizing flesh just above the curve of your top, you moved among them as a Goddess. Your smooth complexion of umber and bronze absorbed the golden glow from above. Hair twisted and fashioned in atop your head it might as well have been a crown, Bucky thought. You stood out, shined bright, in the pearl lacy gown he had gifted. Bucky admired what was his from across the space filled the white linen tables, gold encrusted chandeliers, and fat cats dressed to the nines. You were a Queen as far as they were concerned, an Empress even, who all obeyed in fear of her Emperor.
And like all consorts to powerful men, they only knelt for one, their King.
At least that was the idea he had set out for before he had you.
But even after the first child, a handsome baby boy, you still had your reservations. You didn’t want to be pushed, to be squeezed into a form unnatural to your wild spirit, ruled.
However, in the night, when it was just the two of you, there was no other way. Illuminated by nothing but a dim lamp on his side of the bed he pinned your wrists, hovered over you with that wicked slick smile he got when he knew he had won. It was easy for him to win. The ache in your body reminded you of how overpowering his strength could be. The previous night, you had disappointed him, somewhere deep inside you knew you deserved the pain, you earned it.
Within the creamy light, his pink, fawn skin glinted with sweat. The longer he stared at you the more his smile waned.  He licked across his lips, as he considered you and the position he currently had you in. A small curl appeared and crinkled the scattered graying stubble of his chin.
 The smooth fresh buzz cut, clean knife straight edges as dangerous as his pointed stare. Bucky lowered his head, pressed his bare chest to your naked breasts.
“Didn’t I make your life perfect, doll?” he asked, biting his bottom lip and dipped his nose near your ear.
You shut your eyes and tried to repel the sensation of him sniffing your neck.
“’wanna make me happy don’t you?” His voice hung in his throat as a hum while kissing your pulse point.
Bucky’s grip relaxed, his knees spread you further as he began to pepper your chest with kisses. His hands, calloused and rough fisted each of your breasts.
“These taste so much better with milk,” he mumbled while suckling the left. “I need to breed you again don’t I kitten?” he groaned and moved to your right nipple.
“I can’t-can’t,” your voice stammered, head swirled with the feeling he had trained you to love. “It’s too soon!” you shrieked when he bit down.
He released you with a smack of his lips and stared up at you over the peaks of your breasts.
“It’s been two years,” he said. “I should have kept you pregnant.”
Bucky sat up, he lifted your legs with a grim look in his eyes. “I was going easy on you. Too easy.”
He pushed in the head of his thick cock. “I won’t make that mistake again.” He shook his fresh buzz cut head and fell on top of you.
You braced against his chest. “I can’t, it’s too much!” you hissed and pushed against him. You tried to relax but his hammering speed gave you little room to adjust to his pointed thrusts.
“Don’t lie to yourself.” He grunted and entangled his fingers within yours.
He fucked you hard, slamming so violently your legs fell back to the bed.
Bucky let your hands go and forced your legs back up. “Come on love,” he chided and slapped the side of your ass with his metal hand.
 “You want this-“ he huffed out between thrusts. “’to be filled with me.” He added breathlessly.
 “I give you a purpose baby doll.” He reminded and your eyes rolled back with his words.
You squeezed them tight and took the bliss and the pain he delivered.
“This cock completes you doesn’t it?” he chuckled under his breath. “I can feel you all around me, sucking me in, milking my cock.”
Bucky’s metal hand grabbed your face. “Open your fucking eyes doll.” He growled and squeezed.
You did as he asked. Pale shadow casted across the other side of his face. A two-faced brute stared down at you, both light and dark, both dangerous and neither giving relief for what he had in store for you.
“Say it baby doll,” he lowered his head over your lips. “You know what I wanna hear.” He insisted.
“Buc-Bucky,” you whined and clenched firmer around him. “Bucky, put your baby inside me.”
Submitting further, your hands slid to his face and pulled him into your kiss. Bodies fused, every nerve ending burning with the hope of ecstasy and savoring every inch of him inside you. Bucky’s hand left your face and bared his weight on the backs of your thighs. Nice and deep, quick and unrelenting he thumped into you.
You gripped the sheets, twisted them within your fingers as he achingly drove you toward the end. He held you down, with your hips trying to buck in the aftermath. Bucky stared down at you when your eyes cracked back open. His mouth open, puffing with unbridled lust, tongue licking the sides as he watched you take his hits. His wife, soon to be mother of two and the thought hurdled him straight to flood your slit.
Bucky’s body slumped, his grip tightened at the backs of your thighs, he maybe even slows down if only to enjoy your agony. But he doesn’t stop. Bucky started again, slow and deliberate, he glided in and out of your sore entrance. 
“We’re going to be at this for hours,” he groaned.
Thank you for reading!
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cocogirl-06 · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Um.... sir. The cheeks are out and about 🍑😂🤭
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blackwomanwriter · 4 months ago
You Should Leave
Read: The Good Guy
Tumblr media
“Hmmm.” He quirks his brow before repeating your name again. This time, he whispers it, tasting every syllable - savoring every vowel and consonant. He closes his eyes, muttering your name again, a smirk forming on his lips. When he opens his eyes again, he turns to you.
“I like it.”
You lifted your brow, amused by his reaction. “I’m glad I have your approval.”
“It suits you.”
“I could have said my name was Bob, and you would have liked it.”
“That’s because I like you,” he countered.
Rolling your eyes, you reached for your glass, finishing the liquid courage in one go. Drinking was easier than talking, and fucking was easier than being. That is why you didn’t mess around with guys like him. You preferred someone who was more interested in what was between your legs versus what was in your head.
He stared at the empty glass, taking register of your body language. “I like you,” he affirmed again.
“You don’t know me.”
“Do I have to know you to like you?”
“That’s typically how these things work.”
“Okay,” he conceded. “I know that you don’t do nice guys or good guys.”
Despite your best efforts, you smiled again for what felt like the hundredth time since you met him. You were doing the opposite of what you said you wanted. When you agreed to leave the bar with him, this wasn’t the type of night you were expecting. You were supposed to fuck his brains out and leave before he wanted to know your name. Instead, you were talking - drinking and talking. You had been talking to the point that he had inevitably asked your name. If you didn’t leave now, you were running the risk of him asking more questions about you.
“Don’t go.”
You stared at him, surprised at how quickly he read your mind.
He raised his glass to his lips, emptying the remaining brown liquid. He winced at the bitterness of the drink. Placing the glass down, he turned to you - his blue eyes sober, despite the alcohol coursing through his system. “I know that you think that I am a good guy, and maybe, I am - I was. But, I also know that you would rather fuck me than be alone tonight, and I would do anything to spend more time with you.”
He had caught you red-handed with the truth. Your heart raced. All the cards were on the table, and you were left speechless.
“The problem is that I really want to know why you would rather fuck me than talk to me. I want to know why you roll your eyes every time I say that I like you. I want to know how you can drink whiskey like it’s water.” He sighed. “I want to know you, but that’s not how this works.”
“How does this work,” you managed to croak out.
He ran his hands through his hair. “You fuck my brains out and leave before I know your name.”
You glanced down, unwilling to face the vulnerability of this moment - his vulnerability. “Why didn’t you?”
“Why,” he repeated as if he was asking himself the same question. “I like your laugh. I like the way your bottom lip curves when you smile. I like losing myself in the richness of your brown eyes. I like talking about you. I mean, when the fuck have I ever talked about the richness of someone’s eyes.” He laughed at himself, as he rubbed the stubble of his beard.
“Seb,” you interjected, knowing where this was headed.
“I liked you before I even talked to you. I’m with you, yet I can’t stop thinking about you. I don’t know you, but I want you. I want more than just fucking you.”
The truth sat in the air. It hang there, forcing you to face it. You shouldn’t have gone out tonight. You moved closer to him, removing the gap between you. The space between his brow creased as he watched you. You shouldn’t have talked to him. You touched his shoulder before allowing your leg to lay on his lap. You shouldn’t have let him buy you a drink. You hiked up your skirt before straddling him. He didn’t touch you or even speak. He was holding his breath. His eyes filled with wonder as you took control. You shouldn’t have gone home with him. You settled into him. His thighs parting further, so you were adequately supported. You should have left after the first drink. Your hands ran up his chest, tracing his arms and shoulders, before resting on his neck. His adams apple bobbed up and down as he swallowed. The confident charmer who’d picked you up at the bar was now staring at you, waiting for permission. You should leave. You traced his lips then his jaw. You leaned into him. Your head touching his. You could feel his heart racing. You should leave. You kissed him slow. You should leave. Your parted your lips, deepening the kiss and taking more control. You should leave. A moan slipped your lips as he kissed you back. You should leave. You pulled back, catching your breath as you stared at him. You should leave.
“I’m not a good guy,” he whispered breathlessly.
You smirked, knowing that he would say anything to make you stay. “I like good guys.”
Thanks for reading! Until next time, xoxo
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jetlagged5sos · a year ago
I feel like Sebastian would absolutely love to help you with your hair on wash day.
You’d taken out your box braids the night before and woke up early to get started on the washing process. You had been busy for approximately an hour and a half and was rinsing the last section of all product when Seb finally walked into the kitchen, seeing you bent over the sink and getting an eyeful of your ass hanging out of your shorts. Smiling to himself he strolled over and surprised you by pressing himself against your cheeks and firmly grasping your hips in his strong hands.
“Good morning baby.”
Wrapping an old t-shirt around your dripping hair you finally stand turning to face him rolling your eyes at his antics.
“Good morning to you too.” Leaning forward pressing your lips to his for a gentle kiss.
After breaking away from you he takes notice of some of the water slowly rolling down your face and he breaks into a grin because he loved when you washed your hair. You typically wore your hair in a big afro or in a high ponytail after a wash giving your hair a chance to breath before deciding on your next style. Seeing all the curls and tight coils in your hair was a sight he would never tire of.
As you’re wiping the droplets away from your eyes you see him reach for the large tub of conditioner you placed next to the sink and begin rolling it around in his palms. Looking at his face you can see he wants to ask you a question but not sure what. So you reach out to take it back from him only for his grip on it to tighten around the jar to your surprise. He meets your eyes again and proceeds to ask: “Can I do this next step?”
You couldn’t help but stare at him shock because you honestly weren’t expecting him to ask that. You were aware of his slight infatuation with your hair but didn’t think he actually wanted to help you maintain it. Slowly but surely a large grin split your face and you nodded your head in confirmation.
“Yea you can help baby. I’ll help guide you on how to properly detangle it with your hands, ok?” He nodded enthusiastically and grabed your hand leading you into your bedroom. You guide him to sit on the edge of the bed while you place some throw pillows on the ground between his legs and plop down. Removing the shirt from your head and reaching for the conditioner you display the repeitive motion of slathering conditioner on your hair from root to tip and gently finger detangling any knots or kinks with Seb watching intensely. Once you’ve worked through a few small pieces you pass the jar off and he slowly starts working his hand through you thick 4C hair.
“Try and be generous with the product baby, my hair needs to be practically soaked with the conditioner.” You gently remind him.
“Got it, lots of product and gentle pulling, easy enough to manage.” He replies with a chuckle.
You lean back into him as you fell the soft tugs and gentle massage of his fingers on your scalp. He methodically covers each strand with precision and you feel yourself relax more with each passing moment. Before you’re even aware of it your eyes drift closed and you’ve dozed off while you were scrolling through Twitter. Your head had rolled off to the side and Sebastian laughs under his breath as he adjusts you back into a proper position and continues with your hair for the next hour.
Once he was finished he grabs the plastic shower cap you had and secures it over your hair ensuring that not one curl had escaped. He then carefully lifts you up and places you onto the bed and slids in beside you, automatically you curl around him. Pulling you even closer he wraps his arms around you and relaxed into the pillow, slowly being lulled into unconsciousness by that smell of your hair he places a final kiss on your forehead before sleep takes him.
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Hope (Part 7)
Tumblr media
Summary: hope /hōp/ : a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen
(A/N: so here’s the thing about intending on having a story be a one shot and it turning into a multi chapter, it creates unintentional plot holes. So here I am finally fucking fixing a massive one that @toniilaney pointed out. I’ve read over this damn story idk how many times to make sure it’s alright and it all fits together so we should be good there. I would also like to say that yes, I could spin this and turn into a big ol’ drama fest but I never intended for this to go that route. This is supposed to be the softer sweet fluffier version of All I Wanted which is pretty damn fluffy on its own. So, if y’all are looking for the angst, this ain’t it. I think that’s all I have to say about this one. Like, comment and reblog if you want to. Let me know if you’d like to be tagged in future updates. And of course, enjoy!)
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Tumblr media
Chris woke up for his morning nap back in his hotel room after spending his second night in a row with Dominique. She had woken up a few hours after they finished their rolls in the sheets. She had an unexpected call to get on the earliest flight to Houston she could find. He,of course, had other ideas before she left, but they included more sex, a light breakfast and him taking her to the airport before he saw her off with more kisses than they could count on their fingers and toes.
He grabbed his phone seeing he had slept for another two hours and she had made it to Houston safely. She sent him a cute selfie which he saved after staring at it for a few minutes.
He had it bad. And for once he didn’t feel too terrified about it. At first he thought maybe he was being too forward and almost clingy for wanting to spend time with her; for how much time he was spending with her. He was usually a man that liked the chase. With Dominique, there was a chase but not the kind he was expecting. It was like they were running together. Chasing dreams and goals, even if they were in different fields.
Together. Was it too soon for that? He didn’t think so even though to most people, they would think he was insane. But he knew. He knew he wasn’t being crazy. Any time he was near Nikki, she’s search for his hand or drape herself on him, pulling him by his shirt. He liked his privacy but she didn’t give a rat’s ass about who saw them together. She kissed and loved on him openly to the point he was sure people that could see them were uncomfortable.
He smiled to himself shaking his head before sending a selfie back.
Yeah, he had it bad. And wanted her to know as soon as possible. Then his mind shifted to Andrea.
“Honestly, it would be easy to fall in with you...”
That sentence haunted him until he decided to take a leap of faith with Dominique. Andrea had closed that chapter and he wasn’t aware. There wasn’t a chase with Andrea either. She more or less just gave him a run for his money most, if not all the time. He’d never even jokingly tell Nikki to fuck off the way he’d tell Andrea to sometimes. Andrea was sharp, sometimes too sharp. Even if she was broken into a little pieces, she could still cut you.
He had feelings for her, but by the time he’d figured it out and finally acted on it, she had made up her mind that were better as friends. Now looking back at things and looking at how things are in their current states, he couldn’t agree more.
He loved Andrea. Deeply. She was up there with the people he’d hide a body for. But deep in his gut he knew they’d tear each other apart emotionally. Because for as much of a pain in the ass she could be, she was marshmallow soft and could overthink the worst over thinker. He loved the idea of being with Andrea. He admitted that to himself when he felt the difference between his feelings for her and Dominique.
Nikki was warmth and domesticity and nurturing stability. Andrea was fun and chaotic. Stable in her own way, but still very much so a fly by the seat of her pants, I’ll figure it out when it get there type of person.
He owed Sebastian an apology. Not for accidentally setting them up. But for doubting he’d know what to do with Andrea. There was a subtle change in her and it was no doubt due to Sebastian. They oddly balanced each other out. Only thing he hadn’t changed was her smart ass mouth.
Phone in hand, Chris shot off two texts. One to Dominique and one to Andrea.
Double date?
Tumblr media
“Is there a reason you needed me here early?” Andrea questioned as she plopped down across from Chris.
“I’ve been thinking...”
Andrea’s brows shot up in surprise reaching out to inspect him, “I don’t see any smoke coming from your ears. Must not have overexerted your brain too much.”
“Fuck off,” he chuckled, his accent popping as he swatted her hands away, “I’m being serious.”
Andrea smirked at him and gestured for him to continue.
“We need to talk about the pink elephant in the room.”
“What pink elephant?”
He rolled his eyes before dropping them to the table top, “I kissed you Andrea. We kissed.”
“So? What the fuck kind of reaction —“
“So what we kissed? We were single at the time.”
“Yeah, but we crossed a line.”
“Once, Chris. It was one time. Never happened before and won’t happen again.”
He gave her a look.
“Yes, I do fucking know that.”
“Because I’m in love with Sebastian and Dominique would kill us both.”
He let out a laugh. Of course she was right. He had made a promise to himself that he wouldn’t fuck up with Nikki like he had with a few other good women before her. She was the real deal to him. And besides that, he was getting too old for that kind of bullshit.
“Look, I’m sure neither of them would care, but let’s just keep it to ourselves. It was a one off when emotions were running high. Swear it.” She held out her pinky to him.
“Swear it.”
They kissed the backs of their thumbs, a silent declaration of them promising to keep their small secret.
“Am I late?”
“Nah, you’re right on time.”
“Hey.” Seb pecked Andrea on the cheek as he slid in next to her.
“Ah man, you guys are already making me wanna throw up.”
“Fuck you. He didn’t even do anything.”
Sebastian laughed, “Thirty seconds and you two are already at it.”
Chris chuckled as Andrea smiled.
“Speaking of going at it, how was your date?”
Sebastian looked on expectantly.
“It went good. Really good.”
“He got his dick sucked.”
“Andrea!” Chris spoke though his teeth.
“What?! You did.”
“How do you know that?”
She turned to Seb, “Do you really want me to expose you like that?”
Chris dramatically plugged his ears, “Lalalalalalalala!”
“Oh shut up! We’re all adults.”
“We’re out trying to have a family friendly meal,” Chris gestured towards her, “and here you go being a dirty little pervert.”
“Sorry about the wait. My name is Nick and I’ll be serving you tonight. Can I start you guys off with some drinks?”
“Four waters, please.” Andrea spoke politely to their server.
“Anything else? Champagne? Cocktails.”
“Just waters for now. Thank you.”
Chris checked his phone seeing that Dominique was calling, “I’ll be right back.”
Sebastian and Andrea nodded in response.
Sebastian turned her to face towards him and kissed her gently, “How do you know he got his dick sucked?”
Andrea snorted out a laugh, “He’s just got a glow to him. It’s the same look you have after you’ve been fucked good.”
Realization bloomed on Sebastian’s handsome face and then went back to confusion, “I glow?”
“Like a cracked glow stick.”
Sebastian chuckled leaning in to kiss her again.
Andrea slid out of the booth when she saw Chris approaching.
“What’s up Hershey kiss?”
“What’s up caramel delight?”
The women shared a long hug.
“I’ve missed you so much.” They spoke in unison then laughed.
Chris looked at Sebastian who only shrugged in response.
“Guess I’ll be moving to sit next to you.” Seb spoke making a face at Chris coming out of the booth as the girls chatted forgetting about their men.
Chris cleared his throat.
Andrea looked over her shoulder at him, “Look, you don’t get to hog her.”
“You’re hogging her right now.”
Seb gave Andrea a pointed look.
“You can’t take his side.”
“Well, he’s not wrong.”
Dominique laughed then.
“Nikki, this is my boyfriend, Sebastian.”
“Nice to meet you.” They spoke in unison. Seb’s face was shocked when Dominique went in for a hug instead of a handshake.
Dominique walked around to sit across from Chris.
“You gonna behave tonight?” Seb whispered in Andrea’s ear. His right hand rested on the small of her back.
Those brown eyes looked up into his intense blue ones, but she smirked in response, “Depends on what you mean by behave.”
She moved to sit next to Dominique smirk still in place as she eyed Sebastian.
Tumblr media
Once food and alcohol made it to their table, they were getting looks from other patrons. Too much raucous laughter amongst the four of them even though they weren’t being that loud in the busy establishment.
“Man, I really want some wings.” Andrea randomly spoke staring at her half empty glass of water.
“We just ate.” The guys spoke in unison.
“So? It’s never a bad time for wings.”
“I know a spot nearby.” Dominique chimed in.
“Let’s go!”
They all started to move about, everyone reaching for their purses and wallets.
Sebastian noticed them first, “What do you two think you’re doing?”
Andrea zipped her wristlet clutch.
“It’s a date though.”
Chris gave Nikki a look. She rolled her lips together and closed her clutch too.
Andrea looked between Chris and Nikki before speaking up, “We’re gonna run to the restroom. Be right back.”
“Soooo, who do you love?”
“You, bitch. YOU. How’d you know he’d be like the mack daddy of them all?”
“You did not just call that fool mack daddy.” Andrea chortled.
“I did. I really like him Dreezy. Like really really. Got me considering moving to Boston and shit.”
“Damn bitch. Dick that bomb?”
“How do you know...”
Andrea raised an eyebrow in response.
“Yes the dick is bomb, but it’s so much more than that. Who knew everything I wanted was in Captain America?”
“Bitch, I did. I told you you’d like my friend Chris.”
“Well he didn’t seem interested.”
“That’s because he’s a dumb ass.”
Dominique made a come on now face at her.
“And he can definitely be shy sometimes.”
“That’s better.”
“Man, I’m not gonna be able to shit talk him anymore around you. That’s no fun.”
Dominique laughed, “You love him.”
“I do. He’s a great person and an ever better friend.”
“You getting your back blown out tonight?”
“Wh-What?” Andrea sputtered for once.
“Bitch please, I’m not blind. I saw the way Sebastian was looking at you.”
“I mean, if he’s not working, I get my back blown out regularly. My abs looking pretty nice too.”
“Girl, I haven’t had my knees to my chest so much in my lifeeeee.”
The two laughed as they joined their men to carry on with the rest of their night.
Tumblr media
After wings, beer and shots at the bar, the two couples were walking back in the direction of the hotel.
“You okay staying the night? You don’t have clothes.”
“I’ll just steal some of yours if that’s okay.”
Chris leaned down and kissed Dominique gently in response.
Andrea made a gagging noise, “Y’all are too cute!” She shouted throwing her left arm in the air.
“Aren’t they babe? I love it when a plan comes together.”
“You guys better make sure you invite her to the wedding.”
“Fuck that, I better BE in the wedding.”
They all chuckled.
“Chris said he’d wear a dress in our wedding.”
Dominique and Sebastian both burst out laughing.
“That’s not what I said.”
“Yes it is.”
“No it’s not.”
“Well, it was implied.”
“Wouldn’t want to show you up on your big day anyway.”
“See! Ya fuckin’ cross dresser.”
They all laughed.
“You couldn’t show me up anyway.”
“Me and Nique in matching dresses would slay and you know it.”
“Now wait a goddamn minute.”
They all chuckled entering the lobby heading towards the elevators. Each woman respectively leaning into their guy.
Andrea’s eyes were closed as Seb kissed her on the temple then the cheek, his arm securely around her waist. Chris has his arm around Dominique’s shoulder rubbing her bicep. Her arms were wrapped around his waist. The hem of his shirt was hidden under his jacket as her hands were under his shirt resting against his skin.
“No noise complaints tonight.” Andrea spoke as they exited the elevator.
“I don’t know about you two, but we know how to be quiet.”
Andrea looked up, tapping her chin, “Noted. Be more quiet. Got it. Goodnight you guys.”
More good nights exchanged as Andrea tried to get in the room.
“Let me help.”
“Thanks handsome. My hands aren’t working.”
He smirked at her as he opened the door and helped her inside.
“Naked cuddles?”
Seb chuckled before he kissed her, “Whatever your heart desires, dragoste.”
“Noooo, drunk sex is no fun and you know what happens when you start speaking in Romanian.”
“I do know what happens.” He kissed her again as she dragged her fingers through his hair. “You wouldn’t have to do any work, chopstick. I got you.”
She moaned softly against his lips, “Even after the mention of a wedding?”
“You don’t even wanna get married.”
“A man can change his mind. Just like a certain woman seems to have changed hers.”
She looked into his eyes, he was sure. Steady in his gaze as her eyes moved about his face.
“Te iubesc.”
His eyes got wide hearing her speak Romanian for the first time in person, “Si eu te iubesc.”
“I promise, Drea.”
Tumblr media
“A dress huh?”
Chris pinched the bridge of his nose shaking his head, smirking.
“Only if she dared me.”
“Please don’t tell her that.”
He raised his hands in defense.
“A dress would probably look nice on you though. With that tiny waist of yours.”
He touched his heart pretending to cry, “You’d still accept me if I wanted to wear dresses?”
“Shut up, goofy.”
He smiled, making his eyes crinkle.
“But yeah, I would. I don’t think you have any weird ass quirks that would be a major no for me.”
“Thank god.”
“Thank ya Jesus!”
He snorted out a laugh as he went through his suitcase.
“What do you want to sleep in?”
“I should be asking you that.”
He turned to her completely nude form.
“Damn girl, you have the best ideas.”
Dominique laughed loudly as he playfully tackled her to the bed.
Tumblr media
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The Bachelors Masterlist
Tumblr media
Hey everybody. I’m working on this masterlist that way it’s easier for everyone to have everything in one place. This series is still in progress. I really don’t know how long this series is going to be lol but as long as I’m inspired to write it, it’ll continue. So that means there’s no cap, no limit to how long this could go on. 
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four    Side Story
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
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Classic cockwarming with Alpha!Bucky while he peppers kisses all over your face and tells you how much he loves you 😌 (maybe even falling asleep with him still inside you cause he wore you out 😏)
NSFW thots below. No minors.
Tumblr media
Don't copy, rewrite or repost my drabbles. Last thirstday one of the night. Comments and reblogs are great.
You know who loves cockwarming? Chubby alpha Bucky.
He's loves having you on his lap anyway, you can't remember the last time you sat in a chair in your home.
"I'm the best seat you got Bunny," he grumbled when you made the egregious error of sitting in the loveseat during movie night.
You had just flung your blanket around your legs when he stormed in and scooped you up with one hand, grabbing your blanket with the other. You'll never get used to the way he treats you as if you weigh nothing. Bucky didn't hear your surprised squeal, he was too busy complaining that you were being mean to him, leaving him all alone.
 You pointed out the chair was right next to his. Which did not help your case at all. He glared at your smiling face, growling, “really Bunny just going to let your alpha freeze to death huh?” 
You burst into giggles, listening to him huff as he turned on the TV. He carted you around the downstairs, still holding you with one hand, getting the snacks and drinks from the fridge. "Just gonna let me suffer huh? All alone. By myself. Freezing to- I'm not being dramatic- you can't spoil an alpha with your sweet body and then take away it from him bunny."
Your arms are looped around his neck, tears streaming down your face from laughing so hard. He's incorrigible but you love it. No other alpha is so proud of their omega or willing to be so affectionate and caring. You really got lucky with him. Even if you can't use sit in a chair. 
By the time he plopped back on the couch and tucked the blanket around both of you, caging you in just in case you tried to abandon him again, he was still pouting even though he denied it. Alphas don't pout bunny but gimme a kiss so I feel better.
So yes, he loves having you on his lap. And sometimes when you're stressed out or you need a distraction, he'll have you sit on his cock.  Your belly squished into his soft round stomach, and he put his thick arms around you. Crushing you to his chest because he wants to feel all of you on him. The bond between you full of love and adoration
And it's so comforting. Being full, until Bucky, you didn't know you could feel so full, his cock nestled deep inside you. 
His clean masculine scent, divine sandalwood, and something uniquely him, surrounding you. He'll scent your wrists and throat so he clings to you.  His large hands kneading and rubbing your back until you're relaxed. . 
And his lips. God, his lips are sinful. He can't stop kissing you. Soft passionate kisses along your jaw, collarbone, and shoulders, whispering affectionate praise along your skin. Lingering forehead kisses before devouring your lips until your panting and leaning in for more.
 Sometimes you'll talk, sometimes you'll listen to him, his deep voice is your favorite sound, it's soothing and warm. You can fall asleep with him inside you as he tells you how much he loves you. He'll graze your throat, his teeth scraping over your mating gland, assuring you without works that you'll always be cherished and protected with him.
You'll wake up to him languidly fucking you, the incredible sensations of him gliding along your warm, velvety walls piercing your dreams, your orgasm unfurling as your eyes flutter open, mouth dropping open with a low moan. 
"There ya go, good girl, that's my good girl," he praises, "needed you to cum for me, just wanted to feel you for a minute." He kisses your shoulder, laying you back on his chest. "Go back to sleep, that's all I needed Bunny."
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