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#sebastian stan x fluff
sstan-hoe · 8 days ago
𝑆𝑞𝑢𝑖𝑟𝑡𝑖𝑛𝑔 — 𝑆𝑒𝑏𝑎𝑠𝑡𝑖𝑎𝑛 𝑆𝑡𝑎𝑛
𝑃𝑎𝑖𝑟𝑖𝑛𝑔 — Sebastian Stan x Fem!reader
𝑊𝑎𝑟𝑛𝑖𝑛𝑔𝑠 — SMUT, squirting, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it)
𝑊𝑜𝑟𝑑 — I gotta say I tried to go for a short but hot fic yk, reblog and comment! *not my gif
Tumblr media
„Seb! Stop, oh god!“ Sebastian draw hard circles over your clit, a shit eating grin painting his face. Sebastian had tried for the last two months to squirt and right now he was the closest he’d ever been.
You had nothing against it, it even was your idea but right now you had a weird feeling in your belly which you’d never felt before.
Sebastian said it had to be like this and that you were about to squirt. The feeling hurt a bit however it was quickly covered with pleasure as relief came over you.
Your boyfriend grinned at you as you overlaid his face with your juice. “You fucking bastard.” You breathed out as you fell back into the pillows. “Bastard? I just made you squirt and come!” He laughed at you.
When you brought up the idea of him making you squirt you didn’t know it was going to be like that. The first few tries were unsuccessful, so Sebastian had the glorious idea to do it when you had to be which was actually cheating as you said.
“You ready for another?” He asked wiggling his eyebrows with a seductive smirk. “Sorry, but I don’t have to pee again which means you can’t cheat, and we know how the last few times went…” You trailed off as your eyes moved to the sheets.
Sebastian took that offensive and suddenly you were grabbed by your ankles pulled down further on the bed.
Surprised a gasp fell from your lips at his actions.
He grasps you hips and shoves himself deep inside, not giving you any chance to adjust to his size like he did so often. Sebastian pulls back and shoves back in hard enough to move you several inches up the sheets.
Sebastian never before thrusted so hard and maybe that was the reason you had never squirted sooner.
The feeling you have felt not too long ago was building up again like a thread that was threatened to be cut with a scissor. A snap, a cut, the right angle to the right spot was all it took for you waters to break once more.
You man couldn’t be any happier as he grinned from ear to ear proud of himself that he made you cum and squirt without ‘cheating’.
“Tell me I cheater once more I dare you to.” He whispered as his thrusts slowed down. “And get that outcome again?” You cocked a brow at him receiving a chuckle from him.
“You know I haven’t come yet today…” He lowly trailed of.
Your eyes widened in shock. “I’m not gonna make you squirt.” You said with raised hands. Sebastian shook his head in response. “No draga that’s not what I meant.”
𝑇𝑎𝑔𝑠 —
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wintersfilm · 3 months ago
𝐛𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐭𝐨 𝐛𝐞𝐝 — bucky barnes
summary: bucky wakes up without you and sets himself on a personal mission.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
♡ pairing: bucky barnes x fem!avenger!reader
!! warnings: so cute, fluffy, drabble so it’s very short, i have been so unmotivated to write so i’m sorry if this isn’t the best, just wanted to write this because the concept is the cutest!!
✎ authors note: this scenario came to me and i needed to write it asap. i love the idea of bucky being so in love he can’t go without morning cuddles pls </3
𝟔:𝟓𝟗𝐀𝐌 . . at the avengers compound, monday mornings are reserved for relaxing and getting physically and mentally ready for the week while an unspeakable amount of coffee cups line the kitchen table as proof of the lives that wandered around these halls at the crack of dawn.
in the kitchen, your hands hug the warm white mug which is almost empty for the third time. wanda slips another piece of toast on to your plate while tony tries to top up your cup when you spot bucky entering the living room. he moves towards natasha and clint, his flesh hand pawing at his eyes, rubbing the sleep out of them. the pair on the couch gesture to the kitchen and his head snaps up, eyes landing on you and before you know it, he is heading towards you.
in the kitchen, your hands hug the warm white mug which is almost empty for the third time. wanda slips another piece of toast on to your plate while tony tries to top up your cup when you spot bucky entering the living room. he moves towards natasha and clint, his flesh hand pawing at his eyes, rubbing the sleep out of them. the pair on the couch gesture to the kitchen and his head snaps up, eyes landing on you and before you know it, he is heading towards you.
in the kitchen, your hands hug the warm white mug which is almost empty for the third time. wanda slips another piece of toast on to your plate while tony tries to top up your cup when you spot bucky entering the living room. he moves towards natasha and clint, his flesh hand pawing at his eyes, rubbing the sleep out of them. the pair on the couch gesture to the kitchen and his head snaps up, eyes landing on you and before you know it, he is heading towards you.
he smiles, which you return before turning around to get back to the conversation and to pry tony away from your mug. despite your best efforts he manages to top it up, pushing the milk and sugar towards you. you’re still holding the slice of toast wanda handed you so you put down the cup, ready to prepare your fourth cup when two arms pull you from your chair. in a matter of a few seconds bucky has you pressed to his chest, him carrying you away from the counter in bridal style.
“and now back to bed.” he whispers, almost to himself as if he is checking his next task on a to-do list. another laugh escapes you and you wrap your arms around his neck, that one piece of toast hanging from your fingertips.
“it’s getting late, pretty boy, we should go back and eat.” you tell him through laughs. without another thought he turns his head, taking a bite of the toast as he continues to carry you through the hallways, his pace not faltering even when he turns his neck for another bite. when you get to his door you pop the last bit into his mouth while he pushes open the door.
the mattress accepts your body as you melt into the soft bed you only left 40 minutes ago. it’s still warm with bucky’s body heat and you suddenly can’t remember why you ever left your own personal heaven for a cold and uncomfortable chair at the kitchen table.
“wanted to wake up with you.” bucky mumbles as he pulls off the clothes he quickly scrambled on for his personal mission. “my favourite part of the day.” he adds and you spot the way his eyes stay closed even as he climbs under the sheets. “c’mere.” he whispers and you melt as he wraps his arms around you.
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imsebastiansta-n · a month ago
PR Stunt Masterlist (Mini Series)
Tumblr media
PR (public relations) or Publicity Stunt: something unusual that is done to attract people's attention to a particular person, product, or organization.
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader (Sebastian Stan x Alejandra Onieva (platonic, PR Stunt)
A/N: Okay so I wrote this bc I have an opinion and so do others. Please don’t comment/reblog talking shit, bc quite frankly I don’t want to hear it. I think the whole ‘relationship’ is bullshit and all she’s looking for is fame and money.  
If you don’t want to read this, that is absolutely fine, just keep scrolling and carry on with your day.
If you read it and have stuff to say and think its horrible? Don’t say it. Keep it to yourself.
If you read it and have your own opinion, great let me know. Just don’t say awful stuff, say your opinion and leave.
If you read it and have the same opinion as me, great let me know. Again, dont be horrible.
Either way, everyone has an opinion whether it be good or bad. As long as I don’t get death threats and little, teeny boppers in my dm’s going all keyboard warrior, go nuts.
PS: before anyone says it, I’m not a ‘jealous’ fan. I just care deeply for Sebastian’s wellbeing and mental health. Something a lot of people seem to forget about.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
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teebarnes · a month ago
Tumblr media
She's Just Like You | Sebastian Stan x Wife!reader
| Word Count: 1k
| Summary: Sometimes it is a struggle when she is her father's daughter, she is mischievous just like your husband and sometimes... you just give up.
| Warning(s): A lil yellin' (not much), fluff for sure, you've got a daughter, messy child, fooood, fake baby name :D
A/N: Mh, les just talk about de gif above for a sec bc... why is he bitin' like that 😭. Anywhooo... hope you enjoy this one, I got a few suggestions for more Seb stan x wife fics :)) so this is for ya'll.
All likes, comment and reblogs are always super duper appreciated :)
Tumblr media
"Li-… No! Honeyyyyy…" you pinch your nose, sighing with your eyes closed. "LILA GEORGETA STAN" you yelled just enough to grab her attention. You stood there with a stern look, your daughter who stopped eating out of the cookie jar sitting on the kitchen counter looking straight at you. Sebastian walks into the kitchen, leaning his big form against the door frame chuckling to himself. You look up at your husband, half glaring and half ready to burst out into a laugh.
Both you and Sebastian's daughter was the epitome of mischievous, just like her dad. Here she was at the age of two, sitting on the countertop, hands deep in the jar of her and her dad's favourite cookies. Sebastian continues to chuckle underneath his breath, quickly grabbing his phone from his denim jacket pocket, swiping to the camera app and clicking away from a few shots of Lila in her own world, as well as you just not knowing what to do with life.
Sebastian shoves his phone back into his pocket, walking over to your daughter. Lila sitting there wide-eyed, watching her dad come closer "hey cutie", he chuckles. You couldn't help but laugh too, which ultimately made your daughter Lila giggle too. Lila hands a half-eaten cookie to her dad, who bites it right out of her hand. "Alrighty", Sebastian groans, picking up his daughter to hold "my gosh, look what those cookies have done." He smirks, holding Lila on his side. She looks at you, making grabby hands, chocolate covering her face. You smiled "here you take, Lila, and I'll clean this mess up" Sebastian turns to you, smiling.
"Are you sure?" You look up at him; Sebastian gives a slight nod, walking towards you so you could take Lila from him. He softly kisses your head. "Mum!" Lila giggles as Sebastian hands her over to you. You chuckle, cuddling her into your arms, your hand softly holding her head as she snuggles into you. "Alright, Miss Lila… let's go get you cleaned up, huh?" You look at Lila, who nods.
Before you leave, you give Sebastian a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you, hon", you smiled, walking into the hall to take Lila into the bathroom "Cu plăcere Dragostea mea" (You're welcome, my love). You smile at Sebastian's Romanian, he had been teaching you how to speak a little Romanian, and by what you could tell, you were doing quite well. You wanted your daughter Lila to learn so she could have a part of her culture within her.
You back up to the kitchen, leaning into your husband's line of vision with Lila looking at him too. You looked back at Lila and poked her stomach "what do you say to dada for cleaning up your mess?" You look at her. Sebastian had one arm resting on the kitchen bench, looking back at the pair of you, Lila smiles, waving at her dad "mulțumesc" (Thank you), fumbling over a few vowels, but her dad got the idea. Sebastian laughs lightly through his nose. She was close enough, he thought, "ești binevenită Lila" (you are welcome, Lila).
Grinning happily, you walk back down and into the bathroom. You sat Lila up on the bathroom counter, grabbing the baby wipes from underneath the counter. You look back up at Lila, who is patiently waiting for you, "Let's hope... You're not like this when you grow up, huh? Or you and I will be having some issues" you chuckle, Lila nods widely before answering back in some gibberish "mhm. Mhm." Wiping the chocolate from her face and hands. "Dada dressed you up nice today", you smiled, watching your daughter play with your bracelet as you finished wiping her face "surprised you didn't get any chocolate on your t-shirt, love".
You pick Lila back up, cuddling her tiny waist. Lila spoke quietly, mumbling a thank you before kissing your cheek. You giggled at your daughter's little interaction. "Awe, you're most welcome, love" "Okay, c'mon now, we gotta go now. Gonna go see your uncle Chris today, huh?" her excitement peaks.
Walking the pair of you back into the kitchen, Sebastian had already finished cleaning everything and packing Lila's snack bag for the car. "Look at you beautiful, Momma cleaned you up", he smiled. You sat Lila on the bench next to her dad as she followed the food being packed into her little snack bag.
"Hungry?" Lila asked her dad. You chuckled, watching your daughter ask for more food despite her nearly eating a whole jar of cookies. Sebastian kneeled down, so he was looking up at his daughter, "sandwich?" her bright eyes glistened, and her head gave a big nod, she pointed at the sandwich "what do you say prințesă?" "vă rog." (please) your daughter sweetly replied.
He kissed her and then gave her the small triangle cut sandwich that she was eagerly waiting for. You shook your head and laughed before making your way into Lila's room to grab a pair of her shoes. You came back to both Sebastian and your daughter sharing a few cookies, "I- I literally left for a minute", your eyes were wide. They were both the same as each other. "A lot can happen in a minute, right, Lila?" your husband carefully nudges your daughter's shoulder. She looks up to her dad and then to you nodding "mhyeah", she mumbled.
Lila extended her hand with a cookie for you to eat. A small smile on your face, you walked closer and bent down to take a bite of her cookie "mhhh, thank you, Lila", You chuckled before putting her shoes on. "We better get going; you don't want uncle C to wait too long" Lila smiled and did a mini dance.
Sebastian laughed, picking Lila up as well as the snack bag. You closed the door behind them, loading everything into the car and buckling Lila into her car seat. Sebastian had started the car, closing Lila's door. You hopped in, buckling yourself in "ready Lila?" you looked into the rearview mirror. She gives you a small thumbs-up before attending to her toys.
"That's your child", you sighed looking at Sebastian. "Our y/n... our daughter" he emphasised.
Tumblr media
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Mistakes are my own, please do not repost, copy or translate my fics; all writing is my own.
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angeli-marco-writes · 3 months ago
Sebastian Stan - The Ballet Teacher
A/N & WC - I do not know Sebastian, nor do I claim to: this is a work of fiction. I was a dancer, though, and it was fun to relive my ballet days through this. I'm also not Eastern European, though, but I researched Romanian and Russian words for this. 2.6k.
Warnings - Romanian words I've probably spelt wrong, Dad!Seb being cute, reader speaks Russian, yelling.
Summary - Ballet teacher!reader. Sebastian's daughter attends a very prestigious ballet school, but when she's late out one day, the last thing he expects to happen is to meet her wonderful new teacher, who has him head over heels.
Tumblr media
SEBASTIAN COULDN’T BE PROUDER of his wonderful daughter if he tried. Fourteen and already top of her class at one of the most prestigious ballet academies in all of the USA. Cătălina Georgeta Stan is at the absolute top of her game, and Sebastian’s only qualm with the whole thing is how often he’s forking out on beautiful $100 satin pointe shoes that she waxes, paints, varnishes, sews, ties, stands on and beats every week, only to dance on them every day, wearing the shank out. It seems that she gets through them every fortnight, and that’s not to mention the amount of normal ballet slippers, character shoes, tap shoes, jazz shoes and more, piled on top of the leotards, tights and skirts. Being successful has its price, but money isn’t an object to Seb, not when it’s all flowing into his incredible daughters career, one that she’s worked hard for since her first dance class when she was just two.
Being a single father was never the easiest job in the world, but now it means he never has to share his love and pride for Cătălina with anyone else. She’s all his to dote on, to treat, to utterly spoil.
Usually, on a Saturday, or any day Cătălina has dance classes, in fact, she’ll be outside and in the car with Seb within ten minutes of her class ending, running him through every event of the day, telling him what she learnt, so excited about getting better with each and every day that she can’t seem to stick to one language, so Sebastian has to concentrate extra hard when driving and listening to her slide between English and Romanian.
Today, however, she’s late. It’s been fifteen minutes and all five-foot-two of Cătălina hasn’t yet come barrelling out the doors, her great bag slung over her shoulder, instantly hugging her father. He raises his wrist, taps the watch face, and reads it. No sign.
Most parents wait in cars, or let their children commute, but Seb is adamant that he has to drop Cătălina there and collect her every single session without fail. Overzealous? Perhaps. But he’s not letting his fourteen year old daughter onto the tube on her own with only some wooden dance shoes to protect herself.
He taps his foot impatiently on the carpet of the footwell in his car, the ticking of the seconds mocking him, until his patience itself ticks out as he flings the door open and steps out, locking the car as he stalks into the building. He knows all the necessary codes, just in case, and when he was brought on a tour here by the principal before admitting his daughter here, so he knows how to get to the studio she’s in. At least he thinks so.
It would help if he actually knew his daughters teachers, but a new ballet teacher came in this past term, an incredible woman called Miss y/n, so he hears from Cătălina, an ex Prima, and he hasn’t yet had the honour to make her acquaintance yet. He checks the schedule on his phone, checking that she’s in ballet, and then flicks on ‘find my friends.’ Contrary to popular belief, Seb can be practical, and he follows the little green circle around the twining bends and sharp corners of the prestigious academy until he’s face to face with an oak door towards the left of an entire glass wall. Just beside him is a stack of labelled cubby holes. Towards the bottom is Cătălina’s, which he smiles to himself at. There’s a soft piano rhythm coming from within, and two dozen dancing bodies are jumping and turning right on the beat, the tips of their toes driving them into the floor. The sheer skill… He’s always admired it, though he does jump a little when the music clicks off and your shout is heard by him. It snaps him from his reverie, at least, and he trains his eyes on how obedient his daughter suddenly is from a single word from you.
“Stop!” you shout all of a sudden, stopping the music as you clap thunderously. They seem to only learn the way you were taught, brutally. “Watch. It is wrong.”
Every girl in the room closes instinctively into third position once they’ve scurried back to their original positions, though a couple of them cast glances over their shoulders, catching sight of Sebastian. You look up, too. Scolding them for looking would be a viable way to go, but then you’d be a hypocrite, and he is rather tasty. You do wonder, though, why he’s here.
Catching sight of him, you smile before tugging your warm up gear off; he smiles back, a shy thing, his eyes twinkling. The same blue eyes as Cătălina, your star student.
Limbering up, you press play once more, and begin to shout out each movement as you dance it. “DÉGAGÉ DÉGAGÉ PIROUETTE AND ROND DE JAMBE. GRAND ADAGE, SAUTER, GLISSE, COUPE, GLISSE, FIFTH. FOUETTE…” With this last move, you cut off as you rise onto pointe, completing a series of fouette turns before landing at last.
Polite smatters of applause burst from all of your students, an even louder round from the kindly gentleman outside the glass. A few of the girls cast a look over their shoulders and giggle. You can’t entirely blame them; it’s not every day that there’s a handsome man in fitted blue jeans and a leather jacket standing outside. You probably should check he’s not a predator, though.
“One moment, girls,” you call, and train your eyes on this fellow as you tug your warm up jumper back on, and glide out the door. How can one man look so good in a plain white tee? “Can I help you, Sir?”
“Oh, I’m sorry,” he stammers nervously, his hand flying to his chin, stroking his beard, “my daughter is i— in your class, and she was due out twenty minutes ago. I, um, was worried.”
“Did I run over that much? I’m so sorry, Mr…”
“Stan. Cătălina’s Tată.”
He visibly winces, perhaps at the use of a ‘not English’ turn of phrase. Thankfully, you understand it.
“Of course!” you exclaim. Those blue eyes, a dead giveaway, not to mention that they match your jumper perfectly.
“Wait, is that an Eastern European accent I detect?”
You gasp a little in surprise, there’s a certain twinge to his accent, paired with the Romanian term of ‘father’. “Yes, definitely. And on you too.”
He nods, his hands now clasped behind his back.
“You know what, wait for after class. One sequence, I will meet you.” you say, smiling to him one last time before re-entering your studio. “Come on ladies, again!”
They complete the sequence twice, once just to your claps and the second time with the backing track. They all say thank you as they begin a steady stream out of the room. They all bid you a good day, waving and smiling before turning to gossip amongst themselves at the handsome man now sidling into the room, his shoulders hunched.
“Dad?” Cătălina says. “Why are you here?”
“You were late, Cat. I’m just going to talk to your teacher, come in once you’ve got your kit.”
She furrows her brows, you observe, but does as she’s bidden.
“Go on then, what do you think?”
“Hmm, Ukraine?” he guesses.
His strides are wide across the polished floor, his black boots so out of place when compared with the dainty pink ballet slippers so often seen. As he approaches you once more, you can’t help but notice the height difference between you both, even as you rise up onto pointe.
“Good guess, but no. I was raised in Russia, ballet school.”
“Oh, of course!” he exclaims, running a hand through his dark hair, “and me?”
His stubbled jaw falls slightly slack, “How?”
“I teach your daughter.”
His chuckle is music to your ears, warm and hearty, the way a man should laugh in your head, and it goes right to your belly, setting flutters off.
“Are you a dancer? Cat is very good, she must get that talent from somewhere.”
He holds his strong, rough hands up in surrender. You take the opportunity to fall back onto flat feet, moving to sit down.
“Definitely not. I was a gymnast for a couple of years though, so that might help.”
“Oh yes, yes,” you agree, tugging at the ribbons at your ankles.
“You’re really good,” he compliments a little hurriedly, gesticulating, and you can already see him mentally face-palming, his cute face flushing and scrunching up, “Obviously you are, you’re a teacher here…”
You giggle a little, already flattered by his complement, “Thank you. That means a lot.”
He seems taken aback. “Really? But weren't you a prima ballerina?”
You stand up again, now with trainers on your worn out feet. “Yes, for ten years with a big Russian ballet company, but my coaches were always hard on me even then. Compliments within this industry are hard to find.”
And of course, Cat re-enters at this exact moment. “Tata, can we get Momite?” she asks, her hands tucked into the pockets of her hoodie.
“Of course, Pisi, I was just talking to Miss, y/n. You didn’t tell me she was so nice.”
You try to ignore is hidden inflection, but your nerves begin to tingle, your heart caught in your throat.
Cat shrugs, brows arched, “She’s too young for you.”
As amusing as their discussion is to you, you fold your arms over your chest and turn your attention to Cat; “How old do you think I am, Cătălina Stan?”
“I dunno, twenty five?”
You gasp a little, smiling, “That’s the greatest compliment I’ve received in years.”
Sebastian stops, and moves his hand to your arm, “You certainly don’t look it, and you dance wonderfully.”
“Thank you, Mr Stan.”
“Sebastian,” he squeezes your upper arm just hard enough to assert his presence but gentle enough that you feel like a precious delicacy, “please.”
Your cheeks begin to heat, casting your eyes away shyly, watching Sebastian from the mirror instead, the way his tongue darts out to dampen his rosy lips.
“Just ask her out already, Dad,” Cat exclaims.
If you thought you were visibly embarrassed, Sebastian outdoes you tenfold. His beautiful plump cheeks glow a bright crimson, his eyes crinkling a little at the side, the shyest smile you’ve ever seen creeping onto his lips.
“I— well, um… Cat.” He stumbles for words, and proceeds to stumble over his own two feet even with his laces tied and his stance balanced. You can’t help but chuckle at the beautifully adorable sight.
“How about I give you my number and you can ask me out when your daughter isn’t breathing down your neck?” you tease, winking good-heartedly just to lighten the mood.
Well damn if you haven't heard a cuter sound than this bear-like, grown-ass man giggling like a child on helium.
“Y— yeah, okay…”
You can’t help but smile at him as you turn your back, and you desperately try not to look in the mirror as Sebastian and Cat speak incredibly animatedly with flailing hands and raised eyebrows and hushed Romanian words. You understand the root of it, the basic premise of the back and forth being that Cat thinks Sebastian should ask you out but he’s trying to be respectful of the situation despite how pretty you are, something that sends shivers all throughout your body, turning back once you find a pen. You feigned the whole search which Cat undoubtedly knows, seeing as your pen was out on your book all day, but Sebastian’s cute, blushing, teddy bear face in the mirror was too cute to miss.
“Sleeve up then, Domnul.”
“Seb, please… Wait— Was that Romanian?”
You see the flare of inquisitiveness in his cerulean blue eyes, lighting up the whole room, and loose a sigh before saying, “You speak basic Russian, right?” He nods. “Where we come from, languages all blend, ne tak li?”
“Yeah,” he chuckles, flexing his arms as he rolls his sleeve up to reveal his beefy forearm, banded with muscle and dusted with chocolate brown hair, though the bulging veins that line his skin are prominent: you think your eyes may be bulging at the sight. “I suppose we do.”
You bite the lid off your pen as sensually as you can, keeping it precariously between your teeth even while you let the black ink of your phone number seep onto Sebastian’s tan-white skin, only removing it to place a feather light kiss to his inner wrist.
“Your handwriting is... wow.”
“Thanks. Were you taught the ‘not giving up’ saying at school? They drilled it in as we learnt to write, repeating it.”
“The overly religious one about God?”
“Yes!” you exclaim. “Bog lubit troitsu.”
“Dumnezeu iubește treimea, yeah. Same roots, you see.”
“I see.” you laugh, letting your fingers rest at the heel of his palm perhaps a moment too long.
“Why did they use a saying about God to make you do school work and handwriting?” Cătălina interjects.
“Its English equivalent is the ‘at first not succeed, try try again.’” you explain, snatching your palm away despite the heat of the gentle contact.
“Oh, really?”
“We wrote Russian cursive, we had no fears. We had to try again, we had to get it perfect. I suppose it's like that with your lessons.”
“That was the same with us!” Sebastian exclaims, his words laced with excitement, with remembrance, but then his face takes on a sombre tone, his eyes limned with pain at the memory of school. “God, those days were awful weren’t they.”
“The worst,” you concur, “but hey, we are here now.”
“That we are.”
He inclines his head towards you in silent agreement, the memories haunting, melancholy, and yet without them, you and Sebastian mayn’t have anything to bond over. Your past has brought you here today, you’re convinced of it. Not his daughter, not fate, not your class running over, but your experiences. And that’s what’s so special.
“I— I really would love to see you again.” Sebastian says after a moment of silence, Cătălina’s hand now firmly in his grip.
“And you too,” you say, trying not to sound too eager.
He smiles at you, and waves over to you as he begins to leave, Cat by his side, desperately trying to silently communicate with him, but he’s locked in his own world. His boots thudding on the polished wood floor reverberate all around you. In a desperate attempt to push him out of your mind as he takes off—it’s on him now, he has your number, he can call you—you step into an open fourth, directly facing the mirror, and train your eyes only on your turnout. Rising up onto your toes, you begin to turn.
Sebastian casts a furtive glance over his shoulder, Cat already out the door and ready to run off down the stairs, when he hears your heavy, though steady, breaths. There you are. Your practise skirt floats around you, picked up by the wind at every turn, your centre of gravity holding well, your spotting impeccable. That’s when he decides to throw caution to the wind, waiting until you finish with a graceful step, of course.
“Y’know what, dinner, tonight. I’ll text you the address.”
His voice catches you by surprise, your chest heaving as you turn to face him. It’s your turn to become flustered this time, as you smile at him, smile coyly, and say. “Okay, I’ll be there. Bye Sebastian”
“Bye, Vishenka.”
You wave to one another as he finally leaves, and watch him through the glass at the back of the studio, laughter spilling from you when he detaches his hand from Cat’s in order to perform one of the most controlled, technically perfect cartwheels you’ve ever seen from a thirty-something year old man in a leather jacket and combat boots.
“You’re teaching me after dinner!” you shout.
How is he falling for his daughter's ballet teacher? He asks himself as he bows after his little show, but his thoughts quieten with your kind, enticing words. So, he just winks, and beams right back at you.
Glossary: (I used google translate I'm so sorry, correct me if I'm wrong)
Tata - father (rom)
Vishenka - cherry, affectionate name (rus)
Pisi - baby, term of endearment (rom)
Momite - grilled sweet breads (rom)
Domnul - Mister (rus)
Bog lubit troitsu/Dumnezeu iubește treimea - God loves the trinity, essentially meaning 'if at worst you don't succeed, try and try again'. (rus/rom)
Ne tak li - don't they? (rus)
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bentobarnes · 3 months ago
『𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐦𝐚𝐢𝐝 𝐨𝐟 𝐡𝐨𝐧𝐨𝐫 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐛𝐞𝐬𝐭 𝐦𝐚𝐧』
note : my requests are OPEN! Feel free to send me story requests
pairings : sebastian stan x reader
word count : 1k
request by anon (thank you!): reader and sebastian can't stand each other but they have to work together as the maid of honor and the best man at their friend's wedding. How will everything end?
warnings : tiny bit of finggering, fluff
*feedback is appreciated. please reblog so it can reach more people♡
Tumblr media
You were the maid of honor at your best friend’s wedding. You were beyond excited to be next to your friend and help her throughout the wedding with everything that needed to be done.
But there was something about the wedding that you particularly wanted to exclude. Sebastian Stan. You hated him. He was charming, with a pretty face and he was kind. You hated him because he could never be yours.
He was the best man at the wedding and you hated that part because you had to do many activities with him. Which meant spending a lot of time in his company.
You were sure he hated you because every time you were in a room with him you both ended up fighting over something. Not a pleasant thing to do while arranging a wedding for your friends.
This is how you got into the situation you were in back then.
“No, the flowers should be in the center of the gift table.” You argued in a harsh tone.
“It won’t be practical we have to put them more on the left or right side.” Sebastian fought back at you. This man was thinking he is the best decision-maker but you didn’t think so.
“Can you leave me for once decide one thing without you telling me what do to!” You almost shouted at him, your voice loud not wanting to take any more of this.
“I’m not telling you what to do I’m just saying what will be the best!” He was calm but from the sound of his voice, you notice that soon he will shout at you just like you did.
“I’m done with this. Do whatever you want I’m going to pick the cards from the gift maker.” You murmured before taking your jacket and left out.
“I’m just saying what would be the best.” You mimicked his voice under your nose when you got into your car. He was annoying but god, he was so hot in that tight black t-shirt.
You were preparing your best friend’s hair when she lifted the theme about you and Sebastian.
“You and Sebastian seemed to have lots of fun preparing all this.” She started with a soft tone. “I know you play like the tough woman but I can sense your adoration for him from kilometers so don’t lie.”
“You know me too well, don’t you? He is cute but annoys me to the bones and he probably doesn’t like me so it’s whatever.” You replied not being able to hold back from your best friend.
“I think he likes you. Who knows? I can see him watching you when you look away and he looks interested.” Your friend shrugged her shoulders making you think over and over her words.
“Let’s not think about this now. You are the most important today not my love life.” You clipped the last strain of hair, smiling in the mirror at the look of the finished hairstyle.
“Be careful with the rings, Stan” You exclaimed seeing Sebastian holding the little velvet cushion with the two marriage rings gently resting on it.
“Watch your legs, you may fall while holding the bouquet behind the bride!” He returned your insult while observing your body.
You were wearing a velvet, tight, short dress in pallet with the theme of the wedding. He thought you look sexy in it and he wanted to rip it off you and see that beautiful body of yours.
You checked him out from head to toes. The black suit fitting him like a chef’s kiss with the velvet bowtie and white shirt adorning his body. He looked classy and handsome.
You were sitting across the room looking at Sebastian. Everything went well. The wedding was perfect and now the people were having fun at the after-party.
You were happy. Happy for your best friend but for you were far from happy. Sad smile adorning your face while you were looking at Sebastian.
He at least looked happy. Joking around with the others. Spending a quality of good time.
“As we all know our best man and the maid of honor are dearest friends of ours and the tradition says that they need to share a dance.” Your best friend’s husband talked on the microphone and everyone cheered.
You felt embarrassed, angry, and of course, excited to be so close to Sebastian.
When you stepped on the dancing Sebastian extended his hand so you could slide yours into his. His hand was soft, touching your skin like a feather.
The music started playing and you both danced slowly in synchrony. After a couple of minutes, you leaned forward, head resting against his chest.
His hand slid down your waist. The action sending goosebumps through your body.
“I thought you hate me.” Sebastian whispered into your ear.
“I don’t hate you. I just can’t be yours.” You muttered against his chest.
“What if I tell you I like you since we had our first argument?” His hand was moving up and down your back.
“I won’t believe you.” You replied but deep down you knew he was telling the truth.
“You know that dress would look a lot better on the floor.” He smirked looking down at you. Your eyes were wide at the sudden confession.
“Seb, I can’t take it anymore, please.” You moaned trying to be as quiet as possible. Having Sebastian’s fingers between your wet folds in the bathroom of the hotel was not part of the party plan.
But it was the best plan you could ever make. He was pushing and twisting his fingers inside you, hitting your g-spot a couple of times, pleasure building up in your stomach.
After a couple more minutes of playing with your sensitive clit and fingers buried inside of you, you came to your high. A wave of pleasure spilling down your tights.
You had a hard time catching your breath not being able to get a proper amount of oxygen in your lungs.
“Do not think I’m done with you yet, doll?” Sebastian whispered into your ear, biting a bit of it.
“Round 2 at my room?” You breathlessly asked leaning more and more onto the wall trying to support your body.
“Everything for you, sweetheart.” Sebastian kissed your neck a few times before helping you clean up yourself.
You were walking to your room, your hand in his while guiding you through the hall. That night would be so much fun.
Tag list: @lovie-barnes , @littlecanadianlani
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chasecollinns · 4 months ago
Deal Closer, Bucky Barnes x Steve Rogers AU
- (fem!reader x CEO Bucky Barnes x CEO Steve Rogers)
Summary: You're dating your boss, Bucky Barnes, and he needs your help sealing a deal.
Warnings: Includes Smut! 18+ Only Minors Do Not Interact! Includes Anal, Double Penetration, Rimming (M->F), Oral (M->F) and (F->M), Bucky has a bit of a heel fetish, Steve is a bit of an ass and talks down to the reader. (I suck at summaries) Sorry for any typos; I typed this on my phone.
Word Count: 3,091
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You look out at your keyboard as you type up a report. Pushing a piece of hair behind your ear, you take a sip of the coffee that sat beside your keyboard and stretched your hands a bit. Then you crossed your legs and looked down at the pair of black Louis Vuitton heels you wore to work that day, and a smile curves on your lips as you bit your lip thinking about the night before.
You looked up at the ceiling, hearing the voice of your boss and secret lover booming out of the intercom, calling you to see him in his office. You got up from your desk, pushed some hair behind your ear, and walked down the row of cubicles until you got to his office. You pushed the door opened and smiled over at him as you could feel his eyes studying your every move.
Bucky Barnes, your boss and the man who had been fucking you senseless for the past month, licked his lips as he saw you come in wearing his favorite red skirt and black heels. He stood by his desk, leaning against it with a smirk as you walked towards him. He wore a black suit, the top few buttons unbuttoned, showing a little of his chest. You could feel yourself getting wet just at the sight of him.
"Close and the door behind you, you," he said, licking his lips.
"Sure," you replied as you closed the door.
"you, you've been doing great work," Bucky said, roughly pulling you forward before kissing you and grabbing your ass cheeks.
"Awe, thanks," you said, "It helps to have great leadership guiding you."
"Guess what … you've been promoted," Bucky said as he lifted you up and sat you down onto his desk.
"Um, that's good," you said, "Thank you," Bucky loved when you played innocent.
"Now you get a reward for your hard work, doll," Bucky said while rubbing his now hardening dick through his slacks.
You smile up at Bucky as he eyes you like a predator eyes their prey. Your skirt is pulled down slowly, and Bucky smirks up at you as he takes in that you don't have any panties on. He pushes your skirt off of your feet. You try to kick your heels off, and he stops you and places a powerful kiss on your lips.
"Those stay on, doll," he says with a growl. "You know how much I love to fuck you with the heels on," he hums as he feels your hand reach out to grab onto his dick through his slacks.
"Just like last night," you hum ad pull him closer to you by his tie.
He laughed as you pulled him closer to his desk, and he wrapped his arms around you. He loved to have you in his arms, this close to him. He didn't get it enough. He held you so tight against him that you could feel your nipples hardening. He laid you onto the desk and reached up, unbuttoning your shirt and letting it fall away from your tits. Starting at your tummy, he kissed his way up, his hands playing with your breasts after he freed them from the confines of your bra.
"My perfect little doll," he hummed as he sucked on one of your nipples.
As he licked and sucked on each of your breasts, his hands traveled down to your core. He gently moved his fingers along your clit and groaned as he felt how wet you were for him. He kissed his way up to your lips, crashing his soft pink lips onto yours and moaning into the kiss as you pull him closer by his hair. He was smelling your hair, and for some reason, that turned you on. He pressed his head into your neck and bit the skin sucking on it. He knew it would leave a mark letting you know he was there, and you loved when he did that.
Your pussy was soaked, and you could feel your juices starting to flow down your thigh. Bucky's hands were now under your thighs, so he could push them apart.
He pulled away from you slowly, and you let out a groan missing his kisses on your neck. He sits down in his office chair and pulls your hips closer, and lets you throw your legs over his shoulders.
He spread your legs wider and smirked up at you as his face lined up with your pussy. You were dripping wet, and your pussy was spread open a little more due to the way he had your legs pushed apart. Your pussy glistened from your juices, and he couldn't wait any longer. He took his tongue and spread you open, sucking your tasty nectar. His tongue wiggled in and out between your slit. He sucked and nibbled on each pussy lip, carefully rotating his tongue inside of your slit. Then out of nowhere, he attacked your clit.
He began to suck on it the way you loved and bit it gently with his teeth. You were in pure ecstasy, grabbed the sides of his head, and forced him closer to your pussy. You loved the way he ate you out. Not all men had the skills to please you the way that Bucky Barnes could.
"Oh, God!" You moaned into your hand as you began to cum. He smirked as your body trembled as he flicked your clit again with the tip of his tongue.
"I want you in me now," you murmured.
"You want me to stretch you out, doll?" He murmured. "Gonna take me so good," he said as he stood up.
Bucky stood up, unbuckled his pants, and dropped them down to his ankles before pushing his boxers down. His dick finally sprung from his boxers. You loved his dick; it was 8 inches long with a sharp downward curve. You grabbed his dick in your hand, stroking him as he looked down at you with bright blue eyes. You guided his dick to your pussy and rubbed it slowly on your clit before guiding him inside your dripping pussy.
He pushed all the way inside her with the first thrust and smirked as he began to fill and stretch you with his dick. He found your lips and groaned into your lips.
"That's it, doll," he said, looking into your eyes. "You like when I stretch you out, don't ya?" He said in a low groan.
"Takin' my dick so so good," he said as his fingers dipped into your hips.
His nails gently dug into your skin, but you loved when he did that. You could feel the head of his dick massaging your g-spot with each stroke. You always thought it was because of the curve that he had. The room was filled with the loud noise of sex—the sound of his dick inside your wet folds and the sound of skin on skin. You pushed your hips forward, meeting each of his thrusts. He pinned your hands behind your head and kissed you hard before he began to fuck you harder. You always loved the sound that your bodies made when he fucked you so hard that his balls slapped against you, hitting your clit perfectly, adding even more pleasure. Bucky could feel your pussy starting to throb heavily. You were nearing another orgasm, faster and faster. You moved your hips until you lost control and the waves of pleasure came over you.
"I'm cumming," you cried. Your body shook violently, and Bucky groaned as he felt your pussy pushing you out of him. He smirked and looked down, seeing your cum shooting from your pussy like a flood.
You were spent because of the last orgasm, but you knew Bucky was close and hadn't finished. You grabbed Bucky's dick and shoved it back inside of your pussy; Bucky smirked and began pumping you like there was no tomorrow. You took your right hand and massaged his balls, and smiled up at him. He started to pump in and out of your pussy faster, and he could feel the familiar feeling in his stomach letting him know he was close, and soon he was blasting his load of cum into your pussy. He left with his dick inside you and leaned his forehead against yours, and smiled as he placed lazy kisses to your lips before slowly pulling out of you.
You squatted between his leg and smiled as you took his dick in your hands and looked up at him as you sucked the remaining cum through the head of his dick. Bucky cleaned you up and redressed you before pulling you into his lap as he sat at his desk. He stared into your eyes and softly kissed you over and over before you leaned your forehead against his. It didn't matter how rough he could get during sex; after, he was always so sweet and caring.
But believe it or not, that wasn't why Bucky had called you into his office.
Bucky smirked as he looked up into your eyes as you leaned your head lazily into the crook of his neck.
"Keep up the good work, your," Bucky said.
"I will, especially if the rewards are anything like that all the time."
Bucky gave you a deep kiss. You ran your hand up to his short brown hair and moaned into his lips. You and Bucky continued to kiss for a few moments before Bucky pulled away.
"I've got a special job for you. One that will require your special talents," Bucky said, smirking as he looked into your eyes.
"Sure," you responded, "Whatever you need,"
"I need you to be by my side while I close a deal. By helping me make sure the client is comfortable," Bucky said, leaning back in his chair.
"I can do that," you stated.
"Steve Rogers is in charge of negotiations for this company. We go way back, so give him whatever he wants."
He left the room with that. You were surprised to be involved in upper-level negotiations, and you sure as hell didn't realize that you had unique talents.
The following week you and Bucky met Steve at his hotel, a fancy place occupying a large suite. It had two antique sofas and three chairs along with various antique tables. It was a magnificent room. The bathroom was larger than the last hotel room you had stayed in.
In his late thirties, Steve stood around 6 feet 2, had a thick beard, and very green eyes. He had a stern look about him. They chatted about various issues, including their business deal. The discussions became heated and tense as offers and counteroffers were made. They finally broke after five hours.
It had been predetermined that they would play pool for their break. Steve was reputed to be an excellent player, and the hotel had tables in the bar area. you crushed both Bucky and Steve, something that made Steve visibly angry." If you worked for me, I'd fire your ass," Steve told you after the game.
"You never humiliate a client in a game," he said. "No matter the sport, "
"I play to win," you stated, "and you're supposed to be good at this game,"
"Where did you find this bitch Bucky?" Steve said, looking agitated.
"She's my best asset," Bucky replied, "She just doesn't like to lose,"
"She might lose you a contract," Steve growled.
"No, she won't; she knows how to close deals," Bucky replied.
"We'll see," Steve said, looking you over in apparent disgust.
They retreated back to Steve's suite, where Steve showered and exited the bathroom just wearing a white bathrobe. He sat on the sofa, his robe opening slightly to reveal the head of his dick. It was a huge head that hinted at a thick member. You were wondering what he was aiming at when he caught you looking.
"You have the stare of a dicksucker. No wonder you're Bucky's little pet,"
"Take off your clothes," Steve stated, "I want to get a look at you while you suck me,"
You did as you were ordered and stripped down. You knelt down between his legs, slowly licking his big head as he caressed his thighs and balls with his hands. His dick was thick and very hard to engulf with your mouth. You slowly worked down Steve's erection stretching your mouth as you slowly deep throated his shaft. You started pumping him slowly with long, deep strokes with your mouth. You saw Bucky out of the corner of your eye, jerking off at the show.
"You've found a nice dicksucker, Bucky. No wonder she's one of your favorites," Steve said.
"Good help is hard to find, and I like to have the best people around me," Bucky started, leering at the two of him at that moment, growing more jealous than he'd ever been.
You continued to pump his dick, licking and sucking faster and faster. He was groaning louder, squirming on the sofa as you sucked him. Steve returned his attention by fucking your mouth roughly as he felt his balls tighten. He finally let out a beastly growl as he pumped his hot load into your mouth, holding your head on his dick as he squirted his entire load.
"Why don't you keep this little dicksucker warmed up. I'm gonna want another turn with her,"
Bucky moved over and kissed you, tasting what was left of Steve's cum. He licked and kissed down your back until he made it to your asshole. He licked and teased around your pucker while he slowly ran a hand around your thighs and pushed a couple of fingers against your clit. His tongue finally penetrated your ass.
Bucky was so good at rimming; you were always in heaven. Your body was trembling, and you were moaning softly at his advances.
Bucky stood up and sat down on the sofa. Where he began stroking his dick with lube. You knew where this was heading, and you could feel your pussy growing even wetter.
"Come here and mount up," Bucky said with a malicious grin on his face.
You put your back to his face and slowly guided your ass to his dick. He spread your cheeks and lubed your ass before letting his head touch you. You lowered yourself gently onto his mighty dick, gasping with delight as you took him in completely. You started to ride him slowly, picking up pace steadily. You made sure to drive his dick all the way in your ass and grind against his pelvis.
Steve had moved across the room and stood in front of you with his limp dick at mouth level. You took it into his mouth and stroked it with your tongue. It was rising with his attention until it was again hard.
You were getting so hot having two dicks to work over. The feel of Bucky's dick grinding your ass while you revived Steve's erection was spectacular. Yet you could feel something different while Bucky fucked you," something like a sense of urgency.
You pulled Steve's dick out of your mouth, jerking him off slowly while you rode Bucky.
"You wanna fuck my ass?" You said to Steve, almost begging.
"Oh yeah, sugar; I'm going to stretch that ass out," Steve smirked.
You were fucking Bucky fast and hard by now. Bucky's groans were getting louder, and soon he filled your ass with his cum.
That's when you felt Steve's strong hands grab your waist and throw your face down on a rug on the floor. He pinned you down by pressing down on your shoulders as he pressed his lubed dick into your ass as fast as it would take the thick rod. You cried in delight as he drove deep into you, stretching your ass as he pushed.
"Time for your fucking sugar," Steve said as he started pumping in and out of your ass.
"Fuck my ass," you moaned, pressing your hips back against each of his thrusts. "Feeling my ass so good, Mr. Rogers," you hummed.
Steve was fucking you like an animal, thrusting faster and deeper with each stroke. Each thrust drove you into the carpet, giving you carpet burns on your elbows.
The pain didn't matter as you rubbed your clit desperately as Steve began to fuck your ass.
You looked up and saw Bucky walking towards you. He maneuvered in a way so that he could slip his dick into your slick pussy.
The feeling of both of them inside of you made you feel like you were floating. You moved your hand back and pulled Bucky's head towards your mouth, devouring his lips with yours.
"I want you both to cum inside my pussy," you murmur against Bucky's lips, and the two of them stop moving and look down at you. They both smirk at you as Steve pulls from your ass and lets Bucky fuck you for a few minutes as he strokes his dick. Either wanted to hurt you, so Steve lubed his dick up a little more and lined up with Bucky's dick and pushed in, and after a few more thrusts, he came first, followed by Bucky a few seconds later. You laid there with both of them inside you, either of them moving as they play with your hair. After a few minutes, Steve pulls out, followed by Steve, and they help you up, and both start to clean you up. Bucky kisses your carpet burned elbows and knees and smiles up at you.
"You've got the contract," Steve says simply.
"I knew she would be a great deal closer," Bucky smirked and pulled you against his chest.
"Come on, let's get her cleaned up some more," Steve says, turning his head and smirking at the both of them. "Night doesn't have to be over," he says with a wink. "But I do know one thing, her legs are going to hurt tomorrow once we're done with her in the shower. Those heels aren't going to be the most comfortable,"
"I might have to give my doll a day off from work tomorrow," Bucky smirks as he picks you up and carries you towards the bathroom where Steve was starting to run the water for the shower.
You laughed and wrapped your arms around Bucky's neck and hummed against his lips as he leaned down, kissing you and murmuring how proud of you he was against your soft lips.
"I like the sound of that," you hum into the kiss. You smile as Bucky leans down and removes the heels and kisses the top of both of your feet before pulling you up into his arms and carrying you into the shower with Steve close behind.
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lovewasted · 2 months ago
For blurb week, can you do Seb helping the reader put her shoes on when she's pregnant because she can't see past her bump?
warnings; dad to be!seb, fluff, language
notes; my heart pls
blurb week
ִֶָ ࣪° .* ʚ♡ɞ clearing out ask box ʚ♡ɞ *. °ִֶָ ࣪
legs were a dream at this point in time. the ground beneath your stomach became nonexistent— belly nearing the shape of a half globe, only two months left in the pregnancy seemed like a far stretch considering you can’t reach your own feet.
toggling your sock clad foot back and foot into an air force one was probably idiotic anyway. swollen ankles streaming with fluid, you don’t know why you’d try and be stylish rather than comfortable when you’re seven months pregnant. must be the hormones but you wanted to seb to think you appeared stunning today rather than usual ‘good’ he’d given you.
“fuck!” you tremble, adjusting your finger in the backs of the material hoping to give yourself some leverage to shove your foot in. you can feel your body wanting to slide off of the edge of the bed and give up. “seb! c’mere please,” you whimper— frustrated that you couldn’t do something so simple for yourself. children were your fixation but the process was more agonizing than you’d led on.
his rushed steps pad into the shared bedroom, frantically searching for the issue but he’s gotten it once he sees you about to laugh the show into the closet door mirror. “whoa, baby ! hey ! no let me help you,” sebastian’s quick to fall to your feet, kissing the somber skin of your ankle, to allow you comfort.
“sorry, i didn’t want to have to ask you,” you speak whilst sebastian is shifty the show back and forth to force your foot. sure once your feet settled that you’d be able to walk freely. “just wanted to look pretty enough for you.” the heel of your foot slips in on the right, and he’s grabbing the white worn shoe for your left foot but can’t seem to place it with what you’ve just confessed.
“you could have bags tied around your feet and i’d still choose you, pretty girl,” a sloppy smirk plasters on his face. orbs searching yours, that little wrinkle that doubles by your eyes shows him he’s assured you and escapes another ten minute lecture about how he isn’t loving her enough. “get weak at the knees from looking at you carry my baby. that’s so much more than pretty love.”
“but i have pig feet,” you continue. sebastian shoves your left foot into the shoe, completing the pair and stopping the endless endeavors of them.
“cutest pig feet around, baby.”
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spideyyboii · 4 months ago
Frozen In Time// Bucky Barnes
Tumblr media
Pairing: bucky barnes x reader
Summary: the winter soldier found you during a mission and was immediately infatuated with you, until one day he leaves and doesn’t return or does he?
Warnings: mentions of abuse 
Word count: 1.3k 
||main masterlist||bucky barnes masterlist||
Tumblr media
It all started when the Winter Soldier saw you during a mission he found himself fascinated by your beauty. It was almost as if Sergeant Barnes was in control when he saw you, the assassin wanted nothing more than to abandon his mission and approach you. However, the control hydra had on the man's brain couldn’t be overpowered that easily and he was quick to carry out his assignment and return back to base once the deed was done. Once the assassin arrived back the hydra agents were barely able to control him and every attempt they made to subdue him was useless. All the soldier kept demanding was for the woman in the coffee shop to be his. Hydra knew the only way to keep the soldier compliant was to give in to his demand as it would allow them to manipulate his feelings easily.
It was only hours later that the attack happened. Hydra were fast to find out who you were and where you lived which allowed them to sneak in and take you whilst you were asleep which made the process easier. Before allowing the asset to see you hydra worked on gaining control over your mind and the way you thought so they could ensure you didn’t try and betray hydra or escape with the asset. But they still allowed you to decide what you wanted and how to behave. Once the process was completed the agents introduced you to the soldier. “прелесть моя” The soldier whispered and was quickly in front of you and away from the restraints the hydra agents had placed on him. “моя любовь” You responded whilst leaning into the soldiers embrace. This response allowed every hydra agent to let out a breath of relief as it was clear their mental manipulation worked. 
It had now been decades since hydra had taken you and manipulated your mind. All you cared about was Bucky and if he would make it home safely after every mission, it was around 1975 when you really began caring for the super soldier and hydra knew the mutual love would make it easier to manipulate the both of you. So they got the two of you married which only increased the soldier's obsession with his lady. This time when hydra unfroze the couple they didn’t expect for the super soldier to break free of their control and leave his wife. “Well I guess the asset didn’t care for you as much as we assumed. Now we can finally have some fun with you.” One of the many agents who surrounded you said. It was after this statement that the abuse began. Your body always covered in cuts and bruises that refused to heal, exhaustion filled your body everyday as the agents never let you sleep, the abuse a constant reminder that Bucky abandoned you. “He never loved you! Every word he told you was a lie!” An agent spat at you confirming your darkest thoughts.
Present day: 2023 
You'd lost count of how long it had been since Bucky abandoned you leaving the woman he was meant to have loved to endure all the pain and suffering of hydra. 
An alarm blaring pulled you out of your thoughts of self hatred and death. “Cap, you take the first floor! Bruce and I will search the labs.” An unknown voice blared through the facility. The bright lights of the lab were quick to enter your cell causing anxiety to build up as you knew a punishment was coming your way.  “Bruce, stay where you are!” That unknown voice commanded and soon the face of an older man appeared. “Hi, I’m Iron Man. There's no need to panic, we're here to help you.” The gentleman stated before pulling the bars off your cell. All the movement was too much for your mind to comprehend and soon you were unconscious due to all the fear you felt creeping into your body. 
Tony was soon joined by the rest of the team who stared at the limp lady in his arms. “Tony why do you have an unconscious woman?” Nat questioned shooting a concerned glance at the rest of the team. “She was locked in a cell by herself shaking and terrified. I wasn't going to leave a hydra prisoner here!” Tony told Nat, becoming disgusted with his team's questioning. “Were you expecting me to leave her here to die!” Tony shouted before storming back to the quinjet. Each member of the team looked at one another in utter shock before following Tony back to the jet. Meanwhile, Steve and Bucky were still searching the first floor. “What if they killed her Steve? I had every intention of returning to MY wife, but YOU sent me to Wakanda where they kept me sedated and then once I was awoken half the universe blipped. That’s 7 years away from her.” Bucky informed his friend his anger rising as he thought of the things hydra could have done in his absence. “Buck, how many more times can I apologise? I never knew you had a woman waiting for you!” Steve stated his worry for his friend increasing. “Come on Buck! She’s not here and we need to go!” He said whilst dragging his friend out the base. 
When you awoke you found yourself in an unknown room which caused your heart rate to accelerate. “Don’t stress. You're at the Avengers Compound. I’m Doctor Banner. I just want to let you know I checked you over, all your cuts seem to be healing well. I also put some disinfectant on them and numbing cream on-” The Doctor was interrupted by the door slamming open. “Where is she Bruce!” A familiar voice growled. Which sent waves of pleasure through your body. “Sergeant Barnes. You must calm down, she's in a state of shock and you will not help.” The doctor's words fell on deaf ears the moment you heard Bucky’s name. “Oh, my precious I’m so glad we found you.” The super soldier said whilst pulling you into his arms. “I’m sorry I left you for so long.  My best friend Steve found me on one of my missions and managed to break hydras mind control. Then he sent me to a country called Wakanda who basically refroze me so they could work on clearing my brain from hydra completely and once they completed that some mad titan from another planet came and wiped out half the universe which included me. Which then takes us to now and me having my life back in my arms.” Bucky explained leaving you more confused than when the day began. “So you didn’t mean to abandon me?” You asked “No! I wanted you to experience this new world with me.” The man you loved stated with nothing but truth in his eyes which caused your heart to melt. 
Five Years Later 
It had been five years since you were reunited with your lover. In the beginning you found it difficult to trust Bucky but once he showed you Wakanda and the news footage of people turning to dust you realised he hadn’t lied to you and never planned on abandoning you for so long. 
In these five years you’ve met the real Bucky Barnes, the one with less struggles who has fun with his fellow team members who is also seen as a hero. The pair of you fell hard and fast for each other once again and were quickly remarried in an intimate ceremony surrounded by those you cared about and that was only the beginning. Bucky and yourself were now the parents of a beautiful baby boy who brought nothing but joy into your married life. 
“In all the years we’ve been together I've never been able to tell you just how happy I am to have found you. You made my life better even when I was the Winter Soldier. It was you who allowed me to feel human and now you’ve given me something I never thought I’d have. A family and for that I am eternally grateful. I love you.” Your husband said before placing a delicate kiss on your lips. “ I love you too James Barnes.”
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plentyoffandoms · 10 days ago
Hi could you please write a seb fic were the reader is another actress and they flirt together during a talk show, similar to his time on the late late show with Sharon stone
The Way You Make Me Feel
Sebastian Stan x f/Reader
Just like all my other stories, this has not been proofread, but please enjoy.
Gifs & photos do not belong to me.
Warning: swearing. Also I am horrible at flirting & I even re-watched the clip, so I am sorry in advance.
Hope you like it.
Main Masterlist ♡ Sebastian Stan Masterlist
Summary: f/Reader is an actress who is promoting their new TV show on The Late Late Show with James Corden, but Sebastian Stan is also on promoting his new movie.
Sebastian Stan POV:
Tonight I am promoting my new movie Sharper on The Late Late Show with James Corden.
I have done hundreds of interviews by this stage in my career but why I am so nervous?
Oh yeah, my manager at the last minute told me the other guest had to back out so another one was brought in and that person is none other than Y/N L/N.
I have kept an eye on her ever since she started appear on TV shows and the big screen.
But the thing is, she makes me nervous and I can't help myself around her. I hope I don't act like a fool tonight.
Tumblr media
A stage hand told me that I was about to go on and I took a few deep breaths as I looked at the TV that was in the room.
I know when I go out there I will be sitting right next to her and will no way be focusing on anything else.
I am now walking across the set and shook hands with James and the other guest who is Alexander Skarsgård.
I smiled at Y/N and almost died when she smiled back at me.
"Welcome Sebastian."
"Thanks for having me James." I couldn't keep the big smile from my face.
"You seen excited to be here." James mentioned.
Before I knew it I had my hand on Y/N's knee. "Of course I'm happy..I'm here with my good friend Alex and the beautiful Y/N."
"What about me Sebastian? Don't you find me beautiful?" Alex joked.
"Not as beautiful as Y/N." I said to him. He flung back his head and laughed.
"Well you're not so bad yourself Mr. Stan" Y/N said with a coy smile.
The interview went on and I talked about my new movie. "I am excited to see it. I watch all your movies."
"None of my appearances in TV shows Y/N?" I asked her with a raised eyebrow.
She pretended to think. "No, not really. I actually don't watch a lot of TV but I have watched all yours movies."
My hand that was still on her knee gripped it tighter. "Really?" I asked as I leaned I closer to her.
"Really. I never miss a movie." Y/N said as she bit her lip. It was like it was only the two of us as everyone seemed to fade into the background.
Tumblr media
I licked and bit my lip and her eyes darted down to my lips and back up quickly. If I wasn't paying so much attention to her I wouldn't have even realised.
I leaned over and our lips were almost touching when I heard the crowd of people gasp.
That brought the two of us back to reality fast.
"Well then, that is all the time we have tonight. Thank you everyone."
I stood up and along with the other three and said goodbye. My heart was pounding in my chest.
We walked backstage and I was just about to head to the room I was in when YN grabbed my hand and I followed her back to her room.
"Kiss me Sebastian." Was all she said once the door was closed. I captured her lips in mine and finally got to kiss her after all these years.
We only broke apart when we needed to breath.
"Go on a date with me Y/N?" I asked her. She nodded her head and I kissed her once more.
Tonight turned out better than I expected. I didn't think I would actually end up on a date with her.
Guess I had nothing to worry about at all.
Tumblr media
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nevenabadr · 2 months ago
Bucky Barnes X Reader, Passé since the 40s
Tumblr media
Note: English is not my first language.
Inspiration: Life inspires this and being a female!
Word count: 1615
Warnings: Romance, fluff, +21 Scene; my usual awesomeness!
Summary: This is Bucky’s first time to encounter a female period since the 40s.
Enjoy reading and please comment and share your feedback, because comments make me feel ALIVE. 🖤
Bucky, after Sam became Captain America, his life was going well. He found a new family and a fresh start.
He met you at Wilson's town party; you were a very close friend to the family.
He has been dating you for six months now. His life turned upside down with receiving his former to Sargent and as an official Avenger.
He did not just start using a bed, but also, rented a new apartment as a fresh start.
He was eager for your dinner with him. He is finally ready to have a partner; he wanted to ask you to move in.
A bedroom for both of you instead of living far. He is falling in love with you and left the other room just for your craft and art projects; your safe personalised space.
He even asked Sam for help. As always, Sam complimented the couch. Sam has a weird connection with Bucky's grey couch.
At your home, you were worried about this night. The 6-month anniversary of your first date.
You confessed loved after a month; it seems amazing.
Yet, it is your first time at Bucky's new flat. You wanted to leave a memorable night in his bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and possibly every tiny inch of this flat.
You checked your body in the mirror wearing your new two pieces of lingerie. You picked a delicate colour of soft pink; you are feeling in love with soft feelings in your belly.
You checked yourself again, a little bloated. Later, you checked your period app; you had 5 days till your period, better use all your radiant skin and hormones on Bucky.
You arrived at Bucky's flat. He was waiting at the door with open arms and his cheeky smile. You pulled him close to you, smelling his aroma and musky perfume.
"I missed you," he whispered against your lips and kissed you one soft kiss, then deeper till his tongue found yours.
He forgot to close the door and yanked you on his shoulder "Oh Bucky," you giggled.
"My house my rules, missy" and spanked you softly
"Are not you going to feed me, sir?" You asked
"How come, when you are the food?" Laying another harder spank on your butt.
He laid you in bed and he was licking his lower lip. His face revealed his hunger.
"Hot are not we, Sergeant?" You winked
"Very!" He laid a soft kiss on your lips, down to your jaw, and that delicate spot under your ear.
He did not have time for dinner or food.
"Bucky," you whispered
He looked into your eyes for a moment "yes doll"
"I love you." You wrapped your arms around his neck and dragged him harshly for a kiss, flipped your weight and he is all yours.
"Ooh! Horny, are not you, cowgirl?" He asked as you took his lips for a heated kiss and then licked his neck.
"God! I could lick every inch of you." You said as you unzipped his pants, pulls down his boxers and freed his length.
"Oh! Y/A" he moaned your name.
All that time, you were still dressed, yet you had to yank your dress up and show him your glory.
It mesmerised him in bed; just looking at your body.
You kept kissing him harder, as you were playing with his length.
"Not cowgirl, baby" you unbuttoned his shirt and licked his belly down to his V-lines and then took that dripping length between your lips. He was moaning and in awe.
You kept licking it, playing your tongue on his soft slit "baby, I cannot take it anymore" he moaned louder and the almost shaking core was at your mercy.
You bob up and downplaying with his balls and keeping eye contact at a moment.
You know how this would be the climax. He came hard in your mouth and you swallowed him whole.
He was breaking heavily, "Oh God, and I was the one who was supposed to surprise you." he pulled you for a hug and tasted himself on your lips
"Now your turn and my shift to serve." He kissed your palm before kissing your arms and reaching to your shoulder and the skin of your breasts.
Still in the pink satin bra which he freed your breasts of.
Yet, when he reached down to your panties, he screamed "Oh My God!"
You were in shock "what the hell?" And jumped on the bed.
"That... This... You are..." He could not form a decent sentence.
"Bucky, are you alright?" It shocked you and made you nervous.
"You are bleeding," he was about to cry
You ran to the restroom and checked yourself.
You pursed into laughter "Bucky Barnes, the great assassin,"
He was on the bed with his arms hugging his legs "former, please," he corrected you.
"Former assassin and soldier are frightened by period?"
"What?" His angel eyes were fixed on you.
Sat by his side and hugged him "you know that girls have a monthly period, don't you Bucky?"
He was puzzled "I know. But never seen yours,"
You laid your head on his shoulder "because I always took care of myself during mine,"
He took your hand "why you never told me about your timing?"
You sighed "because, by a devilish chance, you always had work or a mission during mine,"
He laughed "I never noticed. You are my first girlfriend since my 40s." He adjusted himself to lie in bed and welcomed you into his arms.
"So long, huh?" You kissed his cheek.
He tugged you closer to his body "what women do now for it?"
"I guess you have no pads at your house," you giggled playfully
"If I am going to be a reasonable roommate, I have to bring you some," he adjusted himself kissed your forehead
"Where are you going?" You asked.
He adjusted his shirt and pants "don't leave the bed," he thought for a moment "or go clean yourself or whatever you wish until I get back," he ordered.
You heard the door closes behind him.
At the store, Bucky was starting at millions of pads and other female period-related products
This is a harder moment to figure out something for you. It is harder when he even wondered "Who the hell is Bucky?"
He had the same puzzled face as a female; a salesperson approached "can I help you, sir?"
He was hesitant and worried "please do!"
"Do you know which one you are supposed to get, sir?" The lady asked politely.
"No!" He paused "which one should I take, what should I take if my lady is having her period?"
"Is she in pain, sir?" The sales lady asked.
His eyes widened, and he asked as a cute dork, "Is she in pain? Will she be in pain?"
The lady almost laughed, but she kept her game face "sometimes, sir"
She knew he has zero knowledge, like coming from under a rock
He forgot to wear his glove, and he was biting his metal arm at that moment when the sales lady handed him pads, a hot bottle, and a painkiller.
"Here you go, Avenger" the sales lady smiled at him.
Bucky even risked asking the sales lady to help him with the clothes section. He got you, his girl pair of new underwear and a PJ.
He thought to himself that if you are going to be in pain, he better be there for you.
Back at home, you heard the door opening, then Bucky came back to the bedroom with the things he bought for you and a ready to use hot bottle
"Awww, that's so sweet of you" you stood up to kiss him
He grapples your arms and looked into your eyes "Are you in pain? Don't lie to me"
You tried to be serious "just a little, sir"
He softly kissed you and ordered, "go, shower, and put on fresh clothes until I prepare dinner."
"Can I help?" You asked playfully.
"No! To the bathroom, doll. I am not kidding,"
When you came out. It was dinner on his small table. All made by himself. He did not even let you left a plate. It was his ordered to rest, but you needed to clear the table. So, as hot-headed as you were, he let you do it.
Later, after all, was quiet and clean. He carried your body bridal style and put you gently on the couch.
"Doll, time for Netflix and no chill." He was serious about it.
He sat, making your back resting on his chest. His nose digging inside your hair "oh Y/N, there is so much I don't know about this."
"I will help you, Bucky" you kissed his fingers
"Please do, I don't want to be a terrible lover."
You jumped to face him "really? Roommate, huh?"
"Will you let me pumper you every period?" He asked.
"Yes, Bucky, I will" you were about to cry from all the hormones
He offered you a key to his house and kissed you
"No tears, okay" he darkly asked.
"I just..." and you started crying "I am happy."
He held your head to his chest "this is going to be a hell of a learning ride."
"Hormones." You laughed and kissed him softly.
Both of you slept in each other's arms, sharing one bed as roommates. This was the first time for Bucky to sleep without nightmares; the first time since his Winter Soldier’s life.
Tag list:
@221bshrlocked (awaiting your feedback)
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sstan-hoe · 20 days ago
𝐸𝑑𝑔𝑖𝑛𝑔 — 𝑆𝑒𝑏𝑎𝑠𝑡𝑖𝑎𝑛 𝑆𝑡𝑎𝑛
𝑃𝑎𝑖𝑟𝑖𝑛𝑔 — Sebastian Stan x Fem!reader
𝑊𝑎𝑟𝑛𝑖𝑛𝑔𝑠 — edging kink, bad dirty talk
𝑊𝑜𝑟𝑑 — This is my first kinktober so be nice please! Also what do think about my first time???? Reblog and do the thing I love, Comment! *not my gif
Tumblr media
If you didn’t love Sebastian so much you would have already killed him for all the times, he edged you tonight.
Sebastian loved edging you, the cries the left your mouth everytime you came close to your high, but he would draw his fingers covered in you slick away from your throbbing heat. Every cry that left your mouth made him chuckle.
“Sebastian!” You breathed out as he once again removed himself from you. “Oh, come on draga…” He drawled out with a smirk playing at his lips.
Sebastian propped himself up his hands as he dipped down, and his lips hovered over yours. You lifted your head to connect your lips with his, but he withdraw himself, you huffed in frustration. “Such a fucking tease.”
You desperatly wanted to pull him back by the neck but you couldn’t, Sebastian had tied your hands above your head. You hated it. No you loved it.
His pushed the tip of his finger in, only getting to the middle with his finger before pulling out causing a frustrated whimper to leave your soft lips. Sebastian mocked you with a pout, his fingers returned to your fuming core slowly diving in your spongy walls.
Thinking he was being nice and giving you what you wanted for the past half hour. You were about to reach you climax as he retreated his beautiful long fingers that filled you almost as perfect as his cock did. “Sweetheart?” He gently asked.
“Y-Yes…” You stumbled out while trying to hide a whine as he rubbed over your clit. “Do you want to come?” You desperatly nodded and his fingers slowly went from your clit to the hole that was leaking for him.
“Really?” He edged further receiving a nod again. “Well…then maybe you should learn how to behave.” You were beyond confused to why he said that.
Suddenly it clicked not only in your head but also in front of you with a white bright light. Sebastian had taken a picture if you, looking hungry for his touch. “That’s gonna be my new lock screen.” He smirked.
“And remember draga. Next time we go out and you flirt with some random dipshit I will do more than just edge you.” Sebastian lectured you.
You huffed in response. “As if it could get any worse.” Sebastian rose an eyebrow in response with a challenging glint shining through.
“You're in for a long night.”
𝑇𝑎𝑔𝑠 —
@adventurer1789 @niiight-dreamerrrr @slut-for-bucky-barnes @thehuntresswolf @wandalosthervision @til-my-feet-are-wet @tomhoelland01   @sebastianstanonedirectionchris @kaiparker-avengerssmut @cyeh1123 @emmygrey21 @mrsbarnesinmyimagination @originalpeacetriumph @disappointmentofthefam @excellentbecca @abihaaaa13 @learning-howto-be-myselfx3 @ambinxe @buckyxxrogers @anythingandeverything97 @buckysbabydolldude @poetic-heart @taysiasworld @iambeeee @browneyedgirl365 @satzukim @innocent-one @jeeperky @ideasihadbutdontlike @liz-owl @mxltifaves   @sugarsweetheartx @sunflowerfive @lewisjada03 @g00dnight-h03 @queenofthepouges @lovesfandoms @melissad1974 @nameless-ken @znylxcevans @iwannabekilledtwice @thats-a-little-fruity @multixfandomwriter @bunnyrecs @wednesdayaddamsmood @idfkgabby @lanaevans @miniaturesuitcasevoidstudent @yourssincerelytae @ambrosia-bloom
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mehphoobia · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Pairing- Sebastian Stan(ceo) x reader(café owner)
Summary- Funny how a complete stranger is enough to add a little aroma to your life...
Warnings- I think there are none but if you fall for a soft Seb then❤
"Write it down..two bags of Arabica, 500 gms of cinnamon sticks and .."
you placed your monthly order over phone and after you were done a female voice from the other side of the phone repeated your order to confirm. "Is that all it?" the voice enquired. "Yes that will be all for now and please Danielle send me two bags only. You know what trouble you had put me through when you sent me twenty bags of coffee."
Oh how could you forget, three took three weeks to get over that problem when Danielle has messed up the order. Anyways that was around four months ago but would stop rubbing her nose on it? Definitely not. "Oh would you stop already please? The new head of the facility is pretty hot." expressed Danielle.
"Excuse me did you say hot?" you repeated the sentence as you chuckled. "I-I m-mean hot tempered. There is no room for any mistakes." she corrected.
Danielle, who happened to be your best friend worked in SIPHON the best facility which stored coffee which was imported and exported from and all around the world. When your grandfather had opened this café, he wanted nothing less than the best quality of coffee for his customers and SIPHON was the best place to choose from.
"Well isn't that satisfactory." you smiled as you thanked her and cut the call, to receive a notification from SIPHON that your order was confirmed and will be arriving in four days.
You sighed as you looked at the sky which appeared to be shy around you as it was changing its colors from a soft blue to a shade of orange marking the end of the day. As the sun was setting, the natural light ran along the walls giving life to all of the photographs that hung. "Are you happy pabby?" you asked the question to your grandfather's picture, wishing for it to answer. But as always it stayed quiet as it did for the past three years when you had taken over the café to keep your grandfather's dream alive.
It was a Sunday, the one day where you could open up your café a little late than usual. You groaned as you crawled from your bed and freshened up. Unlike every Sunday, you bought flower bouquets and headed towards the orphanage.
"Sister Amelia?" you stood near the gate and waited. "Y/N, oh!" Sister Amelia exclaimed you could feel the restlessness in her voice. Upon questioning she mentioned that some wealthy guy had come to talk to the children at the orphanage. It was not the number of people that scared Sister Amelia, it was the children. The sudden intrusion scared the children.
"Where is he?" you questioned as you handed over the bouquet. "Inside..but be careful" Sister Amelia warned as you stepped inside. You couldn't see the man at first but when he stood up from his crouched position, you were overwhelmed by his aura. His beautiful face was tensed up in confusion and awkwardness. You couldn't help but smile at his demeanor. He was dressed in a three piece suit stood like a child being punished as he was trying to get the children comfortable around him. It was so endearing and so was he.
"Sister y/n?" exclaimed Miguel, a five year old boy, as he came running to you. All the children seemed to have let go of their agony when they saw your face and hurdled around you. Funny what miracles a comforting smile from a person you know can do.
The man's tension disappeared when you walked the children towards him and introduced every single one of them. He spent around an hour with them before he finally spoke to you.
"Thank you" you flinched at his heavy voice. "What for?" you asked innocently. "Thank you for getting them comfortable. Its not a very usual sight to see. Anyways, my name is Sebastian Stan." he said as he extended his hands towards you. "Well its a shame that people find you intimidating Mr.Stan. My name is Y/L/N" you said as you accepted his greeting.
"Please call me Sebastian, Ms.Y/N" he said as both of you started walking down the stairs. "Please call me Y/N." The sudden mimicry caused him to laugh and you chuckled. It was a small town and almost everyone knew about one another. It was nice to talk to someone new like him.
"So Sebastian, what business do you have here?" you asked him as the both of you decided to sit on one of the stairs. He whipped his head in your direction when you said his name but you couldn't see that as the children and their playful laughter had attracted your attention. He looked at how beautifully the sun rays decorated your skin and how the shadow of the leaves hid your skin from the sun rays. How beautiful your eyes looked every time you smiled. It made him smile too.
The sudden silence shifted your attention back to Sebastian and you caught him staring at you. He realized that the question was left attended for, "I took over the facility here. SIPHON" he cleared his throat. "So you are the new head?" you asked causing him to frown.
"How did.." he questioned.
"Oh I have a café and all my coffee based orders are from SIPHON" you explained to which he nodded. You talked about how you took over the café and about your grandfather. He heard everything silently, how passionately you talked about your work and your family.
"You must really like your job, I mean taking over an entire facility..its a great deal" you spoke to which he lowered his glance. "Its complicated, I was forced to take over the facility. I thought maybe if I make myself familiar to the surroundings, I would like this place so we visited the orphanage" he said looking at the children. "To be honest I know my business but its just business for me, its not something that I like to do. I can't even differentiate between different types of coffees and here I am running an entire facility." the way his face fell while he expressed about his situation, you knew he didn't want this kind of life. His earlier sentence of people being uncomfortable around him made sense. He never let him be himself around people because he was forced and he was afraid.
Both of you got up and walked down the remaining stairs and reached the gate. He thanked you for your gesture and sat in his car and just then, "You know what, every kind of coffee is unique and has different characteristics but the main difference comes from the aroma. So the next time you look at a coffee bag, observe the aroma" you spoke. He sighed and looked at your reassuring smile. You started walking away after bidding him goodbye and he looked at your figure getting smaller as you walked away from him.
"Sir may we leave for the facility?" his secretary questioned him from the front sit.
"Yes and also please keep me updated about Ms. Y/N" he said your name with a smile plastered on his face as his car made its way towards the facility.
Finally you received your delivery from SIPHON and the correct number of bags made you chuckle. But there happened to be a letter on top of the cinnamon packet which was beautifully decorated in the colors of white and gold. As you picked up the letter and began reading it, you smiled.
"You were right, the aromas are different and so are you." it read.
A/N: Hey guys this is my one first Sebastian Stan fanfic. I hope you all like this one. This plot has been one my mind for couple of days and I found this very pure and simple and I thought Sebastian Stan would be perfect for it cause he has this aura I absolutely love.
My requests are open so you can go ahead and send me your plots and please do go and check out my other fanfictions as well.
Love are worth it❣❣
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imsebastiansta-n · 28 days ago
PR Stunt - Part 4
Tumblr media
Warnings: angst, sad reader, bitchy blonde lady, cheater seb?
Word count: 837
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You walked to the beach, tears still threatening to fall from your glassy eyes. You look around, watching all the beach goers and the happy couples and family’s making you frown in disappointment. When you see no sign of Sebastian, you sigh and made your way to an empty spot on the beach.
You placed your towel down and put your bag beside it. You sat down on the towel and looked out into the ocean. You pulled out your phone from your bag to send a text to Sebastian to let him know where you were.
Tumblr media
You placed your phone down and grabbed your sunscreen from you bag and started to apply it. Once you applied it, you put the bottle back into your bag and grabbed your phone again to check to see if Seb replied.
Tumblr media
Locking your phone, you sighed and put it back into your bag. He couldn’t even text you back?
You removed your sunglasses from your head and put them properly on your face. You slid off your flip flops and removed your vest top and shorts chucking them into your bag. You weren’t gonna let him ruin your holiday, so you laid back and sunbathed listening to the waves of the ocean crash onto the sandy beach and the giggling of children having fun.
It was about an hour when you were disturbed by a beachball hitting your arm jolting you awake. Pushing your sunglasses to the top of your head, you watched as two young children came running up to you to get their ball back.
“Sorry, miss.” The little girl smiled as she and the little boy grabbed the ball.
“It’s okay, no harm done.” You smiled back, watching as they ran back to their parents.
You fished out your phone from your bag to check the time. 11:47.
Your stomach started to growl, letting you know it was time for something to eat.
Seeing no messages from Sebastian, you gave up waiting. Chucking your phone back into your bag and putting your shorts back on, you shook your towel to get rid of the sand that stuck to the bottom and folded it up to put neatly in you’re back.
You stood up, slid your flipflops back on and made your way back to your hotel to have a shower and get ready for lunch.
As you walked off the beach, you saw a bunch of paparazzi with their shouting and cameras flashing. You looked over to see who it was they were crowding, and what you saw broke your heart.
Tumblr media
(I had to use this photo, his face kills me every time I see it 😂😂)
You stopped. Tears threatening to spill from your eyes as you looked at him, and he looked at you. His heart also shattered.
Sebastian watched you for a few minutes, open and closing his mouth as if he wanted to say something but didn’t know what.
So, the blonde woman from the elevator a few hours ago, the same blonde lady who assumed you were pregnant. She looked over to where Sebastian was looking and saw you, and she smirked. Leaning over to kiss his cheek dangerously close to his lips as he ripped his head away, but not to obvious to draw attention.
Shaking your head, you grabbed your bag close to you and speed walked into the hotel to the elevator.
Walking in and waiting for the doors to close. You waited until you reached your floor, and fished out your door key, slamming the door behind you.
As soon as the door was closed, your whole world fell apart. You slid down the door, tears freely falling down your rosy, red cheeks. Your head falling into your hands, as you silently cried.
Trying to calm yourself, you took deep breathes to try and get your breathing under control. You fished out your phone and sent a text to Chris (Evans) who was your best friend, and who introduced you to Sebastian in the first place.
Tumblr media
Taking a deep breath, you put locked your phone and put it on the coffee table and booked a flight within the next hour. Once it was booked, you started to pack. Luckily you didn’t take much out of your case, so it didn’t take long to gather all your things together.
Placing your door key onto the coffee table, you checked the hotel once more to make sure you have everything and then grabbed your case and walked to the elevator.
When you reached the lobby, you rolled your suitcase and walked out of the hotel and called for a cab to take you to the airport.
The driver helped you put your case into the boot (trunk) of the car and you told him your destination. When the cab driver pulled away and started to drive, you looked out of the window.
In the distance, you could see Sebastian still holding hands and kissing the blonde lady.
Shaking your head, you looked down at your lap and waited until you arrived for your flight.  
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teebarnes · a month ago
Tumblr media
BABY! | Sebastian Stan x Wife!Reader
| Word Count: 540
| Summary: You’re doing a live stream and your daughter is becoming too much to watch, you get your husband to look after her.
| Warning(s): You have a child, fluff, A few Romanian words.
A/N: Thank you for reading, I always appreciate the comments, like and reblogs, they make up day! I hope you all enjoy this one :)
All mistakes are my own, please do not repost, copy or translate my fics; all writing is my own.
Tumblr media
"Babe, can you please take Lila for a little bit" You spoke off-screen as you were doing a live stream on Instagram. You and Sebastian's daughter had been sitting on your lap while you were doing your skincare routine. You didn't mind your daughter's company, but you knew she'd start becoming too much to handle, only because it was the morning and she was hungry.
Sebastian walks in from the room, smiling upon seeing his daughter on your lap. The comments began to go faster as if they weren't going faster already. "Hey, baby girl", he smiled, picking up his small daughter, whose blue eyes smiled brightly into his. Your daughter mumbles form as she tries to talk to her dad about the face wash she was holding in her hand. Sebastian gasps with a surprised face making conversation with her "oh, really? that is so cool" your daughter nodded, "alright well, how about we give this back to Momma? hm? she might need it soon?"
He kissed your head, passing the face wash back to you only to notice that you were live-streaming. "Oh!", he waves to the camera "hello everyone", you chuckle. "Thanks love" you smile up at Sebastian; he pulls a seat next to you and watches with your daughter.
He sits Lila on his lap as he cuddles her. While she giggles and fiddles with her dad's hands as they lovingly watch you. "Don't mind us; we're just watching you, beautiful". A blush sets upon your face at Sebastian's comment before you made a visible eye roll at him.
These days, Lila's head resting on Sebastian's chest, she played with her dad's bracelet speaking gibberish. These days Lila would talk about her toys and her frequent visits to grandma's home. She was good with words, and sometimes both you and Sebastian could understand what she was talking about. They both sat there watching you; although Lila was a bit preoccupied with her dad's watch, Sebastian never took his eyes off of you. He loved you both so much, but no doubt, Lila was most definitely daddy's girl.
Lila started talking about her day, and the both of you, including the live stream, eagerly listened. "That's great baby, sounds like you had a good day, huh?" you spoke, smiling as you caressed her frizzy hair out of her face. She looked up to you with a smile, her eyes twinkling with happiness "mum! Mum! Mum… pretty!" she smiled. "She is, isn't she, so beautiful like you prințesă", your husband replied, to which Lila nodded eagerly. You blushed, leaning out of the screen to kiss Sebastian's lips "thank you, love", you leaned down to Lila, "and thank you too, my beautiful girl" you kissed her cheek, causing Lila to giggle "stoooop mummy" she pulls away. You gasp at her reaction, putting a fake hurt face on "you love my kisses", you smirked a bit while Sebastian chuckled under his breath.
Not long after, you had ended your live stream, and both you and Sebastian put Lila to sleep. It was small moments like those that you would savour in memory, your daughter had a mind of her own now, and you wanted to make sure that those moments would last.
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angeli-marco-writes · 3 months ago
Sebastian Stan - Prinţesă (Part I)
A/N & WC - I decided to make this a two-parter to save it being too long, but I’m not sure when part 2 will be up. I do not know Sebastian, nor do I claim to: this is a work of fiction. 3.1k.
Warnings - Mob!Dad's best friend!Seb, implications of an age gap relationship (Seb in his late 30s, reader early 20s), bad Romanian, mob talks, mentions of sex and firearms, swearing, talk of an abusive relationship.
Summary - Seb always has your back, and you hope he'll do the same after fleeing your boyfriend to find safety in his mansion. His job is misleading, but you're the only one who sees the darling underneath. The monster begins to rear its head when you arrive in pieces, but maybe that's a good thing.
Tumblr media
Ringing this doorbell is one of the most threatening things you’ve ever had to do. The hulking mansion towers above you, glimmering chandeliers flickering with light in rooms up to three storeys high. The amount of times you’ve stood out here, rapping your knuckles on the door, bouncing on the balls of your feet, even in your youngest years… and never once has the house looked this threatening. Your entire body heaves with sobs, your cheeks damp from tears, your throat hoarse and begging for something to drink from all the screaming. Icy rain lashes ruthlessly against your back, soaking through your already sodden clothes. At this point, along with your teeth chattering, your bones are beginning to creak in protest to the incessant chill. The very last of your cash went to the cab driver, and whatever excess you were unable to pay, you told him to charge to this address, despite the driver's derisive scoff. Seb would spot you, wouldn’t he? If he ever comes out to you.
He’s inside, you know he is—as are the many men he keeps around to swarm the premises —and yet he isn’t answering the door. He always answers the door. Unless… Unless it’s date night.
“Mmm, baby, who’s at the door?” the girl asks him sultrily, her red lipstick smeared halfway down her chin as she sits, legs wide open for him, on his very expensive, custom-made, marble kitchen countertop.
“Dunno,” Seb responds.
He doesn’t waste another second before fumbling for the zip at the back of her barely-there dress, yanking it down with a particularly harsh tug. It’s already rucked up to her hips, anyway. His swollen lips crash straight down onto hers with a feverish voracity. Seb has a lot that he needs to get out of his system, and he certainly plans to if that doorbell ever stops fucking ringing—
“Stefan! Get the fucking door,” he commands one of his Hench-men.
Sebastian’s patience is thin at the best of times, and on the single night he has off a week, he likes to spend that with a pretty, brainless girl who’ll have to sign an NDA come morning. It’s easier this way: no commitment, no relationships. The only person he’ll break his free time for knows just to call and he’ll be there in a heartbeat. He isn’t the sort to break a promise.
“You gonna fuck me or what?” the blonde asks, twirling her fake hair around one cheaply manicured finger.
He barely resists the urge to roll his eyes and instead kisses her almost violently, with such intent that it knocks the air from his lungs. The shout from Stefan does that for him, though.
“Boss, need you at the door now!”
That panicked tone… one he hasn’t heard from Stefan even after all he’s endured. Something must be very, very wrong to elicit such a reaction. Sebastian’s movements with the girl stall, and stepping away from her, his Louboutin's squeaking on the expensive granite floor. He doesn’t answer, doesn’t speak to the girl but instead gestures for her to get her clothes on and get behind him very, very quickly. Throwing open one pristine white drawer, he plucks out a Glock, double checks the ammo, and clasps it in both ring-clad hands.
“Fii atent, fii brutal dacă este nevoie,” he says to himself, repeating it over and over again. Be careful, be ruthless if necessary. A weak promise, but one he promised you to ensure your peace of mind.
“Stop speaking Polish!” this girl hisses.
Even despite the pressing moment, he finds the time to turn back and look at her with eyes full of disdain. She can leave now, provided there’s no threat at the door. Even if she is rude, he’s not in the business of putting women in danger no matter the circumstance, which seems to be exactly where he went wrong with you, his fights to save you from danger so futile against your iron will.
When he reaches the door, though, his heart shatters into a million pieces. Curled up in Stefan’s hesitant grasp, shivering, your complexion a sickly pallor, your eyes redder than he’s ever seen them. Stefan’s deathly pale, but instead of noting the clear issue of the situation, this bird—Jenny, Jessy, something, he doesn’t particularly care—scrunches her nose up and pushes past him.
“Who’s this bitch? Take me to bed Sebastian, come on…”
He shrugs off her incessant grasp without a second thought, shouldering away from her as he nocks his gun away. Why are you weeping? The question rushes through him like the sharpest sting of pain he’s ever had to endure. If something’s wrong, you always call him first: this is worse than ever before.
With a grave face, he takes a sharp stride out of the ornate hallway and into the porch, his posture relaxed. “Stefan, get this lady paperwork, I’ll take it from here.” And without a second thought, he sweeps you into his arms, allowing you to break down those barriers.
You can still hear the girl’s protests following you, echoing in your head as she fumed, cried, fought and kicked, outright refusing to leave the premises until she ‘got what she was owed’ before it was ‘stolen by this whore’ in reference to you. As though you were anything but a helpless puppy, soaked to the bone, crying your eyes out, begging Sebastian to help you.
“Who the fuck is this? Why are you choosing her over me?” she spat, making you feel like nothing.
They follow you even as you curl up on Seb’s sofa, hot chocolate in your hands, a blanket draped around your shoulders, a fire crackling in the great gold hearth in the centre of the room. You watched, against Seb’s orders, over his shoulder as she was restrained by two bulky bodyguards, pulling her kicking and screaming, arms flailing and legs bucking, into the work wing.
His threat is the only thing that made you feel even the slightest bit better, “Never speak to me, or her that way again, or we’ll do a lot worse.”
The cold fire of wrath kindling in his crystal blue eyes terrified her into silence, and she left without a scratch. It’s a pity your conscience didn’t.
“Seb, I’m sorry, I should go…” you pipe up, the haunts in your head overriding any sanity so much after everything you’ve already faced today, “she can’t be far, go and fetch her and have a good night. I— I shouldn’t have come…”
He darts across the living room carpet—a pristine cream he regrets choosing for the amount of times he’s had to have it industrially cleaned—and settles on the arm of the sofa, a suit-clad arm around your hunched shoulders. He’ll have a much better night with you rather than her, even if it isn’t in the same capacity it once was.
He shushes you gently, allowing you to relax further into the crease of the mocha loveseat that’s always been your favourite. Even when he did the room out, he refused to get rid of it, saving it for when you came to visit.
Instead of bootlessly reassuring you, since he knows it won’t sink in, he jokes, “She was a bitch anyway.”
He’s always been your first port of call, no matter the situation. You lost your mascara? Probably in his spare bedroom. You got a bit too drunk? He’ll pick you up. Your world falls apart? He’ll be there to pick up the pieces: he always has, he always will, that’s just the kind of man he is despite the assumptions due to his line of work. It’s why your father got along with him so well. Sebastian is a family man, fiercely proactive, and that’s what makes him so good at his job.
“Yeah Prinţesă?”
Your heart flutters at the pet name before you can stop it, and you shuffle a little further along the couch cushion that’s now moulded to the curve of your spine, allowing Seb to sit beside you. He only left to get you some marshmallows for your drink, which he sprinkles in as he sits down, cuddling you.
“Just wanted a hug.”
He chuckles, the sound vibrating through you, prompting you to nuzzle further into his tailored suit, “You don’t need to ask for that. But…”
Before he can continue, you’ve dissolved into tears, and are fisting at the cotton of his shirt to draw him closer. He wraps you in a cocoon of warmth, taking your mug from your hands to settle on the coffee table just feet away, upon which is a book of yours. You need to go soon, get into some dry clothes instead of getting the sofa wet, but you need a hug more than warm pyjamas.
You run a hand through his chestnut locks, and hot tears press to the skin of his neck. “Doll, I don’t wanna make things worse, but I need to know what you’re doing here. You know you’re always welcome here whenever, but… you have a key.” That’s true, you do, but you didn’t have time to grab it before— “Please, when you’re ready, can you talk to me?”
You nod, but don’t withdraw from him. Why would you ever want to escape his bear grip? You didn’t that night, those years ago, but once you let go of one another, you feared you’d never find your way back.
“Why didn’t you call?” he asks, “how did you get here?”
This time, you have to move, guilt flashing over your features as you ferret around in your pocket, withdrawing your phone, or at least what’s left. It’s little more than a scrap of glass and metal, held together by wires it’s so smashed up. Sebastian’s face has never held such confused anger.
“I found a phone box with cab numbers pinned inside and got a taxi here. I had nowhere else to go,” you sob, a sorry, choked sound that drives Sebastian to hold you even closer, pulling you into his lap without a second thought.
He coos sweet nothings in your ear until your breathing regulates a little more, but then tugs away, brushing a kiss to your temple. Concern laces his features as he searches your face for any sign of harm, and he proceeds to ask the inevitable question, to which, dreadfully, he already knows the answer. Only he dreads to hear it, if you even dare.
“Who did this?” he demands softly.
You don’t dare, but only avert your red-rimmed, swollen eyes, your throat bobbing viciously as you gulp. He already knows it’s that piece of shit boyfriend he told you time and time again to break up with, months before you got serious or moved in together. The day he helped you shift those boxes into a shared abode… his heart died a little.
“Did he lay a finger on you?”
Hesitantly, you shake your head. “Not in a while.”
“I’ll fucking kill him,” Seb mutters under his breath, clenching his fists.
He knew the bloke was an abusive twat, but to know he touched you on top of breaking your phone, causing you to run away from the place you were supposed to feel safe… it drives him to new pits of fury. But Sebastian, after everything he’s seen and done, finds himself on the verge of tears at your cautious revelation. He’s never been so angry, shadows wrapping around him, his mind retreating into that dark place full of destruction and vexation. He promised your dad when he died that he’d protect you, and all he’s done is fail, but this primality, this burning need to cuddle you and coddle you and keep you safe from anything and everything that isn’t him, it’s something else.
He knows deep down that if he doesn't let you go now, he never will, so instead of doing anything more, saying anything that reveals his true heart, he strokes your hair and draws away from you, handing you back your mug.
“Stay here as long as you need. The bath is run, you have a soak, your pyjamas are out.”
Sipping your hot chocolate, you nuzzle contentedly into him, wrapping one arm around his neck as he stands. He carries you up the stairs and into the guest wing, one floor above his, and you let him help you out of your soaking clothes.
“Are you sure you’re okay, Prinţesă?”
You nod, forcing a smile, even if you don’t feel it. “Thank you.”
“Anytime.” He kisses your hairline, barely restraining from your lips, and departs only when you’re safe in the bathroom, but sinks against the door, his head in his hands—his plotting stance. “I’m gonna kill that măgar myself.”
A knock on the hulking doors to your suite stir you from your daydream, lost in a new book, supplied by Sebastian’s endless library.
“Come in,” you call, your voice a little wary.
You spent what feels like hours shouting earlier on, followed by all the bawling that tore at your throat. It’s nowhere near as nice as the last time you had a sore throat at Sebastian’s mansion. It feels like you went to a concert, combined with the lethargy and aches and the fear. But you’re safe now, a fact you have to remind yourself every few minutes to prevent yourself from looking over your shoulder.
“Hey Doll, just me. How are you? Do the pyjamas still fit?”
You left them here a while ago for the odd night you spent here, but they seem to be looser, something Seb instantly notices when you kick the duvet off to show him.
“Did he starve you? You need to eat, y/n! They fit you perfectly three months ago,” he says.
He stalks to the bed, settling at your feet. His touch causes you to close the book and say, “He didn’t, but my appetite has been lacking…” your inflection says enough, you know it does. “Maybe we can get breakfast tomorrow? A proper breakfast.”
“And every day after that.” He smiles at the slight colour returning to your cheeks, adding, “I’ve got something for you.”
Your ears almost visibly prick up, your posture settling into one of attention as you push your book onto the bedside locker. His warmth seeps from his hold into your skin despite the layers separating you, it’s always been Sebastian’s specialty, to warm you up from a mile away, your heart and all. You expect a pretty necklace—he likes to get you those, or maybe some more food to add to the huge platter of your favourite foods he had laid out for when you were done with the bath, but it’s something you definitely can’t accept.
“Seb…” you murmur.
The shiny, brand new iPhone 12 is heavy in your hands, glowing under the golden chandelier suspended above the bed, but when the screen flashes on, you realise it’s already got your lock screen on it. You tap in your passcode, and find not only your sim card loaded, but also your iCloud with one fundamental difference: everything about your boyfriend has been erased. Number, Instagram, photos…
“Seb, where have they gone?”
Reluctantly, he pulls a memory stick out of his pocket, holding it just out of your reach. “You get this back when he isn’t a risk to you anymore. For now, you’re forbidden from seeing him. A restraining order and lawsuit are already in the works.”
His men work fast, you think to yourself, somehow truly believing that they’re doing this on the right side of the law. If you knew the truth, that his men were already over there right now you wouldn’t catch a wink of sleep. Seb can’t be having that..
“You can’t do that. You’re not my dad,” you protest, but even you know that there’s no point in fighting. You’re relieved beyond words for the proceedings now in action.
“I know, but…” he swallows, taking your hand in his, “I swore to your dad that I’d protect you until the day I die. I intend on keeping that promise, I won’t let him hurt you again.”
When you still say nothing, he comes closer, his suit pants getting static from the duvet, but he edges closer. His hair is flopping over his forehead, the gel beginning to wear out, and he looks so human this way. His rings send chills through you.
“You okay, Prinţesă?” he inquires, moving to softly stroke your hair.
“Yeah, thank you Seb. I don’t know how I can go back...”
“You won’t be. You’re never going back to him.”
Your chest deflates with sheer relief, and in this moment, you know you’ve never been as grateful to have Sebastian in your life. “Stay here as long as you want, honest.” Part of him hopes you’ll never leave, and a kernel of you pleads for the same thing, too. “I’ll get all your stuff together tomorrow. Just sleep, yeah? I’ve got you Doll, your dad would be so proud of you for leaving.”
Would he? You chose to be there in the first place, you endured it for so long when you should’ve left so much earlier, and instead of surviving on your own, you came crying to Seb.
“No.” His hand cups your jaw, the tough pad of his thumb catching a tear before it can fall. “Don’t go to that place. Don’t doubt yourself. You are so brave, and you have a place here for as long as you need. I’m so glad you came to me. It’ll all be ok, yeah?”
It’s crazy, but… you actually believe him. Every word he says is the truth, it always has been. He’s never shied away from brutal honesty, why should he when you need it the most? A stinging begins behind your eyes, and more tears threaten to spill, but sleep is pulling at you every which way. You don’t even know what time it is, how late it must be after hours of hell, and you really should sleep, especially if you’re getting breakfast with him tomorrow.
Your final request? “Stay with me? Don’t wanna be alone...”
It wouldn’t be the first time, but he hasn’t stayed since that night, and the circumstances couldn’t be further contrary. But his face; that adorable face, worn with age, scarred, those eyes that make dreams feel real, so clear and beautiful, and those petal pink lips…
He nods, and seems to forget he’s in his suit as he lets you curl into the side of his body, wrapping you under the duvet, tucking you into his side. He says a silent prayer, one he hopes will carry to whoever may be there to help him. To help you, the most important thing in his life.
Please, please keep my Prinţesă safe. Whatever it takes.
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bentobarnes · 4 months ago
『𝐦𝐞𝐞𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐨𝐟 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐥𝐢𝐟𝐞』
note : my requests are OPEN! Feel free to send me story requests
pairings : sebastian stan x reader
word count : 1k
summary : you and Sebastian meet unexpectedly although you both have always dreamt of meeting each other. But what happens when you and he finally know each other?
warnings : fluff
*feedback is appreciated. please reblog so it can reach more people♡
Tumblr media
It was never meant to happen but still, it did. You were a pretty famous actor and novelist although there were still people who didn’t know who you were. Well, now they do.
It was a casual day for Sebastian Stan. You know having an upcoming movie in a few weeks and starting filming another one after that meant a lot of hard work. Going to press tours, comic cons, interviews everything dedicated to promoting and popularizing the new and the upcoming movies. Here he was standing backstage with Anthony Mackie, Chris Hemsworth, and Chris Evans. They were talking and laughing having no idea what was going to happen at his comic con event.
When they went out on the stage, the audience cheered. They were all excited and they like the cast of the movie didn’t have any idea what the Russo Brothers have planned. Everything started as normal, each of the actors talked about their characters, their experiences, and how much they enjoyed the movie. After that, it was time to have some fun and play a game with which the Russo Brothers have come up. Of course, Sebastian and the others had no idea what was going to happen.
‘'Okay, so our game will be with the following rules: A picture of a person will appear on the screen, you and the audience will be able to see it and you have to guess the name of that person. If you can’t you can also guess their job.’'
‘'CUT THE CHECK, HOPE YOU PUT SOME GOOD WOMEN HERE!'’ Anthony shouted at the interviewer and Evans did his unique boob grabbing which caused the audience to laugh.
‘'The first photo appears now! It may be a bit tricky if you are not a vintage lover.’'
*a photo of Clint Eastwood*
‘'Oh, that’s Clint Eastwood! He has amazing movies… Feel lucky punk?’' Sebastian said with a huge smile on this face when the audience cheered at his answer.
‘'And that is correct! Good job Sebastian! Let’s see the next one!’'
*a photo of Woodrow Wilson*
'‘I have no idea who that is or what his job is.’' Chris Hemsworth told the interviewer looking slightly confused. So did the audience.
'‘He looks like a serious person.'’ Mackie tried to break the awkward silence.
'‘I think he was some kind of politician back in the days.’' Sebastian guessed.
'‘You got a point, Sebastian! This is Woodrow Wilson and he was a politician and the 28th President of the United States.’'
The four members exclaimed with '‘Ah, yeah of course we know who Woodrow Wilson is but not in a photo.’'
'‘I totally understand. Okay, time for the last one!’'
*a photo of you*
'‘Omg is this Y/N!’' Sebastian and the two Chrises shouted with excitement. Anthony looked confused.
'‘Oh, come on man… how can you not know Y/N! She is an amazing actress. I wish I could meet and work with her one day.’' Sebastian stated with a dreamy tone.
'‘What if I tell you, you are going to work with her? You all will.’' The interview served the surprise.
'‘What do you mean?’' Hemsworth asked.
'‘She will be your new cast member in the new MCU movie!’'
The audience was shocked and so were the four-man.
'‘I mean she looks amazing!’' Anthony said in shock.
‘'Actually, this surprise was prepared by the Russo Brothers and she doesn’t know anything about it. Do you want me to call her on video chat and announce to her that the secret was stated publicly? I don’t guarantee she will answer though.’'
‘'Do it!'’ Evans exclaimed.
*calling on video chat*
'‘Omg hi, Ace!'’ You smiled at the screen.
'‘Hi, Y/N! I hope I’m not interrupting something.’'
‘'Nah, don’t worry! I just finished a photo shoot with Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio for my upcoming movie!’'
'‘That sounds amazing Y/N! I wanted to tell you that I’m with Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, Chris Hemsworth, and Chris Evans right now and we announced you're joining in the MCU!’'
'‘You did what?! I knew the Russo are planning something! God, I wish I was there I really wanted to meet Sebastian for such a long time!’'
Sebastian’s eyes widened at your words.
'‘Is this the beginning of something here because before I called you he said the same thing?! Actually, you can come if you can and want. We can wait for you, can’t we?’' He looked at the audience and they screamed a big '‘YES’'.
'‘I will be there in 10 minutes because I’m near the place! Wait for me people!’'
*15 minutes pass*
You are running down the stairs of the room and the audience turns their head to see you. When you finally make your way to the stage you look at them and smile softly saying, ‘I love you guys’ before turning to the men in the back and greeting them. Shaking hands with them one by one. Finally, yet importantly you shook Sebastian’s hand.
'‘I wanted you meet you for so long. You are a gorgeous actor and I love your work extremely much.’' You whispered at him.
'‘Same for you, Y/N. I can’t wait to finally work with you.'' He smiled lovingly.
That’s how you two met. Two celebrities having a crush on each other and finally meeting in the most unexpected and strange way possible. It has been 2 years since then. 2 years of happiness with the most loving and caring boyfriend, you could ever dream of. Back then, you thought Sebastian was someone far away from you but he wasn’t. He is here next to you sleeping peacefully by your side. Little snores escaping his lips making you smile tenderly. Since then you have been through a lot but you both grew and are still growing together. Always taking care of each other and having your backs. There were people who didn’t like you two as a couple, of course, there were but this never changed the feelings you both have for each other.
'‘You are my superhero, Seb.’' You whispered kissing him softly on the top of his head. He was soundly asleep. You ran your fingers through his soft hair as kindly as if you were using a feather. '‘I love you to infinity and beyond. You are everything I have ever dreamed of. I’m grateful for having you in my life.’' You whispered again before covering him and you with your blanket before falling asleep next to the love of your life.
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chasecollinns · 4 months ago
You're a Sky Full of Stars, Chris Beck AU
- (fem!reader x Chris Beck)
Summary: You're a resident studying under Chief of Pediatrics Dr. Chris Beck. You're also a single mother trying to juggle raising a son with professional and personal life. But what happens when you hear the man you've fallen for say that he doesn't want to be a father?
Warnings: Includes Smut! 18+ Only Minors Do Not Interact! A smidge of Angst, Fluff, Mentions of Abuse (Never goes into details), Mentions of bad parenting, Mentions of an abandoned baby at a hospital, (I suck at summaries) Sorry for any typos I typed this on my phone. Requested by the amazing @buckyblues
Pink Words: Lyrics sung by Reader
Blue Words: Lyrics sung by Chris
Mix of both colors are Reader/Chris singing together
Divider divides each part so that everything doesn't run together.
Word Count: 6,206
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It was another morning at Boston Medical Center, but it wasn't a regular morning; Dr. Y/N Y/L/N was running very late for a meeting, and you never ran late for anything. Until today. You stood outside of the meeting room collecting yourself and jumped as you felt a hand touch your shoulder; you turned and smiled nervously up at the surgeon you worked under, the Chief of Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery, Dr. Chris Beck.
You sat at the table, feeling Chris nudge your side as he slid a coffee in front of you, smiled at him, and whispered thanks before bringing the warm cup up to your lips and sighed as the warm liquid ran down your throat.
He looked at you, taking in how your was in the perfect bun. How you always tapped your fingers on the table as you were deep in thought. He thought it was cute. He wondered what you would feel if you knew he would sometimes sit and stare as you bit at the pen you used to write your surgical notes into your tablet. It wasn't really against the rules to date within the hospital as long as you went through the proper channels, but Chris had been married and went through a bitter divorce a year ago; maybe it wasn't the right time to make a move. Even if he often wanted to take you into his office or one of the on-call rooms and make you beg you to let you cum.
He looked at you, taking in how your was in the perfect bun. How you always tapped your fingers on the table as you were deep in thought. He thought it was cute. He wondered what you would feel if you knew he would sometimes sit and stare as you bit at the pen you used to write your surgical notes into your tablet. It wasn't really against the rules to date within the hospital as long as you went through the proper channels, but Chris had been married and went through a bitter divorce a year ago; maybe it wasn't the right time to make a move. Even if he often wanted to take you into his office or one of the on-call rooms and make you beg you to let you cum.
"Dr. Beck," the Chief of surgery said, and he turned his head to look up at him and nodded his head.
"Yes, Chief?" He asked, smiling up at the older man as he leaned onto a cane.
"Any updates on the baby that was abandoned last month?"
The baby in question, a little girl, was left outside. It had been Chris and Y/N who had heard the frail cry as they ventured out into the chilly February Weather. She was severely underdeveloped, and Chris, Y/N, and the Cardiothoracic surgeon had fixed significant damage to the little girl's heart.
"Olivia," Chris said with a smile. Y/N had decided that the little girl had needed a name. "Olivia is breathing on her own; right now, we are just trying to get her weight up before it's safe to release her to social services," he said and glanced at Y/N as you smiled at the mention of the little girl that you often sat beside and talked to between your rounds.
"All right," the Chief smiled and nodded and handed out the rounds for the days before everyone went their separate ways.
Tumblr media
"So Y/N, how was that date the other night?" One of the nurses asked, wiggling her eyebrows as they sat at a table eating their lunch.
"He was good, but he wanted to date," Y/N sighed. You never dated because of your son.
"Yeah, you and your no dating rule. When are you ever going to find love?" She asked you, feeling sorry for you.
"Love is a weakness," you said, looking at the chart beside your food tray.
"I could seriously strangle you right now," she said, making you laugh. "In all seriousness, Y/N, you should find someone to have a relationship with."
Everyone at the table didn't know that you had your reservations about dating. Most men didn't want to date a woman with a four-year-old son, but that wasn't entirely why you didn't want to give your heart to someone else; you had been hurt in the past. Your past three relationships had been trainwrecks, one of the guys cheated on you, one of them used you for your money, and the first one hurt you in ways you didn't even want to think about anymore. You sighed inwardly and shook your head as the girls began to chit-chat quietly beside you.
"What about Chris," one of them said, finally speaking up, and you raise a brow.
"What? You think I should date my Chief?" You ask, nearly choking on the drink of the coffee you had just taken. "No way!"
"Come on; you can't tell me you've never thought about it?"
"No," you say rather quickly. "Absolutely not," you add. Can they see you biting the inside of your cheek?
"Come on! Y/N, he's cute ... he's single," one of the nurses says.
"Who's single?" A voice asks, walking up to the table and sitting down with a turkey sandwich and a bottle of water.
"Nobody," you quickly retort. "The girls are just trying to set me up with someone," you shrug your shoulders and look over at him. His bright blue eyes are staring at you as his lips curve up into a smirk.
"Come on, Y/N, you can't just go on being single forever," he says as he takes a bite of his sandwich. You smirk as you reach and steal a fry off of his plate and plop it into your mouth and look at him.
"I can be single for as long as I want to be," you say before getting up with your clipboard. "Plus, Chris," you say as you look down at him. "I could tell you the same," you said, looking down into the bright blue eyes of the handsome doctor that looked up at you. You turned your head, not to want him and the other nurses to know you were staring.
He had heard your words; maybe you were right? But why couldn't he see that it was you that he wanted to move on with? You were the best with children and babies; he sometimes smiled just watching you talk to the scared young patients that came into the hospital. You had a way to calm down not only the children but the parents. If he hadn't had his reservations, secrets, and personal issues, then maybe he would have asked you out sooner.
Tumblr media
Chris had finished his rounds and had placed his chart and tablet back at the station. He had one more place to go and smiled as he headed to the NICU; nobody knew that he had always come here to talk to Olivia. He put some hand sanitizer on his gloved hand, reached into the incubator, and smiled as her tiny fingers wrapped around his.
"Hey there, angel, you're getting so much stronger, baby girl. Yes, you are," he said as he looked down at the tiny baby as she squeezed his index finger. He sat in a chair and smiled as he moved to check her heart with his stethoscope and smile as she winced a little at the cold feeling. "Sorry about that angel," he smiled and closed his eyes, hearing the little girl's heart beating strongly in his ears. He looked in at her and smiled as he studied her little face, her blue eyes looking up at him as she squeezed his finger again, her tiny mouth opening as she yawned.
"You know you're going to find a great family one day," he said, looking at her. "I didn't have a great family ... but my mom did what she could to make sure I turned out all right," he whispered as if Olivia could understand him.
He wondered if he would even be a good dad; after all, his dad treated him and his mom horribly; he closed his eyes and jumped a little as the door opened, and Y/N came in with your chart; Olivia was always your last round of the night. You'd never seen Chris in here, so you were a bit taken aback. You checked her vitals on the other side, not bothering him as you smiled as Olivia winced again at another cold stethoscope, and Chris chuckled lightly and placed the other gloved hand into the hole on his side to gently stroke the blue-eyed baby's hair.
"We promise we'll start warming them up, bug," he said, and Olivia turned her head, and he could've sworn she smiled up at him.
"You're so good with kids, Chris," Y/N said, putting your stethoscope around your neck and put your head sideways to study Chris. He looked tired, yet he was sitting here talking to a baby. "So, do you want kids, or do you have kids?"
"No ... I just don't think kids are for me," he shrugged. "That's why my wife and I got divorced; she wanted them, and I didn't. I've just got nieces and nephews," he said, looking up at you, and slowly, he pulled his hands out of the incubator.
You inwardly sighed, your teeth nipping at your lip at the answer to the question. You had a four-year-old son at home; how could you date a man who wasn't sure if he wanted children.
"I see," you say, smiling at him and writing down the results of everything you needed into the chart on your tablet. You turn to face the door.
"Hey, Y/N," Chris says, and you turn to look back at him.
"You know if you're not busy, uh," he runs a hand up the back of his head and stands up, walking to where you were. The two of you walk out of the NICU, and you face him as the automatic sliding doors close. He's rubbing his neck nervously, trying to find the words.
"What are you trying to ask Chris?" You smirk up at him.
"If you're not busy this Friday. We could go grab a few drinks at the bar across the street?"
"Wait, are you asking me out?" You ask, your eyebrows raising as you look at him.
"Yeah, I guess I'm saying that," he laughs and smiles at you.
"Sure ... I just need to take care of some things at home before I can get to the bar, but that sounds okay," you say, and you're biting the inside of your lip again. "I'll meet you there?"
"All right, what about 7:00?"
"Sounds good to me," you say and watch him walk down the hallway before you blink and pinch your arm to make sure this isn't some weird dream you're having. You shake your head and head to grab your bag, and you head out to your car and head home to let the babysitter who watched Oliver in the evening go home. You stand by his door, looking in at him sound asleep on the bed, holding his stuffed Dinosaur close to him. You head in and kiss his head and make sure he was tucked in before turning on his night light and heading to bed.
Tumblr media
Chris had prepped for the date carefully. He hadn't been out on a date in years. He felt like it had been a different life, a different lifetime even. He had made a mental note that if the date went well, if they chose to venture forward with whatever the universe deemed this to be, that he would take you out on a proper date the next time: an early dinner, the museum, a walk through the park under the stars.
He had gotten to the bar around 6:30, looked down at his phone, he typed in your name to pull your contacts up. He bit his lip, his stomach getting small butterflies as he wondered what you would be wearing; what if you just stood him up. He shook his head and sighed as he began to type into his phone.
"Hey, I'm here. The table near the stage."
Chris looked up towards the Karaoke Bar and smiled as he sat his phone down. He ordered water just to have something to sip on as he studied the bar looking around at all the people, it seemed a little dead, but maybe that would be a good thing. His foot tapped the floor under the table nervously. He rubbed the back of his neck as he looked towards the door as it opened up, and the breath had caught in his throat.
You walked in, and he could've sworn his heart had jumped out of his chest. He watched as you walked towards the table. You had on strappy heels, a black polka dot skirt, and a black lacy shirt with a short leather jacket. Everything hugged you perfectly, and he had to lick his lips. He stood up and pulled the chair out for you, letting you sit down before he pulled the chair closer.
"You look... uh, you look amazing," he said and smiled as he looked at you. His face was turning red. You could even see it under the dull bar lighting.
"Oh My God! Chris, you're blushing," you say and smile at him.
"Hey, I haven't done this in quite some time. I'm a little rusty. Yeah?" He chuckled and smiled as he waved a waitress over and ordered some food and a couple of beers. The two of you sat talking about work, Olivia, and then the conversation of past relationships came up. Chris could sense that you were getting uncomfortable about something, so he smiled and placed a hand over yours and slid a little closer and placed a hand to your face, and gently ran his fingers down your cheek. You thought that maybe, just maybe, he was going to kiss you, but instead, he eyed the Karaoke bar, and a smirk appeared on his face. He smiled and stood up, offering his hand, and you reluctantly took it, not knowing what he had planned. He walked over towards the bar and pressed a few buttons before handing you one of the microphones; you were glad that they were the kind that you could put around your head with the microphone part in front of your mouth.
Something was comforting in the way he held your hand, his finger running around your thumb in the softest way. He looked at you, and your heart fluttered as the two of you waiting for the music to begin to play. You had to admit. You never had in your life felt like this for a man or anyone else for that matter.
"Now this song, I know you will know," he smirked close to your ear. "After all, you told me this was in one of your favorite movies," he winked, and you raised a brow and looked at him and smiled as the music for Time of My Life Began to play. You giggled into the microphone as he took both of your hands and pulled you closer and laughed as he began to sing.
Now I've had the time of my life
No, I never felt like this before
Yes, I swear it's the truth
And I owe it all to you
You smiled from ear to ear as you listened to him sing, he was horrible, but the way he looked at you and sung just to you made your insides turn to goo. You gripped his hands and giggled, the giggle filling the bar making the others smile and watch the two of you. You didn't know; some hospital nurses were there and were smiling from ear to ear.
Cause I've had the time of my life
And I owe it all to you
When the music kicked in, you giggled as he turned you around with his arm and began to dance with you. He was a better dancer than a singer, that was for sure. You giggle as the two of you danced together, moving closer and moving against him as the music continued to play before the vocals started back up.
I've been waiting for so long
Now I've finally found someone
To stand by me
We saw the writing on the wall
As we felt this magical
Now with passion in our eyes
There's no way we could disguise it
So we take each other's hand
'Cause we seem to understand
The urgency
Just Remeber!
You're the one thing
I can't get enough of
So I'll tell you something
This could be love because
I've had the time of my life
No, I never felt this way before
Yes, I swear it's the truth
And I owe it all to you
You and Chris sung the rest of the song, ending up close to each other, eyes locked and lips close together. However, the sound of the bar cheering broke the grip the two of you had on one another, and he took your hand and walked back to the table. He looked at his watch and over to you and pulled his coat on.
"Come on, I want to show you something," he said with a smile and wrapped his arm around your waist. You lean into him, not caring that the bar was watching you walk out together. He smiled as the two of you walked down the sidewalk towards the park, and you leaned into him, sighing. He stopped walking and smirked at you as he leaned down and lifted one of your feet. He removed a heel and then did the same with the other.
Walking with your heels in one hand, he held your other hand with his free one and smiled at you. "Almost there," he said, and you laughed as he walked you over to the park and the swings. He stood in front of you, holding both of the chains as he smiles and looks into your eyes, his forehead pressed against yours, again you thought he was going to kiss you; but instead, he began to giggle as he stepped back and pulled the chains twisting them causing you to spin around on the swing, making you dizzy. He laughed as you stood up chasing after him, and due to your dizziness, you fell into him, causing you both to fall to the ground, which caused you to erupt into a fit of laughter. He pulled you close, your head resting onto his chest as his hand closed around yours, and he pulled it up to his chest. You looked up at him and smiled as you leaned and kissed his cheek. He smiled down at you, took your hand, and pointed it up to the sky. He told you the constellations. He showed you the north star, and he pointed out Orion's belt.
You looked up at Chris after pulling away from the kiss and took in a deep breath as his eyes locked with yours. He leaned in closer and placed his lips against your cheek. It's so soft, but it sends a shiver through you.
"Y/N," he murmurs against your cheek. "If you want me to stop, tell me," he whispers.
You shake your head and say nothing. His face moves and his nose grazes yours as he brings his lips closer, and he smiles; you smile, taking in how his nose scrunches and lines form beside his eyes.
"And now?" He murmurs as his lips delicately fall against yours.
"Or...," you reach up and pull him flush against you, and the rest of his words are muffled against his mouth. You ball up his shirt into your fists, and he smiles as he deepens the kiss and groans against your soft lips. He circles his arms around you, holding you as close as he possibly can, and pulls slowly to lean his forehead against yours.
After parting from the kiss, there was one thing that you were sure of. On that chilly fall night, you fell in love under the stars. There was one thing you weren't sure of. You didn't know which shone brighter, his eyes or the stars.
It hurt Y/N to have to pull away from him to head home, but your babysitter only had another 30 minutes. He walked you back to your car and smiled as he leaned down and placed your heels back onto your feet and looked up at you as he placed a gentle kiss on your hand before he stood up.
"Date next Friday?" Y/N asked and smiled as Chris pressed a quick kiss to your lips and nodded.
"Only if we can make it proper and you let me pick you up at your place?" You smiled and texted him your address and leaned and kissed him quickly one more time and smiled as he shut your door and watched as you pulled out of the parking spot.
Tumblr media
He had kept his mental promise to himself and had taken you to a nice dinner, the museum, and you had ended up at the park again. You laid in his arms, looking up at the sky and studying the stars. You had gotten a babysitter who could stay overnight, just in case you wanted things to go farther.
He held your hand as it rested on his chest, and he moved and looked down at you and smiled as he kissed your forehead. His eyes locked with yours and his lips were on yours again. His lips were like poison on your lips, numbing and intoxicating. You'd stolen some kisses here and there at work, he'd sent you flowers and left you post-it notes on your rotations, and you found it endearing.
"I want you more than you'll ever know," Chris murmured as he leaned in and kissed you. "Come home with me?" He murmurs and pulls away to look down at you. You nod your head and smiles as he lifts you off of the ground carrying you to his car, kissing you as he's walking.
The drive home was only a few minutes, but for both Chris and Y/N, it felt like it was taking forever.
"I want you so bad," Chris groaned as he slipped off your coat and laid it on the chair he liked to read in. Exposing the exquisite sight of the tight dress that you had been wearing earlier.
"Yeah?" Y/N asked as your nose nudged against his, and Chris nudged right back.
"Yeah," he smiled.
They were both breathless by the time Chris' bedroom door opened, from the kissing and the way that Chris had slammed your back against the hallway wall as he tried to get the door opened while your arms were around his neck and your legs around his waist.
"Make love to me," Y/N breathed against his mouth. You groaned as you tugged Chris's bottom lip between your teeth.
He sat you on the edge of his bed and kissed you before he began to take great care in removing your dress. He marked your skin with his lips, leaving you little reminders for the next day. He got the dress removed, and you reached to tug his shirt over his head as he peppered kisses down your neck to your breasts.
You look up at him, your hand moving down his chest and then stopping at the waistband of his pants. You unzip his zipper and push his pants down and groan as he pushes his boxer briefs down with them. He springs out, and you wrap your hand around his erect cock.
"Fuck, baby," Chris hisses as your hand grasped him at the base. He was hard, painfully hard, but the slow twisting of your hand alleviated the tension. You swiped your thumb over the tip of cock, and you smirked as Chris moaned. Chris laid above you, sucking on your breast as you gently stroked his cock. Soon you removed your hand and pulled his head up to your face so you could kiss him. You could feel his cock resting against the inside of your thigh, and Y/N knew you needed to feel him inside you.
"Do we need a--" he said and looked down into your eyes and felt you pull his face back to yours, kissing him deeply.
"M on the pill," you murmured into his lips. "Need you now, baby," you murmured.
Chris had to bite his lip at the sound of your voice. He pulled your panties down, and a whimpered moan escaped his lips as he felt how dripping wet Y/N was.
"If you feel uncomfortable at any moment, we can-," Y/N put a finger to Chris's lips, and Y/N grabbed him and aligned him up to your slick entrance. Chris groaned as he pushed in, holding your hips close, and kissed you hungrily. They moved together in perfect sync, lips meeting every few moments as they groaned each other's names into each other's mouths. Chris took in how Y/N felt beneath him. Your sweat-slicked skin, how your chest and back rose and fell as you breathed, and how you moved your hips in desperation to meet his. This felt so perfect. Sex had never felt like this with anyone else.
"I'm close," you whimpered and wrapped your arms around him. Chris moaned and captured your lips in another kiss. He felt you contracting around his cock, and he pushed in frantically and groaned your name as they came together. He stayed inside of you for a few moments, lips lazily kissing your shoulder before he pulled out and pulled you against him.
"Can you stay?" He murmured, and you smiled as you nodded your head and kissed him lazily. "I might have to leave before you wake up," you murmured and buried your head into his neck.
"It's fine," he said, feeling his eyes already growing heavy. "Y/N," he murmured close to sleep. "I'm glad I waited for you," he said, kissing you lazily before he let sleep take over.
Like you had said the night before, you were gone when he awoke, but you had made his coffee and had left him a note on his coffee mug. Chris awoke the following day, he was hoping you'd still be there, but he figured you had some plans. He headed to the kitchen and smiled as he read the note on the mug and then fixed a cup of coffee.
He couldn't wait to see you later; he couldn't wait to wrap his arms around you and kiss you; if you still wanted to keep things secret, he would kiss you like he had been kissing you. Little stolen kisses in the on-call room, quick little kisses as they both talked to Olivia. He hadn't thought that he would be able to move on after his divorce, he sighed as he thought about his wife. She had wanted children, and he just didn't think he would be cut out to be a father.
Tumblr media
A couple of weeks had passed since Chris and Y/N had slept together. People around the hospital were now finding out about their relationship. They felt like things were going well. The only problem was that Y/N was terrified of him finding out that you had a four-year-old son.
The night before, as you had laid on your side half asleep, you had heard him saying that he loved you. You weren't sure if he was asleep or awake. You weren't sure if you had imagined it.
But you felt it too. You had felt it since that first night that he had shown you the stars. The night that he had made you feel like the center of the universe, you were the moon; you were his moon.
You had awoken that morning in Chris' bed to find him already gone for work. You were off that day and had planned on spending it with Oliver. You headed to the shower and smiled as you used Chris's body wash, liking how your body ended up smelling like him. As you dried your hair and changed into clean clothes that you had begun to keep at Chris' place for their Friday dates, your phone rang, and your frantic babysitter was on the other end of the phone, Oliver crying in the background.
"Y/N. I'm sorry, but I walked inside to get him a jacket, and he climbed up into that tree in the back, and then I heard him screaming and crying," she said quickly. "He fell out of the tree, and his arm's broken. We're in the waiting room of the hospital waiting," she said into the phone. "We're not at Boston Memorial. The ambulance brought him to Boston Children's Hospital," the babysitter made sure to note.
"I'm on my way," you said as you hurried out to your car in Chris' driveway. What you didn't expect was for there to be a ton of traffic.
Tumblr media
Chris walked out to the waiting room with one of the orthopedic residents. He held a chart and looked down at the name and then over towards the babysitter. "Oliver Y/L/N?" he asked, and the babysitter nodded and held her hand out to Oliver, who looked up at her. "I want my mommy," he said and looked around. "I want my mommy," he said and looked up at Chris as Chris leaned in front of him.
"Hey Oliver," he said, looking at the little boy. "I'm sure your mommy's gonna be here as soon as she can, yeah?" he asked, and Oliver nodded his head and looked at Chris as Chris took out a little stuffed teddy bear that he kept in his pocket and held it out to the little boy. "In the meantime, why don't you hold this? He has magical powers. He'll make you brave, and he'll keep you safe until your mommy gets here, okay?" he asked, and Oliver nodded his head and reached for Chris' hand.
"Will you stay with me until my mommy gets here?" Oliver asked as he clasped his little hand into Chris's.
"Of course I will," he smiled. "We have to take you to this magical room that's going to take a picture of your bones. I'll be right by your side," he said, walking the little boy back through the double doors.
Chris walked in, placed the protective suit on, and stood beside Oliver as they took all of the X-Rays.
They took him to a room, and as promised, Chris sat with him right on the bed beside him, letting Oliver watch Cartoons on his phone. The little boy had fallen asleep, his tiny arm in a cast as his head laid against Chris' that rested on the mattress of the bed.
"His mom is in traffic," the babysitter said and looked up at Chris. "She says she's just a few minutes away," she smiled up at Chris.
"If you need to leave, it's fine," Chris smiled. "My rounds here are over. I can sit with him until his mom gets here," he said as he smiled down at Oliver and ran his hand over the little boy's head.
"Are you sure?"
"Yeah, of course, just let his mom know which room's he's in," he nodded and looked down at the little boy who still held tightly to the bear he had given him.
The babysitter nodded and walked out of the room and towards the elevator. She headed down to the Lobby just as Y/N had walked in.
"Hey, he's on the 6th floor, room 616. The doctor's sitting with him," she said and smiled as Y/N hugged her. "I'm sorry again,"
"It's okay," Y/N said as you headed towards the elevator.
Y/N could have sworn that the elevator ride up to the 6th floor was taking forever. Your heart was beating a mile a minute as you watched the floor numbers count up from LobbyLobby to 6th Floor. When the door finally dinged, you stepped out, headed to the right door with the correct door number, pushed it opened, and stepped inside.
Your heart almost jumped out of your chest when you saw Chris, your Chris sitting beside your son.
"Hey." You say, and Chris' head turns slowly, and you bite down on the inside of your cheek as he looks up at you, eyes big.
"Hey." He whispers back, looking over you. He stands slowly and runs a hand up the back of his neck.
"Is he o-okay?" You say, stumbling over the words a little.
"Y/N," he says, stepping closer to you. He takes his hand and lifts your chin. You look up at him and bite your lip as he places both hands on each of your cheeks. You feel like crying as you take in the way he looks at you.
"Why didn't you tell me?" He finally asks, his fingers running over your soft skin.
"Chris," you whisper, looking over at your son sleeping soundly. You see that there's an IV running into his arm, and you gather it's probably something for pain. "You said kids aren't for you, and I just didn't know how to bring him up," he breathes in, and he leans his head against yours.
"I didn't have a good upbringing," he whispers simply and closes his eyes, and you wipe a tear that falls down his cheek. Whatever he was holding in was something he didn't talk about because his hands are trembling. "Let's just say my dad ... he wasn't a good man," he said simply. "I'm scared ... terrified that ..."
"Chris, you're not your dad," you say as you cup his face. "You're the best man I've ever met in my life. You complete everything about me, and if this scares you, I know it's something you didn't expect, but that little boy is my world," you smile and look over at your son as he holds the teddy bear that Chris always had in his pocket.
"And about what you said last night," you say as Chris wraps his arm around your waist. "I love you too." He smiles and presses his lips against yours, and you smile as he looks into your blue eyes.
"Mommy, why are you kissing the doctor?" A little voice says from the side of the two of you. Y/N laughs into Chris' lips before turning slowly to look at your son. You walked over to him and leaned down to kiss his head.
"Your Mommy and I are girlfriend and boyfriend, and she just told me that she loves me very much. What do you think of that?"
"I think that you should kiss her again," Oliver giggles and covers his little eyes with his hand that wasn't in the cast with his broken arm.
"Is that so?" Chris asks and smiles down at Oliver. He was still scared, scared that he would lose Y/N, but damn it, he was going to try to hold onto everything that came with dating you and being the best man that he could be for both you and Oliver.
"Yeah!" Oliver said, his hand over his eyes and a big smile. "Kiss her!"
Chris and Y/N laughed as they leaned into each other placing their lips to each other's, and smiled against each other's lips as Oliver laughed beside them.
Tumblr media
3 Months Later
You rolled onto your side and felt the empty bed beside you, hoping to move into Chris. He wasn't there. You sat up and smiled as you reached over onto your nightstand, grabbing the baby monitor that sat there. You saw him in the nursery walking back and forth, cradling their baby girl against his chest. You turned up the volume on the monitor and smiled as you heard him softly humming a song to her, her precious little giggles filling the room as she looked up at him from her spot on his chest.
He was terrific. You wondered why he ever doubted himself in the first place. He had shown you what real love was, he had shown Oliver what a father was, and he gave that little girl more love than anyone ever could have dreamed of.
"Come on, my sweet little Liv," he said, kissing her head as he laid her into the crib. "Need to get your sleep," he said and ran a hand over her face as she smiled up at him as he started the baby mobile before heading back to bed to lay beside you. You couldn't help but roll over to lay on top of him, your lips hitting his and a giggle escaping your lips as he rolled you over. He pulls your shirt up, his lips kissing down to your tummy where he places tiny kisses, and he rests his head down and whispers sweet nothings against your small bump.
"I love you to the moon and back, little one," He looks up at you and smiles. "And I love you my sky full of stars,"
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stuckyssavvysweetheart · 3 months ago
Heyy you have a lovely blog, if ur requests are open can u try writing a reader x Sebastian stan where the reader has insomnia/anxiety and seb comforts them ♥️
A/n: So I tried my best I've never written for Sebastian Stan. Also my anxiety is never that bad so I did my best if this offends you I so sorry!!
Warnings: anxiety attacks; fluff
Word Count: 389
Tumblr media
I knew the paparazzi was aggressive and had no filter but I didn't think that they would be chasing me at 8 in the morning. The morning started out great, I woke up next to Sebastian my boyfriend of 3 years. He was fantastic and everything I could ever ask for. He is so kind and understanding, before we started dating he was my best friend. When I told him I had feelings for him he said he felt the same way, and we have been dating ever since. I woke up to make breakfast for us only to find out we had no eggs, Sebastian offered to dive us down the street to the nearest store. Everything was fine when we got there but as we were leaving we got surrounded by flashing cameras and screaming people. As everyone was screaming and talking Sebastian tried pushing our way through the crowd of people. I felt like my throat was closing and my chest was tightening. We finally reached the car snd Sebastian drove around the corner so we would be away from everything. He stopped the car and walked around and opened my door and grabbed me. He tightly wrapped his arms around my shaking form. "Hey, It's okay, we're okay, I'm sorry I'm so sorry, We're safe, You're safe, I'm here," Sebastian whispered in my ear as he held me. While we were standing there he kept whispering in my ear about how much he loved me and how sorry he was. We stood there for a while until I felt like I could breathe again. "Are you alright?" Sebastian asked when I pulled away slightly. "Yea I'm okay thank you," I answered. "You know how much I love you?" Sebastian asked as I moved to get into the car. "Enough to stand on the side of the road holding me," I said opening my door. As we both settled into the car he put one hand on the wheel and the other grabbed my hand, "I love you too Sebastian," He smiled as he began to drive home.
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spideyyboii · 4 months ago
Being Bucky’s Younger Sister
Tumblr media
warnings: none
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Being Bucky Barnes younger sister was never easy especially when everyone in Brooklyn was scared of the soldier who was constantly ending his best friends fights.
When you were young it was hard to make friends as nobody wanted to be around your older brother in fear he would interrogate them.
Bucky s number one priority was your safety. Whenever you were in town the older boy always held your hand to ensure you couldn’t run off.
The both of you always the closest out of all your siblings and your brother always make sure to be home in time to tuck you in.
“Okay munchkin, let’s get you to be otherwise you’ll be cranky tomorrow.” He said picking you up and carrying you into your small bedroom. “Right my little munchkin what shall we read tonight?” He continued with a smile as he watched the small yawn exit your mouth.
“Nothing just want cuddle.” You told him whilst making grabby hands.
When Bucky announced he was going to fight in the war it was almost as if your heart shattered.
“You can’t leave Buck! I need you here!” You told your brother as tears streamed down your face. “Munchkin you have to understand I don’t have a choice they’re making me go.” He told you his heart breaking when you pulled away from his embrace and ran away.
Once the day came for Bucky to leave for war you were still ignoring him and he knew you were only doing to avoid crying. “Munchkin, I need to go now I love you and remember if you need anything you have Stevie.”
Soon after Bucky left, Steve joined the war leaving you alone again. Which meant it was time to start making friends.
Four years later Bucky and Steve returned home excited to have some time with their family. It was almost as if they expected to see the same nine year old doe eyed girl to come running toward them.
They weren’t expecting the young woman that appeared in front of them dressed in the proper attire. “Munchkin you grew!” Bucky exclaimed shocked and saddened that he missed out on watching you blossom into a beautiful young woman. “Buck your back!” You shouted before running into his arms feeling safe once again.
Things quickly fell into place and you were back to only caring about your older brother and what he thought. “So when are you going to introduce Bucky to your partner?” Your older sister said with a smug smirk. 
“Partner? You better not be dating!” The two men said not fond with this information. “Tell whoever this partner is that Captain America will kick their ass if they hurt you!” Steve said 
The day your brother met said partner was the day you almost lost them. 
“Listen here punk you ever hurt her I will hunt you down and kill you understood.” Your brother finished his speech and continued to stare at your lover.
Even though the days of you following Bucky and Steve around like a lost puppy were over the soldier knew you’d always need your brother. 
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