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#sebastian stan x reader

Bucky Barnes x Short!Civilian!Fem!reader

author’s notes: hehee i love this. also ssjsj i changed it a bit but i hope you like it! thank you for sending in the request!

warnings: violence, kidnapping, dark themes, swearing, fluff


Originally posted by thewinterchildren

Sweat dripped down your temple, your chest heaving up and down. Your wrists burned from the sensation of the robe. Your body was agonizingly aching as you had been interrogated for who knows how long. The hours that you had been trapped under Hydra’s menacing gaze had been harrowing—or had it been days?

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A/n: !!!! part two is here and I’m literally so excited lmao. It was supposed to be twice as long, but stick around because I’ll start writing part 3 asap!! I love this concept!! Come talk to me about it!!

Summary: Ransom decides that what his onlyfans account needed to get more traction is a threesome. So here he is, Sheriff Lee Bodecker in all his glory. (SMUT) 8.9k

Warnings: unprotected sex, double penetration, oral (both receiving), humiliation, degradation, dirty talk, dom/sub dynamics, domestic submission, daddy kink, slapping, spanking, dubcon/noncon, filming sexual acts… they’re both assholes, you have been warned! Absolutely DO NOT READ if any of these upset you or make you uncomfortable in any way! Also, 18+ in case that wasn’t clear lol. That being said… ENJOY!!

 You can read part 1 here, although this works as a standalone too!


Originally posted by pedropcl


Originally posted by forchrisevans

Despite your fingers nervously trembling around the small brush in your hand, your makeup turned out just about perfect. And now, you were just standing there, in front of the mirror, studying every inch of your face, searching for any small detail that had yet to be fixed. There wasn’t one. Just like always, you now looked perfect too. 

Still, the will to stand up and leave was absent. It was perfectly silent around the room, creating the perfect environment for you to get lost in thoughts. Your stomach was buzzing with enthusiasm and your palms were sweaty, yet you wanted to delay the moment for as long as you could - maybe the eyeliner wing on your right eye was a bit too thick - maybe you needed to start over. And you were just about to do so, to grab the makeup remover inches away from your hand, and undo the work you’ve put so much patience in. But you didn’t get to.

The door opened and Ransom walked inside. 

You didn’t turn around, as his frame showed up in the mirror, right behind you. 

“You look beautiful, love” he said softly, his fingers dancing through your recently styled hair.

“Thank you”

“Look at me” he cooed, tilting your chin.

You fell back against his hard abdomen, smiling deeply as you searched for his stern eyes. They were cold, you knew he had something in mind.

It was one of those days when he wouldn’t allow anything to go wrong. Although always a control freak, throughout your relationship, you learned when it was absolutely necessary to not piss him off - and it was more than easy to tell that this was one of those times.

“I love you” Ransom smiled, leaning down to kiss your forehead.

His touch warmed you up from the inside. Slowly, his hands descended from your shoulders, caging your chest into a sweet embrace, before grabbing your breasts into his palms. You moaned lightly, your eyes falling closed.

“Such a good girl” he chuckled, squeezing harder until you squirmed under his touch. “Does it hurt?” he asked, his grip not loosening up.

You nodded, eyes still closed and your smile just as wide. “But I like it,” you confessed.

“Of course you do, baby” he laughed, “I know exactly what my baby needs”

Cheeks on fire, you spun around in your chair, and wrapped your arms around his middle. Ransom rubbed your back a few times, before harshly pulling you up to face him, “How are you feeling? You feeling good? Excited?”

“Yes” you nodded eagerly.

He took a deep breath, kissing the top of your head before returning to look at you with a serious glare in his eyes, “Lee’s gonna be here real soon, and I need you to be real good for me, ok? I know you can, but you can also be a pain in the ass, sometimes. Now is not the time, Y/n, ok?”

“Yes, I know” you nodded, wrapping your arms around his neck, “I’ll make you proud, you’ll see. I wanna do this right, Ransom, I won’t let you down, I promise.”

Hearing your words, the corners of his mouth tilted into a devious grin, “Why aren’t you always like this?” Despite his words being somewhat cold and condescending, there was awe in his eyes. It didn’t always look like it, but he loved you more than he could ever put into words - he did it in his own fucked up way, but he did, and you knew it.

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Chapter name: Pointing Fingers

Series Summary: “Y/n it’s about time you got married, and besides it’s not like you’re with anyone, and he’s single he is always just with whores, his father wants him to marry a real woman a woman who knows what she’s doing, and I told him about you and he was happy with what he heard and saw.”

“You’ve been keeping tabs on me, again, you mother fucker,” You slammed your hands on the desk.

“You’re my daughter, and I can,” he told you matter-of-factly.

Paring: Mob!Bucky x Reader

Warning’s: Swearing, depressed-ish reader, Michael being a horrible father as always and that’s it 

Word count: 1421

A/n: I Hope you guys like it, this chapter more of a back and forth between Bucky and Y/n’s days which are different but also similar, also next week there’s going to be three updates, I was thinking yes i’m changing what I originally wrote for this, maybe since It’s thanksgiving I’ll give you guys 5 parts this week, or we can do the 3 up dates next week tell me what I should do, the week after there will be two maybe one feedback is appreciated, thx💞💞-SSITKOW



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Charlie Brown

Summary: you have a heart transplant and you wake up to your husband.

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader


Originally posted by steverogersnotebook

“Hey, how ya feeling, Dragoste?” Is spoken to you softly.

You slowly opened up your eyes to see your husband is in a god awful sweater that you want to burn but also wear since your husband is in it.

“You look… like one of those.. Charlie Brown characters,” you said.

He chuckled and pressed a kiss to your lips. You barely kiss him back but he doesn’t mind. You’re still very much coming off the anaesthesia.

“You’ve got a new heart, Darling,” Sebastian said softly and grabbed the cup of water for you.

“Finally,” you whispered.

You’ve had a long battle of heart problems growing up. You’ve had so many surgeries and what not. It was about time you get a new one.

“Have some water, Dragoste,” Sebastian said.

He brought the cup to your lips and you sipped on the water you’re given. You waved it away when you’re done and lay back against the pillow.

“Can you hold me, Charlie?” You asked closing your eyes.

“Of course,” your husband said.

He slipped off his shoes and slipped in. He’s very careful about holding you. His first arm has to be lower than the stitches on your stomach and his other is under your head. You turned your head to face him.

“You’re still looking so beautiful,” Sebastian whispered softly and gently caressed your cheek.

You briefly opened your eyes and said with a smile, “you’re still looking like Charlie Brown, Sebby.”

He smiled and said, “get some sleep, Dragoste.”

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Summary: Sebastian doesn’t want to be friends anymore.

Genre: Angst, romance

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x reader

a/n: I saw a video on tiktok by Alex Galorneau (raulbeixx) and it hit me so hard I started crying. I just had to write a terrible fanfiction about it because I have the mind and hands of destruction.


Originally posted by maddiehstar

“I really like you.”

Shouldn’t have said that. Why did you have to ruin everything, Seb?

Seb asked himself.

It’s been a few days since he last saw you - since he confessed. To be honest, he wasn’t exactly hiding it from the start, but you didn’t think he’d confess. Especially when you have a boyfriend.

But Seb had hope. He’s seen how your boyfriend treated you, how he’d leave you behind and completely forgot about your existence unless you’re talking to Seb. So perhaps Collins You deserved better, and Seb knew he could treat you right.

If only you’d give him the chance.

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tell me, not him. — (t. chalamet, s. stan fic)

☆ CHAPTER 10 - do you still love me?

— where y/n l/n lands a role in a new television series that will put her relationship to the test.

⤷ timothée chalamet & sebastian stan x reader

⤷ social media! au + original written fiction

warnings: cursing, mention of sex scene
word count: 2.2K 
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The days have been going considerably slow, and you and Sebastian were still living in the minds of quite a few people, ranging from preteens who loved either celebrities to middle-aged reporters. 

You had no scenes for Silver Spoon today, and earlier, Geo had texted you to come over to her place for a quick meeting regarding the current situation with you and Sebastian. When you had arrived at Geo’s place, you were expecting to have a quick chat about the next plan of action, and then go on your mary to some fast food joint. What you didn’t expect was to see Sebastian standing in the middle of her living room. 

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A/n: This is the reworked version of an older fic of mine, altered to fit Bucky!! I liked it and didn’t want it to get lost in the void!

Summary: absolutely no plot, just blow job goodness. (SMUT) 1.6k

Warnings: None, I think. Just be 18+ :)


Originally posted by bishopl

Leaving a trail of greedy, sloppy kisses down his ever hardening abdomen, the enticing touch of your hungry lips made Bucky struggle to keep his calm. You could see his whitening knuckles against the edge of your desk and you figured his fingernails would’ve burnt holes through his palms if he didn’t have anything solid to crush into his hands.

Reaching the gray waistband of his underwear that poked above his black jeans, you switched your direction, teasing your way to his sides.

“Baby-” he cooed, feeling your teeth lewdly sink into his burning skin. Another satisfied, yet tormented grunt escaped his lips when your hands pressed against the insides of his knees. He fucking knew what was coming for him and only the thought of it made him start questioning his ability to keep his shit together.

“I’m gonna be so good to you” you murmured with fervor, every word rolling off your lips slowly, as you looked up at him with big, doe eyes. Your chin brushed against his restrained member as your fingernails dug into the flesh of his jean covered inner thighs on their way up. The way his body unconsciously responded to absolutely every stimulus, even the way his wounded stare begged for you; it was all beyond mouth watering.

“(Y/n)-” Bucky cried, bringing a shaky hand to tuck a few strands of hair behind your ear. You knew he didn’t want to show it, but you’ve been pushing his buttons the whole afternoon, creating a build up that could only end in the best way, and not only for him.

“I got you, baby” you smirked, connecting your lips to his abdomen again. His skin was already forming ridiculously small beads of sweat that were slipping down from every pore of his body. Palming him with your right hand, with the other one you unbuttoned his jeans and undid his zipper.

Another choked back wail escaped his dry throat in anticipation, this being the only sound audible in the room besides his jerky breathing. You dragged his pants down his tense, muscular legs, allowing them to pool at his ankles. With your fingers clenched around the elastic of his underwear you pulled back, and dragged your hands down, letting his boxers fall abandoned on the floor.

With his member finally finally free, Bucky threw his head back, hands flexing as his numb legs simply refused to continue to carry his body’s weight.

“Suck my cock, baby, come on” he whined as his head fell forward.

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with their little ; preferences

warnings — fluff (?) few hints at sexy times

characters — andy barber, steve rogers,ransom drysdale, bucky barnes, lance tucker, syverson, will shaw, august walker

a/n — THIS IS A DDLG FIC,, the characters will change depending on whether on how i see them fit the theme so yeah,, feedback appreciated

their love language



Originally posted by captainsamerica

“What are you up to, missy?” Andy asked as he noticed there was a presence who was looking at him as he was busy reading case files. “Nothing dada, I just miss you,” she mumbled as she played with sleeves of one of Andy’s sweatshirts that made her frame even smaller. “Why don’t you come over here then, baby,” Pushing away from the table, he patted on his thighs and turned his chair so he was now facing her. More than happy to oblige, Y/N excitedly crossed the short distance between them and plopped herself down comfortably on his lap. As if it was reflex, she instantly curled her arms around the lawyer’s neck whereas the bearded man circled his arms around her waist.

“Are you done with your work dada?” She wondered, truth be told she had been wanting to spend some time with him, but understood well even when she was deep in little space how important it was that Andy remained undisturbed as he worked. Softly stroking her back he answered, “Not yet, baby.” Shoulders dropping, she started to unclasp her arms from where they were enjoying the warmth his body was radiating, “I’ll come back later then,” But as she was making her move to untangle from him he grabbed onto her tighter, “Where do you think you’re going, missy?” HIs fingers grazed her sides and tickled her, giggles erupting from her as she struggled to reply, “Don’t want to bother you work, dada.” Tucking a stray strand of her hair behind her ear, Andy lovingly looked at her, “Work can wait, baby, it’s time to spend some playtime with you.”


Originally posted by supersweetstache

“What are you doing?” His voice startled Y/N as she turned to face August, smiling sheepishly hoping that she could charm him enough to distract him. “Hi daddy, how are you?” She greeted him sweetly to which August just curtly nodded, “Hi little one; I’m curious as to what you are up to that got you all messy,” he pointed to her face that was covered in color. Taking this as her cue, Y/N turned and handed him the artworks she was previously focusing on, “Made this for you, daddy; that’s why I’m all messy.”

August managed to mask his facial features from showing how his heart melted at the thought of his little one making two artworks — one that featured the two of them holding hands with hearts littering the background and the other one was just him with a couple of guns in front of room while the words “Greatest Agent, My Hero” written in a banner. “We better clean you up, little one,” Holding out his hand, Y/N was more than happy to take it up seeing how her daddy didn’t seem angry with her as he gently placed the drawing on the desk behind her. As the tub was filling up with water, August gently lifted up Y/N and placed her there, “Did you like my drawings, daddy?” She looked up at him with pure adoration laced with curiosity, and he could not prevent the coo from coming out as he voiced out his gratitude and appreciation for his little one’s creations, “Daddy loved your art, little one. You’re one talented girl, aren’t you?”


Originally posted by freaktrevors

As Bucky entered his living quarters, he felt the stress of the day’s workout and training leave him. He dropped the gym bag that his metal hand carried while the other hand wiped the sweat of his forehead with a towel. “Sweetheart, are you in here?” As he called out for her, he heard her excited squeals accompanied by her feet hitting the floor, running towards him. Before he could warn her about how filthy he was, her arms were already wrapping themselves around his waist while her lips were pressing soft, small kisses against his neck. “Hi tătic, I missed you.” He chuckled at how clingy she was and just messed with her a bit as he teased, “I was only gone for a few hours, sweetheart.” She moved her face away from his neck as she pouted, “But you were gone for so long,” she dragged on the last word as if to prove how he took too long to come back to her.

“But I’m here now, sweetheart; have you been good for me?” As soon as the question left his lips, she unclasped her hold from him and sheepishly looked at him she mumbled a soft, “Maybe.” Having suspicions based on how she was acting, Bucky crossed his arms and looked at her, “What were you up to while I was gone, Y/N?” And the girl could only whine as she hated it when Bucky used her real name; but the super soldier knew by doing so he could get her to answer. “Tătic, I only baked you some cupcakes! I knew you were going to be hungry and wanted to make you something,” She confessed as she grabbed one of his hands and led him to the kitchen — where there were around a dozen cupcakes on the counter. Grabbing one, she offered Bucky one cupcake that had blue frosting in it with a huge smile, “Please don’t be mad, tătic.” Taking up her offer, he took the cupcake and tasted it, moaning at the taste he looked at her as he kissed her forehead, relishing in the giggles she let out, “I’ll let it slide how you broke the rules; only because you made such delicious cupcakes.”


Originally posted by rosejpgif

With both his hands carrying paper bags, he shut the front door with his foot. Ransom then made his way up to the second floor of his house and went to the room he knew his princess would be cooped up in the study; as she was burying herself in a ridiculous amount of workload. “Princess, are you in here?” He knocked on the door, and when he heard no answer he went ahead and let himself in. The picture of her sitting on the swivel chair as her head and arms were on the desk as she slept greeted him. Setting the paper bags down by the couch, he kneeled down beside her and gently caressed her back. “Wake up, princess,” He quietly tried to wake her up. She mumbled a bit as she slowly opened her eyes, and once she did she smiled, “Hello, my king.” 

Ransom could feel his heart swell double in size as she greeted him; planting his lips down on her nose for a kiss he inquired, “Were you busy with work again, princess?” Nodding, she lifted her head from where it was laying on the desk and sat up straighter while rubbing the sleep off her eyes, “Yes, my king, had a lot of deadlines.” Grabbing one of her hands, he planted a few kisses on her knuckles, “I saw how hard you were working, and thought that my princess deserved a reward,” he chuckled at how her eyes lit up and he pointed to where he put the bags, “Well maybe a few rewards.” Upon seeing how the bags were from her favorite brands and stores, she excitedly leapt out of her seat and launched herself to Ransom so she could hug him tight — the impact making Ransom fall on his bum, but he could only laugh at how she kissed every inch of his face she could get her lips on while repeatedly saying, “Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Rubbing her back he could only hum, “Anything for you, princess.”


Originally posted by littlefreya

“Baby girl, come back here!” Sy’s booming voice echoed through the walls as he ran after his little girl who managed to sneak away as they both were preparing for bedtime. As she was running through the halls of their home, she was laughing at how she managed to get away past his bear-like grip. Hiding inside the coat closet, Y/N covered her mouth with both her hands as she listened to Sy as he voiced out his thoughts, “I wonder where my baby girl could be.” She heard his footsteps louder, hinting how he was nearby. When the sound was so clear she could also hear his even breathing, she knew he stood right outside the closet, “I know you’re in here, baby girl, I’m giving you one last chance to come out so you’re punishment won’t be too bad.” 

As he opened the closet, Sy was surprised upon seeing how instead of standing on her feet to apologize; instead his troublemaker decided to crawl beneath his legs that were apart. Her giggles also made the Captain smile but he managed to put up his angry exterior as he grabbed Y/N by the waist and stood her up on her feet. “Now care to explain why you ran away when we were getting ready for bedtime?” With a brow lifted, Y/N knew there was no way she could talk her way out of it, so she dramatically sighed, “I’m sorry Captain, but I just don’t want to sleep yet.” Bringing her hands behind her back, Sy had a firm grip on them so she wouldn’t escape, “Well even though you don’t want to, baby girl, you have to.” She just whined as she turned her head to face him as she pouted to which the soldier just shook his head, “I’m sorry but you can’t charm your way out of this one, baby girl. In fact, I have to punish you for running off.”


Originally posted by ed-gamble

“Papa, come look!” When Lance heard his angel call for him, he rushed to end his phone call with an event organizer. Setting his phone down on the accent table he then jogged up to their shared bedroom where he guesses she was at. “What’s wrong, angel?” He wonders as he enters without knocking, she then informs him that she’s in their walk-in closet. And when he does find his way in the closet, he chuckles upon seeing how his angel dressed herself up in his track jacket and pants, the sleeves of his jacket making her appear to have sweater paws. “What do you think, papa? Think I can be a gold medalist like you?” She questioned as she bent down to do a halfway lift as well as some stretches. Laughing at her silly antics, he tickled her sides which made her stand up and playfully hit Lance; but really it was the jacket that grazed his chest.

“What’d you hit me for huh, angel?” He feigned hurt as he pulled her close to him. Giving him a quick peck she sassed back, “What’d you tickle me for, papa?” He squinted his eyes as he teased her even more, “But angel you weren’t doing gymnastics! You were doing yoga!” Pushing away from Lance, Y/N then walked away with a strut, “Bleh, they’re all the same anyway.” Riled up from what she said he tackled her, causing her to land on her back, coming in contact with the soft mattress. “I guess I’m gonna have to show you how you do gymnastics huh,” Lance smirked at her.


Originally posted by avengerscompound

“No peeking, doll,” Steve gently reminded her as he covered the sketchbook he was drawing on once he saw her eyes trying to catch a glance of what he was drawing. “Why not, sir? I just wanna see what you have,” she groaned out as she was drawing on her own sketchpad. “Because it ruins the surprise! Plus I’m excited to see what my talented girl came up with,” Steve said as he grabbed for his eraser and removed some of the minimal mistakes he made. Slumping back on her chair, Y/N now started to color her work, “What’s your favorite color, sir?”  Placing down the fineliner he had before answering, “Blue, it’s such a calm color. Also you can use it to portray emotions; you can use it to portray sadness or display tranquility.”

She nodded as he ended his explanation, she opted for the blue color to be the main color for her drawing. The next half hour they were silent as they sat across from each other and focused on their work. “I’m done, sir!” Y/N excitedly declared as she placed the sketchbook down on the table, “As am I, doll,” Steve said as he smiled, “Why don’t you show yours first?” LEtting out a huff to show how he didn’t want to go first, Steve just looked at her pointedly which made her comply, “Okay, sir,” She lifted up her work to show her artwork where she had drawn the two of them inside their house where they are sat together with the words “Best Day with Daddy.” “That’s absolutely good, doll! Those are my best days too, the ones with you.” She felt her chest swelling with pride, “Let’s see yours!” He proceeded to show her his work — a portrait of her. “I drew you, doll, because you’re the prettiest dame I’ve ever seen.” Making grabby hands a him, Steve chuckled as he made his way to her to lift her from her seat, carrying her to the kitchen, “You’re welcome too baby, I’d love to snuggle more with you but we’re on a tight schedule,” This comment made Y/N peer up at Steve, silently asking what he meant, “We need to prepare our dinner doll, we’re having that picnic remember?”


Originally posted by lost-shoe

“What’s that, munchkin?” Will wondered as he saw Y/N walk towards him with the iPad on her hand. “Wanted to show you something, bubba; If you’re not too busy,” she cautiously said while approaching him. Patting his thighs, she motioned for him to come, “I always have time for you, munchkin.” With that she then giddily sat down on his lap, “What did you want to show me?” Once he asked that, Y/N unlocked the iPad and showed him a 360 degree view of the interior of the museum, “Wanna go here, bubba.” Will took a peak of the place, humming he pried, “You wanna go away for a vacation huh?”

Nodding, Y/N then explained, “I think a vacation might do us good, bubba. You’re stressed and I missed my fun bubba.” Will then realized that he was in fact quite often buried in work; he was also then thankful about how patient his girl had been with him. “You’re absolutely right, munchkin! We do need to go out and take some time off,” the girl on his lap then excitedly clapped her hands and squealed in excitement. “And what’s this about missing fun bubba? I’ll have you know he never left,” And to prove his claim, he then tickled her sides. This then prompted the start of their playtime — Y/N scrambling to move out of Will’s lap as he her bubba chased her around the house, laughter and joy filling up the place.

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Notes: I’d like to thank (anonymous) for the request! I hope you enjoy it.

I don’t own any of the gifs/pictures used.

Warnings: Spelling/grammatical errors, a few curse words, a poor attempt at humor, a brief mention of death

Masterlist: Click Here

Word Count: 505 (give or take)


Originally posted by merelybeing


Originally posted by missmysteriousm

  • This is your first Wired interview
  • Needless to say, you’re excited!
  • And doing this with one of your Marvel costars will undoubtedly make it more enjoyable
  • So, with Chris Evans beside you, you ready for yourself as the interview begins

“Hi, I’m Y/N Y/L/N…”

“…and I’m Chris Evans, and we’re going to be doing a Wired Autocorrect interview.”

Chris reached over and took the board, giving a ‘thank you’, and settled back into his seat.

“We just peel these bad boys back?” Chris asked, pointing to the loose strips covering most of the questions.

“Yeah,” you responded. “Just peel ’em back.”

Chris angled the board so you could get a good look at it, your head lowered ever so slightly so you could get a good look at it, too.

“‘Why Y/N Y/L/N’,” you started, a giggle leaving your mouth. “I mean, that’s a question all on its own.” When you peeled back the strip of paper for the second half of the first question, you were surprised to see nothing there. “Oh,” you said. “Well… I don’t… Huh.”

“It’s just ‘Why Y/N’?” Chris asked.

“Yeah.” You let out a sigh, trying to think of an answer. “Um, I was actually named after my grandmother, she died before I was born. I guess that’s an answer?”

Chris shrugged in response.

“Okay,” you exclaimed. “Why Y/N Y/L/N…” You peeled the strip back. “…‘not go Oscars’.” Crumpling the papers in your hands, you shrugged. “I had a lot of homework,” you answered, “and school the next day. I can’t always just… skip school to go to major events.”

“That’s a good answer.” Chris gave a big smile, and you returned it.

“Thanks.” Leaning over, you unveiled the next question. “‘Why did Y/N Y/L/N act’?”

“My parents were actors and my older brother was an actor before he chose to retire.” You gave a smile. “Figured I’d try it out, but I’ve got other plans in life that don’t involve acting.”

“That’s it for that,” Chris announced, placing the now all-answered board on the ground. “What’s next for our girl?”

“Yeah, what’s next?” you exclaimed.

Chris was handed the next board and he looked it over with a hum before showing you.

“‘Who is Y/N’,” you started, peeling back the first strip, “‘dating’?” You laughed. “No one. Between my family and my friends at Marvel, I can promise that I’ll be single forever.”

“You got that right,” Chris replied, his tone serious. “She’s too young to be dating.”

Playfully rolling your eyes, you peel back the next strip. “‘Who is Y/N’s favorite actor’?”

Chris’ playfully pointed look made you laugh.

“My favorite actor is actually David Tennant,” you replied. Chris gave an exaggerated groan, holding his chest in feign hurt. “I’m sorry, Chris,” you giggled.

“You’ve betrayed me,” he exclaimed.

You bark out a laugh, “Quit being such a baby.”

You can tell this interview is going to be a lot of fun.

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warnings: a baby with a tummy bug, dad!seb, lots of fluff :)

wc: 870

a/n: the way that i’m obsessed with this idea, anon… thanks so much for requesting! this is a short little thing because i’m still new to writing for seb (especially dad!seb) but i hope to write more for him and i hope this blurb is alright :)

my masterlist - requests for chris and sebastian are now closed at the moment so i can catch up!


“Sebastian, can you grab me a diaper from the bag?” you call out, weak and sleep-deprived. 

Your husband ambles on over from the bed with the prized possession in clutch, placing a firm yet gentle hand on his squirmy son’s tummy to hold him in place as he steals your spot standing at the changing table.

“Let me, draga mea,” he mumbles to you sweetly, kissing your cheek, and you can feel the scruff on his skin from not shaving in a couple of days. 

“It’s okay, Seb, I can–”

“Back to bed, Love,” he insists quietly, taking over the job of changing your infant son out of his soiled diaper. You fall back into bed, tired and worried, and Sebastian is quick to complete his task, wash his hands, and hurry back over to you with chubby little Luca in his arms. He settles into bed next to you, both of you now sitting up against the headboard.

“It’s just a tummy bug, dragă. Doctor said it’s nothing to worry about,” he whispers, leaning into you so that you’re looking over his shoulder at the (now happily sleeping) baby in his arms. 

“The doctor isn’t the one changing his diapers,” you refute with a frown.

“He will be just fine, Sweetheart,

“I know,” you sigh, “I just can’t help but think about how miserable he must feel. Not being able to explicitly tell us how he’s feeling,”

“You mean you don’t speak fluent six-month-old screams?” he teases in a quiet voice, finally getting you to smile. “He’s just gotta get this through his system. This happens to every baby ever. And he’s a tough one, too. He takes after you, Mama,”

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After This, There is Us | Bucky Barnes


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There she stood, alone, keeping distance between her and her teammates. Or, what had once been the avengers.

Fewer of them remained. This was Tony’s funeral after all, hence the lowering numbers. Natasha had died too, sacrificed herself for the greater cause.

Bucky couldn’t help but feel pity for this woman. She seemed to only be here to honour her friend, not converse with anyone else about what had happened.

Instead of standing by people, she looked out upon the lake. The atmosphere was calm, and the closest that she would ever get to reaching peace.

“She’s broken.” Sam came to stand beside Bucky, watching the woman with a hurting smile. “She said people would die, she knew it. And yet the price was still paid.”

“That was down to Thanos.” Bucky spoke, well aware that if that Titan had not been so hellbent on getting the stones, many lives would have been spared.

“Tell her that.” That was the thing too, Bucky knew of whom the woman was, yet they had never conversed. It was a mutual silence, that and the fact that they had never had such an opportunity to strike up a conversation.

It was always down to the end of something, whether that be the team, the world, or heroics. If only they could speak, then things could feel normal.

Neither of them would be trapped in this eternal loop of regret, and disturbing instances. This was cruel, and he knew that he shouldn’t talk to her, it would only be another person for her to care about and lose, but he was tempted.

Too tempted even.

As Bucky began to move forward, Sam grabbed his arm, earning himself a brooding glare from the super soldier.

“What are you doing?” The Falcon hissed, prying with interest and concern for how said woman would react to interaction.

“Reassuring her, I may not be her friend but I understand loss. I fought in a war, and now so has she.” He slipped from Sam’s grip, taking agile footsteps towards the woman by the lake.

He would have to speak first he noticed as he came to stand beside her. If she wasn’t daring to speak to her comrades, he had no chance, or so he thought.

“He didn’t die in vain.” James spoke, and although him and the man at rest did not see eye to eye, there was still a hint of respect of his tone.

“Tony and Nat still died.” (Y/N) replied to the man for the first of times. “Everyone leaves, it’s a cycle that never stops. One second they’re breathing, the next they sacrifice themselves for the greater good. But tell me, where is the good if not everyone gets home.”

“Because after this, there is us. The survivors, those who will still fight for what is right.” The former Winter Soldier answered. “And if it’s closure that you need, speak to Steve before he goes back to return the stones.”

Turning, she saw him send a small and subtle wink at her, causing her mind to overload. “Why? Tell me what he is going to do.” (Y/N) insisted, afraid of being parted from yet another friend.

She hadn’t spent years by years fighting alongside these people to have them all go elsewhere. The plan was the world would eventually not be in need of the avengers, but until that day came, the rest of them had to stick together until the end.

“He’s going home doll, to his home. It’s been a long time coming, but he deserves a happy ending.” At the thought, Bucky expressed a hurt yet truthful smile.

It was no question that he would miss Steve, but he had been fighting for the right things for so long. He could have a life where he wasn’t fighting aliens and corrupt agents.

“He’s not returning, is he?” As she was about to storm off and confront her team captain, Bucky held onto her arm to stop her from causing a scene.

“Don’t.” He warned (Y/N). “Let him, he’s done enough for this timeline, it’s time he gets to take part in the one that he missed out on.”

Shooting her gaze guiltily to the ground, (Y/N) glances briefly at Bucky. “You and I never had time to speak before, but what is it that you’re searching for?”

“Peace, but I need to find that within myself first. A part of me needs to be fixed from what hydra did to me, it’s still twisted, although momentarily dormant.”

“That makes two of us.” (Y/N) smiled lightly. “Fancy a drink?”

“I’d love that doll.”

Sam watched fondly as he could see the pair open up to each other. It had been difficult dealing with the two of them individually, but perhaps letting them gravitate together was the perfect thing.

“Do you think they’re going to be okay?” At Steve’s question, Sam raised an eyebrow. There seemed to be an underlying meaning to it, but however he didn’t pry.

This funeral was enough heart ache, and then there was the stress of returning the stones.

“I think those two are going to be just fine.” He clapped his hand onto Steve’s shoulder, watching as the pair took off inside, passing Happy on the way.

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prompt: day 4 (11.18) pumpkin patch

pairing: Sebastian Stan x reader




  • Being the auntie of an energetic 3 year old had its ups and downs.
  • You absolutely loved your nephew, he was the most sweetest and cutest child you’ve ever taken care of.
  • Plus he wasn’t much of a crier, making him 5x better than the other kids you’ve met.
  • At just 3 years old, he was very smart, already forming small sentences and he was a very respectful young man.
  • Though you adored your nephew, he was like the Energizer Bunny. Not even an ounce of sugar in his body and the boy had way too much energy for you to keep up with.

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a/n: y’all know how much i love shy!bucky, i can’t resist him! thank you for requesting this, i hope you enjoy xoxo

‎✪ ‎✪ ‎✪ ‎✪

bucky was the one who suggested that the two of you take things slow. he isn’t used to being in a relationship, or being affectionate, so he needed a little time to adjust. he could handle small kisses, and hugs, and hand holding. but he wasn’t so sure about the intense things.

and he was sure everything was going great, until his insecurities kicked in. there was a nagging voice in the back of his brain that was telling him that he wasn’t doing enough, that you were probably sick of waiting. he couldn’t control the intrusive thoughts, and he let them get the best of him.

so one night, while the two of you are cuddling and watching a movie, bucky decides to make a move. his hands are sweating, heart racing, and mind reeling as he gently lifts your head up.


“yeah, buck?”

“c-can i kiss you?”

“of course,” you giggle.

and with that, bucky’s crashes his lips onto yours.

you make a little squeak in surprise but quickly kiss him back. he hesitantly sticks out his tongue to trace your bottom lip, not really sure if he’s doing it right.

you pull away and hold him at arms length. “what are you doing?”

bucky blinks. “um. kissing you?”

“you’ve never kissed me like that before.”

“i-i’m sorry. d-do you not like it?”

“that’s not what i meant. just—what’s wrong?”

“nothing,” bucky looks at the ground. “i just don’t wanna disappoint you, or whatever. i-i know i said i wanted to take things slow, but i also want to… ya know… s-satisfy you.”

“bucky, honey,” you say gently, cupping his cheeks. “you are not disappointing me in anyway. i absolutely love what we have and how we do things. i don’t want you to change or force yourself to go at a faster pace than what you’re comfortable with. i like you for who you are, okay?”

“oh.” his cheeks turn bright red. “o-okay.”

“but don’t get me wrong, that kiss was nice. really nice. you’re more than welcome to kiss me like that again whenever you’re ready and comfortable.”


“all you have to do is ask, love.”

“i-i like kissing you like that, too,” he whispers shyly.

“i’m glad, buck.”

bucky nods to himself and relaxes into the couch a little bit, his heart no longer racing. “but you like the way we usually kiss, right?”

“absolutely. kissing you is definitely my favorite activity,” you smirk.

his blush creeps down to his neck. “t-that’s good,” he squeaks.

god, you’re gonna be the death of him.

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Broken Wings {2/2}

Pairing: Lee Bodecker x Reader

Summary: You’re a small town girl with big city dreams, set on leaving Knockemstiff and its Sheriff behind for good. Lee Bodecker would do anything to make sure you stay with him.

Warnings: smut, explicit language, non-con, breeding kink, unprotected vaginal sex, creampie, overall dark themes, kind of a slow build up to the nasty.

A/N: Sorry for the delay, I’ve had an eventful couple of days. This is part 2, read part 1 here.


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The adrenaline that rushed through your veins blocked out the pain in your body and the noises around you. Your breathing came out in short, panicked huffs as you sprinted through the woods, Lee hot on your heels.

You thought back to the past 12 hours, and how they’d changed your life.

Leaving Knockemstiff and boarding a bus for New York, with your big dreams and a small bag. Almost reaching Pennsylvania’s border before your hopes were snatched away. Lee chasing said bus, blasting the sirens of his patrol car and pulling the driver over. The dread that settled in your stomach when you met his enraged stare, your hopes of a better life shattering in a million pieces, the anger and humiliation that had filled you when he’d dragged you, kicking and screaming, out of the bus, under the judgemental or pitying stares of the passengers.

“You can’t run from me, dove.”

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just like magic is the song we ALL need for 2020😌 Start manifesting ya’ll🖤 Also thank you sm for the request I am so so sorry this took so freakin’ long😭 Love u, happy reading🖤🖤 Tried to add my own lil twist to your request:)

(A lil different from the request, but I tried to make the reader have a bit sas.)


just like magic


Growing up within the Marvel Cinematic Universe was probably one of things you were most grateful for. When you first started out you weren’t that social. You were new to the business, you didn’t know anybody and you were intimidated by every single actor you crossed paths with.

At first you didn’t feel like you fit in. You felt as if you were a burden to everyone else. You barely talked to anyone which made the others approach you out of force by the Russos. Everyone around you was talented while you were just some newcomer who had jack shit as experience. The first few years you were insecure of yourself mentally and physically. You weren’t as pretty or fit as the other women in the MCU nor did your skills live up to theirs. Which led to some unhealthy habits. Plus there were haters and movie critics who would say horrible things about you and your acting.

You had a rocky start unlike Tom Holland and even Lexi Rabe. Until one day when you realized that you had to change how you were thinking. It took you a while but all that negative thinking you were doing was only bringing you negative energy. So when you had a break from filming movies, your number one goal was to improve yourself.

Wake up in my bed, I just wanna have a good day (Mmm, ah)

Think it in my head, then it happens how it should, ayy

Twelve o'clock, I got a team meeting, then a meditation at like 1:30

Then I ride to the studio listening to some shit I wrote (Oh)

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