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Make Yourself at Home
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female Reader Summary: You find a familiar face in your home after a long day. Word Count: Over 2.1k Warnings: Pining, fluff, feels, swearing, sass, a bit of humor, mentions of blood and trauma, Bucky Barnes (he’s a warning, okay?) A/N: Hey, lovelies! I began this in June of 2021. That's right! I'm slowly, but surely, trying to make my way through WIPs and this felt good to complete. Shockingly no smut for Sinday. Beta read by the beautiful @buckyownsmylife, but any and all mistakes are my own. Moodboard by the wonderful @sweeterthanthis. Please follow @navybrat817-sideblog for new fics and notifications. Please reblog or comment as it means the world!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
To say that you had a rough work day was an understatement. Between spilling your drink all over yourself on your way to your desk, being unprepared for a last minute meeting (which your boss called you out on), and your system crashing right before your report was finished, you were done. All you wanted to do was curl up on the couch with a stiff drink. Anything to forget that you had to stay at that place to get a paycheck. 
I can't even fuck out my frustrations since I'm painfully single. I really need to buy a new toy.
The moment you walked in your front door, you knew it wouldn't be a relaxing evening. The glow from the living room gave it away. Sighing, you tossed your bag and keys down before heading into the room. You weren’t shocked when you saw Bucky Barnes slumped against your couch, but you weren't exactly happy either.
The dark tactical gear clashed with the soft throw pillows surrounding the soldier. He often looked larger than his 6'3" height since he took up space, but he somehow looked like he belonged there. He cut his long locks some time ago, his short, dark hair urging you to run your fingers through it. Maybe you could pull it if he gave you the chance.  
I would have a crush on a man who may have a death wish.
“Hey, doll,” he smirked when he acknowledged your presence. “We really need to stop meeting like this.”
“Well, maybe we would if you would STOP BREAKING INTO MY FUCKING HOUSE!”
He seemed to wince more at your tone than the wound on his right arm. “What can I say? You and your place are comforting.”
You tried to ignore the way your heart raced faster at his sincerity. “You’re bleeding on my couch!”
“Sorry. I’ll get it cleaned or replaced. I promise,” he swore as he sat up more, smiling a bit when you rushed over to help.
“That’s what you said about my rug,” you muttered as you sat down. How does someone bleeding smell so good? He already had your first aid kit, water and towels on the coffee table. He knew by heart where you kept everything. "What happened this time? Who did this to you?"
Bucky’s smile widened as he shifted to give you more room. “Why? Will you take him out for me?”
“I just might,” you said. Truthfully, your heart stopped whenever you saw him in a state like this, even though he bounced back quickly. And you wanted to hurt anyone who hurt him. 
I’ve got it bad. Why am I like this?
"I’m flattered, but I handled him and you don’t need to worry about it. Fucker had a knife up his sleeve though. Not as nice as mine," he told you as you opened the kit, taking a moment to figure out what you needed to clean the wound with.
"Better not let Steve catch you swearing. He might chastise you."
"Don't let that punk fool you. He swears like a sailor and he's still kicking himself for saying 'language' to his team. Wish I could've been there to hear that."
The fondness made you smile a little. You were glad Bucky had a good friend by his side. You were also flattered that Bucky trusted you enough to tell you stories. "Super soldier reflexes certainly don't stop you from getting hurt, do they?"
"Nope. Still human."
"You know, sometimes I think you fake these just so you have an excuse to visit me."
"You caught me," he half joked, something soft in his eyes as he looked at you. 
"Bucky, how many times have you broken in?"
"More than enough," he acknowledged.
The first time Bucky broke into your place, to hide out from someone whose name you can’t even remember, you almost took a swing at him because you thought he was a burglar. You, luckily, recognized the former Winter Soldier and he promised he wouldn’t hide out long. But after the day you had today, you were reconsidering grabbing the nearest object and throwing it at his head. If only for making you worry. 
I doubt it would knock any sense into him. And I shouldn't be mad at him. He didn't do anything. Except break in. Again. 
Every few weeks, Bucky let himself into your place when he got injured or needed a quiet place to relax. Some nights he talked to you and others he hardly said a word. He even left you "thank you" gifts following his visits. Admittedly, you looked forward to them, even on your bad days, because you simply got to see him. You just wish you knew why he kept coming back. 
"Seriously. Why don't you see a doctor or a nurse?" you questioned, carefully dabbing at the cut. "They're much more qualified than I am."
"I told you, doll. You and your place are more comforting."
"Stop calling me doll!"
"Sure thing, sassy," he smirked, making you groan when your cheeks felt hot. 
"Grumpy," you grumbled back at him. 
If I use one of his own knives on him, can I consider it self defense? 
"I'm not grumpy. I'm an old man," he argued.
"You don't look like an old man. My new boyfriend might be jealous."
Your eyes flickered up just in time to catch the tiny tick in his jaw. "You're seeing someone?"
"No," you scoffed, not bothering to continue with the joke. "Still single, like every other time you've shown up."
Bucky slowly exhaled, relaxing against the cushions again. "That's good," he whispered.
Your teeth ground together as you cleaned him up. Maybe it was good to him, but it wasn't to you. It was lonely.
"You okay?" he asked. 
"Fine," you lied, avoiding his gaze.
He gently caught your wrist before you pulled away, the metal cool against your skin. "I really am sorry about the couch. I know the last thing you want is to deal with me."
Guilt crept in when you saw hurt in his icy blue eyes. “It isn’t ‘dealing’ with you, Bucky, and I’m sorry for snapping. Work was shit, but that's no excuse to take it out on you."
“I'm sorry you had a bad day," he swore and you wished the ground would swallow you up. The man was hurt and he felt bad for you. "And I don’t blame you. I did kind of invade your space again.”
“It's okay," you said, glancing at your wrist. He was still holding it, his grip softer than you expected. "Why do you come here? Is it really comforting?”
He sighed as he rested his head against the cushion. “It’s hard to explain.”
“Well, I’m not going anywhere since it’s my place,” you teased, making him chuckle. You did pride yourself on making the often stoic man laugh. “So, try me.”
"You're not afraid of me," he stated, his thumb moving in slow circles over your pulse. You weren't sure if he was aware that he was doing it, but it had your heart racing faster. "Most people are."
"I have no reason to be afraid of you. As many times as you've managed to break in, you would've hurt me long ago if you wanted to," you said, shaking your head. "And I don't think you'll do that."
"I've hurt and killed people," he swallowed as he looked at the ceiling.
You weren't sure if he wanted you to listen or respond, but you chose the latter. "I know," you acknowledged, shifting so you could face him as he lifted his head. "But from what I've heard and what you've told me, it wasn't you, Bucky. You didn't have a choice."
"It doesn't make what happened go away," he said, blinking rapidly at the wetness that filled his eyes.
Seeing him on the verge of tears made you blink a few times, too. You wanted to hug him, but refused to initiate that kind of touch without his permission. "No, it doesn't, but you aren't who they tried to force you to be."
"Then who am I?" his voice cracked as his grip tightened on your wrist.
It doesn't hurt. You won't hurt me.
"You're Bucky," you stated, like it was the simplest thing in the world. "You're a hero and good man. You're also a pain in my ass who keeps ruining my furniture."
Bucky chuckled, his nose scrunching like you told a hilarious joke. The sound soothed the cracks his tears formed in your heart. The pain hadn't left his eyes, but it began to fade. "That easy to answer, huh?"
"I wouldn't say that. I think it's just easier for us to see the best in others because we tend to see the worst in ourselves."
"Is that what you do? See the worst in yourself?"
"I try not to," you admitted, but you were human. It was easy to hyperfocus on your flaws. 
"I don't want you doing that," he said, frowning as his hand moved from your wrist to your fingers. 
The delicate touch had your thighs pressing together. You hoped his super soldier senses didn't detect arousal. Though you pretty much were turned on at some point during each visit, this was a heart-to-heart moment and no time to want him.
"You don't have to worry about me."
"But I do. I worry about you when I'm not around," he said, sitting up a bit as you moved closer. "It's one of the reasons I don't use your front door. I don't want your neighbors to recognize me and be afraid."
"Yes, because breaking and entering is safer. Great logic, grumpy."
Bucky laughed, his eyes warm again. "Can I admit something and you can throw me out, sassy?"
"I won't throw you out, but I'm listening."
He cleared his throat, toying with your fingers. "I don't have nightmares after I see you."
His words hit you in your chest. You didn't know what to say. "You don't?"
"No," a heartbeat passed before he spoke again. "Most nights I wake up in a cold sweat, remembering the screams and fear. I remember everything."
"Bucky, I'm so sorry," you spoke, wishing you could take that pain away.
"The days I see you before I go home, I think of your smile, your scent, even your sass. A woman who showed me kindness time and time again, even on tiring and long days," he smiled sadly as you hung on his every word. "I eventually fall asleep and wake up peacefully. Nothing else I do works."
It was one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to you. "I had no idea."
"It's why I'm glad you don't have a boyfriend because I know he wouldn't tolerate me being around. Among other reasons."
You almost threw yourself at him, but had to maintain your dignity as you carefully leaned in. You weren't sure if the temperature rose in the room, but the sudden tension had you breathing faster. "What other reasons?"
"I think you know," he whispered, his gaze dropping to your lips. 
Oh, shit. 
"For the record, no boyfriend of mine will tell me who I can and can't be friends with."
"I don't doubt that," he said, placing a hand on your cheek. 
"He needs to clean up his messes," you teased. "Like bleeding on my couch."
"That's a given," he smiled, his massive thighs opening so you could move in closer.
"I would also like it if he took me out on a date once in awhile," you added. 
"I can take you out," he offered as you pressed closer, your heart pounding faster. You were practically in his lap and he wasn't stopping you. "Wherever you want to go."
"Yeah? You want to be my boyfriend?" you asked, smiling at how silly the question sounded. "You've already bought me gifts."
"If you'll let me," he answered, his lips a fraction away from yours. "I'll even use the front door."
"I'd like that," you sighed, closing your eyes as his nose touched yours.
Finally. He's finally going to kiss me.
"Buck!" Steve said from the window, climbing inside as the two of you broke apart. Bucky caught you before you fell backwards. The former captain's boots didn't make a sound as they touched the floor, brushing his gloved hands on his thighs. "Why didn't you answer your- Oh. I'm sorry. Am I interrupting?"
Are. You. Fucking. Kidding. Me?!
Bucky ran his hand over his face with a sigh and handed you one of the pillows. "Hey, Steve?"
Love and thanks for reading! ❤️
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for sinday/kinks. what would be the first thing Bucky does when you gift him a fresh set of k-bar knives for his birthday?
Tumblr media
Pairing: Dark!Bucky x Reader
Warnings: Knife kink, dub/con, mentions of canon-level violence, implied stalking, yandere Bucky, smut.
A/N: Written on my phone. Unedited.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“How did you know I wanted this exact set?” Bucky asks with a grin, his delighted tone drifting across the table. “I swear it’s like you read my mind.”
Bucky saunters to you, pushing the opened gift wrapped box across the table with the tip of his metal finger, his heavy boots thud vociferously on the floor with every slow, steady step towards you. The dull roar of your heartbeat in your ears nearly drowned the sound out. He stops before you, glancing down at the box.
Bucky rummages through the collection of knives and selects the longest one, his hand curving around the black and grey handle, he holds it up the light, letting out a sharp whistle.
“Fucking perfect,” he exclaims, his gaze flickers back to you. “Didn’t doubt you for a second. I knew you were ready for me when I saw you go into my favorite shop and pick these out for me солнечный свет.”
“I-I’m so happy солнечный свет.” Bucky glances down at the Happy Birthday Nick written on the card in his hand, his lips flattening as he crumbles it into a small ball.
“Thank you,” he finishes, tossing the card over his shoulder, his smile widening as his eyes rakes over your body.
He tosses the knife up. Silver flashes, catching the sunlight streaming through the curtains. He keeps throwing it, letting it drop closer to your face with each turn. It’s all you can focus on.
The tip of the knife stops in front of your face, you flinch. The taut ropes don’t let you get far. Fear surges through your veins and your pulse races.
“Oh no,” Bucky inhales sharply. “I wasn’t-“ he laughs with a shake of his head, bending down, he traces over his mask covering your lips. “I would never let anything harm you.”
You try to speak, but the tape under the mask muffles your words, only garbled frantic sounds come out. Bucky slides the sharp edge of the knife down the column of your throat, his movements delicate, careful to not break your sensitive skin. You go still, your heart slams against your ribcage.
“I know, I know,” he says tenderly. He continues down the valley between your breasts, over stomach until he reaches the apex of your thighs. Bucky flips it around, using the end of the handle to push your panties away from your cunt.
“I can’t decide if I want to break in my gift getting rid of him first,” he says, the handle gliding through your folds, circling your clit once, twice. “Or have you christen my knife with your pretty little pussy.”
You push your hips back, mumbling desperately. Bucky nods, tapping your clit as he gazes up at you with piercing blue eyes, a deviant smile brightening his face,
“You’re right, солнечный свет. He should watch me fuck your sweet cunt, so the last thing Nick will ever see is you coming for me.”
He drags the blunt end down to your slit, you clench down instinctively. A smirk slides across his face as he watches it disappear inside you. “And then, I’ll kill him with your cum dripping off the blade.”
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getting high on love
— rockstar! bucky barnes x shy! reader
summary || it’s a wild ride when you meet your crush.
warnings || mirror sex. unprotected sex. tattoo kink (is that a thing?). ring kink. fingering. finger sucking. PWP — MINORS DNI 🔞 if any of this makes you uncomfortable then please do not read!
I have decided to not do taglists anymore, so if you wished to be notified of my newest updates please follow @bonky-n-steeb-lib and turn on the notifications!
i’m using this image just for the aesthetic, the story is about rockstar bucky barnes!
idk what I’ve written, like it’s not even proofread so it’s between you and god. hope you like it tho!
Tumblr media
“Is that… is that Bucky Barnes?” You gawked openly at the sight of the rock legend. His back was to you, and you could see the hint of tattoos covering it through his sheer shirt. At the sound of his name, he turned around and flashed you a grinning smile, “Yes it is.” He replied in his raspy voice.
You felt as if you were about to pass out. The Bucky Barnes just smiled at you. You probably did lose a little footing as Darcy was quick to hold you up. You looked at her, and then back at Bucky who was still smiling at you, to check if this wasn’t some dream of yours.
You had honestly just come to this party only because Darcy had dragged you. You were inherently introverted and shy, and you were content with your simple job. Darcy had been your friend since college and she had always been a wild child. But for once you were glad for her behaviour.
You just gaped at Bucky before Darcy pushed you forward, and you landed directly in front of Bucky. His eyes were glimmering in the dim lights of the club and the blue in it was standing out due to the dark eyeliner smeared around his shapely eyes.
“I.. I’m a very big fan.., of yours.” You blurted out. He smirked at you and took a sip of his drink before standing up. Up close, you could smell his strong cologne and your eyes travelled down his unbuttoned shirt. You unconsciously licked your lips at the thought of rubbing your tongue over his tattoos.
“Yeah? I’m glad to know baby.” He placed his hand over your arm and pulled you ahead towards the dance floor. You turned around to see Darcy happily cheering for you, and you smiled back as she suggestively winked. Bucky didn’t give you any time to protest as he started dancing.
The ambience of the whole floor and Bucky’s enthusiasm was enough to loosen you up and you too started grooving. Soon you felt yourself pressed up against him as you kept on grinding your bodies against one another. You mouth fell open in a gasp when Bucky licked a long stripe up your neck.
You turned around and pulled him close and finally pressed your lips against him. The entire club muted itself as your lips connected with one another and you lost yourself in the kiss. This was your night, and you were going to make it memorable.
“Baby,.. we need to take this upstairs.” He rasped against your ear. You eagerly nodded as he pulled you away from the crowd. Apparently, this house belong to one of his band mates, and you two wildly navigated your way towards privacy.
You both stumbled up the stairs and entered the first room you got your hands on. You were giggling like a kid that got the candy as Bucky kept laying kisses on your face. The house was fairly vibrating with the noise of the party going on downstairs.
Bucky pulled you in a scorching kiss yet again, and you could taste the faint undertones of smoke and whiskey and a distinct taste that completely belonged to Bucky. It was honestly the best kiss you’d ever had and it solely depended on the fact that you were kissing Bucky Barnes.
His hand went up your dress and he squeezed your thigh. A moan bubbled out of your throat which was promptly swallowed by Bucky. The rings on his fingers were pressing against your skin and you relished in the feel.
You looked around the room to see that it didn’t have a bed, but the room seemed under construction. You clicked your tongue and Bucky followed your gaze. He shrugged and pulled you down on the floor with him. You giggled as you two fell down in a heap on the soft carpet.
Your eyes travelled up to the ceiling to see if was covered with a mirror. Bucky was busy kissing your neck and the sight of him draped over you turned you on even more. Eventually Bucky saw the ceiling mirror too and smirked, “Yeah… it’s gonna be so much fun.”
You hissed as he pressed his metal arm on your thigh as his other hand went up your dress. You were already soaking wet when Bucky flicked your panties to the side and traced your soft folds. You choked back on a moan as his lithe fingers gently massaged your swollen clit. 
His eyes were on you as he gauzed your reaction to his ministrations. Two of his fingers entered your hole and your eyes fluttered close with the fullness. He went knuckles deep in you and you could feel his cool metal rings against your heated folds.
Your eyes were stuck on the mirror as he fingered you. His hair was falling across his hair and his shapely lips were wet with incessantly licking. His fingered were curling at the right spot and literally shaking you to the core, but you needed more.
Something changed inside you in that instant and you pushed Bucky on his back. You sucked in a breath as his fingers slipped out of you, but you were quick to straddle him. He bit his lip with excitement as you took the reins and began unzipping his tight leather pants.
You gasped at him as you pulled out his hard length from the confines of his pants. You’d heard enough rumours about his cock, but still you weren’t prepared for the sheer size of it. “All for you baby.” His voice was thick with lust and it spurred you on more. Your need for him was through the roof. You rubbed your hand on his cock for a moment before sinking down on him.
You both moaned as your tight heat wrapped around his cock. You twisted your hips a little as you adjusted to his cock splitting you open. You placed your hands on his sweaty chest as you began moving your hips. He placed his arms around your waist and stared at the ceiling as you bounced on his cock.
His fingers were still wet with your slick and brought his hand up to your mouth. Even the rings were glistening in the dim yellow light as your slick had dripped down and you licked your dry lips before you took his fingers in your mouth until his rings were touching your lips.
You sucked on his long fingers before laving your tongue over them. You could taste yourself over his fingers and it just added on to the filthy feeling. You gagged a little and it seemed to turn him on more as you felt him twitch inside you.
Your pace was slow as you relished in the stretch. You could feel the drag of his cock against your walls and you were loving it. The fingers popped out of your mouth and you threw your head back as he hit the special spot within you. Your eyes opened and you could see yourself in the mirror.
Bucky’s eyes followed as you both stared at yourselves. For the first time in your life, you weren’t worried about the problems you had and you just let yourself go and just feel. And probably it was true when they said that you should enjoy the moment before it passes away.
You bent down and draped your body over his and began slowly tracing his tattoos with your tongue. His musky scent filled your senses and you hummed as you continued to trace the dark lines on his shoulder which ran down his thick arms. You smiled as you did what you had always fantasised about.
He tightened his hold over your hips to hold you tight before he thrusted up into you. You sobbed as he was relentless in his movements. You looked down to see his chest was glistening with a combination of his own sweat and your spit.
You could faintly hear one of Bucky’s own songs playing downstairs and it was probably a boost for him as he somehow increased his speed. You placed your hand on the floor and arched your back. He was grunting in your ear with every thrust and it was better than any music.
You whimpered when Bucky flipped you around such that you were lying down. He kept fucking up into you and you could see his plump ass clench with every thrust. You couldn’t resist the temptation and placed your palms over his butt and squeezed.
His thrusts had gone uncoordinated and desperate and even you could feel that knot in your belly tightening. “Cum for me baby.” His little plea was what did it for you. You clutched on to him as you writhed beneath him in the throes of your orgasm and he followed closely behind.
You couldn’t take your eyes off of the mirror as you both panted for breath. A silly smile spread across your lips as you realised you’d just experienced something you’d only dreamt of doing. You made a mental note of always reminding yourself to live your life instead of just surviving it, and also asking darcy how the hell she got invited to this party.
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sweeterthanthis · a day ago
Aww, would you look at that? Your new neighbor is getting a show.
Tumblr media
Your boyfriend doesn't mind. He likes showing people you're his. 🔥
Tumblr media
The Devil You Don't Know
Pairing: Destroyer!Chris x F!Reader x Dark!Nick Fowler (sorta 🤭)
Summary: Your husband loves to show you off. Little does he know, the new neighbour in town has far more in mind than just sitting back and enjoying the show.
Warnings: Explicit sexual content, vaginal sex, exhibitionism, voyeurism, dirty talk, mild possessiveness, male masturbation, mentions of infidelity, dark undertones, 18+.
Word Count: 850
A/N: It's been a while. Life has been crazy. Wanted to dip my toe back in the pool. Be kind. Thank you @navybrat817 for always knowing exactly how to destroy me! 💗
All my works are 18+. If you click the read more tab, you are agreeing that you are 18 or over, have read the warnings and take responsibility for your own media consumption. I do not consent to having my work translated or posted anywhere else.
Tumblr media
“Come on, baby. You got another one for me?” Chris croons in your ear; one hand curled over your shoulder and the other gripping the nape of your neck. The sound of his flesh slapping against yours rings through the air, the window in front of you misting with every panting breath that escapes you. “I know you do. You’re still standing, aren’t you? Won’t stop pounding this pretty pussy ‘til you can’t hold yourself up anymore.”
Your fingers dig into the window ledge before you, forehead seeking out the cool relief of the glass. You don't remember how you got there. Just moments ago he was eating your cunt like his life depended on it on the couch. You know Chris enjoys showing you off. Everytime he takes you out you feel the pride that radiates from him when people see you on his arm. But this? This is entirely new. 
“Think he’s jerking off, sweetheart? I bet he is. Poor guy’s probably sittin’ there wondering how good you feel.” All you can do is moan in response, catching two of his fingers between your teeth when his hand snakes up to toy with your mouth. You hum around his digits as they hook the inside of your cheek, allowing yourself to be tugged back against his chest. You whimper when his cock brushes that tender spot inside you, slurping on his fingers, drool seeping from your lips and dripping down onto the sturdy rings that adorn them. “You can be louder than that. Know you can. Let him hear you, baby. Let him hear how good I fuck my girl.”
Your eyes flit to the open window. If you weren’t so blissed out, you might be embarrassed. Bracing yourself, palms flat against the glass, you grind yourself back against him; humming in contentment when his free hand dips between your legs. You shiver at the feel of flesh-warmed metal against your clit, Chris’ fingers expertly working the sensitive nub, swiping back and forth at a torturously gentle pace. 
“Chris,” you whine shamelessly, “need more. Faster. Please.” 
“My fingers? Or my cock?” He taps your cunt with his palm, grinning against your shoulder and grazing the skin with his teeth. “Be more specific, baby. Use those big girl words for me.”
"Your cock." You cringe at the thought of your new neighbor being able to hear your pleas, but you could care less if it means you get to come on your husband's dick again tonight. “Fuck me harder. Make me come. Use me.” 
Chris all but growls against your throat, his arm winding its way back around your waist, holding you tight as he pounds into your soaked, spent cunt mercilessly.
You can barely make out the outline of him in the window across the street, but you know he’s there. You know he watches you. Has done every night since Chris decided he was worthy of a sordid little show. You haven’t met him, and honestly, you’re not sure if you could face it if you happened to bump into him in the neighborhood. Not now that he’s seen you fall apart at the capable hands of your husband multiple times this week. 
“Know why I let him watch, baby?” Chris asks, his voice husky and his breath hot against your ear. All you can do is shake your head, moaning loudly in time with each brutal thrust of his rigid cock into your cunt. “Let him watch because it gets me off knowin’ that other men wanna fuck my girl. Knowin’ that there isn’t a chance in hell that I’d let him. You’re mine. This is my pussy.” 
“Yours,” you groan, feeling every inch of him and trembling when his hips grind against your ass with each firm, insistent thrust. “Only yours.” 
Tumblr media
Nick Fowler isn’t one to sit back and watch someone else take what he wants. Even if that possession happens to have been in someone else's hands before he even set eyes on it. He wasn’t exactly excited about moving into the shitty little neighborhood, but you? Well, you make it almost tolerable. 
Laying low isn’t something he’s used to, but now that he has a little game to play? Well, he’s not as bored as he thought he’d be. He raises his glass to his lips and swallows down a heavy mouthful of scotch, tongue flattening against his palm when he licks at it and moves to wrap his hand around the meaty, throbbing dick standing to attention in his lap. 
Nick Fowler only keeps his distance for so long, and soon enough he’ll have you exactly where he wants you.
Beneath him, clawing your nails down his back and crying out that he’s the best fuck you’ve ever had.
It won’t be the first marriage he’s ruined, but if you’re as soft and pliable as you look from afar, you’ll be holding his attention for a lot longer than the last. 
Tumblr media
A/N: I no longer have a tag list, but if you want to keep up to date with what I post follow my sideblog, @sweetersficlibrary​, and turn on alerts to be notified whenever I post something new 💕
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bucky-barnes-diaries · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Having a secret affair with Dilf!Neighbour!Bucky and having sex in his car so you won’t get caught.
moodboard masterlist
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valleyfae · a day ago
Tumblr media
I was @buckysbug I changed my URL!!
Paring: mean dark stepdad!Sebastian Stan x innocent!reader
Warnings: RPF, NON-CON/DUB-CON, stepcest, large age gap (reader’s around 20, Sebastian’s in his 40’s), reader is under the influence, manipulation, spanking, use of a paddle, manhandling, smut 18+ ONLY MDNI, oral (male receiving), daddy kink, degradation, mocking, dumbification. I have never written a full RPF fic so please forgive me.
Summary: Your stepdad isn’t too happy when his smart little girl comes home a tad bit drunk.
Word Count: 1.5k (short but filthy I guess)
Authors Note: partially inspired by the song Smarty, hence the title, and partially inspired by this ask. I can’t believe I actually wrote this lol :’)
masterlist | navigation | taglist form
Feedback and reblogs are very appreciated!!
Tumblr media
"You come home an hour later than promised, dressed like a hooker, reeking of cheap vodka and cigarettes, and you expect me not to notice."
The lump in your throat growing, heavy with guilt and the torturous feeling of disappointment, transparently displayed on your heated cheeks.
Eyes darting from the dark mahogany wood floors to your stepfather's pitiless snarl, you inch the hem of the thin dress down the top of your thighs. His crystal blue eyes pierce into your skin, examining your fearful state. 
"Sorry, I just." You can’t bring yourself to utter more than three dissatisfying words. Holding back tears, the salty taste of blood floods your mouth, teeth breaking the flesh of your cheek.
Sebastian's long legs spread as he sits back in his chair, his grip stiff on the empty liquor glass. "What happened to my smart little girl?" Sebastian’s tone is firm, laced with malice as he watches you fail your attempts at maintaining eye contact. "My smart little girl, who follows curfew and would only stay up to study?"
His words feel more like demands as you mercifully allow him to exploit your inebriation. 
Without taking a breath, he stands up, fingers clutch your chin, and tilt your head, forcing you to stare into his eyes. "You look at someone when they’re talking to you, understood?"
You mumble, taking in his strong cologne, "yes." Inches away from his soft lips, you can taste the faint scent of liquor that emits from his breath.
"Yes?" he questions, long fingers sinking into your skin, adamant about your expected obedience.
"Yes, daddy. Sorry."
Two quick slaps send a sharp stinging down your face, "there’s my smart girl. You’re finally going to use that brain of yours, yes?" Nodding up at Sebastian, he presses a kiss to your forehead. "And you’re going to take your punishment like a good girl, yes?" giving him a second nod, his smug grin deepens.
Stepping back, he pushes his crisp button up to his elbows, exposing the river of veins that run down his arms. "Now go upstairs and get out of that slutty dress. I don’t want to see it for one more second."
You can’t sit still.
The cool sheets under your naked body in painful contrast with the burning sensation erupting in your core. You can’t ignore the uncontrollable ache pulsating from your clit. Fighting the urge to run your fingers through your folds and get some form of release, you hear your stepfather's footsteps as he approaches his bedroom.
You innocently place your hands on your lap, looking up at Sebastian's towering stance and glancing down at the thick leather paddle in his fist.
The tension thickens in the air as he drops the paddle centimeters away from your trembling thighs on the duvet. You stand up before Sebastian tells you; he leans back on the bed, watching your chest heave up and down. His smooth skin glistens as the moonlight seeps through the windows, distinct cheekbones sitting perfectly on his radiant face.
You quickly look up from the ground as you hear the clicking of his belt. The smooth leather glides through his belt loops. "No belt today," he hushes, sliding his hands through his silky brown hair and gently placing it off to the side. "I’m not going to be nice tonight. I’m not happy with you."
"Please, daddy."
Silence settles over the two of you, anticipation rising in your thumping chest.
"My smart little girl always has to ruin it for herself, huh?" Sebastian grunts; hands clutch your baby pink panties, ripping them off your trembling thighs. 
Nearly falling over, the aggressive ripping of the soft fabric burns your flesh. Struggling against Sebastian’s callous hold, nervous tears flow down your cheeks. "No, Sebastian, promise. P-Please stop. It was an accident, please." sobbing, your throat strains, pulsing in pain.
"I taught you better than that. Use your manners." Sebastian grips your trembling legs shut as he watches you squirm in his lap. "Dumb bunny," he taunts, his voice deep, laced with malice. "I made it clear that you’re going to take your punishment. You don’t want to make this any worse for yourself, little girl."
"Sorry, daddy," you whimper, fearing what Sebastian will say when he discovers the excessive wetness between your thighs.
He grasps your waist, sprawling you across his lap. The coarse fabric of his trousers rubs against your cunt, causing you to squirm impatiently, squeezing your thighs together, your hips instinctive roll of your hips quickly shut down with a harsh 
Lost in the thuddy hits, you whimper, losing count of Sebastian’s ruthless infliction. 
Sebastian locates the structured, paddled, eyed frozen as he admires your struggle to take control of your body. "You poor thing," he taunts, giving you a moment to shakily take a breath. "This is for your own good. You know no one will love you better than I do, so take it like a good girl." 
The sheets ruffle as you grip them tightly in your sweaty palms, as Sebastian pervertedly gropes your flesh. 
Picking up the handmade paddle, he coasts two fingers over the dark leather, lightly tapping the top of your thigh. Whimpers involuntarily fall from your lips, yearning for his approval, willingness to do anything for his reassurance.
Unapologetically mocking your helpless state, he skims the top side of the tough leather paddle, firm in his grasp through your swollen folds. "You did this to yourself. You know the rules, and you what happens when you break them."
Striking the paddle across your sensitive flesh, Sebastian pulls a hysteric cry from your sore throat. "I don’t wanna hear one more whine. Do you hear me?" he growls, landing another harsh hit on your exposed ass.
"I asked you a question, little girl. I expect an answer."
"S-Sorry, daddy. Yes, daddy," you hiccup, clutching the fresh white sheets under you, which are scattered with your salty tears.
"So you can use that dumb little brain of yours?" he scrutinizes, using his free hand to grope your raw, stinging skin. "Now stop those pathetic cries, or I’ll add fifteen more, understood?"
Choked up with helplessness, you acquire a glimpse of Sebastian intently watching you fall apart under his dominance. "Yes, d-daddy." Arousal spreads down your trembling legs, slick rubbing together, fueling the pulsing that gradually gets stronger with each strike. 
His intentionally slow movements curate a harsh throb to radiate from your skin. "You can’t help yourself, can you? Too much of a slut for daddy’s cock, huh?" capturing you and leaving you on edge. His domineering tone rings in your ears.
"P-please?" with a last blow of the paddle, you correct yourself. "Please, daddy. Can’t help it. I need you."
"So fucking pathetic," Sebastian snickers, forcefully grabbing and manhandling you to the ground. "Begging me to ruin your throat." 
Apprehensive, you observe as Sebastian quickly shuffles out of his pants, revealing his straining bulge. With the heel of your foot coincidentally pressing on your puffy clit, you wince, desperate for anything.
Hands sitting on his beautifully spread muscular thighs, Sebastian pumps his thick girth. "Go on. I know how desperate my little girl is. Go on." His belittling words drive you to obey his every demand. He roughly grabs your throat, depleting your airflow before slapping you across the face with his throbbing cock.
Nervously placing nervous kitten licks on his harsh red tip, his salty taste is intoxicating. Sebastian gathers your hair, harshly tugging and aching your sensitive scalp. With his hands on the crown of your head, he inconsiderately forces inches of himself down your throat, triggering two exaggerated gags.
More than satisfied with your weak squirms, his pulsing tip pummels down your throat, driving soreness to grow abundantly. Tirelessly fucking your mouth, throaty groans assemble at Sebastian’s lips, animalistic growls grow louder and louder, and he digs his pearly white teeth into his plush red lips. 
Copious amounts of drool paint your chin, running down your chest and creating a glistening pool on your thighs. Losing complete control, you flinch with every thrust as Sebastian’s heavy balls slap your face and obscure ringing constructs in your ears. "Pathetic little girl," he huffs out.
Securing your forehead against his abdomen, he forcefully presses you down further with the entirety of his body weight and smacks the back of your head.
Sebastian's deep grunts overpower your coughs, his hips angrily bucking deeper and deeper, the painful bulge in your throat growing. "Going to take all of daddy’s cum, bunny. Take it like the slut you are proving yourself to be more and more every day."
One last breathless squeal sends Sebastian over the edge, but he doesn’t let you go, forcing you to swallow every last drop. 
Staring up at him with watery eyes, he releases you and reconnects his palm to his shaft, lathered with the perfect mixture of your spit, tears, and the reminiscence of his cum.
"There’s my smart little girl," Sebastian grunts through gritted teeth. "Now use that brain of yours and suck daddy’s balls. I want to see that pretty face messy with my cum before I breed you."
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Birthdays with Dada!
Daddy!Bucky Barnes x Regressor!fem!reader
Bucky gives you the bestest birthday ever!
*a/n I was very excited about writing this since my birthday is tomorrow !*
Tumblr media
Today was a very big day, it was your birthday! Not only was it your birthday, it’s your first birthday spent with Bucky! You were currently snuggled up in bed. Dreaming away about whatever thoughts you had in your little mind. Meanwhile, Bucky was quickly trying to finish decorating the down stairs before you woke up.
Bucky knew that you’ve never really had anyone celebrate your birthday and that broke his heart. He made it his number one priority to make sure you had the best and most fun-filled day. You would start your day with a pancake bar filled with three different types of pancakes, chocolate and strawberry syrup, whipped cream, and all the sprinkles your little heart could dream of! He also had bought you two tickets to the zoo and would buy every stuff animal out of the gift shop if you wanted.
You yawned and rubbed your eyes before remembering what day it was. You frowned, you’ve never really known how to actually enjoy your birthday. Everything always seemed to go wrong on the reoccurring day. You whimper and call out for your daddy, “Dada!” “Coming angel,” Bucky shouts from the bottom of the stairs. Hurrying making his way into your nursery, he coos as he sees your bed head. “Good morning birthday girl!” He kisses your cheek as you tuck your head into the crook of his neck, blushing.
Bucky softly sweet talks you on the way down the stairs, “are you hungry sweet girl?” You open your eyes and gasp as you see all of the different decorations. There were pastel colored balloons on the floor, ribbons hanging from the ceiling and a big banner with your favorite cartoon characters that said, “Happy Birthday Angel!”
The real treat came when you turned your head to the kitchen. A squeal quickly came out of your mouth,” Pancakes?!?” Bucky smiled and tickled your tummy, “Of course pancakes!” You squeal and giggle as Bucky walks you over to the kitchen.
“Ok sweet girl, you can have anything you want on your pancakes so have at it,” Bucky calmly says. A small grinned appeared on your face as you stacked loads of syrup, sprinkles, and whipped cream on your stack of pancakes. Bucky knew you’d probably be hyper, but that didn’t really faze him. He knew it was your special day and he wouldn’t let anything ruin it.
A half eaten plate of pancakes and a messy, sticky mouth later, Bucky was getting you ready for the zoo. “Where we goin’ dada?” You questioned. Bucky smiled and pecked your cheek as he finished putting your sundress on, “it’s a surprise babydoll.” You huff, wanting to know where you were going. Bucky just grinned, guiding you into the bathroom where he could brush your teeth and hair.
You were now standing at the door whining impatiently for your daddy. You really wanted to know what the surprise was but daddy wasn’t gonna let up on the secret. “Hold on, hold on. Don’t have a cow,” Bucky chuckled as you two went out the door and into the car.
About 20 minutes into the car ride, your eyelids begin to droop. Soon, you’re asleep yet again while Bucky just smiles at your resting form. About another 30 minutes, Bucky finally arrived at the zoo.
You woke up to the feeling of Bucky gently rubbing your stomach “We’re here baby doll,” he gently smiled and whispered. A smile appeared on your face as the big banner with all sorts of animals appeared in your view. “Zoo!” You squealed and kicked your legs making Bucky smile.
Bucky got you out of the car and up to the gate. After being let through, you squealed and squeezed Bucky’s hand. “Where to first babydoll,” Bucky excitedly asked. “Umm,” you thought for a second, “elephants!” Bucky chuckled as you two made your way to the elephant exhibit.
You giggled at the sight of all of the elephants, but suddenly gasped. You urgently tap Bucky, “Dada! Dada! Look, it’s a daddy and baby elephant!” Bucky’s heart swelled up as he heard you gently whisper, “ ‘s me and daddy.” “It is isn’t it angel,” Bucky kissed your knuckles.
After looking at the elephants, zebra’s, monkeys, and even getting to feed the giraffes, you and Bucky headed over to the water animals
Your eyes lit up as you saw one of your most favorite animals, otters! They were so cute and you squealed as you saw them swim. It warmed Bucky’s heart to see you so happy like this. You then made your way to the bird exhibit, and then it was time for the gift shop.
You ended up leaving the shop with about 5 stuffies that you could barely even hold. Bucky of course proudly toted them as you two walked out of the zoo. You then made your way to your favorite restaurant, Bucky asking you about your favorite animals at the zoo. He loved hearing you get so excited about what you lived and smiled at your commentary.
After eating at your favorite restaurant and having your favorite meal for dinner, Bucky let you open your presents. He almost cried seeing your face light up at all the toys he had bought you. He had bought every toy that you had pointed out while in the store, along with all kinds of clothes, books, and more. Letting you play with them, he went to the kitchen to prepare your cake.
You were playing when all of a sudden, “Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear y/n, happy birthday to you!” You grin at the sight of your daddy with a beautiful cake with lit up candles. “Make a wish doll!” Bucky smiles. You close your eyes and blow, blushing when Bucky cheered.
By the time the cake was cut and you had eaten half of your piece, you were on the verge of sleep. Bucky cooed and decided to get you ready for bed. After going through your whole routine, you were asleep on Bucky’s chest. Tears rolled down on Bucky’s cheeks as he looked through all of the pictures he had taken today.
He was glad he made his angel’s birthday the best.
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Two's Better Than One
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairings: Chris Evans XEngaged!FemaleReader! XSebastian Stan Warnings: Threesome (Duh) Language. Usage of a dildo. Vaginal sex. Sex with two different people. Lmk if i missed anything! Mentions of anal (at the end)18+ Only
A/n I don't think My posts are showing up in tags so maybe I'll try posting something else! Fingers crossed it works! I don't give permission for my fics to be translated or posted on any third-party websites.
Requests ARE open!
Tonight Chris was running a little behind. He was filming here in Boston. But he told you he wanted to have a few friends over for the night.
So here you were downstairs, cleaning up a little bit before they all got here. You put out some cheese and crackers and earlier you went to the store to get some of Chris' favorite kind of beer. You sigh happily as you light the last candle.
A knock on the door disrupts you of you thoughts. You set down the lighter and walk to the door. Looking through the peep hole you see Sebastian standing there with a bottle of wine. Smiling you open the door.
"Hi." You great with a big smile. "Hi." He says back, You move to the side so he could come in, "Chris isn't here yet, I hope you don't mind waiting." You say with a light laugh. "I don't mind at all." Sebastian says.
You take the wine from his hands, "Come lets go to the kitchen." Sebastian follows, his eyes drift down to your ass. The way your hips sway in that tight little peach dress. Your breasts looked amazing in the dress. That was the first thing he noticed.
"You want a beer?" You question. "Sure." He smiles, "The house looks great." He says looking at the brand new kitchen you and Chris built. "Thanks I'm happy we're moved in now, it took a few weeks. but it was all worth it." You smile.
You hand Sebastian the can. The ring on your finger doesn't go unnoticed by him. He wasn't lying when he thought you were attractive. Because you were. He was upset that he didn't get to you first.
"Want a tour?" You suggest. "Sure." "The kitchen is my favorite part, and so is the living room." Sebastian follows you into the living room where he sees a big fire place. And a white couch in the center.
His mind wanders off, he can't imagine how many times Chris has fucked you in front of the fire place or on that couch. He sighs and looks at the pictures that were hanging on the walls.
"I'll show you upstairs." Sebastian follows you up the stairs, you stop at two doubled doors. You open them, "And this is the master bedroom," Sebastian sees a bed in the center another huge fire place, and a big window.
"The closets are there." You point to a big wooden door.
Once again His mind wanders off. He looks at the big bed. And sees you on there touching yourself. He can't even begin to imagine how many time you've done that already.
Sebastian groans and try's to hide his aching boner. "You alright?" You say turning around to meet the blue eyed man.
"Fine," He half smiles. "So, with Chris filming what do you do most of the day?" Sebastian says looking out the window. He can imagine fucking you up against it.
"Not much." You shrug, standing next to the man, Sebastian hums, "Chris taking care of you?" You chuckle, "Yea." You say looking at him, You swore you could see his eyes grow darker. "That's not what I meant sweetheart, I meant is he fucking you properly."
You gasp at his words, "Seb-" "Answer my question Y/n." You nod rapidly, He hums and stares at you, "Do you fuck yourself on your bed? Say with you fingers or the  dildo I know you keep in your bed side table."
"How,- You begin to say, "I've been friends with Chris for a long time now. and do you know how that makes me feel every time I see you with him? That he's the on fucking you- the one eating that sweet pussy." He says licking his lips.
"I know you want me too Y/n, I see the way you look at me." You squeeze you legs together and look into his eyes. "What about Chris." You say playing with the hem of your dress.
"He doesn't have to know." Sebastian hums, bending down. He reaches under your dress and begins to take off your underwear. "Come on help me out here." He laughs, You step out of your underwear, Sebastian smiles and puts them into his pocket.
He stands back up and reaches his hand back up under your dress, teasing your pussy lips, "You're so wet for me. Do me a favor and go get whatever you fucked yourself with today." You nod and walk over to your bedside table.
You open it and you take out your dildo. "There you go sweetheart." You walk back over to Sebastian and you hand it to him, "Lean over the chair." He demands.
You walk over to the chair you and Chris had place by the window, your upper body leans over the chair, Sebastian bends down and spreads your legs, and lifts your dress up in the process.
"I love this ass." He says smacking it, "Maybe we shouldn't do this." You say worriedly, he chuckles. "To late now." He says spitting on your dildo and shoving it into your entrance. "Fuck!" You squeal. You bite your lip to hid your moans.
"Let me hear them." Sebastian demands, "Oh, god." You moan out, "Good girl. Are you close." You nod at shut your eyes. he keeps harshly pumping the dildo out of you. "To bad." He says removing the dildo from your pussy.
You whine, "If you cum. it'll be on my cock." He slaps your ass and flips you over.
"What is going on here." An all too familiar voice says, Sebastian smirks, "Fucking your soon to be wife what does it look like to you?"
"Chris!" You squeal, Sebastian puts a hand on your lower half, keeping you from getting up.
Chris unloosens his tie and walk over to you and Sebastian, "Are you being a good girl?" He questions, "Wha-" "Yes or No Y/n." Chris says angrily, "Yes, yes!" you say scared. "Good. On the bed."
Sebastian removes his hand from you lower half, he hands Chris your dildo and he looks at it confused. "This is what you fuck yourself with while I'm away?" You nod lightly. "Hands to knees baby, I'm gonna watch Sebastian fuck your brains out." Chris kisses your lips and moves to the corner of the room.
You get into the position, and look behind you, "I won't hurt you." Sebastian says lifting up your dress, "Oh god." You sigh. he unzips his pants and pulls his cock free.
He rubs the tip across your folds, "Guess I won't need you to suck my cock, your dripping." He says, pressing into you with a groan. He was big, bigger then Chris for sure.
You grab ahold of the blanket below you, He pumps in and out of you slowly, "Fuck." You gasp, "Pull her hair, she likes that." Chris says.
Sebastian grabs a fits full of your hair and begins to pound into you hard. "Oh- oh fuck." You moan and look behind you. Chris was standing there watching you. He comes to the side of the bed and sits.
"I come home to you fucking my bestfriend, you're such a slut, always needs he pussy filled with something." You gasp and his words, "Tell Sebastian how it feels." Chris says stroking your cheek.
"Feels so good." You feel your lower half begin to tighten, "I'm gonna cum." gasping your eyes roll back and you release all over Sebastian's cock.
"Such a slut." Sebastian says slapping both of your ass cheeks, A few more thrusts and He cums deep inside of you. He pulls out. And you whine.
Sebastian flips you around onto your back, he leans over you and kisses your lips, You pull away from the kiss, "Fuck." You say looking into Sebastian's eyes.
"You're so hot, but I think it's Chris turn now." Chris stands in front of you. "Did you have fun baby?" You nod and bite your lip.
"Good." He begins to rubs your clit in small circles. "He was right you are dripping, You ready for my cock baby?" You nod a 'yes' "Use your words baby." "Yes, fuck. please Chris."
Chris leans over you and begins kiss your lips, "Put my cock inside of your tight pussy baby." You reach down to Chris' cock, you stroke him, earing a groan from him, You run the tip of it against your folds and then you push it inside.
"Fuck." Chris says, He begins to pound into you. he takes his fingers and puts them into your mouth, "Suck on my fingers baby." He grabs ahold of your arms and puts them behind your head.
"Fuck." Sebastian says stroking his cock, "You're so pretty. your taking my cock so well." Chris hums. He releases his fingers from your mouth.
"Chris, fuck me harder." You gasp. "Such a slut." Chris says. "No kidding." Sebastian says. Chris lets go of your arms, he puts his arms o the bed and pound into you even harder. "Mmm fuck!" You scream, you reach down to rub your clit in small circles.
"Open your mouth." Sebastian says standing over you, opening your mouth Sebastian releases all over your face. "You're such a whore." You giggle, "I'm your whore." You gasp as you feel your orgasm approach.
"Cum inside of me please." Chris looks into your eyes, his hips stutter, and he empties himself inside of you. "Good girl." Sebastian says. Chris pulls out of you. "Now, Y/n you throw that dildo away. I don't want to see it ever again. if I'm out of town, I bet Sebastian will be happy to fuck you."
"Yes, fuck." You say sitting up from the bed, "shower?" Both men nod, "I call your ass." Sebastian says, "Dude." Chris hits his friend in the shoulder.
"Now boys, there's enough of me to go around." You say slipping your dress off.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
bucky barnes taking you to prom
bucky moodboards list
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Scenario time: Think of you or your ship sitting a couch watching this video.
Who started watching it and who started joining.
Also, you are definitely not straight, or your ship one or both people are bi, pan etc, so both of you are like 👀👀👀
(This tiktok page is actually amazing 🔥)
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Always You
Chapter 25 - When I See You Smile
Summary : A love story chronicling the love and life of Sebastian Stan and Female!Reader. Inspired by Sebastian Stan's recent love life.
In this chapter we'll witness the birth of Sebastian's and reader's baby and follow them as they attend the Emmys.
Pairings : Sebastian Stan x Female!Reader
Chapters: 25 / 26 (added 1 more chapter)
Chapter List >
Warning : fluff, child birth
Word count : 7k
Tumblr media
When I see you smile, I can face the world
Oh, oh
You know I can do anything
When I see you smile, I see a ray of light
Oh, oh
I see it shining right through the rain
When I see you smile
Baby when I see you smile at me
Oh, yeah
Baby there's nothing in this world that could ever do
What a touch of your hand can do
It's like nothing that I ever knew
And when the rain is falling, I don't feel it
'Cause you're here with me now
And one look at you baby
Is all I'll ever need, is all I'll ever need
When I see you smile, I can face the world
When I See You Smile - Bad English
The Brooklyn Hospital Center, Brooklyn, New York - July 2022
Y/n did the breathing method she had been taught in birthing class as she tried to withstand the contraction pain she was feeling. She was lying down on her sides on the hospital bed inside the delivery room. Her hand held Sebastian's hand tightly. She had been feeling the pain of contractions since her cervix had been 1 cm dilated, which annoyed her. Most women she knew didn't feel the pain until they were at least 4cm dilated. She was too sensitive that she felt it from the beginning.
"You have a sensitive and gentle heart, honey. That's why you feel it even though most women don't." Sebastian had said as he tried to cheer her up.
"Yeah, I'd rather be a heartless woman then if I can avoid feeling this pain." She complained making Sebastian chuckle.
"Don't say that, honey. Hang in there, you're doing great." Sebastian squeezed her hand and gave her forehead a kiss.
"Let's do the hypnobirthing method to ease the pain." Sebastian suggested.
And so they did the hypnobirthing method that was taught in birthing class to try to lessen the contraction pains Y/n was feeling. She was offered to get an epidural to deal with the pain but she declined. She wanted to give birth as normal and with little intervention as possible. But after hours of holding the pain, she started to have second thoughts. She had been in the delivery room for close to sixteen hours and her cervix dilated pretty slowly. It was still at 2 cm dilated but she was feeling all the pain.
She was really grateful that she had Sebastian there with her. He tried all he could to help Y/n deal with the contraction pains. He would rub her lower back when the pain came. He would give her massages. He would guide her to have short meditation sessions and visualization exercises. In between contractions he would tell her jokes or play some music from his cellphone. He did everything to help her feel more relaxed. She couldn't wish for a better partner to be with her during one of the most important time of her life.
A nurse came in to check on her as she was doing her hypnobirthing method. The nurse checked her cervix dilation and while she did, she did something down there that was very painful that Y/n scrunched her face in pain.
"I'm sorry.. I had to do it to speed up the process." The nurse winked at her leaving Y/n speechless.
The nurse was right. After that last check by her, Y/n's cervix dilation began to widen faster. Four hours later she reached 8cm dilation.
"Seb...aaargh.." Y/n held Sebastian's hand tight as she felt another painful contraction.
"Breathe in.. breathe out.. that's it. You're doing amazing, sweetheart." Sebastian cheered her on as he held Y/n' hand tight.
"I feel like pushing.. aaarghh!" Y/n screamed as she scrunched her face in pain.
"No, don't do that now Y/n." dr.Selena warned her.
"Wait until your cervix reaches 10cm dilation." She said as she sat in front of Y/n, ready to help her deliver her baby.
"I can't.. " Y/n said, panting as she held back from pushing.
"Yes you can, honey. Wait okay. You can hold it in." Sebastian said as he rubbed her back and tried to soothe her.
It was agony for Y/n holding back from pushing. She had to go through the same thing several more times as her cervix slowly dilated from 8cm to 9cm and finally to 10cm. Sebastian rubbed her back gently every time she felt the urge to push which helped distract her so that she could stop herself from pushing.
"Aaarghh.. can I push now? Pleaseee.." she grunted as she felt the most painful sensation she had ever felt.
"Yes, push now." Dr.Selena finally said as Y/n's cervix finally dilated to 10cm.
She held Sebastian's hand tight and finally pushed as hard as she could.
"Push honey, yes that's it." Sebastian said, encouraging her.
Several pushes later she finally heard the cry of her baby. Her cry was low at first but gradually became louder. It was the most beautiful sound she had ever heard.
"Welcome to the world little one." dr.Selena greeted her baby as she pulled her baby out fully from Y/n's womb.
Contrary to what Y/n had thought, when her baby came out she didn't feel pain at all but just pure relief and euphoria. She looked to her left and saw Sebastian's face looking back at her, smiling widely at her, tears in his eyes.
"You did it, sweetheart! I'm so proud of you!" He said as he hugged her and kissed her forehead. She hugged him back gratefully.
"I love you. You're amazing." Sebastian said as he gave her a gentle kiss on the lips.
"I love you too Iubirea mea." Y/n smiled with tears in her eyes.
Words couldn't describe how she felt as her baby girl was put on her chest. She could only feel pure joy as she looked at her baby for the first time. She was so tiny but perfect. She held her baby's body with one hand and caressed her head with her other hand as her baby tried to find her nipples so she could start nursing.
"Hello Nasya Starlene. It's lovely to finally meet you." Sebastian said as he leaned close to his baby and gave a kiss on her head.
"She's so beautiful and perfect." Sebastian gushed as he continued gazing at the miracle that was his baby. A tear dropped from his eyes.
"She is. She's going to be beautiful, just like your mom." Y/n said as she continued caressing her.
"And like you." Sebastian said, smiling proudly at her.
Looking down at her baby, Y/n had never felt love like this. She was in her room at the hospital, holding Starlene with her left hand as Starlene nursed on her chest, her eyes closed as she did. Starlene had cute pointed nose and cleft chin, just like her father. She also had Sebastian's gorgeous blue eyes, much to Y/n's delight. Her hair was brown, also like her father. They didn't know yet whether it was slightly wavy like Sebastian's or more like Y/n. But Y/n had a suspicion she would have Sebastian's hair as well. And she didn't mind. She was going to grow up beautiful, just like her grandmother and she couldn't be happier.
Sebastian was sitting next to her on the hospital bed, his arms around her as he watched his baby nursed.
"How are you feeling, sweetheart?" Sebastian asked as he kissed her temple.
"I'm starting to feel tired." Y/n said, leaning back to him. She finally felt the effects of not sleeping for more than 24 hours. Her body had started to protest.
"Well let me take care of her after she's done nursing and you can get some sleep." Sebastian said.
"Thank you Iubirea mea." Y/n said as she looked up and gave him a grateful smile.
Moments later Starlene finally stopped nursing and fell asleep. Sebastian picked her up carefully from Y/n's arms and cradled her with his left arm. It was heartwarming to see Sebastian holding Starlene. He gazed at her like she was the most precious thing he had ever seen. He gave Starlene a kiss on her forehead than he sat up from the bed.
"Go on and get some sleep, honey. She's safe with me." Sebastian said, giving Y/n's hand a squeeze with his right hand.
"Thank you Iubirea mea." Y/n smiled and leaned back on the bed to get some sleep.
Sebastian was about to move to the sofa next to the bed when Starlene woke up and started crying, startling him.
"Sshhh.. it's okay baby girl, daddy's here. Your mommy needs to sleep. Don't you worry. I'm here." He cooed as he rocked her slowly, trying to soothe her.
"When I see you smile.. I can face the world.. ooh.. you know I can do anything.." Sebastian sang softly, making Y/n smile. Leave it to Sebastian for making a song like that a lullaby. It worked however. As soon as Sebastian started singing, Starlene stopped crying and once Sebastian was done singing the whole song, Starlene fell asleep with a cute smile on her face.
"You're really good with her." Y/n commented.
"Sshhh.. she's sleeping sweetheart. Why aren't you asleep yourself?" Sebastian whispered.
"I can't. It still feels unreal that she's finally here." Y/n smiled.
"I'm kind of scared too." She continued.
"Scared of what honey?" Sebastian asked, his brows furrowed as he looked down at her.
"I mean.. it's a huge responsibility raising a child. What if I do a bad job and she grows up to be a brat." Y/n sighed.
"Sweetheart, we'll do it together. Don't worry okay." Sebastian said, giving her some encouragement.
"We can always ask my mom too, and your dad for parenting advice. I mean, we both turned out okay, so they must have raised us right." He said, winking at her making her laugh.
"Yeah, you're right. Thank you Iubirea mea for being here with me. I couldn't have done it without you." She said, smiling and giving him a soft and loving look, making him blush.
"My pleasure sweetheart. It's the least I could do after.. you know.. everything that had happened." He said, sighing.
"Iubirea mea, even though you missed several months of my pregnancy, I'm okay with that. The most important thing is that you're here now. Don't beat yourself up over it." She said as she put her hand on the side of his face.
"Thank you, sweetheart." Sebastian smiled.
"I love you." Y/n said as she caressed his cheek with her thumb.
"I love you too sweetheart." Sebastian smiled and he leaned down to give her a kiss.
Life couldn't be more perfect for Y/n. She was finally with the love of her life and even shared a child with him. Something she didn't even think could happen a year ago. She also had a career she could be proud of. And despite feeling doubtful at first about having a relationship with Sebastian, that day she couldn't be more sure of their relationship. After being in a relationship with him for nine months, she could see that they were good together. The fact they had known each other for twenty years helped immensely. And even though they did have some disagreements, like most couples did, they knew each other so well that they could resolve any differences effortlessly. She couldn't have wished for a better person to be with.
Bel Air, Los Angeles, California - September 2022
Y/n looked down at her two month old baby girl as she nursed on her chest. Her gorgeous blue eyes looked up at her innocently, reminding her of the man who helped in bringing her to existence. She had a feeling those eyes were going to be her weakness. She wasn't sure she could say no to those eyes if the owner in the future would ask something of her. Starlene was going to be spoiled. By her and Sebastian. She was sure of it. She would have to learn to also be stern to her if needed. She didn't want Starlene to grow up to be a spoiled brat, like someone she knew a while back. She would make sure Starlene also had empathy and care toward other people. She suspected it wouldn't be hard considering Starlene had Sebastian's genes and he was one of the most generous and kind person she ever knew.
She stroked Starlene's cheek gently with her thumb and Starlene slowly closed her eyes. Starlene was sleepy and Y/n suspected she would fall asleep soon. Right on time too because she needed to get dressed.
Y/n was sitting in front of a dressing table just in her underwear and bathrobe. A hairstylist was doing her hair. It was September 12th, the day of the Primetime Emmy Awards Ceremony. Sebastian invited her and his mother to come and accompany him. He was nominated twice so he could take two other people with him, which was perfect for him.
"I don't know if I could choose between you and my mom to take to the Emmys, so it's really perfect that I can take both of you." He had said as he received his Emmy Awards Ceremony invitations.
Y/n was very flattered that he would invite her. But she was also very nervous. This would be her very first red carpet event being Sebastian's girlfriend, and her very first public appearance with him. She tried not to think of what people would think or say about her. This was Sebastian's night. She would be there to support him and that's all there was to it. She shouldn't be thinking about herself as she wouldn't be in the spotlight anyway.
Despite trying not too care too much about it, she still spent countless hours trying to decide what dress to wear to the Emmys. She asked for Shannon's help in finding her a dress. After weeks of searching online and also going to countless designer boutiques in NYC, she finally decided on a dress she thought Sebastian would love as it was in his favorite color. She had kept it from Sebastian ever since she bought it. She wanted it to be a surprise. But she also wasn't sure she could handle it if he didn't like it. Keeping it from him until the last minute would mean she would have no other choice but to wear it. And that was what she wanted. She didn't want to waste more money on other dresses. The one she chose was already expensive enough for her.
"Well, you're done, beautiful. Take a look." Mary her hairstylist said to her as she put down some hairpins she was holding onto the dressing table.
Y/n looked up to see herself in the mirror. Her hair was pulled back into an elegant bun on the back of her head. Skinny braids accentuated the sides of her head. She smiled as she looked at herself. The hairstyle was perfect with the dress, she thought. Mary had done her make up earlier, adding natural earthly colors on her eyes and soft blush color on the apples of her cheek. Her lips were painted an earthly shade of soft pinkish maroon which would match her dress perfectly. She had also put on the heart shaped earrings dotted with small diamonds that Sebastian had bought her almost a year ago. She opted not to wear any necklace or bracelet as she preferred the focus to be on her dress and not the accessories she wore.
"Thank you so much, Mary. I love it." She gushed as she turned her head slowly from left to right, studying her intricate hairdo on the mirror.
"My pleasure Y/n. Now we need to get you into the dress. Is she done nursing?" Mary asked, looking at Starlene.
Y/n looked down and indeed Starlene had fallen asleep. She closed the front of her bathrobe and stood up slowly.
"Yes, she's asleep. Let me just put her in her crib." She said.
"Sweetheart.. are you ready?" Sebastian came into the room just as she was about to go out to the nursery. Her jaw dropped as she looked at Sebastian. He was looking so dapper and handsome wearing an all black formal suit with black shirt, trousers and tie. The sides of his hair had been neatly trimmed but there was still some fluffy hair on top of his head, and he had kept his moustache and stubble.
"Iubirea mea.. you look amazing!" She gushed as she walked toward him and put her hand on his chest, admiring him.
"Oh.. thank you sweetheart." Sebastian blushed and looked down shyly as he put his hand on his face. It was something endearing that he did whenever he was complimented. Her heart swelled as she looked at him.
"I'm sorry but I'm almost done. Starlene had just fallen asleep. Now I just need to put the dress on and the shoes then I'm done." She said.
"Okay. Here, let me take Starlene to her crib so you can get dressed." Sebastian said, taking Starlene gently off her arms.
"Thank you Iubirea mea." She said.
"You look beautiful by the way." Sebastian said, smiling at her and giving her a soft adoring look.
"Oh yeah. Would you still take me if I just wear this bathrobe?" She teased.
"You know I'd still take you even if you only wear a potato sack." He teased making her laugh.
"Someday I may ask you to prove that." She said teasingly.
"And you'd find me not hesitant at all in doing that. You look beautiful in anything sweetheart and I mean it." Sebastian said as he stroked Y/n's cheeks gently, making her blush.
"Come on you love birds, time to put the actual dress on her if you don't want to be late." Suddenly Mary clapped her hands startling them both and making them laugh.
"I'll see you in a minute Iubirea mea." Y/n winked at her.
"I'll be waiting downstairs with my mom okay? I think she's ready." Sebastian said.
"Okay." She nodded.
It didn't take long for Y/n to put the dress on. She had chosen a Zac Posen deep red strapless ball gown accentuated with a large crystallized bow on the back. It was made from organza gazar and had a soft floaty architectural style with godets and flares that came from the drop waist.
She was thankful that she hadn't gained that much weight during her pregnancy. She had asked Sebastian's trainer friend Donnie to help make her an exercise and weight loss program and in just two months she was able to lose most of it. She still needed to wear a corsette however otherwise she wouldn't be confident enough to wear the dress because she still had some fat on her belly courtesy of Starlene.
After she wore the dress she put on the ruby high heeled slippers with crystallized accents on them which matched the dress. She then twirled in front of the full body mirror behind her closet and smiled in satisfaction. She never thought she would be brave enough to wear something red and sexy yet elegant. The dress exuded confidence which she definitely felt at that moment. She didn't think anymore that Sebastian's exes were more beautiful than her. She was beautiful too in her own right and she was happy to show it off to the world that night.
"Well well.. look at you.. Sebastian won't know what hit him." Mary commented as she looked at Y/n, making her blush.
"Thank you Mary. You've done a great job on me. Thank you so much." Y/n said, giving Mary a hug.
"It's my pleasure dear. Do you mind if I take a picture of you? I'd like to post it on my Instagram." She asked.
"Oh sure." Y/n smiled.
After Mary took a picture of her, she picked her deep red Jimmy Choo clutch which only contained her cellphone, small powder, lipstick and small wallet. She then went outside of her room.
Before going downstairs, she dropped by the nursery to check on Starlene. Sebastian's step mother Marie was there sitting on a rocking chair by the crib, cradling Starlene as she rocked gently back and forth. Sebastian had asked Marie to baby sit Starlene while they were gone and she couldn't be happier to do it. Marie smiled as she saw Y/n coming in.
"Wow, you look stunning Y/n." Marie complimented her.
"Thank you, Marie." Y/n smiled shyly.
"Is she not asleep yet?" She asked.
"She's about to. She woke up when Sebastian put her in the crib." Marie explained.
Y/n sighed. "Lately she wouldn't go to sleep unless someone is holding her. That's going to be a problem. I don't want to her to get used to it. I want her to be able to fall asleep in her crib."
"Don't worry, dear. Babies this age need human touch. It's natural for her to sleep better in our arms." Marie said.
"Yes I guess you're right." Y/n said.
"And it won't be forever. Before you know it she's growing up fast before your eyes and suddenly she wants to be left alone in her room. And that's when you're going to miss times like these. I know that's what I feel whenever I look at Dave." Marie smiled.
"Thank you Marie for saying that. You're right, I should just enjoy these times instead of trying to make everything the way I want it." She said.
"Exactly." Marie nodded.
"Thank you Marie. Anyway, I think I better get going." Y/n said as she leaned down and gave Starlene a kiss on her forehead.
"See you later, Marie." Y/n stood back and smiled at Marie.
"Later my dear. Have fun." She winked.
"I hope I can." She said, laughing nervously.
She went out of the nursery and headed toward the stairs. Sebastian had rented a 6,800-square-foot Mediterranean style mansion in Bel Air with beautiful views of the Bel Air golf course. It had private grounds with over 31,000 square feet of tropical paradise garden, three waterfalls, pool, and an outdoor tea, meditation and massage area. It had six bedrooms and six bathrooms and a beautiful round staircase. They were only staying there for several days but Sebastian decided to splurge to spoil the three most important women in his life.
Y/n had protested at first on Sebastian's choice. She thought it would be a waste of money as it was very expensive to rent. It cost up to US$ 8.000/day. But Sebastian insisted saying that he wanted to celebrate being nominated for the Emmys and he wanted the most important women in his life to stay comfortably in a luxurious place. It was the least he could do to give back to them and showed his gratitude to them for supporting him all this time. Knowing that he could be stubborn and very generous when it comes to spoiling her and his mother, Y/n finally gave up. It was a very beautiful mansion and she must admit that she loved it there.
She went down the round staircase slowly, stepping down carefully as she didn't want to trip and fall on her face. She was on the middle of the staircase when she saw Sebastian. He was standing on the front of the staircase talking to his mother. His mother was the first to notice Y/n coming down. She looked classy and elegant in a deep blue sleeveless satin dress with a high neckline. Her hair fell down her shoulders in waves. She looked really beautiful.
"Y/n dear you look stunning!" She gushed.
Sebastian turned to look at Y/n and his jaw dropped. He looked like a deer being hit by a spotlight as he gazed at her intently. His eyes shone in a mixture of awe, love, adoration and a hint of desire. Y/n smiled and blushed as she looked at how Sebastian looked at her. She continued walking down the stairs slowly but her eyes never left his. For a moment it seemed there were only them, trapped in a love and desire filled bubble only they could feel. Y/n's heart pounded hard in her ribcage as she got closer to him. She finally stopped in front of him, looked up and smiled shyly at him.
"So, do you like it?" She asked nervously.
"I love it! You look stunning, sweetheart. I..I seriously don't know what else to say." He said, his voice low as she took both her hands in his and stared at her from top to bottom, appreciating her bare neck and shoulders and all of her curves.
"I can't wait to get you out of that dress tonight. I'm the luckiest man in the world." He leaned in closer and whispered softly in her ear, making her blush a deep shade of red.
"Okay you two, enough flirting already. I think we need to go now if we don't want to be late." Sebastian's mother scolded them playfully, making them laugh.
"Okay, sorry mom. Let's go." Sebastian said sheepishly as he took Y/n's arm on his right and his mother's arm on his left and went out of the mansion.
Microsoft Theater, Downtown Los Angeles - September 2022
It took about half an hour to reach Microsoft Theater, the venue for the Primetime Emmy Awards. It was located in Downtown Los Angeles, about 23 miles east of Bel Air. They took a rented limousine to get there. Y/n had never ridden on a limousine before and she was slightly awestruck as she sat in the back seat with Sebastian while his mother sat in front of them. The inside of the limousine was so huge and luxurious and made her feel a little intimidated.
"How are you feeling Iubirea mea?" She turned to look at Sebastian.
He was holding her hand and his palm felt a little sweaty. He seemed nervous.
"Nervous but also excited." He turned to look at her and smiled.
"Well whatever happens we're just going to enjoy it. It's still such a big night for you even if you don't win." She said.
"Indeed it is. And I'm really happy I get to share it with you. And you too, mom." He smiled at his mother.
"Oh Sebby darling, I'm so happy and proud for you. Even if you don't win I'm still so proud of you. Although.. I have a feeling you will win." she winked at him.
"Maybe it's just because you're my mother, you're kind of biased." Sebastian said.
"No Sebby dear. Don't you remember I also had a feeling about you and Y/n? Look where you are now." she winked again at him, making him fluster.
"Well, thank you mom, I'm more nervous now." Sebastian laughed nervously.
"Oh I'm sorry dear, I didn't mean to make you more nervous." his mother said.
"It's okay mom. It's just.. I haven't prepared any speech so if I win I wouldn't know what to say." he said.
"Iubirea mea, why haven't you prepared a winning speech yet?" Y/n asked.
"I just don't think I will win, so why bother." he shrugged.
"Oh, well, if you do I'm sure you'll be able to give a great speech." she said squeezing his hand.
"Thank you sweetheart." he smiled and squeezed her hand back.
When they arrived at the theater it was already really crowded. Their limousine queued to drop them off at the drop off point. Y/n's heart beat wildly in her chest as she looked outside and saw countless people waiting for them to come out. Moments later their limousine stopped at the drop off point and her door was opened by someone from the outside. She was about to step out but Sebastian suddenly appeared outside her door and extended his hand to her. He had come out from the other door apparently. She took his hand and stepped out carefully, followed by Sebastian's mother. Flashes of light welcomed them as photographers took their pictures relentlessly, somewhat blinding her.
Sebastian guided both his mother and Y/n further into the red carpet area in front of the theater where fans were lined up behind barricades on their right while on their left celebrities queued to get their pictures taken on the red carpet. Emma and Edward appeared suddenly and greeted them.
"Sebastian, Y/n, Mrs.Frank you all look stunning." Emma complimented as she greeted them one by one.
"Thanks Emma, you look stunning too!" Y/n said as she hugged Emma.
"Y/n, you look beautiful." Edward said as he gave her a hug.
"Thank you Edward, you look dapper yourself." Y/n smiled at him making him blush a little.
Suddenly she heard people screaming Sebastian's name from behind the barricades. Apparently his fans had noticed his arrival.
"I'm sorry mom, Y/n, do you mind if I go and greet them?" He asked.
"Of course not Sebby honey, go on." Sebastian's mother said and Y/n nodded.
"Let me come and accompany you." Y/n said to Sebastian. She wanted to help the fans take pictures with him as she knew how chaotic and hard it could be to get pictures with him. So she had the brilliant idea of taking the pictures of as many of them as possible with Sebastian using her phone and she would post them on her Instagram account.
They walked across the red carpet to where the fans were and they were greeted with their excited screams. Edward also came with them, helping Sebastian as he started to give out autographs and took selfies with his fans.
Y/n whipped out her cellphone from her clutch and started to take pictures of his fans with him one by one, much to the delight of his fans.
"Thank you so much Y/n!" one of the fans said to her.
"No problem. I'll post this on my Instagram." she said, smiling at her.
"You're the best! Thank you!" his fan said again.
Y/n smiled and continued following Sebastian and took his pictures with his fans.
"You look amazing Y/n!" one of his fans complimented her.
"Oh, thank you." Y/n said in surprise, smiling warmly at his fan that just complimented her.
"You guys are amazing. Thank you for supporting him." Y/n smiled at them.
"Thank you Y/n." they chorused making her and Sebastian laugh.
They finally reached the last of his fans and Sebastian waved at them.
"Thank you so much you guys! You're amazing!" he said gratefully.
"Good luck Sebastian!" one of his fans yelled.
"Thank you!" Sebastian waved at the fan that just yelled at him.
He then turned to Y/n and leaned in closer and gave her a kiss on her cheek, making her blush in surprise. His fans cheered as they looked at them.
"Why did you do that?" Y/n asked as she looked up at Sebastian, her face a deep shade of red.
"I just wanted to show everyone how much I love you." he said as he whispered to her ear.
"Not one of my exes ever did that to my fans. You're amazing and I love you." he said as he took her by the waist and leaned in closer to give her a kiss on her lips.
His fans cheered even louder as they looked at them kissing. Flashes of light from cameras showered them as they continued kissing. Y/n's heart pounded wildly in her ribcage. Butterflies swarmed excitedy in her stomach. Never in a million years she thought she would be kissed by Sebastian in front of the public. Especially not during an awards show. She couldn't wrap her head around it. He finally broke the kiss and looked down at her with a wide smile on his face. He then took Y/n's hand and guided her back toward the queue as they laughed and giggled like high school kids.
"Well that's gonna make headlines." Emma laughed as they met her in the queue.
It didn't take long for Sebastian's turn to stand on the red carpet. He stood there alone and then was accompanied by his co-stars Lily James and Daisy Edgar Jones. He was also joined by the directors of Fresh and Pam and Tommy, Mimi Cave, Craig Gillespie and Lake Bell. After he was done he took his mother and Y/n in front of the cameras and took pictures with them, something Y/n didn't think he would do. In the past he never took pictures on the red carpet with his previous girlfriends nor his mother. Apparently he really was comfortable in showing them off that night to the world.
After their pictures were taken they went inside the theater to take their seats. Sebastian sat sandwiched between his mother and Y/n. Daisy Edgar Jones sat next to Y/n and Lily James sat next to Sebastian's mother. Daisy was very nice and Y/n ended up chatting with her as they waited for all the guests to come inside and the event to begin.
About half an hour after they took their seats the ceremony began. James Corden was that year's host and Y/n really enjoyed his jokes throughout the ceremony. The category Sebastian was nominated in was one of the most important ones, so it was announced almost toward the end of the ceremony. After the Emmy award for Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series was announced and the winner and presenters had left the stage, Jennifer Aniston came on stage.
"I think this is Sebastian's category." Daisy whispered to Y/n.
"Oh is it?" Y/n asked and Daisy nodded.
"Good luck Sebastian." Daisy said to him.
"Thanks Daisy." he smiled at Daisy and then took Y/n's hand and held it tight.
"Good luck Iubirea mea." Y/n whispered. Sebastian smiled at her and picked her hand up and kissed it.
"Good evening." Jennifer Aniston greeted on stage.
"This year's nominees for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Anthology Series or Movie consisted of the best and most diverse and interesting body of work we have gotten from this year's Television. From a portrayal of a famous bad boy in music to a portrayal of a drug-addicted doctor, to a portrayal of a husband battling to save his marriage, the competition in this category is fierce. So fierce in fact that one of the nominees are nominated twice in this same category." Jennifer said as the camera panned to Sebastian's face and he smiled nervously.
"Without further ado, here are the nominees for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Anthology Series or Movie." Jennifer continued.
The large screen on the stage then showed the nominees for the category. Each nominee's name was announced then a clip of their performance was shown. When it came for Sebastian's turn a clip of him as Tommy burning money and yelling in front of Seth Rogen's character was shown. And then when he was announced as a nominee for Fresh, a clip of his character Steve dancing in the kitchen as he prepared human meat to be distributed to his clients was shown. That last clip made everyone laugh and the screen showed Sebastian as he covered his face with his hand in embarassment.
After that last clip of Sebastian was shown, the screen showed Jennifer Aniston again as she carefully opened the envelope containing the winner's name in this category. She pulled out the paper, read it and smiled widely.
"And the winner is.. Sebastian Stan for Pam and Tommy." she announced.
Y/n's heart soared as she listened to Jennifer's announcement. She was so proud of him. He really deserved it after all the sacrifices he had made in playing the role of Tommy Lee. Sebastian stood up with a wide smile and tears in his eyes. His mother stood up too and hugged him tight.
"Congratulations Sebby honey. I'm so proud of you." she said.
"Thanks mom." Sebastian smiled. He then turned toward Y/n and she congratulated him and gave him a tight hug.
"Congratulations Iubirea mea. I love you. So proud of you." Y/n said.
"Thank you, sweetheart." he said, smiling at her.
Sebastian then shook Lily's and Daisy's hands as they congratulated him. He then walked toward the stage to accept the award. As he passed the audience, he passed Oscar Isaac and Andrew Garfield on his way to the stage. They stopped him briefly as they gave him hugs and congratulated him. He continued to walk toward the stage and when he got on it, Jennifer Aniston gave him the Emmy award and hugged him.
"Congratulations Sebastian." she smiled warmly at him.
"Thank you Jennifer. Thank you so much." he smiled back at her.
He then stood behind the microphone and looked toward the audience.
"Wow! I..I..I'm so shocked right now." he said and he was met with laughter from the audience.
"It is truly an honor to be nominated among the greatest and most amazing actors today. And to be nominated twice is also something I never thought possible to happen to me. So I'm deeply honored. And now to actually win, wow, I cannot thank the TV Academy members enough to give me their time of day. Thank you. You have made a Romanian boy very happy." he smiled and the audience laughed.
"I'd also like to thank Craig Gillespie for believing in me enough to take on the role. And then of course to my amazing co-star Lily James who had stepped up the game and set the bar high. You also deserve one of these Lily." Sebastian said as he picked up the Emmy award and put it up high above his head. The audience clapped as the screen showed Lily smiling and bowing her head as she put her hand on her chest in respect for Sebastian.
"I'd also like to thank everyone who were involved in the show. All the directors, the writers, producers, the crew, the make up and costume team. Everyone that I can't name one by one. Thank you." he said, his hand on his chest in respect for them as the screen showed the directors,writers and producers of the show.
"I also would like to thank Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson. Thank you Tommy for being kind and generous with me and allowing me to portray your life. And to Pamela, I hope the story we told through this series would help more and more people to see how amazing and great you really are and to make more people understand how hard it was to be in your position." Sebastian said and the audience clapped.
"I know the subject matter is sensitive and not everyone appreciated it. But I sincerely hope that we at least get the conversation going on how the internet and media could be so pivotal in directing a person's life to the point of ruining them and how we should all reflect as a society to better handle these things in the future and to be more careful and empathetic toward what we can share, say or do on the internet." Sebastian continued and he was met with enthusiastic applause from the audience.
"And lastly but of course not the least, I'd like to thank two of the most important people in my life who have helped me reach this place in my life. My mother, and my wife.. " the audience clapped as the screen showed his mother, clapping proudly at him and Y/n who was clapping for him but had stopped, her jaw dropped as she was shocked beyond belief listening to him calling her his wife.
"I'm sorry.. I meant.. my girlfriend.." he blushed and covered his face with his hand in shame as he corrected himself and the audience laughed.
"Soon to be wife!" someone yelled from the audience making everyone laugh.
"Well I hope so." he and everyone laughed making Y/n blush furiously.
"Anyway, thank you mom for everything, for taking a risk by moving here to the US and giving me a much better life. I owe you everything." he blew her a kiss and his mother smiled as tears streamed from her eyes.
"And Y/n, thank you for being there for me for the past twenty one years and being so patient and supportive of me. Thank you for being my best friend and thank you for agreeing to be more than friends with me. I love you." he blew her a kiss and the screen showed Y/n smiling at him with tears streaming down from her face.
It wasn't even like a dream come true for Y/n as she never dreamed this to ever happen. It was even better. His acknowledgement of her in public as one of the most important person in his life left her reeling in shock and happiness. And how he mistakenly called her his wife? That left her feeling so shocked. Was it something that had crossed his mind? Being married to her? She thought. She of course had thought about it. But knowing that Sebastian had some issues with it seeing how his own parents were divorced, made her think that Sebastian may not want to get married and was happy with their status as boyfriend and girlfriend. So she was completely shocked to hear him call her his wife. She loved the sound of it though. Maybe she would be his wife someday. Nothing is impossible after all. And if that day comes, she would be the happiest and luckiest woman on earth.
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The Devil in Disguise: Part Three
Tumblr media
Description: Living in a small town wasn’t always easy. Everyone was part of your personal business. It is suffociating and all you wanted to do was get away, but after getting caught in the sight of a certain Sheriff everything falls apart.
Summary: After the party, you attempt to return to a normal life, but it seems the ever-present Sheriff Bodecker isn't making that easy for you.
Word Count: 5.8K
Warnings: dark story, possessive behaviour, obsession, manipulation, Lee is in his mid-30s and reader is in mid-20s, mentions of drug use, mentions of prostitution, bad family life, mentions of violence, mentions of crimes, mentions of physical abuse, mentions of emotional abuse, abandonment, mentions of violence, slight dub-con (unwanted kiss), abuse of power, pet name use: sweetness, sweetheart, bunny, daddy, eventual smut, under 18s dni
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Tumblr media
It had always felt like time moved a little slower in Knockemstiff. Like the seasons seemed to pass by a little slower, the trees took more time to drift from one shade to the next, the sun lingering way into the Autumn and the snow layering the ground until way into the Spring. The town's people seemed to adapt to this molasse-type attitude, moving from one mundane task to the other, trying desperately to keep up with their neighbours, keeping their lawn freshly mowed and hedges neatly trimmed. All this not to cause a stir or be the subject of small-town gossip, working hard during the week and then Church on the weekend to ensure that no one saw them slipping away from their faith.
Of course, your family had always been a little different. Your momma had the dark demons that she fought daily, working a sinful job to make enough money to support those awful habits, moving from one man to the next and trying to fill that void deep within her. Your daddy had taken off when you were young, leaving you with no lasting memories, no pictures, no guidance or paternal figure. You never understood how he could have left his family the way he did, and those answers would remain unanswered as your momma refused to speak about him.
All that had left you with this dull and numb ache in your chest, growing up in a typical family had been all you ever wanted, but each year that passed, it felt like you grew further away from that being a possibility. Now grown as you were, it looked like the only sense of an ordinary family you would ever get would be from the one you created on your own and creating one in Knockemstiff wasn’t something you wanted.
Until you could get away, hopefully towards a better and better job. This bitter pit of guilt swirled in your chest whenever you thought about leaving Knockemstiff, a sour reminder that you were abandoning your momma and leaving her to a life of whoring and drugs. There had been times when you had tried to help her away from these addictions, but each time it left you with a busted lip or hurt from her venomous words. It never took much backtalk for your momma to remind you that you were nothing more than a mistake, a spiteful little reminder of the man that had left her in this awful town and of the beauty you had sapped from her very soul.
You needed to get away. You needed a fresh start somewhere else. You needed to venture forth, find new people, conjure a story about your past and never allow anyone to lead you back home.
In the little spare time between shifts, you took the time to complete the job application, assuring that you were putting your best self forward for your potential employers. There was nobody in your life that you could use to read over your application; there was a part of you that wondered if your momma had basic literacy skills, never seen her pick up a book or even glance at a menu from the diner before. Whilst far too scared to take it back to work again and ask Gillian, if you were to be found out by Jeremiah, then you’d be out on your ass before you knew it. No, instead, you just sealed away the application securely and took it to the local post office.
Daintily you passed the envelope over to Jessie Kingsgate behind the counter. Never one for making many conversations, she simply inspected the address for a moment, chewing on a wad of pink gum in her mouth and raising her brows, almost surprised by a letter going out of town. Then she dropped it into the bucket beside her, accepting the payment and handing back your change.
The second you saw that letter slip away was like a wave of relief washed across your entire frame. This was going to be the first step toward a fresh start. A new job meant you could find a tiny home, start attending the local Church, maybe find a good and honest husband and start a little family. Nothing too big, just a couple of kids running around that would keep you busy. They would never have to know about Knockemstiff, about your life before, about your lack of a family. No, you could just be their family.
As you pulled open the door to the post office, you practically skipped into the fresh morning air. The warm sun sank into your exposed skin as the worn sneakers you wore found the cracked sidewalk. It seemed like a lot of work needed to be done in this town. It had been like this since you were a kid, and it didn’t seem like they would be repairing anything soon.
“We jus’ keep runnin’ into each other, don’t we?” A low drawl came from beside you, turning your head to catch the Sheriff approaching with a stack of magazines in his arms and a smirk tugging at his lips. It wasn’t that you were shocked to see him, but somewhat surprised to see him dress in more casual clothes, a tan set of slacks with a pearly white button-down tucked into them. Seeing him dressed in something apart from his uniform was such a strange sensation; you supposed there was a naïve part of you who was reminded that he had a life outside his demanding job. “How’re you feelin’, girl?”
“O-oh, I-I’m well, Sheriff.” You spluttered back in his direction, eyes cast downwards, only focusing on those cracks and only then hearing his chortle in response. “Eyes up…” He commanded; your body obliged, finding those dangerously alluring eyes. “D’you see me wearin’ a uniform, sweetness? There ain’t no need t’call me Sheriff if I ain’t in one…” Calloused fingers reaching out to pinch your chin. Not a moment later, tugging away from his grip, weary of those eagle eyes and loose lips around town that might have mentioned the Sheriff's lingering touches. “Go ahead an’ answer my question again the way I like…”
“Oh-okay…” Then clearing your throat as if to cough away the heavy nervous stutters on your tongue. “I, uh… I’m good, Mr Bodecker…” Even now, trying to find a way to keep things formal, hesitantly, you met his eyeline again, observing how he squinted shortly. Lee wanted you to relax in his presence, but you appeared anxious around him. He wondered if it was because he was a figure of authority or just a man vying for your attention.
As if to put you at ease, a hearty chuckle tumbled from Lee. “S’pose it’s better…” He noted, eyes flickering across your frame and continuing. “It’ll be somethin’ we can work on together, hmm?” Then following with a wink that sent a shock of electricity directly down your spine. “You headin’ over t’the diner, sweetheart?” Quirking a brow as he drew his arms across his chest, waiting for you to compose yourself before answering.
It was clear you were heading into work, wearing your sweet little sunflower yellow waitressing dress with your nametag clearly displayed on your chest. It certainly wasn’t something you’d choose to wear outside of work. “Th-that’s right, Mr Bodecker.” You replied, brushing your hands down your dress, trying to smooth out the rough material, then adding. “I-I need t’be goin’ or else I’mma be late, and Mr Henley is gonna be mighty mad.” At this, Lee displayed a tempered look. “Then let me give ya a ride there…”
An unsettling feeling swirled in your stomach, making you want to refuse, but as you found his eyeline, it became clear that wasn’t an option. “Don’t wanna be disturbin’ your day-off, sir.” “Y’ain’t…” His response was far too quick, placing his hand on your lower back and leading you toward the parking lot. Your eyes scanned the spaces in search for his cruiser, but instead, you were greeted by his shiny Pontiac GTO. There was no disguising the surprised look that pressed onto your face as you both approached. “Y’best wipe that look from ya face, or else it’ll get stuck that way once the wind changes.” You’d never felt more like a child at that moment, climbing into the car as Lee popped open the passenger door for you.
Sliding into the plush leather seats, you were utterly speechless. The entire vehicle was pristine like it hadn’t been driven often. Maybe he kept it under a cover in his garage but actively cleaned and kept it well-tuned. The driver’s door opened, and Lee climbed in, too; it didn’t look like the car could belong to someone like him. Perhaps you were used to seeing him in the cruiser. This Pontiac was much too stylish for him. “Y’got somethin’ y’wanna say?” Quirking a brow at you. “N-no, sir. No.” You hiccupped in response, watching him observe you for a moment longer, smirking a second later and igniting the ignition with a thunderous engine roar; the entire car shook violently as it tore to life.
It was bizarre. It was the type of car you expected to be pulled over by the cops, certainly not driven by one or the Sheriff. The drive through the small town drew attention, heads casting in the direction of the noisy muscle car that rolled by. It made you duck your head down to avoid their inquisitive gaze; it couldn’t be a good look to be seen being driven to work by the Sheriff again. It didn’t feel as intimate when in the cruiser, but now his personal car was very different.
With a jerking turn, Lee turned into the diner's parking lot, tugging his car over two spaces greedily and then tilting his head in your direction. “Y’remember what we talked ‘bout, girl?” Your brows scrunched in confusion. “Y’remember the type a’things this town’ll talk ‘bout?” He pressed again, tutting as that dumb little look stayed pushed to your expression. “Forgetful bunny…” He muttered coldly. “If they see ya hangin’ ‘round with the likes a’Arvin Russel or Ari Levinson, then they’re gonna start thinkin’ your jus’ as much a delinquent as they are…” Lee spelt out for you. “Now, y’don’t want people thinkin’ the worst a’you, do ya? These townsfolk might start thinkin’ you’re spreadin’ them pretty legs and becomin’ a no-good whore… Now, that ain’t very godly, is it? Ain’t a good look for a look girl like yourself…”
As he brought your religion into question, it made a hard shudder course down your spine, hands clenched into little fists on your lap and too scared to break eye contact with the man.  No, you didn’t want people speaking about you behind your back and spreading all sinful, untrue rumours. A small part of you wondered if that was something that could even be avoided with Lee spending all this time around you. That could be something that they would speak about…
It wasn’t like Lee was a particularly liked or respected man in this town. Sure, he was feared, but most people spoke awful behind his back. He had a reputation for not being very law-abiding for being a lawman. Not to mention the rumours that had stirred after his wife had left him. Of course, you didn’t know the true story, nobody did apart from Lee and his wife, but it didn’t stop the rumours from floating around town. Rumours about infidelity, infertility and then the darker ones that were spun too. You had only been in High School when these rumours were floating around, truly paying them no mind, choosing to keep your head down and focus on your studies. You did know that it had almost cost the Sheriff the election; the whole situation painted him badly. Not much of a family man without a family around him.
“Y’jus’ need t’make sure y’keep that precious nose clean, hmm?” His finger pressed delicately against the tip of your nose, dragging you back to the present. “Stay away from them boys who ain’t gonna do ya any good…” Lee’s final comment came with a teasing smirk. “Now, go on and get t’work. I got things I need to be doing that don’t involve your pretty behind followin’ me all day.” A defiant little part wanted to remind him that it was his idea to give you a ride and to have this conversation. Still, the submissive role simply nodded, hastily gathering your things and clambering from the Pontiac. “Ain’t you got somethin’ t’say?” His voice caused your entire frame to freeze.
“Oh…” Turning on your heel to duck your head back into the vehicle, mouth completely dry as you continued. “Th-thank you, sir-Mr… Mr Bodecker…” Your spluttering and stuttering only caused that same smug smile to twitch onto his lips, sensing the way his eyes admired every dip and curve of your body whilst you rushed across the parking lot into the diner. Never had your simple work dress felt so revealing.
As you enter the diner, allow a heavy breath to escape your lips. The door to Jeremiah’s office swung open with a resounding squeak, head popping around and perturbed gaze in your direction. It wasn’t difficult to see that Jeremiah was frustrated, jet black eyes narrowed whilst his cheeks were a blotchy shade of red from his frustration. “I-I-…” Eyes casting towards the clock, only a few minutes late for your shift, but that was enough to put you into the warpath of your quick-tempered boss. “My office. Now.” Jeremiah ground out, listening to how the customers began talking in hush whispers. It was no secret that Jeremiah treated his staff like trash, he thought he was a little sneakier, but the town knew.
Never would you have dreamed about saying the type of things that Jeremiah had growled at you. It truly made you feel worthless the way he informed you that you were a waste of oxygen, hissing that he should never had given you a job, reminding you of all the ways you continued to make mistakes, all the money you had cost him to the very penny like he kept a ledger. If you weren’t desperate for the money, you probably would have quit on the spot, but you needed to keep a roof over your head and food in your belly. “Now, get t’fuckin’ work before I send ya home without pay.” You turned on your heel at that final threat and dashed towards the door, hearing his barking threat continue. “Consider y’self fuckin’ lucky t’still be workin’ here…” No part of you felt lucky.
It was humiliating, and this wasn’t the first time. Then you had sobbed for an hour in the bathrooms, earning another rage-filled talk about wasting more time. It was such an abusive and hostile environment to have to work in. The day when you could finally quit would be the best day ever.
Tumblr media
To try and smooth things with Jeremiah, you proceeded to pick up a few extra shifts. All morning you happily worked alongside Gillian, but around midday, her shift ended, and she left with her latest fling. It wasn’t hard to see that Bobby was clearly smitten with Gill, and that was the type of love you wanted, to have someone so enamoured and adoring you. The way that Bobby fawned over her didn’t faze Gillian; watching how he nervously fluttered around her only made her huff and roll her eyes, merely bored or bothered by his presence.
It was a gruelling day of working until closing, feet aching terribly in your sneakers, arms weak from carrying trays of plates and pots of coffee. All you wanted to do was crawl into your bed and sleep for the next week. There was that little reminder if your head that in eight hours, you’d have to do this entire dance all over again. It felt like you were stuck in this endless cycle of work and then home and then back to work to only come back home. Something inside of you begged for something new, something different.
The door opened with a delightful jingle; gazing over your shoulder, a bright smile caught your lips as Ari approached the counter, hands dug deep into his pocket to capture a loose cigarette and place it between his lips. “Hi…” You squeaked sweetly, rounding the counter to be stood on the other side of him, playing anxiously with the strings of your coffee-stained apron. “Ah, hey…” A cloud of smoke emerged from his lips with his greeting. “Y’seen Gill?”
“Did she not tell ya that Bobby was takin’ her out?” Brows shot up in surprise that Gillian wouldn’t have mentioned it to Ari. He simply smirked and shook his head as if this was some regular occurrence. “Bobby LeRoe?” You just nodded in confirmation. “Jeez, the poor guy had no idea what he’s getting’ into…” The notion that Gillian would eat him alive was a sentiment you shared, giggling at his words and leaning onto the counter, feeling comfortable in Ari’s warm, sunshine-like presence, genuinely basking in his glow. “Jus’ wish she’d told me, so I didn’t waste a trip here on my way home…”
“Oh, right…” You echoed sympathetically, tapping your fingers quietly against the wooden counter. “Um, did you wanna coffee or beer before y’leave, Ari?” You quizzed politely, observing him take another drag of his cigarette and then nodding, confirming that he wanted a coffee. “Sure, I can get that…” Then fluttering across to collect a freshly cleaned cup and a pot of coffee, flitting back to place it down and pouring whilst quizzing. “Ya had a long day?” You wouldn’t often attempt to make small talk with the customers, but with Ari, it was different. Whilst growing up, you had the biggest crush on him. It was difficult with Gillian being your best friend and his little sister. Not like that was the reason that had held you back. No, just being too shy to ever act in those situations.
“Had a long year…” Ari chortled cynically, rubbing his hand over his face. “It ain’t so bad when m’around you, though…” Lifting his tired gaze to meet your own, feeling the way your heart leapt to your throat, eyes sparkling with happiness from his little compliment. “Y’got home safe and sound after the party, right? Felt rotten ‘bout bailin’ on y’both like that…”
Your mind sank back to the night of the party, remembering how Ari had sprinted past you to evade the cops that had crashed the event. “Oh… Oh, it ain’t nothin’ t’worry ‘bout, Ari.” You assured him lightly. “I, uh… I got home safely…” Part of you wanted to end the sentence there, but Ari’s urged you on. “Um, I got a ride home with Sh-Sheriff Bodecker…” Your eyes quickly shot down to your hands on the counter, not wanting to see the judgement on his face.
A moment passed. “Bodecker?” You could feel the way his eyes bore into your delicate skin, trying to find if you were telling the truth or just yanking his chain. “You two goin’ steady or somethin’?” Instantly your head whipped up, eyes wide and mouth open. “What?” Your voice was a pitch higher than usual. “What? N-no, where’d y’get an idea like that?” You pressed, no hiding that you were appalled by the accusation alone.
“Dunno…” He shrugged. “Jus’ didn’t seem all that drunk when I last saw ya…” Slowly you blinked at him. “For him to be escortin’ y’home is jus’ a little strange.” Both your eyes met then, sharing a look. “Anyone would think the Sheriff was givin’ it t’ya…” Ari announced without caring about his surroundings; this late, the diner was almost empty apart from a couple of truckers passing through town and drunks that had been kicked from the local dive.
“Givin’ it…” You echoed his sentiment, a naïve mind not following what this could mean. Ari couldn’t hold the smirk that tugged at his lips. “Yeah…” He muttered almost to himself. “Somethin’ tells me y’ain’t that type a’girl…” A brief comment to himself again made you almost feel humiliated. “Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that… You’re a good girl…” The words of Sheriff Bodecker’s fluttered through your mind, constantly reminding you that you were a good girl and needed to continue to be one.
Awkwardly you shuffled from one foot to the other, rubbing your damp hands against your apron as you attempted to build the courage to speak again. “Y’really don’t like Sheriff Bodecker…” He refused to meet your gaze then, focusing on his almost empty coffee mug. “He ain’t all that bad, is he?”
His gaze finally met your own, eyes filled with disgust and anger. “You ain’t heard the rumours ‘bout his wife?” Your shoulders simply shrugged, and he let out a low huff, like a bear that had been disturbed from his slumber. “That pig is rotten t’the fuckin’ core. There ain’t a good damn thing ‘bout him.” There was no ignoring the anger that was beginning to bubble inside of Ari. “That fucker knew the situation we were in after losin’ our parents, and still he made it hell f’me to make any money. All whilst takin’ backhands from people doin’ way worse things…” The notion made your face scrunch in sympathy.
It was difficult for Ari and Gillian after losing their parents. Ari had been working in construction for a few years, but Gillian was only fresh out of High School. They worked hard to make enough to get by, and you knew that Ari had some dodgy side business just to make a little more. From what Gillian had told you, Ari sold some tame drugs to college students and rich folks the next town over. Of course, that all paled in comparison to the rumours about the type of dealings that Lee had been involved with, from rigging the town election to stay Sheriff to taking bribes from mafia types so they could go about their business in peace.
The cruel way that Ari spoke about the Sheriff made your insides clench anxiously. “D’you.. d’you really believe that… them rumours though? ‘Bout his wife?” They were the types of rumours held very heavily against Lee. Finishing his coffee with one final gulp, Ari shrugged. “There ain’t no smoke without fire, right?” He offered in response. To think that Lee was a bad person because of his professional actions was one thing, but to believe that he could kill his wife was something else entirely; you remembered the first time you’d heard that rumour, his wife’s best friend Annie was almost in tears in the Salon speaking about it had been such a long time since she had heard from her, theorising that Lee had buried her in the backyard to avoid any difficulties with the divorce, that rumour spread faster than any others and stuck harder too.
“Besides, I’m sick of speakin’ ‘bout that pig fuck…” He commented it was such a contradiction to his usual warm and kind self to hear him speak about someone with such visceral hate painted him in a very different light. “Did y’wanna a ride home? S’awful late for you t’be walkin’ on your own…” He commented that was the Ari you recognised, taking safety into account.
The warnings from this morning from the Sheriff sat like a lump in your throat, warning that you’d be seen as just as much of a delinquent as the people around you. It wasn’t like Ari was a bad person, you had known him for such a long time and it was simply a ride home. It wasn’t like the Sheriff was going to find out. No, you could convince yourself that it was sensible to ride with Ari, then you wouldn’t be tempted to walk through the forest to get home quicker. All these rules were tying you up in knots; too many different and specific things you found yourself worrying about. “If it ain’t too much trouble for ya…”
“Nah. It ain’t trouble.” Ari chuckled then, filling you with warmth and tenderness once again. He stood and stepped aside, waiting for you to get yourself ready to leave. Hastily you cleaned away and nabbed your personal effects from your locker, then rushed back to Ari. His hand found your lower back, guiding you from the diner towards his beat-up truck, tugging open the door and assisting you into the seat. “Thanks~” You quipped sweetly, focusing on popping in the seat strap as Ari climbed in beside you, lighting up a cigarette before asking. “You good?”
Simply nodding in response, Ari began the ride home. You could remember in High School all the stories that swirled the school yard from the pretty girls his year who would talk about being with Ari in his truck. The stories were enough to leave you blushing, whilst Gillian would just scoff and mutter insults under her breath. Now all the girls had left town or found a good man to marry, starting their own families, and their time with Ari Levinson was probably a distant memory. It didn’t mean that Ari had slowed down when it came to female attention, finding new women to spend time with, real women, older than you with real experience, knowing how to please him and keep his attention. They were all beautiful women, like something from a high-end fashion catalogue, all long legs, quaint figures and silky tresses. You were his sister’s best friend, nothing more than a hopeless little girl with no experience.
The drive back to your home was quiet; Ari’s eyes drifted from the road to where you sat, then back again. Humming along with the radio before finally deciding to say. “Y’seem like you got a lot on y’mind…” He mentioned thoughtfully, causing you to quirk a brow. “Like, y’always seem t’be thinkin’ ‘bout somethin’… like, somethin’ is botherin’ you.” For a moment, you remained very quiet; your anxious mind's inner workings were not something you opted to explain to many people. “You know, I got a lil’ somethin’ that might be able t’help with all them noisy thoughts. It’s somethin’ that might bring you a couple hours of jus’ nothin’…” Reaching into the breast pocket of his flannel shirt Ari pulled out a tin and from within a cigarette to drop into your waiting pam. “What is it?”
“Jus’ somethin’ y’smoke…” He replied quickly, sensing your apprehension; Ari continued. “It has a special herb mixed in, and it’ll make y’feel real nice. Promise. I’d never do anythin’ t’hurt ya…” There was such assurance in his voice that you broke into a smile, placing it away safely in your purse before watching as Ari pulled the truck down the dirt road towards your home. “When you’re feelin’ like s’all too much jus’ light that sucker up…” He directed with ease.
The further up the dirt path, the more you moved around on the bench, jostling as the suspension fought against the uneven ground. “Y’momma got herself a friend for the evenin’?” A knowing smirk drew across his lips, and anxiously you caught sight of the stylish car parked outside your rundown little home. It was one that you recognised the moment it came further into view.
Before you could even warn Ari, the door to your home opened with an unnaturally whack against the wooden wall, almost knocking the old porch light away from the rusted screws that kept it in place. Lee emerged with a perturbed look present on his features. Instantly your heart leapt to your throat, lodging there uncomfortably whilst Ari muttered harsh curses from beside you. His hands hurried to tidy away any suspicious objects from view inside his truck. “What the fuck?” He hissed in your direction. “What the fuck is he doin’ here?”
Stalking off the porch, Lee glared through the windshield at you and commanded lowly. “Out. Now.” Your apologetic gaze caught Ari’s before slipping from his truck, holding your purse tightly to your chest as the Sheriff approached, keeping his voice low but full of a strict authority. “Y’must have one short memory. We spoke ‘bout this not 12 hours ago.” He grumbled, making you flinch at the aggression in his tone. “Whilst you’re fuckin’ ‘round with all these boys…” You opened your mouth to argue then, but Lee just continued. “Y’momma was in a real bad way. Beaten bloody by one of her regulars. Luckily one of my deputies called me, and I made sure she didn’t spend the night in the cells for whorin’ herself…” Your heart thudded hard in your chest, squeezing your purse tight and shaking your head. “That what you been doin’ too? Whorin’ y’self out for Levinson?” Tears stung your eyes horribly. “N-no, sir. No, no…”
The pop of the truck door opened, and Lee’s anger was instantly turned towards Ari. “Son, get back in the fuckin’ car.” He grumbled at him lowly. “There a problem here, Sheriff?” Ari quirked a brow as he’s eyes found your own, seeing those little tears lining your lower lid, lower lip trembling as you fought to keep yourself composed. “Ari…” “I was jus’ givin’ my sister's friend a ride home. It’s real late and ain’t safe to be walkin’ these streets alone so late…” He commented; Lee’s jaw seemed to tick with anger, teeth clenched so hard you thought they might break. “S’pose wouldn’t be so bad if the fuckin’ cops did anythin’ in this town instead of jus’ stuffin’ their faces, drinkin’ themselves stupid and visitin’ the whore house…”
“Ari, please…” You whimpered into the compressed air. “Hands against the hood,” Lee commanded suddenly, and Ari looked at him a little perplexed. “I said, hands against the hood.” He slammed his hand against the warm metal; Ari turned reluctantly and squeezed his eyes closed, prepared for Lee to find some illicit paraphernalia on his person. “Need t’start watchin’ that mouth ‘round me, Levinson. Could a’let that attitude slide after y’parents…” Ari visibly tensed at the mention of them. “But I ain’t gonna have you disrespectin’ me no more.” Lee was patting him down, pulling out lighters, cartons of cigarettes and then suddenly, you yelped. “Please, stop this…” Lee looked at you, and Ari made a breathy noise. “Please… you… you said my-my momma was in a bad way… please…” At that moment, Ari knew that you’d saved him from a night in the cells or possibly worse.
Again, you see that Lee’s jaw is tight, taking a step backwards from Ari and pushing him back towards the driver’s seat of his truck. “Go home, Levinson. Don’t come ‘round here again.” The threat lingered between you three before Lee’s dark gaze found your own. “Inside. Now.” He commanded, and again you followed without hesitation, unable to move quickly enough away from the firm hand that pressed into your lower back, guiding you away from Ari. “Silly little girl.” He muttered under his breath as he pushed you into the house. “Ain’t listenin’ t’me. How many times do I need t'say it, bunny?” Suddenly your back was pressed against the wall and Lee looking into your eyes, anger bubbling onto his face. “Keep thinkin’ you’re a good girl, but y’keep tryin’ t’prove me wrong.”
“I-I am… am good…” You tell him, voice jumping and squeaking horribly in your throat. “Then fuckin’ act like it…” He spat out. “Ain’t no one gonna wanna make a wife out of a whore.” He growled, leaning down, his face so close to your own that you could feel his whiskey-soaked breath drawing waves over your features. “You need t’get it into your head, bunny. You need a ride. You need someone t’talk with. You need someone t’fix your sink. You need anythin’ then you jus’ call me. I’ll look after you. I’ll fix anythin’. I’ll make the bad things go away.” His voice was nothing more than a growl. “Jus’ don’t talk… Jus’ nod you head ‘cause that little brain understands.” You did. “Good girl.” He let out a shallow breath. “Give daddy a little kiss.” Your body froze completely. “Jus’ to… t’say that you’re sorry… Jus’ a little… little kiss.”
Part of you wanted to push Lee away; you didn’t want to kiss him, you just wanted to check that your momma was alright, but it didn’t seem like Lee was going to let you free anytime soon. Leaning up onto the tips of your toes, you carefully brushed your lips against his own, pecking his lips just gently, a quick peck. “Good girl.” He breathed out, and suddenly you had room to breathe again, able to escape his tight grasp and rush to your momma’s aid.
Lee hadn’t been lying when he said your momma was in a bad way; laying out across the couch, Mable was littered with these discoloured bruises and deep cuts, the sight of finger marks across her arms, her nose looked like it might’ve been broken too, especially sounding like her breathing was different, it was real deep and almost wheezing. Tears sting your eyes as you slip down to her side and take her hand, squeezing it between your fingers. “I gave her somethin’ for the pain,” Lee explained from where he stood in the doorway. “Y’need me t’stay tonight?”
“No.” The answer flew from your mouth much quicker than you intended. “Uh, no… no, sir.” You retconned, keeping your voice smaller and sweeter, not wanting to infer his wrath again. “No, jus’ wanna look after her…” Then standing, brushing down your dress and looking towards Lee. “Th-thank you for… for bringin’ her home, Mr Bodecker. Dunno what I would’a done if you’d ended up in the cells.” You explained, wrapping your arms around yourself and gifting Lee a kind glance. “That’s better…” He muttered softly, crossing the room to be standing in front of you, reaching out to place his hands on your hips. “You’re welcome. Like I said, I jus’ wanna look after you… that extends t’your family too…” His voice was tender; you could only nod in response. “Ya need anythin’ jus’ call my number or the station, and they’ll patch you through right away.” For a moment, you expected Lee to steal another kiss, but instead, he took a step back, receding down the hallway and out of your home.
When Lee was gone, you felt like you could finally breathe again, dropping down and covering your face with your hands. How had you gotten yourself into this situation? How had you been caught in the Sheriff’s sight? How were you gonna explain any of this to Ari? How would Gillian react once he told her everything that had happened? The questions spun around your mind wildly, leaving you almost hyperventilating on the ground. Tonight, you could just focus on fixing up your momma, but eventually, you would have to face each of those questions.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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If this isn’t mob,biker,or baker Bucky idk what is
Kiss Me Like You Mean It
Summary: Bucky cant start his day without a kiss from you. Maybe two. Three. He'll let you know when he's had enough. "The thing is that you don’t know what its like to kiss you, how good you feel when you're lips are on mine."
Tumblr media
Pairing: Biker!Bucky x Reader
Warnings: Fluff
A/N: Written on my phone. Beta'd by the lovely @maladaptivexxdaydreaming. Just a quick something I wrote at work.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
“I need a kiss before I go, Gorgeous,” Bucky request, his gaze focused on your face like this is the first time he’s ever seen you, awed by your beauty.
 “Anything could happen to me...” he trails off, the rough pad of his thumb sweeps across your bottom lip, tugging it down once before letting go as he leverages his large body to trap you on the couch. “And if it does, I want your kiss to be the last thing on my lips”
It’s not the first time he’s done this. You lost count a while ago.
Still every time he gazes down at you with his wide, hopeful blue eyes, his supple bottom lip caught between his pearly white teeth, hands planted beside your head while his cologne, a fragrant mix of fresh rain and smoked cedar settle over you and he begs for one. more. kiss.
Your stomach plummets to your feet and you get a rush of exhilaration that surges up from your veins straight to your head.
The way this man loves you, needs you, adores you is breathtaking and captiving.
You grin, wrapping your hands around his neck. “Really Barnes? You can’t just say something could happen to you, so I have to kiss you. You're only going to the garage, you'll be fine.” 
You’re teasing, and the look on his face is worth every second. Bucky takes it as a challenge, he’s not above persuading you to get what he wants.
“You don’t know that. I need at least five kisses before I leave as just in case,” Placing his forehead on yours, he switches tactics when you don’t budge.
 “Gorgeous, it’s scary out there, how are you going to feel if you let me out there without a kiss and something happens-” 
“You are a six-foot three-”
“Six-four,” Bucky interrupts with a raised brow. 
“Excuse me,” you pop out, mimicking his expression. “Six-four biker. What exactly do you think is going to happen?"
Bucky shrugs one broad shoulder, placing a soft kiss on your forearm. “Anything, Gorgeous. I could get bitten by a rabid spider-” 
“Spiders don’t have rabies,” you say with a lighthearted laugh.
“You can’t prove that.” Bucky’s quick rebuttal makes you laugh harder. 
Undeterred by your insolence, his lips continue to chain kisses up your arm, pausing at your wrist, he nips your pulse point. “Could get struck by lightning.” 
“That’s highly unlikely,” you intone.
“So is meeting the girl of your dreams and look at me,” he retorts, his voice deepening. He turns his head, lacing more kisses along your other arm.
"Bucky." You try to sound stern but the way he's delicately kissing your skin feels too good for you to keep up the pretense that he's not affecting you, that you don't want to kiss him.
“Yeah,” Bucky bends down, his hands slide around the curve of your jaw and tilt your face up. “You have no idea what you’ve done to me. This is all your fault.” 
Your lips part but no words come out because he’s giving you that look, brighter than the sun and more alluring than the northern lights. It says more than words ever will. You swear he’s perfected it, knowing when to unleash the sheer depths of just how much he loves you with a single glance.
“The problem is that you don’t know what it's like to kiss you. You don't know how good you feel Gorgeous because if you had any idea what your lips feel like when they’re on mine, you’d understand why I want to spend my whole life kissing you.” 
“Oh,” you breathe out, a bashful grin stretches across your face. “I-“
Bucky presses his lips against your forehead. “If you just knew what you do to me, you’d understand why I’m so damn addicted to you.”
Another soft oh gets lodged in your throat. 
More kisses placed across  your eyelids, the tip of your nose, your cheeks, his stubble brushes over your skin, as he follows the curve of your face down to your lips. He hovers there, so close you can feel his warm, cinnamon scented breath on you.
“One kiss,” he bargains, his tongue darting across his bottom lip as if he can already taste you.
“Just one,” you murmur, eyes closing as you pull him down.
“I’ll have to make it count, then.” His lips brush over yours, soft and smooth, a featherlight caress. His hands hold your face a little tighter and he moves your chin up so he can have more access to your mouth.
He takes his time. His tongue easing past your lips, delving into your mouth with languid strokes, his head tilting as he deepens the kiss.
 If you thought his eyes expressed his love, his lips let you know how much he needs you, more than the air in his lungs. 
He moans your name, swallowing your answering whimper. Your hands move to his hair, the soft locks curling around your fingers.
You don’t know how much time passes or when it goes from sweet and tender to needy and frantic, too caught up in the feel of his lips slotting over yours, engrossed in the way he controls the kiss yet pleads for more and more.
You give into the urge to let him have all of you because he’s giving you everything he has.
His lips slow down until they’re resting on yours, lingering like he can’t bear to pull away.
 “I have to go.” 
He doesn’t want to.
“Uh huh.”
“Ari’s going to be pissed if I’m late again.”
“Yeah, didn’t he say he was going to kick your ass if you did it again?” you sigh out, sucking his kiss-swollen bottom lip into your mouth, biting down until he groans, a deep appreciative noise in the back of his throat that sends heating spiraling through your body.
“Fuck don’t-don’t do that to me,” Bucky says, his hands dropping to your waist, lifting you off the couch with ease, he inhales when you rake your teeth across his lip again.  “You know that’s my weakness.” 
You wrap your legs around him and give him a knowing look. “You started it.”
Bucky cants his head back, his eyes still on your lips, he drags them up your face and your dazed, happy expression fills him with a masculine pride that he did that to you, he’s the reason you’re smiling.
“I’ll tell him you couldn’t keep your hands off me. That I fought to leave, but I’m so damn irresistible you wouldn’t let me go until you had your way with me,” he smirks, strolling to your bedroom. 
“What?” Your head drops back and you burst out laughing. “No one is going to believe you.”
“Eh true,” he replies, tossing you on the bed. He quickly follows, pinning you to the bed. “Since you won’t let me go and you’re going to be the reason I’m late for work,” he says, grinding his hips into yours, his hands cradling your face. “I think I should be compensated with more kisses.” 
“And just how many do you want?” 
Bucky lowers his head, resting his warm, comforting weight on you. “I’ll let you know when I’ve had enough.”
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sebastianbuckyleefowler · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
your camera roll + pov (Instagram caption) as Sebastian’s wife/hubby
1 : "facetime w/ this awesome man who makes me realize how i miss him and how lucky i am "
2 : "i don't know if i'm happy to see the food or my baby"
3 : "Sebastian, you took my phone, this is the proof, i got you. hottie no ?"
4 : "i don't know why i took this picture but i love you"
5 : "i asked him to take a good picture of him, here's what he does, send help"
7 : "this little smile, so cute"
8 : "after a long day, he still awake to learn his text for tomorrow but today, it's like if tiredness won the battle"
9 : "he asked me many times of don't take picture... But looks how sexy he is, i couldn't resist"
10 : "if you get bored babe, come to me princess"
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callmelinasnow · 5 hours ago
Character Work (Sneak Peak)
Sebastian Stan x Plus Size!WOC
Sneak Peak of a fic I started last year that I’m finishing up for you guys !! Follow, like, and reblog for more :)
You loved exploring his body whenever you two were like this. Feeling his back muscles tense every time he pulls in and out. Grabbing at his thighs when he bottomed you out, grabbing a fistful of his hair and staring him dead in the eyes while you make him cum first. You loved doing that. Getting him to cum first. Made it even better being able to tease him and make him blush. You might just make that your mission for tonight.
“Oh, James��� you moaned and tilted your head so you could tug on Buck’s earlobe, causing him to groan in response and hoist you up into a better position. A quiet but present squeal escaped your mouth when he did so and he pushed you into the wall more. “I don’t know how you turn me on so fucking much doll” he muttered into your neck and kissed it sweetly. “Don’t know how I was living without this tight little thing” he started grinding his hips against yours. The friction from his pelvis to your sensitive bud was amazing. “This dirty little mouth” he continued and gave you a deep kiss. You let him explore your mouth which inevitably just turned into both of you moaning into each other’s when you clenched around him.
“God I don’t know how I was living before you doll,” he said breathlessly causing you to clench again. “Fuck I’m gonna cum soon” he groaned and pressed his forehead against yours. “So do it, Sarge. No shame in having a woman and more specifically a pussy this good have you cumming so quick” you said though you were moments away from cumming too. “Don’t do that. You’re gonna say that and a some more of that stuff I like and get me to cum before you” he started, you went to speak but he cut you off “-aND it’s been over 30 minutes so don’t even start with quick” he added and slapped your ass. The sensation drawing another high pitched moan of his name.
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bucky-barnes-diaries · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Beefy!CatholicPriest!Bucky x Inexperienced!Innocent!Virgin!Female!Reader || Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.
Tumblr media
“So tell me how you touch yourself at night and what you think about while doing so; spare no details, sweetheart.”
“O-ok… well, I usually start by touching and palming my breasts through my shirt as I let my mind fill up with fantasies that it's a strong and powerful man touching me all over, and I can feel myself get wet down there and I-”
You pause when you notice through the holes in the screen divider that he's palming his crotch through his black pants. An inaudible gasp leaves you at the sight of him.
“Please, continue.”
“A-After… playing with my breasts for a while, I travel my hand, slowly, down my stomach, and I spread my legs so my hand can find a comfortable position where I need and crave attention. I-I don't start touching myself immediately. I kind of tease the idea while toying with the little bow in front of my panties….”
A groggy groan could be heard on the other side of the screen, and when you look through the holes once more, you can see that he's taken his penis out and holding it in his hand. It was mesmerising to look at, and you forgot entirely where you were for a second as you watched him circle his thumb on the tip, smearing some form of slickness on the head.
You moaned a quiet mewl as your bundle of pleasure pulsated in desperation, and your panties dampened with arousal. You closed your thighs tight to try and ease some of the excitement.
“Keep going, sweetheart; tell me more…”
Full fic will be posted June 28
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isimpfortoomanypeople · 11 hours ago
So this is it? Sebastian Stan x actress reader
Chapter 6- snap
Tumblr media
You’ve got a part in the new captain America film, during filming the directors have asked the lead actors to live together to build chemistry. What you didn’t expect was to find yourself in a relationship with Sebastian Stan, you thought everything was going well till one date night Sebastian breaks up with you.
Warnings: panic attacks, fake death and body comparisons
A/N: thanks again for all the love and support it really means so much to me. We have another angsty chapter after this then we’ll end this story on a happier note. Apologises for all spelling and grammatical mistakes as I’m super dyslexic. Enjoy
Turns out people lie, they say “just snap your fingers”. As if it was really that easy for me to get over you, I just need time
Slamming the bedroom door behind you, your legs gave way under the crushing weight of your sorrow. Your body trembling letting out an agonising cry. Tears burning down your cheek, breaths became uneven, you curled up in a fetal position while the tidal wave of your panic attack washed over you, dragging you under the waves.
Seeing her today made it too real, Sebastian has finally moved on.
Jamie opened your door, his heart broke upon seeing you. “Shh, hey I’m here” he softly spoke running his hands across your back. “How dare he bring her back here, how dare he call her that name” you choked between sobs. Jamie held you close allowing you to cry on his shoulder. “I.. I thought he loved me” “I know, I promise you that there are better men or even women than Sebastian Stan. What he did was disgusting and shitty. Nothing can take the pain he caused you away and for that I’m deeply sorry. I’ve got you and I’m here for you, filming is only for another week more, then you can spend the year not living near him and hopefully forgetting he exists” Jamie gently kissed the top of your head, holding you close. You close your eyes and leant into him allowing the dam of your tears to finally bust.
Jamie held you for two hours. Neither of you speaking, he allowed you to cry and to be able to let everything out without judgment. Your chest grew with warmth that you finally have someone great in your life, who will always be there for you and will never walk away from you.
Jamie felt your body weight slump against him, he looked and saw your eyes closed, mouth gently parted allowing the rhythmic flow of your breaths to escape. Slowly he picked you up and placed you on your bed, he walked towards the door throwing a sympathetic smile in your direction. Wishing more than anything that today would have played out differently.
Sleep didn’t bless you with its warm comforting embrace for long. As you woke up with a sharp gasp, your body jolted awake as if 100 bolts of electricity circuited through your veins.
“Seb! What are you doing?” You cried out in agony. He pinned you down his large frame over powered you holding you in place. “Please no!” Tears formed at your eyes, each breath felt like fire cursing through your lungs, as you stared in disbelief at your lover who held a dagger towards your heart. His eyes grew black and his face contorted into a twisted sinister grin. “Oh iepuraș, it’s cute how much you trusted me, how pathetically you believed that I could ever love you. How sweet” his voice was gravelly laced with sarcasm. “As if I could ever love you!” He plunged the dagger in your chest. Your breaths became lodged in your throat as the cool sensation of death washed over you.
You rapidly blinked drawing you into reality and back into your room, away from your nightmare. You glanced over towards your phone. 3am the screen blared back at you. Since you won’t get any sleep tonight, you picked up your phone diving deeper into your self torment.
@daisyfeltonoffical her account still showed no new pictures, it was debatable wether you were sad or glad about it as you were on journey to self disruption. Zooming in on every photo of her, you brain drew the dots of comparison of her body against yours. She was slim which was made apparent by her collarbones protruding from her petite frame. While you on the other hand had more of a muscular athletic physique, the fight routines and the fact that marvel has gotten you on a workout routine, to help build muscle to play a superhero was to blame for that. Your brain decided to torture you, saying that this was Sebastian’s type and if you would of lost weight you would have still been with him.
You zoomed in on her recent photo of her in a black bikini that you thought was two sizes too small for her. Around her waist you could tell that she photoshopped herself to appear skinnier, you saw her today and could definitely tell the difference. Feeling hunger to see some flaws to Daisy, you went through her photos, desperate to make yourself feel okay, you stopped yourself. This isn’t like you! You shouldn’t have to put other women down just to make yourself feel good. After all it’s not her fault what has happened only his.
Tossing your phone on the nightstand, you prepared yourself for another night of insomnia.
You left costume and make up, the costume felt haunted and plagued by happy memories as last time you wore this costume, you were in a happy relationship which made the chemistry between Bucky and Viperess so powerful and electric.
You barely slept the night before, your stomach twisting in knots allowing the bile to slowly creep up your throat . Making a home with the cold porcelain of the toilet seat for the night. Knowing that the final scene of the film involves Bucky and Viperess confessing their love to each other and ending with a kiss.
The make up artist did a fantastic job of concealing your dark circles, forever thankful she didn’t ask any questions for your appearance, your red sleep deprived eyes were easily disguised by the snake eye contacts you had to wear.
“Are you okay?” Jamie asked, he hovered his arm above your shoulder, so you could feel his warmth without his fake blood covering your costume. He just finished his death scene and in his stubborn nature made sure that his best friend was okay as she could be to kiss her ex, before he got changed out of his bloodied clothes and into the shower. Sighing you responded, “Okay as i’ll ever be”
You stepped on to set facing his face for the first time since Daisy Felton left your house. He suddenly found the ground captivating. Fucking coward you thought. “And action”
His lips upon yours brought a confusing mixture of emotions. You felt longing and desperation to feel his touch again, but you felt disgusted at yourself for allowing him to touch you, like his lips burnt against yours. You knew that you were an actress and forced yourself for Viperess’s sake to feel a sense of love for his embrace.
“And cut, well done everyone. I’m so proud of all of you. A year and a half is a long time to make a film but you all made it possible and worth it. And dare I may say the best marvel film there is?” The director chuckled at all the cast and crew “Wrap party is at 8, so have some fun you all deserve it”
There was a booming cheer from all the cast and crew celebrating the end of the film. Their joyful energy radiated over your skin yet you didn’t feel anything.
You thought you would feel bittersweet, sad that the filming is over and saying goodbye to Viperess but also glad that you made a film to be proud of, the defining point of your career. But instead you felt nothing.
Just glad, that you have this wrap party then you won’t need to see or think of Sebastian till the premier or press interviews.
A/N: oh this wrap party is going to be interesting. See you all in the next chapter
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heavysoldat · a month ago
dbf!bucky barnes x fem!reader
Tumblr media
the reader and the terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day.
warnings: SMUT (unprotected vaginal sex, cunnilingus, dirty talk, degradation & praise kink), age gap (19-early 20s x late 30s early 40s), inappropriate relationships, cheating, hurt/comfort, toxic relationships, gratuitous smut
this came out a lot softer than intended, whoops
Tumblr media
You’ve had a rough fucking day. And that’s to put it lightly.
You woke up after sleeping through your alarm, twice, making you miss an online morning class and wildly late for another. The local brewery was all out of your usual order- which was the only thing that would’ve brought you peace. To make matters even worse, your phone died when you needed it most, and when your boyfriend; who you’ve been dating for over a year- handed you his cellphone to use instead, you were slapped in the face by sexually charged text messages between him and one of your closest friends. And all of that is just a brief summary.
Really, the last thing you needed was a stack of work given to you by your employer to do on your time off, but of course, that’s what you were given.
You’re sat at your kitchen island, home alone; your parents excusing themselves for a much needed date night, clad in nothing but panties and a shirt you had gotten at a concert years before, which was the only size they had left— a size too large for your frame.
The sound of the front door opening collides with your incessant tapping of keys, making you almost jump out of your skin. A relief washes over you when you see a familiar face, dressed for the fall weather and dropping a plastic bag by your side.
“Your dad home?” Bucky asks, almost grunting.
“No,” You say, turning to face him, “What’s in the bag?”
“Bread.” He says, opening it and showing you the round object wrapped in tinfoil. Bucky’s always been a good cook; at least when it comes to dough and grain. Your mother always insists he brings over extras when he bakes, and he always obliges, basking in her admiration for his skills.
When you reach to unwrap it, he slaps your hand away, making you yelp. “Hands off. This is for dinner.”
“Asshole,” You mumble, rubbing your now slightly irritated hand. You’re not usually like this— usually happy to see him, happy to see a warm, non familial face around the house to bring you conversation. But with a day like today, all chivalry is out the window.
“Hey,” He says, eyebrows raised. Despite his surprise, his voice remains calm. “What’s with the attitude?”
“I just don’t like getting slapped, surprisingly.”
“Don’t be a brat.” He says, voice stern and stabbing. He’s got his glare set on you, towering; it almost scares you, almost makes your heart drop to your stomach.
You don’t respond, instead opting to avert your gaze, placing your attention to the work on your computer and the splitting ache in your head and heart.
“Hey,” Bucky says, voice calmer, “What’s goin’ on?”
“Nothing,” You breathe, barely audible.
Your reply makes Bucky tsk, shaking his head with a click of his tongue. “You’re lying. Talk to me.”
You swallow, harsh and rough in your throat. You can barely help the way your lip quivers. Every piece of text on your computer is nothing but a blur, a mindless space of pixels that’s clouding your head. You’re almost staring past it, but desperate for a way to not look at him— because you know if you do, it will just make everything worse.
“I’m just having a bad day.” Your voice is soft. Fragile. Barely there.
You feel his hand rubbing your arm, trying to bring you as much comfort as he can. He can’t take your stress away, he knows that, but he just wants to put it to rest for now.
“What happened, hun?”
The nickname strikes through your chest, but simultaneously covering you in warmth. “I just…” You can barely speak without choking, “It’s just one of those days where everything goes fucking wrong. I wake up too late, I miss my classes, get berated by teachers who don’t understand that I can’t control how my body works— and then I can’t even get food in my stomach, let alone a fucking coffee. My parents wouldn’t call me back all day, wouldn’t even lend me a text, and Chase can’t be there for me because he’s too busy sending photos of his dick to other girls!”
“Hold on,” Bucky jets, tightening his grip on your arm, “What was that last part?”
“Chase?” You ask, eyes watery. Bucky nods. “I- He’s- He was texting- sexting my friend, Chloe.”
Bucky’s eyebrows tighten in a furrow, thumb stroking your bare skin. “He’s a fucking idiot.”
“No, I just…” You breathe in, trying to catch your breath from the four mile sprint of a monologue you just did, “I haven’t had time for him lately, y’know? I’ve been busy with my job, and-and school, we haven’t done anything in weeks, and y’know- he has needs. I don’t- blame him, I wasn’t- I wasn’t there.”
“What?” Bucky bellows, voice rising. You jump at the loudness, before he brings you back down with his grip. “Is that what he told you?”
You nod. Bucky sighs.
“Listen, I’m… I’m gonna give you some advice.” He says. “Take it from me. I’m a lot older than you, and I’ve had a fair share of weak moments- but never, ever would I think it’s okay to go behind a woman’s back just because I’m not gettin’ any. That’s fucking cowardice. If a guy ever tells you it’s your fault he cheated on you, run in the other direction.”
“He didn’t cheat on me,” You hiccup, “They didn’t do anything, they-they were just texting.”
“Did he say that, too?”
You pause, staring at him- before nodding.
“That’s bullshit. He went behind your back with someone else. That’s cheatin’.”
You bite your lip, not hard enough to break skin, adverting your eyes from his gaze. You let the words sink in, let them fill you, let them sit in your body for now. He’s right, and you know he is, but it’s hard for you to admit to yourself. It’s how you’ve always been treated by men. It’s how you’ve always experienced love. It’s how everything has always been.
“What’s goin’ on in that pretty little head, huh?”
You laugh, breathy and broken, “I’m just… I feel like a shitty girlfriend.”
“Don’t say that shit,” Bucky has your face in his hand, pulling your gaze back to his. He’s staring at you with those steel eyes, intense in gaze; like they’re reading your thoughts. “He has a right hand for a reason.”
That makes you laugh. The sound of your giggle makes him laugh, his dimpled smile covering his features.
“I’m serious, okay? Don’t do that for yourself. He’s the asshole.”
“Yeah,” You sniffle, “He is.”
Bucky’s eyes are still on you when you look away, taken over by a soft gleam he’s had for a while now.
“I shouldn’t be crying over a guy who thinks eating pussy is gross,” You laugh, wiping your slightly teared cheeks with your palms.
“What?” Bucky’s gawking, almost comedically, “Gross?”
“You don’t think it’s gross?”
“Far from it.”
You smile weakly, only one corner of your mouth turning upward. You attempt to move back to your work, before he grips your arm again, pulling your gaze back.
“You sounded surprised,” He notes, “Has every guy you’ve ever dated thought that?”
“Uh…” You chew on your bottom lip, staring down at your lap, “Yeah.”
The silence that follows is almost deafening. Bucky’s seen you with a couple guys- seen the boys you bring home to meet your folks, boys who pull up in your driveway and great you with a rough kiss. The thought alone that you’ve just been taken without getting is enough to tighten his shoulders— a pretty little thing like you, perfect ass in tight panties— it’s insane to him. Insane that no ones taken advantage in the right way.
“So,” He tuts, “You’ve never had anyone eat you out before?”
The question surprises the shit out of you. Sure, you’ve had raunchy conversations with him— but they’ve all been shitty jokes followed by “if you tell your parents I joke with you like this, I’ll kill you”. He’s always been the soft, teddy bear next door with a potty mouth, careful to not overstep boundaries or get into you personally. He’s never even asked about the boys you’ve brought around, or pointed out the actors you ogle in movies. It’s always been behind a wall.
He hums, deep in his throat, bringing one of his fingers to lift your chin. He’s got his gaze fixated on your mouth, nostrils flaring with his heavy breaths. “D’ya wanna know what it feels like?”
Your heart drops down into your stomach, falling into an ashy pit. Your breathing gets harder, thicker, your thighs clenching at the very suggestion— he’s always been the guy your friends have joked about being too hot for his own good, being a tease for remaining so forbidden. You’ve never said anything, never spoke a peep, knowing that if you admitted anything to yourself it would become real. He would become real. Instead of your dads friend who comes by with pastries, he’d turn into the man you stare at by swimming pools, praying he’s catching glimpses of how your ass looks in your swimsuit. And you had never been ready for that immature, young schoolgirl crush.
“What’re you saying?” Your voice is breathy, whispering. His free hand lays wait on your waste, itching to move down, tangled with the fabric of your shirt.
“Gonna ask you somethin’, and you can always say no, get up ‘n leave. Tell me to fuck off.” He says, still staring at your mouth, still holding onto you, “Can you get up ‘n bend over for me?”
Oh fuck. Suddenly every wall, every rule you’ve made with yourself, every illusion of unattainability comes crashing down, falling apart like bricks. If you weren’t clenching your thighs tight before, you are now.
You don’t even respond. With a heavy breath, you stand up, and he follows behind, moving back to give you room. You pause, letting yourself breathe— before placing your hands on the cold marble of the countertop, letting yourself bend down.
You can hear the shaky breath Bucky lets out, hear him fumbling to move behind you. The feeling of his hands on your hips almost makes you jolt. He moves you to where he wants you, before pulling you up, bracing your back flat against his chest.
“Listen to me,” He says, speaking into your ear, voice soft. “If you don’t want me to do this, just tell me, okay? Not doin’ anything you don’t want me to.”
You nod, but don’t move. With your silent consent, he pushes you back down, laying you flat against the island. He hooks a prosthetic finger into your panties, pulling them slowly down your legs, letting you step out of them.
“Mmm,” He hums, letting himself fall down to his knees. He’s staring up at your pussy, glistening with your arousal, profited by his very presence. He slides a finger through your drenched folds, making you twitch, rubbing your slit from top to bottom in an experimental test.
The first slide of his tongue in your folds is heavenly. It has you keening, legs trying to move away, but he keeps you there with a tight grip of his hands. He’s wrapping his lips around your clit, sucking lightly, finger teasing your hole with wide circles.
“Oh fuck,” You’re moaning, head falling forward and eyes rolling back. It’s different from anything else, better than anything else— and he’s got you stuck, manhandling you the way he wants you. The way he knows is best for you.
When he slides his fingers in, you clench hard, making him moan around your cunt. The vibrations send a jolt of pleasure up your spine, leaving you whining- whimpering against the granite.
With him switching from sucking your clit, to fucking your hole with his tongue— it’s not long before you feel the build up deep in your core, spinning wildly towards your finish. You’re grinding against his face, practically smothering him, but he doesn’t seem to mind. If anything, with the way he’s moaning, whining against your soaked pussy, you’d say he fucking loves it.
Then, you’re cumming, drenching his face with your wetness, his face buried deeper than you thought possible. It leaves your legs twitching.
As you come down, he goes up, fingers still sliding inside of your cunt as he pulls you back up towards him. With you leaning back against his chest, he leans down to your ear:
“You know why I’m doin’ this?” He asks, fingers still gliding inside of you, overstimulating you in the best way, “Cause you drive me fuckin’ crazy.”
You’re gasping, gripping his arms tight, his thumb flicking and rubbing your sensitive nub, fingers pounding away at that spongey spot deep inside your core.
“Every time I come in here,” He grunts, “You’re dressed like this. Tight ass in those fuckin’ panties, beautiful legs— you have no idea what you do to me. Your dad would kill me, if he knew what I was thinkin’, if he knew how I hard I fucked my fist thinkin’ about his sweet little girl. How bad I wanna stuff her cunt full, watch the way she cums— just wanna treat her right. Cause you deserve it, honey, you fuckin’ do. Tired of watching you get pushed around by little boys who don’t know nothin’ about making you happy. Just wanna see you happy, wanna see you satisfied. Wanna see you get what you need. What you deserve.”
“Please,” You beg, eye’s shut tight, “Buck, please fuck me, please.”
It has him gasping, breath fluttering. “I can’t, honey, this is about you.”
“Please.” You’re practically crying. “Please, I need your cock so fucking bad, please— I need you to fill me up, want you to fuck me so good, Bucky, please!”
“Fuck,” Bucky curses, grinding his already throbbing cock against your bare ass, “Fuck!”
You hear him fumbling with his belt, the clinking of metal filling up the murderous silence. He pulls up behind you, gripping your hips, before stopping—
“Fuck,” He stops, “Don’t have a condom.”
“I’m on the pill,” You don’t have time for this. You’re practically dripping arousal onto the floor, clenching around nothing, cunt desperate for his cock. “You can cum inside me, you can do whatever you want, please just fuck me.”
You’re going to be the fucking death of him, he swears.
The first slide of his cock makes your body twitch. His cock stretches you almost to the point of pain, burying inside you to the hilt with a heavy moan. His balls are heavy against your ass, ready to burst, thrusting shallowly into your cunt out of desperation.
“Fuck,” He moans, “God, your pussy’s so fuckin’ good.”
“Please, move,” You whine, “Just fuck me.”
Bucky places his hand on the small of your back, softly pushing you down against the countertop. After he places himself just right, he starts snapping into you, deep and hard.
You’re reeling, moaning against the marble, the slapping of skin on skin filling up your ears. You can hear him moaning, grunting about how good you feel, precum dripping down in your inner walls.
“Oh god,” Bucky’s grunting, thrusts getting faster. “God, yeah, stay just like that for me. Let me fuck that pretty cunt, fuck, lemme fill you.”
“Yes, yes,” You’re moaning like you’re being paid, gripping the counter so hard your nails change color, “Please, please fuck me— fuck, harder, please, Bucky.”
The sound of your moans have him desperate. He feels feral, uncontrollable, unable to stop how recklessly he fucks you. He lifts your leg up, pulling his arm underneath it as leverage to fuck you deeper. You’re both colliding in a symphony of moans, the sounds of your pleasure so loud you know the neighbors can hear.
“This what you wanted?” Bucky slaps your ass, watching as the flesh jiggles underneath his thrusts, “This what you were begging for? A thick cock in your tight little pussy? Fuck, how shitty those boys fuckin’ treated you, leavin’ you this desperate for cock, practically fuckin’ drooling against the counter. Fuck, take it like that, honey, you’re takin’ it so fucking good for me.”
Your moans are practically incoherent at this point. You’re blabbering, unable to keep your mouth shut, desperately humping yourself back against him when he moves to rub at your clit.
“So fuckin’ cock hungry,” Bucky laughs, “What would daddy think of you?”
When you clench around him, he knows he’s got you with his words. “Yeah? What would daddy think about his sweet girl getting pounded in his own kitchen? Begging to be fucked by the only man who’s ever gonna fuckin’ treat her right?”
“I’m a- I’m a slut,” You moan, broken.
“Oh god, yeah you are.” Bucky pulls you up, putting your leg down and pressing you against him by your throat. “But you’re my fuckin’ slut. Don’t wanna see anymore boys around here— the only cock you’re gettin’ is mine, okay? Only cock that can make you feel this good.”
“I’m gonna cum again,” You whine, grabbing onto the hand thats wrapped around your throat. “I’m gonna cum, please.”
“Good fuckin’ girl,” He moans, fucking you harder, faster, “Cum around this cock, baby, fuckin’ claim it. C’mon, be a good girl and cum.”
The orgasm rips through you hard, your moans turning into screams as he fucks you through it. You can barely make out his praise, the way he’s commending you for coming around him. The chord snap is almost painful, almost has you trying to run away from it, but the feeling of your orgasm running through your core is enough to have you crying.
“Oh god, here it fuckin’ comes, baby,” Bucky moans, eyes shut tight, panting breaths against your skin, “Gonna cum so fucking hard, I’m fuckin’ shaking,”
You’re begging him for it, pleading for him to cum inside you, fill you up—
With one hard thrust deep inside you, he lets out a loud yell, cum filling you up deep inside your body. He’s shivering, humping desperately against your ass as he rides it out, light moans escaping his lips.
The aftermath of it scares you. You can feel reality set in as he slides his cock out, cum dripping down your leg and onto the tiled floor.
Before you can let your thoughts sink in, he’s grabbing you by the chin, pulling you to face him. He captures your mouth in a kiss, tongue finding its way in your mouth, passion setting in heavier than anything else. You moan against his mouth, letting him groan, pulling you against him by your waist.
When he pulls away, he’s followed by a string of saliva— one of the many things connecting the both of you.
“If you ever need anythin’,” Bucky says, using his thumb to wipe up the spit on your chin, “Just ask me. I’ll give you everything.”
“Can you-“ You stutter, embarrassment flooding you at how exposed you are, “Can you help me clean up, please?”
He smiles at the politeness you still give him even after all of that. Bucky turns you around to face him, before sliding down to his knees on the floor.
“I didn’t mean like that!”
“Mmm,” He hums, grin plastered on his face, “But I prefer to do it this way.”
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bonky-n-steeb · 24 days ago
anytime, anywhere
summary || Bucky is flattered when he finds fanfiction, but he isn’t even aware of what half of the words mean.
warnings || shy! reader, unprotected sex, dirty talk, metal arm kink, fingering, thigh riding, choking, multiple orgasms, very filthy. PWP — MINORS DNI 🔞 if any of this makes you uncomfortable then please do not read!
I have decided to not do taglists anymore, so if you wished to be notified of my newest updates please follow @bonky-n-steeb-lib and turn on the notifications!
sjsjdhdhy… I hope you like this hehe
Tumblr media
“Is this what people write about me?” Your head snapped up from the novel you were reading as Bucky’s voice reverberated in the otherwise empty room. He sat besides you on the lush sofa and you kept your book aside.
The avengers tower was fairly empty except you two today as the others were either on vacation or had gone on missions. And it wasn’t new for him to come with you with questions as you’d become his unofficial guide into this modern world.
“What?” You were confused at his sudden question. He turned his phone towards you and it took a moment for the words shining on the screen to seep into your head. You nervously gulped as you realised that it was a smutty fanfiction about him.
“It’s… it’s fanfiction…. like uh,..” you spluttered around your words as Bucky just shook his head. “I know. I searched up what it meant on the internet. I mean I’m flattered they write about me. It’s interesting for sure. But I don’t even know what half of these words mean.”
You licked your dry lips as you realised what exactly Bucky wanted to ask you, and it was somehow worse than just explaining fanfiction to him. Bucky thoughtfully scrolled through his phone before speaking. “What’s cock warming? Is it something related to chickens?”
In other circumstances, you would’ve laughed your ass off, but right now you were faced with the looming question of how to answer Bucky’s question. “Bucky.. I… it’s…I umm…” your entire body became warm and Bucky held back a chuckle as you stuttered with embarrassment.
“If it’s so difficult, let it be.” Bucky waved his hand off in a dismissive gesture. You sagged into the couch with relief. Bucky became silent for some time and you thought that he wouldn’t ask more questions. But you were wrong, “What’s thigh riding?”
“Umm, thigh.. thigh riding.. uh, right… about that…” you were nearly sweating at this point and you couldn’t properly process words. You knew how to explain it, you just didn’t know how to explain it to Bucky.
He was a very good friend of yours, and you had discussed many things together, but talking about this still made your face heat up. You were lost in your own head when suddenly Bucky picked you up and placed you on his lap.
“I think it’s hard to explain. So why don’t you just show me?”
Your jaw fell open as you stared with disbelieving eyes at Bucky. Did he really just say that? You opened and closed your mouth as you wanted to speak, but no words were coming out of it.
Bucky was loving the expression on your face; almost as if he broke your brain with just his words. “You look so dumb and I haven’t even fucked you yet.” Your blinked your eyes rapidly as you tried to get your brain back online, “huh what?”
“I said, do you wanna show me?” His hand was cupping your face and you were sure he could face your heated skin. But answering his question wasn’t that difficult now that you knew he wanted the same thing as you. “Yes.”
Bucky was a fine man and only an idiot wouldn’t want him. Not only was he a good man, he was excruciatingly handsome too. His eyes darkened with hunger and a fire lit in the pit of your stomach when he repositioned you over his thick thigh.
Your fingers were trembling as you curled them in his shirt for support. A soft moan escaped your lips as he held your hips tightly while dragging your further on your thigh. The soft material of your pants was rubbing against your heated core, and yet electric sparks were travelling down your spine.
“Remove your pants.” Bucky said without sugarcoating. “Wha… what?” Your stopped moving your hips and gulped. “Remove your pants, it’ll feel better.” Bucky’s fingers began tugging the soft sweatpants you were wearing.
Of course Bucky knew what all those words meant. But he was a very cruel man. He loved it when you got shy and flustered. It was probably the best sight in the whole world for him when you nervously chewed your lips as you gazed at him with bashful eyes.
“Bucky, someone will see.” You whispered as you frantically looked around the room. The fact that you were still seated in the meeting area wasn’t lost upon you. “Let them. Let them see what they will never have.” Bucky said with a smirk.
It all felt like a dream as you stood up from his lap and undressed. Bucky’s eyes were shamelessly running down your body and the unhidden lust was making you feel more desired than you ever had. Just his dark eyes were giving you goosebumps.
He spread his thighs further apart and motioned you to come closer. You sucked in a breath as you sat on his thigh and the course material of his jeans came in direct contact with your bare pussy. You once again held on to Bucky as you began moving your hips.
Your swollen clit rubbed deliciously against his pants and you chewed on your lip as you settled into a rhythm. Bucky wasn’t touching you, instead he was sitting back and just taking in the view as you drew your pleasure from him.
“Look at the mess you’ve made.” Bucky clicked his tongue. You opened your eyes, which you didn’t even realise you’d closed in the first place, and stared at the wet patch on Bucky’s jeans. Your slick was smeared across his thigh and the sight sent an unexpected wave of arousal through you.
“Look at me.” His words didn’t leave you any option but to stare into his deep blue eyes. The intensity of the entire act was setting you aflame. “Is this what you mean by thigh riding? Hmm,.. I guess I kinda do know now what you mean by cockwarming.”
When you didn’t reply and kept going, Bucky was quick to hold your waist tightly to stop you from moving. You were nearly desperate at this point to cum and you whined in complaint, “Bucky.. please.” But Bucky just tutted back, “Please what?”
“Please just..” you wanted to scream and shout and tell him that you wanted to cum, but somehow you were getting so bashful that even words weren’t forming. “Please let me… please!” You pleaded and Bucky just raised his eyebrow in question.
“Please let me cum!” You finally managed to spill the words out. You couldn’t handle this edging anymore as you rubbed yourself over his thigh. Your entire body felt like a live wire and you didn’t think you had it in you to hold it in anymore.
“No.” Was his simple reply. You stopped your movements as you gawked at Bucky. Your lips were suddenly dry and licked them before speaking up in a hoarse voice, “what?” You were still disbelieving of Bucky clear denial. But whatever was happening was only turning you on more.
“You don’t get to cum.” He reinstated his words and you pouted. “But why?” Bucky smirked as if he was waiting to give you the explanation. “You’ve been so naughty. Reading all this dirty stuff about me.” He shook his head as if he was disappointed. “Tell me, do you deserve to cum?”
“Bucky….” you gulped before moaning out the next words. “Oh my fucking god!” You really hadn’t thought Bucky would do something like this, and now that he was, you were really enjoying the whole unexpected ride.
But your smile turned into a squeal when Bucky slapped your ass. “Good girls don’t curse like that.” He muttered before placing his metal fingers over your heated pussy. You sobbed out a choked cry when he swirled your slick over your swollen folds.
You spread your legs wider and your fists curled tighter in his shirt as two of his fingers entered you. The metal fingers were thick and cool as he fingered you. Everything that was happening right now was straight out of your dreams.
“Do you think of me? Do you imagine it to be me when you touch yourself at night?” His voice was raspy. Your body was covered with a sheen of sweat by now and you’d nearly lost all of your coherent thoughts. Your brain solely focused on the fingers curling deliciously inside you.
“Answer me!” You gulped at his commanding tone and furiously nodded your head. He smirked at your admission and you felt like hiding your face in shame. You were honestly loving the way he was making you humiliate yourself and you didn’t know how, but you wanted more of it.
Bucky trailed down kisses from your neck to your pebbled nipples and you shivered at his warm touch. He played with your tits as he nibbled and sucked your nipples and you couldn’t stop the moan that bubbled up your throat as his hot mouth surrounded your pebbled nipples.
You whined at the loss when Bucky pulled back with a pop. His saliva began cooling over your sensitive skin and you shivered despite being very warm. “Look how sensitive you are. All you had to do was ask me to fuck you and I would’ve. No need of reading this stuff and getting yourself so riled up.”
You hadn’t ever thought the words spilling out of Bucky’s mouth would ever turn you on to this extent. He was already fucking you with his fingers, but somehow, you needed more. “Bucky please fuck me!” You didn’t plead, this time, you begged.
“Good girl.” You would’ve cum from just from his praise if he hadn’t pulled out his fingers. His flesh hand was still holding your waist tight enough to keep you from squirming. Your eyes nearly squinted as you followed as his fingers. He rubbed his wet fingers over your lips, smearing your slick, “Lick.”
You ran your tongue over your lips and his eyes keenly followed the movement. He placed two of his fingers back over your lips, but this time, he swiftly entered your open mouth. The fingers were thick and nearly reached the back of your throat and you gagged.
“Just like that. Suck on them like you’d suck my cock.” Encouraged by Bucky, you swirled your tongue over his fingers. He sucked in a sharp breath and you figured out that he could feel his metal hand. You doubled down your efforts and you could slowly feel the metal grow warmer in your mouth.
“You want to get fucked?” The question was straight forward and yet it made your head short circuit. “Yes Bucky!” He hummed as he mused and pushed his fingers deeper before pulling them out. “Go ahead then.” He said motioning towards his cock.
Bucky was making you do the work despite knowing how shy you were. With shaky hands, you unzipped his tented jeans and took out his hard length. Your mouth salivated at the sight of his thick cock and you lined it up with your sopping hole as you couldn’t wait anymore.
Your eyes clenched closed as he entered you. His thick length was stretching you deliciously as you slowly took him up to the base. His hands fisted at his sides when your hot walls wrapped around him. You took a moment to get settled with the stretch before moving your hips in a rhythmic matter.
Taking support on his chest, you began fucking yourself on his cock. Gravity was doing its work pulling you down whenever you raised yourself. He went deeper than anything you’ve ever had and you couldn’t stop the moans that kept on spilling from your lips.
“You’ll have this whenever you want.” Bucky murmured in your ear as you kept riding him. “Your tight cunt feels like heaven around my cock. Anytime you want this, just tell me. I’ll fill you up and keep you stuffed with my cum, would you like that?”
“Yes! Please, I want it. I want you so bad!” You whined. Your hips seemed to be moving of their own accord as you began fucking yourself harder. “Keep moving that pretty hole then. Keep riding me like that and I’ll fill you up nice and deep. Is that what you want?”
“Yes! Ye… yes buc.. Bucky! Pluh… please!” You stammered. You felt yourself getting closer to your release and you wouldn’t let Bucky take that away from you this time. “My fat cock’s got you stammering, ain’t it?”
His words were enough to push you on the edge as the waves of pleasure dragged you down with them. The orgasm felt like drowning in the sea and floating at the same time. It was a sublime feeling you couldn’t really put into words.
You sagged on Bucky’s chest as the climax left you feeling boneless. But Bucky was quick to flip you over on the coffee table. Your hands shook as you raised your ass up. Your breath hitched when Bucky entered you again from behind.
This time, he wasn’t merciful, he was animalistic and passionate. Unlike his previous cold exterior, he was like a man possessed now. The snapping of hips was shaking the table and he curled his hand around your neck and raised you up such that your back was pressed to his chest.
Your body was covered in sweat as you panted and moaned. His unrelenting thrusts were making stars burst behind your eyes. He was still murmuring filth into your ear, but you were too out of it to listen. You clutched his hand gracing your throat as your legs shook with the force of his thrusts.
It didn’t take long for your second orgasm to crash into you as you felt as if you were still reeling from the first. You felt little tremors of electricity going around your entire body. Your walls clenched around Bucky and he too came inside you with a loud grunt.
You nearly fell down on the sofa again, but the impact was reduced by Bucky’s body under you. You both heaved for air and as you settled down a little, you couldn’t help but start giggling. “What’s so funny?”
You were lying atop Bucky as you shook your head. “I can’t believe I fell for that.” Bucky circled his arms tightly around you. “You can act so innocent sometimes Bucky, I can’t believe this. Also did you mean it?” Bucky chuckled behind you. “Mean what?”
“Whenever I want it….” You left the rest of your sentence hanging in the air. But Bucky understood what you were saying. He turned you around such that you were facing him. “Yeah. I meant it, just ask and you’ll get it, anytime, anywhere.”
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gutflorizt · 2 months ago
.⋆˚ 𝐓𝐰𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐅𝐨𝐫 𝐃𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐢𝐞𝐬
𝐒𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲︱𝐘𝐨𝐮 𝐝𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐝 𝐭𝐨 𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐜𝐡 𝐁𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐲 𝐡𝐨𝐰 𝐭𝐨 𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐲 𝐓𝐰𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫. 𝐀𝐟𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐡𝐞 𝐠𝐨𝐭 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐠 𝐨𝐟 𝐢𝐭 𝐡𝐞 𝐝𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐝 𝐭𝐨 𝐚𝐝𝐝 𝐚 𝐭𝐰𝐢𝐬𝐭.
𝐏𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠︱𝐑𝐨𝐨𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐭𝐞!𝐁𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐲 𝐁𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐞𝐬 𝐱 𝐑𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬︱𝟏𝟖+, 𝐒𝐌𝐔𝐓, 𝐜𝐮𝐫𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐠, 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫 𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐛𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐲, 𝐩𝐞𝐭 𝐧𝐚𝐦𝐞: 𝐝𝐨𝐥𝐥, 𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐢𝐩 𝐭𝐰𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫, 𝐨𝐫𝐚𝐥 (𝐟!), 𝐝𝐞𝐠𝐫𝐚𝐝𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐤, 𝐩 𝐢𝐧 𝐯 𝐬𝐞𝐱, 𝐮𝐧𝐩𝐫𝐨𝐭𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐬𝐞𝐱, 𝐬𝐪𝐮𝐢𝐫𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠
𝐀𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫'𝐬 𝐍𝐨𝐭𝐞︱@buckspumpkin 𝐠𝐚𝐯𝐞 𝐦𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐚 𝐬𝐨 𝐚 𝐛𝐢𝐠 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐤 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐭𝐨 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐦!𝐈'𝐦 𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐫𝐞𝐥𝐲 𝐬𝐮𝐫𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐢𝐬 𝐡𝐨𝐰 𝐓𝐰𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐤𝐬 𝐛𝐜 𝐈'𝐯𝐞 𝐧𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫 𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐲𝐞𝐝 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐠𝐚𝐦𝐞 𝐥𝐨𝐥. 𝐅𝐞𝐞𝐝𝐛𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐢𝐬 𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝, 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐤 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠! 𝐈 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐚𝐥𝐥 <𝟑
Tumblr media
“Bucky you have to watch the movie, it’s phenomenal!” You rambled on as you plopped down next to him. “I know you don’t like a lot of the newer things but you’ll like this for sure.” 
“Are we sure we want to watch tv?” Bucky asked, trying to divert your attention. “You know what we should do?” 
He snapped his fingers in the air, “Play a board game!” 
“Buck we’re not playing a board game,” You said as you grabbed the remote. “Come on please just try it. If you don’t like it we can–oh my god!” You gasped when you turned on the t.v and was faced with a cracked screen. 
You turned to Bucky with your mouth agape, “What happened?” 
“Sam came over and–” 
“I don’t think I need an explanation, you said enough,” You cut him off. “I’ll bring my computer, just give me a second.” 
You left and Bucky was left sitting on the couch as he played with his thumbs. He watched you curiously as you marched out of your room and back into the living room where the internet box was. You inspected the internet box and let out soft questioning hums. 
“That’s weird, everything is just fine so why isn’t the internet working?” A moment of silence passed as you tried figuring out what was wrong. “Bucky, did you forget to pay the internet bill?” 
He screwed his eyes shut in frustration, “I must’ve. I’m so sorry Doll.” 
“S’okay Buck, it happens to the best of us. I’ll go pay it tomorrow during work.” You blew air through your lips and tucked your hands into the front sprocket of your jeans. “Looks like we’re playing a board game.” 
Bucky followed you to a very small closet down the hall. That closet mostly contained board games and long forgotten boxes you were supposed to open when you first moved in. 
You opened the door, revealing the dust collected boxes. 
“We can play Uno.” 
“Too repetitive,” You said. “What about Monopoly?” 
“No, because you cheat!” Bucky accusingly exclaimed. 
“I do not!” You defended. “Ok so no Monopoly….We should play chess!” 
“What are we 80 years old?” 
You glanced at him and checked him out, “Well you are.” 
Bucky’s face scrunched into one of annoyance, “Ha. Ha. Very funny.” Bucky hummed as he kept looking. “What’s Twister?” 
“You’ve never played before?” You asked as you grabbed the box. 
“No, I've played my entire life and I suddenly forgot what it is,” Bucky sarcastically said. “I haven't played before, that's why I’m asking.” 
You grabbed the box and started to walk back to the living room while you explained the rules. “There's a color wheel with a picture of a body part, depending where it lands you place the body part on that color. So say I spin and I get green and right hand then I have to put my right hand on a green circle on the mat.” 
“Seems easy enough.” 
Bucky truly overestimated his flexibility. At first glance he thought it would be easy and you would easily lose against him. He’s a very trained soldier after all.
Bucky flicked the spinner. Body part, foot. Colour, green. He bent over on top of you but because the only green circle left that can make it physically possible is behind him. Which means he would have to be stuck in a crab position until it’s his turn. 
“Come on Barnes, this hurts,” You complained as your arm cramped under you. 
“I don’t think I can do this,” He muttered to himself. 
“Either we keep going by you trying or it’s a forfeit and I automatically win.” 
There was no way Bucky was going to lose to you. He instantly moved backwards and into the dreaded crab position. 
Right as you went to flick the spinner you lost your balance and fell, making Bucky automatically the winner. 
“Ha! I win and you lose!” Bucky boatsed as he got up. “And I didn’t cheat.” 
“Yeah yeah you win and I lose,” You mumbled and tucked your legs under you. “How’d you like the game?” 
“It was alright,” Bucky shrugged. “But what if we added our own twist to it?” 
“Like what?” 
“Every time it lands on red we have to take a piece of clothing off,” He smirked. “In other words, strip Twister.” 
“You’re on Barnes,” You smirked, getting up. “You’re going first though.” 
Bucky flicked the spinner, left hand on red. Bucky clicked his tongue as he took off a sock and placed his left hand on the red circle. It was your turn and you landed on right hand on green. 
“You better not cheat,” Bucky teased. 
“Or what?” You playfully retorted. “Is the big bad soldier going to get mad?” 
“Jesus christ,” Bucky chuckled as he shook his head. “You love to tease me don’t you?” 
“Yes sir,” You winked as you saluted him with a devilish smile. 
“Just for that I’m making you go again.” 
“Meanie,” You pouted and spun again. “Oh you have to be kidding me,” You groaned when you landed on left foot on red. You copied Bucky and took your sock off. 
It was Bucky’s turn and he landed on right hand on blue. A flash of disappointment ran though you and you cursed at the spinner. 
“Why the sad look Doll? Wanted me to strip?” 
“You wish,” You scoffed. “Your turn.” 
The both of you continued taking off the smaller pieces of clothing, each getting excited with each spin. Soon enough Bucky had ran out of small clothing to take off. He spun and landed on red. 
“Get ready to see an adonis Doll,” Bucky said as he peeled off his shirt. 
You stared in awe as you watched him. It all felt like it was going in slow motion right before your very own eyes. He was an adonis. Even the faded jagged scars around his arm made you want to plant sweet tender kisses upon them, showering them in your affection. 
“Hey eyes up here,” Bucky smirked as he pointed his finger up towards his eyes. 
You rolled your eyes, “I’ll look wherever I want.” 
Now it was your turn. You spun the spinner and landed on red. Perfect. 
You slowly took your pants off, making sure to purposefully wiggle your but in front of his face. Bucky’s throat went dry when he saw your thighs. All the blood started to rush to his cock and he knew the game wouldn’t last long. 
“Now I really can’t do this,” Bucky said as he contemplated losing. You only had a pair of panties and shirt left on and he only had his boxers on. If he took his next move his face would be impossibly close to your chest and he would for sure lose. “I really can’t.” 
“Just do it Barnes, s’all part of the game.” 
Bucky took your word and maneuvered his body around, his hand going over your body to land on the green dot in the right hand corner. Just as he predicted his head was right in front of your breast. 
Bucky turned a bright shade of tomato red as he tried to look anywhere else. His hardened cock pressed against your thigh and you smirked in triumph. Bucky had desperately tried to hide his boner and he was successful. For the most part. 
“What sarge? Can’t handle a pair of tits in your face?” You asked as you pushed your chest in front of his face tauntingly. 
“That’s it,” Bucky growled as he got up. 
“Ha! I won!” You stuck your tongue out at him. “I’m the winner!”
“For now.” Bucky abruptly grabbed you and tossed you over his shoulder with ease. You squealed as you felt his metal hand grasped your body. He took you to his room and gently set your body on the bed. 
Bucky shortly after climbed on top of you and kissed you with an intense need. His body grinded against yours as he sloppily kissed you. 
“Just take this damn thing off,” Bucky snarled against your lips as he ripped your shirt in half. His jaw momentarily dropped when your bare breasts were exposed, “No bra? Dirty slut.” 
His hands played with your breasts, his thumb stroking your pebbled nipples ever so slightly. Your body arched into his touch, silently begging for more. He took the hint and his lips placed their love on your body all the way where you needed him the most. 
Using his teeth Bucky pulled your panties down to your ankles. It was the most erotic thing you’ve ever seen your entire life you couldn’t helped but have moaned. You felt his head dip between your thighs, his growing beard scratched your inner thighs deliciously. 
“Can’t wait for your pretty thighs to tremble ‘round my head,” Bucky quipped, biting one of your thighs. 
Bucky spread your legs impossibly further, watching your pussy leak. He flattened his tongue and likced a bold stripe up your cunt. Your hands flew to his hair, gripping the tousled hair in between your fingers. 
“You taste so sweet Doll,” He complimented, dipping his tongue into your hole. “Like fuckin’ candy.” 
Bucky went from long bold licks to short sweet kitten licks. It made you writhe around in pleasure and push your pussy closer to his face. His hot wet tongue was addictive, he had become your own personal drug. 
You felt his tongue trace out letters on your clit. You tried so hard to concentrate but the pleasure overwhelmed you. He kept going again and again until you finally got it. My cumslut. 
“Bucky y-you gotta stop-AH!” You moaned when he started to harshly suck on your clit. “Bucky!” 
Bucky pulled away, a string of your arousal connecting to his lips. “You really want me to stop?” 
“Yes,” You shook your head no despite your response. 
Bucky chuckled at your response, “Why?” 
You nervously gulped, “Because the first time I cum I want it to be around your cock.” 
Bucky looked genuinely shocked at your response. Never did he ever think he would hear those words fall from your lips. If he could he would replay those words over and over again until he got tired of hearing them.
Bucky didn’t respond and attacked your lips once again. You felt his tip prod at your entrance, “Needy slut, wanting to cum on m’cock first.” During the middle of his sentence he pushed all the way in, bottoming out soothingly. 
Pure ecstasy rippled through your lower half, your eyes fluttered shut as you felt him inside you. His hot throbbing member pulsed inside you. Teasing him some more you clenched down hard and watched Bucky’s eyes screwed shut. 
“Can’t stop with the teasin’ huh?” He clicked his tongue. “I’m just going to have to fuck it out of you.” 
His thrusts started slow but quickly rose to a fast and brutal pace using your hips as leverage. So fast your body jolted with the banging headboard. Pain and pleasure seared through your body. Beads of sweat formed between your bodies as Bucky continued to fuck you. 
“You feel s’good Bucky,” You whimpered as you felt his tip rub against your sweet spot. “So good. I love your cock.”
“Cock drunk already?” Bucky questioned. “Looks like it didn’t take long to fuck the teasin’ out of you.” 
“Shut up,” Your voice was merely above a whisper. “Just keep going.” 
Bucky finally felt the tremble of your thighs around his outer thighs. Deciding to spice things up he pressed on your lower tummy so slightly. He watched your eyes roll to the back of your head and drool dribbled from your swollen lips. 
“You look so pretty like this, fucked out becasue of me,” Bucky said as his thumb pushed the drool back in. “Imagine how you would be like if I actually got to take my time with you. Slowly tearing you apart with my fingers, tongue and cock.” 
The mere thought of it was enough to make you come. You dug your nails into his back as you screamed his name while you gushed around his cock. 
“Yes, yes, yes,” You mindlessly hummed as he kept going. 
After a few more thrusts Bucky pulled out and finished over your stomach, both of your juices mixing together. He watched as it started to drip down and closer to your pussy. 
“You ok Doll?” Bucky asked when you didn’t make a sound. 
“I'm way more than ok,” You giggled. “I don’t think it’s ever felt this good before.” 
“That's because the other guys weren’t me, Doll,” he pointed out. “Remember that, no man will ever make you feel as good as me.”
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