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#sebastian stan x reader
bonky-n-steeb · 2 days ago
𝘄𝗼𝗻’𝘁 𝗮𝘀𝗸 𝗳𝗼𝗿 𝗺𝘂𝗰𝗵 𝘁𝗵𝗶𝘀 𝗰𝗵𝗿𝗶𝘀𝘁𝗺𝗮𝘀
𝙗𝙪𝙘𝙠𝙮 𝙗𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙚𝙨 𝙭 𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙙𝙚𝙧
𝙨𝙪𝙢𝙢𝙖𝙧𝙮 || You get stuck in Christmas lights and Bucky fucks you.
𝙬𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨 || unprotected sex, oral sex, facial. PWP. MINORS DNI 🔞
This is for my dearest friend @chrisskisses Thank you so much Amber for all your help! This is the only thank you gift I can give you at the moment and I hope you like this surprise! ( ˘ ³˘)♥︎
Tumblr media
You pouted and shifted around in your cozy bed hoping to find a position where you’d fall asleep again.
You were sleeping peacefully in Bucky’s arms when you had woken up thirsty. You were frustrated to wake up from such a deep slumber and you were too comfortable to get up and drink water.
It was the Christmas Eve and both you and Bucky had celebrated it with much pomp and happiness. Instead of going to any of the parties, you had decided to stay in and spend the evening watching movies and eating your favourite foods.
After watching a sappy rom com, you had made sweet love and fallen asleep on your spacious bed. Now you turned around to see Bucky peacefully snoring and unaware of your ordeal.
Your mouth was too dry to sleep again, so finally, after much huffing and cursing, you got out of your covers and walked towards the kitchen with your eyes half hooded with sleep.
Yawning and rubbing your eyes, you walked mostly based on your instinct. But you were halfway through the way, when you tripped on the light strings beautifully placed on the wall and the floor.
You had decided to make this Christmas special for Bucky. After all that he had gone through, he deserved all the happiness in the world. You had decorated the entire house with lights and baked cookies and bought festive sweaters.
You grumbled in your sleep and tried to untangle your feet from the web of lights. You tried pulling the strings apart but only ended up getting your hands stuck in it too. “Fuck!”
You shifted further and by now all the sleep had left your eyes and you were simply annoyed and angry. Just minutes before you were dead asleep and look at you now, on your hands and knees with lights wrapped around your limbs.
“What a sight to wake up to.” Bucky’s voice was thick as it usually was when he woke up. Bucky ogled your ass and licked his lips.
He had woken up to your cursing and grumbling and you on your knees. Walking further, he playfully spanked your butt. “Bucky!”
“What?” He chuckled nonchalantly. “Help me!” You were annoyed as it is and Bucky wasn’t helping at all. Bucky chewed his lower lip and thought for a moment. “You’ll have to pay a tax, then I’ll help you.”
“Bucky, what are you saying? Just get me out of this.” Bucky shook his head in a childlike way, “Nope. Say you’ll pay the tax and I’ll do it.” You weren’t angry now, just intrigued by what Bucky had in mind.
“Okay. I’ll pay the tax.” You just sighed accepting the offer. “You look so beautiful covered in these lights, I can’t take my eyes off you. But you know, I was feeling a little hungry, so why don’t you let me eat my favourite dessert?”
You smiled broadly at Bucky, “Really? You don’t need to ask me to eat that cheesecake.” Why was he asking as if you weren’t going to allow him or something?
“I love cheesecakes but it’s not my favourite.” His eyes trailed down to your ass and the realisation dawned on you. “Seriously? It’s the middle of the night Bucky, get me out of this and let’s go back to sleep!”
Though you pretended to be against that idea, you could do help but squirm with excitement. “Okay. You sleep here and I’ll sleep on the bed.” He pressed a kiss to your forehead and left you reeling for more.
“Okay. Okay, fine. I’ll pay the tax. You can have your dessert.” He showed off his pearly teeth in a wide grin and kneeled in front of you to kiss you.
The kiss was sweet and gentle very much unlike what was to come. His tongue gently explored your mouth and your lips pulled at one another. He bit your lower lip teasingly and pulled away.
You strained your neck to watch him go behind you. He was impatient and didn’t waste much time in tugging your shorts down. You were already dripping with excitement.
“So wet for me babydoll.” Pressing kisses to your thighs, he finally licked a long strip from your clit to your hole. “Fuck Bucky!” Your hands formed fists and your toes curled with anticipated pleasure.
After being with you for so long, Bucky knew exactly which spots made your eyes roll back. He held your legs tightly to prevent you from falling ahead.
His tongue teased you by kitten licking your clit until you were mewling and begging for more. Finally, he started fucking you with his tongue and you laid your head down on the floor and pushed your ass back into his face.
You were already close and the way Bucky sucked your clit, brought the pleasure down on you. Bucky didn’t stop lapping as you rode the waves of your orgasm.
Bucky had become painfully hard and now he just couldn’t stop at eating you out, he had to feel you around him. Pushing down his pants, he entered you in a single stroke while you were still riding the aftershocks.
“Bucky!” By now your brain was a mush only capable of calling Bucky’s name. “Shit. I couldn’t stop myself doll. Fuck…” he grunted as he began thrusting. “Gonna make you feel so good.”
Unlike the soft and sweet love you had made just mere hours ago, this was animalistic and raw fucking. The lewd sounds of your wet channel and skin slapping reverberated through the otherwise silent room.
Weaving his hand through your hair, he pulled you up as much as the lights allowed. He passionately kissed you as his hips rammed into yours. “You look so gorgeous right now.” Bucky’s warm breath fell on your ears.
Sweat was glistening on your body and you were iridescently glowing in the dark. The small lights were softly reflecting on your body and you were the best Christmas present Bucky could ask for.
His praise, his hand in your hair, the way he was thrusting into you and the small bites he peppered on your skin, made you tip down the crescendo of pleasure.
“I… I’m coming!” That was all the warning you gave before falling down the edge. Your legs shook and eyes rolled back as Bucky kept up his tempo. Bucky grunted as your walls held him tight.
After the mind numbing orgasm, you were panting on the floor and you whimpered when Bucky pulled out of your sensitive pussy. But that’s not what worried you, it was the fact that Bucky was still hard.
Quickly pouncing back on his feet, he once again walked in front of you. You blinked back the haze and realised he was jerking himself off and clearly understood his intent.
It wasn’t the first time, and you obediently closed your eyes and opened your mouth. “Such a good girl.” His voice was husky and you knew he was close.
His debauched moans and grunts were music to your ears. Soon you felt his warm seed coat your face and tongue and drip down to your chest. “Ahh… you look so pretty. A complete masterpiece.”
He knew he wasn’t ever going to forget this scene in front of his eyes. The lights, you on your knees and his cum dripping down your face, you looked like his wildest fantasy come true.
“Are you gonna help me now?” You asked with a fake hint of annoyance. You weren’t going to deny that you loved this impromptu session with Bucky, but neither were you going to accept.
“Just a minute!” With that he sprinted back into your bedroom only to return with his phone. “Gotta capture this moment.” With a grin plastered to his face, he quickly clicked a few photos of you.
Bucky was glad for the technology this modern world had to offer, back in his time this wouldn’t have been possible. Now your serene beauty wasn’t just stored in his memory but in his photo roll too.
In the pictures, wrapped in lights you stood out against the darkness of the room and his cum glistened on your skin. Throwing his phone away on the couch, he bent down to kiss you.
“Thank you for making this the best Christmas of my life. I love you.” He said while gently untangling the strings of light from your hands. It wasn’t just this night, it was everything you had being doing, from the gifts to the decorations.
“I love you Bucky. And this is the best Christmas of my life too because you’re with me.” He had finally freed your hands and legs and standing up, you wrapped your arms around his neck.
Pulling him close, you kissed the tip of his nose. “For this Christmas I just wish you’d be always tied up in the lights. You look so fucking sexy.” He groaned out. You playfully hit him on the back, “Bucky!”
Chuckling he wrapped his arms around you, and despite the cold of the winter, you felt warm in his embrace.
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sableseb · 22 hours ago
oh i most DEFINETLY need c!bucky x reader making a sex tape
I need that too😩 thank you for this request, bestie✨
word count: 3.2k
warnings: smut, dirty talk, sex on film, finger sucking, slight spitting, squirting, fingering, slight masturbation f and m
tags: @bucky-soldat @thewritingdoll @meetmeatyourworst @sparksforkoo @fuckandfluff @buckydaddy @harrysthiccthighss @bemine-bucky @greeneyedblondie44 @stucky-my-ship
a/n: This contains slight feels because I couldn’t resist a sweet tone before the raunchiness and after.🙈
Tumblr media
Meeting Bucky in college is one of the highlights of your life. The moment you laid your eyes on him, you knew you were gone, lost in the sea of blue that sparkles with mischief. His smile, his laugh, his utter presence is enough to make you feel overwhelmingly infatuated. And he’s just as hooked on you as you are him. 
You give him a high that every drug he’s tried couldn’t compare to. You’re so kind, sweet, innocent. But, Bucky knows you better than anyone and he found out real quick that the doe eyed look, the sugar coated tone, the cute pinks and pastels that adorned your sinfully curved body weren’t the extent of you. 
You’re a vixen. Craving sex just as much as him. It started one night in your dorm, lazily watching a movie with wandering hands and soft touches. You two didn’t fuck, no, he made love to you. Cherishing the way your warm walls sucked him in, the way he felt your soft breath on his neck each time he filled you to the brim, brushing that sensitive spot inside you each time. Bucky poured every ounce of passion he has for you into those thrusts that night.
Each day you spend together, the closer you both become. Bucky’s your friend, your lover, your heart and you came to trust each other with anything and everything. The sex became more frequent and adventurous. He’s tied you up, slapped you, fucked you as if you were nothing but a doll for him to empty himself in. No matter if he’s rough and degrading, if he’s sweet and soft, you want every form of the pleasure only he can give you.
 When he comes to you with an old school camcorder in hand asking if you would make a tape with can you resist? The thought of being exposed to a lens for Bucky’s viewing pleasure has your core thrumming with anticipation. “Of course I will, Buck.”
You’re standing in the middle of the courtyard when he voices his idea to you. Students drift along around you, making their way to their next class not paying you two a bit of mind. He takes his lip between his teeth, trying to bite back a grin that’s trying to form. “Oh, baby. This will be so hot.” He groans, pulling you in by your waist. 
Bucky brings his mouth to your ear. His warm breath breaks across your skin as he whispers, “You’re gonna look so beautiful for the camera as I pound that tight cunt.”
Heat breaks out along your body as he says the crude words. You playfully shove his firm body away from you. “Bucky, we’re in public,” you smile.
“Hasn’t stopped us before, sweets.”
You scoff at him. He’s right. The amount of times he’s taken you in the library and in every janitor's closet he can find is embarrassingly high. You always fall victim to his touch, no matter when or where. “Get to class, Barnes. I’ll meet you at your dorm later tonight, okay?”
“Sounds perfect.”
With a quick kiss goodbye, you watch as he makes his way to the history building with the bulky camera in his hand. It’s hard to tell where he found that thing. He’s always had a knack for vintage items. It’s very fitting of him to want to incorporate something like that in the bedroom. And you can’t wait to try it out.
Night settles over the campus. The dim sidewalk lights illuminate your path as you sneak over to Bucky’s dorm. You always take the back entrance with the key your conniving boyfriend somehow got his hands on. Bucky has the key to your dorm as well, each of you taking turns during the week visiting one another.
As you make your way up the stairs to his floor, you can already feel arousal strumming through you. You’re excited to create something so debauched with him. You have a suspicion that Bucky doesn’t want this tape to be gentle and loving tonight. Which makes you all the more needy and wet at the prospect of being fucked.
Knocking on his door gently, you wait for his answer. You hear shuffling before the ugly wooden door swings open revealing a practically naked Bucky. He’s wearing nothing but tight black boxer briefs that cut off above his mid thigh. It’s moments like these that he leaves you utterly breathless. His lean body stares back at you, beckoning you to run your hands over the expanse of his abs, his chest. You just want to sink your teeth into those thighs. Wrap your mouth around that slight tint straining against the fabric.
“How many times have I told you not to knock? My place is your place.”
His voice brings you back from your wondering thoughts. “Buck, you know I don’t want to just barge in here unannounced.” You say, walking past him and into the small dorm. His smell envelopes you and settles so deep in you, you swear you can feel it in your bones. Warm notes of amber and a slightly citrus aroma is what makes Bucky, Bucky. You’ll never get enough of his scent. He’s compelling in every sense of the word.
His bed is bare. Nothing but a mattress sits on the wooden frame. You quickly see where all the blankets and pillows went. There, across the room, sits his comforter and throws on the floor, meticulously placed with care to look inviting. His pillows are propped up against the wall creating a little cove hidden in the low light of his lamp. A makeshift tripod compiled of books sits at the end of the comforter near his TV stand with the camcorder opened and ready sitting on top of his world history textbook.
You feel him slip his arms around your waist, pulling you into his warm body. Bucky dips his head down to your ear. “You can’t really do much in a twin bed. Figured if I was gonna make a sex tape with my beautiful girl...I’d need all the room I can get.” You lean into him, appreciating the thought. 
Bucky always plans ahead when it comes to you. He wants nothing but the best for you. He can’t wait to graduate college, get his degree and give you the life you deserve. A life where he gets to fuck you in a king sized bed instead of the stiff twin beds in your dorms and, in this case, the floor he desperately tried to make comfortable. 
“It looks lovely. Leagues better than these dumb beds.” You tell him as you turn in his grasp. Leaning in, you take his lips with your own, slowly moving in time with each other before he deepens it. The feel of his tongue against yours has your panties dampening. Each lick into your mouth has you chasing more of his taste.
You kick off your sneakers as he pulls your sweats down, not once breaking the kiss until he pulls away to get your tee over your head. Bucky’s chest seizes. You look heavenly with your naked breasts bared to him, with your white panties adorning a tiny pink bow accentuating your mound and hips and your little white ankle socks. 
Your beauty is something he only witnesses when he watches the rain, when he looks at a field of flowers, when he glances up at the night sky and sees the twinkling stars above. It causes him to pause and wonder how God created something so painfully intricate that makes his heart stop and makes all his thoughts cease to exist as fascination takes its place. 
You watch as Bucky takes you in with a slack jaw and a glaze in his eyes. Just barely above a whisper he chokes out, “You’re beautiful.”
He tells you millions of times how attractive you are and shows you his love just as many times. But, this. This seems heavier. Those two words have a weight of longing to them, a weight of pure awe and admiration. Your love for him just grew, something you thought would be impossible because Bucky Barnes is perfect in all aspects of life.
“I’m gonna fucking ruin you, my pretty girl.”
His words hold a sick promise as he leads you down to the floor on the bed of blankets. He props himself against the wall and beckons you to join him. You situate yourself between his firm thighs,  feeling the hardness of his dick against the small of your back. You lean into him as he pulls your hair to the side, giving him perfect access to latch onto your neck. 
“Take off your panties,” he whispers against your flesh. His mouth licks and sucks at every part of your heated skin he can get to.
You roll the sticky fabric down your legs as you eye the camera placed directly in front of the both of you. When you fully peel your underwear off, Bucky’s legs twine with yours, pulling you apart and spreading you open for the lens. “Spit on your cunt. Get her nice and wet for me.”
Oh God. His instructions cause you to clench around nothing. You bend your head down to spit towards your pussy, watching as the saliva slowly trails over your mound and down over your lips. Leaning back against him, Bucky emits a groan as you see his hand slide down your body, creating little goose bumps along the expanse of your skin before his fingers dip down to your core. You moan at the feel of his fingers rubbing slowly and purposely over your swollen clit.
With each twist of his wrist, you’re whimpering, chasing his movements with your hips. Heat takes you over, sparking at the base of your spine before inching its way towards your neck as his friction gets a little rougher. Suddenly, his fingers breach your opening, the middle and ring giving you a delicious stretch. Each drag against your walls has your thighs trembling from the sheer pleasure.
Bucky grasps your face with his free hand and angles your head to the camcorder. “Keep your eyes on the camera, baby. Want you to fall apart for it. Can you do that?”
A strangled, yes leaves your lips as you bask in the ecstasy he’s bringing you. His grip keeps you in place as he takes you apart. The thrusts of his fingers become harsher, more frantic as wetness spills from your drenched center, causing obscene noises to bounce off the walls.
You can’t run from his assault, he’s got you pinned against him fully, one hand buried in your pussy while the other holds a vice-like grip on your cheeks. His mouth continues to work over your neck, biting and sucking as he brings you closer and closer to your impending climax. You’ve never been so worked up and this orgasm is starting to feel vastly different than the others.
“Bucky,” you cry, “Bucky, stop. I can’t. It’s too much.”
“How are you gonna take my cock when you can’t even take my fingers? Just let go, baby.”
The pressure is building with each thrust of his hand. His pace gets rougher causing your chest to bounce violently and cries to escape your throat. Your shaking, abdomen pulling taut as his fingers hit that spot inside you just right and that pressure releases, forcing your eyes to roll in the back of your head. 
Bucky watches in awe as you squirt for him, trembling in his hold as the clear liquid seeps from your abused cunt. “Oh, fuck. Look at that. My girl’s a squirter.” He says against your neck, but he knows you probably can’t understand anything he utters to you at the moment. 
He rubs his hand along the length of your drenched heat, soothing you from your intense high. Tremors wrack your body with each pass of his hand over your swollen bud. Your head rolls to the side on Bucky’s shoulder as he peppers kisses all along the side of your throat and face. 
He brings his wet digits to your mouth, rubbing them along your bottom lip before you open and take them between your lips. You lick and suck, tasting your juices on his soft skin. He fucks your mouth with his fingers, watching as you take them down your throat, gagging slightly. It causes his dick to twitch as he feels the sweet suction of your mouth.
He takes them out, already missing the feeling of your tongue dancing along the pads of his fingers. “You’ve been keeping that hidden from me?” He chuckles near your ear, causing a smile to break across your blissed out expression.
“I didn’t even know I could do that...those hands of yours work wonders.”
“Mmm. That they do. You got one more for me, pretty girl?”
Are you capable of cumming again? You honestly don't know. Every nerve feels shot, your head hazy with Bucky invading all of your senses. But, with him, you know you won’t last long when he buries himself inside you. He’s too good at sex, too good at making you feel whole and sated. You don't know if it’s him, or if it's you and how infatuated you are with him that makes him talented in the sheets. Whatever the case, cumming will always be in your foreseeable future. No matter if you think you can or not.
“Yes,” you breathe, “want to feel you in me.”
Bucky lays you down sideways, making sure you’re both angular to the lens before he discards his boxers. He's impossibly hard, an ache settles in the pit of his stomach as he takes in your body beneath his. Your cunt is puffy, thighs shining with your arousal, the blankets are soaked under your form. You’re gorgeous when you cum for him, submit to him and give him your pleasure.
You watch as he moves his hand languidly over his shaft, his tip red and leaking, veins straining against the soft skin. His mouth hangs agape as your hands move to grasp your breasts, pushing and pulling them together to give him a little show. Bucky groans as you continue to play with your full chest. He can’t take anymore of the foreplay, he needs you wrapped around him.
He taps your clit a few times with his swollen head, causing you to let out a squeal and shake with each light smack. It doesn’t take much to get his cock wet, no. Your pussy is practically crying, begging for him to give her that stretch she needs. 
Bucky lines himself up to your entrance. He takes his sweet time entering you, watching intently as you try to accommodate his length, basking in the huffs of frustration because you just need him to fill you to the hilt. You’re squeezing him so tight. He can’t believe how wet you are. He believes you enjoy this little camera idea a little too much. Filthy girl. His filthy girl.
“Buck...move. Please,” you pant.
With a slow roll of the hips, he’s pulling himself out before plunging back into you with a pointed thrust that sends you jolting back. “Fuck, just like that,” you tell him. He continues the gentle movements with the rough snaps of his hips that have you gasping and clinging on to him. You keen with each stroke, your hands make their way down towards his ass, gripping and shoving him deeper inside you.
Bucky pulls back to unhook your legs from his waist. He grabs the backs of your knees, folding your legs back slightly so he gets a good look at where you’re connected. Sitting on his knees, he starts a punishing pace. The angle he has you at, you can’t move away from his onslaught. His fucking you with vigor, his grunts filling the space around you.
“Such a pretty pussy. Always look so good stuffed with my cock, baby.”
Your toes start to curl, legs aching from his hold and from their suspension in the air. As he continues his erratic pace, your climax grows with each pointed thrust that hits a spot inside you only he can reach. Out of nowhere, he halts his movements and pulls out of you.
“Bucky,” you whine. You need him back inside you to dim the ever growing heat.
“Hold on, sweets. Don’t worry, you’ll have your cock and cum on it too.”
You eye him as he leans over to grab the camcorder. He’s holding it in his hands now, angling it to point at your mound. He slides in you once more, filling you up immediately, giving you that full feeling you so desperately need.
Leaning back on his knees, he tells you, “Ride my dick, baby. Fuck yourself.”
A moan escapes you. You do as he said. Using your heels as leverage, you start to move yourself up and down on his thick shaft as he sits perched on his knees and records the scene unfolding before his eyes. “Yeah, just like that. Want you to cum like this. Wanna feel those wet walls pulse.”
Your hand goes down to circle your clit much to Bucky’s pleasure. He loves watching you get yourself off, especially filled full with his leaking cock. Your arousal slides down to his heavy balls. This is torture, for him and you. But, he knows watching you fall apart while using him will be worth it and you know that this orgasm is going to tear through you.
It’s too erotic. Using him to get yourself off while he sits and watches through that square screen. It has you quickening your movements. You’re unhinged as you hump against him, swirling fingers aiding in bringing you to your peak. The coil is tightening with each buck of your hips, winding up until you're shaking. You pull taut as you sink down on him, filling yourself up as your orgasm courses through your body. Tears swell in your eyes as the intense high takes over.
Bucky can’t handle this anymore. The feel of your walls fluttering around him, like a constant heartbeat, almost makes him spill his seed into you right then. He tosses the camcorder to the side, not caring to capture anymore footage for the night. He braces his hands above your head and starts to rut into you fiercely, chasing his climax.
Now it’s you who let’s him use your body for his pleasure. You lay pliant underneath him as he buries his face into your neck, biting into you to muffle his cries of pleasure as you feel warmness fill up your sore, overworked pussy. You rub his damp back, letting him relax against you as he empties himself.
You hold him to you, enjoying the feel of his weight pinning you to the floor as you both try to catch your breaths. “You did so good for me,” Bucky whispers. He pushes your hair off your face before kissing your lips. It’s slow and sloppy, all tongue and no effort. He pulls out off you and watches as his cum leaks out of your center.
“I’ll never get tired of filling you up.” He groans as he moves to get you a cloth to clean you up.
You lay there and stare at the ceiling for a moment before he returns, pressing the warm hand towel against you, ridding you of his spend. It’s a shame really. You want to stay filled with him. He picks you up and carries you to the mattress. Placing you down on the less than comfortable twin bed, he goes to his closet again to retrieve a spare blanket.
“Luckily, I have plenty of covers. Mom made sure of that.”
You smile as he climbs in the small bed with you. He presses you against his chest as the fuzzy blanket covers your naked forms. Even without pillows and a sheet, you feel yourself drifting off in Bucky’s embrace. He’s your source of contentment. Your beacon. Your everything. You don’t ever want to leave his side. Not when he’s this warm.
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angrythingstarlight · a day ago
Spanking with Chris
Tumblr media
Or bondage with Andy?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Spanking with Chris. Oral fem rec. Implied public sex. Sinday drabble #1.
Tumblr media
You've been a brat all day and he's been quietly biding his time. Patiently waiting for you to do one more thing. He doesn't care what it is at this point.
And then you kick his bike. In front of his men.
Chris chuckles, slowly and so darkly that it sends a shiver down your back. All your brattiness drains away when you see the simmering rage in his clear blue eyes but it's too late now.
Before you can stammer out an apology, he's walking towards you, his worn dusty boots thudding louder and louder with each step. You back up until your thighs hit the edge of his seat. He takes one last drag of his cigarette and flicks it behind him.
Without a word, he flips you over his bike, the soft padding of the seat cushioning your belly. "Wait, wait I'm sorry," you cry out, feeling his rough hands yank your skirt up.  
He palms your ass, pushing your panties down. "No, you're not." He smirks down at your flailing body, his bottom lip rolling between his teeth as he focuses on your ass. "But you will be."
The first strike sends a ripple of pain across your ass that feels so good you almost moan. But you know better, if he ever finds out how much you love being spanked, he'll find a new way to "punish" you.
The feel of his calloused hand and his smooth metal rings on your skin has your pussy soaked, your clit throbbing, and begging for his tongue. He keeps slapping your ass over and over the pain building until you're crying out.
You've lost track of how many times he's spanked you but he knows exactly how hard to smack your ass, drawing out the sensations until he can see your pussy glistening from your arousal.
He chuckles again, this time his voice deepening with lust, and it sends another shiver through your body. "You're making a mess on my bike darlin'".
A cool breeze hits your heated cunt, his large hands spreading your thighs apart as he kneels down. "Guess I'll have to clean you up and then finish your punishment when we get home."
Your eyes widen and another wave of slick pours of you. Oh god, oh yes fuck yes. He's going to eat you out. From behind. On his bike. In front of his clubhouse.
His warm wet tongue slides between your folds and he circles your clit. It feels so good, you can't contain your sobs of pleasure.
He's so sloppy, the wet sloshing as he devours you echoing across the yard and you keen when he pushes two thick fingers into your cunt, his cold rings rubbing over your soft spongy patch sending sparks through your body.
His other hand digs into your ass, the pain mixing with the fiery sensations from his tongue. "S'good, its s'good". oh, fuck you're screaming but you can't control yourself.
He doesn't let up until he feels you cum around his fingers, his beard drenched as you cry out his name.
Standing up, he smugly observes your quivering body, smacking your ass one last time, a small cry slipping from your lips, you groan at the feel of your panties being slide back up.
"Learn your lesson darlin'?"
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peterbarnes · a day ago
Finally Okay
Summary: You're a journalist who gets trapped in the GRC building the night the Flag Smashers attack it. What lengths will Bucky go to to get you back?
Word Count: 1.9k
Tumblr media
“Buck, we got a hit,” Sam told him over the phone. His usual childish humor was completely absent from his tone, instead replaced with a rare intensity.
“Where?” Bucky swiftly responded, picking himself up from your couch and running to the bedroom.
“Right in your backyard. The GRC is voting on the Patch Act tonight, the Flag Smashers are planning to pay them a little visit.”
Bucky froze right as he went to grab his suit from your closet.
“Shit. Sam, I’ll be there, but I gotta call you back,” he rushed, fumbling with the phone.
Bucky hit the red button on the screen aggressively with his metal thumb before clicking on your contact.
“Come on, come on, pick up,” he grumbled under his breath, his grip on the phone tightening. Any more pressure and it would crush between his fingers.
“This is [Y/N]. Sorry I missed your call-”
Bucky cursed, hanging up before calling again at least five times. He let out a frustrated sigh before deciding to leave a voicemail. He waited impatiently for the beep, his foot tapping against the wooden floor at an alarming pace.
“Hey, doll, it’s me. I know you said you were out working tonight and, knowing you, you went for the biggest story- the GRC. But look… Sam got intel that the Flag Smashers are going to be there tonight. I told you I wasn’t gonna get you involved in this shit, honey, and I plan to keep my promise. So please call me and tell me where you are so I can come and take care of you-”
The beep sounded and Bucky’s shaking voice was cut off. His heart started to race and the feeling was so debilitating that an airy feeling began to overcome his body. The world faded to blur around him as he tried to gain his barrings.
“Come on, soldier,” Bucky grumbled to himself, taking deep breaths and trying to get his panic to subside. Frightful images flashed through his mind- you getting shot, you getting tortured. So much blood. Anger bloomed in Bucky’s chest at the thought of someone hurting you. He gritted his teeth before snatching his suit from the closet and racing out the door.
“Maybe this wasn’t the best idea,” Jimmy said from next to you. He was still holding his camera, but his hands shook so much you thought he might drop it.
“Well, I didn’t exactly expect terrorists to show up out of fucking nowhere!” You scolded, trying to keep your voice as quiet as possible.
You were both cramped under one of the diplomat’s desks, trying to stay out of sight from the Flag Smashers that had just barged into the Meeting Hall. They circled around the room, guns in hand, ready to shoot the next person who steps out of line. When you first saw them you tried to make a run for it, but the doors were barricaded and the only way out was through the windows… a hundred stories above the ground.
“You should always expect terrorists to show up out of nowhere!” He freaked out.
You felt your phone keep buzzing in your pocket and you itched to grab it but with the way you were positioned in such a tight space, you couldn’t reach it.
“Jimmy,” you whispered to him.
“What?” He shot you a glare.
“I need you to grab my phone from my pocket. I can’t reach and you’re right next to it.”
“Are you serious?! If you call 911, they’ll hear you!”
“Then it’s a good thing I’m not calling 911.”
You stared each other down for a few seconds, daring the other to back off. After a few seconds, Jimmy huffed and rolled his eyes.
“Fine, hold on.”
He shifted a bit, trying to wiggle his arms through the confined space towards your jacket. After a few failed attempts in which your phone almost dropped to the marble floor, he finally secured it in his hand, passing it towards you.
“Thanks,” you whispered before clicking on the screen.
The brightness nearly blinded you and you were quick to turn it down before it drew anyone else’s attention.
12 Missed Calls From Jamie
1 New Voicemail
20 Messages From Jamie
“Shit,” you whispered to yourself, hurriedly unlocking your phone and tapping on his messages. They were all somewhat similar: Where are you? Call me back. Please tell me if you’re okay.
Your chest ached as you thought of how panicked he must be. Bucky had the biggest heart of anyone you’d ever met, and the idea of someone he loved being in trouble scared him more than anything- especially if that someone was you.
You: I’m okay
Jamie: Doll, where are you?
You: Top floor with all the diplomats. Flag smashers are here. Doors barricaded.
Jamie: I’m coming to get you, don’t do anything stupid
You: Hey! I don’t do stupid things
Jamie: Are you being sarcastic? I can’t tell over text
“Jesus Christ,” you let out, slapping your forehead with your palm.
“Okay here’s the plan-”
“No time,” Bucky interrupted as he barged through the front doors to the GRC building.
“What do you mean no time? Bucky, there are lives on the line-”
“I know that. Which is why I need to get up there now.”
Bucky’s breaths were ragged as he climbed the steps three stairs at a time.
“Bucky,” Sam started with a certain softness in his tone. “Who’s up there?”
“What do you mean? There’s plenty of people up there-”
“Who do you know who’s up there? I haven’t seen you like this in the field before- panicked, erratic.”
Bucky took a deep breath, pausing his movements on the stairs and clutching onto the railing.
“I… Her name’s [Y/N]. We’ve been seeing each other for the past few months.” He grimaced, uncomfortable with the sudden emotional weight of their conversation. “She’s a journalist and she’s up there and… I can’t let anything happen to her, Sam, I can’t…”
His voice trailed off as the images flashed through his mind again. The lump in his throat grew and threatened to force a sob from his throat.
“Okay, I understand,” Sam whispered. “But rushing into it with no plan isn’t going to help her. It might even do the opposite. So, here’s what we’re going to do...”
You noticed a few things about the Meeting Hall you were stuck in: the cries of panicked people as they tried to hide throughout the room, the red lighting that sent a shiver down your spine because of how ominous it was. What you didn’t notice was the figure in red, white, and blue barreling towards the window closest to you. The impact was loud and sent glass shattering to the ground. You jumped at the sudden noise and shielded your face from the shards of glass. You peeked out from under the desk, Jimmy right alongside you, and your jaw dropped.
“That’s Falcon!” Jimmy gasped in relief.
“I don’t think he’s Falcon anymore, Jim.”
“Sharon, Bucky, what’s going on on your end?” Sam spoke into his comms.
“Bucky,” You whispered before shooting up from under the desk.
“[Y/N]! What the hell are you doing?!” Jimmy called after you.
You ducked and dodged through the masses of people in your way, rushing towards where Sam stood heroically, shield in hand.
“Falcon- or, uh, Captain America, sir?” You stumbled, adjusting your outfit that had become immensely wrinkled since you put it on earlier.
He looked at you curiously before noticing the lanyard that lay on your chest.
[Y/N] [Y/L/N]- The Daily Bugle
“You’re [Y/N]?” He asked.
“Yes, yes, that’s me,” you told him while nodding quickly. “I heard you say Bucky’s name. Is he here?”
“Downstairs. I unlocked the doors, so start heading down, I’ll tell him to meet you. Be careful, we don’t know how many there are,” he warned.
His attention was quickly pulled away from you as a Flag Smasher came charging at him, knife in hand. Sam threw the shield so precisely it hit him right in the front of his calves, knocking the man off his feet and slamming his head into the ground.
“Go,” he repeated.
You quickly took off towards the stairs. Your legs moved so quickly, you were shocked that you didn’t fall at some point. They burned and begged you to stop but you refused. The only thing that was on your mind was Bucky.
Bucky. Bucky. Get to Bucky.
You were so caught up in finding him that you didn’t realize there was someone in front of you. You ran into them at full speed, smashing into their chest so hard it felt more like a wall.
“Ow,” you let out, closing your eyes and rubbing your forehead as you stumbled back. “Shit, sorry about that.”
All you got in response was a chuckle, which then led to them letting out the biggest, most beautiful laugh. One that you’d heard many times before.
Your eyes shot open as you took in the tall, broad, and dark-haired figure in front of you. Tears stained his eyes although you couldn’t tell if it was from his laughter or from his utter relief that you were safe. Maybe both. But you didn’t take the time to think about it before launching yourself in his arms.
The first time he ever held you, you came to the realization that you had never felt truly safe before, because this, him, was what true safety felt like.
His arms snaked around your waist holding you to him tightly. He pressed scattered kisses across any ounce of you he could touch- your hair, forehead, cheek, nose, eyes, lips.
When he kissed your lips, it was meant to be a quick peck before he moved onto a different area of your skin, but you moved your hands up, cupping his face gently and pulling him into you further. He melted into your embrace, his lips melding with your own. The fluttering of his eyelashes against your cheek was familiar, and for the first time in hours, your anxiety eased.
“I love you,” he mumbled against your lips. “Love you so much, babydoll.”
“Love you too, Buck,” you whispered back, smiling brightly.
“Maybe stick to smaller stories from now on, huh?” He joked.
“No promises,” you snorted, rolling your eyes and pressing your forehead against his.
For all you know you could have been standing there with him for hours. Time didn’t seem to pass when you were around him. The outside world would blur, but he was clearer than ever.
“Come on,” he told you. “Let’s go home.”
He removed his arms from your waist but you instinctively grabbed onto his metal one, interlacing his fingers with your own. His heart skipped a beat, as it always did when you went for that arm. He didn’t understand how you could love it, how you could love him. But at the end of the day, it didn’t matter, because you did.
“You okay?” You asked him softly, noticing his pensive expression.
“Yeah,” he responded, wearing a slight smile. “I think I’m finally okay.”
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bentobarnes · 2 days ago
『𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐬𝐨𝐨 𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐬𝐨𝐦𝐞!』
note : it's been a while since i last posted a fic but i will make a post about it because i decided to make a schedule about the postings so they won't be every day like before♡
pairings : bucky barnes x reader
word count : 770
request by @cherry-season (thank you! and for some reason, I can't tag you...) : you see 40s bucky at the museum.
warnings : fluff
*feedback is appreciated. please reblog so it can reach more people♡
Tumblr media
You and Bucky were still new to being together. It’s has been only a few months since you two became a couple but you were head over heels for him.
He didn’t feel like just another guy who comes into your life and soon leaves. Bucky was more than an ordinary guy. He was different and you loved him for that.
Maybe it’s because he is an old man. God, he is 106 years old and he had lived in the vintage times you love soo much. Bucky was an old soul and you couldn't be happier to have him in your life.
Today you and Bucky went to your favorite coffee place in New York. It was a place from his past, which still existed to these days. The café has kept its old history.
You entered the cafeteria, the atmosphere of old spirits surrounding the place, the smell of fresh coffee and baked goods filling your nostrils as the soft 40s music was playing in the background.
You took your usual spot next to the windows and ordered two pieces of War Cake and two cups of coffee. “So what’s the plan for today, doll?” Bucky asked after taking a sit of this black coffee.
“How do you drink such a black coffee without cream or sugar, old man?” You teased not wanting to tell him what you had in mind. “I’m an old man? Look at you young lady in love with vintage things!”
“That’s different!” You exclaimed and took a bite of your cake with an annoyed expression. “You still haven’t answered my question.” Bucky murmured as he took a piece of his cake too.
You played with the fork, drawing shapes onto the plate. “I was thinking maybe we can go to the museum… The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.” You babbled and took a look at him.
“It’s the museum with the Captain America exhibit right?” Bucky furrowed his brows in confusion not knowing why you were nervous about asking. “Yeah, I haven’t been there but I really want to go.”
“Then we will doll!” He whispered and extended his hand gently placing it on top of yours. You gave him a small smile and muffed a low “thank you, Buck”.
You were standing in front of the museum holding Bucky tightly onto his hand. You weren’t exactly sure why you were scared to come here. Was it because of Bucky’s past or the way he looked and then?
You entered and the atmosphere of such a strong and honorable legacy engulfed you to your very bones. You saw the fake mannequins with the Howling Commandos uniforms and rushed to take a closer look.
“Oh, your uniform is soo pretty!” You whisper-shouted and Bucky noticed the sparks in your eyes. “Do you know that my uniform actually matched Steve’s because you know I’m his best friend.”
“Oh, your bromance can be felt from miles even if haven’t told me.” You chuckled and Bucky rolled his eyes at your childish reaction but his smile only grew larger. “I love it though.” You added.
As you were walking you saw the lighted display with a big picture of a younger version of Bucky. “Oh my god!” You exclaimed in shock. “You were soo handsome!”
“What I’m not handsome now?” Bucky joked and you looked at him with a serious expression. “Oh come on look at you! The military is lucky I wasn’t there at that time!”
“And why is that, doll?” Bucky’s smirk grew larger with every word. “Because I would have stolen you! That’s why!” Bucky couldn’t contain his happiness and let out a chuckle making you smile.
When you went on the other side of the display there was a video of Steve and Bucky. “Best friends since childhood Bucky Barnes and Steven Rogers were inseparable.” You read.
Bucky had a tiny growing beard on the black and white video and they were both laughing and smiling like idiots. “Why are you two laughing soo much on that video?” You asked.
“Well the person filming the video told us to act like friends and I told him that we are friends.” Bucky smiled at the memory. It has been such a long time since then.
“You are beautiful Buck. Back then and now it doesn’t matter. To me, you are the best.” You turned your body to face him and stood on your tiptoes, planting a gentle kiss on his lips.
“I love you doll.” Bucky murmured into the kiss and after you pulled away you looked him in the eyes. “And I love you too Buck.”
tag list : @lovie-barnes , @bbl32 , @littlecanadianlani , @iguana-eyanna , @meetmyblondemuffins
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chriscvans · 5 hours ago
𝒅𝒂𝒕𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒃𝒖𝒄𝒌𝒚 𝒘𝒐𝒖𝒍𝒅 𝒊𝒏𝒄𝒍𝒖𝒅𝒆…
Tumblr media
okay, bucky is the ultimate Boyfriend Material.
he’s be the most romantic boyfriend ever omg!!
bucky is shy, introverted and such a nerd, bless him 😭
when you have trouble sleeping he reads for you, and it always works because he plays with your hair as he lulls you to sleep with his soothing voice.
lots of cuddling (he’s the little spoon 75% of the time).
tip of the nose kisses, cheek kisses, forehead kisses, hand kisses...
also, neck kisses, but those are reserved for intimate times ;)
bucky calls you “sweetheart” or a fun version of your name and you call him “buck” or “bucket” just to piss him off.
he learns new cooking recipes to do a fun date night every once in a while.
speaking of date nights, bucky always finds time to be with you. he loves to plan date nights; sometimes you both go to a nice restaurant, but he still likes to do date night at home, do the cooking and hang out with you.
bucky feels so comfortable around you. he doesn’t feel the need to hide any part of himself.
he’s the most gentle around you, like, he treats you like you’re made of glass (except when he’s fucking you).
you’re the only one capable of actually handling him. you ask him to be more patient and he’s all grumpy, but will do it just because you asked him to.
he’s so whipped oh my god 😩
sometimes he takes you to a bakery to have an early breakfast and it’s quiet but so wholesome and wonderful!
bucky is always touching you: if he’s not holding your hand, he has an arm around your shoulders or his pinky is interlocked with yours.
he introduces you to sam because he’s bucky’s closest thing to family, so it’s important that you and sam get along, which you do and bucky is super happy about it! <3
now, when it comes to sex, bucky loves to experiment with you.
of course, he asks what are your limits and you agree on a safeword just in case.
the sound of skin against skin, moans and grunts mix with the muffled atmosphere of the bathroom because of a hot shower. leaning on the glass wall, you feel bucky slip in and out of you with agility and virility. his metal arm holds your body in place, and his other hand circles your clit, eliciting moans of pure pleasure and approval and words of the lowest slang. “fuck- fucking hell-” he grunts as he keeps fucking you against the glass wall. “yes! i’m so close!” you gasp, leaning back on his shoulder. he speeds up the thrusts and you both come together for the second time that evening.
he loves to have his way with you and you love it. you love to see marks on your body, you wear them with pride. bucky wasn’t so thrilled when he saw them for the first time, but after lots of convincing, he kept it rough.
but like, he’s also super soft and sometimes the mood is for sensual lovemaking. he goes full romantic: candles, kisses, hand holding, eye contact and a bath afterwards.
he always goes soft after being rough. he washes your hair and rubs your back and waits for you to fall asleep.
he loves you and he’s so grateful that he’s finally found someone that accepts him for who he is 🥺
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littlelioncub43 · a day ago
Anything: Day 4
Tumblr media
Summary: It’s Day 4 of your birthday celebration week. The long weekend is definitely welcomed by both you and Lee. You 
Pairing: Lee Bodecker x fem!reader
Warnings: Smut 18+ ONLY (MINORS DNI, I mean it), somnophilia, unprotected sex (don’t be silly, wrap thy willy), Lee’s morning voice AND southern accent, overstimulation, dacryphilia, overstimulation, pussy slapping (like one smack to ze kitty), Lee’s filthy mouth, just—FILTH. You’ll love it. 
Word count: 4k (now you see why it took me forever to write it!)
A/N: Man! The writer’s block finally cleared! I thank you all for your patience with this piece, I wanted it to be up to my standards. I really wanted to feel like it was going to be a good addition to the series, because I don’t want to disappoint myself (or you, y’all are precious to me) by putting something out that feels half assed or slapped together. Anyways! I hope you like it as much as I do! Let me know what you think! Reblog, comment, send an ask, carrier pigeon, or whatever you feel comfortable doing. Alright! I love you all just as you are, and as you will be! 
Kisses 💋
Series Masterlist
The early morning sun had just began to breach the horizon. The chill that hung in the air was stagnant and brisk, cutting through the layers of blankets and sheets that you shrouded yourself in during the night. It was quiet, even the birds had yet to begin their day, so the normally drowsy town appeared to be frozen in time completely. You stirred from your sleep, the cold having pulled you away from your dreamland far too soon for your liking. The stillness of the world made you smile. You loved these moments. Moments when nothing moved, not even the wind, and when everything was clear.
You felt the familiar presence of your husband laying next to you, still in the peaceful hold of a deep slumber. Rolling over, you rub the sleep from your eyes and simply stare. He lay on his back, a sturdy hand on an equally sturdy chest, and his head lolled to the side as he snored gently. You let your sleepy mind wander, thinking about your dreams, wondering if Lee was dreaming, and what they could possibly be about. The County Sheriff was an enigma, and you adored it. You’d spend hours picking his brain about anything if he let you, but you have the rest of your lives to do that.
The small noise Lee made as he cleared his throat brought your mind back to bed. His unfairly lush eyelashes sweep down his shut eyes, the sweet lips you love kissing remain parted as he sighs out even breaths, the wrinkles of his scowls and smiles reduced to nothing but ghosts on his clear, pale face. In quiet, careful movements, you bring your index finger to the bridge of his nose, gently stroking it in smooth motions. A small smile plays at your lips when he twitches at the feeling. You stop, hoping not to wake him just yet. Your hand finds its place at the swell of his cheek, your touch is faint, barely there caresses dance across his skin.
The simple feeling of his skin under your hands has arousal swirling through you, the cool morning air beginning to smolder with your desire. You trace a line down his cheek to the nape of his neck, the heat of his body seeming to pull you deeper and deeper into him. His grey sleeping shirt forbade you from tracing lines on the bare skin of his chest, it made you pout ever so softly. The distance between you became too much for you to bear, scooting close as you possibly could, you were mindful not to jostle your sleeping husband too much. You sigh when you rest your head on his shoulder, the natural scent that is normally covered by Lee’s aftershave fills your senses. The smell sends bolts of desire through you, your thighs rubbing together as you try to alleviate the need between your thighs.
Your hand slides further down Lee’s broad chest, ghosting over his pudgy tummy, and landing at the front of his sleeping pants. You bite your lip when you feel the hard on that he had been sporting all morning, the thick meat pushing into your palm eagerly. It twitches happily when your palm grinds into it softly. A weak, throaty groan makes you stop in your tracks, worried you’d woken Lee up. He shifts a little in his sleep, bringing one hand behind his head under his pillow, his wrists still a dark red from yesterday’s activities, lazily rolling his head from one side to the other side, and drifts back off into his dreams. You sigh in relief and make quick work in untying the strings of his pants. The tricky part was pulling them down just enough to free his cock, but after a few careful tugs you managed to get them down his thick thighs without much problem and without waking him up.
Slinging one leg over Lee’s thighs, you maneuver yourself so you’re straddling him comfortably, the blankets still draped over you both to shield you from the chilly air. Once you’re comfortable, you get a better look at him. His hard cock lays against his stomach, twitching each time you shift on the meat of his thighs, his peaceful angel-like face sleeping soundly, all sprawled out for you to take. A single bead of precum beginning to drip from his reddened tip, smearing on the grey fabric of his shirt, the sight has your mouth watering. Next time, you tell yourself, the throbbing between your thighs getting the best of you.
Carefully, you wiggle out of your panties, sliding them off and down your legs, leaving you in your silk cream colored nightie that Lee loves. You hover on your knees, mindful not to put too much weight on him just yet, both hands resting on the mattress beside his stomach, and carefully bring your wet core to his cock. The feeling of his velvety shaft gliding through your folds sends shivers through you. You let yourself gasp silently, his weeping tip bumping your clit with each grind of your hips. The pleasure has Lee beginning to squirm, his legs twitching faintly ever so often, his face contorting when his tip catches your clit, his breathing deepening, but he thankfully remains asleep.
Once you made sure he was covered in your slick, you bring a hand between the two of you, a gentle but steady grip at his base guides his fat tip to your quivering hole. Licking your lips, you slowly lower down into his lap. The delicious stretch burning just a little more in the early morning, his girthy cock slowly but surely splitting you open. Your mouth hangs open as you drink up the overwhelming fullness that overpowers you, your eyes fixated on Lee’s face as you sit on his cock. His eyebrows pinch together, eyes squeezing shut a little tighter as his breathing deepens, square jaw dropping open a little more, a light pink blush dusting over the apples of his cheeks and the bridge of his nose. The pure innocence that reeks from your normally gruff and burly sheriff has your juices absolutely gushing from you. Soon, the pleasurable burn that comes with that first thrust fades away into dizzying ecstasy.
Slowly, you lift up on your knees, feeling the drag of his veiny shaft against your most sensitive walls, then let gravity push you down, not bothering to be very soft. The sudden drop has you gasping, the air knocked from your lungs, you loved it. Your hands find purchase on Lee’s chest as you lift up slowly and push down, his own gasps matching yours, consciousness beginning to stir within him. His once lazy grip on his pillow tightens as you begin to ride him at a steady pace, gentle moans pour from your lips in a steady stream, each bounce making you crave more and more and more. A particularly hard thrust has Lee’s eyes shooting open to roll back, his back bending with raspy grunt, both hands gripping the pillow in a vice grip.
“G’morning, Daddy,” you moan thickly with a smirk.
“Fuck, Princess,” he croaks, his voice gravelly and deep from sleep, words slurring together, his hands abandoning the pillow to grip your waist harshly as he begins to thrust up into you, his powerful legs helping him drive up into your cunt with fervor. You watch as his eyes roll with each flutter of your pussy around him, his jaw switching from hanging open to clenching his teeth so hard you think they’ll crack. Each lung punching thrust from Lee has you practically yelping in his lap, little pleased chirps leaving you each time he bottoms out.
You both lose yourself in the nearly painful pleasure that you offer each other, only listening to the chorus of moans, grunts, gasps, the rustling of sheets, and the rhythmic clapping of skin on skin. Then his bulbous tip grazes against a spot deep within you that has you practically doubling over, a hoarse moan tears itself from your chest, your face twisting as lightning bolts of pleasure electrify your entire being, hands fisting his sleeping shirt tightly.
“That it? That the spot, Princess?” He asks, his voice hushed and raspy, words still bleeding together. He aims for the spot again and hits his target with alarming accuracy. Another deep moan flies from you when his tip slams into the spongey spot dead on, your cunt contracting around him wildly, making Lee moan brokenly with you. “Yeeeeeah, thas fuckin’ it,” he mumbles in his thick southern drawl.
With a thundering growl, Lee plows into that special spot with feral enthusiasm, his legs bent to fuck you as best he can, the strong hands you love so much hold your hips, pulling you up and down to meet his thrusts. This early in the morning, Lee usually has no control over his voice, and today is no different; constant animalistic, raspy grunts and groans rumble deep within his chest, only adding to your pleasure. The man was trying to kill you.
There was a tension in your lower belly building stronger and stronger with each mind blowing thrust from Lee, each deep growl pushing you further and further towards your edge. You feel your pussy begin to flutter uncontrollably, a warning to you both that you’re gonna cum. Without a word, Lee shifts his right hand to still hold you in place and rub your clit with his thumb, his digit strums your swollen clit in cruel circles. The added stimulation had you squirming on top of Lee, your eyes crossing, jaw dropping as you grind wildly, Lee sighing out a loud choppy moan when your cunt squeezes him even harder, his head tipping back.
You felt that tension in your belly pull tighter and tighter, your muscles locking up, your eyes shut tight, a thin high moan filling the air. In one, two, three more thrusts and cruel rubs to your clit you were falling over the edge. You felt a torrent of relief wash over you, stars erupting behind the lids of your shut eyes, your knees quiver around Lee’s thick tummy as you gasp out hoarse moans. Your arms give out, you fall into Lee’s chest, your head tucking into the crook of his neck.
Your entire body shaking with aftershocks, you press sloppy kisses to Lee’s sweat damp throat, his arms winding around your torso to hold you in place firmly. He helps you ride out your orgasm, his quick pace slowing down just a bit before returning to full speed, the need for his own release taking over his mind completely. His thrusts pick up to an inhuman speed, a deafening rhythm of clap clap clap clap clap and Lee’s growing noises fill the sweaty room.
Soon his pace begins to falter, his own high catching up to him, his body desperate for release, your arms wrap around his shoulders, framing his head, your fingers cradling his head and scratching at his scalp.
“Give it to me, Daddy, please” you whisper in his ear, your voice deep and sultry from exhaustion, your face nuzzling against his.
“O-Oh, fuck!!!!!” Lee shouts, his eyes crossing as his head rolls from side to side before arching backwards.
Those five words push Lee head first into his high, his arms tightening almost painfully around your middle, one arm constricting around your waist, the other hand gripping the back of your neck roughly, forcing you to take everything he gives you. His hot seed floods your insides, filling you completely with his cum, his muscles spasming as he releases a groan. You whimper with him, the feeling of his cum spilling into your pussy always made you shiver in the best ways possible, your thighs holding him close, absolutely loving the overwhelming fullness.
When his high finally begins to calm down, Lee slowly loosens his grip, his muscles relaxing with each deep breath, his head spinning in ecstasy. Both of you pant, still not saying anything, just basking in the comfortable post-orgasmic haze. You feel lazy, soft kisses trailing along your shoulder and up your neck. You hum with a smile, lifting your head to capture Lee’s lips in a delicate kiss, your hand slowly running through his short hair, exhaustion ruling over both your bodies.
“G’morning to you, too, Princess,” he whisper with a soft nip at your plush bottom lip. Your lips crack into a smile against his, you move so you’re hovering over him your bodies still connected despite his softened member. You smile down at him, his hands rest comfortably on your waist, smoothing out the fabric of your nightie.
“I’ll make you breakfast for treatin’ me so good,” he says fondly with a playful swat to your rump, grinning up at you when you yelp in surprise. You giggle and kiss him sweetly.
“Sounds like a plan,” you carefully lift off him, wincing when his soft cock slips from your heat, a trail of messy cum oozing down his shaft and your inner thighs. Both of you giggle and groan in disgust at the less than pleasant feeling of your releases coating your skin while heading for the bathroom. Before breakfast you both desperately needed a shower.
All cleaned up and breakfast on the table, Lee pulled you into his lap just before you could sit in your own chair. You chuckle as he kissed your cheek and wrapped his left arm around your middle, cutting the poor looking pancakes and sausage with the edge of his fork comfortably. You eat breakfast together without much talking, it was a warm and welcome silence.
“You enjoyin’ your week so far, Darlin’?” He asked as he forked in the last bite of his sausage. He hoped this week was going as well for you as it was for him. He was getting some of the best sex he’d ever had in his life and it wasn’t even his birthday.
You hum and nod, swallowing the pancakes in your mouth before speaking with a smug grin, “Oh, I’m havin’ the time of my life, can’t believe half the stuff you’re letting me do to you” you wiggle your eyebrows at him, making the sheriff blush and chuckle, “what about you, you havin’ fun this week?”
“Oh, Princess, I’m havin’ more fun than you could possibly imagine,” he growls in your ear with a playful nip to your earlobe, “what y’got planned for today, Princess? Something like yesterday, you naughty little girl?” He groaned, knowing just how much you love hearing him use his deep, raspy voice.
“Well, not anything like yesterday, but I do think you’ll like it,” you chuckled darkly, your breakfast already being forgotten as you turn in his lap, your arms snaking around his shoulders, you lean in to whisper.
“You’re gonna fuck me as many times as you possibly can, and you’re gonna make me cum until I’m crying,” Lee bites his lip, his nose grazing along your cheek, “Think you can do that for me, Sheriff?”
He barely stifles a groan at the use of his title, you knew what it did to him and you wielded that title like a weapon. “Yeah, Babydoll, I can do that for you.”
Lee rubbed your thigh, his hand suddenly under your skirt, his touch gentle and light. If you wanted to cum until you were crying, he was going to be more than happy to deliver. He kissed your cheek, then your neck, thinking to himself, ‘Thank God it’s the weekend.’
Lee’s lungs were burning, but it was no match for the searing pleasure that wracked his body with each thrust, your pussy strangling the girth of his cock in a vice grip. The sight of you bent over, face down, ass up and split open on his cock was etched into his brain as one of the most erotic views he’d ever see. He could tell that you were close again, your legs shaking and squeezing together, trying to hold him in place and push him away all at once. Your screams muffled by the pillow you had been biting for the last half hour, Lee could make out a few curses, his name, and the countless chants of ‘please.’
You had both lost count of how many times you’d both cum. For every 3 orgasms you had, Lee had his own. That was the rule. The water pitchers and glasses on the nightstand shook with each of his thundering thrusts, primal grunts pour from Lee’s lips, sweat dripping down his forehead, he was grateful you’d made him drink water a while back, otherwise he’d been done hours ago. Your entire body convulses as you release around Lee once more, both of you freezing as you ride out the electrifying waves of pleasure. Lee’s eyes shut as he focuses on holding himself back, he wanted to make you cum a few more times before he blows this load.
You sag against the sweat damp bed, your back arching dramatically as you gasp for air. Lee rubs your back with one hand, pushing at your shoulders to make you keep that arch. He smirks when you push your ass back on him.
“Ready for more, already, Princess?” He taunts, leaning over you, resting one hand on the mattress, his other hand slipping under you to find your clit. He feels the engorged little nub and begins to rub tight little circles, sending sharp bolts of pleasure through you, the pleasure bordering on pain.
“Sucha needy little slut, jus beggin’ for my cum, ain’tcha? Can’t fuckin’ get ‘nough, can ya, Sweetheart?” He growls harshly, his hips still not moving, using his large body to pin you down, “Thas what this whole week’s ‘bout, ain’t it? Iss ‘bout your sweet lil’ cunt gettin’ the attention she wants, the attention she needs…”
You feel the familiar tension tingling throughout your body as you squirm, trying to rut into and get away from Lee’s fingers, you pussy fluttering crazily around him, making him roar quietly under his breath, fingers speeding up. His filthy words paired with his fingers rubbing at your poor abused clit has you hurdling towards another orgasm, the aftershocks of your previous orgasm still shooting through your body. You couldn’t tell where one high started and ended, not anymore, your legs felt like they were feather light and made of lead all at the same time.
“Yer gonna cum fo’ me, yer gonna cum fo’ me right fuckin’ now!” Lee demanded and brought his hand down on your clit, the slap catching off guard, a shriek of Lee’s name flying from you as you cum again. You feel your release leaking down the inside of your trembling thighs, hips trying desperately to rock back and forth on Lee’s cock but his firm grip and large body keeps you in place. You hear his deep voice groaning and whispering praises into your ear, his voice tight and strained.
“Thas it, good girl, thas my good lil’ slut, now yer gonna take my cum,” he gasps out as he begins to rock into you once more, his thrusts are short and rough, punching the air from your lungs. Your hands reach back to claw at his meaty thighs, looking for anything that can help you ground yourself. Lee pulls his hand away from your swollen clit, grabbing a handful of your hair, pulling you to look up at him. The glazed far off look in your eyes makes Lee smirk proudly, your drool soaked chin, plump, bitten lips, and sweaty skin all telling him that he’s doing a good job. You flash him a fucked out smile, loving the way he frantically drives into you, his face set in concentration, sweat pouring from his forehead, his cheeks flushed and his fiery blue eyes locked on yours. You could see the determination burning in his irises, he looked possessed, and fuck, if it wasn’t one of the hottest things you’d ever seen.
“C’mon, Lee, own me, baby” you whisper, you feel tears pool in your eyes.
“I do, I do own you, Princess,” he whimpers in between staggering thrusts as his face crumples like he wants to cry, his balls tighten as soon as you say his name, and Lee feels so good, everything just felt so good, too good.
“Oh my God, m’go-gonna cum… m’gonna fuckin’ cum!” Lee chokes out, his hand releasing your hair to rub your clit roughly yet again. You cry in protest, not sure if your body could handle another, but Lee’s quick to persuade you.
“Jus one more, Angel, one more, please, please, Princess, we can do anotha' one, last one, I promise, jus give it t’me, c’mon, please, please, please, please!”
Your vision goes white as stars burst in your irises, another orgasm wrung out of your poor cunt, a loud wail filling the stuffy bedroom, walls closing in around Lee’s throbbing cock. He seizes up on top of you, his entire body going taught as you cum around him, the tightness proving to be too much for his body to take. A familiar sensation of his hot cum filling your insides being the only thing tethering you to your reality, each pump of Lee’s seed mixing with the ropes of cum from his previous highs. His own animalistic scream joining yours as he begins to come down, his heartbeat thumping loudly in his ears, his arms and legs giving out completely, gravity pulling him down on top of you. You both lay connected as you catch your breaths, your souls slowly returning to your bodies.
Your sweaty bodies plastered together, Lee lazily finding your hand to hold, his shaky hand intertwining with yours as you lay. After another moment, Lee sluggishly rolls to the side, being as mindful of his weight on you as he can in his boneless state. He winces as a soreness groans in his muscles, his legs and arms crying in discomfort as he rests in his usual spot in bed. With a heavy sigh, he looks up at the ceiling, his eyes sliding shut, heart still pounding in his chest. You turn your head to look at him, still laying on your stomach. You can’t help but giggle, your mind still fuzzy and a bit delirious. As soon as he hears your giggles, Lee turns to look at you, a wide grin splitting his handsome, sweaty face in half, his own breathy laugh mixing with yours. He brings his arm up, motioning you to scoot in, you rest your head on his shoulder, his arm now around your shoulders lazily, your naked bodies pressed together once more.
“Well, fuck me,” you sigh incredulously and relax into the bed even more, Lee lighting a cigarette, he definitely earned it. Letting out a puff of smoke, he smirks smugly.
“I already did, Darlin’,” he says proudly and takes another drag of his cigarette, blowing the smoke away from you, knowing that you weren’t the biggest fan of the smell. You chuckle again and weakly slap his chest, making him smile. A yawn escapes you as Lee continues to smoke. Grabbing the thin sheet, he wraps it around you both, tucking you into his broad chest just like you were meant to be and presses a kiss to the crown of your head.
“Get some rest, Princess,” he mumbled, his hand rubbing your arm softly. “We’ll clean up when you wake up,” he interrupts just before you could complain about being sweaty, another yawn leaving you, sleep taking over your body rather quickly. Stamping out his cigarette in his ashtray, Lee sighs and snuggles in with you, his eyelids growing heavier with each breath. Soon enough, you both let your bodies succumb to the fatigue of the day, a weighty sleep washing over you and sweeping you away into a dreamland.
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Close To You - Part 2
Tumblr media
You can read part 1 here | Bucky Barnes Masterlist | Masterlist | Requests are highly requested, I’m bored.
Summary: (Based off of the song “Close to You” by Dayglow.) The dinner did not go as planned, and Y/N has a hard time dealing with her turbulent emotions, and after going too far, Bucky is able to bring her back down, but what follows is a whole lot more emotions.
Word Count: 4K+ (holy mackerel)
Warnings: 18+ angst and fluff! (Oh boy), mentions of panic attacks, obsessions with a metal arm, smut, injury, diet-confessions, and soft!beefy!Bucky
A/N: ok you might hate me after this one haha. This took me a long time to continue cause I’ve been really busy, but I just had this burst of inspiration so I wrote it all down in one sitting. (Crazy! I know!) Anyways, feedback is highly appreciated, because your thoughts on what I write really is what drives me to actually do this more often. I crave validation. Let me know if you’d like a part 3!
Gif not mine. Not proofread much.
We locked eyes from a distance
So close but I missed it
Now you’re walking away
When I wish you stay
The rest of the dinner went smoothly enough, yet you were so nervous that you barely made conversation with Bucky at all. But the worst part of the night was after the dinner.
“Hey, I have a great idea, why don’t we have a movie night? Y’know just like the old days in the tower?” Tony offered, eyes nervously glancing at you and Bucky before putting on a confident grin. The rest of the Avengers hum in agreement, some more reluctant than others, but when Tony finally rests his gaze once again on Bucky, things don’t go according to plan.
“Wha’dya say Barnes? You gotta start catching up, Rogers is just finally starting to get Peter’s Alien references,” He chuckles, and Peter blushes slightly when the rest of the table lets out light chuckles. Bucky nervously looks down towards his empty plate once he feels everyone’s eyes on him. You see him look to you from his downward glance, and he must’ve not liked whatever face you were making at the time, because he abruptly stood up, scraping his metal chair across the floor.
“I think I’m gonna call it a night.” He grumbles under his breath. He looks over at Steve, who is wearing a concerned expression for his friend, gives him a curt nod, before picking up his plate. His metal digits accidentally graze your elbow, resting on the table, and you shudder from the coolness of his fingers. Bucky immediately recoils however, rushing over to the kitchen, dropping his plate in the sink loudly before making his way towards his usual exit. He pauses, making uncomfortable eye contact with you. Your eyebrows were furrowed, your mind already racing with intrusive thoughts as to why he would leave, before he even walked through the entry to the hallway. Why couldn’t he just stay? Bucky gnawed on the inside of his left cheek, thinking for a moment, perhaps an excuse, but he then shakes his head, briskly walking out of the living room with a determined pace. After a moment, you finally break your gaze from where Bucky once stood, finding your plate much more interesting than anyone’s gaze.
“Well that went well,” Natasha murmured, trying to break some of the uncomfortable, thick, tension at the table.
“I’m sure Bucky was just tired is all,” Steve tried, mostly trying to make an excuse for his friend’s icier-than-usual behavior.
“Eh, its fine, we can still watch that movie, if anyone’s still up for it,” Sam offered. People were a little less enthusiastic, all now well aware of Natasha’s and Wanda’s plan to make Bucky and you more acquainted, had completely backfired. You didn’t say a single word, instead forcing yourself to not cry. Why were you about to cry? Why do you care so much about what he thinks, what he does? You quickly get up, making a similar scraping sound with your metal chair. All the quiet murmurings of the avengers completely hushed, everyone now looking at you.
“I’m gonna go to bed, I’m not the mood for a movie,” You garbled, your chin slightly wobbling. Wanda tried to touch your arm comfortingly, but you quickly pull your plate from the table, avoiding her.
“Y/n…” She tried to comfort you, but you walk away from the table throwing your plate in the sink just like Bucky had done, only this time storming out of the room, not even stopping to acknowledge anyone further.
“Sorry for wasting your time everyone,” You call over your shoulder, and the sound of your rushed footsteps down the hallway seems to be the loudest noise in the compound. All the avengers looked at each other, and all make a silent agreement to end the night there, all clearing their places, thanking Wanda and Natasha for the meal, and finally retreating to their respective places in the compound. The only people who remained in the kitchen were Natasha, Wanda, and Steve.
“So..that didn’t go according to plan,” Steve sighed, running a hand through his locks, tossling them messily to one side.
As soon as you made it into the assured safety of your room, you pressed your back against the door, trying to let the coolness of the metal smooth you, but it only reminded you of Bucky’s accidental graze against your elbow from earlier. You sink the the floor, overwhelmed by all the sensations you were feeling, but you were able to ground yourself enough to speak to the cold emptiness of your room.
“Friday, don’t let anyone in my room please,” You sigh, and when she affirms she has followed through on your request, you let out a not so silent scream into the palms of your hands. Frustrated tears race down your cheeks, and you couldn’t help letting out a few sobs before deciding to crawl into the childish safety of your bed.
There’s something on my mind
There’s something that I
Wish I would’ve told you but you just don’t seem
To wonder what I’m doing when you’re close to me.
You tossed and turned, trying to let sleep consume you, but your body was filled with a certain mixture of sadness and anger you couldn’t seem to quell, no matter how hard you tried. You reached for your phone, reading the clock. 12:45. Deciding that sleep was not an option for you at the moment, you changed into some exercise clothes, and emerged from your room. Bucky’s room was right across the hall from yours, so you padded as quietly as possible past his room, your bare feet slightly sticking to the cool floor.
Once you made it into the gym, you sighed in relief to see no one was there. You went up the the punching bag already set up, with a few rows of stacked backups placed off to the side. You reach for the tape placed next to the punching bag, wrapping up your knuckles quickly as you size up the bag. You decided to let out your feelings, in one of the only ways you knew how to: with a few, good hard punches. You bounced on the balls of your feet slightly, and let out a light punch, feeling the bag tremble slightly under your touch.
A few punches turned into many, and after one last punch, followed by a loud grunt, you see the bag go flying, spilling sand and other grains all over the mat. You slightly gasp. You had only seen Steve and Bucky do that sort of thing. Yet the slight relief that flooded through your system when you threw that last good punch, had you dragging one of the replacement bags towards the hook, placing it on after a minute of struggle, before hitting the bag once more.
A few more bags later, there was sand and grains scattered within a twenty foot radius. There was a pile of broken punching bags on the floor, with new, shiny ones, placed right next to were you were letting out all your frustration. Your face was covered in a mixture of tears and sweat, the rest of your body drenched as well. You didn’t care though, you still had Bucky’s cold stare in the back of your mind, gnawing at your heart every time you threw a punch.
Why did you have to like him so much to the point that any hint of rejection made your body so keen on destroying the first thing in front of you? You weren’t this much of an ill-tempered person, always able to control your emotions well enough that it didn’t impact your daily life. You just wish Bucky knew how you felt about him: how much you craved to see his smile, hear his laugh, see him be content with himself instead of being an empty, tortured soul. You thought Bucky deserved the world, or rather, you thought the world of Bucky. Just being near him sent you into a tailspin. Not just because of his sorrowed, cerulean eyes that you could get lost in. Not because of his Adonis-like physique, making your body hum in excitement whenever you happened to gaze upon it.
It was because he was kind-hearted, braver than most, and incredibly strong, despite all his struggles meant to make him the opposite. You just wished you had the courage to tell him these things, but it seemed like Bucky barely thought of you in the first place. He didn’t act the way you did at all. His eyes didn’t light up when you walked into a room. He didn’t laugh at all your jokes. He didn’t worry about you whenever you were on a mission, so worried to point where he would wait for you to get back from your mission, just wanting confirmation you were okay before being able to do anything else.
You did all those things. Oh, how you wish Bucky would do those things for you.
Another bag flies from the hook, this time making impact with the glass wall. You see the glass shatter, scattering onto the ground. Once the sand and glass finally settles, you don’t immediately go to hook another and start again. Instead you stand there, fists dropped to you sides, and you finally give yourself a break. You chest is falling and rising with incredible speed, and you can even hear your heartbeat in your eardrums. It has no signs of slowing down when you can still picture Bucky’s eyes finding your in the kitchen, filled with emotions you couldn’t begin the decipher, yet still so beautiful your mind can’t help but stutter at the thought. Tears once again pour into your vision, and you let out a frustrated cry. Why can’t you just stop crying? You never felt more pathetic. You sink the to the ground, cross legged, staring at the debris twenty feet in front of you as you let the tears trickle down to your chin.
You hear the glass door to the gym slide open. You look over to see Bucky, the last person you wanted to see you like this, look at the mess in front of you, then to your shaking figure with frantic eyes. But once his eyes settle onto your tear filled ones, you see his face slightly relax, going from slight annoyance to incredible worry.
“Oh Y/N..” He sighs. He quickly walks over to you. You see him only wearing grey sweatpants, and if it weren’t for you already racing pulse, you would’ve malfunctioned at the sight of his chest coated in a slight sheen of sweat. Once he reaches you, he kneels in front of you, placing both his hands on your cheeks. You take in a sharp, shuddered inhale at his touch, but the tears keep falling. You didn’t mean to to lean into his touch, the contrast between the coolness of his cybernetic palm versus his fleshed one, providing some sense of comfort.
“Hey…it’s ok..take a deep breath, just focus of me ok?” Bucky coos, rubbing his thumbs underneath your eyes, wiping away the tears collected there. After a couple minutes of Bucky guiding your breath, calming you down enough to the point where you don’t feel your tears falling anymore, Bucky lets out a heavy sigh. You can tell he was tired, yet knowing Bucky, he probably wasn’t sleeping well before this.
“Sorry for waking you up…” You mumble, trying to avoid his gaze. He holds onto your face slightly tighter, signaling you to keep looking at him.
“ was awake, I couldn’t sleep anyway.” He chuckles lowly, warmed slightly by how you immediately thought to apologize to him despite you being the one in need. You heart clenches, in a good way, at the sound of his laughter. You hadn’t heard it in a while, you just wish you heard it under better circumstances.
“Now can you tell me why you’re down here at 3 am, breaking every single punching bag we have?” he asks semi-seriously, happy to see you smile a bit at his words.
“Wow, I didn’t realize I’ve been down here that long..” You chuckle, but when Bucky narrows his eyes at you when you avoided his question, you sigh.
“I uh..needed to let off some steam, I tried to sleep it off, but I just couldn’t sit still,” You admit, looking down at your hands. Bucky finally lets go of your face, looking down at your hands as well. He gingerly unwraps the tape covering your knuckles, you wince when he makes contact with the bloodied blisters and cuts coating your hands. You realized that your fists were clenched so tightly, your nails even broke the skin on your palms. Bucky looks at you with a scowl and you whine at him,
“I didn’t think I was going that hard..”
“You just shattered a glass wall,” He states very matter-of-factly. You slump, your shoulder and he lets out a small laugh.
“I’m not mad at you, let’s just get you cleaned up ok?” He assures you, and you give him a small nod. He helps you off of the floor, but when your knees wobble from the exhaustion finally hitting you, you fall right back on your ass.
“Jesus, you really shouldn’t work yourself too hard. I’m just gonna carry you, is that ok?” He asks carefully, and you nod. He picks you up, hooking his arms underneath your thighs. You instinctively wrap your legs around his waist, but your heart was thrumming rapidly, confused why he would carry you this way.
“You comfy?” Bucky asks, his head loto look at you. His face was incredibly close to yours and you cant help but feel your face heat up at the proximity.
“Like I’m riding a cloud,” You giggle nervously, and Bucky turns away from you with a small laugh. You do catch his ears turning slightly red, and youre not very sure why. Bucky starts to make his way to the door.
“What about the mess?” You ask him, but he just shushes you.
“Friday will have someone take care of it, right?” He calls to the ceiling.
“Of course Sargent Barnes,” she chimes.
“Besides, you’re more important right now, doll.” He assures, and the way he called you doll makes your heart go into overdrive.
There’s something on my chest
I wish I would’ve said
I think it over and it might be true
I’m only overthinking when I’m close to you
Bucky takes you to his room, and you are not surprised by the lack of decoration. He quickly takes you into his bathroom, he sets you down gently on the counter. There’s a comfortable silence between you two as he grabs his first aid kit from the mirror cabinet behind you. He also grabs a small hand towel, turning on the sink to start soaking it with cool water. You give your hands to him, and he starts to carefully wipe your wounds clean, his metal arm holding onto your wrist while he uses his fleshed one to gently wipe away any sweat or blood coating your palms. He was still shirtless, and you couldn’t help but stare up his bionic arm, trailing your arms up the plated slates like you have countless times before, yet this time was incredibly intimate. Only having stared at it from a comfortable distance, you were finally able to see the intricate details. There were small scuffs, maybe a couple dents here and there, but otherwise, the arm is very well taken care of. You eyes finally land on where the machine meets flesh, the scars building a complex, yet beautiful bridge between the two. You didn’t mind it one bit, not seeing his arm as an accessory, a symbol of his tragic past, but instead just a continuation of the man you admire so much. None of this ogling goes unnoticed by Bucky, and he is slightly confused why your eyes weren’t filled with fear or disdain, but adoration?
“Is there a reason why you’re staring at my arm like that?” Bucky asks, he tried to come off as slightly teasing, but to be honest, he was just mostly curious for your answer.
“Sorry-I uh-I didn’t mean to stare, well, I kinda did-“ You began to stutter, and Bucky chuckles at the way your eyes try to meet his, but keep flicking away, sometimes towards his arm, or where he’s cleaning your hands,
“I like your arm. I think it looks-beautiful,” You blurt, and you would’ve slapped yourself for the word choice if it wasn’t for Bucky’s firm yet gentle grip on your wrist.
“Really?” Bucky is shocked by this, and you give him a shy nod, “Why?”
You finally don’t hesitate with your answer. This might be your only chance to tell him a fraction of how you felt. Maybe Bucky will warm up to you if you actually have the courage to compliment him. You recall your thoughts from earlier.
“Well, I just like the details: the way the little slates move whenever you do, the small scuffs and dents that you can’t seem to get rid of, I can sometimes see my reflection in it, which is sometimes helpful when I’m having a bad hair day,” You laugh, trying to distract yourself from your mind running wild. Bucky lets out a small laugh. He has moved onto putting on the anti-bacterial, which begins to sting your palms. You wince slightly.
“Keep talking about it, might help distract you,” Bucky urges you, knowing you had more to say. You swallow heavily, as if trying to keep you intimate feelings from spilling out before continuing,
“Okay, I like how good you take good care of it, like when I see you wiping it clean on the quinjet whenever coming back from missions, but uh-ow” you wince when the antibacterial reaches into a particularly nasty cut, “But, my favorite part is where it meets the rest of you. I dunno why, but I think the scars as if its like, tons of tiny little bridges connecting it to the rest of you. I know you may not like that part, guessed off the fact you don’t ever take off your shirt, like ever, but I still like it. I don’t really see it as something being stuck to you, I just see it as, a beautiful arm connected to a beautiful being,” You murmur the last part, and you feel Bucky still his movements. You didn’t even notice that he had already wrapped up your hands with a soft gauze, and had been holding your hands as you finished your seemingly never ending thought. You look up into his eyes, and you see them slightly misted, touched by your words.
“You really think that?” Bucky whispers, and you nod with a small smile. Your heart and brain are pleading with you to speak your mind. You’ve had this feeling in about Bucky for what seems like forever, and since he’s not running away from you from what you just said, you finally take the leap. Whether you would fall into an ocean of reciprocated feelings or complete rejection was unclear to you, but frankly, you couldn’t care less.
“I think so much about you Buck, like to the point that I start overthinking whenever you’re close to me. My brain would just start thinking all these things, and I could never build up the courage to say anything, cause I was afraid you wouldn’t be able to say any of those types of things back,”
“You mean compliments?” Bucky clarifies, and you let out a small laugh.
“Yeah, compliments.”
“Was that why you were in the gym so late? Were you frustrated about it?” He asked quietly, to which you nodded calmly, and the question of ‘Were you upset because you thought I didn’t like you back?’ still hung in the air.
“Well that was probably the nicest compliment anyone has ever given me. I don’t know if I can top it,” Bucky admits shyly. You let out a small laugh, being brave enough to squeeze his palms only slightly, not enough to hurt your hands.
“Don’t worry, you don’t have to. I just, needed to get it off my chest.” You sigh, as if letting that emotional weight actually roll off your shoulders. You were still tense, unsure how Bucky felt about after this almost diet-confession.
“Can I get something off my chest then?” The super soldier asks quietly and you nod. He leans forwards, pressing his forehead against yours in a comforting and loving manner, and you can feel his minty breath fanning your cheeks and flooding your senses. You are still able to make eye contact with him when he finally speaks,
“I think a lot about you too. It may not seem like I do, but trust me when I say, you are on my mind almost all the time.” He screws his eyes shut, and you can feel him slightly shaking in anxiety, so you rest a hand on where his flesh meets metal. You begin to trace your thumb alongside his scars, and he lets us a shuddered, yet relaxed breath before continuing,
“I know I act like I don’t care, and I’m really sorry about that, but I overthink a lot when I’m around you too. Not just good things, like how pretty your face is, and how sweet and caring you are to me, and all those small little details that no one else really notices. But I also think about some bad things: like how I don’t deserve to have you look at me like I hung all the stars in the sky, that I don’t deserve to have someone go out of their way to wait for me to come back from missions to make sure I’m okay, that I don’t deserve someone to ‘compliment’ me like you do,”
“But you do deserve those things Buck, and I know you may not believe me, but I’ll tell you every single day until you do..if you’ll let me,” You plead, looking into his open eyes once more.
“Only if you promise to compliment me more in the process,” He chuckles, and you giggle. His hands come up to cup your cheeks, stroking his thumbs across our cheekbones.
“Of course I will,” You promise him, and he finally pulls your lips onto his, and it feels like heaven. You sigh into his mouth as you close your eyes, finally feeling all that anxiety pent up inside you dissipate, letting Bucky’s warmth fill the void left there.
His kiss becomes more passionate, desperate, like a starved man in the middle of winter. His arms envelop yours, and you spread your legs apart to let him into your space even more. His tongue dances along your bottom lip, and when his metal arm squeezes your thigh, you let out a small gasp, granting his access to your mouth. You moan at the feeling his his muscle moving against yours, teasing you ever so slightly as he he presses his lower half into you. You can feel your heat begin to become wet with arousal. Bucky finally parts his plush, pink lips from yours, yet not straying too far. Your eyes flutter open, looking into his eyes, his pupils blown out from lust, circled by playful, oceanic irises. His eyes scream with want, and his body is pure sex.
“You would not believe how many times I’ve thought about this whenever we spar, eat dinner together, go on missions, frankly anytime I’m near you.” He murmurs against your lips. He begins to kiss down to your jaw, making his way towards behind your earlobe, and you let out a shaky sigh when he sucks a particularly sensitive spot.
“I bet you I thought about it more to be honest,” You sigh, reaching a bandaged hand into his tresses, clutching at it when he grins to grind into your most sensitive area, slick with want. Meanwhile he has been nipping at the flesh on your throat, leaving marks there that will surely cause questions if left uncovered the next day.
“Buck..” you whine, and Bucky stops his attack on your neck, looking up at you from his hunched position on the counter.
“Yeah princess?” He asks teasingly, making you let out a sinful moan at just the pet name alone.
“Bed. Now.” You plead, and Bucky gives you a smirk that you may have only seen before if you traveled back in time to his younger days.
“Anything for you,”
A/N: And….that’s the end! Boooooo…i know..but i have been writing this for too long and my hands need a break. If you want to see how the rest if this story plays out in a part 3….please let me know!
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blanketbarnes · 2 days ago
My Heart Keeps Finding You- Masterlist
Tumblr media
summary: you’re nothing short of ecstatic when your college best friend asks you to be her maid of honour at her wedding to her longtime boyfriend. You can’t wait to spend a week at a swanky beachside resort whilst partaking in all the wedding fun. However, you can’t help the unwanted feelings of loneliness that wash over you from time to time due to your being single. Enter Bucky Barnes- hotshot CEO, playboy and the groom’s best man. He also happens to be the man you’ve been in love with since you can remember and coincidentally, the man who broke your heart many years ago. Will you get closure or will your broken heart fall apart even further?
pairing: ceo! best man!Bucky Barnes x fem!reader
series warnings: angst, fluff, eventual smut (I’ll update with each chapter)
a/n: idk i just really like this concept and i wanted to do another series so yeah!
part 1- coming soon!
part 2
to be (or not) added!
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youlightmeupfinn · a day ago
Arrival - Seb Stan x Reader
request: Can you do a Sebastian stan x reader story where the reader and him are trying to have a baby and for whatever reason the reader just can't get pregnant. They both think it's their own fault and blame themselves. They think about looking at other options, then the reader finds out she is pregnant. When she tells Seb they are so excited, Seb lifts her up in a tight hug and they just share each others joy. If you could in the same story or in a different one I would also love to see Seb taking care of the reader while they are pregnant and feeling th baby kick and stuff like that. Then the birth of the baby. I know it's alot I'm so sorry.😔
a/n: thanks for the request, anon! i actually wrote a one-shot last week about Seb and Reader trying for a baby for so long and finally getting pregnant, so i began your request throughout the pregnancy! hope that's okay! :) and can I just say; having a baby with this man would be SO CUTE. i feel like he'd make the best father
here's the first part; Finally - Seb Stan x Reader
Sebastian Stan Masterlist
tagging: @sebby-staan, @bluemoon-icecream, @lejardinfleur, @miss-i-ship-it, @posteyymaloney, @shannonleanna182, @itzagothamcitysiren, @mylifeiscrazy0423, @quinnmaddie, @marvelseverything, @ohworm-writes, @nervousbiscuitzonkslime
**if you want to be added to my tag list, please let me know! i haven't really paid much attention to the Seb Stan tag list lately (wrong of me, i know!) so not sure who all wants to be added, of if the tagged above don't want to be a part of it... let me know! :) **
Tumblr media
Ever since you two found out you were pregnant after the constant negative pregnancy tests and false hope, things had finally begun to look up for you two as a couple. Sebastian stepped into his role of being a first-time father with ease. He had always been protective of you, but once you became pregnant, his level of protectiveness only escalated. You were hardly able to lift a single finger before Seb would make you sit back down.
You loved every ounce of it, although you did tell him that you were pregnant, not broken. You could still do many things for yourself, while later on in the pregnancy, you would definitely need his help.
“I just want both of you protected,” He’d say as he laid a large hand across your steadily growing bump, kissing your forehead sweetly.
During interviews, if the question came about that centered on you and the pregnancy, his eyes would light up instantly. He would tell people about how you two tried for so long, only to have the word ‘no’ thrown in your faces each time. He even delved into the private conversations you two had about the possibility of going other routes, maybe even adopting, which you still hadn’t closed the idea of just yet.
Not only did your love seemingly grow larger for your husband, yours and his sex life became more intimate than you could have ever pictured. It most certainly wasn’t the roughest sex that you two found yourselves to be engaged with, but Sebastian had put a much more romantic twist on the premise. He took things a little slower, ensured that your pleasure was met every. Single. Time. He adored the ground you walked on and wanted to make sure that even in your heaviest trials of the pregnancy, you were loved unconditionally by him.
Cravings? Oh, they were the worst. Waking your sleepy husband up at three o’clock in the morning because you wanted something undeniably gross in his eyes, but delicious in yours, he would triumphantly crawl out of bed. He would grab his keys and leave the house with you in tow, all ready to satisfy whatever you could possibly need.
Sebastian grew fondly of slow dancing with you in the middle of the night while you were awake with the baby either moving constantly, turning somersaults across your organs. You would drape your arms lazily across his shoulders as he held you in place, his hands rubbing circles into your hips. He would receive a moan of pleasure from you as the music played softly in the background of your house, his lips pressing soft kisses against your forehead.
Decorating the nursery came with trials. Watching you two put together a crib was hilarious to the point that you were doubled over laughing, almost thinking your water broke.
“What is so funny, babe?” Seb asked you as he turned the instructions all whichever ways. “Oh my God, where’s the English?! It’s all in French!”
You were gasping for air as your husband looked a fool, not even able to stand up straight from your laughter. But after hours of Sebastian groaning in irritation, to you laughing at him, you two finally put together a pristine white crib fit for a newborn baby that would promptly arrive in two months. Seb would paint the baby’s nursery walls all while you accessorized the room with your touches of color.
The baby’s gender would remain a secret until he or she was born. You and Sebastian spent countless nights when you both couldn’t sleep, coming up with baby names. You both had names you really liked, but would both find yourselves laughing at one another. You decided that hopefully, this child’s name would come to you as though it were the brightest idea, lightbulbs hanging above your heads and all.
There were many times false labor had come to you, which meant many calls to the hospital who would remind you about timing your contractions and if they were so many minutes apart, or if your water broke, then come to the hospital. Until then, remain seated.
Which also caused you two to seriously think about your birth plan. You desperately wanted to try and go all-natural, possibly even have this darling child in your cozy home, but Sebastian was one who worried anxiously about the possible what if’s.
“What happens if you really want an epidural and you can’t get it because we’re here?”
“Seb…” You trailed. “You’re exactly right.”
Hospital it was.
And the day it happened, was the most scared either of you had been. Sebastian was conducting an interview, thankfully not far from your home. You felt the pop and the rush of liquid as you were at home, your nerves reaching full panic potential. Your friend was with you, which was immensely in your favor, as she rushed you to the hospital. You called Sebastian on the way and he had just wrapped up the interview, promising you he was on the way.
Labor? Awful. You had never felt that much pain in your life. If describable, you could only picture it as every organ in your stomach was tensing up and just repeatedly squeezing. You cried so hard for Sebastian, who after an hour of receiving the phone call, made it to the hospital. Once he walked through the door into your room, you reached out for him.
Casting you up into his arms, he held you close, another contraction on the heels of the last one. Sebastian felt as you pinned your nails into his back, your muffled moans of pain erupting into the fabric of his shirt. It was countless hours of him rubbing your back, holding you through each wave of pain until finally, you received your epidural.
You were the happiest woman alive. Not having this kid at home really worked out better.
You were scrolling through your socials with Sebastian nestled at your side, holding your hand, grazing your belly.
“Can you believe we’re going to meet this kid soon?” He asked, kissing your lips gently. You smiled into his mouth, rubbing your hands across the sides of his face.
“I know… I’m so nervous.” You whispered.
After twenty-three hours of labor, it was finally time. The doctor emerged into the room once the nurse signaled you had finally reached ten centimeters. Although numbed through your lower half, you could still feel the immense pressure that built with each contraction, especially as this kid was on the verge of popping out of you.
With Sebastian at your side, one hand grasping yours, the other hooked behind your leg with a nurse on the other side, it was as though your world started spinning. The doctor coached you, but you only could hear Seb’s voice in your ear, putting your entire focus onto him.
Eight pushes later and you heard the loudest cry erupt in the room. The doctor lifted up the baby, smiling widely at you two.
“Congratulations, mommy and daddy! It’s a girl!” The little girl was placed onto your open chest and you immediately started crying, Sebastian soon joining you. He pressed his lips against yours, his hands covering yours as you held onto the tiny baby nestled on your body.
“Hi, baby,” You gasped, looking at her. She was then taken to be weighed and measured. Sebastian held onto your hand, his eyes glistening with oncoming tears.
“We did it,” You smiled, looking up at him, then over at your newborn.
Seb shook his head. “No, doll, you did it.” He smiled, completely and utterly in love.
Soon after, your daughter was brought back to you. Once you were cleaned up and settled, Sebastian scooted himself into the bed with you, his arm draped around you, head resting against yours. The darling child’s eyes opened and she gazed up at you, blinking. You wondered how it felt to be this small, coming into such a big world as quick as she did. You had seen countless newborn pictures sof Seb thanks to his parents and immediately, this baby looked just like him.
Although you knew most babies’ eyes were blue at birth, this precious girl had the bluest eyes you had ever seen, matching Sebastian’s. But the baby most definitely had your lips, yet everything else cried out as Sebastian’s ‘Mini Me’.
“What are we going to name her? We’ve waited so long for her…” You pondered, kissing her forehead delicately.
Sebastian rubbed your shoulders and you offered the baby to him, which he gladly accepted. He cradled her in his arms. The sight of seeing him be a father was the most rewarding. You adored him and somehow managed to fall even more in love with him, than you were all those years ago.
“I believe she’s,” He inhaled, his eyes glazing over. “Amelia Charlotte.” You smiled, instantly agreeing, as that was the name you also thought once you saw her.
Now that was your family. You, your dear husband, Sebastian…
And your gorgeous little girl, Amelia Charlotte Stan.
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skyeisawizard · 8 hours ago
A World Away
Living away from Bucky was hard. Y/N is gonna show us just how hard it is
(AKA: I’m homesick and crying in my bed and I just want someone like Bucky)
Tumblr media
Day One
“Buck? You there old man?”
There was very little light in Y/N’s bedroom, just enough to illuminate her face. She switched on the lamp beside her and, for a moment, the room was blinding.
“I’m here sweetness.” Bucky picked up his phone and squinted at the screen. He tapped it and frowned before putting on his glasses. “How’s everything going up there? Was the journey okay?”
Y/N propped her phone up and blinked slowly, clearly tired. “I’ve only unpacked my bathroom stuff so far. Baby Buck is on the window until I can make up the bed.” The bear in question was currently Y/N’s only source of comfort, but it was too early in the day to tell Bucky that.
“Wanna give me a room tour?” He asked with a grin.
Flipping the camera round, Y/N walked Bucky through every part of her room. She showed him the size, the desk she had neatly organised with all of her pens and paper and her laptop propped open. She showed him the pictures of them stuck up on the walls and the fairylights she had stuck up all around.
Y/N showed him the mess that was her room before showing him the en-suite bathroom. She showed him how organised the bathroom was before moving on to the communal kitchen.
“You’ve got a really nice set up there, sweetheart,” Bucky said, a smile on his face. “I’ll come down and visit you soon.”
She nodded and blinked slowly. “God, I don’t know when I’m ever gonna finish unpacking everything. I’ve got meetings about classes and I really need a nap but if I nap now I’ll never wake up.”
He gave her a small sympathetic smile. “How about I speak to you tonight after you’ve unpacked a little more? Give you some time to settle in?”
“That sounds amazing, Buck. I love you and I’ll miss you.”
“I love you and I’ll miss you too, sweetness.”
Day Two
Y/N had already had far too much to drink. The night was over, though, and she was back in her bathroom. She stared at herself in the mirror, hating what she was saying. But she didn’t hate herself; she hated where she was and who she had become in the two days she had been here.
Bucky was almost on the other side of the country, laying in his bed, missing his girl.
Picking up his phone, he went to call Y/N.
Y/N slowly climbed into bed. She had changed into her pyjamas and slowly climbed into her bed, her laptop in front of her to watch television before she fell asleep. Chocolate was on her covers, ready for her to eat.
As she opened her laptop and watched her sitcom, the tears fell. She couldn’t hold them back, her head hurt and her chest ached as she tried to keep herself under control. Her phone was open to message her mother.
Suddenly her phone started vibrating. Y/N quickly wiped her tears to get herself under control. She swiped her finger over the screen and held her phone up, smiling at her boyfriend. “How late is it where you are, baby?” She asked before Bucky had a chance to say anything.
He gave her a grin smile, able to see the tears running down her cheeks. “Have you been having fun, babycakes?” He asked, laying on his side.
Y/N nodded her head.
She shook her head.
Bucky tightened his smile. “Are you missing home sweetness?”
At that, Y/N burst into another round of tears. She pulled Baby Buck closer and cried into his soft belly. “I don’t know if I can do this anymore! I miss home, I hate being on my own. My roommates are great but, like, I wanna be back where I’m used to. I don’t feel like myself anymore and I want to feel like the person I was befor I left.” She sniffed. “My heart hurts and I’m too nervous to do anything. I want to stay in bed and never leave.”
“Oh Angel,” Bucky began. He wanted nothing more than to be with her, to hold her through everything she was feeling. “It’s gonna be tough at first, we all miss you a lot back here, but you gotta stick it out. I’ll be here for you through everything. Remember why you’re doing this, remember how excited you were to move out.”
She nodded and wiped away another round of tears. “Please come and visit me soon, Buck.”
“I’ll be there in two weeks, Angel.”
“I love you,” She squeaked.
“I love you too, so fucking much.”
That night she fell asleep while still on the phone with Bucky. He refused to let her go until he saw her happy in bed.
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plentyoffandoms · 2 days ago
Hey do you write for Sebastian stan? If you do could you please do a seb and actress reader fic were they become really close during filming and even though she is a lot younger than him they end up falling for each other
So Into You
Sebastian Stan x f/Reader
Just like all my other stories, this has not been proofread, but please enjoy.
Gifs & photos do not belong to me.
Warning: swearing.
Hope you like it.
Main Masterlist ♡ Sebastian Stan Masterlist
Summary: f/Reader is a young actress that worked with Sebastian on his latest movie. They become close & eventually fall in love.
Sebastian Stan's POV:
There is only about a weeks worth of shooting and then this movie will be done for myself and my fellow actors.
It has been a long few months of waking up early, staying late and the constant toll of doing almost all the action scenes myself but one person made it all worth it.
Y/N L/N.
Tumblr media
She is an actress and has only been in a couple of TV shows but has decided to branch out into movies.
And I am glad she did.
We met the first time when we were all brought in to do our very first read through together.
Y/N was playing my love interest and she reached out to me as she wanted to get to know me more.
We formed a friendship that I never thought would of happened but I am glad it did. We spent almost all our free time together to the point that magazines and fans were speculating if we were in a relationship.
We weren't of course but I was slowly starting to fall in love with her. I had no idea if we will stay in touch after the press release and I am scared that we will never talk to each other again.
So I decided I needed to tell her how I feel. She is done shooting her scenes but has come down have lunch with me.
We had lunch in my trailer, which is normal for us but this time I had something to tell her.
"What is going on with you Seb? Why are you so quiet?" Y/N asked me as we were sitting side by side on the couch.
"I have something to tell you and I don't know how you will react."
"Just tell me." She said to me with that gorgeous smile of hers.
"I like you a lot but.." I didn't even get a chance to finish before Y/N was kissing me.
"Looks like I had nothing to worry about."
"No you didn't Seb." And we were kissing once more.
I asked Y/N to be my girl friend after I took her out on a date. She isn't into anything too fancy so it was just a dinner and a movie at my place.
We were spotted outside more together and people were comment on our social media if we were together or just really good friends.
Many people brought up the fact that I am older than Y/N and I actually tried to break it off with her because of it.
"Why should you care what they think? Aren't you happy with me?"
"I am. Trust me I am Y/N. I love you it's just the hateful words that are getting to me."
"Then log out. I will log out with you. This is our relationship, not theirs. No other person has the right to dictate how our relationship should go and if we should be together or not. Yes, there is an age difference but who gives a shit Seb because I don't."
After that small argument, I took her back to my room and showed her how sorry I was.
When we did the press tour, we finally revealed that we were in fact in a relation and have been for about six months now.
Our age gap was brought up but Y/N shut that question down every single time it was brought up.
"Why does it matter how much younger I am than him? This is our relationship and no one else's."
The interviewer would change the subject very fast after that.
I fall more and more in love with this woman every day and I am proud to call her mine.
Tumblr media
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spiritualchange · 6 hours ago
Mother's Day w/ Stepson!Bucky
warning: 18+ minors dni, smut, somnophilia, college!bucky, age gap, mommy kink switch!bucky
pairing: stepson!bucky barnes x stepmom!reader
navigation | weekly schedule
gif is not mine
Tumblr media
Bucky held onto the tray of your breakfast walking up the stairs to your bedroom, knocking on the door before entering quietly. It took all of him not to drop the tray of food. You had been sleeping on your stomach, only in a silk pajama shirt, your bottom bare, with one leg propped up letting your pussy show.
Quietly, Bucky set down the tray making his way towards you, getting onto the bed quietly. His finger ghosted over your cunt, gathering spit in his mouth letting it dribble onto your cunt. His thumb ran against your folds, before rubbing your clit.
You softly moaned, adjusting before settling again. Bucky already has his mouth attached to your clit, licking rapidly. You moved around to the point his head was trapped between your thighs.
"Such a pretty pussy mommy." He whispered, placing one more kiss on your clit before pushing down his boxers, letting his cock spring. He ran his cock on your cunt, lightly tapping on your clit before he pushed in.
"Hmmm." You moaned/groaned, pushing your head off the pillow. Your eyes adjusted to the light before looking at Bucky.
"Bucky." You stared at him.
"Good morning mommy." He leaned down kissing you. You wrapped your arms around his neck, pushing his head down to your neck.
"You couldn't help but fuck mommy huh." You taunted him. "Your cock getting hard at me sleeping."
"Yes mommy." He moaned, letting you dominate him. "Wanted to make your day special."
"Oh baby." You smiled sweetly kissing his cheek. "You're gonna make my day so special if you continue. You want that, you want to make mommy happy."
"Yeah I do." He stuttered.
"You gotta mommy cum first." You wrapped your legs around his waist. "Make me cum and we can play all day."
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ohdolans · a day ago
For the Nanny Masterlist can we have her go on holiday or maybe a city break to take her mind off Seb but he's there with his date and she find herself getting a little bit too drunk at the bar/club and some guy starts to flirt/dance with her and Seb gets jealous?
The Nanny Masterlist | Part Eighteen
pairing: sebastian stan x f!younger!reader (au)
Tumblr media
"A date?" Claudia spoke, "Are you sure that's what it was?"
"I know what I saw, they came out and were wrapped around each other." You sighed deeply. "I shouldn't be mad, right? He's allowed to move on."
"Pretty quickly moving on if you ask me." Claudia mumbled beneath her breath, but you caught her every word. " that should just push you forward more to forget him. You're too young and too hot to be pining over some man that isn't thinking about you." She paused for a moment, "We're going out."
You looked towards her confused. "Out where?"
"We're going into the city, we're going to get dressed up, looking hot as hell and going to act like we don't have a care in the world. We can call Jeremy and see if he wants to come, oh! And Hallie and Kennedy. We haven't seen them in forever and they live in the city now."
You sat there for a moment and contemplated "I haven't seen then in a while..."
Claudia smiled widely, "I'm making the calls. Go get your shit ready!"
Hours later you sat in Kennedy's living room with a drink in your hand with a soft buzz already starting. The moment all of you got together it's like didn't pass at all and it was like old times. You knew Kennedy from college and at the time they were dating Jeremy. But now is dating Hallie. Everyone stayed friends despite the past and if anything made you all closer.
You took another drink from your glass before setting it down and walking towards the mirror to finish off your make-up. The skin-tight black mini dress hugged along the curves of your body beautifully, the corset style top accenting your chest the most. You felt hot, you weren't going to fool yourself there. Your platform shoes added a little height and made your legs seem endless.
"Holy fuck," a voice spoke coming into the living room more, when you turned around to see Hallie, with a bright smile on her face. "Ok, you might make me drop Kennedy and switch sides."
You rolled your eyes before turning back to apply your lipstick, "You're too in love with that man to do that sweetie."
"So true," Hallie sighed with an almost dreamy tone to it. You laughed before stepping away from the mirror. "Claudia still getting ready?"
"Yes, and the boys are changing in the bedroom." Hallie walked towards the bar and poured herself a drink. "Claud tells me you're needing to get over some guy?"
You groaned softly, "I guess...damn Claudia and her need to gossip."
"It was coming from a place of love and you know it," She walked towards you more. "Are you ok?"
You shrugged your shoulders, "As 'ok' as I can be. I loved him...stupidly and he obviously was using me as a distraction from his divorce. Should've known nothing would come of it."
Hallie frowned "I'm sorry babes. Well, we are going to make sure you catch someone's eyes tonight. Maybe a little action will push this Sebastian out of your mind."
Once everyone was ready all of you got into a Uber and headed towards the bar. The moment you guys walked into the bar, Jeremy got a round of shots for all of you. The buzz from before moved through your body and grew with intensity.
As the night went on, the drinks flowed and you spent most of the time on the dance floor with Claudia and Kennedy. The night was going exactly as planned till your eyes moved to look around the bar and landed on the one man you'd been trying to get over. Your body froze as you stood at the table the rest of the group was at.
He sat at a table with a few others, but the one other person you recognized was the woman from before. His arm was slung across the back of the booth and her body tucked closer to him. Your heart felt like it moved into your throat and was making it hard to breathe.
"I need another drink," You mumbled before moving towards the bar, pushing through the bodies till you go to it. "Want the strongest thing you have,"
The bartender nodded their head before moving to make your drink, moments later it was placed in front of you. Just as you started to drink it down Jeremy came up beside you.
"You ok? Dipped out of there quickly. Looked a little panicked."
"My ex is here," You spoke quickly, your voice slurred slightly. "Fucking bastard brought a date."
Jeremy's brows pulled together tightly. "Where's he at?"
You looked over your shoulder across the bar once again and spotted Sebastian almost instantly. Your finger pointed towards him and Jeremy followed your finger to find him.
"Wow, he's hot" Jeremy spoke, as you drank the rest of your drink. "He is looking over here,"
Your back froze, and you willed yourself to not look in that direction. "Really?"
"Oh yeah...and he does not look happy." He chuckled, "I have an idea. Let's go dance."
Before you could protest, Jeremy's hand wrapped around your wrist and pulled you towards the dance floor.
"What are you doing?" You whispered towards him.
"We're gonna give that man a little bit of his own medicine."
Jeremy pulled your body close to his and soon the two of you began to dance. You'd danced with Jeremy before so there wasn't anything weird or awkward about it. Your hips swayed against his, and maybe even, exaggerated your movements knowing Sebastian was watching close by. Jeremy's hands moved along your body before holding tightly to your waist. His face was tucked into the corner of your neck as he whispered in your ear.
"If looks could kill, I think that man would've killed me dead in my spot." Jeremy chuckled
You laughed and rested your head against his shoulder, but as the song started to end, you pulled away.
"I need fresh air," You smiled up towards him, "Thank you for that."
Jeremy nodded his head before you slipped away through the crowd and towards the patio. The moment you walked out into the porch the cool air felt good against your heated skin. You leaned against the railing and pushed your hair from your face and tried to calm your breathing.
"Having fun?" a voice spoke and jumped slightly to the sudden noise. Your head turned towards the direction of the voice to see him.
Sebastian leaned against the wall, his gaze glaring towards you with a heat that made your stomach drop slightly. He brought a cigarette to his lips and took a deep pull, before blowing the smoke off to the side.
"Didn't know you smoked," You spoke looking towards him confused.
"I do so when I'm stressed," He answered, "Didn't answer my questions...are you having fun?"
"What does it matter to you?" You felt suddenly felt angry as you stood before him. You didn't miss how his eyes scanned down your body slowly.
He scoffed before dropping the cigarette to the floor and smashing it with his boot. Sebastian stood there looking down towards his feet for a moment before his blue eyes looked up towards you.
"It matters a lot to me,"
"Really? Think the date inside would have a different opinion on that,"
Sebastian rolled his eyes and shook his head, a hand reaching up and rubbing along his jaw. "She's just a friend,"
"Right." You rolled your eyes, before moving back towards the door. "Well, I have friends waiting for me."
You had to walk past him to get back through the door. But just as you walked to his side, Sebastian drew his arm out, grabbing around your waist. You gasped lightly at the touch before looking towards him, his eyes were staring down at you.
"Going back to the friend that had his hands all over you?"
"Maybe. Again, what does it matter to you, Sebastian?"
His eyes moved to your lips before going back to your eyes.
"I don't particularly like seeing a man's hands all over something that is mine."
A frown tugged on your lips. "I'm not yours, Sebastian...not anymore."
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time-for-a-lullaby · 5 hours ago
Peanut Butter & Pickle Sandwich
Sebastian Stan x Pregnant Reader
Summary: You're pregnant and feel the baby move from the outside for the first time.
Warnings: Language, LOTS of fluff
A/N: Shortest little thing I’ve ever written, but it’s adorable. I didn’t add my taglist because I wasn’t sure if anyone who likes the Chris fics would also want to be included for Seb... So if you do, please let me know ❤
Tumblr media
"SEB!" You called out, a grin spreading across your face, "SEB! Hurry!!" Your hand rested on your round belly, feeling your little girl kick around. Obviously, you'd been feeling her move around on the inside for around 7 weeks, but neither you nor Seb had felt her kick from the outside yet. 
You heard his footsteps, frantically running up the stairs to your bedroom, "What?! What's happening?!" He threw open the bedroom door, worry written all over his face, "What? Did your water break?!" He ran to your side quickly, hands immediately cupping your face.
"Baby, what? No! I'm only 30 weeks. It shouldn't be breaking any time soon." You placed your hands over his and smiled, "She's moving. I could feel it from outside." 
His face lit up, moving his hands down to your belly, "Oh my god, really?" 
You smiled at the tenderness of his voice and how his expression softened when his hands caressed your bump. You poked your belly gently, trying to encourage her to squirm around again. 
"Don't! You're gonna like poke her eye out or something." 
You fell into a fit of laughter, "Sebastian, I'm not gonna poke her eye out!"
He waved a hand at you, chuckling, "Okay, okay, stop laughing. I can't tell what's you or baby." 
You let out a couple of small laughs while you tried to compose yourself, but apparently you laughing was just what you needed. You gasped softly, moving Sebastian's hands to where her little body was wriggling around. You stared at him, focusing on the change in his expression. His mouth parted slightly, eyes widening, "There. Did you feel that? That was her." 
He glanced up at you, his eyes filling with tears. He wiped his cheek and cleared his throat, "Shit, yeah. That was her? That was our little girl?" 
"Yeah." You smiled gently, falling even more in love with him. Your pregnancy wasn't exactly planned, but you knew that Sebastian wanted this more than anything. The minute you guys found out, he started planning everything. He picked the nursery theme, which bassinet you would use. He took every baby course he could, signed you up for birthing classes, literally everything. You couldn't have picked a better partner to experience this with. 
He leaned down, chuckling when she moved against and rested his cheek on your belly, "That's... amazing." 
Raking your fingers through his hair, you giggled when he jumped, "Sorry!"
"Was that your stomach?!" He laughed. 
You nodded, chuckling, "I was coming down to eat lunch when she moved." 
He stood up, extending his hand to you, "Let's go grab some food, come on." He helped you off the bed and pressed a kiss to your temple, "Same old same old?" 
You nodded, "Peanut butter and pickle sandwich." 
He shook his head and laughed, "God, that is so disgusting."
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Tumblr media
I’m baaaaack!
Motherhood is the craziest journey I’ve been on in these last 8 (almost 9) months!
Feel free to send in any request/questions!
I currently write for :
Criminal Minds
Chicago PD
Law and Order : SVU
Chris Evans
Henry Cavill
Harry Styles
5 Seconds Of Summer
Tom Holland
Matthew G. Gubler
Sebastian Stan
& More!
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Devil in Disguise... Part 15/? (SMUT)
Lee Bodecker x reader series
Tumblr media
Warnings: swearing, name calling, bullying, fat shaming, talks of affair/cheating
<Part 14<
Lee raised his hand up and knocked on the door before he ran his hand down the back of his neck and let out a heavy sigh. Why was he nervous?
The door opened and your grandpa greeted Lee. "Sheriff, good to see ya'."
Lee nodded, "George," He stepped inside, "How ya' doin'?"
"Not bad, Sheriff." He closed the door behind him, "Y/N's out back, tending to the flowers."
Lee nodded, "Thanks, George. How's things? No more talk of sellin' the house, I hope."
George shook his head. "No. Thank you for what ya' did, Sheriff. Not sure how I'm gonna repay ya'."
Lee nodded again, "You gave me your permission, George, that's payment enough." Lee smiled at him before he excused himself and headed out the back door.
When he stepped out onto the back porch, he began grinning at the sight of you. You were in your yard clothes, some old denim shorts and a baggy  blouse with a scarf holding your hair back as you dug around in the dirt. You had dirt across your forehead indicating you'd been wiping your face at some point and not realised, making Lee grin even more. Beautiful, he thought.
Lee let out a loud whistle as he made his way down the steps. "Hey, beautiful." He winked at you as you smiled up at him.
"Lee." Your eyes lit up upon seeing him. You held your hand up for Lee to help you up. Once you were stood in front of him, you reached up and pressed a sweet kiss to his lips as you wrapped your arms around his waist. "Missed you." You whispered.
Lee let out a heavy sigh as he wrapped his arms around you and rested his forehead against yours. "I know baby. M'sorry I've been workin' so much." He kissed you again. "But m'gonna make it up to ya'."
You pulled back and looked up at him. "Y'ain't gotta make it up to me, Lee. I understand it's yer job." You whispered.
Lee smiled lovingly at you as he reached up and brushed hair back off your forehead. "I know, baby girl, but that's why I wanna spoil ya'. For bein' my good girl."
Pride began to swim in your stomach after hearing Lee call you his good girl. You loved hearing him call you that, because you were his good girl.
"Oh," You blushed and lowered your face, smiling bashfully.
"So, what ya' say, Sugar? Can I take my best girl away for the weekend?" Lee began to grin once he saw your eyes light up and your smile stretch even more across your beautiful face.
"To where?" You asked excitedly.
"It's a surprise, Sugar." He smiled at you. "Just make sure to pack a swim suit." He winked at you with a teasing smile making you blush. "Or, don't... And have no tan lines." He wiggled his eyes brows as he smirked at you.
Your head fell back as you laughed at him. "I will if you will, Sheriff."
Lee's eyes widened before he cleared his throat. "Hmm, I best get back to work now, darlin'." He smiled softly at you as he reached up brushed his fingers across your forehead to move your hair back. "I love you, Sugar."
"I love you, too," You smiled at him before leaning up and pressing your lisp against his as you wrapped your arms around his neck, melting into his hold.
Once the two of you broke apart, Lee sent you a final wink before making his back inside the house to say goodbye to your grandpa before leaving.
You let out an excited noise and quickly began to tidy your things away in the back yard before heading inside to make a phone call.
The following evening you were sat up in your room, sulking and looking through old photographs when there was a knock at your bedroom door.
When you didn't answer the door opened and Lee stepped in with a worried frown. "Sugar, what's goin' on?"
"Nothin'." You grumbled, not even looking at him.
Lee's frown deepened. You never spoke like that towards him. "Dont believe that for a minute. George said y'ain't left yer room since ya' got home... He's gone to the diner for dinner since y'ain't talkin'." Lee sighed, "So, talk to me. What's wrong?"
"Nothin'. I'm fine." You muttered, looking away from him.
"Don't give me that, I know somethin' ain't right." He walked over to the bed and sat down opposite you. "Talk to me, Sugar. Someone hurt ya'?" He asked as he reached out and pinched your chin between his thumb and finger, turning your face toward him.
You shook your head.
Lee sighed, "Then what?" He frowned, looking down at the photographs and picked one up. "And what's wit-" Lee's eyes widened at the sight of you wearing a bikini. "When the hell was this taken?"
"Last year." You muttered. "At Sally's."
Lee gulped, "Right... Hmm, what...ya' lookin' at them for?" He took a deep breath as he looked at another one of you.
You were smiling as you posed for the camera in front of what looked like a house.
You breathed in deeply, "Lizzy, and I went shoppin' today... And we bumped into Mary and Sally." You frowned.
"A two piece?" You asked as you took the bikini from Lizzy's hand. "I dunno."
"Oh, C'mon, the Sheriff will love it!" She grinned at you.
You bit your bottom lip as you thought about it. "... Okay, but not this colour." You giggled and began to look through the colours.
"Haven't ya' learnt after last time, yer too fat, for a a two piece." Sally smirked at you over the top of the rack.
"Ignore her, Y/N," Lizzy glared at her. "They're just jealous."
Mary scoffed from her side, "Of Y/N? Right, cause we wished we had the life of a poor, orphaned girl whom was the whore of a fat fuck."
"God, you're such a bitch." You shook your head. "C'mon, Liz, let's go." You grabbed her hand and began to leave.
"I'd leave the two piece, unless ya' wanna look like the Sheriff's twin." Sally snickered making Mary laugh.
"I should have, smacked 'em up side the head or somethin'." You frowned, "Why'd they gotta be mean 'bout ya', Lee?" You sniffled, quickly brushing away your watery eyes.
Lee glared down at his balled up fist, wishing he could do something to rid your life of those worthless fucks. "M'sorry, baby, y'ain't deserve that."
You shook your head, "Neither do you." You looked down at the photograph in your hand. "Do I look that bad?" You asked.
Lee's mouth fell open, "What? Sweetheart, ya' look like a god damn model." He smiled at you. "Yer friend was right, they're just jealous of ya'." Lee lifting your head again and smiled. "Yer beautiful on the outside and the inside, Sugar. That's why I love ya'." He winked at you making you smile and blush a little.
You stayed silent as you looked over another photograph, your brow furrowing as you lifted it closer and closer to your face. "What the-" You gasped loudly before jumping up from your bed, startling Lee.
"What?" He watched you route through your desk draws until you pulled something out. "Sugar, what is it?"
"Look!" You beamed handing him the photograph and a magnifying glass you'd pulled out of your draw.
Lee eyed the magnifying glass, confused, "Why'd ya' have this?" He raised his eyebrow at you.
You shrugged, "For looking at things."
Lee glared up at you playfully before using it to look at the photograph of you. "What am I lookin' at? Not that I'm complainin', Sugar." He sent you a teasing wink making you smile and roll your eyes.
"Not me, pervert." You giggled and sat next to him. "Look," You pointed.
In the photograph, you were stood smiling at the camera as Sally stood on the other side of her pool in the backyard, taking the picture. It gave you a good view of her house behind you. In the background, through the kitchen door you could see, quite clearly that Sally's father was getting his cock sucked by someone that wasn't his wife.
Lee looked up with smirk. "Is that who I think it is?" He asked, grinning even more as you nodded.
"Last summer, Mary and Sally's father were having an affair." You smirked, "I told ya' I had dirt on her."
Lee shook his head with a chuckle, he might finally have a way of getting rid of your little problem. "Anymore? Or that it?"
You shook your head with a grin. "Oh, no... It gets, even more juicier than that, Sheriff."
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Just One Night—Chapter Seven
Tumblr media
Pairings—Sebastian Stan x F!Reader
You spend an unforgettable night with Sebastian Stan. One that would completely change your life. Three years later, Sebastian shows up at your doorstep to find that you both made more than just good memories that night.
NO MINORS. 18++ Dad!Seb, fluff, Pining!Seb, little sexy times but no smut (yet).
Forgive me if this isn’t the best!! I literally had an entire chapter written out after spending my entire 12 hour shift working on and off on it only to have my phone glitch and delete 75% of it!! To say I was pissed would be understatement!
December 12, 2020
“I leave you alone for three hours.” Sebastian signed, scrubbing his hands down the length of his jaw, scratching the thick stubble that he’d recently started to let grow. He was trying but failing miserably to hide his grin. “Three hours, (Y/N).”
She snickered, arms crossed over her chest as she bounced lightly on her toes. “Do you like it?” Her (Y/E/C) eyes were wide, flashing with excitement and hope. She looked like a cuddly puppy in her worn, very oversized crew neck. It drove him crazy, the way it hung off her frame—shoulder and collar bones exposed, sleeves longer than her arms, long legs on display.
“It looks like Christmas legit threw up in here.”
“Well, duh.” She rolled her eyes, sidling up behind him to wrap her arms around his waist, “But do you like it?”
“Yeah.” The man chuckled, large hands resting over hers on his abdomen. “I do.” His eyes traced the expanse of the room. If she hadn’t gone into nursing, she would’ve definitely done well in interior design or something. He was impressed.
In the time it had taken him to drop off Theo at his mothers—which alone had taken him nearly two hours due to her endless chatter and persistent need to feed him all the time—he’d only had about an hour to prepare things for tonight. Yet here she’d managed to turn the apartment into a winter wonderland, christmas tree and all.
Sebastian normally wasn’t one for Christmas. He couldn’t even really remember the last time he’d invested the time or energy into purchasing or decorating a Christmas tree but the moment he’d stepped through the threshold, he even felt a little giddy with holiday cheer. Like the entire apartment was radiating Christmas wavelengths onto him.
It even smelled like Christmas. He was almost certain that the tree was fake so why did it smell so strongly of fresh pine needles?
“You move fast. How did you manage to drag this all up from storage by yourself and set it up?” He wondered aloud. He’d seen the numerous totes that housed it all year round, to say they were heavy would be an understatement. After all, he was the one to put them in the unit downstairs.
(Y/N) released him, moving to adjust a nutcracker placed on the mantle. “Magic.” She cooed with a small shrug and wiggle of her brows. This earned something between a scoff and chuckle. Giving a little huff and sigh, “The neighbor lent me her dolly.”
“The one who always bakes snickerdoodles?” Sebastian asked, following her as she made her way to the kitchen. “A few doors down?”
“Mrs Baker.” She hummed softly, “She’s such a sweet lady. I ran into her on the way down. We got to chatting and she offered to let me use it.”
“That was nice of her.” He smiled, eyes tailing her as she moved around the kitchen. He liked watching her in this setting. She always seemed so at ease. Whether it be washing the dishes, searching for new recipes, meal planning and grocery list writing, or cooking. This was one of her thinking places, where she placed everything aside and focused on the matter before her.
If my hands are busy, my mind isn’t, she’d always tell him.
“How's your mom?” She spoke up, drawing him from his thoughts. She definitely didn’t miss the dazed look in his eyes or the dopey grin he wore. He’d been looking at her a lot like that lately. It made her want to kiss him stupid. And more often than not she did. “Did you talk to her about Christmas in Michigan this year?”
“She’s good. Very excited to have Theo to herself for the night. And yes I did. She’s over the moon about it but I think she’s just eager to spend more time with your mom.” He shook his head, feigning a pout “And Theo barely acknowledged me when I left, too caught up in all the fun things his Bunica had planned for the night.”
“Oh, you poor thing.” She cooed, making her way around the island to where he sat atop a bar stool. Her small hands were quick to find both his cheeks, brushing her thumbs along them tenderly, “What ever will you do? How can I make it better?”
“There’s only one thing.” He sighed before his expression turned a little devilish. “Kiss it better.” His lips puckered, leaning further into her hands.
Much to his dismay, she gave him the tiniest of pecks, emphasizing it with a loud ‘mwah’. Just like Theo loved to do.
“Hey!!” He chided, eyebrows pinched together and lips pursed in disappointment. He reached out to yank her back but she was already out of reach and heading in the direction of her bedroom. “That’s not fair. It doesn’t count.”
A giggle is all he received in response. He was on his feet and barreling after her seconds later. He caught up just as she’d stepped into the room and he didn’t think twice before tackling her to the bed.
(Y/N) screeched, gasping for air as his fingers dug uncomfortably into her sides. “S-stop.” Her chest heaved, laughter echoing loudly off the walls. It was music to his ears. “Seb-Seb, stop.”
“Not until I get a real kiss.”
“Okay!” She couldn’t manage a full sentence out especially as his fingers traveled to her neck, tickling up, under her chin. “I-I can’t.” She wiggled away from him, but her attempts were futile with his entire body weight on her. “I can’t—I can’t kiss you if… if you don’t stop.”
All movement halted but before she could blink her hands were pinned beside her head. “Huh? What was that? I didn’t quite hear you?” He moved to straddle her thighs, shifting his weight forward so he hovered over her.
“I said,” She whispered, licking her lips. She didn’t miss the way his eyes zeroed on the movement. The usual baby blue seemed to darken, pupils blown wide. “I can’t if you don’t stop.” Her eyes were lidded, chest heaving, and lip now trapped between her teeth.
She knew exactly what she was doing to him. Exactly what made him tick. She’d been paying attention, doing her own little experimenting to find out just what made him lose control during their most recent heated, make out sessions.
A brush of her fingers along the length of his chest, a little dig of her nails for that extra bite into the smooth expanse of skin. Or when she sucked harshly on that sweet spot just below his jaw only to soothe it over with her hot, wet tongue. Or when she let her moans fall freely from her lips that just so happen to slip out directly into his ear, followed by a little nibble to his ear lobe for good measure. Or even when she gasped his name. All things that had him bucking up against her clothed core and kissing her like he needed it to breathe.
It drove her mad.
And it never went further than messy kisses, wandering hands, and the tiniest bit of desperate grinding.
She was torn over it.
On one hand, she wanted to take things slow. Make him work for it. Let him court her. Dip her toes in before diving head first. Because the reality of it all is a relationship built on purely lust and sex wouldn’t last. She didn’t want to risk it ruining things just for momentary relief and pleasure.
They needed to do this right, if they were going to do it at all.
On the other hand, however, he drove her mad. She hasn’t been with anyone since the night they’d conceived Theo and just like she knew how best to rile him up, he knew how to get her there too.
How to make her mewl and keen, panties absolutely soaked as she clawed desperately at his broad back and shoulders, clinging to him like a lifeline.
When he buried his face in the crook of her neck, sucking softly just below her ear paired with the beard scratching roughly against her sensitive skin. His deep, gutteral groans and whispers of ‘Fuck’ under his breath as he gripped her waist or the meat of her thighs, moving and shifting her body in the way he desired. That was all it took to make her putty in his hands, body absolutely complacent and pliant against his own.
“Behave, prinţesă.” His voice husky, jaw locked, eyes darkened and intense. He looked threatening, the way he stared down at her now. As if she were his prey and he was just about dying to take a bite. “You’re making it really hard to be a gentleman.”
“What if I don’t want you to be a gentleman?” She wiggled beneath him, wrapping her legs tightly around his waist—unknowingly trapping him between her thighs. The movement caused him to release her hands, readjusting to better balance as he dropped more of his weight onto her. “Maybe I want you to be the opposite of a gentleman.”
A deep groan reverberated through his entire chest, the sound caused her thighs to tighten around his slim waist. With his head tossed back and eyes closed, she used the opportunity to lace her fingers in the thick locks at the nape of his neck before giving it a firm tug.
And he didn’t resist when she dragged him down, lips meeting in a fiery, hungry kiss. It was sloppy—all teeth and tongue. Her hands fisted his shirt and clawed at his back in attempts to hold on or bring him closer, he wasn’t quite sure. He held himself up with one of his own, allowing the other to accumulate itself with her body—running along all the smooth edges and curves or gripping the meat of her thighs and ass.
As if he had no control over his own body, his hips dipped, bucking slightly up into hers. His hardened bulge brushed perfectly against her clothed core. Just the right amount of friction to make her whimper and shiver.
“God.” He bit out, teeth clenched and jaw locked as he struggled to maintain his withering control. It was slipping right through his fingers at her high pitched keens and gasps. Yet he still continued to roll his hips into hers almost as if they had a mind of their own. He dropped his head, sucking roughly at the skin just below her collarbone, “Don’t do this to me, sweetheart. At least let me buy you dinner before I have my way with you.”
“But you did buy me dinner.” She whined, dainty hands trailing down his back to grip his ass and force him harder against her, tearing a strangled moan from his kiss swollen lips. “Did you already forget the two dates we had last week? I thought I’d left a lasting impression.”
Sebastian drew back, his heart clenching wildly in his chest at the sight of her beneath him. Her locks were beyond tousled, pink lips swollen and parted, cheeks flushed from the way his beard scratched across the delicate skin, eyes lidded heavily as she stared up at him through dark lashes.
She looked like a fucking angel.
His angel.
“Besides,” She bit down on her lip to hide her growing smirk. “Nothing we haven’t done before. We have a two year old son to attest to that.”
“Jesus, (Y/N).” Sebastian huffed, expression pained, “Don’t say shit like that. It’s not fair.”
Before she could respond he was moving.
With a little whine she lifted her head to find him staring intently from across the room, arms held defensively out in front of him, “Stay back.”
She masked her giggle with a feigned groan and eye roll, “Sebastian, what are you doing?”
“Ma’am I’m gonna need you to maintain a distance of at least three feet while in private until after our date.”
“Oh my God. You did not just do that.” She laughed, sitting up fully now. “Did you seriously just use your Lee Bodecker voice on me?”
“Maybe.” The man blushed tenfold, a bashful smile playing at the corner of his still kiss swollen lips. He looked down at the ground, shuffling his weight between both feet. “Did you like it?”
(Y/N) giggled feebly, giving her shoulders a faint shrug, “I mean, yeah. I liked you in that role.” She admitted, shyly, “I could definitely get down with the whole ‘I’m in charge, do as I say without questioning it’… Devil in disguise type of thing.”
This earned her a cocky smirk, his eyes trailing leisurely up and down the length of her. It was a look that made one feel inferior and for some reason she found herself wanting and willing to do anything he asked of her or demanded when he gazed at her like that. It caused shivers to dance up her spine and heat to blossom behind her navel.
“Good. Be ready at half past seven. Reservations are at eight. Dress semi formally.” Without another word, he was gone, the door closed tightly behind him.
Leaving the woman left dumbfounded and speechless…And with still soaked panties.
She fell back into the bed with a frustrated huff.
This man truly was going to be the death of her.
Sebastian was a love-sick puppy.
At least he's almost certain that’s how he looked tonight.
Dressed in an oversized tan sweater, tucked loosely into a pair of tight, high waisted leather pants and matched with a pair of black heeled booties, (Y/N) looked absolutely breathtaking.
Her (Y/H/C) was styled in voluminous waves, cascading loosely over her shoulders and down her back. Her typical fresh face and light mascara had been traded in for smokey eyes and painted red lips.
He couldn’t seem to keep his eyes off her… or his hands.
Not on the ride down in the elevator. Not as they huddled together while waiting for the uber. Not throughout all of dinner. It was an impossible task, and if she noticed, she didn’t mention it.
Sebastian had decided on a somewhat fancy Chinese restaurant in the heart of downtown Manhattan. The food was always good, the few times he’d been, and they had a wide selection of various wines to choose from, including her favorite. He was playing it on the safe side. Chinese and wine were the way to her heart. He knew this and was most definitely using it to his advantage.
All throughout dinner, they talked about everything and anything . Completely lost in their own little world, paying absolutely no mind to the people who surrounded them.
Discussion ranged from all their different career choices growing up and how many times they’d changed over the years. To their wildest nights and worst hangovers in college. They bonded over their mutual distaste for people who chewed with their mouth open or the sound of teeth on silverware. They talked about Theo and all the silly things he did that week or the quirks he’s picked up on recently. The conversation was light but informational. Goody but still sentimental.
He’d never felt this way with anyone. He couldn’t believe how easily he trusted her and how effortlessly she broke down his sky-high walls. Not only was he desperate to know absolutely everything about her but he wanted to share things of his own too.
With (Y/N) it was easy.
These days—in his line of work, everyone wanted something from him or expected him to act or look a certain way. More often than not, he was placed on a pedestal only to fall the hardest when others' expectations of him weren’t meant.
But never with (Y/N). She accepted him, imperfections and all, it seemed.
Previous lovers had been clingy and overbearing. They demanded more of him than he could give most of the time. For a long time his career came first, having worked so hard to make a name for himself and with hopes of fulfilling goals he hadn’t quite met yet. Something they hadn’t understood despite being in the business themselves.
His last relationship ended just before he’d met (Y/N) three years ago and it wasn’t pretty. She’d claimed he wasn’t giving her enough, whether it be attention or money, he wasn’t sure. Not long into their relationship had she stepped back from her career with this delusional fantasy they’d settle down and raise a family. She’d decided without communicating with him that she’d stay home and raise their kids. And when he explained he wasn’t ready, she lost it.
In the end he’d found her in bed with another man and while he collected his things, she’d bitched on about how selfish he was and how it was his fault she’d sought another out because he wouldn’t give his career up for her like she had him.
So when (Y/N) excitedly asked all about the next steps in his career and the prospects of upcoming projects, he was floored. She wanted to know all about how he went about securing roles and how he chose one. What caught his eye when reading over a script or which directors he liked working with the most. There wasn’t an ounce of distaste or distress on her face when he explained that he was interested in a role that would require him to move to LA for a few months but profusely encouraged him when he voiced his hesitancy in leaving her and Theo for such an extended period of time.
And when he asked her if that would bother her or if the distance would be too much.
She replied, “Why would it? I was once a casual fan, now turned super fan. Who am I to deny the world of another movie starring The Sebastian Stan. If we want to make it work, we will. I won’t stop you from doing what you love or reaching your goals.”
Sebastian swore right then and there she was the one for him.
(Y/N) was independent and self reliant. She didn’t need him but she made sure to let him know just how much she wanted him.
Over the past two months she’d come to understand how he worked and that sometimes he got a little stuck in his ways but instead of berating and scolding him over it, she was patient, explained how she felt, and compromised with him.
She was everything he needed. The perfect lover for him.
And looking at her now, as she tossed back a shot of tequila like it was water, spewing absolute nonsense about how sunflowers are hands down the best flowers because they “grow so tall and they’re yellow, Seb. Yellow is a happy color and the world needs to be happier, so everyone should have sunflowers.”
He didn’t know how they’d gotten on the topic. She’d just hopped down from the stage after carrying out, hands down, the best karaoke performance he’d ever seen by singing ‘Billie Jean’ by Michael Jackson. She’d had the whole bar clapping, singing, and dancing along by the end.
The radiant smile painted on those Cherry lips made him all too pleased with himself. After all, he was the one to suggest dropping by, not quite ready for the night to end.
Eventually, she’d convinced him to sing a duet with her, which didn’t take much convincing at all. But the extra kisses and alluring promises of how she’d reward him when they returned home, were simply an added bonus.
And as much as he wanted to take that next step with her, he would wait. Because she deserved more than just a drunken tumble in the bed after a long night on the town.
When he made love to her, it would be a sober affair. He would take his sweet, sweet time reacquainting himself with her body. He planned on ruining her—with his fingers, lips, tongue, and cock, and he wanted her to remember it.
So when they stumbled home around half past two in the morning, he helped her slip into one of his shirts, popped her up on the bathroom counter to wipe the makeup from her face and assisted her in brushing her teeth before putting her to bed. After making sure everything was locked up and the lights were out, he slipped in beside her and tucked her sleeping form into his chest.
She didn’t wake when he kissed her pouty lips a few times but did snuggle closer, burying her face further into his bare chest. Even in a dead, drunken sleep she unconsciously sought him out.
Just before, he too, succumbed to a drunken sleep, he found himself profusely thanking whatever Gods were out there for giving him a chance at life with her.
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audacity-bitch · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A.N: It's short.
Warnings: Swearing.
Chapter Six
After almost being blown to smithereens by someone who should be dead, Y/N had decided that luck was never on her side. Steve had managed to stop most of the debris from hitting them but he couldn't stop everything. Y/N could feel the bruises forming where small bits of the building had hit her. Her right leg was hurting due to the way she had landed on it when she jumped into the hole in the floor.
Steve knocked on the front door of the mystery house, while Y/N and Natasha gave the neighbourhood a quick sweep with their eyes before turning around. Y/N limped up the steps of the house to join the pair at the top. The door opened to reveal the man who Steve was talking to before the boat mission. Natasha and Y/N were leaning against each other for support.
"Hay man." he said.
"I'm sorry about this." Steve said. "We need a place to lay low."
"Everyone we know is trying to kill us." said the two girls in unison, something that had become a habit.
"Not every one."
And he stood aside so that they trio could get in. Steve and Natasha went off to another part of the house, leaving Y/N in the kitchen with the man. She walked around the kitchen island a little bit looking for all possible escape routes if one was needed
"What's it like being on the run with Captain America?" The man asked.
Y/N turned around to look at the man.
"It's not all it's cracked up to be, Mr..."
Y/N leaned on the counter with her arms folded. Y/N was usually good at remembering names, but with a lot of things going on her mind was other places to say the least.
"Wilson, Sam Wilson."
"I've spent the last four years on the run. This is no different. I'm Y/N by the way."
"No last name or..."
"L/N. Y/N L/N."
"What's your story?" he asked
"No story, just a punchline." the girl replied earning a raised eyebrow from the man.
"What are you on the run from?"
'Everything' Y/N thought, 'I'm on the run from everything'. Y/N looked down at the counter. She had to think of a plausible lie, and fast. Luckily she had been lying about her life for long enough that it had become second nature.
"My past."
Sam wasn't totally convinced.
"It's not the best. The people in my past were even worse. All apart from one person. But I left him when I escaped my old life. He'll hate me if he ever saw me again. I left him in that horrible place."
Sometimes a lie with a bit of truth is better to tell than something that was complete nonsense. with that being said, she hadn't lied to Sam at all. Not really. Sam reached out to Y/N's hand with his.
"I'm sure he'll understand." he said, earning a scoff from the girl. "Where is this place? Who was he?"
"I'm not at liberty to say."
Y/N began picking at her nails. She could feel her power surging through her veins like electricity, she hadn't used her powers properly in so long and it was starting to build up. That was one of the major downsides to her powers, the less she used them the harder they were to control. It was a fucking piss take if Y/N was being honest.
"You care about him, don't you." Sam asked
"More than anything."
Sam opened his mouth to say something but Y/N beat him to it.
"Should probably go check on Nat 'n' Steve." she said
"I'll do it."
And with that Sam walked away. Y/N let out a big sigh of relief. Over the last twenty four hours Y/N had become overwhelmed. The Winter Soldier had killed Fury and there was no doubt that he would come for Nat and Steve. And where they were, these days, you could usually find Y/N. Would he still remember her? Would he try and kill her? She had to hope that they hadn't changed him.
"So, the question is: who in SHIELD could launch a domestic missile strike?" Natasha asked.
The trio were sat around Sam's dinning table to eat the food that he had cooked. Y/N sat with two blueberry muffins on her plate and an iced coffee in her hand. Sam had pours the drink into one of those reusable Starbucks cups before he had handed in to the woman, it had made her smile.
"Pierce." Steve said.
"Yeah well, shit's gonna hit the fan if we go anywhere near the man." Natasha stated.
Steve visibly winced at Natasha's swearing.
"Who happens to be sitting on top of the most secure building in the world." Y/N half yelled as she stood up from her seat to pace around the kitchen.
"But he's not working alone, Zola's algorithm was on the Lemurian Star." Steve said.
Y/N circled back to the group while running a had through her hair.
"So was Jasper Sitwell." Natasha pointed out.
"So, the real question is: how do the three most wanted people in Washington kidnap a SHIELD officer in broad daylight?" Y/N asked.
"Without obviously breaking any laws."
"Or going under the radar because that's too much pissin' about and we haven't got the time?"
Steve really didn't want to know Y/N's alternative method's were. The truth was, it wouldn't be the first time that she had had to kidnap some kind of official person.
"The answer is: you don't." Sam said as he dropped a file on the in front of Steve.
"What's this?" Steve asked.
"Call it a resume."
Natasha picked up to photo on the top. It was a photo of Sam with his para-rescue team.
"Is this Bakhmala? The Khalid Khandil mission, that was you." Natasha said before turning to look at Steve. "You didn't say he was a para-rescue."
Steve was looking at the photo of Sam with his colleague. There were a few people behind them, but they were the main focus of the photo. "Is this Riley?"
"Yeah." Sam replied with a sad look on his face.
"I heard they couldn't bring in the choppers because of the RPGs." Y/N said, moving closer to Natasha to get a better look at the file. "What did you use, a stealth chute?"
"No. These." The man replied.
He handed Steve the file with the information about what he used. Steve opened up the brown folder and began to read through it as quickly as he could.
"I thought you said you were a pilot." Steve said to Sam.
"I never said pilot." Sam smirked as he watched Y/N peer over the blonds shoulder to read the file.
"I can't ask you to do this, Sam. You got out for a good reason." Steve tried to reason with him.
"Dude, Captain America needs my help. There's no better reason to get back in."
Y/N smirked at Sam's response.
"Where can we get our hands on one of these things?" Y/N asked.
"The last one is at Fort Meade, behind three guarded gates and a twelve-inch steel wall."
Steve turned to look at Natasha and Y/N who shrugs their shoulders, the were down for anything if it meant taking down HYDRA.
"Shouldn't be a problem."
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