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Sebaciel Halloween 2020 - Day 1: Dusk Festivities

Thank you so much for hosting with me @angryredoctopus !!


All Hallows’ Eve was upon the manor, and with it came much preparation. Apples swam serenely within a large wooden basin whilst ribbons of black silk were draped from trees and coiled around the sturdy stems of perfect pumpkins. Lanterns of gold, emerald, and violet were strung from the barren branches of an ancient willow in the center of the courtyard, casting a warm, flickering glow along the vibrant grass and winding pathways. With nightfall, they would bring to life dancing shadows with every breath of wind that managed to toy with their glass-protected flames, merely adding a certain eerie beauty to the Harvest Festival.

The sun was already falling, painting the skies in ochre and topaz, as Ciel stood before his study’s large window to oversee the final touches to the venue of the celebration soon to happen. Small round tables were set and donned with cloths of thick, monochromatic stripes, and adorned with bows of orange and purple. Atop their mahogany-cloaked surface balanced a wide array of treats, from sweet cakes and Funtom candies, to light h'orderves and fine seasonal wines– all expertly prepared by the hands of the head butler himself.

Mey-Rin and Baldroy worked together to prepare the games and festivities that would be offered whilst Snake and Finny aided Tanaka in filling the few glasses that remained empty. However, one servant was missing; not a single strand of jet black hair was to be seen on the softly illuminated grounds below.

Slate eyebrows drew together at the realization that the demon was missing from the space he previously occupied, arranging candles near a pile of carved and lit jack-o-lanterns. His eyes wandered the grounds to no avail, searching every nook and cranny of the courtyard only to find no trace of the demon. His confusion was quickly abated, however, when familiar arms suddenly coiled around his waist.

To say the sudden embrace spooked the earl would be an understatement, as proved by the full-body jolt accompanied by a defensive flail of wool-swathed arms.

An amused chuckle rang out from behind Ciel and he instantly turned in the unholy being’s arms to pin him with a dark glare. “How many times must I tell you not to sneak up on me, you dimwitted demon?”

With a coy smile, Sebastian tightened his hold in hopes of placating his fiery little lord. “Do forgive me, young master. You were deep enough in thought that my knocks went unheard, so I thought this would be a suitable way to garner your attention.”

The demon’s gloved fingers slid from the nobleman’s slyphlike waist to trail along the soft angle of his hips, giving the slightest squeeze when his palms found refuge atop the lovely rear he had grown ever so fond of. The boy’s obstinate squirming and annoyed expression only made the teasing action that much more fulfilling.

A rosy pink climbed to Ciel’s cheeks and his visible eye narrowed on the smug face staring down at him. How infuriating this man could be… “Perhaps I just had no interest in speaking to you at the moment, had you thought of that?” he said with a tilt of his head, as if daring his butler to call him out on the fact that he had yet to truly attempt an escape from his arms.

“If you had any particular issues with me this evening, I’m more than positive that I would have already heard about it.” Sebastian smirked at the indignant huff his master released, the pout forming on those strawberry lips beckoning him closer until he gave in to temptation.

His hand rose to cup Ciel’s cheek, stroking along the boy’s velvety skin as his lips claimed his human’s. Soft and warm, their lips melded in tandem, fitting together like the most intricate of puzzle pieces. The taste of his master only increased his ever-growing hunger.

The taste of earl grey and pear tart tainted Ciel’s tongue, but it did nothing to diffuse his natural flavor; he was as sweet as heaven’s scent, and as tantalizing as the fires of hell. It was easy to say that Sebastian was addicted, just as he was to every other aspect of his prey.

With no coaxing needed, Ciel lost himself to the rhythmic shifting of wanton mouths, sin-laced kisses staining his tongue and teeth as he threaded his delicate fingers in the darkest depths of Sebastian’s obsidian locks. All but pawing at his nape, he pulled the devil lower to avoid standing on the tips of his toes to reach him as his tongue delved passed the demon’s lips.

As Sebastian’s tongue swept along his own, Ciel traced the edges of sharp fangs, uncaring of how they pierced the fragile muscle, causing it to weep a rich sanguine. The blood was quickly lapped up, the demon’s pleased hum vibrating against his mouth as his bottom lip was darkened by the lingering lock of longing lips.

The embrace was cut short before it could shift into anything more heated, the devil’s retreating lips parting a final time to lick away a single drop of blood lingering atop the mortal’s kiss-darkened lips. “As much as I wish to continue, I’m afraid I have neglected to inform you of why I interrupted your party supervision to begin with.”

Breathless and bright-eyed, Ciel gave a disapproving cluck of his tongue before stepping back, a single hand propped on his left hip as he raised a questioning brow. “Well? What is it then?”

“It is time to dress you for the night’s festivities, your guests will soon be arriving,” Sebastian supplied, taking a moment to study his master’s relaxed posture. It was not often that his eyes burned with the playful fire they currently possessed, nor did he commonly cock his hip in a challenging fashion as he did now. It was a rare sight that brought a smirk to Sebastian’s lips. His proud little lord wanted to make tonight a game.

An equally impish expression contorted Ciel’s features as he stepped forward, well-prepared for the night of tricks, and surely treats, ahead. “Very well then. Lead the way, Sebastian.”

“Yes, my lord.”

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Ok let me clarify. It has been brought to my attention that my previous post about sparxshipping and sebaciel may be misinterpreted.

Yes, i wrote ‘it’s just two fictional characters boning’, but that doesn’t necessarily refer to sebaciel (because that’s where the controversy comes from). There are other ships out there, especially bloom and valtor ship, because my post was mainly inspired by my current obsession (aka sparxshipping).

But the truth is, sebaciel shippers of any kind (romantic or platonic) face a bunch of hate because the ship is abusing. And yes, when we look at cannon there are some things that could be considered abusive. That’s why there is fandom. I’m not talking about anything sexual for now, let’s just talk about it in general.

People that don’t support sebaciel don’t support it in any way, including platonic, because according to them, sebastian is a demon and he has no feelings therefore he’s just using ciel and 'playing with his food’. Is that correct? Maybe. But the truth is, some people see things differently because even in cannon we can see snippets of emotions that sebastian exhibits. So is it correct to assume that sebastian doesn’t have any feelings whatsoever? Probably not.

Even viewed as a father figure for ciel, sebastian is trashed because 'he’s a demon and he would never do that’. Well people, valtor would never surrender and switch sides in the winx fandom, and yet here i am, writing about that.

I’ve noticed that bb fandom is toxic in general. There literally is no right ship. You can’t ship anyone without getting bunch of hate thrown at your way because your ship 'isn’t right’, whereas in reality, you can’t go right with black butler. It’s either pedophilia or abusive or incest.

As for aging ciel up… now you may disagree with me, but i don’t think that’s wrong, because no matter how much you age ciel up he will always be a child compared to sebastian’s real age (which we still don’t know). So to those that don’t ship sebaciel, no matter how much you age him up, to them it is never enough. People are known for aging some people down and we consider that normal, so why is this considered 'a sin’?

The period itself in which bb is playing is Victorian England, 1800s… those were weird times and a lot of things that we consider immoral and unimaginable today were just another day at the office.

Now, let’s talk about the sexual aspect of sebaciel.

I have been accused of viewing ciel as sexual/romantic interest… which is a complete bullshit because i see ciel as a brat, a spoiled brat at that.

I’m bisexual and I’m a girl. I’m attracted towards women more than men, but when i do find myself attracted towards men, I’m attracted to older men… (why is that? Because most men my age (18) are still mentaly preteens.)

Ciel is a teenager, and as teenagers we are all attracted towards some stupid and weird stuff. We tend to question a lot of things, our sexuality is definitely one of them. So is there a possibility that ciel is sexually attracted to sebastian? Maybe.

Now is sebastian sexually attracted towards ciel, that’s a tricky topic because as far as we are all aware, canonically, sebastian isn’t interested in anyone sexually. He only does it when the assignment requires of him to do so. But then again, he is a demon and if we look at it biblically and via mythology, demons are described as evil creatures that don’t poses a moral compass. So we can’t be sure about anything here.

I believe that sebastian is mostly interested in ciel mentally because ciel is intelligent (despite thinking he’s a brat most of the time) and sebastian is known to value those things more than physical ones. And of course, he’s interested in his soul.

So the point is, we can’t be sure in almost anything when it comes to bb, because Yana is known to tease us with a lot of double meaning sentences and illustrations and teasing dialogue and some people are bound to see it sexually.

So just, don’t threaten people that ship the two of them together, or any other bb ship, because there is no proper couple in bb.

(If I’m being honest, i want sebastian for myself because the dude is hot af)

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Ok so

I’ve seen bunch of memes and shit, especially on Instagram, telling that people who ship Bloom and Valtor or Sebastian and Ciel should go kill themselves…

And to them i ask ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND!!!!????



Just because we ship someone young with someone older doesn’t mean we support pedophilia you COLOSSAL ASSHOLES. IT’S JUST TWO FICTIONAL CHARACTERS BONING JEEZ!!!

I myself never supported pedophilia and would never do it. I cannot fathom that in real life. But that’s the difference between real life and fictional world. Besides, when it comes to Bloom and Valtor ship, Bloom is already 18 by the time they meet so i don’t see a problem. And when it comes to Sebaciel ship, well i prefer reading those fics where Ciel is 16 (age of consent in Victorian England) and up.

So for fuck’s sake. Leave people alone. They literally mean no harm to anyone.

Because if you go by that logic then that means that people who read and write fics in which there is rape and murder support sex offenders and murderers.

So please, just chill.

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Fireflies is now up on my Ao3!

It was then that Ciel realized he had been wrong all along, this was the most splendid the courtyard had ever looked, and for oh-so many years he had been blind to it–lost in slumber while the world outside changed into something entirely ethereal, made ever-more beautiful by the devil’s lingering presence. “It’s peaceful,” he whispered, voice full of emotion that he himself didn’t entirely understand even as they coursed through him in blinding waves. And as if that was not enough, his attention was suddenly drawn away from his lover for the briefest moment by a sudden spark of amber to his right. It flickered and flashed and swirled with the wind, courting another similar glow before gradually joining in with a larger group forming to his left, all gliding throughout the flowers like the unwithering sparks of enticing flames. Fireflies…


I’m posting this at 3am so technically it’s still September for me since I haven’t slept. Not sure it works that way, but we’ll pretend… Also, this is my 70th Sebaciel fic, woohoo for being in fandom hell long enough to write this many! (Sorry for using my June art instead of making a cover, I was too tired)

~ Link will be added in reblog ~

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me trying to explain to angry sebasciel stans that the reason ciel cares about sebastians so much is because its his only parental figure bc HIS PARENTS ARE FCK DED AND ITS NOT BC HES IN LOVE WITH HIM HES 12 YOU FUCKOS

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