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#sebastian's wife
e16leclerc · 17 hours ago
a unstable father
a/n so this is another platonic max one. basically for context, colette is sebastian vettel’s wife and the current pr manger for redbull. it deals with jos being a bad dad but anyways moving on...
summary: jos was being inconsiderate to max’s feelings and colette decides to step in and defend the young man.
warnings: manipulation?, a shitty dad, swearing
After the crashing the car into the wall in Baku, Max immediately knew the repercussions he would face when he saw his father. 
Growing up every mistake he made, his father would scold him for it. But even when he won and achieved the best he could, his father would never tell him he was proud of him. Max doesn’t even know when the last time he even heard Jos say he was proud of him.
Once he started F1, the relationship became even more strained and most conversations would end up with him just walking off, leaving his father fuming.
Snapping out his daydream, he saw a someone come into his peripheral vision. Colette was the PR manager at Redbull as well as acting as a mother figure to both him and Daniel whilst they were on the road throughout the season. She happened to also be Sebastian’s wife, meeting when he was still with Redbull in 2013.
Being with her, he always felt a sense of calm and peace. Two arms wrapped his shoulders, squeezing him into a hug.
“It’s okay that you made as mistake. Happens to even the multi-winning champions.” she murmured to him, as she pulled away. He smiled her last words. His demeanor changed as soon as he felt a hand on his right shoulder.
“Sorry to break up this conversation but I need to talk with my son.” Both Max and Colette, noticed the slight emphasise on the ‘my’. The woman nodded hesitantly, before saying “No problem, I need to go congratulate Sebastian anyways.”
The pair made their way into his driver’s room for some privacy. It was only a few moments before Max was pushed up against the wall, the impact was so hard it caused one of the photo frames to drop of its hinge.
“Fuck sake, what was that performance? You could not have gone just 5 more laps without crashing. You managed to lose another podium!” Jos spat out, his face becoming redder and redder. Max clenched his jaw, knowing if he opened his mouth they would end up fighting again.
A pair of rushed footsteps could be heard. The once closed door were slammed open.
“Oh Jesus Christ, get the hell off him.” Colette spoke as Sebastian pushed him out the room. She grabbed the Dutch man’s arm before he left.
“Wait wait wait, I wanna say some things to you before you fuck off and have a tantrum. You’re an asshole who decided when his career was over that you could live your dreams through your son. You’ve never cared how Max felt whenever he didn’t get a podium or crashed. All you love to do is discredited his feelings. Maybe if you were a good father and treated your son with respect then maybe more people could have give actually give a shit about you. But you aren’t and you’ll probably never change so now you can fuck off and leave Max the hell alone.” 
Sebastian tried to cover his proud smile putting his hand over his mouth and Max finally feeling like someone cared for him, unconditionally. Jos soon stormed off, slamming the door after himself. The woman spun on her toes, turning to face the pair. The German man wrapped her into a hug before she grabbed the younger man’s arm pulling him into the hug.
“Thank you for saying that.”
“It’s no problem.” she replied, ruffling his hair.
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angrythingstarlight · a month ago
Hide & Seek
Summary: Bucky wakes up to his favorite things in the world. His sons and you.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Dad!Bucky x reader
Warnings: Fluff
A/N: unbeta'd, Ill edit later. Don't copy, or repost but I'll appreciate likes comments and reblogs.
Hushed giggles and pattering of mall feet wake Bucky from his nap. He blinks slowly, shielding his eyes from the soft golden rays streaming through the swaying living room curtains. He touches his chest with a smile, knowing you must have taken the baby when he fell asleep.
The last thing he remembers is watching his babbling newborn stretch his chubby arms before yawning in his face.
Bucky’s enhanced hearing picks up more giggling. Closer and louder. Little voices whispering. A flash of orange darting across the hallway catches his attention.
Rubbing the drool stain on his henley, Bucky lolls his head to the side. His oldest son skids to a stop, his lively eyes widening comically before he gasps and runs away.
“What?” Bucky chuckles, scrubbing his hand down his face.
He sits up when he sees you saunter around the corner, his blue eyes brightening as you make your way towards him. “Hey, honey.”
“I missed you.” Bucky grabs your hips the second you’re within reach, pulling you on his lap.
Looping your arm around his neck, you chuckle, “Bucky, you were asleep for ten minutes, how could-.”
He cups your face, gazing at you with such awe and love that your breath hitches and your heart races. No matter how many times he gives you that look, you’ll never get used to it.
“I love you.” He murmurs, his hand moving up your thigh to your waist, soft lips brushing over yours until your own parts and his tongue slides in your mouth. Sliding your hands in his soft, short chestnut locks, you bring him closer, the kiss deepening as he slants his head. He’s always so eager to have a taste of your lips.
“He got mommy. Leave her. We gotta go,” your son whispers loudly to his brother, small feet slapping on the floors as they run into the kitchen. “Go, go, go.”
You break away, resting your forehead on his, laughing, “right, almost forget, you’re playing hide and seek with our boys.”
“What?” Bucky repeats for the second time in five minutes. His curious blue eyes sweeping across the open living room, he spots his eldest hiding under the chair, and his middle child peeking at him from under the sink.
You nod, patting his chest. “And you’re losing.”
Bucky tilts his head, “I am?”
"Yep.” You stand up and back away, giving him a playful look. “There’s five minutes left and if you don’t find them, you’re taking us out for pizza.”
You both grin when you hear a chorus of yeahs erupt from the ‘hiding spots'.
Bucky stretches his arms over his head, rising to his feet. “What do I get if I win?”
“If you win, we take you out for pizza.” You lean whispering that it was your son’s idea of course.
He places a warm kiss on your lips, happily sighing. He couldn’t wipe the grin off his face if he wanted to, these are the moments he lives for now. Bucky will never understand how he got so lucky to have you and his boys but he’s going to cherish every minute of his life with you.
“Got it.”
Bucky saunters in the kitchen, stomping loudly around the table, pretending that he cant see his colorful shirt sticking out. Your son scoots back, holding his hand over his mouth, squealing as Bucky gets closer.
You sit on the coffee table and watch as your supersoldier opens and closes the cabinets, loudly calling your sons names.
“Are you in here?” He shouts, opening the fridge. You wave at your boys, gesturing for them to run. Bucky keeps his head down, waiting for them to flee the kitchen before turning around.
They hide behind you, giggling into your back.
“Where are they?” He asks.
“Who?” You shrug, you look back at their happy faces, a perfect combination of you and Bucky staring up at you. “It’s just me.”
“Alright, guess I’ll go look upstairs.” He replies slowly, stomping down the hall.
They slink out when they think he’s gone. For a brief second, your house is quiet.
Then Bucky springs out from the hallway and chaos erupts around you.
They scream running around the living room as your husband chases them. Bucky pretends to stumble and miss each time he gets close enough to grab them.
You’re almost in tears from laughing so hard. After a few minutes, you announce that they’ve won. Bucky holds his hands up in defeat, letting them tackle him to the ground. The room filled with chants of pizza as they jump and climb on him.
You join them on the rug, poking your oldest in his belly. “So what’s this about leaving me behind huh?”
He looks at you, his toothy grin matching Buckys. “Had to. Daddy told Uncle Sammy that you can’t handle-”
“Who wants pizza?” Bucky interrupts, plucking the boys off the floor, using them as shields as he backs out of the room. “Love you, doll.”
You smirk, arms folded across your chest as you watch your husband run from you, “Love you too Bucky.”
Part 2
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kiwisomething · a year ago
Hide & Seek
Summary: A game of hide and seek is played in the Late Late Show studio.
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Usually we’d do this after the show but like what we did with BTS, we have some of the MCU cast to play a game of HIDE AND SEEK!” James announced. “We got all three Chrises, both Stans, Tom Holland, Jeremy Renner, and of course Robert Downey Jr is being put up to the challenge to find five superheroes that’ll be hiding around the studio to win the game!”
You’re holding onto your husband’s hand waiting for the cue to run off and try to hide somewhere.
“We cannot be the first ones to be found,” Sebastian whispered into your ear.
You nodded in agreement.
“GO!” James yelled with his eyes covered.
Your husband runs off with Mackie leaving you behind. You gasped as if it’s the most heartbreaking thing ever and the audience laughs. The others head off. You shake your head regretting your decision in wearing stilettos and a tight dress. You head up the stairs and go behind the desk. You sit in the chair and watch as RDJ and James head off trying find anyone.
“What the hell?” You whispered taking off your stilettos.
You head over to the stools and sit on the red side holding the stilettos.
“He’s already got you?!” James asked freaking out.
“Yup. Tom’s that way,” you said pointing up the stairs.
James rushes off. You head over on the blue side and sit down making the audience laugh. RDJ comes dragging in Chris Evans. Chris gasped pointing at you.
“HE LEFT ME!” You yelled.
“That asshole,” Chris said.
“Shoulda married someone else,” RDJ said before running off.
You hear James coming and you rush over to sit next to Chris.
“You’ve gotta be kidding me!” James exclaimed holding hands with Chris Pratt.
James puts Pratt in a seat before rushing off to find more actors.
“What are you doing?” Evans whispered.
You just grinned as James finds Hemsworth in the audience.
“Come on!” James yelled bringing Hemsworth down.
“You’ve got two more!” Pratt yelled.
“Sebastian is in the photo booth!” You said to James.
James immediately rushes off just as RDJ has Zoe Saldana. You go over and sit next to Hemsworth before RDJ comes over. Evans laughs and Zoe sits next to Evans. You just can’t help but smile.
“Oh my fucking god, I need Mackie or Stan!” RDJ screamed running off and keeping his eyes open.
You rushed over to sit next to Zoe and the boys laugh. James drags in Sebastian.
“No, darling!” Sebastian exclaimed.
“You left me! We’re a team, you dumbass!” You yelled and James laughed heading off.
“I thought you were following me!” Sebastian exclaimed sitting down next to Hemsworth.
You just shake your head no hearing Anthony yelling at Tom with RDJ butting in. You rush over and sit next to your husband which confuses him. You take his hand into yours.
“AWW! James reunited the love birds!” Mackie exclaimed.
“Robert, Renner is in his dressing room,” you lied.
“That’s against the rules!” RDJ exclaimed.
“You’ve got four people! Take the risk!” You said.
RDJ runs off. You hop off and put your stilettos on the white stool in the middle.
“Where are you going?” Sebastian asked but you speed walk down a hallway by the audience as they laugh.
Evans laughs and said, “nobody caught her! She kept switching seats whenever Rob or James would come over.”
Sebastian sighed. You hide in the photo booth and closed the curtain. James brings in Renner and sits him next to Sebastian. He puts his hands on his hips. He looks around.
“Rob-,” James said looking around as RDJ comes down the stairs without anyone.
“SHIT HE WON!” RDJ yelled.
“You won!” James yelled pointing at the actor.
“Nope, there’s still one more to go!” Reggie said into his mic.
“You didn’t get Y/n,” James said seeing the heels you left at the stool in the middle.
“I thought you got her!” Robert exclaimed.
Sebastian just laughs seeing how you tricked them. RDJ and James immediately start searching. James runs down the hallway that you went down.
“You’ve got a smart one, Seabass,” Anthony said.
“I know. She wears the pants in the relationship,” Sebastian said making the audience laugh.
Soon enough, James is the one bringing you back. You scowl at your husband.
“Baby,” Sebastian pleaded.
You shook your head no and said, “you’re sleeping on the couch, Sebastian.”
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silverxcristal · a year ago
They used Estación Baquedano, one of the bigest metro station, as torture chamber, and the moment they get called out and we get the lawers they quickly go clean all the blood.
José Miguel Uribe Antipani, 25 y/o, was killed by a militar in Curicó (VII Region) even when that region doesnt have curfew. They killed him when that zone didnt had the order to have militars. His son is barely 1 year old.
^ The evidence was so clear and the info was spread all around Chile that the goverment had to take away the militar who did it. They havent say his name publicly, but it was confirmed he had antecedents of assaults and being violent.
Militars are killing dogs.
They are shooting children.
They are kidnapping people from the opossite political party, they enter their houses and take them away. Last night Pablo Ferrada (In charge of secondary education in JJCC (communist youth)) and Valentina Miranda, spokeperson of CONES (national secondary education coordinator of chile) were taken away from their homes.
First Lady Cecilia Morel (Sebastian Piñera’s wife) said on a leaked Whatsapp audio she send to her friends: “We will have to reduce our privileges and share them with other”
Today (23/10/2019) deputy Pamela Jiles brings to the Congress a paper with the list of names of known deaths and how it to Chadwick (interior and public security minister), who laughs at it before Deputy Camila Flores (from the RN party) went and started ripping the paper. 
We need this information to be spread! Chile needs help! They are killing us!
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thestarssalign · a month ago
The Power We Hold
summary: they were so perfect, all the parents hated them
warning: moms being mean/jealous towards reader, dads having no self control, power couple, power family, small child, bucky being the best husband, reader being super nice to bitchy moms
word count: 1.1k
pairing: dilf!bucky barnes x milf!reader
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gif is not mine
Tumblr media
You and Bucky made your way up the stands, your 3 year old son, Lucas hoisted up onto your hip. The three of you had matching baseball shirts with Alex, your eldest son's number, 17.
"Cam, Mitch!" You smiled making your way towards the two. You had met Cam and Mitch in the process of their adoption. Their social worker had too many cases and handed theirs off to you. Cam and Mitch were grateful for you, you blessed them with their three year old daughter Lily and the 15 year old boy, Liam, they were fostering to adopt who was also on the baseball team.
"Uncle Cam, Uncle Mitch!" Lucas smiled, you set him down letting him go to his two uncles.
"Hiya bud." Cam tickled his stomach. "Hey Y/n, Bucky."
"Hey." Gave a short reply, already ignoring him, paying attention to his son's game. It wasn't in any way rude, Cam and Mitch knew how important this was for Bucky, he always came to his sons game, no matter where, no matter the weather.
"Hi Lily." The girl came climbing into your lap. "You watching Liam and Alex play baseball."
"Yeah, I got to help Liam practice." She answered.
"Wow." You dramatically gasped. "What a big girl!"
You were oblivious to the moms glaring towards you since you and Bucky arrived. They always had a problem with you. You were on the younger side, two beautiful boys and a husband who worships you, Bucky always told you they were just jealous.
With that, you didn't have many friends, just Cam and Mitch, the lady whose desk was next to yours at work and Bucky's ex co-workers. You tried to be a part of the PTA at Lucas's preschool or bring snacks to Alex's games, but never got the light of day.
The dads were only nice to you because they thought you were this young attractive play thing for them. Once you got older, it was always hard to find male friends who didn't want to jump your bones.
You sat down next to Bucky, your hands held together on his thigh, with Lucas in the row in front of you, cheering on his big brother.
"Mama." Lucas tugged on your pant leg. "I'm thirsty, can we get slushy?"
"Yeah baby." You pulled him up, grabbing your purse before making your way towards the concession stand. "Okay baby boy, which flavor you want, you gotta tell the lady."
The concessions lady had a smile on her face watching Lucas concentrate on deciding.
"Can I have a blue slushy please?" He asked. Manners was something you and Bucky always pushed with Lucas.
"Of course young man." She smiled.
"Thank you." She handed you the slushy as you gave her the money, the two of you making your back to the stands. You had been watching Lucas hold the cup while you walked, not seeing Dana, one of the moms, sitting where you were earlier, flirting with Bucky.
"Hi Dana!" You smiled. Despite the amount of women who flirted with your husband, you kept a positive attitude towards them. "How are you?"
"Oh, Y/n, I didn't know you were here." She spoke with a slight venom.
"We don't go anywhere without each other, ain't that right doll." Bucky looked over at you, his eyes pleading for you to help him.
"That's right. Well thank you for keeping my seat warm when I was gone, god knows how much I hate the cold metal on my bum." You giggled. Dana gave you a slight glare before giving Bucky a flirty wave before returning to her seat, him not even noticing.
"I thought you like cold metal on your ass." Bucky whispered in your ear, his metal arm cupping your right cheek, playfully biting your ear.
"Bucky!" You giggled. "Lucas and Lily are right there and we're in public."
"Hasn't stopped you before." He quipped back.
"Stop." You said sternly. "We're at our son's baseball game."
You were able to continue to watch the game without Bucky getting frisky.
"Run Alex, run!" You screamed at your son when he hit a home run. Cheering when he made it to home plate.
Bucky noticed how some of the dads were directly staring at your breasts while you jumped and down while cheering on for your son, him sending cold glares to all of them, instantly all of them diverting their eyes.
"I will never understand how the two of you have such a strong bond knowing all those people flirt with both of you." Mitch told you.
"It takes so much trust and it goes deeper than that and we love each other with our whole being, I couldn't imagine myself without him, he's my soulmate." You smiled.
"You mean that babydoll." You turned around to see Bucky giving you a small smile.
"'Course Buck, you're it for me." You cupped his face, kissing him slowly, filled with love.
"I love you." He whispered.
"I love you too." You smiled.
The two of you enjoyed the rest of the game, watching Alex score the winning point, screaming and cheering with his teammates.
"Oh congratulations baby!" You smiled, kissing the top of his head. Both of your boys were mama boys, there was no denying it. For a while when Alex was still a preteen he always hated the PDA you gave him but you respected his boundaries, but he missed it when he got older.
"You did good Liam, you did well." You looked at the boy.
"Thank you Auntie Y/n." He smiled.
"God, look at her." Dana complained to another mom from a distance. "She comes in with her perfect husband, perfect kids, perfect body, thinking she's better than all of us... Ted, stop looking at her legs." She slapped her husband's arm, noticing him staring her down.
"What do you want me to do, they're right there!" He called out trying to look again but saw Bucky giving him a hard glare. Bucky smirked at Ted, readjusting his grip on you, slowly lowering his hand onto the swell of your ass.
"God, why can't you love me like that!" Dana rolled her eyes.
"I try, and you tell me to knock it off!" Ted replied.
"How 'bout we go and celebrate with some ice cream, what do you kids say?" You looked at the four who all nodded eagerly.
"You have a good night ladies." You smiled passing them, holding onto Bucky's hand.
"Still don't understand how you can be so nice to them." Bucky grumbled helping you load the car.
"Treat people with kindness." You smiled as Bucky helped you into the car.
@leyannrae @i-love-scott-mccall
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kiwisomething · 3 months ago
Summary: Sebastian gets a moment alone with the baby.
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Wife!Reader
Tumblr media
Sebastian had just taken out the trash as he’s pretty sure you won’t be leaving the penthouse anytime soon. With a new baby and a somewhat traumatic experience with the birth, you’re perfectly fine with camping out at home for awhile.
He came into the bedroom to see you’re already out. The baby is on the bed with you in the middle and a pillow on the other side of him. Sebastian kicked off his shoes and shed off his jacket. He came over and carefully crawled onto the bed towards his son.
“Hi, little bear,” he whispered softly.
The baby blinked and looked up at his father. It made Sebastian smile so wide. He kissed his son’s cheek and lowered himself down. Sebastian kept himself propped up on his elbows.
“You got Mama’s cheeks,” he whispered to the little one. “And my chin.”
His son cooed and Sebastian shushed him looking at you stir slightly.
“We can’t wake up Mama,” he whispered getting back on his knees.
Sebastian carefully slid his right hand under his son’s head and slid his left under his little back. He lifted the little one up and rose up to sit back on his heels. Sebastian couldn’t help but press kisses to his little man’s cheeks.
“Seb,” you mumbled into your pillow.
“Yes?” Sebastian said holding the newborn to his chest protectively.
Your hand reached out to touch your baby that should be laying beside. Sebastian watched as you have a moment of panic. Your eyes shot open and you see that your husband has your baby boy.
“You guys look really cute,” you said.
Your husband laughed off the compliment but he’s blushing.
“I really like this— being a dad,” he admitted.
“I know you do,” you smiled.
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Who is that dude in his underwear running out of the room?
- He's setting up my camera
- Oh that's my wife
Tumblr media
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Prompt #77 with Sebastian Stan! Maybe his wife is having their second child? 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️
Notes: I’d like to thank @morganclaire4 for the request.
I don’t own any of the gifs/pictures used.
Prinţesă = Princess
Warnings: A cuss word here and there
Word Count: 647
Prompt List: Click Here
Masterlist: Click Here
77. “Why are you being weird?”
Tumblr media
Whoever came up with all those “pregnancy is beautiful” quotes can kiss your ass. Your first pregnancy was by no means beautiful. You didn’t have morning sickness, you had all-day sickness. Every morning you were vomiting. Every afternoon you were vomiting. Every night you were vomiting. As the pregnancy progressed you realized certain smells made you sick — your boyfriend’s cologne, your shampoo, certain foods, the smell of your own vomit; it was endless. You couldn’t catch a break. Water made you throw up, food made you throw up, driving made you throw up — Sebastian, your boyfriend, had to take you to the hospital because you were so dehydrated, and he was scared.
Your hormones were just as bad as your stomach and nose. Your emotions were amplified; little things became big, and big things became gigantic. It felt like you cried at almost everything, and no matter what you did, you couldn’t control your temper. After the birth of your son, you thanked Sebastian for his endless amounts of patience and dedication. You felt guilty for putting him through so much.
Now you’re pregnant with your second child, and while it’s nothing like your first pregnancy (thank God), you’re starting to notice new things, things you never experienced before. At six and a half months, you’re noticing this baby is far more active than your son was before his birth. This baby likes to move, and it moves so much it’s almost painful. Your son would give the occasional kick, but that’s it. He wouldn’t move around too much, and you were grateful for that. This baby loves to move and shift and kick just about everything. You’re constantly using the bathroom cause your bladder’s being used as a soccer ball. Your ribs are always hurting because they’re being used and bruised by your unborn child’s feet.
Another thing you noticed was the cravings. Your last pregnancy, everything made you sick. Now you’re craving everything, including the weirdest combinations. And tonight happened to be the night your cravings compelled you to throw something together. You spent at least fifteen minutes in the kitchen before Sebastian, half-asleep, came shuffling into the kitchen in an attempt to find you.
“Prinţesă, what are you doing up this late?” he mumbles, rubbing his eyes exhaustedly.
“I was hungry,” you answer, your words muffled by the food. “Go back to bed Sebby, I’ll be up soon.”
He shakes his head, walking over to you before the concoction you call food catches his eye. His brows furrows and his jaw slacks a little. “What is that?” he asks.
A blush creeps across your face. “Ice cream, bits of beef jerky, and hot sauce.” The response is mumbled and you look down in embarrassment. You didn’t have to see Sebastian’s face to see it twist in disgust.
“You hate hot sauce,” he says.
“But I was craving it.”
“With ice cream and beef jerky bits?”
You nod, still feeling embarrassed. You were feeling the floodgates opening, and the tears were starting to fill your eyes. “Why are you being weird?” you press. “I can’t help that I’m craving this. I know it’s disgusting but I can’t help myself.”
You jumped when you saw Sebastian’s hands grab yours, squeezing them gently. He was kneeling in front of you, and he gave you the smallest smile when you looked at him. “I’m sorry,” he says. “I didn’t mean to upset you. It’s just late and I want you to get some rest.” One hand moves up to cup your cheek, his thumb gently wiping away a few tears that fell.
“I will,” you respond.
Sebastian nods. “I’ll stay here with you until you finish,” he states. “Once you’re done, I’ll wash the dishes and you head on to bed, okay? How does that sound?”
You nod, giving him a shy smile. “Thank you,” you say.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
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baezen · a year ago
my caveman brain at all times since the last full measure trailer was released:
sebastian stan with a wedding ring
Tumblr media
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uprootbasic · 2 months ago
pairing: dad!Sebastian Stan x mom!reader
summary: you and Seb welcome your baby girl earlier than planned.
warnings: angst, fluff, mentions of childbirth, mentions of preemie baby, mentions of pregnancy and labor.
a/n: I am absolutely terrified to post this tbh. this is based completely on my birth experience with my daughter, and it was insanely traumatic to the point where I can't stand to be in a hospital (I had to take her a few months ago bc she had covid 19 symptoms and I had multiple panic attacks). things might not be 100% accurate as im writing based on what I can remember and what other people (my mom, dad, grandparents) have told me because I don't fully remember. hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
when you woke up this morning, you knew something was wrong.
you felt weird. you were 32 weeks pregnant with your husband Sebastian's baby girl, and both she and you were perfectly healthy.
you checked your phone as you wandered down the hallway to the kitchen, trying to ignore the dread and anxiety seemingly filling your body for no reason. you looked at your calendar, and realized you had your 32 week appointment and ultrasound, and the dread was slowly replaced by happiness.
at least you'd get to see her little face today. you were so happy that you and Seb were able to afford 3D ultrasounds, and you couldn't wait to see how much chubbier her cheeks had gotten, and how her lungs were developing.
you went on with your morning, and everything seemed fine, until you got a call from your dad.
you had called your parents to inform them of who was allowed in the room while you were giving birth, and your dad was not happy. when you and Sebastian had talked about it, you two had decided that the day was about you, him, and your daughter, not everyone else, and came to the conclusion that while you were pushing and delivering the baby, only Sebastian would be in the room.
your dad however, did not agree with this at all. he said he should be allowed in the room, and should be permitted to watch his daughter become a mother. you tried to reason with him, and explain why you and Sebastian made that decision, but your dad was not having it. he ended the phone call after saying that if he was not in the room, he would disown you, and that sent you into a stress induced meltdown.
you dropped the phone onto the counter, and slid onto the floor. your hands covered your face as your heart became heavier and your sobs grew louder. you noticed your body started to feel weird as well. the happiness you felt from earlier had vanished quicker than Bucky did in Wakanda or on his fall from the train and the dread work its way through your veins and your nerve endings.
you felt the urge to throw up, and pulled yourself to a stand with difficulty. once you did however, you felt a rippling pain in your stomach, followed by warm liquid flowing down your legs.
your first instinct was that you wet yourself, but you soon realized that you couldn't stop the flow, and that it was your water breaking. your eyes widened, and you grabbed your phone to check the date, to make sure you were, in fact, 32 weeks. your heart dropped as the numbers and letters on the screen confirmed it, and you realized you were in preterm labor.
"fuck!" you cried, and scrambled to unlock your phone, and call Seb. thankfully, he wasn't actively filming a scene, and sneered on the first ring.
"hey baby what's-" he began but you cut him off urgently.
"you need to come home!" you cried, tears streaming down your face as you thought about the fate of the life inside of you.
"what's wrong? is it the baby?" he asked, and you heard him moving around his trailer, and felt a short burst of relief that he was heading home as soon as he could.
"m-my water broke!" you cried out, still unable to believe that this was happening to you. you and Sebastian were so excited when you found out about the little girl in your stomach, and you didn't know how you'd continue on if she was ripped from your fingers mere weeks away from her due date.
"fuck! okay, I'm leaving now, stay on the phone baby," he said, and you could hear the tears in his voice as he rushed from set and talked to the directors. he stayed on the phone with you as he rushed home through midday New York traffic, until he was standing just outside the door. he hung up and came bursting into the apartment.
he followed the sound of your cries and rushed to your aide. "fuck baby. let's-lets go to the hospital, okay?" he said, his voice shaking as he tried to hold himself together for you, because whenever he cried, you cried. you could barely get through an episode of Political Animals without sobbing at his sad little face, and he needed to be strong for you and his daughter.
you nodded weakly, and let him help you up and lead you out of the apartment. he got you into the car, and the next 30 minutes were a whirlwind.
you could barely focus on what was happening. the drive, the check in, the nurses helping you into a hospital gown, and then a bed, all of it seemed to swirl together as you thought about the little girl inside of you, and wether or not she was going to make it.
you were snapped out of your disorientation when cold ultrasound jelly was poured on your belly, and you could finally take a deep breath when your senses were filled with the sound of your baby healthy and steady heartbeat, and your husband whispering thank god, before pressing a reassuring kiss to your forehead.
you could barely understand what the doctor was saying, but you got the gist. the stress that your father had put on you had caused stress on your baby, and sent you into preterm labor. you were progressing quickly, and were past the point of being able to stop it.
tears flowed down your face as you realized you were having your baby. doctors and nurses were rushing in and out of the room, and your turned to face your husband as an incubator was rolled in.
"I'm sorry," you said, choking out a sob. his eyebrows furrowed, and his hands cupped your cheeks.
"baby, no. it wasn't your fault. I could never be mad at you for something like this. she's a fighter, so are you. we'll make it through," he said, his thumbs brushing away your tears as you nodded.
"d-don't let go of my hand," you begged, and he nodded. "never. I'm here." he said, and pressed a kiss to the back of your hand, just as the doctor entered the room.
"okay, Y/N, you're fully dilated, and we need to get her out quickly. if she stays in any longer than necessary, we'll have to do an emergency c section. she is getting stressed out, and we need to bring that stress level down. I know you can't feel them, but on your next contraction, I need you to push like hell, okay?" she said, and you nodded. you glanced up at Sebastian who pressed a kiss to your forehead. he reached around your shoulders and grabbed your other hand just as another contraction started and the doctor told you to push.
you teared down as hard as you could, and pushed for what felt like 10 minutes, although it was only 10 second.
"good job, Y/N, you're doing great!" the doctor said. "I can see her head, you're almost there!"
Sebastian buried his nose and mouth in your hair, and encouraged you. "I'm so fucking proud of you, baby. you're doing so well." you relaxed your body against the pillows, more tears slipping own your cheeks.
you couldn't believe this was happening to you. you'd heard of this happening to other women, but you'd never thought that you'd be in this position. most babies were safe to be born after 35 weeks, but you were 32 weeks. 3 more weeks and you would have been fine. 3 more weeks and you wouldn't have to spend the unforeseeable future in the NICU while her internal organs finished developing. she was supposed to be fine. she was fine a week ago.
your doctor told you to push once more, and you did. after the 10 seconds were over, you relaxed back on the pillows again, and Seb pressed a kiss to your forehead, you realized you could feel everything. every movement she made down the birth canal to come out, every stretch, every pull. they didn't have time to give you an epidural, and you knew you were going to feel this. that thought almost scared you more than having a preemie.
"she's almost here, just one more push, and you're done." the doctor said, and Seb unraveled himself from you to look. his eyes widened in joy when he saw the dark hairs of his baby girls head, before coming back to support you.
"you're doing so well. I'm not leaving your side. she's so close." he said, just as another contraction came, and you pushed like hell, wanting to get her out, and safe.
a few seconds later, you heard Sebastian gasp, and a sob rip from his throat. you stopped pushing and opened your eyes just in time to see the doctor carrying your small baby girl, who was blue.
you wanted to scream. you wanted to cry. you wanted to, you needed to know that your baby was okay. you felt your chest constricting as you saw doctors and nurses surrounding your little girl. her umbilical cord was cut, and your vision went fuzzy just as she was placed into the intubator.
just before your whole world went black, you heard the mightiest little cry pierce the air.
Tumblr media
you opened your eyes, and squinted at the harsh lighting in the room. you groaned, and felt the hair around your face being pushed back. you turned, and found Sebastians face. his eyes were bloodshot red, and his cheeks were puffy.
"hi baby," he whispered, a smile spreading on his lips.
your eyebrows scrunched. "w-wheres Olive?" you asked. you needed to make sure she was alive. you needed your baby girl.
Sebastian smiled, and rolled the incubator close to your bed. "right here. she's alive. the cord was wrapped around her neck, that's why she was blue. they had to give her some CPR, but she responded almost immediately, and she's okay."
you looked over at your baby girl, and you burst into sobs at the tubes. she had an oxygen mask on her face and heart and brain monitors covering her still red skin. she was tiny. the smallest baby you'd ever laid eyes on, but she was beautiful. you could already tell she had Sebastians nose.
"we're gonna be here a while honey." he said, and helped you sit up. your head fell forward onto Sebastian's chest, and he cradled you. "her lungs aren't fully developed, and she's underweight, but other than that she's perfect. hearing, seeing, all of it. nothing life threatening. she's gonna survive." he said, and you could hear the raw emotion in his voice as well.
you opened your eyes, and whimpered at the harsh lighting again. Sebastian noticed, and flicked the switch next to the bed, which darkened the room.
"you've done so so well. I am so proud of you baby." he said, and you shook your head.
"I'm sorry." you sobbed out, and Sebastian hugged you tighter.
"No. don't be. she's here, and she's healthy. she's perfect. the doctors say if there's any lasting affects, it will just be asthma. do you wanna hold her hand?" he asked, and you nodded. he took your hand, and put it through the hand window.
as soon as your skin brushed against hers, you felt a wave of love like you'd never known. she was here, and she was safe. she was perfect.
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leetotters · a month ago
oh fuck milf!reader is hot omfg- thank you for this request! i had this in my ask box for a while clearing ask box! your son is 18/19.
dad!sebastian stan x milf!reader
warnings: possessive seb, curse words
summary: something like request^
Tumblr media
i got this same request for chris lmao
milf!reader is like so hot- like your children friends would be gawking you, even flirting as if they actually had a chance! jokes on them you have a husband who is the copy of a greek god
i feel like people mistake you for your kid's sister because it happened okay;
the poor twenty year old boy really thought sebastian was your father, even asking for your number in front of seb and your kids too, sebastian got a little very possessive, making it fully clear that you were his wife by pulling you in for a steamy kiss which earned 'ews' from your children, the young man quickly left as soon as seb shot him his mean 'dad' look. that's hot
sebastian would literally want to strangle some of his son's friends because of the dirty words that came out of their hormonal mouths about his wife, he was pretty sure the only person allowed to have those indecent thoughts were him
it had a point where sebastian couldn't really stand it anymore, he overheard his son's friend once again trying to make conversation with you in the kitchen, asking for water as if he didn't ask a couple of minutes ago, his jaw clenched when he saw the young boy's gaze on your ass when you went over by the tap
sebastian took his cue to enter the kitchen, patting the man's shoulder before going over by you and pulling you flush against his body, leaving fluttery pecks from your jaw go down, 'seb' you giggled trying to pry off your husband to give your son's friend the glass of water
sebastian took the glass from your hand, shoving the water towards the boy before picking you up and throwing you over his shoulder, his rough palm colliding to your ass as he carried you to the bedroom
let's just say dinner with your son's best friend was a little awkward because sebastian made sure you screamed to the top of your lungs as he pleasured your tight sexy body.
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breadedsinner · a day ago
Isabela and Sebastian is such a funny duo because the pirate who essentially lives in a tavern and makes a dirty joke at every opportunity probably has less sex than people assume, and the priest who blushes at the slightest flirtation has almost certainly had more sex than people realize.
Like can you imagine they’re out traveling with Hawke, sharing a private joke, and Aveline interjects, “You two seem awfully chummy today,”.
Isabela: Eh? I think we’ve always gotten along well, don’t you think?
Sebastian: I don’t believe we’ve ever not been on friendly terms.
Aveline: It’s just... the two of you are so...
Isabela: So...being two adults who can respect other’s life decisions? Grow up, Aveline.
Sebastian: Indeed, grow up.
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athinachann · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hey there is me again with some old draw I made trying again the artstyle of the game. I REALLY LOVE THOSE TWO and well I imagina a Story wjere they fight for the love of my Famer (Even my farmer get married with them anyway)
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