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Old Guard hc #102

  • All of them learned how to fly a plane in the Great War. It was the newest form of warfare and it was a no brainer for all of them to learn.
  • They were part of the first wave that still used pistols. It was crazy. They were steering the plane with one hand shooting with the other.
  • Nicky excelled with the pistol. Joe was a maniac with the machine gun. Andy and Booker as well, there were more chances to hit their target.
  • They were all night fighters and they were good at it. At one point, they were a scary story the soldiers from the central powers would tell each other. Don’t sleep under a clear sky, you’ll get shot.
  • After WWI, aviation continued to advance and so they naturally kept up.
  • Today, all of them are trained to fly any aircraft. If they need to make a quick escape, they will steal any plane.
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  • Greek: βιβλιοφάγος / vivliofágos - bookeater
  • French: le rat de bibliothèque - library rat
  • Italian: il topo di biblioteca - library mouse
  • Arabic: المثقف / almathaqaf - educated person / intellectual / egghead
  • Vietnamese: mọt sách - book weevil / nerd
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Hi nonny!

                                       JOE’S NAME

Alqab aren’t exactly nicknames, not in the modern sense like, well, ‘Joe’. They’re more like adjectives/epithets/descriptive titles that are attached to the name, similar to a Roman cognomen. It wouldn’t be something you casually use but mostly as you refer to, identify or introduce someone important.

Think of it like Richard the Lionheart, Ivar the Boneless, Haroun al-Rashid (Aaron the Rightly-Guided/Just), etc. so Joe would have been referred to as Yusuf al-Tayyib - translated to Joseph the Kind - perhaps it was given to him during the Crusades for being a commander who cared for the civilians in Jerusalem?

But one-on-one he’d just be Yusuf.

It can be used as Al-Tayyib Al-Kaysani (some tend to be actually born with names like that) or Al-Tayyib Yusuf or just Al-Tayyib those all really depends on who and what he is. BUT using that title as a name tends to be if you’re someone noteworthy, culturally, religiously or politically important, a commander/king/prince/caliph/champion, or sometimes, maybe, a poet (ex. Attar, who was a pharmacist so his laqab ‘attar means ‘apothecary/perfumer’), so everyone knows who you mean when you say it. If it goes as far as replacing your name, then you have to be someone who’s really made your mark like the warrior-poet ‘Antar bin Shaddad, whose real name was apparently Maher.

Also like a cognomen, historically you refer to these figures by their laqab, like how the one that defeated Hannibal became Scipio Africanus, and it can be inherited by your descendants like Cicero / Al-Rashid. 

I feel like the name Al-Kaysani itself was originally a laqab, maybe given to his grandfather, which became a surname.

I should also mention that in a Modern AU this would not be a thing anymore. Not unless he had an ancestor who had that title attached and it became their last name instead of Al-Kaysani. A lot of current surnames did derive from an ancestor’s laqab. The term in a modern sense mostly refers to occupational terms like professors, admiral, prime minister, prince, priest, etc.

Also, in a Modern AU, he wouldn’t have his nasab either - the ‘bin/son of‘ part of his name. Since in Arabic naming conventions there are no middle names, he’d need to legally list out what’s called a tertiary or quaternary name i.e. three or four names in birth-order, so either Yusuf Ibrahim Al-Kaysani or Yusuf Ibrahim Muhammad Al-Kaysani. If he’s born abroad then he may just have his father’s name as a middle name, or even an entirely different name with that option.

If you want to still include it, you could make Al-Tayyib his mother’s surname since MENA women keep their maiden names.

Hope this helps!

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Summary: Part 2 of the Decennial Awards (Part 1)

“Our next category is the Weirdest Sleeping Spot! As the title suggests, this category is based on the weirdest spot one has been caught sleeping.” Joe turns on the TV behind him and starts the slideshow of them all snoozing in various spots and positions. “We require plenty of rest to remain youthful. This, unfortunately, means we have to catch our Z’s in some unconventional places.”

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the guard on a museum visit

- nicky has been staring at one specific victorian european exhibit for an hour. if you walk closer u will note that there’s a kickass sword in it, and joe is periodically dropping in and saying “no, nicolo, you cannot have it”

- meanwhile what joe is doing the rest of the time is hatching his plot with nile to return in the middle of the night and liberate all the stolen art and artefacts from countries that were colonized. he mentions offhand that half of the charcoal drawings in the anonymous thirsty drawings of men exhibit are his and nile loses her mind 

- booker really likes trains. he just thinks they’re neat. andy was planning to mess with him by making up stories about all the exhibits about history old enough that she could have been part of it but he’s so happy just taking in all the locomotive displays and is actually smiling as he tells her little facts and tidbits he knows off the top of his head so she just listens and encourages him 

- there’s an exhibit about the ocean. quynh is standing very close to the tour leader talking it through, asking passive aggressive questions and smiling in a very unsettling manor for the entire time. once she scares him and his group off andy comes and takes her to listen to booker talk about the trains, and quynh finds it fascinating and is smiling too because she missed the invention of trains and it’s nice to be getting caught up 

- they stop in the gift shop on the way out. joe buys nicky a little model knight wielding a replica of the sword and borrows a marker to write ‘NICOLO’ in calligraphy over the label on the base. nicky buys joe an expensive book that has prints of his lost art poached by different museums. andy and quynh splurge on a model train set for booker (he doesn’t cry [in front of them]). booker gets nile a big book of historical slang so she can try to keep up (so the family can have fun sitting with her and pointing out how wrong and stiff the book’s interpretations are). nile gets andy and quynh scarves with matching animal patterns

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so for a while i’ve been writing fic under the general fandom-borne hc that none of them can really get drunk anymore, and i was going along with it with the thought that maybe, after thousands of years, they’ve all just built up such an immunity that they really don’t get affected by the depressant effects of alcohol, but now i’m rethinking it. would that truly be the case, what with their healing factor? what’s the most scientific conclusion that we can come to based on how alcohol affects the body and their sped-up (but not invincible) healing? especially since we canonically saw an anaesthetic-paralytic combination affect them the way it would with any human - but maybe the dose they were given would be too much for a regular person, and that’s where the knockout effect came from? 

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