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these are my favorite scrubs, obviously. I work as a caregiver for elderly people. which is funny, because sometimes I need a caregiver to remind me to do shit like eat and take my medicine but I don’t have one. and that’s fine it just makes me sad. cause God do I need rules. I will break them, mostly. but I’m literally so bad at taking care of myself. whatever.

also yes those dog tags are Bucky Barnes’s. they’re actually the same ones Sebastian is wearing in The Falcon And The Winter Soldier. but I got mine before I knew he had them, cause there’s a shelbyville IN address on them and I have family from there. sorry to be the bearer of bad news but stockton road doesn’t exist. however stray cats are absolutely a thing. my grandma feeds some and one of her cats recently had kittens, one i named Bucky and one i named Pepper. bucky is a little shit.

anyways. kinda just wanted to show my scrubs and whine abt not having a dom. I gotta work in 6hrs so I should probs sleep. goodnight.

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You know what i realised… Steve told Bucky he was gonna stay with him till the end of the line while Bucky was still the Winter Soldier (like under the influence of HYDRA) and after CW he stayed with him in Wakanda for two years, not even a full two years cause Bucky had to be in cryo while they figured out how to deal with the conditioning.. then the events of Infinity War happened and my boi “White Wolf” wasn’t feeling too good.. 5 years go by, Endgame happens and Steve leaves Buck again… he didn’t keep his promise… he lived his life in his time and left Bucky in another time, alone, without his best friend. I think that it’s kinda really messed up. They got so little time together and I know buck is really important to Steve but… how could he leave him like that? Was Peggy that important to him?

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