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Silent Words Masterlist

Pairing: criminal!reader x Bucky Barnes

Summary: After her father’s passing, Y/N receives his will that includes his last wishes. Last wishes she feels obliged to fulfill; but can’t fulfill on her own. Post Endgame.

Warnings: character deaths, violence, angst, swearing, smut, blood, gory scenes.



Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10


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Silent words - Chapter 3

Warnings: minor character death (bc is it really Silent Words if it doesn’t involve death?), cursing, angry awkwardness, teeny tiny amount of fluff.

Word count: 1903 words


She can feel he knows he’s not alone. He feels watched, and he doesn’t like that he is clueless about who has broken into his home. He looks different from the last time I saw him. Hair cut short, different arm. He looks healthier, better. Then, she paused her thoughts. Get your shit together, you’re not here to feel like a fucking school girl. “New look huh?” She then decided to say. What the fuck was that? I couldn’t have said something more clever? She cringed internally. She saw his body stiffen. Even though she sat in the shadowed corner of his house, she felt his eyes on her as soon as she spoke. “Y/N.” She heard him say. If it wasn’t as quiet, she would’ve missed it. But she didn’t. He flipped the light switch, still staring at her in shock. “I’m not here for some jolly reunion. I’m here because you owe me a huge one and I know you can help me with this.” She was referring to Bucharest.

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Silent Words - Chapter 1

Warnings: mentions of death and deceased people.

Word count: 1185 words


And oh how she hates autumns now. She used to have it all in autumns, now she has nothing. As if the leaves sacrificed themselves for their beloved tree and took her beloved ones with them.

Autumn, the season of sacrifice.

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(**) means smut

(*) means standalone but co-related one-shots



Summary: You have been friends with Seb for a long time. One day you get the unexpected best opportunity of your career, to be the Personal Assistant of none other than Seb himself. It would all have been perfect had you not harbored secret romantic feelings for him. All it takes it’s one freezin night, a hasty party and a backstabbing comment for you to admit your feelings for him. Will he return them? or Will he turn his back on you?

↢ 💘 ↣

😌💖✨**Thank you for reading!**😌💖✨

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(**) means smut

(*) means standalone but co-related one-shots



Summary: Bucky gets to admit his feelings for his significant one


Summary:  Bucky finding out his girlfriend is a virgin and she’s a little insecure about it


Summary: You think that Bucky dislikes you, as he always looks uncomfortable whenever you are in his vicinity, so normally you start avoiding him.

Bucky thinks that you hate him,  as you always make sure not to be anywhere near him. Who could possibly love The Winter Soldier after all?  

But, what if everything is just a matter of perception?



Summary: For James Buchannan Barnes, guilt comes in the shape of a woman. One that made The Winter Soldier feel powerless, falling to his knees.


Summary: There isn’t a thing such as a happily ever after, is it? For Bucky Barnes it all seemed to be going the best that it ever has alongside his long time girlfriend but One word changed it all. She had One secret that threatened to bring down everything that they worked so hard for…


Summary: “We are sorry but she didn’t make it…” The words he was never ready to hear. Nothing ever prepared him to stand in front of her casket. Now he must learn the way through it all.

↢  ★ ↣

😌💖✨**Thank you for reading!**😌💖✨

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War of Hearts

Sebastian Stan x Fanfiction

“For some reason, the two of us arguing was

like some sick form of foreplay.”


“It is settled… I can’t ever leave my house again in the daytime!” I say feeling winded as though I’ve run a marathon without stopping for any sort of break. I pulled my fingers from out between the blinds as I quickly stepped away from the window. Fearing that he would spot me any second if I stood there any longer. I felt a growing sense of dread rise in the pit of my stomach. It started to tangle itself into all sorts of knots while the sense of realization began to kick in. That paired with a chaotic feeling of rage and excitement flowed through my veins causing a web of mixed emotions as I made my way out of the sunroom. I must have manifested him without even knowing what I was even doing. Or maybe the universe was playing some cosmic cruel prank on me? A tiny part of me just accepted the fact that I was simply destined to have unconventional awkward moments for the rest of my adult life.

“I mean what are the odds Leona?” Sonny called out in amazement from inside of the sunroom as she continued to gaze at the horror scene continue to play out while the movers carried more boxes into the house next door.

“Next to fucking impossible!” My voice rose in a nervous pitch. I wandered over to my sofa and purposely fell face forward on to it. Perhaps if I laid there long enough it would swallow me into it? I would have take any given option offered to me at this point if it meant I wouldn’t have to come face to face with Sebastian. It wasn’t suppose to happen like this or at all for that matter. It’s been two months since I’ve last spoken to him and after our last conversation I knew that was the final nail in the coffin. I was certain that our paths were never going to cross again. If they did that meant I had made a wrong turn somewhere and ended up in hell.

“Don’t you think you are being a tad bit dramatic babe?” I could hear it in the cadence of my best friend’s voice that she didn’t fully understand the severity of my problem. Boredom on top of being drunk off of wine is a powerful combination that will most likely definitely drag you down a dark and twisted rabbit hole. Signing up for a dating app for example and talking to guys I had zero intention of talking to after a twenty four hour period. But, atlas one had to slip through the cracks and make me fall completely apart over him. I turned my head to face Sonny, “He hates me and to be quite honest the feeling is mutual!”

Clearly glossing over what I had just said to her she continued on, “Look on the bright side at least he wasn’t a catfish!”

I released a guttural sound into the pillow. “Terrific. I’ll shoot Max and Nev an email to tell them to call off the camera crew.” I could hear that she was muttering witty comebacks underneath her breath, however my brain simply chose to block them all out.

I was too busy recounting all the endless nights I lost sleep over talking to Sebastian, making plans that would never see the light. The guy completely interrupted my life. There were moments where I caught myself smiling at my phone when I saw his name flash across my screen. My heart felt like it was going to implode and I got high off of that feeling to the point I became addicted. At night it amplified when I would pace my bedroom floor back and forth like a love struck girl anticipating on what Sebastian would say next. I wish I had a time machine, because I would use it to go back and break my phone into a million little pieces. Foolish, gullible, naive are just a few of the words I would use to describe myself for allowing myself to think that just for a moment any of that was real. So the second I start to move on and phase him out of system completely he moves into the house right next to mine. There was no denying that fate was certainly screwing with me.

“You never even gave me all of the dirty details of what exactly happened between you and sexy jeans.” She said wistfully, still drinking him in from the where she stood.

I laughed despite myself. I looked to my friend and said, “Because I would rather picture him falling off of a cliff.” I broke into a wide grin before slamming my face back down into the couch cushion.

“I don’t believe you.” She feigned a sigh, “He is flawless.” I could hear the heels of her Jimmy Choos clack louder and louder against the floor as she joined in me in the living room.

“He keeps his flaws well hidden.” I said, my voice barely audible with it being pressed into a sofa cushion. Cutting off any air circulation.

“One day you liked him then out of the clear blue sky you didn’t.The guy told you he wanted to fuck you in front of a mirror to see every inch of you!” She said in amazement.

“No comment.” I muttered.

Sonny huffed. “Well you certainly can not hide from him for long.”

I pulled myself upright and slouched back on the couch in a more relaxed position. “Watch me.” I said with full confidence.

The rest of the day flew on by in a slow pace. The transition in the sky gave away to its tell tale signs that the time was changing. Sonny and I spent our afternoon mindlessly scrolling through high fashion mood boards on Pinterest. Salivating over the vintage couture and places that were way out of our travel budgets as of right now. Together we planned a hypothetical trip to Northern France so that Sonny and I could visit Claude Monet’s garden in Giverny.

It opened up a window of conversation for me to go into a spiel about Monet’s love for art and botany. Not even for a second could I mask my fascination for art history. Which costed me a Milano cookie getting thrown in my direction, taking it as my cue to stop my blabbering. I couldn’t help myself if I wanted to I had a weak spot for the subject. After all I did need a positive distraction so that my brain could cancel out any and all thoughts of Sebastian that crept into my head.

Usually when the mere thought of him invaded my mind it was very difficult to remove him. I was hardly paying any attention to what my friend was talking about for the last two hours. Though frankly I don’t believe she noticed. It took the chiming sound of my doorbell to wake me from my trance.

Sonny stretched her arm out to stop me from getting up.“ Ahh let me get it! It’s time for me to go anyway.” She bent down and within a few seconds she retrieved her pumps and swiftly put them on her feet.

“I’m not expecting anyone it’s probably just a delivery guy. I’m waiting on a package to arrive today.” I tried turning my neck like an owl to get a better view out of the window behind me. I didn’t see a postal truck or anyone dressed in uniform for that matter, fleeing like they just lit a fire on my steps. I never fully grasped the concept of why a delivery worker sprinted away like they were in a game of tag.

“Did you by any chance order a man?” She asked with humor laced in her voice.

“What?” I asked in utter confusion, seconds went by and she never responded with an actual answer. I called her name again. Still nothing, I focused my hearing and I could make out the sound of two muffled voiced mingling together from my front door. Curiosity driving my actions I quickly hopped up from the couch tiptoeing around the corner with a smirk on my face. Because I was under the guise that Sonny was flirting with the guy delivering my packages. Like a bad sketch from a variety show I was quickly faced with the reality of the joke. Soon as our eyes locked the charming smile he wore on his face dropped as quickly as mine did.

Sonny leaned her back against the door widening it just enough so that we could see each other. “Damn. Well this should be interesting.”

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Our Vintage Summers(PT3)

Sebastian Stan x Fanfiction

“All I need is to remember

how it was to feel alive.”


My eyelids were heavy as I tried to flutter them open. Slowly my vision came back to me as the blurbs of light and shapes began to take on real form. I had to steady my breath careful not to let my nerves takeover because it took me a while to adjust to my surroundings to figure out where I was and how I ended up back in this old bedroom of mine. I stared mindlessly up at the ceiling watching the cracks that formed around the dandelion shaped crystal chandelier that once radiated the most calming ambient light. As I stare at it now I see that it is nothing more than a hideous piece of architecture from my hellish childhood. Memories began to accompany the pain then right on time images of Sebastian fading into nothing flashed through my brain.

I jolted myself forward when realization finally kicked in but my attempt to get of out bed was short lived. I was met with a stabbing pain that shot through my head at full force that made me wince. I squeezed my eyes shut feeling like at any minute I was going to be sick. You would think I took a nasty beating to the skull from how badly it hurt.

I couldn’t move the lower half of my body if I wanted to. I was tightly tucked underneath the duvet that I was burning up under. I laid there immobile and in misery. I couldn’t call out for anyone all of my energy felt depleted and I was starting to feel dizzy on top of it. The thoughts in my head wouldn’t slow down as they danced around taunting me. The only face I wasn’t able to escape belonged to the one person that made me feel like I was going completely insane. Hell, maybe I was going a little mad. There was no way what I saw was real. How could I explain seeing a person vanish before my very eyes? The short answer was I couldn’t.

Suddenly the door to the bedroom shot opened I was able to lift my head to look to see who had entered. Quickly coming over to the bed I saw out of the corner of my eye it was my sister Anya. The look of concern she wore on her face quickly diminished when she looked down and saw that I was conscious.

“You’re awake!” She whispered. Anya’s pinched expression was replaced with a toothy smile. “You had us worried sick Sia. Justin just found you face down on the kitchen floor.” I could hardly find it in me to speak so I just let out a exasperated sigh in response. She brushed through my hair gently with her hand careful not to press down on my head too hard, brushing my hair away from my face. I was grateful for that because my hair was starting to cling to my skin. It felt like I was getting hotter and hotter by the second I needed a fan or a window to be let open. I feared I might be at risk of passing out again.

“Jesus Sia you are burning up.” Anya said finally stating the obvious as she flipped her hand back and forth over my forehead. I used all the energy I had to raise my hand to motion that I needed air. “Let me go get you an ice pack and turn the AC up.” She said as she started to turn around to leave.

“Anya.” My voice came out like a croak.

“Yeah sis?”

I had to move my tongue around in my mouth a few times to get a bit of moisture flowing. My throat was so incredible hoarse I could hardly understand my own voice. Plus it pained me to even move my jaw in the slightest. I needed to know so I used all that I had to say his name. “Sebastian?”

Her brows furrowed in confusion as she looked back at me like I had a horn coming from the center of my forehead. Thinking she didn’t hear me I attempted to utter his name again. This time she reacted as if I was the one confused. “Sia you hit your head pretty hard now you’re just saying random names. Maybe Remi was right and we need to call an ambulance.”

I began to pull myself up, but again quickly regretted it. “Anya where… where did he go?”

Standing in the middle of the doorway. “Where did who go?” I could hear the genuine frustration laced in her tone.

“Sebastian?” I spoke his name like I was unsure of who I was referring to myself.

Defeated she stared back at me with pity and worry in her eyes. “We met a lot of people at grandma’s funeral, but we don’t know anyone by that name. The only people here with us is Justin, Remi, and Gavin remember? I’m going to give Dr. Thomas a call after all to see if he will come out and look at you just to be sure that you’re ok.” She huffed out as she pulled her cellphone from her back pocket.

I don’t know why but my eyes began to cloud over with tears. “He showed up to the house tonight right as the storm rolled in.” Listening to the sound of my own voice it sounded like I had an ugly cold. I could tell she was trying to ignore me. Despite how badly it hurt to talk I kept going. “We met him earlier on the beach Anya, mom introduced him to us. Sebastian told us that he knew our grandmother why aren’t you listening to me?” As delusional and pathetic I must’ve sounded to top it all off I started to sob uncontrollably. It hurt to even puff out a breath of air. Wet hot tears rolled down my face. I was losing it.

“Hello Dr.Thomas this is Anya Foxwood, Nora and Keith’s daughter. I am terribly sorry to be disturbing you this late I wouldn’t have called if I didn’t think it was an emergency.” I began to block the sound of my sister as I reclined my tired body back onto the bed.

The rain that continued to pour down from the sky loudly started to pick up and beat against the windowsill. The drumming sound of thunder accompanied it in the background to add to the mix of noises. Teardrops pooled from the corners of my eyes. I was engulfed in an uncomfortable wave of sadness that I myself couldn’t even explain. I didn’t want to admit it but I swear it felt like my heart was crying out for him. Which was the strangest sensation I didn’t even know him! I started to even second guess if he was real. An that all of this was just apart of a cursed day that refused to end.

I sank my body down further into the bed trying to hold on to the last details of Sebastian and I’s conversation. I had this gut feeling about him that I had trouble deciphering if was good or bad. Yet, my wild emotions that jumped out in his presence urged me to quell any doubts that I had. Which was an unsafe mindset I found myself trapped in. He was on the verge of telling me something that he so desperately wanted me to know. Then shit went supernatural.

The room fell silent I didn’t even notice when Anya stepped away. She closed the door closing off what little air I did receive. It felt like a sauna in here. I could barely catch my breath. I assumed the pain in my head was worsening because it started to feel like I was spinning, despite the fact I was laying completely still. In all honesty at the risk of sounding dramatic I was convinced in this moment I was dying. I’ve never had a migraine make me feel like my brain was hemorrhaging painfully slow. I wanted to scream out in agony but my throat felt restricted unable to call out for help. I barely could move a muscle and that was the scariest part of it all. I waited for it to get worse so it would finally be over. I had no choice but to accept whatever was to come freeing me from this torment.

Gasping for air at this point I closed my eyes thinking it would help bring me an inkling of comfort to ease my suffering. Almost on an instant my limbs began to feel more relaxed and a sense calmness washed through my body. I could feel rays of sunlight grazing every inch of my skin. Through my closed eyelids the lights grew brighter like I was laying under direct sunlight of some sorts. When I tried turning on my side I felt tiny grains of sand underneath me and that’s when my eyelids shot open. Clearly I died or was dreaming. Somehow I ended up back on the beach

As I raised myself from the sand I looked around in confusion as I watched the strangers around me partake in the elements around them. Couples were strolling alongside the water, children were playing in the sand, families were huddled together smiling and laughing. I scanned the area around me all appeared normal, except something was definitely off.

Pushing myself up I had to quickly access my attire it felt like I was nearly naked. I was dressed in a blush pink high waisted polka dot bikini with a swim top that left none to the imagination. It didn’t take long for me to pick up on the attention I was attracting. Mothers with their children stared back at me with disdain while their husbands were doing a poor job hiding the fact that they were skeevy. While it was apparent I stuck out like a sore thumb I noticed something about everyone’s choice of modest swimwear and style. They all looked like they stepped out of a scene from a Fitzgerald novel.

A loud nervous laugh escaped from me and I quickly clamped my hand across my mouth. I could sense myself starting to panic, clearly I was experiencing a very realistic dream. I felt every sensation like it was happening in real time. Squinting my eyes from the bright sunlight I was slightly terrified to move and explore my new location. What startled me the most was the fact that I recognized exactly where I was. Spinning around on my bare feet in the hot sand the only thing that was familiar to me was seeing that my grandmother’s house was still sitting on the sand dune up ahead.

“How in the hell?” I said aloud, my voice trailing off as I tried to screw my head on straight. The Victorian styled beach house was nearly unrecognizable. Its previous cold and uninviting essence on the outside was replaced with a great deal of decadency and warmth. There were no longer old vines that clung to every crevice on the house. Lively blue and violet hydrangeas adorned it instead as they climbed up the structure of the house. The dead shrubbery was replaced with vibrant yellow forsythia plants that lined against the house. On the front lawn children joyfully chased after a rabbit while men and women whose faces I didn’t know were scattered across the front of the house engaged in a party. From the looks of it they were having a good time. All the years I’ve seen that house it never looked more alive.

“HEY LADY WATCH OUT!!” Before I could move fast enough to see who was shouting to get my attention I was taken out by a flying blue frisbee. Thankfully it missed my face but the thick plastic disc went straight to my neck knocking the wind out of me. Doubling over in pain I crouched down trying to stop my uncontrollable coughing attack. I gasped for air right as I noticed two sets of feet quickly pick up that weapon and take off running in a fit of laughter.

“Those little shits are you alright Miss?” By now surely I could recognize that voice which made my heart flip in my chest. I looked up as I brought my hand to massage the area of impact on my neck. “Sia?” Sebastian said my name carefully upon recognition.

I couldn’t blink. If I did I was one hundred percent certain he would waste away again. He didn’t look like he did when I last saw him in my grandmother’s kitchen. Eyeing him I noticed that he was an exact replica of the man I saw in the photo I found. There was a sun kissed tan to him, his hair was shorter and tindruls of curls fell on his forehead. He was even dressed in the same opened buttoned white linen shirt and blue and white swim shorts. The more I noticed that the similarities were exactly the same my knees started to tremble and I was close to falling onto my ass until Sebastian reached out and grabbed me. Slightly tilted off balance he kept his arms arms secured around my waist so that I wouldn’t fall down. I gave into my weight trusting that he would hold me steady. I no longer cared to try to rationalize what on earth was happening. I tipped my head back up at him still in utter disbelief , “You remember who I am?”

He looked down at me and I’m sure we mirrored the same shocked expression. “Of course I remember.” Sebastian’s chest was rising and falling at a fast speed. The grip he had on my frail frame tightened but it wasn’t an uncomfortable feeling. He was holding onto me almost as if he was afraid to let go.

His focus never drifted away from my face which caused me to feel bashful underneath his affectionate gaze. For a minute I was concerned that he had gone mute, sensing what I was thinking he positioned me back on my feet backing away to put distance between us. Sebastian looked like he was fighting with himself to come near me again. My hands twitched just to touch any part of him. I was tired of fighting what I couldn’t understand.Hiding my disappointment I looked away just long enough to catch my breath stealing a glance of the house once again. “I have been telling myself not to freak out, but I’m starting to fail miserably.”

“None of this is going right.” His shoulders were tense like he was unable to relax any muscle. It was visible that whatever was bothering him was making him upset. “I’m still trying to make sense myself, but for right now I need you to trust me so we can get you somewhere where she won’t be able to find you like this.”


(A/N* Hi beautiful creatures! I know it’s taken me a while to update this fic, for a minute I was unsure if I wanted to continue writing it. I promise not to take forever to upload the next part! Just an fyi If you had ever asked me to tag you the reason I didn’t was only due to the fact it has been such a long time. Therefore I had it in the back of my mind you simply forgot about it (which is fine!). If you want to know when I post the next part just let me know and I’ll happily do so! I hope you guys are having a wonderful day or night! If not I promise it’ll get better😘)

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