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Listen. LISTEN. I remember the good old days on Discord when we discussed this ENDLESSLY. Letitia is 100%, hands down his type. No questions asked. She differs from his usual type in some significant ways too, but the man’s body language and FACE around her gives it away. He had it baaad and it was adorable lol 🥰🥰🥰

Whether he is HER type is less clear. She’s still young in her career and I doubt she is in anywhere near the same place that he is as far as life goals and whatnot go. (Also, she has no public dating history to speak of so there’s really nothing to glean from that)

However, it always read to me as an easy breezy actor friendship, with Seb definitely crushing very obviously (and Tish, perhaps a bit more subtley lol)

I dont think they were ever dating or close to it, but I enjoyed their friendly-flirty banter. And hey! Maybe we will see it again down the road. Only time will tell.

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